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-*^3-!-i 'I -;-?---1-7-..
Wednesday atorning:, A*UgUBt 9.1871.
FRK?OH WAB HISTORY.-Au important
statement bas jost been mnde in the
- French, papers,' relative to an alleged
offer-" made by "Russia to the Empresa
Eugenie, just after Sedan, to intervene
in the contest and protect the territorial
integrity bf france: The>. story goos en
to say that tho moment the Republic
waa dqclared that the offer was peremp?
torily., withdrawn, Alexander - thinking
thatif Frtonee has to be a republic, the
more limited her area tho better. It is
further said that JulesEavr? and oil the
members of the revolutionary govern?
ment knew of this offer, which waa found
in th? Empress.' papers'after her flight.
Hbn authority for thia extraordinary
story is tb;? floged'etateriebt Of ope of
tho'Emperor's late ministers to an inter?
viewer .and reported loiter of 'the Em?
press: Tho object of the .publicationof
tho '?tory, ut 'this time ia, doabtl?as, to; io*
jure tho Republie by making it appear
that franco is indebted. tb, her form df
govern merit for the spoliation of "her ter?
Tho cotton- orop of 1870-'71, aoaordj
ing to tho New ?rl?'ana Picayune, wi)i
ah?ount Io;:"4i430,0q0 ' bales. 4,000,000
balea are reported) to have been received
at'tho sea-ports, and 330.000 balea, it is
. believed, bav? boen .sent direct by railr
ro(?d to tho fao tori ea. In, addition, 100,
0w bales have been used in tl? o S out her a
manufactories, and' ,10,000 'balda 'haye
been burned. The?^fflgurea give a total
.ojr^p of. 4,430,000 $y&?;naar equaling
tho crop of 185O-'G0; -whioh omouuted to
4,675,770 bales, weighing on ah average
457 poonda caoh. and giving a orop of
2,130,820,890. Tho average weight of
balee this-; season has boen; considerably
in excess ?X, 457 poundsLand ?t is be?
lieved will roach 470 poot?ds. On this
basin the cotton orop of 1870-'71 is esti?
mated'at 2;082,100,000 pounds'; that ie,
54,826*890/.pounds, orpor cont., bo?
lo w the crop of 4869^'TQ.'
DI?AD Biurons B?xrhB.- The Spring?
field Republican, the leading Radical
organ in Nov/ Ko gland, cohoes the words
of Wendell Philips, that "tho Radical
party is dead/.VListen to it: *'
"The Republican party lo marching to
a Big Bethel defeat. Too many Buders,
too many Simon. Camerons, too - many
Mortons and Chandlers, too mach steal?
ing and land grabbling' have killed it; it
is idead before it go'es ,ijito battle/'
Gratz Brown,' of. Missouri, has boen in?
terviewed. - H?r?ds hts"opinion of Mr.
. Grant and his pat np Kp, Klax bill: . '
*1 think the maui point at iaauo viii
4 bo tho ousting of Mr, Grant; f?a .for us
platforms are concerned, I tbinkthat the
platform of ' tho Democracy embodies
. everything necessary for -the proper ad?
ministration bf affairs. The Ku Kim
bill passed at tho last seani?-u, I think,
?will prove a 'gTejat bpBbeW'Ipr tho Ad
miniutra'tiori, apd will,, in a" great moa
. sure,-causa 'the overthrow of tho Grunt
paTty. * * ? *, -I be?
lieve that- tho- Rad i C4il emissaries in the
Sou thorn y tates are, jin a great measure,
responsible for the Kn Kim outrages
whenever they-have been committed. I
. furthermore believe that the Governors
of the diff?rent States are, and have al
- .ways been since the war, fully capable of
putting down any insurrectionary bands
of - lawless ' men "that may have existed.
' The Ku Klux have Been magnified a
' hundred fold in order io furnish capital
for the hungry carpet-baggers that infest
tho Sonth. That, sir, is my firm belief,
and I have na 'good an Opportunity of
knowing as any man in the country."
,-rr---" ? *? '-?-TT
awful warning to scolding wives oomes
to ns. from Milwaakie. A woman in
* that city was "jawing" her children, tho
neighbors, a hired girl, ?nd. everybody
. in , general, when ber husband on. te red
and Vinterposed a mild word. . She
open&d her mouth for an angry reply,
-but a spanui contracted dior cheek, her
l?.WCr jaw' foll, and'sha .could'neither
speak nov shut her mon tb j but remained
in that condition, her tongue hong out,
and her eyes nearly started out of their
sockets, She bad dislocated her'jaw?
bone in ber violent effort to make a
stinging reply to her husband. A sar
geon'was called, who reduced the dislo?
cation, bound ?Up her bead, and pro?
scribed a grunt '.'dint. Tho old man IE
how enjoying the quietest time he has
-. had fon forty y oars, i:
Prom all parts of. Mississippi, which
.hay been under tho Heel of carpet-bag?
gers, scalawags and ?negroes for the lust
two years, wo are pleased to see signs ol
' the aronaemont of the Democracy foi
the- coming contest; Tho legislature
apd many, 4f not all, the County ofiloen
are to be elected this fall. Public meet?
ings are being held id the different Conn
tiea by ' the' Dem?crata, and their. beiai
and : truest men- are being put ia the
field. It is hoped that law and ordei
will triumph in tho ensuing election ovei
the pr es ont" Ra di cal misrule.
glin, of this State, now a resident ol
Baltimore, has been recently made an
LL; D. by Oglethorpe University, At?
lanta,- Ga. Judge Inglis was offerod thc
Presidency of that innutrition not c
great while ago. J nd go Inglis non
holds a professorship in tho law depart?
ment of tho University of Maryland.
Corraapondenc?; of tue Plieenlx.
ATLANTA, Aug UH t 7, 1871.
MB, EDITOR: jPleaacd to bi? relieved for;
a few days of tue monotonous r^uti^p of;:
plantation work, I left home last; FrlaayJ".
A. M.ifen route'ifor thia point. trM Oolumf
bia "and Augusta. The gloom necessarily
produced by tho existing drought has
not been dissipated by the crop pros?
pects along my Hue of travel. Except j
near Ohappell's Depot, nod .a few miles
above. Alston, I dui not soo a corn field
that will pay oxpepses, and I fear as
muon, may be said of every cotton crop
I saw. JNoar Ridgo Spring, on tho Char?
lotte, Columbia and Augusta Railroad,
the prospects are woful; from tho Pino
House to Granituville they aro muah
moro promising. The railroad from Au?
gusta to Atlanta runs through, u notori?
ously poor country. Tho p renou t oropa
give ample credit to this poverty. Many
of tho fluida of both oom aud cottou, if
set fire to on a windy day, I am Burn
wpuld burn. Though tho lauds off this I
lino of travel are much butter, still they
have been subjected to tho same damag?
ing drought, and, I imagine, it cannot |
be amieB to caution our planters to hus?
band oarerfully all kinds o? products, and
at oqco prepare .to KOW largely of tur?
nips and small .grain', this month-'aud
next, to prevent,the necessity of buying
both coca and. meat the coming year.
Though every traveler' must'bo impress?
ed with the cour losy aud 'ki nd penn of tho
railroad offloials oh'this route, still there
uro two or three lacks which,.io un ob?
servant passenger.- are? equally impres?
sive; and theso are the want bf a com?
fortable passenger shed or depot at any
of the termini'in Columbia, and the nb
isence of eating saloons nt any - of the
railway fita tiona, it appears- to me: the
erection of tho first would boa profitable
investment for the railroad,, and- the
opening'of the. second a source of in?
come 'to. some energetic caterer.
Through passengers from Citoxiotto by.
the night train7 arrive nt Augusta after 7
A. M., and leave before 8, and have no
means of breakfasting except in a little,
alose, uninviting pen of a ' place, where ?
fifty couts is paid .fdr a lunch, whether
one drinks a single cup of common Bio
or gulps a dozen, add eats as many slices
of barn and buttered bread.
After' leaving Atlanta these facilities
become moro numerous, bot at every
station, and in full viow-of the train, is
the inevitable little .shed room, vith the
two little words in big letters-bar room
-printed over th? door. Ono of our
i party, who thinks these words standing
I invitations . to destruction, was wicked
tenough to lay a wager with the others
that at any, one of these places would he
I seen a "representative man," and
though the odds might have, boon against
? him, he won with ease. Near every bar
room sat or walked some lank, lean, pre
; maturely old soaker, with red nose, grey
beard and head, ponder?os walking
cane'and thread-bare suit, who knew
more of other rauu'a hiwiueaa than they
'knew themselves, and who could tell
nearer when' the .uoxt rain would.fall
than any mun. Perhaps /such n charac?
ter can bp ecca?? pertly seen "round the
corner" ittyouiwg^V ,
; Georglp ha? 'oiway? been, considered a
^go-aho?d^Qfato,, vAtlahta is her most
9vor-grown downier'. Her proportions,
"too, aro Bt?l -^nl?tgiuB; magie seems to
build her h o nee a, aud .all other sources
j of her opmhiercial importance are equal?
ly anomalous. '
Atlanta may be the placo for the rich,
but it ia.certainly no place for tba poor.
Streams of idle negroes pour through
her streets, and ber almost pauper whites
can be counted by the seores. 'Tia said
the "Song of the Shirt" is sung by hun
j dreds of poor white women here, while
husbands and brothers can't get the bread
of idleness to eat. The street? of At?
lanta are never swept, and well they are
not, for to-day they lie covered with
j about four inches of an impalpable pow?
der, which every pout of wind sends
Whirling down one's throat, into his
I eyes, or through the doors aud windows
of adjacent houses. Baiu, which fell
, yesterday P. M. to a limited extent, is
much needed. Yours,'&o., ' &.
I rn.aoy friends of this old resident of
Beaufort County, a gentleman well
known ia this and tho adjoining States
as a planter, will learn with regret of his
death, which, occurred Sunday, at his
plantation on the Savannah Uiver, from
a cancer in the fucu. He was sixty
eight yedra of age, and a native of Eng?
land. * ". ...
Troy has received an order for sixteen
I slabs of boll metal, to weigh 100 pounds
each, from some monks who have built a
church ou one of tho peaks of the Andes.
They have constructed n furnace, and in?
tend to oast a bull from tho metal after
the slabs have been taken up the moun?
tain on tho backs of mules.
A fashionable mamma's advice to her
married daughtjf?' "Never; take,your
husband to. an^ovening'porty'; there is
nothing that is always so much in tho
way." '
Mrs. Bio om or, whoso hame describes
tho short-dress coutume'"bf women, is
reported to bo living quietly in Kausns,
I surrounded by a large family, and taking
I no part in public affairs.
A lady remarked, of-a very ignorant
man, who was complimented for his
good sense: "Ho ought to have a great
stock of good sense, for he never spends
GOING DOWN Hudv-Mr. Oliver Hill,
of Leominster, Mass., who recently com?
mitted-suicide, was the fifth member of
bis family who died by bin own hands.
A Massachusetts Boy cut off his young
sister's golden - oorls while she slept, to
get monoy with which to go to the
From January to July permits for the
bnilding of 1,955 buildings were issued
in Baltimore.
% Thc Cotiqucl. of 4meilpn> ? '' '
The following ia supposed to have
betti: wiilWra ia 1892..by Max Adelor,
wi0 was a witness of the terrible scenes
which occurred at the time of vf blob tbo
story tolla; Tba English s?tiro, . 'Tho
Battlo of Dorking," supplied the. sag*,
-gestion for this prophetio .tale. Wo cfo
not thiuk any one will enjoy tho rldlou.
lous bu ni buggery of tho nctlolo moro
than Mr. Greeley:
You ask mo to toll you, my ohildron,
of tba events which imimuliittoly pro?
ceded the destruction of Ibo mian groat
I American Union, unit of thu Capture of
.the oountry by itt? (inmniil European
rulers, and to say timon th lng, ulm?, of
tho cansos which Ind to i hom tloplOrublu
results. I li ti dur tull n tho lanie with a
hoavy heart, for whenever 1 revert to
that terrible time, 1 cannot help con
trusting our proud condition up to thut
I fulul your willi the humiliating position
I occupied now by tho American people.
Th? story is u Bhort ono. In tho full of
1872, iloruco Greeley, tho editor of a
newspaper in New York, was elected
President of tho United States. The
people voted for him 'because they be
lloved him to bo an honest men. And
so ho was. But ho was aliso vain aud
we.uk, aud bo entertained certain fanati?
cal and preposterous notions-about
agricultural mutters, foriustuucu-which
be was determined to force upon the
people nt all hazards, and despite all op?
position. II o believed, among other
things, that overy man ought to go to
the West to euru his bread, and, long
before ho was chosen President, he used
to advise'everybody tu move to I bat re?
gion as a eure for all the disasters which
could befall tho human family.
As so?ti ns he readied the Executive
mansion, which we used to cull the
White House, President Greeley organ?
ized an army of 200,000 men, and pro?
ceeded to force tho entire population of
the seaboard States Westward nt thc
point of the bayonet. The ntmost vio?
lence was used. Those who resisted
were shot down, and their bodies were
carted o IT .to a national factory, which
the President had established for making
some kind of a fantastical fertilizer. Al
t)io' large cities of the East were depopu
luted, and the towns were entirely empty
The army swept before it millions o
mon, women and children, until the vas
plains West of Kanpa? ?were reached
when the pursuit ceased, and the arm;
was drawn np in a continuous liue, witl
orders to shoot any person who attempt
ed to visit tho East. Of course hundred
of thousands of these poor creature
perished from-starvation. This 'seeonee
to frighten President Greeley, and hi
sent a message to Congress recommend
ing that 700,000* volumes of a book ?
his, entitled "What I Know about Farm
ing," should be voted for tho relief o
the starving sufferers. This was done
und farming implements aud seeds wer
supplied; and then the millions' o
wretched outcasts mado an effort tq ti!
the ground. Of the. result of this,
will speak further on.
lu the meantime, the President wo
doing infinite harm to the country in ar.
othor wuy. His hand-writing" was s
fearfully aud wonderfully bad that u
living man could read it. And so, who
be sent his first annual message to Cor
gross-the document was devoted wholl
to the tariff and to agriculture-a set
tc nco appeared which subsequently Wi
asaertuined to be "Large cultivation c
rutabagas and heans is the only hope c
tho American nation, I um sure." TL
printers not being able to interpret thii
put it in the folio wing form, in whioh
went forth to the world: "Tho Czar <
Russia couldn't keep clean if he wushe
himself with the whole Atlantic Oceu
once a dayl" This perversion of tl:
message was immediately telegraphed I
Russia by the Russian Minister, and tl
Czar was so indignant that he instant!
declared war. Just at this time Pres
dent Greeley audertook to write son
letters to Prince Bismarck on the sui
joot of potato rot, and after giving h
singular views at great length, he coi
eluded with the statement, thut if U
Emperor William said that sUb-sc
ploughing was not good in light soils, <
that guano was better than bone-dust, 1
was "a liar, a villain and aslavel" (
course, the Emperor also immediatel
declared war, and* became an ally <
Russia und of England, aguiuut whit
latter country Mr. Greeley had actual
begun hostilities already, because tl
Queen in her speech from the thron
hud declared the QYibuna's udvoo.ioy of
tariff on pig iron inoondiary, and cale
luted to disturb the peace of natiou
Unhappily, this was not tho full measu
of oar disaster*. The President he
sent to the Emperor of Austria n co]
Of his book "What I Know," etc., wi
his autograph upon a fly-leaf. The El
peror mistook the signature for a curie
turo of the Austrian eagle, and be re
dily joined in the war against the Unit.
Staten; while Frauen was provoked
tito same act by the fa it thut, when tl
French Minister caine to call upon M
Greeley to present his credentialed ti
President, who was writiug uu editor"!
at tho tinie, nob comprehending t!
1 Freush laugnage, mistook tho A m bast
dor for a beggar, and, without looki
up, handed hun a quarter and an ord
for a clean shirt, uud sh id to him: ..(
West, young man-go West!" So
these nations joined in making \\
upon the Uuite.d States. They swoop
down upon the coasts and lauded wit
out opposition, for those portions of o
unhappy country were, absolutely deso
ed. The President was afraid to c
away tho army from Kansas, ut first, f
fear the outraged people upon tho plui
would como Eust in spite of him. 13
ut last, he did summou tho army to 1
aid, and it moved tu meet the enemy,
was too Intel Before the troops reach
Cincinnati the foreigners bsd sciz
Washington, aud all the country East
the Ohio, and hud hung the Preside
the Cabinet, and every member of C<
gross. Tho army disbanded iii alar
und the invaders moved to the far Wc
where they found tho population dy i
of starvation beoauso they bad followed
ibo advice of Greeley's book to "Try for j
your first crop,- ti^rainei^^eay?15? don't j
filant moro tuan rf bushel ot. quicklime
tt a hill!" Of.^?oursjentbes?: wreijjfted ?
peoplo wore at the mercy of ibo enohiy, '
who-to bin credit, be lt said-treated ;
themTkiudly, fed them, and brought them
back to their old homes. You know
what followed-how Princo Frederick
William of Prussia ascended the Ameri ?
can throrjo, and' the other humiliations
that ensued, jt was a fearful blow to
Republicanism-a blow from which it
will never recover. It mada us,, who
wero freemen, n nation of slaves. It
wuH all tho result of our blind confidence
in a misguided old man, who thought
himself a philosopher, but who wns
actually a fool! May Heaven preserve
yon, my children, from tho remorse I
feo! when I remember that I voted for
tiiat bucolic old editor!
TUB ELECTION. - Tho proclamation
which in to aunouueo tho election ia in
course of preparation by the City Attor?
ney, und will bo mado public to-morrow
morning. Tho Muy or elect will not take
bin seat until the term of the press?t in?
cumbent shall have legally expired,
which will bo in November next. Tho .
present regime will retire gracefully and
will not lodge a protest. There was u
rumor afloat yesterday that a discovery
hud been made iii tho law whereby tho
Mayor elect could take his seut ten days
after installation, but it amounts to no?
thing. Things will take their regular
course, and the new officials will assume
tho reins of local government as stated.
Wo can well afford, in view of the glori?
ous triumph wo havo accomplished, to
bide our time;
nifest that the election hus had its ef
feots on the fiuances of the people ns
well as their hearts'and affections. City
stocks were dull and depressed aud have
improved considerably, and fairly
touched 57 yesterday. Real estate -is
looking np, and is in better demand,
while holders are stiff. For instance, a
piece ot property which a broker had
offered a few days before the result of
the election was known at $5,000, could
not be purchased yesterday at a' thou?
sand advance by the very party who
would not take it at tho first named
price. The change which has come over
tho people is certainly very encouraging
and inspiriting. If we will only look
I carefully to the futuro, it will ba crowned
with abundant success for us all.
NEGRO ROWDIES.-Tho colored Repub?
licans seem determined to avenge the
defeat their party have suffered by as?
saulting the Germans. Tho deeds -of
rowdyism, thieviugand persecution they
carried on Saturday night last were ter?
rible. They formed in squads of fifty
to"seventy-five, paraded the streets, in?
flicting ns much injury on the German
store-keepers, ns they esme across in
their line of march, as they could.
They walked into the different stores
they met with, drink what they wanted,
and purchased goods, and, as soon ns
they got them iu their possession, ran
off with them. Tho wivos of tho Ger?
mans HO persecuted Were terribly alarmed,
some of whom were at homo alone.
They indulged in insulting language,
brandished sticks, fired pistols, and de?
clared warogaiost the Germans generally.
At the oorcer of King aud Tradd streets,
they appeared fifty in numhor, made a
rush for Logger mann's grocery to get
hold of two colored meu thereinTwbora
they intended to kill for voting tue Con?
servative ticket. They were sb violent
that a message had to be despatched to
the Guard House for a force of police?
men to disperse them. The colored men
inside of the store, whom they were
waiting to kill, had to be relieved of
their perilous situation by the police?
men, who escorted them to a placo of
We simply wish to ask our citizens
how long they intend to stand sooh con?
duct on tho part of tho negroes? It
seems that tho authorities do nothing to
stop these outrages committed against n
class in the co rom on tty proverbial for
their peaceful and thrifty habits. Far
be it from us to give wrong couusel, but
we do say such nota of atrocity should
not be tolerated. They aro a disgruce
not only to us as a peoplo, but to civil?
Yesterday morning, Wm. M. Mitchell, a
white boy, thirteen years of age, whose
parents live at the corner of Market sud
Meeting streets, was sitting on Market
wharf, when three colored boys came
along. Ono of the three, -Ashley,
said to him, ns ho took hold of his foot,
?Tve a good mind to cut it off." William
Grant, another of tho number, stepped
up and said, "I will cut it," nt the same
moment taking a knife which was hand?
ed to him by tho third boy, and with it
giving the white boy a slush on the
uncle, just above . tho instep, which
severed the sinews and fl'ish to tho bono,
making a out several inches long.
Tho black fiends then ran away laugh?
ing. The little white fellow cried- for
help, as his foot dripped blood, aud was
assisted to Dr. Yutes' office, where tho
wound-n Bevero one, which may caus?
permanent lameness-was newed up and
A warrant was taken out in Trial Jus?
tice Schroder's office, aud two of the
villains, Ashley aud Grant, arrested and
committed for trial. Tho other scoun?
drel is still at large; and it is hoped that
ho will be overtaken and be mad,o to
suffer for the part ho bore in the cruel
some timo past, efforts have been made
to induco the department to establish a
post office ut Lnugley, which, we are
glad to say, has finally succeeded, and
Mr. M. F. Foster appointed postmaster.
As soon as tho ueoossary arrangements
cnn bo effected tho ofllco will bo opened.
ing letter from Governor Scott ia pub?
lish ?? In IhoiZTh^'THfesTg. 3Tk'K
\{ g STATE bi* touTit^AjtoiiNig j<
s M .CprJ?iiBig Jujly 19;s?87l.
Qolonel Thompson, Commanding?5 United
? Sfc?r?8 /W 5/ f/rWon,''? /?.
Sin: The onolosed will'be handed to
you by Simpson Giles, one of the Com
missioners of Union County, whom the
Governor desires to be protected io hiB
legal and official rights. He wishes it to
be intimated to thueo who would violate
either of these, thal the first reliable no?
tice of thoir. success in -doing . so. may
lead to the establishment of martial law
in Union County. . ?Very respectfully,
(Signed) JOHN HEART, .
Private Secretary.
Commenting upon this, tho Timas
Bays :
There was no necessity for Governor
Scott's sending suoh a threat to the
pcoplo of this County.. White and Tins?
ley, the other two Commissioners,- re?
mained in 'this County for mouths after
they received the order to resign, with?
out being molested, while IL \V. Dun?
can, the Senator, .who was also ordered
to resign lu tho same mysterious man?
ner, and is now Hying iu Columbia, has
visited this County often, and remained
unmolested for many days at a time, and
departed in peaoo and safety.- There is
no danger that Giles will bo molested
by tho white people .pf Union.' He is
as safe hore, so far as danger from the
Democrats is concerned, n? he . waa in
Oolnmbia. But we cannot answer for
his safety from the intentions of the
Radical party. We believe the leaders
of that party have determined to ?mt
this County under martial law, with a
selected garrison and commander to exe?
cute that law, who will incarcerate, or,
perhaps, %%hang\" two or three hundred
Democrats to prevent their voting; and,
if the people of the County do hot give
them a pretext, for such an infamous
course of procedure, some unfortunate
oolored man of their party will be modo
a holocaust of for that very purpose. I
The Radicals do not forget how much
good the murder of pool Randolph did
for their party, and having the materials,
in that party so admirably united for
such vile acts, if greased with a few
greenbacks, wo shall nut bo surprised if
some such diabolical deed waa ^com?
mitted. We know this is a very ser iou 3
insinuation, but we cannot divest our?
self of that belief, that Randolph was
so sacrificed for party ends; and, if they
will do it once, we believe they-would,
bo likely to repeat the crime when they
see greater danger of defeat storing them
in the face.
A preteudor.of tho crown--A chignon.
CoDgaree Rifle Club.
A TTEND an adjourned meeting of vour. I
?\. Club, at 84 o'clock, THIS EVENING, at
Tempor?neo Hall. ' ? large attendance ls de?
sired, as business of importance will be-sab
mitttd. By order. W. H. McOAW, :
Auflast 0 j _._Secretary.
For Sale,
ply at this e-Qioo.
August 3_.1_6_
Columbia Chapter Ko. 0, R. A. M.
SBSfSbe hold in Masonic Hall, THIH EVEN
ESattNO. at 8 o'clock. "
By ordor of the M. E. H. P.
Aug Ol H. E. BB?CE. Secretary.
For fient. ?
THE? most desirable WAREHOUSE,
in Colombia, eitsatodoo Gervaia aUeot,
.and adjoining the Greenville and ?olnm
bia Railroad, aize 140x40 feet. For terms,
Ac, apply to B. J. BOONE. Anent, or
E. W. HE I DEES ct CO.,
AnR0f3 _ Qolnmbla. 8.C.
Co-partnership Hotico.
TBE undersigned respectfully inform .the
publio that they have thia.day formed a
co-partnership, under the name and style of
GOODMAN St BON, and will continuo the
CLOTHING BUSINESS as heretofore at tue
well known and popular : establishment-of.
Augusto 3_. i,D. GOODMAN.
or T?K
Hartford Woven Wife Mattress' Go.
never to lose its shape, never to get put
of ordor. Boyer to need repair. '.' *'
For Hotel, Hospital, and private'uses;-Ac.
Gall and examine tho article and the testi?
monials, at tue agency over Fisnsa's Drug
Htore, opposite Columbia Hotel.
August 9_
Columbia Female Academy.
THE exercises will bo renamed
hero on MONDAY, October?; The
?coarse of atndy will bo: thorough'
land complete, our aim ' being'to
? nable papila to acquire a sound
education, and Wo desire to receive
none but euch as como fur that purpose Btu
den ts in the higher brandies will haTo the aid
of Philosophical and Chemical Apparatus,
Telescope and Globes.
Boarders will bo under tho charge, of Dr.
and Mrs. W. L. Reynolds, and will be oared
for as members of tho family.
Board, including everything but washing.$25
Tuition-advanced claases, $5 and.'. ?I_V G
Primary claBsrs.'....'_.. 4
No extra charge fox Latin, French or Draw
Meale, per quarter.I3Q.
Music, beginners. 2Q
AngOwstO Principals.
Look to Your Interest.
^njp?ftgwj THE bcot MEAT in tho Marget
6*^Mwatgoan ho had at onr stall, at'8. 10
TT^^?l and 12J cents per pound. Orders
for largo or amah quantities, from city, or
country, filled promptly.
August 8 Ut . Stalls 8 and 5.
Just Received,
NO TOES. .For ealo low by ' ._,
Breakfast Bacon.
1f\f\f\ POUNDS Fulton Market BACON
,UUU STRIPS, for salo low. . .
August 3 E. HOPE.
.'../ntj-! .-...;) vl.ir>,"OHifc<Br:w riwud < r.ti lisrtri^
Ali?kWWV.-.BmP> 9* ?l?ase..ba)Ll>e
twee u i he Palmetto: and Alert Globs, will
bu played ' Ou the University groen, thia
af^?rno?trj oommen?ing at!3 oMoot. '
I'ther.e'wuf an error^Jg the -I^st of. In
tendante of the town of Columbia, pub?
lished Sunday morning. Jool Stevenson,
Esq., was elected by the'Wardens, De?
cember 12, 1846, to fifi; out-the ''"ex?
pired term ol Capt. W. ?. Stanley, (who
had resigned to take a position in the
Palmetto Regiment.) As printed, it read
"Henry Lyons, Esq.; ejected by tho
Wardens, July 7,1846." Of the twenty
nine Intendants who have administered
the ftfJTatca'ui the town, but two ?ire left
Capt. W. B. Stanley, of tliis eily, aud
Dr. .Edward Sill, of Salisbury,' N.- C.
A meeting of the Coogaree Rifle Club
in culled for this evening.' It "is gaining
in popularity, abd will ' B?Siai become a
very .strong organization. , .
The heavy, rai us of Saturday.niglit and
8unday last caused serious d?tn?g? to
several mills ia the vicinity of Colombia.
Col. A. F. Rudler, who was Command?
ant of the Post of Colombia, nt tho close
of tho war, died at th?'Hot Springs,
Atkans&Von Monday'evening*: His re?
mains will be carried?0 his nativo city
Augnstu, Ga.-for. interment. "
. Our merchants, and others wishing tp
prepuce for the foll business, will please
lake notjeu' that tho friO?NIX office ia
snpplied with all necessary exaberiabfor
a? handsome cards, bill heads/posters,
circulars, 'abd other printing "thfit may bo
desired, as any office in tho cjty." Give
utr a call and test our work. .
. 'Pleading at tho baf-i-beggiogf-for a
drink; .. ;.. . ; ' \'/.;';.'
The Daily Ohio State Journal, (Repub?
lican,) published in Columbus, admits
that the Democrats will carry that State
iri the conting ?lection1/1 ' " '' ' V ox"
Youth and age haye too Iii tlc sympa?
thy with each other. If tho. young
would remember that thoy may bo old,
and the old re tn omb er that they have
been young, the worULwouId bo happier.
t'overty is, except whore 'therC is au
actual want of food and raiment,-a thing
mach mare imaginary, than. real. I The
sb arno of poverty-the shame of being
tb'?qght p'd?f-is a groat ?net fa^'weak?
ness!.'.. .. , ? . ' '. . . ....
Peoplo who fish /or complimenter do
not need Tong lines. ' They will get their
best bites in shallow'water'.
..T?e thermometer at tho Pollock House
stood as follows, yesterday:.7 A. M., 80;
12 M., 85; 2 P. Mi, 88; 7 P. M, 87. '
A telegraph office, in connection with
tko line along, the Greenville and Colum?
bia Railroad, was established at Alston,
yesterday, and An operator install?d.
' Superintendent of Education JiUson,
(tjie prototypejof Dickons' "fat boy,")
kept np the reputation of tho second
nine of the Palmetto Base Ball Clnb,
yesterday; A "scratch"' game was
played,' when the first nine made fifteen
runs; and the second nine only one, and
that by the prominent individual men?
tioned above.
Love & Co. are np and doing. See
what they have to Bay, t li rs morning, and
follow their directions. : 1
A miniature birch bark Indian Canoe,
from Lake Michigan, ls on exhibition at
the Exchange House. It ia properly
__i-.f^^'-T?^r-1-? ;
SOTBEUE ComtT DpaisioNS-August 8.
H. O. i and Edward Kinsler, executors,
vs. Mary A. Holmes: Dooroo modified.
Opinion by Moses, G, J?
. The State ex rel. tho Grand Lodge .0
Ancient Free Masons of South CnroUm
vs. George Addison, Sheriff of Charles
ton; And the State ex ret. tho H i ber niai
Society of Charleston vs. the samo. Or
dor qt Circuit Judge granting writ ol
prohibition for the taxes of -1869 te
versed, and to that extent motion grant
ed. Opinidb by Moses, 0.t?T. ' "
M Ail. AinuiiOKSiENTS.^Tha Norther:
mail opens nt 8.00 P. M.; closes 7.1
A. M. Charleston day mail opens' 4.0
P. Ml; closes 6.00 A. M. Chariest o
night mail opens 6. SO A, M. ; cl os os CC
P. M.. Greenville mail, opens 6?45 I
M.; closes 6.06 A., M. Western ma
opens 9.00 Ai M.'? doses 1.80 P. M. O
Sunday office open from 3 to 4 P. M.
W. D. Love <fc Co.-Dry Goods.
Convocation. Columbia Chapter.
Goodman fe Ssn-^-Clcrpartasirship.
Meeting Congaree Rifle Club, i .
W. U. Fisher-Dr. Fan t's Bitten.
Mij?oS Reynolds-Female Academy.
E. W. Sothels & Co.-For Bant
- Woven Wiro Mattress. ..-.: <
Apply at this office-For Salo.
bable Association, for benefit Froo Behool fun
RAFI-LE CLASS NO. J^C-Xbrping- Auguit
l{^2-lft-09-!77-?-fi7^67-6-a?-3 14
Witness our nandi!, at Oharieaton. thia 8
Alignai,-1871.' ' ... . _
Angast9 Sworn Comm Isoio nor o.

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