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Freiwl) tfiirrinon unci all their artillery".
iJi'U. Rauencre hits ordered liis army
from the City of Mexico to retake Ta
NEW YOIUC, June 15.—The Richmond i
Examiner of the 8th, says more than
lticlunoml, it iH'ing made a general de
pot for prisoners. Union officers are
ouartere.f at Macon, Georgia. Letters
I'ispiitoli to ttu- Muscatine Jonimii.i '»-V4'*
afternoon, shortly after the
steamSi, l^ivenport, of the Xortljfern
Line, lia\lassed
across the rV'''r
)lt this
structure tlie draw was theiiSjpeucd atju it
was soon wrapped in flames.
The Levee, &e., were thronged ^x^tlh
spectators, and the locality of the bridge
with helpers.
On the Rock Island sine the troops at
camp double-quicked to the spot, fortu-|
a line for passing water, though
the direction of the wind that side was
les^ exposed to datnjer than this side.—
It was ouly by tlu»uunit.i*trmutuis etlbrts
the part of the rail rout
I men, tiremen
ano v Wizens generally, that the entire
structuri vWas saveii.
The heat ..V
intense, and the tlallies
raged like a lion.
In about half aii- »i-nir the draw fell: hospital
into the river with a
and lloated down stream. iv-u i,ier in uenert' hospital.
over feet long, comitosed of heV 1'ritz .-iloUtlHr K, throu«h head killed,
timbers framed "into a' net-work anil
KlVtkt, "lit IUK iUlll\' aiRC lv/ i n v till* I. I" i i i. v
infr and freighting public through this
The body of the lamented Major
John, of your city, lie* here to-night,
and will reach Muscatine in the morn
^ig. Yours, SMITH.
"WASHINGTON, June 15.—
Si tuitv.— Mr.
Trumbull, from the Judiciary Commit
tee, rej)orted on the House resolution in
the case of Messrs. Blair and Schenck,
with a resolution declaring that when
an officer of the United States army,
whose resignation has been duly accept
ed and taken effect is qualified and en
ters upon the duties of another office,
he is hereby out of the office previously
held, and cannot be restored to it with
out. a new commission and qualification.
The resolution was ordered to lie print
Mr. "Wilson, from the Military Com
mittee, reported the House bill entitled
An act to amend the act to define the
pay of .certain officers in the United
States service," approved July 17, 1.SG2.
The Senate then, by a vote of 26 to (j,
refused to take up the bill of Mr. Pow
ell to prevent military interference in
State elections.
The House bill to repeal the fugitive
slave law was called up by Mr. Sumner.
Mr. J'owell moved to refer it to the
Judiciary Committee. Lost—21 to 14.
The bill was then, on motion of Mr.
Sumner, referred to the Select Commit
tee on Slavery and Freedmeh.
JfoHsc.—The House resumed the con
sideration of the constitutional amend
ment to abolish slavery.
Mr. Farnsworth, of 111., was surprised
at the speech of his colteague, Mr. Ross,
last night. It was fullof disparagement
of the administration and new state
ments in regard to the manner in which
the war was being carried on, while
there was nothing in it reprehensive of
the course of the rebels. He claims that
his party are the friends of the soldiers,
but what was the course of the gentle
man and his friends in regard to voting
supplied? They invariably voted against
granting supplies for the soldiers. When
a bill WJIS introduced here the other day
to punish guerrilla*—those as*asgins who
rob and murder soldiers and citizens—
they opposed it. When the Consti
tution was framed there were but about
50,(wx» slaves in the land, and we never
contemplated a permanent continuance
of the institution. The greatest care
Wits taken that no word should
corpora ted in that instrument which re
cognized property in man. Our fathers
expected that the institution would soon
become extinct. He traced the increase
and power of slavery and its enormous
and increasing aggressions against the
rights of free speech, and the opposition
which was excited against the inhabit
ants by these tiggressions. He cited sta
tistics in order to show the relative pro
gress in population and wealth of the
free and slave States, showing the inju
rious effects of slavery on the progress
and welfare of the community in which
it exists. He thanked God that the
manhood of the negro had been recog
nized by this nation. This they did
wlien they placed the uniform of a sol
dier upon him.
Mr. Thayer, of Pa., replied to the as
sertion of Mr. Wood, of X. Y., that
slavery was the best possible condition
of the negro, and denounced the asser
tion as monstrous, infamous, barbarous
and inhuman.
Bf*L,We are all interested in the fall of
Richmond and Atlanta, and it is also
important to know that you can get at
J. A. Bishop's an article of pure WHITE
WINTER WHEAT FI.OCK, superior to
anything ever offered in this city. It is
a great deal better than St. Louis or any
other brand of flour in this market, and
considerably less in price. You who arc
fond of snow-white bread, give it a trial.
If you want a cheap flour, he has an ar
ticle he sells at $1.40 per sack. As Bish
op is reducing his stock, he is offering
great bargains in groceries, and those
•who want to buy goods cheap had better
give him a call and save money.
Bishop's establishment is nearly op
posite the State Bank.
WORMS! WORMS!—Mothers,save your
Children, Thousands of Children die
yearly from Worms whose lives might
be saved. Mothers, use Dr. Churchill
Worm Lozenges which will surely kill
and expel them from your children.
Children will eat them as readily as any
candy. For ('ought, Colds, etc., uxe
Shieldto' Compound Cough Lozenges.
For sale by all druggists in Muscatine
and by druggists everywheret
15,«(0 prisoners are at Anderuonville,!
Georgia, and that upward? of 3000 diet! Keineinl»er the X..
wUh ,he
fort hese prisoners should be prepaid to tions reit is cd for tourorsix monlli«at tin-same ,f liu-iUrm for n tnivn heiiifr
these new quarters In all .-as,-* thscissh must accompany the
The HW.rs AVa^liiiigtoiispeciaUavs: surrounded by good farming land, and
An informal meeting of the Republican appears to be doing considerable busi
mciuhers of ('ongross, waK held, to con- fferBss of tlie i^sllj and TH.Hcokijr. liess in grain and merchandise. From
shier the !?:t00 exemption clause. Many On tlie 1st of July next, the subscription price
ideem it injudicious, ami the impre*- of the Uiu.v Jouknal wilt be advanced to *7,00
:^ioii is hilt it will not ]uss lit* Ho list*. pt'i* year Font by mail, or $7,50 delivered in tlie Ulil©St is a pmirio ithout SI 0 Oil
VWitliin a few days a draft for -00.OQd .city. The Tri-Weekly will be $4,00 per year, or the entire route. The land, however, i*
^\r« men is oxpoeted to he onlered. eent* per month. Advance Kubseriptionu for well adapted to farming, and at 110 dis-
tb«' pres-
iiAVKXi'oiiT, June 15.—About three ami abounding with wealth. The raiS-
XuwutlM Unntf I'atin Ceuventlon.
The I'nionistsof Museatlneeounty are invited
to assemble in Muss Convention at the Court
House, in the eitv of Muscatine, on Saturday,
wanl bound K' ^u WUS diseov- I tlieiadny of July next, at ten o'clock p. in., for
ered tb be oil ttS£- The locality of the purpose Of selectiuK delegates to attend the
'i on State, (ingrt-ssional and Judicial I liion Con
flre was difficult iiccess, aild lanntHl vcntions li he lu hl ,MHn tliereafter, and for the
by a strong wind spn.^1 rapidly, despite tranaaction of such other business as may b«
persistent ellbrts of tlieVyatchmen and deemed necessary to secure a triumphant vlcto
i.i'y at the polls In November.
guards on the '.ridge. 1 o ^o tlu man -M.
K 1)A
VIS, ch'n Central Com.
Lilt of Klllod and WounilMl of the SStll
lows \'«lunt«erM at the Battle of River
Lake, on tlie (th of June, 1864.
Allium John, Major, .'Vitli Inft'y, jnortally,
mjjli the intestine*, died on Tth.
Pill, 1\severe ilesh, left leg, in quarter!.
.! I'eter I.yson, 1), severe flesh, left thigh,
Corp V'ilham Brandt, I, through Intestines,
from i uuied.
Corp Clif ford S llarkalow, P, slight In left
shoulder. iiNiuarters.
....... -Nmth, sth Iowa,slight in left ear,in
j'.'.'-iVpn jtuner.-C, Kth, slight In right ear, in
i or Patrick slattery, through the head, breast
ami anil, killed.
Patrick lledman. E, through intestines,killed.
John McPonough, K, through breast, killed.
1 ta\Tin t» Puboise, l», through intestines,
John McKtroy, K, througli riglit hip, general
tren^^OU!,crash, WiUiain l-vuinvint, K, through the right hip,
ballasted with stones continued to burn,
and will'continue for a long time vet. ..
Mr. l'reston, late road master on the Uiv. lx^itei writers should be careful
M. «& M. R. R., was in charge of the
bridge, his family living inthe house on still persist rln using the revenue stamps,
the piei. 1 he members of his family .vde exju-esslV to put upon legal papers,
all escaped, but lost most of their house- ,n,
hold belongings.
Tlie length of the draw was about 175
money loss of the structure was
but the annovanee to the travel-
kind of stamps. People
l^tawe stain j.-
for postage stanijH?. They are worthless
when thus used. rUiose who put them
on letters subject thelVtcorreiipoiulents to
pay double the amount of what the
wou e
interruption of rail connection, is al-1 stamp were used.
most incalculable. It will take weeks,
if not months, to replace the draw.
llavenport feels blue. MAJOK ABRAM JOHN.—The CXucago
]»y the burnfcig of the bridge the tele- Tribune, of Sunday morning, brougrKt to
n w i e w i i s a i e o v e e o u i y e a i n u i n e i e n e o
river on pole* fastened to the bridge} was eath of our esteemed
torn down and now lies in the river,
thus cutting off communication with
the East. But litt le delay will be caus
ed by this in the transmission of busi
ness, as, until the wire is replaced, bus
iness will be ferried over from Daven
port to Rock Island and repeated, and
vice rcrsa. The ire will probably soon
be repaired, when we will again be in
direct communication with tlie East.
if the pRoper postage
Major Jiilin. Jlis name is reported
among the killed in General Smith's re
cefit fight with Marmaduke, near Co
lumbia, Arkansas. Xo particulars have
reached us, but enough is known to cast
a dark cloud of gloom and sadness over
our entire community. For many years
previous to his enlistment Major J. had
been engaged in mercantile pursuits in
this city, whereby he was brought into
daily and hourly contact with all class
es. Xone knew him but to esteem and
love him. His was a warm and gener
ous heart that assumed nothing, but
possessed sterling qualities. When the
President made his appeal to the people
in 18v}, Major John was not slow to re
spond, but with that earnestness and
zeal, so characteristic of the man, suc
ceeded in gathering around his compa
ny standard a body of young men, who,
for intelligence, moral worth and tried
courage, had no superiors. He became
Captain of company B, 35th regiment.
After tlnf resignation of Lieut. Col.
liothrock, Captain John was promoted
to the position so honorably filled by
him at the time of his death. By his
uniform kindness to his men—his thor
ough discipline and unflinching brave
ry, he was loved by all his comrades.—
After having passed through the stormy
scenes and bloody carnage of the Red
river campaign, Major John turned his
face to the Xorth to meet again his
country's foes who were in the rear, im
peding the navigation of our great river.
But the brave soldier, the upright citi
zen, the kind husband and father, has
fallen in battle, with his face to the ene
my. He has left a sorrowing wife and
three children to mourn his lieroic death.
The sympathies of our people ara with
them in this hourof their
sorrow. Peace
to the ashes of the patriot.
have been shown the drawingsand plans
adopted by the building committee for
the edifice proposed to be erected by the
First Baptist Church, on the corner of
Third and Cedar streets. It is to be a
frame, of the Gothic style of architec
The size of the building is to be 44 by
62 feet outride of the studs. The vesti
bule in front is to be 8 by 14 feet 6 inch
es, and the building to contain first.and
second stories. The basement has a lec
ture room, an infant class and a Bible
room a closet for a library and three
other closets for coal and lumber rooms
also, a large vestibule in front. The first
story has a large audience room, with
recessed pulpit, with closet on one side
and back stairway on the other. Choir
seats are over the vestibule.
The plans and specifications of the ed
ifice were drawn by Mr. W. L. Carrcll,
of Davenport, an architect of deserved
popularity. He constructed the hand
some mansion for Geo. C. Stone, Esq.,
in this city, now owned by Judge Ricli
nian. He was also the architect of the
Cedar county Court House, the hand
somest structure of the kind in the State.
Mr. Carroll not only understands how to
give those beautiful proportions to a
building which some writer felicitously
calls "frozen music," but he displays
much taste and an easy style in drawing
up his plans and writing out his specifi-.
cations. Our Baptist friends were for
tunate in securing his services.
Tlie western train was detained three
hours yesterday morning, by the wreck
at the scene
of the late railroad accident,
near West Liberty. The engine has
been taken to the repair shop at Daven
port. The estimated cost of repairs is
about $5,000—about one-third the value
of the engine.
We understand that the engineer, Mr.
Smith, was somewhat better yesterday
morning. His recovery is considered
doubtful. He was thrown a distance of
fifty feet by the explosion.—Daily, lMft.
Dr. Wier has arrived, and will re­
main till Tuesday evening. He can be
found at the Irving House. See his
A Trip np th« Cedar Valley.
It is not generally known that the
traveler can l«ave Muscatine on the
morning train and reach Vinton, in
Benton county, the same day in time
..JVNE 17, 1881.
r-_-—r-=r= '°r supper.
there. Theaverage mortality isiio daily,1 Subscribers who find this mark (X)after tii^lr leave tliu cars Is Marengo, from which a
... .y' nam en will mKlcrttum! tlmt tho tinu they have
WITH 8 prohju'ti oi sin liiercfuw. on uu4 for has expired, and that the subscription daily UTIIGE is running, which will carry
........ _r... wipi
8th ovt»r 1,000 wore sont theroand on tho must be renewed by advance payment if they
9tli 1,000 more were to le sent from I
The distance is about !M)
miles—28 of it staging. The point to
the mail after the 1st of July. From
Marengo to Hlairstown, eight miles, is a
rough, barren country. Hlairstown is a
station on the Cedar Rapids Railroad-
11 lias a
Tor a tow n, oeing
j„t to Viliton a distance of twiili-
imon' tt ul8ta,Ht or
^)e ,i(,ttod over with farms
ing of wool is already attracting atten
tion in this section. One man sheared
a thousand head of sheep, the average
yield of wool being over four pounds per
head. He said it was worth to him
about three thousand dollars
Vinton has a beautiful location on the
south bank of Cedar river, which is
here spanned by a good free bridge.
The town contains about 2,000 inhabit
ants, a number of churches, two good
hotels, two or three large mills, &c. I
was told it is almost free from the great
curse of liquor selling, and I did not see
the drinking saloons so common in oth
er towns. The country surrounding
Vinton is beautifully adapted for coun
try residences—bordering on the prairie,
with high rolling locations. There is a
good supply of building stone in the vi
cinity. Improved lands may be had in
the surrounding country at from $12 to
$20 per acre
LATEST THE 35TH.—FromCapt.
Dill, of company D, 35th Iowa, who ar
rived home yesterday morning, we
learn that the resilient reached Mem
phis on Friday evening last, and when
he left (Saturday) was* ..camped about
two miles out of the city. Tt witi' ru
mored, however, that it would be order
ed to the front again in a few days. Col.
Hill being absent on furlough, and
Lieut. Col. Keeler sick with fever and
ague, the command of the regiment de
volved on Capt. F. W. Do ran, of com
pany E, the next ranking officer. The
regiment is now reduced to less than 300
effective men. No regiment has seen
harder service or been more faithful and
resolute in the discharge of duty than
the 35th.
The conduct of the lamented Major
John, who fell at the battle of Old Riv
er Lake, (called Columbia in the dis
patches,) is spoken of in the highest
terms of praise. He was riding up and
down the lines of his regiment when
shot through the abdomen and mortally
wounded. He lived till next morning,
suffering intense agony except when
under the influence of morphine.
—Daily, 15
kaddan has resigned the office of County
Judge and the Board of Supervisors
have chosen Henry W. Perkins, Esq.,
as his successor. Mr. P. is a young law
yer of good business habits, well ac
quainted with the duties of the office,
and will doubtless fill it satisfactorily to
the public.
Mr. Carskaddan's increasing pro
fessional business made it necessary for
him to resign or neglect some of his
official duties. Werejoicein his success,
as he deserves it.
THE 8TH CAVALRY.—We have been
permitted to read a letter from the 8th
cavalry, dated Acwortli, Ga., June 0th
It is written on the back of the com
mission to the postmaster of that town
from the rebel Post Office Department.
The letter says McPherson's command
was about to move still further in the
direction of Atlanta, about thirty miles
'distant. The 8th had lost 30 killed and
wounded in the several battles in which
it had been engaged. The Muscatine
squad in Company K were all well
been shown by Mr. Hart, artist, two
splendid steel engravings of Gen. Grant,
Cabinet-size—the largest selling at $1,00
and the smallest at 25 cents. Mr. H. has
the exclusive sale of these engravings
in Muscatine county. He has also the
President's Proclamation in full size—
price 50 cents. Any one wishing tasty
and appropriate parlor ornaments
call and examine them.
DROWNED.—Last evening, a man in
the employ of Jacob Dold, beer brewer,
while swimming a horse in the river,
near the round house, was thrown or
fell into the water, and no assistance be
ing near, drowned. He was probably
disabled by a stroke from the horse.—
We believe his name is George Loen
mutli, and understand he leaves a wife
and one small child.—Daily, 9th.
DISTRICT COURT.—The case of Velie
vs. Funck was given to the juryThursday
Evening. The charge of Judge Rich
man is spoken of by those who heard it
as most able, candid and searching.
P. S. The verdict was for the plain
tiff. It could not have been otherwise,
the testimony leaving no doubt of fraud
in voting and unfairness in making out
the returns. What next
THE 44TH.—Capt. Dill reports that the
44th Iowa (100 days' men) arrived at
Memphis last Friday. The 2d cavalry
was still camped near Memphis at that
Presbyterian Sabbath School
Exhibition, Tuesday night, was a grati
fying success. The hallwasfilled toover
flowing, and the performances reflected
credit op. all. concerned.
cago Tribune devotes but little space in
its coluins to public exhibitions, but
when it does endorse one, the public
can depend that there is merit in the in
stitution that receives its sanction. The
subjoined js what it said editorially of
the Equescurriculum,—which, by-the
way, is to exhibit here on Tuesday, the
21st inst.:
Lent'N collection of curyositles, wonders and
amusements, has left us. Kor three days the
large tent has been crowded almost to .suffoca
tion, afternoon anil evening, the pretw 011 the
last occasion lieins greater than at first. From
appearances, Mr. Lent might have profitably
prolonged his stay. Taken as a whole, tlie
troup combines li greater amount of variety
than any which has honored Chicago with its
presence within the memory of the ''oldest in
habitant." We need not enumerate tlie numer
ous points presented. They ha*e been witness
ed by our citizens. Tlie bill was a large one,
and promised much, hut it has been filled."
We have heard a citizen remark that
he saw the "Eques" in the Garden City,
and that it was "the best show he had
ever seen." It is endorsed well by press
and people. Therefore we feel no hesi
tancy in recommending those of our
readers who approve of such things to
attend the great, combination of exhibi
BSUJ. Orey Tebow, of Co. A, 85th
Iowa, who was wounded at the battle of
Pleasant Hill, arrived home Tuesday.
He is still suffering from a bad looking
wound in his lower jaw, but is
able to go
about and will probably soon recover.
EST Brown's Bronchial Troches or
Cough Lozenges, cure Cough, Cold,
Hoarseness and Influenza, or any Irra
tation or Soreness of the Throat.
''Great service in mbdning Hoarseness."
"The Troches are a staff of life to me."
Pres. Hamilton College, Clinton, X. Y.
The Asylum for the Blind, located at
this place, is an honor to the State. The
building is well constructed for durabil
ity and comfort. The unfortunate class
of our race that are there seem to appre
ciate and enjoy the provisions made for
them. It is really a wonder and a plea
sure to hear a blind man reading at the
top of his voice chapter after chapter in
the Bible,or passages in Milton's works,
by the moving of his fingers over the
paper. The inmates excel in music any
like number of persons I have ever met.
They also understand various mechanic
al arts, such as making brooms, &c.—
The Indies make tine bead work. The
blind inmates of the Asylum can start
and walk- from the building to the town,
half a niile, without any one leading
them—go to the postoffice and other
places of business, and seem to enjoy
ISbemselves much better when there are
a nutoaber of them together thah they
do witfhJersoii3 who can see. SR.
simple and elegant combination for
Coughs, tic."
DR. G. F. BIGELOW, Boston.
rard, tlie celebrated Spanish physician and sur
geon, who is now permanently located In Dav
enport, where for three months past he has per
formed many of the most, miraculous cures
performed in the United States,-will visit Mus
catine, and may be consulted nt the Eichelbor
ger House, on Tuesday, June 28ih, and every
succeeding Tuesday in each week for Ave
months, on blindness and all diseases of the eye,
deafness and all diseases of tlie ear, bronchitis
and all diseases of the lungs, (except consump
tion, which Dr. E. does not profess to cure,) dys
pepsia, liver complaints, diseases of the heart,
kidneys, bladder anil urinary organs, falling
fits or epilepsy, gravel, neuralgia, dropsy, slieu
matism. diseases of the bowels, nervous debili
ty, •ntarrh, piles, diabetes, indolent ulcers,and
all cutaneous eruptions, enlarged neck and all
female complaints incident to he
sex. Dr. Fer
rard's medicines are all purely vegetable, and
prepared by himself, obtain one of Dr. F.'s
circulars and read many important cures per
formed in Davenport and vicinity. Dr. F. will
be in Muscatine every Tuesday morning by tlie
flrst train from Davenport.
TERMS.—Consultations free and confidential,
but all medicine* mu.it be paid far on delivery.
Muscatine, June 17, 1S(H—wlm.
CITY FOR SAI,I .—Tlie store room occupied by
Dunsmore & Rarrus as a grain house, in Mason
ic Block, Is (i
1ft1red for sale at a great bargain.—
The house is 20 feet by 80: three stories high.
Tlie lot runs back to the alley. Possession giv
«-iV*on the 1st of July if desired. Knouire of
J. H. yl'INX,
jelldlw or I). C. CLOtTD.
100,000 poundiNyool wanted, for which the
highest market price wiill be paid in cash by
ItoTH3( HII.I Hlto.
Muscatine, May 30, '81—ilVim.
t&.OroTer & Baker's celebrated l'reiw'um
Sewing Machine Stitches and Embroiders M
perfectly that it is impossible to tell in which
It excels—for sale at the crockery store of Iiilla
way A liro.. Weed's Block. jan2l'iliw
Wri lit'* Itcjnrenatiiis' Diiiir,
Let not despondency any lunger he the pr*
Yfiiling bane of the fallen state of til# human
family. Hut. you ask, how isthistohe prevent
ed Drtjbiiuienc]/, low spirit!, itftimir, a tendency
to look upon thegloomy side of everything, are
all dtinii'lilt to drive away. Doctors "and medi
cine will not do it the ordinary stimulating
drinks of the day will not do it but. before you
give up tlie case as hopeless, try Wright's Ki-ju
Tenating Elixir. As its name designates. It will
put new life and animation into the drooping
energies yea, even young blood into your veins.
Ve who pine upon the brink of the'grave, who
may have tried in vain to raise yourselves from
the "slough ofdespair," he induced, even though
it ntay beat the eleventh hour, to try its sooth
ing influence. Sold by all respectable druggists
throughout the United States and Canada. Wee
adn •rtisomentin another column.
For sale in Muscatine by J. H. Canon «i Co.
who are suffering from indisposition to think
languor, fatigue after walking, palpitation of
the heart, distress after eating, heartburn, de
pression of spirits, desire for solitude, sick and
nervous headache, and a number of other affec
tions of this class, rendering a person unfit f(
the society of his friends or the world, we say
take the Red Jacket Stomach Bitters, which arc
sold by all druggists throughout the country.
TBF A number of years have elapsed since tlie
introduction of Ilostetter's Celebrated Bitters
to the public. The prejudice existing in the
minds of many persons against what are de
nominated patent medicines at first greatly re
tarded its sale but as its virtues anil merits be.
came known, this barrier of prejudice was over
thrown, and the demand increased so rapidly
that iii a few years scarcely a village existed in
the United States in which the alllicted had not
experienced the benetlts arising from the use of
the Bitters," and at the present day there are
to be found in all parts of the world vouche
for the great merits of the article. No great
cure for dyspepsia can be found. See advertise
ment. For sale by druggists and dealers gener
ally every
where. jeSdawlin
*#-One trial is said to convince the most
skeptical person that the Liquid Catarrh Reme
dy of Dr. D. H. Seelye is a certain curative of
that lingering and life-destroying disease—Ca
tarrh. Obtain circulars of tlie Druggist, show
ing symptoms, whereby the presence of Catarrh
in the system may be detected.
Volunteers for the army should not leave
the city until supplied with Holloway's Pills
and Ointment. For sores, scurvy, wounds, small
pox, fevers and bowel complaints, these inedi
cines are the best in the world. Every French
soldier uses them. If the reader of this notice
cannot get a box of Pills or Ointment from
the drug store in his place, let him writo to me,
80 Maiden Lane, enclosing the amount, and I
will mail a box free of expense. Many dealers
will not keep my medicines on hand because
they cannot make as much profit as on other
person's make. 8* eents, 88 cents, and $1,40 per
box or pot. JelOdwlw
Of Pennsylvania, announces to tliiseommuni
ty that lie is a practitioner of the German,
French and Spanish mode of Medical treatment,
so successfully practiced oflatein France,Spain
and America. He lias been engaged several
years in traveling and successfully treating
people who
linger under
old Chronic
How Lost! How Restored!
Just Published in a Sealed Envelope. Price
Six Cents.
A Lecture on tlie nature, treatment and radi
cal cure of Spermatorrhoea, or Seminal Weak
ness, Involuntary Emissions, Sexual Debility,
and Impediments to marriage generally Nerv
ousness, Consumption, Epilepsy and Fits Men
tal and Physical Incapacity, resulting from self
abuse, Ac., by Robert J. Culverwell, M. D., au
thor of the Green Book, Ac.
A Boon to Thoutandt of Sufferert
Sent under seal 1 n a plain envelope to any ad
dress, post paid, on receipt of six cents or two
postage stamps, by DR. J. C. KLINE,
mvscatin4 Jn&eM.
Weather warm and dry.
Crops still suffering for rain. Wheat is Injur
ed badly in many localities by both
drought and
bug. Late planted corn failed to come up the
early planted looks as well as could be expected
without rain of any consequence for nearly two
months. Tlie grass crop is light, though some
what better than last year. In stiort, however,
the prospect Is exceedingly gloomy for crops
this year. Unless we have rain soon they will
be almost a total failure.
No. 1 spring wheat SI,12 No 21,05 rejected t7
Fall Si.00(j)l,15.
Corn Hoc bush.
Hyc #1,00.
Outs 7iV.
Potatoes 50^80c.
Butter l.Stn20C.
Kggs 10c.
Chickens—None in market.
Lard I.IM IHC.
Bacon-shoulders 12c hams 17c sides 12c.
White lleans—Common to goitd $1,00®1,2»
prime navy $:i,004£:!,50.
Tallow He.
Hay—Timothy gilt per ton .for loose, 8186i$20
for tight pressed.
Sugar—X O 10' £l' ..c Portland 18©l#J^c Mus
•avado 17« Iti' .jc N A 2i}^ 2*C!4c crushed
and powdered 2lie.
Molasses—Golden Syrup $1 1001,20 Honey
Syrup 81,10 N Y Sugar House M)Q06c Union
Iteflnery $1,05 Extra Honey Syrup U8c.
Cotf'ee—-HWtM7c Java Sic.
Hiee 12.'i(rvl:Jc.
Soda 8(ij9e.
Soap—Palm (1 family 6 German 7}^c.
Caudles—Star l!K«t20e summer pressed 13}£.
Teas—Young Hyson 85®il,a5 Imperial 11,100
11(15 black tea 7:c«l,00.
Tobacco— Dark sweet .r7(ai(vc Medium brands
60rj 70c gold and natural leal' ti0cail,00.
Nails—iiest brands 37,50, rates.
Glass—Sxlo i 'ity So,00 10x12 So,2." rates.
Cordage 21ty23u (4 lb homo made 15c.
Fruit—Green apples none In market dried 110
11 la v lb dried peaches 1S01UC raisins It $5,50
layer S.'v'tfvli.
Salt-Lake 3,10.
Fish—No 1 mackerel, bbls 518020,00 No 2 $15,00
©20,00 No 1 half bbls S10,00(jj,ll,00 No2 *W,OO0«,5O
family mackerel, ill' bbls 87,5008,00 kits $2,25
hf bbls No 1 white flsh 80.75.
Wood $5,00®li,00.
Leather—Sole S8©!0c harness 4$« upper 280
SOc V foot.
Hides—Dry Flint 10c green salted 10« green
8c calf 10c. ..
Seeds—Timothy $2,%: Flax $2,25.
Feathers 55c.
Beef Cattle ^rnes extra Ce.
Wool—Clean tubwaslied 70c unwashed less.
Oils—Carbon oil 7!t'®78« retail SOc linseed oil
$l,75(vl,s0 boiled linseed 82,00 Lard oil $1,00
retail 81,20 fish oil 8l,3o0l,4O.
Beeswax :tVi 10c.
2 hoop buckets doz $X35 S hoop do $3,75.
1 hoop tubs nest $15,00 2 hoop do $13,(0 I
hoop do #12,50.
Hags—Cotton !^e.
Bar Iron 7U«v8c.
Old I nm -s4'0lc tb copper 12}^015c Brass
10c V tb.
Kxchange—On New York 14 f! cent, bankable
funds Philadelphia, Boston and Clneinno|t)^
^cent St Louis and Chicago cent.
Sheetings and Shirtings 2O0*Oc
Drills, Hrt®50c
Prints, '•i'wv.'tOc
De Laiues,
Ginghams, :5(tt50
Clark Coatcs spool, 11,40
Skein thread 31,0001,50
Farmers' ami Mechanics' sasslmsre,8Oe0tl,O
Skirt braid, 1,20,
Corset Jeans, 4t'0."iOc:
Deuiuia, 10(at7.V
Ticking, 40075c.
Lumber Narliet.
Common boards $25,00 S M.
Sheathing 22,50
Clear, 1st iuality 15,00
2d quality 40,00
:d quality 85,00
Flooring, dressed 87,50
Siding, dressed ij,00
Fencing, bst 27,50
Fencing, common .l ... 22,So
Pickets i5,ou
Scuntling, 2X4 22,50
Joist, 20 feet and under 25,00
Shingles „.... 4,5006,5#
Lath 5,50
June 1, '64—dawtf
Xew York Produce and Provision Prices
For lots as they arri ve from tlie country, re
ported expressly for the Muscatine JoritNAL, by
W. S. Mil'LL'KK iS Co., strictly Produce Com
mission Merchants, 250 Fulton street, N. Y. We
quote tar 1 tiw week ending June 15,1804
flour—Fine brands superfine state $7,57,75
Extra 7,9t'a 8,10
Low grades of Western Extra, 8,oo« 8,2"
St. Louis extra brands S,5lktll,.0
ity*—Flour bbl B,50a 7,70
Own llml hoi j,50a 7,5J
Jiljrkwtiriit—Flour V lw tt»s. 2,75a 2,HO
ll'JurU—Western winter white, ft bush 1,95a 2,00
Western red and amber 1,70a l,*d
Milwaukee winter white 1,77a 1,«2
Chicago spring, 1,78a l,sn
yii/t— 1,78a l,so
Vhrn—Mixed \vestern, 1,59a 1,0"
Yellow and white western
Oats—New York State and western, 92a 93
Northern and Eastern, U3a
jUarley— 1,45a 1,5J
Malt, 1,55a l,tkl
Saeclt—('li ver, tb 12a
Timothy, bushel 2,75a 3,iHJ
Flax, p" bushel, 2,35a j,V
—Marrowfats anil Kidneys, $ bu, 1,10
Canada peas, 1,25a 1,30
Ilti.tns—Medium and Pea, $ bushel, 2,80a 2,70
Marrows anil Kidneys 2,85a 2,80
Jin u "r
1,35a i, 15
liu'Utr—iOrange county in uails, 38a 37
y!ieh, Ind, Ills anu Wisconsin, 30a
Purk—New .Uess, V bbl, 32,25a32,50
Old Mo.s, H0,25a 10,50
Old and l.eW, prime, 2»,75i25,50
llti-f— Extra III ebb, 11»,75(«22,00
Plain mess 16,00a 19,50
Cat Miiats—Shoulders, dry salted, lb, ll'^a 12
1 ll/n
Hams, ..
14 y^a 15
18a 20
Hams, Western
Lard—In barrels and tlerceit,
In kegs and tubs,
Ha 14
I'M 13
14a 14
14a 14^
—a 14
14a 14*2
10a 11%
13a 13U
23a 21
24a 28
75a f)
2,50a :!,50
2,50a 3,i
8,50a 8,7
8,50a y,50
8,00a 8,7."
2,00a 2,25
22i 21
Dn ssed Hoyt
Ilidfs—Green, salted and trlmn^6d
Oil/ Skin*
Deer Skins,
Nun]) peitit—Each,
P')tnto"s—~t* barrel
White, %1.barrel,
Yellow i
Nuts—Hickory, bushel,
Eygs—S. Y. State and Verm-nit, 9 u.oz.
Western by express in oats
Dried Applet—%k tb.
Choice new dried
led apples, lol^a 11
plums, 2iia 22
cherries 2Ta
peaches, peeled, 27aN
unpeolod, 1.5a
raspberries, 2»ia
blackberries, 15a
llopt—Prime and choice,
Common to fair.
Yearlings, choice
Wool—Choice Saxony fleece
to full blood Merino,
tfunimon and native
Feathers—Live Geese,
Apples—Greenings, barrel,
Spi taenbergs,
Whisky—"? gallon,
High ll'inti—v gallon,
Ashet—Pots, jt cwt,
Pearls, cwt,
Honty—White clover in glass, V ft,
Maple Sugar— In large cakes,
He not only ascertains the nature of disease, as
formerly pnvctieed by Physicians, but passes on
and discovers tlie cause, however intricate the
disease may be.
Female complaints, in all their forms, treated
carefully and confidentially. I will visit and
consult patients while remaining in town free
of charge. Those living at a distance and una
ble to visit him, can be treated by sending him
a clear vial full of their morning urine, from
which the disease will be ascertaiiied.
He will beat Muscatine from the loth of June
to the 21st of June, 1884. Call early, for he can
not delay. Rooms at the Irving House.
Residence—in Toledo for the last four years,
Tama County. Iowa.
Muscatine, Jane 4. daw till
In small cakes
Furs— Mink skins,
Martin, 2,50a 3,00
Fisher, 5,OI)alO,UO
Prairie Wolf, 1,00a 1,50
Black Bear, S,OOal«,oo
Muskrat, 12a 20
Red Fox, 2,50a 8,50
Skunk, 15a 70
Oils—Petroleum, crude,
ft gallon, 40a 41
reflnea, 80a 61
White in bond 64a 65
Straw color,
duty paid," 70a 70
Naptha, ioa 40
W. S. McCLURE 4k Co.,
No 250 Fulton Street, New York,
Strictly Produce Commission Merchants
For the sale of everything in the Produce and
Provision Line. Strictly for cash and prompt
returns assured. Liberal advances made on
consignments. All goods fully insured upon ar
rival. Mark all goods distinctly and forward
Invoices. See our regular report of prices tur
rent above, made from actual sales.
Refer to J. M. Dalzell, Esq., Davenport, Iowa
A. J. Wood and A. Blakesley, Brooklyn, Powe
shiek county, Iowa Levi Apgar, Prw't North
Rivtjr lUuk, .New York city.
CHiCAGOyJfflae 15.
Ftour in good demand at unchanged prices.—
Wheat firm and 2®2J^c higher, closing firm at
$1,42©S1,42}4 for No. 1 $1,38 for No. 2. Corn not
so active, but firm and ^c higher. Sales of No.
1 at $1,[email protected]$1,14 Sl,09^$i,io for No. 2. Oats steady
[email protected] Highwines firm. Sales at 81,29®
81,30. Provisions firm—holders of mess pork
asking $34,00(§,$35,00.
°7 '»5°'e11 from the subscriber on the
2ath day of May one LIGHT GRAY HORSE
and one BROWN MARK. The horse is about
16U hands high, II years
old, blind inhislefteye.
and his right eye not good. The mare Is brown
with a star in the forehead and a snip on the
end of the nose, 14 years old, and about 15 hands
or la hands and 1 inch high. Both are shod all
round and tolerable thin in fleeh. The mare
had a bell on when she left.
127 Broadway, New York.
Drury township, Rock Island Co., Ilia.
iway, new torn. Fire Cracken, Lars* Fir*
Fostofflcs box tfW. IObUHO,Twpsdoss, SK,
State or lewa.
Davenport, Iowa, June 14,1W4./
Q*n«rtU Ordtrs No. 18 .•
I. All recruiting officers for the hundred day
men are hereby ordered to report forthwith, by
letter, to this department, their progress, and
number of men recruited. Where companies
are filled to the minimum, they will proceed at
•nee to general rendezvous at Davenport.
II.^AIJ enlisted men are held toservlce by the
terms of their enlistment and, if absent with
out leave from competent authority, are liable
to arrest fis
deserters. All such, where their re
cruiting officer has ceased to act in that capaci
ty, will report at once to this department, by
letter, for transportation,and will be ordered to
III. No person Is authorized to destroy enlist
ment papers, or give them up to enlisted men
and if they do so are liable to
arrest for discour
aging enlistments.
IV. All recruiting oilicers who have not ac
counted for transportation passes to Lieut. Col.
Grier, will do so at once, and will be held strict
ly accountable for the disposition of the same.
By order of the Governor.
Bryan's Polmouic Wafers
Relieve Coughs, Colds, Horo Throat, Hoarasn—.
Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers
Relieve lath inia, Bronchitis, Difficult BreatAl&g,1
Bryan's Puliuouic Waters
fUUeve Spitting of Blood, Pains in the Oheit.
Bryan'* Pulmonic Wafers
Relieve Incipient Consumption, Luug PlseaiM.
Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers
Relieve Irritation of tho Uvula and Tonsils.
Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers ).
Ralfole the abovo complaints in ten mlnutfsT
Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers
Area blotting to alt Glasses and Oonstitutisss.
Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers
Ara adapted for Vocalists an4 Publis Speakers*
Bryan's Pulmonic Waters
Are ia simple form and pleasant to the taste.
Bryan'* Pulmonic Wafers
Notonly reliovo but «tfect rapid -0(1 lasting cures.
Bryan's Pulmonic Waferit
Are warranted to jive satisfaction to every MM*
Nfo family should b« without a box of
Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers
iu th* house.
ffotraveller&hould bv without supply ef
Bryan's Pulmonic Wafers
ia his pocket.
tie 'ricn will over object to give for
Hrytn'* Pulmonic Wafers
Twenty-five Oouts.
JOB -7 Cortlaudt St., New York.
Unseating Nov. 9, tfl-dawly. J. B. DotfiHiRXT
Thoy purify, strengt&ou and invigorate.
Thi»y cr«aft a healthy Appetite.
They are an »intido?e to change of water and diet.
fhey overcome effects of diasip'ition and la*o hours.
They strengthen the system an:l enliven thu mind.
They prevent miasmatic and intermittent fev«*rs.
They purify the breath and acidity of the stomach.
They cure Dispupflia and Constipation
Toyy euro Diarrhea, Cholera arid ChMera Morbus.
S They cure Livor Complaint and Nervous Headache
Thoy the btft* Bitters in the world. They stake
the wo-tk m'*o Ntroug, and arc exhausted nature's ?r*at
restorer Thy are mad#* of purest. Croix Bum, the
selebratod B*rk, root* and horbp, and arr
akeo wit'? tlio !le uur©ot a bev*ra*e, w.tlient regard
o asc«j or tiiOvof-lay. Particularly recommended to
lelicate persoun quiring a e^ntle dtimnlaut. Soiri hy
%tl Grocer*, Oru^Uts, Hotels and Saloous. H. Drake
Oa., 202roadway. New York. aufiidAw
S.i roii
slows cslkbhated uaib dye
Th* "iiy Ifar-nlitB. True and Hsiiable Dye Known
fhi»- i'Mendid Hair Dye i« Perfect—change* Red
&nsty or Grey tl tir, instantly to a jlo»$v Black or
Natural Broun, -vitliont
^re TOU,
JelVdltwlt Adjutant General of Iowa.
Eeliet in Ten Minutes.
Th© Original ModlciuboatftblUhed in 1887, and flr
ariUU of the kind ever introduced under the na&ie of
"Pulmonic \Vafer»," in this or ®ny other country *1
ether Palinenio Wafers are counterfeits. The genuine
•an known by tho name BKYAN being stamped on
each Wafer,
injuring the liair or Htainicg
the Sui'i, l»«avin« tho ti*ir ^oft *nd Beautiful imparts
freah vitality, frequently re^torinp it? printine coior
and rocr.ine* th« ilietfocs of Bad Dye* The Genuine i
signed •/ILLUtf A. »ATOlIWLoft, all oth*r« are
mere i ait'itious, and jhonl be avoided. Sold by all
Druggists,.Ic. Factory—81 Barclay uroet,New York,
Batchelor'« Toilet 'r«am for Dressing
the Htir.
Sathairon ia from the Greek word Cathro
"Kathafro," signifying to cleanse, rejnvinite and re
•ttore. This article iu what its name signifies Tor
preserving, restoring and beautifying the human hair
Itis the most remarkable preparation in the world.
It i« again owned and put up by the original proprietor,
and ii now iJe with the flama eare, skill and atten*
Hon which gate it a sale oi over one million bottles per
I' is a most delightful Hair Dressing.
It eradicates «curf and (iandruff
It k*op» the head cool *nd clean.
It laakoiiUi" hair rich soft and glossy
Itprevenuriie li*ir'r.m
It retort'* huir spon bald heads.
Any lady or v^'utleman who values a beantital head
of har should use Lyon's Kathairon. Itis known and
uss tinronghout the civilized world. Sold hy all re*
spostahle dealers.
TCUA* a. BAftNXS 00., Proprietors,
New York.
New and reliable treatment—in SepoMsr-f the How*
ard Association— H«ut by mail in sealed letter envel
opes. free of charge. Addresa, Ur SKIF,LIN
HOXTGtlfON. Howard Association, No 3 South Ninth
Jtroat, PHU ielphU. Pa mcbSl.'Ci lawly
i i a a a a a E i i s i i V
70a 75
4,50a 5,00
4,50a 5,50
4,00a 5,00
1,28a 1,32
1,30a 1,33
8a 6
Rags—Mixed, lb,
Tobacco—Seed leaf, V lb,
Poultry—Turkies, choice $ lb,
depending upon quality,
15a 40
20a 23
20a 21
19a 21
22a 23
3,00a 3,.%
23a 24
22a 23
18a 18
*,25a 5,00
Chickens, lb,
Live Geese, pair,
I i s i
& CO.
The proprietors of this justly esteemed and
well-known brand of Stomach Bitters, do not
deem it necessary, in order to give their goods a
fictitious, or even an enhanced value, to take a
FLING at ALL other Bitters, and proclaim in
small capitals that they are worthless. Our Bit
ters do not need this, as we place them before
the public on their merits, and invite
your care
ful attention to the goods we allow our brand
upon, knowing, as we do so, that our reputation
is at stake. Tlie name, "Red Jacket," is taken
from the origiiud compound by the native child
of the forest, and with tlie addition of a few
herbs by Dr. Chapin, made more agreeable to
the taste, they now have a peculiarly healthy,
soothing and recuperative influence, especially
for the patient rising from the bed of sickness,
loss of appetite, distress atter eating, dizziness,
and all disease* arising from Torpid Liver or
They strengthen and invigorate the system.
They are unequaled for general debility.
They are a sure cure for dyspepsia.
They give a good and healthy appetite.
They assist digestion.
They are this best stimulant in existence.
They are a sure preventive of Fever and Ague,
They relieve constipation.
They cure Nervous Headache.
They are perfectly pure and palatable.
They make the debilitated strong, and restore
to strength the exhausted.
Aged iersons and delicate females will And
they can save large doctor's bills by the use ot
these Bitters.
We take pleasure in calling attention to our
very extenslve catulogue of Bulk and Cased
Goods, consisting in part of
Champagne, Catawba, California Port, Sherry,
Malaga and Madeira Wines, Gins, Rums, Bran
dies, Bourbon and Kye Whiskies which are per-
fectly pure and need only to te tried to be
appreciated. Sold by all druggists and dealers
throughout the country. Call for our Goods and
take no other.
Circulars to the trade supplied on application
Proprietors, 21 River
A Weil-Spring of Hope
o 1 I w a y'
B* of Qood Chmr Staking mqy
o o w a y s O i n e n
The history of these great Remedies
is the most
wonderful medical revelation that the world has
ever known. It establishes the all-important
fact that wherever, and in whatever shape in
ternal disease exists, the disinfecting,searching
and healing properties of the Pills are fully
equal to its subjection and cure, and that, witli
the Ointment, they are
j}reat A.mbaiiitM«lor*.of Health to
ull iVunkind.
This is not a history, written by one man, or.
even derived from the experience of one nation.
It consists of a compilation of testimonials from
the sick of every countryman unimpeachable
r.cord, tlie like of which has never been adduc
ed in favor of any discovery or invention sinc«
time began.
These Mighty Healer*, World
Known and W orld-lrli'd, are
a Itoon to the Sick.
The want of a sterling medicinal to meet tlin
ills and necessities of the suffering portion of
humanity, and one entirely free from mineral
and other delotorious particles, was severely felt
till this all-powerful medicine was ushered into
the world. Holloway'* invaluablel'illshave be
come the _household remedy of all nations.—•
Iheir attribute is to prevent as well as to cure
they attack the radix or root of tlie complaint,
and thus, by removing the hidden cause of dis
ease, re-invigorate and restore the drooping en
ergies of the system, assisting nature in her
task of vital and functionary reformation.
Disorders of the Stomach
Are the sources of the deadliest maladies. Their
effect is to vitiate all the lluids of tlie body, and
to send a poisoned stream through all thechan
nels of circulation. Now, what is the operation
of the Pills 'l'hey cleanse the bowels, regulate
the liver, bring the relaxed or irritated stomach
into a natural condition, and. acting througli
the secretive organs upon tin-blood itself, change
the state of the system from sickness to health,
by exercising a simultaneous and wholesome ef
fect upon all its parts and functions.
Woman In all her Diillcultioaf
Is invited to te.t tlie regulating and restorative
powers of this harmless but effective prepara
tion. At the two epochs of life in which tiie fe
male system undergoes the most important and
critical changes, the Pills will prove a positive
safeguard against evil consequences. They are
also conlldently recommended as a specific fti
every disorder to which females are exclusively
Be it Understood,
That t&e above statements can at all times be
verified by the written testimony (extending
through a quarter of a century) of tens of thous
ands of unimpeachable witness.es.
Billons Maludles, Ac., &c.
In whatever form disease attacks the liver, it
is repelled and exterminated by this searching
painless, and irresistible curative. Bilious r»I
mittents, bilious purging, and all the ordinary
disorders of the organs, indicated by pain in the
right side
and between the shoulders, yellowness
of the whites of the eyes, weakness and debility,
Ac., are relieved and removed by tlie remedy
with a celerity which astonishes the sufferers
and their friends. Let the sick, whom the fac
ulty have abandoned, resort with confidence to
this powerful anti-bilious agent, and a restora
tion to health and activity will be the unvary
ing result.
Dyspepsia, Diarrhoea, We knew,
The terrible bodily and mental pangs whl.h
characterize Dyspepsia are at once mitigated
by the Pills. Itiarrlnea, constipation, headache,
physical prostration, nervous tremors, hot flush
es, spasms, affections of the kidnevs. hemmor
riioids or piles, and, in fact, ail internal com
laints, irom whatever cause arising, give way
etore the salutary influence of this extraordi
nary remedy. As a specific for dyspepsia, and
the disorders connected with it, or growing out
of it. the pills are always to be relied on when
every other medicine and mode of treatment
has utterly failed.
Holloway's Pills are the Best Remedy
known in the World for the
following Diseases:
Inward Weakness,
Liver Complaints,
liowness of Spirits,
Stone and Gravel,
Secondary Hymptoms,
Venereal AftectioM,
Worms of all kinds.
Bowel Complaints,
Ciust Disactseii,
Fever air# AgtMK
Fwmals Complaints,
If the reader of this "notice"' cannot get a
box of Pills or Ointment from the drug store in
his place, let him write to me, enclosing the
amount, and I will mail a box free of expense.
Many dealers will not keep my medicines on
hand because they cannot make as much profit
as on other person's make.
None are genuine unless
the words Ilolloicat/,
iWu York and London," are discernible in the
water-mark in every leaf of the book of direc
tions around each box tlie same may be plain
ly seen by holding the leaf to the light. A hand
some reward will be given to anyone rendering
such informatioh as may lead to the detection
of any party or parties
counterfeiting the medi
cines or vending the same, knowing them to be
*,*Sold at the manufactory of Professor HOL
LOWAY, SO, Maiden Lane, New York, and by
all respectable Druggists and Dealers in Medi
cine throughout the United States and the civ
ilized world, in boxes, at 25 cents, 63 cents and
$1,00 each.
There is •onsiderabl* s»Ting by taking the
larger sizes. myaf.'Mdtwawly.
The greatest internal and external remedy
ever offered to the public for the cure
of Aches and Pains, is
No family once having thoroughly tried,
will be without
It will cure nervous and inflammatory pains
more readily and surely than any other article
in use. It requires only a few minutes' applica
tion of
To cure the pain entirely in all cases of Neural
gia, Headache, Toothache, Earache, Cuts and
Is also a certain and speedy cure for Rheuma
tism Sprains, Lame Back, Sore Throat, Dipthe
ria, Diarrhoea, Cramp, Colic, Frost Bites. Burns
and Scalds.
St.. Chicago.
Sold by CANON fc Co. and GRAHAM
May 13difcwly
Manufactured by J. A. Hamlin & Bro., 102
Washington street, Chicago.
Fuller, Finch Fuller, 24 and 36 Market Street
Chicago, are wholesale agents for
*61ad News ibr the Utfortanitet
LOW totmrr ro*
Compounded from Roots, Btrki and Leayes.
CHEHOK.KE BEUEOT.Ue great Indian Diuretic
cores all diseases of tbe urinary organs, sncb aa In
continence of ttie Urine, Inflammation of the
lnSaamatlon of tb. Kidneys, Stone In ths Bladder^,
Stricture. Qravsi, Gonorrhea, Gleet, and U asp*,
clally recoil mended In those cases of Floor Allras.
(or White* in females,) where sU th. old nauseous.
medicines have failed.
BT*It Is prepared ins highly concentrated form,
th. dose only being from one to teaspoonfnls
times per day.
or It Is diuretic and alterative In Its action: pnrK"
tying and cleansing the blood, canalng It to flow In
all of lis original parity and vleor thai removing
from the system all petalelons cansea-'whlch have In
duced disease.
ally or assistant to tit Cherokee Kenedyi an.'
Should be naed In injunction wllh that medicine la,,
all cases ol Gleet. Gonorrhea, Fluor Albas or Whites,
Its effects are healing, soothtr.g and demulcent re«"
moving all scalding, heat and pain, Instead of th4
bnrnliiK and almgut nnendarable pain that Is expert*
enced with nearly all the sfcssfl quack Injections.
(TB theme of the CBEBOKKE ELhMEDY an4
CHEKQKEE LSJEOTRM^the two medicines at th.
same time—an improper disetarges are removed,
and t.:e weakened organs are speedily restored to full
vigor and strength.
tW Price, OfcereWoe Jlenedy, per bottle, or
three bottles for
OT Price,
Ofaerokee1 Injection, t2 per bottle, or
three bottles for
tW Sent by Express to any address on receipt Of
tW* For fall particulars get our pamphlet from any
Irng store In the country, or wrtte us and we will
free to any address, a full treatise.
All such orders must be sent to C. A. COOK, Chica
go, our General Ag -nt for the West. P. 0. Box C,7j4.
Sold In Chicago, by FtJLLEB, FINCH ft FtTLLEB,
lVhole»uleI)ragglstF,and by aliDrnirglsts
C. A. COOIv, CHICAGO. General Ageqf for tt)4
Btattt of IlHnoia. Tow?, Wjsr.msin, Michigan ftnd In
Dr W. It. MERWnr & CO.,
I Vo.m Liberty street.
'b«El -. V
TI-IH: orttc^T
"Mamma raotf
Cherokee Cure
An unfaliiug cure for Seminal Weaknesc, Nocturnal
-Kxnhihioae, and r.ll diseases cautaJ by Self Polution*
uuhus Lo*8 ot Memory, Ui ivereal Latitude, Paint
in tl.e Back, Dimness ot Vision, Prematura OM Agr#
Weak* l\crYd», DiQ'culty of JSrevhing, Tiembllng,
Waknftiln.es*, fcrop.ioua on the. Face, Pale Coaute»
nance, Laaacity, Consumption,
una ali ihc direful com*
cuUo« bv uey?».r Jiig from tbe path of Batare.
iT This niedicine 1B a simple vegetable extract,
.rvi one ou w'ut"h ai c-ui rely, as It bas been used Is
oar i.raciieo for masy ye^ra, and villi thousands
tr -atid. It Las uot failed iu a Instance. Its co»:,
ratWe p^wcrp hay lei*a eutiicknt to sain victory
4y ir ike UMut ^'ibborn case.
fu tb »s«.» vbo barr* trWen with their constltu*
cIoi.un*A they think tbcmsisivvs beyond tbe react'
jf iiu'D ajl aid, we would say, DJ-SPAJB *or! th#
CHKUoKKb 4'URU will rcttore you to health and
vigor, nad after ail quack doctors have filled!
sir* Pric, $*2 per pcttle. or three hottles for t5, and
orwnra-.'d by Express to all parts
of tbe world.
fy For full particulars, get a Circular from any
Drug Store in the country, or write to tbe Agent, who
will -a? :o smy onedeBlring tbe same, a
full trem*
tlso» in pamphHM form.
Al! mm Sriers must be sent to C. A. COOK, Chi
"MTO. o-ir f^icrul Agent for the West. P.O. Box 6f24»
^oifl In Cblca-o, )»y FULLER. FINCH ft FULLER,
Whoie^-ate Uruizfclsts, and byall Drngfclgts
C\ A* C09Ii.« CHICAOO, OELEML Agent for tb#
States of lllliinto, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and In*
Dr. W. E MERWIN & CO.,
Ko. 5» Liberty street, New Tork.
4^-Sold at'wholesale and retail in Musc-uUnf,
by J. H. CANON & CO. JeldAwlyeli'dAlon'jr.
i w
Cure warranted if direclionsare followed. Hun
dreds oi citizens of Chicago have been
permanently cured by this med
cine. Call foracircularde
scribing all symptoms.
H. SEEL\ E & (1o., Sole Propr's,
Office MasonicTeiupie, Chicago, Illinois.
Tin- symptoiuf of Catarrh sis ttiev generally
ir are at first very slight. Persons find
nve a cold, that they have frequent at
tacks. and are more sensitive, to the changes of
teniiwvature. In tin-- condition the nose may
be dry. or a slight discharge, thin anil acrid, af
terwards becoming thick and adhesive. ,\s the
dis'-u^t becomes chronic, the discharges are in
creased in ipiantiti mid changed in quality:
tliey nre now thick and heavy, and are hawked
or coughed oil'. The secretions are offensive,
causing a bad breath the voice is thick and na
sal the eyes are weak the sense of *ti» ll is
lessened or destroyed: deafness frequently
takes place. Another common uitd important
symptom of Catarrh is. that rh-j person is
obliged to clear his th'-yat in the morning of a
thick or slimy mucous, which has fallen down
from the head during the nii ht. When this
takes place the person may be sure that his dis
ease Is on its way to the lungs, and should lose
no time in arresting it.
tliey hi}
The above are but a lew of the many Catarrh
al symptoms.
A single bottle will last a month—to be used
three times a day.
From lion. Tlios. J. Turner, ex-Member of Con
gress from Illinois, late Speaker of the Illi
nois House of Representatives, and Grand
Master of the A. P. and A. M. of the State of
FHEEPOKT, Oct. L'l, lSitf.
DR. H. SEKLVE—DearSir: In reply to your no
tice of the INth instant, I would say that I was
severely afflicted with Catarrh for years, when I
became acquainted with you and bought two
bottles of your Liquid Catarrh Remedy. Kei'ore
I had used one bottle I was sensibly improved,
and before the second bottle was linislied, was
completely cured. lean recommend the medi
cine to all afflicted with Catarrh.
Respectfully, yours, THOS. J. TURNER.
*3- For sale by all Druggists.
my:iJdawly—1st and 2d pp.
H«»d the Testimony.
Ka.JoHv j. Ka,MHE—DttrSir: I havt' been a •affer.
•r from that most horr diieaao, ''Dyipepi'a," f«r six*
tean y «ars, but aft«r using
the ene b?z o: T. U. Sharp's
Mils Wbloh I purchased of you some ihret. weeks ago, I
faalasir I hare «nUra4 into a asw lif.—my geuaral
tiaslth has improved, my aj petite ha* ic*rph.«i), an4
altogether I feel like a n*.flr mm. I tak- pleatnre ia
tsimaMndinc them to the paWie as safe and reliable
Years, truly, G. T. POKBIg,
Mo. HI Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
Paiei 11.00 a Sox. Sold If DrnggisU gnryulur*.
401 hestnut Street, Philadelphia.
Is"no humbug. Try it. and its wonderful effects
will astonish you. Price25 and 50 cts per bottle.
The fifty cent bottles contain nearly three
times as much as the twenty-five cent size.
Jane 3, '&4—wly
b&her Ware
ING maps the seat of war in Virginia
the mart ooratat yetlssued. a?
to.Ac. *e.,*e.
•^Partionlaratteatlon Kl»en to Bepelrisg.^
Mssoatiae, Iowa HOT. 4,1M twtf.
Flat—, baiter*

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