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The north Iowa times. (M'Gregor [i.e. McGregor], Iowa) 1856-1857, January 09, 1857, Image 1

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fti" .anon
MoGftxeom, ... IOWA.
1 HM'j'Hfi'— rr I.''.-*-
Xtc Mr Uinnnird*
Lund and Insurance Agents, Main street,
McGregor, .... Iowa.
McGregor, St. Meters & Missouri River
OFFICE, Up Stair», in Corner Brifi^JBlock
Main street,
O. G. LEE, President,
H. K. AVERILI., Sec'y,
E. BALDWIN,Chief En.
J. BROWN, Sec'y
Northwestern JE. A.
Ollico at Decorali, Iowa.
W. F. KIMJA LL, Treas
E E. UOOLEV, Att*y.
Br. Geo. If*. JP. Harding.
McGregor, Iowa. ftli Jy*
k i ft.
Phraieian and Surgeon. Office, at Dnig-Slore
McGregor, Iowa. (tafl.
S o o o n u
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Clothing and
Gentlemen's Goods, also Scientific Instruments
for Surv eyors, Engineers* Draltsmen, and Sur
geons, (j/ainStreet^«' •.: 'it
McGregor, •..•• ^Iowa
Williams Mr Harvey,
Wholesale and Retail Wardware Merchants* itain
McGregor, .' IMrt.
Dealer in Lumber, Shingles, and Lath.
Wtei. JT. dark,
GEM RESTAURANT, (No. 5.) M'Gregor, Iowa
Fruits of all kin "s, Wholes de and Retail. Agent
for fresh New York Oysters.
Cash puiiI for all kinds of Gameh-l?|i
H. WHtoon,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in WINES, LIQUOR*,
•IOARS, AND TOBACCO. Fresh Oysters constantly
on hand. (First door East of American House,)
McGregor, Iowa
Also, Agent for a superior article of Double
Rectified whiskv.
.Iti Her Ba99,
Wholesale aiift Retail dealers in STOVES,and mnn
ul'aeturci-s Tin, Copper, and Sheet Iron ware,
McGregor Iowa.
Miingsley A" Rhodes
(iSfoeeensors to Jones & 0-iss) Produce, Forward
nr uiui Cninmiiwiou JUerchaatl*
tow A.
*ioK and Coiuoawsiou JUerchaaita,
!_J" All poods consigned to the above firm,
forwarded with dispatch. Liberal advancement*
•made on eonsii_ninenta.
Sh erma n.*TMc»JMorrine MFC
Whu'f-s.ue uju Retail Dealers tu Dry G.
Clotii'.n^, Boote and Shoes, Haiti, Capa.GrOccrk
Hardw ire, and Cutlery. (.Vain .Street,)
MiGre^m-, Ipwa,
o n a e
HTiioles:\le dealer ill Fuiniture, of all kinds,
Main Stwet,)nl
it. n.
li«Hi tij
Retail Dealer
'itu'vea, Furniture, *e,
McGrtgor, JoVR-
^Merrill MT 0arron^
Sh C^ ior* /o Jane* &{ Bom, 'v
Dealers in Dry Woo*!.-*, Boots, Shoes and Leather
Caps, Kettdy-tUi
.FurnishinK (Jgods, //ardw
Queen's Ware, at the old
H. E. Harrison,
Wholesale and Retail DeeUriaSwh, De6i* and
Blinds, Main street,
Scott J* Oro.,
.. fWholeaalaand Retail Dejiler^ in Clotbing, Staple
and fanev Pry Goods. Also, Crockery and
[ET* Produce bought ami aofd.
Main street. l'tf
J. T. Stoneman,
..Attorney &. Counselor at Law, and Real Estate
Agent. Taxe»i paid for non-residents, Notes and
.AoctMMiUcollected. (McGregor, Iowa.)
«l. S. Blair Mr Bro.
V W 1 V
California Hotel,
OUice, Main Street M'Gregor, Iowa.
Evans 4* Conkey,
Wholesale and Retail Groccrs, and doakn in
Flour, Salt, Pork, Produco and Agricultural Itn
fltr Agents for John Deer's and Evans & Adam's
Ploughs. (Nos. 2 and .'i M^jn Street,)
MP. allien J? Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Groceries
Foreign and Domestic Liquors kept constantly on
hand for the Trade. Near the Public Square,
MCgregor. itf
American Houne^
Bv W. H. HARDING, Main street. ltf
jntdregor Honse,
street. ltf
Farmer#' Home^
By JULIUS BOETTCHER, Main stroot, {ltf
Upper House,
By, J. McMUl -LEN, Main stnet. in**'
father^s Home
By A. WANSEY, Main street. nlttf
Homer Kennedy+
Dealer in I.umlior, Shingles and Lath,' l^ee,
McGregor, Iowa.
Jacob Rcimer.
Cabinet Maker.
McGregor, Iowa. n4 tf
Rodney Hurt
Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Solicitor in
Chancery and Notary Public.
All Notarial Business and Conveyancing prompt
ly and carefully transacted.
Gen. JOHN H. ROUNTREE, Platteville, Wig.
T. H.
ESQ., Galena, Illinois.
Hon. WM. R. BiriDi.F.coME, St. Louis Mo.
BASS, M'(iregor, Iowa.
.Mi&rttjfor, Dec. 1, l^jG.
If*. Schmidt,
Boot and Shoe Ufakar. fFork dons to order and X* "!V"", 'I'r^
McG regor, lowat n4 tf
Chan. Mi. Shaw,
Wholesale Dealer in Groceries, Wines, Llfjtfors,
BM)ts Shoes and Clothing. Derby Sc Day's cele
brated 'Star Bnind Whiskey, Main street, [ltf
i i i u
PaperHanj in^s, I'ancy Goods, 1 nntiii^-and rap-:
DUBUQUE, I low*.
TT7-HOI.ESAT.E Om.«. a.i.l lv'ler inlm-1
D-riirQus. U- 4*wa.
fiilbrrf &' ilttrhtt ,un.
1717'//,LK.V\T.F. & Kft.iil Dealers in Boots
W & Mi'K S, No. 1 :VJ, Afain N'tiret,
United States Clothing Btora,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Drugs, Medi
cinos, Oiln, Piiints. Putty, Glass, Dye Su*p^*c.
ID* Pure Foreign and Domestic Winca ami
Liquors, Patent Medicines, constantly on hand
at the Drug Store opposite McGregor House, on
Main street, ltf
G. Flanders,
Dealer in Groceries, Provisions and General Mer
chandise. New Frame Block, Main Street,
McGregor, Iowa. ltf
Attooiies MUI Counselors at Law, Genera
Estate AgenU, (Main Street,).1'
McGi^ur, Iowa
Wm. Potter,
"Attmit awl Counselor at I^aw, Mdor in
Cluuicery, Nutary Public. (Main Street,)
e o IOWA«
C. r. lESKX, i jvlLLU DRl'MMO-XD,
M'Gregor, Iowa,$ GutenbergIowS
Mlemiek Mr Hmmmondi
., Attonieya at Law. Office over, the Bulk. Mc­
Gregor, and first door North of City Hotel, miten
•Oerg. (aijtf)
Br. J. S. Ming, Jr.,
PnvMeiAM Sl SeiasoM. Office, McGregor
Having practiced Twelve yean among West
i midiseaaes, be feels himself prepared to attend
to all eases, day and night. Special attention
given to diseases of the Lungs and Eyes.
^McGregor, Dec. 12, lKr». nlOflou
Walter MP Bro.
House Sign, and Carriage Paintirt,
Will do Painting, Graining, Glazing to Order, in
t5rt|0t,0et u
B.MRMt & Co,
l0f good material. South, destined for orthern Iowa, and
large portion of Southern Minnesota.
The arrangements made with the own-
Main and 4th Streets,
ID- Stages arrive and depart daily for all par* !future
€t rosvenor 4* Shelly, |of
HOI.KSAI.K and Retail diuiew in Boolis, j™*
Wholesale Grocers and Commission Merchants,
and Dealers in Wines, Liquors, Porter and Ale,
corner of Iowa and Fourth streets, Dubuque,
Iowa, Nov.21. 7 tf
Stacy 4* Thomas,
Importers, Jobbers and Commission Merchants in
staple and fancy Dry Goods, No. 203 south water
street, Chicago, Ills. ltf
J. H. Mr
Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Ready-Made
Clothing, Hardware, Queen's Ware, Tin Ware,
Stone Ware, Drugs and Medicines, Oils, Paints,
Putty, Glass, Varnish, «Ste.
Maiu street. Strawberry Point, Iowa.
i pinj^ paper, cheap Puldications, Piano Fortes, and This region Ot country is unsurpassod
tteorfre A. Prince & Co. s 3/elodcon®. (No. Ill }n fertility and abounds with numerous
Main Street, *«.•:
WheUnaleai*] Retail Dealers in Rubber Md Oil irast region of countrv, and it does not re
Clothinf.', shirts, drawers handkerehiefs, Trunks,„
VaHtea Carnet Ba^s No 73
ade Clothing, House i Wholeeak dealers in Boots, shoes and ruWwa, .cing, and that but a few years will elapse
'Mjni 1/
"'Mir ..n no-
li 'i'd iliii tut In
'he History of McGregor
]By William Potter, Esq.
It is with eonw» diffidence, and miegiv
itjgs, t-Ht I iindertake the ta»k of writing
the History of the TVwn of McGregor.
I am well aware that the number of its
population, will differ widely from the
views of many of its citizens. This is
easily accounted for, from the'fact that
many persons came here to settle, but have
temporarily left, to return again in the
Spring, and if they were added, would
swell the number'fo overltigfit llundred.
I am satisfied, the business of the place
exceeds the expectations of its mo9t ardent
friends, and that the increase of its popu
tation for a few past months, willastohi
distant readers of this History.
The character of our population, Sliows
conclusively that it is made up of active
business men, and that our business is far
in advance of our population that the
amount of business done at thiB place at
present, justifies a population of at least
Wo thousand.
my readers think ofihte produc
tion as they may, its author has the satis
faction of knowing that no effort oii his
part, has been wanting to present to the
public the truth, as to the population, its
business, and its probable luture.
I have also presented the position, busi
ness, and future prospect®, of our Sister
TbWn, Prairie du Chien.
*The two places are so intimately con
nected, that it is hard to separate them.—
McGregor must remaih the Ware Hodse
of all the goods shipped from the East and
"Water Powers and Stone Coal.
Independent of its adaptation' to agri
gion of «untrjr in the past Tear, is nearly
would it-quire r«»phet to guess its fu-
must keep pace with the growth of this
Iware. Groceries and Fourth street, (under thePeaslee House.) Dubiuiue i be dealers and Brick Masons being
lid stand, uain stiwt.1 The Trade will lind with us every variety
Iowa. «wl »t.vl° «f «»d» "•^ui'.u.iuru h. tho Eorn I thousands instead of hundreds(as now),!
Dealers in Dry Goods, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Win
dow shades, mats, rugs, &c- No. 108, Main street
Dubuque. n'i 3ia
i Eeland «f. Babcock,
Dealer in BOOKS Sl STATU\EHV, Wholesale and
Retail. Also,Piano Fortes, Mclodeons, Guitars,
Violins, .Vheet Music, &c.
(No. 106 Main Mtreet, Dubuque Iowa.) n5tf
Teabout Mt Qlsen
Dealers in Dry Goods, Clotlung, Hats, Caps,
Boots and Shoes, Hani ware, Groceries, &c., &c.
All kinds of Pnxluce bon^ht vndsold.
Frankville, \Vinneshiek Co., Iowa. 8tf
Dealei-s in
Crockery, Stove*, Iron, Glass, Queen's War
Furniture, Sash, and Farming Utensils,
^Vlonona Iowa.
Orlando JSeCraney.
9D*General Real Estate Agent, GARNIVILLO
Will attend to the purchase and sale of Real
Estate, in any portion of Northwestern Iowa.
i/ocatc Land Warrants? euter Lanci Invest mon
ey on good security pay 'P es Investigate
TWea, &•
T, Jf. Barne#. "uai
Pbya ician awl surgeon, Volney, Iowa. Dr. Barnes
will bo found at the Post Office, unless absent on
before her population will be numbered by
«d she b. ranked amougon. of the great |s,w
business Cities on the upper Mississippi,
am indebted to Messrs McO^gor, A.
citizens, for valuable infSFiiiation in coll
ecting the facts Upon which this product
ion is based also to Messrs Kingsleyfe
Hhodes for Statistical information re
gard to the Shipping business.
About [the qame time the Qens govern
ment made a road from this piaco to Fort
in all her grandure. The stately Oak
Trees creaked to and fro in the storm fear
less of becoming the victim of the woods
mans Axe tho tall grass waved luxuriant
ly over the Prairies, for hundreds of miles
Vv *$1 $VtyvW* Uw* Wf, rqanwd^ £fra* W*T
of the Steam Ferry Boat at this place,
from the East destined West, but ill all
of the Country. nW. jofa region of country West, for a distance
to ship freights to and from the Rail Road a portion of this range of hills, and m
Depot at Prairie du Chien, together with stead of the wild scenery, we behold a
the favorable ground orer which the road busy throng of human beings, engaged in
passes, to the interior West, gives ys every h« business tnmsaetkmrofa commercial
assurance, that McGregor will not only Town or City.
be, as it now is, the Depot of goods,
pnreuils. iulsooft'erstareiuiiuce- |quilc
ftfi. »M i n
•,^'irfl It
fl9f0 HI
large, conscious of no harm, except
rom the Indian Hunters the wigwam
was the only house (if such it may be
called) that could be seen.
But how changed is the aspect of this
country the woodsman's axe has made
savage havoc among the trees of the forest.
The Prairies are dotted over with com
fortable Farm Houses, luxurious growths
of wheat and corn now occupy a large
portion of the Prairies, and tamed, have
taken the place of wild animals. Nature
then was as it come from the hand of
natures God. jtfdw jro have nature pre
sented in a!l its beauties, improved by the
Art of man.
e First Settlen A early Improvements.
Alexander McGregor, Was one among
the earliest settlers at the place now known
as McGregor. Some time in the year
1840 or '41, a Horse Ferry Boat was pro
cured to run from this place to a point on
the East bank of the Mississippi, at Fort
Crawford, which has been continued up
to this time prior to which time, Canoes
and Skiffs had beenused as the only means
of crossing the river. In 1845, James
McGregor, obtained a conveyance for the
tract of land on which McGregor now
stands. About this time Alexander Mc
Gregor, built a house near the landing at
the place near where the Government
Ware House still stands there were but
few impro cements worthy of note.
The Bluffs then presented a rugged
range of hills, which might almost be
classcd under the name of mountains, and
few that then beheld the sit© of McGregor,
dreamed thero could ever be even a re-1
spectable Town, and none thought of there
ever being a. City. But now the place
presents a different view to the eye. Bu
siness and dwelling houses are now seen
in the spot, which was then occupied by
destined to be the granary
*»undi*ed miles, comprising nearly led
fourth of a11
Moric, .Vusiciri Instrunient^ ooi)Siderabli portion of Minnesota. j0f
1848, and opened a store in the basement
of Mr
is just
McGregor's dwelling house and
lv entitled to the honorof bein^styl-
Pioneer Merchant of McGregor
the State of Iowa, and a the next we e a Mr. Savage, and Mr. Jones,'
Rfl A
01 tne turn 01 oasS Jones,
t.re destiny. The growth of McOwjjo^ d« Chfcu, inuwdiMelyeh- i
street, 1 vision of a Prophet to foresee improvements of the past six months and tu
that McGregor will more than double its j,cse }iave
ion during tho year just eommen- y
From tliat time up to the yefr 1855.
the population increased but little. In
the latter named year the town began to
attract public attention, and there were
There is some difficulty in oblafnin|f a
correct history of M'Gregor from the earl
iest settlement. Prior to the time the U.
S. Government bad erected a Garrison
Fort, at a point on the east Bank of tlje
Mississippi, nearly opposite McGregor,
prior to the year 1840, a Ware-house had
been built, near the landing at McGreg- young men seeking fortune in the west I
or, by the General'Government, to store took the pains to ascertain their number,
provisions and other neceessaries for the wlTich my readers will find very large in
soldiers. This Ware-house still remains
as,a moimraont of the early days of Mc
Atkinson, and built a fort at the latter we have so many gentlemen in a "state of
place. The seloetion of this road by com- j«ngle blescdness," that theyare indiffer
petent Engineers, conclusively proves the ent to female charms, nor yet that want of
routo from this place, as the most feasible [comely persons or gallantry, keep them
to the interior country west of it. The without the pale of Matrimony. Their
Slate road from this plaoe is laid nearly' constant endeavors to please the fairer
on the same route. portion of God's creation, and their gal-
The country west was then inhabited lantry exhibited in their intercourse with
almost exclusively by ludians but few them, aud their blooming youthful checks
white men having prior to that time pene-: anJ andsome visages forbid such a conclu
trated this region of country nature was sio$. Their free and graceful maoner of
theu presenuid in h«E merriest mood, and deportment, the|r manifest lovo of female
'number of families added" tol'll
Mau»factur«rfiand Mt-chanics. population. In U» spring of 1866. the
of th« population of this re-! popuhiio,,
as great in proportion as the Town oi Mc. -swelled it to what it now is. The pros
I °re!?0r!
f''"m ir*
V* '"'torv it pcct „f
the place was *80. Since
llml lime the
influx „f
waukee & Mississippi Rail Road to Prairio i v J,
immediately oppodi^e this plaee, I Arkainsas,
has given life aud energies amongst our Massachusetts
citizens, and has resulted in the rapid
to 8omo extont
ST1LEB & CHASE, .,*/ I popula: during the year just comnien-'hv ti,« u..:i.i:_,. J1"1...
•jwnountsto 662. Of this number 224 of the past season, the owner of the Fer-
e e o s o e e e n i i e
#f maWrijl|()
blu to supply all who desired to build
have two good
Yards and a
Mil| irum this
supflly We8tern c#untiM
E. Wanzer, Bass, Jones, and othei- oldjequal to tho supply. The erection of
to moke the dcman(1 more
another Saw Mill, and an increased supply
by our Lumber dealers, will full
supply for next season.
The population ot McGregor
»o r-
Iowa, Jan. 9,18£T
able and worthy companions, I bare no
doubt, aod Mldto Ufc'e eajoymenU there
The foUoWtfig is the population at this
Married persons Males 14ft Females
Numtfet of children under 10 years,
Number of children OTSr 10 years'and
under 21, 71.
The number of unmarried Male persons
is 161. The number of Femiles unmar
ried &11 below this number, being as near
as ascertained 24 and their charms are
such as to give them a promise of a short
tfife of single blessedness.
The residents here, who have attained
th\age of 21 years, are mostly from oth
er States, and I give the places of birth
as near as the same could be ascertained,
together with the name of the State in
which they last resided before their re
moval here.
Mkth Plate.
'".New York,
w.u Pennsylvania,
& •Michigan,
Wary land,
moved to this place in
i1 °liwitzertan^,
If or way,
I llnglan#5,' 'r
Ttlhode Island,
l/» s
Kew HampsBAit,
|rw (J^few Jersey,:
9f males over 21 years
speedy eon.pletion of th» Mil
Itllly reaclied 6G2. Had the census bean
taken two months since, the population
would have reached Eight hundred and up
wards, for the reasons stated elsewhere in
this communication.
Being aware that a large portAQfi of our
community was made up. of enterprisiug
proportion lo tiw -|esidurof^r popula
tion. V t: ,i nl
I trust ray lady readers (to those already
here the advice is unnecssary.)at a dis
tance will not suppose from the fact that
society is a sure guarauty to all Ladies
who may visit this place, that they will
receive a cordial welcome, and before they
leave may cure many a love-sick s^Mn.
by consenting to become his partner for
la Ireland,
46 Norway,
New York,
R. Island,
Last Residence
n-s o,
8 England,
10 Minnesota,
,3 Main,
3 Michigan,
12 Iowa,
2 Vermont,
Vermont^ :.
1 Missouri,
•h-it 7
Some persons residence not known.
are under 21 years of age. The number
of the voters in the town is 295.
On the first of May last, the entire
population was 280, which shows an in
crease of 382 in a period of about eight
months. Who can doubt from these facts
and figures but McGregor in one year
hence will boast of a population little
short of 2000 inhabitants.
The improvements for the past ypar,
far exceeded the, expectation of any of the
inhabitants. ,,
Without attempting to give a correct
history of aU tho buildings that have been
erected, during that period I content
myself with writing tho moat impor
Of the larger class of business Houses,
I note the Three Story Store rooms, ofj
our enterprising townsmen H. D. Evans
& H. H. Wilkerson as being the most
prominent. Messrs. Drummond fe St.
Clair, two of our most enterprising Me
chanics, have erected a large frame Hotel,
in course of completion, and now known
as the California House, kept by E. Lay
ton, which was much needed to accom
modate the traveling public.
Messrs. McMorrine & Co., Allen, Ba
ker, Flanders, Harrison, E. Stow, Weston
and Williams & Harvey, nave erected
busineaa Houses, aU-oi which «e occu
••U.,. VMCS! SI
In addition to theti fmprbveincn^bur
worthy Townsmen Jopes & Bass have
added two stories to their Brick building,
making a fine four story house and com
pleting the block partly built by Mr. Ev
ans, this is now the most extensive brick
block in the place, but judging from prep
erations for building I opine ere long it
will be numbered iu tho second olass.—
Our enterprising landlord Mr. Hardin of
the American, has made e*ten«tve a&ii*
tions to his large Hotel and now has as
commodious a public house as can be
found in Northern Iowa, and is excelled
by few in the west. Among other im
provements he has added a spacious Hall
for the accommodation of social parties.—
Dr. King and others are erecting a new
Saw Mill which will soon be completed.
Among other improvements I name as
of importance the Steam Plaining mill,
and Door and Sash Factory, just put in
operation by Mr. Watts. Other improve
ments have been made, but space will not
permit me to speak of them. i*
BrSIKES8 Miff.
The statistical information necessary to
a correct statement of the amount of busi
ness transacted, could not be collected in
time for this publication. It is to be
hoped that at the end of the present year,
our merchants may furnish the facts nec
essary to give them in detail.
I will content myself with giving the
number of Steam Boat arrivals and depart
ures, from the opening of navigation to its
close, and the amount of Tonnage which
will necessarily be less than the true a
mount, as passengers take charge of their
own goods in many instances.
The number of Steam Boat arrivals
bound up, aud discharging freight at aic
oregor, are as followt
April, 4?
U i May, ite
June, 105
July, 89
August, 654
September, 63
October, 78
^November, 83
.. December, &
The amount of Tonnage frojthe ij*!"5
Oct.. to Dee. S, aa reported in the North
Iowa Times weekly, was three million,
two thousand four hundred and fifty one
pounds, making an average for the
of '56, of 1,600.000 pounds per month, i
was the Alhambra, which arrived on the
7th of April last. The last Boat up was
th: Envoy, and the last down, the Reso
The following statement shows the divi
sion of trade hero, as near as can be as
There are 8 Wholesale and Retail Dry
Goods fc Grocery Stores, S Wholesale k
12 Retail Stove and Tinware Stores, 6 Eating
and Oyster Saloons, one Jfeat J/krket, one
Drug Store, one Bakery, one Wholesale
I & Retail Hardware Store, 7 Taver*, one
J.'" Harness Shop, 2 Saw 2/"ills, one
"fij Window Blinds & Door Factory, 3 Black
smith Shops, one Cabinet Shop one deal
7 jer in Sash, Doors & Blinds, one Whole
i entire population it will be seen, some of our business men. In the course
W!ea!» dcler in Furniture, one p^, i A-Skelfenger the Phffl0«
2 Office, S Contracting Plasterers, 2 Shoe i' ?-v 'f1"'" '1™
w„,„l, iHouse'
,/•! I Shops, one Jeweler & Watch J/aker, 5
i#| Carpenter Shops, one Livery Stable, one
Bank, one Rail Road Office, 4 Physicians
In this statement we may have omitted
ry, has purchased a splendid Steam Fer
ry Boat, called the Alexander McGregor.
This Boat will vie in neatness and appear
ance with any Ferry Boat on the river,be
sides being constructed so as to make her
a pleasant craft to travel on. She arrived
here late in the season, her arrival was
greeted with demonstrations of joy by the
citizens of McGregor and Prairie du
The establishment of a Printing Press
at this place, has added much to the char
acter of the town. TUB NORTH IOWA
TIMES, conducted by Hon. A. P. RICH
ARDSON, late of the Senate of Indiana, first
appeared on the 10th of October last.—
The "TIMES" ranks among the most iuflu*.
ential Papers in the west.
Business men in all sections of the coun
try will find it one of the ^/mediums for
advertising, their business, in the Great
place the command of an extensive Whole
sale trade. This Road will give us a Rail
Road connection North and South as it
will cross the traok of several roads run
ning in these directions.
Who then, that looks over the past his
tory of McGregor, who is acquainted with
the rich and fertile country with which it
jg M'ho ^aowi ihe aksoat ia-
*a- .sail
January 1st., I860.
Prairie du Chien
This town, stands upon the East haak
of the Mississippi river, immediately ojp
'jposite to, and in sight of McGregor.-i-
There is a good Steam Grist Mill, dm
Saw Mill, two Breweries, one Foundry
and a variety of other establishments of
importance which might be named, among
which I note the Printing establishment
known as the Prairie du Chien Courier,
published by V. A. W. Merrill, which
enjoys a large patronage, which its merit
entitle it to.
I close this notice of the place by in
serting a portion of a communication pu^n
lished in the Courier, signed XL. which
I trust may be read with some allowanoe
for the authors prejudice to his plaoe,
which must always be expected. In tfcft
main I approve of his statements:
li tttf
NO. 14.
numerable Towns that, have sprung up
west of it, and with all this knows too,
that it is the point from which they get
their supplies, and vend their produce at,
who that knows all this, doubts her be
coming a great business mart The towa
site by some is thought so broken as te
necessarily limit its extent. Sueh is not
the case numerous ravines called 'coulees'
afford beautiful building ground suffici
ent in extent for apopulation of 100,000.
Streets can be made so that easy access
can be had, to the top of the highest hill.
He who lives to see this place 10 years
hence, will find that those hills so for*
bidding to the sight of many, have been
selected as the residence of the most opu
lent citizens be will see them dotted ov«r
with splended mansions, from which he
can scan the River for miles up and dowa,
from which the lower town of McGregor,
Prairie du Chien, the Railroad Depot,
will be spread before his gase, more per
fectly and beautifully than any panoramie
view. Then the resources of this part of
Iowa will be developed. Then will Prairie
du Chien and McGregor, have taken their
stand among Cities, the first, the recipient
of all the goods shipped from tbe East
the latter, the Granary and Ware House
for the district of country West of the
Mississippi. This is no fancy prophecy,
based ou reason and facts, it will be feud
to come true.
'own., are intim,-
m"7 trulUfuB'
called Sister Towns.
Prairie du Chien is the oldest totm flfc
T- A#
O i i o y e a s o a s e a s o n o y e a s a s i u
he first bteam Boat up last Spring, i i
_.n_ *v
v. ,s :growth has been slow, and its business
duE. ti»
It is scattered over a beautiful Prairi^
and is about three miles in length. The
ilroad Depot is located in the lower
paWof the town (known as Fort Craw
ford*) immediately above the Ferry Land
ing, ^nd opposite McGregor.
s will be the roceptical ofiali tlfe*
shipped to the West, and by means
i Ferry Boat they will be transport
ed across the river to McGregor, and there
add to the business of the Ware House
men of that place.
Prairie du Chien can boast of aeifefc
Seven Hotels, of this number the Granite
House, kept by Col. French the Franklia
tlw Mood,U
by E. W. Moiul.ll the North
Western House, kept by H. Ottis, may be
classed among t&i firkt Hotels of
They are favored with a large number
of enterprising Merchants, Produce deal*
ers, Druggists and Mechanics.
For the Courisr.
Prairie du Chien. ftii
The future of J/cGregor is more diffi
cult to write, but tho attraction it already
has, with the facility which its citi
zens will shortly possess for communica
tion with the East by Rail Road, must
cause thousands to visit, and add to its
population. Our Rail Road communica
tion to J/illwaukee and other Eastern
Cities, will give th«j people the command
of a trade East in addition to a heavy
Western and Northern trade by river.— jand permanently prosperous, that was not
The projeoted road from J/cGregor in a
If the past history, and the early settjte
ment of Prairie du Chien is full of no*
mance, the future is full of hope if the
present affords a gratifying conirast to the
lethargic sleep which succeeded the sua*
pension of Government intercourse, the
day just dawning may well justit'y our
most sanguine aiuicipa ions. To avail
ourselves ot all the benefits whioh are or
may be ours, it is well to make a careful
examination of our resources—to ascer
tain what commercial manufacturing, or
agricultural advantages we possess, mof#
than the scores of other towns which are
trumpeting their own prafses. Observa
tion teaches that a city never was built
\v A- .. pouu can escape the sleepless eve of Wes
Westerly direction, tho construction of trn enterprise, whioli Jomm,u,ds bmd
which is almost certain, will givo this! scopes of fertile lands—the mines thai
.g°°£,aph'cal noces«i y and that nd
nover fail.
Is there a geographical necessity foiN*
city upon tho Mississippi river, just aboeir
the mouth of the W iscousin Has il
commercial recources, and a good loot*
tion Does it stand at the door of tKa
great North-Western granaries If theia
are 6o, will art devclope and enterpri^ft
direct its resources Let us sec.
Not a point in the whole North-W»L
Vefeeted by expfcwrs anJ trader* (tf

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