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V_^V- /"V -V_- -w -V V 'V
\XMK POST OFtfroifr.— For tli6 i'nformation
of the public, wo give plnce to the fallowing ftible
of the arrivals'anil closings of the mail at the office
in this city
R.-^ular Esustern Mail closc? 6 o'clock 15 tnin. A. M.
2nd Chicago & Eastern 3
Arrives 8
Wcatorn via Iowa City 3
A. !t.
i*. *.
Arrives 10
r. m.
A. M.
t». M.
i\ SI
A. M.
Arrives 10.
Rortfacrd tia Davenport 6
Arviws 8
Swttttfcfft •Ik fort LMI isa 7
Arrives A
«r Burlington 9
Arrives 4
Northern via Tipton e!..-e Sluii. & Thurs. 6SO A. M.
j.- As-riv Tuesdays and Fridays 8 l* m'.
Western via Washing, clos,- M»n. A Thnr.- 9 30 A. m.
Arriw.- Tuesdays anil l'ninys 4 r. M.
ll K-k 1*1. via 1I U: V rlo.-o MOII. A 'I'llins. ti A. V.
Arrive.- Tiu-il iy- mid Fridays 8
Salesburg closes Tmsdn\. P. »r.
A: rives FritlBy* 6 P. Jt.
Oflice tffien from 1 A. ftl, to? P. Mi. exeopf. on
6'indiiy, when it will be open from 7 to IS niiiiutos
past 3 A. M.
itoeMiirry'd addition tu thfir wagon and plow facto
ry is boi'va pushed rapidly forward
—J. M. Kerr's bloek of tlirei-story buildings on
Walnut street ii up and being iinished off in the
—Mr. Crocker's new brick business house on Iowa
Arcnue is in about tho sanjc sthte of forwardness as
the above.
—A. Jackson's large and boautiful business house
tn tho corner of cond-stj and Iowa Avenue is
hearly nady fur occupancy.
_-Gi e, n & Stone's new brick warehouse on Water
Street is up to the second story.
—g. (J. Stuih bus commenced laying the found#*
lioh of his new three-story business block on the
Corner of Second and Pine streets.
—Mr. Freelaud will re-build the fallen portion of
tiic walls of Muscatine Hotel.
—The Oat holies design erecting this seasufi sub
stantial sohool house mijtriningur near St.
—B Hers he) 's mainmoth steam mill is beginning
to assriine slnpc. It is a 'sevoiijrer.
t'trem.u and Brass Band* with a number of other
eitii -tisi'f tfciit flae.'j as also a fair proportion
of ladies tisited our city this forenoon, on the
steamer Bii lanij.b'tl. They presented a fitie ap
pearAncfc prrtnietiading the streets in tinifortn^ and
with a fine hose carriage. They remained only about
an hour
We are sorry that no effort was itiade to gire these
visitors a public' reception Although neither otlt
City Council or Military Company were officially
advised of their intended visit it was very general
ly expcc'ted that some demonstration would be
madeby our own citiseiis on the occasion Its pro
priety—nay necessity as an act of courtesy—was
felt by all our citi*ous who are How sttrely chagrin
ed that they did rto't st !ca«t gite tome formal
tokeU of #elcoine.—Daily 27th:
(igjf'\Vc publish the following frctii tllfe
J,:ght Guards of this eity and fot tmr citir.ens g«"n-
crally, as we have heretofore remarked, that no of- cliaritablc one. »«Te the citizens of Muscatine
licral intimation wra received in this city of the
Visit, and that, rflthough a reception vr». e i
it was finally thought it would appear too muc i
like officiously thrusting ourselves into tmr neigh
bors' arrangement*, n.nl aband ft* 3 on thrtt aecomit.
j}at if ihe D.il\nyort F.r.inm or uiilitSrjr Company
will visit Muccrttine to an e»«tertuinuKnt which tli.
gbt Uu.ir-fe arc atle It, feet up, (and which they
perhaps, at no distant day.) they will be Cdn
incid tL'rtt we "have got somebody to show to com
J.i!iy," and tllrtt r»e enu treat our neighbors not only
w.th civility, br*t with g.nitine •to'sj'itaiitf
.Hfc.-CAT/s# C-V*"-—We hoped to har
able io pa.-i a fen Jaiiff of pnii
to MUSCII ine, as
ii'iiari/ of firemen would be cor-
.-iii.oos. 't i ttr or i\men we.uiu oe cor
U received when lloy arri'v.d there bat if! this
b.eii disiipiiointcd. The Exeursiouists ar
r'v-d a' that citv with colors flying, and with rich
llt-i-i'-vbit w:i-rj wis ilie Bill.) Company? Where
the F'l' men? Where the demonstration of tha
coinmon eoiirtesv which shoitlt1 pervade between
(ii-it, citie'f? Nowhere There came to the K-vec
an occasional dirty faced bny,- until a small crowd
op, and then urarched about tlie cuy-—
-What is tl" (ij ttfer/ neighbor Y -u ain sick are
vol nor or Jr ill tempered about auything, or
haven''- volt any body you like to show to company?
JF.you ifill scftd a Company of any kind to our city,
Our bovs will slff.'W you how to entertain people.
They shall have :t dinner for which our young men
fcjH pa they shall be shown about town under an
escort nf I lie finest music—mil in t!re evening have
a ball and have just such a time as the young gen
tlemeu and ladi. s of Davenport get Up wheft they
have uunpatiy froia abroad. Cau't you coifle up
and see us?
CourtALITT— Th6 Light
tfuards of this city hate f«nt an inritation to the
Firemen of Davenport to visit this city again) when
they will rcceive a practical demonstration of
"Muscatine cordiality." All the expenses of the
trip afe to be paid the Light Guards, and every
thing will be done to make the occasion a pleasant
and happy one for tJfo guests.- Atout $709 have
bo«n appropriated for this purpose arr* more can be
had if necessary.- We don't do things by hahes
down here When We attempt it. The time set for
the entertainment is next Thursday. Oar Davenport
friends hate aot yet signified their acceptance of the
pKCxHfcNiilES*.—Marshal tfnger and po
liceman Fessler arrested two Irishmen on Saturday ftrf
•drunkenness and disorderly conduct/and took them
to ilu- 'gridiron hotel' to recover from the effects of
the bad liijit.ir which tfeey had becrt making such
free use of/ They were rather obstinate/ and the
Marshal found it nefessary to give one of them a
taste ol the peculiar Mftflities of his cane, after
Which they evinced it Willingness to accompany him
lodging* prepared for 'loose' characters.
fffe fMfrtes t4 ttof tm Jrisbttiert fere Batffel
gouwlrtfel Midi t'Karfee SWitfc!.-. **£$**•
bAoCe the MayOf m,t b4d tKtif Jf»M
Knowl»nd wafs fined §I,'Vith $# 6Wff—• $4 SffK*
lu default of payment, committed to jail. BAith
was fined $5 and costs—in all $13-.
Richard Quinn, for resistiui police/ was BntU ja
And $12 iu all.
-Blward K'nowKind, charged with intoxication,
i i $ 3 w i o s s
Michael. Conlan, charged with intoxication and
disoriforly eoaduct/fined §1 and costs—$6,3t).—Dai
ly, 271
llBAvt RAIN/—TLIT heaviest rain of the
season at this locality fell jesterday afternoon
,ppousc ercck was higher than it has been sincc
thi meworablo »t»d calamitous flood of 1851. Soon
'Afto# the the water enme rushiAg down Iowa
Aventfe in perfect torrent to Second, an4 up Seeond
Syeamore, tilling thw (Tcllnrs on the lower side of
washing the oideivarik considerably, isville. Business continucsdull all along the river.
RNE urui^ .. PU-.u/nm TWFnt.v-tivp fitooniDN lavincr ina»
fl Wjis dammed, however, at last, and its course di
i rectc.1 down the Avenue to thejjster. A large bole
i was washed out on the corner of Iowa Avenue and
street, and the earth wits in many places
watfveffaway fro ttr the gas pipes. No very serious
dam.igis that we liate heard of.—Daily, 2?th.
report on Saturday did not give an adequate, idea ot
the damage sustauhd by tHe Mtfcitfaline Hotel, on
account of
lowering of i he street grade around
Two men—Robert Stewart and li. T. Golds berry
^Iwerc severely injured by a pc.rtioU cf the Wall
fcillins upon lUeui. The former is in a critical eoii
'.luiout The building is almost totally ruined. It
ib the pr ipeit^
Freelaud. Dvaila,36th
TBMPI BAKCE AT WILTON.—The citizens of
Wilton met last week and resolved to prosecute
jt,,u..r sellers in that.ionrisbing village. One grog-
keeper, who did wot SC-eTn disposed to take
Earning, was arraigne-1 bif-re» magistrate, Monday,
»ud fined $201 Ou Tuesday lit repeated the effenee,
wac fined again, wheii he concluded tc «iiiit the
ttaffic. lur
JUVENILE SPOUTS.—Tho disposition of
boys to imitate the conduct of men is no where more
apparent than in their sports and pastimes. Thus,
last fall, after Prof. Brooks'balloon ascension from
this city, we observed many attempts on the part of
juveniles to get up similar looking spectacles with
their kites. They were not so successful, however,
as this spring in the 'circus' business. Just after
the foray of four or five circuses which visited us,
there might, be seen in various parts of the city
ominous looking tctits') in which we arc assured
'grouftd and lofty tumbling' and other exercises in
tights and striped clothes wero performed by some
of the youngsters in n manner creditable to Dan
Rice himself in his younger days. The 4th inau
gurated uiilitafy companies as the HAUT TCN of ju
venile sports, and now may be seen companies of
little fellott'fj the largest scarcely 'knee high to a
duck/ wijh paper caps nnd trimmings, inarching
with nil the pride, if not the precision, of our
greatest military heroes, Last night, however, we
saiv a (itircel of boys 'playing drunk,' and the repre
sentatives of Mnrsli:il Unger and assistant Fessler
were after them, with the prospect of having them I
in the lock-up in short order. What next? Wej
stippos: that in Cedar county the boys chase each i
other through tho thickets, and occasionally one is
strung up by the neck by way of variety.
Brtoott MANUFACTORY.—Mr. G. S. Dick
enson has lately taken J. B. Qninn's room, near our
office, and commcnccd the manufacture of brooms
on an extensive scale. He raised ten acres if broom
corn himself in this vicinity, from which he expects
to manufacture 5,000 brooms. He has had consid
erable experience in this business, and says the
broom corn raised in this country is superior to any
he ever before used.
MATOK'S COURT. July 27th. William
Mee, on charge of keeping a disorderly house, (A.
Chambers, complainant,) was fimd|il5, with costs
of suit at $3,00, iu default of which he was catn
mitted to jail.
IJIJOHK JAIL.—Alonzo A. Mitchell, whose
incarceration in jail for larceny we noticed la»t
week, succeeded in making his escape yesterday af
ternoon. He worked a hole thfough the wall (four
bricks in' thickness) by the aid of a case kiiife With
out a handle. Owing to tho illy-ventillated condi
tion of the cells, the Sheriff was compelled to let
the pri-oners out in the hall during t^c daj\ Said
Mitchell is tibont 19 years of age, five feet nine
inches high nndslender build. Had on dark pants,
light-colored coat, yellow calico shirt, and light
cloth cap. Sheriff McCloud will give fifty dollars
reward for his return to the jail.—Daily, 20th.
MAYHEM.—A man named Pomroy, while
scufiling or fighting with another man, named Mc
Donald, at a (Joggcry near the mouth of Mad creek,
last niglit, bit off his *ear. The parties seemed to
hare ha1 no enmity towards each other, and the un
fortunate affair is owing altogether to their being in
liquor at the time. Pomroy Was examined before
Justice Burgesscr to-day, on chargo of mayhem, and
held to bail for further trial ifl the sum of $200, in
dtfaiilt of which he was committed.—Daily, 29th,
Hob CIIOI.FERA.—We learn that this strange
and fatal disease !-as appeared ih the northeastern
part of this county. W. Sullivan hris lost a half
Davenport democrat for the purpose ol .-how ing our dozen bogs by the malady
citisens what our ueighbors think of our liegicfet tt Festival.—The members of the Afritfrtn
receive the Davenport Firemen in some formal atid
becoming manner, on their visit to this fcity, last I
Monday. \Yj hftte only id State ifl apology fot the
E Church wiu givt a
SAMTART —Is there such a thing as a san
itary committee in this city Jf so, we would call
their attention to certain green-looking "duck
ponds" about the city that most certainly endanger
the health of our citizens. Suck nuisances should
be abated without delay.'
GREGG & Ccf.—We hate inadvertently
neg ected to call attention to the card of these gen
tlemen,- who are conducting a land agency busines.
at West Liberty, in this county. We can recom
mend them as careful and responsible business men.
are now engaged in excavating a tunnel under Pap
poose creck for the main gas pipo on Second street.
I he pipe will be laid about three feet below the bed
of the creek: This is done not only to secure it
against the action of the cold weather, but to render
it less liable to injury by being subject to the jar
ring of the bridge.
THANKS—To L. Parmer, trhtf afrived
yesterday from the Far Wcet,' for 4 copy of the
"Sioux City Eagle*" We observe in tfie "Eagle"
the card of Mr P. as "real estate dealer and general
land agent f" also of Logan k Whit acre, in the
same btrsirtess—both St SiottX City. Mr. Logah is
the late editor of th.ie paper We wish success to
both hi AH trad Mr/P.i* their«eff homes.—Daily
MARBLE W o n i s i i $ a n e y
are erecting
a brick building ireif tlrt Corner of Scc
ond street and Iowa Avenue, for their nrarble works,
to whioh they will shortly remove from the present
location on Third street.
Green CofcN —Roastiftg ears are ii' ift'ar
Met/ /etiiflifcg at 20 cents per dozen.—Daily, 30tb.
Bftl'W »BW Mi
}M fcvBRS.—'Whi-fe (fee' eiHStintftt
falling and is getting |mt* f6# He Ohf6' fi+if tiifc
reported rising at FittsBurgK off tfje 2$4/ vfUa
feet water in the «halliel,'and the Missouri ftas alsb'
reported,bniik full at last dates.
LAtD Up—The steamer W. L. ^vfing nas' laid up
at St. Louis on account of low water uttd dull busi
Oif Tfti Wits.—The steamboats Enyoy_and Rosa
lie are n6w upon the 'Boat
dergoing repairs.
Sunday for the tipper Mississippi.''
OHIO.—Tnis rivef •ffaff rising at Cincinnati
last Tuesday, with six feet full to Lodisville.'
There is a slight rise all the way down froA Pitts
burgh. Several large boats are aground below Lod-
CH'.WDED.—Twcnty-tive steamers are laying just
abo\-«e the way." at Cincinnati, all close together. If
a fire should brealf o#t, teyy few would escape de
struction, while the insurance «a them is compara
tively nothing.
STUCK: CM THE RAPIBS —The Mifrnestrta Belle
stuck on the rocks yesterday in attempting to pass
up over the Rapids,- and at last accounts the af
ternoon was still tight on thj bottom1.
The steamer Mansfield, Whieh startcif ilf fester
day morning,' is slso stuck along stife the Belle.
Misery loves company, it is said, but from present
appearances, we should not wonder if these boats get
tired of their company before they get rid of each
other.— Keokuk Gate City.
Tthc RiVtns—BI^INESS—MOIIE BOA-fs tArii Uf.
—Since our last report, the river has fallen at this
point some five inches, and to Cairo there is an
abundance of water in the channel for allna'vigable
puVpev-es.' The river flu in St. Paul down is ialling
very rajiidly, with three-feet three inches on the
Lwer llapids. The Fred Tron reports the Mans
field hard agronnd on the Lower Rapids, and that
the Mihiesota l&lle had'also been aground. T?hc
Missouri is rtsing very slowly,- or on a stand. Bu
siness was hot vii*y SrisS oil the fitvee yesterday,
and the weather was hot. Arrivals were not numer
ous yesterday, two of which, the E. A. Ogden, from
Omaha, and Ella, from Nashville, baye laid up.—
St. Louis Itcpiil-., 2jth.
ftgtiVal at Hare's Hall,
Tuesday evening, for the benefit of their pas-
which a supper and all the deiifc'aeies of the
^. j] y,c
jjj, As the affair is altogether
-m give it a lil'.-ral patronage. An admission fee
of ten cents will be taken at the Ilall door
befy tamed Jaiftes Dait-
son, son of Mr. D.iwson, who lives on the Island,
was bitten yesterday by a dog supposed ttf be mad
on the farm if Gabriel Little/near this pl.fftc The
dog also bit a cat and another dog but wtta killed
after being, followed about a half mile. It Would
be we'l for itll persons to keep up their dogs just
now, to prevent the spread of this dreadful malady.
—Daily. 31st.
A NEEDED Ijii'ROVILMEXT.—We observe that
workmen are engaged constructing gutters at the
cidcwalks oil Iowa Avenue. This should have been
attended to long ago, as it might then have saved
the destruction of property by the inundation of
cellars on Sccond street. Guttirs should also be
made along Second street for the protection of cel
rT'l "•ff-T'lftf-TI
As night be expected just at the com
mencement of harvest business is extremely
dull in tho city. Very little produce has
arrived dUritae the Week, which has been
taken at A detilihing price. Wheat (spring,
tho only kihd now coming to the market)
ranges only from 85 to 95 cents, with a pros'
pect of a still further decline. Farmers
seem anxious to contract new wheat at pres
ent prices. There is every indication, on
account of tho unexpectedly large yield,
that the prices of grain wiil range ltJtt the
coming fall and winter* Weather #arin.—
Corn, Ac., growing finely, ttifrer Still fall
ing. The following are our quotations:
Wheat, spring, 90ca95j winter $1,00,
Flour $7,50.
Corn 80a85o.
Oats 80c*
ae*#l,?5a$2. 6(4 eft of
Eggs 15c.
Butter 20c.
Lumber $20«$35 fw* IjMN) ftii'U
Flour $f,15n$7. Wheat, Chicago spring,
$1,38h$1,31 white $1,80 new white South
ern $l,70a$l,72'l 2 for red tlnd $l,80a$l«
89 for white. Corn 88a90c
Flour $5a$6,50j Wheat, new spring $1,
20a$l,25 red $l,30il$i,40 choice white
$$,50. Corn 05a7^c'. Oa^s 07a70c. On
ions $1,50.
NEW ORLEANS, Jnly 28.—Flour $7.
The Congregational Church will hold its meetings
for the present in Mississippi Hall, (Fimplc's build
ing/) on Front street*
Services at 10 1-2 A. M. and 8 P. Mt on the Sab
Sabbath School at 2 P. If.
Meetings also on Tuesday and Thursday ev«aings
of each week, at A o'clock.
F. II. STONE, Chairman Business Com.
Muscatine, June 18,1857.
remedy In the world. It not only breaks the Chill
but it eradicates every vestige of the disease from
the system. Hundreds who have used it join with
one voice in declaring it almost infallible. Procure
a bottle of it—take it according to the directions,
and you may rely on being cured. For sale here by
all Druggists and by the proprietors.
Rock Island, Illinois.
J. B. Dougherty and Fay A Stone, Agents here.
August Election*
Mft. fiottoR:—Please announce
as an independent American candidate for the
office of 9UERIFF, and oblige MAHY VOTERS.
BURNETT'S KALLISTON.—For removing tan, sun
burn, freckles, and eruptions of the skin, and for
rendering the complexion Blear and beautiful.
The following testimonial furnishes conclusive
Oidtuee of the utHcacy of hie famous eoKinetic
MARtBdRo', July 11,1856.
Messr?. Joseph Burnett & Co
GE.NTS :—The package of Kalliston eame to hand
last evening, and I am glad to have an op|ort unity
to state to you how much we value it. My family
have used it almost daily for more than two years,
and now they think they cannot do without it.
A single application has repeatedly removed the
freckles Iroin the face of my little boy, leaving his
skin smooth atid fair. And in all cases of sunburn
or irritation of the^skin, from whatever cause, it
has thus far proved itself a perfect and very pleas
ant remedy
I can, if you desire it, refer you to several eases
of obstinate eutaiier.us disease, in which I know the
Kalliston has had a wonderfully good effect one in
particular, the daughter of Mr. ouc of my
neighbors, had suffered for many years from erup
tions and painful inflaiuntion of the skill, (probably
the eflect of bad vaccine virus,) leaving it inseviral
places puckered and quite red. A few weeks ago I
recommended to him your Kalliston he has since
inform'd me that the effect of its use ha» been very
marked and beneficial, that the skin bas become soft
and smooth, and the inflammation and redness has
nearly disappeared. This is an important case, and
I will tell you more about it when I see you.
I owe it to you to state that I did not believe in
the efficacy of any cosmetic until I tried your Kal
liston, and I cheerfully give my 'estimoh} in its
favor. Yours respectfully,
For sale by J. P.' Dougherty irf MtisSatincj and ty
agents in eiery town in the county
^&*Prof. Wood's Hair Kestorative has new be
come the standard remedy tot the loss of hair, and
for causing it to grow on bald heads also, for
chtfiiging^rey hrfn* to its original color, not as a
dye, but by a process pecuffrtl^ ?ts own—through
the scalp and' by the roots of the lair.
Sold by Druggists here.
W^e Perfumed Breath
eompleiion—ea Jtt acquire
i would re&jfn Under the, tmrj oe a
flfiatb/when Dy dtlpj the ''Baltti of
Flowira" as a dentifrice, Would not only
rendof ft jweet but leave tho teeth as itbite as ala
baiWr.' Many perieiis 46 U6t knew their fc/eath
t.o's'4|,'aidr the subject is «o delleafo that their
fffStiqifl-fef Aieitio^ it. GaWare of 66unterfeit.
BS siiS Si€6 wrte ?sjris:npd
.. FBFRI«3B& C6 ».T.'
by itijpfitggiait.-
for Sale
•itmBoats linvoy and ftosa- W CRIAM"—A Pomade for beautifying
Ways' at Lb Cfyitire^uff
0 4 0 '/jT w/trele tmjftrted,'ind for half the price, jordiresi
icr left JCincinaati ,*last ing Ladies Hau it has Ro equal, pivjpe it a glossy
jippearance. It cau^rt GFentlemiiii'B Hw to cyrl in
tnfe mofet nd^urjal manned.' It Removes dandruff,
always giving the Bair the appearance of being
fresh shampooiied. Price only fifty cents. None
genuine uv-less signed
FKTRtDGE C6., Proprietors of. the
/'Barm elf a Tn'ouktnd Flowers.
For sale by all Ur&ggMtt:
In this city, Sunday qsorning? July 25, 18s7, at
^o'clock, SARAH, youngest child of Jacob andB.
Butler, aged 1? months and 15 days.
ASA G*«do. EL/RFNMORF. fttot. S. 6ROQE.
GR£G6f Si CO.,
Wfcat' Liberty, Muscatine Co., lotfay
1 A A E N S
estate bongbt and sold ia all the eounties
throughout the State. E^e^falaitteBtiongiY
ea toeollcotions, paying taxes, it.
Hursey A S'oelair, Clevrlind, Ohio
well, Lee & Co., Pittabwg. fa
Ludwig, Knetdlirl Co», hlUfdthtf
I'illef Bre. t*
James Harry, fishier WeUca Badk, BsfHbdro
J. B. Kiigour, RrelvH'e.
Green A Stone. U* '1
Xrett ABrewster,
July 26—wtf
Remaining in the Post Office at Moseatiue,
Iowa, August lat, 1857.
Cargill Itenfi^
Carl Abraham
Chchlcy Ci-W
Clark W
Clark E Kk:,
Comer IsaOT
Conner Br|M
Oardher A,
Gilmore John S
Gibson W
Gibson Willis K
ST. Louis, July 28.
Ht-inze Cat*
Heine WilMtt
Talman Joseph
Terry Jonn
Townseud Br
Prepared only by Joseph Burnett & Co., Boston.
Sold by J. E. Graham, at 50c. and $1 per bottle.
Sec advertisement in another column. jy30dw2w
^gJ~Witli the exception of the eye, the lungs are
the most delicately constructed orgnfls in the body.
Life is in peril when they do not properly perform
their functions. The least inflaMuiatiuti interferes
*ith their regular action, and when the blcod i.
imperfectly purified the ciroulution becomes irreg
ular, the nervous system is disturbed and the gene
ral health suffers: We know of no remedy so sooth
ing in its effects and resulting in a cure to surely as
Dr. Hall's Balsam for the Lungs.
ft flem
will sobn be time to pu 6 ase Couj
edies dealers should remctffber that Wells'
Syrup of Wild Cfrei'fy #ijl hive n' Urge sale ih all
puts of ttfe country It is titiiversally popular
where kpown, find is Sottnd to be known cvj
and at fetSu (A all cities.and towns —Otto® _..r.
fe Kpo
E. M* Wells, Chicago, proprietor Also for sale by
H. Blaksley find wholesale Druggists ip St. uis,
SoHf ?if,Mtrtcatitfe by Fay A Stftne and JFDough
erty, ana Vy one er m'ofe agettts ift every city and
Alteneder Charlss
lust in Johtt
Abbott Thomas
Algers Milton
Buker Abbert
Bass John
Barclay James J, 2
Bnyafd A L,2
Harlet Joseph
Burnura Weed,
Back ley Adaul
Bern hard
Berg Fred
Fern hard Adrlnn
Belden Jnmcs
Blake Jacob
adge JarOH
Bonham David
aim an
Bawles Michael
Brownnawcll Johti
Brown Abraham
BrUhine James
Bred John^S
Brindley fe Frisbie
Biulis William
Bums Patrick
Byrne Nicholas 11
Collitt Chiirles
Caulter JainM
Colmnn James
Cook Elijah 2
Conrtney Michael, jj
Colby Thomas
Craven Petef
.Ciilp Columbus
Davidson Henry
Daltoh flotttf
Dcrmody Charles
Delany Cornelius
CHICAGO, July 20.
Flour $5,50ft$6,75. Wheat, spring$l,i3
a$l,$l,15 new white winter $l,o0, red do.
$135. Corn 68(5. Oats 5Ort60c. Potatoes,
new $l,25a$l,38 old nearly Otit of tbarket*
Butter 16al8c. Eggs 16 a 17c.
Dunovan John
Dundna Thomas: 3
Duke W
Vrci Moses
Eckles William
£Inright John
Epprrlv Ja«*b
Eutis Edwin
Falkiter John
Far fell
Fegan Tereiu
Fisehcr JohU
Flood Michael
Fustcr Joseph
Fox Peter,
French Otis
Gilroy Htfgif
Ureenblade Ilenry
Orcve David II
gjJrogean Jo-eph
Harvey Alonso
Uagan 11
Hiwk James
Hall Abraham
Han nan James
Hardman William
Harris Gidion
Uinnns Benjamin
llill Rev John a
Hiligas David
Hodson W
liultz John
Horner John 6
Hooper W F, 2
Houck Samuel
Hum cr €fcsirttan
Imhof Andrew
Jarhoe Scott
^ohnsonbaugh John
Keyes Henry A
Kennedy A, 2
Kirk Fianeis
Kitchell Alfred
Kier Robert
Kowan Jubu
Lacy Patrick
Larew Blias
Langpop Joseph
Lesnett Steward
Lcsnett Mathcw S
L.Gro John
Lcnke Henry
Lcavitt Stephen
Lindley George
Lay George
Lutgcnhuus Herman
McEvoy Thomas
McGeary Charles
McGuire Charles
McSwiggins John
Mclvcr Malcolm
McBride John
Martin James, 2
Maurndt Vincent, 2
Magner Rev
Maihewson John A,®
Maher James
Martin Alexander
Mclroy James
Meyer Htinrich
Menkhous n A 1*
Meyer Peter
Mctzger Friedrich
Munroe W
Molein tyeorgo
Ma.gan Francis
'.'iBitt Thouias
orris Charles
James U
Mooney W W
Mull U
Murry V illiam
Newton Thomas
Nelson Abraham
Nye W
O'Connor William
O'Niel CharleS
Parmer Horatio
1'ahl Joseph
Pence William
IVlug johti
Peters Charles A
Rand W
Reily Cletffent jf
Reed Peter Fisher
R'.-cd John
Reynolds A 8
Rider Duvid
Scbmclier iiunrich
Cjchiimburger John
Seiirs George W
Shores L, 2
Shweitior Lewis
Smith Daniel
'Smirige Ransom, 3
To bin John
Trabcr Fredrlctt
Walket- Htigh iamea
Watts Charles
Wadkins John
Warmsley iudsift
VValburn John
Welden Frances
Wenzel Henry
Whiteman Conrad
Wlmtman Conra'd
White Wm O
Bfilly Bridget!,
Kder Rachel A
Richard Patinco
perfumed,'superior to any French
T*lA tin tfndbSS^-
Wheeler Luke, 2
Whitman WhitGbtl^Sl
Whiticer Frank
Whi tmer Bei jamid
Williams W W
Wilder Jtoel
W i looi Isaaft
Williamson Williartf
Williams Albert 9
Williams jactfes
Windle Daniel
Austin Sarah
Bakir Mary Ann Bell Eliza A
j)ar£hust Elizabeth' Jane Boggs Mary
Baker Kate Brown Margaret
Baker Harriet V Broughtan Mary
Baker Choline
Carpefiter Phebe •,-h Cosselene Caroline
Carpenter BlixerbiHh Ann Coon Catharine
Carson Eliza Crig.Margaret
Caldwin Sarah'
FlcuiWg SarahC Fulton HnVm»K
Hall tlisabath 0
Haz'elbaker Ruth
Haroff Susannah'
ley Mary
Hendt'ix fry
»d bv urifal BXLM
El-S. What l»dy or
Ifarert Ilisa^ctSf
Hendrix &Ia'
Hendrix Ellen'
Hetm Frances
Muffmeier Catlia^^r
Mitchell Catharinfe
Lervis Georgia&e
McQrcvy Rosanna
McGrew Almira
McKinney SarUi
Parr Halvihif
Sills AnK
Schamberg Anna
Smith Elizabeth
Spanglsr Lucinada
ichard Cfcthurine/ 3
Eftaiidert Agseans
Stretch S
^ansTur^h Eldest
'j, WiseSalfie
fersohis shWiifffot tfc'i af6?e letfefs please
say "adv«rtiie(T," ojLi1 ey ma^ not get theffi.
virttfis of sin execution to me directed a nd
delivereii from the offioe ot the ^lertr ,of the
District Court ot Mtrtoatirre conhty, State of.
Io*£, against the goAds Snd £Uattels, lands aid
tenements of School District No. 4, Montpelier
To#nShfp, I hate levied upon and will expose to
sale, on SatiJVday, the 2ld tf»y of August,' A. D.
1857, at the Court Hotfse doer, in tbe city of Mus
catine, the following described property to wit
Che School HotiW in School District No. 4, Mont
pelier Township, snd the ground on wbich said
School HotfM' stands', it being one acre ih the nor h
weSt cofner of tbe south-east quarter of section 36,
township seventy-eight, N. P. one east of the 5th
P. If./and decoded frem G. W. Baker to said school
distriet, all of whiih will be eold to satisfy said
eiecut.on ih /svor of Benftmm Chambliss. Sale
to confeend ^sreeA tht no^n of nid£ 6'alock
i* the forenoon and four o'elock in the afternaooii
of (aid day. MeCLOUD, Sheriff Mus. Co.
I'yT—"j' *-1frs fes |3 —-I»4
ft "fl
DAVID G. MeCLOUD, Sheriff of Museatino
County, will sell.at Public Auction, at the door
of the Court House,,in said county, on Saturday,
tho 6th day of September, A. D. 1357., between
the hours of nine o'clock in the forenoon and four
o'elock in the afternoon of said day, the following
described Koii Estate, viz Lit N ten (If) iu
Block No. sixtv-two (82j in the City of Musca*
tine, Iow.i. Said sale to be in aocordaaee wUb Um.
following notic? of foreclosure
THE STATE OF IOWA, c- 4 2 is t.
Pendleton Sands K, 2
1'itchford Thoniaf—
Poage JnS ph
Pulcher fcseph
Rice John W
Rietaseh Conrad
Roberto JaiueS If
Hotrgers A
Ruppa Samuel
Smith Weeloy
Pnyder George
btoddart M»reth
^tnry Rev Alert
Stacy William, 2
Btuckley L'wis
Suilivan Jeremiah
Swift David, 2
To John Taylor, and all others whom doth or
may conoern, or whir may claim an interest in
real estate, lands and tenements hereinafter de
Silt:—You are hereby notified that Stephen
Smith claims of you the foreclosure of yottr right
to redeem frort a mortgage, bearing date the 13th
day of January, A. D. 1856, and duly filed and
reoorded aoi^ng the reoords of thfe county of Muj
oatine ia Haok reoo'rfs of town
lots, otl the following real estate in said oounty ot
Muse .tine And State of loir.i, vie number
ten (10) in block number sixt-,-two (f2), saiet
mortgage being eijouted by said Jjiu laylor to
Jacoo Batltfr, W secure tSe payment of a promis
sory note of which the fol owii n is a copy, viz:
$1000. M'lsoatioo, lit" Jiauary, 185tf.
«S montbi after date I promise to pay Jacob
Sutler or order one thoufand dollars wiitt ten per
cent, interest, value received.
Said note hiving be_-n assigned and transferred by
said Jaeob Butlor to said deep en Sunta, and saiu
notealso having a oroiit iud^rseJ tuereoi fur tho
amount of foarioen 10 IPD dollars,
Now unless said note with accrued and aasrniog
interest thereon, and the oosts of tli proceediug
shall be pail on wr before Saturday, tioptember tho
6th, A. D. 1857i Davia G. MoCloud, Sheriff ot
Muscatine county, or his tuoetsors in office, will,
on the said Gth day ef September, A. U. 1857, be
tween the hours of nihe o'clock in the forenoon
and four o'eloek in the afternoon Jf taid day, sell
tho aforesasd premises, to wit: Let ten (10) in
block sixty-twe (02), iu the oity of Masjitti ue, at
Publio Aucticu, to the highest bidder therefor fcr
eash, at the door of tho Court House, in the city of
Muscatine, oounty aud b'.atc aforesaid, after (ub
hs'ilng notice of tho time, place and terms of s.Ue
in aoourdanco with the provisions of Chapter 118
of the CoJe of Iowa, for the purpose of paying
the amount ef the promissory note aforesaid, wicu
accruing4intorost and oosts, also the oosts of
this proceeding. BEJiKY O'CONNOR,
D. J. MoCloud, At y for Stephen biuith.
Sheriff Al. C.
Aogust 1, 13
57—w2w—prs fee $8"
John Walburn, on'the tenth day
of July, D. l3.)7» oxcQiueJ .to the order
of John SteiLkoff, a promivssr no'.e for *.he turn
of Two Hundred dollars, autl on trie :amu day ex
ecuted to said StcinkoH' aud his atsijjns, a mort
gage, to secure the jayi^ent of said note, on tbe
UX'owing descfib^i Keil Kstace, viz: TI10 nortaern
sixty acres of the seutli half ot the nortb-wc.st
quartor Oi section No. twenty seven (1*7) iu town
ship No. s»veuty--,c\o-i (77) range one! I) west situa
ted in iMu=c» tiue county and State of 1-JWJ wliicti
note and taor'.gage are now owned and possessed
by Geo'ge A. Sprin«or, by tir^ue of an ajignmoi
from the said SteiuKctl' tothjsaia Springer, ana
Whereas, there is now due »n said noie the *um ot
Two Hundred Doll a's, will eight percent intend
thcren from he tenth day of July, A D. 180(5,
and wheieas, I have, by the direction of said
Springer, served on the said John VVallium, the
notice in such eases aade and provided by law.
Now, therefore, by virtue of the premises, and
by virtue ot the power and authority ia me vested
by law, 1 will, on Saturday tho X'.uu jgy
gust, A D. I-io7. betiv-en ttie hours wf nine o'clock
A. M. and lour o clock e. U. cf said day, at the door
of the Court House, in the city of Muscatine and
tftate of Iowa, proceed o sell at public outcry, to
be highest biduu for cash, all the right, title ahd
nterestof the said Jo n Walburn iu tha above de
scribed mortgaged premis s, or so inuua thereof as
shall be necessary 10 satisfy said note of .wo hun
dred dollars, and interest, with all the legal costs of
this proceeding. McCbUUl,
Sheriff, Musaatino Co.
Mttcoatine July 24,1857—al w2c—prs fee $5
virtue of an Execution to me directed and
delivered truiii the office of the clerk of the
District Court of MuscatiLO cour.tj (State of Iowa,
aguini't the goods and chattels,laud and tenements
of M~thia& iiei ziLger, 1 have levnd upon ai.d will
expose to sale, oji Satur ay, the 22d day of August,
A. D. 1!S57, at the Court House-door, in the city
of Muscatine, the ,'bliowlng described property,
t-wit: Xto neith- a quarter of the north-wei'
quart«r lot .\o. 6, eio |it 74 teres frein tbi north
west oefner of Siidlo. deoed to lienjatnin Nye,
from Alheit M. Leo —lot No. 5, excej 5 & 2S 100
acres from the east end of said lot —lot No. (4) anJ
also lot No. (3) z 3 A 67-100 aei os 'nm the
east side, conta'uin.cr in all IU5 acres more or less,
all in sectioh 21, township seveny-fctvtn (77) N.
R. one (1) east if the 5th P.iM Muscatine, !na,
all of wtinh will be sold to satisfy snid txceu ion
in favor of Robert fatter.on and Af'uba Nyo.
Sale to commence between the horrs of niac
o'clock in the foiencon and fcur o'chik in tleaf
tsrnocu of Said dfry. O MeCLOUD,
Sheriff Musca'ine Co.
Mncatire, Jdly 24,1857—augl-w2t-prs fee
an execution tome (lirectSi and
dslivex^a ^0 enico of tho i i vk of the
Distrio. Court of Muscatine county, State of Iowa,
against th goods aud chattols, lanes and tenen ents
ef Jobn EscDback, I have levied upon and will
expose to sale, on Saturday, the 22ddayof August,
A. D. 1*57, at the Court Uousa door, in the «ity
of Muscatine, the following descriU3 property,
to-wit: The north-ea"t "ftlarter of tho Dorth„west
quarter lot No. 6, except 7^ acres'fr.im the north
west corner of. said'ot, deeded to. Beijimin Nye,
(rom \^ert M. L09—l^it No. 5, A-jept 5 A 23-100
acres from the e*sc und of said lot—1j N 4 and
al-o^o' 3, cx iept 3 & 57-10!) acres from tho east
side, contaiuln ifl all 195 acrs mjre loss, all in
sect on 21, township sevensj-scvea (77) N. K. one
east of the 5th P. M.. Mu ca ine, Iowa, all of
wtiich will he sold tosati.-fy siid execution in favur
cf .Robert PAttorson and Azuba N'yc. Sale to ctiu
mencef between ?ho hoifrs of nine o'clock in the
forenoon and four o ohok in the afornooa cf said
day. DG McCLOUl), Sheriff Muscatine Co
Muscatine, July 24, i857—angl-w2t-prs fee $3
Valuable Property for Sale I
OFFER for sale three seres oT lnnd with three
houtie: situated between the forks of the It w
City and Tipton Roads,a mile and three quartrrs
from tho main part of the city. It will be sold
altogether of 1/1 parts to suit purctasers. On the
premises is an excellent well and ifcrie eigteris
The situatim wttiic fce a cbtice ci e fri a lotvl ci
might be converted into a very pleasant OcuLtry
If not disposed of at private sale Before tte
4th day of October, the abovo premises will be
sold at auction st ten o'clock on tbat day.
For farther particulars enquire of the subscriber
om tbe premiers. .JAMfiS DUNN.'
Muscatine, July 18, Io5t—daw2m
oid§ & iSoiku,
a nice assortment of
Plttiti, Barred thd Dotted Muslins,
A full link of Childrens' Hose,
huff, Pink, atid Biue Chambray Ginghams,'
We are also in receipt' of a second supply cf
t|io^ nne, fingeilesc Lsce Mitts.
W* are closing out .for .sh etir nlife slo^k cf
Bareges, Lawns and Embroider its at tost to make
io»m for our Fall.tcpply. 6. 4 B.
oa hands a good wssorC^Rits ai
Shdeting, or Pillow Case JLinen, which We a 0I0
sing out cherp. CBliS A IJOIfN.
178 2,1 St., MUSCATINF IOWA.
Who has the largest stock in the State, and
Issellirg tl ai
Particnlarly his high price VELVET and
GItiT ?A'f ER^ also, BORDERS and
The trade supplied at the lowest rates.
Do not forget the plaoA,
Burnett's Sook ^tore,
tier 123 Main stre^tf
Aro now reeeivihg tliei^
tint St) Caps,
&c. &C-, &C.
be found a good assortment of
French sod Am. Lawns, Prints, JaecBcts,
French Organdies, Tarletinel, Challies,
Fren'sh and Am. Prints anfl ehinti, gTensdlnes,
F'.ain bertges, jaoonet cartifries, pl'tt Apl'dswiss,
Plain and fig'd Bishop Lawns,
Wrought window curtains,
Black aad Fancy &ilksN
Calico Ginghams and Checks in all their vsrietief
Fancy CagSimerc3,Salinot?,
Ermmet/i Cloths for ChiMtttis
York Mills plaids, and itripes, Merimack,
Indian head anl Fueom denims
White and colored Flannels, Kentucky JeaM,
Brown and bl'd Muslins, a full assortment)
CoI'd and paper cambrics, tickings,
Hickory shirting, clieek shirling,
Seanilo.-s sacks, baiting and ftaddiag.'
ih all their varieties is full and eempletOi
1,1 K G00 US
Bleached and brown Damask, Table liaen,
Damask Napkins and Dowlies, Irish Lineni*'
Linen onmbrie and Wr't Handkerchiefs,
Union, and cotton table cloth*,' brown Lines/ Hol
land and Duck.
English Tapestry, English Ingrain,
Am. Ingrain three-ply and ttair earMtti"
Qil cloths, 4-4, 6-4, &-4 wide
We would CK.11 tUe attention bf oijr cusVmersto
our stock of CARPETS, which l'i mofefhll ahdoom
leto than tiny in the city.
ton MEif & Bbf S' WEAR.
Slcois & Shoes
5 T'S cosrse kip and calf Boots and Shoes,"
Men's do do do do.
Women's kip and calf and goat Boclocs, Buskihs
and .Shoes.
Ladies' silk, lasting, Glovt-Kid apd Goat,.
Congress and laoe Gaiters, Missis3 and children's
Oaitcr?, bootees, plain and fancy Shoos,
Ladies' Sardals, lasting Gaiters, broad,' soft
article for old ladies'wear. ...
Our stock ef BOOTS arul SHOfig, ^ere purchas
ed before tbo rise id Eiock, aad vrll) be Mid at oar
usual low rates.
A full assortment of Men's,and Boyrs gtft WoSf
Panama Marciibo, Curacoa and Leg
horn, French and Am. Casbmer
Ladies' soft, st aw, Leghorn and fancy Bohhdto.'
e n o i
China Tea Setts, gold lined, .t,
Faucjjr Chamber setts,'and a full i&ofime^t of*
comhion Wafei
Moline Snd Rock Island Flows.
Cast steel shovels, spades, hoes aud forks. Lo,
trace chains, Cordago, large and. small
cords and clothes line1', sacKing and seine
Common aad Thimble Skeins iron
•f «a.i^
Cubs/ New 6rlesns and Clarified Sugar, Golden
syrup, sugar house .-ymp and Molassts,and
half bbls and 10 gal. kegs.
A eloice articl? of Fig.Vinegar.
Jno, Mfoolia and Java.
Our qsnalchoicebrrindjof ,•
Green To? in 2, 3, 4,5 and 6 lb. boxes.
Raisins, Currants, Cao Fruits, Pickles, anrfaful
assortment ot spices, Ac*, Ac., At.
Muscatine, Aptil 16,1857— dawtf
ril Illy partnership existing $nd«t the nCme and
A style of Doty, Swank A Daty is this day dis
solved by mutual coiiscnt. IJ'he.bocks and ac
counts aie in the bands of D. D. Doty, who ie.au
tborizfd to settle .tbe samo. and, to reneive all dues
antftojiay aft dtbts of taid portcfrfhip
A K K W i i
subsariber would most retpeotflilW lifeMl
thecitisens ot Mascstlae aaiviolnit/ that tm
bas takes one of the
Imperial a:nd BlacS
Tea, i
Hard and soft shall
l-Jfliifsh WaliuttJ
Kafsias.Figs, ,.
^ru'nes-ond Cur-ant#
Frvh Peaches in cans,'
Preserves of variot/s
Museatine, June 3,1857.
N SWAfJlt,
Atslissa, July 1st, 1357—
The business will be continued at the old stand
by tbe undersigned, where be will be happy to see
his old customers, and promises to effer them in.
ducementa tbat will guarantee satisfaction.'
D. D. DtttY.
Ataligsa, July 1,1357—july!)-w4w
X.^OOiD^PLLiKQ idUSE,with 12
reruns Enquire c(
recently fitted dp S
the old Amerioan Hotel, here he has opt(4 (fit
of the largest and best assortment or
Ready-made Clothing and Gtrifle
men's Furnishing Ooodi!
ever brought to this market, which* ih iilf 1 nmwl''
ses the f6Ho*inr, viji:
-Extra fini and medium quality cloth' 1
colors, Harris' cassimere Sachs and Froots," Iweed
and Jeans. Italian cloth, Farmers' Eatin. Alaaca
IT ii. «!\.r.
Sacks snd Frocks^ Casbmarett, Marseille.
Tlhtslahd White Linso, Ac., ke. ~Trt-'
Eflri iinp and medium black Aaykin caHlaer**,'
fai ffy cassimeres Of the latest jtyles ands pattermy.'
including Harris* CMS. a lsrj|e Mmtment of SatU'
nett both bl'k asd fancy, Tweed ana JOUQS, ItalUa
cloth and bl'k Alpaca* Farmers' Mils, ManieilMf
ducK. drab «nd wh«fe llnfin," &n2T a fatft MseUairav
ef cottonades, &e itc.
Extra fine and medium bl'k Satin, fajljjy.W'k an*'
Marseilles, together with a law auortjoeat of
cloth, eass., tweet). Farmers' Satitt, Italian doth
and Alpaca, 4c in
Alio, a large assortment of TOUTH aad BOYS
CLOTHING, «nd a-general assortment at
Cents' FurnlahlDK Qo^djs,
including wbite and fanpy ^birt/i and Coflart, dtotfki^
and Neck Ties, linen and silk Pooket li'dfi rs, Bai
pen^ers, Hosiery, Ac ile., w
I would take tha pleasure kete to state, l6at «ty,
stock of clothing iricliicJes a FlNEtf aad BJ^TKFT
QUALll ot goods, and of.
Far Superior Worlttwn*hip
to any that is usually found in olothina stores.
I would most respectfully a-k the pAlieto
and examine m^ stock before pur^aiing •Isswher^.'
By strict .attention' to h«4ineas,* I hope i9 ftetft a'
share of the juhlicpatronage.
24 street, 2 deers from Iowa Avenue,
Jane 3—daw3in
fn the ola American Hote'
HIS Elixir for the Tecv.h aad Gami com bines,'
in a ccccentrated form, t»e fnost desirable.
It arrests dccay of tbe Teeth.
It euros canker in the mouth.
It iii unsurpassed as a garglft.
It acts as a detergent after smoking.
It renders the gums bard and healtny.'
Itjiedtralises tb offensive secr6ti&ns of tt#
It imparts to tbe breath fragrance peculiarly
aromatic and pleasant.
It has received the sdcotion and patronage of
tho most eainentoi thfc Dental and Msdloal fae
ulty. ..
Preparod only by Joseph Bffrnett fc, Co., Tr«*
moot street, Boston. For ^ale,' at 50e per hbtt-e.'
by J. B. GfttAHAJJ^'
from a German Re«ip«, obtaia«(
by the late Jonas Whitcomb, in Europe, ft
is well Lnown to have alleviated this disorder in^.
bis c-a.e when all other appliances o Medicalskilr
bad been abandoned by him in despair. In no Caso
of purely Asthmatic character, has it failed to giro
immodiate relief, and it ha& etHeted many perma
nent cures. Joseph Barrett & Co., Boston, Pro
prietors. For sale, at $1.00 per bottle, by
As a wash for the Scalp it has no superior,' re
soevip^ Dandruff, and thereby promot ng the"
grt wth of tho hair. Sufferers from
Will find instant relief by rubbing °.Um? ^allistadf
thoroughly into tho parts affected.
Prepared only by Josepn Buxnett A Co., Bosto^
For sale by J. E. GRAHAM', a) fl
o i
#OR rLATORfej(«k, i
Cvstnrds, Pits, Blane Mhnge, Ice Creqmtf
Jellies, Sbupsj Gravies, Saiicei, £e., Sic.
Tho superiority of these Extracts oonsist*|B th
Perfect Ptirity and Grllii Stren^tfe',*
Tbey are entirely free fr«m the poisonous ails'
auff Scids which enter into the composition of
nrapy of the f.acUtioqg fiait flavors now in star
jet. They are highly copcsntrated, have (all the'
freshness and delicacy of the fmltR frem which'
they ai e prepared,.and are less expensive.
Joseph Burnett Co.,' Manufacturers and Pro.'
prietors, Trer?ont stmt, Bolton. For saie.br
julyl7-dawGm J. E. GRAHAJt!
FH E SH tfRR IVttLnt
just receired from Boston a large q!jaatlt
cf Groceries, which were earefullw W
Groceries, which were carefully ,,JLI
himself, which he will seU.very cheap for eash..
Artinntp Iiiq a*a
Among his stook are t^followin
Java, Ceylon and lfio
o e e
Y. Hyson, G^nowder,'
70 doz Pastels O^Tarionf
sixes and pattern^,
Tubs. bn^k'4t^^iu'ra#/
Sugar bo*i s,'.
Wagon* SIM EA^S
»»g«r, ...
Spanish, iTinci
other Cigars/
CollRope^, ,. ..1,
Superior cordi nadf
Salt, nails, ....
Window, glass,
And everything belonging to a grocery etera.1... ,i_
Cement for Cisterns kejit oonstaiu^
HAVE on band a good assortsifnt. of, ^a|h,
Doors,Window Blinds, GliSed Windows aa4
Wall Psper, which lam offe^ng fo» sale-cheaper,
than ever before offered in. this mark«tSi4t Ne. 19
Iowa Avenue, opposite tbe banking Honteof Isetf
and Brewster.
Do not mind what an? body tells joy,about tfciv
quality cf my srtirJci, but come and examiae .far,
yourselves, ar.d ycq will be satiffifd tbat I. keep,
tne bett artfclci and sell chcaper than anv lepa, w
this plac*. .- M. COUCH.'
Museatine, July 25—tf
GOOD second hand.enrine, 8'l-14veii hoNial
inoh' stroke, with all the. fixture*y«Halah£
fn an in/ili a* nn•uta a
to an engine, such as pump«,fupBlgpl(«a^Aa.., MS.
ferther particulsrsjapply to D. Proner, at Steia«
Hill's plaaiug milj
v"'ij A
E will sell ia cne body or in lots 01
eaeh, 20 aor'sof good tim^ertd.lMd,aitaat
ed«n tho Cedar river, 8 mils fr/m Muscarine aad
adjoining tho Cedar Bridge road, the fotl*«.
ing terms: j, .• •,.
$20 per acre,one half icr hand and
the *n*aaoe
in one or two years. 1
Mnscatlne, July H,'57—tf «»,
fffOE copsrtae'rrhip heretofore existing bdt4*eiM
H. Geissaad F. Tappe, under Ibrf Sa»#te*
style of Qeist A Tsppe, in the urtig httsi^rs, kH"
this day been^iissolved by mdttiat consent. Mr.
II. Geis.s is authorised to iiaSe se'ttlrmrnts ceMaa
ed with the old .firm. UENKY GElBCk'
Suly 2d, 1857 FRED. TAPPE,
Having bought the interts^ of ill.
shall C52tinu6 the drag basimes heretofore carried
cnbyGciss & T»j pe, under the ixa ef Httry
A-% *4«.

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