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Tuesday Morning. October 2, 1877.
The President's Tour.
The press and the people of both
sections seem to be altogether satis*
fied with the sayings and doings of
the President on his Southern lour.
Even those States that gave the
largest majority for Tilden, seem to
be most delighted with Hayes. His
Southern policy, wo suppose, is one
of the secrets of his warm reception
and the general endorsement of his
principles. In other words, as long
as ho tracks the line of his present
policy, the solid men of both par?
ties intend to sustain his administra?
tion. The Springfield Republican
thinks the President's trip "really
culminated at Atlanta, when the
capital of the State that gave Tilden
his greatest majority, turned out to
do him honor," and that "nothing
could probably bo better than (Jov.
Colquitt's welcome to Hayes as the
great pacificator, the peace-maker be?
tween brethren estranged, and the
President's reply was the best speech
of the whole trip." The New York
Herald is equally satisfied, and even
jubilant. It says: "Nothing could
bt better of its kind than his (the
which we printed yesterday. lXT,
.was pitched in the same key as ad
his New England speeches, and, in
fact, all his other Southern speeches,
but it was not marred by any ex-!
pression8 inconsistent with the 1
dignity of his great office. Besides
the lesser merits of perfect good 1
taste and exquisite tact, it was mark?
ed throughout by a justness and gen?
erosity of sentiment which not only
captivated his immediate hearers,
but will command the general ap?
proval of the so.id, sober-thinking
men of both parties. The excellence
of this speech may, in part, be due
to the admirable temper and tone of
Gov. Colquitt's add res > of welcome
No speaker ever hit the mark more
exactly in the middle than the De?
mocratic Governor of Georgia did,
when be said to the President: 'The
great moving cause of these hearty
demonstrations which have greeted
you since you reached Southern soil, j
as to be found in the generous confi?
dence with which you believe what
trust; which wiil not exaot cringing
and servile guarantees.' " The Au?
gusta Chronicle and Constitutionalist
says: '-'If anybody at the North is
displeased with the Southern tour,
it is mainly the 'stalwart Republi?
can,' who fattens on the spoils of
war, and has nothing to hope from
peace. It may be that the machine?
ry which led to the inaugural ion of
Mr. Hayes was false in fact, in law,
and in everything eine, but there can
be no question that it accomplished
one tremendous result, the unmask?
ing ot the Madien! Republican idea
and party, which were incarnated in
President Grant." The Missouri
Republican well describes the condi?
tion of that faction: "From that
day to this the Republican party has
been like a man awaking from a
drunken stupor. It does not recog?
nize itself; it cannot ascertain its
bearings. Its old laud-uiarks are
gone', and it seems to be in a new
world. When it looks and lis'ens,
it sees strange sights and hears
strange sounds; the country at
peace; the personal retinue of Grant
ism scattered to the winds; carpet
bagism wrecked and dishonored;
Wade Hampton escorting a Repub?
lican Executive and Cabinet through
the South; a million of the citizens
of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama,
Georgia, South Carolina, North Ca?
rolina and Virginia, shouting to Mr.
Hayes the heartiest welcome ever
given to an American President; the
strife between whites and blacks end?
ed, and the colored people in many
Southern States contentedly voting
the Democratic ticket. The Repub?
lican loaders realize this transforma?
tion slowly and faithfully, and not
the least of their surprise is at find?
ing that the shock which shatters
their delusion comes from one whom
they perverted law and f&cts to
make President," Ex-Senator Thur
mau, in a public address on the Ohio
stump, the other day, while con?
demning the Electoral Commission,
admitted that the President was con?
stitutionally chosen; that his title
was without flaw,, and that inso?
much as he had carried out politic?
ally the prime doctrines and poli?
cies of the Democracy, in his treat?
ment of the South, he was deserving
of and would receive the everlast?
ing gratitude of mankind. The
Southern people will support the
President so long as be keeps on his
present line. Gov. Colquitt and
Gov. Brown spoke the voice of Goor
President's) speech at
gia, and the President, doubtless, un?
derstood and appreciated language
which had uu uuuuttuin souud.
City Items.
Otstkkb?In every style can lie obtained at
all reasonable hours, at Pat Median's. Other
solids and fluids constantly on hund.
ItXLioioua Cathkrinus.?Tiie Presbyterian
Synod convenes in thiH city on the 17tli instant.
The Methodiiir Conference assemble* at tlte
Washington Street Churoh, next month.
Nkxt.?John McCullough, the noted tragcdl
an, with a capital company, gives i>ue perform,
mice in tins Operu House, on Tuesday evening,
October 9? Richard III. lie stands Al iu the
sii 1:1.1. Flau. ? AI Sweeney'* dining saloon
and raataui nut. corner Cci vh in and (Jutes streets,
y outrun uhtnin Hht'll Hah of nil kinds?nysteis.
claim. Hliritiip. crabs, etc., done up in ail styles;
also, scale thh and eels. Try them.
Anotubr.?Little Willie Derrick.no adopted
son of Mr. und Mm. Kohert Johnson, departed
thin life, yestcrilay, from that terrilite disease,
diphtheria. This is the third death in t lie family
in less than a year?lather, Hinter and brother.
A Smash rr. ? A hor.-e attached to a wagon
belonging to a Mr. Watts, became frightened at
the music, yesterday evening, and ran down the
side-walk, 111 the vicinity of the PniKXIX ?Die??
the pedestrians giving a wide berth. Nobody
hurt, but the wagon will need renewing.
Thk M1 nstuei.s.?The geuuiue (icorgia Min?
strels give mi entertainment in the Opera House,
to-morrow night. They have '*travelled this
country all over," given the Europeans a turn
and been w?llri^iTflrt pveLyB.Li-.ro Ymi liave
Hceu_wJiafc4mttaT?rfl caajlo^uow giveTfie-?gcnu
nrticle s trial. -N
Coui.o Not Sino.?At the funeral of little
Corn l.ove, in the Presbyterian Church, uu
Sunday afternoon, the hymn was given out
and ttie school-mates of the dead child at?
tempted to si 11 lt it. but they broke down com?
pletely, ami llit* tendier? carried it through. It
was tin affecting s'ght. Cora was a great favor?
ite witli teachers nod children,
- B [',, Pkack Sot'tKTV.?The lifth anniversary
I nf tlie^^llll,C'i'l^gg:^a?TOr-^onie>? ? wilFhe
held witn open doois, iu the Washington street
Chapel, this evening, at 7J o'clock. In COlilieo*
tiou with bus ncss. prayers will be offered for
the Divine hlcsHliig on the special efforts being
made for the promotion of peace 011 earth und
good will to .aen.
i Excursions.?This uppenra to he the railroad
' nxeun-.ion seuson. The C C. fc A. Railroad
brought a party from Augusta, yesterday moru
' ing wlio spent thu (luy in Columbia. The
s itith Carolina i nns excursion trains during
th?* present week, tickets good for ton days. An
j cxcmsa.n trai.i runs to Wilmington, over the
\\\. C. it A., next week?und yet wc are not
I WhkukThkv Auk.?Curdo/.o is now living in
Washington H?ge ?> believed to be in Camilla,
and Kimptou has disappeared from liishnui.ts in
New York. It is said thnt nil the fugitive- now
at the North expo'I an attack nil along the I ue
soon und are link nif ['reparations aeconliiigly.
Tile lirst step will t-> raise the i|uc?*i?*i "f
(iiiv. Hampton's authority, iu the Imps* oi ??enr
ing us much delay as possible mi l of iilt.ui lely
transferring the trials to thu Federal t ourts.
Dead.? We regret to announce the. death, on
Sunday last, of Percy A. Beard. 11 young man.
about nineteen years of age. and a native of this
eity. from consumption His afflicted mother,
sister and brothers have the sympathy of their
in.my friends iu their bereavement. The Rich
laud Volunteer Kiflcs, of which organization hu
was a member, buried him with military honors,
yesterday afternoon. The I'hienix llook und
Ladder Company were also in attendance.
8ai.b Dav ?Yesterday heingsnleday, a large
L number of country people were iu the city and
r a Quantity of pTbpq>Ty.w>s dis^owed^f. Ur**t
interest was centered in the sale oj Niles U.
Parker's effects, consisting principally of mag?
nificent furniture, p'ctares, &c. A crowd was
in attendance and the articles brought higher
prices than was expected. To-day there will be
another large sale of furniture at Dr. J. L. Nea
gle's residence. Auctions speak louder than
Prof, ('ookk's Wovdbrs.?The exhibition at
the Opera House, last night, was truly wonder?
ful, but not as complete us was Intended. His
wine and water trick is a mystery. To-night,
he will pvifbrtn silditinnal wonders?among
others, allowing any number of persons in the
audience to write questions, and retain the slips
iu their possession, ami thej* will be correctly
answered?and then exposing the whole thing,
so that every apparent delusion will he under?
stood. An ext. a.mi;nary entertainment may
lie expected.
FlRK.?The dwelling of Mr. P. Spcllinnu. on
Sumter street, near Senate, wns destroyed by
Ore, yesterday morning, about 2 o'clock. The
unseasoned - hour was unfavorable to spread?
ing the slat 111, and some delay occurred liefor*:
the Bremen reached the spot." The Humes were
confined to the building in which they originated.
Hut a small portion of the furniture whs saved.
There is hardly a doubt but that it was the
work of uu incendiary. Only a short lime ago,
Mr. Spellmati'a bellows was ruined, uud other
dirty work done about his shop, and it looks as
if the fiend was still unsatisfied. If the guilty
party could be detected, his punishment would
be severe. The property was partially insured.
N'kw I'um.ic'AYiONs.?We have received from
the publishers. Messrs. Dick ?v Fit7.gcr?hl. a
neatly-printed volume, entitled "Dick's lieclta*
tioussiid Headings," which is now being issued
111 numbers, eacli containing about IM) pages of
entertaining matter, in pruse und poetry. The
price is thirty cunts in paper, or fifty cents in
cloth. Address the publishers in New York.
"Out of the Depths, the Story of a Woman's
Life." has just been issued from tho press of the
l'etersons, Philadelphia, as the ninth volume of
their $1 series of good novels. This book is
hardly up to its predecessors in point of interest,
though it is written in n clear, forcible style. It
is well worth rending, however, and we recom?
mend it to our readers.
Sunday in Columbia.?Most of our churches
were unusually well attended, lust Sunday. The
venerable and eloquent Dr. Plumcr occupied
the pulpit of the f irst Presbyterian Church in
the morning, and preached one of tbe most pow?
erful sermons Mint has been heard in Columbia
for many months. He selected us his theme the
Fourth Commandment, and handled his inter?
esting subject in a masterly style, conclusively
proving by the cogency of his reasoning that
this important Commandment is as binding and
obligatory on us to-day as it was when thun?
dered tenth from Mount Hinui. He clearly dis?
sipated the erroneous opinion held by many,
that the Sabbath should be kept only as a day of
pleasure and recreation. Much a forcible din*
course as this will surely be productive of much
?;ood iu the community. In the afterooon, tho
uneral of little Cora Love took place at the
Presbyteriun Church. The solemn services
were conducted by the llevs. Drs. Howe and
Plumcr, and were peculiarly impressive. Six
Sunday school children acted as pull-bearers,
and several affecting Sabbath school odes were
sung, which were rendered doubly touching by
the fact that little Cora, before she died, re?
quested that those favorite hymns of hers should
lie sung at her funeral. The night services at
the two Methodist Churches were well attend?
ed and were very interesting.
September went out pleasuntly.
Dress trains grow longer and longer.
Oysters, this day. at MctiuinUia' restaurant.
A cooking prize is to bo contended for at the
State Fair.
Joe Airants departed tor Brooklyn, last nfght,
to see Beecher.
Sol. D. Epstin, Esq., bap departed for New
York, to practice bis profession.
Certain parties are beginning to make a fas*
over liorae racing at the State Fair.
Barbecues and bane bull* will hang np awbile
and linen dusters be swathed in camphor.
Hall and Felker, the counterfeiters, ?u before
Judge Bryan, this morning, in Charleston.
The lost of the garrison has departed from
(?recnville. The Columbia detail follow* soon.
The crack military company of ShviiiiiiuIi has
promised to be present at our fair und compete
tor the prize.
Some men spend more money in getting their
wive* iiiuu ihejr do in taking cure ui them wi.ru
once in actual possession.
The novel perpetual motion luuchinu invented
by nu ingenious mechanic of this city, will bo
exhibited nt the fair, next month.
Mr. Con way requests us to say that he was not
intoxicated when arrested, the other day. He
hail. il<iiilitles->( seen Prof. Cookc, and was spirit*
ua lixed.
"Gracious mo!" exclaimed an old lady on the
witness-stand in one of our courts, yesterday.
"llOW should I know anything about anything
I don't know anything about?"
The merchant orator, (J. F Jacksoh, returned
homo, yesterday, from his Northern trip. Hi
says business is very brisk in New York, and
that there are ninny Southern purchasers.
Kald-hcadcd men. who have heard that kero?
sene was a good remedy, are advised by coinpe
tont authority to lei it severely alone. Let them
ehnriu with their intellect and morality instead
of their head-gear.
Deputy United State*] Marshal U-unt has car?
ried to ChilllestitUlor trial. Hill Hie Kinan and
llenry Williams colored, charged with stealing;
Government property from the barracks of the
Huh Infantry. Williams is hut twelve years old.
A Uo-AlIKAIi Fl KM.?Our young I r.ends.
Cat heart A Ilugood, are creating a sensation
in the cotton market. They Hie located on
Main street, between the stores ol Memri>, Swaf
field mid K I.. Bryan, Ksqrs., ami in addition
Ho their extensive insnrance ami commission
business, arc selling all kinds 01 merchandise
ami grain; taking eiders lor the same, and send?
ing from lirst hands al the very lowest market
prices. They have added to their growing busi?
ness, the purchase or cotton, and arc prepared to
give_tiK? highest pri-es in cash, for the staple
which clothes the world. Onr old eilixe.is recol?
lect when, the streets ol Ih.s city weie covered
With wagons, and upwards of lafiO IhMl hulcs of
cotton were sold in our market iiuiuiully. in
these latler days the business of our city has re?
trograded, aim the sah- of the stap e has uoiiu
down to alow point. I'lie consequence has
naturally led to a con-,?.po.idiug i-duetion of
busiuess in nil huiucln-s a- well ix in cotton.
We are of those who believe that the diminished |
business of oar city lets been caused, to a great
extent, by the waul id live men in the cotton
business. Messrs Cuthcart ?V ilugood, at this
juncture, fill a void which was injuring our city
much; ami with their energy and backed up, as
we learn, with ample capital, we are assured
that they will not only meet with success them?
selves, but help to restore business to oiii city
Planters and Ulmets may be assured llnit they
wdl pay .-m !i prices lor cotton, as ?1.1 make it
their interest |.i send their cotton lo Columbia;
and also it will be to their interest to sell in Co.
In ml. .a. in preference to consigning to Charles?
ton or a Northern market. It was a siiiht aaoil I
for sore r.'/cs. on Siturday, to see the cotton
bales standing on end in front of Cat heart & ,
llagood's office. It looks like old times, looks
like business and means business. We ask our
friends to cull on these gentlemen w hen they I
come to this city, us we are assured thev will j
Hud-lull acquaintance mutually profitable, us
well as agreeable.
Mil. IMiiKNtx: The reader will be interested '
in knowing the occasion which called forth t'.<
following bl'illiaut verses, ami the mo te "t
their composition. A party of '?low country*'
people, of both'exes ami nt' various ages, -iin
0i?CQniidUUitf the luarvcUo'is ff??t herein ride
rated, are iBRRSuFMUlllJa Wits li |?oetie In |'d
ratiou. They-fcel'taa "divine atSl ?u>" surging
in upon tbeir 'souls. Their eyes are in "a Hoc
frenzy rolling " The mountain tiiUt looms in
before tlu-m, b comes a Parnassus. The coo.
fountain tbatslakcs their thlr-t a Pierian sprinc.
Forming a nmgie circle in the shadow of a ve?
nerable oak, each adds a lim- alternately, until
the pastoral poem is completed. This metrical
product of many trains now presents its claim
to a place umo?g the -'Curiosities ol Litern- I
iure:" i
"77o* I'ilgrinidge umI How it iras />?,,?." ?
The sun's hot beanis were |Niur.'llg down.
As thro' a charming llioillitaill town,
A jolly crowd, on plea-lire beut,
In a jolting, apr?iglesa wagon went,
To Uo a Kock.
The Hock wns Dunn,
And it was fun.
To hear each pun
Made by the ga*Mutit Uotn'rlson. ;
The punster Hi--.essayed to climb,
To view the prospect so sublime
When half wa\ lip, he chanced to ;iml, I
His ttenir had Ur,-ii left behind.
With bounding -den ond anxious eye.
He. on a slump, did her espy.
Heaving u deep ami anxious sigh,
And having u little private cry.
'?Oh. (ieorgie, dear!" I began to fear,
That you would never more appear.
To comfort youriilllictod dear. '
And here she dropped u silent tear.
Next came Frank, of heavy weight,
Who reached thutop, but rather late,
Itecuuse of his haggurd. weary mate,
A sight to be seen, but not relate.
Aunt Annie stepped with nwuk ward slide.
Adown the rugged mountain side,
'Twus ??giving a Tiger," made her slip,
Ami clumsily dui.ee the "Boston Dip. '
She r.gained her feet and joined the laugh,
Ami. gatlicilng'up her mountain staff,
Onward and upward she took her way,
A noble teacher of bravery.
And next In order came Mis? Mug,
Who never thro* the day did flag.
lint bounded on o'er hill and crag,
Cutheriug her trophies iu a bag.
Then came Mary, always quiet.
Hut joined that day in tho general riot;
Skipping and hopping, full of glee,
In this sweet lumCof liberty.
Graceful and airy was her Might,
Along the steep and rocky height;
Hut as the sunny day grew hotter,
She moped und fclghed for tho absent Trotter.
There followed next Mitt Lizzie M.,
Who moulded of puns the brightest gem;
The prize, a melon, which she won.
Vanished ere her ascent began.
The vein of climbers scaled the Rock,
But fell and gave her kin a shock.
The secret was, she lacked one more.
To make her two slioc? doubly sure [nhoer.)
Then last of all came Julian V?
As nice a boy as he could be;
He rude l.ehlml upon a stood,
Which, since morning, had no feed.
But aided by the four-fold hoof,
The muleteer scaled the Rocky Roof;
What happenened there 'twill vale and sky,
Was hidden from the Muse's eye.
The shadows long and darkly lay
Across our path, and the mules did bray,
Showing our party came that way.
Thus ended our eventlul day.
Tho friends and acquaintances of Mr. R. W.
Johnson and fanily and of the late John A. J.
Derrick and family, are respectfully invited to
attend the fu.neral of WILLIE C. DERRICK,
at tho residence of the former, THIS A FT Kit
NOON, at half-past 3 o'clock.
Euro-Derm Intelligence.
Atiikns, September 210.?(Jrecce lias Bent a
fresh despatch tu her representative:-, at London,
relative to her attitude. The Creek Minister of
Foreign Affair* points out that neither intimi?
dation nor a coup de main against Oreece ran
suppress Hellenism. An unjust sttack ngainst
Ureece by the. Porte would infallibly csusc an
. insurrection or the entire Hellenist people,
j Viknka. September 80.?The Political Cor
; re*iK>ndvfvv piihliaiuts the loin.wing f/oin Bel
' trade: The M.Histnr. ui" War imseoiictiidc? a
j contract with some large Servian linns for v c'.u
! uling the tour army cor|is which Scrvia intends
: to lorm.
a telegram from Scnijnvo, the capital of the
j Province of Bosnia, says a portion of the Turk
t i-di troops in Bosnia huve been ordered to pro?
ceed in the ditcction of Mostar, the capital of
llcrxegoviniu, and the remainder to the Servian
I.oNUOK, September ?0.?A despatch'from
Pesth, referring to tbe seizure of breech-loader-,
and cartridges in Transylvania, says: It is said
; the design of the Turkish sympathisers In Tran
, sylv inia was the formation of the Hungarian
: legi. nnmbcring 00,000 men, who, acting in
: conjunction with a Turkish corps, were to de?
stroy the. i.'oumanian Railroad. It is rumored
that tin- Hungarian General Klapktt was one
I of the leaders. The whole affair has, however,
been nipped in the laid. A letter from St
Petersburg states that Verestchagin, the well
j known Itussiun, who was severely wounded in
i a monitor light on the Danube, recovered and
j joined tin- army before Plevna, and was there
I killed. This is probably a mistake, for Vercst
' '.hagin's brother, who was killed at Plevna.
A Constantinople despatch says the Turkish
newspapers publish a report that Osrnan P.isha
defeated the ItUssiuns before Plevna. The Porte
refused to permit the transit of timber across the
i Danube for housing the Kussiun wounded.
Snow has ceased falling iu the Balkans, but
heavy rains have Hooded the plains nfSoHa and
' Orkaiii.
Thomas Scrambler Owdea, Alderman for the
ward of Bishopsgute, was elected Lord Mayor
1 of London.
Tin; Times, though it strongh sympathises
with Itussia, prints the following under a prom
incut heading: "Tiii-.itaim ?, S-ptem'.-ei ?It
' is said that the Turkish s<ihli--t> have received
strict orders uo< to fire at any Russian (Selieral,
lest he should lie killed ui disabled, and re?
Sofia, Sunday Kveniog. September 80.?
Trustworthy information Ins been received
. here, that Osinuii I'a.dis has repulsed a heavy
j Riisso* Ron mania n attack on his front und left,
. inflicting heavy losses, Ii Usa:i: ihut he at?
tacked the Russians on the ! oral/, ro.nl and re?
covered several positions. This seems to agree
with the repoit published in Constantinople
new.-pupels, yesterday, that Osimin Pasha had
defeated the Roumanians before Plevna, but
tiler.- is no more reason to believe the one than
the ntl.vr. The details u-enible the tight of
; S'pteiuliei II In I.S remarkably. The Imperial
lim? i umbel iiil .Mi,two. issaid to be due before
I'icMui I.? t! ,- ?ih of October; it is thought
highly ilnpr.ih ,ble that the Iii SsittllS have made
i a genera I a-> . It w t'limt them,
Naim.us. ii> tiil cr I.?Cnidiiiul Sixte Blam
I Slirzii is dead. Ho was !?i>ty-seven years old
und created a Cardinal in Isi.s.
London. October I.?The standard Corres
> poudeiit with the Turkish army, telegraphs
I from Plevna: Osman Pasha's losses from the
Itiissian cautiomule are exceedingly light, but
I on the day wl.cu he look the rcdoulits in the
I So fichu Road, he |o*| :t.<Kl0 men. There are
j now (September 1KI) only l.shk) wounded at
Plevna. a Bucharest special says (Jen. Todlc
ben's opinion ol the situation at Plevnu has
been laid before the (irand Duke Nicholas. It
is understood lie . declares that siege o|>erulion8
ii.i a must extensive scale arc requisite for the
capliiie of of the place. The C/. no witch visited
iioiuy Staden, on Saturday, to relinquish the
command of the left flank and resume com
iiyu.l . J.lu- '"m,"-"!* ' *?|'| gp? , MtOOni -
Turh.sli convoy for Plevna returned to Orkaat,
the ISoi.in inldu cavalry having captured eight
uugnus of grain. The Hrnnd Duke Nicholas
hus liver complaint.
i he tirst Turkish convoy which entered Piev?
it i fon-isted of - ihh) wagons; number of wag?
ons in Um second convoy iintre|k>rted. A tor
respo.idelit says of the Russians before Plevna:
* 'l hey seem completely at sen; they have no
plan no idea, no head, they are waiting for re?
inforcements, which arrive slowly and which,
when all here, will hardly more thuu cover their
losses by battle and sickness during the last two
mouths. History offers no such example of a
splendid army in such an utterly helpless condi?
tion. Suleiman Pnsha is fortifying at Shipka
Pass, apparently with the intention of wintering
A Madras correspondent, reviewing the
actual effects in that Presidency of the famine
and diseases consequent on the famine, says the
registered deuths ol* the present year up to the
end ot June, were :>70.IKKJ above the uveinge.
This, according to the opinion of the district
ollicers. does not represent more than two
thirds of the actual mortality, and we have
further to add the deaths which huve occurred
since, and have not yet been officially reported.
The correspondent's conclusion is that not less
than 7?0,imju |?ersou4 have ?[allen victims, and
even these figures will piobably be largely in?
creased before the famine and its after-wave of
au Hering has finally passed away.
^ American Intelligence.
\ Jacksonvii.i.k September SO.?Two deaths at
Permindinu, to-day. Collector of the Port F.
C. Crossniuu and Harry Smith died lust night
und several cases extremely low, among them
Mayor Uiddell. Three new cases to day.
Salt Lark, September 30. ? On in Porter
Rockwell, the notorious Mormon murderer, and
accredited chief of the Dunitcs, was indicted by
the (irand Jury of the First Judicial District of
the Territory, now iu session ut Prevo, for his
participation in what is generally known us the
Alkin inn?iere. lie was iu astute of intoxica?
tion when an est cd and talked loudly of writing
his confessions. Bishop Robert T. Burton, the
Major Ucneral of the Nauvoo legion, and Dr.
Clinton, who were arrested, have bpth teen re?
leased Iioin custody on ?150,(HX) and $100,000
bail, respectively.
Wasiiinoton, September30.?The verdict iu
the case of Frederick A. ?awyer, ex-8e
iiutvr from South Carolina; William F. Haynas,
of Pennsylvania; ex-Coinmissiouer of Customs
Frank VV. Brooks and Ucneral Roddy, who
were accused of defrauding the Oovernmeut in
a bogus cotton claim, involving upwards ol
?oO.iM?, \?as rendered to day, at IT o'clock, andf
the defendant* found guilty. They wcn|
immediately arrested and conveyed to jail, ana
will lie iiroiight up for sentence to-morrow. }
The 11 ausfer of the Xutionul Repablicbn
newspaper to ex-Sccretaty of lie Navy Robea&i
and A. M. Olapp, lute public printer, to be coi*
ducludaa uu uuti Administration organ, la re?
garded us uuolher step in the movement to crya*
tuhze the eleiiic.uts ut variance with the policy
of President Hsye-' Administration, inaugurated
by Senator Conkting at Rochester. Tho paper,
according to Hie statements of its friends,-,
will be well sustained by tho ultra wing of
the Republican party, and it is proposed to j
engage upon it tho best talent.
Pay Koll Clerk F. R. Uoodrich, of the Interior'
Department, is reported as irregular to the
extent of $J,000, by forgery. Scliura tried to
conceal the matter, but the unfortunate young,
man wrote a letter to his chief, that a woman
hud been hounding and black-mailing him for
Congress will bo convened In extra session ou
the 15tU ilist.
A special to the Baltimore Sun, from Ohio,
reports that tbe Republicans there have made
gains recently, and expect to carry the State by
a handsome majority. The reasons given are
unusual Democratic apathy, iu neglect to regis?
ter, and the withdrawal from the ticket of some
of their leading legislative candidates.
New Yoiik, October 1.?The Pott mys that
the general dissatisfaction with the course ot
Senator Conkling and bis followers in the Ro?
chester Convention baa resulted in a proposal to
call a Republican mass meeting in this city, for
the purpose of expressing the true sentiment of
the party. The project originated among the
members oi the Union League Club, who,
while wishing to support the Republican Mute
ticket, are anxious to disclaim any approval of
the attack mude in the convention upon the Ad?
ministration und its supporters.
A letter from Silver City. New Mexico, says
that, between 400 and BOO Apc;!;e warriors,
with squaws and papooses, have left the San
Carlos reservation, und Mlong the (>ila River
they have killed twenty people, burned ranches,
etc. Nine bodies were buried at Silver City on
the 13th, and great excitement exists there. All
the people are urmiug. Thirty armed citizens
have gone from Clifton, Arizona: to meet the
savages, and thirty more from Silver City.
Sixty more will go dowu as soou as arms arc
At Friar*B Bav, Me., while two trays were in
a boat, one aged nine fell overboard, when the
other, a few years older, jumped afUr him.
Both were drowned.
?ETKOIT, October I.?Two freight trains col?
lided on the T? W. & W. Uoad; two engines,
fifteen cars and a ride-stealing tramp burned:
loss 91511,0011.
VYasuinoiok, October I. ?The present stair
of the National Republican embraces Messrs.
A. M. Clapp. editor-in-chief; N. Davidson, ma?
naging editor; Clias. L. Flanagan, A. B. Tnl
cott, IL 1'. Goodwin aud Joseph Y. Patts, as?
sociates. The salutatory of marly three co?
lumns, was generally read und discussed.
Extracts: "We cannot consent by silence on
that point, that our attitude towards the pre?
sent National Administration shall be misun?
derstood or misinterpreted. Having devoted
our best abilites and efforts to secure the eleva?
tion of (ten. Rutherford B. Hayes to the Presi?
dency, us the representative of the Republican
parly and its pronounced principles, it will lie our
highest pleasure to sustain nil his measures and
policies, that are in harmony with Republican
principles, usages und traditions. To take any
other course would, in our judgment, tie in?
consistent with political good faith, und render
us remiss in duty. To expect mure or less of
us now. would lie to impugn our political integ?
rity and qilestiSlI our good sense us Republi?
cans. We shall furor und advocate all public
improvements by which inter-State commerce
may be pinmntcd and strengthened, nnd the
resources of the entire nation may he developed
into wide-spread prosperity. We shall not con?
tend for a tariff for protection but for revenue.
We are iiP favor of remonetlzlng silver nnd
making it a legal tender of equal value with
gold for nil debts dne the Government und the
pcoide. We shall advocate the issue of green?
backs, bucked by the national faith, to ail
amount equal to the wants of business and
trui.e. and which shall be received the suiue as,
gold and silver for all dues to the Government
and individuals."
it is confidentially stated that Senator Wal?
lace, of lYun., is opposing Randall for Speaker,
nnd somewhat more loosely stated that the
Pennsylvania delegation,'except one, is solid
for Randall.
The California tragedian, John McCullougb,
opens his Southern tour, to-night, at Richmond,
in Richelieu. Travelling with McCullongh urc
Messrs.|Levick land Lawrence, Miss Eleanor
Curry. Mrs. Allen and others, under the general
management of John T. Ford.
A Norfolk despatch, yesterday, says the Gulf
Stream, from Charleston, S. C for New York,
with au ussoitcd cargo und Com teen passengers,
altera stormy passage of four days, put in here
lor coal. The cuptuin reports fearful weather
on the const, and heavy North-west gnles. No
wrecks repotted.
The bodies of Abner James and his wife,
locked in each other's arms nnd with n hnnd of
each clenched around a revolver, were found in
the woods near Zancsville, Ohio. They lived
unhappily together, although only married four?
teen months. There la much excitement, bnt
wbaVt -rn tir-fc?nt-ru4c tncl nmrd^rer cannot be -.
Incendiary negroes in the Teclie country of
Louisiana have begun firing sugar houses and
four have recently been destroyed, involving a
loss of fully ?150.000,
Schleinbergcr' ?t Sons! morocco and tallow
mill, in Philadelphia, destroyed by Are; loss
?175.000: fully insured.
Another installment of 500 Mormons from
Europe has Hrrivcd in New York, for Utah.
The large and thriving village of Putnam,
Eastern Connecticut, was nearly destroyed by
tire, early this morning. The business portion is
nil gone except the National Bank and new
hotel. Loss about 300,000. Insurance largely
distributed in this State and New York.
Financial and Commercial.
Columbia, October 1.?Cotton steady?mid?
dling in.JaHJ.i- sales 75 bales.
Lonoon. October 1.?Consols 05 1-115.
Paris. October 90.?Rentes 105f. 31%.
Liverpool; October 1.?Cotton easier but not
quotably lower?middling uplands 6J; middling
Orleans 0i: sales 10,000 bales; speculation and
export LOCO: receipts 100; no American. Fu?
tures sellers at Saturday's quotations?uplands,
low middling clause, October and Novcmbei
delivery, 64; November and December 61; Dec*
ember and January rbj; January and February
0 5-16; February aud March 61; new cropshippil
October and November sail t>4; November ami
December ?J; December and January 6J; Janu?
ary and February 0 $?-39. Sales American 0.550.
New York, October 1.?Stocks firm. Gold
2J. Money 4- Exchange?long4.82; short 4.86$. .
State bonds quiet. Governments weak, lower.
Cotton dull?uplands 11J; new Orleans 114;
sales 544. Futnres shade lower?October 11.05
u 11.07: November lO.lfejafM: December I0.92a94;
January ll.02all.04; February 11,16*18. Flour
dull. Wheat heavy Corn steady. Pork firm?'
14.15a95. Lard tirm?steam9.22J. Freights firm.
Baltimore, October I,?Flour dull?Howard
Street and Western super 3.75s 5; extra S.OOafj;
family H.50aK.25; city mills super 4a4.75; extra
6.3na0.75. Wheat steady?Southern red, good
to prime 1.33a 1.45; amber 1.48a50, Western 1.29.
Southern com steady?white and yellow OlaTL
Western steady.
Saws, Saws, Saws.
TT AND, Pannel and Ripping SAWS.
JIX Tcnnon, Circular and Key-hole Saws.
/Cross-cut, Framing and Mill Saws.
f Wood, Butcher's and Kitchen Saws.
In great variety and various qualities, con?
stantly on hand. Also, Circular Saw-, of Dose
ton's or Hoe's ma nn faoture. or any size, brought
out to order on short notice and for sale low
down by JOHW AOKEW.
Sato ?t *<w ftfors.

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