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cotnOT?. s. c.
Thura lay '?oxnins, February 26.1871.
Ttl? Macon AgricrtUatfkl Convention.
We learn that thia wai a strong assem?
blage of the solid agriculturists of Geor?
gia, fj Alabama, Texas and South Caro?
lina were also represented. Tho dele?
gates from this State were J. S. Richard?
son. Eaq., of Sumter, T. H. Clarke, Esq.,
of Kershaw, and Major T. W. Wood?
ward, of Fairfield. The delegates met
with'a cordial r coop lion. On the occa?
sion of the collation givon, Mr. Richard?
son responded in behalf of South Caro?
lina. To plant moro grain and less
cotton, and to sapplaut commercial
manures by home-made, as much as pos?
sible-these, we learn, were the views
that generally prevailed in the Conven?
tion. As the planters and farmers pre?
sent freely interchanged views and gave
their experience to each other, wo have
reason to believe that the occasion was
productive of good.
The desorintinns of the Washington
carnival, as given by the specials of tho
New York papers, tella a story of "un?
surpassed and unobjectionable frivolity."
The lowest estimate of tho numbers who
thronged Pennsylvania avenue was
50,000, and the decorations of tho build?
ings included every stitch of bunting in
the district, together with homo-made
flags, gay calicoes, Chinese lanterns, ?fcc.
There were several mile horse races on
the wood pavoment; a goat race, which
set ali the little boys and children in an
uproar; a foot race, at the end of which
the winner fainted and was carried into
a drug store, and a general exhibition of
teams, from the six-in-hand of Ucl inhold
down to the butcher and dog carts. As
the corporation ordinance regarding fast
driving had been suspended, there was
a.pretty lively kicking up of dust. Only
that and nothing moro. The President
sat on a hotel balcony most of tho day,
where ho was serenaded every fifteen
minutes by the Marine Band, boosted up
on a temporary platform on the adjacent
nor nor. At night tho wholo line was one
flood of light; calcium lanterns shot their
rays from the Capitol down along the
line and into the faces of at least a mile
of otosely packed people, while the illu?
mination of the buildings was fringed
with two miles of variegated Chinese
Easterns, strung along wires. Addition?
al burners on the street lamps added to
the general blaze. At the Treasury end
of the avenue there was a brilliant dis?
play of fire-works. The affair wound np
with the first of the three carnival balls,
in the new Corcoran Art Gallery build?
ing, which was the most handsomely
adorned ball room ever seep ia Washing?
ton. The floral decorations wound up
th? stairways entwinod paintings and
statuary, and added a charm to the
drapery. The President, Gen. Sherman,
two-thirds of the navy in all its glory of
glittering uniform, and the Diplomatic
Corns attended.
If tho French war has resulted in any
benefit whatever to the world, it is by
increasing the resources of alimentation.
Animals heretofore rejected for human
food have been demonstrated to bo not
only suitable, but actually choice addi?
tions to the manu. Succulent dogs, de?
licious cats, and tender rodents, aro
spoken of by oxperieucod sybarites with
a gusto, born of good appetite, in the
most enthusiastic terms. Such revolu?
tions in gastronomic practice are? of
coursa, attended with many curious cir?
cumstances, and numberless are, there?
fore, the experiences and auecdotos of
thoHo inducted into tho new and enlarged
diet. We can, thereforo, appreciate the
feelings of the kind hearted lady spoken
of ir a recent letter from Paris, who,
through stress of hunger, gave up her
precious little lap-do^ Bijou to ber cook:
Bijou was killed; Bijou was cooked;
Bijou was eaton. And Bijou's mistress
was observed at dinner to pat Bijou's
bones aside on her plato mnchanically,
and was hoard to remark, with a sigh:
"Oh, how my dear little Bijou would
have enjoyed these bones!"
Tho national debt of Great Britain,
according to the last return, comprises
83,703,947,7-10, known as tho funded
debt. This amount is composed of
$1,978,119,470 consols. Si, 103,511,895
new consols, S530.913.235 reduced con
sols, and ?91,313,110 of smaller amounts
of stock. Tho unfunded debt amounts
to ?33,807,500. and ?13,153,815 is due to
tho Bank of Ireluud, and carries three
per cent, interest. Tho above statement
of the debt also includes ?55,075,500
owing to tho Bauk of England by tho
Government. In addition, there are
stocks of the colonies guaran teed by tho
Imperial Government, as, for instance,
the Dominion of Canada loan for $7,500,
000 at fonr por cont., and a Now Zealand
loan of ?2,250,000.
They have had in Puinesville, Oiiio,
what they call a "Greeley sapper. " Ouu
ilein was a monument which stood ut tho
upper eud of tho dining-room, lt was
built of tho complete files of the Weekly
Tribune, extending from 1811 to 1871,
and consisting of 1,534 numbers, tho
Tribune Almanac from 1813 to 1871, nod
all the various works which Mr. Greeley
has written. Tho whole formed u column
twenty by twenty-four inches square and
over seven feet in height, and was taste?
fully and appropriately trimmed with
the national colors and was surmounted
by a portrait of Mr. Greeley. Except
the last three volumes, tho entire sot of
Tribunes wu? owned by L. E. Miller,
who has been a regular subscriber since
the establishment of that puper.
The Sonnte met at 12 M.
Mr. SwailB presentedayio credentials
of Mr,; J. F. BSokaianr Senator eleot
from Georgetown, and the member was
avflMP in; as was also Mr. J. Hollins
he?aT Senator elect from Abbeville, and
Mr. Samuel E. Gaillard, as momber from
Mr. R. H. Cain sont in a protest
against tho admissiou of the latter geu
I tlemau; which was referred to tho Com?
mittee on Privileges and Elections.
The onaoting clause of a bill to caucel
and retire the hypothecated Blue Ridge
Railroad bonds, was strioken out, and a
bill to repeal an Act to authorize the
grantiug of additional aid to the Blue
Ridge Road, was passed to a third read?
ing. The bill provides for an appropria?
tion of $400,000, to redeem tho bonds
now under hypothecation.
The House appropriation bill was re?
ferred to tho Committeo on Finance.
A bill to re-obarter Asbopoo Ferry was
passed to a third readiug.
The following passed: A bill to incor?
porate the Liobanon Presbyterian Church
of Fairfield; bill to regulate the manner
of drawing juries; bill to establish a
new Judicial and Election County, from
portions of Barnwell, ridgefield, Orange
burg aud Lexington, to be known as
Aiken County. Also, a bill to incorpo?
rate the Healing Spring Baptist Churob.
At 3.25 P. M., tho Senate resolved it?
self into executive session, when the fol?
lowing nominations were confirmed:
Trial Justices-Wm. Hood, Samuel
McCliuton, Robert Hemphill, James
MeOaslan, W. A. Giles, J. R. Tarrant,
D. O. Hawthorn, Abbeville; J. M.
Cantwell, F. A. Sasportas, D. H. Farmer,
S. A. Jacobs, Evans Brown, Julinu Hey?
ward, Richard De La Roach, Georgo
Warron, John C. Rayner, John Alpin,
Colinton; Henry Goethe, A. B. Myers,
R. H. Gloaves, J. P. M. Epping, R. K.
Carlton, C. W. Brown, Beaufort.
Tho Houso met at 12 M.
Mr. Jervoy introduced n resolution,
that after adjournment the Sergeant-at
Arms ahull, within twenty dyys, collect,
? tuke an inventory of, aud store in somo
room in tho State House, thc furniture
ol' tue hull of tho Houso und committee
rooms, lock up tho samo and doliver the
key to the Seorolary of State, and that
the Sorgoant-at-Arms shall receive five
dollaTs p r day while oogaged in such
A bill to incorporate tho Union Gold
Mining Company wa? reported upon and
ordered to lio over for a second read
Mr. Ramsay introdnced a resolution to
! postpone tho day of adjournment sine
die to the 15th of Maroh. Laid on thc
Mr. Jones introduced a resolution, timt
when the House adjourn, it stands ad?
journed to Tuesday, tho 28th instant, in
order to attend the ceremonies in erect?
ing a monument over the grave of B. F.
Randolph, ou Monday, the 27th instant.
On motion of Mr. Whipper, tho vote
wheroby the resolution was adopted wat
re-considered, and tho resolution wuf
amended so as to read that tho Hons*
should adjourn to 7 P. M., on Monday,
and adopted.
Tho Committee on Ways and Means
reported favorably npou a joint r?solu
tion to appropriate 847,000 to the Statt
Lunatic As\lum, which was ordered tc
lie over.
The following passed: Bills to char
ter tho Yomasso and Millen Ruilronc
Company; to declaro the right of way tc
certain purties across tho Charleston anc
Savannah Railroad; and a joint r?solu
tiou to provide for the publication of th?
decisions of the Supreme Court, do
livered during 18G8-'69-'70, under th?
supervision of J. S. G. Richardson.
A bill to re-charter Cypress Causeway
passed to a third readiug. Also, a bil
to amend an Act to incorporate thc
Homestead, Building, Planting anc
Loan Association of South Carolina.
Also, a bill to charter the North-Westert
Railroad Company. The road is pro
posed to run from Allendale, on the Pori
Royal Railroad, to Ninety-Six, in Abbe
ville County. The discussion of tue bil
consumed the time of the Houso till 3 3C
P. M., whon it adjourned to meet at '
P. M., on Monday next.
A Senate bill to incorporate the town
of Florence was passed to a third road
ing. Also, a Senate bill to alter ant
amend tho charter of tho town of Dar
lington. Also, a Senato joint resolntioi
to incorporate the Pleasant Grove Bap
tist Church.
Tho following passed: A bill relating
to the Greenville and Columbia Rail
road; bill to release the lien of the Stab
ou a lot in Charleston, owned by tin
South Carolina Institute, for the promo
tion of art, ito. ; joint resolution in
slrttcting tho Stato Treasurer to refnni
to Messrs. Risley & Creighton SG03.78
taxes over-paid by them.
Tho voto on tho passage of the Green
ville and Columbia Railroad bill was
yeas 77; nays 23.
Mr. Frost rose to a point of order
claiming that, under tho Constitution
tho clauso of which he read-no bill an
thoriziug extraordinary expenditure
could bo passed without n two-third:
voto of both branches of tho Genera
Assembly-that eighty-three was two
thirds of tho members of theHouse.au?
that accordingly tho bill had not passed
Tho Speaker ruled tiio point not wei
taken, holding that two-thirds of th
members meant two-thirds of tho mern
bets present. Tho informers, with tb
exception of Mr. Sullivan, of Green
ville, voted nay; also, tho follov/iug Re
publicans: Messrs. Moses, A udell, Bose
mun, Frost, Holmes, Small aud Tulbert
Thu bill, ns passed, gives the endorse
meut of the State to the bonds of th
Company, to tho amount of $2,000,000
with a privilege to tho Company of eon
verting their bonds into State bonde
dollar for dollar. The bill is not oom
pulsory upon tho company to bnild
foot of road, bat oimply gives thom tho
po A er to extend the rond ii they opo flt.
Mt. Kuh,' who wu absent when tba |
Tote; wis boiug taken, came in after?
wards and desired to have his name re?
corded upon tho journal as having roted
LOVB GIFTS.-Love gift* should be of
iittlo intrinsic value; they should owe
their preciousness to the hand that gives.
The token of love shouid not, by its
beauty or costliness, distract tho atten
mta for one moment from tho meaning
ol the gift-heart speaking to heart, io
language eloquent though dumb. What
aro the objects we have gazed upon, and
kissed, mid wept over as priceless trea?
sure? A "pultry ring with a po*y," a
glovr, a triiu-lovu knot in hair or ribbon,
or, as likely us uot, a few faded flowers;
but is there oue who has loved who can?
not recall to mind the throb of ecstasy,
the glow of paradisaical bliss, with
which the first love-gift was received?
the silent messenger, bringing thc full
assurance of love's return? Tho youth
who has just obtained n lock of hair, or
a simple roso-bud may-be, ftnm his mis?
tress' hand, giveu after much pleading,
would he part with it for a rose of rubies
and gold? Would yonder girl, as ?he
sits in her chamber alone, turning on
her finger the slight ring that binda her
to him who bus won her maideu troth,
change it for a circlet of tho costliest
diamonds? Not for worlds!
[Temple liar.
Within a week or two a singular
achievement of the telegraph has occur?
red. A gentleman suddenly became ill
of pneumonia in Wushington City. His
physician, a gentleman of grout attain?
ments and fame, resided in New York,
and he was anxious that this phyMciuu
should be cousulted about his ouse. A
telegraph wire was, by his direction,
taken into his room, ?iud tho New York
doctor bciug summoned to thc telegraph
office tliere. tho Washington physician
attending tho patient informed him of
tho state of thc case, nnd even enabled
bira to feel his patient's pulse by causing
tho wire to vibrate as tho pulse did. The
case thus being thoroughly diagnosed in
New York, thu necessary proscriptions
wero sent thenoc to Washington. The
attack, though violent, soon yielded toi
tho treatment, ami the patient is now a
very cheerful convalescent. This is tho
first caso of tho kiud we lmve heard of.
It itt quite an interesting feat of tele?
A NEW FASHION.-A sharp correajirrnd
ent, who watches New York "society" us
a i ('creation, tells us that another noted
innovation is tho introduction of cigar?
ettes for ladies at a few of the fashiona?
ble dinners. Coming wi,th the coffee,
sud ou silver salvers lie tho dainty little
bunches, and white, jeweled fingers hold
tho fragrant Havanas with nonchalant
ease. Twenty years ago, only a few
married woman ventured to defy con?
ventionality; but now the various "isms"
and the broad sweep allowed to "reason"
form a more lax etiquette; therefore,
wonder ceases and surprise is mute.
Neuralgia is tho f asl) io nable epidemic,
for the cure of which smoking has been
recommended; therefore, during the
rainy days just passed, graceful rings
and floating clouds made the demi jour
wax fainter in mauy luxurious boudoirs.
So lovely woman is to solace herself, if
she wishes to be thought fashionable, by
o . -
gentlemen have begun to lay down thc
"law of flirtation," and if tho opinions
of certain judges are to bo taken as con?
clusive, tho frolicsome und sentimental
young men and women of the day will
have to exercise considerable caution.
Chief Justice Parker, of Massachusetts,
announces the opinion of tho Supreme
Court of that State, that an engagement
"may be proved by those circumstances
which especially accompany such a con?
nection," and the Kentucky Court of
Appeals has declf?red that the mutuality
of an engagement may bo proved against
a young lady "by showing that she de?
meaned herself as if she concurred in or
approved tho young man's promises or
offer. It is not necessary that there
should be an express promise on either
side. "
POISONED GLOVES.-We have all heard
of food-adulteration and drink-adulte?
ration, says tho Now York Tribune, but
what does tho reader say to poisoned
gloves? The London Daily Meten calls
atti nt ion to tho fact that some gloves aro
dyed in such way us to bo poisonous to
the wearer. The case is given of a lady
who, after wearing several pairs, noticed
"a vesicular eruption*'at tho sides and
roots of tho nails. Investigation showed
that tho dye in which tho gloves hud
been dipped contained an arsenical suit.
It seems to bc perfectly true, whether wo
tread or not upon enchanted ground,
thut perils and snares beset us round.
We know there might bo poison in bread,
beer, house-paper, tea, nnd various
other things; but who ever thought,
now-a-duys at least, of poison in a pair
of gloves?
- . ?-- - ? -
Tho villages of Garches and St. Cloud,
tho latter the seat of tho former famous
palace, have boen left in nttor min by
tho fire of the French and PrtiPsiau guns.
There is not a single habitable house
standing in cither. When the villagers
returned to them, it was with difficulty
that they could discover tho spots upon
which their homes onco stood. Princu
Napoleon's chateau at Menden was de?
stroyed ns to the roof and tho interior,
but tho facade is still standing. So far
as Plon-Plon is concerned, however, it
matters little, as ho is not likely ever lo
rcquiro it again.
A man's wife in Mansfield, Ohio, sends
the tavern-keeper tho following card:
"Give my husband all he wants to drink,
as long as he can stand np and pay for
regret to state that this gentleman,
known all over the United States aa tho
patt tio Mayor of New Orleans, during
the late war, died suddenly yesterday.
He was a man of sterling integrity, de?
voted to the Sontb, and had thousands
of ?arm personal friends who will regret
to hear of his deconse. Siucc the war,
Mr. Monroe has engaged in business in
this city as stevedore. It will be remem?
bered that he was confined on Ship Is?
land for eighteen months by Beaut But?
ler, because he would not violate his ob?
ligation as Mayor of New Orleans. Uu
dor thia same order he was deprived of
his property, which ho was never after?
wards able to recover.
[Savanna7i News, 2It*A.
A WINE STOBT.-Tho Hov. Dr. Prime,
the venerable editor of the New York
Observer, who has been a famous traveler,
and has seen some things which fow
mortals have beheld, tolls the following
strange story, wbioh would seem almost
incredible if told by a less reliable man:
"I was in a region in Spain where wino
is more nbnndiint tim ri water. Wine,
good wine, better than is in common nee
in America, is sometimes used in great
quantities., instead of water, to mix mor?
tar with for building. A church was
pointed out to me that was built with
wine-made mortar, because they hud
great quantities on bund for which they
bad no sale, und it was cheaper to uso it
than to haul water a long WAy to the
building site. But there was little in?
temperance in that region."
Monday evening a couple were married
nour Monroe, Wisconsin. After they
had retired, n party, mostly relatives of
the bride, lu-SMublcd for a charivari,
or tin-pan serenade. Mr. Kelly hearing
tho confusion, took nu old unused gun
and Riiappod it nt tho crowd. The
charge exploded, instantly killing u
I young man named Sutten, a brother of
the bride, and seriously wounding two
others. Kelly gave himself up, claim?
ing that he did not know the gun was
A BURGLAR HBp*"x- -A box marked
F. C. Cross, Newton Corners, Mass., was
kfr/ft ut Wells & Co.'.s express ?nice, Dcu
rver, on the 21st, to go East by the Kan?
san Pacific train. Suspicions were in
some way aroused, mid on examination
F. C. Cross himself, a young man who
hui resided hero for some time, was
found inside. He hud a pistol and tools
with him, and the box had a trap door,
j A heavy shipment of gold was to go East
j by thc same train. Cross was arrested
i and placed in jail.
Au old farmer named Jenuison, living
iu Wapello County, Iowa, recently came
into possession of a legacy of 810,000,
000, left him by a relativo in England,
which it was uecossnry for him to go
after. When he received the news he
was hammering on a burn which he was
building. Ho paused, scratched his
bead, and finally said: "I don't seo how
I eau go now; I've got this barn to
finish!" . *
rious mode of trying the title to land is
practiced in Hindost?n. Two holes are
dug in tho disputed spot, in each of
which tho plaintiff's and defendant's law?
yer put ono of their legs, and remain
there until one of them is tired, in which
ca60 his client is defoated. In this coun?
try it is the client and not the lawyer
who puts his foot in it.
Phoenix Axe, Hook and Ladder Co.
AREGULAR MEETING ?ir this Conipanv
will be held TO-MORROW EVENING, at
their Hull, at 7 o'clock. Rv order.
Fob 20 1 W. W. DEANE. Soo'v.
Oats! Oats!!
t\f OATS, for aale low by
Feb 2G 2 T. J. .t H._M. GIBSON.
Prime White Corn,
NORTHERN HAY, Fodder in Balea, Bacon
Sidos, Bellica and Shoulders, to be bad
cheap at private Bale, at mv Auction Room.
Auctioneer and Commission Merchant,
Feb 20 3 Corner Plain and Assembly st?.
Just Received.
O.KJ\J\J 6,000 1ha. Wheat Bran.
10 bhla. Pearl Griat.
10 bbla. Big Hominy.
10 bbla. Corn Flour.
50 bushels Peanuts.
Crackers of all kinds.
For salo low, bv
Pure Monntain Corn Whiskey.
WE have reoeived direct from tho moun?
tains flvo barrels of pure mountain
CORN WHISKEY, recommended as puro
juico of tho grain, softened by ago, which wo
will sell cheap.
Boer! Beer!
SEEGERS' unadulterated double strong
DRER is tho only reliable puro Beor in
tina city. JOHN C. SEEGISRS.
P. S. Drink Secgcrs' Boor aud you will havo
no headache. Feb 25
To Bird Fanciers.
ANOTHER lot of choice long-breed
j&rSfb?AN ARIES, male and female, just re
^?jwcoived, together with a lot of fancy
T^StcJagCH. Thia ia the season for mating.
Apple early, aa they aro going off rapidly.
Fob 22 T. M. POLLOCK.
NO BEER will ho sold at my Rrowory,
neither at wholesaler retail.
Feb 21 JOHN" O. SEEOER8.
Malt Corn Whiskey,
WARRANTED two years old, at
Wanted Immediately,
iy(\f\ HANDS to work on tho Wilmington,
4\J\J Columbia and Augusta Railroad,
sixteen milea from Columbia, and two miles
from Adams' Cut, S. C. R. R. The highest
wages will be paid. Apply to
J. S. RATES, Agent,
Keb 22 6 At Wella A <Caldwell's.
Improved Seed Planter.
PARTIES wanting tither tho Ham or
Denian PLANTER will send their orders
at once. We sro now well supplied, but later
in the season do not think wo will bo ablo to
moot the demand.
?n impudent fellow who insulted three
young girls in Philadelphia, a few even
lugs ago, was attacked by thom, thrown
into a snow-bank,- poundod, scratched,
bitten, mauled and kicked, and finally
rolled over and over in a pool of plush.
Meanwhile ho cried lustily for assistance,
and a passing physicien came to his re?
lief, thinking sotno ono was being mur?
dered, but one of the girls explniucd
matters, while tho other two continued
tho righteous buttle, and he refused to
interfere. '
Mrs. Clarissa C. Moody celebrated ber
eightieth birth-day at the homflBf her
son, in Plainvillo, Indiana, on rue 9th
instant, by inviting some of the octoge?
narians of the town to take toa with her.
It is worthy of note that ono of the"
"young men," ?god eighty-four years,
was found in a woll deaning it when an
invitation was extended to him to bo pre?
A shoemaker was fitting a customor
with u pair vf boots, when the buyer ob?
served that ho ?md 'but one objection to
them, which was that the soles were a
little too thick- "If that is nil," re?
plied the shoermrKer, "put on the boots,
and the objections will gradually wear
Ono of thc stories told of the Paris
siege is, that Baron Rothschild, tiring of
rat, vainly ottered $100 for a pheasant.
He was forced to take fifty sparrows in?
stead, (fora pot-pie,) at $2 each.
Au enraged fathoY in Michigan caught
his little boy by tho eur, and whirled him
around with such force us to wrench that
u seful organ from his head.
Paris once moro has theatrical amuse?
ments, and strangely enough the most
popular play just now is called the "Siege
of Puris."
A Pittsburg man hus sued his brother
to obtain possession of thc umbrotype.
picture of their dead sister.
Mr^Oswell Richardson, au.old citizen
of Laurene, died on the 19th.
* To Rent.
ADESIRABLE STORE, on Main street,
near tho corner of Blandina. Fur terms,
applv to Dr. John Ly nell, or
Pt b 22 H KN D RI X * RHO.
Fresh Crackers, &c.
Lemon CreanrWiacuit.
Cream Crackers.
Lemon and Ginger Snaps, ?Ve.
Qninnis' Dublin Porter.
M.?Ewan's Scotch Ale.
Extra No. 1 Mackerel, in kits and bbls.
Codthih, Ac.
:100 dozen Fresh Eggs.
Choice Goshen Butter.
For sale by E. STENHOUSE.
Feb 21 C
Wnita's Gardening for the South,
BY the late Wm. A. White, of Athons, Ga
Tho Phosphate Rocks of South Carolina,
their History and Developments-Colored
Plates. $125.
Six Sermona on Temperance, by Lyman
Sacred Rhetoric; or & Course ol' Lectures or
Preaching, R. L. Dabncy, D. D. $1.50.
Any above sent by mail.
Feb 10 Oopoaite Columbia Hotel.
Early Garden Corn and Beans.
MOHAWK BEANS, Valentino Beana, Chim
Red Eye Beans, Early yix Weeka Beans
Large Lima Butter Beana.
Sugar Corn, Largo White Flint Corn, Ever
creen Corn, Early Dutton Corn,Smiths Whit?
Flint Corn, Early Burlington, Extra Earp
Dwarf Corn. For salo bv
Feb 21 i_E^ H. HRINITSH. Druircisb
. Lawn and Grass b'eeds.
Red Clover, Timothy. Herd Grass, Or
chard Grass. For salo br
Feb 2t t E. H. HEINITSH. Drngeist.
Special Notice.
ON all Taxos not paid on or before the 1511
day of Mardi. 1871, a penalty of 20 pei
cent, will be added; and if tho said Taxes am
penalty shall not be paid on or boforo the 5tl
day of Juno noxt thereafter, or collected b;
distress or otherwise, the penalty and sait
Taxes shall bo treated as delinquent Taxe,
on such real property, to bo collected in tin
manner that is, or may bo prescribed by law
with an additional penalty of 5 per cent, fo
collection thereof. C. H. BALDWIN,
Feb 10 County Treasurer.
Cotton Seed.
rr-, Tv 100 TONS WANTED for cash, at 2'
tf?Siltfri?UENTS per bushel.
Ft: h 10 tUlG
Professional Card.
DR. J. J. GOODWYN will resume tho prac
tico of medicine in Columbia from thi
dato. Call at tho office of A. Y. Leo, Archi
toct, night or dav. Slate at Dr. Mint's Drat
Store. Feb ll 15*
Seed Potatoes.
L\J\J BLOWS, in fino order, fur salo lov
for cash onlv. EDWARD HOPE.
Grocers and Commission Merchants
SOLICIT orders for COTTON. Corn. Flour
Bacon, Lard, ?fcc, and Family Orocorio
generally. Orders lilledcarefully and prompt
ly. Feb 7lyr
rilllE undersigned bavo thia day ontcrei
JL into partnership, in tho practice of Jaw
under tho name of TALLEY ?V BAUNWELL.
Life and Fire Insurance Agent
OFFERS for salo an elegant FAMILY RE
SIDENCE on Arsenal Hill, with ever
necessary out-building, ornamental ground?
vegctablo garden, choice fruit treed, Ac.
A COTTAGE on Upper street, and JIGO acre
ot WOOD LAND, niue miles East of Columbia
sar Gili co at Dr. Miot'a Drug Store.
Feb 10 17
Dried Beef Hams.
OUU Baited for hotels and boardin?
bouses, for aaTo low by EDWARD HOPE.
Sngar-Cored Hams.
?\f\i\ CHOICE Now York Sugar-Cure
Jt\J\) HAMS.
100 choice Now York Sugar-Cured 8HOUI
DEUS. Just received and tor aalo, at reduce
prices, by J. Sc, T. R. AGNEW.
Xjioo?fcjL Xtvm?.
? ??
mail opens at 3.30 P. M.; <OBOS 12.15
P. M. Charleston day mail o<ens 4.30
P. M.; closes 11.30 A. M. Carleston
night mail opens 8.30 A. M. j cines 6.00 *
P. M. Greenville mail opens 430 P.
M.; closes 8.30 P. M. Western mail
opens 1 30 P. M. ; closes 1.30 P. M.* On
Sunday office open from 3 to 4 P. Ii
PUO?NTXIANA.-The price of Binjie
copies of the PHOENIX is Qve cents.
Country publishers in want of second?
hand .type-bourgeois nnd minion-bo
sides rules, leads,,"cbuses, etc., can be
supplied, nt aboutjArfounders' prices,
by applying at the flfSNix office,
w Book and job printing of every kind
attended to promptly ut PHOENIX office.
The fancy jksting match to come off
to-morrow nigut, at Irwin's Hall, is some?
thing entirely new to Columbia. The
skaters who frequent the rink have
arranged to have a grnnd carnival to?
morrow evening, in which no skater will
be allowed to participate who is not
"PH costume." Some very handsome
and other very grotesque costumes aro
expected; and a very jolly time generally
is anticipated. A band of mnsio will be
in attendance and add to the enjoyment
of the occasion.
Ever fresh, ever vigorous, we greet
the Rural Carolinian each month, as one
of the pleasantest and most profitable of
our agricultural exchanges. The articles
this month (March) ure of especial in?
terest. Col. D. H. Jacques, tho manag?
ing editor, bj' his excellent judgment in
selecting from his immense correspond?
ence, us well ns by his own valuable con?
tributions, continues lo make the Rural
Carolinian the best magazine of its class
in this country.
Edwin Forrest is sixty-five next month.
Few persons acquainted with his style
of acting during the past thirty years,
would imagino he began his dramatic
career at tho tender ago of twelve, in
feminine parts at tho old South st?et
Theatre, in Philadelphia.
T^v have temperance insurance socie?
ties in Georgia which are somewhat ori?
ginal. Each member pays live dollars as
an initiation fee ffrtd five dollars dues
oach month. At the end of the year the
money is divided among those who have
remained faithful to the pledge.
TION.-Owing to bad weather, and other
causes, tho receipts for this quarter have
boen very small. Abbeville, 812; Bich?
land, $11; Barnwell, $7; Pendleton, 62;
Beaufort, $9; Kershaw, $1.50; Chester,
$2; Chesterfield, $7.25; Greenville, $4;
Lexington, $12; total, $68.25.
Thc Chinese have some notions that
might be advantageously adopted by
Christians. The way they celebrate their
holidays is one of them. Tho first thing
they do is io pay off old debts and
i square accounts toa fraction. Money
matters having been thus adjusted, thay
next make up old quarrels, and shake
hands all round. Having thus got
square pecuniarily and socially, they eat,
drink and aro merry, finally winding up
with a sparkling discharge of Chinese
fire-crackers. This paying of debts and
tho making up of quarrels is certainly
a good way to begiu a celebration of
nity Church-Bev. P. J. Shnnd, Bector,
10}4 A. M. and 4 P. M.
St. Peter's Church-Bev. Franois Ja
quemet, 1st Mass 7 A. M.; 2d Mass,
IOU'; Afternoon Service 4 P. M.
Lutheran Church-Bev. A. B. Bnde,
10,4 A. M.
Presbyterian Church-Bev. Jos. B.
Wilson, 10h> A. M. and 7}t P. M.
Washiogton Street Church-Bev. M.
Brown, 10},, A. M. and 3,?? P. M. ; Bev.
W. W. Mood, 1% P. M.
Marion Street Church-Bev. W W.
Mood, lOj.J A. M.
Baptist Church-Bev. J. L. Beynolds,
10.4 A. M. Subject, nt 7,'? P. M.,
"David's Charge to Solomon-an Appeal
to tho Young."
HOTEL ARRIVALS, February 25.-Co?
lumbia Hotel-F. S. Wiggin, Beaufort;
J. B. Pickens, O. A. Seymour, W. Dud?
ley, J. S. Constable, ?. S. Browning,
Charleston; D. J. Bice, Arkansas; C. G.
Jaeger, Laurens; W. Harrison, W. H.
'Prescott, S. C.; J. S. Hompton, Bich?
Meeting Pheonix Axe and Ladder Co.
Jacob Levin-Primo White Corn.
Wttuted-Position as Book-Keeper.
T. J. & H. M. Gibson-Oats.
.1.0C0 reward is offered hy thc proprietor o
Dr. Pierce's Alt. Ext. or Ooldon Medical Dis
covory for a medicino that will equal it in thc
cure of all thoso diseases for wtiich it is ra
! commended, among which are severe, aoute
or lingering Coughs, Consumption in its earl}
stages, Bronchitis, "Liver Complaint," oi
"Biliousnesa." Constipation of the Dowels
Scrofulous Diseases and Skin Dieeisea, ai
Eruptions, Pimplos, Blotchoa and Boils, lt if
sold hy druggists. Feb 20 UlfS
|..? Not a croaturo is stirling, not even amouse
as thu happy housokoeper said aa ho laj
quietly in hi* bod after cleaning tho preminei
o? rata, mico, bed-buga and roaches, witt
Isaacsen'a "Sums POP." Bold by all druggists
F10 m
Lippman'a Bitters aro for salo by all drng
gist* and dealers. Depot in Columbia, H. C.
at QEIOKB A MoQnEUou's, Druggists. 8 18

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