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ftir tt"'
„nrih-«rt /vV»v .***«,
O**"™ .... I .HI.M |||H*.
vnTr. *vm at tit*-«m'
X. J. A*''R-KB"'*
PART A YEAR—!V *!•*-*"ASI»
v.-' ri»nl»l.rJ^No
Anderson & Coiling
TT'.HtHKYS AT L\f Xa»**tUe, M»
J\ ricn County,low*.
•TON*. 0. «. ATlfpQ*
Stone A Ayres,
TTOKSBVS »t Law,Claimand RealE*
taie A g»nts, Knoxville, Mariua County,
'"**i I attend to nllbaninew entrusted tothelr
\n Marion and adjoining Counties. Will
:*cj,ice in the State
and Federal Courts 3,1
gj.r-***' "A» Q
TTniNET AT LAW and Ncta-yPaMV,
Plentiitvllle, Iowa. Will al.-o »ttrnd
and to Buying and SE'HUG
Hugh Thompson, M. D.,
ENH^I•—OfficeovsrFreelaad3c Thoinp
Bakerj, sast aids Public fc'quars,
Mi Tills# Iuwa.
Dr. C. F. Oarretson,
Store,nouthemt nr
ner of
11J•- ni»wl»
ll Mi I
V M. lo.\ K. *.
s n t.J v ^r.v
,r„ f„|.
.•* W*ritKKM,l.. H. S.
Knox»tll» Mffitfwrt
virttl** fcTMhrri: "T'tmllv
c. l.
Ksoivills, Iowa. ^'26tf^
II.WIMf-OW. j. w. WIL0OV.
Winslcrr ft Wilson,
PUBLIC, Newtos, JapperToontj, I'iwa.
»)iliWsu4th«ConrtiiofMarionCsaaiy. 4W
J. K. Casey,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Knoxville.Inwa,
Office eft ft elde of Public Square, and
up (tairs oyer Conwsll'» Hardware Store.
practice ia Marion and adjoining Coun
flUrcantUc, ®ljt itabca &t,
B. Oonwell,
Ajricaltural Implanienta geriernlly
fur M. W. Warren'a Patent Atmoapbsrie Port
able Soda Pourtais. Old Stand, aast aid*
Square, Knozvills. l,2tf
Knoxville Marble Works.
BRO'S, Mannfactnrers and
Dealers in Monuments and Ilead
Smnai, and Grave-yard Work of •*#rjr ds
aedytisa. Hear aertkwast »«mr af Fablia
iqaare, Knoifille, Iowa. tf
Books and Stationery.
Books, Writing Papers, Blank Book*,
L,?EuT Bll0®ST'DealerT
Square. KnoxTille. 4 S7 tf
Knoxville National Bank,
Gold, Silver, Government and other jje jg
1. Woodruff.
A- W. COLLIVB, Presidenl.
J.f CvMoaouiM, Viee Praaidaat
Baioua, Caahler. (ft.lftf
O. Gallagher,
^attend to all business in his lioa on re»
•i't«ble term*. Satisfaction gnarautaed.
Knowille and Otlejr, Iowa.
Notice to Bnildersa
I'BK UNDERSIGNED are now praparcd
i. to take coBtrscts for all kinds of work
in tbeir Ilea of basiaess, sa as
f|rJck and Mteiie Layiaf, Pla»terfag
au4 Ctatern aud Fine Ballding,
Alt of whieh wa propoae 11 da with diapatoh,
and in gi»d workmanlikemannar. We war
raat sati»facilon.
MATERIALS fujni»h«^ if rcqwirad and a
0REIIT tillC hristmaa wilt be given if par
tiw desire it.
b*» upenad a Cnbiael Sbop on Robinson I MO soft soap for
wast of the Treajont lioaae, ip stairx,
in tbe room formerly ooeapied
tbe i-
wfcieh ha wil laeil Low for Cash.
G. K Hart,
TrnKNKY AT LAW an.i Nol.r- Pub-
"Ollt'l sulf
ft •». K in vi lie, I
Mt4»lU« K. N t».
Republican Matt*
t.C. CAlil'ilNTfcK,
of Tallin.
fridge of (Supreme Court:
i. M.HKCK,
of Lee.
^b?,! miles, or 240 miles going and coming,
J\ Books. Writing Papers, Blank Bookf,
Eiliei, A*. Muiie Bookf. Musical Instru-1 supposing he came over to Knoxville
mem. Music for Sunday Schools,
I'ubUr Ioatruction:
Green Tea Clark.
Democrat heads its lipt of
"strong and
with the
Well, admit Jie was "strong"in
the convention, ha\in^ receivedi
there 183 votes on the first informal
ballot, and 141 on second ballot and
subsequently having been declared
the unanimous choico of the conven
tion. lie is surely the popular man
in the whole (irange party of Marion
county. lie is also a very pcr»stent
Democrat. Helms persistently push
ed himself forward as a candidate for
office for years but as the people
had experience enough with him
when he was in the Legislature be
fore, he has not succeeded until now
in developing his strength.
Consistency is well enough in
gopd cause, but in Green Tea's case
perhaps it is not BO commendable,
Let us see:
When he last represented Marion
county, or rather misrepresented it
in the Ijegis/ature, .he charged the
I State for only six hundred tnd tiyMy
Tinware, Shelf and huTm' travel in going to atld return-
""A',"'! ing from LOW»a«R. How totbut?
Three hundred and forty miles from
I'ella to Iowa City! It is only sev
enty-five miles now. At that time,
il he traveled in his own conveyance
he could have reached Iowa City by
traveling less thau one hundred
miles, allowing tweiaty-flv« mites
for bad roads. If he took the coach
via Oskaloosa, Sigourney and Wash
ington he would have traveled 120
to start but he lived almost on the
8ekooK Ac. Orjrans, Violins, Accordeons, .... i:„, t...^i..,. ...m™,
to. Pictures and Framea. Wall and Window Mahaska county line, twelve miles
Pa|er. Paper Coliara. All at Publishers' and eR8t of Knoxville. lie drew ten
Manafaoturers' Prioaa. Ka.t aide of Public
n Jng mj|eg trgvo,
CAPITAL $10#,DOO he would have been entitled to$24.JO#
ftcuritiea liouaht and sold. Interest allowed I
N time deposits. Special attan'ion given to course but he won got a tliailW to
Collection*. Open from 9 A.M.to 4 P.M. prove his consistency hy stealing
atcept Sundaya.
then brought Intra 5=(*.0U. Allow
jhim 240 miles from Knoxville, and
n consistent Democrat," of
mileage to Des Moines via Chicago.
A. W. Collins, s. L. Collin's, J.8. Cnnning- A beauty of a $44 reformer is Green
A* Jw n KerrV J*0k#0? a'
ftll'smy, J.Bitunbendu* A.I. Brooks. L. iTea.
He ought to go to Congress to
set an example of honesty for Ben.
Butler and Bully Brooks. A bright
and shining head-light indeed has
the Grange hoisted to lead its party
to success on a reform platform.
Doubtless most of the Grangers
ARION COUNTY At cnoNBH, wltl thought Green was honest, and
to all business in his lioa on re*-
the requirement# Of
their second resolution. They had
probably forgotten all about his little
Clothing Houae. steal* although it has been public-
I YAKOER, MERCHANT TAILOR, has b' charged upon him titneaml again,
X. constantly on hand a Full Lme of Men s and the charge never refuted. Now,
JJ^Boys'Wear, Hat», Caps and FariiMbing
Wjj, they
Ageatfor SiBgar'a tewl' Machiaae. and all their pretensions of houesty,
and support this man at thread of
their ticket, belying their loud pro-
fa|sify their resolutions
fessions, or wilj they
and withdraw him?
The Democrat appears this week
under very singular colors. It has
been all summer squirming about
like a snake in distress. Last week
it flaunted the straight Democratic
flag, and bore at its head a call for
a Democratic convention which we
were impelled to speak of as "a square
manly cail, without invitations to
Offiee, where ha will Uavaoa hand all Call is modified With the intention
I It requests
AND JAM IS have opened a
BIack«mlih Shop In the bulldm? for
merly oeoupiH fey j_ n. Roberts, just west «f
'b« New Bank bedding, and ar* prepared to
work in tha?r line in tbeiad master
alfalr rates. Tea per ceat off for cash.
FBAPER i# c*rrjin on tbe Cinlnfs
and Wagon basiae*# ia the Mm* bai el
i*g «h»r« bo i* pnparrd ti do all kinds |ee, COinmltfl the
Lading editorial, immediately fol-1 tor the last ten years in the pretence
i Hrimrii.Lmii rnn.n«itm jIIP «lit(»r'•*certain and continual defeat, with
C0"*UJlt8 lU®^V"rj«h«
lie hpecinl at»e*.to,i, jri»*n to colte«-. find hisjpurnalto support pi {^turtlty'h convention, will now fail
«!u and f. r. oto-in-/ nor'g»ge*. office, (irjuige ticket. to take advantage of tlie situation,
t'ubh.-Jrq-iur... ..vt-r oM *o« of. and assist In earn ing to victory prin
•h^Jw'Morrn^.inav now tie win) for which he ha* ho earnestly
uiul^'sTood a* i^at/y sjo sell out its: fettled.
|»artv t» the-"»rsmjjcjr^. »r the Grim-1 ^natH'r®^(' tonventlon
...'^ in pred«-ting that
tinff can command. Wh«t tho e«Htor
M-.mtfi is tho patronage of tlie Treas
urer, the .Slierin- and the Hoard of
FuIK!rvi«.r-,KiKirurthi«l..is»il ii.gu
Ntohangon the fen#e, ready
of CiKiXN Ci AUK
next mouth after the meeting
withany reasonable
.. ...
the second Tuesday in October?
The Convention of Saturday laatwas
oiio of the best aiiended, and moat har-
inonioua in its action,
county. Kvery
save one, was
represented, and
o o v e o s
s u s a n i a a n I n e i
fuutid in th'-ir nwpwliv"
II. Lyman, ted MunscJI,John and
Kandol, Etsp Copeland, W. K. Kouze,
James liarvey, I. W. Fisher, S. W.
Woodruff, H. D. Lucas, K. H. Kuekman,
W. J. Millard, Mr. ltuffrior, J. W. Main
ami scores of others who have heretofore
been the very soul of the republican
organization. It does "mean business,"
arid the calm and determined manner in
which the affairs of the eouvenliort were
conducted, the admirable ticket made!
and the splendid resolutions adopted,
Tho candidates nominated arc all
and competent men.
!c.'r°. »ny t'o i »»"k i o"{e wnu
Llbem)*, f-rmors, .,r
I any other man." This week th:
C«a»#ef all alias,, tiling Ul)erals and (irangers.
Democrats, Liberals,
plunder n
(and all others who op[x*e the party aome of the defeaU'd eaiididates: but
{of d1 under now controlling ti.e doe. not re.juire a very large
t.lutwlt.r now enntro'iill" the.
Wo would
have thought a lisllo better of it if a few
more democratic
list but we are compelled to say that
the republican |»orlion of the ticket
could not be bettered by selections
from the republican party.
For Representatives, Green T.
Clark, of I.ake Prairie, democrat, and
8amuel Breckeuridge, of Knoxville,
republican, liotli are first class men,
and weil qualified for the office.
For Treasurer, It. M. Feni»,.(,f Bed
a democrat, and one of tbe
best no n in the county. Very popu-[
lar at home, having been elected .lu*
For Sheriff, L.
be consistent
Hupt. of FUrhools, Professor
Zentz of Dallas township, a good man
a republican.
For Surveyor,
K. B. Ituckman of
Union, a republican, and well quali
For Supervisor, H. P. Lucas of
a republican,'but not radical
enough to
hurt. A good, honest and
M. I
.able mail.
For Coroner. Dr. W- C. Allen, of
this township, a republican, and will
««»e» rioi
Its election will
in some measure depend ujon the ac
tion of the conventions yet to lie held.
The nomination of some of the candi
dates will probably cause a little hard
feeling on the part of the friends of
selection of delegates. that everything in jsJitical matters
This call, standing at the head ofj can not always be exactly us we would
the peper, signed by T. J. Anderson,
Chairman, professedly by order of( opinion the best Inteceats «»f tlie eoun
tlie Democratic Co. Central ty will not suffer if it Kiall be elected
paper t» the sup-
fteo ifcaaa a sail at tbeir tbop. ticket, when chosen, and yet, tl* Democrat who IwXoud */hta Ug
a *CIJ
iu., this
#mount of wiadoin and patriotism to
Government," to participate UieL^vjnce even the most disapjailnted ded
Is a good one and In our
It represents the free and determined
^UuSSf*S lK,rt of the Democratk- party and its, i„" ti^ and we (eii eure 'h^eo
«m» oJ.Ject in vl«w declared hy
-.1 —.'W nreitk-Ung that Itn wisdom will
4rerf» tt» its pinr^'-" ^Meh«ver v ill pa. dictate a roiuoe of action which will
^he hijjht'-t pjieo' for Hh little Influ-1 ^rin^ detent to the oomniou eueuiy of
fnce a p»p?r ainritn editor so vociJla- 'K'81 interents of th« country and
Uie Democratic party.
dran^e Party Platflira.
The Grange party at its eonvoti-
ion liu
over on ei(h* side, ns his interests
ma ji,: KKSHMjl IIOM).
nmydcUrrmne. llus is the cham-1|
re-aduptej the
Workinir Men «t Marlon
other public servants,
i tho llpmncnitic l.ihernl convention hO' the Credit Mobilier, Custom
i2in^ ^e
measure of certuinty, the number of jfinnot lK)k to existinj? political par-
times it Will change Its flag before,fj^ for relief, do enact the following
The Grange Convention.
The following is the leading edito
rial in the Democrat this week. We
give it in full in order to show where
that sheet and thoae of its party! 8K
whom it can control are to be found! **ust
from now until it is ready to take an
other tack and sail off in some new
direction before what Its editor sup
pose* to be a popular breeze:
factn thai
in tho county which our government was founded
.. -. i sequences. Cliangcn
jw' FIHST. That we will support no1
jlnan for office who is not and who
jfcasnol been in full sympathy with
i the leading interests of the producer
Mid manufacturer, especially as op-
loosed to those who support tho mo-
iopolists in any form.
).NI». That our candidates
IKJ men of integrity in every
iiwpect, with no entan«linir alliances
that can in nry way tirn thei.i frtmi
paths of duty to the whole body
THIUI. That all elass legislation,
any individual, or body of
individuals, or corporations is bene
fit UKJ to the detriment of the people,
ever held in ibis i is contrary to the principles upon
thai i Wd tends to the destruction of the
u i
7 i e s e i s u n e w i o u a i l
townships. As to old political proclivi-'
ties, tho delegates were about equally
divided, and it surely tr cam business"
(bad Corporations claim exemption
from legislative control belongs to a
IHmtageand despotic rule, and as it
when such strong and consistent demo-1 yguriot exist without infringing on
crats as CrecuT. (.'lark, Hiram Willis, the rights of the citizens generally,
J. L. Ik'dell, tho Ferrises, the Yowels, J.
M. lirous, Joseph Metcalf, Win, Wbit
latch, S. M. Coohy, tlie (iullions. J. 1$.
snd Hen Davis, Hen Clements, Charles.
Hiram and Foster Durham, I'M .odflrey,
Julius Jiridge*, 3. L. Anderson, James
MeKenzie and dozens of others, flnd
then.selves aetirg in pcrfe ae ord in a
convention witli such deuguiinert repul^
licantt as
i| has no legitimate place iu thejur
ifprudenee of a free people.
FIFTH. That many of our public
ofceers are now receiving enormous
paries for their' services, dispropor
tionate to the rewards of Ishor in the
iaiiustrial pursuits of the people,
habits of extravagance at
vifiaiKse with republican siinpliety,
tli« huecUiM ef
aristocracy which
will sooner or later, undermine th»
lil»trties of the people, and we do
maud a reform in that direction.
SIXTH. That the action of the
members of Congress imTeasing their
own salaries was highly dishonora
ble, and also that it was dishonorable
in tho executive to sign s»id bill, and
we demand that the present Congress
repeal the law.
SKVKNTH. That wo will support
no man for office unless he stands
warn all persons of whatsoever partv not! pledged to the principles enum iated
to get in the way of tho organization!^ these resolutions. Hmlthe.Mjep
u .. anco of a nomination at the hands of
perfected and cemented on Saturday last
this convention t-hall be considered
a pledge to that effect.
from Uit Ili-moi ral.
appeared on the
I.etler from W. S. fJroeabeck.
Hou.W. S Ifoeakock, of Ohio, now one
of the moat promiiK'Ul Democrats In the
Union, wriies to a friend the following
letter, which coutaiiios a huge amount of
political wisdom
I believe the historical Democratic or
ganization is spoiled. Hhiiuleritig con
stantly during the last ten vears, aud
shattered by many defeats, it surrender
ed, finally, at IImi last I'residen.i.tl *Hoe
tioii. It cannot recall that siinendur or
the conlession liven made, and it has no
longer trength enough for victory. In
this extremity it will be wise to _lay
tice time and again with bis party in aaide the eld organisation and enter into
a minority,
is certain j» on.-.
this city, republican, a
good qualifications for the frfllce, and jeiice"nf the people
will no doubt serve acceptably if elect
ed, and wa think there is uo,doubt of
that, from tbe present appearance
young^mnn ojj
ana township,
Ciorer. of Indi­
democrat, and in
every way qualified for tho ortice,—a
Jiard working, honest aq.i modest
fnan,—be wua taken up without pre-]
wireworking, and will be
,r r» the reaulu o! tlu'war as w»s done at Itai-j wh( se every syrnpatby was agaln«t
Auoltor, n. it'iDinsnn, or |j,Ilort,f ,lt] jt should accept them in giswl
a|1( M() l()
otlendisl by the policy and
iu it, neither the gue«t of tho oilier.
You ask what should be ila name
C"sll it the Liberal Democracy
will moan the tree, unselfish government
ol the people. And now as to its doc
trines or principle*. You ask in this
connection how the question of negrrt
aurtiage aliould he treated. That ques
tion is no longer before u*. Negro suf
frage is the bloody consummation of a
great war, and nothing short ol war caw
undo it in our day. In' my opmloa, it
will endure iu this government as
as general autl'rage. I
objections lo il, and tlii
too Moon to that part of our
to keep permanently
our MU-UUIIOO|towns
of our people
u,*vork a reform
large a pa
In an inferior and
I concur iu what else you sttgjjesf.
Tiie new organization ahould »»pt»oae all
forma of monopoly. This Is to» pi am to
need argument. Monopolies are an nit
rage and an of'enae against Ihe people.
The organixatiou siamld op|»a»
NO.* 9
ineni. It i* ho*ne government thattrsdns
u«, teaches self-rcHaneo and develops
manlineM^. Take it
awitv and
Depending upon
tlie 1'reo-
tuan dixnppem*. t'ontrallaa ix\ver nt
\va*liiii£toii and we are trunsterrtHl to
ouibult iiiaiiHgotueiit, no longer govern
ing mifcIvea. We inuHt l»e governotl.
We await the action of the our Helr-dopendence, and the free citircn
but feel safa
soon degenerate* into a mere subjoet
whose whole duly iw to obey law and
whose only desire is to be amused in
You refer me also to the question of
free trade. The new organization should
make It one of Its cardinal doctrines.
Thero should be no equivocation or
double-meaning about this. A prohibi
tory titrilfi* in plain contradiction to the
character of our government. We are
allequal in rights, privileges and iminu
nites. Thero should be no diacriuiiua
tion no favoritism no partialities, per
soiittl or tlnancial, and ana eommerrial
shown I
i Hou«and Tammany developments,
prohibitory tariff is behind the
rganl/Ation nmy properly
antagonize the party now administering
onr atrairH at almost ever point. While
this is so, it should not undertake to do
we *ver'.vthing at once, or push reforms
without, some regard for immediate con-
shoek by tneir
are not nluay* just Ol
I am not A politician
We should never forget sound principles
snd we should move toward constantly,
surely snd steadily, but, sometimes,
gradually. 1 dou't believe in daily tevo
lutions, or in sudden and violent do
r« xg«ment of pnblie alTuirs.
et tne suggest a doctrine to which you
liave tiot referred I mean the doetrino
of atrlet eonstrueilon of the constitution
Have you tsmsidwotl w hst a eertsin pre
ventive of inisgovei iiiiimt inuy be found
in the faithful application of this doe
trine? I beliexe such an application of
'*)uM ,.t ,in,^t ,.Very p.ibli.- evil
whieh we eotnplsin. It in worth j-otir
while to test its reach and elllciency.
a«plendid doctrine for such a
government as ours. How It exalts the
individual man, and how it subordinates
the gover'mount. It may fetter the gov
ernment now ami then, but never the
citizens, lie always remains uppermost
and master.
Mtnance tiiHt
competent to
but- if you should make such a
movement as you propose.it should be
conducted so as to «!\e the strongest a«-
it BOUKIII reform and not
place. I :»in a lioinocjat. but I should
glad to wee the Democracy move
out of 'its oi'l organization into a new
one. You
not succeed unless tbey
it mav be thev will refuse Riul prefer
to tarry where they aie for the balance
of tho century, and until they can tlx the
meaning of the resolution of ils. If
so, I
suppose I shall Uiriy with thom. After
all. I like them, snd I like the old politi
cal Iw.mi'stead. I coufe** It is somewhat
dilapidated. There are no bunnem up
on ilt. Walls, and ietorlous all uitliigs arc
no longer heard w llhin, but it is a home
still, and I aUall
Democracy has as many lives as aj
cat this time it appears in the guise I
of the Anti-mouopol}
any party shake up that may
occur and so they play their arts to
produce disaffiliation nnd defection
in tho Republican ranks. This anti
monopoly cry, begun at the State
capital, the center of all the deep
laid plots of that party for years, is
only Democracy in disguise.
cies ot Ihe pie.-ent administration.
The new organization should be
oi|ll v tl k tJt,II)(M.(aU M„d
„,l iv.th siiouid »«equally at home
.. 1 .... at... .. d.^t I 1,1. .1 l.i.f
That! Republican write,• in reference to tlie
ment I franl times that are complained of in
the West. The editor thinks there
are other causes for the geticral com
plaint than the exactions of the rail
much scheming
receiitly emancipated. Allelioiikl uutLe lions as clerks our girls reluse to O
this duty.
suilragc to the foreigner tor
time in
ortier tliat ho may prepare for it. and w*
have school* for all on the theory thai
all should prcj/art- for it. Hut it is grasvt
ed nnd e«mioi lie recalled. Nor t» I
think it wise in such a government
and there is too
as long je4iriljntr usefu|
get a living with­
out rendering an equivalent in hon
orable labor. Our boys are not
trades our farmers'
1 W. 1 M. 8*. «M. 1
$ 7O $ 200 $ 400 $ TIO $ JW
12O 3 50 6 00 9 00
Column 1 75 5 00 8 00 1200 1H«
3 50 8 00 12 00 16 00 2S.MM'
12 00 161#0 22 00 35 0*1
1000 16 00 2200 8600 W0»«
Special Notices, or Advertlat meat* of devbUwMH
or extraordinary dlaplay,
per seat. adMtii aal
to th? above r*t*s.
then wonders why, in spite of liis
best efforts, he sinks deeper and
deeper into debt, till the sheriff
cleans him out, and he starts West to
begin again. The time has come for
us to turn over tv new leaf. Our boys
and girls should be taught to lov*'
labor by qualifying themselves to do
it efficiently. We must turn out
fewer professionals, and more skilled
artisans and producers. We must
grow and fabricate the immense
quantity of articles that we now an
nuatly import, and so reduce tlie
foreign debt that we have solongand
so successfully augmented for yearn.
We must qualify our clever boys to
erect and run factories, saw-millh,
rolling-mills, machine-shops, tanner
ies, to open and work mines, im
prove and fashion implements, and
double the products of farma. if we
shall adopt this policy, aud then take*
such measures as will correct the
abuses growing out of our mammoth
railway privileges, we shall witnen*
a true development of national pros
perity, that will be as firm as the
everlasting hills.
tm m*
The ttew Political Baatlln*.
Tho superstition of a certain class
of polititicians was never more
strikingly exhibited than in the
new party movement just culmi
nated tit Columbus, Ohio. Briefly
expressed, this is their theory "The
people will not tmist the Democratic
party, because they know it to be
unprogrossive and corrupt. Ru't
change its name and they will tnt*t
it, because they w ill then believfe ft
to be radical and honest." There
was an ass once which attempted
this same kind of policy. lie cover
ed himself with ft fion's skin, and
imagined that he was deceiving
overylsaly but his braying would
have betrayed him even if he had
been successful iti hiding bis ears.
The idea that men are gixsl or bad.
or that they will be thought so, ac
cording us tiieir names happen to be
pleasing or otnerwise, could origin
ate only with the dos|*«rute men
who are quick to seize any chance of
saving their politicll lives. The late
convention of "Allen County Dem
ocrats'' "discontinued Liberal Re
publicans" organised a party with
out a name and placed it substantially
upon the platlorm suggested by Mr.
Groesbeck. Thecmididatos are made
up of Democrats and Lilasral Itepuh*
nut leave it uutll it.If
pttttert l*M*n.
Verr respectfully.
W. S. filtORHSKCK.
Th# Waterloo (burier thus tells'
who are the fathers of the Anti-Mo
nopoly movement iu Iowa:
Who neg
|Tniop \vh»n i(s existence hung
.olll(ll.1)l(| |lto ,-onii- «]«fut»tfti! balance between life
The new organ r/Ji
tioii should be something diHerent from
a recast of the old one. There should be
no exclusiv mean about it, nor sliould il
be merely Democratic, it should be
made np of present Democrat*, oiioriuer ltnvenport /JCtiyX'rat
Democrats, and ol all Republicans who mouthed |tlgies of the aiiti
and death? Many democrats refuse
toco-operate in this false scheme,
but the lie* Moines /staler, the Du
buoue Herald, the-John Irishes and pedigree for the support of tht Lib-
t)ie Farmers' Move-
Jk Utile oma»on Seaac.
The editor of the Bureuu. (111.,)
and cities seeking after, posi-.
Oil I I v.nj linn. ........
of their artisans milliotis worp» of
and manufactures ti^at
ought to make for ourselves.
Though our crop of rascals is Itf'uvy,
we do not grow our In inp though
we are overrun with lads who de
flagellation, we import our
centralization, and ahould ariv'H'nie woodt feed his sts*k, and rtli»h|s er
itoijse government iit all l«eal sffa.rs ainl while hisown ls»vs loaf around
i^tiM»4iimoate*tent th^is p^i«^W«. Rr|| speml there type In
o a a a i i n o k e a a i e o e
a e s i a
and iwteUitfont wilhout Uotut
i .i-* i
women (unless great­
ly ileceived) shine in foreign fabrics,
and our men are dressed in foreign
clothes. We ore like the farmer who
hire* his neighbor's sons to cut his
pl^yiittf billiards and gansbli^, and
ans, both of whom have been re
pudialed by the people. These men
i /itivn' they could not succeed if they
ealM themselves by their old party
titles. They had tried that, and
failed. Is it possible they have such
a poor opinion of the ittteilijcrnc* cf. j^ataM
the people as lo believe that they
will accept the men and nriiiciples
they have once rejected Kimply be
the new candidates have been
of their Democratic cloth
ing and come dancing belwre them
like Fiji
with nothing to
hide their nakedness.
I i
that the
Let it be borne in mind
movement, Democrats openly averred that they
with headquarters at Des Moines, only parted with their name and
where tho transmutation was aecom- left their organization beeitusi they
plished. Will Porter, "Bub" Walk-) might po^ibly succeed letter under
er, and kindred democratic fuglers a new disguise Let_ it be also re
are the god-fathers of this party ass membered that the Liberals reiioiinc
In lion's skin, and it is by their kith ed their nnine and principhs-If
and kin that the bantling is kept on they ever liatl any-because rhe-,
its legs Then cry out "All parties i could not command support with
irVmrruutl I., ,H »lrlk« /.r Urn Ih.-m nnl O.at ,„.ith.T the m,.
people and against monopolies! the other would have stepped out t»l
And at once they proceed to an- their old tracks an incn, or acknou I
nounce a new party these Demo- edged a single error, but for this stub
erats do—Ju«t as thev announced the born fact.
(teneral Tuttle scherne and the Gree-1 Now these gentlemen have chang
ley-Gratz-Brown litimbug. These e.l their immes.or, rather, they have
Democrats have everything to! dropped their old ones but have
und nothing to lose in i they also changed their prejudiee*.
Do they not Is-lieve as before Was
it the clothes that made the Deun»
cratic party disloyal, or the Liber
als" ready to compromise the »m
tional honor5' If it was, then thete
is hope for the new party. The
Cincinnati (bmmrrcial says
Then they will not talk of success
thev will simply proclaim their
principles, and bear the scorn and
jeers of tho world until time shall
demonstrate their wisdom. It was
so with the Republican party, and it
will be so with the next successful
organization and when any delT of
men attempt to'Weate a party out of
other material 1hey should look *t
the carcasses that strew the hatfonul
w,ty Hn(j
housework, und so we are sending to h^ve gone thesaine road W.WiH'"
Furope for workmen, ntid iving them.—Infer-OceaV.
takf Warning by tlM^.
stations were carr»etl j.i.
hope* for anything good from men i trading politicians were left wt iri
•F the cold." On the contrary thei«
never was a morn shameful barter
aud trade. The Liberals traded off
tbeir names and organization for a
few paltry positions on the ticket
the Democrats sold out their musty
are erals. Both went cheap for wel
nigh nothing but loth brought
great deal more than they were
worth. It is possibletfiat a day may
arrive when sowne great question
will agitato tho public mind, and
when a few brave and determined
i men will unite to right a great"
wronp and overcome a great evil.
One thousand colored persons oelef
hrated nt Kjpokuk. ou tilt 1«A iivt.»
the emanclpatle* of ^h(j slaves io tba
Wf»t Indiep.
Tbe GUtf* City says tJi|Vftiper|
growing rapidly. A rival pwlMtt
stand hfa been started ^here. 1-
Thf total loss"
by the Portland. Of
egon, fte
was 11,158,675. Twenty
kl*ckf w$m

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