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"Let our Just Censure ^^^^^^ Attand the True Event/'
Who aro Oar Enemies! '
Tho Columbia Union, of the 25th, in
a long artiole, attempts to prove that the
loss to tho Dem?crata of California and
other States and Territories wheroin
eleotioos have recently been held, was
oauaod by "the diabolical and atrocious
Eu Klux outrages iu the Southern
States," and not from tho "Hew Depart?
ure," started by Vullandigham iu Ohio.
Tho artiole is written iu the usual Eu
Klux sensational style, charging every
Southern Democrat with complicity in
the disorders and outrages that have
been committed since the war closed. It
"Tito popular heart has been touched,
and tho public ra iud has been filled with
indignation and resentment at tho terri?
ble outrages which havo been developed
through the committees and in courts of
justice against the rights, the liberties
and the lives of American citizens, by
the disguised bauds of infuriated demons
that aro even now holding their high
carnival of blood in this very State.
Neitbor concession nor conciliation eau
mollify or arrest this great wrong. In
our own State it has been asserted that
a chango of local officers and the ap?
pointment of Democrats to such posi?
tions would be au antidoto for this dis?
order. An Executive, ever ready and
anxious to promote tho peace of the com?
munity, and to protect tho lives and tho
liberties of the oitizen, adopted tho ex?
periment. What was the result? In
those very Counties where such changes
were made, the consequences are found
in tho lamentations of the widowed
wives, and children. orphaned, in the
. scourged backs of tho citizens, and thc
desolation of ouce happy bonus. And
it is these that have found a lodgment iu
the minds and hearts of tho American
people, wbiob are being reprobated ut
the ballot-box, and which will, in the
coming elections in Ohio, Pennsylvania
arfU New York, be condemned in tonet:
that will seud dismay even into the clam
and camps of these midnight assassins.'
lu every County in the ..upper part ol
this State the Columbia Union has om
'or two correspondents, drilled and, wc
suppose, paid to write sensational Et:
Klux letters; and if no outrage bas beer
committed for some time, they draw ot
their imagination to form one, withoul
the least particle of truth to base it upon
and forthwith it goes iuto the Union enc
sent to Washington ora Radical menthe;
of tho Ku' Klux Committee, as truth
The D?mocratie people and their pres
may prove it a lie, a biso und malieioui
lie, but tho refutation seldom, if ever
appears in the Union, and is never sect
at headquarters in Washington. Or, i
our State becomes too quiet and peacea
ble to suit the wishes of their party
these corresponden ts are given the cue
and immediately they nguiu filll tho ca
hunns of the Union with rehashes of ol<
excitements, doue up iu more horrify in,
sentences and expletives. They go bud
mouths and years and exhume outrage
and disorders that have heeu long fot
gotteu; aud although tho people of th
tate have persistently and honestly dt
nounced those crimes, aud are buccesi
fully doing all in their power to preven
recurrences of them, they are held u
again to tho Northern people, as ev
deuces of tho still terrible condition c
tho wholo society of tho Stute. Oe
single new outrage, however trifling it
infliction may be, is sufficient materii
for these partisan tools to fill a coluro
in the Union, recounting a diabolici
outrage. Aud thus the Northern min
is kept excited and prejudiced again
us, by these disorganizing and lyin
jackala. Ooo day they pretend grei
desire for the prosperity of tho Stat
the next day they will deliberately e
down and give the lie to their own pr
tensions, by sending out to the wor!
falso and libelous statements agaiust tl
people, and in tho most malicious mai
ner depict our State as little better tht
a charnel-house; wherein the bodies
all "loyal" citizens are deposited if tin
dare exercise the rights of freeme
South Carolina presents as clear a reco
from orime, for the past three years,
any.State in the Union, aud yet the It
dioal organ ut Columbia would make >
strangers believe that at every ora
road tho Ku Klux, (by which the Uni
means all the Democratic native ai
white people in the. State,) have made
grave-yard to bury their Republiouu vi
tims in.
The Union and its correspondents ha
done more to retard the general prosj
rity of this State than all other perso
and means oombiued-the aots of t
Ku Klux iuolnded. They have magi
fled personal and private difficulties ic
political outrages, aud charged the whe
white population of the Counties
which they occurred with euoouragi
and participating in them. They ha
reported that the lives and property
Republicans are unsafe here, which h
self-evident falsehood. Io proof of th
take the oaso of the present Auditor
this County. He was one of the mc
activa and efficient Ropuhlicaus in t
County, during tho last general eleotic
and no man oonld havo been select
who was more objectionable to the pc
pie than be. He was appointed by t
Governor, in the place of due of o
most respected and reliable citizens, ft
B. D. Oulp, who was removed for
causo assigned. Notwithstanding, n
Williams bas performed the duties
Auditor without insult or m oles tnt i
from any one. Again, tho Union Oi
Mining Company, in this Co ti u ty,
composed of all Northern Rep?blica
with Mr. C. C. Pufferst its head, a
we appeal to them to state whether tl
feel unsafe here, or whether they hi
been molested; and we farther ask th
ii they do not believe that tho repc
started by the scoundrel Baker were fu
iu every respect. If they are what tl
appear to be, good oitizens, desirous
the prosperity of tho State, they will
vest themselves of all partisan feel
and aid us io refutiog thu slander*
these unprincipled villains against,
people of this County, und tho peace i
prosperity of tbis section of our Stat
If those who have committed outrages
and disturbed tho peace of the County
havo not been brought to tho proper bur
of ju6tioo, tho blame must rest with Gov.
Scott, who hus purposely uud persistent?
ly interposed to provout tho holding of
courts in this County. Although no
court haB been held hero this year, and
notwithstanding ho ordered au election
for County Cominissioucrs, uud tho peo
p?o elected those oflicerR according t )
law, bo withholds from them the com?
mission empowering them to not; conse?
quently, uo jurors can be drawti. lu
dctiiiuco of tho choice and will of tho
people, after ordering this election, wo
loam ho now intends to ignoro the elec?
tion nnd appoint men to that ofllco to
snit himself and party. Cuu bo expect
that such au iusult to tho pcoplo will bo
likely to mako them peaceable and quiol?
Nul ho expects no such results, lio in?
tends it to bo un insult, with tho hopo
that tho peoplo will resist it; but he will
be mistaken, and bis iufnmous plot to
create disorders, from which to manu?
facturo Hud ?cal electioneering capital,
will fall still-born, and thu effect will re?
coil upon his own head. What then?
Why tho Union, Spartaubnrg, Laurena,
Newberry and York correspondents of
the villifyiug organ will be called ont to
fabricate outrages to suit thc programme
of the party, aud to keep up the hatred
betweeu the two sections of ourcouutry.
Such a course should dnmu any party,
puper or mau, in the eyes of every de
cont person, wo caro not whero ho lives
or tu what party ho b?louga,
I Union Times.
The Pull Mall Gazelle lenrus from
Egypt that tho Kbedivo is becoming
weary of and more and moro displeased
with his batch of Amcricau officers, nud
it is rumored that they aro all to bo dis?
missed soon with a gratuity of somo
months' pny. Tho Turkish ofliccr? ure
jealous of them, aud Kasai m i'.ic hu ma?
nages to pooh-pooh every improvement
they suggest.
Music Lessons.
--gg<3?=?B THE subscriber, who lias hud
t^^-jt-2^ySseveral years experience aa a
fla? ! I? Teacher of Music, is desirous of
Retting a few pupila for instruction on thu
1'iann. Terina will bo very reasonable. For
particulars pply at Mr. Barnwell'* residence,
on Plain afreet. MISS BJ O. THOMSON.
that her establishment, Southwest cor?
ner of Sumter and Lady st reeta, ia prepared
to accommodate Boarders., permanent and
transient, where tho tastes and comforts of
tim most fastidious will bc guaranteed.
Sept ? __tin?*:.
The Southern and Atlantic
Now Open for Business.
Sept U_
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Cen!rut Wharf, Charleston.
REFERENCES-Charleston-Hon. C. T.
Lowndes, President Pank of .Charleston;
W. B. Smith, Esq., President Union Bank of
Charleston: llobcrt Adgor, Esq., B. C. Press
loy, Etq. Newberry, S. C.-Rob't L. McCaugh
rin, President National Bank of Newberry.
Chester, S. C.-Mosers. McAliley & Brawley.
Special attention given to thu consignment
and sate of COTTON, Dried Fruit, Ac.
Sept 1 flin
Cotton Factor and Commis. Merchant,
August Ki fSioo
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WILL practice in tho Circuit and Probate
Courts of Richland and adjoining
OountioB._ July 12 f3iuo
Universal Life Insurance Company.
WC aro desirous of MUCH ring tho servicot
of a half dozon activo Canvassing
Agents in South Carolina for thc Universal
Life fnsurauco Company, of Now York, with
whom liberal terms will bli ni ade. Wo desire
also responsible Local Agents for each town
in the Statu. M. W. OAKY,
Stato Superintendents of A KC nc i ts.
ConUMUiA, S. C., September 8, 1871.
Sept g__j_
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ology. By Hov. Charles P. Krowlh, I?. D. 15
The Unseen World. By Ref. Dr. Stork, fl.
Her Lord and Master By Florence Maryatt
Won. not Wooed. By tho author of Bred in
the Dune. Ac 50 cents.
Terrible Temptation. By Charlea Iteado.
Uniform edition of Grace- Aguilor's Works,
snob as Mother's Itecompeiiso, Yale of Cedars,
.'.o., at fl per volumo.
Tho above books Bent to any address, post
paid, on recoint of prico
Angl DUTT!Kft CHAPMAN,Booksellers.
hecuro i idiots in thu Columbia Co-opera
tivo Building Association.
Special ?Totloes.
~^?K~w^?^?iva El AS HKK.V II K Kl, ICU.
Rince (lio exposure of tho attempts made by
certain uuacruputoua local dealers, to palm
off their coarao aa tri ugo n ta, m ado from cheap
and imouru malcr?ala, in tho place ol thu
groat national tonic, H O ST ETTI; R'S BT?
MACH BITTERS, public opinion baa ?<t
strongly against ihceo empirics and their
preparations. Their oecup ition is gone, or
soon will be. When tho light in let into de?
ception, it econ wilts down. Persona who
trillo willi their own health, hy using un?
known pr?parations, with no g ti a ru. nh o to
sustain them, when nu established specific,
proven by twenty yours' experience to bc ex?
actly what it ia claimed to bc. ia within UK ir
reach, tiru ?uro to repent their temerity.
Many have done au iu thia mataiiue, hut it ia
boped that tho truth plait.ly spoken hua ru -
rested the evil. In the meantime, tho de?
mand for tho leading protect iva and restora?
tive medicin? of America waa never HO great
ns it baa been this BOUBOU. From tho fever
and aguo diatiicta of tho Weet, ^mitli-woi-t
and South, it ia literally overwhelming, and it
may ho aaid of the advi sea from all parts ol
thu country of the eurea lt ia < fl" cling in dys.
pepsin, bilious c"i?ip)ninia, and chronic con?
stipation, that "their narnu ia legion." Every
where tho bick and fm bio nein to havi
realized tho importance of "holding lttat thal
which ia good," und of avoiding what i* Bim
rions and dangereux. Sept ??9 i'A
THIS t: A it s rc A KO cu it rc OK tux
SUMPTION.-Tho primary cauao of Con
sumption ia d?rangement of thu digestive or
gans. Thib dei angemi nt produc?s dtficicii
nutrition and assimilation. Ry ast-imilntioi
I mean that process by which the nutt ?mont o
the food ia converted into blood, and thone
into tho solida of tho body, Persona wit]
digestion thua impaired, having tho alight
eat prc-disposition to pulmonary dincaBC
or If they take cold, will bo very liable to hav
Consumption of tho Lungs in aome of it
forma; and I hold that it will be impussibl
to cure any caso of Consumption without liri
restoring a good digcation and healthy asaiui
lat ion. Tho very t?ret thing to be done ia I
cleanse thc stomach and bowila from al! di
eaaed mucus and slime, which ia cloggit)
these Organa BU that they cannot pi-rfor:
tlioir lundinna, and thin rnuseupand resto:
the liver to a hoalthy action. 1-or thin pu
pose the Biircet und beat remedy ia Sehi-nct
Man Iraki* l'illa. These Pilla eh an the at
mach and btiwcls of nil tho di ad und morl)
tilint? that is causing diseuse and cit cay in tl
whole h>alem. '1 hey will clear out tho liv
of .ill diseased l-ile that \i?? accutuiihiii
I there, and rouse it up tn a new und heult]
I action', by which nut ural and healthy liilo
I secreted.
'i'ho atonnich, bowels and liver ure th
clfMHtil bi the nao of Schenck'a M und ru
Pills; hut lhere remains in tho Ht omach :
ex eas ot acid, tho organ ia torpid und I
apetite poor, lu thc bowels tho lacteal.-, u
weah, and rt quiring ?tn ngtti and support,
iain a condition hko thia that Sellenca a '.'<
weed Tonic provea to bo thu timst valuul
rumody ever discovered, lt i-i alkaline, u
ita uuo will nentrahzo ult excess of acid, mu
iug thu Btomuch ?weet, and fresh'; il will gi
permanent touo to thia imp?t taut organ, u
ci cato a good, hearty appetite, und prent
the system for tho flrot process of a good i
gestion, and ultimately uiuko good, healtl
living blood. Alter thia preparatory tro:
ment, what remains to cure moat caaes
Consumption ia tho free and persevering i
, of Sohuuck'a Puhnonic Syrup. Tho Pulmo
Syrup nourishes the syateni, purifie* thehie
and is readily absorbed into tho circul?t:'
and thoucu distributed to tho diseased hui
Thore it ripens ull morbid mattera, whotl
in tho form of abscesses or tuberclea, a
then assista Nature to expel alt tho diaeui
matter, in tho form of m e expectorate
when onco it ripens. It is then, by the gr
healing and purifying properties of Schone
Puimonio Syrup, that ali ulcers and cavil
are healed up aour.d, and my patient ia cur
Theeaseutial thing to bo done in cur:
C-n.anmption ia to get up a good appetite i
a good digestion, HI? that the body will gi
in flush and get strung. If a poraon bus t
eaaed lunga-a cavity or abscess there
cavity cannot heal, the matter cannot rip
ao long as thc system is below par. Wha
necessary to cure in a new order of things
good appetite, a good nutrition, thu hod;
grow iu flesh and get fat: then Naturi
holpod, tho cavities will heal, tho matter
ripon and be thrown off in large quautit
and tho poraon regaiu health and strenf.
Thia is thu truo und only plan to euro (J
sumption, and if a person is very bad. if
lunga aro not entirely deatrojed, or eve:
ono lung ia entirely gone, if tlieru is ono:
vitality left in iLu other to heal up, thur
? hope.
1 havo seen many person* cured with t
one aound lung, live and enjoy lit:- to a g
old age. Thia ia what Sc h cu.-k's Medic:
will do to euro Consumption. They will cl
out tho stomach, sweeten and strengthc
get up ii good digestion, anti give iiulure
iiHBirtuiice she needs to ch ur Hit gyntuiii o
the disease I lint is in thu lungs, Whatever
Torin may be.
It is important that while using Sehen
Medicines, caro nhould be cxtroieed i o
take cold; keep in-doors in ci Id and di
weather; avoid night cir, mid lake out-i
exercise only in a genial runt warm anti-ali
1 wirb it dmiinctly umWntood that wh
rccommcud a patient to ho caret ul in rej
to taking cold, while tiping my inudii ima,
HO for a spacial reason. A man who has
partially reeovcred from the tflVcia nt a
cold ia far more liable to a relapso than
who luis be? II entirely cured; audit is prc
ly tho hamo iii regard to Consumption,
long as tho lungs uro not perfectly hoi
juat BO long ia there imminent danger of i
ref um of tho disease Heneo it la that
strenuously caution pulmonary pali
aguinat oxporing themselves to an utinosn
that is not genial and pleasant. Conni
Consumptives' lungs aro a masa ol' si
which the least chaugo of ntiuoaphere wi
liam.) Thu gi and secret of my BIICCOHB
iny medlo)ucl! consista In my ability to an
inflammation instead of provoking it, as r
of the faculty do. An inflamed lung eui
with safety to Um patient, be ( Xposofl ti
biting blasts of winter or the chilling win
spring or autumn. It should be cart
shielded from all irritating influences,
utmost caution ahonld bo observed in
particular, aa without it a emu, under ul
any citcu iistancea, is an impossibility.
The person should bo kept on u whole
and nun it iou* diet, and all the medici II? a
tinned until tho body hus restored to i
natural quantity of flesh and strength.
I waB mVaelf enred by this treatmont c
worst kind of Consumption, and havo liv
f;et fat and hearty these many years, wit!
ung moatly gone. I have cured thom
since, and very many have been cured by tins
treatment whom 1 havo never seen.
About th? 1st of October 1 expect to take
possession of my now building, at thc North?
east coi ner of ?Sixth and Arch streets, win-re
I shall bu pleased to givu advice to all who
muy require it.
Full directions accompany all my remedies,
so thal a person in any part of tho world can
ho readily cured bv a strict observance of tho
sumo J. ll. HO HENCH. M. l>., Philadelphia.
For salo by druggists and dealers every?
where. JOHN F. HUNKY, 8 Colic go Place,
New York, wholesale agent. Nov 1!) fy
ON MARRIAGE. Essays for young men on
gruil social evils ?nu abuses, which ?liter
tero ?llb mari isgc and lUiii tho happiness of
thousands; willi sore means of relic! lor tho
erring mid unfortunate, diseased and debili?
tated. ?Sent in scab d loller envelopes, free of
charge: Address ll O WaKD ASSOCIATION,
No. 2 South Ninth sticet, Philadelphia, l'a.
Rep! f> Hmo _
Palmetto Academy, Richland County.
n_ THE exerciser of thia School will
/f[atbL he resumed on MONDAY', October
?ff?j^a.^ll. 1871. Tho object ol itistipre
^wSnra i,!U" youth for tho University ol
<?sr2B?' (South Carolina, or to qualify them
ij/ggr for tho activo business of hie. Hy
vit tu? of an afrungemunt made by tho Trus?
tees with the Statu sutboiitioa, this institution
now et nd i on a solid basia, n der t. o sup?
port ol' the Stau;. Tuition will bo gjven fros
oT charge. Hoard can bo obtained ut from $2
lo Ci a week. For further info:mation, ad?
dress UIVEltS WltlGUT,
Sept. 20 Principal, Gadsden. S 0._
Columbia Male Academy.
Classical and M.thematical School.
f7Mt THE next aeasion will begin on
/f$&k MONDAY, October 2. The studies
di L-Sgay; cmbrnco a full high behool course,
\TTJB^5gincluding French.
jH^?pT For particulars, apply to tho un
*??Z?fr dorsignecl; or to Vr J. S. Muller,
Fiiet Assistant. Il UGH S. THOMPSON,.
Sept. 1? Principal.;
Agm^ THE exercises of this SCHOOL
/^jS|h will he resumed on tho lirst MUN
di tjBfe DAY in Octobor.
"\S?^3$ ior tc'rma> iVc-> Rppiy nt r?'H?
jjsJQfP dciieo at tho corner of Plain and
<&??r Henderson streets. Sept 12
Odd Fellows' Academy.
ym~ THF. undersigned tako pleasure
Aj?Sgk in announcing to their patrons
GJPLWJ ?ind fi ii-nds, and lo the public go
ucrallv. that Ibis Int-titutiou will
jg^Sriu! re-opened on tho bret Monday
t?33r in September next.
Pupils will bo pn pared by a thorough
coli rae of (raining tor the South Carolina Uni?
versity, or any other hitit tl tit iou of learning
in tho country, for mercantile, or any ot her of
tho ordinary pursuits ol life. Their object is
to give to the citizens of Columbia a lirM
clans School, tim expenses nf which will be
al tho auniu time within reach of ail. 'J hey
therefore respectfully cull attention tollu ir
Academic Department, per month, .... $3 0(1
Primary '* " . 1 Oh
Preparatory " " *' .3.00
No pains will bu ?pared to give entire satis?
faction. J. J. MoOANTS.
August 27 tlfl_ lt. U. CLARKSON.
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Arr the Oldest Established of Any in the ll orld.
IN ringo of work (his Machino cannot bc
equalled. Will work equally well on thick
or thin gooda, from ?auzo titi heaviest beaver
coatiuga, or ovou leather, without chaugc of
needie, tension or thread. We will warrant
them to do thia. Our lino work ia equal to
any, and our heavy work excels that of any
other machino in thu world. Ladies wishing
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lind it a groat saving of time, labor and ex?
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declaring this to bc the easiest, learned of any
in tho market.. If you are prejudiced iu favor
of any particular machine, at least examine
THE HOWE before you purchase:
Oe. ral Agent for South Carolina.
Ofilco three doora below Dr. Heiuitsb's Drug
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Sept 21_ 3ino _
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haye thu boxes weighed before buying. We
ga irantie 23 pan nits tn each ht'S
Rose's Hotel.
iy^?ur^-v IN view of the influx ol' vi
nrcfr?g?jhS silors to Columbia, occasioned
^"^tP^b^L prevalence or tho yoi
HSsc~??^JS?^ I o vv lever in Chiirhalon, the
proprietor ul BOSE'S HOTEL has concluded
to re-open his estahlishmeiit tor the accom?
modation of the public at once, and therefore
withdraws the proposals' hu htiu heretofore
made for UH sale or lease.
Tho Hotel will heneefoi ward bn conducted
as a first class house of entertainment, and
special provisi?n will bo made for the comfort
und convenience of families.
Carriages and un Omnibus will bo found at
tvery arnving tram. W. E. BOSE.
Auguti an
Grocers and Commission Merchants,
CHA ?{LOTTE, E. c.
SOLICIT ordere for COTTON, Corn, Flour,
1;aeon, Lard, Aev, and Family Groceries
generally Orders Ulled carefully arid prompt?
ly._ _ ' Feb 7 lyr
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Itt preference tn Luhden Porterand Scotch
Ale. Why?They know it is unadulterated.
The Best in the Market!
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WATCHES of all glades. J LW1-Lb Y of all
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modern patterna- beautiful in design, dura?
ble, cheap and wm ranted to mit.
My Block includes c very-thing to be found in
tim New York mai kct, and I do not intend to
be under-Bold. Call and examine for your
sclv H. Attentive clerks will gladly show you
t bc li neat assort men l of arttclt a above named,
and of Ringa, Lockets, Met ve lint tons, Rreast
Pins; in fact, everything needed or to bo
lound in a bret CIBHB jewclrv store.
Sept l i Under Columbia. Hotel.
. -4
AFEW reasons why they should have the
preference over all others:
1. Wheeler A Wilson's Hoviirg Machino ia
much simpler than any of thu others.; re?
quiring lusa than hnlf thu amount of ma?
2. AB tho result of thia simplicity, lilia ma?
chine ia much lesa liab'e than (Le others to
get out of repair.
3. Another result ol this rintplicity ia
greater' durability.
.1. Another result ia ICH? friction, and, con?
sequently, greater ease and rapidity of mo?
tion, with lesa noise?.
5. And greatest of all, that it uses no Shut?
tle, and makes the lock stitch.
It ia thc cheapest to boy lite best. ; Etty the
machine that lias just ly, fairly and honora?
bly won a reputation and independence
against a strong and bit 1er competition. For
nmre than twenty years has the Wheeler A
Wilson not only stood tirpt und lore-moat, but
now stands the uni i vailed Kewinj' Machine ol
the enlightened civilized world. Buy the ma?
chine that has ht en thus tested und proved,
and then you are sure- to get the best. For
sale on tho eat-ieet possible terms. Sales?
room Main stivi t, second door below TUO?NIX
office, Columbia, S. C.
J; S PU RISLEY, Agent.
A. Wiivfk, Gencrul Southern Agent.
Juno *21 Gmo
Furniture Ware-room
if?in Strett, near Plain.
NOW on hand ?nd daily re?
ceiving from the m unn fac?
tor i-.r of Now York, Peaton,
Cincinr-H.ti and Louisville,the
largest assortment of FUR?
NITURE ever kept in ll.is market, conuiating
in part of Walnut Parlor. Chamber and Din
ing-Room Suit a: 200 bedsteads of different
patterna, in Walnut and Imitation; also, tho
celebrated Georgia Split-bottom Chaire.
AU kinda of MATTRESSES made to ordor.
shortest notice and in the best manner.
Oct 3ft
Terms cash and Go od? cheap._
Kinsman Howell.
Factors and Commission
Liberal Advances made on
Cotton and Naval Stores.
.. Char lest on y S. C.
August 31_4mo
The Dexter Stables.
TUE undersigned have re
movod their Stables to tho new
building, immediately Sooth ot
lumiey'a Hall, and, with a new
stock of CARRIAGE8. RUG
illCS Hint line HORSES, nro prepared to an?
swer all calla that may hu made upon them.
Horses bought and si ld on commission.
Persons in want of good stock, are invited to
give us a call. Liberal advances made on
stock lett for salo. ROYCE A CO.
O. IT. Pr.TTlNOll.i.. Jan 24
(.Yr Bale bj W. C. FI S UER,
Drnggiat and Apothecary,
.Tilly 20 3ain Opposite Columbia Hotel.
Guns, Pistols, Etc.
' I INFORM my fi ?ends and
ri ubi ie in general that I have
nat received au entire new
'stock of Double and Single Rar
rol GUNS, REPEATERS, Flasks, Pouches,
Pistol-Relit*, Capa, Ruck-Shot. Cartridge?.
Cartridges for all kinda of Pistols, Powder
and Shot.
REPAIRING done at abort notice.
Oct 8 P W. K?'AKT. y,,ii? Mtreet.
The only fine Plating Carda al POLLOCK S
Deposits of $1 and Upwards Received;
Wm. Martin, President,
John R. Palmer, I V1" n .,
John P. ThomaB, \ vice-Presidc-Dta
A. G Rronizer, Cashier.
J. H. Sawyer, Aaeistur.t Cashier, i
charge of Krauchen.
John 0. R. Smith, Assistant Casbiei
Wade Hampton, William Martin, A. C. Has?
kell, Ki W. McMaster, John P. Thomas. E. H.
flcinitsh, John R. Palmer, Thomas F. Gregg,
J. Eli Gregg, Marion.
G. T. Scott, Newberry.
W. G. Mayoa, Nowberry.
B. II. Rutlodgo, Charleston.
DanielRavoncl, Jr.. Charleston.
Mechanics, Laborers, Clerks, Widows, Or
?linns and others may here deposit their sav?
ings and draw a liberal rate ol interest there- ,
on. "['lantern, Professional Men and Trustee*
wishing to draw interest en their funds until
they requiro thom fdr business or other pur?
poses; Parents desiring to set apart small
?urns for their children, and Married Women
and Minors (WIIOBC deposits can only be with?
Ira wo by themselves, or, in caso of death, by
l.heir legal representatives,) wif-hing to lay
aaide funds for futuro nee. are here affoided
an opportunity of depositing their nu ans
where they will rapidly accumulate, and, at
tho samo time, bo aubject to withdraws 1 win n
ie oded. Antr 18
op COI.UM KIA. s. c.
Present Capital, $150,000.
John R. Palmer, ?/resident.
A. G. Rrenizer, Cashier.
C. N. G. Ruit, Assistant Cashier.
J. Eli Gregg, John E. Palmer, F. W. McMas?
ter, R. D. Berni, of R. D. Seun A Son; G. Wi
Dearden, of Copeland tl Rearden; R.L. Rrvan,
o? Rn an A McCa.rter; W. C. Swaflield, o'f R.
Si W. C Swaflield.
F. W. McMuater, Solicitor.
THIS Rank is now open for the ti sm net on
of a general banking business.
coin, bearing interest at the rate nf teven (7).
per cent per annum, in kimi, will bc issued.
Deposits from County Officers especially BO
licitcd; also, from Trustees, Administrators,.
Executors, Professional Men, and others.
Particular attention giveu to accounts of
City and Country Merchants, and other busi?
ness men, and th? usual accommodations ex?
Notes, Bills of Exchange, and other evi?
dences of debt discounted, ami money loaned)
OO collati-rnls.
Storks, Ronds, Gold, Siltier hov ghi and sold.
Mutilated Currency purchased at a small
Sight Drafts drawn direct on all tho promi?
nent places in England, Ireland, Scotland,
France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Den?
mark and the Orient. Letters nf Credit ii-aucd,'
j arable in any of the above pb.ces.
Drafts on all the ptomiio n. citie s in thc
United States bought and sold.
Banking House opposite Columbia Hotel.
Open fruin 9 ty 3._ _F?:b 28 ly
Tho Great Medical Blscovcrj X
j Hundreds of Thousands ?^?3
. ii* near u-sumony co meir wonuenuig sr?
Curativo Effects. C.? p
M mle o f Poor Hum. Whiskey, Proof Spir?
its, and Refuse Liquors, doctored, BOU?-J.
and awcotcnuit topless* mo taste, called "Toaiea'*
" Appetutor*. " " Kesiorers," &c, that le-.. I tho
tippler on to drunken noss and ruin, but aro a true
Medicine, mada from tbs Native Koot* and
Ilerbi of California, Crae from all Alcohol!O
Btimulanta. Tueyai^itioQ-BELAT BLOOD
CIPLE, a perfect Konuvator and Invigorator
ot the System, carrrino-off oil poircnous matter,
nnd restoring the blood to a healthy condition.
No person can take theos Ritter?, according to
directions, and remain long unveil.
Al 00 will bo given for an incurabla ca-u>, pre?.
ylUinit Hi? bones uro not destroyed by mineral
puis-ma or other means, and tl.o vi:.il ora'*iur
wiisti'd hevond tho point of repair. ,
For Inflaramitory and Chronic Rhen
inutism, und Gout. Dyspepsia, or Indi?
go dion. Bilious, Remittent, and Inter?
mittent Fevers, Disonsos of tho Blood,
Liver, Kidneys, and Bladder, thc-e Bit
tors Imvti I.cen most anccesHtiil. Such Dis?
eases arc caused hy Vitiated Blood, Which,
is i{-'ii'?r.itly probiced by dciuajfiiiaeat of tho.
Diocostivo. Organs. ?j.
Th-.'/ hivigoiaui tho stomach, and etiramato
tho torpid liver and bswuls, which rendir them
of iiri?Miuall?t offlniicy,in eloanslna thu Koo I of
all inipnrltleii, and imparting now Ufo and vigor
to tito wliolo system.
Dyspopsia or Indigestion, Headache,.
I'lin in tio BhOidd?rs, Courlis, TwbtnCM of tho.
C?i -HI. Dizziness, Sour Stomach, lind Tasto ia
the Mouth. Ridions Attacks, Palpitation of tho
Heart, Copious Discharge* of Urina, Pain in
ths regiona of tho Kidneys, and a hundred other
painful symptoms -?1110!? oro UIJ offsprings of '
Dvspopsla, aro cured by theso Bitters.
Cleanse tho Vitiatod Bleto.1 whonovcryoit And
its impurities bursting through tho akin ia Pim?
ples, Eruptions, or Sores; cWneoit when it ia
foul, and your feelings wili tell you when. Keen
tho Wood pure and the health of tho eyktcra will
PIN, TAPI?, and other WORM?, hi rt I tier In
tho system of so many thousands, aro effoctuony
destroyed nnd removod.
For full directions, rend carefully Ino eurcular
around each bottle, printed in four languagos
Enirlish.Ocrman, Fi-onch.Bnd Spanish. .
J WALK.EK.32 dt 84 Commerce. Stroet, N. Y.
Proprietor. H. IL Mc DONALD A CO..
Druprsrlstsand Oonenu Antuits.
Sm Francisco, California, and 33 and31 Com
>n<- co Mr.-ct.N. Y. _
02H?j?ir?> OEIOFR A- MCGREGOR. Agis.
OLD BANK HILLS und m Y, I 11. ATI .!>
CHURKN? ? h??'ghl and sold bv
Nov 23 flin?? ?> GAM TITEL Rr?kpr.
Yon may secure a valnabto prizo bv pur
chaaim.' a ticket in tho Columbia Co-opera
tivo Building Aeeociatfr

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