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/-.Lbluhtd Every Thursday, by
ku.txville .Marion Couutj, Iow».
..„i:fption Phick,TwoDollarsper
'.Hr. :i«l the same rate for any
of a year—ix am-cases
l.oJjf No 61 .Knoxville.m-ets
nliv Kfening ou or lefor- fim full Moon
month. K-
K CHAPTER. No IS. Koysl Arch Masons.
ille meets Mondav fc.Tei.injr. on or WTore
II Moon. T. FKKNCH. *.-y.
n o —Knoxville I.odfm meet* every Tuesday
Visiting bretheru are .dialiv In-
W. A. Ardery, M, D.
lIlY^ICIAN and SURGEON, Knoxville,
luwa. Office at his Drug Store, south
Square. t4,88tf.
j. R. Duncan, M. D.,
tflLL DEVOTE bii entire attention to
the practice of Medicine and Surgery.
iuth side of P«kli« Squire, near the
p.beast corner. 142tf
Itone, Ayres & Curtis,
TTuRN KYS at Law, Claim and Peal Es
tate Agents, Knoxvilleand Pella,Ma
County, Iowa.
ill attend to al
1 business entrusted to their
in Marion and adjoining Counties. Will
:ii-e in the Stateand Federal Courts.3,ltt
Dr. C. F. Garretson,
Office over Kiane's
Store, southeast cor
nerof Public Squiire,
lozville, Iowa.
Winslow & Wilson,
I'UBL 10, Newton, Jasper County, Iowa,
t'.end the Courts of Marion County. 4§tf
Hart & Hays,
rrORXEYS AT LAW, and Real Estate
tod Colliding Agents. Office South
corner of SqMM, Knoxville. (4i*)
EST A N, II. D. W. A. MOKBiao*, P.
)rs. Bryan & Morrison,
^HYSICIANS and Surgeons, tender their
Professional services to tbe cititen- of i
jivilleand vicinity. ^G#~ p«-inl atten» 1
given to diseasns of the Eyeand Ear. I
[ipsrative and Mechanical Dentistry done!
[the best style, and at prices to snit the I
OSce at tbe Ballard House. (I«j
C. L. Collins,
TTORNEY AT LAW. Office nortks!4e
Public tiqaare, Knoxville. Will aluo
nd to Collection!, and Buyingand Soiling
W. £. Wright, M. D.,
PHYSICIAN and 8l'RGKON, Knoxville.
at Residence,on Main Street, east
?:blie Square. f")
B. A. Wilder,
rO.V(KO PAT nrc Physician and Surgeon
'I(Tieeiti Carruthers'building,southwest
erPublic Square—up stairs—Knoxville.
^'ini had IS years' experience in the prao
»af llomuropalby, I think I am prepared to
rfect satisfaction to all who fav^rme
kbtheirpatronage. l.ltf
W. E. Rose,
ItTORNBY AT LAW, Knoxville, low*.
OtTi.-e up stairs, over the Post Oittdo.
Barrett W. Clark,
TT'Y AT LAW, and Real Estate Agent,
has the only set of Abstracts of Title
iMarion County. (4!£4tf.)
[ercantile, $l)c (trabes
Washing M&obiies. (430t!)
B. P. Sperry,
'0TARY PUBMC. Re*l E-tate, Claim, i
Insurance and General Agent. Office
VoTKt Office, Knoxville Iowa. Business
(trusted to his care will be promptly and
tifactorily attended to. 1 ®tf
'ontractor and Bnilder.
rould re^pfictfuliy an-
uounce that be is now prepared to
tl 1nB
J. Curtis,
'ATCHMAKKR, and gWKLlR,»nd
Denisr io Watches, Clocks, J«s»elry,
l«st*f|(g) Gogglesanit Toys. Having in
"*ed facilities for doing all kinds of work
|uty Line, I a i: ab e give Entire Satis
'''•n. All work Warranted. Beirig Agent
Prof. J. Kaufiuiwi's Achromntic ,-pevta
*UJ prepared to suit all condition! sf
u'hwestcornerof PublieSquare Knos»
le^lowa- 2,',vtf'._
Sowing Machines.
J. C. MERLIN'}, Generaland Canvassing
Agent. for Marion County. Office with M.
Baldwin, west aide of Pnblie Square, Knox
ville, Iowa. 4,48tf.
Parsons, Berkey & Lytle,
UNDERSIGNED manufactures and
keeps on hand all kinds of Furniture,
such"s Bureaus, Safes, Bedsteads, Tabl*s,
Chairs, Sofas, Luanges, Ac., of Best Quality
hand. (10^
Knoxville Marble Works.
Schoc.N, Ac. Orpine, \'ioli(.s, Acoord«-on»,
Ao. Picturef and Frames. Wallund \Viniiw
Pvpor. Paper Collars. All at Publishers' aiid
Manufacturers' Prices. East side of Pi.blic
Square, Knoxville. 4 37 Uf
Sperry & Barker,
J.M.Cathrart Larklo Wrlfkt,
g. K It^ilawy, ltob^rtCr»«ter,
Nrifeft. I».OaiMll«.
0«l.in J.I, .Mftt .rioaek
J.lt.Nr»i, 0.1'. Wright,
1C.TT Woodruff 4 Bro.
O.F. W«i«nr, CMAV.
Warfel, Hindman & C».t
next door weil of Baptist Church, Knox
s. Will eon rad for all kind* of Cariien
sod Joiners' Work, including Building
ivery description and guarantee safisfai'»
Jn in all case. We Manufacture and keep
I hand Safes, Desks, and "California beau-
& WILSON'S, Improved!
S I(HHM) now in use.
Wji. WEYEttS.
G. E. Conwell,
in sto
v«i, Tinware, Shelf and i
H,)U tlis,,uj.se
UESTWOOD, Dealers in
nd American Marble, and
manufacturers of Monuments, Head Stones,
Cecotaphi, &c., Knoxville.
£BF*Our Mr. Met! wood is a Skillful En
graver anil General Workman, and we there,
tore feel confident of giving satisfnetion in
every particular. 437tf
and Job Printers, are prepared to exe
cute promptly and in bent style, ail kinds of! (](nies its own historic dogma-.
I Job Work, inclmiio Posters, Letter Head*,
Bil I Heads,Cards, Labels, En el opes, lilanks,
Pami'hlets, Etc. Orders are solicited.
Hendrix & Yarger,
ville, Ion: are prepared to do all Work
in their line, Plain or Ornamental, and furn
ish Material when desired. ftati»fu tion
guaranteed in all casus. Will endeavor to
keep PIaiiu* ul i'^ris and Wbile Liuie alwuy*
on hand. 4,40tl
Marion Connty Bank,
Paid upCapitai
$30,000. Gold,Silver,Government and
other Securities bought and sold. Interest
allowed on time deposits. Special attention
given to Collections. Openlroiu V A. M.to
4 P. M.except Sundays.
would respectfully inform
tbe ciliteris ot Marion County that be
has opened a Cabinet Shop on Robinson
Street, west of i lie Tremont liouse, up st»irs,
in tbe room formerly occupied by the
cmi O ffiee, where he will bavoon baud all
Wind' of Furniture, and Collins of nll*i*es,
which he wii 1 sel
1 Low fur Cafh. 8
I.utest .\etvs.
Gold 1.12|.
In Chicago market, on the 17th, as
per Daily Hawkeye's report, hogs
fairly active and firm, the entire
range being $4 to $4.7with most
sales from *1.22 to for heavy
and li^ht cattle dull, shipping na
tives at ?-r to $"."0 wheat active and
higher for No. 2, with sales from $1.
11 to $1.20, according to quality corn
fairly active and firm, range from
BuUiiw or Bridge" guarnt'eVs*t'is- to bOj cents cash. j,f.nilii,e reform movements
mui ornriiiji
X-umps. and lower, 4K to ~»fii cents oats dull there is 110 need of it. As \\u nave
demand at $i.~*
A tornado passed
a large amount of property.
buildings were totally destroy eJ
square honesty is thci
(RICES (.REATLV REDfJC'F-DS ^1 (jrooj.ing, 40 to 52 cents for new, before said, the record is the test, j-iicuj^ted to increase and extend its
Vil"-" i 'is cents for old ho«» i» S"»1 Tl« Ic-.panl d.« not ch»nKe his u-cfuh,ess. especially in .the ever in
"p«, at tiottom pri •s. Catl and see before
"uy and pa v ton
Kl'MP 110P—N'ojtuwftstcorner of P"bl|?
loare, Knox villa, low*. N. WEST.
|April 2tt, 1871. (4 45tf.
to $4 catUe quiet at
$4 to $.-.50. lte*'ii
City last Sunday,
doing great damage
Republican Stale Ticket*
For Governor:
C.C.CARPENTER,of Webster.
Tbr Lieutenant Governor:
H. C'. HCLIS, of Winneshiek.
For Juih/e of Supreme Court:
J. (1.
shop od« block sonth
of Treuiont Knoxville. All
work in their line done to order, on lowest
term?, and satisfaction puiirunteed. Horfe
sh'.eing entirely with their own make of
nails. All kinds of Wagon and Carriage
Work, including full Manufacture and
Repairs, done with neatness and dispatch.
history, such are
of Fremont.
br Sup't of Public, Imfrucfiont
ARERNETHY, of Crawford.
F. Sperry, Editor.
The Difference.
Sineethe Democrats of Iowa adopt
their New Departure Platform
last month, some persons thought-
and at the Lowe.-t Prices, at his old stand, up 1 lessly sav "There's no difference
between the two parties now," and an,1 a,,prehension cnntlnuml .lunnir
^outoeast corner rquare, Knoxvillt. Iowa.
^iT'Keudy-inade coflioti, all nLzeii, alwn s on therefore "it's no oIds which wins."
This is a mistake—a great mistake.
The difference between the Republi
can and the Democratic parties is
now. in
lie ivy Reapers, Mowergnnd perhaps almost as
Agricultural Implements generally. Agent reality, as ever. ^rlo.SS tilings over
forM. VV. Warren's Patent Atmospheric Port-
tlieilffll verbiage as We
able Soda Fountain. Old Stand, east side I
Square, Knpxviiit. i,2tf may,the two parties tend in opposite.
directions, and their ini.ereut policies "M.amt"! ronsidemllon of,
diametrically disagree.
Speaking of the Platforms
ally now, the first and greatest point
of difference noticed is as to their
sincerity. The Republican affirms
which the party has
Hut the main and distinguishing
characteristic of the Democratic State
Platform of this year is its insinceri
ty, and especially so in regard to its
first and most important resolutions.
In them the Democratic party vir-
tunlly repmlijites Its own record
this were genuine it might bo repent-
ance, even unto political salvation.
Hut it is not genuine it did not even
pretend to bo genuine. These reso
lutions were introduced and adopted
merely as an exi criment in
i were not intended to exprt ss, any
real and genuine belief on the part
of the Democratic party of Iowa or
of any considerable
Ami, herein, as we said, lies a 1-reat, »'hlch "'"'1
a vital difference between the Demo
cratic and the Republican parties.
The Democrats call loudly for
universal amnesty—immediate andtaryof thisSH'iety gives us the fol
Republican party, its a party, holds During the last year
that this amnesty should be guarded
The Democrats profess a great,sota
desire for "reform."
oats quiet and flrni, 4J| the revenue service, and other real
Bko K In St. Loula market,i«me day, |*r These are only some .f the polntej „ili rejoice to know that this
f".. 1...- I)ally (fate City's report, wl»«t Sn», of diffenn.e between the two partle, J'^1' £1 11
franco from $i.i.j to $1.2., corn dull We cannot now men ion a .in ju
i Hy their fruits we must judge them.
New \ork „o man say there is
harbor. It struck
/|Wvu..nco_n,o iifv.-renco
to shipping in tne naroor. n hiring dinerence—the difference net wren
Vineland, New Jersey.and destroy* pro^ss and retrogression, between
Gen. Parker has resigned the Com-
niishionersbip of Indian Affaifs, on
atchmaker & Jeweler, the ground that the office has been
made unnecessary.
Nashvii.i.e, July 17.
,1'STAV EBER11 ART has the pleasuro
of announcing tkat he hat opened a Full
•St-clc of Washes,Clocks, Jewelry, Ac.,
the la'ertand be»t styles, on the North
if Public bquare, i.ext door to northwest
Valuable geld mines have l»e«i
discovered in ^Ionroe county, Tenn
ner, Knoxville. Repairing doas short j#wj(jen Vmighaii callsftir gliuudw*!
|tic«, and Satisfaction guardste«L. A ULnre
H»trvi»nge is suli«it»4«. i hand* tut \i orU tiiem.
honesty and trickery, between good
Sioux City, Iowa, had n .... .lfl *h«r«
last Monday. Kevwite... wooden
and evil. On the one hand is Ebal |,..|i
i i in lift vant'v «n iit'uirniiit between
is no valley of neutrality
Choose, then, and let the
lines be drawn.
James W. Shannon, of Madison,
County, was. killed on the IKh Inst.
I u i n u n e n i a V e
Sherifi, and stated that thv killing
laaoUl fiei«l.between Uu«ur
The Xtw lork lliot. IThose Blundering Platforms.
An account of the terrible riot! The great blunder which the North
which took place in New York City ,tru Democracy makes is in setting
,4. i .1 nj» a platiorm as it mark for its an
on the lith inst. will le found 011 the, irtlr0njrtft The outside party wants
2d page of this papev. J^ater ami
that almost rivaled some during the
later seige of Paris. It is estimated:
that the total number
deed, its political bearing cannot be
tion before the riot, and agreed upon
""(horilira had hut let it he Known
jf|in the first place that they would
«*. i.i prevent it. Hut instead of this they

truckled tothe mob of Catholic Irish.
Such is Democratic rule in New
w|,|,.|, afe
unconditional pardon of all rebels. paving data of the work and condi- aggregate membership of all branches!
more detailed reports give horrible! When it stieeeeds, then it can shapt
pictures of the bloody day—n day
killed was about 100 and the total
i l'j iti 1 11 „t! solidlv to hold our tongues, *0 as to
«»mberof wounded is estimated at
the next day. On the lMth the ]re
liniinary trials of arrentcd rioters
began. Further legal action will be
had this week.
Terrible as the actualities
So do some Republicans also but the tion of the Society: of the Methodist church in Iowa is |)|axvn jn
and (jualifietl in so far as the safety Sunday-schools have been organized, lug the Friends, is only 71,Ml. The
I the payment of the Public Debt— most of them poor, in which were,
intending it to be understood one I 2 f-V, W children, have been aided by
wav before election and another after'grants of books and periodicals pub-, ,,, i
I Ihey K-t in power. The Republicans |ished hv the Society. Tlw®.
have no such double-dealing. l-air,| hundred andseventy-tivenewsehools
dealing. I-air, hundred andseventy-tivenewschooJs
This is always,
the cry of the party out of )ower. and large numbers of conversionsaie.
Nebraska,) and already
party—the same party which is now of conversions are reported 1
actively and practically engaged in first result. 'I h^ work has ext
the Civil Service reform, a reform of to the Pacific .( oast, and 47
churches have grown out of themr |OWH
spots. What the two parties have «'i" W/o 'destVt'ute i the lust'ten yearn has been computed
n,.^lt^:ic.ti OI.es
differ-! This noble Society is located at
|K.tweeu them." There is a Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
W mt
odd FelKiwslilp Ooca.
Thf, vUiMU.H of tno ()rt]t.r
t,|at t|ll
platform. Its polie.v is to get in.
its aims and purposes to meet the
necessities of the situation. For 11s,
in Maryland and in the South gen
erally, we have but one thing to do
—to accept the candidate, if we can,
who may be nominated to vote
e JU(iinlls 11()
1XJ0. Some of the suflerers werej jistorting onr simplest expression,
mere spwtators, innocent of any I and to trust to the future. If some
participation in the disturbance. No! of oor Northern friends had adopted
,.,,11 i such a policy, thev would not now
Orangemen were killed, and no jlilV{J j,,
riot were, the subject has also
mendous political significance. In-
hv wliich
The Democratic authorities whoi pronounced the late Amendment.'
rule New York Citv held consulta­
Superintendent Kelso's proclamation "Wimi niy friend abandons truth
and honor lie abandons me."
Meanwhile the Savannah (»a.)
—which virtually surrendered all
law and order to the mob of Catholic
mistake and hence they came out
then with the »ov. Hoffman procla
mation, rescinding that of Sup't
Kelo. It seems evident that the
whole carnival of bloodshed might
have been prevented if the city
much effect
ther«,f. tin, Northern wintf of
American Sini«lay-f»cl»ooI
A recent Circular from the Secre-
opportunity of
policemen. Thewouuded policemen conipellKl to take back what
are in fair way of recovery. The riot they swore by a few years ago, sim
ended on the 12th, but excitement W-v berause by so do.ng the think
positirtn wliere they
they liave a better chance to w in,
changing their principles as a gam-
does his
And the Memphis Appeal thus
expresses Southern appreciation of
the Departure of Iowa Democracy:
The Iowa chaps are willing to
swallow the Constitution, "u* it tunc
i c.nW.t without reference to the means
the same hecumo the law
Hie land." They have belort
tion and void,
to get oflice
Hut they are willing
and let the Kuklux
on for their Pake.
i i u i o n urges that the Southern ..
and Democratic Irish who had de-1 Democrat* should not at jireseiit talk n|,
Democratic administration will, and
that is what we are after."
i low
J'eyistee. A resolution was adopted
•recommending the formation of a
Stat«.« Temperance Society and the
for the next State Convention
York City—and such its horriblei was fixed as the 8d Wednesday In
efbrts! The result, however, is notj January next.
favorable to those who were guilty! The Methodist State Convention
working policy, i divided among themselves about it,' decided suceew. There were some
votes. Ihey did not express, aml luwuitt),
Already they are at Iowa City Itut wnek wan a v«ry
present. Tbe object
to have was, the furtherance of educational
the Democratic! interests. The next Convention
thousand 72,.W, while that of all other Evan-
hundred and ninety-four new gelinil Churches in the State, imjud-
of the country demands. and l!i,:.s2 children, heretofore neg- M. E. Church alono numbers over prc»p«*rty is estliuated to be #t lea#t,
The Democrats express a quibllng lected, placed under Hible instruc
and obscare sentiment in regard to tion. Resides tliifl,.'{,^»7other H' hoo|s, I Mr. Ciiinbell, of Henry county,
in which were, milks 7'» cows mid makes about 2/iO
pounds of cheese daily.
i- I A v«tung man was accidentally
Hlack Hawk County has five
i u k i e i n a a O u n y o n e 4 y
jir doctrine and were organized in the Northwest. ,,
,,,. *,• an aocn ental blow from a bull-club
hllinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minuet""'"*
i i i i i i a u i i i a a e o a s e a
Hut what real reform ever adorned reported. In Missouri and Arkansas! Mrs. L. Matilda Fletcher, who is
the history of the Democratic partv? «,741 children have been gathered- now on a lecturing tour in Colorado,
The real reforms we have I,ad have into lh2 mew .Snmlay-sehoois, .nd In ^l.c „,W|.in bed. lie confer! the
been of l^publlcan origin and I teen
carried thr.-.i-l. by the Hepuldlcm. 0W othe* auled, »nd multit,.des iu.ouKht that l,e was insane.
A farmer in Mills county, Iowa, Arrangements have been made for
reported as the
|h »Vfll a.- Mil Will) IUVS illt.'ii mumi} liaHxuut
H~ «fii as tin w no ui .in pumi f,.,,in nrn liurviHit tfi
has raised corn for thirteen consecu-
pr,,^eut and for thefinjj machiiHJS are beintr reportel in
adopted means
j.,.|i0.vVs relieve a great
.suffering in this country. It
Jias increased from meinbers in Hill
to 2!).-,( J7 the last year. Retween
tht? year IKW (when reliable records
were first kept) ami H'»H inclusive,
relief was rendered to 4!itv'i7!i brotli
«rs and r,7,W.i widowed families.
For the former has been paid $'J,710,
WX.72 for the education of orphans,
JkJ'»2.72K for burying the dead, ^1,-
hv J. 31. HtigHn, his neighbor.i *•",!*2.h The total receipts within
»r 'it..
himuclf to the that time bv all the lodges of the
1 was done in self-defence. jpMrre 7o» 'I henunibcrinitiated *43,(120,100
i i n v w 4 2 y i 1 e
rendered .fl MHi TOfl.-
1 iemoa*r~M*
1 W. 1 T. 3 M. M. V Y.
1 Square $ 75$ 2»0$400$ t» tM
'2 12i .)0 rut HUO 12 iV
4 Colutatl 1 75 5 00 SOU 12 «H
•._ 00
35 00
"f '""'T
4, 4,
4,(Hio Sal.bath Schools In
25,000 teachers and 140,•
South— n(,fioiis wire start n.fJIO feet above the level of immediately. It was generally
Most of them, we must
of tbe Southern to be thirteen and seven-tenths bush-
els |er at.-re
A little child, only 10 months old,
lUKhterof .Mr..riam»el Kendall of
bv an accidental fall into a tub of
ttuinwa. was drowned last week ...,,
water which liad been left in thei
The Gate CU,y narrates how soi i^
mutilated currency was sent last
month to the Treasury Department
for redemption. The Department
elerks pronounced one of the "iO-eent
pieces counterfeit, and returned It.
Thesonder then forwarded the piece
to the American Hank Note Co.,
which engraved the plate, ami Ihb#
authority pronounced it genuine.
60 0
3 50 8 00 lion
6 00 12 00 lfiOO
1000 1HH) 22 00
AimRwwiitt of double wMth or txiraordlMl.
display, t-n pe c«nt. aiUlrtlrnal.
A Square If the depth of an Inch la tin column
LOCAL NOTIOK?. *1 ti nUn.-p or IfSw. oh.- tm
and t*n ecnU- fvr eai'h addition*! .iDf.
in~' 1
A Washington correspondent, ill
pursuit of his usual vocation of puff
ing prominent persons,havingiitated.
that Judge Samuel F. Miller of IOWH
was somewhat talked of for the next
Presidency, the Gate City remark
that he is not a candidate at nil, anu
implies that lie would rather bo
Chief Justice if promoted at all.
Mr. Price, of Cedar Falls, got on a.
big drunk, and laid around a salooi:
for some time. His wife undertool.
to mend matters, and so she "wer.
lor" the saloon, just breaking thing
generally. Price heard the rumpus
but was too drunk to understand
much about it, so lie pitched in and
kicked the saloon-keeper till lie
made him see stars. Saloon-keeper
then sued Price for damages—and
Price was fined $1 and costs.
Fully 4,000 people have been adder
to the population of the Sioux Clt
Land District, in the last twomonths.
through the Ui«»iKibitiou ol tlio
lands alone.
The Jief/istcr reports that some U»w
persons, a man and a woman, wh»
appeared to be traveling gipsj,
had a big tight with each other last
Thursday, at a place where they had
near Des Moines and after
the tight the man undertook to
drown the baby which they had with
them, by holding it under waU-» in
A \I:ms.
The State Temperance Convention
!at Iowa City last Thursday wad
attended by 25 delegates, says the'
river, lleingdiseovered, he tiedv
Cadet Wasson, of Warren County,
will start soon for Japan, having
been engaged as an Engineer by th«
government of that couutry.
CiCKLKAl. Slllfl.
A ship-load of over 400 Mormons
arrived at New York City on tlu
12th iust., for Salt Iuike.
Daniel Styles, of Prescott, Wis., i
now in his ith year, and has beena
Freemason for ko years. Hi* locai
lapci declare him the oldest Fret
musoii in A merles.
-There are over Co Amateur p*|M»rs
in the I'nited States, wilted bv boys
will tli* young editors hud a Conwm^
held at Des Moines in IK7M. Hta-' tio" Pittslnrrg a few days ago.
tlstics were presented at this Con ven
tk»n showing that the aggregate,
value of Methodist church property
A man, nwuied Scott was lately
married near Vnik liuren, Arkausa.
auil l«i.minute* afterward lie wa-.
in Iowa is $1 MI that fhe salary jhhot and killed by an old enemy,
of Ministers of the DeiKMiiinatioii ittj fjjop® ^ras a terrible hurricane at
the State averages and that the jut,( ^Ussouri, last Thursday
ll(,uses were unroofed and.
or flvc
lat-|H of the city. Four
nj u
wcr(} Ht,vereiy.
killed by lighl-
tinibci'S, and
be tle
tive vear« in one field, and the crops «'.aension of tlv^. I. f». lor
M-hools have been established grow larger and larger, instead of Order system between tin* couut
Ml W'io love Christ and his cause diminishing with each year. lie miU England, to go into operation on
wel as all who low their country!'
:,ll"us Uiktxm
h,lNT of:the
.|,fr„n, rea,,inK and n.ow-
injured. The loss ut
V. S. ReventK! officers, a?5lsted by
troops, made a raid upon some illicit
distilleries in lirooklyn, N. Y., last
Friday. A light ensued, ill which
one of the ollicers was shot, aud.
probably mortally wounded.
The Delaware peach crop
An old mnn named Harry, CI years
of age, at Monongahela, Pa., killed
his wife, aged (o, last week, by beat
ing her head to a jelly while she was
Ilf tiu,
». ATonev
1st of October. Further d«Ulil»
will be announced in due time.
The P. O. Department will prt«t
no more busiiuss cauls or bta^npeu
believe, are results of carelessness. Thon.iifc Lincoln, youngest son of
Th» yearly average of wheat for Pres't ijiucoln, and by him common-
Jy 4,.ku(.(|
the ago
r..n .. t.,u ,.rl Hpont over *{,000,000 in
^TiU|," died at Chicago last
nearly 1f
j|1(Bo), mm,,,*, cnal,
^,,0 has
last flv»!
veins, was comttleted lrmt Saturday
and the waters of Lake Michigan are
now flowing through the Chicago
river into the Iliinoisumi ,Mlsfissip4'|
Capt. David Stunkard,a pioiriinenf
citizen of Terre Iluute, 'Indiana, WVrrr
killed hist Saturday by theacciikntai'
discharge uf a pi^ol iu Ui3.pi*f.«iU»uti*
A jtowder-workw »tXl'
with a
ploded In Paris lust Fridny, wiliji a.
AH of which shows tljat wen expert '.detonation that shook llm .city, but*,,
jp its**. Uljift, tt'erc lust*
v.. iK

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