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Destructive ,Stobm9?Naurow Es?
cape.?On Saturday last, sections of
Union County were visited by very de?
structive storms of wind, bail and
rain. Whole fields of corn were lite?
rally destroyed. Fields of cotton were
greatly injured, but not eo seriously
as the corn. Trees, fences, dwelling
houses and barns were unroofed and
blown down, and the roads strewn with
the dobris. The trestle on the railroad
near Lylesford was carried away, and
a construction train runde a very nar?
row escape. Mr. Manly, the engineer,
says that ob he was passing over the
tro9t!o, he felt it moving nnder him.
He immediately threw the valve "wide
open" and the engino bounded with
lightning speed over the trestle, tho
last flat oar actually sinking, but the
greaktopeed it was under saved it from
going to destruotion. As tho train left
the trestle the whole structure fell with
a crash, and was lost in the torrent of
water below.
There are only teu townships in
Union, but there are twelve Tax
Unions, and one or two more in ex?
pectation. The tax-payers of Union
are at work, and challenge any and
every other County in the State to roll
np a larger majority or eleot better
officers than they will next fall.
Last Saturday evening, as two ne?
gro men, named Harris Dixon and
Jack Cumming, were driving along
the rood near Warthen's store, in the
upper part of Washington County,
Qa., they were caught in a storm and
both killed by a falling tree.
W. H. E. Houston, the fleeing Char?
lotte forger, was seen and arrested in
Camden a few days ago; but as no?
body appeared against him, he was re?
leased, and before an authorized de?
spatch could be received from Char?
lotte, he had disappeared.
The adherents of Representative
Bowley and Senator JoneB had a bloody
set-to in Georgetown, on the 12tb,
daring which one man was mortally
wounded, another seriously beaten and
others received stray shots.
Mrs. John Benser, of Elizabeth, N.
J., committed suicide on the 13th, by
throwing herself in front of a train of
cars. Temporary insanity.
A man, named W. D. Martin, wns
struck by lightning two miles from
Flowery Branoh, Ga., last Monday,
and instantly killed.
The first bale of South Carolina
cotton wsb received in Charleston, oh
the 11th, from the plantation of Dr.
E. H. Dowling, of Barnwell.
A stranger, named Seth Heath, died
in Charleston, from delirium tremens,
on tho 14th.
Hon. Tim.'s pio-nio for the colored
children came off at Mount Pleasant,
on the 14th.
Henry R. Morgan, agent of the New
York and Charleston Steamship Com?
pany, died in New York, on tho 14th.
It is Huid that an Enooh Arden case
will shortly come op before u Trial
Justice of Charleston.
Mr. James L. Blackburn died at
Milton, Laurens County, on the Gth
HProBpects are said to be bright for
the early commencement of the re?
building the Laurens Railroud.
.Mr. Charles L. Littlo, a native of
Laurons, died in Hendursou, Texus, a
short time ago.
The Republican delegation to the
State Convention from Orangeburg,
are pledged to go against Gov. Moses.
Are now offering
Extraordinary Inducements
BOYS' LINEN SUITS, from 2J to 8 yoars,
at Two Dollars, and other Goods in
STRAW HATS at cost.
Call and examine our stylos and prioea
before buying elsewhere.
Is almost daily replenished.
FINE CUSTOM (.iiniKvis
Marie to order in best stylo and at low
rates. Aug 14
"Let o
Offered by die Slate Agricultural and
Mechanical Society and the Auxiliary
Joint Stock Association, at the Fair to
be held in Columbia, S. C, beginning
Tuesday, November' 10, 1874, and\
closing Friday, November 13.
For the cheapest crop of cotton, grown
on a farm of not Iosb than ten immlti $50 |
For the cheapest crop from iv farm of
not less than live hands. 2j
For tho cheapest pound of cd ton,
grown on any (arm or plantation in
South Carolina. '
Tho largest crop of corn, not loa* than
twmity bushels per aero, grown upon
ten sores or more of restored upland 25
Largest crop upon one acre, saino re?
quisitions,. 10
Same premiums upon restored or re
claimod lowtand.
Best experiment in cotton, (sot forth in
au essay.) proving tho comparative
merits ?f tho South Carolina niado"
fertilizers, tho cost and quantity of
each fertilizer used per acre; the
modo of application, preparation and
tillage, and original quality of tho
soil, and a!! such details as will provo
the truo value of each fertilizer: not
less than two varieties of fertilizers
to housed.:. 25
Best similar experiment in corn.
Bimilar experiments in cotton and
corn,with commercial fertilizorB, open
to tho world, each. 25 j
Largest yield of wheat on twenty acres
or more, to weigh sixty pounds per
bushel. 20
Same, on fivo acreH. 10
Largest jiold of oats os ten acres. 20
Same on one aero.
Largest yield rye on one acre.
" barley on ouo acre. 10 I
" bene on one aero. 10 |
'? " palma christi or castor
oil bean on ono acre.. 10
" " pea-vine hay on ono acre S
" " native grass on ono acre S
?* M clover on one acre. 5
" herha. or foreign grass,
on ono aero. 5
One bale of each to be on exhibition, and
affidavit of the facta to bo filed with tbe
Largest jield sweet potatoes on ono
aero, one-eighth of an aore to he dug
Largest yield Irish potatoes, under the
same requisitions. 10 |
Largest yield peas on ono aero.
'* " pindars on one acre
?* " turnips on one aero.
To the farmer or planter wbo makes
the largest not jiold of cropM per
hand, not losa than live hands, under
same requisitions, for 1871..20
As cotton cannot bo gathered by tho timo
awards are made at tho Annual Fair, all
competitors for this crop mu.-t send in their
statements to the Executive Committee by
the 15th of December, by whom the award
will bo made.
Exhibitors of all tho above crops must
state in writing, in lull, to the Secretary,
all the requisitions as laid down in the rules
and regulations, (which see,) without which
the judges will bo required to withhold their
awards; and tho exhibitors not complying
with these requisitions will not be allowed
to compete for tho premiums of tho Society,
Best bushel of whilo whoat, with a
sbeaf of same.. $51
Best bushel red wheat, with sheaf of
Beat bushel bread corn, with ono dozen
Best bushel stock corn, with one dozen
Bost buehel barley, with sheaf of saino
Best bushel oats, with sheaf of same..
Best bushol rye, with sheaf of same...
Bost bushel of piudara.
Best collection of field peas, half bushel
Best buabel grass seed, adapted to low?
land culture..
Beat bushel grass seed, adapted to up?
land oulture.
Best display of grains. 10
Unless tho sheaf ho shown hh above re?
quired, tho premium will bo withheld.
Best bushel sweet potatoes. 5
*? " Irish potatoes. 5
" *' table turnips. 5
" " stock turnips. 5
" " mangel wurzel or other
stock beot.
Best bale poa-vine hay. 5|
*? ** clover hay . 5
41 " native grass hay.,. 5
" " cultivated gniBs". 5|
BtBt variety long staplu cotton, (! stalks
Best variety short staple cotton, 6 stalks
Best bushel of water-llowed seed rice,
with sheaf of game.
Best bushel of upland seed rice, with
Bheaf of safe.
Best specimen of leaf tobacco. 2 |
liest box South Carolina made cigars,
from South Carolina raised tobacco..
To the exhibitor ol the largest and beet
variety of field crops, grown hv him?
self..". 20 I
Best sampln rice [one quart J selicted
from a lot of not le*s than twenty
barrels, with tho certificate of factor
of tbe sale .
specimen hops, not less tliun one
peck. .
" specimen pumpkitiH six.
" specimen rando, with dtseriptiou
of culture and preparation for
markt t .
Exhibitors of hay must give the mode of
cultivating, curing, harvosting, Ac.
Best 1 bale nuland cotton. 10
2d best 1 bale upland cotton. 5
Best 1 bale aea island cotton. 10
2d best 1 bale sea island cotton.
liest bale wool, not lesB than 100 lbs_ 10
2d beBt halo wool, as above. 5
The cotton and wool must bo on tho Fair
Grounds, during tho exhibition, to claim
tho premium, and must be of superior
Best jar leaf lard, 10 pounds.
" 10 pounds hard domestic soap. 6
" 10 pounds toilet soap. 5
" bam, South Carolina raised, cooked 0
" 2 sides South Carolina raised bacon 6
" barrel South Carolina flour, exhib?
ited by manufacturer.
" second boat ditto. 5
" loaf broad.Silver
" froit, apongo or soda cake, oaob. Silver
" specimen okra or tomato prepared
for winter use.Silvor
" gallon domestic vinegar.Silvor
" specimen tallow oandloa.Silver
'1 specimen prepared cayenne pep
por.Silver 1
" specimen ataroh.Silver]
balf basbol dried apples, peaohes,
poara, quinces and plums, each . .
box domestic prunes. 5
" specimen hermetically sealed
fruits, each.Silver
ur Just Censures
drum dried Ars, preserved olives,
specimen of olive oil, Southern
made and raised, each. 5 ]
sample jellies, preserves, pickles;
jams, catsups, syrups, etc..
with full descriptions of tho
process of manufacturing and
keeping tho same, each bind. .Silver
liest sumplo Chinese sugar cane
syrup. .Silver
" 20 pounds Borghum sugar. 15
Exhibitors of Hour to state bow much
ll inr niudo from a bushol on wheat, and
variety of wheat tho flour is mado horn.
Host jar butter, 10 pounds. 51
jar May or Juno butter. 5
?? jar butler one year old, with me?
thod of preserving. 5
" South Carolina made chet so. 5
Best specimen South Carolina honey, 10
pounds, to be exhibited in the comb
Best specimen domestic wino, not less
than ono bottlo of oacb kind, with
lull description of tho procees of
manufacturing and keeping tho
same, for each kind. 5|
Best specimen native grape wino, pure
juice, mado without tho addition of
any extraneous substance. 5|
Rest 100 oranges, open culture.$5]
aud largest variety table apples...
and largest collection Southern
socdling apples, each variety named
and labeled, grown by tho exhibitor
lato seedling apple, for all pur?
poses, with description of tho troo,
history of its Oligin, koeping, Ac.Silver
oarly ceodling apple, &c.Silver
and largest variety pears, grown
by tho exhibitor. 5
lato seedling for all purposou, with
description of tree, history, Ac...Silver
|early seedling, as above.Silver
collection ot peaches, seedling or
others, grown by exhibitor.Silver
collection quinces.Silver
collection grapes, growing under
collection native grapes, with his?
tory of keeping, preserving, A;c. 5
Best dozen specimens lime, lemon or
other Southern fruits not named
above, each.Silver]
For beat Southern scedliug, of recent
origin, within ;i years, with errti?
cato of tho fact a?d history.Silver ]
Best and greatest variety garden vege?
tables, for table use, raised by ono
individual. $5 |
! A now and valuable variety of vegetable,
I with evideucc of its excellence or
utility.U. 3]
Heat aud Rrge.it collection garden seeds.
Southern raised, not less than 20
approved varieties, exhibited by ono
individual, and best tor Southern |
horticulture. 5
Largest and boat collection Southern |
seedling apples, grown by exhibitor 3i
1 arge?! ami best collection peach treee,
grown bv exhibitor. 3!
Largist aud best collection pear trees, |
grown by exhibitor. 3
Greatest variety and best collection
strawberry plants.Silver
Greatest variety and best coihcliou of
raspberry plants.Silver
Beat collection evergreen trees.Bilvei
liest collection green house plants, ex?
hibited by one person. Silver
Largest collection ot flowers, exhibited
by ono porson.Silver
Best bale osnabur^e, 8 ounces to tho
Best balo shirting.Medal
Bebt halo sheetings.Meds.1
Best balo kerseys.Medal
Boat bale stripes.Medal
Best balo cotton drilling.Medal
Rest balo cotton yarns, comprising all
tho numbers.Medal
Bost piece bagging, made of cotton.. Medal
Best pieco bagging, made of long or
Southern moss.Medal
Best pieco plains.Silver
Rest piece satinets. .Silver
Best pieco tweed caatdmere.Silver
Beet pieco linaoys or korsoys.Silver
Rost piece plain flannel...... .Silver
Best jiicce twilled flannel.Silver
Best bale of blankets, Southern wool.. 15
Best cotton rope. Silver
beet cotton plow linos.Silver
Best woolen coverlet.Silvdr
Best writing paper, to embraco ono
ream of medium, cup, letter and
Boat printing paper, one ream each
of book and news .Silver Medal
Best wrapping paper.Silver Medal
host ream of printing or wrapping
Da per, manufactured from some
material not heretofore used, aud
known to be as good as paper now
in uao. .Medal
Best specimen of book-binding?..Medal
Best specimen ot book printing in
South Carolina.Medal
Bent dozen hats, South Carolina ma?
Best gent's fiat.Medal
Bust pair woolen blankets.Medal
Rest pair cotton blankets.Medal
Rent 10 varde kersey.Medal
2 1 beet lo yards of same.Silver
Rest HI yards woolen carpeting.Silver
?.! 1 bent 1(1 yur Is of Maine.Silver
Best 10 yards Mtair carpeting.Silver
2d best 10 yards stair carpeting ... Silver
liest cotton carpeting. .Silver
2 1 best cot ton carpeting.Silver
Best 10 yards woolen jeans .silver I
2d liest 10 yard* woolen jeans.Silver
Rest 10 yards cotton jeans.Silver
2d best 10 yards cotton jeans.Silver
Best cotton or mixed coverlet.Silver
2d brst cotton or mixed coverlet.Silver
Beat coverlet, wool .Silver
21 best coverlet, wool.Silver
Host homo-niado mattress.Silver
2d best homc-mado mattress.Silver
Beet pair woolsn socks.Silver
Best pair woolen stockings.Silver
Best pair cotton socks.Silver
Best pair cotton stockings.Silver
Best pound cotton sowing throad_Silver
Best pound woolen yarn.Silver
Best 10 yards diapering.Silver
Best cotton comforts.Medal
21 best oottou comforts. Silver
Best hoartb rug .Silver
2d best hearth rug ...Silver
Best specimen sewing silk.Bilver
Best specimen reeled silk.Silver
Best peck cocoons.Silver
Beet stockings or half hose.Silver
Best handkerchief or shawl.Silver
Best specimens Bilk and wool cloth,
three yards.Silver
Best specimens silk and cotton cloth,
threo yards. Silver I
Best and moBt uiefal carriage har?
ness.Medal |
Best and most useful double buggy
harness .Medal
Best single buggy harness.Medul
Best and most useful wagon harness.Medal
BcBt set of cart lrarness.Medal
Best plow gear.Medal
Best an ? moat useful gentleman's
saddle .Medal
Best and most useful lady's saddle.. .Medal
Best dozen hrogaus. Medal
Bast pair of boots.Medal
Best half dozen pair gent's shoes_Medal
Best half-dozen pair lady's shoes.Medal
Largest and host collection Southern
tanned leather, consisting of Kid,
calf, sole and harness.Diploma
Best side uppor, solo and harness
leather, each.Medal
Best half-dozen calf >kins.Modal
Best sido oil-dressed whang leather. .Medal
Best dozen dressed sheep skins.Medal
Best dozen dressed goat skins.Medal
Best specimen plantation tanned lea?
ther for plantation uae. $5
Best case ur chest genuine medicine,
.suitable for family uso and the
Southern practitioner.Silver
Beet specimen cologne, S. C. made . .Medal
Best specimen writing ink, South Ca?
rolina made.Medal
Best specimen indelible iuk, South
Carolina made.Medal
Best gunpowder, S. C. made.Medal
liest opium, South Carolina made_Medal
Best collection minerals, illustrating
tho geology and mineralogy of
South Carolina.Medal
liest specimen cold pressed castor
Best specimen linseed, lard and cot?
ton seed oil, each.Medal
Best bag salt.Medal
Best barrel spirits turpentine.Medal
Best barrel rosin.Medal
Best barrel tar.Medal
Bost specimen lime, gypsum, water
cement and pearl ash, a barrel of
Best specimen Southern made paint,
of Southern materials, different
colors, mixed, applied and dry.. .Medal
Best French burr in ill-stones, South?
ern manufacture.Medal
Beet oil stone and whet-stone.Medal
Best spccimcnOuativo phosphate, ma?
nipulated fertilizer, or commercial
muntiru, a barrel of each, accom?
panied bv iti analysis.Medal
Best nun blf monument and mantle
piece, in South Carolina marble.. Medal
Bent and largest exhibition of stone?
Best specimens lire brick, terracotta,
liest South Carolina mill rock for
gtiuding Indian com.Medul
Best specimen granite, turned in
bit ho.Medal
Best specimen polished granite.Medal
best specimen porcelain ware, South
Carolina mude.Medal
Best specimen granite ware, South
Carolina maue.Medal
Best specimen stone ware, South Ca?
rolina made.Medal
Dest specimen South Carolina made
Best lady's dress.Silver
Best child's dress.Silver
Best sacquo or basque.Silver
Best collar and chemisette.Silver
Beat undor-sleevvs.Silver
Best handkerchief.Silver
Best morning cap.Silver
Best shawl..'.Silver
Host mantlo.Silver
Bebt specimen of work in this depart?
ment not ? numerated.Silver
2d beal specimen of work in this de?
partment not enumerated.Silver
Best specimen in tbis department by
a girl under fourteen yearn.Silver
Best evidence of taste and skill in the
sann- department.Silver
Host collar and chemisette.Silver
Best uoder-tdeoves. Silver
Best handkerchief.Silver
Bent morning cap.Silver
Best infant's cap. Silver
Be^t infant's waist.Silver
Beet child's hat.Silver
Best child's socks.Silver
Best cradle quilt.Kilver
Bost counteipune. .Si Ivel
liest fringe and luce.Silver
Host tidy.SiSv? r
best bonnet.Silver
Best cape [Berthe] .Silver
Best shawl.Silver
Heel net toilet llluls.Si VCf
liest over-socks.. .. .Silvc:
Ki st nwb r-sldrts.Silver
Behl Ii ?wer vases.Siivei
Best flower brackets.silver
lies' side-board cover.Silver
bent s peel mo it of work under lids de?
partment, not eiiuiuurated.Silver
Be s: specimen in thin depart mi I y
ii giil under fourteen years..'.. .silver
Ik'st pi inn cover.Silver
!!??>-: lulde cover.Silver
ReM ottoman cover. . Siivei* j
Best .-bawl.Silver j
best scarf for neck.:.silver j
best pair of Ulider-olei ves.-i ver j
15f>*l head dress. Silver
bent child's hat or cap..siiv? i
Rest child's spencer or sneque ... silver
I'.es! counterpane.. Silvi i
|ti si cradie quill. Silver
liest reticule ...Silver
liest purse.Silver
Heat gloves.Siivei
liest hose, long or short.Silver
liest child's tucks.Silver
liest over-shoes .Silver
Best toilet mats.Silver
Beat lamp or vase mats.silver
Bi st slippers.Silvor
Best set dessert mats.Silver
Best napkin ring. .Silver
Boat cushion.silver
Best child's skirt. ..Silver
Best child's drawers.Silvor
Best tidy.Silver
Be.Bt article not enumerated.Silver
Best specimen in this department, by
a girl under fourteen vears..Silver
Beat patch-work quilt in cotton.Silvor
Boat patch-work quilt in silk.Silver
Bost raised work quilt.Silver
Best patch-work iu worsted.Silver
Best imitation Marseilles.Silver
BeBt woven counterpane, S. C. mado.. Silver
Beat silk comfort.Silver
Btst crib quilt, In silk.Silvor
Best speoiroon in this department by
a girl under fourteen years.Silver 1
BoBt picture in tapestry.Silver
Boat piano cover.Kilver
Best piano cover, raised work.Silver [
Beat table cover, tapestry. Silver j
74. VOI
BoBt table cover, raised work.Silver
Boat chair cover, raised work.Silver
Best ottoman cover, rained work.Silver
Best Ottoman covor, tapestry.Silver
liest foot-stool cover, raised work-Silver
Best hearth-rug, raised work and
Best pair of firo-acrewns, raised work.Silver
liest lamp ur va?o mat.Silver
liest cushion.Silver
Boot slippers.Silver
Best bed-rope.Silver
Best specimen ma enumerated.Silver
Beat lady's dree*.Silver
" shawl. '
" " mantle. *
" " Heart' or neck-tic. '
" " apron. 1
'? " vest. '
child's dress. 1
" " sacquo or spencer. '
" cloak. 1
" lady's reticule. 1
" lire-screens. '
" nort-folio, embroidered. '
" braided tidy.
" braided cushion.
" toilet set.
" lady's cap.
" smoking'cap.
" specimen not enumerated.
" specimen in this department by
a girl under fourteen years...
Boat bonnet, hat or cap.Silver j
*? willow work basket. "
" willow clothes basket. "
" infaut's toilet basket. "
" set tablo mate. "
" neet willow or ozier basket. "
" straw basket. "
" straw or shuck doormat. "
Beet vase HowcrB, wax.Silver |
'* banket fruit, wax. M
" bouquet flowers, wax. "
" vase rosin flowers. "
" basket rosin fruit. "
'? shell p\rani id. "
" shell box. "
" specimen bead work. "
" .specimen shell work, in any de?
sign, not on tho Hat. "
?* specimen in any design. "
" specimen in this dopartmeut, by
a girl under fourteen vears... '*
Best leather basket.Silver |
*' " picture frame.
" " etagere.
" " tablo.
" " chairs. .
** bronzo table.
" port-folio.
" pict'iro frame.
" specimen in this department, by
a girl under fourteen years.."
Boft steam engine for agricultural
purposes, at work on tho ground.Medal
" Southern farm gato and hinges. "
" improved grist mill.Diploma]
" lathe for metal.Medal
" " tor wood. "
?* rope-twisting machine, for plan?
tation nso. *' j
" sugar mill, cast.Diploma
" sugar mill, wood.Medal
I " wheel wiight machine. j
Best secretary and book caso, South
Carolina made.Medal
" hide-board and bureau, South
Carolina mado. *'
" sofa, South Carolina made. "
*? bedstead. South Carolina made. "
14 set Hue chairs. S. C. made. "
?' set common chairs. "
" invalid chair, S. C. made.
" picture frames. '*
" oii.ieg table, S (1. made. "
" tin or wiie aafe, S. C. made.... "
" kitchrn table, with shelves and
drawers, S C. made. "
" window sash and bbnds, each,
South Caio'ina made. "
" panel door. South Carolina mado "
" Soulh Carolina made bee hive.. '*
" what-not, of 8 C. wood.. "
" so* of cottage furniture, made
id S ?nlb Carolina wood. "
Best collection of specimens of South
Carolina wood tor cabinet use. Medal
" dozeu ci dar, cypiess, juniper
Hiid \ iue hnckete, each South
(Ini wliiiii made. "
" dozi-n cidar. cypress juniper
and pine tulis, each, South
Carolina mad-. "
" do/, n broom-corn and palmetto
lutu ium. each, S. C. made.... "
" lijhclirtsiiiih'e t'ellowtf. South Ca?
in.i>-n mado. plantation use. "
'? ritte gii'h SiUitli Carolina made. "
*? clone luniily carriage,com! iuing
i-ouwi b i.ee. lightness and
tatet r, S. C. made. "
" open buggy. *'
" topi'?g?:. "
" und Im gent i xlubition median
iiv.' tools, Hi lit !?<?! ii made.... "
" Kiel In rgi ?>? ex H.I it ion oT in n
?' hptcimeii bur and nmnd iron... "
?? smv mill iioiis. "
grixt mill ii oih . "
'? net blacksmith's tool*. "
" washing iniicbints . "
spit'itiieii plating done in South
Carolina .Diploma
" hor.ie flioet-, S. 0 ma 'e.Siiv(r
'? horne-tdioe iiiiiln S. C. made
" h. g South Catoliua cut nails....
" In tl. Smith Carolina mado.
" display of S.O. made carriages,
buggies, Ac., from one manu
Best cant mould hoard ono-horso
plow .Diploma]
" east mould board two-horse
plow ....
*' wrought Iron ono-horso mould
board plow -.,-:,?
" wrought iron 2-horsc mould
board plow -
'? wrought iron subsoil plow -
" wrought iron cotton scraper
plow ...
" wrouglrt iron sweep
" turning plow on scooter stock
" South Carolina cultivator ?
" sue-horao turning plow. South
Carolina made
" two-horse turning plow, South
Carolina made
" cotton scraper plow, S. C. mado
" subsoil plow, S. C. made
Rule.?Ml plows to be tested in plowing
match before premiums are awarded.
For the btst plowing doue by any white
farmer or planter in South Carolina ?50
For the Ifoond best ditio ? 30
For the third best ditto - ? - 15
For the best plowing done by any wbi.i
boy in South Carolina under eight
een im? of age - - * ? 85|
For the second best ditto ? - 15
For the third best ditto 10
For tho best plowing dono by any co?
lored man ..... 20
For tho second beat plowing dono by
any colored boy 10
From 9 till 10 o'clock A. M. each day dur?
ing tho Fair will be devoted by the respect?
ive committees to plowing matches and
toatB of all kinds of implements. Competi?
tors are exoected to furnish their own
teams and plows, and each will be allowed
thir'.y minutes trial during tho week. Tbey
mnut bo promptly ready to answer to the
call of the committee. Flows of Southern
invention and manufacture, if of equal me?
rit, aro to be given tho preference.
Judges in this contest will bo governed
in their awards by tho depth and width of
the furrow slice turned by the plow of eaob
competitor, the time employed to complete
the work, and the appaient skill and ease
with which the implement is handled.
Beat club axe, Bouth Carolina made, Medal
" broad axo, South Carolina made, "
" drawing-knife, S. C. mado - "
" manure fork, 8. C. mado - - "
" boe, South Carolina made. - - "
" portable work bench, with fait
set of plat.cation cm enter'e
toola .... Diploma
" Southern thresher ? ? Medal
" hand tbreahing machine - "
" Southern fan "
" straw cutter - "
*' " turnip und root cutt? '
" " corn and cob crasher ' '*
?? ?? corn shelter "
?* " grain cradlo - -
'* " seed planter "
" cotton gin, 8. C. made - - "
M cotton press, open to the world ,''
" cotton gin, open to the world. Diploma
" Southsrn road wagon ?*'
" " two-horse wagon - Medal
" " dump cart, 1-uorse,
" cx cart ...-.??
" ox yoke ..--.?
" tile and brick machine - Diploma
" and largest lot of agricultural and
horticultural implements - Medal
" tile for dminingor irrigation. Diploma
Simplicity of construction, not detracting
from the efficiency of the article, will be
viewed as tho gieateat merit.
Rest gentleman's coat ... Medal
vest - - ?
'? " pants "
11 " shirt
" " suit - - Diploma
Beat specimen of sculpture - Diploma
" cameo .... Diploma
" head in plaster ... Me^al
" painting in oil of Fair Grounds,
Buildings, etc. ? ? Diploma
" sketch of same - - Diploma
" ambrotypo .... Medal
" historical painting, in oil, con?
nected with the history of
South Caro.iua ? - Dipionik
" specimen of animal painting, in
oil, from nature - - Diploma
" copy of animal painting in e il. Medal
" specimen of Southern landscape
painting, from nature, in
oil - - Diploma
" copy of Southern landscape
painting, iu oil - ? Diploma
" portrait iu oil - - Diploma
Best copy of portrait in oil - Model
" portrait in water colors - Medal
" fancy sketch in water colors ? Medal
" portrait iu pastel - - Medal
" portrait iu crayon - ? Modal
" fancy sketch in crayon - Medal
?' oil photograph - . -jr Medal
" ivorytype photograph - ^ Medal
" watt'r colored photograph - Medal
" fruit painting - ? - Silver
" game piece .... Silver
*' collection of architectural draw?
ings .... Diploma
" drawing of design for frame
bnildingf, specifications of
cost, ? to. - ? - Diploma
Rest essay on rotation of crops, based
upou the experience of the writer $20
Beet practical papt-rou plantation eco?
nomy adapted to South Carolina. $26
Best essay on market gardeuii g - 20
liest essay on root culture 20
Bist piaetical paper on the combii el
effects it irrigation, under-drain?
ing slid bubsoiliug - - 20
I Best essay on climatology 20
Tho largest exhibition of commendable,
articles grown und exhibited by
any oho planter, including stock,
field c rops, etc. ... 25
The largest number of ai tides in patch
Woik. knitting, nut lug, crochet
and fancy w >rt>. mat e and exhib?
ited by any one lady . . o?
Bixt coJUction ?i swe* .mo .ts exhibited
by any one lady - - - 10
Best and largest collection of pickles and
catsups exhibited by an) one lady 10
liest and luigrnl ool'ectinii ol dlied
Iruits exhibited by any one lady 10
Best and largest collet ti in ol in kdjaud
candies exhibit'd by any i n ? lady 10
.1 AMI S McCUTOUEN, Superintendent.
II. A. MliETZK, Assistant
Best bull. 3 y< ui> old or upwards - $20
2d best, bull, same uge ... 10
Best hull, two to three yearn old ? - 20
2d hi st bull, two to three years old ? 10
lies: bull, um- to two yon!a old - 10
2d bent bub. one io two years old - 5
Boat bull calf .... 5
Best cow, three years old or upwards - 20
2d best cow, three years old or upwards 10
Best heiter, two to three years old - 10
'id bent heifer, two to three years old - 6
Hest heifer, one to two years o'd - 10
2d best heifer, one to two years old - 5
Best heifer calf -? - - - - 5
Beat bull, three years old or upwards $20
2d beat bull, three yearaold or upwards 10
Best bull, two to thrse years old - 20
2d best bull, two to three yeara old <- 10
Bent bull, one to two ysars old - - 19
2d best bull, one to two years old - 5
Best buU calf. 5
Beat cow, three years old or upwards - 20
2d best cow, three years old or upwards 10
Beat heifer, two to tbree yeara old - 30
2d beat heifer, two to three years old - 10
Beat heifer, oue to two yeara old - 10
2d heat heifer, one to two yeara old ? 5
Best heifer oalf - - - - 5
Beat hull, tbrei yeara old or apwarda $20
2d boat bnll, aame age - . . 10
Best bull, two to three yeara old ? 20
2d beat bull, two to three yeara old - 10
Best bull, one to two years old - - 10
2d beat bull, ono to two yeara old ? 6
Best bull calf ..... 5
Best cow, three yeara old or npwarda 20
2d best cow, three years old or upwards 10
Best heifer, two to three yeara old - 20

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