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SKttttMg Uorifj Jfotet (Times,
Published every Wednesday Morning,
yt M'GItEGOR, Clayton Oountv. Iowa.
Editor awl Pro) rirtor.
TKB.M8 OF sriisuiui'iMo:*.
One oop.v, for one year, ?-2,00 in advance.
Six months, 1,25
Tii in: i: ,75
Thrrb dollar will bo charged if payment le delayed
till the close of the volume, orthe rate of 25 ccnts
for oTi-ry quarter.
Clhbs of fi can sccuro tlie Time* to one addrew for $10.
13 20.
2') 3it.
Tin* inoiipy must nccomjiany »n order at club
rat«j. No paper discontinued until nrrearagui arc paid,
naloM at the option of tie- puMMicr.
•AHY till TISl 11ATJB8.
[Din* line.4 Nonpareil, or lo..«, make a fquafe.]
lw. 3W Bit. 8W. 3M. CM. 12m
1 fcquaro, tfdo
L«adfd noticoe uid adTertisoments In double eol
amm, •0 per cent extra.
l«'t*l ailriTfi'ontents lit leral retei.
Keatlia vc-onled i ki k—obituaries at
Bu.ilno*s :it one dollar per lino.
Jo» Phintihu uoatly executed ftir pat—Blanks al
ways on hand.
u s i n e s s i n a
and lararauco Agents Main Street.
McGregor, St. Peters & Missouri River
Jm«. T«om-sux.PrM't. J. Baoww SEE'Y.
OIBce at Docorah. Iowa.
O. C. Laa. President. I W. F. Kimiall. TuaM.
H. K. AvaaiLL Sec'jr. £. E. Coolit Att'/.
V. Baldwin Ctiief&n.
Phyrfeian 4t Surgeon Otflco Main Street.
Phydelan nnd Surgeon McGrcgor Iowa. nltf
Wholesale and Hot ail Hardware Merchants, aljr
Sealers in Luuibur. SIllusion and Lath. Main Strait*
Wholeialo and Rctnil dealers in Stovej. and Manufae
turnri of Tin. Co per aud .Sheet Iron ware.
(SueceisuM to Joueii J!a.i
Dealenlu Dry Goods lioots
Physician i Sur^anu, Will be found at tho Drug Store of
J. S. King Jr. ii Co. excupt when sbfvut ro'Vviuually.
Having prac'.ieed vwelve years a.nonic e tein ila
vate« he XecU iuui-elf prepared to aueud lo ail ca. c^
day audiiifht. iipeeial attention giTeu to (lUear-e* of
the Luugs. 10 Oai
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Merchandire, ligw
Tamiture Ac.
Is now in fult blast. The Good's that he daily displays
consist* of a full Stock of Booh* £tHtii.nery, Wall Pa
per. Wrapping Paper. I'ard.! Cird Board and n fact
erery thing appertaining to the trad.-. Merchants in
the interior call and examine his clock. 41
By J. Vordnej Opposite the Califjrnia Hold.
WW«»!« and Ketail Dealers
in Groceries—Foreign and
jDomefctic Liquors kept constantly on hand for the Trade.
'Near tho Public ttpuare, 7tf
By W. IT. UAk din j. Maiu Street. ltf
By Jclivs BoETTrnsa Main street. nltf
By J. McMvu.au, Main street. nltf
Staler in Luml.yr, fhintflc.s and Lath Leveo, ur
Cabinbt Maxir.
Mala stroet Mcoregor lowa.
A. P.
5uT$3 00j$3 »7TsT2
5 Sfiuire*/ I 1 50 3 0) 3 00 S 0qT| "7 lo ~i(J
S|u 'r«s,
00 6~U0
Ou la
4 Square*, 2 5i 5 u) 00 OOj Hi 25
Square*, 3~W j" 0 00 ~7 00 "S'oO^ T^ 18 28
B^quiiro^ "350 7 00 I S 00 1 ifTjO* i 5 "^0 30
Yearly advertisers by the half column or column,
Will be allowed o deduction.
Buuii0!u uoticei in editorial column®, ten cent* per
and Leather Bats
Cape Ready-made Clothing House furnishinK Goods
Hardware (irorories and Quoeu'e Ware, at the old
•taud laiu Street.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Sash Doors and Minds.
Wholesale Grocari aiH Deuluii in C'loJiinx Staple aud
7aacy luy Goods. Al o I'i-oS.ivry and Hardware.—
(^.froduce bought and Sold.
Sealer in Gro^criot. 1'roriMons and General Merehan
4ie. New framu Bloalc, ltf
Attoruey and l'ounelor at Law an 1 Ke^l K'tatc Ajcnt.
Ta m* paid for i.o.i-roNotes und Accouute col
.lasted. OUIce orcr FlanUerV More.
Real E'tato A^ent McGregor Ii ws. Will at­
to the puroha o Mid r&le oi Heil Hs :i'.e in any
portion or NoiiMwetteri: Iowa. Locale L:tnd U'arrani^
«tiitr Land l.ivo-t moiuy oil gooJ sccariiv .a^ Taxe
laTeshgatr li.lei He..
iToo'e Si^n and Carr!a^e Pa'nterr. Will do Painting,
drawing (tlaaia^ to order ii: tLi be ntyle.
Att«rn^ st Law, Notary Public and JmUee of the
Watch JIaV er and J»'we!r respectfully ic&rmsthe dU
sens of UcGregor a:id ri'^nity ti:al he .= cariyiugou tho
alor« hn in.-s, one door en-t of Mjl'er Jc
A!i kiadt of Watche.i €io~:v aad Jvweiry neatly
eleaaed aud repaired. Ali work warranted. 3ltf
Wholesale Dealer iu Groceries. Wiriej LlqUon, PtlliJ
& Say's celebratud star Brand U iu kv.
J. Q. 'AL«I i|Hk
Beier Lod e of froo aud Accepted .Masons will meet on
the third lloiii^y pro-?diug the full Moon in each
ui^nth. G. g. C. SCOTT.
51c(ire?'»r. Fel. 19. '57. Six'/.
(Sttccestora to En xns Af Conkey.)
Wholesale Dealers iu Groceries, Drugs, Paints.Oils Glass
Liquors, 'i {ar.s &.n.
B. ii. uoiTman, Luvii Bjsstoa, jr., J. V. D. Ubmtoh.
Wholesale and Ket&ii dealers in Qrooeriei. Prorisioni,
Boot* aud Shoei &c.
Maim Sr. HcOrbuoh.
i u u e
Cfcrvwr Main and Uh Streets, Iowa.
Ii*Us of We tern Hotel. N. Y., I'roj.rietor^.
This IFoum* lia^ been re-fUtotf and re-furuished thr«iUj?Ti
out ami otTcr-* aceoiniaodntiriaH not KurjiaifeU !»y any
Motitl i:i the rt'e-t. »nivt) aud dypar' »laily
lor all j.arrs of the cuuutry. Otf
Wlwl#'alo Qrucon and Commission Merchants, and
Sealers iu W iuei. Li'iuor.s Porter and A (a. Corner of
Iowa and Fourth streets Dubu jue Iown, 7tf
BAltR & CO.,
Sealers iu Dry Good3 Carjietj. Oil Cloths. Window
shadoa. mats, ru^s. See. So lui Main street. 3
{Formerly Styles »$• Chase,)
Manufacturer and huli^ale deuler iu lioots Alices and
Hub tiers So. 23. Main street oppo-ite the JuUen liou-e
wholesale au Itctail Dealers in Boots Shoei.
10W, Alain Street.
i s i a i e o i i s
Physician & Fuiyeon. (Office in Stuncr's BulUling near
K. K. Depot Mnln street. i'rnirie du Cliiiu Wiconxin.
Dealers hi Dry Goods Groceries Ke »dv-M:ule Clothing
Hardware Queen's Ware Tin Ware Stone Ware Drags
and atedicincft Oils. Pnintp. Putty. Gia.se Varnish. 4tc.
Main utreot strawberry Point Iowa. ltf
Sealers In Dry Goods Clothing. Hats Caps Boots and
Shoes Hardware Groceries &c.. &c. All kind* of
Produce bought and i?old. "4^, FraukTille. Winn.t
Hlii»k Co. lowa. 8tf
Attorney at Law and Ileal Kstate Airent Osajre Iowa.
Land Warrants located: T.ixe-i of non-residents at
tended to and collection* made with dispatch.
ttiT Meier to Stacy Jc Thomas. Chicago. 111. "t#
Attorneys at Lain,
Will practice in the Supreme and District Courts of the
Kbubim Noblb I McGregor. Clayton Co.,
Wii.lis Dhcnhond. Iowa.
Kluaii Odell Guttenberg. Clayton Co.. Iowa.
II. V. MARTIN, M. 1).
Y S I I A N & S U U E O K
Office on M&in stre«t, west of the Monona Hotel.
Monona, stay 52.0, 'j7. n.34tf
Manufacturer of Writing Fluid and Whole
sale and Retail Dealer in Books and Stationery.
Windsor layton Co., Iowa. May 29. 24tf
West Union, Iowa
Will buy and sell lands, pay taxes, make col
lections, Ac.., etc., u'14 6m.
Front Street, (N'ear the Ferry Landing,) Got
tenberg. Iowa, llaggnge taken to and from the
L'oatsFreeof ar^e.
nnitf E. G. ROLF, Proprietor.
Dealer? in
Btaic»s leave this House Daily for all parts of the
Territory. A Livery attached.
C. C. COLE, Proprietor.
Manuftrtorer and Dealer in buck Skin "11 ore Vltiand
L&<htis. .\'crcl:ants and Pedlerii supplied at wholesale,
lli^hcnt price paid fcr Dur .'kin '.—M iiuna Iowa, aly
l^n and Domestic Dry Goiids Groceries,
I'a l*ar« Xnil.s (.'rockery. Stoves Iron Glass. Queens
Ware furniture Sa:h, and Karmius Vton.-ils.
Dealers in I ry Goods tiroceres liurdwate Vails Crock
ery Stueware Stovej and iianuf.'. -ti:rcr.- of Sl.ect Iron
uud Xiu Ware. (Po-t OUlcu Buildlni
Physician & Surgeon Office at lii.s renidence on Main
•Street wast of the Vonona Hotel.
T. 11. BARNES,
f'hyriclan /c Puivcon Monona Iowa. Dr. Barnes will
be found at his reJdcnce unless absent ou prof^rlonal
IjUMllClS. ltf
OF A. F. & A. M. Monona. Clayton County. Iowa,
ip-'.-ctn ou irldav precusling the full inoouiu each uionih.
ha. A. I eaw W. i J. T. H. Scott S. W. H.
1mb iv J. W. B.H.OLi*Tip,Treas Wm.II.Thump
SON Sei'y.
By Atwood Fackrlder. This well known I loose has been
put In complete order by the )re»ent Proprietor and
Truveltrs uav rely upon being well treated at rea*ou
aMe charge!. Walker's ttage Lines chauge at this
By E. W. Mondell Corner Bluff and MinnesotaStMatB.
l'rairie du Cluen. i-.
By It. Otto Ncinhardt's Block Curch Street Prairie du
CUieu Win.
Attomios and Coun.eiors at Law. Offioe on Chnrah
Street opposite tne Post Offlee. Prairie da Cliieu.
V .V 0 JC
Fair an! Tlnrkft.
THE suliscriber takes this occasion to ex
press his obligations to the people of Clayton
Coi n'y l* the generous patronage extended to
him thus far in his effort to establish a I'airand
.Ma ket at Gutenberg. The sales will be con
tinued on the first Monday of each month,
wh 'ii all those who wish to sell or buy Horses,
Cat le, fchcop aud Hogs are requested to at
He would aleo tender his services to the peo
ple of the ounty ss an Auctioneer. His terms
are \erv reasonable arid he will always endeaTor
to render satisfaction to his employers.
Wholesale Groeer and Dealer in Imported Brand
WktmmUOmm 9ee*ilti»«Haietiigtrnee.
E A K S i a e s i i o n s o e s i n
lieapers, Grain Prills, Fanuing
Mills, Co'n-Shellers, Straw-Cutters, lloise
Rakes, Plows, Cultivators, Portablv Saw and
(•'rist Mills 1 astern Lumber, and Oemocratic
Waggons, Open, and Top liuggics, aud Agri
cultural Implements generally.
Warehouse, upper end ot Maiii Street,
McGitKuoR, .... IOWA.
IT/" Particular attention given to Consign
July 3d, 1857. n38-6m.
B. «. a:tAc£a.
o. m'cxaxet.
S A N E & O
Collections made and remittod, Exchange
bought and ^old on all tho principal Cities of the
I*. S. Interest allowed on Special Deposits,
Loans negotiated on good securitv, money in
vested for non-residents, «fcc. Also, will attend
to the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate, pay
taxes, investigate titles, and do all business con
nected with a Land Agency business.
OJJicc up Stairs in Eoans'lXeu) Brick Building.
M'arcgor, Iowa, May 29, '57. n34tf
i a n e
Attorney at L:iw, lleitl Estate and Gen
eral Commercial A^eut,
McGkeuob, Iowa.
Will attend to the purchase nbd sale of Real
Estate—examination of titles, payment of
Taxes,«(c. Will undertake th« collection of
delds und guarantee prompt return.
Has for sale several valuable tracts of Land.
Town Lots and Mill Properties, in Iowa and
iscousin, which offer strong inducement^ to
speculators or iLo»c seeking fkil'uandpenuiuieut
Office over Collin db Slarks' Store.)
McGregor, Iowa, Sept. 1, '57. n483in
Chicago Distillery aud Rectifyiug
W. T. SHU. KLDT & CO.,
Agents, 1!M anil li)r South Water Strati.
ami niauuUieturtrj of Pure £ptaits
Alooliol Oiii.i K.etiJnd Wlu-l.ey Old live Uour
boii :eid Mouoiuahehi liiskey Auiericnu 'lirandies
and G.n Port Wine t'heriy Hrnu.lv and all domestic
La).tors. Al-o. Ilyli Wines at ui::ri et rates.
As we .-ell to none but the trade tji^' attention of
dealer* called to our article ,. Orders promptly liii
ed and ood -iiipped at the lowo-t inarl.et. prieus.
W T. SHUFi-Liii' 4t CO. lb I i. 9t foutli Watcrct.
fort 04«f Box, 4vU.
wi"1, "L"i1
The j)io]irietor 1ms leaded and fitted up the
building, recently known as the ••California
House,"airl lie respectfully solicits a sha:e of
puldic patronage. His experience in the busi
ness eastward, enables hini to flatter himself
that he can render satisfaction to those who
may make the Wnn-rly iheir temporary home.
An entire absence of Alcoliolic drinks, strict at
tention to the Tabi.e and Redi ino, and a per
sonal "devotion to the comfort of guests are the
princij les upon which success is expected.
The Waverly is situated near the business of
McGregor, but five minutes walk from the
Steam Boat Landing.
Hnggage will be har.dhd free.
Boarders accommodated by tho day or week.
Good stabling convenient to tho premises.
GRO.U i»nia!iT,
McGregor, June 26, '57- l-37-6m
U E has established at
M'Gregor,an Auction Room, for the sale
of Merchandise. Household Goods. Real Estiite
and all kinds of Property measureable with
money. He is experienced in the business
and by strict attention to the orders of
those entrusting them with business they hope
to be advantageous to buyers and sellers." Con
sitri ments made to this firm will tc attended to
strictly to th' letters ot instruction, and iro
cecds piomptly remitted.
Merchanis wishing either to buy or sell
owners or purchasers of Heal Estate" will find
this Auction and Commission House a conve
nient institution and worthy lhcjrpatrona"e.
References of the hiohestcharactcr srivcu
on application ly M-til or otherwise. u37tf
MM. M'. tlfeVIosknji
New Railroad Depot & 32 Lbvxb.
Gai.ena Ii.li.nots.
t?" Liberal Advances made on Consigments
Mark Packages, "H. F. MCCloskey,"Galena.
n2 »tf
Or eat Sale of Clothing.
Merrill & Barron's
a S a e o e a y -M a e o i n
Will comnunec June 2Jth. Tl e ob ect of
this Sale is to close out our entire Stock of Cloth
ing. We are detenu inui go out of this
branch of o .r business and therefore shall offer
our whole Stock at
Every man wanting any Kind of garment
will do well to examine our extensive JStock.—
Our Summer C.'othlng is well made and of good
style and finish, almot-t the whole fctock has
been ur hased of Mau f.ic'urcis tiiis iiw
Trades are inforuicd that we will sell D:
the whole of ou: Stock at
•Vetr Y'orF Priccs.
OJ" We hope c!o-o li e sale in thiity days.
MctJrei'or, .'une 2 i, 1857. n'7 tf.
AS fitted rp tho East room of Harding's
Now lilock as ti
I e e a S I i e i
This establishment will be ib'.nid one d" the
moct pleasant p'acea 'o procure a Lunch, a glass
of nice Anyr, a lemonade or an Ice Cr^ani of
any tlesiml flavor.
Oysters, bolsters, Sardines, Fruits. Confec
tionary. 1'iesand various other (.'alatablc articles
a e a w a y s o n a n e a y o e s e u
cotnihand ot the customer. My So!a Fountain
is in op-ration ami during the hot weather, it
will be an agreeable institution to visit.
Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call.
Mc( 'regor. June ^6tli, n j7 Hm.
aVe lIVsffj'M Stage Line!
71 01 li IK .'USE COACHES will leave the
American House, Gregor, daily at )..
o'clock A. M., or immediately u miu arrival til'
he morning train from Milwaukee mul 'hi* ago.
and the Steam Ferry from Prairie du Cliieu.—
The traveler to DVcorah. New Oregon and
Osagp, or to West In ion, Bradford and [St.
Charles, w ill not be delayed if he takes this
hue. by any failure to conncet at intermediate
points on his way IV, st or North West.
At Tecouah the line is continued to St. Paul
and the various towns of Minnesota, and to
those wanting to see the country the Land routy
is far pt ef-'rable to a river passage.
Extbah to accommodate all who come, will
l*e furuijdfd# Hwy slw«rt notice, on application
to D. W. FHEE.MAN,
Ag't. at M'uregor.
I*. W. FreemanIs
also the Agent for the Illi
nois Central R. Road. n37 6iu
Improved Process of Tanning.
K. Daniels of Klkh' tn, WiH., bas dii-covered
a new process of tanning leather entirely with
ovit Lark, in a (•ln rt fpaee of time and very i
cl:eap—besides whieli the leather i* fully et^ual
if uot Miperior to the left la.k ttuiud leatl.er.
The time occupied rinses from 6 to 1.0 days",
according to the nature of the hides to lo tan
The materials used arc mainly vegetable, and
tH-inx brought into treiieral u?e. i
The price of rl-iht-. vary with (lie location.—
Couuty rights sell li Irotn i00 tot2(
00 town
rights (rem 2 to 6 hundred ihop rikhtt, tin
1 to ."hundred dollar.-.
Addre.-s, X. li.
Whltewiter, Wis i
a e s o n 4 a i i
E It'.,
B, W. Brinltuin' St on" Warehouse at the Landing,
Mr. Wm. Aiider-on having been exteieively engaged
in the Ui e.ifvinjf and Wholesale Li jUor BuHiie-.s. in
St. LonU. Mo., for the lu«t eleven years can av-uro the
eustomers it tli" Xew llou,-e here, that all of their ar
ticles w.ll be equally as fjood as tho-e obtained from
either St. Louis or Cincinnati.
We Keep con tunity jtr Salt*
Our own brand of Copper DKillcd Whisky. Wm. Au
derMin'.s eelei.ritted N'e -t.tr IViii-ky liaitiinore Cut
Our own Brand I'oiiMe lteeii.ied Whi-ky New York
Brandies. Pule and drri B.im-'um Whi-kv M6non
gahela Wlii sky Pure Spirit* aud Whiic Whisky.
Winks—Claret Port Madeira and Sherry.
BitA.NKiEt--.Uoehidle and Uourilean*.
BiTTEK i—Ho -tetter Boker and stomach.
fll\D tlE '.
Absynthe Curaera Wolf* Schuapps rssencr Pep
permint. Vina Cut and Cavendjih Tobocoo Demijohns,
*c.. &.«.
At Reduced Rates!
A U O K s
13 Deaibou Street, Chicago, 111.
QT*TsuM.r—Strietly C^ai. aS04tr.
i e i o n s
The King's Visitor®.
The King holds court with his rcgaj train,
And tl.s wild wind blows at his window pane,
And puttering falls the wintry rain
And if the King, to merry und free,
Would give his cr^wn and his kingdom% fee*
And his t'eets that ride on the wild wide sea,
To stop the fall of the midnight rain—
The gushing, flushing, frolicksome rain-*
And silence the wind at his window pane,
He'd offer his riches iu vain.
And care crawls up the same King's door,
Aud takes horseatat his proud heart's core,
And tells him deeds that were done of yore
And if he'd give his good right hand,
His Dukes and Earls that round him stand,
And his (Queen's bright eyes that glad the land,
To keep such guest from his darkening door,
The nestling, wrestling Spirit of yore,
And take her tooth from his heart's red core,
The Spirit would answer him—"Nevermore."
Stabat Mater.
The "Stabat Mater" is one of the standard
lyrics it| the liturgy of the Rotnan Catholic
Church. lis subject i* the grief of the Virgin
Mary, watching beside the crow, and it is hence
introduced into tl=e services of Good Friday,
and constitues part of this eniU-ntial cxrrcises
in a festival termed The Seven Sorrows of
Mary. The authorship of the poem is not posi
tively known. By some writers it is attributed
to Pope John XXII. by others to one of the
Gregories. Put tt is more probably the work
of a monk of the thirteenth century, recorded
as .'acobtis de Benedict is. He had been an
Su'j'cting himself to severe penances, he be
came insane, and so died in 1306.
As this celebrated hymn is seldom met with,
we subjoin a copy of the best translation ever
given in the English language
Stood the Virgin Mother weeping,
Near the cross her vigil kce itijf,
W here her Son expiring liun^
Seeing whom in torment languish,
Pierced her soul with keenest anguiah,
And with helple.-s pity wrung.
Oh how s'rickcn and oppressed
Was she whom God's love had blessed.
Mother of his only Son
She, wlcmow with sorrow bending,
Trembled while in death attending
That divine, beloved one
Who so iicat tle.-s. tears could smother,
Thus beholding Christ's dear mother.
Bowed in utter misery
Who not yield to grief's emotion,
Witness of her sad devotion,
In her Son's last agony 1
part or
For his people's mortal errors,
Saw the Jesus racked with terrors,
M.iuifl by tli scourgcr's rod
Saw her loved one—liim all holy,
Dying d: solatc and lowly—
Give his spirit up lo God.
Mother Fountain of affection,
Fill me with thy soul 's defection.
Teach me ow to weep with theo I
I.ight my breast with sacred tire
Chri-t, my Saviour, to desire,
Messing this his love to me
Holy mother may I rhcri«h
All his woes who came to perish
C.ueirie.l n en mo to s.tve
Oh -'eMia' ission move ma,
Let his wounds and death pangs prove me
Grateful for the life he gavu.
Make me anxious here to suffer.
On his cross my heart to oiler,
For that Son s redeeming lo o
Th :s ins ire me, thus ci-min.-nd iue,
Sainted Virgin, 0I11 defend me,
.'uiiged before the the throu«above
Tv that hallowed cross protected,"
Through the aid of Christ elected,
Aid iue grace still to implore
Fothat when I yield my sj irit
Paradise it may inherit,
And God's glory evermore
are very cheap en 1 abundant. The co.-t of ma
torials i* nlout eq'.ml to peed enk lark at tl! a
cord. The co.-t ot fixture.--, ,-ueh as \ats,is oti
one-fourtli as much as in the ink procet'B. Ko
Ulachiutry is used iu the burines-.
A very rc-pcetable ti.nnery, capable of innuu
facturing iroiu S to 12 tlioii.-:md dollars vu rth
of leiiilur annually can le e.-tat li. lud ut an
•spenre of from S'l.'iO to 1200, exclui-ive of the i
buildiuK. The above will iucludo the eo.-t of all
the vat.-, ur tulB, table tools aud everjthing
nece-^ary except tl.e hides and tanning iiiatu-
r.ais. i
1 havo ublaiio'd the entire ri^'ht for the i^talo i
Of lowa, and will furni-h samples ui.d pive ui:y
de-ired iiitoriiiaciou iu relatkui to thu buMiie.-.-.
Ihe 1 fee,.— nIt. 1 the i, ui!h l:avo beeu X'ully
proved during the la.-t three years ntd are now
Good Money !—A banker asked a young
lady of city what kind of money she liked
"Matri-moncy,'' she replied.
"What interest does it bring?'' asked the
sharp banker.
"If properly invested it will double the origi
nal stock every iwo years,'' she replied
He concluded she was a match for him, but
the rest is a secret.
ID" The more honesty a man has, the less he
effects the aJr of a saint" the affection of sanc
tity is a blotch n the face of piety.
An Eastern editor heads hia Dal #f
births, marriages, and deaths thus "Hatched,
Matched, and Despi tched.''
O" It is said that tho kind mothers of the
East are growing so aff-'ctionate that they v.
their children chloroform previous to whipping
U"The Rochester women who wear the
"Bloomer uniform," are warned to do military
duty. A uo' iilea. As they want their "rights,''
let theratake the first installment by carrying a
fourteen pound musket.
jRy "You are very stupid, Thomas,"
said a country teacher to a little boy
eight years old. "You are like a don
key and what do they do to cure him
JST The Home Journal gives the best
definition of "beauty" we have yet
6een: "Beauty, dear reader, is the
woman we love, whatever she may seem
to others."
j&Sf "Talk about the evils of a scold
ing wife why. Mr. President, I'd rath
er hear the clatter of hammers and
stones, and twenty tin pans, and nine
brass kettles, than the din, din, din, of
to be compared to a scolding \nfe than
a little negro to a dark night?"
VOLUME 2, M. 1. McGREGOR, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, 0CT015ER 14, 1857. WHOLE W. 53.
eminent jurist, and on account of a domestic i chesks, and cherry lips, while
afllictiou, bei aine a member of an ascetic order I the auburn ringlets clustered in a wreath
called the Teriiarii. This was about 12G8.— of profusion around her beautiful head,
of his stupidity. "AY hy, they feed He flung open the door with a bang
lt.n »v. l.w.i, i,:„ 1 1.1 o ... o
him more, aud kick him less," said the
the tongue of a scolding wife. Yes, icroP» which should be cut befoie the
sir-ee 1 would. To my mind, Mr.
President, a smoky chimney is no more
peanuts, or I'll catch the measels and ^ow
make you pay for 'em."
£3T"Itis aggravating to see a good
looking man wrestling with your wife
in a waltz, without having the privilege
of going up aud tightening his cravat.
JCST'The Iowa City Republican says
that Prof. Sauford, of Keokuk, has re
e^, and would soon proceed on his ex
We were between sixteen and seven
teen years of age, when the event about
to bo related transpired, and a.3 a des
cription of our personal appearance at
that time ia absolutely essential (o the
point of our story, we will give it as
concisely as the subject will allow. In
reference, then, to that period, to say
that we were green in the usual accep
tation of that term, would give the rea
der but a poor idea of the figure wo dis
played. Rather imagine a tall, lean,
cadaverous, swathy looking chap, with
legs like a pair of tuugs, a countenance
about as expressive as a plate of Dutch
cheese, a mouth that came very near
making an island of all the head above
it, a face covered with a furze that look
eel very much like the down on a newly
hatchcd goslin, with a gait that would
lead the beholder to conclude that we
designed to travel down both sides of
the street at ihe same time, and you
have a correct daguereotype of Jeems
in the seventeenth year of his age.
One dark, gloomy night 111 the month
of December, we chanced to bo at a
"spelling school" not a thousand miles
from Baldwinville, where our eyes fell
on a "fairy form" that immediately set
our susceptible heart in a blaze. She
was sixteen, or thereabouts, with blight
and her person, to our ravished imagi
nation, was more perfect in form and
outline, than the most faultless statue
ever chisseled by the sculptor's art. As
we gazed, our feelings, which never be
fore had aspired girlward, were fully
aroused, and we determined to go home
tpith her that night or perish i?i the attempt.
As soon, therefore, as school was dis
missed, and our "lady love" suitably
bonneted and cloaked, we approached to
offer our services as contemplated, and
we then learned an important lesson,
viz: the difference between resolving
and doing. As we ncarcd her, we were
seized with a partial blindness—red,
green, blue and yellow lighfs flashed
upon our vision, and appeared and dis
appeared like witches in a phantasma
goria—our knees smote together like
Rolsl.azzor's when he discovered tho
hand-writing on tho wall, while our
heart thumped with apparently as much
force as if it were driving ten-penny
naila into our ribs. We, in the mean
time, managed to mumble over sonic
thing which is perhaps known to the
Recording Angel, but certainly is not
to lis, at the same time poking out our
elbow as nearly at right angels with our
body as our physicial conformation
would admit.
The air blew keenly, which served in
soror sort to revive us, and as our senses
returned, what were our emotions on
finding the cherished object of our first
love, clinging to our arm with all the
tenacity that a drowning man is said to
clutch at a straw Talk of elysian, or
sliding drown greased rainbows, or
feeding on German flutes, what are sich
"pi el inks" in comparison to those
mighty ones that swelled our bosom
nigh unto the bursting of our waistcoat
Ibuttons! Our happiness was sullhnc,
sublimity, suhlijne/y, sublimated, and
every person who has ever felt the di
vine throbbing of a fledged love prin
ciple, fully understands the world of
bliss couched in the fourth, fifth, sixth
and seventh words at U19 commence
ment of this sentence.
Well, we passed on pleasantly towards
our Sally's home, talking of "love aud
dove and dart and part," until, so cour
ageous had we become, that we actually
proposed 'to go in and sit a while,' to
which our dulcinea very graciously as
sented. Alas, for us how soon were
wo to bo reminded that the course of
true love never did run smooth."
Sally had a brother of some ten sum
mers who accompanied us along the
way, and who was in wonderful high
spirits at the idea ©f his sister's having
a beau, aud lie would walk around us
frequently, giggling iu tho lioighth of
his glee, and eye us as closely as if our
self and Sally were the world-renowned
Siamese twins, and he was taking his
first look. Bill, by the way, was a stub
bed, chuckle headed boy, whose habili
meuts would have made the fortune
any two dealers in mop-rags.
At length wo reached the bars, and
while we were letting them down, Bill
shot past us and tore for the house as if
pursued by a thousand bulls of Bashan
aud exclaimed at the top of his voice—
"Mother mother!
Jim Clark
Is thk Seed CornSelected ?—Now
is the time to attend to it. Look out
the most forward, thrifty stalks, whero
thero are two or three good ears 011
each. Let these ripen thoroughly—
if practicable, more than the general
are dead, in order to make tho
at tlie
"Grandpa, did you know that
the United States huye been in the habit
of encouraging and acknowledging
"Certainly not, what kiud of to
"Terri-tories. Now give me some
eara are
ceivcd a letter from Equador, which i not freely give advice, aud few are so
warrants him in saying that Dr. Fraucis needy that they will consent to take it.
is not dead. He was accidently shot! Yet the article is not a drug, for drugs
by Mr. Moore, but had quite recover- jare not given gratis—and people take
dent soul who has 1 note to pay, and dot it know
how to do it, our purpose will be answered.—
The text is unique, and the illustrations would
be styled irreverent, if it were not so broad in
its burlesque. It gives offcnce to no sect be
cause it is equally absurd in its references to
them all. Read it, laui/h at its nonsense, nnd
for any danger done to your buttons, charge the
author of. he celebrated sermon entitled "The
Harp of a thousand strings."
Mv Beh v-ed Biiektiiekix.- —I am
an unlarnt, hard shell Baptist preacher,
of whom you've no doubt heern before,
and I now appear here to expound the
Scripters and pint out the narrer way
which leads from a vain world to the
streets of the new Juroosalum, and my
text which I shall chuse for the occa
sion is in the leds of the Bible, some
where between tho second Chronic ills
and tho last chapter of Timothy Titus,
and when you find it you will find it in
these words:
"And they shall gnaw a file and flee
unto the mountains of Hepzidam, whero
the lion roareth and the wang-doodlo
mourneth for its first-born."
for its first-born."
And now there be some here with fine
close on thar backs, brass rings on thar
fingers and lard on thar har, what goes
it while they're young and thar be
brothers here what, as long as thar con
stitutions and forty cent whiskey last,
goes it blind aud thar be sisters here
what, when they get about sixteen years
old, cut thar til!r ropes aud goes it with
a rush but I say, my dear breethering,
take care you don't liud when Gabriel
plays his last trump, that you've all wont
it alono and got ukered for "they shall
gnaw a file and flee unto the mountains
of Hepzidam, whar the lion roareth nnd
the wang-doodlo mourneth for its first
And, my breethering, thar's more
dams besides Hepzidam. Thar's Rot
terdam, JJaddam, Amsterdam, mill-dam
and don't care-a-dam—the last of which,
my dear breethering, is tho worst of all,
and reminds me of a circumstance I
oncot knew in the Stale of lllenoy.—
Thero was a man what built him a mill
on the east fork of Agur creek, and it
was a good mill and ground a sight of
grain, but the man what built it was a
miserable sinner, and never giv anything
to tho church aud, my breethering,
one night thar come a dredful storm of
wind and rain, and tho fountains of tho
i$ com-
en* hum with Soli
"Is he?" seroamed the old woman
in reply. Wal I declare I didn't think
the saji head knew enough
the in for iodder. Select only
sucl1 oais aro
entirely tilled out
t0P3 a»d
pluinp ker­
nels. Let these be kept iu a dry place
overwinter. The old plan of braiding)
them is by no means a bad one, though
some may think it troublesome where
fifty or a hundred bushels of seed corn
is wanted. It pays just as well, propor
tionally, to expend time and care for a
large amount of seed, as where only a
wanted. Proper care in
the selection of tho best ears will not
only improve the quality but the quan
tity of the next crop. And further, a
little extra care in ripening and keeping
seed dry, may save an extra planting
next spring,—perhaps save the loss of
a crop.
#3TNo man is so stingy that he will
calomel at any price who wout take
counsel for nothing.
jy In these exceedingly closo times in the I into Heaven, nor tho catherlicks what
money-way, when farmers look as if their buys through ticPots frum their preests
lahor in raising a large crop, was about thrown —but it may liked my broetherinjr
away, and our merchants are smashing and
•'going up'* all over the country, wo deem the
following unctions sermon a treasure. If its
Now, my breethering, .as I have be
fore told you, I am an uneddicated man,
and know nothing about grammar talk
and collidge hifalootin but I'm a plain |(^.
unlarnt preacher of the Gospil what's 'I0
been foreordained, and called to expound India we lose the world and some
the seripters to a dvin' world, and pre-1 *y!'lters anticipate that with the loss ot
pare a perverse generation for thedayofj^Vf niagniiicent appendage England
wrath for "they shall gnaw a file and
flee unto the mountains of Hepzidam, I
where tho lion roareth and the wang- British isles—with their
doodle mourneth for its first-born." abundant population, their healthful cli
My beluv- ed breethering, the text
says ''they shall gnaw a file." It dont i
was broken up, and tiie wa­
ters rushed down and swept that man's
mill-dam into kingdom come, and lo and
behold, in the morning when he got up
he found he was not worth a dam.—
Now, my young breethering when
storms of temptations overtake ye, take
caro you don't fall from grace, and be
come like that man's mill—not worth a
dam for "they shall gnaw a tile and
flee uuto the mountains of Hepzidam,
whar tho lion roareth and the waug
doodle mourneth for its first-born."
"Whar the lion roareth and tho wang
doodlo mourneth for its fist-born."—
This part of the tex, my breethering, is
another tigger of speech, and isn't to be
taken as it says. It doesn't mean
tiiueu tin it s/tys. ai uuesu mean tne a.
mourneth for its first-born."
unto a man what
perusal will provoke a laugh for some de-pon- and waded over—hallelujah! for "they
shall gnaw a file and flee unto the moun
tains of Hepzidam, whar the lion roareth
and the wang-doodlo moureeth for its
say they may but they shall. And now, manufacturing resources, their stormy
there's more one kind of file. There's
the hand-saw file, the rat-tail tile, single- their vigorous national character, their
file, double file, and profile but the f®gu^ted liberty, their science, arts,
kind of file spoken of here isn't oneofjan^ literature would still be a leading
them kind neither because it's a tigger 1 PoWvr among nations, if Asia were torn
of speech, my breethering, aud means! grasP*
goin' it alone and gettin' ukered forj But the loss would be great
"they shall gnaw a file and tlce unto the grandeur of tha British monarchy would
mountains of Hepzidam, whar the lion i India has been the glory of
roareth and the wang doodle mourneth the English annals, for history
had to cross a river,
and when ho ^ot thar the ferry boat was
gone, and he just rolled up his breeches
Pass the hat, brother Flint, and lot
eveiy hard-shell shell out. Amer..
Just Views—The Dominion of the Brit
ish in India.
The New York Evening Post, in tho
course of an eloquent article upon tho
present position of affairs in British lu
ll ia, says
Englaud may puc down tho present
rebel lion, or if it be temporarily suc
cessful, may and probably will, re-con
quer Hindustan. The English power
is immense, and it will be exerted to the
utmost in the contest. But the perma
nent establishment of the English gov
ernment, fixing its roots in tho country,
and becoming naturalized to the soil,
appears to us impossible. For a hund
red years England has possessed India
and how They have been encamped in
the country, an isolated military caste,
alien from the population, gaining no
accession in numbers, goveiiug by the
The effect on England of the loss of
India has been diseussod on both sides
in a
an uncut, declared, "If we
W1^ S1"^„t0
condition ot Spain, or
not our
their scientific, agriculture, their
coal, their boundless
of hardy seamen,
has re
corded no achievement parallel .to that
which brought the native of a cold At
lantic Island, near the Arctic circle, to
be conquerors and "kings under the tro
pic of Cancer." It has been a source of
her wonderful opulence, tho outlet of
her fiery spirit, the school of instruction
of her statesmen, the nursery of her
Generals. It has, perhaps, more than
anything else, kept alive the heroic ele
ment in the national character, by open
inga boundless lield to enterprise and
daring. It has counteracted what has
been said to be a defect of the English
mind, a tendency to merely material
views and selfish comforts. The future
reader of English history may ascribe
to the circumstances of India the repu
tation of tho two most remarkable men
in war and politics that England has
produced for where in her annals can
she show a soldier of the daring and
energy of Clive, or a statesman of the
power and Commanding energy of War
ren Hastings?
Some Dog.—A gentleman left Holy
oke 011 Friday afternoon for this city, in
a buggy, taking a favorite dog with
him. As they progressed toward Will
iamsett, the gentleman amused himself
by plaguing the dog till lie had got the
animal in a state of eomple worry.—
Presently the gentleman's hat blew off,
and he went back after it, leaving his
horse and buggy standing in the road
then tho dog took advantage of his mas
ter's absence to jump into the buggy
and start the animal, who trotted gaily
toward the river, followed by the gen
tleman, yelling 'wooa" to no purpose.
His faithful kog now took a position 0:1
the seat, where he could keep an eye
on his master and another 011 the steed,
to see fair play in the race. They ap
proached the Conecticut river, into
which the waggish brute drove, and,
keeping his seat, floated out behind the
horse, who swam, after getting beyond
his depth. They were seen at this
1 iunction, bv persons on the south shore,
li owliu' wilderness, where John the hard "lio pul oft ma boat, and got them
shell Uaptist was fed on locustsand wild
haf-lou"aml U! »'1,°
worth sU bits a bushel one day and navy
rl... imvt—whar niggers are .as thick f.)
red the next
as black bugs in a spiled bacon ham, aud
gamblers, thieves aud pickpoctsgo skit
ing about the streets like weasels in a
barn yard—whar they have cream col
ored horses, gilded carriages, marble
saloons with brandy and sugar in 'em—
whar honest men are scarcer than hen's
teeth, and a strange women oncet tuk in
your beluv-ed preacher and bamboozled
hiui out of two hundred and twenty
seven dollars iu the twinkliu' of a sheep's! sels remained at their posts, dying brave
tail but she can't do it agin, lLtllelu-! ly doing their duty, but it was owing to
jah for "they shall gnaw a file and flee I
and potatoes and apples, aud as good!
Monongehal v whiskey as you ever drank
and I'm mighty apt tu git a big price
for it all. But what, oh, my breether
ing, would it all bo wuth to me if I
uln't relidgion There's nothin' like
relidgiou, my breethering. It's better
nor silver and gold aud jimcracks, and
you can 110 more git to Heaven without
it than a jay bird can tly without a tail.
Thank the Lord, I'm au uuedicatod man,
my breethering but I've sarched the 1400
seripters from Dan to Bursheboe, and
found old Zion right side up, and the
hard shell relidgin the best of all relidg
ins. And it's not like the methodic
what expects to get into Heaven by hoi
lerin hellfire, nor the universalis! wha|&
gets upon tho broad gage nnd goes the
unto the mountains ot Henzidam, whar! •. .•
,• 1 .u 1 11 1 obeying imphcity the orders of their
the lion roareth and the wana-doodlo
hole hog, nor the united breethering ed negroes one day. "I duun.) Massa-I
what takes each other by tho 6eats of Keels bery old 'spccta 1'ac about live or
their trowsers and tries
'"'d-"'0 ,doS
assea. bu it means, my breelherinS, tho I'^uccesiful experiment dnvmg
eity of New Yorleans, the mother of' »"d
J*"* "ft«
V ?ocs
Met***) JRep nil i ca n.
lw sl
story is its truth.—SpringjielJ,
The names of Passengers and crew of
the ill fated Steamer "Central America"
should be handed down to posterity for
their determined courago when in the
jaws of death. Instances might be enu
merated where the crcws of others ves-
discipline habits formed, of
41 1
Iltir0 13 a
My breethering, I am captain of that number of men were assembled togeth
flat-boat you see tied up thar, and I've.er—total strangers to each other, res
got aboard of her flour, bacon and cats, traiued. by no one who had a right to
and liotiitin»s
annlna mul irrbid
case where a large
command them, impelled solely by that
chivalrio gallantry which is inherent in
tho breasts of the American people
maintaining strict discipline on board
tho ship, placing all the women & chil
dren in the boats and then, when their
safety was secured, without a cry of ter
ror or a coward act, resigned themselves
to death. A few wero saved, but alas!
to their homes with the hard earned
savings of years, perished almost in
sight of land !—X.
-—"How old are you, Pete?" mid a
Southern planter to one of his grey head
lift thir&elres faix hundred."
Of What Women are Made.
"Of earthly goods the best U a w|
A bad, the biUereFt curse of human Ift."
Simonidefl, a jKiwt, famous in Irs generttfoB#
wLo tio .rrshed about four hundred years after
the sioge 01 Troy, tjJls us, in a noted satire, that
tho tods fonn the souls of women out of thoa*
»"eis and jiinciplc-s which compose several
kiud^ of animals and elements, and tliat their
gixd and ad dispositions arise iu them
cording as such and «uch seeds and principlM
predominate in their constitutions. He pays:
The souls of one kind of women were forrtl
ad out of those ingredients which compose*
swine. A woman of this make is a sloven te
her house, and a glutton at hr table.
A second kind is of the fox, foxy, and hM
an insight into every thing, go or bad som«af
this class are irtuous,
aud some viciou-*.
A third kind of women were made up of
canine articles these are scolds, alsraya
barking and suailing, ant I live in perpetual
A fourth kind were made out of earth. Sudk
arc the sluggard", who pass their time in ind»*
lenco and ignorant'®, hang over the firoa whola
winter, and apply theim-clves with alacrity to
no kiud of business but eaiinir*
Tin fifth species of female were made out of
the sea, and are of variable, uneven tempers—
sometimes all storm and teinposts, sometim«B
all calm aud sunshine.
The sixth species were made of such ingre
dients as compose as ass, or fccast of burden
these are naturally lothful and obstinate, bjt,
u^on the husband exerting his authority, will
live upon hard fa:e und do everything to plcaa*
Tho cat furnished material for a seventh spa*
cie» of women, who are of a melancholy, for«
ward, uuamiablc nature, and so repugnant to
ihe offer* of love that they fly in the face of
tho'r husband \hcn he a proaches them with
conjugal endearment*. These species of womeii
a e likewise sahjeot to little thefts, cheats, aaift
pit' 1 ing 1.
The eighth species of female? were takffi
out of the" a c. These are such ss are both
ugly find ill nuturcd, and having nothing beau
tiful in tlmm .elves, endeavor to dotraot froai
or ridicule everything which appears so l|l
Tho mare with a flowing mane, which waa
never 1 roken to servile toil and labor, composed
a nin'h specie of women. These are they who
have lililo regard for their husbands who pau
away their time in dressing, bathing, and per*
fuming who throw their hair int i the nicoat
curls, and trick it up in tie fairest flowers and
garlands. A woman of this species is the veiy
tiling for a stranger to loop upon, but very doi»
riinentnl to the owner, unless it be a king or ft
prince who takes a fancy t» sutli a toy.
The tenth and 1
at species of women wei®
deiait of the bee and happy is the uuNI
who ge's S' ch a one for his wife. She is alto«
reth.r faultless and unblameable. Her family
flot rishes anil improves 1 v her good managv*
in tit. She brings him a ra'0 of beautiful and
virtuo'iR children. She distinguishes herself
among her sex. She is surrounded wi'h graces,
fshe never si's among'he loose tribe of woman,
nor pitg-es her time with them in wanton dis*
courses. She is full of \irtue aud prudeurtt
and ia the best wife that Jupiter can bestow ou
Important Financial Movement isr
tub West.—An important movement,
bearing directly upon the financial in
terests of tho West, has been innugurft*
ted in Chicago. The Tribune is inform
ed that several of the leading banks of
that city have entered into au arrangt
ment to advance currency for the pur
chase of
taking the bills of lading
in the name of the Bank making the
.advance and selling the grain
of tho homo purchaser. Dean Rich
mond is ihe consignee at Buffalo and
A. II. Hovey, of Syracuse, the con
signee at Oswego. It is of vital ioiK
portance to the West that the new crop
should be immediately sent forwara*
only about six weeks—two mouths ai
most—of Lake navigation being left
nn the object of the above arrangement
is, of course, to move the crop eastward
fjr the purpose of making exchange on
New York cheaper and thus enabling
debtors in tho West to meet their liabili
ties at the East without a ruinous saen
tice. The Tribune adds that the bank#
of Chicago have lostsome twenty thous
and dollars or more by consigning grain
to irresponsible and dishonest men nl
the East, Mho, instead of accounting
for the proceeds from its sale, have paid
their own
with the money, thus
compelling Chicago, in the present fi
nancial difficulties, to shoulder both her
own indebtedness and a portion of thai
East. It is for the avoidance of this
sort of swindling that Mr. Richmond
and Mr. Hovey, gentlemen of great
wealth .and stering integrity, have bee#
selected as the general consignees of all
tho banks in tho arrangement. It is
thought this movement, if properly
earried out, will produce a marked and
permanent change for the better in tha
financial affairs ot Chicago. Would U
not be well for other Western Lake ports
to adopt the same policy
Smart Children.—A child three
years of age, with a book in its infant
hands, a fearful sight. It is too oftoni
the death-warrant, such as the condemn
ed stupidity looks at as fatal, yet beyond
his comprehension. What should
child three years old—nay, five or six
years old, be taught? Ssrong meats
for weak digestions make not bodily
strength. Let there be nursery tales
and nursery rhymes. I would say to
every parent, and especially to every
mother, sing to your children, tell theni
pleasant stories, and if in the country,
be not too careful least they get a little
dirt upon their hands and clothes, ear^ji
is very much akin to us all, and in chihfe*
ren's out-of-door plays, soils them i%«
wardly. There is in it a kiud of con
sanguinity between all creatures by
we touch upon the common sympathy
of our first substance, and beget a kind
ness for our poor relations, the brutef*
Let children have a free, open-air spor£»
and fear not tho' they make acquai§*
tance with the pigs, the donkeys and
the chickens they may form worw
friendships with wiser looking ones.-W
Encourage a familiarity with all that lom
them dumb animals love children, aii&
children love them. There is a lan
guage among them which the world's
language obliterates in the elders.
is of more importance that you should
make them wise. Above all things
make them loving and then, parents,
if you become old and poor, these will
be better than friends that will neglect
you. Children brought up loving
your kuees, will never close their dooES»
upon you and point 'where they would
have you go.
Irreverence.—Alexander Smith
describes one of his characters as—
He seemed a mighty angel sent from God
Standiug before us—drunk.'
Guess ho wasn't very drunk, if he
could stand before us or behind us, eith
er. Perhaps however, ho was as
drunk as
an angel
of,if rolutni
ought to e o s o n
&3T A clergyman observing a pofif,
man, by the road breaking stones witly£
pickaxe, and kueeling to get at his work
better, made the remark, "Ah, John, I
wish I could break the stony hearts of
my hearers as easily as you are break
ing those stones." The man replied,
"Perhaps, master, you do not work on
your knets."
Why is a pretty young woman,
like corn in a time ot scarcity Be
cause she had ought to be husbanded*

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