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Sunday Vorning, October 13,1872.
For President of thc United States.
For vice-President
II. GRATZ BROWN, of BlUionrt.
How tho Money Went.
It is hardly necessary to say anything
moro to the honest and intelligent peo?
ple of South Carolina in regard to
Franklin J. Moses. They aro well satis?
fied of his profligacy, hts extravagance,
his venality, und his total moral depra?
vity. But there is nothing which im?
presses the people so mach as definite
facts aud explicit figures. Wu all know,
in a general way, of Moses' corruption.
We know that through his manipula?
tions as Speaker of tho House, with the
connivance of Treasurer Parker, tho
whole reoeipts from last year's taxes
amounting to nearly a million of dollars
-were made way with through a com?
bination of fraud and extravagance in
tho payment of alleged legislativo ex?
penses. Every proper object of tho
State's care and support has suffered in
consequence. The Lunatic Asylum has
not received a Binglo dollar of tho appro?
priations made to it for this year; tho
penitentiary next to nothing; tho public
schools have been supported-Buch aa
have been carried on at all-upon the
special assessments made upon the school
districts; the Professors of the University
have been without a cent for more than
a year; the salaries of the Judges aro
several quarters in arroars. In short,
the fraudulent pay oortilicates of Speaker
Moses have gobbled np every dollar in
the Treasury. Scarcely a single honest
claim against the State has been paid.
We have now some additional and in?
disputable evidence of tho way in which
the people have been robbed and plun?
dered. The vouchers in the Treasurer's
office show the following payments, made
during the present year, upon certificates
signed by Franklin J. Moses, Jr., for ex?
penses of employees alone of the House
of Representatives:
176 clerks. $94,019 25
162 porters. 25,917 05
177 messengers. 67,996 60
46 pages. 4,044 00
Total. 8191,976 60
Here, then, we have 561 employees of
the House of Representatives, drawing
money from the State Treasury to tho
amount of $191,976.60. How many
more there may bo, who still hold certi?
ficates as yet unpaid, we know not.
There is, however, a large amount of
such claims still outstanding.
But think of it, people of South Caro
lina, you men who profess to see no
ohoico between Tomliuson and Mosesl
This man who by your default may be
made Governor of South Carolina,
issued at the last session of the Legisla?
ture pay certificates to 561 employees of
the House of Representatives, or at the
rate of four and a half waiting men for
each member of the House-124 in all.
The pay, too-nearly $200,000-is 500
per cent, moro than the entire legisla
tivo expenses of former days. Gr?at
God, if Moses, us Speaker of the House,
can defraud the State of so much money,
where will be the limit to his rascality
when he becomes Governor!
The taxes, this winter, will be more
than double what they have ordinarily
been, under oven Radical rule. Proba
bly not less than $4,000,000 will be paid
into the public ooffers. Does any sens!
ble man imagine thut even a fraction of
this enormous sum will be devoted to
legitimate purposes, if Moses, the chief
of the corruptionists, is at the head of
the Government? No, fellow-oitizens.
Yonr public schools, your Lunatic Asy
lunts, your penitentiary, your Univer?
sity, your courts, all the institutions of
good government and every requisite to
the peace, good order and prosperity of
the commonwealth, will be neglected,
and you will have your hard earnings
forced from you solely to pamper the
profligacy and gratify the vicions and
extravagant tastes of MOBBS and his con?
How mon will grow impervious to
shame is shown by the result of the
plan lately adopted in Liverpool of pub?
lishing tho names of drunkards ii) tho
newspapers, to doter them from their
vicious habits. The experiment seemed
to answer very well for a timo, but snob
is the perversity of human nature, pea
pie got accustomed to the infliction, and,
so far from having any dread of ex?
posure, actually seomod to take a pride
in tho notoriety thus obtained. In fact,
many wore to bo found far moro ready
to give their full names and histories
than the magistrates were to hear them.
The progress of luxury is strikingly
illustrated in a modern sea voyage
letter written from on board an Atlantic
steamship says: "I hear the notes of a
Eiano, the lowing of a oow, tho caoklo of
ans, indeed all the noises of the barn
yard, here in m id-o o a an."
.?Rot Com? Over Yoe,"
A most amusing incident occurred at a
political meeting, held in the interests of
the Bolters, at Union, a few dayB ago.
Corbin was speaking, and was reading
the list of names of the HOBOS brnnoh of
the Mooney family, who drew money
upon fraudulent pay certificates. Said
the speaker: "Fellow-citizens, I will
read you the names, and if you know
any of thom, I hopo you will say so, for
as yet I have beon nimbin to meet a
bingle individual who oan spot one of
thom. They are fictitious oharaotors
names trumped up morely to uso in
stealing the poople'a monoy! Who of
y*ou," said Mr. Corbin, "knows Etnmin
ger, who Markie, who Williams?" and so
on through the list until ho came to the
name of P. Haggerty. "Holdl" cried
an Irish voioe in tho crowd, much to the
speaker's discomfiture; ''it's mo' that
knows Pat. Haggerty." "Well," said
Mr. Corbin, mach ohopfalleu, "what do
you know about Pat. Haggerty?" "Bo
jubers!" retorted the Irishman, "do I
not know Pat. Haggerty like a brither?
He lives in County Antrim, in tho ould
cuu u th ry, and, faith I he's not como over
yet." Tho laugh that followed was long
?iud loud. It would neem from this that
the fraudulent pay certificates wcro
meant as a bounty to emigration.
i ??i
Our reuden? will lind iu tho despatches
at the head of this column the dotails,
so fur as they lin ve come to hand at this
writing, of the lost attack upon thu Hon.
Josiah Turner, Jr. The act of blowing
np with powdar a building iu the heart
of a populous oity, at that most defence?
less of all hours, tho hour of midnight,
and for no conceivable reason, save that
it contained the press and fixtures for the
publication of a political newspaper, is
an act that it is difficult to find words to
characterize ia any beooming munncr.
Acts like that now under consideration,
in their baro recital, are more than
enough to loose a d^vil that cannot easily
be chained again. ,tlen cannot contem?
plate a deed so diabolical and so fiendish
without iustiuotively foeliug the strong?
est desire for retaliation, for vengeance
and for protection. Since the world be?
gan, mea never have been subjected tc
Baoh outrages without seeking, io some
shape or other, both veogeauoe and pro?
tection, and they never will. Bat, ai
diabolical as was this act, it is not the
greatest outrage that has been inflicted,
or sought to be inflicted, upon Mr
Bat little moro than two months ago
on the night of the 8th of Aagast, hil
wife's chamber, at Hillsboro, was tiree
into from a window.
But little more than two yours ago, 01
the night of the 13th of July, 1870, an
other attempt was made to assassinati
Mrs. Turner. On that occasion, th
would-be assassin was so dose to Mrs
Taraer that the powder from his pisto
baraed her face.
On the 5th of August of that sam
year, Mr. Turaer was arrested by orde
of Qoveraor Holeleo, by a military force
without any warrant of law whatever
and conti nod in a loathsome duogeoi
with a uegro felou condemned to death
On tho 24th of March, 1869, a part,
of men, consisting of Joseph W. Holden
Speaker of tho House of Ropresentu
fives, various employees anel officers ej
the State Government, and others, me
Mr. Turner at the depot in Haleigh, an
in a body assaulted him. Mr. Turner'
oooloess aod his pistol saved his life.
Ouly a few nights thereafter au at
tempt was mado to assassinate him b
shootiag him through a wiadow Deo
which ho sat writiug. This time Mi
Turner's life was Bnved by tho chaage i
tho direotioa of the ball, caused by il
passage through the pane of glass.
The court was ia session thea, not
stone's throw from the spot, aael no ste
was takea to find out thu crimiaal. Th
court is ia session now, aod Jndgo Watl
is again its presiding officer. Will h
pass this outrage by in silence and i
contempt, ns he did that? We shall sc
what wa shall see.- Wilmington Shtr.
The Memphis (Tennessee) Avalanc)
gives some acoouut of a singular pht
nomenou now witnessed at the site <
old Fort Pillow, on tho Mississipp
where the bluff bank of the river risirj
fifty or sixty feet above the water, is o
fire, aod for several weeks past has bec
burning "like a volcano" for a distauc
of several hundred yards. Very natl
rally tho people living in the neighbo
hood aro puzzled to know bow to a
count for the phenomenon, and are m
a little frighteued by the "lurid Unmet
which rise from the side of tho bluff t
a height of several feet,
# . -
Tho shrewdest election bot of whie
wo havo read was that of a Mary lat
Republican, who offered to wager S5(
that he could name twenty-five Stat
that Grant would carry, and & 1,500 th
he would carry a majority of the remaii
der. Ho found an eager taker, and tl
preliminaries were securely mado. I
then proceoded to name bis twouty-fi'
States, including therein all the doub
ful ones. Of course it dawned upon h
opponent's mind that ho was sure to 1
just $1,000 oat and he gavo up the $51
of forfeit money.
A difficulty occurred at Hardt ev i He, !
0., ou tho night of tho 8th, botween iv
colored men, named Moses Bolleu at
John Shields, wherein the former wi
killed by the latter. The murderer c
cupud to Savannah, but wus aftorwan
Ao ola sailor reoeotly refusod to sh
DU a Lake Erie schooner because bo hi
seen a rat swim ashore from it. Gurion
ly enough tho vessel was foundered tl
next night, with all on board.
The following additional supervisors
of election have been appointed:
Scott, William Robiusou, Alonzo Reid,
Lee Brewer, Lewis Rudfean, Alexander
AIKEN.-Republicans-P. B. Williams,
T. G. Thorp, W. Mayber, Thornton
Moore, Levi Chav?os, T. P. Woodward,
J. B. Tyler, E. W.Taylor, Dr. Jennings.
EDGEFIELD.-Republicans-Wm. M.
Watson, Jessie Jones, Andrew Ramsey,
Sr., Frank Howard, John Terry, John
A. Barker, John Walker, Adam Barker,
Frank A. Bellinger, Smart Hacker, Jas.
L. Dow, Robert Green, Puris Simkinf,
Goorgo Morgun, Limns Simmons, Law
ronco Cain, W. R. Barker.
OOONUE.-Democrats-Wm. Korber,
R. D. Nance, R. L. Lewis, E. H. Cleve?
land, B. E. Reeder, Jumes Seaborn, ll.
A. Gilmor, O. J. Walker, James Phillips,
Sr., Abel Robbius, George Syinuiers,
James Elliott, A. B. Grant, Archelaus
Lay, S. E. Clure, Tho mus D. Long.
EIOULAND.-Republicans-Isaac Sulz
bacher, Charles Schallz, L. T. Levin,
Dr. White, Jacob Weleh, Wm. Wind?
burn, John Harris, James Kinard, W. E.
Anderson, Jame? Burnfield, J. A. Green. 1
SUMTER.-Republicans-R. L. Heriot,
James N. Corbitt, E. H. Bateman, A. G.
Spears, H. A. Wells, W. J. And rows, W.
J. Corbett, P. W. Davis, W. E. Joh li?
ston, Burrill James, Jucob Prince, Wm.
Singleton, R. T. Barfield, Bonj.Lawson,
J. 15. Tindall, J. W. Legare.
LEXINGTON.-Republicans-S. A. B.
Harman, John Hunt, Jacob Moorer, Dr.
James Casey, Dr. Juhu R. Knuco, B. C.
Hendrix, Albert Culk, J. B. O. Ohuuoy,
R. A. Luaphart, John L. Darrick, Frank
Larda way.
FAIRFIELD.-Democrats -O.R. Thomp?
son, C. W. Farrett, Dr. O .vene, J. K.
Davis, Wm. Woodward, J. Q. Davis,
Wm. Durham, Thomas MoKiustry, B.
F. Boulovere, Jesse Gladden.
Republicans-Jobu P. Matthews, Johu
T. Wilson, S. A. True, G. P. Hoffman,
George Bums, James Aiken, Christopher
Coleman, Jacob Corder, John Lumpkiup,
John T. Fidwell.
LANCASTER.-Democrats-M. L. Lom
mond, Osborn Floyd, Miel Hilton, J. C.
Hillard, J. N. Tuylo.-, John J. Porter, W.
A. Fanderbunk.
A wife asked ber husband for a new
dress. He replied: "Times are hard, my
dear-so hard I can hardly keep my nose
above water;" whereupon she retorted,
"You oan keep your nose above water
easy enongh if you'd a mind to, but the
trouble is that you kee}) it too much
above brandy."
A Georgia brakeman walking on the
track, didn't notioe an approaching
freight train, which struck him-not iu
a vitul part of his body-and knocked
him twenty feet into tho mud. Ho land?
ed on his feet, picked up his hat, and
in excited enthusiasm, shouted, "Three
cheers for Greeley; another vote saved."
A bride of fourteen is on exhibition at
Niagara this season. She looks younger,
and child-like wipes her eyes with bor
apron when she cries. She had her first
row with her husband last Wednesday,
called him a nasty man, and said she
wanted to seo her ma.
A Washington youth escorted a young
lady up town via tho horse cars, paying
her fare, as a matter of course. The
next morning his mother called on the
lady and demanded buck tho ten cents
that her hopeful sou had HO extravagant?
ly parted with.
A Carlinville (III.) wife becoming
angry because she could not have tho
last wurd in a dispute, recently put her
sick husband out of doors at midnight
aud in u thunder storm. In the morn?
ing she found him on the stoop dead
from exposure. She is in an insane
Pythagoras taught tho transmigration
of souls. Whoover has read much, has
como to believe in tho transmigration of
jokes. MoBt of the 1 risk bulls current
in our day rany be found in tho jest-book
of old {heracles who lived in the sixth
In Switzerland, a milk-maid, who is a
good singer, gets moro salary thun others,
because under the influence of music
cows "give down" and give more milk.
An Eastern farmer is trying to hire Fu
repa-Rosa aud Kellogg to siug round the
One lino of the celebrated tapestry at
Plymouth, worked by Miles Standish's
daughter, reads: "Incline my 'hart* to
.doe* they will." What a Moor' girl she
must have been.
Two young ladies havo just boon ad?
mitted to the bar of Salt Lake City. .No
doubt thoy expect to become the Portias
of their profession, aud save Mormon
Antonios from the knives of avaricious
Mormon Shylocks.
A Fronch authoress says: "A kiss gives
more pleasure than anything elso in the
world." To this au editor responds,
"That writer evidently never experienced
tho childish rapture of descending the
stairs by sliding down tho banisters."
Ono of the amusements at a Chicago
pic-nio was to place a silver dollar in a
dish containing about au inch of molas?
ses, and let a squad of boya compute in
trying to take it out the piece with their
Nothing is moro indicativo of the earn?
estness of life than tho sight of a well de?
veloped malo croaturo spending eight
hours a day in trying to wear out a dry
goods box with tho seat of his pants.
Mr. Gerald Massey is engaged on a
work to bo entitled "Myth, Mirucle and
Mystery." Portions of the subject will
bo treated in a series of lectures, which
ho is preparing for delivery in England
and America.
Another type-sotting machine lins
been invented in Des Moines, Iowa. It
is claimed for it that it will set 5,000
oms au hour, of any sized type and of
any width of oolumn; cun bo worked by
a boy, and costs only $100.
"Idle worship"-Feminine devotion
to strange gawds.
Tbero is said to be a widower living
near Lino oin Court House, W. Va., who
bas reaohed the oom punitively mature
age of 106, nud who desires to marry a
girl aged sixteen. His former wife died
last March, at the ugo of 110, and he
wanta lome ono to fill her piuco. Being
unable to find any one so far advanced
in second obildhood ns hininelf, he has
to go back to tho finit stage of innocence
and imbecility.
The publisher of the Bradley County
(Ark.) Kayle thus excuses himself for the
delay in the issuo of his paper: "A print?
er who is pressman, compositor, maker
tip of forms, 'ad-setter,' does all the job
work, olippiug copy, und writing, for a
twenty-four column newspaper, may
have tho 'dead-wood' on 'strtkes,' but
we'll bu hanged if ho hasn't got his
'hands full' when it comes to doiug ull
his work and having six chills a week."
Tho Cuban steamer Virginias, so long
iu dunnice at Puerto Cabello, escaped un
tho 7th of September, in spite of the
Spunish war vessels which lind been de?
tailed to watch her. The President of
Venezuela had notified the Spanish com?
mander that if he fired ou the Virginals
whilo flyiug United States colors in
Venezuelan waters, be, tho Pre6idout,
would fire into his fleet.
correspoudeut of tho Haleigh Sentinel,
from Wilkes County, states that Major
James H. Foote has been indicted aud a
true bill found against him by a grand
jury, more than half of whom were
Radicals, for intimidating voters. The
intimidation consisted of threats of the
"revenue," unless tho party threatened
would vote for him.
Uanda have they, yet steal uot
Clocks. Legs have they, yet walk not
Tables. Teeth havo they, yet chew not
-Combs. Lips have they, jet kiss uot
-Pitchers. Eyes have they, yet neo not
-Needles. Hearts have they, yet inly
uot-Cabbages. Ears hnve they, yet
hear uot-Old Book Leaven. Arms have
they, yet toil not-Chairs.
A Raleigh merchant hus brought mit
against tho telegraph company on the
following grounds: He had cotton iu
stoie with a firm North, awaiting his
orders. He telegraphed, "hold cottou."
Tho operator in Baltimore, in repeating
tho despatch seut from Raleigh, made it
read "sold cotton." The consequence is
thu firm North sold tho cottou, whereby
a loss was sustained.
Aa old agricultural laborer in England
tried a singular method of evangelizing
his family. Being remonstrated with by
Ibo pastor for not "bringing up" his
boys as be should, he replied: "I dunno
how 'tis, sir. I order 'em dowu to pray
night and morning, and when they won't
go down, I knocks 'em down; and yet
they ain't good!"
WHO CAN BEAT IT?-Mr. James Jones,
one of the most enterprising farmors in
this County, raised this year, on seven
acres of river bottom land, 711J^ bushels
coro, 18,000 pounds fodder, and the
lund is now covered with pumpkins
Wonder if Uncle Horace woald advise
Mr. Jones to go West?
f Winnsboro Ncics.
Several days ago, a balloon, aboui
eight feet in height, fell ia a field on thc
plantatiou of Wm. Goldsmith, Esq., twe
miles from town. It was very tastefully
arranged, and had tho names of Abet
and Charley on it. Whose was it, ant
where did it come from?
f Greenville Enterprise.
A Michigan German working iu t
stone manufactory was recently caugh
iu the belting uud drawn into tho re
volving shaft, which, after taking hin
around a few times, deposited him unin
jared in a sittiug posture on the floor
denuded of every stitch of olothing.
A country shoemaker tells tho New
berry Herald, that he recently repaired i
pair of lady's shoes twenty-five year
olel. Tho lady lives in that County, whi
has worn them on Sundays for tweuty
tivo years-that is, whou sho went fa
Mr. Jubilee Gilmore is arranging i
grand complimentary concert for his o wi
benefit. The poor mau is sadly out o
poekut, and will be sadly out of tuuo i
Boston does not come up to timo thi
The Kiag of Burmah has degraded th
most powerful maa ia his kingdom fo
drinking and taking bribes. If sue
official rigor should be catching in thi
country, we would bo left without a Gc
vernmeut in n fortnight.
How is THIS FOR MEAN?-A maa b
tho nama of Enoch Britt, in Robeso:
County, N. C., claimed from the Count
Commissioners $10 for burying hi
father. The Commissioners rejected th
A lady about to marry was warned tin
her intended, although n good maa, wu
very eccentric. "Well," sho said, "if lt
is very unlike other men, ho is moi
likely to bo a good husband."
A Southern paper Bays that "a fati
disease prevails among tho chickeas an
turkeys of tho second election district i
this County." The cam-"pain'' is pre
bably what takes thom off.
A centenarian cannibal, named Tarait
who distinctly remembered how some <
Capt. Cook's crow tasted uncooked, die
recently iu New Zealand.
What did tho young lady mcaa who
she said to her lover, "You may bo tc
late for tho cars, but you may take
Imitation tortoise-shell ornaments at
known among cheap jewellers ns mod
A Kentucky lady recently died whos
oldest great-graud-child was forty yeal
of ago.
Tho Chicago lyceums now debate th
question-"Resolved, that tho Chioag
fire baa dono more good than harm."
New York should bo an oolightoiie
oity; it pays $1,000,000 yearly for gas.
"Pero Hyanointh?s" aro a new variet
of Parisian sweetmeats for weddings.
XI? o o ?.> 1 Items.
--. ?.-?
CITY MATTEUS.-Tbe prioe of single
oopios of the PHOENIX ia Qve cents.
Old newspapers for salo at PHONIX
of?ce, at fifty cents a hnndred.
Messrs. E. C. Shiver & Co.'s millinery
oponing occurs to-morrow. Tho stock is
immense, aud thu ladies who superintend
tho department have been connected
with protninout European and New York
house.". This establishment is regarded
as "mammoth"-the differout depart?
ments embracing dry goods, faucy arti?
cles, shawls, cloaks, laces, boots, shoes
and hats, carpets, oil cloths, window
shades, otc. Seo what they have to say,
this morning.
Tho bricks on tho lot South-east
corner of Richardson aud Taylor streets,
belonging to tho Southern Express Com?
pany, aro being piled, preparatory to the
ereotiou of a new building, for tho use
of tho company. The particulars will be
gi von in a few days.
A miniature team caused considerable
amusement, yesterday morning. It con
Hinted of an armful ot light-wood, uur
tnnunted by a small colored boy, ou a
two-wheeled cart, with extra small wheels,
und drawn by a couple of bull calves.
A general meeting of the stockholders
of the Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta
Railroad Company, will be held in thin
city, on Tuesday next, at 10 o'clock A.
Tho recent chango in tho weather
caused au overhauling of over-coats and
Tho Illustrated Christian Weekly ia ono
of the very best publications of tho kind
that we know of. Tho illustrations uro
excellent, while the reading mather is of
a superior character. It is published by
tho American Tract Society, No. 150
Nassau street, New York, at ?2 per year.
Messrs. Soibels &, Ezell have an article
on exhibition and for sale, which is war?
ranted to make every individual who in?
spects it believe he or she has seen the
finest-looking specimen of nature's hand?
iwork. The ladies are particularly in?
vited to call.
Tho corner stone of the new Post
Office is to be laid to morrow, with Ma?
sonic honors. A general invitation is
extended to the citizens to be prosent.
Mr. C. V. Antwerp is opening a heavy
stock of useful and fancy articles, which
are really attractive. He has meerschaum
and meresham pipes and cigar-holders;
combs, hair and tooth brushes; perfume?
ry and cosmetics; razors and shaving
apparatus; mantol ornaments and per?
fume-dischargers; French confectionery
and sweets; besides innumerable other
articles. Mr. Antwerp is assisted by the
former proprietor, Mr. E. Pollard.
Our young fellow-citizen, Mr. J. T.
Seibels, has been admitted into partner?
ship with James M. Baxter, Esq.-re?
garded one of the principal legal ad?
visers in Newberry-under the firm of
Baxter & Seibels.
There was considerable smoke and
flume in tho woods South-east of Colum?
bia, yesterday-supposed to bo caused by
the "clearing of new ground."
There is great complaint of wood
stealing in Hurleyvillo.
Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atone?
ment, was generally kept up by our
Israelite fellow-citizens, yesterday.
An error in the published proceedings
of tho City Council, yosterday, made it
appear that tho old Council disposed of
tho Fair Grounds "only five days before
their ejection from office." It should
have read "only a few days."
We rcturu our thanks to Mr. R. A.
Keenan, Chairman of tho Committee of
Arrangements, fer an invitation to he
present at tho laying of the corner-stone,
Hons. Beuj. F. Perry, F. A. Sawyer,
Reuben Tomlinson and D.T. Corbin are
at tho Columbia Hotel.
The following is the programme of
musio by Prof. Buchar's 18th Regiment
Band, for to-moarow afternoon:
Faust Quickstep-Faust.
Aria from OperaSemiramide-Rossini,
Waltz-Wine, Woman and Song
Lucia de Lammermoor-Donizetti.
Amelia Polka Redowa-Launer.
PnojNixiAXA.-A piscatorial party is
what they call it now. Onco it wat
"goin' a fishing."
Miss-oonstruction-Whalebone, wad?
ding, powder aud paint.
lt is easy to look down on others; tc
look down on ourselves is tho difficulty.
Flipkins says that there aro three
Boxes-tho malo sex, tho female sex, and
tho insects.
MAIL AllttANGEMBXTS.-Tho Nor .lien
mail opons at 3.20 P. M.; doses ll.Ot
A. M. Charleston day mail opons 5.3C
P. M.; closes 6.00 A. M. Oharlestoi
night mail opens 7.00 A. M.; closes 6. IE
P. M. Greenville mail opens 6.45 P(
M. ; closes 6.00 A. M. Western open?
?nd closes 1.30 P. M. Wilmington opens
2.30 P. M.; doses 11.30 A. M. On
Sunday office open from 3 to 4 P. M.
Thero was but a slim attendance, last
night, to bear the speakers upon the
issues in the State campaign. Those
that were there seemed made up of tho
riff-raff of the negroes, who wore bent
solely upon a disturbance. Mr. Tom
liusou attempted to speak, but bis voioe
was drowned in tho demoniac yells of a
drunken Bot of Mosoyites, who surround?
ed tho stand. Mr. Sawyer succeeded no
better. It WOB a disgraceful affair for
our colored fellow-citizens, but more sad
thnu disgraceful. If they will uot listen
even to Republicans, to what extremes
mny their corrupt leaders not draw i.hem
The uew postal card will be made from
dieu cut in burdened steel for Burfaco
printing-a novel and heretofore consi?
dered impossible mode of engraving.
The lines, instead of being sunk, are
raised, like those of au ordinary wood
ont, so that the plate may be used iu the
simo manner us type, iu any printing
press. Tho completed card is throe
inches by five and one-eighth inches in
size, mado from a fine quality of card?
board, and is of a light buff color. A
border of scroll work runs around the
edge, while in tho upper right-hand aor
ner is a very handsome stamp, consisting
of u head of liberty encircled with stars
and surrounded with elliptical scroll
work. The denomination is one cent,
and tho color of the work a rich velvet
brown. The inscription is simply "United
States postal card-write address only
on this side, the message on the other."
Below are ruled lines, whilo the reverse
is blauk.
nity Church-Rev. P. J. ?hand, D. D.,
Rector, ll A. M. and 5 P. M.
Marion Street Church-Rev. W. D.
Kirkland, 10A. M.; '4iev. Manning
Brown, 7}? P. M.
Washington Street Church-Rev.
Mauoing Brown, 10*? A. M. A meet?
ing of tho Sunday School Society will
bu held at 3 J ? P. M., at which time au
address will be delivered by Rev. W. D.
Catholic Church-Rev. E. Kidvey,
First Mass, at 7 A. M.; Second Mass
at 10 A. M. ; VesperB at ??? P. M.
Ladson Memorial Chapel-Services at
IOU A. M. and 8 P. M.
Lutheran Church-Rev. A. R. Rude,
10W A. M.
Lunatic Asylum-Rev. David Derriek,
9 A. M.
Baptist Church-Rev. J. L. Reynelds,
10)4 A. M.
Presbyterian Church-Rev. J. B.
Adger, 10>? A. M.; Rev. Dr. Thoa. Peck,
7>? P. M. "
M?DICAL BUBBLES.-Columns would
be required to enumerate the medical
bubbles that have risen to the surface
and burst since Hostetter's Stomach
Bitters became the standard tonic of the
Western Hemisphere. Boasts the most
extravagant, fabrications the most pre?
posterous, cant the most sickening, have
in turn beeu employed to bolster up the
worthless preparations that have from
time to time been introduced, in the
hopo of dividing the field with that
famous vegetable remedy. Signal failure
has beeu the lot of each and all. The
reputation of tho Bitters as a preventive
of epidemics, a stomachic, an in vigoran t,
a general restorative, and a specific for
indigestion, bilious affections, rheuma?
tism, nervous debility, constitutional
weakness, paroxysmal fevers, and all
complaints to which the more sensitive
Bex are exclusively liable, is established
upon the sound basis of more than twen?
ty years' experience, and can no more be
shaken by tho clap-trap nostrums of un?
scientific pretenders than the everlasting
hills by the winds that rustle through
their defilep. O 13 fJ3
J. M. Baxter-Notioe.
Hope & Gyles-Cooking Butter.
R. C. Shiver & Co.-Wanted, &o.
Davis & Go.-Just Received.
Mooting Myrtle Lodge, K. of P.
HOTEL AnnrVALS, October 12.-National
Hotel-VI 3> Crosland, Marlboro; E 1) Pierce,
Augusta; J E Stuckey, Sumter; J D Gardner,
Jr. U Carter, W, C A A B B..
Nickerson House-W H Ruth, Bichmond; C
F Trill, Mobile; A A Fostor, Greenville: T J
Steers, A A B A L B R; J W Shackleton! and
family, city; T M Manly, Augusta; J M Seig
lor, Newberry; E B Arthur, city; J 8 Fille
browu, Darliogton; C T Foo, M A O B B; C
D?kes, U L Bean, Philadelphia; E H Green,
Charlotte; Mrs O P S?BSOO, Toronto.
Columbia Hotel-J W Gore. J B Jackson, N
C; Dr A H Mann, ? S A; S B Treat, Brooklyn;
B F Perry, Greenville; T Gronoshel, P Lan
docker. Wilmington; D T Corbin, 8 O; O M
Sadler, N C; J N Taylor, Lancaster; P Duffie,
Charleston; T E Mciver, J D Jamison, H (J; J
Birnie, TC Gower, Uroenville; Reuben Tom
liiiaon, F A Sawyer, Charleston: J 8cott
Murray, Anderson; L S Beiden, N C.
American enterprise has invaded the
classic Rhiue in the shape of a floating
circus, which is towed by a steam-tug,
and is anchorod in front of villages and
towns that promise paving audiences.
At a certain point in a cave in the Yel?
lowstone Valley there is visible the Bamo
phenomenon that has made the speotre
of tho Brocken so far famed.
Tho prnctioo of Bolling Chinese women
still prevails in British Columbia. A
good speoimen was sold recently at Bar
korvillo for $700.
St. Louis has the chastest man living.
His wife has chased bim from a dozen
towns whore he was dickering for di
A Juliet girl who is troubled with
beaux who stay Into, has instructed the
servant to bring her a lunch of raw
anions and corned beef about 10 P. M.

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