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i U A N N E W S A E a
Pu^ithtd Retry ftiurtdot. by
1 F.SritruY. P.O. Ba*k»
ofiemeir inrtkeuit nrntr fubltc Square,
Knoxville Marlon Count) .Iowa.
gr BSCRIPTION.PHICF:. Two Dollars per
rear, anil at the same rate for any
part of a year—in aMjeAgia
y V._ tr!-i 1 n'.-.V 6T. Krolfitl- m*t»
A SUt. K»». or 'x-fi ftj" m»"ti nci tt'
K.C. PAHS•**,**jb ^*^10 A'* W. M.
APT,". No 15,H. A.M. Kmxr'l!*
m»r»4 n K» w-hW!
J.T. FHtKCIi. Ae W.J. MILL! :t .. U.
O.O F-— Kti"X*t1!* t."*l» fv*ry Tir»»*«'
K»efi'? Vifit'rg «. rH*ll»
a BHO 'i'T. A.
W. /. Karri£0 i, 15. D.,
f:r ••*.«• »»tron*^«( and
ll continue
of Medicine,
y to :a!li.
^ar~pe ia4 at'-w'ion gi sn ti Chronic
Office n r-ee',nl Street, fir# I door sta'-b of
Ballard Iltfuse, Kn«*»i'te. 6 17 i-f
Ara»i-y, BC.
lYSICIAV nr rt Kr.ouiy,,,
low-». 0£R«e a' L»fi fttcfe,
«Je Pu'.ilic .Squtr* tf
Dr. C. F. Garrc'caon,
—7" «!CLee
HfOi.f«i iii:«'tt e.ir
rrrer F®biic^«'Lire.
i. w. wll.»o*.
V/ inelow & Wi!sopf
will attend 'lie Manor. Count). 40tf
H?.rt 8l iJayo,
TTOR'.'RV-' AT La V, ar i« R^al Hata'e
Coll'Cfi Apfti. Office
»ouih cf ccutbiait corner of F»lWe Ssuare,
O. I». Collhif*,
'T Ii' W. OS^ce nor»)i fide
Public «qeiro Kr'T' i!ie Vf t|«o
attandto UjUe i ».and Buyipg and Selling
Land, 3 2*
M. D.,
I"\HKTT —Offi in O-e Prn-ih
north «f Ov«jtOfc'«
2toi« Kno*-
rille, lora. [5 2u tf
B. A Wil ier,
OOe ir iirv Liii!dlT««r, cear souV.iast
cotter Public {N$*»*re, Kr.oxviila. (5 28 tf)
B. P.
S perry,
Wf«TAnT Prn^.Tr-. i..•*».•, *!•'»,
Ini'r»rr« and Or*i««r»l OSc«
ia V'oTra (.fT.^e, Km x»i'!e low*. Bu-im**"
iotraiteii to hi care wi I be pronptiv at
MtiifMioril atlciM t«. 16'f
V. M.
MtfiMt. ...»
Etc no & /yre»,
a TT0UNI YS ft m-:nd RealEf
J\ tate Ag'Dt*, Unox-- ille, Mari.-s County,
JHcrccntilf, ®l)f (Tra^ea
Willattcrd to ai:J»ttria*»i!entruf'ed tothelr
•are,In Mrri.p ard »rtj./ir i»-g rous.tU#.
practice in the 3taie»t.d P"1a'a» Onurte S,ltf.
KncrviDfl Nat oitil Bank,
10 v: A. CArIT •.i. r».!»00
Gull fslver. (Joter-us and otb
ee^uritifs Voutbt
A *.
Id. Jnte-ert al'owed
«n time dc|ofit*. f». e-i «l atlen»»*•"
Collection.-. Open f.om A. M. i«
cscept Bun lays
I.arkin V.'ri-ht, A. J. Brcg. J. M.Oatheart.
A. W. C'.Uins, H. L. A. J. ^crr
Jtittaulieucer. )5 U Wo-'^ruff, A. I lirooks.
Larkix Wi!«nt, Prrn t.
V/. Vic? Pree't
(S.IStf A.J. B«i«o*» Ca-hicr.
Kcoxvillo Marble Works.
Il'Mni-T!?, Dea'-r In Fonign
ard Ami'.ica-: Mi-rblc, and ma mfaetu'er
of Moncracnt*. Il**'« sr-oea.t'e "ta .h». 4e.
car D'Tth test coraer Tab i" ^qawe, Knox-
fjt-,.i Be'tvoo^ will 'till retain as Bn
frarer and 1 b«t tl WorkaiMl.
Tl •.YOUNG would -eipc^uMy inform
K. t1,eeit iti b.f M.'r:..n C»«nty that be
ha# OLer-.Ml a a'tne( f'hl ilobinoon
il:e Tr-M-iont Hotr-e, up stair*.
In the ri/i.ui f..n»eri5 oc-u: i-^d -y the Rtynbh
«-i.. Office, where he ii! hnre on band all
kindc it FcrnilfTt, and C.fiinaof
wiicb he willscil Low for''a^b. t«.)
t.I inar tifaclnres and
J. Curtis,
jeet.-.-l. s, (Jt.pgK-s»ii'i y«. ,aV
Noui ii weft (omr fc*»bli« 8qu»f«. Kiiox
*'Ue, 11, 4%
Something: New I
her PICTL'HItS, Frarnea, Ctrdi and
Tn'tcis, go to
LTp stairs, South Side of Square, Knoxvilte.
to snno'iiice that they i.p
r.r of Square,
•'ine no i n ihcrVts noiic«, ud at Lo*nt
K.'ite*, atrd St:,tfac'.inn uarinteod. Fra
dnce of all i!ndg taken fer work. Si
City Milla,
Gk Eberhart,
G. E. Conwell,
FALEllin Stovra Tir.w»re SheH and
vv Hardware, it^^jiein, Mowercand
Xt'ff^ultural Imi'lctnetitf geiier.illy. Agrnt
or,M. W. Warren's l'atcnt Atii)og .berie Purt-i
iMp S^da Fountain
i.iuare, Knoxville l.atf
Main St. Clothing House.
ror?t.»ntly -n hand F'II L^ref/f M-n'»
-I oys' Wear, Ilats, Caps aud Farniabing
Agent for Singer's Bewi' Machines.
Contractor and Builder.
Pfy'cian ?.r dflor^»«JH.
woeld re«pectfu1'y an-
notit'ce that be ii now prenred t"
11 ntract, at the Inmost rafc«,fur any klfd
Uuildini or flri.i^ec, ntid g'l ir.nte* Hatif
f.ii-tion. Estimatea and Plana fu'ti-htd
free. Shop #t'U»h A. K. «t 1. Deyo'
grNads, Kooxville, Iowa. (4.SI tf.)
ork of
b*Te e'»n*ta'''ly on b*fd a F"1.
il)« very best liu«o, Mock '. ......
I'uinpf, at ottom pr mi. ».'*.lrf '"^I'Vcf tr
ton I uy and pav t'J" W«l. 'Ij.,1.11
Pl'-.i!" siiO"—*«rt-.we«te9efl tlw- d'!bn
r,.- iv if ir11•
real. P«r.
aKMWlit cur
Fquarc, Kno*v:IJ»
a 1 WW—WW
Hotel on railott« J!aC!tr*.
R. Grinncll has written a
letter to the Daily of Des
Moines, in which he denies that he
ever promised Horace Greeley the
vote of Iowa for President, and in
effect denies that he did or attempted
any political tneuvering during his
recent visit to Washington. Rut
Mr. Grinncll is still opposed to Pros*
Grant's renomination—"not denying
that he may be nominated," but con
fident that he will fail of election.
Well, Mr. Grinnell has of course the
perfect right to favor whom he pleas
es for the Presidency, and oppose
whom lie pleases but we must say
that, unit ss he can show some good
and substantial reason why Pros't
Grant ought not to be President for
aiother term, he will only injure
himself by trying to turn the voice
of Iowa ag iinst a renomina ion. So
far as we are able tosne, the delegate
from Iowa to the Nati' nal Conven
tion are almost as certain to favor
PITS'T Grant's renomination as they
are to go at all. A ml we are glad of
it. We believe Grant has been one
ofthebe.^t Presidents we ever had
and we earnestly desire to vote
for hi in again. Then if some powl
Iowa man could be taken for Vice
President, of course our Stale pride
writes to the
bealer i- Wat. b. a, Ciock«,
('.ciiitKi rr d«jog kiodi of
in my l.ii «, I »i« able t»gi-e ^l"r«
f»'':i*ii. Ail work Warr.n ed ilewig
rProf.J. Ua'if:uar/» AchromU.c specta
.,r.iar«d to »uit al. r.niditi»ns o.
uUt. Full L-otsof Dr.» Ooud", Queensware,
tus.ar-ifi.-, Groceries, Wvtioas, As.,
communica tion,
Bocks and Stationery.
l.i U.T M. nuoi'-sr, Dn-ler in *choJ
iJ -oka, \V rim Papjrs. til at.
EibUa, J:., Wu»ic Musical Insttu
fur teui. if v eboU*, he g'n«
t"-ho»i.Ac Orirai",
Accor tons,
Ac. Piet i res and FruttOi inland nj
l'«per i'iip»r Colljri!, All 1'ub
ktauuUo.Jcrs' Frices.
btuate, Utioaeiil*.
headed "Grant s
loni »ur
1H 000 Indians. The remaining 8u-
Three f»ooi Chief A^a^istrate will bo su.staiiui in
Wnrlimen cmrloT'd at SUoh i Intel* oc- «k: .i
,,f.i U by J. It. hebert.) near noithwenror- I
Urge or
half that Walden s
urn. sman
Morgan urguts that it was oiily l\i»
peaeefut policy which prevented an
Indian war last Stinune'r, which
would have cor*t about iVir.e millbiK
of dollars and hundreds ntid peiis\ps
thousands of liver,. For these *ea
sons, and on Viie grounds of ju-lice
and humanity, he hojes that the
reform Until the eXJt'n-
ah work it tbh i^ient shall be crowned with compete
Success. And he makes us hopi so
The Fourth Congressional District
of Iowa, which ia composed of Tanu,
Benton, Jasper, Poweshiek, lows,
Johnson, 31arion,Mahnska, Keokuk,
Monroe, Wapello and Appanoose
»rosH quantities. Now n a good time
!o in I'ran, Short* o*r Ch Foed. I
1IIE l!KST FI.01',t nlso a!rrajs or hard,
a- filmed »liere in ibe city Prcu of Countiw, includes a larger popuii*
'"prri.»re. jjon than any other District in the
W«. BrSSISfl *C0. I
iK li. v,,,
single exception. What particular
reason there was for carving mit a
fivert't»'» Brick I»r.j* St'tre, aonhfaat
•'T^r of I'ubii'* S.'Uijr*', KnoxriH«. A 'O I rtTi)II(?(lte Tlllrt Wh0i6 bUSmt'KS 51
.»'i.:pk «f Bfstc!«cks, w«t.-hea ai-d J-weiry n
hmd Lar.:e nfjf.rtronr.t i I'-feftj"''»". S'pe-ial
•ittention given Repa:rin|»,and ^»ti»f:V!'i"n
liu rantrf l. 20 years' e jn-riencc. C«w
attd se« me in my new quarters. 43
of such sliape we do not now
Congressional Districting seems to
be the special game of present and
prospective aspirants for Congres
sional honors. Under the new Ap
pointment the Fourth District wdl
of course be "chewed up".cousidera
bly. We have as yet seen but two
slates" which concern our County
Old gtand, eaft .i ie one of them milking a new Dislnct
of Keokuk, Mahaska, Marion, War
ren, Madison^ Monroe and Wapello
Counties, and the other putting Ma
haska, Marion, Warren, Clark, Lu
cas, Monroe, Wuptllo and Wayne to
gether. A third one which we have
heard mentioned, puts Marion and
Poik Counties together. We have
no sialo to propose, and only now
express the Lope that the new Diw
Irict in which we may he]
oca fed may
be of a gooo shape, of respectable size
and general status, and not in any
wise gerrymandered to thedetriment
of any real interest of the people.
Senator Sumner Is, with apparent
authority, reported as declaring that
lie will not support Pros't (irant il
rfntriinsfttc*. woH we are fullr
sensible how much the Republican
i'nrty and the peop'e owe to
nominated by a fair Convention, nnn
Mr. Sumner refuses to support him
Jet Mr. Sumner go. It will only b'
the worse for Mr. Sumner. Look in
at the record of Koe'y Seward, Chin
Justice Chase and Sennior Sumne.
must we conclude that when a niu1
has once reached a certain bight
political life be must either clinb
one step more, into the White lloiw.
or topp'e off from the ladder?
We see it stated that C.,n-r ^mn
Cotton, of the Secor, I DM net
Iowa, has introduced the IIou
a bill to admit "type metal" free
duty. This does not seem explic
enough. It peems to us that, und
existing circumstances, all type U
printing, and perhapsother printei
material also, should Ik put upon t!
free list. There has been a most ou
rageous extortion in this matter, n
for the benefit of the Governme
but for a few monopolists, and it
high time this state of things shou
be ended. Our Congressman fro
this District has some experience
this respect and we have been loo
ing for
to introduce
Indian Policy," from which we tx- j(..-es |M'tween the accounts otlie
tract some particulars:-The Indians jan(I Treasury Department and
over w
Government now has
supervisiui ut iul»er about 248,000
souls,dividetl into
142different trilves,
ayd all iuciutled in 75 Agencies.
Pres't Grant,
'rinteudencics were s«»on afterward
assigned to other religious Denonii-
action in the House.
Sec'y Relknap was befbw tl
House Investigating Committee la
Thursday, and, upon exnminath
concerning the alleged wiles o' nri
Government to the I'rem
he stated that such s des were 4opp
by orders in Jctober of 1H70,its sot
as it was discovered that Reirfngto
ti»« t»ureturner, was agent for II
not aware of any (Kcrepa
has not been able to olain ar
proof, or any specific imrmatie
whatever, showing thatanGover-
ned to the Friends the
oflieers are either d'eclly
imiirectly intereste«i in sale
arms. The Chairman of-he Coe
III lime a a
management of the Ce:itial Superin- ,„ittee said be had invifl Senatr
tendency, which includes Kansas i Sumner to appeal and give av
and the Indian Territ«ry, with about
j,e might have to *-r, but i-
ha llo
come forward. We mut
n* in* j'«' ww 'to* k**,
u,at at present it fnw fo t.
iat th
This new ti icy has not
The expenditures for
proved costly
Indians in IS® »cre
e attack madoy Senatr
Sumrer nrs»n the Admiration
this jiarticular was
less and mtdidoua
but otter
speech in i'ongress was delivered oi.
the 17th n
11., or. "Commerce anions
the States," and is a very sensible
argument in favor of Congressional
legislation concerning transportation
and monopolies on railroads.
The National L.ibor Reform Plat
form, given in full in this paper, is a
remarkable mixture of some truth
and sense with much falsehood ano
absurdity. It looks as though it had
been intended to "catch everybody."
Fortunately, however, it won't
attiofut to anything practically.
Iowa Legislature.
Report continued from last wcekV
summary. In the Senate on the
21th, according to tlit* report, ".Sena
tor Low ry presented petitions from
liie citizens of Maiiou County, re
monstrating against the present licj
nor law being inadtt more stringent,
and asking tor tli.'- enactment of
license law. Referred to Committee
on Supp.es-Mon Intemperance.'
The bill to clunge the manner o:
choosing City Msrshalw was lost.
A bill pertaining to the division o
civil townships was passed, but its
nature is not reported. Adjourned
till Monthly.
In Ue Iloui* oil Wie 21th, a bill
limiting taxatbn for Teachers' ami
Contingent Finds in School Districts
was pa-sed b'. vote of .s(to2. —Only
IS new bills introiluced to day,
ic* bill to repeal the Registry law
was made' the spfvlal order for
Wednesday No other business o!
In the&'nateon tlio 28th, after a
long polih al, or rather artisan, dis
cussion,die joint resoimion favoring
a Hovennieiit postal telegraph was
adopiol by vote of 21 to 18 and tin
rest a tbe timu was occupied in
tho Whole on the new
'Fie House, same day, refused to
coicur with the Senate on a bill "in
iVerenee to townships voting aid to
liilroadf8," and asked a Committee
,»f«w..-Mnco. The bill llxing the
weight of corn on tne coo »i «x»
per bushel was discussed quite a
..While, and by vote of 54 to 4it.
Sumner. Hut if Pres'tCxum miairlyf !4\ joint rt^oluilou nshliiK ti.ni
... ... ....
Congress devote no more land to the
building of railroads unless*uch land
he sold to actual settlers at the rate
of $2.50 per acre, was adopted.
Rest of the day in Committee of the
Whole on the new Code.
In the Senate on the 27th, after
some discussion, a resolution was
adopted to appoint a Joint Commit
tee of Five, two from the Senate and
t:.r -o from the House, to examine as
t-j the quality of the material used
f.»r the Capitol foundations. Also
adopted, a resolution creating a
.standing Committee of Fivo on the
new Capitol.——The Senate recon-
In the House, same day, the bill
concerning the improvement of
In the I louse, same day, Mr. Kea
bles was added to the ('ommittee on
Iri the Senate on the 29th, there
were only 10 new bills introduced.
——The bill to change the law in re
gard to the publication of the laws
in newspaper* was discussed a while
tiu!i. Rest, ot the day jn Commit
tee of the Whole on the Code.
In the House, same day, Cald
well's bill for ttio "taxation of rail
road the same as other property"
was taken up, arguetl some, and
tnen referred to Railroad Committee.
——The consideration of bills on the
liquor question came up as special
iirder. Mr. Irish's bill, which was
if the "stringent license" e!ass, was
discussed at length and then, by a
vote of 01 against 2 the House re
fused to order it engrossed—thu~
•mphatically declaring against a
icenso law. Roth our County Rep
resentatives voted against engrossing
he bill. All right for them.
louse then adjourned.
In the Senate on the 1st inst., the
'ommittee on Ways and Means re
oorted, recommending that the bill
for the relief of Marion County (for
money stolen fro'mtho County Treas
ury) bo Indefinitely postponed.
Well, gentlemen, treat all the Coun
ties alike—that's alt we have to say.
We are not hrfjffrnv. A bill in rela
tion to compulsory education was
made the special order for the filh
inst. The "Roomer bill," making
the present Prohibitory law more
fitringent, was put to vote, anil lost—
.'Jl to 21—Senator MeCormack voting
against it. A reconsideration of the
vote was postponed until 7th inst.
Resolutions of respect were
adopted, in honor of the memory of
Hon. W. McMnrshman, of Warren
County, Doorkeeper of the Senate,
doeeased and the
ing the Mayor and Council of cities »».. i.r i-nnriN «r
of 1,000 inhabitants and upwards, to
appoint City MatsluJs, and then
passed the bill by vote of 20 to 20.
The bill now goes back to the House.
of the htws in newspapers, and pro-
idered its vote on the hill authorlz- providing also for the public ition of Grunt, or are known to be .*» Tliey
streetsand alleys in cities was re-jpremo Court of Iowa" was passed
.nimitted to a special order for unanimously.-—-The bill prohibit
Thursday, The House concurred ing the discharge of Hrearms in or
with the Senate ou the bill for the
appointment of City Marshals, Ac.
so the bill went to the Governor.
In the Senate on the 28th, the bill
providing for the establishment of
public libraries in district townships
arid independent districts was passed
its provisions not being reported.
The ('ommittee report favoring cer
tain very stringent amendment* to
the present Prohibitory Iaw was
taken up, and discussed at great
length, and a motion to order the
proposed bill engrossed was carried
by vote of 23 to 22—Senator MeCor
mack and four others being absent
or not voting. Adjourned.
The bill to repeal the Reg­
istry law was discussed with great
force and earnestness, pro and con,
for a good part of the day and finally,
by a vote of 4!) against II, the House
refused to order tho bill engrossed.
Messrs. Durham and Keables both
voted against engrossing the bill
and their constituents will approve
the vote. After a time passed in
Committee-of the Wholeou the Code,
the House adjourned.
Senate adjourned
until Mondayi
In the IloHsft on the lsf, Messrs.
Leahy, Davis and Paul were ap
pointed House members of tin Com
mittee to examine the Capitol foun
dations. A bill doing away with
the 60 days' notice required to l»e
given before moneys voted in aid of
railroad*can be paid out by County
Treasure!*, v.-.w passed by vote of
to ,1ti. Mr. Teale's bill for the sup
pression of Intemperance passed by
vote of 10 to 31. This bill provides
"(hat no uiai| shall sell liquor unh*
by permit, wnidi shall be granted
only upon his pr. renting a petition
siirn'-d bv a inajori*. v of nil the legal
voters hi mi- town-flip in winch lie
resides, and a proof ol' a good moral
character, staling that all believe him
Io be a |»roper person to sell liquor.
The bill provides thai no liquor shall
he wild at a prollt greater loan per
cent. ami any person soiling shall
make a return every month to the
Auditor of the County, in relation to
the bu-iness d'otie by him, which
shall be sworn to by him. A line i«
al'.'ixedtoa violation of this law."
visors by newspapers, whs taken up Lj„t Missouri and Ohio.
Hud Bi.ilil
Senate has been wasting
and then recomuattcd with instrue-, tea and coffee duty was repealed, tl^e
of its time lately in discussions In
tended to a fleet the Presidentialcam
paign, and a large part of theso dis
cussions has been simply disgraceful.
—-A summary of proceedings from
the 2 id to the the28th ult., inclusive,
is given on an inner page this week.
The Senate tin the 29th passed the
bill exempfing canned fruits, Ac.,
from the stamp duty—which bill
passed the HoUviO-Oa the -''tb-—
The rest of th'j day wa^ occupy
with Hitical discussion.
The House, same day, aeemr to ((r
have passed the whole time in
cussion, without accomplishing any
thing definite.
The Senate on the Lstlatkcd a,«ood
deal, on numerous subject*, but (lid
puthing. Mr. Sherman from the
Finau/*e !»inmitteo saiti he was
Miithnrized to announce that if the
1W. 1 M. 3m. §M. IT.
Inch $ $ 2 00 $ 4 K) $ 6 00 $ Oft
125 3*) «oo «.(io iiumi
Column 1 75 5 00 8 00 i:»co K100
850 K00 12(K) KiiX") *200
6 00 12 00 1GOO L'J 00 Ho (tt
10 00 1GOO 22 00 8500*60 00
SparUl rr ArtT*rti» m"n t( of il»u'.'r *MU
or rxlreordltiar* iti-pliiv,
i-«r owl. addl*"Ml
Ui lUn atxifH r.ilr*.
for ten line* er I***, oft. «wk
and ten wnl. for each addition*!
law would not takeeficctbefore Jufy
The House on tho 1st likewtoe
talked much, but accomplished no
thing. Tho session on Saturday
was to bo for general debate only
and no further report will reach us
in time for this issue.
A crazy young Fenian named
O'Connor attempted to shoot tjueen
Victoria with an unloaded pi.-tol last
Thursday evening. Of course h«
was instantly seized, and great com
motion ensued.
Clement McIjan8land,U.S.DeplN|r
Marshal, froze to death while purm
iug eseajed prisoners during the ter
rible storm in Dakfrtaa few days ago.
Great excitement is caused by tho
alleged discoveries of gold deposits
in the RIack I lilts, in Spotted Tail's
reservation, Dakota.
Immense damage wasdone property
in Dundee ami some other localitk*
in Scotland by a great Hood in the
valley of the Tay week before last.
Snow fell to the depth of five inch
es at 8t. Louis last week Wednesday
It i«
nid that five pfMOtti
were killed and thirty injured by the
fall of tho stands during the royal
procession in London last week.
Ry the fall of a building in Frank*
fort, Germany, last Friday, fourtetfj
of its inmates are known to have
been killed, and it wu* feared there
were other victims.
The reduction of our Pnblle
last month was $12,301,450 -leaving
the total Debt lews cash in Treasury,
Kx-Congressman Stoke* ha* been
ttnod $1,500 for prosecuting a claim
against the Government while he was
in Congress.
Gen. «. O. Howard starts to-day
for Arizona, to sec whut the Apache*
Indians are about.
New Orleans had a $100,000 lire on
the 2Xth lilt.
Wells Wiliiamnon, a farmer Mar
Mil nele, Indiana,followed htsdaligh
K.t lnlis.vitl «lirrcnl» hmi Kirov
to marry one Laundry, hist week
found hi r, and killed her instantly
by cutting her throat, and then shot
himself twice with a revolver sothat
lie was not expected to recover.
A man named T. T. Johnson, of
Marengo, J11., lately (raveled aii tin
way to 'haltniiooga to kill a man
named William Singleton. He foUltfl
Singleton a. Shell Mound, in ar 'hat-
On this bill Mr. Durham voted yea, taiiooga, cliot him with a revolver,
and Mr. Keables nay. A Mil to I mine back, and on the 2lst, learning
repeal the statute for the publication !l,f,t h»d dh'd, i nded th.-.
tragedy by shooting himself, it
viding for the distribution of the ... ,, ...
,, All the Republican (onventlona
laws by slips furnished by the *n-1 |iith«'rt(» li« hl Imvtf either distinctly
sus Hoard to County Auditors, and i declared lor the re-nominalion of
-,i I include .New Hampshire,
II.,. of fitmriltf of Super-.
vote of .r).l to .'K»— Messrs. Durham and Dinghampton, N. Y., ri-aolvwl
Keatdes both voting for the bill. 8o to starve himself to death, lie took
the House lias put its foot in it.
A bill "regulating appeals to the Su-
near lb Ids where stock Is kept parsed entered the premises ou a pretenCM
by vote of .18 to 12.
otherbusi-1 "f friendly, »»'d cut the oecti
ucss of importance.
plished nothing of general interest
A few t»i I Is of local nature were
passed,but none concern thisCounty.
Adjourned till Tuesday and we can
Ho further report this
fHrmOT iv
less than three ounces of food in
weckg* On Friday lust he died.
March 2.
Advices from Arizona show that a
massut re at Martinez Station luis
been committed by Indians who
pants to pieces with their Icnivet*.
They are believed to have been from
the bale Creek reservation.
On tho 2d inst-., the Senate was not
in session and the House, having
but few members present, accom-, adelphi.i and Washington, dated last
Dispatches from New York, PbN-
Saturday, re|»ort a heavy snov. s'orm.
At Wasldngtoii the snow wasH inches
Airs. Harriet Reecher St(»we wa*
riously injured by a fall at her
homo in Mandarin, Florida, kwt^
fittest Keirit
Gold 1.101.
In Chicago market on 4th inst., pef.
Daily Gate City's report, bogs active,
and tlrm for shipping grades a! l.2/i
to $ 1.00, dud for heavy gravies at M.40
to$4.HO cattle rat her quiet-, ules front
$1,874 to&i.M wheat dull hut steady,
cash sales of No. 2 at $1.27? 1o i eorn,
closed easier and dull at 3HJ to Cpf.
In St. Louis market, ftame day, pw.
Daily Register'* report, lu»g* stea#ly
Ht to$4.50,
mostly $4.10 ..to $IM
jlrJU at to
-)(). cany*
cuu-w, $LJ«. wi.^
Uliehanged, no,ligures given^
There is iuten«efxeitenientiiow,#$.t
Sioux City over tne alleged gold tlifb
coveries in the Black Hills, Dakota^
and a mining company ha« lieen
ganized. Rut on the trther luwid t-fce
whole thing Is said^foiue
to be a humbug.

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