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Telegraphic?Foreign News. ^
London, April 1.?Ii in reported that
the budget will ahow ?3,500,000 decrease
in the revenue.
Mr. Ohilders, speaking at Pontefact,
last night, gave an account of his last
American tour. He spoke in terms of
high eulogy of America. The United
States, he thought, was probably the
most prosperous country in the world.
He estimated that in fifty years it would
contain 150,000,000 inhabitants, "while
the progress of England was necessarily
limited. He forcibly presented reasons
why England should seek the friendship
and alliance of the United States.
The Faraday leavesJonJSundnv,'to com
plete.the laying of the direct cable.
A special despatch to the Post from
Berlin, says a financial crisis is feared
thefe. Settlements on the bourse are
effected with great difficulty. There huvs
s been twenty-eight failures, and two per
..on.j hr.vc cem^aittod suicide ... conse?
quence of financial reverses.
Advices from Spain state that a force
? of CarUsta have entered the. province of
Santander, and will be followed by Don
?Carlos and the bulk of his army. It is
supposed they are trving to penetrate to
Castile. ' ,
The steamer Victoria, from New York
for Glasgow, is ashore at Garvel Point.
Madhid, April 1.?The Carlisbt have
hoisted flags of truce at Bentera and
Oyarzun, and are fraternizing with the
Government troops. General Cabrera
has written to Don Carlos, declaring that
-A decree issued by the latter, depriving
him of his honors) would be the host jus?
tification of his course he could have, if
he needed anv. 100 Carlists have been
captured at Mauresa.
Home, April 1.?The ceremony of con
' f erring the title of cardinal on Archbishop
Manning took place, yesterday, at the
Church of St. Gregory. The ceremonies
were imposing, and- witnessed by 1,000
English and American Catholics. *
Telegraphic?American News.
New York, April 1.?A meeting of dele?
gates of the Irish societies determined
that the Mitchel parade take place*April
Charleston, W. Va., April 1.?Judge
Wait has enjoined the removal of the
capitol to Wheeling until the courts have
an opportunity to pass upon the law.
Providence, B. L, April 1.?A meet?
ing of Republicans opposed to the action
of the late Republican Convention,
nominated Roland A. Hazard for Go?
vernor. It is supposed the prohibi?
tionists will adopt the candidates of the
Cincinnati, April 1.?Senator Alcorn
has abandoned the Mexican excursion.
Williams pout, Pa., April l.-r-The ice
above this place has broken up, and is
now passing down quietly on an eleven
foot flood. A considerable quantity of
logs, estimated at 100,000 feet per hour,
have been going down since 6 o'clock
f this morning. They are supposed to
have come out of Pine Creek. All the
Anticipated danger at this plaee is now
?over. The gorge which formed last
?evening, three miles balow Lewisberg,
?tili remains there, and some parts of
town is underwater. Families living in
<the low part of the town have moved
out, but if the gorge does not break by
the time the Glen Union gorge, which
passed Lockhaven early this morning,
reaches there, it is feared great destruc?
tion will ensue. The longer the gorge
remains there, the more excited the peo?
ple become, and the more danger of de?
vastation. Reports from Lockhaven say
the Glen Union gorge passed there
quietly at 5 o'clock, this morning, and
no danger is now anticipated.
Haselton, Pa., April 1.?The excite?
ment at Upper Lehigh, yesterday, dur?
ing the raid of the miners, was intense,
and during their stay there was a per?
fect reign of terror. It seems that they
divided their force before entering the
town?some coming at the East end and
others at the West, thus cutting off the
retreat of the citizens. Shots were fired
indiscriminately and without order?
many of the crowd being intoxicated.'
At tho hotel a violent demonstration was
made; the rioters went through the
bouse endeavoring to force the land?
lord and boarders to join their ranks.
Some of the inmates took refuge in the
cellar, while others escaped through the
liack door. The company's store was
also attacked; the superintendent and
clerks escaped, but the rioters fired shots
into the building. Persons riding along
the highwuy were stopped ana were
fired at when they refused to join. The
mob expeoted from Schnylkill County
did not reach Andenried. ' Riots are re?
ported at Ashland, with the loss of seve?
ral lives. All quiet here.
? New^Tork, April 1.?Beecher was on
the stand, in the scandal case, to-day.
His testimony, thus far, is irrelevant to
the scandal?being for the greater part a
history ^f his career as an editor and a
theologian. ? ?
Panama advices indicate a revolution
over the Presidential election.
Philadelphia, April 1.?The jury in
the can can case against the Varieties
Theatre, declared it not a nuisance.
Atlanta, Ca., April 1.?Four stores
destroyed by fire, this morning; loss
$53,000; $82,000 covered by insurance.
Washjnoton, April 1.?The debt state?
ment shows a decrease of over $3,500,000;
in Treasury, cbih $84,000,000; currency
$5,000,000. Postal stamps sold during
2natter exceed those for quarter ending
iccombor d>y over 250,000. Argument
in the Grant Parish case was concluded
by Roverdy Johnson and Attorney-Gen?
eral Williams. The Treasury disburse?
ments for all sources, exclusive of the
payments made on the interest or the
principal of the public debt, during
March, were $12,290,693.
Probabilities?For the Ohio valley, tho
. South Atlantic and Eastern Gulf states
and Tennessee,'areas of rain and cooler
weather.1 North-west to South-west winds
and'atationary or rising barometer.
Charleston, Apfil 1.?Arrived?steam?
ship Equator, Philadelphia.
Yesterday's Market Reports.
Columbia.?Sales of cotton 114 balen
middling 15}?market oasy.
N?> yo?k--Noon.--Money 5. Gold
14L Exohango--long 4.84; short 4.88.
G o vernin onfc? aotive wad lower. Cotton
easier: sales. Wl^ujoiAnds 161; Orleans
17. Futures openedTqniet: April 1611-32
?16 9-10; May 16 29-32? 16,15-1?; Juno
June 17 9-32? 17 8-16.; Pork nrm?21.50.
Lard- ftrtn?sTears 14 \. ' '
7 P. M ?Money easy-r-4?{L' Sterling
steady-^8?j;j.Gold, aeMver-Hj, ,G<?
vernmehts dull and weak?5s 141. States
quiet ami strong. Cotton quiet; sales
616, at 16?(SU7. Southern flour in fair
request, without; i material change in
Snee. Wheat lfi 2c. higher and more
[email protected]'39. Corn A(a>lc better
and fair demand?86(0)86$. " Coffee firm
and fair [email protected]? gold Rio..
Sugar firm. Pork firmer?new 21.50(a)
21.75. Lard firmer?primo steam, [email protected]
1411-16. Whiskey lower?1.13?. Freights
dull?cotton steam 7-32. Cotton net and
gross receipts 831. Futures closed quiet
and steady; sales 23,300: April 161; May
16 20-32(5'16 15-16; June 17 9-32(#r)175-10;
July 17 9-16?17 10-32; August 17 21-32(7/
17 11-16; September 17 9-32(^17 5-16;
October 16 21-32(-f 16 23-32; November
16" 13-32(7i. 16 15-32; December 16 7-16(W
Baltimore.?Cotton quiet?middling
16J; receipts 124; exports Great Britain
38; coastwise 260; sales 390; spinners 60;
stock 20,709. Flour quiet and unchanged.
Wheat quiet and steadv. Corn steadv
and firm 83?87. Pork [email protected]
Bacon active and firm?shoulders [email protected]
9.J. Lard firmer?14J(7r;i5. Coffee strong
and upward tendency?Rio cargoes 16(Vj
18]. Whiskev activc-'-1.15. Sugar strong
?lOJCidOL *
Boston.?Cotton quiet?middling 162;
net receipts 186; gross 76-1; stock 16,216.
Cincinnati.?Flour steadv. Corn firm
?70(S,72. Pork quiet but firm?21.50.
Lard firm? steam 14\ bid: kettle 14].
Bacon firm?shoulders 8j(n.'.); clear rib
12}; clear 121?held higher at close.
Whiskey firm-**l.ll.
St. Louis.?Flour in good demand,
scarce and unchanged. Corn?No. 2
mixed 691?71. Whiskey steady?1.12.
Pork 21.25. Bacon?shoulders 9:'clear
rib and clear 121?13. Lard firm?14J
Charleston. ?Cotton flat?middling
16: net receipts 443; exports coastwise
742; sales 300; stock 29,550.
Augusta.?Cotton quiet and steady?
middling 151; net receipts 258; sales
Wilmington.?Cotton quiet and steady
?middling 15?: net receipts 132; sales
232; stock 1,782.
New Orleans.?Cotton .quiet?mid?
dling 15J; net receipts 794;'gross 1,257;
exports to Great Britain 2,424; continent
1,400; sales 3,650.
Chicago.?Flour in good demand.
Corn in fair demand?No. 2 mixed 68;
rejected 65A. Pork evcited?21.50. Lard
in fair demand?14.40. Whiskey?ad?
vance asked, bufrnono established.
MoniLE- ?Cotton steady?middling 15?;
net receipts 54; exports coastwise 513;
sales 1,000; stock 40,137.
Memphis.?Cotton sternly?middling
IS]? 16; net receipts499; shipments 690;
sales 1,500; stock 37.877.
Savannah.?Cotton quiet?middling
151; low middling 15?; good ordinary
14?; net receipts 712; gross 786; exports
Great Britain 1,052; continent 2,112;
coastwise 735; sales 749; stock 41,198.
Galveston.?Cotton dnll?middling
15$; net receipts 737; gross 7?>3; exports
coastwise 295; sales 90; stoak 56,224.
Loulsvtlle.?Flour quiet and un?
changed. Corn firm?68(*i70. Provisions
advancing and stronger." Pork 22.00(?/.
22.50. Bacon?shoulders [email protected]; clear
rib and clear 128(o>12?; prime. Lard?
steam 14\; tierce lo; keg 16. Whiskey
1.11. Bagging firm?121(7?)) 3.
Philadelphia.?Cotton quiet-?mid?
dling 16 j; gross receipts 111.
Norfolk.?Cotton firm?middling 16;
net receipts 523; exports Great Britain
1,160; coastwise 775: sales 200; stock 5,476.
London.?Bullion decreased ?82,000.
Paris.?Rentes 63f. 75c.
Liverpool?3 P. M.?Cotton firm?
middling uplands 7|(?,8; middling Or?
leans 8(W)HJ; sales 14,000, including
7,000 American; speculation and export
2,000; total sales yesterday 16,000, of
which 2,000 were sold after regular close
of market; basis middling uplands, no?
thing below low middling, deliverable
April or May, 7$.
6 P. M.?Basis middling uplands, no?
thing bolow low middling, deliverable
June or July, 8 3-16; basis middling up?
lands, nothing below good ordinary, de?
liverable May or June, 8; middling Or?
leans, nothing below low middling,
deliverable April or May, 8.
Business is at the very lowest bottom
in England, this spring, showing as yet
no indications of a revival. The con?
servatism of trade and the extent to
which credits are contracted are evinced
by the insensibility of the mercantile
public to the failure of the house of J.
0. Im Thum. This house not long ago
had acceptances out to the extent of
$25,000,000, a prodigious sum, the firm
ranking with the Overends, who farled
and produced a panic nine years ngo.
The firm had been hauling in so that its
liabilities were reduced one-half whon it
failed, and trade stood the shock very
well. The exports to this country have
fallen over forty per cent, in three years
for January and February, and those of
iron have fallen almost to one-tenth.
Information has boen seceived of out?
rages perpetrated by white scamps upon
the Sioux Indians on the Nebraska bor?
der. About a year since they killed
W*histler, a friendly chief. Last fall they
killed several Indians on the buffalo
hunting ground, and now the same band
of trappers and hunters, headed by the
notorious Wild Bill, are stealing ponie?
from the Sioux by the hundred. A few
days since seventy-five of these ponies
were taken, to Kansas and sold. This
outrage upon a tribe who, however mur?
derous heretofore, are now friendlv, will
go far towards bringing on an Indian
war. <
It has boen discovered that the bill
promulgated as the gennral appropria?
tion bill; passed by the Louisiana Legis?
lature has been tampered with, so that
certain appropriations are decreased and
others increased. Speaker Hahn and
Lieutenant Governor Antoine publish
a statement denouncing the forgery, and
invoke the Attorney-General to seek out
and prosecute the guilty parties.
A Fatal Fall.?Mr. Charles Clarsson,
a seaman attached to the schooner
Aneroid, now loading in Ashloy River
for an Eastern port, fell from the main
topmast of that vessel, while scraping
the spars, and striking with full force on
the deck, ninety feet below, was terribly
crushed and instantly killed. The de?
ceased was a native of Enstport, Me., and
was only nineteen years or. age. .
The Connecticut election takes place
on Monday next, when a Governor,
Lieutonant-Governor, Treasurer, Secre?
tary of State, four Congressmen, three
State Senators and County officers will
be chosen.
Laarencev?le (Oa.) Herald: One night
last week, Mr. Thomas Allison dreamed
that his brother, John Allison, had been
murdered and scalped by the Indians.
He lives in California, and trades to
Oregon.. The dream'made so strong an
impression upon Allison's mind, that he
tola it to several parties in town next
morning. That day, wheu the mail ar?
rived, at 12 o'clock,1 h0 tcceived a letter
informing him of the death of his bro?
ther. He was crossing a mountain in
Oregon, and the party was attacked, by
the Indians, and John Allison was killed
and scalped.
Death of a New Yobr Jjdoe.?The
New York papers of Tuesday announce
the death, on Monday, of John A. Steinm
ler, Judge of one of the inferior courts
of that city. The death of Judge
Steinmlor was prematurely announced
several weeks since, whereupon Governor
Tilden appointed Mr. J. F. McLaughlin,
ii former Bultimorcan, to the supposed
vacancy. As a vacancy now exists, it is
presumed Mr. McLaughlin will again be
designated for the place.
"Private Boardiso."?Mr. Biemanu
has transformed his large commodious
hotel into a private boarding house. The
traveler will lose nothing by this, but on
the contrary, will be the gainer. At this
season of the year, Mr. B. is renovating
his house from cellar to garret, and put?
ting it into order for summer visitors and
others. His table is furnished with the
best the market affords, and his servants
are polite and attentive.
[Walhalla Courler.
A bachelor in Bucklevel, hearing of an
Act of the Legislature for a special tax on
all old bachelors unless they could prove
by two competent witnesses that they
had made at least two attempts at a
matrimonial alliance, mistook it as the
South Carolina, Legislature, and to es?
cape the penalty of the law procured
two witnesses in one evening.
[Greenveood Arte Era.
A box of hand-grenades, similar to
those used in New York during the ter?
rible riots of 1863, were found in a sta?
tion-house, in. that city, recently, where
they had lain undisturbed daring the
past twelve years. Throngh careless?
ness in handling, there was an explo?
sion, and a man iost his arm.
The Washington Republican says that
the ladies in the Treasury Department
arc rebellious over the inconvenience of
Having to hang their cloaks and hats on
one peg, and they demand one peg for
each female. If this is not given, a num?
ber of them threaten to resign at once.
Koya-Inmasamora. King, of the Canni?
bal, Islands, died in Paris, the other
day. Some years ago, the English
turned him out of his Polynesian mo?
narchy, and ever since he has exhibited
himself; but, unfortunately, became
civilized in the process.
A Sioux City special* says a letter from
Gov. Pennington, of Dakota, who is now
in Washington, states that a treaty with
the Indians for the Biack Hills country
will be accomplished within thirty days.
On Friday last, two well-known citi?
zens died at their homes in York County
?Mr. James McElwee, near Bethany
Church, ami Mr. Green Gordon, near
Bethesda Church.
A destructive wind storm in the West
is callerh a "blizzard,"?hurricane,
cyclone, tornado, whirlwind and words
of that ilk not being sufficiently signifi?
cant. ,
Mr. Bradford H. Benson, after several
attempts, succeeded in committing sui?
cide, on the 31st, by taking morphine
He had been on a bender in Augusta.
The famous English race horse Thor
monby, sire of the winner of the Derby
in I860, died suddenly of heart disease,
at Newmarket, on February *2S. ?
Women are said to have a softening in?
fluence, and instances are not wanting
where men influenced by them have ap?
peared very soft.
A girl in Houston, Texas, eleven years
of age, has been led to the ultar by a
blind old organ-grinder.
Girls, bear in mind that God made you
in his own image, and no amount of tight
lacing will improve the model.
Mr. F. W. Andrews died at his resi?
dence near Phoenix, Abbeville County,
on last Friday, of consumption.
The business portion of the town of
Tieonderogo, N. Y., has been burned:
loss 8200,000.
Mr. John Stitt, an old citizen of Fair
field, died on Tuesday night.
There'were 604 deaths in New York
city during the past week.
Mrs. J. A. Brock, of Anderson, lied a
few days ago.
Physician ami Surgeon,
professional services to the citizens of
Columbia and vicinity. Calls loft at the
Drug Store of E. H. HEINITSH will re?
ceive prompt attention. April 1
cTt Y i> bug sto re7
(Assisted by H. R. Wiltberger, Graduate
in Pharmacy and Chemistry,)
Wholesale and Retail Druggist,
BOpposite Phoenix Office.
USLNESS will be conducted upon the
CASH basis. Medicines will be sold
at LOW prices. PRESCRIPTIONS put
up in best manner, at lowest cost. The
Prescription Department will be under
the supervision of competent and skillful
persons. The community have the as?
surance that knowledge is the best pro?
tection against error.
The offices of Dr. A. S. HYDRICK.
City Physician, and Dr. HEBER D.
HEINITSH, will be for the present at
this store, where all orders and calls for
professional services will be attended to
at all hours.
The Wholesale Department will be
conducted by the Proprietor. A full line
of ohoico Drugs and Medicines on hand,
to which special attention is called.
April It, Proprietor City Drug Store._
City Taxes?Time Extended.
THE books of the City Treasurer nro
now open for receiving of Taxes for
1875. All City Taxes- must be paid be?
fore the 15th day of April instant. There
will positively be no further extension.
April 1 City Treasurer.
ASMART, intelligent LAD, who writes
a good hand, for office work. Ad?
dress, in own hand-writing, "KEY BOX
34." April 2
For Bent,
SEVERAL verv desirable OFFICE
ROOMS, in the Central National
Bank Building. Apply to
April 2 tg J. H. SAWYER. Cashier.
A Marsh Pony
FOB SALE. Inquire of
April 2 3 EDWIN J. SCOTT.
New Spring Millinery.
MRS. M. O'CONNER has just
opened, at the store formerly
occupied by F. B. Orchard A.
Co., a fine and well selected
FANCY GOODS, to which she would in
vito the attention of the lodies of Colum?
bia and vicinity. Prices moderate.
April 2 Int?
To-Day*s Bulletin
something new.
Largo accessions of Brandy Cherries,
Preserves, &C, Ac. Canned?Salmon.
Tomatoes, Lobsters; Fruits?OrangeH,
Figs, Lemons; Assorted Nuts?Pecans,
Filberts, Almonds, Walnuts; Raisins J,
A and whole boxes; Chocolate, Broma
Cocoa; Maccaroni (and Cheese;) Vormi
celli; Sago; Tapioca.
CRACKERS?-Cocoanut and Tea,
mixed, Ginger Snaps, Mushroom, Fancy
Candy Tipped and Cream, Ac, &>*. Stock
replenished daily. ,
P. S.?Garden Seeds?Full line and
the finest assortment of Flower Seeds
ever brought to Columbia. For sale low.
Change of Schedule.
Columbia, S. C, April 1, 1875.
ON and after the
3d inst., Day* Pas?
senger Train from and to Columbia witl
be discontinued. Passengers for pointa
on Cheraw and Darlington Railroad can
make connections at Florence on Tues?
days, Thursdays and Saturdays, leaving
Columbia on Local Freight at 3. Iff A. M.,
arriving at Florence at 12.50 P. M. Re?
turning, leave Florence at 12.50 P. M.:
arrive at Columbia 9.30 P. M. The fol?
lowing Schedule will be operated:
uoino north.
Leave Columbia. 8.15 p. m.
Florence.12.50 a. m.
Arrive Wilmington. 7.10 a m.
ooino SOUTH.
Leave Wilmington. 6.10 p.m.
Florence.11.40 p.-m.
Arrive Columbia. 4.00 a.m.
Makes through connections, all rail,
North and South, and wntor line connec?
tions via Portsmouth. Through tickets
sold and baggage checked to all principal
points. Pullman sleepers.
A. Pops. Gen. Pass, and Ticket Agent.
South Carolina Railroad Company,
Columbia, S. C, April 1, 1*75.
dat passenoer TnVIN.
Leave Columbia at. 4.30 p. m.
Arrive at Charleston at.11.45 p. m.
Leave Charleston at.6.45 a. m.
Arrive at Columbia at.2.15 p. m.
niuht express accommodation train.
Leave Columbia.7.00 p. m.
Arrive. 6.30 a. m.
Leave Charleston.7.10 p. m.
Arrive. 6.35 a. m.
Camden Train will connect at King
ville with Up Passenger Train for Co?
lumbia, Monday, Wednesday and Friday ;
and with Down Passenger Train from
Columbia, Tuesday. Thursday and Sa?
S. S. SOLOMONS, Gen. Sunt.
S. B. Pickins, Geneml Ticket Agent
To Rent,
NEAR the up-town Methodic
Church, a large two-story HOUSE,
containing ten rooms, a good gar?
den and barn attached. Immediate pos?
session given. Inquire of
At Republican Printing Company'??
OthV?. April 1 ?;
Coming Revolution.
U been preceded by some sign that
I stru.'k with awe nil who saw it: so also
I the ??Coining Revolution" is preceded by
a "Rushing Sale of Cigars." that ha?
struck those interested in a similar man?
ner, to be followed by a change of si^n*
that will designate without fail PERRY
& SLAWSON'S Cigar and Tobacco Store,
and then
"Ye Little Stirs, hid-' v uir diminished
rays." March 30
"Little Stars.
THIS und other brands of CHOICE
CIGARS are rapidly revolutionizing
the trade. The ? -Little"Stars" are really
something to brag of; the "BOYS OWN"
maintain their usefulness and popularity,
(2 for! dime:) the "IMPERIAL" is a
luxury only to be thoroughly appreciated
by the veteran smokist; while gracing the
shelves and show-cases are many rare
and fragrant "triumphs of the weed,"
which I do not care to enumerate, for
tho simple reason that some enterprising
rival might steal my thunder, as it were.
But rest assured that, badinage aside, the
best value in Cigars and Tobaccoes can
only be had at the great CITY HALL
Twinkle, twinkle little stars," and
they aro going to "Twinkle," yon bet!
STORED and INSURED at very lowest
rates, and the top of the market gua?
ranteed for all Cotton consigned to us for
sale. Advances made at one per cent,
per month upon all Cotton Stored with
us, No charge for Drayage.
Northern Timothy and Clover at $1.25
and 1.50 *$ 100?full weight' guaranteed.
Fine EarlfpRose, Goodrich, Peerless,
! Peaehblows and other varieties,
Jonesport Fertilizer?as good as any
used?$46 TP ton cash and 50 *tt ton time.
Fob 19 3m Opposite S. C. R. Depot.
lumbia, S. C, announce*} that her
??stablishment. South-west corner of
Sumter and Lady streets, is prepared to
accommodate BOARDERS, permanent
and transient, where th? taste and com?
forts of the most fastidious will be nrnir
ranteed. March 20 fli*_
Final Notice.*
ALL persons having claims against D.
R. HOWELL. de-eased, are hereby
notified to present the same to me on or
before MONDAY, 5th day of April next,
or thev will )?? debarred participating in |
the funds in my hands. On TUESDAY,
the Rth day of April next. I will distri?
bute uro ratn said funds in mv hands, as
executor. JOHN AGNEW.
Executor of D. R. Howell.
March'JS _ t3
DON'T delay to buy n bond of the IN?
Don't compare it with a Lottery; bear
in mind, that the capital invested is
always secured.
Every bond purchasod before April 5
will participate in the Fourth Series
Drawing, to be held publicly, in the city
of New York, on MONDAY. APRHi 5,
This Loan is issued on a novel plan,
and is authorized by special Act of the
Legislatureof the State of New York.
Circulars, giving full explanation, will
be sent free of charge, on application.
For Bonds and full information, ad?
dress, without delav,
'23 Park Row, New Y'ork, or to
Cashier Union Savings Bank, Columbia.
S. C.
Remit by Draft on New Y'ork City
Banks, Registered Letter, or P. O. Money
Order. Mar 30 (5
South Carolina Medical Association.
riMIE annual meeting will be held in
L Charleston, on TUESDAY. April 13.
Mar 2S m*2 " Secretary.
Fresh Arrivals!
Just received at
iukdv mmm.
PAA DOZEN nice fresh EGGS, for
OUU Easter.
'200 barrels Solomon's FANCY FAMILY
25 tierce* Davis' DIAMOND HAMS.
5 tierces fresh sugar-curel BREAK?
A full btock of all kind* of GROCE?
RIES and PROVLSIONS always on hand
an 1 for sub* cheao. March 23
Cheap for Cash.
ON and after MONDAY NEXT, the
22d instant, I will sell mv entire
Cireum-danees beyond my control
force the necessity of converting my
st?vk into cash at the earliest possible
period. Therefore, all wishing Bargains
] in my line, will ph ase call.
Goods sold for Cash, and for cash only.
M ir 21 fil J. MEIGHAN.
City J&ltxUL
On announc?
ing mv RE?
MOVAL to the
new and ele?
gant store, cor?
ner of Main
and Washing
ton streets, I
beg to return
my most sin?
cere thanks for
the liberal patronags bestowed on me
during the past TEN YEARS, and renew
the assurance that my best efforts will be
used to the purpose of supplving the
public with the BEST QUALITY of
I have adopted, and shall rigidly ad
convinced that that policy alone is most
beneficial to the public and myself.
Mar 26 GEO. SYMlLERS-_
Congaree Iron Works,
Engines, Saw
and Grist Mills,
Gin Gearing,
and all kinds
Iron Castings
for Machinery;
and Ornament?
al Castings for
Stores and Dwollings, Patent Railings
for Gardens and Cometeries, Iron Settees
and Arbor Chairs; also, Brass Castings of
all kinds. Bolls for Churches, Schools,
Work-Hhops, Ac. Guarantee all my work
first class and equal to any North or
South. Works at foot of Lady street and
near South Carolina and Greenville and
(Columbia Railroad Depots. Nov 18
? Assignee's Sale. .
H. & 8. BEARD
Will sell bv auction, on the FIRST MON?
DAY IN APRIL, in front of the Court
A valuable EOT on Arsenal Hill, corner
of Laurel and Lincoln streets. Usual
terms._April 2
Special Notice.
Full lines of
Every Description
s. c. shm k co.
TI^HE stock is all new and well bought.
X Opening THIS DAY, all kinds of
PRINTS, Printed CAMBRICS, Printed
PERCALES, and a gengral stock of
Pillow Case COTTONS und SHEET?
INGS of the best brands. You can now
get those justly celebrated brands of
Black ALPACAS, so well known by the
customers of the old house. SPECJJLL
ask is a call, und we will convince you
that this is the place to buv vour DRY
best advantage. _
Successors to R. C. Shiver A Co.
Mar 25_
California and Imported
"Wines, Liquors, Etc.
.TUST received, direct from
"California, n carload of supe?
?made of delicious grapes in
that hjghlv favored countrv.
Best Imported Scotch WHISKEY.
Old Jamaica RUM, Holland GIN,
Otard and other brands BBANDY,
Sherry, Port and Madeira WINES.
I am also manufacturing
that superior LAGER BEER,/
for which my brewery hasi
acquired such a deserved re-*
pntation. Give it a trial?it is pure and
warranted free from any deleterious in?
gredients. Physicians recommend it
Also, best brands Imported and
Domestic CIGARS, Smoking and
'Chewing TOBACCO, Ac.
My SALOON is supplied with the beet
of everything. LUNCH every day, at 11
o'clock. Give me a call, at the sign of the
big barrel, Nos. 164 and 166 Richardson
street._JOHN C. SEEGERS.
Commence vour instruction with
BOOK L (.15 cents) has a charming
course for Primary Schools. Book
II (50 cents) has one equally attractive
[ for Grammar School?, and Book 111(50
cents) is fitted for higher Grammar
[Classes and High Schools. The very
practical, interesting and thorough
course in these books was constructed
by L. O. EmeAson and W. S. Tilden.
For a companion book use
Cheerful Voices. A large collection
I of genial School Songs, by L- O. Enier
snn. A popular book. 50 cents.
Afterwards take up
These books are for High Schools and
Academies. The Hour of Singing, ($1,)
by L. O. Emerson and W. S. Tilden, is
I arranged for 2, 3 or 4 voices. Choice
Trios, ($1.) by W. S. Tilden, for 3 voices,
are choice in every sense, and The Song
Monarch, (75 cents,) by H. R. Palmer,
assisted by L. O. Emerson, unexcelled
a book tbr Singing Classes, is equally
good for High Schools.
All books sent, post pai'1, for retail
Mar27 smr 711 Roadway, N. Y.
Just Arrived,
A NOTHER lot of Ladies' LINEN
ii. COLLARS and CUFFS, plain and
colored; RUFFLING and COLLAR
ETT3; CORSETS at 50 cents; also,
Coats' SPOOL COTTON, all numbers,
and manv other new goods, at
Leader of Low Prices, No. 128 Main
street. Mar 21
inn mm
Just Arrived I .
CHILDREN'S $2.50 to ?74?.
BOYS' $9.00 to $14.00,
sp? u
Just Arrived*
CHILDREN'S $2.50 to $7.00.
BOYS' $9.00 to $14.00.

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