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Rotoiceii, 3d, That we do not 'pat ourselves in
position of a conquered city asking terms of the
conqueror, but we claim the immunities ?nd priv- 1
ileges contained in the Proclamation and Ales- i
sage of the President of thetUnited States, and in
all the legislation of Congress iu refereuce to a
people situated as we are, and while we owe ou
our part a strict obediedce to the laws of the United
States, we ask the protection over our persons,
lives and property, recognised by those
He-wired, 4th, That we respectfully request his
Excellency, the Governor, to call a Convention
of the People of Georgia, by any constitutional
means in his power, to give them an opportunity
of voting upon the question, whether they wish
the war between the two sections of the country
to continue. 1
RfterJrfi.1 Kilt- Thtif \fftt/M? rjpnprfll Shprman
having placed as Military Commander or this '
Post, Brigad'er^Oeneral Geary, who has, by bis |
urbanity as u gentleman and his nniform kindness
to our citizens, done all in his power to pro- 1
tect them and their property from insult and injury,
it is the unanimous desire of all present
that be be allowed to remain in bis present position,
and that for the reasons above stated, the
tianks of the citizens are hereby tendered to him
and the officers under his command.
Bemicrti, 6ik. That an o?d;il copy of these revolutions
be sent to the President of the United
State*, the Governor of Georgia, General Sherman,
and to each, the Mayors of Angnsta, Columbus,
Macqn and Atlanta.
Mayor Arnold has divided the city into <
Wards, Tor the purpose of distributing (
- lood to the destitute, and seems to be
doing everything in his power to ameliorate
the condition of the citizens. Gen,
> Geary, commanding the city, holds frequent
conferences with him, and com- ,
plies with all reasonable aequests for the
benefit of the population.
Gen. Sherman has issued an order give
ing protection to citizens in legitimate
pursuits, and requiring only reasonable
restrictions, continuing the Mayor and
C'itv Council in their functions, who. in
concert with the Commandant of the
Post, are directed to m tke provision for
the needy. Those who wish to leave Sa- <
vsnnah are given permission, and those !
w.io remain are require to prove them- j
pelves loyal. The newspapers are re- <
stricted to two, the editors and publish- I
era of which are held responsible for
what appears in print.
A blockade runner was captured yesterday,
and I draw on the Republican j
for an account. I
"The sloop Rebecca Hertz, Capt. King,
about two weeks from Nassau, N. P., !
dropped anchor in our river last evening, i
about six o'clock, opposite the Gas '
Works, little anticipating flic change that
had recently taken place in the govern
inent of our city, rne k. h. is a Bmau
vessel of about thirty tons burthen, was
in this city, completed in the month j
tcmber last, and is owned by Mr. l
^Rdwinf riortz, merchant; and Captains j
King and Threadcraft, river pilots of this
city. Her cargo consisted of tea, sugar, J
coffee, salt and pepper. Tlie vessel was i
turned over to Treasurer Brown, of the !
Quartermaster s Department, yesterday ;
morning bv Capt. King on his discover- <
tag the sita&tio'n of affairs in these quarters1'
To-morrow a parade of the Fire Department
occurs, which promises to be 1
a grand display.
There have been no important changes
of position in Gen. Hatch's command 1
since our last issue.
On 8unday night last a new marsh
battery was brought to bear on the railroad,
and a passing train was detained by
the fire from it. Previously, after three
days' suspension, the can had succeeded
in passing to some extent It is doubtful
if any cars have got past since 8unday,
and to a temporary scarcity of am muni- ,
?nn So ftftrihnted the success of the Dre
vious attempts at running past.
A portion of Gen. Hardee's army has
passed the point on the railroad opposite
which our forces are. They did not dare
attempt going by on the railroad, but repaired
an old wagon road, on which they
marched around the threatened locality. |
There have been no casualties of late,
and all the troops are ip good condition I
and spirits. i
? ? . . . ? _ i?!.r_s.u i
Gen Hatcn nns Deen on a unci msu w
Savannah, Gen. Potter remaining in com- I
mand at Deveaux' Neck. !
, \
Messrs. C. Saville & Co., of the Pal- i
metto Heiald Store, have sent us a full 1
assortment of late Northern papers, of j
which they received a shipment by i
the Fulton. They have a large supply of J
stationerv and fancy goods, at wholesale !
and retail, and keep as good a store as i
can be found iu the army. 11
Caftuke of Union Officers in Florida.?On
Saturday last a band of rebel
guerillas in Florida, succeeded in capairing
Col. Noble, of the 17th Condecti:ut$sLieut.
Rice, As sistant Provost Marshal
of the District of Florida, aa& Capt
Eoung, formerly of Brig. Gen. Birney's
Staff, but now discharged the service,
svbile tliey were on the way troin Jackjonville
to St. Augustine. Capt. Young
fva8 discharged on account of indisposition,
which disabled him from marching
tor some anya v erv iew casualties, nowever,
from exchanges of missiles. A number of
Union general and other, officers have reoeived
leaves of absence for the holidays. Very cold
weather has prevailed around Richmond and Petersburg
receqajfc Richmond papers say that
dnring the weoraidiug on the 16th inst? there
arrived in that city from the Union annua one
hundred and eighty deserters, who would be forwarded
to the border to start for their homes in
Fbanki.ik, Tknjc, Dec. 22, 1864.?The rebel retreat
from Franklin to Duck river beggars all
description. Hood told his corps commanders to
get on the best way they could with their commands.
Frank Cheatham told his aunt. Miss
Page, that Hood was ordered to Nashville
against his own wishes, but he blames Hood for
not attacking Schofleld at 8pring Hill. Hood
ordered Bate to attack at Spring Hill, and he did
not do it The rebel army is now beyond Columbia.
During the rebel tarry in front of Nashville
they captured but two locomotives and ten
cars. The railroad is bat little impaired, and
trains are running up to Spring H1Q; but two
small bridges are destroyed. Trains were ran to
Murfreesboro on Sunday. Telegraph communication
is all right with all points. Bat two small
trestles are destroyed on the Johnsonville road.
Johnsonville itself was not destroyed. The rebel
toss dnring the campaign was seventeen thousand
men, Hfty-one cannon captured and eighteen general
officers. The killed at Franklin numbered
fourteen hundred, the wounded three thousand
eight hundred, and one thousand prisoners were
taken. Toe killed and wounded in toe battle*
before Nashville and retreat to Columbia were
three thousand killed and wounded and eight
thousand prisoners. The Union loss in the "battle
at Franklin was two thousand; before Nashville
not four thousand. The total Union lose will not
reach seven thousand, with two generals slightly
wounded. Hood has a pontoon above the shoals
on the Tennessee river, where oar gunboats can
not reach them. Hood marched on Franklin
with forty thousand men, inclnding cavalry, and
sixty-five pieces of artillery. He lost just half bis
general officers, and, counting in deserters which
are coming in and stragglers which are being captured.
he will lose nearly half his men. The rout
is complete, although his army Is not quite annihilated,
Nasuvillx, Tenn., Dec. 23, 1864.?The latest
accounts from the front locate General Thomas'
headquarters at Kutherford Hill yesterday morning,
eight miles this side ot Columbia. Since
that time our forces have crossed Duck liver and
have moved to a point south of Columbia. Our
cavalry forces crossed at Hunter's ford, below
Columbia, and dashed into the town, the eusmv
meanwhile retreating without firing a shot We
captnred about fifty stragglers. The rebel force
was at last accounts at Pulaski yesterday morn*
ing. They are probably some distance south of
that place to-day. They are closely followed by
our cavalry. No particular damage was done to
the town of Columbia by the passage through it
of the two armies. At least one-third of Hood's
aamy are without arms aud equipments, ever}'*
thing which impedes their flight having beeu
thrown away. Kebel deserters'and prisoners report
the only effective corps of Uoou's army to
by S. D. Lee's. Forres# ejected a Junction with
Hood at Columbia on Tuesday evening. TLe '
water on the shoal# w fifteen ieet deep and at .1 j
stand stfli.
ft .t
it ine rapiu puce uie gueriuos uuusiucicu
necessary. The others were retained,
and are still in the enemy's hands.
Another Blockade Runner Captured.?On
the 23d the U. 8. Steamer
Acacia, commanded by Acting Master
Barrymore, off Cape liomain, captured
the blockade runner Julia, a steamer,
with 400 bales of cotton on board, and
other valuable freight. She was from
Charleston, bound for Nassau. She arrived
here yesterday, (Wednesday.;
Northern News by the FiIUb*
From our Northern files, by the Fulton,
we copy the following:
[From the New York Herald, Dec. 24th.]
Some intelligence has reached us from the army
and naval expedition nnder General Butler and
Admiral Porter, which sailed from Hampton
Roads on the 13th inst The Richmond papers
r>f Thursday, the 22 d, contain a despatch from
General Bragg, dated on the preceding day, at
Fort Fisher, below Wilmington, N. C? stating
that the entire fleet was in sight, hot conld not
operate, the weather being unfavorable. He expresset
confidence in the ability of the rebel forces
to hold Wilmington.
Occasional exchanges of shots between the
pickets and the artillery firing in the neighborhood
of the Dutch Gap canal are all that have disturbed
the quiet of the armies on the James river
Boots and shoes made and repaired
AT NO. 2 Beoadwat.
Choice Square and Tobacco.
Beer, that cauoot be beat
Apples, prime Batter.
Also. Shoe-findings for Sale at the above place.
wm. m. williams,
Books and stationery.
Just received at the Palmetto Herald Store
a large shipment of goods from New York aud
Boston, embracing
Longfellow, Bryant Whittler, Tennyson, Mrs.
B'owning, in bine and gpld.
standard NOVELS.
Cooper, Dickens, Thackeray, Dumas, Chas.
Reade, Wilkie Collins, Mrs. Grey, Trollope, and
popular novels.
Gold Hunters, Emily Chester, Down in Tennessee,
Ac.. Ac.?cloth.
fHKIad Tartar WrifitN flfmcr TVv)kfL
Cookery Book*, Pocket Dictionaries," (several
styles), Hoyle's Games, Ac. ?
Patten's and Hardee's Infantry Tactics;
Brandt's Gunnery; Field and Heavy Artillery
Geographies and Atlases* Grammars, Readers,
Arithmetics, Spelling Books: also. Dime Novels'
(Beadle's and Monroe's), and a full supply o/
standard and other Novels, in paper coven.
"Medallion," "Agawarn," 'Crystal," "Manhattan."
and "Dove" Mills Note, "Franeon
la." "Acawam." " Wlnthron." "Manhattan."
and "Crystal" Quarto, "Manhattan" and
" Franconia n Cap; Bill and Legal Cap; Music
Billet, Note, Letter, and Official Envelopes?
assorted styles?white, buffi cream, lemon,
salmon, and opaque. Pencils in great variety.
Pens.?Gillott's 303, 304, Mi, and^ "Swan
QuillWashington Medallion, Qnlllf Republican,
Falcon, Index, Commercial and Eagle.
Gold Pens, Various sixes, with and without cases.
Ruling Pens, in Ivory and Ebony. Arnold's
Writing Fluid, qts. and ptt>.; Maynard A Noyes'
do., qts. and pts,, and stands: Blue and Carmine
Ink. Rubber and Ebony Rulers?round, square
and flat. Paper Folders, wood and ivory! Sealing
Wax, assorted colors. Ink Stands, every
style. Pen Racks: Cribbage, Backgammon and
and Chess Boards; Chess, wood and ivory: Dice
and Dice Cups; Dominoes; Playing Cards;
Scissors; Knives : Match Safes; Pocket Books ;
I Tnnth W?ll and Hair Brushes : Combs:
Pencil Sharpener*; Split Rings; Cork Screw*.
Portfolio* of every style. Slates, assorted sixes.
Account Books, (1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 qoireaj octavo,
quarto and cap.Photograph
Albuiqs (of best manufactory: 100,
60, 40, 3o, 20,12 Pictures : Pocket and Extension
A full assortment of Plain aid Colored Card
Photographs, Ac., Ac, Ac, to which we invite
attention of Dealers and the Public generally,
ERY, Ac, Ac
I am prepared to supply X. Y. Newspapers,
Ths Palmetto HnuLn, Literary Papers, Magazines,
Books, Stationery, Ac., at \\ holesale or
Box 96, Hilton Head, P. O.
Jnst arrived per steamer Ceres, a wall se
lected stock of Dry Goods, consisting of Alapaccaa,
Delaines, Cloaks. Shawls, Hoods, Ac. Also
a fine assortment of Boots and Shoes. At wholesale
and retail, as cheap as can be bought at Hilton
Head. Call and see.
No. 14 Merchants' Row
We have the honor to inform the residents ef
this Department that we have lost opened a Ooneclionery
Establishment and first-class Bakery In
Sam. A. Coolsy's Building at Beaufort, at which
we are prepared promptly to fill anv orders which
may be forwarded to as. Special attention is
paid to the manufacture of Ornamental Piece*
Fancy Confectionery, and Elegant Paatry, for
holiday or festival tables.
Hilton Head, 8. C. E. & RIDDKlL.
mj tupuna ib iwr ot raBw, _
/ H. TvNttlWi Preyrietee.
Hudqdaxtzzn Dot. or the South,
Hiltoh Hjud* 8. C., Dec. *9,1801
GxsrauL OicoaJ
No. 171. j
which convened at Beaufort, S. C., by virtue
of Special Order* No. 185, current series, lrom
Headquarters, U. S. Force*, District of Beaufort,
2d Separate Brigade, dated Beaufort, S. C.. Oct
24, 1804, and of which CoL Henry L. Chipman,
lO-.'d Regiment U. S. C. T., is President waf arraigned
aud tried: .
2d Lieut Abraham A. Van Guelder, Co. K.
26th Regiment U. S. C. T., on the following
r\\ ..?j cnA?;iiAo?iA.,d
| VUAI^CB ?UU 0{/CUUUivivuo
I Charge 1st?"Disobedience of Orders."
i 8pecrdcation 1st?"In this; that 2d Lieatenant
Abraham a. Van Guelder, Co. K, Vtith U.
S. C. Troops, aud officer of Poet Guard, at
lieaafort, when told by Lieatenant H. A.
llawkee, Assistant Provost Marshal, beaul
fort District, to pass ail persons with a Day
and Night pass, signed oy the Commanding
Officer of the District or Post, did po-r
.lively refuse to do so, and did stop one Q."
L. Gilbert, a civilian, who had a Day and
Night pass signed by order of Col. William
biii.ruon. Commanding Poet, then signed !
officially by Lieutenant C. H. Mattison,
Poet Adjutant, and kept him under arret*
uutil released by Lieutenant H. A. Hawker,
Assistant Provost Marshal, Beaufort District."
This at Beaufort, 8. C., on the 18th
day of Sept, 1304.
Specification ia?"In this: that 2d Lieutenant
Abraham A. Van Guelder, Co. K, :6th U.
8. C. Troops, and officer of Poet Guard, did
again arrest G. L. Gilbert civilian, alter be
had been released by Lieut H. A. Hawker,
Assistant Provost Marshal, and did keep
him for several hours, and when atked by
said Gilbert to be released, said be would
not release him until the Provost Marshal
* ??"'* ?? I*? *a aIva ktm (Km kfiiii
M W lOUVU wv |IT? utiuf ?wv v< ?.
Lieut. Hawkes, as much trouble as possible."
This at Beaufort, S. C., on or about
the 19th day of September. 1S64.
Specification ltd?-'In ibis; that Vd Lieutenant
Abraham A. Van Guelder. Co. ILtfth 1'.
8. C. Troops, and Officer of the QHiGnard.
Beaufort. 8. C, did leave the luard in
charge ofthe Sergeant of the Guard, Leruv
Jackson, (Jo. H, -6th U. S. C. T., and did
allow him to superintend the discharging
the pieces of the gtuud, in strict viola tic n *
of orders from Captain Hayes, Co. H. '-6th
U. 8. C. T.. Detachment Commander."
This at Beaufort, 8. C., on the20th day of
September, 1864.
Charge 2d?"Conduct unbecoming an officer
and a gentleman.'
? .. t_ ?lu . tk.lOJTlut IkMk.m
jygyiimil lUU? 111 LUIS , Ul<l - U ucuk aviaumu
A. Van Oaelder, Co. K, -Oth V. 8. C. T.,
and Officer of the Provost Guard, did cay,
in the presence of enlisted men. that he
would not obey the orders of Lieutenant
11. A. Hawkee. Assistant Provost Marshal;
be doing it in a very ungeutlemaiily-like
manner." This at Beaufort, S. C, on the
_ 19th day of September, 1S64.
Charge itd.?* Incompetency."
Specification 1st?" In this; that 2d Lieutenant
Abraham A. Van Guelder, Co. K, tdth U.
8. C. Troops, when detailed to mount and
inspect the Provost Guard at Beaufort, as
Adjutant, did neglect to give the command,
' Troop beat oh,' bat aid give the command,
' Present Arms,' and did report to
the Officer of the l>ay, Captain liamner.
3d R. L Artillery, 'The Guard is iormed,'
the Guard standing at open order." Ibis
at the Parade Ground, Beaufort, 8. C., ou
or about the *oth day of September, 1864.
Specification id?" In this; that id Lieut. Abraham
A. Van Guelder, Co. K, 26th U. 8. C.
T., when ordered by the Officer of the Day,
Captain Hafiiner, 3d R. L A.. to march the
Guard iu review, did give thescommand,
* By platoon, right wheel, head of column
to the right guide left," whereas he should
have commanded, * Pan In review, column
forward gnide right*" Thia at the Parafa
Ground, beaofurt, 8. C., on or about fie
20th day of September, 1804.
To which Charges and Specifications the accused
pleaded as loiiows:
Chasgk L
To the 1st Specification, 44 Guilty."
To the '2d Specification, " Guilty."
To the 3d Specification. "Guilty."
To the Charge, "Guilty."
Cbaboi 1L
. To the Specification, " Guilty."
To the Charge, " Guilty."
To the 1st Specification, " Guilty."
To the 2d Specification, "Guilty."
IV, Phanra tl OnillV" >
The Court, after mature deliberation upon the
evidence adduced, find the accused, 2d Lieutenant
Abraham A. Van Guelder, Co. K, 26th U. S. C.
T., aefoJjwe:
Cham* L *
Of the let Specification, "Guilty."
Of the 2d Specification, "Guilty."
Of the 3d Specification, " Guilty."
Of the Charge, "Guilty."
Chams 1L
Of the Specification, "Guilty."
Of the Charge, "Guilty."
Of the let Specification, "Guilty."
Of the id Specification, " Guilty."
Of the Cburge "Guilty."
And the Court do therefore sentence him. 2d
Lieutenant Abraham A. Van Guelder. Co. K,
26th Regiment U. S. C. Troops, " To be diamibir
ed the Mrvice of the United State*."
1L The proceeding! in the toregoing case have
been approved by the Officer ordering the Court,
and submitted to the Major-Geneial Commanding
the Department. The accused has adopted
the extraordinary and ill-advised course of plead.
' ?1U" ? >? Phomaa anal
iux *uuv ~ ? J ,
and yet claiming in his defense tn?t sentence
should not be passed on him, because the sped
flcations do not properly set forth the offences
charged. Had he pleadeo guilty to the specifications,
and not guilty to the charges, and no evidence
had been adduced by the prosecution his
claim might perhaps bare been considered, bu
by pleading guilty to the charges, be has admitted
himself to be guilty of disobedience of orders
(which in the Articles of War sn&chargee framed
under them, means wrongful disobedience of orderaj,
and of conduct unbecoming an ofilcer and a
A Court Martial is not the proper tribunal to
examine the third charge, and it shonld never
- ?s -I L.a U--A
have been laommea to uem. u iney una unu
discretiouary power lu awarding sentence, the
consideration of the third charge would have
rendered the sentence null, bat as they are bouud
' by the Articles of War to oronouiice sentence of
dismissal on a conviction of the second charge,.
the sentence can stand, though the proceedings
on the third charge are void. The findings on
the first and second charges are therefore approved
; the findings on tne third charge are disapproved.
the Court not hating jurisdiction: the
sentence is approved. Secoud Lieutenant Abrchazn
A. Van Guelder, itith Kegt. U. b. V. T.,
ceases to be an cdicer in tne United btates' service
from the date of the order publishing the pr*
cee dings,
By Command of Maj.-Gen. J. G. FOSTER.
W. L. U. Bemii,

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