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Tolejrraphlc ? Forelan Affaire.
napoleon to BE forqottbn?what con
carlos will do ?serious jhot ik
poland, etc.
Paris, March 5.?The French .Aca?
demy postponed the contemplated re
ceptiou to Emile Oliver, because he per?
sists in retaining in bis inaugural ad?
dress a eulogy of the Emperor Louis
Napoleon.- j
London, March... 5.?A special de
Bpatah to tbe Times, from Bayonne,
contains tbe following intelligence, ob?
tained from Oarlist sources: Don Carlos
has announced tbat it is not bis inten?
tion to impose a contribution upon the
population of Bilboa, wben the place is
taken. On bis eutering into tbe city,
he will proceed to tbe oatbedral, and be
crowned King of Spain. He will swear
to support tbe liberties of tbe people,
and constitute the Government, with
General Elio as President of Oounoil.
An appeal will be made to foreign
powers to recognize the belligerence of
the Carlista. He will deolare the Spa?
niards exempt from allegiance to any
other Government than his own. He
will draw $5,000,000 as the first install?
ment of the loan previously contracted.
A correspondent of the Daily News,
at St. Petersburg, writes, under date of
the 28th ult.. that serious rioting haa
occurred in Eastern Poland, in conse?
quence of tbe closing of tbe churches,
by the order of Government. At one
place, the disorder was So great that the |
military was called out, and fired on ?
the rioters, killing and wounding seventy i
persons. >
Telegraphic?American Matten.
supbeme court decision?failure?
children burned to death?the
! battle with the babs?fbeoious
pulpit practice?marine disasters ?
church unity?strikes fob hack pat,
Washington, March 8.?The noted
aad long pending Bartemeyer case,
from Iowa, whioh it was expected would
overturn the excise laws of many of the
States, was to-day disposed of by the
Supremo Court by an opinion, of whioh
the following, is tbe aobstanoe: The
usual and ordinary legislation of the
States, regulating or prohibiting the
sale of intoxicating liquors, raises no
question under the Constitution of the
United Btatea prior to the fourteenth
amendment of that instrument. The
right to Bell such liquors is not one of
the privileges and immunities of citi?
zens of the United States, which, by
that amendment, the States are forbid
don to abridge. Buo if a case were pre?
sented in whioh a person owning liquor
or other property at the time*a law was
passed by the State, absolutely prohibit?
ing any sale of it, it would be a very grave
question whether suoh a law would not
be inconsistent with tbe provision of
that amendment whioh forbids the State
to deprive any person of life, liberty or
property without doe process of law.
While tbe oase before tbe court attempts
to present tbat question, it fails to do it,
because the plea, whioh is taken as true,
does not state in due form, and by posi?
tive allegation, the time when the de?
fendant beoame owner of the liquor
sold; and, secondly, because the record
satisfies us that thiB is a moot mads up
oaio to obtain the opinion of this court
on a grave constitutional question, with?
out the existence of faota necessary to
raise that question. In such a case,
when the Supreme Court of the State,
in roh;?? ?>.i wm-u ~t 2t ?ircsic?
has not oousiderod the question, thia
court will not feel at liberty to go ont of
its usual course to deoide it. Mr. Jus?
tice Miller delivered the opinion. This
oase was argued with the slaughter?
house oases from New Orleans, and it
was ?xpeoted would be decided with
them, but it has bseu deferred until
now. Mr. Justice Bradley delivered a
concurring opinion, setting forth that
the distinction between this and the
slaughter-house oases is, in his view,
that in those cases there was a monopo?
ly obnoxious to tbe oharge of depriving
citizens of the United States of their
I rights of property contrary to tbe pro?
visions of the Constitution, but in this
case the question is one merely of police
regulation, concerning whioh tbe States
have undoubted authority. Mr. Justice
Field read an opinion concurring in tbe
views of Mr. Justice Bradley.
, Indianapolis, March 4.?The house
of a colored man, named Sears, nine
miles from tbia city, was burned yester?
day. Two children, aged three and
four years, who were locked inside,
were burned to death. The parents
were absent at the time.
Worcester, Maroh 5.?The tempe?
rance women have abandondoned Dio
Lewis\plan of attack, and will seek to
operate through the owners of tbe
buildings, by pledging them not to let
to liquor dealers.
Philadelphia. Maroh 5.?A square
rigged vessel was wrecked on Barnegat
Shoals. Two boats, filled with men,
passed station fourteen, eight miles
North of Barnegat.
_ The old frigate Constitution ia to be
A bill forbidding Sunday railroad
trains failed in the Jersey Senate.
Washington, March 5.?Tbe Judi?
ciary Committee has summoned Gush?
ing,to testify in the Dnrell oase.
> The House ia voting on the franking
bill, having reconsidered tbo prior vote
rejeoting it. It will probably pass.
In the Senate, Bogy introdaoed a bill
for the improvement of the mouth of
tbe Mississippi River.
> Baltimore, Maroh 5.?The State
Grange is in secret session. Forty-seven
granges are represented.
Joseph Kreusor, aged thirty-five, se?
nior proprietor of tbe Gorman Catholic
People's Weekly Gazelte, published here,
is dead.
New York, Maroh 5.?Upon his ar
?? rival ia this city from England, Dr.
Porteus presented his credentials, and
applied iu the usual manner for a license
toproach. Bishop Potior gave him li
couso for this diooese, and Bishop Lit
tlejobn gave him a similar one for
? u. u?? 1 .".tu? i ?<*: hj. ??;>??:.. ? a
that of Long Island. After lootaring
in Dr. Daryea's, Plymouth. Dr. Gar
roll's and other churches, "Dr. Porteus
leotnred on various topics. He yester?
day received letters from the Bishops,
revoking' his license, oharges being
made that ho preaobed in nou-Epiecopal
ohnrchesnnd delivered lectures on frivo?
lous subjects.
Considerable anxiety is expressed re?
specting the safety of the German
steamer Graf Bismarck, which left Bre?
men for this port three weeks ago, via
Southampton, at which port she took in
aruextra cargo and passengers, and left
on the l?th oiJ?ebruary for New York,
and has not since been heard tof.
'Committee* representing the General
Synod of the Reformed Ohuroh in
America and the General Session of the
Presbyterian Church South, have held
several meetings, at whioh the subject
of 'consolidating the churches was tho?
roughly discussed, and the a truest har?
mony and good feeling prevailed. Their
final action was substantially as follows:
The committees unanimously agreed to
report to their respective bodies, which
will meet in May and Jane of this year,
that a plan of co-operation is practica -
ble, so far as the leading foatnres of the
ecclesiastical work is concerned, espe?
cially that relating to home and foreign
missions and the public action and inte?
rest. No steps thus far have been taken
toward effecting the organic union of
the denominations represented, but the
harmony whioh has thus far prevailed
renders it probable, in the micds of
I many, that this consummation will be
realized at no distant day.
Miss Ada M. Noyes, a well-known
actress, of Charleston, 8. G, died, to?
day, of hydrophobia, caused by the bite
of a favorite dog.
Charleston, Mi rah 5.?Extensive
preparations are making for the Charles?
ton regatta, whioh will take place early
in May, ander the management of the
Regatta Association. There will be sail?
ing and rowing matches, during three
days, for heavy stakes.
Buffalo, March 6 ?Yesterday after?
noon, the carpenters and painters, and
the traek hands and freight house em?
ployees of the Erie Railroad stopped
work, and held an indignation meetiug
at night, whioh culminated in a general
strike this morning, until such time as
the railway company shall pay their
back wages, due since January 1.
SAVANNAH, Ga., March 5.?A train on
the Maoon and Brunswick Road rau off
the traok near Jossa p, at 4 A. M. About
sixteen persons were slightly injured.
Several oars were badly damaged.
Washington, March 5.?In the Hous??,
the franking privilege, in all its phuses,
was defeated, by 120 to 111.
The Sentinel, an independent paper,
issues semi-weekly. Mr. Shade, whoso
fearlessly defended Wierz, is editor nud
Probabilities?On Friday, for New
England, partly cloudy weather will
prevail, with winds veoring to Easterly
and rising temperature. For the Middle
States, East to South winds, increasing
to fresh and brisk, cloudy weather and
rain ncuring the evening. For the
South Atlantic and Gulf States, cloudy
and rainy weather, and fresh to brisk
Easterly to Southerly winds.
Telegraphic?Commercial Iteporta.
London, March 5.?Consols 92\[email protected]
92%. Eries 41%.
Pauis, March 6.?Rentes 59f. 75o.
i i.i i iiiu uuu, iuBi?u o ? a v. iVl.?Dot
ton quiet and unchanged?uplands 7 ?<{
@7%; Orleans 8; sales 12,000 bales, in?
cluding 2,000 for speculation and ex?
port. Cotton to arrive steady; sales of
Orleans, nothing bolow low middling,
shipped in Maroh or Apxil, 8; sales to?
day include 7,700 Amerioan.
Liverpool?, Maroh 5?Evening.?
Cotton?sales on basis of middling up?
lands, nothing below good ordinary,
shipped March or April, T3.x; deliverable
May and June, 7 11-16; nothing below
low middling, deliverable May or June,
7%; middling Orleans, nothing below
good ordinary, shipped Maroh or April,
7 15-16; nothiDg below low middling,
shipped February or March, 8.
New Yobk, Maroh G? Noon.?Cottou
quiet and firm; sal3s 206 bales?uplands
16jb' ; OrleanB 16,'^. Futures opened:
March 15 5-16, 15%; April 15%,
15 11-16; May 16 3-82, 16 3-16; June
lujtj, 16%. Floor quiet and un
ohaDged. Wheat a shade firmer. Corn
firm. Pork firm, at 15.80. Lard firm
?steam 9 3 [email protected]>?. Freights firm.
Stooks active. Money 3. Gold 11 v
Exchange?long 4.84; short 4.87>?.
Governments aotive. State bonds quiet.
7 P. M.?Cotton?net receipts 1,637
bales; gross 2,874. Futures closed
barely steady; sales 21,500 bales: Maroh
15^, 15?"^; April 15 11-16; May 16 5 32,
15 3 16; June 16 19 32; July 16%,
1615-16. Monoy easy, at 3(a}4. Ex?
change quiet, at 4 84>?. Gold 11%@
11%. Governments aotive and better.
States quiet and nominal. Cotton qaiet
and firmer; sales 878 bales, at 16)[email protected]
lti* ,. Southern flour doll and in buyers'
favor?6 [email protected] for common to fair
extra; [email protected] for good to choice.
Whiskey steady, at 96. Wheat l(?2o.
[email protected] for Obioago. Corn
[email protected] for new Western mixed.
Rice nnobanged. Pork firmer? new
mess 16.00. Beef unohanged. Lard ex?
cited and higher, at 9%. Freights to
Liverpool firmer?whoat, steam 10>?.
St. Louis, March 5.?Flour quiet
and weak. Corn unohanged?No. 2
mixed 60. Whiskey nominally 93.
Pork firm, at 15.00. Baoon firmer?
shoulders 6%; clear rib 8}.<', clear 8,34'.
Lard firm, at 8}?.
Cincinnati, Maroh 5.?Flour dull?
6 [email protected] for family. Corn dull, at 58
@62. Pork firm, at 15 00. Lard
stronger?8%@83r for steam; 8%@9
for kettle. Bacon firm?6>.<($6% tor
shoulders; for clear rib; 8^'
for clear. Wniskey firm aad scarce, at
91; dosing at 92.
Louisville, Maroh 5.?Flour and
corn quiet and nncbaoged. Pork ad?
vanced, with fair demand, at 15.OU. Ba?
con quiet and unchanged?0?4' for shoul
der?; 8>a (or clear rib; 8% for olear.
Lard?9 for tierce; B% for keg. Whis?
key sold at 90 J?;
Memphis, March 5.?Cotton in goo 1
demand?low middling 14>^@14>^; re?
ceipts 1,260 bales; shipments 1,598.
Norfolk, Maroh 5.?Cotton steady
and firm?low middling net re?
ceipts 2,733 bales; exports coastwise
2,382; sales 450.
Philadelphia, March 5.?Cotton
qaiet?middling 16.!.}; low middling
15^4; strict good ordinary 14; good or?
dinary 13,^; ordinary I2J4; net receipts
135 bales; gross 967; exports to Great
B. itain 382.
Baltimore, Maroh 5.?Cotton quiet
?middling.15; low middling 14Ji*; good
ordinary 13>.<; gross receipts 1U3 bales;
exports to Great Britain 206; exports
coastwise 260; sales 390.
Galyeston, March 5.?Cotton heavy
and demand limited?good ordinary
13J?; middling 15^; net receipts 1,130
bales; exports to Great Britain 1,050; to
continent 3,093; coastwise 61; Bales 800.
Savannah, March 5.?Cotton firm?
middling 15,%; net receipts 1,585; ex?
ports to comment 1,505; coastwise 962;
sales 667.
Boston, Maroh 5.?Cotton doll and
unchanged?net receipts 119 bales;
gross 119; sales 150; stock 5,600.
Augusta, Maroh 5.?Cotton qnict and
weak?middling 15; receipts 691; sales
Mom lb, March 5.?Cotton quiet?
middling 15; low middling 14>?; good
ordinary 13j?; net receipts 342 bales.
Charleston, March 5 ?Cotton brisk
?middling 15(^15-^; low middliug
149.i; good ordinary 14; net receipts
654 bales; exports coastwise 1,732; sales
2,000; stock 59,763.
New Orleans, March 5.?Cotton
firm and in good demand?middling
15>?;' net receipts 1,752 bales; gross
2,246; sales 6,200; stock 307.652.
Sleeting of the City Council.
Council Chamber,
Columbia, S. C, March 4. 1874.
Conned met at 7.30 P. M. Present?
His Honor tbe Mayor, and Aldermen
Carpenter, Thompson, Lowndes, Car?
roll, Young, Oarr, Williams, and Griffin.
Absent? Aldermen Mitchell, H?ge,
Taylor and Cooper.
The Mayor stated that the object of
the meeting was to hear the report of
I the Committee on New City Hall in re?
ference to changes in the galleries iu tbe
I opera house; also, to count und destroy
'aquantity of ci*y money.
Alderman Carpenter presented $1,242,
whioh he had receipted for to the City
Treusurer. On motion by Alderman
Lowndes, it was received, and on mo?
tion by Alderman Carpenter, tbe snue
was ordored burned.
Alderman Carr, from the Committee
ou New City Hall, reported as to the
cost of changes desired or ordered iu
tbe opera house. The same would cost
about $1,500, as estimated by the con?
tractor; but, by doing uway with the
third tier, the extra expense would be
saved, and, therefore, bo recommended
that the third tier be dispensed with.
Mr. Cramer, being present, was called
on for his opinion in the mutter. He
stated tbat in his opinion the third tier
ounld be dispensed with. It would add
to the beauty of tbe theatre, and would
reduce the expense at least to the
amount charged for the changes pro?
Cm yiviiwu ui Aiiicruiuu ^arroii, inn
Com mitts 03 Hal' were ia?trnoted to get
an estimute of the amount to which
the expenses would bo reduced by doing
away with the third tier.
Mr. Cramer asked Couucil to hare
his contract drawn up and Bigued.
The City Clerk turned over to the
Couuoil $23.90 of old issue of city
money be had redeemed, and tbe same
was burned.
On motion, Council adjourned.
CHAS. BARNUM, City Clerk.
Barbabianism op the Nrueo?A Sis?
ter and Mother Kill a Daughter.?
The coroner of Bibb County, Ga., and
magistrates Simmons and Granu is have
for the last few days been investigating
a barbarous, brutal and inhuman mur?
der, committed in a suburban village of
Macon, and known us Sandy Bottom.
It seems that a negro girl, by the name
of Etiaa Williams, was, som? time ago,
discovered by her mother and sister far
gone in pregnancy. They then com?
menced a series of flagellations and tor
tores which would have shamed an In?
dian, upon the unfortunate creature.
Day after day and night after night was
the rod and hot pinchers plied to the
naked flesh, eaoh application not ceasing
uutil life was nearly extinct. Tbe
neighbors around, consisting of tbe low
obt order of society, heard tbe wails of
the ?u?erer, but neither interfered or
informed any officer of the law what was
going on. On Friday last, after under?
going a more than unusually cruel und
terrible beating und roasting, she gave
birtb to a prematurely born dead babe
and then died herself! Her mother
Lucy and Bister Mary are in jail for mur?
der in the first degree.
Hotel Arrivals, March 5, 1874.?
Wheeler House?S L Auerbach, Md; W
Roberts, W E Healy, Mass; A Pope and
wife, N C; Geo Dick, P Duffle, E Bull,
Charleston; J B Hub bard, Mr and Mrs
Komp and child, Master Kemp, nurse
and maid, N Y; G Blymyr, O; Fred D
Bryant, Marion; J D Gardner and wife,
G H Morrison and wile, Miss EJodd,
Minn; B F Bryan, N O; J W Hay ward,
T C Pool, Mrs S M Ridor, J E Webb,
D R Phifer, Nowberry; Mrs M S Whiti
mon, Greenville; J N Tench, J P T-its
pun, Union.
HenUri.c House?T F Wessen, J U
Hughes, A Li Hunt, N Y; R H Mour
inaugb, St Louis; J L Black, Ridge way;
D ii Lillian, Blackstock; R Lulhan,
Chester; Sum Byroun, S C; J P Ligou,
city; U D II aim tor, SC; G E Hawltius,
1 Practicing with dumb-belles?Talking
1 brilliantly to a Sea.
Thursday. March 5, 1874.
Tlie Seuato met at 12 M.
The bill to provide for od assessment
of real property in the County of Ches?
ter iu the yen- 1874, was ordered to lie
on the table.
The bill to make appropriation to
meet the ordinary expenses of tho Hinte
Government for the fiscal year com
meucing November 1, 1873, was amend?
ed as follows:
For payment of expenses of publish?
ing the laws ot the extra and regular
sessions of the General Assembly, $25,
000, out of the proceeds from pbospbato
royalty, to be paid on the order of the
clerks of the two Houses.
Provided, That no oontract shall be
made with any paper other than those
designated as tho official papers of the
Section 9. That lor the payment of
oontiogeut acconuts paused at the epe
oiul and regular sessions of 1873, the
sum of $25,000 be, and the same is here?
by, appropriated to be paid, on the or?
ders of the presiding "officers, nttosted
by the olerks of the two Houses respec I
Mr. Meetze introduced a bill concern?
ing submarine sites for light-houses and
other aids to navigation.
The general orders were then taken
The Governor approved the following:
An Act to regulate the assessment of
and oolleotion of taxes upon the real cs
t?te of Marion Coanty
The resolving clause of a joint resolu?
tion to designate and fix the voting pre?
cincts in Chesterfield County, was
stricken out.
Ancient Troy.?The antiquarian Dr.
Sohliemaun baa been for five years dig?
ging and delving into the earth iu an
area where it is supposed ancient Troy
stood, and baa made such discoveries as
lead him to believe that he has unco?
vered a part of Troy, and that he haB
found the palace of Priam, from whioh
he has taken u gold cup and Borne trink?
ets of ancient model. But the doctor '
goes deeper into the earth than Troy, I
and claims to have found the remains of
a city older than Troy, and upon the
ruins of which Troy was built. Sumo
household vessels were disinterred which
he says were Chinese.
On Cozunul Island, near Key West,
F[a., are yet to be seeu the walls of the
first church ever built on the continent
of North America. Cortez, before bis
couque.it of Mexico?say about 3??
years ago?built his first place of pub?
lic worship ou tins beautiful island.
The foundation and walls are yet par?
tially preserved; each side has au eleva?
tion of some ten font in places. The
altar is covered with au utmost impene?
trable growth of chaparral; und all
about, even iuside those ruins, arc
ancient and modern tombs, where pa
triachs rest.
Monday afternoon un explosion took
place iu the building No. 90U Broadway,
occupied by Emil Gere, who let his show
window to the Parlor Artillery Com?
pany, for tie sale of a new toy iu the
shape of a brass mortar, from whioh is
fired a cap containing fulminating
powder and an India rubber ball. Three
bi~cc iL?Z ??.fo, containing over
750.090. exploded. Several persons
were badly wounded by the fragments.
Loss, S5.500.
Pond's Extract.?"The Vegetable
Pain Destroyer" never fail to uflord re?
lief from pain. Try it ouce, aud
nothing could induce you to be without
it. Marlf3;i
Five newspapers and a piece of tape
are enough to make a bustle in tho
world now.
Old type?superior to Babbit metal
for many purposes and much oheopcr?
can be obtained in any quantity ut tho
Phoznix Office
Persons indebted to the Phoenix office
are earnestly requested to call and settle
at ouco. There is a large amount due?
this greater portico iu small sums. The
indebtedness must bo liquidated, or we
shall be forced to resort to extreme mea?
Transfer printing inks are invaluable
to railroad companies, banks, mer?
chants, manufacturers and others. They
are enduring aud changeless, and will
copy sharp and olear for an indefinite
poriod of time. Having just received n
fresh supply of iuks, we aro prepared tc
execute orders at moderate prices.
To Subscribers and Advertisers ?
Orders for advertisements, job work,
etc., must be accompanied with tlu
oas!t. No exceptions can be made.
Ordinary advertisements 31 per f-quuri
of nine printed lines for first insertion
fifty cents each subsequent insertion
weekly, monthly and yearly rates fnr
nished on application. Advertisement
inserted ones a week, $1 each insertion.
Marriages and funeral invitations, 81.
Notices iu local oolumn fifteen cents i
lino, each insertion.
Mail Arrangements.?The Northen
mail opous G.30 A. M., 3 P. M.; uloaei
11 A. M., G P. M. Charleston opene*
A. M? 5 30 P. M.; closet 8 A. M., 0 P.
M. Westum opeufcG A. M., 12.30P. M.
oloses G, 1.30 P. M. Greenville opew
115.45 P. M.; closes G a. M. Wilmington
i opens 4 P. M.; closes 10.30 A. M. #Ot
Sunday upon from 2.30 to 3 30 P. M.
For Sale.
i ?> Sil AUKS Contra) National Dank Stock
i ? Apply at :1:!m ,>tli. fob '21
Notice. .
ALL persona indebted to the firm of J. H.
KIN AUD & CO.. either by note or ft*
oouut, are requested to pay at once, or they
will Und tho claims in suit.
Marth C W. O. CHILDS, Trustee^
Private Sale.
Iwill dispose of, at private sale, for
Till IKK DA Yd from this date, all the
FURNITURE that has hecn in use in tin
Cslcntt House. It is in splendid condition,
and is of first olass manufacture. It cod
bists of ton comploto tine Bed-room Bets,
pieces of Parlor Furniture, ten common Bod
room Bets, fifteen Mattresses, two Cooking
Stoves and Utensils, two Parlor Btoves.
seven Olli je Stovoa, six largo Dining Tables,
one Wire Safe, one Mahogany Sideboard, six
small Tables, Wardrobe, and many other
articles of service to families and boarding
houses. Oallattho CALCUTT HOUSE, at
any hoar. - _March 6 1*
CCONTAINED curioaitioa that both pleased I
) and puzzled visitors. The INDIAN
GIRL CIGAR BTOBE has the celebrated 5
cent Cigar that ploaBss customers and poz
xlus dealers bow such a Cigar can be sold at
the price. As sevoral new brands are
tiy thia Maid in a few days, nho will offer
Smokers groat inducomouts, in order to re?
place tho stock before introducing theso new
:;oo0s. ETery one, from tho Legislator
To the worktngman in his humbler calling,
should economize, und to do this success?
fully, he should call and see what this adver
tiiomunt means.
N. B.?Never forgot to get a supply for
Sunday's Smoking. March G
IS now complete, comprising an assort?
ment which, in VAniziT, quamtitv, quam
ty and low i'hices, is hot 8ubpa98p.d dy ant
uoube in the city. We are determined not
to ue undeb-sold. Without quoting prices,
I wilt. m let any competition of THOBB in THE
Tit ad e. Our stock comprises, with other
choice goods, a full supply of
Plantiug Potatoes, Liverpool Salt,
Flour, from Super to Fancy Family,
Re?aed, Crushed, Powdered aud Raw
Co flees?Rio, Lagaayra, Java and Mocha,
Toas?Imperial, Gunpowder, Oolong and
Young Elyson,
Davis' Sugar-cured Canvased Hams,
Breakfast Strips and 13 aeon,
Choice Cream Cheeau, Qilt Edge Butter,
Pare Leaf Lard,
Canned Qoods, Cakes, Crackers, Ac.
With a complete assortment of Corn and
H> e Whiskies, Brandy, (Jin, Wines, Liquors,
Cigars, Ac. which will be delivered fr jo ot
cartage at the depots, or at tbo reeidojees ol
our citv customers.
March (i _ _JOHN AQKEW A BON.
in win's HALL.
-. ? a
Thursday and Friday, March 5 and 6.
New Acts, New Songs and Jvkes.
Reserved seat at Bawls' Musio Store.
E. ROSENBAUM, Press Agent.
Mareh 1 (> Genend Agent.
Monday and Tatiday, March 9 and 10
IilIE brilliaut and clashing little Artists
. tho WALLACE SISTERS?Jonuie. Min
nin ?n.l \r ?>..<? ::'._* ~j LLw wiutuaui
ComedianB, ?EO. K. FOIITESCUE, late o
the Orand Opera Hoaao, Baltimore; O. W
BLAKE, late or MuVicker's, Cnicago; JOS
P. JOHNSON, late of Tho Arch, Fuiladel
phia; LEWIS SPENCEH, late of the Theatn
Comique, Now York. Burlesque Corned;
Troupe! Twcoty-fivo Ar'iets, fall Orchestra
(eleven performers, superb Brass Band, (<
la grenadier.)
Monday, Aladdin, or tho Wondorfu
Scamp! "Tuesday, Tho Field ot the Cloth o
Admission $1. Reserved Seals on sal
without extra charge, at Bawls' Manic Store
Monday evening, at S o'clock; Tuesday even
iug, at 7.30 o'clook.
FRANK B. DOBSON, Solo Manager.
March 5_ 4_
$5,000 Wanted.
THE above amount is wanted at once, fo
a term ot years, on unencumbered rea
estate, in this city. Addross X. PncV.si:
office. Marcb 3
ys? THE subscriber would respectfully In
form his many frieads and customer
IKfihatheis now in rocoipt of his apriu,
-""??stock or CLOTHS and CASSIMEREt
Ac, which he is prepared to make up in th
latest ttyles aud on tho most laasonabl
terms. J. F. EISENMANN.
_Feb 22 _
HAVING recently removed my estat
v*4 :i ?'hment to tho new building, opposit
iwthe City Hall, and received an outirel
JULuewftud fresh stock of SPRING GOOD:
I cordially invito an inapootio-i. My stool
embraces French, English and America
CA3S1MERE9, of tho latest designs, which
will make nu on reasonable terras.
0. D.'Ej -
March 1 _j_lmof
Removal, ?
MRS. S. A. SMITH has remevod he
to the store of J. H. Kinard, where she wi
be pleased to meet all ber former eaitomeri
and aii others who rap.y feet disposed t
patronize her. Thankful for past favors, sh
hopes, b.; utiiot attention to business, t
merit & continuance of the same, Sprin
stvtrs will be opened on tho 10th of March.
March l _Inno
Docks, Warehousing, Trane
, Charte rea February 13,1874,
i CAPITAL STOCK. 83,000,000.
of ihis Company are open in Columbia
j1 s. C, at the Oar-din* National Bank aud a
I thu.Central National Bank. One percent
' only paid On application, to secure the stool
. j and the first regular tslbasment oftwent
Ipir ?.'! ui. to he paid only when ofliciall
e iPed f >r. F?b 2">
Fresh Biscuits.
\ BOXES Cream, Soda, Milk, Lltnnr
1 Oracknsls Buttir, Farina and Ginge
?^:i4es for <ale Dv HOPE A UYl.Ks.
Bacon. Ac.
THIS (Friday) (MORNING, 10 o*olrok, I wilt
noil, at my Auction Room, without reserve,
? lbs. Dry Halted Bides.
? lbs. Dry Baited Bellies,
? lbs. Unbagged Hams,
? lbs. Canvared Hams,
? bbls. Northern Potatoes,
? bbls. Air. in bottles,
? boxes Sardines,
? boxes Canned Tomatoes,
? bbls. Pickled Pork Trimming;, Sto., 1c.
March C_
Hale of Securities
BY SEIBELS & EZELL, Auctioneers.
(n compliance with instructions from the
Carolina National Bank ot Columbia, 8. C,
wo will sell, on THURSDAY, Maroh 12,
next, at our Cflice, at 11 o'clock A. M., on
account of whom it may concern, the fol?
lowing 8ECURTTIK8, viz:
$18,390 of Firet Mortgage Coupons of the
Blue Ridge Rail) oad Company.
$2,500 of Second. Mortgage Bonds of the
GrroenviNe and Columbia Railroad Company.
$507.60 of Conpous of said Bonds of the
Greenville and Columbia Railroad Company.
$8 035 of Bills of the Bank of the State of
, $5,267.50 of Coupons of Bonds of the Lau?
rent! Railroad Company.
I Sale positive and without reserve. Terms
'cash on delivery of the Securities, two days
! after the day of sale. Fob 25 t
{ In addition to the above, we will sell at
: the same time and place, without reserve,
'for cash, tbe following securities, beld as
joollattoral for payments of certain claims
in our hands: $8l\000 First Mortgage Blue
Kidgo Railroad Bonds; $18 000 Past Due
Coupons, detachedjfrom Bonds.
I Buying Goods lor Cash, I am ena?
bled to make a farther redaction in
prices. The Goods are all new and
'.will give entire satisfaction to all con?
sumers. The following are a few of
the leading articles and prices:
1 Choice Family FLOUR, selected usheal.
\ Best White CORN.
HAY, Northern.
? New Orleans SUGA R.
Extra C SUGAR.
Crushed SUGAR.
Powdered and Granulated SUGA R.
' Laguayra COFFEE, finest.
\ Old Government Java COFFEE.
English Breakfast TEA. '
! Oolong TEA.
\ Gunpowder (TEA.
'I XT_ *t.- #?--?? m
-2 -j^..
M Imperial TEA.
' | I call especial attention to these Teas?
' they are very choice.
[\ F. A. Ferris' Sugar-Cured HA&iS.
? Davis' Diamond HAMS.
\ \ Morrison's Sugar Cured HAMS.
1 Breakfast S TRIPS, s ugar cured.
New Orleans New SIRUPS.
r Common Rye WHISKEY.
* Old Bourbon WHISKEY.
\ Old Wheat WHISKEY.
Monogram WHISKEY.
?* Imported Holland GIN.
*! Choice Family FLO UR.
I, Imported BRANDY, of the celebrated
0 Vine Grotcer Company's Vintage of 1850.
e CA NN ED G O ODS in every variety.
CUITS, at manufacturers' prices.
j CO UNTR Y OR DE RS filled and ship?
ped promptly. free of cartage and package,
>? j
? and entire satisfaction guaranteed.
Wh.dosale and Retail
> Grocars and Provision Dealers.
OUR stock
>mplete in everyi
1 respect. We sell at L -a. i
I tho very lowcHttll^j
u ?JbbHMBHsi prices, and warrant f~_
ie ?ur goods pure. We do not publish prioes,
0 but feel talisfiod that none of our patrons
will leave diHsatiefled. We pay the highest
markot price lor COTTON, either iu goods or
ourrency. Wo havo an excellent WAGON
YARD in rear of our entablidhment. Look
lout for tho sign of tho plow and the carriage
wheel, Richardson stitot, a few doors below
>? tho Phoenix oQioe. Give us a call, and in?
spect our goods and prices. Nov 2<J
a Plantins Potatoes.
!er/\ BARKELS, in fluo order. EARLY.
IKYE and PEERLESS, for sale low for grueii
1 backs. _HOPE A GYLES.
k,v H-y, Oats, Bran and Shorts.
1 Ol./ 50t? bun he! a Heavy Oats,
v :10II btirttiols Bolted Meal,
v. 10 0(0 pounds Wheat Bran and Short*,
" 1 For safe low, for <? i*h, by
, The Cider Has Arrived,
>r a Nl> i-> on draught at \. STORK'S Saloon,
f\. lliohardaou street. IVb 28

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