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> Thurlaxy fXotniug, June 30,1870.
The Republic of Liberia is, from late
reporta, in an ezoeedingly bad way. The
people have rebelled against some of the
new President's appointments, and
threaten them with assassination, if they
assume tho cares and duties of office..
While this pleasant otate of affairs exists
within the republic, his Majesty of
Ashantee makes an occasional raid from
withont, and in the last, succeeded in
capturing and carrying off a missionary,
for whom he demends ransom, ?tomo of
the afflicted friends of the gentleman, in
a burst of generosity, have sent this to
tho king, in the shape of "a pair of scis?
sors and a piece of gum coral," and al?
though it is certainly valuing missionary
very cheap, it is to be hoped the equiva?
lent will be accepted. Whether it is or
.not, it w?ll at least act as a damper on
African missionary enthusiasm. No man
can entertain either ordinary respect or
futuro anxiety for a people who estimate
.a asissionary's value, cloth and all, as
Mow ns "a pair of scissors and a piece of
. gum coral. "
-AnL A MUDDLE.-Tho story of the
wholeralo massacre of Jewish men, wo
-men and children iu one of thc towns of
Rounmuc's, bas not yet died out. By
-mail, we have received papers from
france and Germany, purporting to give
circumstantial details of the outrage1,
witb names, dates anda variety of mi na?
tue of the most particular character. At
the same time, we have to acknowledge
a letter from the diplomatic agent of
Roumania, at Paris, utterly douyiug the
whole affair and citing the contradictory
despatches already published. So there
the matter rest?; the dead victims, if
there bo any, cannot speak for them?
selves, and wo aro thrown back upon the
blessed conflict of petty, narrow, jaun?
diced opinions which are rapidly destroy?
ing the dignity and influence of the
press in many places. The only solution
of the Boumanian muddle thus far at?
tained, is simply one worthy of Captain
Cuttle and his great friend Bunsby-"If
so, why so, and if not so, why not so,
TRIA.-We observe that at Gratz, in Aus?
tria, in the months of September and
October of this year, a grand "agricultu?
ral exposition" is to be held. Tho World
."The exhibition in quostion is to be
Iheld in Gratz, the capitul of the ancient
Duchy of Styria, and one of the most
prosperous and agreeable cities in Eu?
rope. It has a population of between
70,000 and 80,000 souls, and lies in thc
heart of "green Steyermark," one of the
very richest rural regions of the Euro?
pean coutinont-a land as famous for fat
fowls as Pennsylvania, Berkshire, or
French Mans, or English Dorking, and
destined to be, at no remote day, us
famous for good red wino as the best
provinces of Franco herself. It is con?
nected by rail with both Vienna and
Trieste, the capital and the great sea-port
of the Empire, lying nearly midway be?
tween them. Branch lines also bring it
into immediate relations with tho mag?
nificent agricultural territories of Hun?
gary aud Croatia. Throughout all this
vast extent of country a great demand
already exists, and a greater is constantly
springiug up, for agricultural imple?
ments of all kinds. The committee in
charge of the exhibition at Gratz have
announced that they would not formally
undertake to receive goods after Apri?,
1870, but such aH moy bo sent after that
date will bo cared for as fur as room for
placing them remains, and wo have no
doubt that particular efforts would at any
time bo rando to secure propor attention
to any really valuable American contri?
GOOD WORKS.-It is too warm for
quarreling. To keoji cool should be the
first object of every man at this season
of tho year, no matter what his color, or
bis politics, or the special scheme of le?
gislation which he may favor or opposo.
To get into a sweat in the month of June
or July, is very disagreeable, and every
mau of right feeling will avoid it, except
in cases of absolute necessity. Tho hot?
headed should put ice "on the brain" to
escape avonging sun-strokes, aud those
who are given to warm words, should
cool their tongues iu some allaying beve?
rage. Why should any body be a fire?
water when tho summer sun is blazing
overhead? Let us all thiuk and speak
only such things as will abate our own
beat and that of those around us. Let
.us put uU our good things on ice, and
create about UH a grateful atmosphere,
that will promoto our own comfort and
that of everybody else. As in tbe phy?
sical world, so is there in tho intellectual
and moral, a height where there is per?
petual cooluess. We must rise to tbat
altitude, and look with pity on those
who tug and tussle in the heat and dust
below tis.
has a female strategist. Sho wont to
church; fouud her seat occupied, oushiou
ou seat; took next seat back; the congre?
gation rose to siug, and tho lady reached
over, took tho oushiou and placed it
undor herself.
Deaths iu Charleston for tho week
euding the 25th, 42-white 10; colored
' ' . . -. il
Thkt AlllgMtor-Horae.
MB. EDITOR: I see going the round?
of the newspapers, an account of that
alligator-horse, published in the Chroni?
cle and Sentinel, ot Augusta, Ga., as told
by the South Carolina Railroad conduc?
tor. Ho no doubt told the truth, BO far
as he went-that tho animal weighed
350 pounds, and is perfectly docile and
domesticated; works splendedly in plow
harness, and far superior to mules or
horses, and that a fine crop will be raised
by his assistance in cultivating tho
crops. But th"*, railroad conductor
forgot, or did uot ?now, tho most im?
portant particular in the use and econo?
my of this alligator-horse. He lives en?
tirely on pine-knots, of which "Mid?
way," on the South Carolina Railroad,
abounds. -Yet, although he seems to be
completely docile and domesticated,
these exct. ive hot days, about mid-day,
he becomes uneasy and refractory; swal?
lows a pine-knot, makes for the nearest
pond and takes water for about three
hours; when he comes out and is ready
for work. A friend at my elbow, says
he thinks this alligator would be like tho
negro's terrapin ut Pocotaligo. (Poke
I comes from Germany a promise of re
I lief from the want of ice. A certain
Franz Windhnuseu, of Brunswick, has
invented a new machine for freezing wa?
ter without tho aid of chemicals. Tho
process takes place iu a cylinder, "where
tho air is first powerfully condensed, then
cooled by tho admission of water, and
finally expanded till ?ts pressure is ubout
equal to that of tho atmosphere." By
this means, it ia asserted, tho very as?
tonishing result is obtained of lowering
the temperature of the air to fifty de?
grees Celsius (four degrees Fahrenheit,)
so that when conducted iu moderate
quantities into a 6paco through which
water flows, "tho waler ?6 almost immedi?
ately turned into ice, of which euormous
blocks may thus be obtained if desired."
Thc invention will also, it is said, be ap?
plicable to the cooling of largo apart?
ments, such as theatres, hospitals, and
A great "independence" mass meeting
took place in Montrenl, Canada, ou Sat?
urday night. In the course of tl stirring
speech by Hon. Jehu Young, ono of the
leading locnl politicians, he .said that the
time had come wheu Cauada should
sever tho connection with Great Britain
and become au independent nation. At
this announcement tho greater part of
the vast assembly cheered lustily. Mr.
Lntlamme, Q C., said Unit an appeal to
Euglund for support iu easy of an inva?
sion of the Dominion would bo futile.
Tho present imperial administration had
deserted her colonies, aud proved her?
self a step-mothor to those who had
fostered the deepest affection for her.
It was, thcreforo, folly to think of any?
thing but iudepoudonce. Other speak?
ers followed iu the same straiu, and tho
meeting adjourned to Tuesday. The
indopeudeuco movement may therefore
bo regarded as fully started iu tho Do
ugo, tho Boston polico made a wholesale
captuie of women found in tho streets iu
pursuit of an evil calling. Of tho whole
number arrested, 113 were allowed to go
constructively free, ou comlitiou that
they abaudoued their wicked course of
life. Fifty-six went home to relatives,
and becamo "reformed;" fifteen went to
respectable places of employment, five
wore surrendered by their bondsmeu be?
cause they gave no evidences of rcpeu
tauco, thirty ran away aud canuot be
found, ouo weut crazy, and six were ad?
mitted to a charity home. Ou the
whole, the system hus worked for good,
and tho authorities will continue to apply
it. If even teu per cent, of these women
ure saved by it, society will have great
reason to rejoice.
A story has boon told of a graceless
scamp who gained access to the duren
don printing office, in Oxford, when the
forms of a uow edition of the Episcopal
Prayer Book had just beeu made up aud
woro ready for the press. lu that part
of tho "form" coutainiug tho marriage
service, ho substituted tho letter k for
tho letter v, in the word live; aud thus
tho vow "to love, houor, comfort, Seo.,
so long as yo both shall like/" The
chauge was not discovered until the
whole of the edition was printed off. If
tho sheets thus rendered useless iu Eng?
land bo still preserved, it would bo a
good speculation to have them neatly
bound and forwarded to Indiana and
Tho Mexican rob?is iu tho North?
western part of the republic aro actively
at work. Ou tho 28th of last month, an
armed force, under Colonel Yascano,
captured tho city of Guaymas, seized a
quantity of arms and made a levy on tho
citizens umouutiug to So?.UOO. No mat?
ter to what part of Mexico wo look, we
liud revolution breaking out. The Go?
vernment is openly defied, its laws tram?
pled on, and Mexican citizens forced to
contribute to the support of lawless and
desperate bands that aro to be fouud
evorywhero throughout the republic.
It is understood that orders will be
issued authorizing the assignment of
white recruits to thc ninth anil louth
regiments of cavalry, now composed of
colored troops. Tho object of this is to
keep tho regiments up to the numeri?
cal standard, in view of the constant de?
mands upon tho arm of the service. It
is only with grout difficulty that colored
recruits aro obtained, us thia element of
the population seems to take very little
fancy to the military service ou the
In North Carolina, a railroad ulong
the Tar Diver is to bo constructed on tho
Welsh narrow gauge plan of two aud-a
half feet.
Extrnon?lnnry Cuse of Delusion mad
Supcxatltion. ^
The Ledger at length brings qa the
particulars o? a case of negro supersti?
tion in an upper county, of which we
have bad vagqe accounts before:
On Sunday, the 15th day of May, at
the farm of Mr. X Wright, two miles
from Springfield, in Limestone County,
an old negro woman, named Jane, who,
with her husband, lived on said farm,
announced to the rest of the negroes on
the farm, some eight or ten adalts in
number, that siro had just received a
revelation from God that the millennium
was to como on Thursday, tho 26th of
last mouth, and that the mighty "Ship
of Zion" would come-water or no wa?
ter-and tuke all those to glory who
should follow implicitly the directions
she (Jane) would give them, she being,
ns she avowed, the chosen instrument of
God for their salvation. She first
preached a whole day to a largo congre?
gation, aud after having made immy
converts, she commanded them to burn
one-half of all the kitchen furniture,
clothing, etc, they possessed, which
they did in a mighty bou tiro. She next
commanded them to cut up with hoes
ono-half of all their growing crops, which
they did, digging everything up by the
roots. Much of the corn was waist high,
and both com and cotton wero good
generally. She then commanded tbwt
they givo way half of their children,
their wagons, plows and other farming
utensils, which they did, to several per?
sons living near. Thun carno a com?
mand for both sexes entirely to disrobe
themselves and pray and dance the
"Holy Dance," which was implicitly
obeyed. Mauy of the small children,
upon refusing to obey these orders,
were severely beaten, and oue mau, who
refused, was very nearly beaten to death
by tho women. They were then made
to partake of what abo denominated tho
"Lord's Supper," the bread consisting
of water aud salads, aud the wiuu of wa?
ter nud molasses. Sho suid a human
sacrifice was demanded, end accordiugl}
stripped her own infant of its clothiug,
wrapped it in a cloth aud prepared to
givo it as a burnt offering, and would
assuredly have doue so hut for tho inter?
ference of some preseut, who were not
so insane. They were tbeu commanded
to kill all their dogs, which they did, to
the number of fifteen., and after some
two days-these things all tho timo
going on-they were ordered by their
leader to cat of tho putrid carcasses, at
which command they, for the first time,
evinced a disposition to "go slow. '
While they wero halting, their leader
endeavored to show them how lo "go
through a dorg," but her stomach being
of different notion from her head, es?
chewed tho repast, and speedily deliv?
ered itself of such wonderful morsels.
Afc this stage of tho proceedings, Mr.
Isaac Durst, a gentleman living near,
aud who had desired to stop the insano
proceedings before, but know not ex
aotly how to proceed, tobi her husband
she was crazy, aud to get a chain aud
fasten ber, where abo could no longer
do mischief. Shu at once fled, and was
pursued, caught aud Recured, nud at
once the rest of ber followers gathered
round aud seemed, for the first time, to
become awure of tho mischief they bad
wrought. They thanked Mr. Durst
greatly for breaking tho spell that Jane
had thrown around them-went to their
now almost ruined fields and commenced
work again in good earnest-the parties
having kept ami returned to them their
stock, farming utensils, etc. They are
now, however, without tho necessary
apparel and food to enable them to
work successfully. The excitement lasted
some seven or ten days, and all that
time no work of nuy kind was done by
these deluded creatures.
[ Galveston Ci vii i un.
TnE G it A VE OF OSCEOLA.-In tho last
number of Leslie's Illustrated Heirs, ap?
pears a sketch of the grave of Osceola,
the Indian elrief, near the walls of Fort
Moultrie. Accompanying tho sketch is
au account of Osceola's life and death,
from which wo gather that he waa thir?
ty-six years of age nt thc time of his
death, and during his lifo had slain a
large number of white persons iu the
glades of Florida. His father was au
Englishman named Power, and bis mo?
ther tho daughter of a Cherokee chief?
tain. Whilu on a visit to an American
fort, sho was seized and sold as a slavo.
This aroused the anger of Osceola, and
from that time to his capture, ho waged
o bitter war against tho whites. On the
23d of October, 1837, while holding n
conference with General Jessup, near St.
Augustine, ho was seized, with a number
of his followers, and tnkon to Fort Moul?
trie, whore hu Was closely confined nutil
his death. Osceola died as ho had lived,
a hater of tho raco from which his father
had sprung. Ho lay on tho couch iu tho
cell assigned, nud with a frown as dark
as a cloud on his not uuhandsome face,
he folded his arms across his ampio chest,
and thus his Bpirit passed quietly away
to tho happy huutiug grounds of tho
Seminoles, where his bravos were impa?
tiently awaiting his presence.
Dickens was strongly averse to spiritu?
alism, butbuliovod in and practiced mes?
merism, and placed tho little heroine of
bis unfinished story under inosmeric in
fluouco, which would have been one of
tho most striking features of tho Mystery.
Mr. Dickens waa not only a powerful
maguetizer, personally rolioving pain
and curing disenso, but he sometimes
sent magnetized or mesmerized paper to
persons who wrote requesting him to do
so, and they declared that it acted ns
strongly and beneficially us if ho wore
preseut. This, of course, will bo attri?
buted to imagination, but the power of
so operating upon people's imagination
ns to soothe their pains and cure their
diseases, is u gift of considerable value.
Au aged mau, named Carl H. Mullan,
shot himself in Woodlawn Cemetery,
Boston, on Friday, where he had gone to
visit the grave of his wife.
There s?ems to be nb doubt that the
business of decoying young girls from
their bornes, for thu basest of purposes,
ia being followed to a terrible extent at
??resent iu different parts of tbe country.
D Rochester, three procuresses aro on
trial for bringing a female only thirteen
years of ago from her home there to
New York city, for a lifo of shame. Tho
meaos employed by wretches who thrive
at this employment are money, finn
dresses and jewelry, and stories depict?
ing lifo of a most delightful character.
Barnum, ou his trip to tho Pacific,
did not seem surprised ut the boundless
plains, broad rivers aud dark gorges and
canyons, but while at Sau Francisco, ho
became quito interested in tho sea lions
iu the bay, aud reiuarkod: "A oouutry
that can produc? such monsters as Miete,
is certainly not a humbug; but a people
who have such a curiosity ut their doors,
and have not the brains to utilize it
adults, fifty- cents; children half price
are no higher in the seule of civilization
than a Nantucket clam."
A Frenchman named (Jhubunnot. has
recently passed through an eventful
week. On Sunday, his banns of mar?
riage were published. On Monday, tho
betrothal tonk place. On Tuesday, he
was married. On Wednesday, his wife
was confiued. On Thursday, extreme
unction was administered to her. On
Friday, she died. On Saturday, .she wrns
buried. On Sunday, the disconsolate
widower offered his baud and heart to a
friend of tho defunct.
Thu attempt to recover tho treasure
sunk in Vigo Day more than a hundred
years ago is turning out successfully.
After nineteen day?' search made with
lurg?} diving bells, fifteen galleons are
reported to have been fonud lying ut a
depth of a few hundred feet, and on
knocking a hole into the side of the Al?
mirante some ingots, plate and valuable
arms were found by the divers. Several
miilions dollars are believed to be ou
board. The vessels were suuk in 1702.
Soup is now served ou the Mississippi
steamers iu an entirely novel milliner.
Dishes are first placed on tho table bu
furo each guest. The waiter then ap?
pears with au immense syringe, and with
a "s-s-s-wh" fills your plate. Should
you not desire soup, however, he places
the nose of the syringe in the soup, and
"s-s-s-wh" again, your plate is empty,
and you wait for thu heavy dishes.
Another gunpowder plot astounds
London aud Madrid. The conspiracy
was to blow np tho powder magazine at
the British stronghold of Gibraltar, und
the Fenians ure at the bottom of it. The
dispatch says that tho ringleaders were
arrested, ?ind that there was great ex?
citement iu Madrid iu consequence of
the discovery.
A Memphis amendment and a white
boy quarreled for tho privilege of hold?
ing u gentleman's horse. The negro
drew a knife aud struck at the hoy, who
took tho weapon away, and but for the
interference of by-standers, would have
furnished material for a colored funeral
and a Ku Klux outrage.
lu Calhoun County, Miss., a few days
ago, three little negroes, of three, five
and seven years old, being left alone by
their parents, tho eldest chopped off a
leg and arm of the youngest with an axe,
while the other held him down. Thc
child was liviug at last accounts, but
could not long survive.
sioner of Indian Affairs in Washington
has received a telegram from tho West,
staling that Red Cloud yesterday left
Omaha for his home. There were 2,(JUC
warriors waiting to meet him nt Fort
Felt cr mau, and escorted him to his
hunting grounds.
A blacksmith, having been slandered,
WKS ?idvised to apply to tho courts foi
redress, lie replied, with true wisdom:
"I shall Dover sue anybody for slander.
I can go into my shop and work out n
better character in six months than 1
could get in a Court House in a year."
Colonel W. L. M. Burger, late Adju?
tant-General of the Department of the
Smith, and who since tho war has lived
in Charleston, sailed ou Saturday last
from New York for Franco, en rollie tc
Algiers, where ho is to represent the
Uuitcd States as Consul-General.
ported from Rome that the (Ecumenical
Council will probably sit through thc
summer, aud the fall, aud tho winter,
and may uot finally ndjouru till uexl
The in-oorning passenger train for Co
lumbus, uu the Mobile and Girard Rail
road, ran over and killed, near Troy,
Ala., on Saturday, a mau named Carpen
ter. Ho was drunk, aud lying ou thc
A child of Jerry, formerly pump
minder at this depot, fell iuto a well D
few days since and was drowned. Coro
uer M'lutyro held au inquest upon thc
body aud a verdict was reudered us
above.-Afar ion Crescent.
A. celebrated preacher onco said thal
there were threo companions with whoa
you should keop on good terms: First,
your wife; seeoud, your stomach; third,
your consciouee."
A clergyman of Connecticut, famoui
for tho numbers of pooplo hu has mar?
ried, is called by a Hartford editor "at
Izanck Waltou in tho waters of matri?
Sarsaparilla nod Queen's Delight
when properly combined, makes thc
most powerful blood purifier known,
Ask for Du. Tim's. J5
Adolph Gnon, a uativo of Hamburg
Germany, committed suicide in Savan?
nah, Ga., on tho 27th.
If you cousult your welfare, fail DO:
to read the advertisement headed "B.u
Edward Padulford, Esq., au aged am
prominent citizen of Savanuah, died oi
tho 27th.
Thirsty people, go to Pollock's.
3Gooal Items.
HOME AGAIN.-The humerons friends
of Dr. B. W. Gibbes are informed that
he arrived yesterday.
BE SENSIBLE.-Do not be nbove your
business; he who turns up his nose athis
work, quarrels witb his bread aud but?
ter. He i? a poor wraith who quarrels
with h?3 own sparks; there's no shame
about any liouest calling; don't be afraid
of soiling your hands, Micro's plenty of
soap to be had. All trades aro good to
truders. You cannot get honey if you
are frightened at bees, nor plant corn if
you are afraid of gettiug mud on your
boots. When you can dig fields with
tooth-picks, blow ships along with fans,
aud grow plum-cakes iuflower-pots, then
it will be a fine time for dandies.
Bozbury says: You can never, by nuy ac?
cident, get a lady (be she young or old)
to confess that she laces tight. That her
shoes aro too small for her. That she is
ever tired at a ball. That sho is aa old
as she looks. That she has been more
than live minutes dressing. That she
has kept you waiting. That she blushes
whim a certain person's name is men?
tioned. That she ever si?3's a thing she
doesn't meau. Thnt she is fond of scan?
dal. That she-sho of all persons in the
world-is in love. That she doesn't
want a new bonnet. That she hasn't the
disposition of an angel or the temper of
a saint-or else howoould she go through
ono hulf of what she does? That bhe is
ever in tho wrong.
surance agent down South is about to
emploj* a number of handsome young
ladies to canvuss for tho company ho
represents. These fair solicitors will not
approach the sterner sex at all upon the
subject, but will confiuo themselves
strictly to working on the fears of their
own sex who may bo married or depend
i ont. It is thought that they will so fill
the mind of the wife of your bosom
about the uecessity of your having your
lifo insured, that you will never bo al-1
lowed to have peace around tho domestic
hearth until you are fully insured for a
good round sum for tho benefit of your
future widow-and whoever she may elect
to succeed you.
CRUMBS.-After a suspension of over
four mouths-owing to the destruction
of the office by fire-the publication of
the Marion Crescent has bceu resumed.
Corsair, writing from Columbia to the
Charleston Daily Nows, sajs: "lt is
understood that thc Southern College,
now located at Newberry, is to be removed
to Columbia, and the exercises continued
by the faculty in temporary quarters,
until provision be made for erecting
suitable buildings.
Messrs. Duffie A Chapman have also
presontcd us with a copy of Charles
Reade's "Put Yourself iu His Place," a
notice of which was published last week.
The incideuts are well arranged, and the
story highly entertaining.
Thc indestructible tag is a great con?
venience to merchants. It answers the
combined purpose of a direction label
aud bnsiuess card. Call at thc PHOENIX
Publishing House and supply your?
Sidney Park is being touched np by
the city authorities. New seats have
been erected, the walks overhanloil, etc.
Wm. Robert Atkinson, of Columbin,
won tho first prize in moral philosophy,
at tho Inte commencement of tho Uni?
versity of Virginia.
Tho Churlotte, Columbia aud Augusta
Railroad Compauy have just added to
their rolling stock a beautiful new en?
gine, named the "Edgefield." She was
built at tho Grant Works, Paterson, N.
J., and is a modol of her kind, having all
tho latest modern improvements. Her
weight is about twenty-six tons.
Tho PHUJNIX office is supplied with
every stylo of material from tho small
metal letter to tho largest wood type,
together with plain aud fancy cards,
paper, colored ink, bronze, etc. It is
tho only establishment in the interior of
the Stato whore two and threo sheet
posters can be printed. All kinds of
work in thc printing line attended to at
short notice.
A mouumont to tho memory of Hon.
Wm. Gilmore Sims is contemplated.
This evening, at 8 o'clock, will be held
tho annual celebration of the Ugly Club
of tho South Carolina University. The
club is a perpetual organization, that
holds an annual celebration, to deliver
to its select few tho filling award* of
merit. Tho several distinctions so
honored nre the ugly man, tho pretty
man, tho ladies' man, tho baby, the lazy
man, tho fool, tho conceited man and
the loafer. Hamilton G. Ewart, of North
Carolina, is the orator. Tho occasion is
ono of mingled seriousness and fun, and
is intended to close the celebration in an
agreeable woy.
Interesting reading matter is publish?
ed on every pago of the PHON?X. Dou't
neglect the first and fourth pages.
mail is opened for delivery at 8 a. m.;
closed at 8.30 a. m. Charleston, opened
at 5.30 p. m.; closed nt 8.30 p. m.
Greenville, opened at 5.30 p. m.; closed
at S.30 p. m. Western, opened at 9.30
a. m.; closed at 4 p. m. Charleston,
(evening,) opened at 8 a. m.; closed nt
4.30 p. m. On Sunday, tho post office is
open from 9 to 10 a. m.
BOY SMOKERS.-Here and there, about
the street corners, and around the doors
of places of amusement, you will see a
lot of urchins, some of them decently
clad, and presenting a respectable ap?
pearance, who are engaged in asserting
their manhood by puffing away at exe?
crable cigars. It is fuir to presume that
their anxious mammas are not aware of
the foul habits their darling boys pick
up and practice outside of the parental
roof; but for their benefit they should
kuow that it is stated that n French phy?
sician has investigated the effect of smok?
ing on thirty-eight boys between the
ages of nine and fifteen, who were ad?
dicted to the habit. "Twenty-seven pre?
sented distinct symptoms of nicotine
poison. In twenty-two wore serious dis?
orders of the circulation, indigestion,
dullness of intellect and a marked appe?
tite for btiong drinks. lu three there
wus heart affect iou ; in eight decided de?
terioration of the blood; in twelve there
was frequent epitoxis; ten had disturbed
sleep; and four bad ulceration of the
mucus mombrune of the mouth." It is
ea-y, then, to see how the ranks of tho
drunkards and dissolute "men about
town" aro recruited, when there are so
many boys in training for delirium tre?
mens, and all tho horrorB of dissipation.
HOTEL ARRIVALS, Juno 29-Nicker son House,
G W Conner, Abbeville; James L Ronbo
rough, Rock Hill; J C Lowry, Yorkville; Mies
M J Mooro, Richmond. S L Lang, Camden, G
ll Turner, Helena; William Johnston, Char?
Notice to Contractors.
P. P. Beard-Hook Agent.
J. IS. Cline A Co.-General Agents, Ac.
li. Morris-Cotton Gins.
Notice to Retail Liquor Dealers.
llR.vnfiELn's FEMALE REGULATOR.-Wo have
often road in the newspapers of tho grand
success of medical compounds put up at the
North and elsewhere. Many ol those medi?
cines havo had their day, and we hear no
moro of them. Their proprietors have made
fortunes, not so much from the curativo
powers and virtues of their mixtures, as from
the notoriety given them hy advertising, by
which people were made to believe all tho
good that was said of them. A preparation is
now before thc publie which is becoming very
popular, ami is known as Rradtield'H Female
Regulator, put np by L. H. Rradfiold, of
Atlanta, Ga., a! 11.50 per bottle. Such is its
curative virtues, that it has gained wide?
spread popularity all over the country whero
it has been made known, and it is being in?
troduced oyorywhuro. Wc are informed that
immense quantities of this medicine aro being
sold in al} sections ol the South anil Soutk
..<t. s.ipoeially in the city of New Orleans
and in Texas.
This much wo say in justice to its proprie?
tor, who is a gentleman ol' integrity, and who
would not engage in the manufacture and sale
of a humbug.-La Ur an tie Reporter. J 2G G
The attention of our readers is called to?
day to tho advertise.ment in another column,
headed Lippman'a Groat German Ritters, a
preparation thal has been used for upward of
century in enlightened Europe with the
greatest success in the cure of Dyspepsia or
Indigestion, Constipation, Loss bf Appetite,
Liver Complaint, loss of tone in the digestive
organs, etc. Tho proprietors, Messrs. Jacob
Li ppm a ll A Bro., Savannah, Ga., have, at con?
siderable outlay, succeeded in obtaining tho
. rivilla! recipe for making this delightful last?
ing Ritters, and pledge their reputation that
in preparing it, the original standard shall bo
kept up. J ui.e 2
Thc beat LlVEB medicine is HEINITSH'S
QUEEN'S DELIOUT. This wonderful vegetable
compound acts with certainty upon tho Liver
and Stomach, without impairing thc functions
of any other organ. It invigorates, restores,
improves the general condition of the system;
Killalee the Rowels by its aperient proper
tics; stimulates tho Liver and makes it act;
strengthens thc digoetion and gives tone to the
man. It awakens the dull and sluggish Liver
to activity and lifo. This is, of all the season,
the time to try it. Go and got a bottle from
Hoinitsh-you will not regret it. J5
Funeral Invitation.
Tho friends and acquaintances of tho lato
Hon. E. J. Arthur and family, aro invited to
attend the funeral services of their son
WILLIE, at the Washington Strcot Methodist
Chapel, a! 9 o'clock THIS MORNING.
E. Morris, Columbia. S. C.,
$3.50 per saw. Our GinB are warranted
to pleaso in every respect, or no sale. Pre?
mium awarded at last Stato Fair. Also, Wood
Turning in every description and style, at
short notice._Juno 30 3mo
Notice to Retail Liquor Dealers.
COLUMBIA, S, C., June 29, 1870.
ON and alter JULY 1st, 1870, tho ponalty
will bc strictly enforced against all por?
tions retailing Liquor without a License from
the Citv Council. By ordor of tho Mavor.
June'30 :i WM. J. ETTEft, City Clerk.
To Contractors.
* COLUMBIA, S. C., Juno 29. 1870.
IPROPOSALS will bc received and submitted
lor acljon ol' Council at next meeting, for
for Street Department. Rv ordor of Council.
June 30 1 WM. J. ET TER, City Clerk.
To the Public.
inform the citizens of Columbia, that
tnev havo this dav opened an ACCOUNT?
and aro now prepared to undertake tho ad?
justment, balancing and keeping of Accounts,
for merchants und others. Administration
Accounts, United States and State Official
Documents carefully prepared.
Rusiness will bo promptly attended to on
application to Mr. J. E. CLINE, Managing
Partner, at tho County Commissioner's Oflice,
under tho Court Room. J uno 29 413

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