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_i_i_1 , . ._!_j_'< iii_,\ ' ? ??? ;
Tnesd*? Morning,Ootob?r 3.1871.
Oar City Afluir?.
?8 oar readers hove observed, the
allegations made in this jouro.u.1, with
respect to tbe City Oounoil and their
operations, has not been disputed. It
now romains for the whole transaction
io bu thoroughly investigated and ex?
posed. Let the citizens of Columbia
look to tho welfare of the oity. A ring
has fastened upon the city. Let it be
broken. The Board of Trade have very
properly taken the matter up. Let
their investigations be thorough and
searching. Tho eyes of all good citizens,
without respect to party, are upon this
investigation. Let this entiro transac?
tion bo exposed, Justice demands it,
and the interests of Columbia require it.
It ought not to surprise any ono to
learn that the friends of Napoleon III
are secretly organizing and plotting iii
Paris to restore him to the throne of
Prance. No one supposed thut he
would remain a privuto citizen. ntCuisci
hurst, or that his friends would bo idle
in his behalf .so long us there was one
chance left to nguiu proclaim him Empe?
ror. His whole life was full of trick and
plot; in fact, he soldom took a direct
path'to auy end, prefetriug ruttier to
reach it by devious courses. If he can
mount tho throne again ho will, the only
question being, has ho tho power to do
it? All present circumstances would be
favorable to the attempt, wore he quite
? certain of the people. Just now, the
people of Franco are an authority, which
is more than eau be* Baid of that hybrid
growth called a government. Tho dis?
armament of the National Guard is in
his favor, for the Guard hated Napoleon
and would fight against his restoration
to power. It is doubtful if tho regular
army would not support him were he
again to place himself at its head. It is
well known that many of the leading
generals of France are still ardent sup?
porters of tho Empire, and thnt they
would be able to control the army in
great degree. Tho strength of tho re?
public appears to be exaatly nothing;
the Assembly is arrayed against the
Chief Execrative, and the Chief Execu?
tive against the Assembly, and the peo?
ple have little confidence in either. It
is this condition of affairs which gives
the friends of Napoleon III a chance to
plot, aud even a chance to plot success?
-!-?--*- I
If Connecticut does not speedily make
a marked improvement upou her wooden
nutmegs, it is to be feared that the in?
ventive geniuB of California will carry
that State aheud of her. At a recent
election for assessor in San Francisco,
the Radicule made a good many votes by
surroptitiounly applying nitrato of silver
to the name of tho opposing candidate.
As the application produced no immedi?
ate effect on the ballots, they were depo?
sited in the box without suspicion on
the part of the voters. But when the
vote came to be counted the chemical
aotion of the nitrate of silver had per?
formed its mission and the name had
disappeared from the ballots. A man
who would be guilty of snob conduct as
that couldn't be trusted with a five dil
lar bill a hundred yards from home by
his own cherished mother-in-law.
- ? ? ? ? ?
of certificates of death from yellow,
fever, reoeived and reported by Dr.
Lebby, *lho city registrar, during the
week ending at noon, on Saturday last,
is 29, viz: Sunday's report 5, Monday's
report 5, Tuesday's report 5, Wednes?
day's report 5, Thursday's report 3,
Friday's report 3, and Saturday's report
3. But, according to the dates given
ns, only 20 of these deaths ocourred
daring the carrent week, viz: Sunday 2,
Monday 5, Tuesday 5. Wednesday 3,
and Thursday 5. The 0 dentbs reported
on Sunday, September 21, as well us 3 of
the 5 deaths reported on Monday, and 1
of the 5 deaths reported on Tuesday, (9
io al),) took place in the week ending on
Saturday, September 24, and were in
. eluded in the 30 deaths, for that week,
reported officially by tho registrar.
Yesterday no. deaths were reported, so
that the current week begins well.
[Charleston News.
SERIOUS ACCIDENT.--Alfred, a colored
man in the employ of Mr. Rivera Har?
ley, Rt Barnwell village, waa seriously if
not fatally injured, OB Thursday morn?
ing, by the falling of a tree. It seems
that he hitched his team near the tree,
and as it started to fall he made an effort
bo-aavo his mules, just roaching them in
time to be crashed by it. Dr. Duncan
. was promptly called in, and upon exami?
nation lonna both thighs fraotured, be?
sides sustaining severe internal injuries.
\Barnwell Sentinel,
a ? -?
Any party which now allies itself with
corrupt men, or a corrupt policy, is
doom ed.-iyeto York Times.
Then, why do you urge people to join
the Republican party?
Ben. Butler spent $50,000 to get tho
nomination of Governor from tho Re?
publican Convention, which met at Wor?
cester, on the 27th ult., and then got
"bottled up" for bis pains.
A Ciuery-How Mach. Morel
; If it takes $250,000 worth of bonds of
the city of Columbia to. secure 675,000,
what amount of bonds will have to be
issued to complete the work now con?
tracted for by City Oounoil-City Hell
aontraot 8188,000, market 818,016. Now
there is ox tm work. How much? These
buildings have to be lightod. Chande?
liers, &a, have to bo provided. How
much for these? Then City Hull has to
be furnished-carpels, desks, tublos,
chairs, spittoons, &c, to be supplied.
How much for these? Again there are
concert rooms, seats, curtains, sceuery,
Sec. How muoh for these items? An?
other State Uouso furnishing joh, cer?
tainly, looms up. CITIZEN.
report from Oreeubrier County, Wost
Virginia, gives the details of a most dia?
bolical ont rugo which occurred in tho
township of Palestine. It seems that ti
mau iu tho employ of Mr. Georgo V.
Purry hud a difficulty with Mr. Lewis F.
Watts, in which Watts was whipped.
Watts thou employed two negroes and ii
whim muu to go to Perry's ut night time
for the purpo^o of beating Iiis antagonist.
Thu whito mun retnuiued in the rond and
the negroes knocked at tho door ami
were admitted by Mr. Perry. Tho man
they were af tor stepped behind Ibo door
as it was oponed, und tho negroes, not
seeing him in tho room, wont up stairH
in search of him. As soon ns they start?
ed np stairs he sprang out und ran to tho
railroad for assistance. The negrous,
after searching in vain for bim up stairs,
came down and fell upon Mr. Perry and
his young sou and beat thom fearfully.
They thou seized Mrs. Perry, threw her
on the bcd aud tied her by the hair to
the bed, after which they brutally out?
raged her person. The fiends then at?
tempted to outrage a little girl only
twelve years of age, doiug her tho most
serious injury iu their hellish efforts.
Mrs. Perry, in ber struggles to escupe,
had nearly all her hair pulled from lier
head by the roots, but she finally suc?
ceeded and fled to a neighbor's in her
night clothos for protection. Tho man
who had gone for assistance returned
with others and captured the offenders.
They thou went to Watt's aud arrested
him and his son, and kept them secure
until next day. Tho news spread rapidly,
aud tito people flocked in with guns, de?
termined on lyuching nil the guilty
partios. Those, however, were secured
in a strongly built house, so that they
were not reached, although desperate
efforts were made. They were tried and
Beut to tho Monroe Jail, where they re?
main securely guarded.
i'he Times says: "All the prisoners cou
fiucd iu our jail made their encape last
Thursday moruing. Sheriff Easterliu
went up into the jail for the purpose of
role ising one of the pri.souers whose
time of confinement bud expired. As he
entered the door leading into the pass
age, one of the prisoners threw him vio?
lently against the iron bur fastening thc
door aud stunued him. While he WIIH
iu this condition, John ll. McQouge,
confined for the killing of Robert J.
Breeden, at Clio, last July, York McCall,
imprisoned for larceny, and a boy named
David -, passed ont. The sheriff's
j sou met the last mimed on tho steps and
stopped him, but the other two made
good their escape. On examining the
jail, tho sheriff discovered that during
the nigbt the lock on the cell in which
the prisoners were confined had becu
broken by means of nu iron bar which
they had procured in someway. Know?
ing that heywould enter the jail early in
the morning for the purpose of releasing
one of their number, they gathered in
tho passage and prepared for him, with
the above rosult. Owing to the beauti?
ful jury law that we now have, there was
no oourt held for Marlboro at the regu
lar time in September, and therefore
these mon could not be tried. They
tried themselves, and tigreod upon a ver?
dict of 'not guilty,' and have loft for
parts unknown."
We regret to nnuonnce tho death,
from chronic dysentery, at the residenco
of Mr. M. Pollitzer, of Mr. Chas S. Kuli,
a native of Austria, aged sixty yours.
Mr. Kuh bad been ill for a loug time,
and all medical efforts to ameliorate his
condition were useless. He was a rep?
resentative to the State Legislature from
Beaufort County, having been re-elected
for a seoond term.-Beaufort Republican.
ed that Eugene, the youngest sou of
Baron Rothschild, will visit this oity as
soon as tho fovor shall have entirely de?
parted, for the purpose of oouferriug
with those Israelites here who may wish
to removo to Jerusalem, under the plun
looking to tho selection of that Bite OB a
homo of tho race generally.
1 Charleston Courier,
Rev. T. W. Lewis, a Presiding Eldor
of tho African Methodist Episcopal
I Ohuroh, and pastor of tho Centenary
(colored) Chnrob, in Wentworth street,
Charleston, died of the prevailing fever,
on tho 30th nil. The deceased was a
Northern man, aud came hero soon after
the war.
It is said that the namo of only one
revolutionary soldier remains on the
pension list-D. F. Bateman, Cattnrau
gus County, N. Y., ogod 100 years.
There is another yet living, in Newbero,
North Carolina, over 100 yeats old, but
his name waa atricken from tho Jis^dur
ing the so-called rebellion.
an order of tho Hon. George S. Bryan,
United States Distriot Judgo, the hear?
ing of all petitions and motions in bank?
ruptcy, or in tho general business of tho
District Court, in postponed until the
first Monday of November next.
Mr. A. A. Hammett, the mail agent on
the Spartanburg and Union Railroad,
hus been nppointod postmaster at Uuion
ville, vice J. Laikin, resigned.
a barber in the Exohango Hotel, Rich
mond, i? a relie of tho palmy days of
Virginia. A- writer in the Petersburg
Progresa satin tho old gentleman's ohair,
to whom Smith gossiped about old times:
"A nico collection of gentlemen, sir,"
said Lomax, "this oonvention at Assem?
bly Hull; mauy very genteel and nble
persons there, sir. It does me good to
see again in Virginia tho best people j
coming forward to take part iu politics.
Aud yet, sir, there aro some great men
here, too-scattered about among tho
hundreds I don't know; but-excuso me,
sir, turu your face a Utile to tho kit
you aau't remember tho convention of
'29, can you? Too young! Yes, yeal j
Well, there wus Mr. Junina Madison, aud
thal other gentleman, very smart, but
rallier flighty, Mr. Randolph, of Roan?
oke, und more than 1 can tell uow. You
have got big mon herc to-day, but, bless
my soul, sir, they wus all giants then;
lhere wasn't a humble individual hero.
Giants, sir, giants, every ono."
Aud Lomax re-strapped his razor,
turned our hoad gently and began again:
"And how did they como hero, sir?
Omnibuses, hucks? Not they! Private
carriages, private .servants, and each hud
a square mahogany box, with silver
mountings. In this were four t-quaro
buttles, trimmed with vines und leaves
of gold; ono held old piuoiippln rum,
ono brandy aud houey-pouch and honey,
sir; ono sherry und ono Madeira. No
whiskey aud no drinking at bars. The
case was in every delegate's room, with
the key put away, but," ?nd hero Lomax
thoughtfully aud suggestively drew his
razor through th? palm of un huuest
huud, "their constituents know where
tho key was; sir. Yes, sir! And shav?
ing thom wus fifty cents. 'Ko change!
Those were days! Why, nothing now is
as good as it was, and I eau tell tho rea?
son. Ever since 1850, when they got up
the universal suffrage, things have been
goiug dowu, dowu, down. I never used
to shave anybody that wan nobody, and
now I hardly ever shave anybody that is
anybody. Yes, sir, that 1850 suffrage
commenced tho whole thing, and now
uothiug is liku it used to be. Why, sau?
sage, sir, sausage! the old Virginia lux?
ury 1 What is it now? It used to be
mude ont of tho oh (doest part of the hog,
und now yon'ro lucky if it's u hog at all;
?ind when it is, there is nothing but
gristle and lenu." Lomax drew a long
sigh, wo gently rose, and "declining the
chauge," left the premises with tho con?
viction that Lomax was more than half
yesterday morning, says tho Columbus
(Ga.) Sun, of tho 29th ult., a destructive
fire occurred iu Tidbotton, sweepiug
away tho entire block East of tho court
Simon Grant., the colored man who
was found iu such a terrible condition ou
James Island, ii few days ago, died on
Wo aro pleased to announce tho arrival of I
Mademoiselle CAEN, to take charge, of our j
Druau-m&kingDepartment. Mademoiselle is
one year from I'arid, and comos to us with Ma?
dama Dcmoreal's recommendations. We aro
certainly now prepared to get up a Dress in
aa ?ood stylo as any bonne in tho world.
Oct a _lb c. suivi;jv* co.
Dress- Ml akers Wanted.
I7VJUB competent banda can obtain cm
plovment uv immediate, application to
Oct 3 3_over Ricard's Stnro.
Law Firm.
THE Law Firm of Carroll. Melton A- Janney
having booti dissulvnd, I have associated
with mo, in tho practice of Law, W. A.
Clark, Eeq. Tho business will hereafter bo
conducted m ibo linn namo of Moiton A
Clark. C. D. MELTON.
Oct 3_Imo
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
?ar Ofiko over Glaze's Jowehy Store.
Oct 3 2mo
True Brotherhood Lodge No. 84, A. F. M.
jK TUE Kogular Communication of
^WfTruo Brotherhood Lodge, No. 81 will
^^\he held iu Masonic Hali, THIS ( Tues?
day ) EVENIN?, at 7 o'clock. Bv order of tho
W. M. O. M. WALKEK, Sec'y.
Oct 31_
Palmetto Fire Company.
- s ATTEND a rogti
r \lar parado, in full
^^^^g^^j^^^^ uniform,whh black
^^==jS W * |y meeting will ho
Imidin tho Hall, in tho EVENING, at7 o'clock.
Bv order: T. P. PU USE,
Oct 3 1 Secretary.
Mrs. A. McCormick
WILL be propared to opon her
x^Sfes. handsome and woll selected
igWflKffff Hho han juat returned from
S?S?B<?# ^ow ?ork\ where olio Bjiarod no
V*'f\7l PftulH *n tllt} Holeotiou of her
Jil stock, Hoping thereby to bo able
$ pr to please uaoh and overy ono who
may favor hor with a call.
Her atook cousista of Bonnets, Hats and
O&ps, of tho latest and moat fashionable
stylos. Handpooo Flounces and Feathers in
oudloss variety. Corsets of tho very host
mako. Fura of tho latest styles, at remark?
ably low price*. Also, a good supply of tubae
handsomo roady-madn Suits, all of which she
otTora at very low prices.
Mrs McCormick solicita a continuation of
tho kind patronage of thu ladies of Columbia
and vicinity, assuring thurn that she will do
aUJn her power to ploa*o Pot 3
WE aro sound on tho FISH question.
New MACKElUiL-Booton inspec?
tion-in kits, half b.irruls and barro s.
Also, '*Moss Maukorul." Thoso aro strange
Fish-having neither heads nor tails.
Also, Cndlish, Tongues and Sounds, highly
recommended by thu lacnlty.
For Balo by OEO. SYMMEUS.
It is stated that in New York city, re?
cently, a quantity of human hair, silky,
silver gray, and thirty inches long,
was sold for 835 an ounce-neatly
twice ns much aa gold will bring. Ono
house in that city has imported 0,000
pounds of hair sinoo January, paying
for it $100,000 in gold. They have at
work on it 103 girls, who earn from
twelve to eighteen dollars a week ; and
yet they und tho demand greater than
the supply. Hair has advanced twenty
five per cent, in market value, and is
likely to go up twenty-five per cent. moro.
At last, tho pestiferous house-flies uro
to moot tho futo they deserve. Titus
villo, Pa., has invented a reliable sort of
fly-paper. This fly-paper is covered
with nitro-glycerine, glue and molasses.
The flics, attracted by tho molasses,
alight, and aro stuck fast by (ho gino.
Should any got away, they proceed to
rub their legs together in eustacy, when
tho friction of their own shins causes thc
uitro-glycerino adln ring to their feet
and limbs to explode, blowing thom to
After much consideration of the ques?
tion of tho most fitting studio to crown
the top of tho reconstructed Veudome
(Johnno, M. Thiers has very logically
conni oded that Napoleon I, tu his gray
overcoat and cocked-hat, shall bo re?
placed there. This is a proper solution
of the matt or, si nco tho Vendome
Column without the first Emperor would
be a paradox.
Divers who'go under the sea, say that
sharks never go to tho bottom, but play
around near tho surface, but they fre?
quently seo small tish es all around them
while on tho bottom. They insert their
noses into all Ibo crevices of thc armor,
and pnrtioniarly show a curiosity to exa?
mino tho glass eyes, and are sometimes
very troublesome.
TAKING) LIDBIITIES.-lu announcing
his intention to submit to tho action of
tho Mussachusett i Republican Conven?
tion, General Huller said: "1 foci mysolf
bound by it as a twin of honor." This is
a "now departure," nod it appears to us
that this notorious gentleman has taken
a liberty with honor which is tho most
unwarrantable act of his lifo.
Au Irishmnn, noticing a lady pass
down the street, espied two strips de?
pending from under her mantle. Not
knowing that theso were styled sashes,
and were hangiug in their right place,
ho exclaimed: "An' faith, ma'am, ycr
galluses uro loose 1"
Tho Paris Commune, during their
short reign, bumed the guillotine; but
Hendreeht, tho chief executioner for
Paris, bas been commissioned to make
uuother-this ti nc of iron.
It is asserted that when tho Europcuu
and North American Railway from Ban?
gor to St. John is completed, tho ocean
voynge to Europe can be made iu five
IN aid of Public Library State of Kontuikv.
$350,000 iu (?BEEN BACKS to bc diotr'i
butud. Tickets mar be obtained of
Sept 2(5 i? At W. C. Fisher's Drug Store.
Fulton Market Meats, &c.
Pickled Ile cf hounds.
Smuked lioef.
Smoked Beef Tonguin. '
Hams-choicest brand*. Breakfast Bacou.
Received weekly- always fresh.
Sept 20_ _ GEO. SYMMF.RS^
Imported Ales and Porter.
London and Dubbu POUTER and Bremen
N. B.-Those have, no Cocains Indiens or
strychnine in their composition. Parties
preferring Buch ingredients can obtain thom
puro at Dr. Heiuitoh's. Wu would, however,
recommend a moderato uso of those drugs, as
the supply of undertakers in this citv is
limited. _ GEO. BYMMEBS.
Wines and Liquors.
TIIESE scarcoly requiro advertising. Our
branda of imported WINES and BRAN?
DIES aro exclusively our own, being import?
ers' agents for whatever wo^lo not import
ourselves. Will ho glad to exhibit stock.
Sept 21)_G EG. SYMMEBS.
Maccaroni, ?ftc.
?)/~\ CASES Italian MACCAUONI.
?imiKJ 5 casca Ye rm noel li.
1 case Tapioca.
Sea Moss Farina, Arrow Boot, Ac.
? All fresh. ; ; GEO. SYMMFBS.
Another Supply of New Books.
FOUR YEABS AT YALE, by a Grad?alo of
King Arthur. A Poem-by Lord Lytton.
Travels of a Doclor of Physic.
Stories Trom Old English Poetry-by Abbey
Sage Bichardann.
Pictures of Travel-hy flans Christian
Buskins' Letters to tho Workmen.
Origin of Loweat Organisms-by Bastian.
Gideon's Bock-by Katherine Sauuderu.
Episodes in Obscuro Lifo.
Onida's last novol, Folio Fauno.
Dotvniiig'd Selected Fruits for ibo Market
and warden.
Aleo, a largo assortment o? L.VTE NOVELS,
I juat received and for sale by
_Oo tl_BJtYAN fi M cCARTER.
THE law firm of CARItOLL, MELTON ?
JANNEY ia thia day dissolved hy mutual
consent. J. P. CARROLL,
C. D. ME./TON,
_October 1, 1871. 0l5tA3"
Law Partnership.
11HE undersigned havo thia day onterod
into copartnership in tho practice of Law,
under thc li rm narnu of C ABBOLL & JAN?
NEY. Oflico over Glazo's jowolry Htoro.
J. P. CAltltOLL,
Ootober 1J87L Get ia
Factor and Commission Merchant.
Office at Dr. Heinitah'a Drug Store,
-I BOXES as sor t od O ll AC K E UR.
L\JU KJ0 boxes aeson cd Canned Gooda.
f.0 boxes Soap.
fit) boxes Candy.
DU boxes Caudles.
200 barrels Flour.
GO barrels Whiskey, coming in and in store,
mid to which wo invito tho attention of the
trado. L?RICK ii LOWRANCE.
Ha ocal Items.
PI?ONIXIANA.-The price of single
copies of the PHOENIX is Q ve cents.
Frost was reported last week at Kings?
ville, Kingstree, Darlington and Obester.
A fond wife threw a bottle of hair re?
storative at her husband's head, causing
him to exclaim, "Wo must part-the
dye is cast."
Holdiug ice in the mouth is the latest
cure for sore thront.
Who pays tho highest price for a
home? Tho womuu who marries . for
Mr. J. N. Coon has been appointed by
Governor Scott u beneficiary in the
South Carolina University.
A now law firm has been organized
Major C. D. Melton-a veteran-and
his son-in-law, Mr. W. A. Clark. See
card in another column.
Our merchants, und others wishing to
prepare for tho fall business, will please
take notice that the PJIONIX office iu
supplied with all necessary material foi
us huudsomu cards, bill heads, poolers,
circulars, and other printing thnt maybe
desired, us any oflico iu tho city. Give
Us a call and test our work.
The camp meeting at Trenholm'f
Grove, (or Hampton's, as it is more
commonly known,) was an immense
affair. Everything passed off pleasantly
-we had ulmost said quietly. Full)
5,1)00 persous-mostly colored-were ot
tho ground Sunday.
The Exchange House inaugurates thc
oyster season to day, by au instalmcn
ol "deep-waters." October has un r
so don't bo afraid.
The drawings of tho Charleston Cha
ritable Association were inaugurated ii
this eily, yesterday, ut tho oflico on Mail
street, ueur Lady. A goodly crowd wai
in attendance, and although mauy wen
disappointed, still several substantia
prizes were obtained.
The Rural Carolinian, for October, i
before us, and is au excellent number
It is tho only agricultural work in th
State. Tho subscription price is S2 pe
annum. Walker, Evans Sc Cogswell an<
D. Wyatt Aiken aro tho publishers. Th
Rural and tho WEEKLY GLEANEII are fur
uished at SI.
Old John Robinson's circus and mena
geri is coming. Tho two shows, wo un
derstaud, aro under separate pavilions
so that those who wish to seo only th
auimals can do so without witnessing tb
circus performances.
J. H. Ki vern and C. D. Hay no hav
been appointed Notarios Public for Ai
keu County.
The gentlemen who sigucd their name
to a list for tho purpose of forming
chess club, will pleuso meet this (Tuef
day) afternoon, October 3, ot 5 o'clock
in the rear room of the Citizens'Saving
Bank, for the purpose of organizing th
. Tho thermometer ranged us follow
yesterday at tho Pollock House: 7 A
M., 55; 12 M., G4j 2 P. M., 68; 7 E
M., G8.
A feminine child of this world, n
doubt wise in her generation, nnivel
Bays: "I never drosB much for the plaj
because every one is looking at thestagi
but no ono is moro particular about the
dress at church."
?MAH, AmiANOEMENTS.-Tho Northei
mail opens at 3.00 P. M.; closeB 7.1
A. M. Charleston day mail opeus 4.(
P. M.; closes 6.00 A. M. Chariestc
night mail opens 6.30 Ai M. ; closes 6.(
P. M. Greenville mail opens 6.45 1
M.; closes 6.00 A. M. Western mc
opens 00 A. M.; closes 1.30 P. M. C
Sunda oflico open from 3 to 4 P. M.
Coc?a1.-The fall term of tho Cou
of Goucral Sessions commenced yeste
dny, Judge Melton presiding. M
Arthur Grimball was appointed st
nographer to tho Court, and took tl
oath required. t
The grand jury drawn at the la
term of the Court appeared and answer?
to their names-L. F. Hopson noting
foreman. Tho jury, after a sho
charge from tho Judge, retired, ai
after tho examination of the oases giv<
to them by acting Solioitor Barnwe
made the following returns:
True bills as to Charles Davis, assat
and buttery with intent to kill; Christi!
Hussung, nssault and battery; Willia
H. Trezevant, Robert S. Trezevant ai
Benjamin James, assault and batter
Walter Bithel, grand larceny; Arth
Williams, assault with intent to coma
a rape; Abraham Ku flin, grand lateen
Abraham Starling, grand larceny; ai
no bills ns to Louis Alexander ai
othors for ussault and battery; Jam
Jones, petit larceDy.
W. R. Parker, Esq., was appoint
foreman of Jnry No. 1, aud Green ]
Williams of Jury No. 2.
Owing to tho absenco of sevei
jurors, Conimissioner J. P. Adams w
ordered to draw fifteen ndditiot
jurors to attend tho Court on Weduced
Yesterday morniug, while our old fellow
citizen, John Agnew, Esq., was oxercis- '
iug ono of his horses in a light sulky,
tho axle-tree broke, the wheel turned
under, and the occupant was thrown "
oat, the reins becoming twisted around
his legs; fortunately, however, tho shafts
threw the horso tu the ground,, where he
remained porfeotly quiet, and Mr. A. was
enabled to release himself-tho only da?
mage being some slight bruises. , ?v<
lu the afternoon,, Mr. T. M. Pollook.
was kindly "airing" tho proprietor of
tho PHONIX. when one of the bolts in
the Bbafts slipped out, the vehicle was
"slowed" round and tho owner thrown
heavily to tho ground. Tho auimnl, be
uoming frightened by the shafts striking
his legs, started off, the off fore-wheel
wus smashed, add "ye local" brought up
in tho sand-bed uoar tho store of Mr.'E.
Hope. Result in each case-a dilapi?
dated vehicle.
ATION.-This association hold its first
anniversary meeting last evening. Tho
full reports luid before the association
showed the prudence, care and economy
with which its affairs have been ma?
naged. Tho election of officers resulted,
us follows:
II. O'Neale, Jr., President, vice J. P.
Thomas, who declined a re-election.
Board of Directors-John McKenzie,
John Fisher, G. A. Shields, W. C.
Swafheld, G. L. Dial, John D. Caldwell.
Secretary and Treasurer-A. G. Bre
After the announcement of the. vote
for officers, the President made a few
remarks and yielded the chair to the
President elect, who, in becoming terms,
expressed Inn acknowledgments to the
Upon motion of Mr. Dial, a vote of
thanks was tendered to Colonel Thomas,
for the able and courteous manner in
which he had presided over the meetings
of tho association. Tho meeting then
Nickerson House-J. T. Robertson, L.
Vf. White. Abbeville; D. G. Caldwell,
Concord; T. C. Robertson, Winnsboro;
James Snuley, J. S. Herndon, J. A.
Glenn, Yorkvillo; John Buckhead, New
Orleans; Thoa. Gist, Miss L. C. Gist,
Miss Gertrude Gist, Thurston Gist,
Clarence Gist, Arkansas; John McDon
gal, Florida; Miss Jennie Unid, Greens?
boro; James Richardson, Cuba; John
Gist, Union; J. S. Green, S. C.: M.
Strauss, Charleston; F. E. Bacon, J. O.
Fraucis, Now York; J. T. Can Iber,
Florida; D. T. Corbin, S. C.; R. H.
Bradfield, Salisbury; J. T. Barnes,
Cincinnati; H. J. Hall, S. C.
Central Hotel-A. Josselyn, Greenville;
W. C. Meredith, Newberry; Y. H.
Syuger, Y. M. Syuger, Augnsta; Richard
Golden, Montreal; G. H. Wilking, Ches?
ter; G. M. Johnson, city; Mrs. M. Tra
mcl aud daughter, S. C. ; A. C. Cunning?
ham, "Williamaton; C. 0. Scragg, 8. C.;
J. S. Russel!, G. & C. R. R. ; J. N. Ber?
nier, Union; James Bogg, 8. & U. R. R. ;
M. Nicely, G. & C. ll. R. ; J. S. Land,
Columbia Hotel-A. Vf. Wardell, Fred.
Fanning, W. H. Evans, Mr. and Mrs.
B. C. Pressley, Miss Anna Burokmever,
Charleston; F. Goss, Camden; T."W.
Woodward, P. Bacot, Du HOBO Egleston,
A. J. Lamar, A. E. Ellison, T. R. Ro?
bertson, Mrs. W. R. Robertson, Winns?
boro; J. Gnery, N. Y.; Mrs. A. White,
Miss Ada White, Rock Hill; Rev. James
McDonell, wife and child, Mrs. C. D.
McDonell, Clarendon; James S. White,
city; J. P. Adams, Gadsden; J. H. S.'
Cummings, Winnsboro; J. D.' Robert?
son nnd wife, Blufton; J. H. Livingston,
Bennettavillc; R. C. Watts, Laurens; W.
C. Grier, wife aDd child, Duo West; J.
T. Green, Jr., city.
Jacob Levin-Auction.
R. C. Shiver & Co.-Card,
Meeting Palmetto Fire Company.
Carroll & Janney-Attorneys nt Law.
True Brotherhood Lodge.
Mrs. M. J. Morrison-Dress-Makers.
Melton & Clark-Law Firm.
J. S. G. Richardson-Land Sale.
Mrs. A. McCormick-Millinery.
table Association, for benefit Free Behool fund:
RAFFLE CLASS NO. Wb.-Morning-Qctobtr 2.
C9-1-72 68-45 43-24-30-19-21-11-53
Witness my baud, at Columbia, this 21 day
of Octobor, 1871. FENN PECK.
Oct 3 Sworn Commissioner.
DOOLEY'S YEAST POWOEB stands unequaled
for making light, healthy and nutritious rolls,
biscuits, griddlo cakes, Ao. The ingredients
used in tho manufacture of this powder are
not only chemically pure, but so proportioned
that tho rusults produced aro tho same each
timo. In this respect, it posaeFsod superi?
ority over ad others in tho market. Only tn o
toa spoon-fiils are required for a quart of
flour. For salo by grocers generally. UBO
Dooley's Yoast Powder only. Duoley St Bro?
ther, Proprietors, 09 Now street, Now York.
Oct 3 43
-? ?
Wo learn from our Charleston exchanges that
Mr. P. P. Toalo, tho well-known manufaotni or
of Doors, Sashes, Blinds, Seo., baa established
a dopot at Nu. 20 il ayno street, where he koops
constantly on hand not only all articles from
his own manufactory, but also overy varloty
of buihlors* hardware, French and American
window glass, both plain and ornamental,
alato mantels, and, in Bhort, everything, ne?
cessary tn Unihh handaomoly a rcsldonce, a
?torc, or a church. Aug 81}
New Maokerel.
z\r\/\ wnof.K. flair B?rrela and Kits
?SUI J Noa. I, 2 and 8, Boston inspection,
just received aud for aalo much lower than at
aiiy time since tho "littlo unpleasantness.
?opt 17 *? HOPE.

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