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The question in often asked, has
the thou sand jnillion dollars in
demity paid by "France to Germany
been a benefit to the latter? A
French paper answered this inter?
rogatory, by showing that the debt
of Prussia has increased since the
war $132,000,000. that taxes are
higher now in Germany than they
have been for the past twenty years,
and that the German Minister of
Finance has petitioned Parliament
to authorize a new loan, out of
which to meet the current expenses
of the government. Great as was
the war indemity paid to Germany,
it covered but a small portion of
the expenses incurred by that
power. And when to the actual
expenses are added loss of popula?
tion and waste of wealth in scores
of ways connected with tho war, it
can readily be seen that Germany I
did not actually gain much by i
either the contest with France or1
the large war indemnity paid.
An enterprising young man of
Columbia, Tenn., recently started
out to^nake a fortune by peddling
a hair restorative of his own'disco
very, made of Maccaboy snuff and
,rain water. He returned with
plenty of money; but now, they
say, he receives every day letters
running somehow thus: Dear Sir?
I am almost tempted to believe you
are a fraud. "When J commenced
using your 'Magic and Miraculous
Hyperion Hair Bestorative,' six
weeks ago, I had merely a bald
spot on the top of my head: but
now," I wish I may be hurled h?1
wards at .the rate of ninety miles an j
hour, if there is a solitary d?d
hair in twenty miles of me."
-,???m-? m
George Smith has found in his
Assyrian tablets a history of tho
creation and the fall of man, es?
sentially the Raine as that of Gene
. sis, but longer and fuller. It gives
especially a more particular ac?
count of Satan and of his history
before the creation of the world.
London has seventeen dailies
and 287 weeklies.
Proposals .for Stationery.
Office of Comptroller-General,
Columbia, 8. C, March 29, 1875.
Faccordance with an Act of the Gen
ral Assembly, - entitled "An Act to
make appropriations to meet the ordi?
nary expenses of the State .Government
for the fiscal year commencing November
1, 1874," approved March 29, 1875, the
undersigned invites all parties interested
to submit PROPOSALS for furnishing
this office with the "BOOKS AND
BLANKS for the County Auditors and
Treasurers, and other papers necessary
to the collection of taxes for the fiscal
year 1875.
The following are among tho items re?
45 Auditors' Duplicates, 28x18 inches,
of 250 pages each.
45 Treasurers' Duplicates, 20x18 inches,
of 125 pages each. . ,
45 Treasurers' 20% Duplicates, 24x18
Inches, of 100 pages each.
200 Tax Receipt Books, 1,000 receipts
in each.
200,000 Tax Returns.
1,000 copies Abstracts of Duplicates.
1,000 copies Abstracts of Realty.
1,000 copies Abstracts of Personalty.
1,000 oopies Abstracto of 20% Penalty.
1,000 copies Settlement Sheets.
1,000 copies Deductions and Abate-1
1,000 copies Nulln Bona Taxes.
1.000 copies Abatement Poll Tax.
Claims for Abatements, Redemption
Forfeited Lands, Circulars, Ae.
Samples of < the Books, Blanks and I
Fcnns required can be seen on applica?
tion at this office.
' Parties who desire to submit proposals!
ore requested to-forward the same by
mail, on or before the 15th proximo, en*
dorsed "Proposalsibr Stationery." Any
contract awarded will be paid by. warrant
i on the State Treasurer, on account of the
' collections for J874. Tho Stationery will
be required to bo delivered at this Office,
on or before the 1st of June next
, Comptroller-General State of S. C.
. - fog 30 ' j f ' ?'??V .'.17
' ?Monejf 'to/' ??an, j
? "fc^CHANGE on New York, Baltimore,
XV Philadelphia, Boston, and all promi
. neat cities of the United States-and Eu?
rope bought and Bold.' v i
v> ''JpEt^SITS received and interestrbear
bought and eold. ^ ?
ACCOUNTS of Merchants and others
?t?e city and country solicited, and
. comer of Plain and Richardoon
i SOBS B. PBJ38TCH,!*rWt
, J. H. Sxwv-a?, Cashier. Mar 24
'Let our Just Censures
TbesymptoniBof I.iverComplaii.t ?.icnid j
easiness aud pain in tin: fide. Bontpiiu ??-? 1
the pain is in the shoulder, bin! in. nii*tak< n
for rheumatism. The stomach Its afltcted
with loab of appetit o and eickut bi- . bowtde, '
in general, costive, mjuh uimt ?h?rua< ii.g
with lax. 1 be beadie troublei-'. with pain, j
and dull, heavy sensation, considerable lore
of memory, accompanied with paiulul sen*
eation of having left undone Fdoit'tLn K i
which ought to have beendoi.e Mteu com? '
plaining of weakness, dibi? y and low
spirits. Sometimes many i?f the ab?.ve
symptoms attend the oisease, aid at < tber
timue vir. lew of them; bat the Livti in
generally the organ most iuvulvtd.
Ie warranted not to contain a single particleof Mercury, or any injuiioue miia ral sub?
stance, but is PUUBIiY VBOETAB1.E.
I Containing those Southern Roots and Heibs, which an All-wise Providence hau placed
in countries where Liver Diseases moBt prevail. It will cure all Diseases caused by De
' rsngement of the Liver and Bowels.
Is eminently a Family Medicine; and by being kept ready for immediate rttoit, will
save many an hour of Buffering, and many a dollar in time and doctor*1 bills,
j After over Forty Yeare' trial, it iu etill receiving the moot unqualified testimonial* to
its virtuos from persons of the highest character and responsibility. Eminent physi?
cians commend it as the roost
For Constipation, Headache, Pain in the Shoulders, Dizziness, Sour Stomach, Bad Tnste
in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of the Heart, Pain in the Region of the Kid?
neys, Desoondency, Gloom and Forebodings of Evil?all of which are the tffeptitg ol a
Diseased Liver.
Armed with this ANTIDOTE, all climates and changes ol water and food may be
faced without fear. As a remedy in Malaiious Fevers, Bowel Complaints, Ilevtlctences,
Jaundice, Nausea,
It is the Cheapest, Purest and Best Family Medicine- in the World!
. Buy no Powders or prepared SIMMONS' L1VEK REGULATOR,unleesin our engraved
wrapper, with Trade-mark, Stamn and Signature unbroken. None other ie genuine.
J. II. ZRlL.lt! & CO,, Blaeon, U.U., und I'hllaulclphln..
Take Simmons' Liver Regulator
For all diseases of the Liver, Stomach and Spleen.
As a remedy iu Malarions Fevers, Bowel Complaints, Dyspepsia, Mental Depression, |
Restlessness. Jaundice, Nausea, Sick Headache, Cpltc. Constipation ai:d Bilioasntta, i
"I have never seen or tried such a aim
pie, efficacious, satisfactory and pleasant
remedy iu my life."?H. Haineu, St. Louis,
J7bn. Alex. 17. Stephens.
"I occasionally use, when my condition
j requires it, Dr. Simmons' Liver Regulator,
with good effoct."?Hon. Aiax. H. Ste?
Governor of Alabama.
"Your Begulator has been in nao in my
family for some time, and I am persuaded
it is a valuable addition to* the medical
I science."?Gov. J. Gill Shobteu, Ala.
"I bave used the Regulator in my family
for the past seventeen years. lean aately
recommend it to the world as t he beat me?
dicine I have ever used for that class of
direases it purports to cure.?H. F. Thio
President of City Bank.
"Simmnns' Liver Regulator ban proved
good and efficacious medicine."?C. A.
''We have been acquainted with Dr. Nim
mono' Liver Medicine for more than twenty
years, and know it to be the best Liver Be?
gulator offered to the public."?M. B. Lyon
a> d H. L. Lyon, Bellefontaine, Ga.
"I was cured by Simmons' Liver Regu?
lator, after having suffered several years
With Chills and Fever."?R. F andeb60n.
The Clergy.
"Bavo been a dyspeptic for years; begin
Regulator two years ego; it lias acted like
a charm in my case."?Rev. J. C. Holmes.
Lady's Endorsement.
"I have given j our medicine a thorough
trial, and in no cuse has it failed to give
full satisfaction.*'?Ellen Meachak, Chut -
taboochee, Fla.
Sheriff Bibb County.
"I have used jour Regulator with suc?
cessful effect in Bilious Colic and Dyspep?
sia. It is an excellent remedy, and cer?
tainly a public blessing."?C. Mastebbon,
Bibb County, Ga.
ATy Wife.
"My wifo a-d seit have nsed the Regula?
tor for yeare, and tectify to it* great vir?
tues."?Rev. J. B. Ffleeb, Perry, Ga.
"I think Simmonb' Liver Regulator one 1
of the best medicines ever made tor the
Liver. My wifo and many others have
UBed it with wonderful effect."?E. K
S-pabkb, Albany, Ga.
M. V.
"I have used the Regulator in my family,
and also in my regular praotice, and bave
found it a moat valuable and satisfactory
medicine, and believe if it was nstd by the
profession, it would be of service in vety
many oases. I know very mcch of its com?
ponent parts, and can certify its medicinal |
qualities are perfectly harmless."?B. K.
Ghiggs, M. D.. Macon, Ga.l Jan 80jw6ni
THIS thorouph-bred STAL
_y ni?LION will stand for the sea.
gEgHfUBsnn. commencing March 15,
~f \ ...Bull 1875- at the Wheeler House
????^?Bstahlea. on Plain ttreet For
terme and pedigree, apply at the Stables.
Maroh 5 ? tlmo
New Books, at Bryan's Bookstore.
WORKING to Win, a s'.ory lor girls,
Mistress of the M*n?e, by Dr. Holland,
author of Arthur Bounycat-tle, (1 50.
A History of Germany, from the Earliest
Times, by Charlton Lewie, ?2 50.
Manual of Mythology, Greek, Ronan,
Nome, Hindoo, Xgyptian and Old German,
by Murray, $2.25.
Prairie and Forest, the Game of North
America, with adventures in their purcuit,
by Gillmore. ?1 50.
Health and Education, by Kicgaley, $1.75.
Hogarth'* complete woik*, in three vo
llomos. The Wild North Land, by Major
Butler, with pistes, $2.60. History of Clubs
and Club Life, London. Book of Wonder
(nl Oharaotere, with portraits. The Slang
Dictionary, historical and anecdotal.
Homes and Haunts ot the British Poets,
London, and other new boose. Nov 1
Seed Potatoes. Bacon, Batter. Lard
^er 15-POUND paila Choice Gilt-Edge
<5D GoBhen BUTTER.
100 bbls. Early Rose POTATOE8?ee
lected seed: early crop.
100 bble. Chili Red POTATOES?selected
?osd; bite crop.
100 bblB. Choice Eating POTATOES.
2iJ boxes Choice Dry Bait SIDES.
10 b?x*B Choice Dry Salt BELLIES?
50 tube Pure LEAF LARD.
25 tubs Choice Goebeu BDTTER.
25 tubs GoDhen BUTTER?for bakers.
50 kite MACKEREL?Nos. 1 and 2?full
50 boxen Family SOAP.
25 boxes Factory CHEESE.
Constantly receiving ORANGES. BANA
NASVC0COAr1UT3, Ac, from cargoes ar?
riving in Charleston.
All of the above we guarantee to be sold
at lowest market rates, at wholesale only,
b? C. J. LAU RE Y,
Maich 7 t!3 .Opposite Phqxhix Office.
For Bent or Bale.
THK commodious HOUSE on the
corner of Assembly and Lady streets
?is ssdsrgoie?? t?f>+irm. and will be
I rented or sold on reasonable terme In
quire Of IL SWAFF1EED.
fob 21
For Sale or Rent.
A COMMODIOUS and handeomt !v
finished COTTAGE HOUhK. North?
west corner Penahiton and Assembly
otrcete; with tine Stahle?, Kitchen. Gar?
den, etc , attached; Hut and Coid Water
and all oth?>r conveniences. Pos- session
given April 1. Apply t->
March 5 JO*. TAYLOR.
Naphtha Lamps.
GAS LIGHT at much le*s expense
These LAMPS are n? different styles
well adapted tor Stores, (unices,
Entries and Roomn. Each Lamp Isof itself
a gas manufactory. The oil is fed through
tube or pipe, at the end ot which lue
burner converts it into gas. which burns
with a brilliant whitn dime uearJv equal to
the beat coal gas, and surpassing many
coal gaslights. For sale by
M. ?. CARR,
FeblC3mo 57 Bririve a'reH
Coughs and Golds
Chlorate Potash Paetilet,
Gelatine Losengce,
WUtar's Balaam Wild Cherry,
nill'6 Balaam Honey,
Ayor'e Cherry Pectoral,
Jayno's Expectorant,
Fieo'o Curo. For oalo at
Dec 215
Drug Btore.
City Taxes.
PERSONS having city taxes or licenses
to nay. can save inouey hv 'rio'chas
D. GAM8RILL, Br-ker,
March 8 _ 107 Main *tret t.
The Attractions are Increating!
W. D. LOVE & CO.
We are dally adding to all the depart?
ments of our Establishment large lines of
Choice and Desirable SPRING GOODS, at
popular pricee.
FamlUee in {need of SPRING SUPPLIEB
and otraogors visiting thlu city ohoulu not
fail to give our stock a close inspection be?
fore making their purchases.
All needing DRY GOODS, BOOTS,
FUBNIBHIHG GOODB, or any article kept
in|a|Firet Olees Btore, will save money by
ranking their purchases at the Grand Cen?
tral Dry Good* Establishment ot
WM. D. LOVE k CO ,
Columbia, S. O.
Baraploo aent gratuitously to nil parts of
the country on application. Mar 11
OFFICE, Boom No. 6, Bout her a Insur?
ance Company Building, Columbia,
B.C. Maroh 111 mo
Foreclosure oi Mortgage.
D. C* HKIXOTTU Si SON. Auclluncrri.
Agues S Calle? es. Wm. H. LyBrand.?
Foreclosure of Mortgage.
PUR CAST to the power? of eale con
i.?s..e.l in a mortgage from Wm. 11.
i.> L"i ?? i.d to Agnen 8. i alley, dated August
VS. IV73 ri eoidcd in the office of Register of
Mei-ne ilimvi-yanu?? Riehland County, Book
ri. p.-ijc-?- 023 Hud C2v, ' will soil, O'.x the
rhu Court I'ouse, in Columbia. H. C, at 10
u'o'ijjK A. M., or ae soon thereafter as
ihat piece, parcel or LOT OF LAND,
situate, lying and being ia the city of Co
lurabia. on tho Went side of Kicharduou
street, fronting thoreon 20 foet, more or
leas, ai:d running back one hundred and
forty-mi.o Uet four inches, moro or loss;
bounded North by lot sold by executors of
Henry Davis to W. K. Greeutleld; East by
Richardson Htreet; South by lot sold by ex
ecutore of Henry Davis to John S. Mein
tosh, and West by lot Bold by William H
Ly tirand to Lewis Raker.
Terms of Hale?CaBb; purchaser to paj
for puperB._ _AGNES B. TALLEY.
Sale Under Power to Satisfy Mort?
I) C. PE1XOTTO Si HON. Auctioneer*.
BY virtue of tho power of attorney, on- j
dorsed upon the mortgage of Thomas
J. LaMotte, to theOitizone? Savings Dank,
of South Carolina, empowering the under
sigtied to sell the premises mortgaged, I
wdl sell, on the FIRST MONDAY IN
APRIL NEXT, at tho usual hour, before
the Court House, in Columbia, the follow?
ing described lots of land, all situate iu tho
citv of Columbia and It ich land County:
1. The LOT OF LAND, bounded ou the
South bv Blanding street; East bv lot of
John B." Dennis; West by lot of F."L. Car
dozo, and North by lot of Tbomae J. La?
Motte; mcaeuting on Blanding street one
hundred Kud four feet four inches, and
then running back two hundred and eight
feet eight inches.
2. LOT, hounded on the North hy lot or
John R. Dennis; East by lot of John R.
Dennis; South by lot of" Thomas J. La?
Motte ?ml lot ot F. L. Cardozo, and West
byCad.-deu Htreet; mcasuriug ou Oadsden
Mtrtct one hundred and lour fe< t four
inches, und running back two huuditd and
bight feet eight inches.
3. LOi' OF LAND, containing three
fourth* id an acre, bounded North by lot
formerly of J. L. Beard; on the East by
Barnwe'll street; on the South by lot of
B.irre. aud West by lots of A. C. Haskell
and Cooper.
4 LOT OF LAND, containing one acre, I
bounded North by lot of Augustus Cooper;
East, by lot of A. Traeger; South by Wheat
street, and West by Assembly Htreet.
Ti.ruk or Sale?Cash.
Mar 14 m2 A4 Trustee in Bankruptcy.
Valuable City J roperty for Sale.
D. C. I'KIXOTTO Si SON. Auctioneer*.
Sale Under Poxoer to Satisfy Mortgages.
BY virtue of the power ot attorney of
J dm Fielding,empowering tbeOaabier
or the Citizens' Savings Bank, of South
Curu'iua, and bis assigns, to sell the pre?
mises hereinafter described, for the pur?
pose of catidfjing certain mortgageB of
the said John Fielding to said hank, or hold
bv said bank, I Will sell, on the FIRST
MONDAY IN APRIL NEXT, at the usual
haur. before the Court Rente,in Columbia,
LAND, with the Buildings thereon, situate
aud being in the city of Columbia, and
County of Richlaud. butting and bounding
to the North on lot of McAllister; to the
Eaet on lot of John P. Southern; to the
South ou PJain ?treet. and to the West on
lot formerly ot Henrj Davis and of D.
TERMS of all?One-ba)f cash; balance
on ciedit ot one year, eecuied by bond and
mortguge uj preoiireB.
Mer 14 m2 A4 Trustee in ?ankruuic.y. '
Foreclosure of Mortgage.
H. Si ?. BhAHU, Auctioneer*.
The Mechanics' aud Farmers' Building and
L ? an Association, of Kichland Countv,
S"tltb Carolina, against Ishoin Mitchell.
BY viitue of puwer to me yiven, as Pre?
sident of the Mechanics1 aud Farrneis'
Building and Loan Associa'ion, ot itichiand
County. South Carolina, by the above
oamvii Ishom Mitchell, by his deed, sealed
aud delivered, tc sell the property hertin
atte-i described, aud lui htm and in bis
mi'.. Li. execute proper titles to the pur?
chase i or purchase r? of the said premises,
Ihitfb? give notier-, tliat on the FlltSt"
MONDAY OF APRIL N1-XT. I wi:l sell, at
public a net ion, in the city o* Columbia, be?
fore the Court IfoUrO, to the l.ig'^ert bid?
der, lor ciish.
AllrhatLOT OF LAND, with buildings
there' ii, situate in 'he i-ity ot Columbia,,
and houuded aa follow*, to wit: On the
North, hy Plain street; South by lot for?
merly belonging ?o Casar Gnlly; and West
bv lot now or t< rmerlv belonging to Ran?
dall The said lot contains one-half acre,
more or less. R D. KENS,
President of the Mechanics'antl Farmers'
building snd Loan Association, ot Kich
iaud County. South Carolina
foreclosure ot Mortgage.
H. Si ?*. BRA EID, Aucilunreri.
The Mechanics'arid Farmers' Building and
Loan Association, e>f Ricbtand County,
Sunth Carolina, againet Wi.liam M.
H iyne.
BY virtue of power to me gi\tli as Pre?
sident of the Mechanics' ami Farmers'
Building and Loan Association, of Rich
land County Berftb Carolina, by the above
named William M Hayne, by bis deed,
sealed, and delivered, to sell the property
hereinafter described, aud fjr him and
iu bia uarae to txvouie propsr titles to the
porcbaner or purchaatr? of the said pre?
mises, 1 hereby give notice that on the
sell, at public auction, in the city of Co?
lumbia, before the Court House, to highest
bidder, for eaab.
All that LOT OF LAND, situate in the
citv of Columbia, and bounded as follows,
to wit: On tho West by Winn street; on the
S??tb b? lot marked No. 7 ou survej; on
tho East by tho "Ditch." and on the North
by lot, supposed to belong to Mro.Koa.t
ings. The lot herein conveyed is desig?
nated as Lot No. 8 on the survey, oontains
one-fourth (1) of an aore und twentv-six
perches, and runs along the lino of Winn
street forty-five feet, and along Lot No. 7
four hundred and fourteen feet, and on the
North along the corner lot of trust estate,
parallel with the line of Lot No 7 three
hundred and seventy.seven feet.
? R. D. 8ENN,
President of the Mechanics' and Farmers'
Building and Loan Association, of Rich
land County, Sontb Carolina.
snd the True Event."
Foreclosure of Mortgage.
Tbc Mechanics' andFarmers' Building and
Loan Association, of Richland County,
Bontb Carolina, against Charles Jaggers.
BY virtno ol power to iue given as Presi?
dent of tbo MeubanlcB' aud Farmers'
Building and Loan Association, of Rich
land Connty, South Carolina, by tbo above
named Cbarles Jaggere, by bis deed, sealed
and delivered, to eell the property herein?
after described, and for him and nil name
iu t xe??ie pi?pei' titlee to the purcuasor or
purchasers of the said premises, I herchv
give notice, that on tho FIRST MONDAY
OF APlilL NEXT, I will Bell at publio
auction, in the city of Columbia, before the
Court House, to tho highest bidder.
All thatLOTOFL AND, situated in cityof
Columbia, and bounded as follows, to wit:
On the Nortb.by lot of Thomas J. LMaotte,
East bv a Btreet as yet unnamed, South by
lot or Sturgis and on the West by lot of
Allen. The lot herein conveyed ia situatod
in the Eastern portion of Columbia, known
as Waverly; measures on ita Eastern and
Western fines 69 feet 2 inches, aud on ita
Northern and Southern lines 15G feet, and
ia a part of the Tract of Land coveyed by
deed to Thomas J. LaMotte by 8. Olm Tal
ley. R. D. 8ENN,
President of the Mechanics' and Farmers'
Building and Loan Association, of Rich
land County. South Carolina._
Foreclosure of Mortgage.
II. Ai S. BEARD, Auctioneers.
The Oolumbia Building and Loan Associa?
tion, of Richlacd County, South Carolina.
againBt Simon May and Claries* May,
BY virtue of power to me given as Presi?
dent of the Columbia Building and
Loan Association, of Bichland County.
South Carolina,bv the above named Simon
May|and Clarissa May, by their deed, sealed
and delivered, to se'l the property herein?
after described, and for them and in their
name, to execute proper titles to the pur?
chaser or purchasers of the said prermaea,
: I do hereby give notice that on the FU'.ST
public auction, in the city of Columbia, be?
fore the Court Hooao, to the highest bidder,
All that LOT OF LAND, eituate in the
city of Columbia, with the Buildings there?
on, fronting on Marion street forty (10)
feet, bounded South by lota of 8. C. Nioliols
and Wannamakcr; Kaet bv lot of eaid
Simon May and ' Clarissa May; West by
Marion street, and North by lot of eaid
Simon May and Clarissa May and lot lately
of C. Bouknight. Said lot runs baokou
Southern boundary Eastwardly one hun?
dred feet, more or leap, and on Northern
boundary runs back Eastwardly, with a
front of forty feet, to a point fifty-two teet
from Marion street, when it narrows to
twenty-seven, more or lest, and runs back
to a point one hundred feet, more or Itee,
from Marion street Eastwardly. ?
Terms cash. CEO. L. DIAL,
President of the Columbia Building and
Loan Association, of Richlaud County,
South Carolina March 14 m4
Foreclosure of Mortgage
II. ?5i S. IlKAKD. Auctioneers.
The Mechanics' and Fa rmers' Building and
Loan Association, of Ricbland County,
South Carolina, acaiast Josephino
BY virtue of pow^r to mo given si Presi?
dent of the Mechanics' and Farmera*
Building and Loan Association, of Bich
land Oonnty, South Carolina, by the above
named Josephine Sohultbies, by her deed,
sealed and delivered, to sell the property
hereinafter described, and for her and in
her name to execute proper titles to the
purchaser or purchasers of the said pre?
mises. I hereby give notice that on the
sell at public auction, in the city of Colum?
bia, before the Court Bouse, to the highest
bidder, for cash.
All that LOT OF LAND, with Buildings
thereon, situate in the city of Columbia,
and hounded as follows, to wit: On the
North by Blossom street, fronting thereon
one hundred aud thiriy-eeven feet;East by
a lot fotruerly belonging t?i ( rcsar Uully,
deceased; South by estate of Sarah Brown,
and running thereon one hundred and
twenty-four feet, and Went by lot of Augus?
tus Cooper, running thereon one hunlicd
aud fifty-two feet. ft. D. SENN,
President of tho Mechanics'and Farmern'
BuiUliug and Loan Association, of hi-.-b
land County. South Carolina.
Foreclosure of Mortgage.
I II. Ai S. BKA HI). Auctioneer*.
! The Columbia Building und Loan AeeooU
tion, of Richlond County, South Carolina,
against Simon May and Clarissa May.
BY virtue of power to me given as Presi?
dent of the Columbia Building and
Euan Association, of Uichland County, s
C, by the above named Simou May aud Cla?
rissa May, by their deed, sealed aud deli?
vered, to eeb the property hereinafter de?
scribed, aud for them aud in their name* to
execute proper titles to the purchaser or
Curcbasi rs ot the said premises, I dohere
y give notice that on 1 lie FIRST MONDAY
in April next, I will sell, at publio auction,
in the city of Celumbia, before the Court
Bouse, to the highest bidder,
All that LOT OF LAND, with the Build?
ings thereon, in the city of Columbia, on
tho East side of Marion street, between
Taylor aud Plain; hounded on the West by
Marion street, fronting thereon fifty-two
feet, more or less; North by lots now or
lately of C. Bonkuight and C. Daniels; East
by lot now or lately ol the estate of 0. Beek,
aud South bt lots oi 8. C. Nichols aud Wan
nauiaker. Tcru?s cai?h.
President of the Oolumbia Bni'diog surd
Loan Association of Bichlacd County.
Foreclosure of Mortgage.
H. At B. BBAHD, Auctioneers
The Oolumbia Building and Loan Associa?
tion, of Richlaud Oonnty. South Caroli?
na, against Emma E. Singleton.
Sltf virtue of power to me given, ai<Pr*si
) dent of the Columbia Building and
an Association, of Riohland County,
South Carolina.by tbo above named EJMM
E. Singleton, by her deed, sealed and deli?
vered, to sell the property hereinafter do
scribed, and lor her aud in her same to
tx'jeute proper titles to the purchaser or
purchasers of the Bald prtmioes, I do here?
by give notice, that on the FIRST HON?
DA Y IN APBIL NEXT, I will sell, at public
auotion, in the city of Columbia, before the
Court House, to tho highest bidder,
All that LOT OF LAND, with the Build?
ings thereon,situated in the city of Colum?
bia, snd bouuded as follows: On the West
by Assembly street, and fronting thei ton
forty-five (46) feet, more or less; South by
Mrs M. A. Btratton, and running thereon
one hundred (100) feat; East by let of E. F.
Baldwin, and lot formerly of Dedriek Hsne;
North by lot of E. F. Baldwin.
Terms ossh. OEO. L. DIAL,
President of the Columbia Building and
Loan Association, ot Bichland County.
Foreclosuro of Mortgage.
H. <fc S. BEARD, Auctioneers.
The Mechanics' and Farmera' Building and
Loan Association, of Biobland County,
South Carolina, againet C.J. Hon&ton,
Morris Soabrook and William M. Taylor,
the three principal offloera of Lebanon
Lodge. No. 6, Free and Accepted Ancient
York Masons, their successors in office
and aBaigii&.
BY virtue of power to me given, aa Pie%i
dent of the Mechanics' and Farnierb'
Building and Loan Association,of Bichland
County, South Carolina, by the abovo
nancd C. J. Houston, MorriB Seabrook and
William M. Taylor, the three principal
officers of Lebanon Lodge, No. 6, Freu and
Accepted Ancient York Masonb, by their
doed, signed, sealod and delivered, to Belt
the property hereinafter described, and
for them and tbeir snccessora in ofneo
and assigns, to execute proper titles to the
?urchaBcr or purchasers of said premieea,
hereby give notice, that on the FIB BT
public auetton, in the city of Columbia, be?
fore the Court House, to tho highect bid?
der, for oaob.
All that LOT, with a two-Btory Brick
Building lbei<-?<n, sit on '*? in the city of Co?
lumbia, on Geivais ??'? t, and bounded at
follows, to wit: On tu? ..orth and Beat by
lot ot Niles G. Parker, and running North
sixty-nine fret, innre or leBs; West by lot ot
Mra. R trat ton, hi.d South by Gervais e treat,
?rooting thereon thirty feet,
Presidont of the Mechanics' and Farmers'
Building and Loan Association, of Bich?
land Countv. South Carolina.
Mar 14_mth8
Valuable Heal Estate.
By H. & 8. BEARD, Auctioneers.
Cnroline M. Preston da. Emma R. Huh**?
Foreclosure of Mortgage for Purchase
PURSUANT to the powers of eale con?
tained in the mortgage of Emma R.
Mosen to Caroline M. Preston, of date 14th
Jan vary, 1873, recorded in Register Mtanc
Conveyance office of Bichland County, 8.
C, in Book H of Mortgagee, pages 320, 321
and 322,1 will sell,on the flret MONDAY in
April next, in front of the Court House,
Columbia, ts. C, at 10 o'clock A. M., or aa
soon thereafter aa convenient, all thai
square iu the city of Columbia, containing
FOUR ACRES, more or less, with the
BUILDINGS thereon?bounded by Laurel,
Blandmg, Henderson and l inken? streeta.
Tr.it mm of Sale?Cash euQlciout to pay
the amount due 10th Fobiuaiy, 1&75, oti
mortgage aforesaid, to wit: Seven thou
i sand one hundred and twenty-eight t $7.128}
dollars, aud interest from 10 th February,
1875; insurance premiums past due, to wit:
I two hundred ($20J) dollars, and all ex*
Cenaea at the aale; the balance tocured
y bond of the purchase1-, and mortgage
or- the piemiaen, payable in annual
installments, the first of fire ihou?a.ui (our
hundied ($5.400) dollars on the 10th Feb?
ruary. 187C; the seonnd of like amount on
the 10th February, 1877. andtbe balance on
the 10th February, 1878, with interest on
the whole credit part at the rate of eight
Ser cent, per annum, to b<> paid annually
om the 10th February, 1875, upon the
principal sum until the same be fully paid;
and if not paid, the intereat. to hear inte?
rest at the same rate until paid. The pre?
mises to be insured for foUamount, and the
policy assigned to me. Purchasers o?*r and
above bid to pay for papers and all tar.es,
city and State, standing against the pro?
perty aforesaid.
For further information, apply to JOHN
T. RHETT, Attorney at Lew, Law Range,
Columbia, S. C._Ma 14 a
State South Carolina?Riehl and On.
By Ii. I. Boone. Judge of Probate Highland
Walter Brloe and Martha E , hie wife;
banks Thompson and Sarah E? hie wife;
w iiliam Ragadale and Mary E., his wile;
John 8. MoUuwan and Adela C, hie wife;
Augustus John Grnvn aud LoitelU, hia
wire; Wm H. Gill and Mrs. Wm H.Gill,
hia wire; George W. Bid, Robei t M. Saun ?
ders. Viola >auoders, Lawrence Kb f, and
Ella M , hia wife; John Kincaid sod Sarah
A., his w;fr>; Mosea ?arviH and Lilly M?
hin Alte; William H Hat dm and labecoa.
his wife; Sn<*an A. Moore, Faiit-io R.
Moore, Ida Moore, Lydia Moore. J..hu M.
Moore. Michael D. Wade. Marlin Pnillip4
and Rebecca, hia wife; Mary Gag?-. Jane
Wads, Elizabeth P. Harrison Surah It.
Hieklin. Win, T. Thorn and Faisido P.,
hid wit's; Mary L. Oouglasa, L. Dou?
glass and Thoe. J. H. Douglass? Ckeky- ,
YGU at e h? rebv i r quirt-d to aptiar at
the Court Houatf in Culuttibln. f ?r
Ricblaud Conntv on the THIRTIETH dar
of April, A I). 1S75, to vhew caase. it any
you can, why the real estate of Rebecca
IMoote, deceased, situate in said County,
aud dssuribed in the petition ot R(? in*
Wade, lileo iu my i.ftico, ahouid not be di?
vided or aold, allotting to the said ! o-ina
Wade and the other devi*eea and halra of
devisees ot the paid Robecee Moors, tle
ce?st-d, enuuK rat- d in tbia citation, '.heir
respective abarea, accoiding to tbeir re?
spective rigbta.
Given under my hand and seal, thia ninth
day of February, iu the year of our -Lord
one i hour and eight hundred and seventy
five, aud in tho ninety-ninth vear o' Ame?
rican independence. B. I. BOf-Nf..
March 14 m6 Judge of Probate.
Attorney and ConnMlor at Law.
ROOM No. 6, Second Fleer, Mew Life
Insurance miilding, corner Richard?
son ana Washington Btrootu, Columbia,
B.a _ ? ?_Mat-lOttOw
AlfX$ NEW 8Xa?ni
A complete STOCK.
'ALL NEW, direct from the "Seed Farma
wholesale end retail.
l?rick & low&ahge,
March 10 Columbia, 8. 0.
City Taxes.
D ARTIES haTiaselt? taxes end Uoenotta
JL to pay oan^l&e supplied with CITY
NOTES, rcoeivebJeJBM:*?!?e,Ai a dieoounL
byapphingto ' JOHN ?ON?rV A 80N,

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