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SJbf Dalmttto jijcrali>.
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r>ivrimv or Riinwiv
Lots of the Steomer Alice Price,
? &c., &c., &c.
We are la receipt of important and
gratifying intelligence from Florida.
s Gen. Birney last week went on an expev
ditlon from Jacksonville, which resulted
in a complete success, the defeat of all
the rebels encountered the destruction
of railroad bridges and other works important
to the rebels, and the capture of
Baldwin, which has been in the enemy's
possession since the affair at Olustee.
The forces left Jacksonville on Saturday,
Sunday and Monday, and proceeded
up the river. The principal landing
was at Taylor's Fonl, Black Creek.
The principal fighting was at Whitesville,
where, after a brisk skirmish, the enemy
were completed routed. One column
undjr Lt.-CoL Morga%of the 75th Ol^o,
was sent out to destroy an important
bridge and trestle work, 12 milts from
Baldwin.. Tld3 rras accomplished, and
the party returned to the main column.
A column, under the command of
Col. Harris, of the 75th Ohio, proceeding
up the north fork of Black Creek,
charged on the enemy at a ford culled
Clay Hills, defeated "them, drove them
across, and then crossed over after. This
column then joined the main one, which
Sroceeded to Trail Ridge, on the Cedar
Leys Railroad, destroyed two trestleworks,
and then took "the old Alachua
Trail to Darby's Still, on the Lake City
Railroad, five miles fiom Baldwin, where
another slight skirmish occurred.
A water-tank and trestle-work were
destroyed here, and a .store house, con
tuiog 2,000 barrels of rosin was accidendatlly
set 011 fire by sparks from the
other fire, and was destroyed, with all its
On Tuesday morning the whole force
left Darhey's Still and marched ;nto
The enemy evacuated the town during
the previous night, taking the Brandy
Creek Road. Our troops pursued them
as far as Brandy Creek, and then returned.
Wc now hold Baldwin and Camp MilIon,
where the entrenchments constructed
by our troops in the last campaign
were found intact.
At Baldwin considerable spoils
were obtained, including guns, sabres,
forage, and a mail. In" the .alter was
found a letter Irom which we learn that
the reld force consisted of they'd Florida
Cavalry, Fcotts Battalion, lcur companies
of Reserves, Villi pigues Artiliciy,
and Dunham's Artillery.
The railroad between Jrckscnville and
Baldwin has been repaired, and is now
in decent running order. Trains pass
rwer ro-ul between those two points
The transport steamer Alice Price?
the same whieh bad the narrow escape
trom torpedoes on the 5 h ult.?lias been
wreoktd. She got aground ia Nassau
Creek one day lust wet k, and a* the tide
went uovD broke in two amidships.
She wi6 cn old steamer, and the lime ibv
which she was chartered had nearly expired.
2s o lives were lost.
Within a tew days, a locomotive and
seven tars have bet n raptured on the
railroad between Baldwin anil Fem mdina.
FV SEMATI058.?C?pt. L. \Y. MctcalP,
Pmvof-1 M::r*hf} at Beaufort. h:>s l?cen
i r-Lied wilh* a sword, sash :;n?l Ix-lr,
i?v in 1 men of the h 2*. Y.
\\l.i.. ?v;ipl'?ved*m liU department.
Ti e line ofllcera 01 the blii V. S. C. T.
harp a Snr^<?i:> ?\xvrA auu
r \ ."**
- m mj. ..- ' ?
belt to A -istant Surgeon Ira Perry, ac-;
companied by a very complimentary
written testimonial.
By the steamer Delaware, which arrived
here last Sunday, orders came from
Washington for Gen. llimoy to rejvort at
the North. He has accordingly been rei:
i f?~ i.:,. ??? l
UCYl'U llUIIl lll> lAMlIUKLUU III riUHUO, dliU
Brig.-Gen. J. P. Hatch ordered to the
command ot that District. Gen. Hatch
is succeeded in the command of the Dis-.
trict of Hilton Head, bv Brig.-Gen. E.
E. Potter. The order in which Gen.
Potter assumes command will be found,
in our advertising columns.
Gen. Hatch's departure from here will
be deeply regretted by a host of friends
formed since he came to the Deoartment,
a stranger except by reputation. Their
best wishes will lollow him.
Gen. Potter announces as Acting Assistant
Adjutant General, Lieut. William
C. Manning. Gen. Potter also retains
command of the post of Beaufort in GenSaxton's
The United States Ship Vermont
left this harbor for the North on
| 5 Ion day afternoon, in tow of the James
i Adger. The New Hampshire takes her
p;ace here, fcer officers having been trans- '
ferred to the Vermont, and the Vermont's
to lier.
Paymaster Frank C. Crosby, naval
storekeeper on the Vermont, went North
in her, and his place on the New Hampshire
is filled by Paymaster II. K. Douglas.
The navai supply steamer Massachusetts
sailed lor Philadelphia at noon on
Monday, carrying mails.
Capt. Bradford, Fleet Captain, went
North in the Massachusetts, on leave of
absence. Lieut. M. S. Johnson is acting
as Fleet Captain in his absence.
Admiral Dahlgron, with the fiag-steam
r-Philadelphia. has arrived at this station
from off Charleston some days since,
and as now here.
The supply steamer Admiral ar
* a V i \-l _ - \f 1
riveu uere irom uricans, on .uonuay
night. She left there on the 24th. She
brought no news of importance.
From the latest naval bulletin -in thfc
Army and Navy Journal we tike the iollowing:
Ordenxl?Lt. Henry F. Picking, to the
S. Atlantic Squadron; Lieut.-Com. Wm.
II. I>ana, to take passage to Charleston,
S. C., for the commend of the Winona;
Acting Master Ik M. Baldwin, to the
Sonoma, South Atlantic Squadron.
Detached?Lieut-Coin. William K.
Mayo, from special duty at New York,
and" ordered to take passage to Charleston,
! S. C.. for the command of the Nuhaut;
1 Id cut- John lt. Bartlett, from the New
Iroj^ides, and ordered to the Susquehanna
; commander J. M. Duncan, from the
j South Atlantic Squadron, and awaiting
orders; Acting Ensign J). XV. llodsou,
; from the Currituck, and ordered to take
Eassnge to Charleston for duty on the
lehiiib; Acting Ensign P. VY. Townc,
from the Lehigh, and ordered North;
Acting Mater Samuel Hall, from the
; South Atlantic Sqn-ulron yid waiting
j orders; Acting Ensign Silas Owen, from
; the South Atlantic S juadron and ordered
to the Potomac Flotilla; Acting Master's
Mute J. A# II. Willuiutb, from the South
Atlantic Squadron.
Orders Revoked?Lieut.-Com. Paul I
j Shirley, to command the Mingoe, and
ordered to take passage to Charleston, S.
C., to command the Paul Jones; Lieut.Com.
A. A. Semuiea, to command the
AfCatney, and ordered to Chnrieston, S.
C., for the command of the Lchigil: Acting
En>ign G_o. W. Williams, to the
Shamrock. and ordered to take mssiire !
i to Charleston, S. C.. forctutv in the South j
[Atlantic Sr. ti'ii*.>n : AetSag A?>i>ta&t |
i lhrymast r Fnuik II, Auks, to the New |
; U.-iinp^hire aud < rderod to duty at Fort i
I loyal. S. C., under the direction of Fay- '
f m.ibt' r Douglua.
; / pp' hittU?Ileter Chandler Wiltius
anil Joseph L\ thgoe, Acting Third As-j
sistant Engineers, and ordered to the
South Atlantic Squadron; John II. Foster,
Acting First Assistant Engineer, and
ordered to the South Atlantic Squadron; j
George B. Airily, Acting Ensign, and or-;
tar-red to the South Atlantic Squadron;;
Woting Ensign Daniel Letter, and ordered
to the DaffodilPromoted?Acting
Ensign "William E. |
Thomas, of the Nahant, to Acting Master. !
Rebel papers of the ."oth have been received
here, from which wc make the
fnltnu-iner pvtfftcts ;
Macon, July^9.?Onr latest advices
by mail and telegraph inform us that the
enemy yesterday attacked our left, extending
"from the city towards the Chattahoochee,
but were repulsed and driven
back alKmt a mile.
Late last evening orders were received
telegraph to send on cars to bring our
wounded to the rear.
A telegram dated yesterday from otlicers
of liigh rank in our army to General
Johnston says?" Fighting is now going
on. "We have driven them. Details not
known. Generals Stewart, Pearing, and
Walthall are reported wounded." A private
telegram from Griflin reports General
Wheeler also wounded.
A cavalry l'orcc of the enemy (strength
unknown/struck the Macon and Western
Railroad, IhjIow Joncsboro, this
morning, and are reported tearing up the
fails in this direction. The other cavalry
force of the enemy is, to-day, reported
near Atlanta, and" advancing towards
this place.
ti._ mi ? a
n ioiix?t!?. winy -;\?me n-iums ui
the army vote in ami around Wilmington
are now all in, and give Vance 2, lit) and
Holden 27i>. The 4th regiment X C.
troops gave Vance t?sC majority.
Passengers who arrived in Savannah
rejiort a tight at Brand v Branch, in FloridA.
On Sunday monuug last the enemy
burnt the bridge over St. Mary's 1 liver. I
six miles above Baldwin. A tight took
place on Sunday between the enemy and
onr troops uiuh r .Major G. W. Seott, who
commands a batnUinu. The result is not
known. Our informants learned that on
Monday last the Second Florida Cavalry,
under Lieutenant Colonel McCormick,
engaged the enemy at Brandy Branch,
and at last accounts tLe tight was slid
General Patton Anderson has been re- |
lifved from his command in Florida, and
ordered to the Army of Tennessee. Genefa!
John K. J.ncksoh has taken command
of the Florida Department, and has arrived
at headquarters. We are gratified
to learn that our forces in Florida are sufficient
to repel any attack the enemy
may make. The present advance of the
enemy is supposed to l>e nothing more
than "a raid in order to destroy bridges
and othe r property. The Lake City Columbian
oi Wednesday has the following
in relation to the raid ?
The train on Moiulav left fi r Baldwin
at its usual hour, but returned vurv early !
and brought back the startling news that
the trestle neit)hs the St. Mary sltiver was
on fire, and that the guard stationed there
tvas missing stud their tan ins burned.?
fllhtrtruih again went down in the afternoon
with a detachnunit of troops, and a
more thorough examination was had. It
was ascertained that both ends of the
trestle were burned and the work ofdest
.notion was completed with tne ax *. It
is said the work was done bv a raiding j
party who came trom Middlehurg and i
crossed the country to the St. Mary's to ;
the rear of Baldwin, where a portion. of;
our forces were stationed.
We understand that five transports i
came up to Middlehurg ami hu led a j
f? ree, numbers unknown. Titer separated
into two parties. It :s sta'ed one of j
those parties was cm^a^u i?y .u.ror v?. ;
SeoTt and his CMiiUianl day bei'oiv j
jyesterday with good s'teet ss; the par-.
.tierJars "we have not ascertained. We
will not allude to the thousand and one
sti.rtling rumors whieh are ailoat Tae
general impri saion teems to be that the
road was cut to pievcut our l'orccs 1|< >m
overtaking and punishing them, i'lio
impression seems in military -circles to
obtain that we Lave force sufiicieal to
repel them.
Since the above was written the train
has again returned Irom below, and we
learn that the trestle at St Mary's had
been again on lire. A prisoner who was
captured stated that the raiding forces
consist of lour regiments of negroes, five
pieces of artillery, and about one hundred
and luc it}-five white troops. Tnat their
intention was not to cross the St. Mary's
River, but to cut the road; and that all
the Yankee troops had left Jacksonville.
Their rviilrnt. i:.l?>nlinn w r:iulb:o- in
South Florida.
Since our last report, which closed on
Thursday evening at G o'oclock, themuu'lx
r of shells thrown at the city has been
During Tursday night and Friday,
Battery Gregg fired three hundred and
fifty shots ut Fort Sumter. Sullivan's
Island during the same period fired one
hundred and fortv-cight shots at Batteiy
Gregg. Battery \Vaguer reopened tire oh
Fort Sumter yesterday, tiring eleven
shots; and the Yankee batteiy at Light
House Inlet'threw seven shells at our
works on James Island.
Yesterday morning the enemy was noticed
at work with a gin in the Middle
Battery, either mounting or dismounting
A correspondent of the Griflm Rebel
rives the follow in- news from the. (ieor
gia front:
The enemy bare shortened their liurs
considerably since tise battle of July TJ.
Our light is fully two miles in advance
of the position it occupied previous to
that engagement. The enemy at present
seem to be acting on the defensive,
throwing up fortificniions to hold his position
preparatory to the inauguration of
another tiank movement, which we have
reason to believe will be less successful
than heretofore. Among the Yankee officers
captured is Lieutenant Breckinridge,
son of Rev. Dr. Breckinridge of
As an evidence of Gen. Ilood's deter
mutation to increase the strength ami
efficiency of the army, an order has just
been issued, from headquarters, requiring
all able bodied men in the different
departments to report at once at the
front, and requiring, whenever it can
possibly be done, the heads of departments
to perform their own clerical labor,
and. when that is impracticable, the employment
of men unfitted for the field.
Tlusjordcr Is dim ted. net only to Quartermasters,
Commissaries, Commandants
of Posts, Provost .Marshals and Surge ons,
but also to the Cent rals. Enfort e<), it
will bring' several thousand additional
men to the field
The Federals have brought nearly their
nni'ro fnnv* jut >.s tl.o vIvof ? ?.! 1...,
but few tloops to guard their line ofoont- .
umnication from Marietta. In the lull of
active hostilities they are bu.?ily engaged
repairing the railroad bridge aeiosslho
Chattahoochee, and it is supposed the i:*
work an id be completed by Thursday,
as they had nearly finished it on yesterday.
General Hood remains quiet vvitil.they
work at the! ridges, lor as we learn,
lie anticipates get!iujr possession ot them
before they can use them.
1 Ikaikjl'auts;ks, July 25th, 1S01.
lion. James A. Seudon :
Gin. Early states that lie attacked
Major General Crook on the 24th instant,
on the <0d battle-field ot' Kernstown,
completely fouling liini ar.d pursued him
five miles beyond \\ iuchesicr, when it-.;
was compelled to halt from the exhaustion
of his men, they having marched
twenty-five miles that day.
The pursuit was continued by the cavalry.
Among the prisoners captured was
Gen. Muiligun, moitally wounded.
Brig. Gen. Lilly and other oiiicers and
men captured 011 the iOtk were r covered.
Tb sir* nglh < f .he enemy is stated to
hive been fifteen thousand infantry, Iksides
the cavalry under Avciill.
U. K. Lkk. General.
At 111'* I'Vt-'l.'I'Kf*' /if ?\l*IC/?11i.VJ /?U*
Champion, "Wednesday, rebel papers ui
that dale were rec? ived.
An account oi a but lie :i Petersburg
indicates that C!r.;ut was vitlortou?.

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