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. ' London, February 16.?Parliament has
? .ce-asaeojbled. The Qaeon's epeeoh states
that Eogland is at paaoo with all the
great powers! Sho will . oo-operato (or
. the suppression of the slave trade on the
Boat coast of Africa. Friendly negotia?
tions are progressing with Bassia.
Sohouvaloff assures her Majesty of the
friendship of the Gaar . for England.
Thiers will arbitrate between England
and Portugal relative to the possessions
on the South coast of Africa. It is con?
sidered proper to hasten the payment of
the- Alabama olaims award.
The sahooner . James Bayley was
- wrecked on the Anglesea coast; eight
Bombay and Madras advices, reoeived
here, state that the Indian military cir?
cles condemn the idea of a neutral zone, !
mooted some time ago' daring negotia?
tions between Bassia and Britain, re?
garding the limits to be observed by the
. former in its Kbivan expedition.
Paris, February G.?Trouble arises
from the negotiation of the Memphis
and El Paso bonds in European markets.
Pabis, February 6.?The Courier, of
- Bayonno, says no substantial advan?
tage has been gained by the SpaniBh
forces over the insurgents in the North?
nmtilenu ItXaitera.
San Francisco, February 5.?Oaptain
Miller, Company O, Fourth United
States Artillery, arrived at Jacksonville,
Oregon, to-day, en route for the Modoo
lava beds. Much indignation is ex?
pressed among the people of that city at
the proposition for a treaty with the In?
diana. Government supplies are going
forward rapidly, notwithstanding the
bad condition of the roads. Two com?
panies of Oregon volunteers have been
mustered out of the service. A despatch
from Yreka states that the proposition to
~ Bend a peace commissioner to the Mo
does meets almost universal condemna?
tion in that part of the aountry.
SpeinofieiiD, Mass., February 6.?
' The block occupied by the Merchants'
Union Express and Massachusetts Mu?
tual Life Insurance Oompauy was burned
to-day. The Republican printing build?
ing narrowly escaped.' Loss about $75,
? Harper's Ferry, February 6?7 A. M.
The Potomao has risen five feet. The
iee is running heavy.
. Naw York, February 6.?Dr. Starrs,
Vicar-General of the Diocese of New
York, io ill. His death is apprehended..
A proposition is pending to reduce
Brooklyn and New ?ork to one munici?
pality. '
Halifax, February 6.?The French
steamer Washington, nineteen days out,
has arrived. *
TirosvmriB, Pa., February 6.?A tor?
pedo, which Andrew Daleymple was ee
oretly filling, exploded, hilling him, his
wife and child, and blowing his houso to
. Buffalo, February 6.?John Oaffney,
who is to be executed to-morrow, Bhowed
signs of insanity yesterday, when priests
visited him. He became violently en?
raged and broke the ornoifix in pieces.
A council of physicians was held last
' evening on the case, bat no definite con?
clusion was reached. They advised the
sheriff, Cleveland, to telegraph Governor
Dix, advising two weeks'stay of proceed?
ings. The sheriff did so, and Governor
Dix replied this morning, refasing- to
grant the respite. Gaffuer slept a little
this morning and was somewhat calmer.
The sheriff will summon a grand jury,
before whom the testimony of physicians
will be taken. Should the jury fail to
reudor a verdiet by to-morrow" between
10 A. M. and 4 P. M., Gaffaey certainly
will be hanged.
Ohhkobh, Wks , February 6.?Rudd &
Holdeu's carriage factory was burned
yesterday. ' Loss 810,000; partly insured.
Chicago, February 6.?A special from
Topeka, Kansas, says: "In the Senate,
yesterday, York said he would testify be?
fore the investigating committee and
toll all that Pomeroy divulged, but would
. not make specific oharges against mem?
bers on Pomeroy'a simple statement that
be bought them. He will be examined
Washington, February G.?The bill
whioh pasued the House of Representa?
tives, yesterday, giving to producers of
tobaooo the right to soil direot to con?
sumers, meets the general disapproval of
all the manufacturers of the country, as
well as the Barean of Internal Revenue,
whioh this morning addressed the fol?
lowing letter to the members of the Se?
nate Finance Oommittee:
"The final passage of the bill in regard
to selling leaf tobaooo direct to con?
sumers, which passed the House yester?
day, will, in the respectful judgment of
this office, prove very disastrous to the
revenue from tobaooo, and is most
earnestly deprecated by the whole body
of manufacturers of tobaooo throughout
the country. I have addressed the Chair?
man of your Oommittee to-day, asking
a hearing for this office and the manu?
facturers of the country, before the Se?
nate is oalled to' consider it. We esti?
mate that the revenue would be roduoed
$3,000.000 per annum by the proposed
bill. Very respootfully,
J. W. DOUGLASS, Commissioner."
The fanded loan subscription in the
United States and Europe, to-day, have
been bo heavy that the Secretary of tho
Treasury, in order to stop interest, has
? issued tho call for $100,000,000 of five
twenty bonds of 1BG2, in advance of tho
closing of the bonds oa Friday evening.
Additional oalls will be issued to follow
shortly, the Secretary having declined to
call at one timo more than $100,000,000,
because of the clerical labor involved in
preparing, receiving and delivering the
In tho House, Young's bill, with the
Senate amondmentn, appropriating
$110,000 for publio buildings at Atlanta,
passed, and goos to the President. The
bill rolieving R. M. T. Hunter, of Vir?
ginia, passed. The Conference Com?
mittee on tho amendments to the bank
adopted. The conference report upon
the war sloo ps was ad?pted. It provides
(or the building of eight sloops, the cost
not to exaeed 81.200,000. .0. 0. Boweo,
oontestant Of DoLargo, from Soath
Carolina, gets $1,600.. , $30,000 was ap?
propriated for investigation into the
elections of Arkansas, Louisiana and
Kansas. The bill bridging the Missis?
sippi River at Memphis was recommit?
ted. The. post office appropriation was
resumed. , The amendment extending
the carrier system to cities of 20,000
inhabitants was adopted.
In the Senate, the report of the Con?
ference Oommittee on amendments to
the bankrupt bill to relieve the Boston
fire insurance companies passed, and
goes to the President.
Tbe hundred and fifty or so witnesses
and pblitioians here from Louisiana in
attendance upon the .Oommittee on
Elections and Privileges are well. All
are hopeful, and most of them fall of
Eli F. Jennings, of Atlanta, and
Albert M. Barney, recently Oolleotors of
Customs at Brownsville, Texas, have
been appointed special Treasury Agents.
Tho campaign agaiust Capt. Jack, ex?
cept for defence, has boon ordered sus?
pended until tho Commissioners recent?
ly appointod arrive.
Probabilities?For the Gulf Stales,
Westerly and North-westerly winds, and
olear aud clearing woather. For tho
South Atlantio States, winds shifting to
Westerly and Northerly, with clearing
weather. For the Middle States, South?
easterly and South-westerly winds and
partly cloudy weather, except cloudy
weather and light rain from Virginia to
New Jersey.
New York, February C.?The recovery
of ex-Mayor Kadiflisch is hopeless.
Simmons, who killed Duryea, is still
at Bellevue Hospital, olosely guarded.
He will be taken to the Tombs to night,
if well enough. The District Attorney
I has taken measures to prevent Simmons'
release on bail.
Vioar General Starrs is dead.
At a meeting of tho Chamber of Com?
merce, this afternoon, a resolution ac?
knowledging tho success to scienoo by
tbe late Commodore Maury and ex
! pressivo of sympathy with his widow,
was opposed by Mr. Blunt, on the
ground that Captain Maury was a traitor.
Mr. Opdyke remarked that Captain
Maury was a Southerner, and if Mr.
"Blunt had beeu one he might have done
the same. Blunt energetically respond?
ed he never would. The resolution
passed, Mr. Blunt dissenting.
Financial and tummcicUI.
Columbia, S. O. February 0.?Sales
of ootton to-day 63 bales?middling
London, February 6?Noon.?Consols
92>6(a)92%. 5s 90%.
Liverpool, February 6?3 P. M.?
Cotton opened quiet and is now heavy?
uplands 9%(gH0; Orleans 10%@10%;
sales 8,000 bales; speculation and export
1,000; from Savannah or Charleston,
shipped in February or March, 9%.
Liverpool, February 6?Evening.?
Cotton closed with a downward tenden?
cy ; sales include 4,000 bales American.
New York, Fobruory 6?Noon.?
Stocks notive. Gold firm, at 13%.
Money firm, at 7 to 1 32 per cent. Ex?
change?long 9%; short 10%. Govern?
ments dull but steady. State bonds dull
and heavy. Cotton dull and nominal;
sales 115 bales?uplands 21%; Orleans
21%. Flour quiet but steady. Wheat
steady. Corn unchanged. PorkBtoady,
at 11.371..'. Lard quiet and in buyers'
favor?Western steam 8 [email protected]%.
, Freights quiet.
7 P. M.?Money high during the day,
but closed at [email protected] on streets. Sterling
sbakey, at 9 5 [email protected]%. Gold [email protected]
18%. Governments closed steady. States
very dull; Tennessces steady. Ootton
dull and easier; sales 923 bales?uplands
21%; Orleans 21%. Flour dull and un?
ohanged. Whiskey unohanged. Wheat
dull and heavy?spring [email protected] lower;
amber Western 2.10(312.25. Corn heavy
and easier?new mixed Western 65%.
Rice aetiver, at 8(2)8%. Pork dull and
unohanged. Lard firmer, at 8%@8%.
Sales of futures 8,300 bales, as follows:
February 20 3-16, 20 5-16; Maroh 20%,
20%; April 20%, 20%; May 21%; June
21 7-16. 21%; July 21 13-16.
Sx. Louis, February 6.?Flour quiet
and unohanged. Corn dull and droop?
ing-No. 2, mixed, 81% at East St.
Louis, on track; 34 in elevator. Whis?
key steady, at 89. Pork quiet, at 13.00.
Bacon active, at 5%@7%. Lard nomi?
Louisville, February 6.?Flour aotivo.
Corn firm, at 42(5)43. Pork 13.00.
Bacon 5(al8. Sugar-cured hams r2%(a)
13; plain 12(2)12%. Lard, 8(aj8% lor
kegs; 9(2)9% tor choice leaf. Whiskry
firm, at 80(2)90.
Baltimore, February 6.?Cotton dull
?middling 20%; receipts 612bales; sales
225; stock 10,357. Flour and wheat
firm and unohanged. Corn?white dull,
at 63; yellow active, at 60(2)62. Pro?
visions quiet. Moss pork 14.25. Bacon
in jobbing demand; hams 12%@15.
Lard held at 8%. Whiskey 93.
Norfolk, Fubruary 6.?Cotton?low
middling 19%(2)19%; receipts 2,390
bales; sales 27u; stock 13,893.
Auousta, February 6.?Ootton steady
?middling 18%; receipts 904 bales;
sal<<s 883.
Boston, February 6.?Cotton dull?
middling 21%; reooipts 90 bales; sales
300; stock 7.0U0.
Mobile, February 6. ?Cotton dull and
unohanged?middling 19%; reooipts
1,330 bales; sales 800; stock 49,240.
Wilminoton, February 6.?Cotton
quiot?middling l'J^.i; receipts 217 bales;
sales 50; stock 1,837.
CiiAiiLESTON, February 0.?Cottou
quiet?ordinary 17%(2)17%; middling
19%; receipts 1,374 bales; &alos 500;
stuck 44,601.
Galvkston, Fobruary 6.?Cotton
quiet and steady?good ordinary 17(a)
17%; receipts 1,721 bales; sales 900;
stock 73,034.
New Orleans, February. 0 ?Cotton
in good demand?good ordinary 18>?;.
low middling 18%; middling [email protected]\9%;,
receipts 8,283 bales; sales 8.5U0; stock
210.433. . ?
Savannah, February 6 ?Cotton doll
and nominal?middling 19%; receipts
3,108 bales; sulor, 842; stock 65.310.
Treatment of Meningitis ?Being in
daily receipt of letters from this and ad?
joining States, requesting a statement of I
my treatment in the.disease known as
"carebro spinal meningitis," not having!
the time to devote to ancwering these;]
communications, I have thought proper'
to givo a synoptical statement of my
treatment through the colnmns of the j
seoular press, thereby enabling the pro?
fession to employ the treatment during
the present epidemio in this und adjoin?
ing States, which I would not be ublo to
communioato through the medical press
in time for tho present season. The fol?
lowing treatment should uotbo employed
by any one but a skillful physician, as to
such this communication is addressed:
The following treatment which has
been employed by mo since tho winter of
1862 and 1863, with uniform Hticoess in
all cases where the treatment bus been
instituted within twenty-four hours after
the development of the prominent eymp
to ms: In tho first plaoe discard ull ideas
of this disease being an inflammatory
affection of .the brain and spinal cord.
irate a flannel, folded several times,
with spirits of turpentine. Apply this
along the whole course of tho spine, pass
over this, after the ordinary mode of
ironing, a oommon sad or smoothing
iron well heated. Continue this for ten
or fifteen minutes, until you have well
stimulated the spine. Iu the meantime,
givo quinine; in heroic doses, to be re?
peated every two or three hours,
uutil all Symptoms are overcome.
Follow each dose of quiuine with a
heroio dose of bromide of potassium,
combined in solutiou with an ordi?
nary dose of solid extract Hyosoyaruuti.
The object of the bromide is to con?
trol reflex aotion, and the doses should
be regulated aocording to the head and
spinal symptoms, as this is dependent
on electro-monic changes iu the periphe?
ry of the nerves. From this tho action,
or the modus operandi of the quiniuo and
bromide will bo readily understood by
the intelligent physician. Under no cir?
cumstances use a fly-blister or opiates in
the outset of this disease. Avoid ull ootd
applications to head and spine. When
I constipation exists, which is generally
the ease, use largo doses of oalomcl every
three hours until tho bowels act freely.
Physicians can rely on this treatment
when instituted in time.
J. J. KNOTT, M. D., of Atlanta, Ga.
P. S.?Other papers please oopy. Per?
sons reading this will show it to their
family physician.
The Am Line.?J. O. Hnduut, Esq.,
of the Air Line Riilroad offiae, who has
been on official business to Richmond,
Va., has returned. From him we learn
that the track will be laid over Paoolot
bridge on Friday noxt, whioh will give
better access to the trestle over Big
Thickety, located between the former
point and Oharlotto. Upon the comple?
tion of tho work at these places, the cars
will run to South Tyger, the only im?
portant construction between Spartan
burg and Greenville. Mr. Hudnut is
] confident that the oars will be running
through from Charlotte to Greenville by
the 15th March, with tho exception of
South Tyger, as the contractors aro pro
pared to get through by that time, no
matter how the weather may bo. The
bridge over Saluda Biver, on the West
side of Greenville, has been completed,
and const ruction trains now run to
George's Creek, in Pickens County, and
track-laying is going rapidly forward.
?[ Greenville Enterprise.
- ^ ? ? -
Poisoned.?We regret to announce
that Mr. Joseph Majors was seriously
poisoned on Monday !aat, by taking a
drink of cyanide potass, whioh bo mis?
took for Hostotter's bitters. Ho was in
the jewelry shop of Mr. J. A. Daniels,
when the latter offered him a drink of
the celebrated bitters above mentioned,
whioh was on tho mantel-piece, by the
side of whioh was also cyanide potass,
in the same kind of bottle. Before dis?
covering the mistake, ho drank about
eight and a half grains. He hurried to
the drug store of Benson & Sharpe im?
mediately thereafter, but before au anti-1
dote could be administered, fell upon the |
floor iu an entirely unconscious Btate.
After several attempts, a email amount
of the antidote was gotten down him,
when he showed some signs of improve?
ment. We are glad to say that he is ra?
pidly recovering, and his friends enter?
tain the hope that he will soon be en?
tirely well.?Anderson Conservator.
Jail Delivery.?On Saturday night
last, two negroes escaped from the jail
of this County, and on Tuesday night,
three more. They wero all indictod for,
or had boon convicted of larceny. Their
names are Joe Knox, Ab. Bailey, Jack
Wallace, Lnm Wallace and Stove Mc
Lellaud. Ab. Bailey, who was among
the number whioh made their oscapo
Tuesday night, was shot in tho leg by
tho guard stationed at tho jail, and re?
captured without difficulty. The others
havo not been heard from.
[Charlotte Observer.
It has been decided, so \ge aro in?
formed, to looate the workshops of tho
Air-Line Railroad at Greenville. This
will greatly benefit that place. Already
lands bnvo gone up. A tract of land ad?
joining tho city, and through which tho
railroad runs, sold five years ago for
$30,000; Ices than half of tho tract sold
last week for that amount. Generally
lauded property is risiug, aud on Main
street is worth $100 per foot. The pros
peots of the city uro said to bo very
bright. The railroad to Abbeville is
also under consideration.
A Haytion insurrection has just been
suppressed and 11 vo ringleaders executed.
,. JSTATK LKcasia i UIIK.
S Thursday, February 6, 1873.
Tbe Sonata mot at 12 M.
Mr. Corwin presented tbe claim of H.
M. Johnson, for services in attending
tbe Insurance Convention in New York.
The Committees on Finance, Roads,
Bridges and Ferries, and Mines and
Mining, reported several bills.
I Mr,.Corwin Introduced a bill to incor?
porate the Newborry Cotton Mill.
Mr. Jervoy?Bill for the relief of cer
tain trustees, guardians und others, being
the same bill heretofore introduced in
I tho Houso.
Mr. Smalls?Bill to amend the Act in?
corporating the Beaufort Horse Railroad
Mr. Hayne?Bill to incorporate the
Aiken Jockey Club.
Tho following wero read a third time,
passed and ordered to be sent to tho
House of Representatives: To renew the
charter of tho Charleston Floating Dry
Dock and Marine Railway; to prevent
State ami .County officers from holding
more than oue office; to provide for pur?
chasers of lauds, at sales made for non?
payment of taxes, boiug put in the pos?
session of tho same; to provide for tho
administration of derelict estates; to in?
corporate tho Darlington Agricultural
and Mechanical Fair Company; to incor?
porate tho Pee Dee Agricultural and
Mechanical Association.
The Seuato refused io pass the bill to
make tho County Auditor the Clerk of
the Boird of County Commissioners, by
a close vote.
Mr. Hayne introduced a bill to renew
the charter of the Sand Bar Ferry, across
tbe Savannah River..
Tho calendar bills, on a second rend?
ing, -were then proceeded with. The
consideration of several olaims occupied
tbe time of the Senate for an hour.
Senator Corwin's bill to incorporate
the Newborry Cotton Mills names Wal?
lace A. Cline, William G. Maycs and
and others as corporators for tho "New
berry Cotton Mills," for tbe purpose of
manufacturing, dyeing, printing, Sec,
woolen aud cotton fabrics, and ma?
chinery for tbe purpose, at Newborry,
and for branches of the same industry,
the capital to be $300,000, iu shares of
$100 each; the usuai corporate rights
and privileges aro granted, and that they
may commence business as soon as
$100,000 shall have been subscribed and
tweuty dollars on each paid up, a certifi?
cate of such payment, signed by tho sec?
retary of tbe corporation, to bo filed in
the office of the Secretary of State; the
members ure made jointly and severally
liable, &c, &o. The bill proposes to ex?
empt the corporation from taxation for
ten years.
The House met at 12 M.
Mr. Vandorpool introduced a bill,
which was referred to the Committee on
the Judiciary, to amend Seotions 11 and
13 of Chapter OX X. of the General Sta?
tutes. The bill amends Section 11 bo ns
to read: "Such lien shall be dissolved_
unless tbe person desiring to avail him?
self thereof, within six months after he
ceases to labor on, or furnish labor or
material for, euch building or structure,
files in tho office of the Clerk of tho
Court of Common Pleas of the County
in whioh the same is situated a statement
of a just and true account of the amount
due him, with all just credits given, to?
gether with a description of the property
intended to be covered by the lien, suffi?
ciently accurate for identification, with
tbo name of tho owner of tho property,
if known; which certificate shall be sub?
scribed and Bworn to by one person
claiming tho lien, or by some oue iu his
behalf, und shall be recorded in a book
kept for tho purpose by the Clerk, who
shall be entitled to the same fees therefor
as for recording mortgages of equal
Seotion 13 is amended so as to read,
that unless a suit for enforcing tho lion
is commenced within one year after the
persou desiring to avail himsolf thereof
ceases to labor on, or furnish labor or
materials for, such building or structures,
the lien shall be dissolved.
Thero wero amendments inserting tho
names of certain physicians of the seve?
ral Counties in tho bill to form a phar?
maceutical association, which passed to
its third reading.
Tbe following bills and resolutions
wore introduced and referred:
By Mr. Ramsey?Bill to authorize the
County Commissioners of Sumtor and
Darlington Counties to build a bridge
across Lyneb's Creek.
By Mr. Hurley?Joint resolution to
allow suits to bo brongbt to ascertain the
merits of tho claims of Wm. Aikcn and
others to be refunded the alleged over?
payment of direct taxes to tho United
By Mr. Cocbrau?Bill to repeal bo
much of an Act to provide for tho ap?
pointment of aniuspeotor of phosphates
as relates to the inspectorship of phos?
phates manufactured by individuals or
By Mr. Middleton?Bill to incorporate
tho Hunters'Chupol Baptist Church, in
Barnwell County.
By Mr. N. T. Spencer?Bill to incor?
porate tho Mutual lid Association, of
By Mr. Vaiulerpool?Bill to incorpo?
rate the Charleston Momoriul of Free?
dom Publishing Company.
By Mr. Lilly?Resolution, which was
laid on the table, that the Houso meet at
7 o'clock this evening, for the purpose of
considering incorporation bills.
Mr. Jones introduced a bill to incor?
porate tho Aiken Jockey Club; nlso, n
resolution, which was tabled, that tho
Houso meet at 10 A. M. aud adjourn at
2 P. M., and at 5 P. M. and adjourn at
Mr. Crows?Bill to mako drunkenness
in certuiu publio officers an indictable
Mr. Motze presented the petition of
oitizons of Lexington County against
the chartering of a cortaiu public road.
Mr. Curtis?Bill to prohibit convicts
from being hired out to private parties.
Mc. Oilmore?Bill to require* tbe
Sobool Commissioners to have poblioex?
aminations of the public schools every
three months.' l . ?} ?'*:
Mr. Nix?Resolution to allow B. W.
Bradley, cf. Oxangeburg County, to re?
deem certain forfeited lands; also, simi?
lar resolution for M. Dolin, of the same
Mr. Gannon?Bill to explain the Act
allowing aliens to hold property; also, a
resolution, whioh was adopted, tbat when
the House adjourns, it stands adjourned
until 11 A. M., to-morrow.
The Senate report on the olaim of
Joseph Taylor was concurred in.
The President and Cabinet to "Swing
Aroond the Southern CmaiiR.?The
President to-day assured a delegation of
Georgians that after the business of
Congress was over, he should, in compa?
ny with the members of his Cabinet,
make an extended Southern tour, pro?
ceeding to Now Orloaus via Richmond,
Raleigh, Columbia, Charleston, Savan?
nah, Montgomery and Mobile. From
New Orleans ho would probably proceed
North as far as Memphis, oross over to
Chattanooga, and was undecided as yet1
whether ho would return to Washington
via Knoxville or Nashville and Louis?
ville. This swinging around the South?
ern circle is int ended as an earnest of the I
good will to be inaugurated with his
second term, aud a desire to conciliate
the South by friendly deeds. In regard
to choosing a member of the Cabinet
from the Southern States, ho did not
leave an unpleasant impression on the
minds of his visitors, but deolined to give
any positive assurance. Pool, of North
Carolina, and Sawyer, of South Carolina,
are tho ambitious candidates.
1 Wash. Cor. New York Herald.
The Wharton-Van Nes3 case and its
predecessor of the same nature, both as
to the time each occupied and the skill
displayed iu the prosecution and defence,
is hardly equalled in the history of crimi?
nal law in this country. The first case
of tho State against Mrs. Whartou, for
tho alleged mnrder of Gen. Ketohum,
occupied the oloso attention of the court,
tbe jury and tbe counsel for forty days.
Its investigation dovelopcd a subtlety of
chemical soienos that will hereafter rank
us a precedent iu all similar canes?not a
precedent oaloulated to guide future in?
vestigations to actuate conclusions, but
rather to throw a doubt on soieatiQo ac?
curacy, and confuse the conclusions of
courts and juries. The present case is
marked by che radical difference in con?
clusions, from the Bame facts of scientino
men. The truth is, there is more hum?
bug iu the so-oalled tests of chemical
icience und in the glorification of the
"common law right of a man to trial by
a jury of his peers," than is commonly
Commotion in the Republican Camp.
During tho lust few days, there has evi?
dently been no little trouble and commo?
tion among certain prominent Republi?
cans at this place. And ever and anon,
we hear ugly?yea, damnable?reports,
based on good authority, concerning the
fraudulent issue*of certain checks upon
the County Treasurer, nnd the most ve?
hement threats from leading Republi?
cans of an uncompromising proseoution
of tho guilty party. But, in the absence
of one of the aoouBed, who has promised
to make an early and ample showing and
vindication of his acts in the premises,
we forbear further comment for the pre?
sent. Yet, nevertheless, "if the court
inderstand herself, and she think she
do," we would intimate that some rich
developments may be expected in a week
or two. Wait and watch?but don't con?
demn without a hearing.
[ Edgefield Advertiser.
Tbo Abbeville Press and Banner says
County Treasurer DuPre baa written
6,109 tax reoeipts; collected $100,000;
sent $65,000 to the State Treasurer; paid
$11,000 on new court houBe; taken in
$16,000 in County claims; and paid
$5,000 on school claims. There is
$36,000 yet on the books, which will be
I greatly reduced by abatements for errors.
The books were turned over Monday
. evening, 3J, to the County Auditor to
affix tho penalty.
Hotel Arrivals, February 6, 1873.?
Hendrix House?(Jt W Jenkins, Charles?
ton; J S Hook, Richland; P Quattlo
baum, Miss Y G Quattlebaum, Lexing?
ton; MO Robertson, S C; M L Bean, N
C; J Birnie, Greenville; M Cooper, Mo;
C F Risley, N Y; H H GibBon, Alston;
J ? St Amand, Charleston.
Central Hotel?J F Britton, Charleston;
E Merry, Uniou; W H Whitlook,
Greenwood; W H McLesky, G & O R R;
F H Counts, Union; P E HiU; Frog
Level; T J Moore, Spartanburg; P R
Harrison, G & C R R; J S Land, Keo
Columbia Hotel?Phillip Massman,
Philadelphia; J Paraentu, Graniteville;
J A Uonneman, Spartanburg; P L Wig
gin, Beaufort; M W Ganison, Alabama;
J W Hoya, New Orleaus; A Sobultzla,
Lowis Boutou, Jr, New York; T C
Marklay and wife, Greenville; O M
Sadler, Mrs Chas Sinkler and daughter,
W S Manning, S C; E B Puroell, ?a R
R; W U Evans, G E Road, Augusta; J
E Thames, Charleston; Johu J Trarelli,
Wheeler House?C L Gunderhoof, D
E Oosuell, B \' Newcomer, Baltimore; C
O Nathous, A F Merrill, Pa; Mr and
Mrs J Roosevelt, N Y; E MoCrady, Jr,
O H Osher, P Duflie, A Cameron, C
Werner, Charleston; R R Biidgors, N C;
B G Yocuin, Chcator; E D Johnson, Mrs
W U Lorrick, C Lorrick, J E Gay, N Y;
W B McCon, Yorkvillo; D W Hartharu,
llouca Path; J W Harrison, J A Hoyt,
Anderson ; P A Williford, Miss Anderson,
Vu; W E Eurle, Groenvillo; J W Wallace,
Ga; H J Thomson, Union; C D Farror,
Miss Bessio Farrar, Miss S Farrar, S C.
New Orleans Syrup.
L\J 8YHUl\ of very superior quality, for
ualu by UOPIS A GYLE8.
Board of Trade.
map. Regular Monthly Meeting of tho Co
JL lumbia Board of Trade will be held THIS
EVENING, at Hibernian Hall. Hembora wil
please attend at 7? o'olook, By order.
Feb 7 1 J. H. 8AWYER, Beoretary.
JU9T received by atearoor from Boston.
Will be sold low from wharf, by applying
Fob 7 1_Charleston, 8. O.
real ESTATE broker,
OFFERS for sale, on liberal terms, a num?
ber of improved and unimproved LOTS
in Columbia.
and WOODLAND in diffdrent tootlons of the
Btato._Feb 7 tlmo
In the District Court of the United
States for the District of South Ca?
In tho matter of Isaao Sulzbacher, Bank?
rupt.?In Bankruptcy.
issuod by B%id Oourt against tho estate
?f ISAAO BULZBACBER, of the County of
Itiohlaud, of the Btato of South Carolina, in
said Dint riot, adjudged .a Bankrupt, upon the
petition of creditors; and the payment of any
debts and the delivery of auy property be?
longing to said Bankrupt to him or to his
use, and the transfer of any property by him,
are forbidden by law.
A meeting of the creditors of said Bank?
rupt, to prove their debte and choose one or
more assignees of hia estate, will be held at a
Court of bankruptcy, to he holden at No. 5
Law Range, Columbia. South Carolina, at 10
o'clock A. M., on FRIDAY, the 14th day of
February, A. D. 1873, before O. O. Jaeger,
ono of the Registers iu Bankruptcy of Baid
Court. B. M. WALLACE,
U. 8. Marshal, District of B. C.
Feb 7_._f2
LL NOTES duo and open accounts for
1872 must bo closed up. We trust this
notice is all our friends will want to make
thorn "comn up."
B. A. OLLEYER, Profossor of
[Musical Composition and the Law
tof Harmony, will give instruction
on any instrument desired. Musical Compo?
sition a specialty.
Tho abovo named can bo found at the
Music Store of W. H. LyBrand & Son.
Refeuemceb?W. H. LyBrand, Columbia, S.
0.; O. O- Jaogor, E?q., Newberry, 8. C.
Feb 5_t3mo
Established 1B60.
THE proprietor has a large and thrifty
stock ot Southern and acclimated FRUIT
. TREES, from the earliest to the latest. Ap
I pies, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Cherries, Apri
I oots, Nectarines, Quinces, Medlars, Pome
Sranates, Ever-bearing Mulberries, Figs,
nglish Walnuts, Spanish Chestnuts, Fil?
berts, Grapes, in groat varioty; Raspberries,
Strawberry Plants, all the best; Roses,
Dahlias, Gladiolos. Verbenas, Violets, Ac;
Ornamental Flowering tShrubB, Evergreens,
for Cemeteries and Lawn, in great variety;
Osage, Orange and Macartney. Roses, for
hedges; Horse Radish and Asparagus Roots,
particularly adapted to our climate. Ado
loriptivo oatalogue eont to all applicants.
Mr. John White is my Agent at Columbia.
Address, WM. BTJMMBB,
NovJM 3mot_Pomarla, 8. 0.
Southern Medicines
the South, prepared at the South, from
i indigenous roots of tho South, for all diseases
I incident to the Sooth.
Prepared by HEIN ITS H, Chemist.
A great achievement. Twenty years ago,
to have said that suoh a Drug Establishment
as HEINITSB'8, for the manufacture of
Modicines for the South, would be a suooess,
would have been regarded asohemerical. But
snob is the fact; success ever attends well-ap?
pointed means, and upon this base we pro
poso to go tiok and offer to the afflicted the
only remedies worth trying:
Heinitsh's QUEEN.? DELIGHT, for the
the Liver.
Heinitsh's KIN A CHILL CURS, for the
ley, for the Cough.
the Tetter.
HeinitHh'd QUAKER LINIMENT, for Rheu
i malism.
For sale, wholesale and retail, at
Jan 311 Drug and Chemical Store.
Plow Steel, Iron and Plow Moulds.
AFULL SUPPLY of best imported PLOW
STEEL, 8weeds Iron and Plow Moulds,
on hand and for sale low, by
Pumps! Pumps!! Pumps!!!
WE have just been appointed AGENTS
PUMTS, suitable for wells of all depths. They
are simple, dubable and economical, fur
? nishing pure water to the owners at muoh less
expense than accompanies the Use of Vie city
water. Two of tbeso Pumps have bean put in
use iu the oity this present week, and are sub?
ject to tho inspootion of those interested.
For sale by JOHN AQNBW A SON.
MRS. R. NEWSOM, residing on Richland
streot, between Lincoln and Gates, is
now prepared to accommodate six steady
boaruers, including a lady and gentleman.
Feb 4_
Mules and Horses.
*?. FIFTY head of Kentnoky ?*?
rH| MULES and HORSES, suit- IgfS
ffcEaflbVlhle for all purposes?some f l?^S
oi uicui particularly line. Can be
soon at Dalv's Stable.
Feb 4 6 ' R. GRAHAM ? CO.
Thor burn'a Garden Seeds,
RE8U aud good, for sale by
THE power ot Attornoy issued to SAMUEL
SAMPSON,to transact business for mo at
Newberrv, has boon revoked. All logal
claims will be paid by mo, and all persons in?
debted to mo will make immediate settle?
Jan 2G_j__
tRAL and GOLD, full and half:
'DIAMOND Ii I N 3 8 and
tBROOCHES; Jowolry in Jet and
?_Mold, in varioty; SILVER.
?Vc; Goblets, Clips, Plated Ware, a fall stock;
Military aud Fancy Uoods, Household Goods,
Ouns, Pistols aud Sporting Goods.
N. B.?Watches, Clocks and Jowelrv RE?
PAIRED at short notico.in tho boat stylo. All
I work warranted. ' ...
Orders from tho country promptly attendod
Throe doors below Whooler House.
Jan 26

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