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_ ?- -? T ?----J
Tit? Cautil? ot ito? Over bi?? of Honda.'
^ As our reader? -/nay presumo, we have
not the honor of Governor Scott'scon?
denoo. Nor does tho PHONIX interview
people whoso ?tateme nts, after they are
marie, may jolt o% well be deetrigd false
as true. Aa his Excel 1 ency is now ar-'
reigned before the bar of tho public, and
baa been placed.'by tho New,York World
in th? ortmiaaTs dook, lt is proper that'
his defence bo heard. Tho correspond
ent of the Charleston Courier has inter?
viewed 1 OoViT Booti.' 'About the"'oily
praotioal piece of information he gives,
is that arrangements have been made to
take tho financial agency of the State
from the present agent and place it in
the banda of the Union Trust Company,
Of New York. That is, Gov. Scott A
Ob. propose to look the stable doors
after toe horses of the State have been
stolen; and be, perhaps, not the least
pdtoriorjB in the bond of the Radi?
cal officials who have grown, fat and
waxed Baucy upon the bleeding and mu?
tilated body of prostrate Carolina. Why,
we oak his Excellency, did you make
Kimpton your financial agent in New:
York, and pince millions of State secu?
rities in his unknown hands, without ex?
acting eren, a bond from him, such as an
assistant cashier gives in one pf onr oity
banka? You Sud your advisers, we aay
to bis Eioellenoy, are responsible in law
and morals for all'that the Stato of South
Carolina may lose from the great con?
spiracy-flnaaoial-whereby unknown
millions may perhaps have been added
to the public debt of Sooth Carolina.
Is it true that, tho public debt pf this
State may/new "bo, QYIM?, $25,000,000?' If
so, oan oar poor and plundered people
pav 9l,50O,O0Q per annum interest oh:
that debt, ?nd,'besides that sum, the
current expenses of the Government?
Whither are wc drifting?.' Whither sails,
the ship of State? Ao d what says the
Attorney-General of the State? Have
yon no duties'in thia crisis to discharge?
If tho State has been plundered-if the
treasury bas been invaded-as we know
is the osse-is it not the duty of the At?
torney-General tb proceed against the
plunderers? : Where frauda were alleged
in New York, Gov. Hoffman pnt his At?
torney-General to work. If Scott is no
Hoffman, is it also the case that Cham?
berlain is no Champlain? We said that
this man Kimpton would cost the State
at least $1,000,100. Is it that our esti?
mate was very moderate? It looks very
mach like it. Alas for South Carolina,
when swindlers and robbers prey upon
her, and then hide themselves under the
TjDited States flag! Scott & Co. plunder
onr people, and then call upon Graut,
and be puts them under military rule!
? ^ ? ?
The Recent Triennial Convention nf thc
Protestant Episcopal Cliurcn.
Thia august and imposing body com?
pleted its labors on Ootober 26, last. It
was held iu Baltimore, and amoog the
divines and laymen present were repre?
sentatives from South Carolina. There
were representatives also from the Mo?
ther Church in Old England. The ses?
sion of the Convention lasted twenty
days, and a good ' deal of business was
despatched. We observe that tbe an?
cient reputation of the Protestant Epis?
copal Church for u wise conservatism
for tbat golden mean which lies between
extremes-was maintained. The debatt a
were harmonious. Tbe first not of the
"reveroud fathers in God" was to signify
their desire to canonically forbid certain
praotices which we're creeping into the
the Church and loading it Homewards.
This subject led to an interesting de?
bate, and introduced the vexed question
of ritualism. Finally, as wo aro in?
formed, a resolution was almost unani?
mously passed, "condemning ceremo?
nies, ko., foreign to standards of the
Church, and holding that the paternul
counsel and advice of the bishops wus
sufficient ai this time to suppress all
that is unseemly and irregular." An?
other important work of this Conven?
tion wag the declaration of tho House of
Bishops as to the word "regenerate," as
nsed in the offices of the Church for the
ministration of the baptism of infanta.
It was held that no moral change ia
wrought in the subject of baptism. The
Convention also decided to restore tbe
.noient order of "deaconesses" in the
Church, and authorised the organiza?
tion of "houses of meroy," where wo?
men oan take vows and live a holy life
in acts of charity and religious servioc.
Upon the whole, we aro inclined tc
.onclndo that the Convention did its bu?
siness in a calm, wise and sagacious
spirit-as noto God and not unto man.
If work of no striking character wut
done, and if few great points were set
tied, yet a vast amount of regalar and
necessary busioess was transacted, ano
the foundations of tho Charoh were hf!
' ?i ?iwjanjyfsTTiiis.iwgr "
The State Agricultural end Meobaui
0*1 Society met last evening io tbe Coa rt
Ho nye,7Prest den t Hagood llu th e oh ai rf,
The B^BsidoQ^ onaoenoed ?spheJfiraf
mattest bus?jesa tfco questf?ip ofjtbfc
biliary to
the society, abd threw out suggestion?
aa to it? vital importance. Col. Thornes
seconded the suggestions of the, fl?air.
and urged the adoptiou of the tioheme
as the ono beat calculated to sooaro the
eada aimed at by the society.' Mr. Ri
ohardBon took the same "ground," us did
Judge Moiton. Gan. Ohesnut. Gol. Ai?
ken, and Mr. Mblntosh. It had been de?
termined previously to organise upon the
basis of .810,000 subscribed. Mr. Ri?
chardson, seconded by Mr. Baxter,
moved the Secretary open the lists for
eubeoriptiooa forthwith. This was done
and a handsome* som immediately sub?
scribed-tho understanding being that
each subscriber would put bis s?bscrip
tion in the form of a note, upon printed
forms being provided.
Upon motion, a committee of twelve
was appointed to proceed forthwith to
canvass the oity of Columbia and the
visitors to the fair in behalf of the joint
stook scheme.
The President appointed Edward
Hope, J. S. Biobardson, lt. C. Shiver,
R. O'Nenie, Jr., Dr, R. W. Gibbes, G.
E. Bogga, J. M., Baxter, A. B. Springs,
J. J. McClure, Dr. G. H. Miot, B. G.
Lamar, J. C. Sedgers.; 1
Mr. Lawton moved the appointment
of delegates to the Agricultural Googress
at Selma: Wade Hampton, T. W. Wood?
ward, J. S. Richardson, A. H. Waring,
H. T. Peake, A. B. Springs, M. W. Gary,
J. H. Sor even, T. C. Weatherby, R. M.
Sims, E. S. Ketti,- A. M. Foster, J. A.
Leland, T. H. Clarke, Samuel MoAliley,
Carlos Tracy, A. D. Frederick, D. Wyatt
Aiken, W. H. Duncan and J. P. Thomas.
Generui Cbosout moved that Dr.
Means, the delegate from Georgia, be
invited to address the society.
, Dr. Menus delivered an interesting,
suggestive and eloquent address, foi
which, on motion, he received the thanke
of the KOO ie ty.
The committee on nominations report?
ed the following officers for the ensuing
year: President, Johnson Hagood; Vice
Presidents, William Wallace, T. W,
Woodward, W. M. Lawton, B. F. Wil
liamaon; Executive Committee, J. P
Thomas, E. McIntosh, J. B. Moore. R
O'Neale, Jr., T. D. Dotterer; Seorotarj
and Treasurer, D. Wyatt Aiken.
Upon motion of Gen. Chesnnt, the re
port was adopted.
Upon motion, the sooioty adjourned tc
meet at the Court House, on Friday
evening next, at 6 o'clock.
Rica GEOBOIA.-Governor Bullock
the notorious carpet-bagger who ha?
lately disgraced the position of Oo verti?
of Georgia, has resigned his office
With singular frankness ho assigns ai
the cause of this not tho fuot that tin
Legislature had impeached bim, ant
that bis conviction is certain. Of con rsi
the Legislature is, in his own view
utterly corrupt, and he is a sort of latter
day Christian martyr, greatly improvet
upon tho original model of the earl;
martyrs. He, however, expresses a con
?dence that the Lieuteuuat-Governor
who suooeeds him, will prove as worth;
of confidence-on the part of Genera*
Grant-us he himself bas proved; whiol
munt be a very gratifying oertiUcato o
character to his successor. This fellov
has beou ono of the most subtle tools o
tho administration io ruling the South
His dishonesty sud utter waut of de
coney, have bneu perfeotly familiar ti
everybody. Yet the Ridio.tl press hu
until now steadily defended him, um
uuswered every protest of patriotic mn
honest Dieu against him by the ory o
disloyalty and tho accusation of Ki
Kluxism.-New York World.
-. -
Newa learns that it is proposed by
company to purchase from the Wi I
mingtoD, Columbia and Augusta Ruil
road Company the ead of their roai
from Sumter in the direction of King
ville, (which will probably be abandone
on the completion of the through line,
and build au air line from tbat point t
Millen, Georgia, which will open a shot
through line fur the Southern und Weal
ern truvel going North, and place Sun:
ter on au important through line fe
THE undersigned wishes moot respeuttuli
to apologize to tho ladies, who, this day, a
tended the races at tho Ht ato Fair, and wi
nesacd his improper conduct. Ho assurt
thom that any language ho may havo give
utteranoo to, did not, in any manner, reflu?
upon thom, and was made whilo un 1er grei
As for tho opinion formed by any of tl
malea, who may hare become incensed, I
be wiebes it distinctly understood bo dnoa n<
caro an iota. O. B.-FltANKLIN.
ConuMiUA. 8, 0., Novena bur 8, 1871.
Nov 0_1
For Sale,
ONE now, eight [8] horan stationary E?
OINK and .101 ii hil. warranted in tira
rato order, and ?rill bu sold at a bargain I
applying at thu oftlco. '_Nov 0 3
r^rJRi NE A H tho Fair Oronnds, laut ove
gg. afra Uo<:l-Hau SAOULE, whioh il
Tr^^1"""" can get by paying for tn
?uvertiaomeut. The Saddle mav be seen i
the I uotNtx UIHoa. JOHN LLK.
Nov0 1
Yesterday,. eke . crowd . at - the fair
groanda far oui-ai|?^bjMr^^kat oi lba,
previous ?*tyr anttTra^
Uih* If tKe officers of the association.
-A^to tolghonr. Mi*W^kWl. ip
commence? moving
the oity-48wardji?8$?f?\m9*i?ad Qpr
lombia's street! presented a gala appear?
ance, such as wo hate seldom oeoo since
tho war. The nnmber of Strangers from
tiff oquatry. had^wateas?d very percepti?
bly sinde ' aton?r?V, fln'd many happy
greeUngs were ?jlveo; anc? received from
fr louds encl ncqnaiBtundoff ti) na brought
together* in" happy meeting. Smiling
faces were visible everywhere, and it
seemed as though,each and everyone
bad determined to hi y aside tb? cares
aod troubles which are surrounding us
on every side, and let happiness reign
Tbe grounds and buildings were
thronged in every part, until it became
almoat impossible to pass from one part
to another, yet every one submitted to
the compressing process good-naturedly.
Even the ladies seemed to enjoy it-per?
haps they were nsed to it.
At 10 o'clock, the brass bands "played
off" for the championship of the State,
as the best blowers. The Firemen's
Band, of this city, nader Prof. Ly Brand,
and Thompson's (colored) Band, were
tbe two contestants. Eauh band per?
formed two of their best pieces, and
elicited the applause of the large num?
ber of listeners, filling all the Beats sur?
rounding the amphitheatre. The com?
mittee selected consisted of Cols. Bush
and Taylor and Prof, W. H. Orchard.
These gentlemen awarded the prize of
$300 to LyBraod'a Band, but all unite
in a_h<gbly complimentary notice of
Thompson's Band.
At ll o'clock, a game of base ball was
played between the B. E. Lee and the
Alert Clubs. The game was very spirit?
ed and hotly contested, and resulted in
a neuro of 14 to 23 io favor of the Alerts.
We regret that circumstances inter?
fered with the arrangement for baking
bread and cooking other articles by u
little girl, eleven years of ega. Every?
thing wa s ready for the contest, but the
stove having been placed upon the wrong
side of the building, it was found that
there was not Buffioient draught, lt is
to be hoped that a more successful effort
will be made to-day, aod that all the vi?
sitors will take an interest in this mutter,
as too much encouragemeut cauuut be
awarded to those who ure willing to work
with their own bands.
A number of fine horses were exhibit?
ed in the arena, giving a tine opportuni?
ty for horsemen to show off their cques
trianBhip. Among the horses on exhibi?
tion at tho fair, we particularly noticed
a finn animal entered by A. Eshelman,
Esq. For size sad beauty he cannot be
We were pleased to observe that oar
frieads from the oouatry seemed to be
interested in tbe portable gos machines
on exhibition. These uro tbe very tbinge
for country towns and private housed,
and should be very extensively intro?
duced throughout the State, especially
in hotels aud public buildings. The
machine known as the Columbia Porta?
ble Gas Machine, took the prize yester?
day at the Mechanics' Institute Fuir in
New York. The other machine, by thu
Southern Oas Light Company of Colum?
bia, claims many advantages over all
others. They are both, doubtless, good
machinan, and worthy of extensive snle.
Wu noticed a very superior carnet and
rug from tho establishment of Messrs.
J. II. & M. L. Kinard, which attruoted
the attention of housekeepers. The dis
play of carpets is exceoJingly handsome,
from the three bouses of Messrs. Ki
nurd's, Shiver Sc Co., and Love A Co.
A show cuso filled with silver ware, t(
bo given away us prizes, was a new at
traction. They are furnished by tin
well-known Charleston house of W. G.
Whildeu, and ure of the very best muk?
and material. Among them wo obaorvi
silver te? sets, pitchers, goblets, cups,
spoons, ladies, forks, fruit knives, nap
kiu riugs, uud immy other articles, all o
which will be givea away to tho fortn
natu exhibitors who excol in their re?
spective departments.
Many persons wero attracted to tin
neighborhood of the pianos, as a mini
ber of amateurs tried tho instrument
and pronounced them very iiuu. A li ttl?
miss, not moro tbau ten years of age
played so ve ral pieces with great preci
sion, showing marked musical talent.
The bazaar wus the centre of alt rsc
(ion, particularly about dm uer time, am
it was to be regretted that more spuci
bud not been allotted to the ladies, ai
they could have kept three times tlx
number of tubles whioh they bad, con
stuntly occupied with customers. Mun;
a hungry waiter was observed, wuitio)
for a vacant obair at some table, whil
the lady wuiters earned goldeu praise
by their patient efforts to pleuso und ac
oommodate all who came. We trus
their receipts wera largo, to compens?t
them iu some degree for their urduou
A groat nnmbor of sido-shows were ti
bo seen on every baud-some with larg
teots aod flowing placards, nnaounciui
fat woman, Indian jugglers aod dolla
stores; while others were stationed ii
various places upon the grounds, catch
tog the unwary with every manner o
s?beme to ease them of tboir raooej
Thero were shootings at targets, throw
I lug dice, pitching hogs and variou
other questionable amusement*. Tb
flying horses attracted tbe attention c
the children, and wero well patronize
by the little folks and tboir nurses.
lo the afternoon, there were two race
for purses of 820. The horses entere
were Geode Annie, by H. Browo; Littl
Elia, by W. C. Mikel!; Palmetto, by I
F. Chapeau; Gary, by John Woolley
sorrel saddle horse, by T. J. Har pei
aud Wild Arab, by Boyce & Co. Ot
jeotiou having beeu raised, the last thro
horse1!} were "withdrawn." Tbo first threw
ran?-Gentle Annie winning the race, one
aiile, in 55>?. The last three horses
then ran for another paree of ?20-Gary
Winning the raoo in 49|$. g j
There were, several ecrnb races, but
nothing of any Yu ter est, "~ a v
- The day closed without any accident
occurring to any of the largo throng
collected to goth or, arid every body re?
turned to their homes in good spirits,
and Veil repaid for their day's labors.
To-day the great attraction will' be the
riding at the ring, by quite a number of
geptlemen, ' who . baye ontored their
nauiea. "W.eJearn .J'".*' uiosteen or
twenty h?ve volunteered for~the oc?
casion, so that there may bu expected
much interest' to-day. We trust a large
number of visitors will bo ?o hand, to
give encouragement tu the ridera, and
cheer them np in their work.
A large number of ?trangers arrived
last night by all the trains, so that the
city is crowded almost to ita ut m ont ca?
pacity; still, there is room for a few
moro. Let all oome who cnn, aud we
will try to give them a hearty welcome.
We had nearly omitted to make par?
ticular mention of a magnificent horse,
on exhibition, by Dr. J. F. Ensor. Hie
admirers were numerous, aud many
were tho sentiments of praise bestowal
upon him. The Doctor may well feel
proud of his speoimen in the stock line.
York World says :
"We were wrong in thinking South
Carolina only tormented by tho yellow
fever which desolates her sea-coast and
Mr. Grant's despotism which harries her
western border. A third calamity op?
presse.) ner, and that is the astouudiug
robbery which bret fl ods a revelation in
our columns to-day. It 6eems that the
debt of the Stute, which wus $5,000,000
when the present scoundrel government
took place, and which waa admitted by
Governor Scott shortly after tho Tax?
payers' Convention meeting in Columbia
in May laat to bo from $12,000,000 to
$14,0U0,000, is now ascertained to be, at
the least, $25,000.000. Bouda to over
$20,000,000 have been printed in thie
city, and the exact stains of the South
Carolina debt no man can to-day say.
The reconstructed Governor Scott, now
in this city, caunot tell, neither unn any
of his ofllcial8, all of whom have like?
wise swarmed hither of late, Bay. An im?
penetrable cloud rests over these ?nancea,
and all that clearly appears is this:
that thens have been $20,000,000 of
bonds printed in this city, and of the
whole inane, it may be written nulla vnsti
gia retrorsum -none cun explain where
tho money has gone. We bear that in?
terest payable in this city has beeu
promptly met after the fashion of swind?
ling corporation:! winch borrow money
to pay dividends, while interest payable
in the capital of South Carolina baa been
allowed to go by default, in the hope
that such default in that far-swi?y region
might not excite the attention any de?
fault in Wall street would arouse. Fur?
ther, we have it that open war is declared
betweeu Scott, the reconstructed Govern?
or, and the broker formerly his fidus
Achates in this city for the management
of tho Stnte funds.
"Still further, iu ull this appear the
ear-markB of that great natioual gift
taker, Mr. Grant. The reconstructed
Governor Scott was, prior to his election,
a Freedmen's Bureau mun, ono ui Phil?
anthropist Howard's servitors. Philan?
thropist Howard beiug a bird of the
samo feather with Receiver-General
Graut, a kindly feeling is entertained to?
wards reconstructed Governor Scott by
the administration. Whether this fel?
low-feeling has led to tho military despo?
tism now existent in South Carolina with
the object of keeping those monstrous
financial rascalities in the family, does
not now appear. It soon may."
merous frieuds and relatives of thia
estimable gentleman will be pained to
learn of bis death, which occurred at his
hom?, hear our village, on tho moruiug
of the 2d inst., in the forty-seventh year
of his ugo. Capt. Cuughmno leaves u
widow and nn interesting family, with a
largo circlo of irieuds and relutives in
our midst, to mourn tho loss of a good,
kind, generous and Christian man,
honorable ami upright citizou.
[Lexing'on Dispatch.
Mrs. Crossland, of Sumter, who hud
nearly reached her ono hundredth birth?
day, diud last work.
There were GO deaths in Charleston
for the week ending the 4th-whites 2b;
oolored 20.
New York claims ot noon on a week
day to have 1,400.000 population.
One and Two-Horse Ploughs.
THE undersigned offers for sale several of
tho above, which will bo dixpeaed of at
very low prices. JOHN ALEX kNDUR,
Nov 9 3 Conj;ari-o iron Works.
Pocket-Book Found.
ArOOKKT-HOOK, with a sum of monoy,
was found ou Upper struct, betweeu tho
Fair Grounds and Main street, yesterday,
winch the owner can have by aDplying to Ur.
W. M. Iuuker, at the Central Hotel, proving
property and paying for thia advortiaement.
_Nov9_ _1*
TUB pnblic aro informod that the following
trials of spoed will take placo on tho
Track attaohed to the Fair Grounds, punctu?
ally, at 3 o'clock TO-DAY. Entries to be
m ado with the Heoretary of the Mouth Caro?
lina Agricultural and Mechanical Society by 2
o'clock l\ M. First Haoo, mile beata. Purse,
$100 oy Society; I'iiS by subscription. Second
Race, trotting milo beats-beet 3 in 5. By
Society, 130; subscription, $125._Nov 9
auspioes of tho Stato Agricultural and
Mechanical Society, will take place on the
Fair Grounds, THIS DAY, at 12 o'clook. The
Knights wishing to participate will ninet
punctually on tho grounds, at ll A. M. No
Knights allowed to entor afior half past ll
o'clock. First, Second, Third and Fourth
Piigos will bo awardud by tho Mauagcis.
By order of tho Managers.
Nov 9 I T. HASifiLL GIBBEP, 8oc'y.
TL-? o o ct i 11? orat"? ?
PHOXIOXXAHA.-The prioe of Bingle
oopies of the^HO??ixji fije cent?.
? Tao PHO?NIX office ? supplied wi?h all
^eceisary material for aa h au deo roe car dp,
till heads, poatoro, pamphlets, hand-bills,
! rentare, and other pr?pting that may be
desired, as any office in the South. Give
us a call and test our work.
We issue a suppl?ment with our daily
of this morning, to which the attontion
of readers ia iuwited. {. f !
- Owing- to the. troubled a ta to of the
aouutry, Dr, Wheeler baa been ioroed to
indefinitely postpone his distribution of
rea! estate, advertised for to morrow.
?ll per?ons who have purchased tickets
are requested to call nt Temperance Hall
and have their money refunded.
Tho Independents paraded with their
steamer, yesterday, beaded by the Fire?
men's Bsad. Tho "play off" ???? very
satisfactory, and afforded intense gratifi?
cation to the numerous visitors.
A colored employee of the Charlotte,
Columbia and Augnsta Railroad had
three fingers of his left hand so badly
mutilated, yesterday, as to necessitate
The Firemen's Band wes conveyed to
the fair grounds, yesterday, in grand
style-a four-horse team, gaudily oapar
risoned, attached to one of the wagons of
the Southern Express Company.
J. N. Robson, Esq., the well-known
dealer in fertilizers, gave OB a call, yes?
terday. He is well and hearty.
The Tremaine combination met with a
brilliant reception, last night. Pierson
waa, as usual, warmly received; while Mr.
P. carried out his varied parts to perfec?
tion. Take it all in all, it was a per?
formance npt soon to ho forgotten.
To-night, the performance will take
place at the Niokeraon House Hall.
Mayor Alexander offers for sale-low
down-a numbor of one and two horse
plows. Tbe attention.of planters is in?
J. St. Clair Abrams, Esq., traveling
correspondent of the New York Herald,
paid us a visit yesterday. Ho has jost
returned from a visit to the insurrection?
ary district*, and reports a terrible state
of things.
Gen. Jubal A. Early is expected by the
2 o'olock train to-day. He will be the
guest of Gen. Hampton.
We present to onr readers this morn?
ing the excellent address of Gen. Ha
good, the Pr?sident of the State Agri?
cultural and Mechanical Society. It will
repay perusal.
Secure your tickets, if you desire to
attend the supper of the Survivors' Asso?
ciation, from either of the committee,
Messrs. Swaffield, Shiver, Campbell,
Leaphurt and John Crawford.
The light-fingered gentry were at work
last night, and lifted several pocket?
books. Two gentlemen, from Orange
burg, suffered quite heavily.
Mr. John Bahlmann has prepared a
perpetual almanac, nu a small sized sheet,
for ready reference. Wo have to thank
him for a copy.
Tho ball of the South Carolina Club
comes off this evening, and a grand
affair it will be, too, without doubt.
President Wm. J. Gary requests ns to
eay to gentlemen expecting to attend,
that tickets of admission can be obtain?
ed at tho drug store of Mr. W. C. Fisher,
opposite the Columbia Hotel. Secretary
R. E. Ellison will bo ou hand.
There was auothcr rush at tire differ
out hotels yesterduy, and the storn away
abilities of the proprietors were folly
Policeman No. 1 requests us to say
that our reporter must have been mis?
taken as to his being intoxicated at the
fair grounds, cn Thursday last. He
says that ho might have been a littlo ex?
cited by the crowd; bnt as he dooB not
drink, it must have been a mistake.
Wo havo been requested to say that
the committeo to obtaiu subscriptions
for the joint stock company will meot al
the Seorotary's office, on the fail
grounds, at 10 o'olock, this morning.
"THE DESPOT'S HAND."-A gentleman,
who arrived from Union, describes thc
oondition of things in that unfortunate
County as terrible. Individuals are ar?
rested right and left, and there is no re
dress. In several instances citizens hav<
been Imprisoned for more than a week,
and were then coolly informed that "i
mistake had been made." Another mic
was made upon the town of Union, jes
terday morning, at an early hour. Al
the roads leading to the town were pick
eted, and no one allowed to leave ci
enter. Several carriages, containing
ladies, (on their way to the railroad de
pot, to visit the fair ia this city,) wert
halted and turned baok. At the tim?
our informant left, arrests were being
made by squads of soldiers, accompanied
by Deputy United States Marshals. Ties?
squads were toonring the streets, having
ia their hands "black lists." A tsp or
the shoulder, and the uulnoky wight ii
turned over to an armed guard.
-?bw?"cooipt?"iotf *refc ?ahments st tho
.'Memorial' B*zaar/| *es4en*ay>, were
heavy. The lady waiters ?re attesttv?
?ad tho varied wantii.ior'harigT/iha^
l'$!*? Wrbecoe at tbe^.f e^pqnds',will
)What ia it voa esa take wi thoat hands?
Ahint. ,v' . ; .' '. ' ; f'?; ?
_ Messrs. L?rick Je Lo.wiAO?e claim. to
have l?e largest tioak of agrioult^ral
i m plo mente; hardware "and groceries of
any house in Columbia,'and beg to cali
the especial attention of visitors to the
fair . to their display of agricultural im?
plements and hardware* on the fair
grounds, and to their stock in store on
Main street-which, for quality of goods
and prices, cannot be- anrpusaed by any
boase South of Baltimore. . *
A Nsw AND Novan LNVBNTION.-Petti
arew'a patent hand plo*? requires no
horse to work it. Ita principle ia simple
and perfect, being adapted to tho planta?
tion, farm and garden. Coonty and
State rights for sale by P. P. Toale,
Charleston, S. C. Mr. P. T. Morey, at
the Colombia Hotel, has the plow in
charge, and will, be pleased in ?bowing
the plow to any parties interested. We
deem this es an important invention,
and believe a for I noe open to the right
man. '
call the attention of oar citizens to Ibis
enterprise, BO intimately associated,with
the interests of Columbia. Subscrip?
tions de novo, have bess started. The
Stats Agricultural and Mechanical So?
ciety have appointed a committee tV> ob?
tain subset ip tiona from this city and the
visitors to the fair., We b olio va that oar
citizens Will move generously and
promptly in this matter. No part of the
State can have HO large un interest aa
Columbia in th? development of the
State fairs. '
On Friday .evening next, , the Stat.
Agricultural and Mechanical Society will
meet, chiefly to rooeivo tba report of the
canvassers, ot which our public-spirited
citizen, E. Hope, Esq., is oh airman.
Let ns bave a good report for ColuuaUio.
LIST OF Nsw A ry? E UT i H BU KN TS .
Racing at the State Fair. ? ?g
Thoa. Taylor-Notice. J
Tarran t's Belize r Aperient. - s
Obipley ?- Hutchison-Corn Shellfire.
John Alexander-Ploughs.
John Lee-Saddle Found.
W. M. Tucker-Pocket-book Fonnd.
Miss O. Mordecai-Boarding.
Jacob Levin-Auction Sales.
table Aasooiation, for benefit Fret? behool fund:
RAFFLE CLASS NO 197 -.Morning-November 9
4-42-10-9-50-46-19 27-47-67-65-51
Witness my band at Columbia, thre 8th day
Of November, 1871. F KN N PECK.
Nov 9 Sworn Commissioner.
TON -oharieniun ia taut becoming a manu?
facturing aa well as ? commercial city. The
largest manufactory of doors, sashea, blinds.
Ac, iu tho t?ouihorn States ia that of Mr. P.
P. TOALS, on. Horlbeck's Wbarf, in that city,
salea rooms at No. 20 Hayne street. Mr.
TOALE'S advertisement appears in another
column. NovSt
Notice. ? i
THE Committee on Horses will examine
thia moruiug, commencing at iq o'clock,
all the entries under the firm, second, third,
fourth and fifth claaaoa, for premiums', ana
parties having entries under those olasats,
are respectfully requested to have their ani?
mals reaily at thu call of the Marshal.
Nov 9 1 _Superintend! nt.
State of ?oath Caroiina-Newborry Co.
Expirte W. H. Whitlock. Petition to enforce
Mechanic's Lien.
Ex parte Jorry Evans. Petition to enforce
Mech nio's Lien.
BY order of this Court, passed in the anora
stated oases, James W. Uayward, 'for
whom the buildings described in tho said pe?
tit inn* wcro erected, and on which William IL
Whitlock and Jerry Evana hold mechanic's
liens, is required to anew? r said petitions, on
or before- tim next term of this Court.
All others, the creditors of tba said James
W. Hayward, aro required also to take notice
hereof, and to u-t*biieh their claims, if any,
against said building, or tho samo, will bs
barred TIIOB. M. LAKE, C. C. P. N. O.
Nov 9 thO
mach, like the body politic, resents ill
treatment by rebellion. And wheo it rebels,
the liver, the bowela. the nerves, the circula?
tion, the brain, revolt likewise, and the whole
system ia disastrously agitated. Pacify and
regulate the deranged digestive organ first,
and tbs diaturbanoe in its dependencies will
apoedih cene. The tonio, alterative, correct?
ive and purifying properties of
render it an irresistible remedy in oases ot in?
digestion and its concomitant ailments. It
Ii a fine stomachic, and its oathartlo opera?
tion ia so mild and genial that it never pro?
duces the alightoat nvmptoma of debi'ily.
Hales and Horses.
Mk I HAVE Jost received a -
IA car load ot fin? took- TA-T?-V
-=7l KORdliB ?nd MULES- f**-y-V *
some ui whiob will bu on exhibition iii*
at the Fair Grounds. Persona in want ot
rosily fine autmvs aro requested to examine
either on the grouuds or at Logan'* stables.
Nov 8 J. H. TOLBERT.

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