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ihc ©imcs.
Ktubuquo Count**
For State Treasurer,
Woodbury County.
for Auditor of 5tut*,
Davis Coulity.
For Attorney General,
*Warren County.
Fur the State »t Large.
THOMAS W. CL AiliJETT, or Lee Conntv
MARTIN V BKNNKTT. of Mnrion County.
For (.'ongrnwioiial Districts:
first—M. M. Biackmore, of Jefferson county,
fleoond—.T. K. ffnll.iof, of Muscatine county.
J. T. St'-neman. of Clayton county,
Funrth—C If. Mackey, of Keokuk county.
Fifth—D. II. Harris, of Outline enmity,
Bxtb—Thomss Sergent, of Wibster ion
fit Convention.
Wc delay our paper to pnbHsh the
names selected by the New York Conven
tion. All is anxiety, and what will the
TIMES be worth if it doos not tell it this
week? At this writing (Wednesday) 3
Wednesday 4 p.
4'he Democratic Partv, in National Con
VMtion assembled, reposing its trust in
the intelligence, patriotism, and discrimi
nating justice of the people, stands upon
the constitution as the foundation and
limitation of the power of the government,
and the guarantee of the liberties of the
citizen and recognizing the questions of
slavery and secession as having been set
tled for all time to come, by the war or
the voluntary action of the southern states
in constitutional conventions assembled,
and never to be renewed or re-acitated, do,
with the return of peace, demand
1. The immediate restoration of all the
states to their rights in the union under
the Constitution of civil government, and
tho" American people.
2. Amnesty for all past political offen
ces, and the regulation of the elective
franchise in the states by the citizens.
3. The payment of the public debt of
the United States as rapidly as practicable,
—all money drawn from the people by
taxation, except so much as is requisite
for the necessities of the government,
economically administered, being honestly
applied to such payment,—and, when the
obligations of the government do not ex
pressly state upon their face, or the law
under which they were issued does not
provide, that they shall be paid in coin,
they ought, in right and in justice, be
paid in the lawful money of the United
States. (Thunders of applause]
Equal taxation of every species of
property according to its value, including
government bonds and other public secu
rities. [Renewed cheering, and cries of
"Read it again."]
5. One currency for the government
and the people,—the laborer and the office
holder, the pensioner and the soldier, the
producer and tho bondholder. [Great
cheers and cries of "Read it again."]
SEYMOUR, for President on the 22d bal
lot 1 Glory to God
5 P. M.-Gen. F.P. BLAIR
forY ice President.
The Waukon Standard, in response to a
recent Lincoln, anti-negro-equality quota
tion in the TIMES, comes back at us by
quoting remarks of Andy Johnson when
for the Abolition vote at the time
he contemplated "scooping" the radical
party. The association of the opinions
of Mr. L., "the honest man and martyr,"
with the opinions of one who is denounced
by thope who elfected him to the Vice
Presidency as a thief, a traitor, a drunken
debauchee, a liar one "whom it were
base flattery to call a villainis in bad
taste. Andy^vas never called anything
but a politician Mr. Lincoln died a "mar
tyr"' to the cause which in '58 and later
too, he regarded as impracticable and
wrongI ANDY, per pen pictures and ora
troical p»»«Uings of those who voted for him
is the Macbeth, and Mr. Lincoln was the
virtuous Duncan. We claim superior re
spect tor the expressed opinions of the
latter. How our Reverend contemporary
of the Standard, May view our reasoning
is in the future. Negro equality with
whites, politically, was condemned by
Lincoln, by his whole party at that time,
by all the Northern States at subsequent
elections by the Chicago Convention so
far as the North is concerned even thosp
who favor it in this latitude are so cow
ardly as to call' it "manhood suffrage"
instead of by its real name. For proof
of our correctness in statement, see re
turns from Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota,
Wisconsin, and look for more of the same
sort when IOWA votes this fall. The in
spired St. Paul said something about the
obedience due to the superior race, bnt we
suppose Mr. May does not agree with the
Two daughters of Mr. Bishop, near
Spring Creek, Arkansas, recently shot and
killed a workman in the employ of their
father. He'had slandered them
For Secretary of State,
o A V I I I A i
Clay (on County.
For Register of Land Office.
we don't know more than that Sey
SiQur ia permanent president of the con
vention, that vice presidents ure selected
from each State, (Judge McOlintock from
Iowa) Secretaries ditto, that the soldiers
and sailors convention adopt the Pendle
tob green-back theory, and rccommend
Hancock and Hendricks that the Work
ing-man's Convention also adopt the
"green-back platform'' and are admitted to
seats in the National that the committee
on resolutions in the National have agreed
unanimously to report a platform, which
no reasonable man can object to that the
members of the convention are good na
tured and conceding, and that Pendleton
from the 1st to the 10th ballot (up to 4
o'clock p. v. Wednesday) led all (about
10 candidates) decidedly- We stop
here, awaiting the telegraphy
of Valley
telegraph (G. F. Walk r) from Dubuque,
"Hancock gaining, Tcndleton losing.''
Report by N. W. from Milwaukee (J. II.
Patteison, operator) that the 18th ballot
gave Hancock 144, and adjourned to 10
Thursday. No other names mentioned.
The Chicago Times of Wednesday con
tains the Platform in full. It ia the best
document ever issued by a convention
since that of July 4th, 177t. We give the
first four resolutions the whole of th»m,
with the eloquent Appeal, wc will publish
next week. The platform was adopted
amid intense cheering by 287 to 7 1 No
matter who is placed upon it, that man is
the next President of the United States.
We forbear speculating as to the man,
hoping that in part of our edition, at least,
we can name him. We aro compelled to
go to press at 12 (Thursday) in order to
keep up with the business of next week.
Here is the opening portion of
There is great activity among the Radic
als of this District. The candidates are
many, and, generally, respectable in tact
and talent, though none of them above
mediocre in either line: indeed wc hayo
no great men in that party now except G.
and C. of Washington. The smaller Csh
arc busy with the cross-roads men and
country justices to get the car of tho
nominating delegates, the most of whom
SCcin to be looking to a windfall that may
reach tho sc| arate case of each. Dubuque
furnishes two of the strongest samples of
the M.-C-on-the brain disease. Me«srs.
Allison and Graves: the former is at Wash
ington attending to his duties and appar
ently caring not for the canvass, but it
Wont do to guess William is not playing a
strong, quiet game in the Iowa Third. J.
K. Grave \a out spoken both by letters
and voi as to his desires, and ex
pectations too. We like G. for bis earnest
bluntness on the subject: he made us a
social visit on Monday, and admitted that
he was at work the best he knew, and lie
cl lims to have the best track for nomina
tion. Price, through the last News. bur
lesques the lesser candidates unmcrc'fully.
His satire almost seems to say that his own
claims to honor have been overlooked, but
of this, no matter. We think the demo
crats may as well prepare to meet a Dubu
que man on the stump: outside that city
the radical candidates are mere "flyers"
or small posters indicating that there U to
be a convention.
The democrats are so used to defeat in
Iowa, that candidates are not so plenty
among them. The current of public
opinion is so changed, however, that
prominent gentlemen of our party are
willing to "take the chances" of an elec
tion. We regard the chances "fair."—
'Tis gratifying to notice how actively men
are canvussiug public affairs and how in
evitably their reason points to democratic
policy as the only shield against the Xa-
tional, State, Congressional and local leach
es who fatten on the toil-producers
of the country. Wc do not, by any means
yield this District to the opposition. We
believe a vigorous canvass will beat them.
The omens favor it. The palsied condi
tion of the country demands it, and Ac
tivity will bring it. Among the more
prominent names of the Democratic party
are John T. Stoneman, of McGregor, Wm.
R. Mills, J. II. O'Neill, of Dubuque, and
A. G. Case, of Nashua. Either of these
is "our choice so also is any other one
who is capable intellectually, trustworthy
politically and man-like socially. STONE
can canvass the district as elector
and for Congress, at the same time. He
would probably decline the electorship,
and by the appointment of the State Cen
tral Committee, another would take his
place as clector this would give us two
regulars on the stump in tho 3d District:
JOHN' is not ambitious we know, but it
would be a labor of love with him to "go
for" the best man the bond-holding cor
morants can trot out. An acquaintance
of 12 years with him at McGregor, ena
bles us to say, that no Democratic audi
ence or Democratic man will object to his
logic, or the manner of its delivery. The
nomination he will not seek, but if the re
quirements of political truth point to him
as its advocate in the Congressional Can
vass, he will commence work, on demand.
Through the kindness of oar young
friends, Grcgor and Gardner McGregor,
Mr. W. 11. Kinniard and the writer, were fa
vored, on the 4th, with seats in an easy
carriage behind the finest driving pair of
Browns known hereabouts. At 4 A. M.
—early for us—we were on the way. At
Harding's Bulls Head House, a breakfast
of broiled spring chiekens with the etc.,
iu company with the members of the Cor
net Band, made us think the 4th was a
good day, and, while the cool morning
breezes were still playing over the broad
rich fields, loaded with that which promi
ses to be, in every sense, an immense gol
den harvest, we made the remainder of
the way to the capital of the county, and
put ourselves in charge of Gen. Bigclow,
of tho Boardman House, for the day.
At 9 the people from every part of
Clayton and many from adjoining coun
ties began to fill the streets, groves, hotels,
stores and other trading houses and at 10
o'clock the population of Elkader, for the
day, was enough to carry an election
against any and all other points within the
district where the county seat question
might tome up. Tho procession formed
under the direction of Chief Marshal
Davis, and Asst. Marshal Daugherty,
and marched to the grounds prepared in
the beautiful oak grove on the east side of
the river, when the President cf the day,
Hon. Geo. L. Bass, of this city, conducted
the exercises in the order in which they
occurred. Prayer by the Rev. P. II
Hathaway, of Elkader music by the Mc
Gregor Cornet Band the Declaration of
Independence read by J. A. Cramer, of
Elkader,^.and the president announced the
orator of the day, the Hon. E. E. Cooley,
of Decorah. Mr. C. is an easy speaker
and we happen to know his address was
well received, giving the highest satisfac
on to all. At two o'clock the Masonic
Fraternity marched in procession to the
Elkader School grounds, on Front Street,
when the corner stone of the new ten
thousand dollar school house was laid with
the usual ceremonies belonging to that or
der. C. S. Rollins, deputy Grand Master
gues9 that is the title—of Decorah,
made the speech and deposited within the
cavity of the stone a tin box containing
the lftBt number, each, of Col. Eiboeck's
Clayton County Journal and Ver Nord
Iowa Herohl
Our shiretown had about fire or six
thousand invited guests to entertain, which
she did well, having secured the Mc
Gregor, 8 pound brass cannon, the Mc
Gregor Cornet Band and all the accom
paniments desired for the celebration of a
4th of July, with the mercury playing
about the hundreds. Tables filled with
the best and greatest variety were set in
the grove, hotels and Stone Hall, and we
believe all there enjoyed the kind attention
of the managers of the Elkader celebra
tion of 1868. A dance in the evening in
an improvised hall made in the Freeman
Grove, to the best music of Prof. Jim
Williams band, ended the festivities of the
day. Our home trip was made between
9 and 12 o'clock on the most lovely even
ing we ever beheld, fully satisfied and
grateful to many friends for favors we
fear wc shall never be able to repay.
Lightning—Three Men Struck I
On Tuesday about 10 A. M. during a
thunder storm, several porsons were un
der the P. O. awning on Main St., near
the river. The offico of the Valley Tele
graph Co. was in the P. O. building near
a front window. Cast-iron columns sup
port the building near one of these the
wire enters. Suddenly a crack, like that
of a pistol, was beard and three gentle
men, nearest the iron columns, fell! There
was no thunder »n response to the shock.
Mr. Fred Wheeler and Mr. Frank Church
were leaning on the columns and Mr. P.
II. Piko was sitting close to one on the
threshold stono of the door. All fell
instantly. The by-standers in much
alarm raised the unconscious men up and
carried them to Cambrian Hall, across the
street, sat them down,__ rubbed them, ap
plied restoratives and in 30 minutes they
were right except a soreness of the limbs,
a slight sickness of the stomach, and a
sort of confusion of the whole mental and
physical system. In attempting to de
scribe their sensations when partly recov
ering they "gave it up." Mr. Wheeler's
sock wan a little scorched and his foot
made to bleed a trifle. Mr. Church was
numbed in his arms and legs Mr. Pike
was sick at the stomach as pale as though
roady for the grave, and so blind as to dis
tinguish no acquaintance except by the
voice. Much alarm existed for a short
time, but happily, all were soon over it
and good feeling became the order. There
were not many persons about those iron
columns during the balancc of the 6torm!
It is supposed the wire became over-charg
ed and passing so near one of the iron
column conductors, the electricity switched
off. Glass will be placed there, immediately,
as a defender and no such accident may hap
pen again in a hundred years.
The operator. Mr. Geo. F. Walker, re
ceived a shock that satisfied him of the
superiority of nature over raan'3 battery
businpss. A„ well now, but it
Charley Chase, their indefatigable, wide
awake advertising agent, bill-poster,
man-of-all work and genial gentleman is
so no near perfect in his parts that praise
of him is useless. He intends to re
move to McGregor as soon as present
engagements will allow!
to the many anxious solicitations from
persons far and near who are desirous of
consulting DR. BAKTU, many of whom
disease prevents from visiting him
at Chicago, while there are others who
would seek advice are unable to incur the
time and expense, DR. BARTII has conclu
ded to pay his second visit to McGregor,—
being at the Evans House on Friday and
Saturday, July 17th and 18th, where he
can be consulted for successful treatment
of diseases of the Eye. Ear, Throat, Heart,
Catarrh, Lungs, Deafness, Noises and Dis
charges from the Ear also, disease inci
dent to Females. DR. BARTH has many
hundreds of letters of testimony from per
sons throughout the Northwest whom he
has treated successfully, and many thous
ands more from persons who express them
selves anxious to see and consult him, but
for reasons stated above arc prevented
from so doing hence this visit.
WEATHER, &C.—Hot. Showery. Not
good for wheat. Clear as wo write. Busi
ness quiet. Gold HOj.
Chicago, Wednesday evening, Flour
firmer at 8.50 to 10.25. Wheat firm at
an advance of 4 cts, 182 to 194 corn 91
to 93 Oats 68. Mess pork $2S. Cattle
4.25 to 7.00. Hogs 8 to 9. Lumber firm.
In anticipation of superior crops, business
is looking up, but wheat (our staple) is
never safe till sold. Go 6low for three
weeks and then wc all hope to be "II. E.
Dory!" __
TAKE NOTICE.—July 4th, 1868 has
passed, but we have just received a large
stock of Groceries of all kinds. Good
stock of New York Factory Cheese. Fine
stock of Sugars and teas, Splendid Coffees,
Cheap for Cash I
Home nnri Other Items.
serious for a few moments. There weresev
al persons under the awning at the time.
LITTLE FOLKS.—Wc are partial to this
class of humanity in every channel of life.
Children are onr admiration, but the
"Little Folks" we are now speaking of
arc not children though they aro very
small—the smallest trio, probably, of ma
ture bodies and minds in the world. On
Friday and Saturday evenings of this
week you can see them at the Cambrian.
See Posters and programmes for particu
lars. Com. Foote and Miss Eliza Nestelle,
are the smallest gentleman and lady in the
world. lie is 2ti and smaller than Tom
Thumb she is 17 and weighs but 20
pounds. Col. Barry is also petite. The
three amuse an audience immensely by
their dances, orations, repartees and songs.
Everybody will see them if funds permit.
In addition to tho sight of such specimens
of small perfection, there will be a concert
by Miss. Minnie Chase, Mrs. Kut5cl and
Col. Ellinger. The papers where this troupe
have been, speak in highly commendable
terms of them.
On Friday, the hot day of the season,
(98 115) Esq Kriebs telegraphed us
from Guttenberg, for a bucket of ice-water.
We could'nt spare it, JOHN. Dont it seem
niec though, that Guttenberg, Lansing,
Clayton, Dubuque. St. Paul, St. Louis and
McGregor, can have a little ehcap chat or
business intercourse in "the twinkling of
an eye?" The Valley Company will be
ustd extensively when finished A man
on the 4th, left a card on our desk,
To curc that infernal disease called
catarrh, wash your nose and head by
snuffing cold water do it three, four or
six times a day. Let it run till your
breath smells like a pest-house, and you
may as well order a coffin. The country
is full of catarrh, and tbis simple reined}'
is the best ever tried Mohrman has
vacated the Metropolitan, and may now
be found at the Allen House, ready to
oblige all who call. It will take several
days to rig the house after its late disman
tling and close, but John C., will soon
have it O. K John O. French and I).
P. Graves of the Eau Claire Pinery world
above us on the Mississippi, are renewing
old McGregor acquaintances. Both are in
good condition physically and financially
they expect their rafts to-day.......The
Radicals call for the removal of the capi
tol of the United States, because there is
'disloyal sentiment'' in the D. C. What
they call disloyal is to common now,
that it will be difficult to find a place
to put the^ public buildings. McGre
gor is a good point topographically, but
awful unsafe for bogus loyalty. Folks out
here are doing their own thinking on the
expenses of the "booro" taxes
money for
D. II, HA U LIN & Co.
DEMOCRATIC CLCB.—The Cambrian Hall
has been rented by the Democrats for tho
canvass season one evening each week.
On Monday next the ball will be open.
All are invited to attend and jmrticipatc
with us in the ccrtain redemption of our
country, from the political tyranny and
insolence which has so long enthralled it.
The Grant and Colfax Club havo not met
regularly of late. Titeir room is Clarke's
Hall Thursday,
believe, is their reg­
ular evening. D. D. Fraser,
for challenges. Ladies
Squires Sec'y. Go and hear both sides.
Our folks do not fear discussion. Look
out for lively times till November. The
"up, dressed" and ready
Glee club is organizing.
invited. A
Gen. Grant recomends an increase of 25
per cent, on the salaries of military officers.
Congress almost passed a bill advancing
the pay of all employees 20 per cent, in
the civil service. This is radical economy!
Are idle army officers suffering so much
as returned and crippled soldiers, out of
LOST.—Mrs. A. F. Smith of Grdmbush
N. H., Advertise* for her son Andrew M.
He came to La€rosse in April '68, left
May 7th, for Minneapolis. No news of
him since. He was 20 6 ft. high, black
hair, grey eyes and wore a brown suit.
Information of him gratefully accepted by
his afflicted mother.
New* and Item*.
2.40, with "Colonel, vare you vas all dees
time, vish you merry ford of JU—Ghrist
nmss. How you like it, eh." Wo sup
pose our unknown friend is a German.
We may have lost several glasses of
lager, and lots of good company, by being
absent CASPER, the baker, makes splen
did ginger beer for tbis warm weather.
We are indebted to him for several bottles
of it. Casper is a superior workman in
any line of business he undertakes. Fam
ilies supplied by the day or week at low
rates An esteemed bachelor fellow
citizen of the Welsh persuasion left this
city on Monday evening for Racine, New
York and Philadelphia to visit friends.
His name is RICHARD JONES, well kno-.vn
as one of the proprietors of the Cambrian
and about as good a man as is made.
WILLIRHS left for Europe on Sunday even
ing, JONES on Monday for New York and
the only active St. Davids we havo left arc
"Tommy" and Rowland they are active
enough, however, for six or seven men of
a quiot nature. We shall probably havo
some Welch dispatches by next week
Ed. Douglass of the M. U. Express drives
a pair of fine bay horsos which ho calls
"Pat" and "Rowdy"'(!) In defence of
oursclf we protest decidedly against tbis
association of names. Who ever heard of
a pat being in company with a rowdy
ED., cant you change the thing a little
Call the rowdy, "Ed" The Ball on
Friday evening was a brilliant one a trif
ling imperfection of the right foot prevent
ed participation, but this did not bar us
from indulging in a few glasses of lager
with FRKSE and friends and partaking the
cool hospitalities of James Griffin, the
best ice-crcamist, confectioner and cake
baker west of New York. The music and
dancing were delightful.
the laborer as good as for the
bauker and other small subjects of present
discussion. OBERLIN, Ohio, might be a
good place at present, but you can't bet on
it long even tho "colored troops" arc
seeing the hypocricy of the Rads., and are
voting against their pretended friends.
The dogs in town aro fading away un
less they carry the nose ornaments requir
ed by the city Ordinance. Look out for
Thornton, the dog shooting Marshal
Opitz & Fox have removed their stock of
Boots and Shoes to the stand recently oc
cupied by Jones & Co., and more formerly
by Wheeler.
Pat Fitzgerald, formerly of the Allama
kee is at 157 Market St. Chicago, keeping
a successful Boarding House. So we learn
from W. 11. Bates, just from that city
On Saturday night, July 4th, a hurried
but most tasty ball was got up at the Cam
brian by Messrs. French and Powers./or
fun. It was a gay dance till 12, and then
we all kept Sunday Noble and Odell
will begin to build a two-story Brick on
the two lots just west of the Cambrian.
IT was our intention to write up a trip,
recently made, to Decorah, Cresco and
other points this way, but our columns are
already twice full, making it as impossible
to give it space this week, as it will be for
the Grant-Colfax-bond-ocracy to succeed in
the fall election. We aro under special
obligations to conductors Shcrwin, Wing
and Barrett Cameron's M. O. W. line of
coaches from Conover to Decorah Mead
and Brown, of the Plaindcaler, and Frank
Mix,late of the Times, Cresco Shur!cy and
Mitchell, of tho Democrat, A. K. Bailey &
Bro., of the licpublican, G. W. Haislet of
the Register, Decorah, and hosts of others.
Wc would like to give a full notice of our
trip if it wero possible, and before closing
this item, wc want to just intimate that
the Calmar House by Mr. Ilurlbut,is fully
up to the wants of the bright active busi
ness point, in which it is, and that Mr.
Shaw of the Winneshiek House, Decorah,
is unquestionably, one of the most kind
hearted of men, and has the sweetest,
neatest, most tastefully finished and com
pletely conductcd hotels to be found within
a couple of States. Make him a visit once
and our word for it vou will agree with us
James Griffiin has an ice-cream saloon
in the Opitz & Fox building. Griffin makes
splcudid ice cream and cake, and his lady
dispenses it most amiably. We are par
tial to that location. In 185G (Oct.) the
NORTH IOWA TIMES was born there. Pres
ent, G. W. Haislet, uow of the Decorah
Register-, S. S. Haislet, now of the Lan
sing Chronicle Andy J. Felt, now of the
Nashua Post Wm. D. Merrill, now of the
Prairie du Chien Courier A. P. Richard
son, then and now of the N. I. TIMKS, and
"Billy" Fox, an attache of this office ever
since. A pretty good list of young editors
at the delivery of the TIMES! Why
shouldn't we like the location
LAWS.—We are publishing most of
the laws of Iowa in supplement KO as to
give our readers more matter for general
perusal please credit us with this if,
at some time wc shail advertise too exten
sively for your taste.
The Reps, say Seward is going for
Grant. What matters it. All the reputa
tion be had as a Republican has been des
troyed by the malignants of those to whom
he was once a father The Providence
Journal says in dainty diction, "the Dem
ocratic party will be in hell in November."
The bite of a locust is saisl to lie death.
The best remedy is to apply half of a
chicken to the wound, warm. The llcsh
of the fowl will turn green, if it is applied
soon, and the patient will recover A
young man at AHentown, Pa., was bath
ing in the canal, and was drowned by
He bad been in the habitof "fool-
Five thousand persons havd died in
Peru of yellow fever Gov. Placida
Vega, the Mexican revolutionist, is at San
Francisco The Austrian Government
has granted leave of absence to 30,000
soldiers The Governor of New Hamp
shire has vetoed the hill rcpt-a/iu^ the
usury law Advices from South Ameri- I
ca indicate that there will be no further i
hostilities between Spain and Chili
We have advices that the rebels in China
have met with recent success and threaten
to take l'ekin The Fourth of July was
duly celebrated by the American citizens
sojounr'ng in London, Berlin and Stutt
gart Mexican advices state that a plan
is being discussed for the session of the
states of Northern Mexico to the L'uited
States, on the payment by our Government
of the debts of the unhappy country
The bill removing political disabilities
from 1,200 citizens (if North Carolina, in
cluding Governor Holden, one Congress
man and several state oflieials, was signed
by the President on Thursday The
President has signed the bill providing
that in case of the removal of the Chief
Justice of the Supreme Court from office,
or of his death, resignation or inability to
discharge the duties of said office, the
same shall devolve on the senior Associate
Justicc until such inability is removed or
another appointment made.
-A celestial in California, when asked
why ho smoked no much of late, he re
plied, '*mc allee same as Giant alleo time
smoke." Chief Justicc Chase, in con
versation recently, expressed himself anx
ious for the withdrawal of troops from the
southern states, before the election, in
order that the country may see how the
people will vote when unawed by bayo
nets .Admiral Farragut owns a band
sonic property at Vallejo, Cal., the tempo
rary terminus of tho Central Pacific road,
which will make him a millionaire
Colfax is pronounced as if written Coulfux.
Sherman on Greenbacks.
Late New York papers publish-Ae fol
lowing from Senator Sherman of Ohio, to
his friend Abijah Mann of Brooklyn.
This is a brief letter, but it has a crushing
weight on the hopes of gold hunters in
the Grant and Colfax "diggings." The
re-action is such even since the Chicago
Convention that an "imprudent" member
of Congress only a day or two ago begged
leave to introduce a bill looking to the
redemption of bonds in greenbacks! The
coster nation of tho wise ones who bad so
carefully fixed up the Chicago platform
may be imagined. Every fair minded
man must sec that Sherman is right. All
wc converse with do see it, and we have
seldom heard of a man who had tho
nerve to uphold the bond-holder's policy
in a street or office conversation. The
Law is different from Jay Cooke's misrep
WASHINGTON, March 20, 1868
DEAR SIR :—I was pleased to receive
your letter. My personal interests are
the same as yours, but, like you, I do not
intend to be influenced by them, My con
struction of the law is the result of care
ful examination, and I feel quite sure an
impartial court would confirm it if the
case could be tried before a court. I *eid
you my views us fully stated iu a speech.
Your idea is that we propose to repudiate
or violate a promise when we offer to re
deem the "principal" in legal tenders.
1 think the bondholder violates his
promise when he refuses to take the same
kind of money be paid for the bond. If
the is to be tested by the law, I am
right if it is to be tested by Jay Cooke's
adiertiximents, I am wrong. 1 hate repu
diation or anything like it, but we ought
not to he deterred from doing what is
right by fear or undeserved epithets. If,
under the law as it stands, the holders of
the live twenties can only be paid in gold,
then we are repudiators if we propose to
pay otherwise. If, ou the other hand, the
bondholder can demand only the kind of
money he paid, then he is a repudiator
and an extortioner to demand money
more valuable than be gave.
cramp, lie naa ncen in tlie lialntot "tool- these representations are made to civc
ing by false alarms and Ins young com- their machinery character, and thus cna
paniotis did not go to his relief till it was
Irish woman and the lady love of Lopez, i
is the boss of court and field. It is
the General likes bosoms better than bullets.
W ho would nt? Lord, what a rattling of
tongue musketry thvy will lire off! All
the time loaded too Some town out
west killed ten skunks in one week.
Niglit-bhiuming serious there j*ou bet.
Strong town.
The cholera has made its appearance at
Havana, Cuba The President on Sat
urday issued a proclamation of amnesty,
Mr. Burlingame says the Chinese
have more books, encyclopaedias, pam
phlets, magazines, etc., than any other
people. Their principal encyclopedia
embraces five thousand volumes.
The visit of Mr. Burlingame with the
Chicago Embassy has bad a wonderful ef
fect. Already a number of Americans
talk of going to the Orient to embark in
business, and particularly in railroads,
of which there is not now one in existence
in that country Mrs. Abraham Lincoln
soon. They are to speud some time with
frivnds in Scotland A California far
mer has bought thirty-five tons of sacks,
in which to ship his crop of wheat this
year It is the intention of Hon. Edwin
M. Stanton to resume the practice of the
law, in partnership with bis son, at the
close of the warm weather Daniel
Webster wore a hat the size of which
was 7£ Thurlovv Weed wears the same
size Abraham Lincoln's was 7-10 Dan
iel Lord's (i| Horace Greeley's 7} James
Gordon Bennett's 7f. Mr. James T.
Brady bps a bead as large as that of any
public man in the country Boston is
sending a large lot of New England mm
to Africa in exchange for "palm oil."
That is Yankee philanthropy, all over
The monument to be erected over the
grave of Gen. Scott, at West Point, has
been completed. It consists of a granite
base, upon which rests a single block of
polished, Italian marble.
pardoning all rebels and traitors except nmin shaft between the drive wheel and
such as are under indictment for treason.
Great excitement prevails in the
Southwestern pare of Colorado Territory
over new and very rich gold discoveries.
That Territory promises a gold and silver
product of $90,000,000 this year Mrs.
Senator Trumtull is seriously ill at Wash
ington The President has removed
Gen. McDowell from the command of the
4th military district and restored Gen.
Gillcm The fourCatholic Archbishops
in New York protest againt recruiting
men for the Papal army, and propose to
raise money therefor instead ''John
Stewart," a well-known gelding, on the
30th, trotted ten miles in twenty-eight
minutes and two and a half seconds, for a
purse of 1,500, at Riverside Park, Boston.
This is pronounced the most remarkable
feat in the modern annals of the turf
A dispatch from Washington to the New
York Sun asserts that Secretary Seward
has nearly completed negotiations for the
purchase of Greenland and Iceland from
the Danish Government, for N~,500,000,
and is about publishing a lull description
of the advantages to be derived therefrom.
Truly yourF, Jouv Sherman.
Tni: following charge au«i ujoh.Uw ex
plain themselves. We publish the whole
as an advertisement:
From Clermont.
CLERMONT, Iowa, June 30, 180*.
Ed's Writ's,—I wish through your col
umns to warn the farmers of Clayton coun
ty, against some parties who represent
themselves to be agents for mo in the sale
ol the Buckeye Reapers and Mowers,
i while they arc not only selling bogus
machines to you as Buckeyes, but arc not
in my employ. You will see at once that
to i late. 'I bus the fool dieth. ......l or ],, ,IUn |1!lv0 reported to me that one
the defence ot 1 araguay, »... A., it is said Roberts, of Clayton county, has repeated
ly made these representations, and by that
anized 4).)(KJ female war-
Lopez lins or
riors. Gcneraless Eliza Lynch, a spunky 1
buying the genuine Buckeye. If 1 were
parties thus imposed upon. 1 would
pnd her son "Tad' will sail for Europe Goodrich says that I have "made numer-
bring the transgressor to account, and at
I least, 1 would consider all contracts made
under such circumstances to bo void, and
of no effect.
If any party pretends to be my ngent
for tho saleoftho Akron Buckeye, ask him
to let you sec his papers ask him if his
machine is made at Akron, Ohio if it has
a front cut, iron frame, gearing on the
Steel Cutter liar—these are some of the
ear-marks of the genuine Akron Buckeye,
as sure to give satisfaction, as a good wa
gon. Truly yours,
3. G.
Gen'l Ag't.
MCGREGOR, Iowa, July 6th 1868.
'fcorth Iowa Times.''
The above mean, scurrilous attack up
on me in tho News, is by one Goodrich,
charging mo with representing myself as
his agent I take this opportunity of vin
dicating myself. In the first place, being
much better known in Clayton county,
than this man Goodrich, it is absurd to
suppose that I could make anything by
such representation. This charge is
totally and entirely false it is a lie, and I
defy Goodrich to prove it otherwise. Sec
ondly, be calls my machine "bogus" and
claims bis own to be the genuine Buckeye.
This is as false as the previous charge,
and he knows it. Every Machine man
knows that the "Buckeye" is manufactur
ed at six places, fivo of these pay a royal
tj to the original Buckeye Manufacturers
at Canton, Ohio, for the privilege of
making their machines. Goodrich's Akron
Buckeye is one of these. So much for his
"Genuine Buckeye." It is very plain,
however, to sec what is tho causo of all
tbis misrepresentation and falsehood. This
ous sales to good, substantial nicn tbis
is where it rubs. Yes, I hare made "num
erous sales," too numerous it seems, to
please Mr. Goodrich my customers know
just what they »re getting, and are satis
filed with it when they get it. A wound
ed bird will flutter. I make this state
ment to the farmers, not so much for the
sake of the injured, as to correct the mis
representation of the just.
"Jim" Williams of the McGregor
Cotillion Band, will open "Key City" or
Masonic Hall (Clarke's) on Friday for the
third social of the season. The room is
airy, the floor excellent, the music most
charming, and, heretofore the dancing
was superb. As one of our feet is a little
gouty just now, the dancing may not be so
good as usual! Refreshments, such as
cold ham, tongue, lobsters, sardines, cof
fee, cakes, ice-cream, lemonade, &e., &c.,
will be furnished to OUHKIJ, in an adjoin
ing room. Tickets to dance only SI,00.
Ladies are welcome. "Jim's'' Band is No.
1, and bis plan is a success.
THE OCTSIDE.—An original hit of an
essay on the modern cultivation of those
hot-house plants called "Young Ladies."
If people do'nt generally say it is true we
have been a poor observer. "Young
Gents" will couie in for a photograph
when we get time IIole-in-the-Day.
The Dome Colored democrats iu
Memphis, with a brief editorial introduc
tion. Read the speeches L. Prang's
Chromos Gentlemen's pants Play
ing cards in church Laws, Facts and Fun.
SPECIAL.—Supervisor O'BRIEN informs
us that there will be a special session of
the Board on Friday. July 17th. Par
ties interested will take notice.
At Qarnavillo, Iowa, July -il, of Djraontery, Mre.
Salind&A. Ueekwitli: wifu of Ti umuu Hockwitij, Ksq.,
late of tliin city, aged US years.
Mrs. Bi'cUvith was for eight years area
Men I of thi«
city anil was eiiilfiiroil to all who knew her. t?be had
been Buffering for ievoral yarn with illnem and for
tliu laht six luouthii had been very feeble *lie bore
her illneen with courugo und chceiTuliieKM, and dinl
with calm resignation rojoicing in the love of Christ.
She leaves ft husband und two
little children to mourn
her Jos». [COM.]
InCresroon tho morning of July 31, Frank Mix.
editor and proprietor of the Crt»co limes, aged ulout
21 years.
The subject of the foregoing nntiee win a young
mail nt' irt'epioat'h.ible diameter. Ills mxlilen ileinise
Will bring a tear of cailiiens to the eye of liif ui oi.v
lrienit* in this county. Cut. lo« n in the liioriiiup- ol
liin life and the prime of his usefulneiss, may w« not
indulge the hnjie that he has been called to the reali
zation of a hlenaed immortality beyond the tomb
(•'rexco I'taintimler.
JJcir jyvcvtisfumits.
$10 a Day for all.—Stencil Tool Sam­
ple* iree. Address A. J. 1TJLLA.M, Bpringlleld, Vt
Wui:uiiAH, We have Ihi.-ii informed repeatedly, by
ne\v.sjm|n*r urtleles :md uiliei wi.-,e. that the i»ioile of
Moiiri gor hfive berelnfor-e tieon i.ppriseil to building
ft Kuilrniut on what is Known as tho IVistvillo and
West t'nion route, and desirim: to net our people
right anil put a Mop to tlieM* groundless misrepre
sentations forever, therefore, be it
A'-xo/ivf/. ttv the City Co unci I of McGregor, that
we and the people of onr city have never been op
pose to said route, but, on the contrary, have al
ways urged tin claims of said route, ami hoped that
ultimately that route would he adopted but while
this is and always lias been our position, we have
not been favor of Jenardizing tin- buildinu
road wttin
by cmiliuing the
I'iU-sed July Oth. 1S08.
D. u.\rr ir, fieri.-.
OiUl K OF IJuihlJ ui aLi-r.KVISOllS,')
Clayton County, Iuwa, July 1, lSfi.x.
To B. C. Place and other members ol* the liourdof
Supervisors, Clay ton Connty
Gentlemen—A petition signed by a majority of the
Board having been presented to me calling for u spe
cial mei ting of said Board to amend rc»o|uiioiis pars
ed at the June term, relutivo to the compensation lor
collecting dclitujiicut taxes and the action on unavail
able taxes.
Therefore you aro hereby notified that a speclul
uieetintr of the Board will bo held at the Stone llail
ill Elkader, on Friday the 17th day of July, inst.,
in accordance with Sec. 8, of Article 2, of Chapter al,
of the Itevision of Is.t'n.
II. S. (iltANtiEK, Clerk of said Board.
STATE OF IOWA, In Distri. I in t, Clayton
r.j Couuty, Xowi.
II. D. Wellm
F. E. Wellman
To F. E. Wellman
September Term, A. D. 1848.
You are hereby notified that on or before the 1st
day of September lstis, there will be on We in theof
Ii. e of the Cleik of the liii.tlict Court ofClajton
County, Iowa, a petition of II. D. Wellman claiming
of you the sum of one hundred and torty dollars us
money due on ono promisory uote, with interest anri
costs,'and that unless yon appt-ai and n.-w«r thereto
and de! nd. beloie noon id ihe stc./rd day uf next
term of the District Court id said County, n, he led den
on Ihe 2d Monday of September !»•«. default will be
cutcred against you and judgment iiudtiftd thtjefn,
as prayed for ln said petition.
Jil? 9tb. IW
II. D. WKLLMAN, Fl.iintiff.
them to make sales. Good responsi-
has made numerous sales to good,
men, who supposed thev wero
STATE OT loWA. !i«ti
|it. Trim, A. l. 1S08.
llii kc 1 -oil,
i i v.
I 1
Kli»i J.uie Urillith, Ada!...
Catlntrino Veaoh.S irah Ellen VeaHi.MarvFran
ifSnpp. Xaney Kvel.vn \W!i, Julia Ca'raline
A each.Nanry Ann lriffith,Marhta AnnO-bom,
Huldah Ann William*.
Yonnro hereby notiiied that oaor before tlie lit
day of September, ISOS. thr r« wttt tic on fl!c In the
ofTiee of the Clerk of the District Court ol Clavton
county, Iowa, a petition of the above named I'lnintifl's
claiming of yen the partition of the following dr-
l'ilied bind: Nl£of SK'j and N K of W
anil lhat part ot S
that lies South of the Monona ntui Kt Atkinson road*,
also S
of S W I of 8 K of SO Town 9.1 «l»o
N tv of K \i Of See 1, Town 91. all in Rang.. 4 in
Clayton county, Iowa, and that utilem yon appear and
answer thereto, and defend, before noon of the second
day id next ti mi of the I'ii«trirt Court of said county,
to he holden on the 2d Monday Septembe r, 1S«8,
default will be cnt'Ted ngain»t you a ml judgment ren
dered thereon OS prayed for in said petition.
July 8,1868.
Plaintiff* as above stated.
By Jonit T. STONEKA*, Attorney.
8TATE o|' low A.
'M Y I I T.
Comfort W are,
v" iu tho District Com t.
Harriet Ware.
To ^Harriet Ware, Pefendant.
Yoit are hereby tioti fled that on or before the 1st
day Ol Sept. ISO*, a Petition will bo ft 1. by said
Plaintiff Comfort Ware, in the Office of the Clerk of
the District Court of said Clayton county. Iowa, claim
ing of yon a divoreo Irom the bonds of marriage and
alleging a* can^n therefor ndultry, and that unless yon
appear thereto and defend In f, re noon of the second
day of next term of said Court eommeiwiiic on tho
Mill day of September, ISi'.S, D-fnnlt will be entered
against you. and Judgment rendered thereon.
Dated this 3d day of July. ISfiR.
I!y A. J. .loi:dAN, Attorney.
Late of Milwaukee, now consulting-
geon to the Chicago Eye. Ear and
Lung- Infirmary, No. 141 TOnd
ison Street, will again be
In MoOregor
At the Evans House,
Friday & Saturday,
JULY 17 and 18.
JU Vtw du Chicn. Doustnan Home, Sun*
day and Monday, July 19 and 20.
At which places mid ''uiinjr whieh time !i" ran he
consulted for suei:es.«fnl treatment of all diseases of
the Kye. Kar, Throat. Heart. Catarrh, bungs. Deaf
ness. Noises and lii-ehar^es from the Kar also, dis
canes incident to females
essfnlly treated.
Artificial Eyes Inserted.
Millwright &
Flaus, Specifications and Estimates made on short
Steam and Water Mills built on contract or other
wise to suit. •. ••-J*
Will furnish from the hMt Maimftetiirtf* all classes
Mill Machinery—XMEill Stones,
Spindles, Curbs, Hoppers, Stands, Phoea. Painsela,
.-Samt and llian citjjiicrs, Separators, Mill Peeks,
Cups and Pel
I'ufour Jt Co.'s Old Dutch Anchor Bolting Cloths,
Extra and Kxln Heavy and Double Kxtra Heavy.
Patentee of the North Western Tnrbiue, also agent
for tho I.KFFKL WIlKKh. All letters addressed to
McGregor or Lansing, Iowa. 612
Facts for the Kitchen and Parlor
It is Iioiv Well Settled fact that no Toilet article in
this country has ever won such popularity and uni­
versal admiration among all classes, ns Tubbctt's
Physiological Hair Regenerator. It never soils the
flu est fabric is delightfully perfaned is free from all
dirty, sticky sediment and never fails to restore tho
Whitest or Grayest hair, to Its original color and
beauty. Yet it is not a dye, but an actnal
Capital Stock paid in
Surplus Fuud
Circulating Notes
I'rofit and loss.
It often prodnccs a luxuriant growth of new
halr on bald bead*. It stops the hair from falling off,
and gives a new and vigoron* growth. Tt always keeps
tlie H-alp clean and tree from dandruff, the hair soft,
glo-sy mid beautiful. It is everywhere its-,| with
great sat is lac I ion. Kver.v bottle is warranted and
money lundeil if not satisfactory.
FI'M.KR. Fixcu A Fut-LKR, Wholesale Agents Chicago.
I.oits Ur..iTO.. Jr., General Agent, Mctlregor, Iowa.
win -X «r Tin:
First National Bat of MtCrep
ON M0NDAYi JULY 6,1868.
Loans ard Discounts
15a ii k i n ndtouse
Furniture ami Fixtures
Current Kxpelihe*
Cash Items
Funds iu Transit
Dun from liunUsaitd Bankers
(Mold $2,269 18)
U. £. Iloiids
Other Bonds
Specie, Legal Tender, (compounds JO,560)
.1103,972 21
1,227 47
4,82f, 71
l,4ln It)
tifc.'i f-0
420 00
4,017 01
57,4M 48
104,4f0 (Hi
f.,200 00
f.a,WH 'J
$33S,fiS0 41
...$100,000 00
... 7,000 00
... -7,120 00
... 142,020 19
1,7 WO 22
$:«\S30 41
IIUt.VKRSON. Cashier of
1 Tho Tlrat.National Bank of Mctlreg-
ft cent
or," do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true, to the best id my
knowledge and belief.
COCXTY OF ct.AYTojf. Sworn to and subscribed before
[L. S.] me, (his sixth dav of July, 1 WR.
WM K. KIN'N AIRD, Notary'Public.
An Ordinance to License Games of
Amusements in the City of
Section 1. no it Ordained by the City Council of
tlio City of MoOrpfor. That no jicmon shall keepnny
billiard table, ton-pin. i ine-pin or hmvltnir allcv, Img
atollo table, .fenny I.iiul luhlc, or an v ol her' table,
whereon others are permitted to play, und for the
use of which, or privilege of playing thereon, or for
the hire thereof, any money or its equivalent, or anv
remuneration in lieu of money, shall be paid or re
ceived therefor, without first having obtaided a
Hec. 2. One road, bed or track shall constitute a
ten-pin. nlne-nin, or ImwliiiK alley, within the nieiui
in« of this ordhiutiut, without regurd to the number
of pins or howls um*I.
isec, :t. Any person wMiins to obtain a license to
keep any ol the above cdurncrated games, shall flirt
pay into the city treasury the sum of ten dollars for
each billiard table, bagatelle table, Jenny l.ind table
tor any other tablo whereon others are permitted to
pia.v tor hire), lor each ten pin. nine-pin or bowling
alley, and upon liliiiK n certificate Irom theCity
Treasurer of such payment with the City 'lerk, the
Clerk shall Issue a license for the keeping the num
ber of alleys paid for, which license shall continue
lor the term of one year.
Hoc. 4. The City Treasurer may receive one-half
tin' suiu sijccilicd in this ordinance tor u vearlv li
cense, anil upon tiling his certificate thereof with the
City clerk, the 'lerk shall i-sue. alic use for the ta
ble or ollev SO paid for, for the period of six months,
(priichhil, hat such license shall not lie issued prior
to the lir-t dav of July in each year.) and all licenses
provid- for in this ordinance shull end und termi
nate on the :tlst day of Iieeeruher.
Sec. fi. The cleric shall be entitled to demand of
the applicant lor each license under this ordinance a
lee ot one dollar In-fore issuing the same.
Hoc. (i. Any per.-on violating any provision of this
ordinance shall, on convict ion. pay a line to the City
of Meiiregor ot three dollars and costs for every
Iwenty-ibiir hours he shall n- ^iect or refuse to pro
cure a license as required by this ordinance.
1'iissed and unproved this dav of July, 186S.
11. KCNNKDY, ilavur.
I. UACf.II, Clerk.
Ui this route alone.
Ladies, take Particular Notice.
The Real Velpau Female Pills!
V f-yj1 (V
These Pills, so cele
brated many yours ago
in I'nris, for file relief
tJ of female irregularities,
JT-'Ti^Tr--- •1*3*3' tr" mid attiTwards for their
•""""at employment
iu the practice 111 ahor-
S i i V U i n e n o w o e e o
tfc. sale for the first, time in
America. They have
been kept iu compara
tive obscurity from the
fact that tln oi initiator, Dr. Velpau, is physician in
l'.u iH,i)f cieat wealth, and strict onbi ieiiti -ils pi Ju»
ciple.«,aiid has withheld them from general use, lest
they should be employed for unlaw till purposes.
In overcoming Female Obstruction. Falling of the
Womb, S\ bites, (irecn Hckiiesti, Pupprcrsi--n. IN ten
tion, or Immoderate Flow of the Monthly ln« barges.
Nervous and Spinal Affections, l'ainw in ihe Back aud
Limbs, Fatigue on slight exeriions, Palpitation of tho
lle?»rt, Hysterics. Ac., and will eth el a cure when all
Other means ban- failed: mid. although a,powerful
remedy, do not contain cab-mi I, antimony, or any
thing hurlful to the constitution.
To married ladies and.ioung girls who have never
he«n i emulated, th y are peculiarly suited. They will
ina Iiort tune, biii.g on the monthly period with
C.UTION.—Married Ladies should never take them
when there is any reason to believe themselves preg
nant. for they will be Mire to produce a inineai riage.
I.a.lies c.iu procni e .1 |. X. -C.ihd im tliecjesof
the curious. Iy cml' sing cue dollar, and six stage
stumps to M. W. MAeoMliiiK, Ctineral Agent lor
l'uited .Slates and Cniiadas, atAloan, N
Ordinance in Relation to Fees.
no it OrdaliM by the City Council of the City Of
MKJregt.r, That said city shall not b« liadle to pay
tiny IceHto any
in the citv '.'r *."V.
r:111• tor nit-1, complaints, or
J.rosi i ntions, commenced, carried on, or determined
•11, oiiemal, mesne, or tinal process, whether in
Iriminal or civil proceeding unless complaint ia
event lie liable tli'i'Vi" yf
°f e .1: town On
»ny magistrate
rhnn?«»4 win MtUrcunr nt thrir own costs ami
to said city
Passed und approved July eth, MfA
D. BAt OlI, Clerk.
ln no
ENNEDY, Hfcjror.
An Ordinance in relation to Comtta
sation of City Attorney.
lie It Ordained by tlio City ("iiiincil of thnrtinof
Metireiror. Tlint the City Attorney shall receiv,,
additional compensation to his salnry tho following
fees: each conviction on plen ol uuilty, Two aufl
dollars each Jury trial before n magistrate. In
cases ot
'misdemeanors, five dollars for cach trial
before a magistrate without .jury in citses of misde
meanor, two and ,Hl-lon dollars.
Sec.:!, ln case of conviction as contemplated In
the preceding section, the
same fees therein allowed
to tho
City Attorney shall he taxed against the de
fendant as part of tho costs, and when collected by
the magistrate tho snmo to he paid over to the C'lty
Passed and approved July Gth, ISfiS.
ll. KENNEDY, 2fapor.
D. BATJGII, Clerk.
Ordinance to provide for taxing*,
ing and regulating hawker* and
Pec. 1. Be it ordained by tho City Council of ths
City of Mdlregnr. That no liawker or peddler of any
article of niercheiidise or of trutlc usually kept for
sale by any merchant or nianufiu turer of this City,
ill be permitted to sell any such article of merchan
dise or Ira lie at wholesale or retail, or offer the saftiA
tor sale within tbis City, without first having obtain
ed a license therefor as hereinafter provided.
Hoc. 'J. The City Clerk is authorized to issue licenses
to hawkers and peddlers upon a receipt (rum theCity
Treasnrer bein.i produced to him, that the sum of two
dollars has been paid, a license for the term of one
%'eek that the sum of five dollars has been paid a li
cense tor the term ot one month: but no curb license
V ill authorize tales to he made except by the person
to whom it was Issued. For issuing such lictnso the
Clerk shall be entitled to a fco of one dollar to be paid
by the liawker or peddlr.
See. 3. For peddling ale nr beer tho sum of twnn-*
ty-fivo dollars shall be paid for permit for thre"j
mouths the sum of forty-tive dollars fhall be paid for^
a permit for tho term of six months: the sum of fct
enty-tive dollars shall be paid tor a pcimit lor thn
term of one your. Any person producing a receipt
from the Treasurer that be has paid any ol the snmn
mentioned in this section, shall receive pemiit from
the Clerk for the corresponding time. F'or issuing
such permit or license, the Clerk shall he entitled to a
fee ot ono dollar, to he paid by the person Applying
for the same.
Sec. 4. Any person who riiall violate anyof tho
provisions of this ordinance, shall be liable to a finer
of not 1than flvt dollars nor more than twenty
dollars, to be paid to the C'ity of McGregor, together
with costs of prosecution.
Sec. f. lie it further ordnined that ordinance Ko.S.
relating to peddlers, passed April 2ttli, ISOU, is and
the same is hereby repealed.
Massed and approved this sixth day of Jnlv, 18G8.
U. KENNEDY, Mayor.
D. BArOH. Clerk. Ci
Ordinance Licensing Shows, Exhibi
tions, etc.
Be it ordained by tie- City Council of the City of
McWregnr, that an ..rdinaii'-e entitled an orilinanoe li
censing circuses and shows, passed, April 2.ritli,1663,
be and the same i* hereby repealed, and tho following
ordinance be emu ted
Se!. 1. No rerson shall give any of the shows, ex
hibitions, performances, concerts, or lectures named
iu the next section, tor pay, and to which license fees
aro atlixed. unlet* he has u Uccuso therefor sigucd by
the City Ch i k.
Sec. 2. There shall be paid for shows, exhibitions,
perlormances, concerts, or lectures, the following fees,
1st. For every show of wild beast, or boosts, fowls
or birds, monsters, or freaks of nature, a fee of nol
less than three dollars, or more than twenty dollars,
in the discretion of the City Marshal and Clerk,and
City Attorney.
2d. For every circus, performance of hortemsn
ship, or feats of activity, for each performance of on*
day the sum of twenty dollars.
lid. For each performance, or attempt at perform
a lice of any feats of jugglery, slight of hand, or ntc
roniiinej the sum ol tivw dollars.
4th. For each concert, the sum of fivo dollars for
every gilt concert, the sum o| twenty-five dollars.
Mil. For each tlieiitiical p.-rfmnianee. the sum ©f
five d( liars for one week fifteen dollars (or ono
month thirty dollars for six months sixty dollars
one year onehuiolrcd dollars.
f'tli. For carrying on the business is tbis city, of
the business commonly called gift enterpi M*, shall be
required to pay.
as a license therefor, the sum of three
dollars per day. or ten dollars per week, or twenty dol
lais per mouth. or ono bundled and iilty dollars pr
7th. For any other exhibition, performance, or
show-, or lecture, vlierrby the object is profit or
gain, tor each performance, the sum of three dollars
rrovided. however, that this ordinance shall not be so
construed as to prevent residents of the city from gi*
in^ concerts or any person Irom lecturing before any
regularly established litn.ny society, institute, or ly*
ceiim. without such license.
Sec. 3. Kvery person desiring to procure a license
as aforesaid, shall pay the tees therefor to the City
Treasurer, taliinjr a receipt therefor, which shall spec
ify tor what shew,or otherwise, he has paid. I'pon
such receipt being produced to the City Clerk, hcthnll
issue a licence, receiving a fee of one dollar tlnrefor
from the person licensed.
Sec. 4. Kverv person violating any of the provis
ions of this i rdiuauce shall, upon eoovicliOii, e pun
ished hj' a fine of not loss than five nor more than
twenty-five dollar", tor each oflence, and stand com
mitted until such fine autl n.sig of prosecutiou aro
Passed and approved July 6th,
D. BAI 111, Clerk.
An Ordinance concerning- misdemean
ors, Unlawlul Assemblies, &c.
Section 1. lie it Ordained by the ity Council of
the City of McUU'eoi. That auy three or more per
sons who shall aMbeiiihIo together in the City of Mc
(ii-egor. with an intent to do any unlaw tul act against
the public peace.and to the terror of Ihe people, or to do
any act against ihe peace, security or repose of any
persou or persons, or ot the people within said city,
or being lawfully tisgcnibUd shall agree with each
other to d» any unlawful act, as afort said, ntid shall
make any movements ur pieparations therefor, or be
ing so lawlully assembled, shall, withi n! any agrre
*inent by worils or signs, make any pieparations or
movements to do any uiilantul act us aforesaid, shall
he deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.
Si-c.2. Kvery persou who shall unlawfully disturb
the public quiet ot any street, alley, avenue, public
square, market place, wharf or any religious assem
bly or any school public or private, oi sny pulic as
sembly, or building public or private, or any neigh
boihood. private laiiiily or person, by l-md and un
usual noise, by blowing liorns or otln insiriimeiits,
by the rattling or playing of organs, kettli s, bells
or other vessels or noisy iiistiiuncnts, by hallooing,
shouting, hollowing, or howling, by indecent and
obscure language conversation or by any device
or means whntever, or by tumultuous or offensive
language or conduct, or by threatening, quart cling,
challenging, assaulting, striking or fighting, under
any pretence whatever shall Le guilty of u misde
Sec. 3. Every person in this city who shall suffer
or permit any hallooing, how ling, screaming, bellow*
ing, profane or obscene language, fighting or quarrel
ing, or any unusual noise or affray, iu any home upon
any premises, owned, orcupbd or possisstd y hint,
or over which lie has control, as agent or othei wise
iu such manner i«8 to disturb the neighborhood, or
persons passing in Ihe streets, shall be de uied guilty
of a inisdemeauor, and the proof of such acts baying
been done iu such place, shall bo
rivi a facie
dence that the same was done Willi the permission of
the owner, occupant or possessor, but sucli presuny—
tion may be rcbutcd by proof.
Sec. 4. Any person who shall appear in the streets,
or publicly w ilhiu the city w hen naked, or in any
drtssnot belonging to their sex, or in any indecent
or lewd dress, or fhall be guilty of any indx-etit or
lewd act, or shall exhibit any indi cent or lewd book,
picture, statue or tiling, or wlm shall exhibit or per
form any immoral or lewd play or other rep
tion, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
See. ft. l-:very person w lioliall ride or drive any
horse or other animal, or ehnll drive any carriage,
mail stage, or other viliicle, or direct, order or allow
his driver to do the same, in or upon any street, alley
or wharf
Within the city, in a careless or improper
manner, so as to cause any such animal or any
vehicle, or thing, whereby any injury shall result to
any person, child, or thing, shall be deemed guilty of
a misdemeanor.
fee. 6. All persons who Shall violate any of 4he
provisions ol this ordinance shall I e deemed guilty of
a lnisi'euieaiior, anil upon conviction thereof, shall
forfeit and pay a fine to the City of Meflregor of n0|
less: than tlir e dollars, or more than Twi toy dollars,
for the first offence, and for the second or any subse
quent offence, shall pay a fine of not less than six
dollars or more than forty dollars.
Section 1. Every person found drank or lalld*
cated in any street or public place witWn
or found asleep iu auy such place ur on any private
propcity not his own, nor belonging.to llie pers«a
with whom he lives, and being cnahw to show tho
permission of the owner or occupant, shall l-e deemed
guilty of a misdemeanor, and it shall be the duty of
theCity Marshal to arrest auy person so found diunk
or intoxicated, and detain him in s. me suilvble pb\c»
until an iufoimation can be made before some majis
trate io the city, ahduwatiaut issued in due form,,
ou the magistrate being saislied that the defendant
has been guilty of u insidemeanor. the City Marsha]
shall forthwith commit the offender to prison. there
to remain until he becomes sober, when he becomes
Sober, lie shall be taken before Ihe magistrate issuing
the warrant if he be able to try him and if not befpro
the next nearest magistrate, for trial: and every per
son found guilty or violating this ordinance shall pay
a fine of ten dollars, and costs of ptnsecntion.
Sec. 2. He it further ordained that ordinance No.
paused April 2fith, 1FC3, relating to Kiots and ussaaSO
and an ordinance pahed l'eb.
14th, lMift, entitled -'an
ordinance to prevent disorderly conduct," are am' the
Same are hereby rcpeahd.
l'assud July eth. ISM. -w
». KENNEDY, Mayor.
D. ItAt'on, Clerk.
or to
any auth'-iu-d Agent.
Bl'HNHAM & VAN SCIIAAK, Chicago, Illinois,
Whbsal» Ag. nt* .U.K. NEWELL CO, McGregor
lowland |.\ Piup^ihtP i rn y n h'i e.
Cl.AVtON Col.Ml'.
Catharine Buhner*1
District Con
™Vli", t*September Term, 1
John T. Buhner.
To John T. Milliner, Defendant.
Vol! an- hereby notified that on or before the 4th
day of Septend-er, 1^-W, 1'etition will be filed by
said Plaintiff, Catharine Buhner, iu the oflii-e ot tho
Clerk of the District Court of said Clayton Coi.nty,
Iowa, claiming "f vm a Divorce, and alleging as
cause therefor, Adttlttry. und a dooree »f the title to
the North half of Lot three in lllock three in
the Village «.f Monona, Iowa, tiii. the homestead
in which she and her children now reside, tcg« ther
with all peiioiml paej-eity Rlnn-njf,
and that she have the cnsti-dy and care of all ber
oh ihiien, ii ml 111., un ss ii ai thereto nd de
ft nd. Iieiore noon ol the second dici ol the next leim
of saidCeoit, ccjiiiiieiieiug on the 1Kb (lay of Fcp
tewber, ifcCK, deiauit will be entered agairitt you atui
Judgment rendered tin i en.
Dated this 3d day of June, l#fl*
Plaint id
t'lf A»»'y

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