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2d beat heifer, two to three years old - 10
Best heifer, one to two years old ? 10
2d beat heifer, one to two years old - 5
Beet heifer calf ----- 5
Same premiums as above. All animals
throe-fourths' Brahmin blood, or more, to
Best imported bull, of any age, of any
of tho above breeds ... $20
2d best imported bull, of any ago, of
any of the above breeds - - 10
Best imported oow, samo as abovo - 20
2d best imported oow, same as above ' 10
Same premiums as above. Allgrados to
be half blood or more.
Same premiums as above.
Best milch oow, any breed, to be milked
on the ground .... $20
2d best miloh cow, any breed - - 10
Best yoke oxen, Sonih Carolina raieed 20
2d beat yoke oxen, South Carolina raised 10
Host herd, not Iobs than five, owned by
exhibitor ----- 20
The value of each yoke of oxen muBt bo
tested on the Fair Grounds, both before the
plow and to the wagon.
All cattle competing for premiums must
he thoroughly halter-broke, and whon re?
quired, most be led in the arena, whore the
committee will examine and award the pre?
JOHNSON HAOOOD, Superintendent.
W. H. STACK, Assistant Superintendent.
Owned by residents of this State, unless
otherwise specified.
Beat stallion, over four years old - $20
Same, over three years old - - - 20
Same, over two years old - - 10
Same, one yoar old 10
Beat brood maro - 20
Same and colt ..... 25
2d beBt brood maro and colt 15
.BeBt mare, four years old - - - 20
Heat filly, three yoars old - - - 20
2d best filly, three years old 10
Bast filly, two yeara old 20
2d best filly, 2 years old 10
Best filly, one year old 20
2d best filly, one year old - - - 10
Best st?Uion, over four years old - $20
Same, over three years old - 20
Beat stallion, over two yeara old - $10
Same, one year old - 10
Best brood mare .... 20
Same and oolt ..... 25
2d best brood mare and colt - - 15
Bast mare, four years old - - -20
BeBt filly, three years old 20
2d best filly, three years old - - 10
Beat filly, two years old ... 20
2d best filly, two years old - - -10
Best filly, one year old 20
2i best filly, one year old - . ? - 10
Best stallion, over four years old - $20
8ame, over three years old - - 20
Samo, over two years old ? - ? - 10
: Same, one year old 18
iBest brood mare .... 20
2d best brood mare - - - - 10
Heat brood mare and colt ? ? ? 25
2d best brood mare and cult 15
Beet mare, four years old - - - 20
Best filly, three years old - - - 20
2d best fifty, three years old 10
Best filly, two yoars old - 20
2d best filly, two years old - - - 10
Best one year old filly 20
2d Irest one year old filly - - 10
Best stallion, over four years ? $15
" mare ----- - 15
" mare and colt ... 20
11 saddle pony 15
No animal over fourteen hands high to
be classed as a pony.
Best pair matched horses, raised in S. U. $25
" pair matohed mares, raised in S. C. 25
M pair matched harness ponies, under
fourteen bands, H. C. raised - 10
*' single harness horse, raised in S. C. 20
" saddle horse, raieed in S. C. - 20
?? pair of matohed horset, opon to too
world ..... 15
" pair of matched mares, open to tho
world ..... 15
** single harness horse, open to tho
" saddle horse, open to the world 10
" "inoft harness mare, open to the
M saddle mare, i*pen to the world - 10
Bast heavy draft gelding, bouth Carolina
Beat light draft gelding, South Carolina
raised, of any ago 15
BeBt light draft gelding, 8cuth Carolina
raised, three 5ears old - - 15
Best light draft gelding, South Carolina
raised, two years old - - 10
Best (arm horse to vm of four, South Ca?
rolina raised .... 20
To the stallion exhibiting the greatest
number of best oolts upon tho
ground ----- 25
Bestand nearest thorough-bred trotting
stallion, for stud purposes - $20
Best and nearest thorough-bred trotting
brood mare - 20
Boa? and nearest thorough-bred pacing
stallion, for stud purposes - 20
Beat and nearest thorough-bred pacing
brood mare .... $20
for the beat combination horse or mare
sweep-stakes; $5 entrance; pre?
mium -.25
Beat and largest imported jack, with
certificates, approved by Society 15
Best and largest imported jennette,
with certificates, approved by the
Bast and largest South Carolina raised
jack, with certificate.), approved
by the Society - ... 15
Bust and largest Month Carolina raiaed
jennette, with cerliticates, ap?
proved by the Socialv - - 10
Boat pair of mulos .... $15
Best single or harness mule - - 10
Best mule, two years old - - -10
Best mule, one year old 10
Best mnle oolt ..... 5
Best mnle team of four ... 15
N. B.?All horses, colts, jacks, jennottes
and mules embraced in the above classes
must be completely halter-broke, or thoy
will not be admitted upon tho grounds, ex?
cept at the owner's rink.
Bost buck, two years old er upwards - $10
Best buck, one to two years old - 10
Best pen of ewes, not less than three 15
BeBt pun of ewe lambs, not less than 3 10
The same premiums as above.
The same premiums as above.
The'same premiums as above.
The same preminms as above.
The same preminms as abovo.
The same premiums as above,
Best thorough-bred buck - - $5
Bost thorough-bred ewe ... 5
Best pair of grades .... 5
Best Suffolk boar, of any age - - $8
Best Suffolk boar, not over twelve nor
under si: months old 5
.Beit Suffolk tow - - - - - 81
Heat Suffolk now and pigs, not loaa than
becond olab8?E8BEX.
Tho same premiums as aboTa.
third class?bebk8hibe.
The aamo preminma as above.
fodbth class?qbazieb.
Tho samo premiums as above.
fifth CLA8B?ob este u county.
The same premiums as abovo.
sixth olass?lincoln, yorkshire, litcu
kield, ob any other laboe breed.
Tbo same premiums as above.
seventh olass?native bbeeds ob (i RAULS.
Tlia bama premiums as above.
all biels to he under one yeab old.
Heat tvio, ouo cock aud two hens, Im?
proved barn-yard fowls - - $3
Heat pair Brahmas .... 2
Ditto Cochins - - ? ? - 2
Ditto Dorkings - - - - -2
Ditto Dominiques - - - - 21
Ditto black Spanish - ? 2
Oltto white Leghuru - '
Ditto llambiirgs - - - -
Ditto black Polish - - - - 2
Ditto pheasants .....
Ditto Bea-brlght bantams - - - 2
l Ditto Houdans?French - - $2
Ditto Creve Cmur?French - ? -2
Ditto games - - - - - - 2
Ditto turkoyB ..... 2
Ditto Bremen geeeo .... 2
Ditto noa fowls ... - - 2
Ditto Muacovoy ducks - 2
Ditto Ayleabury ducks
Heat and largest exhibition of pigoons,
not less than six varieties
Heat and largest exhibition of live birds,
not less than six varieties
I Host and largest exhibition of poultry,
by ouo exhibitor 10
?Baa dogs.
/Jest pointer, dog or bitch - - ?3
Heat setter, ditto .... 3
Hest Newfoundland, ditto - - - 8
Hast shepherd's ditto - - -
Heat fox bound, ditto ....
Heat grey hound, ditto ...
Hest blood hound, ditto -
Host bull dog, ditlo ....
Heat terrier, ditto - ? _-_
boozer & wright,
Richardson street, opposite
Columbia Hotel.
Dr. D. L. Boozer, Db. O. F. 8. Wriout.
Ang 4 _lnio
?"?? improved
Patented March, 1870,
by i'exhlkto.v * boa rdm an,
augusta, oa.
THE satisfaction this t'RESS has givon 1
in the past, the groat improvement I
madoon it, and the fact of its being from 1
forty to fifty dollars cheaper than any othor
good PreBB, should induce planters and
others to Bond for one of our new Circulars
before purchasing. We also manufacture
Irons for Water Power Presses and Screw |
Presses. Address
Foundry and Machine Works, Kollock
Street, AngUBta, Oa._July 2 w||4mo
No. 134.
IN the State, and now the cheapest to get
For Summer. A large lino of HATS; some?
thing entiroly new in
Wo still keep abreast of tho times in
Gents' Undershirts, Silk, Lisle Thread
and Oauze, Linen and Jean Drawers, Ties,
Bows, Socks, Collars, Scarfs, the celebrated
Star Shirte,ready-made and made to order;
tits guaranteed. White Linen. Duck, Mar?
seilles Vests, in now styles. Black Alpaca
Frock aud Sack Coats.
We are eutliug Goods at low prices for
July 23_
A FULL line of latest styles;
also, Ladies' and Children's
SUITS, Mrs. Moodv'a cele?
brated COSSETS, with other
Htylos; UNDER-WEAR in
groat variety; HAIR of all
description, and Bazaar Pat
torns, which will bo sold very
low. Please call and see for I
yeurselveH, at
?Tune jj ?mos M BS ? O E. REED'S.
30 DAYS,
I will commenco on TUESDAY, July
28, and continue for thirty day.9, a closing
out Balo of tho romainder of my stock of
seaBonablo and popular CLOTHING, FUR?
This is done to make room for Fall Stock.
Those in search of unusual bargains will
bo amply repaid by a visit to
July 27_Undor Columbia Hotol. _
Official Order, No. 1.
IWANT all Smokers to know that thoro
aro still plenty moro of tho celebrated
6 cent PARTAGA8 on hand. I guarantoo
that they contain moro and a better ptality
of Tobacco than any other 5 cent Cigar
sold in this city.
Speoial Order, No, 2.
All Smokers of Pressed Cigars will ploaso
tako notice that they can got a bunch con?
taining 25 Cigars for $1, and all othor
popular brands at equally low pricos, at' i
(Sign or tho Indian Chief,)
Sd Door Below Wheeler Houro.
Juno ft
S lngay Horning, August 16,1874.
highly respootable residents of Gow
deysville aud vicinity, who heard Con?
gressman Wallace's address at that
place, have signed n certificate to the
effect that he did make uso of tho fol?
lowing language :
"Your rights uro in peril aud you
must dofend them. 'If you dou't gut
them ut tho ballot-box, you must re?
sort to tho cartridge-box.' If neces?
sary, we will make oath to the pump."
It. becomes a question of veracity
one muu ugaiust twenty. Perhups the
Congressman's recollection is bad.
-??? ?,
Model Senator.?The Kansas Ci?y
Times publishes a lengthy iudictmeut
of Uuited States Senator Ingullp, of
Kansas. It charges him with arro-d
for larceny when at college, hints at
bigamy and other unsavory offences,
accuses him of all manner of trickery
and venality iu his high oflice, that hu
sells federal offices for money?and
that he is generally n "had lot." The
Times assorts its ability to prove all its
allegations agaiust the Senator; but
inanely says that tho people of Kausos
will demand his resignation or dismis?
sal, just as if that sort of Senator wus
ever kuown to resign or be dismissed
by their brother Senators.
According to a Paris telegram, Mar?
shal Baziiue is indebted to his wife
for the plan by which he so success?
fully effected his depurture from his
Mediterranean prison. If the "man
with the iron mask," who preceded
him as a distinguished prisoner in
Suinte Marguerite, had been blessed
with a wife like Madume Bazaine, the
secret of that famous disguise would
have been out so soon that history
would have lost one of its most inte?
resting mysleries. Madame Buz one
is a Mexican woman, who became the
wife of the Marshal while he was with
Maximilian in Mexico. She is of a
wealthy Mexican fumily who sided
with Juarez, against whom the Mar?
shal was supposed to be fighting, but
with he whom he was more likely con?
To ili< Public.
Executive Department,
Office of Comptroller-General,
Columbia, S. G, Aug. 15, 1874.
Iu the Union-Herald, of date of Au?
gust loth, I ?ud in tho editorial co?
lumn of Haid paper a statement that
"Jndge Hogo is a Moses man." The
writer of that article simply lied. I
am nobody's man, but claim tho right
to thiuk und act for myself, and, iu
doing so, muke no distinction between
men on account of their birth place.
What I desire is a good hauest admi?
nistration, by the "Republican party,"
of the State Government. I am op?
posed to the electiou of auy dishonest
man to the position of Governor,
whether ho is a native of South Caro?
lina, Massachusetts or Ohio. I nm,
very respectfully, S. lt. H?GE.
The following is the article referred
"A writer, who hides his Demo?
cratic identity under the signature of
?Republican,' in tho News and Cou?
rier, asserts that all tho 'carpet bag?
gers' are bauded in favor of Chamber
luin, and all the 'scallnwags,' in like
manner, ure united on Moses. This
is untrue. Most of tho best native I
Republicans in tho State are bitter op
posers of Moses, and some of the
members of the party, of Northern
birth, are bound to him by hooks of
steel?without a pun. Judge H?ge
has frequently been selected, by the
Democratic press, as a typical carpet?
bagger, and he is a Moses man."
The Comptroller-General is em?
phatic. An honest government is what
all good citizens are desirous of having.
Moses.?The following is from tho
Washington National Republican, of
tho 1-ith:
"Moses, of South Carolina, ono of
tho journals of that Stuto tells us,
made a speech, a few days ago, iu
which ho ub.'y defeuded the Republi?
can party. Now Moses had better lot
up on thut sort of thing. Tho Repub?
lican party needs no defence at his
hands; ho has brought discredit and
disgrace upon it, and the best thing ho
cuu do is to leave it."
Objectionable Postal Card.?Tho
Meadville (Pennsylvania) Republican,
of tho 7th inst., says: "United States
Commissioner Force on Tuesday, is?
sued a warrant for tho arrest of one
W. W. Ingram, of New York, charged
by Postmaster Vincent, of Waterford,
with depositing a postal card at that
office, addressed to n young lady at
Meadville, oontaiuing scurrilous and
indcoent lunguags. Deputy Marshal
Rouse arrested Ingram in this city on
Tuesday evening, and on Wedueaduy
morning a hearing was had before
Cmmissionor Force, at the office of
District Attorney Henderson, in this
city, F. L. Bleckmar, Esq., appear?
ing in behalf of the Government, and
P. Church, Esq., for the defence.
The evidence was so positive that the
Commissioner felt warranted in hold?
ing Ingram in $3,000 bail for his op
pearanoe at Pittsbnrg, at the session of
United States Court in October.
Correspondence of the Phoenix.
Glenn Spbinq?, August 14, 1874.
I came out to this place, utter a
sweltering day passed in Spartanburg,
in the oool of tbo evouiug of the 12th.
A warm reception, u cool driuk of
water, a good cup of tea uud pleasant
ohats with some old friends prepared
me for my coach, which I sought in
good time, and ou which I slept like a
top. Rising refreshed yesterday morn?
ing, nnd partaking of a light break?
fast, I took a survey of the situation.
.Since I was hero, thirteen years ago,
the place has nudoi'gouo few uhuugi-'s.
Tho buildings have been iucieased u
little, a new stable is going up und a
commodious and spacious enclosure
bus bveu put around the. widely mined
spring. Workmen are employed in
opuuttig and grading some, wallt-, liut
externally Glcuu's of 1874 varies but
little in>ru Glenn's of l$t?i, with thi
exception that u noticoaDle diir.rrenee
appi ars iu tho stately trees which
shade tba lawn. They have madu de?
cided growth. Coining to the main
building, we find u well appointed
ollice, ugreeablo buir-dressiug saloon,
a well arranged und spacious diuiug
room, und parlorsoonveuioutty attract?
ive. The administration of Messrs.
Gormau Sc Caluun bus beeu distin?
guished by vigor, foresight und wise
expenditure. With the will und the
menus to succeed, they have exhibited
the euergy, kuowleJgo aud taut which
are indispeusublu to success. They
buvu brought tho place mto notice
once more as u wutenug place, by tho3u
solid comforts and varied attractions
which are equally as necessary as the
superb water itself to tuako it u sum?
mer resort. An excellent cntnpuuj has
gathered here, aud you bear ou ull
bauds eulogion on tho wuter uud cum
muudittiou ou tho etlui ts of the pro?
prietors to please and give satisfaction.
The tuble is well supplied, the nervine
prompt, the rooms elean, neatly fur
uisbed, aud order and decorum every?
where prevail.
The great event und topic of yester?
day was preparation for the "oilico"
bull?a couceptiuu due jointly to the
ladies resident iu the bouse, tho ladies
of the vicinage aud the public-spirited
proprietors. All was bustle uud stir
on the premises, und tho ball-room,
handsomely decorated with evergreens,
was the object of special attraction.
Carriages aud buggies commenced to
briug iu their precious freight of
beauty und aecompli>>hmunt from an
early hour iu the afternoon, the lust
arriving iu about 9 o'clock, from Spar
tuubnrg. The ball opened iu good
time, und was kept up to a good time
this morning, under the general super?
intendence of Professor Milurn, of
Newberry, who was constituted mas?
ter of oeremonies. And now, Mr.
Editor, I have arrived tit a point which
is full of embarrassment, und for tho
dctioriptiou of which my pen is wholly
inadequate. Ladies from Spartau
burg, Uuion, Newberry, Columbia aud
otbor parts of the State, vied with
each other iu those charms of person,
manner, grace, buoyancy aud uffu
bility, which tho moro we admire, the
less we can porlray. "Cabeo" surely
never hud such honor before, and for
one, I urn ready to maintain that no
other material has ever been or etui be
invented which is half so appropriate
or a tithe as seduisante for ladies' ball?
room drosses. Rut it bad powerful
auxiliaries in trimming, ribbous, luces,
silks and jewelry, and more especially
iu tbo nutive grace, the halcyon smiles,
tbo brilliant beauty, the exquisite com
pluisuune of the lovoly wearers. I urn
tempted to speak with particularity of
the tull figure, queenly movement,
speaking faco nnd musical voice of
Mudame -, of dozens of bloom?
ing maidens pro-eminent iu all the ac?
complishments, native and acquired,
which stirred the hearts und endan?
gered the peaco of mind of their ud
mirera of the sterner sex; but am ad?
monished to beware, lest I encounter a
frown which, liko the rod of the Gyei,
oharged with vril power, us described
in "The Coming Raoe," might reduce
mo to a cinder. Herein I shall not
offend. Tho danger from which old
Horace would shrink, I braved quite
stoutly last uigbt?from a distance.
Such countenances as he feared to
look upou?"vulius lubricus tidspici"?
lest ho might trip, 1 looked upou at
tho calico bull with comparative impu?
nity, but always, be it remembered, at
a safe and respectful distance. Rut to
describe tbem, to paint the lily, to add
perfume to the violet?this impossible
and perilous task I must decline.
Returning to eurthly themes aud
every-dny life, I have hud much nitis
factiou iu meeting here and at Spar?
tanburg many old friends, whoso inte?
rest in tho State Agricultural Society,
or iu tho projected railroad from Spur
tuubnrg to Asheville, or iu these
health-restoring waters, has brought
tbem to this place. Iu mentioning tho
names of those who read uss.nys beforo
the Agricultural Society, the other
day, I omitted that of Mr. S. C.
Means, of this County, who produced
a clever paper ou tbuculturo of clover,
tho views of which wore ouforced by
his personal exporience of decided suc?
cess in it. Not much is said about po?
litics at GLENN'S.
Tlic Glenn SprlngH Hall.
Glenn Springs, S. C,
August 14, 1874.
Messrs. Gorman <& Calnan?Gentle?
men : Tho lady guests of Glonn
Springs and surrounding neighborhood
take groat pleasure iu tendering you
the sum of $125, net proceods of enter?
tainment by them given in aid of tho
Monumental Association of tho State
of South Carolina, with request to bo
kind enough to trauimit the same, at
an early date, to the President of the
association at Columbia. Grateful for
courtesies extended by tho press, the
railroads of the State, by tho proprie?
tors and male guests of the house and
others, generously assisting in this la?
bor of luv?, perpetuating the memory
of our honored deuil, wo are yours,
with respect,
The Lady Guests of Glenn Springs
Hotel, and Neighbors.
Glenn Springs, S. G,
August 14, 1874.
Mrs. J. T. Darby, Secretary Monu?
mental Association, S. C.?Dear Ma?
dam : Wo have the honor herewith to
enclose cheek for the sum of S125, re
ceivud of thu lady guests of Glenn
Springs, through their representative,
Mi?s Pool?the sumo being tho net
proceeds of entertainment by them
given, with kind assistance from the
ladies of the neighborhood, in aid of
the completion of the monument over
the honored dead of the State. With
sentiments of high regards, we remain
your obedient servants,
Columbia. S. O, Aug. 15. 187-1.
Messrs. Gorman ib Culnun, Proprie?
tors Glenn Springs Hotel?Gentlemen:
Allow me to acknowledge, through
yon, the receipt uf $1-5, proceeds ot a
ball given iu behalf of thu South Ca?
rolina .Monumental Association. Re
good enough to express the thunks of
iiju Association to your guests, aud to
all Others who have so materially aided
our work. Particularly would we as?
sure you, the proprietors of the house,
of tho appreciation of your generosity
and patriotism iu ullowmg this ball to
bo held at your house,, aud wo hope
that the proprietors oud guests at
other watering places will bo induced
to follow tbo example, so uobly given
at Gleuu Spiings. We take this occu
sinu to uekuowh-dge.with gratitude the
courtesies extended by the press und
the various railroads throughout the
State. Very respectfully,
Corresponding Secretary S. C. M. A.
Inviting Sickness.?A belief that
violent purgation is the surest remedy
for every human ailment prevails to a
lamentable exteut among some clashes
of tho community. It might be
thought that tbo hingnid, the debili?
tated, tho depressed, would know, in?
stinctively, that their systems need
toning, invigorating und regulating
with some wholesome stimulant and
alterative, and that a fierce cathartic is
as uosuited tu their condition us a
strong dose of active poison would be
to a mau already laboring under the
effect i of some deleterious drug. In
ull cases of physical weakness, Hostet
ter's Stomach Bitters should be
promptly resorted to by the invalid.
The operation of this inestimable vege?
table restorative is three-fold. It vi?
talizes and reinforces the depressed
nervous system, while at tbe same
time it regulates the digestive aud se?
cretive organs and keep-, the bowels
free. Debility is often the forerunner
of nu attack of some acute disease,
and to prostrate the strength still more
by scouring the bowels with a drastic
evacnunt, at such a juncture, is to in?
vite the immediate onset of the im?
pending disorder, and render thu sys?
tem incapable of contending with it.
On the other hand, u course of the
Bitters, commenced as soou us tho
symptoms of general debility manifest
themselves, will iu nine cases out of
ten prevent the threatened attack and
thoroughly re-tore the bodily strength
of the patient. The cases of dyspep?
sia, liver complaint, coustipution,
dysentery, diarrhoet, rheumatism aud
periodical fever* would be compara?
tively few if this unequalled invigora?
ting and regulating medicine were
always resorted to as a cure for tho
bodily weakness aud loss of vital en?
ergy which usually precede these com?
plaints, und are, iudeed, as a general
rule, tho precursors of neurly ull acute
and dangerous disorders. AlG+3^1
Many who are suffering from the
effects of tho warm weather und ure
debilitated, ure advised by physicians
to take moderate amounts of whiskey
two or three times during the day. In
a little while, those who adopt this
advice frequently increase the number
of "drink-*," aud in time become con?
tinued inebriates. A beverage which
will not create thirst for intoxicating
liquors, and which is intended espe?
cially for the benefit of debilitated
persons, whether at home or abroad, is
Dr. Schenck's Sea Woed Tonic. Con?
taining tbo juices of many mediciual
herbs, this preparation does not create
an appetite for the iutoxicatiug cup.
The nourishing and the life-supporting
properties of many valuable natural
productions contained iu it and well
known to medical men have u most
strengthening influence, A single
bottle of the Tonic will demonstrate its
vuluablo qualities. For debility aris?
ing from sickness, over exertion or
from any causo whatever, a wine
glassful of Seu Weed Tonic, taken
after meals, will strengthen the sto?
mach and create an appetite for whole?
some food. To all who are about
leaving their homes, wo desire to say
that the exsellent effects of Dr.
Schenck's seasonable remedies, Sea
Weed Touio aud Mandrake Pills, are
particularly evideut when taken by
those who are injuriously affected by u
change of water and diet. No person
should leave home without taking a
supply of these safeguards along. For
sale by all druggists. A9fl3
The referee and Judge Mackoy havo
deoided in favor of the County in tho
impouuded money ease. The State
has appealed. We presume it will be a
year before the eye of the hungry cre?
ditors will be regaled with the sight of
these greenbacks.? Winnsboro News.
A disgraceful riot occurred among
tho oomputiug haekmen iu Greenville,
at the G. & C R. R. depot, on tbe
14th, during which pistols were drawn,
but no blood shed.
City Matters.?Subscribe for the
Coggia must be about again, as the
weather was very fullish yesterday.
There were five deaths in Colombia
for the week ending tho 15th?whites
2; oolorod 3.
Kerosene is being made light of at
twenty-five cents a gallon. See adver?
tisements in this morning's Phoenix.
A magnificent spectacle now in the
Western heavens is tho conjunction of
Venus and Jupiter. She is passing ;l
review before making her transit.
Judges T. H. Cooke nnd lt. B. Car?
penter arrived in Columbia, yesterday,
from a recruiting trip to Cashier's Val?
ley und vicinity,
Tbo bronze palmetto monument to
the Palmetto Regiment is being re?
paired, und will soon occupy a position
opposite the North front of tho Capitol.
Any one desirous of securing a fount
of second-hand bourgeois or minion,
can obtain a bargain by applying at
tbis office. Any quantity from 300 to
S00 pounds.
The Governor has appointed Col.
Thomas M. Canton a Trial Justice for
Richland, vice L. J. Noah, resigned;
and F. It. McKinley, A. B. Knowlton
and R. R. Duncan, Commissioners of
Electiou for Orangeburg.
Hon. I. G. McKissick has been re
nominated for Congress. He was
"counted out," four years ago. Not?
withstanding the cbnuges in the Con?
gressional District, he may be able to
secure the election for this term.
There will be a match game of base
ball on the garrison green, Tuesday
evening, at half-past 3 o'olock, between
the Columbia Club and the Ku Klux,
of Winnsboro. The clubs will be in
uniform. The ladies and publio are
invited to attend.
The Fair of the State Agricul?
tural and Mechanical Society and
the Joint Stock Association is to
be held in this city, commencing Tues?
day, November 10, and continuing
until Friday, 13th, inclusive. We pub?
lish the premium list this morning, so
that competitors will have ample time
to prepare.
For several nights past the heavens
have been beautifully and brilliantly
illuminated by extraordinary displays
of meteors. This is tbo season of the
year when they aro moro frequently
seen than at any other time. On
Wednesday uigbt last the Northern sky
was momentarily, from one o'clock in
the morning until daylight, lighted up
by them. They run across the firma?
ment, leaving long streaks of phos?
phorescent light, looking like a crack
in the ice on a frozen sea.
Religious Services To-Day. ? Pres
l byterian Church -Rev. Eugene Daniel,
11 A. M. aud 8 P. M.
Trinity Church?Rev. P. J. Shand,
Rector, 11 A. M. and 5& P M.
St. Peter's Catholio Church?Rev. J.
L. Fullerton, first Mass 7 A. M.; second
Mass lO.Hi A. M.; Vespers 4J? P. M.
Baptist?Rev. J. K. Mendenhall, 11
A. M. and 8 P. M.
Second Ruptist Congregation?Rev.
T. P. Reil, 11 A. M.
Marion Street Methodist?Rev. D.
Derrick, 10>.< A. M.
Washington Street Methodist?Rev..
A. Coke Smith, 11 A. M. and 8 P. M.
Lutheran?Rev. E. A. Wingartl,
io;.< A. M.
Mail Arrangements.?Northern
mail opens 6.30 A. M., 3 P. M.; closes
11 A. M.,6 P.M. Charleston opens8
A. M.,5.30 P. M.; closes 8 A. M..6P.
M. Western opens G A. M., 1 P.
M.; closes 6, 1.30 P. M. Greenville
opens u\45 P. M.: cIosab 6 A. M. Wil
miugton opens 4 P. M.; closes 10.30
A. M. On Sunday open from 2.30 to
3.30 P. M.
List of New Advertisements.
John Agnew A' Sou?Kerosene, &c.
Meeting Myrtle Lodge.
Jacob Levin?Auction.
Mrs. Levy?School Notice.
Attention, Chicora Rifle Club.
W. W. Moore?$50 Reward.
Hotel Arrivals, August 15, 1874.?
Wheeler House?Joseph Jenkins, Ga;
J A Turrentiue, N C; Pat Duflie,
Charleston; F T Miller, city; Ben
Myers, SC; JA Crews, A and R Air
Line R R; Jos Harris, Md; T H Cooke,
G W Sullivan, Jr, H J Whitaker,
Greenville; Col J A Hill, C F Hoke,
Atlanta; Gen M C Rntler, S O.
Columbia Hotel?? S Olarkson, Char?
lotte; J F Newman, M S Anderson, W
H Evans, J E Thames, J D Stoney, D
B McLiurins, Charleston; A S Wal?
lace, W T J Woodward, S C; O C
Muooy, Chester; J M Seigler, Green?
ville; E W Covington, Laurinsburg; S
T Wright, NC; T J Goodwyn, Fort
Motte; W D Kennedy, Augusta; A B
Kuowlton, Oraugeburg; T M Wilkoe,
National Hotel?3 Hook, Riohland;
J T Fleming, wife nnd daughter, Sum
ter; J D Bryan, J W Berry, E M Ma
zyck, J D Easterlin, Charleston; JM
Cutohen, ludiautown; S A Arnstein, N
Y; Wm Lake, Ga; G M Anderson,
Greenville; W Loug, Fla; C H Hunt,

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