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?oopieeof the PHcsrirx is five cents.
oards and envelopes, tastily printed/ ?an
be obtained at the Faonnx office.
As the street lamps were being washed,
yesterday, it is presumed that thej are to
be again brought into use.
m Moses baa(pnrcbj^d.tho Preston
? A ohild's pair of pantaloons, black,
were lost in the neighborhood of the
Unit-qreity,' The finder wiWfitaae call
A falee alarm of fire was raised last
night about 9 o'clock.
? T>eJ3raad Lodge of .ihe?ndeDe?deut
Prefer of Oild Fellows convenea in this
oily to day, The attonjion of members
c? the tffrftnlty E d.r?kd ti^hi card.
ya^teiday? was a delightful day?more
like spring tban winter.
The debris of the market has at last
been disposed of. Mr. Levin anotioned
it off,;Tjn Monday.
TMState Grange of the Patrons of
Husbandry hold their session, to-day, at
the hall overLoriok & Lowranoe's store.
Under the modest title of the Eastern
and Western Railway Transportation
Company, a mighty railroad project is
about to ? appear in Congress. It is
nothing less than a railway from the
South Carolina aea-bqard to Leaven
worth. Kansas, with a branch to St.
Louis. It is too soon, to express any
opinion - as to the feasibility of such a
scheme; its details will be of vital im?
portance; hot We' may be sure that the
shrieks of, locality will at onco be heard.
;Aa tho thy is blue and the earth
green, it would aeem that the ceiling
should be a bluish tinge, the Carpet
green, and the walls of some mellow tint.
Kentucky State Library Lottery clear?
ed $167,000. How much of that is ont
of your pocket, young man?
Tho following is the programme of
music by the 18th Infantry Band, for
this afternoon:
Rifle Olub Qa!ok8tep?Heicecke.
La T ray ia ta?Verdi.
Walts and Song?Samuels.
Caata Diva?Bellini.
Coeur Atout Polka?Pik off.
Orlando Galop?Beyer.
SrjPBBMR Couivr -Tuesday, January 14.
Ai 10 A. M., the Court-met. Present??
Chief Justice Moses and Associate Jus?
tices Wright and Willard. \% *? ': ?'
The State es rel. R. 0.Shiver et ai, vs.
S. 3j. H?ge, Comptrollor-Geueral. Man?
jn oonseqnenoQ ot the indisposition of
one' of the counsel for relators, the
court adjourned till Wednesday, Janu
15, at 11 A. M,
Opsning ov tbo. WmtgiiTaB Houau. ?
The elegant and spaoious drawing rooms,;
paflors, aitting rooms and chambers of
the Wheeier House, all in the glory of |
gas, brilliant chandeliers and sumptuous
carpete, hangings, &a.t were thrown
opwf iiaia-*vwiiitt
Hghtexi company of visitors, ladies and
gentlemen.\ Promenades along the cor*
ridors iah'd through the beautiful apart?
ments/ even into the department of
cuisine, enlivened by mucio aud that
pleasant confusion which attends orbwds,
friends meeting and passing agreeable
salutations, wore the order of the even?
ing. On all hands were heard. remarks
of tho highest satisfaction with the com?
pleteness and elegance of the arrange?
ments for the comfort of guests. Tbo
din log room, in which was spread a nice
refection of fruits, cordials and wines for
the ladiee, is bo artistic, finished and at?
tractive as will doubtless make many o
guest to linger and enjoy (he repasts that
will be spread there. The Wheeler
House., promises to be a great success,
under the administration of Mr. and
Mrs. Pollock, whose zeal and aotivity
catt only be surpassed*.jby the complete?
ness of the knowledge and excellence of
taste which distinguish them as host and
CouNBKii TOB Aiuno.?Nothing is
oheaper to those who give it than good
advice; nothing io more valuable to
those who receive it in the right spirit
and promptly act upon it. Well, theo,
we advise tbe feeble, the ailing, the de?
spondent to become strong and hearty
and oheerful. ''Ahl" reply all these un?
fortunates in a breatb, "it needs no
wiseacre to teach us tbat snob a ohango
is desirable; but how is it to be effect?
ed?" . Tour patience, sick and sorrowful
friends, and we will inform yon. Learn,
then, that there is snoh sanitary value in
the famous vegetable restorative known
as HoBtetter's Stomaob Bitters, that no
phase 'of muscular or nervous debility,
no species of billons disorder, no variety
of that torment called dyspepsia, no
case of chills and fever, no form of hypo*
ohondria; that may not be cured by the
persevering use, of this harmless bot
irresistible invigorant, alterative and
corrective. J12 f3J;l
Liar ov Niw Advhbtiskubntb.
Indian Glrl**-Cig*rs, etc.
Meeting Riohland Lodge.
Meiling I. O. ?. F.
Ii M, Pollock? Whoelor House. 11
PAma,,January H ^Mkrehri.pwl?no
is deeply affected by' the death of N>po
leon. The news rendered him quite ill.
Hie wife hat gott0"to Obiselhurst.
London, JenpftVy 13.-^Arrangements
have been, mjade for the admhwion of 200
Sarsons hourly to view the remaint of
apoleon, while tying in a t?te.
Londow, January 14. ?Marshal Labo?
ren f, Gen. Froiaaart end Gen. Failly,
have arrived,rat Ohiaelhurat, from
France, to attend the funeral of the late
Empero- Nabolaon. It ia stated that
Sheen Victoria will visit Empress Enge
e after the funeral; Prince Teoke left
this oity for Ohiaelhurat yesterday. The
commandant of the Royal Military
Aoademy at Woolwich, where the Prinoe
Imperial is a cadet, has forbidden all en?
tertainments to be held at the institution
nntil after the funeral of Napoleon.
AmirUsn matters. .
LrrrxiS Bock, January 18.?Judge
Oaldwell rendered a decision to-day, in
the o??? of Judge Harrison against Go?
vernor Had ley and others. He sustains
the defendants'demurrer to the jurisdic?
tion of the court. He says the court has
no jurisdiction, under the Enforcement
Act, of any election, except where the
parties have been deprived of the right
to vote by reason of raoo, color, or pre?
vious condition of servitude. In com?
plainant's bill, no averment of this kind
is made. He gave leave to oonnsel to
re-argue the case before a full benoh, in
April, when it is thought Judge Miller,
of the Supreme Oourt, and Oironit
Judge Dilhon, will be present. Refer?
ring to the decision of Judge Durell, of
Louisiana, he says the oourt in that oaso
decided it had jurisdiction solely on tho
ground that averments in the complaint
I set up that parties had been deprived of
; their right to vote by reason of their
race, color, or previous condition of ser
| vitude. In this suit no such avermeut
is made,- and oomplaiuant is remitted to
the courts of his State for relief.
Washington, January 14.?The Judi?
ciary Committee of tho House did no?
thing this morning regarding the Loui?
siana complication. They will wait till
the papers submitted to them are printed.
The Credit Mobilier Committee had a
long session to day, and meet again to?
night. Opl. Carrington, Presideut of the
James River and Kanawha Canal Com?
pany, addressed the Committee of Com?
merce in favor of an appropriation for
that work. Many Virginians were pre?
sent. The committee holds a special
meeting to-morrow, to hear Col. Jti. W.
Hughes, of Virginia, on the subject.
The Finance Committee reported there
is no law for re-issuing the $44,000,01)0
legal tenders retired by MoOulIooh.
New York, January 14.?The thaw
continues. The weather is mild. -
The Herald states that the steamer
Edgar Stewart, which recently left As
piuwall, with a full oargo and some re?
cruits for the insurgents, has safely land?
ed on the Cuban coast.
Norfolk, January 14 ?The schooner
Harriet A. Rogers, for Wilmington, is
ashore on Body Island. Assistance bus
boon sent.
Nbw Oblbans, January 14.?Pinch
back has been eleoted United States Se?
nator Ivy the Kellogg Legislature.
Boston, January 14?George W.
Williams, wbose trial was pending to?
day, in the United States District Oourt,
for.robbing the mails, osoaped from the
ante-room of the Oourt House, and his
whereabouts are nnknown.
Philadelphia, January 14.?A cable
despatch from Liverpool (announces the
foundering of the ship Tusoarora, off
Gibraltar. She was ootton loadsd, from
Mobile, bound to Liverpool. The cap?
tain and ten men are reported lost The
ship belonged to Copes, of Philadelphia.
ToFEKA, Kansas, January 14.?The
first aot of the new Governor was a
message to the President to withdraw
the United States troops from Cherokee
neutral lands.
Nbw Yobk, January 14.?The direct?
ors of the Erie Road passed a resolution
authorizing the issue of $10,000,000 of
convertible bonds at par, for the pur?
pose of improving the road and laying
double tracks.
A London letter says that the retire?
ment of Bismarck from the Prussian
Cabinet is really due to the differences
arising between him and Emperor Wil?
liam on the church question. The
Kaiser became alarmed at Bismarck's
oouree towards the Catholics, and de
olined further to follow the Prinoe in his
It is stated that a geueral reduction of
telegraph rates will be inaugurated by
all companies.
. Several oyster Gessels, trading between
New York and Chesapeake Bay, have
been missing since the late gales,
j Washington, January 14.?The be
nate Committee on Patents had before
them, this morning, tho bill passed by
the House in May last, relieving the
heirs of William Graham from all disa?
bilities now existing, and preventing
them from renewing or reviving tho ap?
plication of the administrator of the
estate for a certain invention or disco?
very of a novel method of, or means for,
extinguishing fires, oto. Judge Bond,
of i Chicago, represented the Graham
heirs, and Judge Loobrane, of Georgia,
and Judge Barrett the National Fire
Extinguisher Company, of Now York.
At least a dozen other gentlemen, inte?
rested in the firo extinguisher, were pre?
sent. The committee considered that,
as it had been so long sinoe Graham
made his application, namely, 1837, the
entertaining of the proposition for revis?
ing, said application would work injustioe
to those who have embarked their oapi
tal in new fire extinguishing companies.
They, therefore, unanimously decided
that the bill ought not to pass the Senate.
In the Senate, the Judiciary Commit?
tee was directed to inquire, in connec?
tion with the iuquiry regarding the
power of Congress over railroads between
the States, whether the States had not
fulipower over roads within their bor
data. The bjQl passed which ?Jlaws tbe
national tiaoka-to loan to any individual
or corporation ten per cent, upon-their
enrplas profits, as well a* upoo tkoii ori?
ginal capital. The agricultural and In?
dustrial arts college bill passed, und goes
to the Prudent,
The Hunfce, wal ongaged ail day on the
Oredit Mobiliar ?od Pacific Railroad.
Probabilities?For the 8outh Atlantic
States, Southerly . to Westerly . winds,
oloudy weather and poaaibly rain. For I
the Gulf States, cloudy weather and
rain areaa, but winds veering to West
erly and North-westerly during Wednes?
day With clearing weather.
Colonel Oarrington, to-day, made an
argument before the Committee on Com?
merce in favor of the pending bill, pro?
posing that Congress shall, through the
bureau of United States engiueers, com
plete the James River and Kanawha|
Canal, and that commissioners, to be ap?
pointed by the eight Western States aud
Virb nie, shall control the same. Tho
bill appropriates $8,000,000 for the work.
Virginia aud West Virginia tender their
expenditure of $10,000,000 on condition
of tho oomoiution; and when the na?
tional expenditure shall be fully returned
to the United Statea, the canal is to be
free from all tolls, except those necessary
to keep it iu repair.
Minneapolis, Minn , January 14."?
Speciul despatches to tho Tribune, from
various parts of Minnesota give further
details of tho terrible nature of the
storm of Tuesday last. Eight people are
known to have been frozen to doath at
Morris, and nix or eight others have suf?
fered the same fate throughout the coun?
try. Two men wero found near St.
Peter, Bitting upright iu a sleigh, frozen
stiff, aud wrapped iu bniTalo robea. At
Washington, two teamsters have been
frozen to death. Near Sioux City, three
others shared the same fate. The rail?
road men engaged in working iu snow
banks are suffering terribly, many of
them being frozen, though none fatally.
It is by far the mo.st terrible storm that
has visited this section of conutry since
its first settlement.
Klimnclni mill ( nmuktclttl,
Columbia', 8. C, Junuary 14.?Sales
of cotton to-day 142 bales?middling
London, January 14?Noon.?Consols
92%. ?s 90%. Eries *8.
Paris, January 14. ? Rentes 54f. 15o.
Liverpool, January 14?3 P. M.?
Cotton opened quiet aud is now dull and
easier?uplands [email protected]% -.Orleans 10 %@
10%; oales 8,000 bales; speculation and
export 1,000; shipped from Savuuuah or
Charleston, December or January, 9%.
London, January 14?Evening.?Dis?
count in the market % per cent, below
bank rates. Erics 48%.
Liverpool, January 14?Evening.?
Cotton closed unchanged; sales include
4,000 American. Yarns and fabrics tend
New York, January 14.?Stocks strong. |
Gold steady, at 12 i?'. Money firm, at 7.
Exchange?long 9%; short 10%. Go?
vernments dull bnt steady. State bonds
dull but Bteady. Cotton easier; sales
1,215 bales?uplands 20%; Orleans 21%.
Floor firm.. Wheat quiet but steady.
Corn steady. Pork quiet?mess [email protected]
14 00. Lard quiet and in buyers' favor
?Western steam [email protected]%. Freights
7 P. M.?Sales of futures 10,450bales:
January 19 9-16. 19%; February 19%,
19%; March 19%, 20; April 20%,
20 5-16; May 20%; June 21; July 21%.
Cotton quiet; sales 2,486 bales?uplands
20%; Orleans 21. Flour quiet and un?
changed. Whiskey closed weak, at 94.
Wheat closed a shade firmer?red West?
ern 1.7?(?)1.85. Corn rather heavy.
Rice firmer?Carolina [email protected] Pork?new
13.75. Lard weak, at [email protected] 516. Freights
steady. Money easier, at [email protected] Ster?
ling dull, at 9%@9%. Gold 11%. Go?
vernments quiet. States very quiet.
Louisville, January 14.?Flour firm
?extra family 6.75. Corn firm; receipt?
light?shelled, bulk, [email protected]%. Pork
12 [email protected] Shoulders 5%; sides 7?i
@7%, paoked. Lard 7%@8%, for
choice leaf; 7% for steam. Whiskey
firm, at [email protected]
Cincinnati, January 14.?Flour in fair
demand aud firm. Corn steady and un?
changed. Pork quiet, at 12.75; buyers
offer 12.02 lj. Bacon nominally un?
changed.* Wbiikey bteady, at 90.
St. Louis, January 14.?Flour firm
and in fair dornend. Corn firm, at East
side; easier on this side?No. 2, mixed,
32 at East side, on track; 33 at East side,
in elevator. Whiskey dull, at 90. Pork
quiet, at 12.00. Bacon quiet?paoked
lots of shouldered; clear rib 7%; clear
sides 7%. Lard lower?steam 7; kettle
Wilmington, January 14.?Cotton
quiet?middling 19%.
Baltimore, January 14 ?Cotton
quiet?middling 20%.
Savannah, January 14 ?Cotton dull?
middling 19>?.
Mobile, January 14.?Cotton quiet
good ordinary 17%(7i)17%; middling
19%; low middling l?%(a)lH%.
New Orleans, January 14.?Cotton iu
good demand?low middling 18%; mid*
dling 19%@19%.
Augusta, January 14.?Cotton dull
aud irregular?middling 18%@19.
Boston, January 14.?Cotton quiet?
middling [email protected]
Galveston, January 14.?Cotton weak
?good ordinary 17.
Norfolk, January 14.?Cottou quiet
?low middling 18%?18%.
Charleston, January 14.?Colton
dull und nominal?middling 19%.
Richland Lodge, No. 39, A. F. M.
k\ AN- Extra Communication of ltlch
~a/VrIaDU Lodge will bo held THIS [ Weduos
/VXaiy] KVlcNINQ, at 7 o'clock. The E.
a,. Aiegroo will be oonferred. By or de ? of the
V7. M. B. I. BOOME,
Jan 15 1_Beorotary pro tern.
I. 0. 0. F.
LODOE of the I. O.
- O. F. of the State
moots hi tula otty, THIS MORNING, at 0
o'clock A. M., at Tomporanoo Hall, ooraer of
Washington and Hain strocts. Jan 151
. \ Tuesday, January 14, 187?
? Senate assembled at 12.M.
the following woe laid before the So?
The undersigned hare had their atten?
tion called to a resolution of the Geberai
Assembly directing proceedings to be
taken to compel tho late members of the
Sinking Fond Commission to render a
report of their acts during the fiscal year,
1872. It is due to ourselves to say that
wo bare been ready aud anxious, at
times, to render the report required, and
that wa hare made every effort to came
a report to bo made. The entire records
of toe commission are, however, in the
hands of the late Secretary of Commis?
sion, Mr. W. J. Wnipper. Wo have ro
peatedly called apon Mr. Whipper for
the records aud report, but have failed
to obtain them. It may be added that
our successors in office have also de
manded of Mr. Whipper (he reoords of
the commission, aud bepromiaod to pro?
duce Ihem, but up to the preseut timu
has entirely failod to do so. No rftason
now exists, or has at any time existed,
why the report has uot been made, ex
cept the default of Mr. Whipper in fail?
ing to place within our mach the records
of the commissiou. Very respectfully,
Late Commissioners of the Siukiug
Fand, S. O.
Bill to rcpcnl an Act ontitled "Au Act
to establish a publio road iu Bare well
and Orangebnrg Counties," was ordered
to lie on tho table.
A bill to enforce the payment of the
poll tax received its first reading.
Mr. Holliushead introduced a bill to
authorize and empower tho County Com?
missioners of Abbeville County to opeu
and establish a publio road from Win.
Huuter'a to R. H. MoCaslau's, iu said
Mr. Whittumore introduced a bill to
repeal ah Act to revise, simplify aud
abridge tho rules, practice, pleadiugs
and forms of courts iu this State, and all
Acts uud parts of Acts amendatory
thereto, aud to estublish others iu lieu
Mr. Smith introduced a bill to incor?
porate the towu of Nichols.
Mr. Dicksou introduced a bill to
change the name of McCaully James
White to that of James McCaully.
Bills to incorporate the Cougruity
Ch.iroh, Concord Township, Snmter
Couuty; to incorporate the Draymen's
Benevolent Association, of Charleston;
to incorporate the Irish Riilo Club, oi
Charleston; to amend au Act entitled
"An Act to grant, renew aud amend the
charters of certain towu and villages
herein mentioned;" to renew nnd amend
the oharter of Enox's Bridge, over the
Tugaloo River; joiut lesolution to allow
Hon. Wm. M. Thomas $500, us extra
compensation; to relieve Jesse E. Dent,
former Sheriff of Riohlaud Couuty, of a
penalty on tax executions, received their
third reading, pasRed, aud wore ordered
to be sent to tho House of Representa?
The House met at 12 M., Speaker Leu
in tho Chair.
Mr. Meetze. from tho Judiciary Com?
mittee, made favorable report on the fol?
lowing: Joint resolution to allow extra
compensation to Judge John T. Green ?
laid over; bills to regulato the appoint?
ment of Notaries Pubiio in the city of
Charleston; to empower the city of
Charleston to estublish u House of Re?
fuge and an Industrial School, and for
other purposes; to amend Section 3,
Chapter 13, of the general statutes; to
amend Section 01, Chapter 20, of the
general statutes; to amend Seutiou 3 of
an Act entitled "An Act to repeal the
usury laws of this State," approved Do
comber 8, 18G6; to amend Sectiou 07,
Chapter 20, of the general statutes; to
amend Seotious 14, 21 and 38 of au Act
entitled "An Act to regulate the manner
of drawing jurors," approved March 10,
1871, being Sections 17 aud 24, Chapter
III, of the general statutes; to ropeul an
Aot ontitled an "Act to establish uu In?
ferior Court in tho city of Charleston;"
to repeal Sectiou 13, Chapter 28, of the
general statutes; to change tho uarues of
Alice Bright and Thomas Bright to Isa?
bella O. Lyles aud Joseph it. Lyies?
committee reported by special bill; to
alter and amend Section 10, Chapter 30,
of the revised general Statuten.
Committee on Road*, Bridges and
Ferries ou a bill to lay out und eMubli h
anew road iu Union Couuty.
Committee on Incorporations ou a bill
to incorporate the Aiken Real Estate au I
Buildiug Association; to incorporate tho
Charleston Water and Canal Company;
?. c - fi
to incorporate the Auxiliary Joibt Stock
Company; to incorporate the Florence
Educational Association; 4o incorporate
the Lexington end Con gar ee Jockey
Club; to incorporate the town ol Hedge*,
in Abbeville County; to incorporate the
town of Fort Mills, in York County; to
amend and renew the charters o( certain
towns and villages therein mentioned; to
incorporate the People's Loan and Real
E-it&te Company of Charleston; to re
peal an Act entitled "An Aot to incorpo?
rate the town of Townvillo in Anderson
County," approved Maroh 13, 1872.
Committee on County 'Officers and
Offices?Sill as to the jurisdiction and
duties of County Commissioners.
Committee on Charitable and Reli?
gions Institutes?Bills to renew the
charter of Wofford College, 8parlanbnrg;
to incorporate the Evangelical Church,
Orangeburg; to incorporate the Colum?
bia Baptist Church, Greenville.
Mr. Hurley introduced a bill to au?
thorize the formation of the New York,
Norfolk and Charleston Riilway Compa?
Mr. L?vy? -To alter and amend the
charter of Moultrieville, on 8ullivan'a
Mr. Rivers?To renew and amend the
charter of the toll bridge across the
Savauuab River, at Hamburg.
Mr. Graut?Concurrent resolution to
investigate the fiuauoial ooudition of
Charleston County, said committee to
report at the next session of the General
At 1 P. M., the Senate Was announoed,
and the two Houses united in joint as?
sembly, for the election of Judge of the
Eighth Circuit. After long debates, as
to the claims and politics of the various
candidates, the vote was taken, and re?
sulted as follows: Thompson H. Cooke,
85; Samuel MoGowau, 43;J.S. Murray,
2; W. J. Wbipper, 2. Thompson H.
Cooke was declared elected. Amidst
great confusion, the joiut assembly dis?
The first aunual message of his Excel?
lency Gov. Moses was presented to the
Houso by his Private Secretary, H. H.
D. Byron, Esq. The reading of it was
suspended until to-morrow, at 1 o'clock.
Adjourned till to-morrow, at 11 A. M.
at TUE
Dry Goods Establishment
W. D. LOVE & CO.
PREPARATORY to taking our yearly in?
ventory, we have reduced the prices of
nur wirter" stock, with a view to clone them
out, to m*k> rnnai for an extensive and at?
tractive line ot SPUINU OOuDS.
Our Baruain Counters contain a great
We invite ?11 to call and get aome of the
liarKAina. it the GRAND CENTRAL DRY
Plain e'r-a., uudor the Whctler llouaa.
W. D. Lovak [ W. D.LOVE&CO.
D. B. Mc^iikeby t Jan li
of closing out our entire
stock of Winter Goods,
we offer the following
articles at less than the
regular prices:
PURS, &c.
The stock of DRESS GOODS,
Boulevard Skirts, Knit Woolen
Goods and Millinery, at less
than cost.
THE undersigned, for many years (ho hopos favorably) known to the community of
Columbia, 8. 0., and to tbo traveling public generally, begs to inform biB friends and
the publlo that ho has leased for a term of years tho building just orectcd at the corner of
Main snd Plain atreetB, (opposite It. U. Shiver k. Oo.'h Dry Goods Rtore ) which will open
ibia day as aflretolaee Hntol and Restaurant, to bo known as tbo "WHEELER HO I'SB."
and trusts he will receive the patronage of bis frienda and the traveling public in aid of ma
enterprise. Neither expense nor trouble baa been spared to provide ?II modern oenven
ionoles, and great paina have been taken to secure tbo l>est, most reliable an t courteoua help
in all the departments, whilst the general management n-ilt be under Ins own supervision
and receive Ida undivided attention. A special feature of. this establishment will be the
opening of a fino suite of rooms for the accommodation of Ladies, where Meals and Oysters
will be sorvod at all hours. TU BO. M. POLL?OK.
Jan 15
j. & kina:
TfrXHIJB It S, tbl? week a> Ur*o atook of ? ab
XLt eiantial ?
AND ? .?Vi j
f 25,000 worth of handaome
To be sold at great.; reduced price*. Those
goods ere entirely new'; ajfd having' been
bought below the cost o.' importation, ero
very cheap. Wo offer then at ? alight ad?
vance on cost price. This aiouk consists of
rich Lyons SILKS, handsome Japanese silks,
aplondid Irish Popline, beautiful French Pop
Una, Oaabmere do Lyon?, rieh Satteena, Ao.,
Ac, in all the popular shades and colors.
He alao off ra, at the same advantageous
rates, a full line of the unequalled "Qnu"
Brand Black Alpacas, of superior lustre, at
30 35, 40,15,60, 60, 75o. and $1 per jatfe
In addition to the above, he will sell a large
lot of newly manufactured FURS, in seta,
much below tbe regular prioes. Gape and
Muff from $3 50 to aao, Particular attention
is called to an invoice of Beal Point and other
Real Lace Collars, Sleeves and Hanuiorchiefe,
at half the price of importation. - abase
gooua have been bought expressly for the
holidays, and they will be appreciated by the
ladiea, and fonnd bargains.
great variety of fancy artioles suitable for pre?
sents, to an examination of which she most
cordially invites her friends and ?b.c. public
generally. J. H. KINA?D.
Deo 16_? . ? -
;. ? ? .
COMMENCES MONDAY, January 18,1878,
and continues f jr^iirty days.
All WINTER GOODS will be sold without
regard to cost, FOR CASH ONLY.
Jan 12 lmo_J. H. KINABD.
We open this date a
fresh lot of Noo 1
BLANKETS, of very
superior quality. Also,
a fall line of BALMO?
RAL and BOOLfi
Brown and Bleached
Domestic Prints, ike.
As the season is ad?
vancing, we offer these,
together with other
goods in the DRY
GOODS line, at unujisi
ally low figures, and as
the rush upon* us is tre?
mendous, the chances
are, unless you Call
soon, you will lose the
or j ? ? ' -f* '
That will bo offered In this market.
Jan U_: i
WE will soil our whole and entire atosk pf
i below coat, to close business. All persona in
need of anything in our line should by all
means ombraco this opportnnltv.; ? ]< ?
s. urn aus A nno.,
Jan 9 Under Columbia "Hotel,

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