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Madrid, January 11?A portion ol
the foroe which took part in the siege of
Cartagena has marched against the Oar
MAPBip?-, January 14.?The .Govern
>l meat denies that the trouble at Barce
I lone was serioua, and announces that
1 order has been restored in that city.
Tol?gr?ph'c-aracrican Slattern.
the ilATOB OP boston TO the wobking
MSN? tbesentation to the gbbeley
family ?IiETTEB of the ooyebnor OF
texas?GODOBED.IiABORBRB on strike -
STTNBB'S energy*?n eg bobs not ad?
*?. praying FOB thbib idols?oushino's
\ NATIONAL CHEAP transportation OON
I VENTION?-the aratiles again in
[ Boston, January 18.?The Mayor re
plies.to tbe oommitteo of laborers, who
suggest extensive public works, and ex?
press willingness to take city scrip, that
such' expedients us suggested would
greatly impair the future credit of the
city, and in the end result in injury of
tho working men, instead of benefit.
The public funds cannot be,.used for
unnecessary work. This plan would in?
crease the already large class who lean
upon tho government for support, instead
of depending on thoir own exertions.
In conclusion, the Mayor said: "The
outlook does not appear to me at all
gloomy. The effects of the late finnnoial
disturbance are already passing away.
Our manufactories will soon resume
their' wonted activity, and I have no
doubt there will soon be plenty of work
for all who desire it.*'
Austin, January 13.?The Legislature
assembled without any opposition from
Go v. Davis or the military. They or?
ganized, and are quietly proceeding
with'the routine of business.
Columbus, Ohio, January 14.?Both
Houses^ in joint session, to-day, re
elected A. G. Thu rm an to tho United
States Senate.
New York, January. 14.?The presen?
tation of an illuminated memorial album
to the family of Horace Greeley, as the
gift of tbe city, will take place at 3 P.
M. to-day, at tbe residence of John T.
Cleveland, where Mr. Greeley's daugh?
ters are residing.
New Yobk, January 14.?It is proba?
ble that all outstanding loan certificates
will be canceled to-day.
The" Spanish frigate Arapiles ran
ashore at the foot of Bridge street,
Brooklyn, this morning.
Baltimobe, January 14.?The Board
of Trade discussed moieties to informers
as disgraceful, as aoy employee can con?
spire, with detectives and divide the
spoils.' The fallowing resolution was
adopted: That in tho judgment of the
Board, the laws under which customs
duties'are now oolleated, are difficult to
understand, and iu connection with the
j demoralizing1 system of rewarding in?
formers witti moieties, and with arbitrary
' powers vested In officers who are them
| selves' '^'informers, tp seize bobks and
papers, "they commonly serve as a trap
for honest importers and an encourage?
ment to corruption, oppression and
New York, January 14.?Mr. Jacob
? Stiuor, who was burned to death yester?
day, was a model of enerory and enter?
prise, and one of the most successful
business, men in the metropolis. He
was born Iii Bohemia; came to this
country 'thirty-five years ago, and, at
the time of his 'death, he was tho sole
proprietor of eighteen tea stores in va?
rious parts of this city.
Washington, January 14.?The sensa?
tion in yesterday's caucus was the pro?
duction of a letter from Caleb Gushing,
addressed to Jeff. Davis, at Montgo?
mery, recommending a pert on for em?
ployment in the Ordnanoe Department.
The President is quoted to-day as say?
ing that many noted Republicans of to?
day would show a worse record than
Cushing's, were the correspondence be?
fore firing on Simtor nnearthed. .The
Cabinet is holding a special session over
?Gushing this morning.
' Caleb Cusbijg requested the with?
drawal of his name. The President
The text of Mr. Cushing's lotter lo
Mr. Davis is withheld.
. Stephens boldly announced, had he
been present yesterday, he would have
voted against tho repeal of the salary
bill. After tbe introduotion of several
important bills and resolutions, Pollard,
from the Envision of Laws, reported the
code as rovieod by the commission, and
asked the House to determine tho man?
ner-in which tho said code should bo
disposed of.
The Senate passed the bill to remove
the political disabilities of Wm. Steele,
? of Texas.
The National Cheap Transportation
Convention met this morning, at
Lyceum Hali, Hon. Josiah Qainoy,
President, in tho Chair. Mr. Qainoy,
ia his address, advooated legislative re?
strictions on railroads in the matter of
froights, &o., and also the oonstraotion
of tho groat national w?ter lines; re?
ferred to the Niagara Canal, Atlantic
and Great Western, James River and
K-mawaUa and the improvement of the
Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Cumber?
land and other rivers. His speech
. eliciled great applause, especially that
portion of it decluring the industrial in?
terests of all sections so oloBely con?
nected that no one could suffer without
tho others. No business was transacted,
except the appointment of n Committee
on Credentials, of whioh Colonel B. W.
Frobel, of Georgia, is Chairman. The
convention adjourned to 2 P. M. Col.
Lowis D. Thorens, of Iowa, is hero.
The States oro pretty generally repre?
sented. Many members of Congress
are delegates, among whom aro Senator
Sherman; Representatives Pollard and
r-AVhite, of Alabama, and others. These
? gentlemen have credentials from the
') Governors of thoir respective States.
log some regolatlou? as" to ?upholding
of forma of the United States Courts,
the adjournment of tue same, the tra?
veling expenses of tbe Judges, the cer?
tification of transcripts, the prosecution
of marshals, &o. ' The House meets
Wednesday nnd Thursday nights, to
bear the oodi?oation of tho laws. Naval
affairs resumed, and after general de?
bate, adjourned.
In the Senate, a memorial of the Now
York. Chamber of Commerce, about esta?
blishing a nautical school, and asking
for vessels and detail of officers as in?
structors, was proseuted. Tho memo?
rial complains of inefllcienoy of tho mer?
chant marine service. An amendment
to tho post ofliae law was proposed, dis?
continuing mails where tho receipts did
not cover half the'expenses. Finance
was resumed. Saburz made au elabo?
rate speech. After executive session,
Nominations ? Hubert W. Hughes,
Uuited States Judge for tho Etilem
District of Virginia; Myers, Attorney of
the Southern District of Florida; Small,
Marshal of Western Texas; George
Crook, Brigadier-General; Boazarro,
Surveyor-General of Louisiana; Mo
Clure, Collector of Secoud Mississippi
District; McKenna, Postmaster at
Yesterday afternoon, beforo the Re?
publican Seuators resumed their caucus
session, Senator Sargent called upon tho
President, and mentioned to him the
faot that he hud received an anonymous
uote, in which it was stated that ou the
21st March, 1861, Caleb Cusbiug wrote
a letter to Jede reo n Davis, recommend?
ing Archibald Rootle, a clerk in the At?
torney-General's office, to Davis' favor?
able consideration. Roane huviug
Strong Southern sympathies aud being
an able scholar, was a contributor to
DeBoio'n Review, and while briefly allud?
ing to tho snbjdots which then divided
tho North and South, Cusbiug spoke of
them as the aauso of the ?ual separa?
tion of the Union. Regarding this as
an accomplished fact, the President, a
short time thereafter, applied to the
Secretary of War for the original of this
letter, which was. produced?it being
found among tho captured Coofederute
archives. Tho Prefideut, on reading
the letter, at ones concluded to with?
draw tbe nomination, and oansed a com?
munication to bo written to the Sonate
for this purpose. The President, before
ho nominated dishing, kuew that this
gentiemaa had taken tbe State rights
view of the questions which agitated the
couutry just previous to the breaking
out of tbe lato war, but that when Fort
Sumter was fired upon, Cushiug made a
patriotic speech, and offered bis services
in a military capacity to assist in putting
down tho rebellion. Others had, like
dishing, declared that the Government
had no right to coerce a State, yot
when hostilities resulted, they were ac?
tively found ou the side of tho Union;
but now that this letter to Jeffersou
Davis had come to light, stating so
broadly^his disunion views, tho Presi?
dent, notwithstanding his high appre?
ciation of Mr. dialling's legal attain?
ments, resolved to withdraw his name,
apprehensive that his opinions, as ex?
pressed in tho past, might injuriously
affect the decisions of the Supremo
Court, iu tbe evont of his confirmation
as Chief Justice. Tbe President called
an extra Cabinet meeting to-day, whioh
continued fur nearly two hours, during
which tho subject of tho Chief Justice?
ship was considered. A -diort timo be?
foro the President's Privato Secretary
started for the Capitol, a long [otter
from Mr. Cashing, through General
Butlor, was received by the President,
in whioh the writer' thanks tho Presi?
dent for his kindness and partiality in
nominating him for tbe great ofliue of
Chief Justice, aud, us if iu contradic?
tion of the numerous charges ugaiust
bim from newspaper and other sources,
ho expresses his conviction ou the pro?
priety of tho several amendments to tho
Constitution added since the late civil
war; and, iu conclusion, utks that his
nomination ho withdrawn from the Se?
nate. Tho original letter of Gushing to
Davis is in possession of tho War De?
partment. Senator Sargent has a copy
of it, which ho procured yosterday, by
virtue of his Senatorial privilege, and
which was exhibited by him to tho cau?
cus. Nothing has yet been concluded
us to a new nomiceo for Chief Justice.
It is supposed iu official quarters that
Gushing will soon leavo Washington for
Tho Durell committee have arrived.
They were engaged ten days in tuking
evidence, which is coming by express.
Tho committee expect that, on Friday,
they will bo ordered to havo their notes
extended and tbe evidence printed, iu
which caso tho Judiciary Committoe
will not be ready to report within three
weeks. The mission of tho Bob com?
mittee was simply to take evidence.
They will make no report. It is inti?
mated that the ohargos aro not sustnincd.
There Beem to havo been excossive
ohargos in bankruptcy in some cases,
but this, it is claimed, was within the
Judge's discretion, and not ordered iu
bis own interest.
Probabilities?For tho South Atlautic
and Gulf States, lower temporalure,
with North-westerly to North-easterly
! winds, rising barometer and clear or
clearing weather.
Austin, Texas, January 11.?Gov.
Davis concludes a letter to tho Legisla?
ture thus: "It has boon repeatedly
held that tho recognition of Congress
and tho Executivo of tho United States
will settlo tho question nn to what body
of mon constitute tho'Legislature, aud
whioh is the proper State Govornmont.
This way affords a solution to be ac?
cepted by all. I am .moro free to act
with independence in securing with you,
or those gontlemen, that sort of solu?
tion, beoanso I feel myself entirely dis
iutoreBtod heroin. I accept, tho election,
whether constitutional' or not, as con
clu&ivo against mysolf, and will, in no
evont, continue to exercise the f auctions
of the office I hold beyond my coustt
i?tf?upi teij? of four years."
' New Orleans, Janhary 18^?Tho ne?
groes on Bayous Tooho and La Fourobe
are on a strike, on account of a redac?
tion of wages. Large numbers of
mounted men ride from place to place,
allowing none to work. Kellogg, 'in
response for aid, replies that a force
would probably be sent to morrow.
Baltimore, January 14 ?In the Na?
tional Briok-layers Union, n motion to
admit negroes to membership was de?
feated. The eight-hour question was
! remittod to local Unions.
Louis vi lle, January 11.?Dudley
Wbito, colored, accused of u murder in
Mecklenburg County, w '.3 taken from
jail and hanged by tbo people.
I San Francisco, January 11 ?The
news that tbo steamship China was
spoken at sea, all well, Deunmbur 19,
has done much to allay anxiety for ber
safety. But tbo Chinese, who have on
board a full outfit of idols for their new ]
temple of worship, uro constantly nt'
prayers for ber arrival iu port. The!
steamship Colorado, also from China and
Japau, is due to-day. Tbo weather con?
tinues very cold for this region.
Tcle^i-upliic?Commei'ditI McMitrij. 1
Columbia, January 15.?Sales of col
tou yesterday, 172 bales?middling
[email protected]*?o.
New York, January 11?Noon.? Gold
opened at 11%? now 11%. Cotton j
quiet; salos 093 bales ?uplands 1C%;!
Orleans 17. Futaras opened: January
15 ll-in(gl5%; February 10 l-lG(o>
16)^; March ill [email protected] 11-16; Jnue
17 31-32. Flour and corn quiet. Wheat
dull. Fork heavy?mess 10.23. Lard
I heavy?steam 0}:{(7i.O 5 16. Freights
steady. Stocks ?lull. Money 7. Ex?
change?long 1 S3; *hort 1 86*g. Go?
vernments dull but nominal. Stuto
bouds dull.
7 P. M.?Cotton?net receipts 1,211
bales; gross 3.08G. Futures closed
weak; sales 16,100: January 15 11-16,
15 23 32; February 16; March 16r-B;
April 17, 17 1-16; May 17 9 16; Ju'ue
17J8', 17 15 16. Money eusy?offered at
5. Exchange quiet, at 1.83. Gold
11%@11*?. Governments strong.
States better. Cotton quiet but firmer;
sales 1,583 bales, at 16%@17J?. South?
ern flour lo.is active und declining?
[email protected]; good to choice extra 9.00?
9.50; 1.00 inside price. Wbeut [email protected]
lower. Com firm, nt 92 for old Western
mixed iu store. Pork heavy?new mess
16 25. Beef quiet, at 8%($11. Lard
dull aud lower?O.1^. freights to
Liverpool dull and unchanged.
Baltimore, January 11?Colton
dull and nominal?middling lO1^; low
middling 15?3H'; Strien good ordinary
13.5si gross receipts 1,118; exports to
Greut Britain 593; Franco 53; coastwise
391;-sales 378; spinners 206; stock 17,
173. '
St. Louis, January 11.?Flour dt 1
and lower grades declined?super tine
winter 1 [email protected] Corn steady, at [email protected]
60 for No. 2, mixed. Whiskej higher?
98. Pork steady; small lota of bard
sides nt 15.00(ei>15 25. Bacon unchang?
ed. Lard iu good speculative demand.
Cincinnati, Juuuary 11.?Flour firm
and iu fair demand. Corn firm, at 60(a)
63. Provisions opened firm and olosed
a shade easier; business small. Pork
quiet, at 15.50. Lard quiet and firm?
8Jg bid; steam held at.9; kettle 9,?4' bid.
Bacon firm, at 7Ja for shoulders; 8>.<
for olenr rib; 8^4 for clear sides. Whis
strong, at 97.
Auuusta, January 11.?Cotton de?
mand fair?middling 15,'j; receipts 877
bales; sales 1,322.
Philadelphia, January 11.?Colton
quiet?middling 17; low middling 16;
strict good ordinary 15,'.\; net receipts
313 bales; gross 2.052.
Mobile, January 11.?Cotton dull?
middling 15%@lfi^.{; low middling
14%; strict good urdiuary 13JH'; net re?
ceipts 3,033 bales; exports to Great Bri?
tain 4,015; to Fruuue 2,111; coastwise
1,386; sales 1,000; stock 7,037.
Savannah, January 11?Cotton dull
and holders anxious to realize-? mid?
dling 16; net ieo nuts 3.9S5 bales; ex?
ports e mstv.iic 2,133; sales 1,17); stock
Norfolk, Januar; 11 ?Cutton r.teady
?low middling 15.'?; net receipts 2.719
bales; export;, coasiwusu 1,970; bales370;
stock 21,853.
Louisville, January 11.?Flour held
higher. Corn firm ? while 613; mixed
63. Pork [email protected] 15 50 for clear rib; 9
for clear sides. Lud Ql&Q&O?* for
tierce; 9:'[email protected]}+ for keg; tor stt am.
Whiskey 96)J.'
Charleston, January 11 ?Cotton
quiet?buyers offering low raten?mid?
dling 15a.f; low middli'ng 15^?; strict
good ordinary 14;'u; net receipts 2,109
bales; exports cot:r>t\v:se 1,012; sales
500; atockG7.9CI.
Memphis, January 14 ?-Cotlon quiet
?low middling 15J.,; receipts 3.392
bales; shipments 2;116; Btock 63,002.
Wilmington, January 14 ?Cotton
quiet?middling lu'J; stock 2,457.
Boston, January 11 ?Cotton quiet
and firm?middling 17; not receipts 215
bales; gross 2,603; hales 300; stock 5.000.
Galveston, January 11.?Cotton
weak and demand moderate?good or?
dinary li's; middling 10j?8'; uot re?
ceipts 3,698 bales; exports to Great Bri?
tain 2,677; coastwise 291; sales 2,000;
stock 7,922.
New Orleans, January 11 ?Cotton
quiet?middling 10,'J; low middling
15J.J; strict good ordinary ll.'?'; uot re?
ceipts 7,68i bales; gross 9,239; exports
to Great Britain 4,445; continent 1,675;
Fi-anco, 1,374; ooastwiso 1,782; sales
3,000 -last evening 1,000; fttock 271,310.
London, January 14?Noon.?New 5s
1.03<4. Erios 43^(&13j?.
London, January 11 ?The general
opinion on tbo Stock Exchange is that
the rato of discount of the Bank of
England will bo lowered to-morrow.
Tho streut rate ia % below tbe bank.
Paris, January 11 ?Rentes 58f. 50j.
LivEitPooL, Juuuary 11?3 P. M.?
Cotton quiet and steady?uplunds .3^4';
Orleans 8%; sales 12,000 bales, includ?
ing 2,000 for speculation and vxpr-rt.
Cotton?sales gl uplands, uotbiDgbelow
So >d ordinary, shipped December or
annary, 8)?; sales of middling up?
lands, nothing below good ordinary,
shipped January or February, 8 '618.
Of the sales to day, 7,600 wero American.
LivERPOori, January 14?Evouiug.?
Cotton?sales of uploads, nothing be?
low good ordinary, shipped February
or March, 8)4* ditto, nothing below
low middling, delivorahlc January or
February, 8}?.
-? . <^ ?
The Tax-Hiiyct-?1 Convention Summoned
to Meet Next Month.
Charleston, Jauuury l?, 1S71.
The Executive Committee- of tbu Tax?
payers' Convonfiou mot to-day, at the
rooms of tbo Chaxdmr cf Commerce,
pursuant to the call of tho President,
Hon. W.D. Porter. The mooting was
called to order by tho President, aud
Mr. J. Adger Smyth was requested to
act as Secretary. A letter was read from
S. Y. Tapper, Esq., President of the
Chamber of Ootnmcrca, enclosing the
following resolution adopted by that
CHARLESTON, S. C, Dec. 31, 1873.
At a regular meeting of this Chamber,
held on tho 29ih instant, the following
resolution was unanimously adopted:
Resolved, That, in tho opiuiou of this
Chamber, it is expedient that the Tax?
payers' Convention, which udjonrned
subject to tho call of the President aud
Executive Committee, should bo called
together at an ourly day, to. take iuto
consideration tho present conditiou of
I tbe tax-payers of the State, and that the
President of tbe Chumber be requested
to communicate this resolution to the
President of the Convention.
The lettor of President Tapper also
informed the Executive Committee of
the appointment, at the request of the
President of the Convunliou, of the fol?
lowing committee from the Chamber of
Commerce, to meet aud consult with
them, viz: Hon. G. A. Tree holm and
Messrs Kichnrd Lathers, F. W. D.twson,
W. A. Wardlnw aud 3. Adger Smyth.
Ou motion, this committee was invoked
to join iu the del.beratious of the Exe?
cutive Committee of tho tax-payers.
Geu. James Chesuut, tbo Chairm.iu of
tbe Executive Committee, tpok .Lho
cbair, and, after a full discussion, the
following preamble and resolutions,
introduced by Cel. Thos. Y. Simons,
wero unanimously adopted, aud tho
delegates from Columbia wore requested
to make the necessary arrangements for
the meeting:
Whereas, the convention of the tax?
payers of the Stitto ol South Carolina.
htlJ in May, A. D. 1871, with a vie* to
tho protection of the rights of the citi
zsns, adjourned, subject to he re-assem?
bled on the call of its President aud
Executive Committee; and, whereas, the
necessities of the times, and a due re?
gard for the common welfare of all inte
rests and olasses, requires that the tax?
payers of the State should again moet
for counsel; therefore,
Resolved, That tho Tax Tay era' Con?
vention of this State be summoned and
requested to re-aosemble in the city of
Colombia, on Tuesday, the 17th day of
February ensuing, at 12 M.
Resolved, That for the purposu of eu
larging tho said convention, the tax?
payers of the State of South Carolina
who aro opposed to tbe frauds and cor?
ruptions which prevail, and who are iu
favor of honest government, with exact
and equal justice to all, are requested to
meet ut tho County seats ol their re?
spective Counties, on tho first Monday
of February ensuing, and then ar.d
there elect or appoint additional dele?
gates, equal* to tho representation of
each County in the Hotisd of Repre?
sentatives of tho General Assembly, to
represent them in the Tax payers' Con?
vention of tho Stulo, with a vit >v to the
security of right and tho prevention of
wrong.* W. D. PORTER, IV. iidet.t.
- ? - ... -? ? ->?
General Howard isn't happy. Hu
I has relieved tho Govern o:- id >>I a deal
of money and his services are uot ap
I predated. As ho bled for !ii-> country,
Lo concludes it is only lair that his
couulry .should bleed for htm and say
nothing about, the matter, but somehow
nnaiici.il phlebotomy is gelling out o!
! fa vor, even'in Washington. Ii h :; Iry
I ing casj.
j Of tho 15.000.00l) inhabitants of
'.Spain, 12,0011,000 neither real nor
j writs. There uro 'I.ODD villi? ;o3, towns,
laud cities presided over by mayors,
12,000 of whom are ucable to sign their
names to uuy public document. That
country is sadly in need of a govern?
ment which bhall place a higher esti?
mate upon the importance of educating
tho people.
Great exoiteraeut has been created at
Tiflis, iu Asiatio Russia, by lho capital
puuisbmcut of Mcrza Yussiif Khan, nu
ablo and popular statesman, who was
educated iu Paris at tbe expeusc of the
Shah. Yussuf's offence was the misap?
propriation of moneys iulitir'.d to him
for relieving a famine that had broken
out iu Astrukau.
800,000 trndo dollars have thus fur
! been coined, und the demand Coldi?
nnes. They bavobaon made a legal ten
dor in Hong Kong and Shanghai, und
are becoming daily moro popular in
i China, driving out the Mexican dollar,
which does not, like onr own, bear a
geu"rnl uniformity of weight nml qwdi
The Atlanta (Ga.) Constitution, oi t'oe
loth inst., complains of the "1111 welcome
I spectacle" ul tho Union depot, in that
city, of 500 emigrants in one body, i:n
Iroute to Arkansas, from South-woatern
Georgia. There were i'.lO blacks and
j 100 white). Thoro is also an extensive
emigration of 4>Iucks from Alabama to
I Yitzoo Valley, in Mississippi.
Warren A merlon shot himself, while
Ion his way home to Potter's Factory,
j near Reynolds, Ga , Monti iy, December
[22. Whtski'v nas rhc came oi thiy rash
I net
SGov. Diz, of Mew York, Annihilated a
brjBj politician the other day, who re
miaded him that Judge Countryman,
whom he was about to appoint to the
Bupreme benob, had been an active
Qceeley man. Tho Governor replied;
that the pardoning power waa vested jn
him, and he thought this $u appropri?
ate occasion for its oxeroise.
Tbe Suniter Watchman annoa"nces|
that a disgraceful riot occurred ia that1
town, at tbe meeting of tax-payers, on '?
tbo 12th. Tbo colored folks had a game'
of fisticuffiana among themselves; but
the meeting was afterwurds re-organ-1
ized and a series of resolutions unani-j
mously eJopted. j
A young man about sirteen years of'
a o, named Atwood, n nephew of Mr.
F. A. Newberiy, of V. iguolia, died at
that place on Thursday, from the effectt
of an over-doso of chloroform, used in
tbo performance of a dental operatiou.
I Wilmington Star,
Town Council op Guben wood.?At
a municipal election, held on Monday
last, tbo following gentlemen wora clect
I cd. to servo for the ensuing year: I?teuc'
|ant?C. A. C. Waller, white. Wardens
I ?J. W. Rowland, white, Robert Griffiu,
Nelson Brooks, Wat. Roe, colored.
The Conpedeeate Homf.?Tbo anni?
versary meetingDf tbo Ladies' Coufedo
rato Homo and of tbo Auxiliary Associa?
tion of geutlcmen will take pluce in tbe
bull of tbe South Carolina Socioty,
Charleston, this evening, the IGtb inst.,
ut halt-past 7 o'clock.
An old minister, named Reynolds,
living in Muhlundes County, Ky., is
charged with brutally beating, with a
cowhide, bis daughter, aged eighteen,
because she refused to accept a young
man in tbo neighborhood fur ber bus
Tbo $4,000,000 of Now York city
bonds put on the market a short time
ago, have been taken at and above par
iu gold. They were to meet accruing
obligations. This proves the standing
of tho obligations of prosperous cities
among capitalists. '
Pinohback, who is abont to take his
seat us a member of the United States
Senate from Louisiana, was, at the time
of General Butler's reign in that State,
found guilty of larceny in one of Gen.
Butler's courts, and sent to the peni?
tentiary for two years.
A New Combustible.?A Belgiam
peasant made some time ago the extra
ordinary discovery that earth, coal and
6oda, mixod up together, would burn as
well and butter than uuy other combus?
tible, and the faot has since been proved
boyoud a doubt.
Tbo store -aud Contents of Messrs.
McAdums k Black, of Centreville, Ab
bevillo County, was destroyed by lire, a
few days ago. The mail matter of tbe
post ofBca was also destroyed. No in?
"Poor Kossutb," exclaims tho Boston
Transcript, "old, iuiirm, needy, child?
less, nearly friendless! Think of hiB re?
ception in New York a quarter of a
century ago, and beware bow yon trii6t
Death ?Mr. Willie Adams, rosiding
on Dr. Rutherford's place, in thie
County, died very suddenly on Wednes?
day night last, of congestive chill. He
was out iu tbo morning iu his usual
health.?Neicberry Herald.
Hon. J. Dunoun Allen, of Barnwel),
is now a youug lawyer, having been ad?
mitted to practice in Abbeville, on tbe
12th, and to his senatorial renown will
add tbf- new and more solid glory to be
achieved in tbo forum.
A valuable gold watch and chain,
which it was supposed were dostroyod
when Treasurer Gardiner's bouse was
burned, iu Sumter, a few weeks ngo,
were mysteriously returned, a few duyf
at nee. Conscience.
Tlio thieves made a raid ou tbe par
son ago of the colored Methodist Church
! in Augn.vta, a few nights ngo, and
robbed onoof tbe brethren of a hand
: *o;uo gold watch and chain, besides
. other valuables.
Tbo election for Intendant and War
I dens for the town of Mnllins wad held,
I on the 12th, and resulted as follow.;: A.
I K Gilchrint, Intendant; Stephen Smith,
! H J. Byrne, R. McDauici aud S. E.
! Smith, iVardcus.
! ; related that a Llav erst raw man
) badly about the recent Cuban
I outrage that lie erected a guillotine it;
I his poultry yard and beheaded ull hi.-.
' Spanish fowls. It relieved him.
Jesse Mcrrimun, of Jones County,
j Iowa, is eighty years old, but happiet
than ever a boy was. His wife present
! ed him, a few days ngo, with a bouncing
I pair o) twins.
A hlore-houso in Cokonbury, belong
ing to Dr. Si turns, aud occupied bj
biauc Walker, for tbo sain of mercbau
I dise, was destroyed by lire last Moudaj
j ev? niug, about y o'clock.
I The dwelling-bouso of Jumcs T.
1 Barn is, near Lo wndesville, was con?
sumed by fire on Friday morning last.
i Scarcely anything was saved from the
j raging element.
j Henri Rochefort ih still alive, deBpitt
tbo recent reports of his death. Th<
j Fionch Government has reoeived in
\ formutiou ol bis safe arrival at tbo peua
i colony to whioh ho was sont.
I Tho stock of goods ot Messrs. J. P.
Houlett k Co., of Augusta, Ga., wat
almost entirely destroyed by fire oi:
Tuesday night.
I Throe men wero carried out into Lakt
; lilrio on n caho of ieo a few days ago,
j end their fate is unknown.
biuglish war ships and steamer? will
? not .sail from port on Friday, but the
] m il lines to America uro obliged to.
) There wore 28 deaths in Charleston
for|th< week ending tho 10th?whiten
> 7; colon .! 21.
j W. W. Hazard, proprietor of the At
i lantic House, Newport, E I . has sui
Auotion ?<a.Xe?js.
Household Furniture, Canvassed Earns, do.
By H. & 8. BEARD, Auctioneers.
THIs (Thursday) MORNING, tho 18tb 'oat..
at 10 o'clock, at our Auction Store, we will
consisting of Mahogany Bureau. Mahofjany
Divan, Mahocanv Music Bookcase, Offioo
Book-Case, Mahogany and Walnut Bed?
steads, Feathers and Feather Bed.
3 tiorcoi Canvassed Hams. v
Articles received up to hour of sale.
N. B?Should the*weather be unfavorable,
tho aalo will be conducted within doors.
Jan 15
Timothy Hay.
TON8 prime TIMOTHY HAY, for aala
low, for caah. HOPE A OYLE8.
Arrival of Immigrants.
PERSONS in noed of HELP?either
Farmers or ordinary Laborers?can
obtain them on application to the under?
signed, at tho douth Carolina Uailroad De?
Jan 14 8
Barns Club.
THE Anniversary
Supper of the Burns
Club will take place at
McKenzie's, on MO>*
January, at I o'clock.
Tickets can bo procured
of MesBrs. Hope &
Oyles, Oeo. Symmerr,
John McKenzie and J,
* A. Oliver.
Jan 15_WM. BOY, Beo'y and Treat.
of the
Carolina National Bank, of Columbia, |
S. C , al Columbia, in the State of
South Carolina, at Close of Busi?
ness, December 26,1873.
'Loan-.- and discounts.$118,467 66
|Over-draite. 8.794 82
United staten bond" to secure Cir?
culation. 300,000 00
Other stooka, bonds and mort?
gages :. 136,188 15
Dua irom redeeming and reserve
i agents. 2,738 95
Ranking house. 25.500 00
Other real estate. 9.163 00
Furniture andQxlurea. 2,954 50
Current expenses..... 4,127 59
Paxes paid . 8.498 95
Premiums . 27,473 75
Checks and other cash items. 133 64
'Jills of other National Banks- 1,078 00
l actinucl currency, including
nicklos. 101 62
Specie?coin. 146 66
Legal tunder notes. 14,288 00
$954,255 09
Capital stock paid in .$800.000 00
Surplus fund. 16,000 00
Discount. 2.095 17
L'xchango. 36198
Profit and loss. 29,884 13
National Rank circulation out
; standing.:. 270,000 00
Individual deposits. 219.403 71
Duo other National Banks. 5.010 10
Sotch and bills re-disoountcd. 25,000 00
Rills pa yablo.;. 87.000 00
$954.255 09
I, C. J. Iredell, Cashier of the Carolina
National Hank, of Columbia, S. 0., do
solemnly swear that the above statement 1?
true, to the beat of mv knowledge and belief.
C. J. I BED ELL, Cashier.
! Correct, attest: .
i J w. PARKER, J
JOHN 8. wiley,
State of South Cabouna, Bicbxahd Corwrr.
sworn to and subscribed before me, thie
14th day of January, 187-1.
WILIE Jones, Notary Public.
VS~ Uninu-Herald copy. once. Jan 15 1
Fourth Grand Gift Concert,
for tue benefit or the ,l
OVER 1100,000 in Bank! Success assured!
A t oll drawing certain on TUESDAY, the
' 31sl of March next. In order to meet the
general wish and expectation of tho public
*nrl the ticket-holders, for tho full payment
of the magcilicent gifts, announced for tbe
1 Fourth Grand Gift Concert of tbo Public Li
I brary of Kentucky, the management have de?
termined to poatpono tbe Concert and Draw
,'ing until Tuesday, the 31st of March, 1874.
: I'liey have already realized ovejr $1,000,000,
and havo a great many agents yet to hear
irom. No doubt is entertained of the eale of
?vi ry ticket before the drawing, but whether
' all are an hi or not, tbo Concert and Drawing
will positively and unequivocally take plaoo
i on the day now lixed. and if any remain uu
, sold they wdl he canceled and tbe prizes
will bo reduced' in proportion to tbo unsold
Oulj CO.COO tickets have been issued and
i 14,ooo cash GIFTS. '
Will bo distributed among ticket-holders.
I n ? lie!. < is are printed in coupons of tenths,
? ml all fractional parts will bo represented
r in the drawing just as whole tickets are.
1 Grand Cash Gift.$250,000
I Grand Cash Gilt. 100,000
1 Grand Cash Gift. 50,000
1 Grand Cash Gilt. 26 000
1 Grand Cash Gift. 17.000
10 Oatrh Gifte, * 10,000 each. 100.000
;!0 Cash Gifts, 5,000 eaob. 150.000
r 50 Cash Gifts, 1,000 each. 50,000
80 Cash Gifts, 500 each. 40,000
100 Cash Gifts, 400 each. 40,000
150 Cash Girts, 300 each. 45,000
250 Cash (lifts, 200 each. 50,000
325 Cash Gifte, 100 each. 32.600
. 11.U0? Cash Gifts, 00 each. 550,00?
: Total 12 000 Gilts, all cauh,
amounting to.$l,5OO,CO0
> The chances for a gift are as one to flvo.
I Whole tickets. $50; halves. $25; tenths, or
oaeh coupon, $5; -eleven whole tickets for
*50l); 221 tiekrtsfor $1.000; 118 whole tickets
for $5,01(0; 227 whole tickets for $10,000. No
i discount on Icsh than $500 worth of tickets.
, Tho Fourth Gift Concert will be conduoted,
in all respects, liko tho three which havo
already been given; and full particulars may
j'bo learned from circulars, winch will bo sent
free from this olllco to all who apply for
Orders for licktts und applications for
1 agencies will bo at tended to in tho order thoy
aro reocived, and it is hoped thoy will be
.tent In promptly, that there may bo no dis
lappniniment or delay In tilling all. Liberal
i j terms given to those who buytoaoll again.
J Ml agents are peremptorily required to settle
up their aoconnts and return all unsold
tickets hv the 20thday of Maroh.
Agent Public Library Kentucky and Mana?
ger Gilt Conei rt, Tublic Library Building,
Lcnlsvllle, Kentucky. Dec 17 wf

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