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fB%t^UTm^^^m^r^ 1873. -
?.''." A Leiton Tor Boyi. ?
? In Par ton'a Life or Horace Groeley, !t'
is reoorded that while an apprentice to
.fine printers' trade, in the office of the
. Northern Spectator, a weekly" journal
published at Pooltney, Vermont, he be
N came one of the leading members of the
debating society. Although only in bia
sixteenth year, he ranked with men in
the; maturity nhd . soundness pi bia opi?
nions, and in the ability to maintain
. them. Ho Was always ready, and deeply
interested in- tho questions to be dlB
OOS^ed.. ^Thoroaghly furnisiied with ar
gasrents and 'facts,dated, names, figures,
plaeeei statjatioa, &o., he was a formida?
ble debat,er,saod an opponout to be afraid
of. , It Xa a singular fact, but one which,
With jbther cirouinaiuuoeo, tarnishes a
, key to his obaraofcor, that he never made
the slightest preparation for the meet?
ings of the society, in the way of dress,
except to put oa his jacket. He/Wore
two garments ordinarily, vis; a shirt and
'," trowsers. Histrowaers were xery short,,
his sleeves tcoked, up above his elbows,
and hia shirt onon in front. A straw
baV; which cost twelve and a half cents,
completed hie costume. In winter, his
eidtbing was really insuBloient. But he
. - deniedhimselfTin order that he might
piously contribute the entire amount
whioh he received for his Borvicos, forty
dollars' a,, year, to his father, who was
struggling in the interior of Pennsylva?
nia with the di?fi.30.1tice of a new farm
and,iQBuffibient capital. This was'his
practice "dnting ait the years of hie ap?
prenticeship and for years afterwards,
and, w>s o m?at Itefiaarkabla instance of
filial duly. ? He-enbsequeutly worked
Mveh months, without 'loss of aeinglo
d?y, in the office of the Erie Gazelle, at
twelve dellars a month. Months ?lter
months passed, and he drew no money.
Hia habits and appearance remained the
same. The proprietor remonstrated j
With.him upon his persistence in wearing
the hereditary homespun, saying: "Now, i
Horaoo, *yoa have a good deal of money
coming to you; don't go about the town |
any Joogqr in that outlandish rig.- Let
nie give you an order on tho a tore Dresa
Sttle, llbrace." To whioh be re?
plied, **ybn see, sir, my father is on a
_ new. place, and I want to help bim all I
. .tttty'* Upon the settlement of. bis ac
conni;, it appeared that be had drawn for
his personal - expenses, for the seven
months of' b.is re?idonce at Erie, six dol?
lars. He took fifteen dollars more iu
mpneyi and the rest in {he form of a
notot'whibh he generously gave to his'
We oomtnend 1 this examplo to our
b?yB and young men who throw their
money awny on the merest trifles?snob
as-billiard a, car dB, cigars, and other use?
less and, it may bo, hurtful indulgences.
Truly ''the'child is father.of tho man,"
and thq bqbjta pud, manners of par boy?
hood are likely to ?tick to ns. If wo are
extravagant,4dlo-and psone fa pleasure
A^^b^^ rS?h we stair probably be
?P?^Jtej|te,^d of appeal ^jse. in life.
If- we appreciate and practioe Rolf>>denial,
if we show seal for knowledge and vir
? tne, and disregard mere appearances,* we
?hall, in all probability, find some good
' position in life, where we may become
valuablo to onr fellow-men and win their
confidence and esteem. Horaoo Greeley
was a dutiful boy; he became a trusted
man, and bis untimely death, was more
? mourned than that of any man since
. Washington.. ??
Computeory Education.?The idea of
compulsory education ia entertained in
some of. the Statea. The right .to make
this demand is nosed on the alleged fact
that the State is but au enlarged family.
'Tuia was the theory of the Romans. It
is needless '? to say that it prevailed in
more ancient times. First oame the
. family, then the tribes, then the State,
' then the eon federation ol these for motual
defence, If the Government has the
right;|o^take a man's timo and make a
soldier of him, that the foreign relations
of tho country may be preserved, it has
so much more right to protect itsulf
againetjguorance and crime, <to .requiro
of its onimns thai tuey should bring up
their children ,as intelligent ami law
abiding meinbora of society. To do this
it is necessary tb edueatc ihem, to eradi?
cate?forcibly, if necessary?the seeds of
evil and crime that ignorance oon coals,
and to lessen the expense that the com?
munity bears in building poor-hoasos,
jails, penitentiaries and houses of re
fornii^i^^ftjfb^revery seliwrrfipnse
bnill, and for overy soholar compelled to
enter it, there is a prospective dimuni
tion of tho taxes for the prevention of
An- official report has been made of the
preliminary' examination in the ease of
Marshal Baaaine,- Of 229.witnesses ex?
amined, 149 have been.satnmoned to ap*
pear nt the trial., ??? t
Tbt II?w Y??ur. .
This i* only the 4th day of January,
iji Milt T r ljtrr ii 'Llg JBtt~ ' I'llll' "
and we fe^Lautho$"jed yet\ t
at the incident* appropriate
Tal of Ob&tittM fend Mew}
interchaBgo ?f U>k>nB of f rient
tfj?timonlQls^cir e3teem Was doty kept tip.
. We saw a handsome silver goblet, appro- I
fpropriately inscribed, from employees to
ii proprietor, whioh gracefully marked
the confidences ol friendship existing
between them, Muoh oheer was, no
doubt,' enjoyed in those abodes where
comfort'and* luxury dwell. Plonsufo was
limited, however, id its range, as the in?
clement season was. unfavorobla to oat
door sports and' enjoyments. A few
sleigh drivesand a little skatiog made
up the sum of opon-air recreations.
Some of qarfriends were oarioas to see
the old year as he died, and to hail the
birth of the new.
"They heard mu old man's dying sigh,
They hoard an infant'e laughter;
The old year went in. mourning by,
The new oamo dancing after."
The old wont out ehrondod in snow, and
the hew oamo in in the same habiliments.
Beautiful as it Was to tho eye as it lay
: liko a thing of.innooenee on the earth, it
covered the poor with crushing weight
and benumbing oold. Many to-day,
even in our genial olimate, are buried
beneath it, and the sod whioh it still
covers in many places, baoaueo of its so
1 verity and the destitution iu which it |
found them. This extreme rigoi and
the unpreparednesa of many siok, poor
and weak to meet it, increased tho obli?
gation of obarity and good deeds on the
part of those who were able to render
I them. Many, we hope, availed them?
selves of this privilege in the manner]
and spirit, if not-to tho samo muui?oent
extent, of oar friend who so handsomely
and timely contributed fifty cords of
wood to the shivering and suffering
I poor. Every lire which that wood kin
i died must have inspired n petition for
blessings upon tho donor and his agents
in the distribution.
The record of the old yoar has closed.
I That of the new has just begun. So let
uh live that the present may be better
and brighter than the last. We have,
j indeed, muoh to learn?the rich, to be
more oonsidcrato of the poor; tho virtu?
ous, to be more charitable towards the
vicious and the strongly tempted; the
acute, to be more tolerant of the dull
and alow; the crafty, to be leas artful
against the on wary; and the strong, to
be less overbearing towards the weak.
All, if they will, may illustrate the duty
of tenderness, of forgtvoness, of cle?
mency and of justice. We need only
expect forgiveness of onr trespasses in
the degree that we forgive those -who
trespass against as. To all, we extend
hearty wishes that they may be content?
ed, virtuous end happy; that they may
fill the days of this year und all thoir
days with pure thoughts and worthy
deeds; that .they may gain the rioh re?
ward of thjise -who plaoe the duties of
life above life itself.
Tho tirat Monday in January is the
day sot for the Tegular assembling of the
Legislature recently eleoted by the peo?
ple of Louisiana, and excluded from the
State House by tho bayoucts of the
United States Government. Louisiana
expeots every man to be on hand and do
his duty. The prospect of getting Judge
Bradley to investigate the matter is die
oonragiDg, as tho President deolines to
hoar an impartial statement of the facts
and inerite of ;tlie case. The only thing,
then, remaining, is to proceed with the
cooteat by all fair uud lawful means, and
meet the foo at every assailable point. A
few days ago, an attempt was inado to
break .the firm; ranks-of tho War moth
itois, by circulating ft rumor to the effect
that Wurmoth had betrayed the cause, in
advising his party to desist from tho
straggle. It was immediately and em
phatically denied, and tho attempt was
thns rendered futile. The only way out
of tho mire is to oombat this invasion cf
Stato rights at overy point.
A Fair field oorrospondont of the
Charleston News furnishes the following
account of a repetition of the Newberry
Wo have lately had some of the arts of
a regular Down-East sharper praotioed
upon as, by! a fellow styling himself
Brooks. He first made very liberal offers
for all cotton along the line of the Spar?
enburg and Union Railroad, and had a
good many bales delivered At the difler
ent depots.1 On Saturday, 21st ultimo,
he passed down the road,, telling the
parties of whom he bad pnrohased the
cotton I that he did not have money
enough to pay for it, but would rotor a
on tho Monday following to settle with
them; and to save them all trouble and
responsibility, they must leave the cot?
ton in the depot, and allow him to take
a railroad receipt lor it, whioh they un?
warily did. After waiting impatiently
for a week, they fonnd, to their great
disgust, that the rascal had drawn money
on his receipt? in Colombia, and put ont
for parts unknown.
-.?? 4 ?V.i i ? a
Mr. Hi ley J. Harris, of Anderson, died
ou-the 2Gt fi'ttlt.?-?
i, (ffeelde
iMii.) who
nCi|oai-,T: ... -
ejivett or twelve years sgo, the eldest
son of Alexander II died, io that the
succession fell to the present Ozarcwitch.
The death of the first Prince was a great
loss to Europe. Alexander, who is a
humane and liberal man, had bestowed
extraordinary care upon his education,
and it is said.that his.death greatly
affected him. Tho present heir'of the
throne baa been brought up under the
personal guidance of the Qrand Duke
Constantino, who ia a bitter hater of
Germany and the Germans, going so far
as to prohibit the uao of the German
language in his presence. Hence, upon
the death of A lexander, an noti-German
potentate would usoeud the throne, and
a conflict, between the two gigantic mili?
tary powers of Europe might be preoi
There could be no better illustration
than this of tho peril of tho hereditary
principle of government to sooiety and
the peace of mankind. Those oitizens
of this republic who pino for imperial
rule would better oonsider whother, in
the event they could be gratified, the
country would not be consigned to evils
that tboy know not of. In the case of.
the Russian prince, tho poaoe of Europe
and tho lives aud happiness of myriads
of mankind arc dependent upon the re?
sult of the sickness of a human being.
Here our Chief Executive may die, and
thero is no jar in the administration ma?
chinery, nor oan the foreign polioy of his
successor affect tho peace of tho world
without tho oousent of Congress. Tho
frequent recurrence of Presidential elec?
tions, so annoying and troublesome in
some respects, acts in reality as a aufotj
valve to let out tho political steam which
might otherwise Cause an explosion.
Only a few days ago, M. Thiers, Presi?
dent of France, had a severe fall, and if
it had proved fatal, France might have
been involved in commotion and blood?
shed. All which tenches distrust of the
ono-mau power, aud inculcates confi?
dence in the republican system, as con?
structed aud administered by the found?
ers of our Government, as the best for
the peaoo and happiuess of society in
the world.
A Novelty is CootiT.?On Friday, in
New York, in the trial cf Stokes for the
murder of Fisk, the aooused was admit
1 ted to the stand and permitted to make
I his statement, iu which he contradicted
witnesses, explained his motives, and
freely quoted words alleged to have been
uttered by the deoeascd, going to show
hostility towards tho ucouacd to snoh a
degree as to impress his mind with the
idea that the deoeascd would shoot him
whou thoy met. The accused declared
that ho was not waiting for Fish; that
thuir meeting was a surprise to him; that
he fired as quick as possible, to get tho
first shot; and that Fisk hold his pistol
in bis hand as ho rcooived the ball from
the first by tbo acoused.
Wo kuow of no similar instance of the
murderer being permitted to go into hid
own case in that manner. The justice
in New York is most novel, if this is u
fair sample of it. Suoh liberty to the uc
I oused looks very much like the partiality
that must end in ucqnittal; jret a more
clear case of murder, we do not suppose,
has been brought boforo the Now York
j courts for years. Fisk was bad, but
Stokes is no better. Fisk is no better off
for being killed; and we doubt whether
StokeB will bo any better off for not
being bauged?a fate he richly deserves-.
[Richmond Dispatch.
Tho tactics of tho Modoc Indians, who
aro now spreading terror over tho newly
settled portions of California, aro differ?
ent from those usually adhered to ia
savage warfare. About a year ago thoy
had a grand feast and series of dances,
aud improved this opportunity to get all
the small bands together and hold a con?
vention to revise their laws and ueagos of
warfare. They resolved, after several
days of debate, to abolish scalping and
mutilation of the bodies of thoir victims;
also, to abstain from making war on
women and children, and to this latter
regulation is due tho foot that in very
fow instances have they molested the
families of ranchmen whom they mur?
dered. Captain Jaok has some desperato
fighters, and the. only way to dislodge
these Indians is said by old ranchmen to
fight them ten to ono, and to go into
battle with tho expectation of losing a
number of men. Soar-faced Charley is
said to bo equal to fifty mon himself. At
the Lost Rivor fight, while he was re?
treating, more than fifty shots were fired
at him, none of which took effect, so
quick-Were his twistings and doublings,
while he loaded hia gun as ho ran, aud,
turning a somersault occasionally, would
shoot from nnder his leg, and never
If there are any people named Brown
iu this country," they had better be
knocking the dust off from their family
Bibles, aud otherwise making prepara?
tions to inherit something, as an old lady
named Brown has just died without
heirs in London, leaving $1,500,000.
Fbozen to Death.?On Thursday
night last Simon Anderson, an employee
on Oapt. Whipple's place, near Baok
Swamp, was frozen to death while mak?
ing bis way home In an intoxicated con?
dition.? Darlington Southerner.
^JEutob: The "Tnfow of yesterday,
4 ^maxki about the city licenses,
[ 4'In our??juajgvient'ihe lau' U clearly
. ^Jtutional, <m(fwo think thj; cour&toiU
The oourse of the Union docs not sur?
prise aoy one who has been in the habit
of reading its columns. The Union has
always'-advocated high taxes and in?
creased taxation. The prosperity of the
editor oan be traoed to that sou roe. Nor
does the editor hesitate to falsify faots,
when occasion requires, to uphold his
pet theory of heavy taxes. In his paper
of 30th Deoember, Bpeaking of the
grumbling of the people at a fifteen mill
lax for State and County purposes in
Soqth Carolina, the intelligent and vera
oions editor of the Union goes on to say
tfthat in Beary County, Ohio, for illustra?
tion, and of the twelve or fifteen towns,
there is not one which pays a tax of less
than nineteen mills, while o.se of them
pays ninety mills on the dollar, and
some as hI a It as forty mills." It is ex
peoted by tho Board of Trado that Wjc
Union editor should fail to see the w.tnt
of constitutional authority in the Le?
gislature to authorize the City Council
to collect licenses from tho business men
of the city. He failed to sea fraud in
the City lidll contract: but the Board of
Trade persevered and tho fraud was nu
earthed. Ho is whistling to keep his
courage up to frighten a few weak-kneed
individuals into the payment of the tax.
The Constitution of the Stato is agaiDSt
him, however, aud is explicit ou the sub?
ject. See Article IX, Section 1, of the
Cnuatitution: "77ie General Assembly
sliall provide by law for an equal rate of
assessment and taxation, and shall prescribe
such regulations as shnJl secure a just valu?
ation for taxation of all property, real, |
personal and possessory, except mines and
mining claims, the proceeds of which alone
shall be taxed, and also excepting such pro- \
perty as may be exempted by law for muni
ciped, educational, literary, scientific, religi?
ous or charitable purposes."
Section 8. "'l7ie corporate authorities
(f Counties, townships, school districts,
cities, towns* and villages may be vested
wilh power to assess and collect taxes for
corporatepia'poses; such taxes to be uniform
in respect to persojis and properly, within
the jurisdiction of the body imposing the
same. And the General Assembly shall re?
quire that all properly, except that hereto?
fore exempted, within the limits of muni?
cipal corporations, shall be taxed for the
payment of debts contracted under authority
of law."
The merchants of Columbia are taxed
ou their stock of goods, wares and mer?
chandise aa personal property, aud there
is uot in the Constitution a single word
which authorizes the City Couuc:l of Co?
lumbia or the Legislature of South Ca?
rolina to impose a tux ou occupation,
busiucss or profession. It is double taxa?
tion and a direct violation of tho Con?
stitution. Will the Union editor publish
the sections of the Constitution referred
to, and show, by any section of thefJou
stitutiou, where tho Legislature derives
their power tu graut authority to impose
a license tax on tho merchants of Co?
lumbia? MERCHANT.
BnUTAL Treatment of an Old Man.?
A correspondent of the Now York Sun,
from Ahichun, Florida, gives a ease of
brutality that presents tho other side of
the Ku Kiux question, and may have
becu an incentive iu other similar in?
stances of which the advocates of the
Ku Klux complain. IIo save:
"Iu this town (Newmansville) resides
a feeble old gentleman, now in the
ninety-?fth year of his age, John
Powers by name, who, as early as 1812,
enlisted iu the army of the United
States, fighting all through that war.
Ho was also wilh Deoatur iu his oxpedi
tiou against Tripoli, aud served iu the
Crock war under Jackson. Last Satur?
day week this old geutlcmau, while at?
tending to eojue little matters in town,
was assaulted by a stalwart negro, horse?
whipped and knocked dowu. Mr.
Powers, through tho interference of
another nogro, who had some respect for
bis gray hairs, made his escape, followed
by ubout thirty of these devils, shout?
ing, 'Kill tho d?d old ?, kill him.'
Fortuuately ho gained tho hunso of a
friend, where he secured a gun aud put
to bay the mob."
The correspondent mentions other
outrages of the samo character. He
"Ouo of the most recent cf these out?
rages happened the fourth day of the
olection at this preciuct, aud tho writer
aud hundreds of others woro eye-wit?
nesses to what follows. The polls were
opened at the usual hour, and when tho
voting began it was almost impossible to
keep the negroes from taking complete
possession of them. About the middlo
of the day n colored man voted for
Qroolcy and tho conservative State
tioket, when a disturbance arose, whioh
woe kopt up until late in the evening,
and finally oulmiuatod in a deadly aEsanlt
on two citizens of tho towu. One of
thorn (Dr. Jackson) was struck and
knooked senseless by a bludgeon of some
kind as ho was entering his dwelling to
go to his sapper, and ho now lies in a
dangerous condition. A gun was fired
at him whilo falling, and some forty or
fifty shot penetrated tho door of his
house. About the same time a young
man waa. also assailed, but having beon
struck a slanting blow on the side of his
head, ho was only slightly stunned. The
only offence that these gentlemen had
committed was that of voting as they
saw fit."
< > -?
The Wealth of Abubville.?From
I the Abbeville Medium wo learn that tho
total value of all real estate in Abbeville
County is 84,681,226.65. Total value
personal property, $2.573,018. Total
value of all property, $7,254,240. Oar
oountry tax amounts to 821,762.72.
Court House tax, $14,508,48. School
tax, 08.049.50. Poll tas, $5.404. Total
amount of taxation, $49,724,724.70?
boing something more than nine dollars
to every voter in the County.
It Olm.gi,
,Oett Mattob.^-TJ? price et
OopieP Of the PllOSNix $ ?ViSoent
Yelterdsy waf *:brigtot, pleasant, s'on
sblnjj* day. , ;~ ?
* WA hove received .from rihe author a
copy of "Piain Questions on the Chnrch
Catechism," by Rev. J. Meroier Green,
A. M., Rector of Christ Church, Charles?
ton, S. O."
Senator Robertson loaves for Wash?
ington to-day.
David Brain, oharged with robbing
Aaron Richardson, of Wiunsboro, was
arrested, yesterduy, by Policeman
The dwelling of the Misses Bollins was
entered at an early hour, yesterday morn?
ing, and robbed of jewelry, etc.
Miss Jennie Patterson gives two of her
readings ou Monday and Tuesday oven
ings next. She is highly commended.
[ A person signing himself D. M. Phal
! ing, No. Z-L Amity street, New York, is
j deluging the country with circulars,*'
offering to sell counterfeit money. A
number of these circulars have been re?
ceived in this city within the past few days.
This person threatens to revenge him?
self in a direful manner if his name is
revealed. Can't some shrewd detective
take up his offer and get him a com?
plimentary ticket to tho Albany peniten?
Notice has been given by Messrs. But?
ler, Trade well, Wallace aud Greeu, coun?
sel for Captain George Tapper, charged
ith killing Captain John D. Caldwell,
that a motion for a change of venue
ould be mado when the case was called.
It is thought that the trial will be had in
Delegates to the meeting of the State
Grange are notified, in another column,
that the various railroads in the State
avo extended to them the courtesy of
one fare tickets.
Aodtcw Anderson, convicted at the
last August term of the United States
Conrt, at Greenville, of violating the in?
ternal revenue laws, and sentenced to
81,000 Sue and six months' imprison?
ment, has been unconditionally pardoned
by the President..
Mr. Tilman R. Games acknowledges
he receipt of a number of articles for
the orphans under hiB charge.
Miss Jennie Patterson, as will be seen
by a card in another column, gives two
entertainments in this city on Monday
and Tuesday evenings next.
The New Orleans Times, relieved of
its recent difficulties, ?gaic presents it?
self in its old, familiar guise, as the real
organ.of the people.
The moon?Love's lantern.
Advertisements are good tbiuga^ror us
and better for the public. There is no
more healthy measure iu business than
to open the new year with a flaming ad?
vertisement. It gives a man a good
sond-off and onlivens.trado. Wo augur
well for him who begins the year vilh
aolivity and hope, and takes his staud
firmly. The best way in whioh ho can
impress his neighbors with this is to pro?
claim his business and his purpose, so
that ail may know whut ho is about. The
first days of the new year are tho fittest
for this?and wo understand everybody's
interest, including our own 1
Supreme Court, January 3.?Court
met at 10 A. M. Present?Chief Justice
Moses, and Associate Justices Wright
and Willard.
The Sta'e ex ret. R. O. Shiver, et ai,
vs. S. L. H?ge, Comptroller General.
Monday, Gtb, at 10 A. M., is sot for
hearing Geo. W. Pattereou vs. South
Carolina Railroad Company. Mr. Cham?
berlain for appellant iu reply.
H. Terry vs. Commercial Bauk, con?
The following decisions were rendered:
H. H. & C. L. Duncan vs. Margaret
Harpor, el cd. Decree affirmed and mo?
tion dismiesod. Opinion by Moses, C. J.
State vs. Gain Simmons, Jaok Drayton
and Solomon Lyons. Motion dismissed.
Opinion by Moses, C. J.
At 11 A. M. Court aljournod till Mon?
day, Oth, at 10 A. M.
Tho Oal. Wagner troupe drew a crowd?
ed house again last night. As the old
adage goes, talont will tell, and it has
been many years since Columbia' has
been blossed with auoh a visitation, If
praise can bo bestowed on the vooal part
of the entertainment, and the singing is
first class, the grand carnival de Ethiope
is rich, rare and peculiar. Fred. Wilson
is a host in himself; his statues and
comicalities are unequaled. Cal. Wag?
ner, in his original pastimes on the
levco, is immense. His oration last
night was rapturously applauded from
beginning to end. One of tho moat
laughable burlesques of the evening was
Booker's Return from San Domingo, and
the Market Day was equally happy.
Canfield and Booker, Jr., repeated their
eccentricities last night, and their ap?
pearance in song and dance costume was
greeted with lond nppijmse. The per?
formance concluded with TJnole Shady'e
Return, a side-splitting extravaganza.
woman were/'iis quickTyilu ^eir feet as
with her toDgue, Bhe would catch light?
ning enough to kiudle the firo in the
A 'clock is a pugilistic puzzle, for
though it i? up to time .always, it only
strikes at the hours, end takes a day in
getting through a single round. It spars
so badly, too, with both its bauds before
its face.
The time to buy an overcoat?When
the fit is on you. ? - '
A leap in tho dark?Jumping down a
coal mine.
A new way to pay old debts?Don't
pay them at all.
An improvement on alchemy?Con-,
verting notes into gold.
A good physician saves us, if not ? al?
ways from the disease, at least from a
bad physician.
Time flies like an arrow, days and
months like a weaver's shuttle..
Modesty is attended with profit; arro?
gance brings on destruction.
He who can suppress a mo meal's
anger may prevent many days' sorrow. .
Curious how this life reeembles. bil?
liards?kisses and misses are generally
found near together.
Do not choose your friend by his
looks; handsome shoes often pinch' the
Don't be fond of compliments; remem?
ber, "Thank you, pussy, and thank yon,
pussy," killed the cat. -
Don't believe in the, man who talks
most, for mowing cats are very seldom
good mousers.
Who first introduced salt provisions
into the navy? Noah, for he took a Ham
with him on board the ark.
t"Phen do ladies look most killing?
When they are ready, /or sleighing.
Why are A, ? and U the handsomest
of the vowels? Because you cannot have
beauty without them.
Why is a man lifting a side of bacon
off a hook to be pitied? Because he's a
poor creature (pork reaober.)
List of New ?dvbbtisbmkmts.
Miss Jennie Patterson?Irwin's Hall.
Wanted to Rent.
G. Diercks?Caution.
Thos. Taylor?State Grange.
Tho WorJcingman, an elegantly print
| cd, eight-page weekly journal, by Tilman
R. Gaines?price $2 a year?will be is?
sued in Columbia next week, .The paper
will be devoted to the industrial pursuits
of the people, to science aud literature,
to immigration, to the education of the
masses, and to the development of the
mental and material resources of our
oountry. The first issue will afford rare
I advantages to advertisers, as this edition
will bo largely circulated.. The. proprie?
tor is particularly anxious to show off
the businees of Columbia in this issue.
The price for advertisements is ten cents
aline for one insertion. Call at the
Working Christian office, Main street,
and subscribe for the paper and leave
your advertisements.
-m ?\
Am Excrrisa. Foot Raoe.?At tbe.Sa
vauuah Fair Grounds, on Wednesday, a
foot raoe of ono mile for a purse of 850
took plp.ee, tho contestants being Mr.
Barrett, of Charleston, and Mr. O'Hare,
a New York professional, who hails from
Nashville. Mr. Barrett led off hand?
somely, keeping the lead for about a
quarter of a mils, when Lo commenced
to lug. O'Hara soon passed' his opr. o
ncnt in a fast dog trot, aid won the race
by a quarter of a mile. Mr. Barrett be
camo embarrassed by an accident to his
clothing, and immediately after the race
he offered to double tho stake and run
again. Subsequently another race .at
100 yards, for a purse of $100, came ;off
between the same parlies, and Barrett
won with ease by thirty feet.
Central Park, in New York, presented
a lively soeno on Sunday. It is esti?
mated that 50,000 persons visited the
Park. 10,000 skaters were on the lakes,
au? 5,000 sleighs dashed around the
snow-covered roads, and a large number
of spectators were there enjoying' the
sport, comfortably muffled for the occa?
sion. The New York papers describe
tho scene, not only in the Park, but in
Harlem laue, on the Fifth avenue and
other portions of the city, as enlivening
and brilliant as the oity ever wore, not?
withstanding the solemn character of
the day. The price of i a team ran sp as
high as forty' dollars, and many " were
disappointed offering that sum.
j ; ;-. ? ?2-. '? 'ft\
Mr. Ford, the well-known Baltimore
manager, is emulous of tho fame of tho
good fairies among the poor children of
that city. He gave oh Christmas day a
bright and showy performance for their
capecial behoof, and added after the
play innumerable presents for the little
people whose eyes ne had feasted gratis.
This was one of the biggest Christmas
trees on record, and it sprang from one
of the most generous and wholesome of
The editor of the Knoxville Press hia
unpleasant feelings towards the Chroni?
cle man, and; as a result, one goes armed '
with a atone in a stocking and the other
I carries a cheese knife down bis neok,
A dootor went oat for a day's sport
and complained of having killed nothing.
"That's the consequence of having- ne?
glected your businees," observed hia

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