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Oskaloosa, Maiiaska Co., lowa.
Editors and Proprietors.
Keail Satuoel Pettitt’s public sale local.
Oskaloosa has bad a “bull run” exper
Lee A Brown offer you a good square
meal for 20c.
L. L. Hull and wife are in attendance
at the St. Louis fair.
The first and second Bull Bun is lijstcr
ie; the third hull run is comical
Mrs. Ella Kindly of Bloomfield is visit
ing relatves and friends in this city.
James A Hurst and f mily returned yes
terday from uuextended visit to relatives
in t Hiio.
H. L. Spencer and wife left last Tues
day for an extended Slip through the eas
tern Stales.
Weaver A Johnson are out iu a new
hatch of locals iliis w eek, all almut good
;.nd ciie p groceries.
>..1. iKillmi A Co. advertise all the deli
cacies of the season at their grocci y. in
eluding fre sh oysters and cehry.
Juo Stone, one of the oijist eugiueers
a the K. A D. M. 11. it., committed sui
eide Wednesday morning in the low a
Coal (.Vs shed.
Ms .! L Miteirt* has ret unn el Lorn her
go uts buying trip and invites the ladies to
c.tli and examine her stock «>f millinery
- • 1 Is before purchasing.
Wm McKinley, father of John Melvin
li y. died at his residence 1? miles south
e>t Oskaloosa, at halt past four o'clock
a. in Wednesday, at the advanced ag»* of
9 % ears.
C. T. Wiilaid and wife arc iu Chiea.o;
bus.ness ami pleasure coinhiued; while
there Torry will purchase a mammoth
stock of dry goods for the firm of C. T
W lilard A Co., of which they will tell you
more hereafter.
\\ e ow e our leadcts an apology for the
limited amount of our reading matter this
Week. Election times called us to other
d tws and we failed te» note passing
events. From this time forward, how
ever, we promise better things.
Literary Items.— “Tiik Soul or So
t alism.” I*rof. \V. G. Sumner’s paper on
Socialism,” in Scribner's Monthly forOe-
toiler, is attracting wide attention. The
New A ork ‘‘Evening Post," reviewing the
article at great length, under the title
“The Soul of Socialism," says: “Prof.
Sumner’s article is not a long one, but so
v umpact is it, and so directly does the au
thor go to the heart of his subject, that it
. , without exception, the most notable
and is hkely to be the most effective ex
position of the real nature of the preva
' M political disease which has been print
lin any of the magazines or reviews
iiu e socialism first threatened the life of
- a iety in this country." A paper by Prof,
on “Greenbacks” will appear in
an early issue of Sciuknek.
“Tiie 1 ranspoktatiox Question.”
-tcpheuA. Dill aye’s paper in the ScpUm
>ci Scr.iuxKK on “The Transportation
question” has attracted much attention.
The third edition, 79th thousand of the
lumber contaiuing this paper, is now
c.ady, :ind may be had at the new s stands
An able paper on the other side of the
range question is soon to appear iu the
I.wt.—Yesterday one of our business
lieu was telling his better half at the din
ar r table that the probability was that
Weaver was elected, whereupon the
‘hired help” sprung to her feet, clapped
ter hands, and expressed great satlsfac
ion at the news, and upon being ques
ioned as to the reason of her gieat joy,
•plied. “Now I’ll have new dress s, mid
•v< ry thing else that I want.” Why, what
i.. Mr. Weaver’s election to do with your
. dresses, asked her employer. “ Why,
not Mr. Weaver told us in iiis speech
that if he was elected we should have
til the money we wauled.’’ Yes, he lias
H ide such assertions, but hecanuot sus
tain them; even if he could fulfil; h s
>1 - L'e.s in that direction he will have im
i over to act in the matter until next Dec.
a year, s<» you had better lie saving of
ytiUi money and not spend it recklessly in
anticipation of getting more through Mr.
\V< :tver’s election. “Is it so that he will
u»! send us money as scout s he is elect
idr We have believed he would make hi*
word good.” Sum simplicity and igno
rance swelled the greenback vote hun
dred ? lust Tuesday. We predict that if
■ ic* ted, Mr. Weaver will have to rise and
explain many times before he succeeds
himself to a second term.
The Influences l*ed.
Hie following is a copy of a circular sent
rom Ottumwa to the liquor dealers of the
ixth district. It now transpires that it
> i- print d or planned in Bloomfield, it is
easy to determine by whom ; they were
ent by special messenger to Ottumwa and
from thence sent to the various counties.
It is a rood thing to put on record for the
lo T!IE LlqtOlt MEN ANI) AM. OtHKI S
Conguksmonai. District
•jKXV/.F.MKN .—An effort is b-ing made
<y the Irh.-udsof Mr. Sampson, in thi* *li -
• r ict who is at tn did ate for re-election to
v. jmrrcs • oa the Republican ticket, to k
liver yon vote over to him, instead of o
Geu. J. 15. Weaver, the Democratic an t
Greenback nominee This is a base trick
on the part of the friends of Mr. Sam;*
son to secure your votes, which should un
ler ordinary circumstances he given to
General Weaver. It is the m »re base, if
we consider that the majority of the s.»
lo >ii k •ep .TA an 1 liquor dea'ers ire !) on
o-ras uud Greenhackcrs, and arc thor
o i„d,ly opposed to the K public m parly
.n I its policy on li« • liquor qu •atom in
this Slate. Hampson is identifi - I with l!•••
party ..ho has f.odejsl this obnoxious
liqu *r aw upon the liberty loving pcopl.-
f»r lo ai; an 1 the enforcem ent of wnch
lias bankrupted m 1 ruined - "every co ioiy
in the State w here an attempt has ever
been mtdc to carryout its provisi >ns We
remember very well when Sampson was
judge at Sigourney, Dikaia > j i, F.airli -I 1
an ! ot icr county se t'* in his judicial dis
trict, that he wts the in »st severe on the
iiquor men—always fining them from f lod
to fare t;h offense of silling a glsss
>f liquor o. - .viu », as (h casi might be.
Moreover Sa njiioa always took occasion
lo say in his judgments against liquor
men, that they must quit the business,
*r suffer the extreme penalty of the
•iv, si hagtha* tb *ir b-isiiins e nhl not
»• t derated. fri many css - ;# he sent
iquormen l<> jail for ix mil eight month*
'for a single offense C’ tn liquor men, ami
•qe *i tllv saloon k'*cp t*, vote or allow
tliers to influence their *<!ti m in Hie com
n s election for S’l.-Ii a tu ui m Simpson *
is it possible for liquor men l<» vote for
a hi in for Congress— a man with
son b crusade temperance ideas; and iu
,v iff his past conduct toward liquor
men i. u in of such puritanical principles
and pork* association*, who would vote
in (.’uiigrou.,to prohibit the entire iiquor
iitffle iu the limited States and thus de-
troy one of 11# 2 wealthiest branches of
trade in tbe Uni. Liquor men should
i.i tk to thrir otcn iultrtnl a little, and vote
for n » Republican for Congress, who 1h
igaiust the business which is as honorable
any other branch of trade in the land.
Especially i* this true of Democrats or
0.-eeabirkeiv who are engaged iu the sale
<4 f liquor. We.send you this circular to
admonish you simply, of the effort made
by Sa h>psou‘s friends to cheat you out of
your vote, believing--nay more, knowing,
that when you are apprised of the man
and his prejudices against you end your
I u ioess, you will stand lirm and support
no one hut the nominees of the Demo
cratic party, which is not ,and never has
never been, in favor of prohibiting jour
business in lowa.
Don’t you. Think we’ve Threshed?
This Chicken Crows for Mahaska, the only
county in the Sixth District v. hich
did her whole duty.
Complete Victory over the
Entire Opposition!
No amount of fraud and decep
tion could discourage the
gallant Republicans.
While tiie crazy wave of fiat money
sweeps other counties in the dis
trict she overcame a majority
of 300 and sends Judge
Sampson a handsome
And does it squarely with
out trading for it.
The Re publican c ounty
Ticket elected.
MOORE for Clerk,
RICE for Recorder
KALBACH for Supervisor.
A Large gain in Mahaska Co.
I In* Heelion l.i st Tup (1 ty wit, - <*• n* 11 :unl Nignnl victory
lor tin* Repub'lieuus ot M.ilui ,-kn. ill*.*', had miule it l>i*illi;int can
vass, and wHI tteserve tin* \ ietc.'v. A 1 the opening of the eam
paign il was gen<*ral!\ conceded that f)te green backers had so
lillcd tin; minds and limieii ilit* h< u<l> of 1 li<* people Ihal an elec
tion held then would have <l<*feal<*d tii<* Repubiieans by an im
mense majority. Uni looking tin* work inll and iturn* in (lie lace
they began the canvass, and made a most efficient one. The en
tire county ticket is elected by from 150 to 200 majori
ty. So far as licsrrd from tin* '<*,!<* on county ticket is 150 majori
ty for Moore for clerk, and it is thought this will lx* materially in
creased on the official count as il H well known that much scratch
ing was done 011 1 lieoppositlon I ick< t for clerk, The* remainder of the
county ticket is .substantially tin* same. It was a square tight be
tween the Republican party and all its opposition combined, for
the combination was well effected, and the result is a gain of
about 400 over the vote of last year, 'fhe majority fin Ross for
Auditor last year was :> 12, for
same then as now; it was anything to beat tin* Republican party.
This year the opposition was well united and prosecuted tbe most
vigorous campaign ever made by them in (Ids county. It was the
last long pull for Democratic ascendancy, and it has failed. De
mocracy has tried every and all expedients for supremacy in Ma
haska; it has groveled in ta* dirt with every still-born bastard
party started, and its last spasmodic effort results iu defeat. Its
power in this county is broken and next year it will be buried un
der a Republican majority of HOD. While Republicans mourn
over the defeat of their Coiigressman and the election ofa blatant
demagogue, they have the best of cause for rejoicing over the re
sult in Mahaska, and make preparation for a complete victory iu
Over lies Moines River.
Eds. Herald Our Dcs Moines town
! ship election was held at Star school
! house yesterday. We were there from
j 8:80 a. m. until nearly’ sundown, w hen a
j terrific storm of rain, wind and hall, came
! upon u 3, requiring great etlort to prevent
I horses from breaking away. W r c have
j i>eeu at 4U annual elections, and never
seen a more quiet, better behaving ciowd
of near three hundred men at an election
Each party strewed circulars in great pro
fusion. There were scores of men who
were strangers to the writer, but we arc
glad to state wc saw no sign of intoxica
tion, and we think no profanity noticabk.
While we regret the large greenback vote
polled, we rejoice to record the good be
haviour and gentlemanly demeanor. We
were at Eddyville Monday and heard Dr.
Beardsley address the people in his quiet
logical way. The Dr. is worthy of some
important position ere long.
* letober 9th, 1878
Oskaloosa, lowa, Oct. 3, 1778
Eds. Herald. —As Dr. Huntsman has
e xpressed it as his opinion that my wife’s
in jured limb was not broken, and that the
treatment she was receiving at the*hands
of Dis. Nugent and Scott was not proper,
uncalled for, and unnecessary for the in
jury she had sustained, I, for my own sat
isfaction and without solicitation on the
part of Dis. N. and S., called a council of
physicians composed of Dr. Cogshell, of
Mason City, who is a graduate of Bellevue
College, New Yo:k, r with six years exper
ience as army surgeon; Dr. Wetherell of
Knoxville, and Dr. Hinsey of Ottumwa,
all gentlemen of high standing in their
profession, and all agreed with Drs Nu
gent and Scott, that the hone was broken
. ntirely in two, two inches below the hip
joint, and that the treatment she w r as re
ceiving was both necessary mid proper.
Myself and w ife liaye been satisfied as to
the treatment of the case by Drs. Nugent
and Scott, and make this statement pub
lic in justice to them, as the above has
her n common street talk for the past few
days, to their detriment.
Wm. H Wray
Keokuk, la.. Sept 28th, 1878.
Kns Herald. —We are w riting this ef
fusion in the school house wherein we
first began our suffering career as teacher
of the young nearly three years ago, this
being our fifth aud (we sincerely hope)
iast term of teaching, as it is uu occupa
tion decidedly distasteful to an individual
who was born with a constitutional ten
dency to do nothing. That extremely
wise and gifted sage, Shakspearc, says :
‘Sweet are the uses of adversity,” but wo
are convinced that the brilliant “Bard of
Avon” never taught school and it is only
the adverse fates that drives despairing
mortals to teaching as a highly respecta
ble means of gaining a livelihood without
the exertion of any very great amount of
physical strength, and in these degenera
ted days young men and women have so
little regard for the of labor,”
that they will resort to. any means of ob
taining a living that does not require of
hem “the sweat of their brows,” that
nethod having become almost absoletc in
his treneration <>f indolence and idleness.
[Jut we hereby solemnly warn all aspirants
for positions of ease to avoid school teach
ing as they would plow handles or grub
ling hoes, for it is a mistaken theory that
caching is an occupation happily free
Tom care aud toil. We are convinced
hat the mental exhaustion one feels after
being shut up iu a school room six hours
with forty or fifty children weakens and
depresses a person far more than ten
hours of physical labor, although the fi
nancial recompense may be greater ; but
iu these “panicky days” when school
boards have nothing to do hut reduce sal
aries and cry “rctrencliment”.the financial
emolument is no very great consideration;
certainly not enough to induce any one
who pines for worldly riches to make
teaching a life work. To those who can
engage in the work and fiud in the eter
nal consciousness of the fact that they
are doing good a sufficient and adequate
recompense for their labors, teaching may
be a profitable andjdelightful occupation.
Keokuk had during the last week the
divine Beecher and eloquent Wendling to
discourse before Its people on their respect
ive themes, i.e.“the w astes and burdens of
society’ by Henry Ward and a refutation
and utter demoralization of the lugersoll
doctrine by Wendling. A severe cold
fml the hay fever which caused Henry
Ward’s beautifully rounded sentences to
emanate seemingly from his saintly nose
instead of his divine mouth somewhat
marred -the oratorical effect of Mr. B’s. el
oquence, for not even Edmund Burke him
self could have chained an audience by
the voice of his eloquence if the aforesaid
eloquence bad come through his nose ; but
yet 11. W. was eloquent enough to delight
all who heard him, and asjfor Wendling
we have nothing hut]words of praise and
delight from all who were so fortunate as
to hear him. Mr. Olaik, of the Gate City
says: “We never realized to ourself the
phrase “the art of speaking” meant until
we heard Wendling, his was the illustra
tion and perfection of it.” This high en
conium of praise from a gentlemen of Mr
C's. well known ability is certainly suffi
cient proof of the fact that the rising
iDg Wendling is well worth being heard.
The citizens of Oskaloosa would do well
to secure a lecture from him.
We have lately seen the new and ele
gant monument erected by order of the
court, over the grave of the late Bernard
Slaveu, over whose will there has been,
and we believe is yet so much contest.
The monument (we think) cost $”000, and
was paid for from the estate left by Mr. S.
although not at his requeit.
This part of lowa has been favored with
a most abundant harvest of fruit; very
choice and fine apples are to be had for
twenty-five and thirty cents per bushel,
and good peaches can he bought for fifty
and seventy-five cents per bushel.
A small greenback paper commenced
publication here last week. It is like the
party by whom it is supported, very weak
and diminutive in size; the greenback ele
ment is not as strong here as in Mahaska
county, hut they have a county ticket in
the field.
We would like to suggest to your new
Beacon correspondent that ho rack his
fertile brain for anew noin de plume, und
allow us to remain in sole possession of
the euphonious name of “Barkis.” We
are us sensitive about that name as a
woman is about her new bonnet, and, like
the woman, “would just rather be dead,
than for any one else to have one like it,”
and until wc can have sole claim to the
name we must send forth our effusions
over a signature that no one could he in
duced to take, as it is indicative of—of—
well its a name that no one'seenis to want
very badly, and we are afraid w r e never
will find anyjone who will consent to bear
the name always.
Jeff L. Harbour
The Standard slander about the cam
paign lleuald being run on money raised
for the soldiers’ reunion is as base a cal
umny as ever the slimy skunk of the ,S/and|
ard ever conceded. The Herald uses
its own money fi r its own purpose, and no
hotly elses. Can the Standard say as much?
There is, however, a committee appointed
lo dispose of the reunion money. Sup
jmjsc they tell us all the facts as to how
the money was spent.
- Married,
ItCVWILD-*STOUT--At Mr Slater’s, near
Fremont, Sept. 25, 1878, by Rev. Geo. Nulton,
Mr. Geo. A. Kkvnold and Miss Jennie L.
Stout, all of Mahaska county, lowa.
GHAVFB-PFF.IFFEH- At the M. K. parson
age, Fremont,Oct. 8,1878, by Hev.Oeo. Million,
Mr JoSKidl Ukavkh ami Mias Mahy A. l'YEir
n.K, both of Keokuk county, lowa.
A small black niaro, five years old, one
white foot behind. Any information lead
ing to her recovery will be liberally re
warded. Ovvkn Kdoar.
All coal bought at my mines one-fourth
of a mile west of city on Knoxville road,
will be delivered at any pl ace iu the city
for 7 cents per bushel.
Successor to Evans & Ilorahan.
to-morrow, (Friday). 0
i •
Friday, October 18lb, 1878, 1 w ill oflfir
at public sale about sixty head of
sired by CROWN PRINCE. See hills
for particulars.
0 Samuel Petttt.
We arc receiving ouj stock of China,
Glass, and Quoensware, Wooden, Willow
aud Stone Ware, Groceries, Provisions,
Ac , for the fall trade, and will sell all
goods on a
Remember the place, under City ll.ill.
S. J. Dutton A Co. •»
Fresh milch cows for sale by Hawkins A
Garretson 43ff
A new lot of Lamps'and fixtures of die
latest patterns just in aud for sale at rash
prices at Mattison A Wray’s.
is the best salt in the market for butler
and table use, as it is much stronger mi l
w ill make butter taste tauter and k< cp
longer than common barrel or sack salt.
It costs but little more than common bar
rel salt. Weaver A Johnson .sell it.
You can save money every time by go
ing to Mattison A Wray's for qiieenswaiv,
glasswnn Ac. 5
at receiving their stock of goods for the
Remember the place under City Hail
A full line of Ladies, Misses and t’iii!
dren s Kid, Goat, l train and Cal I side luce
and Button Shoes.
1 have over two hundred fai msjn differ
ent pnrtsof Kansas fm sale. Wihi land
at from $2 50 to $lO per acre. Improved
farms at from $0 to sl.l per acre Long
time given on deferred payments, at low
rales of interest. Loans of money’ can
now be securetPon short notice at low
rates of interest. Office on west side of
17 W.B. Sturous
1 have a first class Threshing Machine,
including power for sale for $75 00
Liston McMii.i.ex.
1 want to trade a house and lot for a
good vacant lot. Geo. R. Lee.
Ladies, did you see those Kangaroo
shoes utN. Dodge’s? They are just the
tiling. They are neat, soft and v< ry dur
of all kinds at rock-bottom price- at Mat
tison A Wray’s. 5
at 10c per pound, which is cheaper than
beef, because it has less bone in it, at
5c a piece, or six for 25 cents at
Go to N. Dodge’s and buy your Boots
aud Shoes and you will get the worth of
your money. All goods guaranteed as
will not be undersold by any Boot and
Shoe dealer. nlm3
The main cause of nervousness is indi
gestion, and that is caused by weakness of
the stomach. No one can have sound
nerves and good nerves without using
llop Bitters to strengthen the stomach,
purify the blood, and keep the liver and
kidneys active, to carry off the poisonous
and waste matter of the system. See nth
or column.
We buy all our goods direct from the
manufacturer, thereby saving the profit
which would otherwise accrue to the
wholesale dealer. We buy no goods oi
jobbers who claim to be manufacturers,
but who do not manufacture a dollar's
worth, and it is clear to every one that we
cun sell goods lower than those who buy
•f jobbers.
of all kinds, and flue building and white
washing. I am prepared at all times to
execute any order of the above line and
guarantee good satisfaction. Prices al
ways reasonable; material always on hand.
Leave orders at Mattison & Wray’s gro
cery. sw2pd Wm Tiffin.
aie doing a big business sure for they
have sent
to Chicago again. Give them a call and
they will do you good (»
Buy a pair of N. Dodge’s genuine water
proof Boots. Warranted.
flour always on
Mrs. *T. L. Moore returns
to-day after an absence of
a week or more spent, in
Chicago selecting her stock
of fall and winter millinery
and fancy goods, and will
have them open for inspec
tion about the last of this
week, The ladies are re
spectfully invited to call
and examine them.
Miss Horne
The popular milli
ner has returned to
Oskaloosa and will
be ready at all times
to at tend to your
A full and eo m
plete stock of Milli
nery Goods just re
ceived. EVERY
THING of the
very latest styles.
Full particulars will
be given next week.
Notice U hereby given that by vlrtuo or a
special execution directed to me from the
office of tho clerk of the district qourt of Mahas
ka county, lowa, and dated Oct. 7, A. I>..
1878,1 have levied upon mid will offer at Sher
iff's sale to the highest bidder for cash in hand,
at the door of the house in which the last dis
trict court was held in Oskaloosa. iu said coun
ty, on Saturday, tin- '.Mil day of Nov.. A. I
1878, at the hour of ‘2 o’clock, p. nt., the fol
lowing described real estate in said county lo
Lot sixteen (1C) in Drake’s sub-division of out
lot No. one (l)of Normal School Tract iu West
Taken as the property of Jennie Dosdi ami
John F. Desol 1 to satisfy the aim o mentioned
execution in favor of Manning A Epperson and
ugainsl Jennie Desch and John F. Dcscli.
Marquis Baku,
Sheriff of Mahaska county, iowa.
J. It, Kakh, Deputy. 8
South side of Square
A t ivo year old heifer, white with brown spots
1 in front* brown ears and month. A reward will
t»e given for its recovery by Adam Fooblinger,
Oskaloosa lowa.
Sept. 30. nsw3pd
Cripps & Crandall,
Dealers in
bank 1J miles west of Oskaloosa on Kuoxville
road, will deliver coni anywhere in the city as low
as any other firm. Our coal is free i'roui slack.
Full weights guaranteed. (Inters tilled on short
notice. Leave orders with Whitaker & Shriver,
Peter Stamps, Seibel & Co., and F. G. Mershon.
no m 3
Advertisements under tills head at 5 centspet
line. NOtnsertlon for less than 25cents.
Brio K BALK.—ItO acres of good land in Mon
-1 roe Tp.. Mahaska comity. Enquire at this
i/i) It BALK. —The Beteon Hotel, MdLl stories
I with good stone basement 2iixi!B. Good
cellar 1(1x21. The only hotel in the town. Here
is a chance for some LIVE man to make mon
ey. Term part cash, balance on long time.
Enquire of M. C. Kuuy at K. & l>. depot, Dea
con. lowa. u
I/OU KENT.- -For years, my ICO acre farm (UK)
I I acres in cultivation),9 dwellings, stable gran
ary, crilis, road, yard.si>ring. Well. Ac. A splen
did place for stock, is situated 14 miles south of
Anita, in Cuss county, lmva. Terms #250 per
year. 11 00 bushels of corn for sale, lieslde v , of
growing crop. All riTi llci.t new land. Sec map
and enquire of JOHN TAVLOIt,
Eddyville P. O. lowa.
Oskaloosa Markets.
Or hue ok Oskaloosa Wef.ki.y Her ald.
Oskaloosa, lowa. Oct 'J ’7B
Wheat -milling per mi [email protected]
•• shippers “ “ 00(1675
Oats- White “ ** 14fi> 15
“ —Mixed “ “ 2<<&25
Cork— “ “ 25 to so
Uyk- “ ’* 35
Harley— • “ “ 906^25
Timothy Seed— “ *• sdal CO
Clover Seed— " ** stiuao 00
Cattle Butcher's stock, best perewt 2 00a2 5»)
“ Shipping “ “ 2 50a3 *25
lloos- “ • ” “ 2 7&C&3 25
Sheep - *’ “ 1 50a* "0
Hides- Furs and Wool.
1 Imps -Green per lh scts
“ —Dry “ “loal2“
Sheep Pelts - each vf> to l oo
Wool Reece washed per fb m.-ctii
** tub washe l 3fta4fl
*• unwashed '* “ *i ; -iu2s
Produce Vegetables ar.d Fruit
Eqqs- per doz 12J
IUITTF.It ** th 12;
Cheese— *’ tt< 10
Potatoes per i*ti 20a30
Onions— ** ** -40a50
AI’PLES — “ “ 50fel (HI
Flour, Foed. Etc.
Fiahtk Rest Minnesota brands, ewt 2 Mx/pa 50
** Rest Kansas brands.... ** *• 3 70
•• Mahaskaeo. new wheut * 2 ‘!sa-2 40
Graham Flour 3 0o
Corn Meal— '* Ini 'iwaso
Chopped Feed • *e
5 hint go General Market.
October 8
Wheat—Active, a shade higher; No 2 Chi
cago spring. Hljas cash; 81 j October; S3}
November; 84? bid December; No 3 do
GGao9;rejected, 5s bid; Nos 1 and 2 red
winter, 851 bid.
Corn—Fairly active and a shade higher;
No 2 and high mixed, 33} bid cash; 33}
October; 34} hid November; 84}n| Decem
ber; rejected, 33aU3».
Outs —Fairly active and a shade higher;
No 2185 push for October; 19g bid Novem
ber; 20} December; rejected 10}.
Rye- Steady, 43} cash; 14} bid Novem
Barley —Firmer; 1 04:t5ca.sh; 1 <»7h} No
l’ork—Demand fair and market firm; 7
70a7 75 cash; 7 724ii7 74 November; 7 821
Lard—Fairly actiue and a shade higher;
0 20aG 25 cash; 0 22} November.
Bulk Meats—Shoulders, 4 12};shoit rii>,
5 12}; short clear 5 37}
Butter- QuUt for all except strictly line;
dairy llal3; eacamery 17a20; fancy 22a25.
Eggs- Full market; strictly fresh 15al0.
Close —Wheat 80} October; 82}aS2| Dc
ccinher. Corn clofed at 3C-a 30} October;
34|a34• November. Folk quit t aud steady
7 75 cash; 772}a7 75 November. Laid,
steady: 0 174»C 20 cash; 0 22}a0 25 Novem
Chicago Live Slock Market.
Ciiicauo, Oct. 8.
Hogs—Reci ipts 11,900; market opened
firm: closed weak and lower, choice heavy
shipping 3 7004 (X); light 3 30a3 45; mixed
packing, 3 20a3 40.
Cat tic- -Receipts 4,2000; market steady
and unchanged; steers 4 10u5 15; butch
ers stock easy; cows 1 75a2 90; steers 3 30a
3 00; hulls 1 Soa3 25; western cattle steady
2 70a3 80; Texans quiet, 2 00a2 70.
Sheep—Receipts, 7 80; shipments 200;
steady at 2 50 -t 75.
Boots and Shoes.
We buy no shod
dy Goods to use as
leaders* but en
deavor in every
instance to give
our customers
full value for their
Workmanship of our
lower grade goods, and
BOTH material and
workmanship of our
best goods. We Call
particular attention to
our “Utica” and “Phil
adelphia” shoes.
Don’t buy until you
A new Silk Handkerchief lost between the
Plunder Store and my house in east end of
town. Had just bought it and was wruped up
in paper as received from the stove.
The Under will he rewarded by returning it to
Pierce Pkiimik at Herald OiUee.
Oct. r>, I*7B.
d the condition of The National State Hank, al
Oskaloosa, in tlic State of lowa, at the close
of business, Oct. 1,1878:
Loans and discounts ? !51,aiti 72
Overdrafts 11,617 31
p. s. Uonds to secure circulation lOn.ooo oo
Other stocks, bonds, and mortgages. H,ooo on
Due from approved reserve agents.. 13,i>t. r > 'ri
Due from other National Hanks... .".*2 87.
Due from State banks and banker. :t,7or. 77
Ileal estate, furniture and fixtures. 5,549 ini
Current expenses and taxes paid. .. -.156 01
Cheeks and other cash items 609 40
Hills of other Hanks 4,875 00
Fract’nl currency (including nickels) 235 oo
Specie (mcl'ing gold Treas. ccrtlicates) 1,5*1 50
Legal-Tender notes !>,oon oo
Itcdcuiption Fund with U. S. Tress.
5 per cent, of circulation. 4,500 U 0
Total $317,576 64
Capital stoek paid in $ 11X1,000 00
Surplus fund t'l.oou ini
Other undivided profits 6,091.67
National Hanks notes outstanding.. 38,«iso.ihi
Individual deposits sub
jin;! to check . C1.f.0 Oo
Demand cert ilieutes of de
posit ... 12.08 S 28
Time certificates of de
posit 2 5,900 50
TOTAI $317,570 51
State of lowa, County of Mahaska,ss:
I, E. D. Lindly, Cashier of the ulKive-named
bank, do solemnly swear that the above state
ment is true lo (lie best of my knowledge and
belief. E. !>• Linoly,Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this Btli
lay of Oct, ls7 s .
It. O. GREEK, Notary Public.
(I. W. lIAI.E, J
C. P. Skaki.io, [Pi rectors.
M. Wii.son, >
Notice is hereby given Hurt by virtueofa Gen
eral Execution directed to me from the oltieoof
lbe clerk of Hie Circuit Court of Muliuskii Coun
ty. lowa, and dated Sept. Slat, A. I>. 1878, I have
levied upon and will oiler at Sheriff’s sale to the
highest bidder for cosli in hand, at the door of
the house in which the last District Court wu*
held in Oskaloosa, in said County, on Saturday,
the '.till day of Nov. A. D. 1878, nt the hour of 2
o’clock, I*. M., the following described real es
tate in s lid County, to-wlt:
South East U of Booth u ten (10, Township 74,
Itaugo 15.
Taken as the property of Granson Merhhon to
satisfy the above mentioned execution in favor
Of M. Wilson nnd agaiiHl Unttison Merslx-n ami
Virginia P. Mershon.
Makqdih Baku.
Sheriff of Mahaska County, lowa.
By.l. 11. Baku,Deputy. (i
Of Titles to Lands and Town Lots,
of Mahaska county, furnished on short notice
an«l on reasonable terms, by
OttlcO In 1. Frunkel & Co's bulltllnir, on the
west Hide of thepuhllc square, Oskaloosa, lo.wa
A Word to our Friends
We made a special effort this
hill to select a .stock «d
Dry Goods
First-class in every particul m l ,
haying no cheap, shoddy goods,
merely for a eatcli-pemiy tratie,
but buying goods superior in
style, finish, and quality to mi
stook of Dry floods ever offered
in Oskaloosa, and showing n/a
assortment of novelties unequal*
ed by any house in the city..-
That our efforts have been thor
oughly appreciated is evident
not only from the many enco
miums we have received from
our customers, but also the fact
that our sales have been so im
mense that we are already com
pelled to go to market a second
time to purchase
We ask special attention to
nir magnificent stock of
BiecK Silk Triiming Velvet,
hi all colors. A lull lino or
3-Button Kids,
At SI.OO per pair, every pair
warranted. A choice
selection of
Torchen Laces.
Something nmgniticcnt in
Do not fail to see them. A com-
plete line of
The only full stock of
Lace Materials
in the city. In fact,all tlie new,
choice, and desirable goods yon
can find at our store, and best of
all at prices par below what
yo i can buy them for at other
stores, as we sell for
Cash, and Cash only.
One and all, rich and poor, each
and every person served alike,
as cash will buy goods cheaper
than credit. Do not’buy any
Dry (loods till you get prices ot
the only cash house in the city.
South-east i-orncrof Public Square.
Farmers, von ran get a ilrst-class meal atour
Restaurant for twenty cents.
52-yl ~* Lee & Brown .
Since the decline inthise goods I have addial
largely to my stock and If you have laid
trouble in finding lenses just to
suit call on me, I have an
instrument to de
termine the
required and can suit you easily ana at anj
twice you want from 21) cts upward.
Iti Great Variety.
«<>no Saddle and bridle. Nearly New
-2 I. M. Gibbs.
Practical Psychology.
Or the power of one mind over another an«f.
how to obtain it. showing how to gain almost un
limited influence over any one. This is not mes
merism. Sent under weal for 85 cts. Address,
:i-3mpd Box 480,Oskaloosn, lowa.
Resident Property
For Sale or Trade.
One of the lines! resident properties in the city.
1 louse large, modern build and linely finished in
hard woods; will trade for an improved.farm or
w ild land: will pay dillerence in cash, or will
sellou long time; in will exchange for smaller
citv properly.
For Sale.
Ooliverod to any part of town. Will not Im
undersold. Time Riven if required.
Ottawa Business Collep,
Institute of Penmanship.
For circulars,eptv p*-}yS &<•„ address
Ottuuuva. lits/a, I.(k k>;q, 1 1
Oskaloosa College,
'ttF.PA’Kr.tIKM'M OF IXSTKI (Tl(*\.
P !rojiaratoiy,Classical,Ladies’ Course
Philosophical, Commercial,
Musical and Biblical.
liarge and Commodious
Unnd me-.il* furnished to students by the “Col
-14 |re l!o*n)jitg Club." sit pi<H» ,1.50 to ,1.7. r , per
w eek. Pleasant rooms can be had near the Col
!< ire at prices ranging from i 2 to $4 |>er month,
si udents lurnishiiiß-thcir ow« rooms; so that |,y
t\ r<> or four rooming together, the whole ex
p. in.-e of boarding and lodging u<.el not exceed
per week.
Students who prefer to do so. may rent rooms
and board themselves at very low vales. Good
bnar4linge.au he hud in private families, idioms,
li; flit, and fuel furnished, at from $2 Ulto !.to per
w eek.
Oskaloosa is jire-emineiitly a city of eh** Hies
se liools and colleges.
studentsadmitted at anytime. The next col
If re year begins
September 9. 1878.
for catalogues or other information, adiiress
Or M. P. tin k\s, SecV. 6-i-:im
Are now prepared to deliver coal to any part ot
the city. Our nut. coarse. an<l medium coal is
regarded as the
Bestiin tho Market.
Ami we war ant it clean nn<l ol' the be*t quality.
After September 1, our terms will Ik* cash on
delivery of coal, unless upon special contract.
At Howard & Son’s, Yates’ barber shop. Cen
tral Hook Concern, Mattison jt Wray’s and
Hart & Mattox’s.
nil kinds of
White Washing and
I an. prepared at all times to execute any or
dera in the above line, and guarantee good sat
isfaction. Prices always reasonable.
Material always on hand.
Leave orders at C. W. Eliswurth’sgroccry.
For sale at 6 cents per husltel delivered.
Leave orders at office of Das Company for this
economical fuel for your cook-stoves.
42 D. W. HUNT, Soc’jr.
One business lot. 2ilxt:!o,on .Main street. oppo
site Hkiiai.d Block, occupied by paint-sbop.
One business lot, 20x00, on Market street, on
first alley south of square. Call on
The underpinned has live thousand dollars to
Invest in good farm land undeilaid with coal,
within four or five miles of Oskaloosa. Send
written offers M CHARLES HUTCHINSON,
Selby Park Farm,
5L Oskaloosa, lowa.
Beacon lowa.
Drugs, Patcut Medicines, Paiuts
Varnishes,Glass. Putty, Dye Stuffs, and Toilet
School Bopks, Stationery,
Notions, Soda Water, Mineral Waters, Choi,
Cigars, and a a mall quant ityjof everythin
kept in the Largest Drugstores.
TERMS being CASH andexpenses light, DIS
COUNTSon A \ EItAGE PRll'ESareguaranteed
ouallsalos. Prescriptions and receipts eare
f ill lx tilled at ALL HOURS
fej, Celebrated
S f ‘f Florida
The richest, most lasting, yet most delicate of
till perfumes for use on the Handkerchief. at
the Toilet ami in the Bath, delightful and
healthful In the slek room, relieves weakness,
fatigue, prostration, nervousness and headache
Look out for counterfeits; always ask for the
Florida Water prepared by the sole proprietors,
Messrs. Lahmuan & Kemp, New Vork.
For Sale by Perfumers, Druggists and
4*>’i Fancv Goods Dealers.
Oskaloosa Gas Light Go.
Are prepared to do ull kinds of I‘lutubing
Steam and Gas Fitting .also keep an assort men
Steam! Water Pipe
Gas Fittings,
Hath Tuba, Iron Sink*, Iron Pumps, eto.
Offico West High St, MoCaJl Block.
$20,000 Worth of Goods to be F 1.
Hound to sell out our stock us qu: t as
possible, we are offering Goods at halt they
are worth.
Best Prints 5 Cents per Yard.
Yard wide bleached muslin - l M ‘ r au J
Yard v.ide brown muslin - •'* ,
Good -eohton Hamids - 7icts pci n.iml
Lonsdale muslin - - " HJcts per j ai«
Indian Head, yard wide - BH*ts ihji* yaia
Good felt skirts - 8
All linen tubicing -
Good Turkey red - - - ' **j s
Sigourney make, all wool and all colors ol Hamid
Good Red flannels - - - _
Oood Factory yarn, all colors - - oocts per 10
Good Jeans from 15cts up.
100 pairs white blankets from $2.50 up.
50 pairs colored blankets from .32.00 up.
200 comforts from $1.25 up.
100 Shawls, single and double, from 50ds up to $7.00.
1 doz. white handkerchiefs - - - 50cts per cloz
Good pair men’s kip boots -
Good over-coat for - 3 - V[
A good suit of clothes for - - "
Men’s good liats for - io o-
Men’s calf boots for - s—•>
Don’t fail to come, in and examine our
stock before buying Dry Goods, lothing,
Bools, Shoos, Hats, tips, Millinery Goods.
Respectfully yours,
Only Red Flag in the City. SOUTH SIDE SQI ARE,
Oskaloosa, lowr.
Have imu a huge elevator on the C. R. T. & P. ft. R. where the
Road crosses Street, 5 blocks south of the public
square at Oskaloosa, lowa, and have arranged the
buildingjAvitli a special view to
Convenience and Ease
in unloading grain, and are now prepared to
all that it is worth for shipping, and they
pay as imieli for grain as other parties can
afford to this far west of Chicago.
Our fall and winte r stock of ready-made
clothing for Men, Boys and Children,
has now arrived; and we are
ready to show the Largest
and most Complete Stock
in Oskaloosa.
In Shirts, Hats, Cans, Underwear Bacl Gloves and
Mills, We lave toe Largest end Best Sleek of
any House in Malaska Cennty.
Youths’ Boys’ and Chil
drens’ Clothing a Specialty.
Buying All Our Goods Di
rect from Manufacturers
for CASH, we are ena
bled to sell at
Bottom Prices.
All we ask is a close inspection of our
goods before purchasing.
p. 8. We are Agents for the Celebrated Amana
Society, (Dutch Colony) Flannels and Btocklng
Yarn, of which we have a Full Line on hand to
Sell. No 5

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