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fiflrtl] |aim Cimes.
MeGrtgor, Iowa, Friday, March 27, '57.
Copits or TIIK TIMES, with or
without wrappers, can be had at this office
Democratic State Nominations.
for Superintendent of Public In«trujtfOO,
For Register of State Lnnd office,
fc CoanMMioncr of Dei Moines River, Improve
1flr Register of the DPI Moines River Improve
•. Ji
[Sire Fourth Page.
aff©fer carefuiiy you may make money
by it.
M. (J. Elisor*
Co. Milwauldil'
•Am. Bosworth & Son,
Martin, Heartwell & Hewitt,
-0. F. McCloskey, Galena.
i 'Grant & Peck, McGregor.
Geo. M. Falei^:,.
i*rVna. Sehmidfc
LJf- Elliot, Syracusf.
Far Nobile Fratum.
Republican friends have great rea-
to be thankful for the treasures they
possess in the two distinguished gentle
men who at present occupy the Guberna
torial chairs of IOWA and ILLINOIS.—
Sancho Panza in the palmiest hour of his
incumbency at the Capital of Barataria,
was not so successful in perpetrating jokes
for the amusement of posterity, as the
noble mir of brothers of whom we arc
We see ky an article ia tl\e Express fe
Herald that His Excellency, Gov. Grimes,
vetoed a late act of the Legislature ce
ding to the United States a piece of
ground in DuBuque upon which the Gov
ernment proposed to erect a Custom
House. The Governor's objection to
signing the Bill was, that the General
Government might use the land so ceded,
as a place to Btoro Fugitive Slaves in case
of their arrest by parties claiming them
The Legislature met the Governor's objec
tion by limiting the authority of the U.
States in the cession it was then signed
by his astute Excellency and then
why, then the U. States declined to accept
the cession and the City of DuBuque, so
far as the Iowa Legislature and Executive
could effect it, was deprived of a Custom
House Senator Jones being at Wash
ington and learning the
Asaukcs the Angela weep."
of our
State authorities, remedied the defeat and
•ecured the commencement of the work
by pledging the City of DuBuque that
the Government should ultimately have a
title without the attachment of ridiculous
and unusual "provisos." When the next
Legislature of Iowa meets, a majority
will be Democratic and our commercial
North Iowa Centre, DuBuque, can redeem
her pledge. Verily our Governor has a
remarkable nose for scenting a colored
gentleman in a pile of fuel!
fiow let us turn to Governor Bissell
'"tjje gallant Illinoisan." The Legislature
of Illinois at its late session passed an act
districting the State for Senatorial and
Representative purposes. It was present
ed to Bissell in due form, he wrote "ap
proved." and attached his signature .to the
Bill and it became a LAW.
Subsequently it was examined by a self
constituted committee and the astounding
discovery was made that the Democracy
would have an equal show, if not a decid
ed advantage, in the election of a Legis
lature under this act There was no
remedy knows to the Constitution, to
law, or to precedent, but it was suggested
that the Governor might repeal the ob
noxious law by issuing an "Edict of Rev
ocation" and he did it! Such an act of
usurpation had never before been heard of
iaa Representative government, but what
of? tkat ?—such a Governor had never be
fore been heard of! The Law of course
Tcmnins a statute, beyond the reach of
all the Governors in Christendom, but
fook at the atteaipt! If an act may tie
signed today by the Executive and re
voked to-morrow, why may he not have
the power to revoke at any time thereaf
ter, and what security have the citizens
of a State that their laws will hold, any
Jotter than it auks the pleasure or the
whims of a fickle Chief Magistrate.
"Man, dressed in a little brief authority,
Cult melt fant'
.itic tricks before high Hearts,
Jgv. Eads.
-p.v ^Tbia gentleman it seems wi
sfdtown" at Gov. Grime's "bidding.'^—
te a long letter published in the Capital
he handles Grimes without gloves
and very distinctly informs him that he
bas neither sense nor honesty. He refu
ae* utterly to give up his office to the new
appointee,- alledging as a reason that he is
determined to protect the school funds
from the cormorants that now infest the
i^tibt be
By what right doea the Governor de
capitate a public officer and appoint bis
auccessor We hope Eads may be right,
but more facts and less newspapotency
would suit us better iu bis case.
i i TW,
Who is H#
In the concluding proceedings of the
Constitutional Convention it is reported
"Mr. moved thateveiy Editor.
ir, tw State be supplied -with a copy of I
the Debates of this Convention, which
motion carried."
It is extremely provoking thai *H the
small and unimportant matters of that
body are reported with the greatest min
uteness, due credit being given to the most
infinteBsimal resolution but when a sub
ject of real importance comes up like the
one indicated by the motion referred to,
the name of the introducer is lost to the
world and to posterity! This s too bad.
Here arc oyer One Hundred Editors in
Iowa whose hearts are swelling (ours hat
swelled) with grateful emotions towards
the friendly delegate who remembered the
Press! How can the disciples of Faust
exhibit their regard for a "Mr.
Who is he Whore does he lire Is
he a Democrat, or a Republican We jof
and a christian, but' we want a sight of
his orthographical appearance, and when
we obtain it we will do ourselves the hon
or to forward him our autograph,
ed to as nice a letter of thanks as we can
indite. We move that the fraternity give
him a unanimous vote of thanks.
We occasionally feet we
could relish a dish of this article, but re
ally we do not like to live on it. The
Canvass was fought in 1856. Mr Bu
chanan was elected, and notwithstanding
the predictions of hisopponenls, the world
goes along as regularly as ever. Nobody
is hurt yet, unless it may bo some patriot
who wanted to serve his country and
could'nt, by appointment under the new
Administration. "Old Buck" is no
stranger to the duties of the Presidential
office, and it is all nonsense for our Re-
publican friends to fret about the way he
will manage Foreign or Domestic matters.
He certainly knows what is right, and
his love cf country is too great to subject
him to suspicions of doing wrong to either
section of this great confederacy. The
Union can not bo broken by fanatics or |^oun^
fire-eaters so long as moderate men fail to
back them in their follies. Let us cool off
and talk about something besides Ne
groes—the subject is a dark one any way
you can fix it.
Iowa Historical Society.
We have received from the newly-or
ganized State Historical Societv of Iowa,
a Circular which it will afford us pleasure
to publish when our columns will admit
of it. Gov. Grimes is the President and
C. Billings Smith the corresponding Sec
retary. A large number of influential
names are attached to the Circular as Cu
rators. The Institution is just
it commences life with a small appropria
tion from the State, which it is to be hop
ed, will be repeated annually until the
Society is able to live without it. The
ideaof o'ganizing while the State is young
is a good one, as many incidents in its
history may be lost or forgotten, by the
death or removal of parties, who are, more
than all others, competent to furnish im
portant historical and biographical infor
We will refer to th s matter again, soon.
In the mean time, we are authorized to
say that the Secretary will be glad to open
a correspondence with any person who
may be desirous of furnishing the Society
with facts pertaining to the early settle
ment, or the present situation of any por
tion of the State. Editors are requested
to forward copies of their papers to the
Secretary, or those numbers at least,
which contain descriptions of Towns or
Villages or any statistical or biographical
information of value.
Let us all assist this Institution in every
way possible, and in a few years it will
be of great value to oar citizens and a
credit to the State.
Anti -F hlogistlc Salt.
This is the name of a new aspirant in
the field of materia quackera. Its pre
tensions are unrivalled. It proposes to
do away entirely with the Lancet and blis
tering, by its wonderful power in subdu
ing all inflammatory action. We have
neither *pace, time, nor inclination to enu
merate its proposed uses, or to detail tlie
revolution it is expected to work in the
world of medicine. It may possibly be
applied to "an inflamed state of the pub
lic mind" with success—who knows?—
What a splendid thing "to reduce a Riot,"
or an "Election excitement." A small
quantity applied to the "Seat of Govern
ment" would have a fine effect in cases
where Kansas or the slavery question is
to b$ considered.
We see several of oar Eastern exchan
ges arc publishing a column or two of the
Inventor's Advertisement for which they
Rail Road Vote.
We will publish in our next No. a full
statement of the McGregor Cbmpawy—
its correspondence with the Milwaukee
Company—the proceedings of its late
are promised 05U in Salt at its wholesale ariicle, if written on the Democratic side,
value '. All Editors who copy for six
months will receive a like grano talus.—
Here is a chance to fill a column with pay
ing matter, as there is no doubt wliatever
of your getting salted. We prefer the
old Kanhawa article to this frightfully
named "anti-phlogistic the very sound
of its tille takes the "iaflmnmaliop" out
of lie
'^Grogor^nd many other
matters of great importance to the voters
of Clayton Co. All impressions against
the integrity of the McGregor and Mo.
R. Road will be dissipated by this publi
cation. The Road has heavy friends both
in Iow-i and Wisconsin, and can not fail
to be spegdily built.
Look out for the Next No. of the
"Big Foot."
This correspondent gives us a lengthy
account of a pair of infamous people in
a certain village of Clayton Co. Our
columns will not admit of the details, and
we give only the material facts
It seems that a man and his wife near
the village of in Clayton County.
took a girl to raise, and if the testimony
care not how these questions are answer-1 forfeited all claims to the name of
od we know he is a gentleman, a scholar I
n*«g|,bor8 may be believed, they
beings, in the brutality they have
towards a defenceless littlo or-
phan girl. They have learned their own
child, a boy of 5 years, to whip, beat and
otherwise abuse her, and if she complains
of it, sever? punishment was the conse
quence. She once toll a playmate that
her Mistress pinched and bruised her, an 1
the story csme to Madame Ilyenu s ear a
Severe bea' ing was .administered. On the
27ih Feb. last, the child did not wash a
pail clean and Mrs. "Ourang Outang," as
Big Foot calls her, drove the orphan out
of the house and told her not to stop 'till
she got 10 miles off. Our correspondent
says: "Whoever remembers the 27th of
Feb., will recollect that the afternoon of!
that day was very severe and this poor
little girl was turned out of doors bv a'
merciless fiend to meet the pitiless wind
and bi ing cold she was thinly clad, with
nothing on her feet but, thin cotton stock
ings and an old pair of rubbers so large
that she could scarcely keep them on her
and as 8ho
friend on Earth!"
she had not a
On Saturday the 28th, some of the «iil»
zens of heard of the circumstance
She was
nnd followed
tfie poor creature
ten miles off, brought back
and on the 2d day of March the Town
ship Trustees provided a good home for
her in the village,
Two conclusions force themselves up
on us upon reading the recital of this poor
child's wrongs. One is, that the people
»f the village of amount to a very
small sum in the scale of humani:y, if
they knew of all this outrageous conduct,
and had not the manliness to apply the
corrective before. The other is, that the
old orthodox doctrine of a brimstone fire
somewhere, ought to be immediately re
vived, for especial application to the two
MOKSTERS who had tho charge of this
STRANGE.—The daughter of J. G. Boker
one of the most wealthy and respectable
citizens of New Yoik, has married her
fathers coachman, an Irishman named
De.Mi !—Ex.
"Vel vot of it?" Did'nt Gen. Jack
son's mother marry "an Irishman
Did'nt the mother of President Buchanan
marry "an Irishman Is'nt Chas.
O'Conner the pride of the New York Bar
"an Irishman Does not Irish blood
in liberal quantities, course the veins of
the best living talent of England or Ame
ca Do not the records of the glorious
dead prove to us that Ireland, persecu:ed
and down-trodden as she has been, has
furnished a large share of the brightcs:
names known to Historic fame Who
were Wellington, Burke, Emmet, Phillips,
Curran, O'Connel, Wolfe Tone, Mathcw
and Moore, but Irishmen? "Strange!"
Aye, it is "strange," but not in the sense
you view if. Miss Boker has had the
good sense (that is strange in upper-ten
dom) to despise tho weazen-faced slian
gliai debauchees who fluttered about her
for her wealth, and to place herself under
the protection of a whole-souled, warm
heart.'d, vigorous son of Labor. Her
children (divil a fear but she'll be blessed
in this particular) vill not be poor little
scrawney tenderlings made up of Mue
looking flesh and great sickly eyes, like
the puny progeny of fashionables—they
will be the image of health, full of activ
ity, "wii.h cheeks like thumping red po
tatoes," grow up to be useful men, an
honor to their parents who may live to see
them filling the highest stations known to
our laws, as BUCHANAN, another son of
an Irishman is now doing!
Bad cess to the spalpeen who spakes ill
of ould Ireland.
"Peter Snous."
The language you use against the Demo
cratic party and some of its eminent men
was worn out during the la'e canvass—
The subject lias become uninteiesting to
the public, and we have no wish to go be
hind the judgment recorded by the Ame
rican»People in November, by re-opening
the issues then decided. The tone of the
would render it inadmissible here. James
Buchanan's "ruling the country with a
rod of iron" must certainly be regarded
as ironical.
LIQUOR LAW—We stewed this lengthy
act down to one third of a column and
published it, and one of our neighbors
copies our synopsis and forgets to give us
"the glory.*' This wim'ntfrank, wa* it
McGregor Improvements.
We intended this week to post the pub
lic up on the advances we are already ma
king this spring, but an avalanche of fa
vors from Advertisers rules our space
down so much that we omit the notice for
the present. We met a friend on yester
day who had been gone three weeks, and
his first remark was "that he hardly knew
the Town This tells the story very
graphically, and it is unnecessary to as
sure those who visit us, that the remark
was not sk gassy one. Providence made
this locality for a great business Mart,
and Ilis designs cannot be thwarted
The reader
the TIMES will observe
that Advemsers, .e berinninr to crowd
pretty seriously on our reading columns.
We can not express any regret about it,
because it is by such custom that a Print
ing Office is saved from bankruptcy—if
it stops, the TIMES could not exist a month.
We are expecting to add FOUR COLUMNS cantiie, and
here we would like to call attention to the
fact that many nrimes on our list have no
credits attached to them. This must be
remedied soon, or we will advance the
price, to all delinquents. Send us Two
JLLARS an 1 wo will furnish YOU a Large,
handsome, Live paper 1
proposes to apply the "Swamp Land
Fund ofthe county to
commodate our increased custo{n, and dorsement of Eln.ore A Co., in that \4
our increasing subscription list.t Just
the tille ofa
seven-column paper about to
paper. Tho Ed,tonal will bo done bjA.^
BifciiXELL—each is perfect in It is voca
tion. We are promising ourselves much i
pleasure from an "Exchange."
Pa. is dead—he boarded at the National
REPENTANCE.—Jim Lane the Hero of
Kansas has been getting ma-ried again o
the wife whom he had abandoned. He
will want to marry the Democracy next.
We object to tho last match.
Eleven "colored ladies" were immersed
in Boston recently. The severity of the
weather threw one of them "into fits."
not less than 93 in all.
Our oveiland Mail to Cal'fornia is now
established. It will go by w.\y of Texas.
Judge Corkery of DuBuque was recent
ly knocked down by a run away team in
Washington. He wa3 much hurt, but
not dangerously. Bad luck to the hor
ses that did the mischief, and a speedy re
covery to our friend
The insect fatal to sugar cane is
The rat-poison cholera of Washington
City has kilo! a Mr. LITOX of Ohio
The Iowa C'lpkal Reporter s dis
continued its Daily iisue caus •, no
mon?y in it.
publican organ is opposed to admitting ne
groe childreu to Wnile schools.
MASON of Iowa the present popular
Commissioner of Patents is to be retain
ed. A wiso retention.
Marcy will probably be sent lo England
as Minister.
The Empress Eugenie at a late ill in
Paris wore
Lucy Stone in a reoent lecture at Ban
gor said the "Border Ruffians" of Kan
sas were gentlemen, compared with the
wife-iyrannizers at home
The earnings of the Milwaukee Ir If. R.
R. for Feb'y., were $33,774. For Fcb'y.
'56 $68,531.
It is said that Miss II»rroai thi great
actress always spends a few moments in
prayer before going on the stage. Noble
Rowland Hill rode much on horseback
and had line health. He said his physi
cian was a horse, his apothecary an ass.
Portions of Norway are said to be ter
ribly atilictod with famine, the inhabi
tants s*9 eating the bark of tree! to sustain
A Bank is established at Lower Tow"
Prairie du Chien, Rob't. Menzie E -:q., is
Cashier. Lower Town will bo Upper
Town in point of business if the improve-}
ments now contemplated shall go on
The Proprietors of this beautiful locality
arc among the most enterprising business
men of the West.
There is no change in the Markets East
ward—-ws leave our local market out this
M. GK Elmore & Co.
This heavy Milwaukee China, Glass
and Earthenware establishment is this
week introduced to the traders and house
keepers of Northern Iowa.
One of our citizens has recehtly visited
this House, and made a purchase, arid lie
reports them as having any amount ofjin"
GOODS and an excellent supply of prompt, |c
of matter to the TIMES as soon as we can purchase of none but courteous and at
get larger sized paper and a few necessa- tentive dealers. Every man desires to be
ry fixtures. We w ill then be able! to ac-
than ,ho
April Election. at New York, hasa large invoice of Goods
Wc gave last week a list of 4fte duties for this tirm. We expect shortly to
to be performed on tho 1st. Monday of! look through their stock after which w®
April, but omitted to name another ques- will mention them more particularly. If
tion up for decision. The County Judge our readers visit Milwaukee, to purchase,
they will not fail to call at lMrJutst
the completion
Water Street.
of Bridges at Elkpoi t, Millvilleand Peck's Plows! Flows 1
Ferry. Tho question will he put to the
citizens for their decision, vote
"Bridg s" every time.
.... .t"i JI* i i i' i ,I ior localities so as to bj beneficial to both
be established at Bradford, by Felt and

Bushnell. We know both the Propne-
tor, wellI and won ,»f,ly prumiM .he
people ofCkKtaw Co.» .pimed News-
ma le a rule to 'ettV'n«
treatad, and we want no better in-
commendations of ««r
Mr. W.
M. (T. Elmore K Co., occupy sftor®
100 feet deep with 6 floors, and notwith
standing heavy sales continually, they
keep at all times a tine assortment. They
Import their own Earthenware and this
I gives them a great ad van: age over smaller
i dealers. The Steamer Arctic, now due
Our country readers will take notice
the Advertisement hft.t.led PLOWS
We have primed a large number of bills
this week for Messrs. GRANT & PECK and
we hope they will rind their w »y into inter-
i Dealer and Ploughman- These ifentle-
men are commencing a business here that,
mer an
wil, imme,19e|v 10 tll(1 Filr.|fur.week
u iln
tLllt should
|lmvi|v A a
Gov. Geary has resigned. The N. Y. Northwest. They are very pleasant men
elections show a great reaction in fiivor jwith, an.l we logtrd this as no
of the Democrats. Hon. J. L. Dawson of
and caught the Rat-cholera! Alfred
Countryman tho murderer of the Rock- Uncle Saai'j rfa.oju
ford Sheriff is to be hung March 27th(to
iii2 its ravages—the coming erop will be |^hat, indeed, all other manufacturers
might envy. For sale by Merrill & Bar-
the Typographical by JASON vent damage bv flood. It Las not been
V may want in their line, cau be obtained at i
—each is Dcrfect in his voca- .. .• .• -.v* warm enou gh lo draw vour flannel nor
once, or on short nonce their {acuities s
inducement to give them a call.
Waie IIuU8e is on
day.) Stephen C. Foster of Pittsburgh |oue door hast of the American. It lias
is the author of all the popular Negro overhauled and refitted, and is now
songs of the day. supplied with Superior Liquors, ex
'eel lent Cigars and other desirable comforts.
near V. att's Ste works.
ron, McGivgor.
country is agitated from Maine to Texaa.,
Fifty Seven deal bodies have already I MEDICINES of the day. Vr*
In a
been found since the R. It. accident near i Certificates come flowing in from both i devote th»-ir whole capi at nn.l a.tention to
Hamilton. It is supposed that there are "des of Mason k Dixon's Lino, positive, the wholesale trade. We have tra:is-ict»*d
earnest, and reliable, showing that Hall's! more or less bu*i j'ss wi this house for
ilsam is
BANKS.—We arc asked "why we do I-O
publish a Rank No.e List weekly." W.*
reply that our paper would be too small
to do the subject justice. Subscribe for
J. G. Jta*. \j$ elected Maj'or of1* detector at once and you are compar- tion of the same, as si own
Muscatine* Jatively safe against bad money. We I ave books of said E!e» i n. duly certili*d by
The Prorfaertce Journal thts R. f. Re-1
recommenled Adam's (Chicago) 1
Dc ector as valuable to every man wi o,
INCORPORATION.—Read Judge jPtice's
Proclamation in ibis paper. An election
rcss augonie at a iaie i ui in .. mi I surname uy vo:ing tor ana ejec:in sue
.... for officers takes place April 8ih. 1 he L.,
a rig worth nearly a million of tin e«3 pet sons as sl.^il hate tl.egiei.e.
officers chosen will draw up a Charter and number of voles, whose duty it shall
submit it to the people for ratilication or
rejection at some future time.
GOOD STOCK.—Not Merchandise, but
HORSES. The Farmers of North Iowa
now have an opportunity to invest money
in the best Blood known to the country.
See Mr. Fales' Advertisement in our col
umns, and then read eareiully the large
bills, headed ROJER WILLIAMS.
HEARTWELL K HEWITT to our Merchants,
as reliable Consignees at Milwaukee.—
They are also heavy dealers iu Groceries
Provisions, Salt
GALENA—McC'LOS^tv does not intend to
be euchred out of his large Ir ule up this
way by dealers in rival markets.
Bee bis r«rd»
In Grand Mea.'ow, Iowa, iWareh 22d, by Linus
H'lson Ki'i., at his residence, Mn. SOI.OMON
Wn.MMRIMII Monona, to Misd
li-rand Meadow.
„i(.ie have beet, slowly canled off as to pre-
for procuring Agricultural implements:to purchese overcoats and
are not excelled by any House in the, ^ur
popular "Institution" is located
Old Sam Church is on hand at all houisl
to serve the public. Drop in and see ho»
pleasant L.e looks. WHOLESALE DIIUJ UUSINEW.—*Thi«
^2TThe gr«-at question of the day is |branch of our mercuitle i:iteres s hsis
who shall be our next president. The "'P'
for Consumption. yt
We only ask you to give it a trial.
and agents in every town in the county.
many testimonials in favor of this excel
I lent tonic for the hair, I ave given it a rep
utation for its excellent properties, iu re
s'or ing the hair to its original color, &c.,
At Mononn, of Consumption, at the residence
of Mr.*. B. Megonigle, .Vareh 13th, Mns J. K.
daughter ol'Mr. B. and Mr*. C. Megon
igle, and et of S. S-WINTER#, late deceased,
aged 22yeara.
Once uud agaia has death entered, that home
and claimed another as its own. It had been evi
dent for some time, the disease being such that
the casket would soon be too weak to retain the
Yet amid all her sufferings of xly, and the
lo.-tf of a dear companion—the Oak around which
the vine clung so tenaeiotuly—she was enabled to
lean upon that arm which is Mighty to save, and
blt'PS the rod of affliction.
No murmuring escaped her lips, not neomplain-
word ovcr tI,c
draifcl| a a|Jc
gentlemanly attention to customers.— jj,.l7e tjie glories of Paradise without a veil
This latter article we appreciate highly—j between.
our business until recently has been mer- Thuslus pissed awir a consistent Christian
1 with an unwavering taith in the promise* of God,
example worthy ot' imit ition, and
though her body may rest beneath the clods of the
Valley, we look forwari to a glorious meeting
"Where the faded flowers sh ill freshen,"
Freshen never more to fade
Where the shaded sky shall brightaB
Brighten never more to shade
Where the Sun-b!a/.c never scorcbSSt
Where the Star-beams cease to cliUt*
Where no tenr-est stirs the echoes
Of the wood or wave or hill
Where the morn shall wake in gladness
And the Moon the joy prolong
Where the day-light dies in fragrancc
'Mid the burst of holy song
Loved one we shall meet and rC3t
'Mid the holy and the blest
Where the hidden wound is healed,
blighted life re-blooms,
Where the smitten heart the freshness
Of its buoyant youth resumes
Where the love that here we lavish
withering leaves of time,
Shall have fadeless llowers to lix on,
In an ever ^j-riiik-bright clime
Where we find the joy oi loving
As we never loved before—
Loxiiigon unchilled unhindered,
Loving once and evermore
Loved one we shall meet and rest
'Mid the holv and the blest
WEATHER—RIVER.—Great c?re has
been observed in the weather manufacture
has gov
and ice
er»«l the council. The snow
At ,s nu
uiuinei, uoi
I^bins and L.ue Birds,
Ure here on lather u cool invita.ion, but
they prattle anticipations of warmer wea
ther. The River has bjen crossed until
yesterday—tho ice is gone for 6 of 8
rods near the shore, and as the water is
Coming up rapidly, we oxpec an early
opening. No Mails from the Eas- will bp
received here for several days.
jfcir The Car8 are now heard a: the of
fice of the Prairie Courier. Thtrcarjno
ears on the Iowa side long enough to
reach the sound 1
-''s any in our city.--
... in (he anual report ot the Board ot I mde
lo( If|9t ytar pilt doWn ftf
Some are for Union and others for disu- which we consider low enough. One of
nion, but there is certainly no disunion 'the largest houses, if not tie largest, in
of sentiment with regard to the greatest theJist lor theciy is that of H. BOSWORTU
retail appur'.enancesanu hx uies, ami now
past, and I,ave always lound :h in
straight, forward and honorable business
.men. The S-iiior of the firm is one of our
ior particulars call upon the agen s for and most respeciod citizens, and
its sale, MEKIIILL & BAKKOX, MCGR gor, he gen lemen Juniors, aivamon he mst
•iccurat and prompt of our young busi
ness men.
We l.ave made his mention not as a puff,
bur as a voluntary ti ibu e to one of ou*
most respec able mercantile l.ouws.—
Pursuant to an order of the Cotin y
Court, ma !e March 21,1857. an Ele\ioii
was held in the Town of MeGregor, in
the County uforesaid, when and where a
majori y of the Legal Vo ers of *aid
Town, d«*«dnred in favor of an incorp :a-
i i i i i s o o e
i..,n i.,
O i U U
East Water Btreetr
Enslioh French &C!erniair
MwseHtial Oiits, Corks,
Druggist's Glass ll*ttve*
Oils & Varnishes,
Surgical Instruments.
Orders respectfully solicited, which will be
executed with i roiii tness and fidelity.
•eh 27, 1?57. ii2f 6m.
m. GL7IORE & Co.,
Importers and Dialers in
O O K I i A S S E S
in store tlie Largest Stock of fJoo!a
in their line in the cltr, which they oflferto.
Merchants at
Than goods have former!) been sold, either in
thin or tlie Chicago in a
ike t.
Intending to jum-hise jroods lor the country
trade, are ret|«osUil to visit our establishment,
ami ex.tmine the stoek.
We beg leave to state that our facilities for
importing and obtaining direct from manufac
turers, with our own manufacture of Looking
(tlasscs, will enable us to otter ^oods at tho
N. Y. PRICES, with the ndditioa of"
These considerations, with the additional ones
that orders can be Jilled without t'.ie usual loan
oi time, and ii k of breakage in transit, we con
fidently auticijKite will secure uaacall iruiu cWe
March 27. n2f» ly.
Whulesule Cttumibstoa llou^c.
Martin, llartwcll & Hewitt
m:n n\iitEitorsjE9
Fuot of East Water direct, Milwaukee.
Groeor'es, Prov' i :s. F.our, Grain & Salt.
ID* L'.ber iJ advances made on Consignments.
H. AliTIN.of Rovnton 4: Martin. Mil.
W. \V. II ART WELL, of Harwel',
Winslow Rtih-v, Plattsbttrgh, N. Y.
A. B. HiiWiT'l', oV lJiat abargli, N. Y.
He tint by the Plow would thrive,
Hiiuselt must either hold or dri ve,-1'oor Rioltmrd.
^liE subscriliirs would announee to the
have now oil hand and for sale, at Manufactur
ers' Prices, at titer Warehouse, up er end of
iiu Bireet, M'Gre^or, Iowa, a iarge awort
mcnt of
Cj O W S,
consisting of
from tho fallowing justly celebrated Manufac
sees ^oney at all, an 1 we I O.V plimit-t* witli tho rer^'irrf'Tn^Tt s1 tl.e Code
peat the statement. It comes at $1,00 of lwa in such cass ma le an 1 provi led.
Monthly, and §1,^J Semi-montldy.— a» Hl-'etion will be held in il.e Town of
Hand the mouoy to its aad yM can Jure
it forwarded.
he p. |l
theivof,—re.urned and tiled in
Now be it known tl at tn furiher com-
McGregor, at theusu il, or some conve
nient place in said Town, on Wednesday
ti e 8.h day of April, f357. when and
where the Legal Vo'.ers of .'aid Town of
McGregor, may exercise their right oi
suffrage by voting for and electing such
when so elected, lo prepare a charter, or
ar.ieles of Incorpora ion for (he Town oi
McGivgor, under 'he pr. visions of the
Code oi' Iowa, el.aptci 42 page 1C5.
And it is further ordered and required
that a public notice of said Election shad
b'3 posted iu the Town of M. (r 'gor, or
ise given by publication fur the
period of live days previous to the same.
And it is further ordered that F. Du
mnd. A. Jones and Michael BeruaU
be and they are hereby appointed Judges
of said Election, witli full power to appoint
one or more Clerks of said Ehvtioir, and
fo fill any vacancy that may occur in said
Board of Judges, and to make due re
tus iij to this office, of the result of sai
Given under my ban and tho Seal of
the Countv Court .»f Clavton (3o., this the
I7vh dav of March, A. I). Ii^ i7.
i CV»unty Jud|t.
AUAMS, Gateua
L. AXURCS, Grand l)e 'i'uur
TiM y will also kee[ on hand, iu the season of
t'aeui, a Gi ner.il arsoi tun lit of
AgricuHisi al Implements,
consisting in part of
Threshing Machhiea Reaper*.
Grain Drills, Jtanniug
Wagons, &,c.
jM-lncipally ofitlisteru .Mauufacut#e4u4 th#
best kinds ill use.
Puirlrisers are respectfully invited to call sad
examine our stock.
M*Grcfor, Clayton Co., luwaJ
JM.trch 21s:, lt-57 36U
liii,) ove Vour
The 11 Mi ml Biairk Hawk 1'olt,
Has been brought to M' iregor, at great expense,
for the im|jrovement of .Stock in this jioi tiou of
the \V est.
ROGER WILLIAMS is a halJ bh»od Black
Hawk, and is second to no colt for Stoek. His
combination for strength and .*peed cannot be
exceeded. When in yood eoiuiil'.un, he rim
trot liis mile iu '2,47. AH admirers of ffood
Horses are respectfully invited to call and ex
amine lor themselves. Iu proofoftiie genuine
ness of his blood I present the following copy of
a certitic tie.
"Thia is to certify that my old Black Hawk
Horse sired "Roger VVilliruis," audI think he
Is one of the beet STOCK COLTS he ever got.'*"
(Signed.) DAVID HILL,
Proprietor of Black Hawk.
I can produce a host of other testimony as to
the Pedigree of Roger Williams but it is use
leap. All good judges ui tuUisly themselves at
u L'lance. Call and fee hiiu.
M'Grejror, March S7, '57. n 25tf
Gold Pins lie-pointed—Price 50c.
Peu in a letter, with eaBh or
l'ostiige Stamps, and return mail wilt bring
the pen as good as new. Addrc.-S
E. ELLIOTT, Syracuse, N. Y.
Mnvh97, 1H67.

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