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few gcatlaaMfttMSt ts» supplied with
$s«i at a'piraia beaes, after ti e let of
AfHl- Apply »t fef Bvu*tm O(B«%
it receivs*, spring «f fHdfctofc
C*seiacrs at Vm 4 CoY Empire
k of
*0(1 4
tha Spring
Psrw W
Waggoner ft Co.'a.
Vo» Stuck ef Vail Paper at ti Bwr.
OoJfcf M)f Cnrriaj"* at the
tiur. v
J. P. rsoeivtng the largest
id Hn«t »tnek of Dry Goods, ('l..thinfc,
eta, Uepe, Fan, Ae., erer brought to this
fcrfcet. Don't fail-to drop in and sec them.
Berbrieh, the Prince ef eat ten. in
at Bswley's.
fc Tim Paataaa
Cm Smms.—I*. IT. Win
fh*r, lt|»iaeitj,the peneral u/ent. r.-ceivetl
^pwaiftliWTSI'WicrfcfScar lon.l ofthese
•M pftfohr Machines trow Nliraeka.
•brneriilwM hear lu mind that tbis is tho
ISeeral depot for tbtM mMninn, mi should
aMer I»ly aatkef «r» going fmt—and in
uringMogat the beak ».*
K*mt Lady should ton a P. WV It. t.
Hale at tbe'KeW Tark 8to*e.
Juliea CWw, at
8uM, Mjeri & Co'«.
lit' jm nut apfetcre (hmd in good style
to Glue" Faraitare Store,
corner Main A
Rabiut St.
H'Taylor's Sallry Hay Rake, fti
Saaford, Htert A Co'*.
|Tb« KueWor Plow, at
Sanford, Mrcrs A Co'a.
[Bearer Overeoatinga, t'asiaers, and ladies
akiag at Bow ley's ta {nilabiin.tau.se.
•Perfaawry end toilet aoapa at the lode
Indence Btiaar. I
units for 1869, aleo Blank Boalti Mid!
teal Blank*, u Waggoner A Co.'a.
The boit Mark of Caa«imeri« in the city—
|•(, neateat fitting ffanBents made to onter,
IP llytrt A Mftai.
*Tho*e PwiBcopic 8pec at the Iiazaar
ipfc iplendid. Try them.
jfl Tba Pacific K. hat aui) all other late
HylM with Men tod Bot i i-ape at the En
Ihe fineataad beet *arivty of Fur* in the
4llT at the Kmpite Store.
A beaatiful aaaortuinnt of 03 Sbftdc*,
^ikaapcr Umo ever, at tlio Buaaar.
1 New (tock of general H.tr'lware at
Saufurd, Myer« & Co'a.
K, ISuaoousiBLa, Attention If you want to
find good felect poe ry fir recitation, buy the
(iarleiul of Poetry for tin- Young," at X.
fa^gontr A Co.'a Book Store. !l-2w
Wall Paper at rvduc rates at the Ba-
III immediali-Iv r»t\''ve ini crium itly caro
•ilfcfMuoit c».«« ol lv-( |i^ .i, Flatn
'Jeacr. 8'«r Stviaa'li, n-tip t:• »n, an i all 1h
Ma*i lbs ma'h »nJ 1' i»_v -1 i u n s,
i wtercjrmM aa4 aH «!)u k it, juin in unhnun-l.
#4 praikc of il» great *irtu*«. S»ld bj dr«i, L«tj
wverv whar*. frica tl.UO i'-i
V choice atoek of flioltcls CM be aeen a
Ftir Capt and Fur C'lUnrj at estraordia*
l«w pritva can be lud :it KidJell's.
Meriden plated ware and table catfery,
that in market, attbn Baxuac.
*Btrber's#«lky Corn Pluw, at
I S mfn
d, Myers A Co'*.
frlie best CuKl rni! in th: worM, at the
Kii-uta' Blgfn and Waltham goH and *ik
tko liidf |tenoeiiee r'aaaar.
i* Call aiiiacc tho se be iu'.iful Rid loves at
V idwir*.
I tut aDMVtmont of p.Krket eatlerf, at ibe
ta li jictidinfr lluii.ir.
tr tr cr cr tr
The attention of «ur readi-rs i« directed ta
lh«' ftdv^-rlia^ment of CIOl'iJH HAI*
MAM »nd t'DKS UYSPKI'Sl K C'L'ltK- in an
utl»r |«it(4 UiU l|«T.
Those trelj' Vuli, «'.l» -^li iiiiei at* reeom
mrntvt hy aU wbu u»« K«a Um *.1
tifioutea. [-i7 ly^«W
Clwtbe* Wring« leuaift'l. at
St firtl, ll vri A Co'a.
Oarden and 0 r^t« Seed*.
hi.id'i.-.l, Myer.i A 0.'s.
BlMstitlM Pe«ParlBfr«Mf.
hMct re eiMiP)? wn l«r
ij ia iit\\'ileox.Cnefley.M'irte,
I i~J bj' mutual consent.
ilia aaoi« aui
A t'».. is I hie dij
W. U. H. Mtn*,
f. 8. .Wife**, Ad*i**atrmttr,
H, it. Jf. Chvlejf,
W. H. C*a«4«W«
1 oa*Pt«r nkbVIII TOTICE.
Tha ufi'l«T»i'"e I huei'ii- day l-.nwJ.IV
farm* rah as
Jet lhan.imu anil -tj c^f f'ln«-
fiev I Mtxaa, au4 will e n'inuo the lm.ino»a jf
itha late In ol M. & Co., at their old
rylaae wf hasta«'.
All aeeeanta due tha lata flrie of W. r. M. A
Co., meat ha paid to t'beiley A Mora
Jan. II, l»ts. Itf.
la eeaaeeMen with tha above not ire. we bee
leave ta retava flianl« for all paat favors and
lss|iastfalljl aolioit ountinnanee of tama.
Iletpactlullv nur«,
Farrrers, do you want to huld your grain
I fQfibiftor print Store it with Newman
A ObaaiherUiii.
Call ••flea nt WHirgoner A Co.'a Indepen*
denoe Book Store and see those beautiful
CbrMKM at lliay arrive tbey dua't reuiain
ttmawaxntVint Wagjrnnert Co. keep all
the heat new b. Mtks. I'h«v liHve the bosl
•tftril of MiMM'tlMiit'nMfi VunjUm ev*r offered in
due city. We men ii what we my.
Ladlec' Gene .'a and A ericati gold watch
ca, at the Independence zuar.
Plare^ca Pewing Machines at the Iiaaaar,
J. P. Sampson ft Co., A«ts.
Mew a«4choice Books alwcjpc la be foaad
at the Baaaar.
Blriill haa just received another new
dockOt clothi»g, which he is selling at lower
peieee than ever.
The aew Kniffin Mower, at
HmifV.nl, Myers A Co'*.
tllaqk Book* and all foruia of Blauka at
The Inhaatna Self Bake lleapor, a*
Ran lord, Myers A (V«
iA fine otcftk of K»ereraoo[«a and ViewK.
at Waggoaar A Co.'a Indcpendenco Book
Hi nadrasl Seed So«erx, at
Sanford, Myers A Co'a.
Km aiiiriiiT Photo and Tintype
i, Albunw, very low, at Waggoner A Co.'*.
Cbildrau'a knit Skating Caps at Bid
Might and a half poand. of sugar for #1
at Bid
A" overflowing stock of Furnltnre
at lass',
oppoaiM Montcar.
Be aura and cal^ etRMd«H's and buv your
flaaaeli', aad feeds lor winter wear while
hc i**ni8g «3*P-
CeatmerrreCAli Dirrcarwrrs.—There are
Mat :«easlMttteM SB Inherently defeetitc
u k/i u derive |lreal lenelil
fraat a Medaral* W af para lit|Uor uumbiued
with aaeh vegaMM cwdletae extraeta u enter
th»aaaaa*iMie af Robaak'a stouiuob
situation, iu
iarlve additional security
froai their ooeeaieaalaa*
I change of diet
fast and ftniitli,
tkearfal as*
of Roharft
a*Mli w weald aural be
dlMiM and
orncin M'tit oT the coSty.
W~t*t of DutafNt,
TABLE. D. 8.
Taiiaenger Train,
Mixed Train,
Tit Wapsic.—The warm rains of last
week proved too atlclr for the ice itf Ac
pond, and on Saturday, in a melting mood,
it left m, taking with it a portion of thedam.
•eg them
[CHKAr 8*ako*bo Book*.—Tbe complete
Va of AkakapeaMa, Milton, Burns, Teney
Ac, for 30c Wifirlj Noreln, at 25c
i ae4 Dickens' at 1$ to 30c etch, at
faggoaar A Co/a.
Mctbodist Fair.—The ladies of the
Methodist Church propose to hold a Fair
and Peetiral for the benefit of the Chorcb
fund, early iu June. The day wiO ha anv
nounced hereafter.
Taa LADIES will be interested to know
that Turner A Mrllish have gone to market,
and that they will bring back one of
the lasg
eat and finest stocks of Millinery and White
Goods ever shown in Independence. They
will probably be opened next week.
R. Ridci.l.—AnnouncM in hie treble
columns ad. on the second pag* his iir*
tentiou hereafter to do business upon the
caah systim. He is receiving a large stock
of goodn of every discription, which are to
be cold at very low price.* for each.
FLOWER SKEDS.—Dm ham in Munaon's
Block has received an almost infinite variety
of Qerman French and Kngliah flower seeds
including manv new varieties. Lovers of
the beaatiful, wh:fb of course indadsc all
the ladies, are invited U call, and select.
New Millineiiv.—Miss I. Tsne A Co.
are arranging in 8carclifTs building, two
doors weet of the Post Office, a large'and
varied stock of Millinery and Fancy Goods.
Thursday of next week will be their opening
day. Their advertisement will appear in
the BcLLrrm next week.
That excellent paper the Vinton Eagle
tomes to our table enlarged to nine colnms
on a page and dressed out in a spic-and
span aew suit of type. It looks as neat and
dainty as a bride in her wedding robes.
We mis* however the familiar figure of the
old "bird o' freedom which adorned its
columns before.
Tax Catholic Seminait.—Six Sisters of
Charity arrived in town by the afternoon
traiuon Tuesday from Chicago. Tbey come
to assume the charge of the new Catholic
Siuiinarv, which opens next Monday. Tbey
w.!l be re-euforced in a few daya by three
other •embers of the sisterhood
The Weather for the past weeofc lias been
vari tic. To use an original expression, it
ha* pesaed from gray to gay from I rdy
to severe, several times during the week.
Under the balmy iufluencea of one week ago
r.e were luiwel tempted to get off aom»*
tlii:.£ alto it babbling brooks, swelling buds,
zephyrs, ethereal mildness and that sort of
tbinfi, l,ut a snow fit irm came and to ^day all
the poeirv in our nature ia down to aero.
FISH.—The finny tribe are exposed to
innumerable perils about these days perils
fr mi the urtbin with his pin-hook and
rik fioai man with his entangling mcah
ft and dan*. A friend informs ua that the
arr*y nf s: .':tr» along tbo claaaic batiks of
the W.«j-ioneday last week could only be
to the bristling ranks of Senacha
rib'a hos:«. A great many fish have been
Uken an 1 the end is not yet.
BArrisT Chc&cb.—Rev. W. L. Iiuutsr
the new pastor of the Baptiat Society arrived
with his family from Waterloo on Wednes
day. 11 id introductory aeriuon will he
preachcd at tbe Baptist Church next Sabba'h
•uornii'i.' »t the usual hour. Mr. Hunter will
iUo proa I. iu the evening. It: the name of
our citi/.' of all denominations we extend
to hia and hia a cordial welcome.
A nuuiber of Iowa papera have been
taken iii hv the premature announcement of
Andy Jo!.moil's death, even to the extent in
some cnaesof writing obituaries more or Icea
appreciative. Our friends will do Well to
distrust leportsof Andy's demise. Neuralgia
and calculus—whatever that is—wi(l never
lav him low, so long as be aces a chance to
do mischief, and to kick at somebody. The
onH thing which will reconcile bin to die
at laat will be the thought that i« AM act
he can kick tbe bucket
A man hv the name of Ilammond, foimer
tv of tlii* pbiee, but now of Independence,
»nd fur .Vine time past engaged in selling
seed sower notes sny« that our member of
Cnnjrres*, the Hon. W. B. Allison, is in tbe
habit of miiiii! hail for the Seed sower swiudl
«r of thai plaee. A nice business for a
meniher of nniirre«8 to engage in. Almost
equal to'He H-'ilroad swindle which was
ventilated last tall.—Co. CsiW.
Mr. Hammond, refer I to in the above ar
ticle haa called upon na and requested ua to
•ay that the statement contained therein ia a
falsthoi i that he never made tbh state
ment charged, to the editor of the Ukion or
any othej person. Tbat'a fiat, Mr. Union.
You have taken to reading tha Bible lately
bare your researches extended to Deuteron
omy 5th Chapterand 20th verse
School E i.ection.-Wb would call the
tion of our reader* reaiding within the Inde»
pendent District of Independence, to the
call in another column for an election to be
held one week from Saturday, to deteilnine
the question of iaauing bonda to tbe amount
of $1508, for the purpose of erecting anoth
er seh.iol building in the district. It ceeaa
to us that the propoaition cannot fail to cars
rv. The people of Independence have seen,
and are seeing every day the good eflfects of
a lihernl policy In regard to schools, and it
probably will need no labored argument to
convince them that it is beat to continac in
well doing.
are probably many and it is quite possible
ihnt wc nre not acquainted with a tithe of
them. But there are a few thinga which
have struck us during our short residence in
ihis city, as being likely to become impor
tant adjuncts to its business and growth, if
Ihov can be compassed. Wo will take the
liberty to mention tbcin.
Tbo first is an absolute necessity and
that is, more h»uc». The nnaiber of dwell
ings for rent or for sale in Independence are
entirely inadequate to the demands of the
present, not to mention those of a few months
henre, when emigration shall begin to poor
in tipon us. Ve* comers are not always
prepared or inclined to build immediately
upon their arrival, and depac4 npon ranting
dwellings and biiHiiicss houses. If these an
not procurable here, many uien who would
make valuable citizena will have no other
choice than lo pass ua aad g* where tbey
I oan get these convtnieaoea. Prom enr ex
l||Cj»«ttee. wt thta robjwt it i«
iu wbii-h
sad to unmuat aad
I air, or uuiler the
i of depressing
nn oih
donbt Whether twenty families can procure
comfoitalh, not to say commodious quarters
thia.city at this time. What is needed it
that so ne of our public-spirited capitalists
shall luvest in dwellings for rent, Consid
ering that this class of property is rapidly ri
sing iu value, the inveatment would be a
good one acide from the rents received.
Another want of our city, is the establish
ment of a first-class woolen factory. There
is nothing that so surely conduces to the
permanent prosperity of a town as the build
ing up of mauufacturing interacts, and no
enterprise in that line promises better returns
than a woolen factory. The 20,000 sheep
of Buchanan county alone would go far to
furnish business for it. If tbe capital is not
here to build it, it i* probable that proper ef
fort woold bring it here.
10:16 A.M.
10:.'I0P. M.
11:30 A.M.
9:50 P: M:
Freight Train*
1:20 A.M.
1:6S P.M.
1:1* P.M.
Our thanks are due to Hon. 8. J. W. Ta
bor for public documents.
There are other enterprises of like charac
ter which if not actual necessities still would
add immensely to our trade and population
if entered into. We suggest a sash, door
and blind factory, the manufacture of wag
ons by machinery, more capital invested in
manufacturing agricultural implements, Ac.
Withont doubt these things have suggested
themselves to our citizens a score of times
before we only suggest them now that they
may be kept iu mind aud furnish topics fur
Board or Trade.—Ameetingof tbe news
ly organised Board of Trade was held ia the
room adjoining Jed Lake's office, in Mun
aon's block, on Saturday evening last. The
meeting was not large, but the discussion by
those who were present, of matters affecting
tbe busiuess interests of this community, was
spirited. There was a pretty general ri
pression of view* npon the credit question,
and wbateverche may be said about the ob
jects and purpoaea of the aaaociatioo, there is
no mistaking tbe fact that one of Its designs
is lo work a much nee itd reform iu the sys
tem of long and loose credit which now pre
vails, and which is alike detrimental to cred
itor aud debtor. The opinion of the mem
ber*—comprising very nearly all the best
businessmen of tbe city—were expressed
very emphatically upon this subject. Tbe
fact was elicited as the result ot one geutle
u.an's investigation, that there ia owing to
the merchants of Independence over $40,.
000, very little of which ia represented by
anything but book account, and much oi
which has been ruuuing for a loi.'g time.
Tbe cash system of doing business is un
doubtedly the very best for all parties, but if
(bla i* impracticable, such a ayatem of cred
it should be established as shall fix a definite
time tor payiaeut, .nd shall make it impera
tive upon the party who asks for credit, that
he meet his obligations promptly. This will
work no injustice lo aoy one. It will enable
the business men to do a safor business, and
it will check iu tlwsa who :re compelled tc
ask for time, the ttftidency to expenditure
beyond their ability to pay. We aie con
fident that tbe Boatd ot Trade will endeavor
to establish some rule by which reform in
in this direction will be brought abtwt.
Some mention was made at tbo meeting of
report* derogatory to the character of the
organization, and it was suggested that it
make a public denial of them. Tbis was, very
seusibty as we think, overruled. It the char
acter of the gentlemen who compose our
Board of Trade is not a sulGcent vindication
•f ita aims aud purposes, it will do r.o gi oj
to waste papur and ink |iu tbe effort. It
was voted tbat tbe articles of incorporation
together with the names of the qacnibprB ..I*
published. They will accordingly appear
in tbe Bcl&tix acxt week.
KnslatlMia Beapect.
At a teg .!ar mi eting of 8bitoh "Lodge
A. F. A. A. M, Wimhrop, March 23 tbe
following Preamble and BeaolutWns were
WntHi .ig it has been the Divine will and
pleasure of our grand Master, the Supreme
Architect of the universe to remove our
brother Lemuel C. Griffith, by death from
oar mi 'st and whare:is, our brother had so
lung eudeured himself to us by his virtues,
therefoie be it
Ruoh td That while we humbly bow to
the Diviue will, we deeply deplore bis loas
as a en d.table member of our Fraternity,
and a* a promising citizen of our comtnuui
ty and
Eewlfed That we hereby tender oar sins
cere au I heartfelt sympathy and condolenae
to his friends and family, mora esp ciall'
bis bereaved aud sorrowing widow in this
tbe darkest hour cfher life, believing that
bis putily of life and conduct will gain for
bins admission to tbe Celestial Lodge above
wbeie the Supreme rater of the universe
presides, aud finally
KemAnd That a copy of these rcaolntions
be transmitted to Mn Griffith as a token of
our sincerity also a eopy to each of the eoua
ty papers and the Evergreen for publication.
(ha"lsaall Maa« f'Mlrwvrerar.
Ikueprmdbkce, MAUCU 22, 69.
My Dear Sir :—As there is no
longer doubt that I am tbe preacher refvred to
iu your recent article on Small Sine" (I
have private and unsought information to
this elect,) I wish to offer a few words in
tbe way of correction. Naturally, an honest
man ia not unwilling to be held responsible
for hia real opinions. Nothing should
be published from the pulpit iwtfeh
will not bear publishing elsewhere. If
aa unwilling to be represented in a certain
way it is only because I do not beliva in that
way and what I do not believe, I do not
deliberately express.
In »y judgement many acts which fall
short of the guilt of the vice of intemperance
do have the guilt of jeopardizing tbe Intcis
cats of self and others.
Acts not vicioas may be sinful. If a
brother's blood cries against one from the
ground it is no suAcent defease—** I com
mitted no immorality." Tbare ia no vice in
atanding apon the edge of a precipice—but
if my companion i* known to be lubject to
fit* of giddiness his blood may lie found upon
me. The innocent
in itself often becmes frqm
its relatiou*, guilty. Who would auepeft tbat
the mini*te^of the gospel into whose mouth
you put the noxiona aenfiment expressed in
yoor article, was really engaged in earnest
inculcation ot the,4nty of Total Abstinence
on the iia|wegnab1e grocada of prudence
and the pgUio welfare? Yoc Bake him
iWponebtt Tat ft aentjstent which as you
clearly e, become Ihq cQtnmon (aith of
our yonth Ihe saloons of Independence
would yearly send more soals to eiernal
peiditiea than would be saved by the com
bined effort of alt the churrhta." gBch a
sentiment as that will bear repudiation.
Ia my diacouraa of- the 14th, I thought I
had. Wttf guarded against foiaapiychension.
In enuaarating the difficulties''' of dealing
with intempfraucc I naraeJ tti^ fact that it
wae'avice.oi exeasa. Acts not ia them
selves ftcip«s drew by i0M«stb\c stage* into
the vice. The whole force of the conscience
cMld votbe bacaght to. bear at tbe^ouieet,
as in the caae of vicea ia which the first act
involved their characteriatic guilt. In this
connection I said—I quote with careful acs
curacy froi6' the mdnritcript read—" A
•tan could oot morally (that ia morally
•peaking,) be called intemperate wboaa
aaa of wiae or other apiritioua liquors never
gave hia apparent injuay. The act of
drinking, ia not vicious of itaelf—it becomea
vision* only when of certain degree. 1 aay
nothing here of whether the act of drinkuig
ma aetto Very likely it aay he,
fruin. its relations lo private or Ibe public tenuiices
good. But it may not be vicious—It may
not be the vice of intemperance. Ycu have
to know some thing more of a man than that
he has drank rf some of these dangerous
beverages before you can call him a vicious
or, evLn a sinful atan. It ^ay have been
but a single act—it may hav^j been to fortify
himself against disease—to cure a disea^
already in progress or have been in suclTl
careful moderation that whatever the mur
al qwdUty of the aH in itt relatione it did
oot have the guilt of the personal rice of in
Horn dbee tbia qdfoparo with your state
ment, "lie did claim tbat it was only tbe
excess of drinking that made it a sin
Yon say you hav.i no conflict but with
"principles." But a careful looking to facts,
when giving testimony, ia often aa impor
tant as scrupulousness as
to principles. Nut to
untrue things, (however mistakenly and afcfck
innocently,} is often as important as to
contend against things which do not exist.
I trust I shall not have occasion to recur
to thia subject again. I was doubtful wheth
er it was not better to allow ynn the re
sponsibility you had taken of bringing the
influence of a pulpit to the moral support of
dram-drinking. On tbe whole, I thought it
better not to be constructively responsible.
As to any "conflict," personal or other
wise, I should be ashamed to entertain tbe
thought. Undoubtedly your views and
mine on this question do not agree but I
know no reason why tbis should give ex
traordinary uneasiueaa on either tide—espe*
cially as we come to the the same practic
al conclusion.
Wishing yon prosperity in the new torn
of your affairs I am very truly your*.
IlxNitr Mills.
ACvmair Agricultural laeleiy.
It fctcurj to rs that a false idea Is perra
ding tbe mind* of some of our farmers in
referancc to sustaining au Agricultural So
ciety. We as farmers sh u1d increase our
efforts to advance agriculture in our county.
We must admit it is a benefit to all classes
ofaiciety, hencj the necessity of forming a
County Agricultural Society. We as farm
er-. feel that it is quite us intellectual au oc
cupation as Commerce and a great deal
more bur.eat in many cases quite na honor
able as a»iy of the professions and a great
deal wore healthful. Agricultural S u it-lies
are capable of u-sUl nir us in our pursuits.
The fact is, farming is in any country the
main stuy, and in those societies we come
in contact with men who are capable and
willing to impaW instruction.
Agriculture is my hobby, and greatest
pleasure, and my conviction is strung that
if ever Buchanan Co. is to become rich, the
means moat certainly will be found in agri
Cub ure in «ne shape or another. Many of
us have taken up our residence .n this coun
ty we have come here but recently, we in
tend to make a living for ourselves and fam
ilies frrtm the cultivation of the soil. In re
viewing the past with rt f-reme to my farm
ing operations, I cmi di-e,,ver in a great
many cases where 1 ive missed it. U'h it
we want is the experienae of practical farm
ers and if we form ourselves into an Agri
cultural Society, we cau then obtain the de
aired information.
A Farmer.
Recerl Atlendaare far (lie Wla«
SerTeras, la ike l*Nbilc Scheela.
It if desirable that a more minute state
ment respecting the number of Pupils in our
schools aod their attendance, should be
m:i.'e to the cairons of ibe schools, than can
well done at their closing exercises, and
s i 1 beg lora »l:ffiv ient space in your paper
for tbe following record
Whole number of piipTIs ia the ip
per room, 111
Average attendance, ri
Whole number iu Miss Buttei'ficld'a
room, CS
Average attendance, S9
Whole number iu Mias BoarAauts'a
room, ft
"Average attendance, CfalO
Whole number in Mias Deering'a
Average attendance, M.2j
Whole uurober in Mia*
roo k, }7
Average attendance, 66.66
Whole number iu Mis* Harwood'*
room, It
Average attendance, 39A2
Whole number iu Miss WUaM't
rcom, $3
Average attendance,
Wbole number in Mi*a BaUeia'a
Average attendance, ft
Whole number iu all the
schools, 597
Average attendance 490.4:*
Tbe averaga'niimberiaaaallerthan it would
bare been, were it not tbat many of those who
came in for tbe winter term, were obliged to
leave before its closed in order to secure
work for the com.ng season. It is an en
couraging fact, tbat tbe number and regular
attendance of pupils, in our echoola, have
been constantly increasiug since organiza
A year ago, we numbered450 pupils now
we have 597, an increase of 147. We shall
soon have publi-hed, a list of all those in
tbe -rhoola, wbo have not for the past term
nnd the term previous, been absent, or tardy.
Our pupils are performing cheerful aud will
ing labor, and I know tbey share fully intbe
fride taken by patents and teachers, in the
success that should constantly result from
school labor. We ask, paren s and friends,
for your continued help in our work. We do
not doubt that tbe very great aid you have
given us in the past, ia a warrant of the fu
Let the merits of our schools equal the be
nevolent spirit shown by tbe District in its
i early support of thein, then must they cou*
stantly do a more complete work.
.son* Palmer.
Wi*THnor, March 28,1869.
Ed. BCLLETIK Is there one amougvour
many patrons, who docs not l^eep a hobby
horse, to show the pleasure ot parading a
favorite, be it material or iutel ectual,.is in
different. If there is, I should like to see
him in our quiet village and compare him
with piclenece curiosities heretofore unequal
ed, or even by a living specimen of the dodo,
or a yearling ichthyosauraus making its first
clumsy efforts towards amphibious perfec
tion. Inasmuch u I do not believe one
among us to be hobby-horse less tbere need
be no diffidence oil my part iu confessing to
having one. I fa- cy, however, that the
height of my ambition will be reached wheu
the fact becomes patent ibal the horse I ride
is made after tbe Will o' Ihe Wisp" pat
tern, jumping here, there, and everywhere,
capering over every kind of pasture, aud iu
a measure letting solid, truthful facts, take
the pen aa it were at bitt in ita 'mouth, ant'
attempting to exemplify ita alrengtb by its
Thus much, Mr. Editor, as a preface to
my first local correspondence.
In Winthrop, as elsewhere, the roads are
uddy and trade and minerce have now
a resting apell. Owing to tb depresaed state
of the grain market, there has not been the
same activity luamfeated here as there waa
last year. Still tbe grain must have an out
let, and onr buyers, among whom the most
prominent are the Messrs. Rich & Bro's.,
Alex. Risk, Galrin A McGowan have dur
ing the lust winter the highest possible
figures tbat could paid and at tbe same
time save themselves from bss. Since the
last harvest tbere has been five times that
grain haa declined rapidly. At cach time
Dame Fortune found our warehouses full
and the Railroad Co. willing to switch in any.
number of empty cara for loading. When
grain increased in value not ene-fourth cars
enough ware to be had. 8uch haa been
their experience. In tbe laat month there
has been more lumber sold from tbe yar^s
here than in any one month heretofore aince
their establiahment. Wa have two owned
and managed by Mr. Chaa, Slidell and Mr.
E. A. Hu^ both men of known probity and
atrict integrity. In auch men the fiarsMra
can and do place implicit reliance.
Our town boasts (and well it may,) of two
good, live doctors—H. C. Markhaa and E.
Chamberlain—who, during thia unplaaaant
aeaaon of tha year, think it not harah
treatment to be called from their warm beds
to alloviate th* suffering of the distressed.
Their ewn ragged'flf%me* and tlnitW eon-
-notwithstanding th'-ir frequent terilory,
exposure—loudly proclaim the merits of
their medical !reatn.e,.t, 'l b,-v eacn havt a
drug store, where can be uui. at a!i times,
uantnm safiieit" of (he varioes elixirs
a qua
or life. I
In the rnercaii'ile line there is th old e»
tablhihuieiii of J. II. Palmer, who bus lately
added strength and merit to hia own former
powerful name, by tbe addition of two good
men «8 pirtner.s wilb him.
Kdmison A Jamison have about comple
ted the sale of their dry gt,o-ls, and are now
preparing lu open ilia kpriu/ trade with a
full stock of druga and groceries.
Locke A Wallace are .s'iii.g along a*
best they know how, to secure alar^'e trade,
upou the arrival of their spring goods, which
are expected daily. They have the mo-t
commodious store in town, and present ap
pearances would indicate that tin-yarn bound
uvl to be behind with gti..ds nor higher in
prices than th'ir neighbors.
Hil.lreth A Fellows have also a good
stock, well selected, well kept and selling
well. They nre known and hiirhly respect
ed as honest, straight-forward dealing men.
Mr. George F»rr represents the hardware
hnsines-i. His stock of iro." nnd tin war*
were selected by himself, a'!i being himself
a workman, knows best what to purchase.
It is a pleasure to deal with him, as ho is
one of tbe few wbo can make business a
In the different branchea of mechanical
art there are none wanting except a Jailor,
bull have not time at present to fa ther
roam. If tbia ia accepted you may expect
to bear again from
Yous Uuclb Job*,
•arJcsuf Letter.
Fettital in aid of a Sidewalk-—Programme
Scenes, IncitknU, Sunijn, PanUminen,
Tableaue, Ac—A very creditable thing for
Neiijbnr Jetvp.
Euituii Bci.Lt.TiN.—The principal event
of tbe week just imaged haa been the enter
tainment gotten bp by tl.e young li.lks to
aid in building a si '.s walk out by the church
es. Both tbe I'rrslivterUn ut.i Methodist
chruclies are quiie a di.-iante .'roin uio-t pails
of tl.e town, aid iu muddy weather il is very
disagreeable -tling to an i from chur b.
Generally in auclt caasea, it only wants
some venturesome person to atari the ball
rolling, when utliers fa!! iu the ranks, and
the guod work trots on.
Moving Tableau —Coming Horn a from
Church at liigLt in Jesiip.
Tableau—Uur L-.st Scenc.
Tbe prugratuiua on Lutb evening? was
quite lengthy but with the experience of the
brut evening, ou tbe see Ji.il tbe performances
moved off wore smoothly and bad a better
effect. It bat! been announced that red fire
would be uaed fit councctiou with tome of
tbe Tableaux, but from an unfortunate cir
cumatanie on the first evening, tbey were a
total failure—But on the second evening it
worked all right and p.-o.'uced a splendid
effect whenever used.
Tbe performances tbreugi.iut were inter
spersed with music by Cheeney'a String Baud
not the leaat of ibe good feature* of tbe oc
The Tableau—Prayer, was beautiful, ai
vi ry appropriately ooei.ed ibe evenings en
teitaiiiiueiit. Tba salutatory addrea i.y F
U. Jacksou waa good aud pertinent lu IDs
The Tableaux of the ibe Gleaners Summer
uoou and Idtii)—as repeated on tbe ^d even
ing were beautiful, the statuary Perfect—
and tbe light aplendid.
The statue of the'Skipping Girl waa very
prettv, indeed.
Tbe moving Tableau was very appropri
ate for the occasion.
The Pa Ottiae of Sparky ntider diilicul
tiea was lull of laughable incident* through
out, that caused the bouse to ''come down.''
The Blue Beard Pantomime »a grand—
both in costume, scenery and acting. Espec
ially when Fatitna opens the closet d. i rand
wo see the bends of hia former wives bang
ing by tbe hair Hi ghostly array, the very
picture of death.
Tbe Ups and Downs of a Married life,
abounded in ludicrous incidents throughout
and was a gocd piece of acting.
Tbe Oration and Declamation were both
well done aud reflected credit on tbe speak
it waa intended to have had a paper read
on the aecnnd evening but aa materia!
enough was not furnisb-d iH time to do
justice to it, it wa* omitted.
The singing was done ia tha usual good
style of home talenL
I should like to give a detailed account of
each perlormance, but lime nor space will
not allow it. Altogether it passed off verv
pleasantly and every body seemed satified
with the performance*. Item* of newa re
served for next week.
A F(af**s4 rata Buckaaaa
We, undersigned, having carefully xamini.it
a number of "Cunty Maps," pohi-h«t ly
Messrs. Thompson 4 Rvertido pron .uuco thciu
to be the most perfset of ths kind wc bav* ever
seen, and as these gentlemen propose, in case of
sufficient encouragement, to publish a niuiilar
map of Buebsnan County, we, as eitizens there
of, take pleasure in recommending tho subject
to tbe favorable consideration of our
buisnrss men and baUaess farmer, and
tanst that the failure to urooure a
reliable map of our County, at tbis time, will
not be for lack ef individual sujiort.
The map as coateaplated. will exhibit ae
ouratly, all divisioaa aud sub-Jiviaions of land
into farms with owaner'a aames theron, location
of tarns resideneasaadorehar.il. school h.-usos,
churches, mills, blacksmith shops, cemcteries,
public roads, streames and springs, yri/portions
of timber and prairie distinctly marked, rail
road Ac. Also, reliable asp of Independeaoe
giviag No. of lot aad Week, naae of street
tbis latter being pledged by tbe publisher*,
providing sufBeieat aaasaragement i« received
in tbia City te Jeatiftr tke additioaal expenae.
We believe that nek a step wito iu Buder
Views" of soaae ef
ear aeat prominent baild
Inga will prove a real baaeftt by way of a fine
permanent advertte—eat to tho countr, s»v
nothing of ita valaeas a aesws »f rcferears and
informstioa, and tbat tka prioe of six dollars
per eopy, considerertng the tiuie )one ysar)
and exreeee insured ia making th personal
IIV lutrtily eiel rso the prupeaUkni
D. L. s.n. i
ft. ki.., Cctuuiy 'l reai it.-r,
W. H. Il irion. Couoty Aiidit'-r,
John llollell. County llo.-onle.-,
.w. O. PiT-e, Supt. nfScbopIs,
S, Bairg, Circuit Judge,
F. Il.-rrick. May,
Si out,
K. Cobb,1'
ti. ri.
I'M ward Brewer.
J. H. Palmer, 8. W. Mich,
K. P. Urintf^ A. Chambertaf''
O. Duton. J. R. Jones,
M. R. Karri*. vv ilv,t P'.ronf,
A. Manson, C!«.*•» TP.
8. T. Spanplnr, Buff lo Tfk
K. 11. Kly, id son Tp.
T. S. Stone, V^e^ibnrg 1 p.
Reported for the fluHetin by John HeOett,
Ct. Ktrorier and Votary J'ubfic,
With ths in view, our ^oif ft rot up
these entertainments, hoping that the effori
they would make might end oar town be
ing provided with sidewalks on every ftiwei
pal streel.
This lime of lite year ia very apt to be wet
and disn?reea*ile, and life pre.tit proved in
be no exception to lha general rule. On
Tuesday evening It waf pleasant enough go
ing about town, iu.t the roads wi-re in ry
bad condition and but lew from the country
could be present. On Wednesday evening
it was very stormy and disagreeable so thai
fewer were present '.ban on the firsteveniiig.
Considering tbe state of the wmtlier it was
a go. success financially, and a very good
one otherwise.
The roipts of the two evenings were
$u5» Below we nive tbe order of Exercises.
1st Evksixo.
Afueic— Chceney's String Band.
Sung—Home ng in Re uruing.
Sulutatory AdJi est—F. 1). Jacksotl*
Ta Itau—The Gleaner's Summer noon,
Patitumine—Sparking under Difficulties.
Song—The Swi-s Girl.
Tableau —Temptation.
Dialogue—Th» Jesup Teupcranca Res
Tableau—18G9 an Alegoncal repreaenta
Cemic gong—Pat Mallov.
Acting Charade—Manage.,
Comic DiaUij,*The T," pi Downs of
Married lite.
Ttbieam Bea Adhem, or Baoordiag
2d Evekisu.
Music—Choeney's Band.
Pantuminc—Blue Beard.
Snug—Hattie Hovey.
Stutue—The Skipping Girl.
ComIc Dialogue—Beauties of the Law.
Shlilean— Llighlandet wooing bis Bride.
Sung—Tbe Old Man Drcauis.
Oration—Immigration a s .nrce of our
National Ureatnets, Samuel Smith.
Tableau—Tbe Gleanei's Sajnater Nafa
(repealed by request).
Pa famine— The Barber Shops.
tableau—Satan playing with Man for ha*
Sung—The Crossing Sweeper.
Tableau—ltii'J (repeated l»y request)
Tableau— Melting Away (3 scenas.)
Declamation—Tbe Men that make a
Slate F. D. Jackson.
Can para
tire market Meperl.
The following table inuicatestbe highest
Flour, 6.09 6.00 6.09
Wbaai^ 90 98 1.12
Com, 3K(« H3 4H 54
Oats, 42 49 *«f
Potatoes, t0 60 70
llutter, 30 33
tba tow,.. S
a tocioty u.a
ly Clerk.
IUV". 1
I). I). Ho Id ridge,
James Jamison,
K. n. Older
J. R.
E. C- Little,
Jcrd L\ke,
T. J. MaunU*.
A. IngalN,
A. Myers,
J»l(. Winegar.
Wheit ft Co.,
W. (i. Dor.nen,
D. S. Let-,
i. S. Woodward,
Wm. A. Jones,
S. S. Allen,
\V. llart,
James B. Donnan,
J. 1*. Samson,
A. II. h' .nda,
"tm the
Pom rtrv Wk«k Esmio Marc* tl, 1MV. f.
fra Warrtn to tirefsier. ptse 13 91 9
y n-r-s ».V.»
liaraard to HUtisat 9 7 1,600
S S tlntler to Thoiaas Ourdon, na It
«9 7 1,771
tiaets to JehvOak*. ah sw aw 1IC91C
15 20 25
•N»£rr?ft»CN* E MAM
rocsTRV rsosiica.
Cbtose, ciuntj,
II i lcs, dry flint,
IT. C. Kellogg, A. Hacsicbar.
It. A. Lewis, W. Butterfi||t
K- nt A Soper, U. Wilson,'
J. J. Mower.
John Merrill. Liberty Tp
A. Iti-e|jf, MiiUltlit.il If.
eh*r J, V.
frui* two
1'Ulnr*. &
of in#?*-*"
ANo ft r?rfn
•nlrr euttivftttm
f«b. 13,1SS9.
Cdtll tc BO Tnyl jr, w fr nw 31 St
W Myers to incline Stnyier, sw sw 33
W ii A .J U Donnau lo H1I llabVsrtl, nw
re 2V K7 it
K Pratt to II Hubbar.l, sw se 29 97 9
Cam.'bell to Reuben Stevens, n se It
«tl 7
Samuel Myers to James Carroll, e it nsr
nw aw 2. and ne ae 99 10
Benjamin Saeley lo E llopkini., se SW
sw l.H. and n nw 23, and ne ae 22,87
8 1M
Plait Patter to Charlet Millyer, nw ae
ante nw and e ne and sw no 21,
and ne 2S, and w nw 27, and ae S S7
9 4200
It Stoneman te, Michael Pa^an, e ne
3 S9 s, and 10 acre- off e fid* of w ae
8 St 1300
Uenr^c I-n^s Jioies Jaminon, se seand
nwsel2S8 1U 4S0
HeScr' Xeteiitt tn Oeorge NatauU, ah se
1 ne l.t UU lit 200
Hot prt N'.'tcutt tu fuiit Xctcutt, s se'
of e ne I'l wn ID 200
W rtniith ti Edmund Qrsnt, ilW
7 S400
Oeoree Lilly Jr to Edward Qraat, se 29
S9 7 SOM
W Taylor to Campbell, Stoaghtea
A Mci'lure'g Ad lition to Independence,
pt of lot 7. lock J1 ItO
Catherine Jacob, to II Campbell,
Slou^l.ti n A .MeCI'ire'a Add. to Inde
penileno*. s li l..t S. t,lnt-li II }M
Catherine to W Taylor. Stough
t' n A Mei'lare's Add to Iudcpendeaea,
u l..t Voek 11 1M
_J»mi.-nn 1 W.'-.'l",.ni t- BerHrie^
Stimghtun & MeC'ture'" Adt. to Inde
pendence, w lot it. bWk 5
f,vm..r. I" Ua.ter's Add.
to In Wpcn 'eece. lots 1, 2,3 and 4, la
i...ck too
Alexander Smith to 7eraey, ae aw
13 f-9 9 10W
E I! O 'lcr snd wife to Vestry Bt. James
Parish, Hull's Addition, lot S, block It.
List of Letters Adver?i«e 1 March 31, 1M9.
Laiie»' Li«t.
lisvis, Mary Loemis, Carolina
l'arvis, 3arah gtamm, Bcnrietta
Sandcts. Polly Wat»on, Marih
tiEXTl.taE's LIST.
Baird, U. W. Cloaca. Uarrtesa
OuKon. tiilbert Cariton, Ui«. If,
Carvey, Uanel P. C. Chapratn, T. R.
Car.ie!!, W. {I, Dunking. SairpesA
Rlti-tt. Wils .n H. nillcm. M:.rtin
tlrannis, M. W. Hildrelh. O. B.
Ilardway, A. Mct alt Ilobt
i.ooini!. Kuaeal McEdon. an
fcott. J.F. Smith. J.
Ivee-J. O P. Wiilard. iianielfi^.
jfititb. M. M. WsUou William
Persona calling for above named letters say
nninD rarivs.
Apples. 17
Blackbarriea, 29036
20 Currants, 20
Flffs. 20
Jlidee, gr
ftlcal. Cora
onocaatas. Chewing, &ne o'tltol.^n
!!t. Pla*. 90r*l.0u
Molasses. 1 0.' .f xusifjes.
hlolussos. Sorgtiam so l'b, s^tj^
Ricc, IS Hams,Aaho!derj--JoIJ
Suirar, bro»n, KerisaaCOO, *wb
PruneSj 20
I'ea hes, pare4, 36
I'eschee, unparsd, 20
StCaioii Kaisins, 25^30
Tbe Law scene, touched our local legal
brethren, and was met by storms of applause
e.-pecially when tbe pig was brought into
IESIF juAafif.
CO»R*- TK'. A- BKIAt,
13 ins,
Ol LD ASNOrXCK that he has
tbe entire stock ot KLOIZllACii
A U 'Kbl.KR and
Removed to their Old Stand,
Where ho is n«»w rtcfivmg very Ur^e add.Iiou*
W ni« »toek of
ITis Stock iucludes a great variety of
STOCK iD grea
One Dollar Sale
of mfk Tmj
ou"ri-KH.^r ActX AC.
ritKMll RATKb OF KKXfiTiSii
*r TML««tk|
At "WTl*
Fer lubTktrtr.
«, Witr
•m',-- CaeH
Ait other premiums hi same raBif
Fnfary'l BtUumgrn Um.with ae* isi -c
'.il artiei--s.
.-"ee new Circular and samfie. Sest.o
address free.
00- Please send your Jfoi^TflrH^ter"
Latter, ad csFe.l to
J. S. HAWE3 4 CO,
A l-o federal tu, U..it .a. JUa-
P.O. BoaC. l»*»
H, THOM1SON & 00.1
Drjf itftdt, Dr**9 Goffi*. ine*«,
Atom**, U him, Jhiver-rimttd
€nt?*ry, Lnthirmmd
G-*»'U cvtry (J tcripfic .. S
These articles to b« sold tbe as ftrm
Mil Bol to b« ytid for ootil yarn ka«« ftfcM
•re to r«MU«.
The most popular eoeqKmiM^
doing baiBe»*
The goeds we have fur
dip*, »Di will be'
at the r»tc uf JO
|/nnt u£. Ao It is iuen
en whether rhej will feud
article ur nut.
Bt PatroniEinjr thi#
to eX'.-ban^e vour
monti uei ua tbe prioteU el
Tkt S"i'illtnf -4 u tea »t*(i fur
MM Atf fjrchni'fffi /ot ,ihi
JiottLJ Omfvr.
of a tariff Y*is*rty vt
*, "it Esch tnfr I *4
eonprUios or
tr S56 imtn •rttfrk*, 4^^
which cuald be .n^bt ut aoy rttiil
store for ncarlv Joub.e the hua m»t. W**
W« «eni ageata
raraClabel lliirij
one of the full-w:tif article: 4 J|a«d
Jun, or Austrian Hide, 20 Yar4» frtto*.
1.4M Fane.T S-ja«r- Wc^l §ha«l.
gT i Aef«rieta, Svt of Stefl-I'1
|3 Forks, Ytolia and llow, K .n?jr
lnl. Dubuque. Chic.
Pair LudieV citri qa*li?v flofh
lar^e niie Linen woU. A *1 iinbra
_f tag« i^kck, While W ot UUa4et, 15
quality Print, 12 y ardf one
ep Dinner Napkin. Jkr.
F«r Vlmb «t
*lrty, mm* $
one of the following article® Revi
Gun.-r .^rin^iield Rifle, 42 )'«ri
P*ir nm«*yforab Qai u, Cylinier, Wat
ywrd* Dciib e Width Wuterproof
dy's DiuMc W.ul Shawl. LaDc.nter Tr.
p«ca l»rcs« pMtiern, Engraved SiImt-PIj
Six-Cottk- ll.cru!vinjr Cu^tor "f Ircy
lland'H Knives, with Silrer-Dttt*-! Vertaa. Pair
Ali-W .j! liianket?. iUir of Aibarubfft Qailr^. i
oO I'artU Prist, ur a M*r*eilU s
Eiffht.Keyed A^t'rJeoB.
Pictorial I'ictio&urv crigiiiri^
pages.) var U D. r-\iu :*»r tti dc.
F«r Clabaf Oho HundrcUmmd i
D-'ii' It- Liirre! Shit iiui:, Kde r#
Rifle, 63 jard* Wmmcy C'a«taer«
Pant- and Vf?t Patt^u (tsxtra quaiitr
Sp'.eniiJ R'no Hl&rtfcetft, Ft^d
W I ^fcawl. 2*- y 1?.. Hetnj. bp
••Violin aad •». Ji^len ii i A
Siivtr H.HiM.aT W»tc:li, Single
le#lrt Shat Oan. ^larp's U^v»*!v«r. n.
1*!'e jvers with d-»/.en
Napkin? t« iiw'ish. IKu.-trat
kk*rt t'ictiuuai v.
CUU451 .vV*41
of Loeattoo.
Agents will plcas« take^nottoa vt thu.
n »t tend names, Uut nuuiter y*.ar elabi
uae ap.^ard. Make your letters short and
as possible
AOfl^, 6.o(1
i, li Sard.
Best RE aai "esad tleasr ia ait
s i i y U i K i U E i
wlsis ls caa h« ecal Ireaa aar rest'
1 hi way of aendiog «o«ey a yn»ut to aa/
other method whatevee.
Wc cio:. 1 e re»i uuaible for aa&t) lost.an.
Ass souie precautions ara take El to insure ita
Send year address in fall, Tu» i., County, sad
Boston, Macs.
ri--e a nd Baiglur Pisst
First-Class Furniture
Wash Stands,
Safes, *c.tftc,
All of wlneH
Will be Sold at PrioeM
lie alio keepa on haad a supply of
Latest Patterns,
1 A&4 a talked In imitation of R^eawcod and Ma-
Ackuowledgid tv A LL
The Best Seeder Evei
s ixioR oirrUk.
Mlsittle Caia
^5 Self-Baking Baaper, vrlii^h
on Lake
Catcico, Jan. 31,1868.
Messrs. UcnRivo A Co.. 49 State Street:
Stmtlemtn—In thedi^aalroua fire on Lake 5t„
tiiicb oecaired on tbe aigbWel tue 2-iii tDst.,'
we ba.l one of your So. Folding-Hoor Sate.-.'
ahivh lay iu tbe burning ruini until yesterday
afternoon and so great a as the heat that tb.'
I brans knot.* aud platee were use!led entirely oft
I I'pon openiug it. utter ill exposure of about for
it.-eight hours, we are please.t to inform yoa
that we found its oonteuts. O'-.n^tin- i our I
valuable books and papers, all |.rea"rve,l ir
splendid conditiua iu fact, the iu-i.le of the
aal'a looks as good as now. some of the covsrs
'if tlie books were loose. We ara well plaased
with the resalt. and woall ltd that a safe that i
praservas itseonteuts so well, proves it be fire
proof indeed. Your? re»(c-tfullv.
P. Hmncasoa A Co.
The c^afe of Umsrs C. M. Ueiderswn 1 Ca.
oan now to seen on onr sidoaalfe. Pleaaa call
and see it So. 10 State Street.
Tha Vioirt in more thaa W0 aoeidental
Awarded the Pruo M«d.tls at th« VVorld talr,
London World's Pair, Now uk nnd £tpo#i
tion Lrniv«ri^l*a, Paris. Manufactured and i
aaJe by
49 Aate Strctt, Chicago
Wtiwj. eemer Utk St. aai lad,
P. H. \tlNF.iu
Mr The M^kme cna be bttJ by OrddS^.
Ageat, J. ^jrOSHSTOF, Indep«n4|WJ*f-..
Inrtependenoe, -Tan. 29. 18G9.
aitLia© 7r
.an, i y-
... a.
&m. Ailrtcaa.
^*"4 U*^just OUraW Vaa
u»"j«it opeae^aXetr
t.u.loius lately oievnicabs
Consiatirg i a fae l^t »f
SB# 'groceries
i S s
HiTlttg kN|
B°«ght Since tbe
We areeaabled te afar «—».•
anytbiuj ia on. Liaa,
a call and w
'•"iiiaa Uk

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