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Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co., lowa.
Editors and Proprietors.
Head Samuel Pettitt’s public tale local.
Oskaloosa has had a “hull run” exper
Lee i Brown offer you a good square
meal for 20c.
L. L. Hull and wife are iu attendance
at the St. Louis fair.
The first and second Bull Run is hjstcr
ic; the third hull run is comical
Mrs. Ella Kindly of Bloomfield is visit
ing relat'ves and friends iu this city.
•lames A Hurst and f mily returned yes
terday from uuextended visit to relatives
in Ohio.
11. L. Spencer and wife left last Tues
day for an extended tiip through the eas
tern States.
W eaver «V Johnson are out in a i.i \\
hatch of locals this week, all uhout good
.ad die p groceries.
*'• J. Dutton A Co. advertise ail tlicdeli
•u« ies of the season at their grocery, in
cluding fresh oysters and ceh ry.
•1 no Stone, one of the old«S engineers
m the i\. A 1). M. I*. it., committed sui
cide Wednesday morning in the lowa
Coal Co’s shed.
M - .1 I. Moore has ret urm d from her
gunds Inning trip and invites the Indies to
call and examine- her stock of millinery
g>>l- before purchasing.
V\ in McKinley, father of John McKin
ley, died at hi» residence 14 miles south
e ,-t ot Oskaloosa, at halt past four o’clock
a. in Wednesday, at the advanced age of
9 >eurs.
(’■ T. \V iilard and wife arc in t’hica.o;
bus. ness and pleasure eomhiued; while
there Torry will purchase a mammoth
-tout of dry goods L>r the firm of C. T
Willard A Co., of wliich they will tell you
more hereafter.
We owe our rcudeis un apology for the
limited amount of our reading matter this
week. Election times called us to other
d tits and we failed tt* note passing
events. From this time forward, how
ever, we promise better things.
Litkkauv Items. —“Tuk £oui. ok So
« iai.isw.” l*nof. W. G. Samuer’s paper on
' Socialism,” in Scribuec'* Monthly for Oc
tober, is attracting w ide attention. The
New York ‘ Evening Post,” reviewing the
article at great length, under the title
“The Soul of Socialism,” says: “Prof.
Sumner’s article is not a long one, hut so
compact is it, and so directly does the au
thor go to the heart of his subject, that it
i:, without exception, the most notable
and is likely to be the most effective ex
position of the real nature of the preva
lent political disease which has been print
ed in any of the magazines or reviews
ince socialism first threatened tire life of
- k icty in this country.” A paper by Prof.
Sumner on “Greenbacks” will appear in
or early issue of Sckikxei:.
“Thi; Tuan spout ation* Question.”
'teplieuA. Dillaye’s paper in the Septun
law S itiBXKK on “The Trans|>ortulion
has attracted much attention.
The third edition, 79tli thousand of the
number containing this paper, is now
" ady, and may he hud at the news stands
An able paper on the other side of the
.■ mge question is soon to jqqtear in the
i’.uT. — Yesterday one of our business
uen was telling his better half at the din
it r table that the probability was that
Weaver was elected, whereupon the
hired help” sprung to her feet, clapped
Per hands, and expressed great satisfac
tion at the news, anti up m being ques
'Toned as to the reason of her gieat joy,
replied. “Now I’ll have new drcss< s, and
• very thing cl.-.e that I want." Why, what
Mr. Weaver's electi >u to do w ith your
e- .% dresses, asked her employer. “ Why,
u >t Mr. Weaver told us in his speech
es tl>a? if he was elected we should have
ull the money we wanted.” Yes, he Ims
made such assertions, but he cannot sus
tain them; even if he could fulfill h s
P' d.es in that direction he will have no
P over to act in the matter until next Dec.
ay< ar, so you had better he saving of
your u.ouey and not spend it recklessly in
anticipation of getting snore through Mr.
\V< av< r’s election. “Is it so that he w ill
not send us money as soon es he is elect
id r We have believed he w ould make his
word good.” Such simplicity and igno
rance swelled the greenback vote hun
dreds last Tuesday. We predict that if
elected, Mr. Weaver will have to rise and
explain many times before lie suecc< ds
himself to a second term.
The Influences L'sed.
rhetollowing is a copy of a circular seni
rom ObUimwnto the liquor dealers of the
.ixlh district. It now transpires that it
•> ts print d or plauncd in Bloomfield, it is
easy to determine by whom ; they were
ent by special messenger to Ottumwa and
from thence sent to the various counties
It i> a good thing to put. on record for the
i n hie Liqt on Men ani> ai.i. Otukis
• 1 i.JT/XMKN .—An effort is being made
’ny the fiicnd.sof Mr. Sampson, in thisdi -
tiict, who *s a candidate for re-election to
Cougref- on the Republican ticket, to de
liver your vote over to him, iustea lof o
Gen. J. B. Weaver, the Democratic un i
Greenback nominee. This is a base trick
on the part of the friends of Mr. Samp
vin to secure your votes, which should un
ler ordinary circumstances be given to
General Weaver. It is the mare base, if
we consider that the majority of the sa
lo m-keepers an 1 liquor dealers ire Deai
o ra*s and Greenbackers, and are thor
o ighly opposed to the K“publicau party
an 1 its policy on the litjoor qu -stum in j
this State. Sampson is identified with ill" '
party Alto ins fa>*ie.i ; i this ohnottiou ■!
liqu *r law u,. >n t!ic liberty loving people ,
o! lovi; an i the enforcement of win ii '
has bankrupted and ruined every county
in the State where an utlcni]»t has ever
been m id- to carryout its provisions \YY
remembervery well when Sampson was j
judge at Sigoum -y, Oskaloosa, F.iirfi d l
and ot ier county seats in his judicial dis
trict, that lie wis the most severe on the
liquor men—always filling them from ft .’VO
to $1 )J3 for e tch often la of ;dlia g! i i
>f liquor or .vin*, as til; cast might be.
Moreover Sampson always to »k occasion
to say iu bis judgments against liquor
men, that they must q lit the business,
>r suffer the exir.-mt p -unify of the
i v . a 1 ling tha' 111 *ir G I sin ns c »lbl not
i- tderated. In many casts he Kent
iquorimn to jail f*»i six and eight mouths
(or a single offense. <’ »u liquor men, and
; e-iilly sain ui k •<*)* is, vot-i or allow
th"is to influ-nce their «n in the coin
ng election for s-icli a in in u Simpson ?
it possible for liquor men to vote for
* into for CiwgrfM—» twin with
orUiuJe temperance ideas; ami in
vv w trf his part conduct toward liquor
in»-a t: irun of »ucii puritanical principles
au>J |* v ty associations, who would vote
m fJon£resc«to prohibit the entire liquor
r«ifti; iu the iUnited States nnd thus de-
troy one of ti*2 wealthiest branches of
irate in the land. Liquor men should
look to their own iuUrttl a little, and vote
for n * Republican for Congress, who Is
igainst the business wltic'i is as honorable
as any oilier branch of trade iu the land.
Especially is this true of Democrats or
(fjrecnbacker* w ho are engaged iu the sale
liquor. We.send you this circular hi
admonish you simply, of the effort nude
by Sa Epson's friends to cheat you out of
your vote, believing— nay more, knowing,
that when you are apprised of the man
and his prejudices against you end your
1 u.incus, you will stand firm and support
no one but the nominees of the Demo
cratic party, which is not ,and never has
never been, in favor of prohibiting your
business in lowa.
Don’t you Think we’ve Threshed?
This Chicken Crows for Mahaska, the only
county in the Sixth District v.hich
did her whole duty.
Complete Victory over the
Entire Opposition!
No amount of fraud and decep
tion could discourage the
gallant Republicans.
While the crazy wave of hat money
sweeps other counties in the dis
trict she overcame a majority
of 300 and sends Judge
Sampson a handsome
And does it squarely with
out trading for it.
The Republican County
Ticket elected.
MOORE for Clerk,
RICE for Recorder,
KALBACH for Supervisor.
A Large gain in Mahaska (Jo.
Tlm* election lasi Tn<*<l,t\ w;l; <• i.*ij* 1 .-!«• aud signal victory
for Hit* Republicans <>i’ Malta k;t. Tl»t*y lnnl math* a brilli.uit can
vass, ami well deserve tin* vie!<o; . A 1 lit.* opening <»l’ the cam
paign it was generally emie d« d lltal llu* u ••etdiaekei's laid so
idled tin; minds and ttinted lie* h .ids oi' llie people lint! an e!i*e
lion held then would have defeated tin Kep’ddicnns by an im
mense majority. Rut looking the work iiiii ami q unrein the face
they bewail the canvass, and made a most.cilicient one. The en
tire county' ticket is elected by tVoiii 150 to ‘2OO majori
ty. So far as lic.fril from the vote on comity ticket is 150 majori
ty for Moore for clerk, and it is thought this will be materially in
creased on the otlieinl count as it »s well known that much scratch
ing was done on tin* oppos'd ion t ieket for clerk. The remainder of the
county ticket is substantially the i line. It was a square tight be
tween the Republican party and all itopposition combined, for
the combination was well effected, and the result is a gain of
about 400 over the vote of lasi year. The majority I'm Ross for
Auditor last year was 512, for Hai nes 217. The tight was the
same then as now; it was anything to beat the Republican party.
This year the opposition was well united and prosecuted the most
vigorous campaign ever made by them in 11 1 icounty . It was the
last long pull for Democratic ascendancy, and it has failed. De
mocracy has tried every and all expedients lb • supremacy in Ma
haska; it has groveled in the dirt with every still-born bastard
party started, and its last spasmodic effort results in defeat. Its
iiowcr iu this county is broken and next year ii will be buried un
der u Republican majority of HOD. While Republicans mourn
over the defeat of their Congressman and the election of a blatant
demagogue, they have the best of cause for rejoicing over the re
sult in Mahaska, and make preparation for a complete victory in
Over Des Moines River.
Eds. Herald Our Dcs Moines town
ship election was held at Star school
house yesterday. We were there from
880 a. m. until nearly sundown, when a
terrific storm of ram, wind and hail, catuc
upon U 3, requiring great effort to prevent
horses from breaking away. Wc have
been at 4U annual elections, and never
seen a more quiet, better behaving ciowil
of near three hundred men at an election
Each party strewed circulars in great pro
fusion. There were scores of men who
wore strangers to the writer, but wc are
glad to state wc saw no sign of intoxica
tion, and wc think no profanity noticabie.
While we regret the large greenback vote
polled, we rejoice to record the good be
haviour and gentlemanly demeanor. Wc
were at Edilyville Monday and heard Dr.
Beardsley address the people in his quiet
logical way. The Dr. is worthy of some
important position ere long.
< lotober 9th, 1878.
Oskaloosa, lowa, Oct. 3, 1778.
Eds. llkhaij).—As Dr. Huntsman lias
expressed it as his opinion that my wife's
injured limb was not broken, and that the
:reutment she was receiving at the-hands
of Dis. Nugent and Scott was not proper,
uncalled for, and unnecessary for the in
jury she had sustained, I, for my own sat
isfaction and without solicitation on the
part of I)is. N. and S , called a council of
physicians composed of Dr. Cogshell, of
Mason City, who is a graduate of Bellevue
College, New Yoik/with six years exper
ienec as army surgeon; Dr. Wetherell of
Knoxville, and Dr. Hiusey of Ottumwa,
all gentlemen of high standing in their
profession, and all agreed with Drs Nu
gent and Scott, ttiat the hone was broken
. ntirely in two, two inches below the hip
joint, and that the treatment she was re
ceiving was both necessary and proper.
Myself and wife haye been satisfied as to
Hu til al meut of the case by Drs Nugent
and Seoit, and make this statement pub
lic in justice to them, us tile above hits
bei n common street talk for the past few
da vs, to their detriment.
Wm. H Wray
Keokuk, la., Sept. 28th, 1878.
Eds. Herald. —We are writing thisef
fusiou in the school house wherein we
first began our suffering career as teacher
of the young nearly three years ago, this
being eur fifth and (wc sincerely hope)
last term of teaching, as it is an occupa
tion decidedly distasteful to an individual
who was born with a constitutional ten
dency to do nothing. That extremely
wise and gifted sage, Shakspeare, says :
“Sweet are the uses of 5 adversity,” hut wc
arc convinced that the brilliant “Bard of
Avon” never taught school and it is only
the adverse fates that drives despairing
mortals to teaching as a highly respecta
ble means of gaining a livelihood without
the exertion of any very great amount of
physical strength, and in these degenera
ted days young men and women have so
little regard for the j“dignity of labor,”
that they will resort to. any means of ob
taining a living that does not require of
them “Ur; sweat of their brows,” that
method having become almost absolete in
this generation of indolence and idleness.
But we hereby solemnly warn all aspirants
!'or positions of ease to avoid school tendi
ng as they would plow handles or grub
bing hoes, for it is a mistaken theory that
caching is an occupation happily free
om care and toil. We are convinced
that i he mental exhaustion one feels after
being shut up in a school room six hours
with forty or fifty children weakens and
depresses a person far more than ten
hours of physical labor, although the fi
nancial recompense may be greater ; hut
iu these “panicky days’’ when school
boards have nothing to do but reduce sal-
aries and cry “rctrenchment”.the financial
emolument is no very great consideration;
cfcrUiinly not enough to induce any one
who pines for worldly riches to make
teaching a life work. To those who can
engage in tli? work and find in the eter
nal consciousness of the fact that they
arc doing good a sufficient and adequate
recompense for their labors, teaching may
be a profitable andjdelightful occupation.
Keokuk had during the last week the
divine Beecher and eloquent Wendling to
discourse before its people on their respect
ive themes, i.e.“thc wastes and burdens of
society’ by Henry Ward and a refutation
and utter demoralization of the Ingersoll
doctrine by Wendling. A severe cold
the hay fever which caused Henry
Ward’s beautifully rounded sentences to
emanate seemingly from his saintly nose
instead of his divine mouth somewhat
marred the oratorical effect of Mr. B’s. el
oquence, for not even Edmund Burke him
self could have chained an audience by
the voice of his eloquence if the aforesaid
eloquence had come through his nose ; but
yet 11. W. was eloquent enough to delight
all who heard him, and as|for Wendling
we have nothing butjworels of praise and
delight from all who were so fortunate as
to hear him. Mr. Clatk, of the date City
says: “We never realized to ourself the
phrase “the art of speaking” meant until
we heard Wendling, his was the illustra
tion and perfection of it.” This high en
conium of praise from a gentlemen of Mr.
C’s. well known abilityJs certainly suffi
cient proof of the fact that the rising
mg Wendling is well worth being lieard.
The citizens of Oskaloosa would do well
to secure a lecture from him.
We have lately seen the new and ele
gaut monument erected by order of the
court, over the grave of the late Bernard
Slavcu, over whose will there baa been,
and we believe is yet so much contest.
The monument (we think) cost s*2ooo, and
was paid for from the estate lift by Mr. S.
although not at bis request.
This part of lowa lias been favored with
a most abundant harvest of fruit; very
choice and fine apples are to be hud for
twenty-live and thirty cents per bushel,
and good peaches can be bought for fifty
and seventy-five cents per bushel.
A small greenback paper commenced
publication here last week. It is like the
party by whom it is supported, very weak
and diminutive in size; the greenback ele
ineut is not as strong here as iu Mahaska
county, but they have a county ticket in
the field.
We would like to suggest to your new
Beacon correspondent that he rack his
fertile brain for anew nom de plume, and
allow iis to remain in sole possession of
the euphonious name of “Barkis.” We
are as sensitive about that name as a
woman is about her new bonnet, and, like
flu? woman, “would just rather be dead,
than for any one else to have one like it,”
and until we can have sole claim to the
name we must send forth our effusions
over a signature that no one could be in
duced to take, as it is indicative of—of—
well its a name that no one'seems to want
very badly, and we are afraid we never
will find anyjone who will consent to bear
the name always.
The Standard slander about the cam
paign llkuald being run on money raised
for the soldiers’ reunion is as base a cal
umny as ever the slimy skunk of the»S/a/<ri|
ard ever conceded. The Hkuai.d uses
its own money f< r its own purpose, and no
body elses. Can the Standard say as much V
There is, however, a committee appointed
to dispose of the reunion money. Sup
pose they tell us all the facts as to how
the money was Bpent.
- Married.
KKVSOI.n-STOIJT- At Mr Slater’s, near
Krcniont, Sept. 25,1«T8, by Kev. Geo. Nnlton.
Mr. Gko. A. Ukinoi.ii ami Miss Jbknie L.
Stout, all of Mahaska county, lowa.
GRAVES—PFRIFFEII- At the M. K. parson
age, Fremont, Oct. 6,1»78, by Hev. Geo. Nnlton,
Mr Joaken Gravks and Miss M amv A. Prkir
kkk, both of Keokuk county, lowa.
A small black mare, five years old, one
white foot behind. Any information lead
ing to her recovery will bo liberally re
warded. Owkn Edgar.
All coal Imught at my mines one-fourth
of a mile west of city on Knoxville road,
will be delivered at any place in tbo city
for 7 cents per bushel.
W. P. llokaiian,
Successor to Evans & HonUian.
S. .1. DUTTON & CO’S
to-morrow, (Friday). 0
Friday, October 18th, 1878, I will oftir
at public sale about sixty bead of
sired by CROWN PRINCE. See hills
for particulars.
0 Samuel Petitt.
We are receiving out stock of China,
Glass, and Queensware, Wooden, Willow
and Slone Ware, Groceries, Provisions,
&e., for the fall trade, and will sell all
goods on a
Remember the place, under City 11.,11.
S. J. Dutton & (\». (J
Fresh milch cows for sale by Hawkins A
Garretson 43tf
A new lot of Lamps'and fixtures of ••lie
latest patterns just in and for sale at cash
prices at Mattison & Wray's.
is the best salt in the market for hiilter
and table use, as it is much strong* r and
will make butter taste better and k< ep
longer than common barrel or sack salt.
It costs hut little more than common Im
rel salt. Weaver & Johnson sell it.
You can save money every time by go
ing to Mattison & Wray’s for queen ware,
glassware, ,tc. 5
>ii receiving their stock of goods for tin*
Remember the place under City Hail
A full line of Ladies, Misses and Chil
dren’s !vid, Goat, Grain and Call' side lace
and Button Shoes.
1 have over two hundred farmsju differ
ent partsof Kansas for sale. Wild land
at from $2 . r »0 to $lO per acre. Improved
farms at from $0 to sls per acre Long
time given on deferred payments, at low
rules of interest. Loans of money can
now he securcd*on short notice at low
rates of interest. Office on west side of
47 W. B. Sturous
1 have a first class Threshing Machine,
including power for sale for 875 00.
Liston McMii.i.en.
I want to trade a house and lot for a
good vacant lot. Geo. R. Lee.
Ladies, did you see those Kangaroo
shoes utN. Dodge’s? They' are just the
thing They' are neat, soft and v« ry dur
of ali kinds at rock-bottom price- at Mat
tison A Wray’s. 5
at 10c per pound, which is cheaper than
beef, because it has less bone in it, at
5c a piece, or six for 25 cents at
Go to N. Dodge’s and buy your Boots
and Shoes and you will get the worth of
your money. All goods guaranteed as
will not be undersold by any Boot and
Shoe dealer. »1 m 3
The main cause of nervousness is indi
gestion, and that is caused by weakness of
the stomach. No one can have sound
nerves and good nerves without using
Hop Bitters to strengthen tin* stomach,
purify the blood, and keep the liver and
kidneys active, to carry off the poisonous
and waste matter of the system. Seeoth
or column.
We buy all our goods direct from the
manufacturer, thereby saving the profit
which would otherwise accrue to the
wholesale dealer. We buy no goods oi
jobbers who claim to be manufacturers,
but who do not manufacture a dollar’s
worth, and it is clear to every one that we
can sell goods lower than those who buy
•f jobbers.
of all kinds, and Hue building and white
washing. 1 am prepared at all times to
execute any order of the above line and
guarantee good satisfaction. Prices al
ways reasonable; material always on band.
Leave orders at Muttison & Wray’s gro
cery. sw2pd Wm Tiffin.
aie doing a lug business sure for they
have sent
to Chicago again. Give them a call and
they will do you good <»
Buy a pair of N. Dodge’s genuine water
proof Boots. Wakkanted.
flour always on
Mrs. *T. L. Moore returns
to-day after ail absence of
a week or more spent iu
Chicago selecting her stock
of fall and winter millinery
and fancy goods, and will
have them open for inspec
tion about the last of this
week, The ladies are re
spectfully invited to call
and examine them.
The popular milli
ner has returned to
Oskaloosa and will
be ready at all times
to at tend to your
A full and co m
plete stock of Milli
nery Goods just re
ceived. EVERY
THING of the
very latest styles.
JeffL. II Minoru
Full particulars will
be given next week.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a
special execution directed to me from the
ntHceof tho elerkof the district court of Mahus*
kit county, lowa, and dated Oct. 7, A. I).,
ISIS, 1 have levied upon and will offer at Sher
iff's sale to the highest ladder for cash in hand,
at the door of the house in which the lust dis
trict court was held in Oskuloosa. in said coun
ty, on Saturday, tin* t»tli day of Nov.. A. I>.,
1878, ai the hour of 'l o’clock, p. m., the fol
lowing described real estate in said county to
Lot sixteen (1C) in Drake’s sub-division of out
lot No. one (l)of Normal Mchool Tract In West
Taken as the property of Jennie Desch and
John F. Desch to satisfy tho unovo mentioned
exocution in favor of Manning & Epperson urn!
against Jennie Desch and John F. I Winch.
M AliqiTlH It AH It,
Sheriff of Mahaska county, lowa.
j. U, Baku, Deputy. u
South side of Square
Miss Horne
! qtkaybd oh stolen.
A t wo year old heifer, white with brown spots
in front, brown oars and mouth. A reward will
Im: given for its recovery by Adam Fcoblinger,
O-kaloosa lowa.
Sept. so. nßwSpd
Cripps & Crandall,
Dealers in
bank 1) miles west of Oskaloosa on Knoxville
road, will del Ivor coal anywhere in the city as low
|as any other lirm. Our coal is free from slack.
Full weights guaranteed. Orders tilled on short
notice. Leave orders with Whitaker ,v Bhriver,
Peter Stumps, Seibel & Co., and F. 0. Mershon.
Advertisements under this head at 5 centspet
tine. for less limn cents.
ITijjK SALK.—I6O acre* <>t good Unit in Moo
roeTp.. Mahaska comity. Enquire al this
office. > S 9
1.10 It SALE.—The Iteacon Hotel,34x3B,2stories
with good stone liasement 2(>x3B. Good
cellar Hlxai. The only hotel in the town. Here
is a chance for some LIVE man to make mon
ey. Term part cash, balance on long time.
Enquire of M. C. Ruby at K. & I>. depot. Bea
con. lowa. 11
JTtOK uent. For years, my iao acre farm (100
1 acres in cultivation),* dwellings, stable gran
ary, cribs, road, yard.spring. Well. &c. A splen
did place lor stock, is situated 14 miles south ol
Anita, in Cass county, lowa. Terms $250 per
vear. 1100 hu -diels of corn for sale, beside %ot
growing crop, -til fx<rUer.t new taml. See map
and enquire of JOHN TAYLOIt,
Edilyville P. O. lowa.
Oskiilmea Markets.
dmci! ok Osk aloosa Weeki.yHkkald.
Oskaloosa. lowa. Oct 9 ’7B
Grain- .
With at - milling per nu [email protected]
*• shippers. “ KOiftoS
Oats White “ " 146JH6
“ —Mixed “ “ <ft2s
Cons— “ ** *5 to jSO
Rye- " '* 35
Harley- “ “ 91*125
Timothy Seed— “ ’* soal (0
Clover Seed— “ “ 500a6 00
Catti.k Butcher’s stock, best perrwt 2 00a2 50
** - -Shipping “ 11 25f1a3 25
Hogs— ** “ " 2 75®S 25
5heep—.............. • ... ” * * 1 50a2 00
Hides. Furs and Wool.
Hides—Green per Ih Sets
*• —Dry “ “ Hial2 “
Siikkp Pelts - each ‘.-5 to l do
Wool tleeee washed per ft. 'da.io
** tubwnshel *J6a4O
•* unwashed— “ ** *3a35
Produce Vegetables and Fruit
Eggs- per do* 121
Rutter— “ tb 121
Cheese— ” tt> 10
Potatoes i«*i Im ‘-’OaJO
Onions— ” “ 40a50
Apples— “ " 506$ 1 oo
Flour, Foetl. Etc.
Flour -Best Minnesota brands, cwt 2 xKg>3 50
** Best Kansas brands ** “ 3 70
•• Mahaskaco. new wheat * 2 25h3 40
(j ram am Flour 3 00
Corn Meal - “ t»u 00®80
Chopped Feed • Hi
Chicago General Market.
October 8
Wheat —Active, a sliaile higher; No 2 Chi
cago spring, 81}a| cash; 81J October; 871 J
November; 84|J biff December; No 3 do
6CaO9; rejected, 5s bid; Nos 1 and 2 red
winter, 854 bid.
Corn—Fairly active and a shade higher;
No 2 and high mixed, 33J bid cash; 33!
October; 34} hid November; 341a| Decem
ber; rejected, 33a33!*.
Oats —Fairly active and a shade higher;
No 218* cash for October; 19| bid Novem
ber; 20} December; rejected IG|.
Rye Steady; 434 cash; 441 bid Novem
llarley—Firmer; 104i5cash; 1 07a} No
l»orU —Demand fair ami market firm; 7
70a7 75 cash; 7 724a7 74 November; 7 824
Lard —Fairly actiue and a shade higher;
0 20aC 25 cash; (5 224 November.
Bulk Meats— Shoulders, 4 124;shoit iin.
5 124; short clear 5 374
Butler Quiit for all except strictly tine;
dairy llalS; cacamerv 17 i2O; fancy 22a25.
Eggs- Full market; strictly fresh 15a1<5.
Close—Wheat 80} October; 82lu82j* D<-
cemher. Corn clofed at 80 £ a -KSJ October;
34}a34s November. I'ork quii t and steady
7 75 cash; 7 724a7 75 November. Lard,
steady; (5 174a(J 20 cash; 0 224hG 25 Novem
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Hogs—Receipts 11,900; market opened
firm: closed weak and lower; choice heavy
shipping 3 7004 00; light 3 30a3 45; mixed
packing, 3 20a3 40.
Cattle--Receipts4,2ooo; market steady
and unchanged; steers 4 10a5 15; butch
ers stock easy; cows 1 75a2 9.0; steers 3 30a
:j (J 0; hulls 1 80a3 25; western cattle steady
2 70a3 80; Texans quiet, 2 00u2 70.
Sheep—Receipts, 7 80; shipments £00;
steady at 2 50 4 75.
Boots and Shoes.
We buy no shod
dy ££oods to use as
leaders> but en
deavor in every
instance to give
our customers
full value for their
Workmanship of our
lower grade goods, and
BOTH material and
workmanship of our
best goods. We Call
particular attention to
our “Utica” and “Phil
adelphia” shoes.
Don’t buy until you
A new Silk Handkerchief lost between the
Plunder Store and my house in east end of
town. Had just bought it and was wraped up
in paper aa received from the store.
The finder will he rewarded by returning it to
Pikki'K Pkrditk at Herald OiUee.
< >i;t. 5. 1878.
d the condition of The National State Hank, at
Oskaloosa, ill the State of lowa, at the close
of business, Oct. 1, 1878:
Loans and discounts $ 151,!MC 72
Overdrafts II,Mi 81
U. S. llonds to secure circulation... lOo.Ono 00
Other stocks, bonds, and mortgages. B,out) ini
Due from approved reserve agents.. 18,1.15 9i
Due from other National Hanks “s 2 86
Due from State banks and bankers 3,705 77
Ileal estate, furniture and fixtures. 5,549 00
Current expenses and taxes paid 2,155 111
1 Checks and other cash items 509 40
Hills of other Hanks 4,876 00
Fract’nl currency (including nickels) 235 u<>
Siiccie (incl’lnggoldTreas. cert Heat es) 1,581 re
Legal-Tender notes 9,000 00
Redemption Fund with U. S. Treas.
5 per cent, of circulation 4,500 00
Total ? 117,570 M
Capital stock paid in f 100,000 00
Surplus fund 21,000 no
Other undivided profits *1,091.07
National Hanks notes outstanding.. ss.'iso im
Individual deposits sub
ject to check C1,42C Oil
Demand cert ittcat es of de
posit 12,08 s 28
l'liiie certificates of de
posit 25,990 59
Total *317,570 54
Stale of lowa, County *>r Mahaska, ss:
I, K. D. Lindly, Cashier of the above-named
hank,do solemnly swear that the above state
ment is true to the beat of my knowledge and
belief. IS. D. Linoly, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this Bth
lav of Oct, 187 s.
It. O. GitKKN, Notary Public.
Correct Attest:
ti. W. Hale. i
C. P. skahlk, / Directors.
M. Wilson, >
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a Oen
erul Execution directed to me from IhooHlocof
the clerk of the Circuit Court of Mahuska Coun
ty. lowa, and dated Sept. 21st, A. D. 1878, I hare
levied upon ami will oiler at Sheriff’s sale to the
highest bidder for cnsli in hand, at the door of
the house in which the last District Court wu*
held in oskaloosa, in said County, on Satin day.
the 9th day of Nov. A. I>. 1878, at the hour of 2
o’clock, P. M., the following described real es
tate in said County, to-wlt:
South Kust of Seotl ii ten (10/ Township 74,
Range 15.
Taken as the property of tiranson Mention to
satisfy tlio above mentioned execution In favor
of M. Wilson ami against tiranson Merslion and
Virginia P. Merslion.
Sheriff of Mahaska County, lowa.
By .1 It. Baku, Deputy. fi
Of Titles to Lands and Town Lots,
of Mahaska county, furnished on short notice
ami on reasonable terras, by
Olllce In I. Frankel & Co's buUdltur, on the
west side of the public square, Oskuloosa. lomb
A Word to our Friends
We made a special effort this
ill to select a stock of
First-class in every particul an 1 ,
huying no cheap, shoddy goo-[ls,
merely Cor a catch-penny tva* h*,
but buying goods superior in
style, linisli, and quality to any
sto<*k of Dry (ioods ever ottered
in Oskaloosa, and showing no
assortment of novelties unequal*
ed by any house in the city..;
That our efforts have been tlior- 1
oughly appreciated is evident
not only from the many enco-
miums we have received from
our customers, but also the fact
that our sales have been so im
mense that we are already com
pelled to go to market a second
time to purchase
We ask special attention to
-in- magnificent stock of
Chicago, Oct. 8
Black SI Trimming Mtcl,
n till colors. A full lino ot
3-Button Kids,
At SI.OO per pair, every p;iir
warranted. A choice
selection of
Torchen Laces.
Do not fail to see them. A com
Lace Materials
in the city. In fact,all the new,
choice, and desirable goods yon
can find at our store, and best of
all at prices far below what
yoM can buy them for at other
stores, as we sell for
Cash, and Cash only.
One and all, rich and poor, each
and every person served alike,
as cash will buy goods cheaper
than credit. Do not' buy any
Dry Goods till you get prices ot
the only cash house in the city.
Dry Goods
Something magniticent in
plete line of
Tin* oulv full stock »»f
South-east corner of I’iiblie Square.
Farmers, you can get a tlrst-claxs meal at our
Restaurant for twenty eeuls.
52 yl * Lee & Brown.
Since tbe decline iuthise poods I have addtal
largely to my slock and if you have had
trouble in finding lenses just to
suit call on me, I have an
instrument to de
termine tbe
required and can suit you easily aim at anj
price you want from 20 els upward.
lu Great Variety.
*me Saddle and bridle. Nearly New.
2 f. M. Gibbs.
Practical Psychology.
Or the power of one mind over another and!
liow to obtain it, showing how to pain almost un
limited iutiuenee over any one. This is not mes
merism. Sent under seal'for 25 cts. Address,
:i-:hnpd l!ox 180,Oskaloosn, lowa.
Resident Property
For Sal© or Trade.
One of the linest resident properties in the oity
lionae large, modern build and linely finished m
hard woods; will trade for an improved.farm or
w ild land: will pay dillerenee in cash, or will
sell on long time; or w ill exchange for smaller
eitv property.
o'-iin J. C. UEECHLEtt.
For Sale.
Delivered to any part of town. Will not be
undersold. Time Riven if required.
2nr»2 E. H CIBBS.
Ottawa Business Collep,
InfctituW of Penmanship.
For eirenlars,ti»ev i >44l , ‘ < , &<*•, address
Ottumwa. lowa, Locked, 1 t
Oskaloosa College,
Separatory,Classical,Ladies’ Course
Philosophical, Commercial,
Musical and Biblical.
! iarge and Commodious
«;<<ml meals furnished to students by the “Col-
If f-'«‘ 15n*«OhiK Club/’ in f*vq« $1.50 to $1.75 per
week. Pleasant rooms can Ik- had near the Col
l< pent prices ranging from $2 to $1 per month,
si tidouts lui-uishing-lheir owv room*; so that by.
ti r<» or lour rooming together, the whole e\-
!>■ inse of boarding and lodging a-.0l not exceed
$.! per week.
Students who | •refer to tlo so. may rent rooms
aiid board tbem-w-lves at very low rates. Good
board iny can l.e had in private I amities, rooms,
li; fht, and fuel furnished, at from $2 Utto .{.50 per
w sek.
itskaloosa is pre-eminently’ a city of chur.-hes,
schools and eolltjares.
students admitted at anytime. The next *■<>!-
le ire year begins ,
September 9, 1878.
For eatalogues or other information, address
T. CAJU'ENTKIt, !*ro-t.
Or M. P. Gi\ kns, Sec’y. tt-3in
Are now prepared to deliver coal to any part ot
the city. Our nut. coarse, and medium coal is
regarded as the
Bestlin the Market.
And we war ant it clean and of the best quality.
After September l, our terms will Ik*cash on
delivery of coal, unless upon special contract.
At Howard & Son’s, Yates’ barber shop. Cen
tral Rook Concern, Mattison & Wray’s and
Hart & Mattox’s.
all kinds of
White Washing and
1 ait. prepared at all times to execute any or
ders in the above line, and guarantee good sat
isfaction. Prices always reasonable.
Material always on hand.
Leave orders at C. W. Ellsworth’s grocery.
For sale at 6 cents per bushel delivered.
Leave orders at office of Gas Company for this
economical fuel for your cook-stoves.
42 D. W. HUNT. See’y.
One business lot, 20x120,0n Main street, oppo
site Hkkai.d Block, occupied by paint-shop.
One business lot, 20xt)u, on Market street, on
first alley south of square. Gallon
The undersigned has live thousand dollars to
Invest in good farm land underlaid with coal,
within lour or five miles of Oskaloosa. Send
written offers to CHARLES HUTCHINSON,
Selby Park Farm,
s<, Oskaloosa, lowa.
Beacon lowa.
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Paiuts
Varnishes,Glass. Putty, Dye Stuffs, and Toilet
Uik >ds.
School Bopks, Stationery,
Notions, Soda Water, Mineral Waters,Chor,
Cigars, and a smallquantityfof everythin
kept in the Largest Drugstores.
TERMS being » ASH and expenses light, DIS
COUNTSon AN BRAUE PRICES are guaranteed
fin all sales. Proscription* and receipts eare
fullx tilled at ALL HOURS
/ - v ‘A l.auiii:iit’>
Millie' Celebrated
The richest, most tasting, yet m<»st delicate of
all perfumes for use on the Handkerchief, at
the Toilet and in the Bath, delightful and
healthful in the sick room, relieves weakness,
fatigue, prostration, nervousness and headache.
Look out for counterfeits; always ask for the
Florida Water prepared by the sole proprietors,
Messrs. Lahnmati \ Kemp, New York.
For Sale by Perfumers, Druggists and
43y! Fancy Goods Dealers.
Oskaloosa Gas Light Go.
Arc prepared to do alt kinds of Plumbing
Stoam and Gas Fitting .also keep an assort men
Steam! Water Pipe
Gas Fittings,
llath Tubs, Iron Sip**, Iroa Pumps, eto.
Office West High St, McCall Block.
$20,000 Worth of Goods to be t i.
Hound to sell out our stock us <}U t
possible, we are offering Goods at halt they
are worth.
Best Prints 5 Cents per Yard.
Yawl wide blenched muslin - - " ***
Yard *ide brown mnslin - - ’ i u J .
Good -cotton flannels - - - JJe s»e >
Lonsdale muslin - - - »* c s
Indian Head, yard wide - B * cts IM l ld
Good felt skirts ' ,V~ * t *
All linen tnbleing - ■ " j.'j! /
Good Turkey red - - " ,\ r . i .
Sigourney make, all wool and all colors ot flannel *
Good Ited flannels - ‘ ’
Good Factory yarn, all oolors - * ® ac 8 1 K
Good Jeans from 15cts up.
100 pairs white blankets from $‘2.50 up.
50 pairs colored blankets from $2.00 up.
200 comforts from $1.25 up.
100 Shawls, single and double, from aOcis up to S<.OJ.
L iloz. white handkerchiefs - - - 50cts per;lra
Good pair men’s kip boots - - " 00
Good over-coat for - r ’^
A good suit of clothes for ■
Men’s good hats for -
Men’s calf boots for - **" °
Don’t fail to conn*, in an<l examine our
stock Indore luiyin*' Dry Goods, lothing,
]toots, Shops, Hats, aps, Millinery Goods.
iiespeetfully yours,
Only 10**1 Flag in the Oil*. SOUTH SIDE SQUARE,
Oskaloosa, lowa*
Have IntfU a large e levator on the C. R. I. & P. R. R. where the
Road crosses Jdarket Street, 5 blocks south of the public
square at Oskaloosa, lowa, and have arranged the
building jwitli a special view to
Convenience and Ease
in unloading grain, and are now prepared to
all that it is worth for shipping, and they
GjA“N” jljstjd will
pay as imieli for grain as other parties can
afford to this far west of Chicago.
; i
Our fall and winter stock of ready-made
clothing for Men, Boys and Children,
has now arrived; and we are
ready to show the Largest
and most Complete Stock
in Oskaloosa.
Id Shirts, Gals, Cans, Underwear Buck Gloves and
Milts, We have tne Largest and Best Stock of
anv House in Mahaska Keenly.
Youths’ Boys’ and Chil
drens’ Clothing a Specialty.
Buying All Our Goods Di
rect from Manufacturers
for CASH, we are ena
bled to sell at
Bottom Prices.
All we ask is a close inspection of our
' goods before purchasing.
I. FRANKEL & 00.
P. 8. We are Agents for the Celebrated Amana
Society, (Dutch Colony) Flannels and Btocklng
Yarn, of which we have a Full Line on hand to
Sell. Ho 5

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