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B***?W?!^ ??1rbwis?
royol order o?'tho day was published tuts
Amass: When three months since, we
took the field, I said God would be with
our just cause. That this confidence
has hoon fully realized, witness Worth,
Saarbruck. Metz, Sedan, Beaumont and
Strasburg, each a victory for our arms.
To'you belong the merit and glory, for
yott.' have maintained all tho virtues
whjob. especially distinguish soldiers.
With Metz, the last army of the enemy
is destroyed, I take this opportunity
to thank you ali, from general to
soldier, aud whatever there is in tho
future, I look forwrd to it calmly, be?
cause I know with such soldiers victory
cannot fail. WILLIAM.
LONDON, November 5.-There is in?
creasing bitterness at Bismarck's slights
toward England.
Count DeChambourd is reported in
France, incognita.
TOURS, November 5.-Paris advices to
the 3d say Thiers, upon returning to
Paris, gave the Government as details of
his mission: "Owing to thc carnage and
resiBtanc? of Paris, the four great pow?
ers, England, Russia, Austria nud Italy
have come to tho support of an armis?
tice, which will includo tho revictualiug
of Paris and the assembly of the Con?
stituent Assembly.
It is stated that Jules Favre reiterates
that the Government will not cede terri?
tory as the price of peace.
No fighting around Paris for three
days. The forts, however, kept up lire,
to prevent the erection of Prussiau bat?
TocnSj November G.-Paris advices tc
the third give no additional advices re<
garding the armistice.
Jales Valles, who installed himself ai
Mayor of Belleville, has been arrested,
Joly Pyatt, and other chiefs of th(
National Guard arrested, and a numbei
of bat?llion commanders dismissed foi
participation in the disorders.
General Clement Thomas is appointee
Commander-in-Chief of the baltana
The Bourse is growing confident ovei
rnmors of an armistice. Rentes 51f. 70c
A balloon left Paris on the evening o
the 4th, bat landed so near the Pms
siana that only one sack of letters wil
reach Tours to-morrow. '
LONDON, November G.-Paris advice
to Friday are received. Adam, the Pre
feot of Police, has resigned.
VEBSAII?I?ES, November G-IP. M.
VIA LONDON.-Thiers has received order
from Paris to break off negotiations fo
the armistice, aud to leave the roya
LONDON, November 7.-The Figur
this evening publishes a version of th
Emperor Napoleon's pamphlet on th
campaign of 1870, and the causes whicl
led to the capitulation at Sedan.
The Emperor recalls to mind his mani
festo issued just after the declaration c
war, and the misgivings with which h
listened to the cry of "On to Berlin.
He Bays his plan wns to mass 150,00
men at Metz, 100,000 at Strasburg, an
50,000 at Chalons, and to cross the Rhin
near Haguenoc with a largo force, i
order to Beparato South Germany froi
the Northorn Confederation. He hope
to win tho first great battle, and to sc
care the alliance of Austria and Ital
with France in imposing neutrality o
Bavaria,Baden and Wurtembnrg. Th
defects of the French military systen
and the delay in bringing up men an
material, defeated this plan. He cm
merates the difficulties encountered, bi
acquits tho war office of blame. Tl
Germans having ample time to bric
their feroes into the field, the Frene
were outnumbered and put ou the d
He acqaie?oed in the march for the r
lief of Metz, though conscious of tl
danger of that enterprise. He describ?
the operations and analyses the hatti
which preceded the surrender at Sedai
and give? an account of his iaterviev
with Bismarck and the King of Prnssi
The pamphlet closes with a declaratic
that the German successes were due
superiority of numbers, improved art
lery, vigorous discipline, respect f
anthority, and tho military and patriot
spirit of tho people, which absorbs t
other interests aud opinions. It co
sures the loose habits introduced by t!
African wars in which tho French reg
lar troops had been engaged, which
enumerates as want of disciplino, lack
order, carelessness of bearing and c
cess of luggage carried by tho infantr
The efficiency of the army was weakene
too, by the excesses of tho opposition
the Corps L?gislatif, and of tho Repu
licau press introducing into it the spi
of criticism and insubordination.
RHEIMS, November 7.-Tho Prnssi
Governor of Lorraine has ordered a cc
BUS of the persons subject to milita
dnty-prescribing severe penalties i
MADRID, November 7.-Thc Corr
pondencia, tho reported organ of Mor
minister of tho colonies, denies the :
ports that Spain has made overtures
tho United (States for tho salo of Cul
The Correspondencia adds, that the pi
plo of Spain would not permit the s
of Cuba to the United States, or a
other nation, upon any terms.
LONDON, Novembor 7.-Chinese tc
grams to tho 9th October are warlil
Four gun-boats, of ton guns each, wi
launched at Shanghai. The Chin
wero importing war materials. No f
thor outrages upon foreigners reporte
LONDON, November 7.-It is sta
that the point upon which Thiers rel
and the armistice failed, was that 1
marok wanted guarantees for tho cess
of torritory, which the Puris Gove
mont refused to give.
IThe Prussian Minister nt London s
the struggle must continuo all win
There wns a serious engagement yes
day, on tho road from Dijon to St. J
Fr?no-tirears foiled the Prussian at?
tempt io cross the Beine.
LONDON, November 7.-Provisions
Btill leave Liverpool for Franco.
Sir George Jenkinson, reported as
lo?t on the Verona, is at home in Glou?
The new French loan hos boen placed
on tho stock board. The lists present
the price of 1?8?2,!? premium.
TOURS, November 7.-A despatch from
Vurdun says tho propositions for nn ar?
mistice have been unanimously refused
by the leaders of the Paris Govern?
PARIS, November 7.-Tho Govern?
ment is supported in its action by the
people of all classes. The Journal Offi?
ciel aunouuces tho formation of three
armies. lu Paris, at latest advices, per?
fect order existed there. The Govern?
ment in this city is acting energetically.
A universal uprising is expected to take
place, as it now scorns to be the general
impression that Prussia has only sought
to gaiu time by seeming to admit the
possi >ility of au armistice, in order that
troops lately investing Metz could como
American Intelligence.
SAN FRANCISCO, November 5.-Tho
steamship Mose3 Taylor arrived from
Honolulu, reporting terrific gah;3 and
rains in San Salvador.
WASHINGTON, November 5.-Robeson,
Forney and the President wero in con?
ference to-day. Tho visit resulted iu au
order to retake tho census of Philadel?
phia, aud had no bearing on tiie English
Mission or Postmaster-General.
NEW YORK, November G.-The Tri?
bune's special London says: "Your cor?
respondent with Garibaldi at Dole writes
November 1, our position becomes daily
less tenable. Garibaldi's forces increase
The World's special from Versailles
says tho only poiut of the armistice un?
settled is the French dcniaud that ammu?
nition be allowed to enter tho city,
which is refused by Bismarck.
RICHMOND, VA., November G.-Last
night, the jury in the case of Johnson
H. Sands, implicated with ex-Mayor
Cahoon iu the Hansteiu fraud, scut him
to the penitentiary for fivo years. Sands
was an ex-Confederate captain, and com?
manded a battery of artillery until the
war ended.
SELMA, November 5 -This evening, a
quarrel, pending all day between Jack
Baxter, (white,) and Alf Granger, (ne?
gro,) both brick-masons, eultimated in
the latter being shot and killed. Baxter
surrendered to Marshal Waite, from
whom he was taken by an improvised
mob of negroes, beaten and stripped,
and dragged through the streets, being
left for dead. Through the influence of
Gen. Pettua and others, the whites, who
gathereel around on hearing of the affair,
were restrained from attacking the ne?
groes. A strong posse, under Gen.
Pettus, was summoned by the sheriff, by
whom tho body of Baxter was taken
from the negroes, and the mob dispers?e!
without violence. The city is quiet td
uight. Court is in nessiou, unel the
rioters will be arrested and punished
according to law.
WASHINGTON, November 7.-Baron
Gerolt, the North German Minister here,
has advices that negotiations for au
armistice have been broken off. Tho
press tlespatches, that Thiers had been
recalled to Paris, are thus oilicially con?
firmed, and the continuance of the war
is certain.
Two artillery companies left Fort
Trucabul, Saturday, for New York.
A 81?..0?0 couuterfeit United States
boud was passeel upon tho California
Bank. The counterfeiter escaped with
thc proceeds.
Tho Germans occupy Nints. The
bombardment of Neuf Breissach and
Fort Mortier continues. A sortie of the
garrison was repulsed.
Despatches represent Garibaldi's posi?
tion as critical. A despatch from Dalo
reports his capture.
Rochefort hos resigned his position on
tho Committe of Defence. Tho Paris
Government meets at minister's houses,
iustiud of at the Hotel de Ville.
Wurtemburg Baden, aud Hesse Darm?
stadt have agreed to enter the North
Germau Confederation. Bavaria ele
mands a separate treaty, with military
and diplomatic sovereignty. The forti?
fications around Paris have now 2,200
guns iu position.
Monday's Loudon morning papers de?
plore the fatuity of Paris in declining
preliminary overtures to poaoe. Ad?
vices from Versailles, Suuday evening,
report everything quiet. No fighting
for several days.
Fort Mortier, at New Bressach, ca?
pitulated Suuday night. A fire withiu
the fort rendered tho place untenable.
Tho capitulation involves only 225 pri?
soners and five guns.
Prussia concurs with Russia, in desir?
ing a revision of the treaty of 1856.
An editorial in this morning's London
Times says the armistice turned upon
tho question of ingress and egress at
Paris. Thiers insisting and Bismarck
refusing. Tho Belgians petitioning tho
Government to oxclude Bonapartist
CHARLESTON, November 8.-Arrived
steamships Empire, Philadelphia; Geor?
gia, New York.
SELMA, ALA., Novomber 7.-Tho city
remains quiet. No further disturbance
of a serious character siuco Saturday
last. Tho prudent and prompt action
of tho white citizeus, under instructions
from the Sheriff of the County and the
Mayor of tho city, has thus far had tho
desi reel effect.
WASHINGTON, November 7.-Tho
steamer Nipsic took a force of marines
to Norfolk for the preservation of order
NEW YORK, November 7. - A special
despatch from Versailles, this morning,
states that Thiers is still at tho Prussian
A correspondent says: "I have author
Prussians are now resolved to posh the1
3or io its extreme without nu instante j
elay. A general feeling is spreading
over Franoe of calling Duko D'Aumalo
to the Presidency of the Republic."
MOBILE, November 7.-Owing to the
prevailing epidemic, tho Agricultural
and Mechanical Fair and races connect?
ed therewith, advertised for the 21st
inst., have been postponed until Decem?
ber G.
NORFOLK, VA., November 7.-Captain
Lewis, just arrived from tho wreck of
tho steamer Key West-heretofore re?
ported ashoro on North Cape Hatteras
found it impossible to get tho steamer
off. Tho machinery will bo taken out
and tho wreck stripped of cargo, sails
and running rigging, which will bc sold
on tho beach.
SAN FRANCISCO, November 7.-Tho
highwaymen also secured tho mail car on
tho Pacific Railroad. It is supposed they
obtained $250,000. Wells, Fargo & Co.
oiler $15,000 for the arrest of the rob?
NEW YORK, November 7.-The Herald's
special from London says tho delibera?
tions of tho German Federal Constitu?
tion hiivo made such progress that the
Reichstage will probably bo summoned
to Versailles, as it is necessary for the
King to bo present at tho discussion on
the new Federal Constitution, and his
position as commander-in-chief of tho
Gorman armies in France prevents his
going to Prussia for that purpose.
Efforts will bo made to induce King
William to do something for the Pope.
Germany, however, considers this matter
as exclusively concerning Italy's inde?
pendence, which she will always respect.
Fifty eagles, captured at Metz, havo been
brought to Berlin, wrangle-headed sol?
diers bearing them.
Tho World's special from Versailles
says that Thiers had au interview on
Saturday with Favre and Trochu nt
Billancourt. Thiers reported an agree?
ment with Bismarck, which was approv?
ed by Trochu and Favro, who expressed
the bolief of their ability to carry the
population of Paris in its favor.
Tho Provisional Government on Fri?
day published an address to the people
jf Paris, repeating the resolutions of tho
Government to consent to no armistice
prejudicing and not embracing tho fol?
lowing provisions: Freo entrance and de?
parture from Paris and other besieged
places; tho revictualizing of the city
aud guarantees for the election- for all
France, including Alsace and Lorraiuo.
It is believed at Versailles that this dis?
ingenuous address is dosigned to prevent
disturbances iu Paris until tho Assembly
Paris journals of the 4th havo been re?
ceived at Versailles. Thoy state that tho
manufacture of Chassepots and field ar?
tillery is proceeding rapidly.
Plenty of bread and wino to last till
March. Tho stock of salted meats is
immense, vegetables and poultry aro
plenty in the markets.
There are mauy cases of small pox.
Tho clergy recommend tho revival of
healthful amusements for tho people.
The theatres accordingly aro ro-opened
for concerts.
The lato attempts of the radicals to
overturn tho Government has increased
the anxiety of a majority of the people
to uphold tho Administration.
A special despatch from Berlin on
Saturday, says tho conclusion of tho ar?
mistice is regarded as certuin. Tho King
is expected nt Berlin on tho 11th instant.
Preparations are in progress to receive
him as Emperor of Germany.
A despatch from Dolo, of the 4th inst.,
says: Garibaldi, with thirty Italian of?
ficers, is captured.
COLUMBIA, November 8.-Sales of
cotton yesterday 103 bales-middling
NEW YonK, November 7-Noon.
Stocks steady. Gold 103.i. Money
5(7( 0. Sterling-long 0; short 0;v,,'. G2's
8 l.j. Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat
dull and heavy. Corn scaroo and firm.
Pork steady, at [email protected] Cotton
unsettled and lower-uplands 1GA?; Or?
leans 17,'?; sales 2,000 bales. Freights
7 P. M.-Money 5(7^0. Sterling
steadier, at [email protected]}?. Government's 10^.
Southern's quiet and steady. Cotton
unsettled and lower-sales 2,000 bales;
uplands 10. Flour dull and 5(?;10c.
lower-superfine 4.90(^5.10; Southern
dull and drooping-common to fair extra
5.70(?;G.10. Wheat slightly favors buy?
ers-winter red and amber Western
2.32(732.37. Corn vory scarce and [email protected]
higher; now 85;;old [email protected] Beef steady.
Pork quiet and steudy, at 21.37)?(?>
2-4.50. Lard a shade firmer-kettle
[email protected]*?. Freights heavy. Whiskey
BALTIMORE, November 7.-Flour quiot
and steady. Wheat firm and steady.
Corn better-white-Southern 70?74;
yollow-old [email protected]; new [email protected] Pork
[email protected] Bacon in good demand
rib aides exhausted; shoulders 15(?yl5.?.i ;
cloar sides 19. Cotton dull-middlings
IG'.i'; sales 300 bales; receipts 120; stock
ST. LOUIS, November 7.-Flour steady
-superfine winter [email protected] Corn
quiet and unchanged. Whiskey higher,
at 9(>. Bagging 19' ..'. Provisions stead v.
Pork 25.50. Shoulders ll.'.j. Lard
heavy, at ll%.
GALVESTON, November 7.-Cotton dull
and nominal-good ordinary ll; sales
150 bales; receipts 1,119; stock 12,195.
CINCINNATI, November 7.-Flour and
corn steady. Provisions quiet and un?
changed. Whiskey declining, [email protected]
LOUISVILLE, November 7.-Bagging
quiot, at 28(V?,29. Flour dall and un?
changed. Corn dull.
NEW ORLEANS, November 7.-Cotton
dull aud nominal-middling 15%; sales
3,010 bales; receipts 4,161; stock 78,490.
MOBILE, November 8.-Cotton dull
middliugs [email protected]??; sales 1,000 bales;
receipts 3,696; coastwise 860; stock 30,
?pilli.. .lllilHIIJMI-Wh U.l-.,
ilaunapr? November. 7.-Oottor?~J
middling 15>? ; receipts 5,508 balds; OT?
porta to Great Britain 408; coastwise
15,007 ; stock ?b? iel.
LONDON, November 7-Noon.-Con?
sols 03. Bonds 89%.
LONDON, November 7-Evening.
Consols 93J8*@9^.
LIVERPOOL, November 7-3 P. M.
Cotton flat and heavy-uplands [email protected]
9}?; Orleans [email protected])?. The cotton re?
ceipts on Friday wero 148,000, and not
48,000 bales.
LIVERPOOL, November 7-Evening.
Cotton closed flat-uplands 9}?; Orleans
9?;i; sales 10,000 bales.
JUST received a largo apsortmont of
WATCHES.-Gold and Silver Hunting,
Stem Winding, Open Face, of Swiss, English
and American manufacture.
CLOCKS.-French Tarlor, of Black Marble,
Gilt, Ormular, Itoeewood and Walnut.
SPECTACLES.-Gold, Silver and Steel, of
all descriptions; Evo Glasses with Gold. Rub?
ber and Tortoise Sholl Frame.
THIMBLES-Gold and Silver, cf all de?
LADIES' JEWELRY.-Gold Rings, plain
and with settings of all kinds ot precious
stones; Brooches, Ear rings, Necklaces,
Bracelets and Armlets, Gold Chatelaine and
Leontine Chains: all varieties of Jot, Rubber,
Gold, Pearl and Mourning Jewelry and Orna?
menta, Ac.
Guard Chains, Collar and Shirt Buttons,
Sleeve Buttons, Seal Rings, Brooches, Scarf
Pins, Ac.
SPOONS.-Tablo, Dessert, Toa, Sugar, Mus?
tard, Pap, Salt Spoons and Ladles.
FORKS_Tablo, Dessert and Breakfast.
KNIVES.-Dessert, Fruit, Butter, Fish, Pic,
Cake and Cheese Knives.
PITCHERS.-Chalices and Communion
Sets, leo Pitchers, Cups, Bowls and Goblets.
CASTORS.-Silver and Plated, Fruit Stands,
Cako Baskets, Picklo Stands, Coffeo Makers,
Cream Pots, Salt and Butter Dishes, Waiters,
Ono door North of Scott, Williams it Co.'s
Banking House, Main street. Nov C Imo
Ho for the Race! B
-A TUE subscriber respectfully
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rt_ ?f home-made SADDLES and
farfSHgttgqaaii ARN ESSES, which I can sell
twenty-five per cent, cheaper than any
Northern mado goods, and will challenge any
merchant in tho South for $1,000 to compare
with mo ia homo-mudo work.
Nov 1 3oio_R. HANNAN, Main street.
Grand Toy Emporium.
Main Sinei, Columbia, S. C.,
W?IERE ia offered the largest and
iifSftkbest selected stock of TOYS ever
?MMbrought to Ibis market. Dualer* and
gggC others can be accommodated, Whole?
sale or Retail.
Old and young, grave and gay can bo suited
from this varied collection.
CANDIES of Pure Sugar manufactured
daily. Also,
A lino assortment ot CANNED GOODS just
receiving from the best manufactories.
and CURRANTS, ALMONDS, and a full line
London BISCUITT and Trinco Alhcrt
CRACKERS, (imported articles,) pure and of
great benefit to thc sick and convalescnt.
JELLIES of pure fruit manufactured and
sold at reasonable prices.
New Supply of Groceries !
C. R. and R. SIDES,
Breakfast STRIPS,
Sugar-Cured SHOULDERS.
NO. 1, 2, 3 MACKEREL,
Barrelsand half barrels ami kits,
Tickled SALMON.
The best Western Brands at very low
figures, in barrels, halves, quarters and
eighths of barrels.
Heckor'a Self-Raising FLOUR.
CONDENSED Milk, best quality,
Layer Raisins,
French Chocolate,
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Axlo Grease,
Concentrated Lye.
ALES, &c, of superior qualitv, sold at
low figures. G. DIERCKS.
SMOKINO TOBACCO, or various brands:
Durham, Virginity, Advance,Ac.
Domostic and Imported CIGARS.
Oct 30 G. DIERCK'S.
North Carolina Butter.
?k\3 signment, and will bo sold veffy low to
closo. Tackagcs averago from twenty to
thirty pounds oach._GEO. SYMMERS.
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lA/v" 5 barrels Golden SYRUP, for sale by
Oct 30_E. HOPE.
Fish and Flesh.
MACKEREL, Nos. 1, 2 and 3,
SALMON, No. 1,
100 boxes Scaled HERRINGS,
Fulton Market Beef,
Smoked Beef,
Reef Tongues,
Extra Sugar-cured Hams,
" " Bacon Stiipa.
For salo by G LO. SYMMERS.
Call early and often. _Oct 21
Fresh Norfolk Oysters
EVERY DAY at tho Columbia leo Houso.
Just received, another lot, TO-DAY, of |
tho best that can bo had, and I intend to keep
them regular all this season.
Oct 27 1m JOHN D. BATEMAN.
x Janney'? t???-yTwQ Hiybta Only! j
The World-Renowned
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and successful career of eevonteen
years (Ave of which havo been spent iu Eu?
rope), in thoir
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ed by the crowned beads and tho nobility of
Europe, astonishing and confounding tho
wisest of all countries. They must be seen to
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UTS' Admission $1.00. Reserved ac-ata $1 50.
Seats can bc secured in advance at Sulzbacb
er's Jewelry Storo, under Columbia Hotel,
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RV Doors open at 7. Seance begins at S.
Nov 5 6
Special Notice.
THE largest, iiuest, and beat stock of
CLOTHING in the city. Owing to the
death of Col. W. J. Hoke, thc stock will be
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Nov 5 G. M. JOHNSON.
Piedmont and Arlington Life Insur?
ance Company.
October 31, 1870.
TTTE take pleasure in announcing to our
j Y policy-holders and tho citizens of South
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Haying examined into the condition of the
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Good canvassing agents desired in every
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Nov 1
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First Class Store.
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Oct 21_Ca_m1lbia:_s-^_ !
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Oct 30_A. SMYTHE.
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Epicures, call nt POLLOCK'S.
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Top,) G Chairs and superior Extension Table;
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stand to match, and Wardrobe.
1 bat?dseme Chamber Set, Oak, handsomely
carvod, consisting of French Bedstead, Dreaa
?U?: Bureau, (Marble Top,) Washstand, Ward?
robe and 4 Chairs.
1 China Tea Set, and a variety of house-fur
ulalling articles.
The above are open for inspection.
Nov (> 4 '
For Sale.
WTILL be offered for sale, on SALE DAY
\\ in December next, that GRAIN and
COTTON PLANTATION in Abbeville County,
near Calhoun's Mills, on Calhoun's Creek,
containing 1.G00 acres, more or less, bounded
by lands of catato of Jamea Taggart, Mrs.
Catherine Alston, John Link, and others. ?
Thc improvements aro good, there aro ac?
commodations for twenty-five or thirty labor?
ers, and fences in good ropair. Almost 250 or
300 acres aro creek bottom land, and almost
SOO acres timbered.
Thc placo can be treated for privately, and
with it will bo sold, if desired. MULES,
If not sold, it will be rented. Apply to WK.
H. PAUKER, at Abbeville Court House. . .
Oct 15 120 E. L. PARKER.
THE undersigned inform?
'their friends and the publicl
that they have ro-opouou the*? '
RESTAURANT, on Washington-street, r,iid
will keep on baud tho best Wines and Liquors
Fresh LAGER on Draught. Extra LUNCH
on Monday, at ll o'clock.
Eichland County Board of Equalization
TUE abovo Board, consisting of the Comity
Treasurer, County Commissioners and
County Auditor, will moot at tho Offlee of the
latter on MONDAY, the 7th, at 10 o'clock
a. m., and continue in session daily for one
week, to equalize thc values of Real and Per?
sonal Proporty in said County. The Board
will hear complaints of persons who consider
their property assessed too high.
N<>y_G_3_Auditor Richland County.
Seed Wheat! Seed Wheat!'.
i>/\ri BUSHELS selected SEED WHEAT,
?\ f\J for sale by R. O'NEALE & SON.
Nov 1_
AvJV/ ton Inspection, Nos. 1,2 and 8, in
barrels, half barrels, quartor barrels and Uta,
just received and for sale low, by
E a
Mourning Goods.
Cioaks, Shawls and Shawl Fringes,
Fer Suits and ?Shawl Salts."
VELVETEENS-?tl colors-for Sacks and
LACES, Jc, Ac.
DOMESTIC GOODS, at lowest ruling Cot?
ton prices.
Our Goods as woli as prices-aro guaranteed
ad good and aa cheap as any houeo South'.
W. D. LOVE tb CO M
Columbia Hotel Building.
P.. B. M<. CREERY. Nov G
For Saie.
j-jB- 100 acres choice LAND-50 acres olear
^SPoil- situated three miles from Hopkins'
??jLTurn-Out; thirteen miles from Colom?
bia, and threo-quartera of a milo from tho
Wilmington, Columbia and Augusta Railroad.
For terms, apply at this office. Oct 31 lm
For Sale,
THAT Valuable Tract of LAND, lying
jon tho Barhamville Road and the Char?
lotte Railroad, about l .J miles from tho
city of Columbia, containing twenty-one acres,
more or loss, and having on it a beautiful site
for a country residence, a most excellent
spring of water, and accommodations for five
or nix hands; it is about two-thirds cleared
and is most admirably situated and watered
for a vegetable or "truck" garden, lying be?
tween tho two branches which forms the
stream .llowing through Dr. Parkor's place,
and composed partly of tho same soil on
which Dr. Parker raised ovor 200 bushels of
corn to tho acre. Possession given 1st Janua?
ry next. For further particulars, apply at this
office, or to L. R. BECKWITH,
Oct 5 ?iuo_Orangobnrg, S. C.
For Sale,
3fcf\{\ ACRES of LAND in Barnwell,
.OVJ'U' on tho Edisto.
750 ACRES in Kershaw-in lots to suit.
HOUSE and LOT in Columbia-$12,000.
1 Houso in this city, $5,000.
HOUSE and thirteen acres LAND, near tho
city-$3.000. Apply to JOHN BAUSKETT,
Attorney at Law and Real Estate Agent.
Sept 24_ly___
Guns, Pistols, Etc.
I INFORM my friends and
?millie in genoral that I havo
nst received au entire now
Mock of Doublo and Singlo Bar?
ral GUNS, REPEATERS, Flasks, Pouches,
Pistol-Belts, Caps, Buck-Shot, Cartridges.
Cartridges for all kinds of Pistols, Powder
and Shot.
REPAIRING done at short notice
Oct B P. W. KRAFT, Alain sjtrect
General Groceries.
THE largest and best assorted stock of
QUORS in South Carolina, can bo found at my
Store. A call will prove thia all?gement.

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