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London, December 8>?Rdv. Mr.
MacdQ Oobifl. the well-known ritual?
istic clergyman, has beeu suspended
for six weeks from tu? ejtorojse of his
clerical functions.
Madrid, December 8.?The Bishop
of Urgel. until lately a hot adnerom
of Don Carlos, hns written a letter an?
nouncing bis abandonment of tho
Garlist.cause, and stating that he has
r ' rised Don Alpbonso to take tbe
t too course. lio deolares he will re
l liu iu bis diocese, even if tho Re
publioan troops regain possession.
i?antandkb, December 7.?Advices
from the Carlist General's headquarters
have been received. Gen. Dorregaray
has retured there aud been appointed
to tbe oommand of the army of the
Centre. Gen. Tristany commands in
the North. It is expected that Serrano
will order a general attack on tho Car
list lines in Navarre.
London, Deeember 8.?The World
says: A meeting of Conservative mem?
bers of Parliament was hold last Satur?
day, and it is asserted that it was far
from being harmonious. The question
was disouBsed of a successor to thai
Premiership, in ease ill health should j
oblige Disraeli to retire. The Earl of
Derby had a very slender majority.
The indications were that the Duke of
Kiohmond or tbo Marquis of Salisbury
would bo the choice of tho so called
reactionary wing of the Conservative
party, t here was also manifested at
tho meeting considerable ditferenco of
opinion ou one of tho ecclesiastical
Pauls, December 8.?The sohemo
for a coalition of Right aud Left
Centres, in the Assembly, is making
progress. Much depends on tho elec?
tion of a President of the Left Centre,
which is to bo beld at a caucus to-moi
row. Tho friends of the coalition sup?
port M. Christophle, and those op?
posed bavo mado M. Oorne their can?
didate. It is probable that to prevent
a division of tbe Left Centre on this
question of policy, a third candidate
(Vauterau) will be nominated, mean?
while negotiations ore going on for a
union for tbe extreme and moderate
Right, in opposition to constitutional
Havana, December 8.?Tho Diario
roporte telegrams that Spain is pre?
paring to roinforoo Cuba.
TeltaitiDtUi-AiorOrnii Mal Ir I a.
Ai.toona, Pa., December 8.?Yester?
day morning a man named Joseph If.
Brown, whilst out hunting ou the sum?
mit of Brush mountain, four miles
distant from this city, mistook another
hunter, named John Thompson, for a
deer, and at a distanoo of ico yards
fired at . im. The rifle ball entered
tbe occiput and camo out at the right
eye, killing him instantly. Brown sur?
rendered himself, and was exonerated
from all blame by a coroner's jury.
Augusta, Ga., December 7.?A largo
mass meeting was beld at Edgeficld,
S. C. to-day, and a resolution waa
passed to lynch all porsons, white or
black, caught setting firo to giu-bouses
or dwellings. Several speeches were
made against the resolution. Among
thoBe who opposed tho resolution were
ex-Gov. Bouhum, Gen. Duunovant,
Capt. Lewis Jones?all prominent citi?
zens. There was maoh excitement. A
long list of tbe gin houses and dwell?
ings and barns that have boou burned
since the election was read.
A colored cotton thief, who was
wonnded by his pursuers in Augusta,
on tbe 7th, jumped into the river and
was drowned.
Philadelphia, December 7.?A
special] despatch from Huntingdon,
Pa., dated lust evening, gives tho fol?
lowing particulars regarding the at?
tempt of the Columbia Conduit Com?
pany to lay an oil pipo beneath the
West Pennsylvania branch road at
Powers' Run: Since the pipe was torn
up ou Friday, a force of ouo hundred
men, under Colonel Croightou, have i
been encamped on tho spot to prevent j
any attempt to relay tbo pipe. Ou ]
Saturday evening, in obedience to in?
structions, nearly five hundred ma?
chinists, laborers, und car builders ]
assembled at tho depot in Aitoona aud
started in a special train to reinforce)
their friends at Power's Run. The
party ate armed, 6orao of them baviug
military equipments from Hulidajs
burg. The Oil Pipo Company is re?
ported to bo backed by tho Baltimore
tind Ohio Railroad Company, winch
owns tho Pittsburg und Connellsvilie
Railroad, and claims tho power to lay
pipes from tho oil rogions iuto Alle
ghany Oouuty under a speculative
oharter which was smuggled through
the Legislature several years ago. The
Punnsylvuuiu Railroad will not permit
its trucks to be crossed or interfered
with until the validity and powers of
tho charter huvo beon defined by the
courts. It is surmised that the reiu
forcoments tout were intended to meet
an expected attack of tho oil men on
The final conference of tbe iron
manufacturers and puddlcrs failed. I
Tho reBult of a prolonged lockout will
be oomowhatdisuouragtng, as the fail
uro of tho two parties to come to an j
agreement will throw ont of employ?
ment about 40,000 men, and seriously
affuct tho iron aud coal mining inte?
rests of tbo State
New Orleans, December 7.?A
special despatch to the Bulletin, from j
Vicksburg, says: 700 negroes at?
tacked this city, this morning, ou
throe different roads leading to it. '
Tnoy were driven buck with a lo.:s of
twouty-iivo killed and wounded, and
forty prisoners. Tho whites lost one
killed and two wounded. The attack
was made for tho purpose of reinstat?
ing Crosby, the Sheriff, who was re?
quested to resigu because ho bad uot
given bond. The negroes in the coun?
try are reportod as burning dwellings
uud giu-houses,
A dosputoh from Vinksburg eays all
is quiet. Gov. Ames has issued it
^recTaaiiHoijnrtfertrj^Tl<rton? pewomr
to*dieperao. No ?o\ti|f 004 p/ ? thatjrour
ble is yet reached.
ViCKaDor.o, M133., December 7.?
There has been for mnue time trouble
brewingjbotwnen tbe Tux-pay ere' Aaso
oiation und Citizens aud tbo County
officials. Tbo Sheriff was toting with?
out a legal bond, and tho Board of Su?
pervisors refused to order a new one,
although the time for paying taxes bad
arrived. Two or three other officials
were ouder indictment for forgory und
embezzlomont, aud the citizens, de?
spairing of any relief from partisnn
courts, held a meeting, last Wednes?
day, and in a body proceeded to the
Court Honso to demand the resiguu
tion of tbe Sheriff, Chancery Clerk,
Treasurer and Coroner. All fled ex?
cept Sheriff Crosby?a negro?aud bo
signed hie resignation. On Saturday,
a card appeared ou the streets, signed
"Crosby," calling on all citizens of
Warren County?Republicans, white
und blaok?to come to his aid and sup?
port him in his position. Crosby pub
lioly, and through tho papers, denied
tho authority of the card, yet this
morning armed bodies of negroes ap?
peared udvaucing on the city, from six
different roads. The alarm was sounded
about 'J o'clock, and the Citizen? gath?
ered en mnsse, armed and immediately
advanced to meet the uegroes on tho
Baldwin's Ferry road. Tbo negroes
woro met just outside the city, on
Grove street, about 200 strong. The
commander uf tbe citizens wurued the
negroes to disperse, but they refused,
aud immediately iiriug commenced on
both sides. Tho uegroes rutreated
about a mile uud again made a stand
in tho old breast-wot ka and house, but
were noon routed. Tbe loss in this
engagement was one citizen?Oliver
Urown?killed; about twelve or fifteen
negroes killed, several wounded and
about twenty prisoners. Ou the Bill's
Ferry road, abuut 250 negroes were
mot and routed, after a short engage?
ment, with several killed and wounded.
Andrew Owens, a negro, who com?
manded tho negroes on tbo Baldwin's
Furry road, was captured and commit?
ted to jail. In an interview with a re?
porter, Owens says he was ordered by
Sheriff Crosby to eoino to tbe city to?
day, with all the armed men ho could
get together. Alexander Stackhouse, j
from Newton, ouo of thq captured ne?
groes, a ?ys the order for all the negroes
to oome to Vickshurg, this moruing,
was read in church, Suuday. Crosby,
who is under guard at tho Court House,
denies ho guvo such orders. It is re?
ported this evening that negroes are
committing depredations iu the coun-I
try. The intense exoitemeut that pre- j
vailed this moruiug has subsided to u
great degree; yet many citizens are
under arm?, and all the roads are pick?
Fr.ANKf.tN, Iowa, Dseombcr 8.? The
Court Honso, with tho record*, were J
burned to-day. Incendiarism. This
is the third incendiary burning within
throe woeks.
PlTTRBURO, December S.?The pud
dlera' ktriko causos 4.00 furnaces to re?
main cold. 15.000 idle. j
New York, December 8 ?The long-1
shoremen hare rescinded tho order
that members shall not work with non- j
society men. The strike utterly failed. ;
Tho Now York Custom House au?
thorities, Saturday, seized six trunks,
containing smuggled goods to tho
value of Slfi,000, in a millinci's estab?
lishment on Broadway. It is under?
stood the goods were designed for the
families of two wealthy geutlemcu on
Fifth avenue.
Tho Herald tuya tho menage of
Grant is a more creditable document, j
both in point of reasoning ana literary <
exeoution, than its predecessors Irom I
tho same souroe. Tbe President makes
it clear enough that in his view that i
tbe three principal causes which have,
le i to tho disastrous defeat of his
party, aro tho prostration of bu.sincs?, !
the condition of tho Southern States'
and tho unsuccessful experiment of
reforming civil society. This is not
directly stated, but it is necessarily im?
plied in tho texture of his views ou
those subjects. Tho ?um of Iii? mos-j
sage, ao far as it has party bearing, is
the coiumilul of the President to tbej
restoration of a sound currency, an
implied promise to treat the South
with lenity and jufclic;?, und uhan lou
the civil cervico reform unless Con?
gress support it by legislation. This
is the programme of President Grant
for re-instating the Republican party.
Tho President bus got tho Spanish
question into such a L-tato that it can
be fanned into a fl mie whenever ho
thinks it expedient; he relit i; on the
couutry to .support h.ta iu a war in
which t;,p abolition of slavery in Cuba
a id breaking tho yoko of colonial
servitude will ho the lending idea; tint
Gen. Grant makes a stupendous mis?
take ii ho thinks be oan play this des?
perate gumo with success. If ho has
"pigeou-holed" our just complaint
against Spain with such purpose, he
will have, cause to rue tho duy when
ho meditated such a trick. The
licnnciil recommendations of tho mos
sage ar.-, sound iu principle but defect
ivo in detail.
Tho Time* oonHidorfi tho President's
views ou finance havo undergone no
change, and his proposition to repeal
llio legal tender clause in sound. The
President, in stating ho will utill tin*
tain Kellogg, does not any what he
will do about Packard or Casey, which
is a pity. The Times thinks the Presi?
dent';! icferouoe to Southern matters
is plain advice, given in kindness and 1
fraukness. We are sorry that, ho uu
nonnees bis intention of abandoning
civil ?ervice reform, unless Congress
distinctly supports it by legi-latioti.
It wua an attempt that promised much
aud might have been mide to yield a
groat defeat. With his reoommetida
ttotia us to specie puyment and free
banking, we ure in entire sympathy.
Tho Tribune oontddets this tbe best
raessage-'of-'-tbe- -President **pm*?Wr
beoaqse .it was written . under the
ohastoning of tho (lute elections. ' It
oondomne his position towards Louisi-1
ana, but commends mainly nearly all
the reel; of the message.
The SltH says the President's Mes
eage is reasonably sound on bard mo?
ney aud roturn tu specie payment; but
the President's arguments are not as
urgent as his theories uro sound, while'
sotno uf his plans for retiring our paper !
money and reviving gold und silver an
circulating medium, will provoke se?
vere criticism, not only of lufl-UionistH
hut of hard money tnou us well. With
this exception, his recommendation |
of free banking and the view* he now |
expresses concerning currency, are but j
a reiteration uf bis veto of the green- i
back bill of lust session.
The World says President Girant
and Secretary Bristow are leas in doubt
thau the Republican press aud politi- j
cians as to thu significance of tho over?
throw of their party in the lato elec?
tion. They have reached H clear opi?
nion, by what means (if by any means)
political revolution can be stopped
midway and tho Democratic party
hindered from taking possession of
every department of the Government,
iu the elections of 187(1. Immediate
steps towards specie payments, not i
promises of which the execn'iun is
perpetually postponed, and a reform of
the tatiff tu the end of obtaining a
larger revenue by lower duties on
fewer articles. This is their ooticur-J
reut advice, aud exhibits the Prefei
dent's and Secretary's appreciation utj
last of the grout evils Irom which the,
country is Buttering, und their udmis
sion that those evils uro of legislative
origiu and admit of legislative remedy.
Add to tlies?.- the exorbitances and
usurpations of power on the part of
the Federal Government, und Gene?
ral Graut aud Secretary Bristow will
have discerned precisely * I he vulnera?
ble poiuts in the R-publican policy
upon winch the Democratic assault
has buflu concentrated and irresistible.
They udriso Congress to abandon tho
defenco of what is indefensible, to
frustrate furthor Democratio vio'orics
by themselves doing what despairing
people have elected the mxt Demo?
cratic Congress to do.
Dundsi:, December 3.?30,000 ope?
ratives iu the jito mills struck against
& reduction of wages.
NitW Yol'.K, December 8 ?Gooige
Hunter, editor of the Scotchman, was
found doad in the street, with his skull
fractured. A negro woman who plead
guilty to beiug au incendiary, wan
! sentenced to f;n years iu the peuiten
? ,i;ir.y- k'
j The lie; ein r-TiitOu case has been
postpoued to Monday.
VlCKSPUUet, December -It id re?
ported, this morning, that the negroes
will renew the attack on tho city to?
day. The cit!2-;ns are all under arms,
und have, beeu largely reinforced from
the atljoining towns. Companies have
been sent to the ccnotry, well armed
and equipped. The prisoners captured
yesterday are closely watched, to pre?
vent lynching. Tho negro loss yester?
day is estimated nt about seventy. One
while was killed und two wounded.
Crosby is still under guard. The
whites hold the entire city.
Latest ?Evidence just received
renders it absolutely certain that Gov.
Ames und bis Attorney-General, Geo.
E. Harris, incited aud advised tho in?
vasion of this oity by the negroes to?
day. This evidence has been laid
before the ablest lawyers of the eity,
with a view to arresting and bringing
these parties to this city for trial.
Tuur, N. Y., December 6.?The ut-w
mills uf the Ronsselaor Company's
works resumed at reduced rates. The
?strike? assaulted several workmen in)
I the dark. I
Washington, December a ?I P. M. '
?Ia tho House, reports from various
committees aro being made und acted
on?none, of them important. '
I In the Senate, Spencer, of Alab no i, ?
j introduced a bill to provide forth!
j transfer of certain cause.-, from the
I District to the Circuit Court, in the
[Stale ot A late e.i Ordered to be
! printed, und lies on Ilm table.
Wakuin.it ?\ December S-3 1*. M.
I'oluud made a report regarding Ar?
kansas, which was ordered printed.
A bill reducing allowances to bank ex )
umiuers passed. A bill amending the
National Raul: Act, in thu matter of
proceedings in liquidation, was post-1
puned till lo-morruw. A large number j
of bills were introduced and referred,
and then the House went into com?
mittee on tho geueral calendar, und
took up tho bill introduced l ist ??<*-?
sion, by Keller, of Pennsylvania,
providing for the issue of ?O? bouds,
convertible and r? convertible into cur
sprnug np on this bill, which was
advocated by Kelh y and Butler, of
Massachusetts, mid opposed by Gar
Qold, of Ohio, and Dawes, of Massa?
chusetts. Finally it went nvrr, with?
out action. Adjourned.
The Sonate caucus, to-day, was con?
fined to sotno changed in committees.
Tuo Senators aro uot communicative,
but indirect questions elicit the fact
that, though 1j tuisiiua, Arkansas und
belligerent Vicksburg were uasuully
mentioned, the caucus (bulged the
question, a:, too heavy f.,r them. It is
fair to say, however, that t'.-.;y::> qui -
tioun were merely brnacbed. The ici
prcssiou is tbttt Louisiana and Atk.tu
sas will bo let alone, und us there <.r.>
no Federal soldiers to ppar \ Vicb-i
burg mny hold tier own.
Secretary Bristow's report r-y, re?
garding Col. MoOartco'.i manag tu.. t
of the printing bureau: Carelul con
sidoratiou of the manner of preparing
tho bends, notes mid stumps issued by
thu United State:?, has led to thocou
otutiiou that tbn work can b^> uiors
satisfactorily and safely done in the
Treasury Department than elsewhere
Tho bureau of engraving and printittg
i?~trow supplied with tbe best ma?
chinery,, wlaich has baeu acquited at
great coat, and tho most skillful artists I
ura employed by the Government with- j
out difficulty. The system of checks
now to use in that bureau, togetlier
: with th'? special paper adopted by tbe I
department, furnish all proper and
reasonable protection nguicst duplica?
tion and other frauds. !
In tbe Senate, a large uumber of
publishing firms ask a change in the
postal laws. West, of Louisiana, in?
troduced the following: Directing the
Postmaster-(ieneral, without delay, to
coustrnct a lice of telegraph from
Washington to boston, via baltimore,
Philadelphia. Now York aud Hartford,
to be operated in tbo prst offices of
those cities by appointees of tho Po>t
master-Oouerul, under such regula?
tions aud at such rates of tariff as he
may proscribe; Provided, that tho I
rates shall be uniform to all persous,
with such uuiform reduction to the
uowspapor press as may be deemed by
him advisable; and pro tided, the rates
shuli be adjusted to meet und not ex?
ceed tho espouse of operating and
maintaining Haid line; providing a net
income equal to five per cent, interest
on the original cost of the same. The
bill proposes to appropriate SUOO.UUO
for the foregoing purposes. Chan?
dler's bill amt-ndatory of Section 40of
the National Currency Act of 1SG1.
and Section 9 of tho Act of July 13,
1800, provides that they shall not
be ooustriled, either in pleading cases
?>r otherwise, to apply to tho evidences
of actual indebtedness issued by auy j
mining, manufacturing or other cor
poration, or by individuals, except I
banks and bankers, prior to the en-]
aatment of this bill; but shall apply to
snob ovidouc-s of indebtedness issued
thereafter, upon positive proof of
their being calculated ami intended to
circulate as money. Wright's bill
propose? to reduce the salary of tbe
President, after thia term, t.j'S??.OtiO.
Uarvey'd bill provides ".but homestead
uud pre-emption settlers, whose orops
have been seriously injured this year,
by grasshoppers, may bo nhsent from
their lands until Juno 1, 137;"), witLoat
forfeiture of their existing rigbts.
Spencer, of Alabama ?bill to provide
for the transfer of certain causes from
tho District to tho Circuit Court in
the State of Alabama. Davis, of West
Virginia, submitted a resolution call?
ing upon the Pr?sident for information
winch will enable Congress to bring]
the Freudmen's bureau fuuetiauuries
to the fore. Adjourned. j
Commauder Wm. G. Cushing, vtjh-_?j
cut out tho Alr/crmarle, has gece into'
un insane js-ylum.
Dr. Hajes will urge Cougre-in to fit!
ont an Arctic expedition to :i?t iu con?
cert with that of Great Britain.
Probabilities?For tbe South Allan-]
tio States, clear and cjoI weather will
continue, with North-westerly wuds
and high barometer daring tbe night.
For tbe Gulf State?, Teuncsseo and
Ohio Valley, generally clear weather,
rttdng tempera! are, South-east to
South-west wands and stationary or
f illing barometer.
Yclcgruulilr-luiniiirti )al ill iuris.
CoLUiiDia, December S ?Cotton
market quiet?middling 13;V($ 1-!!...;
sales 112 bales.
New Youx, December S ? Noon.?
Stocks dnll and lower. Money 3.
Gold 10*$,'. Exchange?long 4 85; ,;
short 4 9fK?. Ooverotnents active und
lower. State bonds quiet nnd nominal.
Cotton dull; sales 1,431?uplands
14J?; Orleans 14^g. Futures opened
weak: January 144. Ii ? 10; February
14%, 14 13 16, March 15.'^. 15 5 10;
April 15;.., 15 0 10. Flour quiet and
unchanged. Wheat dull and tlrooping.
Pork heuv) - -mess 20 90. Lard heavy
- -steam 13 7-lt5?13^.
7 P. M.?Cotton tpiie!; sales 1,703.
at 1 t/Vicr. 11;g- Southern ll.mr <i ju t
and without decided change. \\i:<.o.
irregular. Corn dull. CoftYe quiet]
and tlrtuer; quotation* unchanged.
Saga; quiet and steady. P.?lk dull nud
nominal?21.00 lOfr-s. Laid opened
heavy but closed firm ? prime tin
13? i<rhW?* Whiskey sUvudy -1 02
Freights dull and heuvv -c ?iti>n r.leum
Cotton net nceipls t.-J; gi.?ss
l*<S.5i",0 I'ulcl"-'.?d st. ni.v; sales
0*8 000: December 11 5-10; Jantur\
11 v.; February 113132, 15; Much ]
15 11-32; April 15 21 32, 15 11-10; M>v]
10 10 10, 15 31 32; June Hi';, 10 9 iVl;
July 10 17-3i. Money easy? 2.'^ -.3
Sterling q iL t und lirro. Cold lower? i
107rf <>;11. Governments d<t!l but]
steady. States quiet.
Po ?tos, December 3. Cwtton heavy
- middling Mrn'. net receipts 17'.);!
gros? 531; sales 75; slock 1,000.
Piiii.ADKU'iiiA, December S. Cot
tou dull?middling 1; uet receipt*
70; gross 811.
bAi.riMoiti*., Deeemhor 3?Ctdtou
dull und lower ^-middling 11.';';: low J
middling 13 ..; good ordinary 10", ??
13'.t; gross receipts 1,47'.'; exports
Great baitaiti 5S2; coastwise 1)0; s.h -
000; spinners375; stuck 20,707.
Nouvoi.x. December 8.?Cobm,
quiet?middling 13; net receipt s 3 '.-?; i
1 xports coa twi-se 2 t>75; sales 50; ?;?
18.U1?. ]
Cincinnati, December > ? Flour !
lirm. C.?ru firra -72(^75. Pork dull and
uo uinally 20.00. L trd dull and lutvi r I
- ,'eain 12'??'?/,I h biicoti dull?shotil ]
dtua 9^.iJ eo ar lib 13; clear 1'.:, . i
\\ hiskcy ective aud highe.*?07.
St. Loui?. December 8 ?Fiom < ? ?
liv* and firm. Corn higher- ? -?v |
mixed 07($fi9, ?crording to location
Whiskey steady -OS. Pork dull ui d
uouiintdly 10.75 5:. :on flit. Pmbli d
.meat uumiiiaSlyS; si jt;lder-i and I ?i .
11. L*rd dull?13.
Monir.K, Decembor B ?Cotton .'. i
aud wt-nk?middling 13%: low nud
?Hing 13^-j; good ordinary v. ;., mil;
exports to ?feat Biitn.:* 2,715; cow .
wiso 1 3iii5; aaltjji 2 t'OJ; stock 4c>.{)-J
Mkmpuih, Dcourn bur 8 ?OoUou inv
gttUr utiii unsettled -end long 13 ^'(rt)
i3^4-, low middling l'3%($lb'X; go-id
ordinary I2^@i3l ue,t receipts 3,670;
shipments 1,821; sales 700; stock 55,
339. i
IjouiHVirjiB, December 3.?Bread?
stuff* and pork unchanged. - Baoou?
uoiiu bore. >Sa?ar-cured hams 12(o'.13.
Lard 14^(^15.^. Whiskey 97.
NkwOrlkams, December 8.?Oottou
unsettled?middling 14; low middling
J.3%;good ordinary 13,<-j; soroo sales
l? lower; not receipts 6,003; groRs
3.500; exports to Great Britaiu 2,065;
sales 5,800; stock 186,108.
UbarIiBSTon, December 8.?(Jottou
quiet?middling 13J^; low middling
13fSj': good ordinary 13,[email protected]?; uut
receipts 2.827; exports to Great Bri?
taiu 1.870; coautwise 1,823; sales 800;
j stock 51.982.
"Savannah, 1) scomber 8 ?Cotton
easy?middbog 13 15 16; low middling
13!-.<: good ordinary 13; nut receipts
3.507; exports to Groat Britain 4.505;
continent 520; salon 2,109; stock
! 100.113.
I GaIjVCOTOS, December s.?Cotton
weak and irregular?middling 141^;
low middliug 14; good ordinary 13^;
net receipts 2,022; exports coastwise
li?; Rales 1,500; stock 79.372.
Wilminciton. December 8.?Cotton
quiet?middliug 13>'j,'; net receipts
717; exports to Oreut Brituiu 813;
coastwise 117: sales 210: stock :ts7t54.
AcoasTA, December 8 ?Cotton
dull and irregular?middliug 13J?;
low middling 13.Kj'(V7.13;'ij; good or?
dinary 12V; net reempts 1,614; Biles
London, December 8 ?Consols 02.
Weather wet. Amount of bullion gone
into the Bank of ?.ngla-.d on baluncu
to-day is ?11,000. A. Paris despatch
, quotes rentes 62f. 25o.
The Mark Law Express, in its re
j view of thu brendsluli's market, says
the weather throughout Europe the
j past week has been wintry. Many of
the Russian ports are closed, and will
rcmai'i bo uutil spring. The European
wheat markets hure beeu lirm, and
fluctuations generally small. In some
places a rise of one shilling is re?
ported, though tho lowest rates for
wheat huvo been passed. Woather
everywhere favorable for the new crop.
Ltver.W'Ob, December b-3 P. M.?
Cotton dull and depressed?uplands
j 7;V(",7'?; Orleans 7.V'?,s; ??des 10,000,
I iuuludiiig 5.goo Amern.au; 2 000 speon
j latiou iud export; cotton to nrrivo
cheaper; sales basi? middling uplands,
j nothing below good ordinary, shipped
, November or December, 7 [email protected]?;
nothing below low mildling, doiivem
' ble .1 inuarv, Februar;, cr March, 7**($
7 11-10.
Apples! Apples! Apples!
LOO ^i'Yk!*'1'* ^k^"* Northern AP
(H) barrels Choice IRISH POTATOES,
10,000 Choice Havana OiSANGKS.
Which I guarantee to sell lower than any
iiiiiiHH in (Jjluiahia. U. J. LAU KEY.
Nov :! Oppnsilu l'mcsix Oilier.
Para Kerosene Oil.
OUI; Keroseno Delivery Wagon cum?
im neos thin uion im;, to deliver PUltE
; W?tili-: KKltOSKNK illL. trrtrranfed
; United >tci!t.i standard fire t>-st, at 20 cents
I per galten, or T% cents per ?piart. Those iu
; want will wi.it fur our wagon ami purchase
j their supplier. JOHN AO NEW ic HON.
Columbia Chapter, No 5, R.A.M.
TQF. regular convocation of this
.Chapter will bn held THIS
(Wednesday) FVfclSINO, in ila
eonio Hall, ?t 7 o'clock, ?v order
?'. the II. P. J. SL'LZUACllklt,
' Dec '.i 1 Secretary.
Attention Families.
I nf\ PAOKAOKSof si riotlyChoice Double
l?)W Gilt Edge OOSII EN HUTTKlt.
[t'ackiges coutain Hi, l/i ami '20 pounds
loach. I'ut up expressly lor family use and
I guaranteed of euprrinr quality, just re
eiuviMl from tin. duiiies direct; and tor >sale
al daiiy prices.
'i h" kiem "f f indites is requested to
, ihr above. p C. PKIXOTTOA rvO.NS,
' tier s '2 Comrut-sion Merchants.
One Night Only.
[ 1 S ,:\i:.>VV I.I.I.. liMJ . thu celebrated
Ti-nipi-rilneo I.t't-iurei,will deliver a
; I.F. ITU Ith in Irwii.V Mall, on WF.DNES
' i?.\V l.V KNINO M X I', pee'emhrr'.).
l> open .'. t 7 a i; Lecture t'? commence
j at -> o'c-hu-k. Adnu-sion 23 cents. Cutuc
. rlj lo h -in if si at!*.
I'i'ck.'tM rui !?<? uiiiAiiiel nt the I'.ook
r .-, byilraiid'rt Music Nbne, II. \ H.
It -,rd and J. W. Smith, Ksq. Dee r, mw2
lie War sad in Tmte.
? I :. persons TUKSPA'SSiNtS upon my
tjL tu .nii.-es, ?>.- interfering witti my
' ji| ? ;?? :l\ H H \V;i ri llOUU Oll S ll Ulli n V Uigllt,
, will I ?? c.enlt with are tiditig to law. Tru
? t >.l ii ?.< reward i- offered, with proof l" coil
I viet, for the apprehension of tho parties
i who n a ived inygatc and cnmraittcd other
I iiuisauei-s on m> premises on the night of
lb ?' i it . i ., hetwfll n tho hours o{ c, und 1?
I Dec H U
Fresh and Heavy Arrivaisi
Of seannnable Roods in the FANCY AND
H I'Al'LK 0 JtOijKltY Hue:
f.x'ra Smoked T?N?UliS, IJFl'd'.ll AM8,
>'H>l'l.l)Kttsi, l/nltim Matket 151.Fr*.
? ?K1.SK F lam, 1 iuo Apple and Prime
i i '.'.iry.
UKAOKKHS -Lemon, Walnut,Tea. Corn-!
I o.il. Cream, , Ac., niou and crisp.
W Vl.NU rS, Poeahs, Almonds, Mince Meat.
C \ NN KD QOODH in profusion, together
??itli th? thousand et cetera? which pro to
litM Vo up our line stOCk.
I Call early and ot'ton. i
Der 8 _ OLOUtiKSYMM . h-.
Now Is Your Time.
(. FlAltS at Two D.tlhirs
?\{\ f\f\i\ ClOAltS at Two Dollar!
6j \ .r4\ f\r\J aud l-'itty C'i ids per Hun
iltoJ. i<? tho time lor dealers und
Rve iDouev,
Indus tiii I ttie ir Ster??.
Columbia, s ('.
holiday floods.
? litK lo rull publik? attention to mv |
ek ul I! >l,f DAY ilUODS, oouuisting
?? ? ild ?int* t" i i, Canton iliijger, Pru?
ne ? ? ? and .feilits uf all kinds; ?S'alnots,
e.-? tl-a/.il i-.u -. Filberts Aiunmds;
i. . i. , c. .,n.: i. Apples*Cranberries aud
;>.;..! I'l i ue. Valley Urapes, (in
i-. i .- 1'riiat-.-, e ktrun, Currants, Malaga
j., lou L.yor vo.' tteerlleis Itai^ini,
e ? Ini'i J?HIN 'A. OYbKS Agont,
Biicical Brioks!
ipOU 4VI.H, liWuOO BHlOK-i, tf i:0O<l
1 q lality, ai.mo ai tho well known Sic.*
ior Yard. ti. A. I'K.VUCK. Jn , AtiOt't,
Dvr 4 5 >)C?iS0> in Pairuor's betlaiii?
,r Wkd>n??i>at. Dxobmbbr 7.4874.
r\ SENATE.' ! f T
The Sou ate mwt at 12 M.
' A communication was received from
Messrs. Goldsmith A Kind, manufac?
turers of the Oolnmbia portable gaii
generator, offering to famish ? 200
ligbt mnobice, warranted to produce
gas at 81.00 per 1,000 feet, for $2,000.
Mr. Joues presented annual report
of ?. T. Atkinson, Solioitor Tbixd Ju?
dicial Cireuit.
Reports of several committees were
presented and notices of tbe introduc?
tion cf u cumber of bills ?iven
Mr. Nash introduced bill to repe*'.
Chapter CVI, Title I, Part III, of the
General Htatutos, relating to the Oity
Court of Charleston.
Mr. liurnott?Bill to alter and amend
an Act entitled "An Act to renew und
amend charter of toll bridge ?CtOSH
Savannah river at Hamburg." '
Mr. Dann?Bdi to make the office
of County Treasurer elective; joint
resolutions to ratify tbe amendment to
tbe Constitution of the State, relative
to terms of office of Comptroller
General, Secretary of State, Treasurer,
Attorney-General, Adjutant and In
ripootor-General and Superintendent of
Education; to ratify tbe amendment to
I the Constitution relative to the boonda
I ries of Bickens and Oconee; received
I their third readings and passed..
A concurrent resolution to require a
1 report from the receiver of the Bank
of the State, was concurred in and re
] turned to the Houso.
I After consideration of general orders
I The House met at 11 A. M.
I The resolving words of a joint reso
I lution to repeal a joint resolution to
I authorize the County Commissioner*
of Edgcheld to levy a special tax of
three mills at tbe time of the general
tax, wub stricken out.
Mr. Meetze, from tbe Judiciary
Committee, submitted a report rela?
tive to the amendment to the Consti?
tution as to the eleotion of Comp?
troller-General, Treasurer, ete., which
was ordered for future consideration.
Mr. P. Simkins, from tbe Ways and
Meaus Committee, reported an amend?
ment to tbo bill relative to assessment
and taxation of property, that it shall
take effect in its application to present
County Auditors us the term of each
A bill to relieve Pairfield County
from the provisions of an Aut entitled
"An Act for tbe relief of tbe widows
and orphans of persons killed becanso
of their political opinions." Iteoom
meDdation favorable, was ordered for
I future consideration.
j Mr. Trenbolm, from Committee on
Commerce, reported unfavorably on a
bill to amend Sections 3 and 7 of Chap?
ter XXXI, General Statutes. Bill re?
The Speaker laid before the House
a commonication from Secretary of
Stute Hayns, (which was received as
information,) that he had appointed
Messrs. L. T. Liviu, Wm. Bollinger,
John Bahimann, H. H. Logan, of
Bicbland; James W. Wilkinson, of
Colleton; M. B. Sturges, of Morien,
us Eurolling and Engrossing Olerks.
Mr. Keith introduced bill to amend
an Act entitled "An Aot to requiro
County Treasurer of Darlington to at
tend at sundry other places than the
town of Darlington for the collection
of tuxes.
Mr. Freeman?Bill to allow certain
parties to redeem forfeited lands in
Charleston Cuunty.
Mr. Ferguson?Bill to regulato prac?
tice of dentistry, and protect people
ugaiust empericism in relation thereto.
Mr. Sloan presented claim of .Pro?
fessor J. L. Reynolds for services, ren?
dered the State; also, joint resolution
j to provide for payment of claim of
Columbia Gas Light Company for gau
furnished the General Assembly, j
Mr. Simons?Bill to amend Chapter
LXXXIV, of Title I, Part II of tho
General Statutes, relating to estates
for life, Tor year*, and at will, and
I general provisions coticcruing real et?
j Mr. Ji-flcrsou presented petitiOD
praying amendment to Act incorporat?
ing bridge aeru.*a Savannah River, at
> Hamburg.
Mr. Rice?Bills to inoorporale tho
Uniou Telegraph Compauy; to correot
idleness; to tax persons who keep bae
rootus, who own or carry pistols or
other deadly weapons, and who own
Mr. Busselt?Bill to amend an Act
I entitled "An Act to grant, r* now and
amend charters of uorluiu iowns ?hU
villages therein mentioned," relating
to village of St. Stephens'.
Mr. Yuudorpnol?Joint resolution;!
to amend uu Act entitled "An Act to
amend an Ad *.o establish and maintain
a njnifiu of ireo common sohooie io
require ull persons holding school
claims against the Treasurer of Charles
County, to present cumo within sixty
days from passage of this resolution.
A joint resolution to ratify the
amendment to Constitution of the
State, telalive to the term of office at
Comptroller-General, Treasurer, Secre?
tary of State, Attorney-General, Adja
tant and Inspector General and Super?
intendent of Education was read cod
General orders were then consider <W
until adjournment, at 3 P. M. ,
A respeotablo citiccn of Tcd'u.i
County, Oil, was -shot and insiai-'b'
killed by another, uauiod Campbell.
Tho ixcouo was that Campbell's uiefer
had boeu dishonorably treated.
Free Lt.cturen
I7>VF.HYday and evrnlnjr. on Main Btroet,
'j by U.MtCf.dlKlt llOWAltO, or Man
Prahoisoo, California, uuw at Columbia
Hotel, author ot tho U.v 1,1 PoilN i a o vi,
t'OhWoti, price JPifty Cents, illustrativ
h?? new and wandoiful rules. Jli\ tna-y
now bo "quiOS ?t QgOius.'' Do'c'fl *5

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