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Published by SEARLE A LYMAN, Reel Estate, Insurance and Loan Agents, First Door West of
Rnmitfl flfflnß. T\T afinnnl Rnnlr TliiiMinn
lowa Resources.
Advantages and Inducements tc
December 28th, 1*46. lc>wa, oonsistink
of a population of 97,588, and twenty
seven counties, was admitted to the Unior
as a Slate
lu 1875, according to the census, Hit
pu; utalion was 1,3.*»,907, and the coun
ues numbered about one hundred; am!
her advancement in populaiion has beer
fully equaled by her permanent improve
menu in public schools, railroads, church
es, and in everything tending to make n
good State; and lowa, unlike some of oui
western States, has never stopped grow’
ing. Year after year the population in
creases, and improvements are constantly
being made, and no State in the l nion
has a better, or more energetic class ol
citizens than arc to be found in lowa
lowa's growth and prosperity are altribu
table to yarious causes—fertile land, good
climate,railroad facilities,and its vast min
eral wealth all combine to aid in its gtowtli
which has been steady and permanent
Public SolllMtl*.
About SIO,OUO,OUU have been expended
by the people of this State for the erec
tion of public school buildings. lowa's
school system is something that the citi
zens may well be proud of, and justly
claim to* be the most complete of any
Estate in the Union. The public schools
are supported by funds arising from vari
ous sources; the sixteenth section of every
Congressional township was set apart by
the general government for fechool pur
poses. Congress also made a donation to
the State of 500,P00 acres, and an uppro
priation of 5 percent, of all the sales of
public iands to the school fund. The
proceeds of all tines for the violation of
liquor and criminal law s, and various oth
er sources contribute to the school fund a
permanent Income, which can be used for
no other purpose, and which is sufficient
to afford every sub-district in the State
from six to nine months school each year.
The colleges of lowa have such a reputa
tion that we deem it unnecessary to men
tion them here.
lowa contains an acreage of -Vi,o4-4
square miles, all of which, except that
occupied by the rivers, lakes, and the peal
beds in some of the northern counties, is
susceptible to the highest cultivation.
The soil of this State has justly become
famous for its fertility, and an equal area
cannot be found that contains as little un
tillable land. It is estimated that 95 per
cent, of the State's surface is tillable land
of the most fertile kind. The Mississippi
river forms the eastern, and the Missouri
the western boundary of the State, and
into these run the various smaller rivers
which afford the State its excellent
drainage system. One of the principal
rivers of the State is the Des Moines, ris
ing in Minnesota and flowing almost cen
trally through this State from north-west
to south-east, and empties into the Missis
sippi at the south-east corner of the State,
with its several tributaries making quite
a prominent river, and affording abundant
A water-power for any kind of inanufnctur
| ing business, and numerous good mill
f sites. This fact, together with the fact
J that the river flows through a splendid
coal country is inducement for the erec
tion of numerous manufactories of all
•*—kinds, which are bound at a day not far
distant to be found in goodly numbers all
along this stream. The Skunk river, the
lowa, the Turkey and the Cedar are all
streams of importance.
Among the principal lowa lakes may be
mentioned Clear lake, Storm and Walled
lakes, all of which afford abundance of
game and fish, and are great resorts for
pleasure seekers.
The climate is very pleasant and ex
ceedingly healthful; and dreadful winters
and heavy winds are things of the past.
We have no more winds than the average
Eastern States, and ourw intors cannot be
beaten. There is no State that offers
greater inducements for investment in
m"Sf§WTgS(XIe or the building of msnufwto
riee The farmer will l ind here cheap
lands, splendid climate, good soc/ety.- the
most fertile soil in the world, and good
railroad communication with eastern mar
While all parts of the slate are desira
ble, Mahaska county offers, perhaps more
advantages than any other part of the
state This is the fourth from the Misis
slppi Hirer and In the third tier of coun
ties from the southern line of the state
and contaius 51C square miles, or 368,*40
acres of as good land as can be found
where. The county was organized by act
of the legislature Feb. 5,1844, comprising
townships 74, 75, 76 and 77, north, and
ranges 14, 15, 16 and 1. west of fifth prin
ciple meridian, making the county -
miles square.
The county is well watered by the He;
Moines, North and South Skuuk Rivers
Middle, Moon, Muchacliinock, Cedar an
other smaller creeks The many natura
advantages found here have attracted tb
best class of citizens, and improvement
have been made rapidly and permanent!
until now Mahaska, a county only abou
thirty years of age, stands in the fron
rank of lowa counties.
The soil being a rich dark loam, pro
duces abundant crops of all kinds and veg
etables. It Is well adapted to the produc
tion of apples, pears, cherries, and all th
small fruits. The largest orchard i u ih
State is in Mahaska WU#r> iJSfn/
northwest of ° I B of
ll OOP thrlftr tree*, and aa J number oi
m fanas throughout the county hare large
The extensive coal beds of the count
constitute one of Us valuable sources c
wealth. These coal beds consist of th
best quality of coal, which Is easily mil
cd, and extensively shipped to eastern an
western markets over the tnauy intersect
ing lines of railroads which affords eas
i runs port at ion, thus adding a haud>oin
income to our county and furnishing cn
ployment for many workmen, and a goo
market for the farmers’ marketing. Pro!
White, the State geologist, estimates tli
amount of coal at an average of a five foe
vein under the entire county. Abundanc
of lime and sand stone of the best qualit
io;»nd in dlflorent parts of the county
ami good material for the manufacture e
brick. Mahaska county has all the elc
incuts necessary to make it one of tli
richest and most prosperous counties i
this, the best State in the Union. No
only have we the soil for producing th
largest grain crops, hut for a stock rai.«
ing county it is unsurpassed, and will al
wavs hold its place at the front.
The country is well adapted to slice]
racing, and some of the farmers are turn
mg their attention largelv to this httsi
We would call the attention of easten
capitalist to the fact that lowa is 6ne o
the best States in which to invest in var
ions kinds of manufacturing business. Wt
need not enumerate the class of m&nufac
tuted goods that would find a ready salt
it our State. Aside from every Hue o
tgrieultural implements, we might nten
ion as particularly enticing to capital, es
tablishmcnts for the manufacture of flout
jorn meal, oat meal, starch and sttgai
r rom corn. lowa grows considerable
no re* wheat than Minnesota, but less than
me fortieth of lowa's product is put Intc
lour on lowa soil.
In Mahaska county there arc good open
ngs especially for a manufactory of agri
•ultural implements, an oat meal mill
■heese factories, and in fact for almost au\
iinJ of a manufacturing establishment
)ur city is now arranging for water works
>n the Holly system, which will give us
m abundance of water for manufacturing
purposes. Our citizens stand ready tc
del in starting any kind of manufacturer*
hat propose to start in our midst, aue
he publishers of this paper stand ready
o answer all correspondence and givt
my desired information in regard to this
natter. We mean what we say and ii
iny parties in the east wish to invest h
my kind of manufacturing in the west w<
viH gladly furnish them with information
hat will enable them to make some paving
n vestments.
It is a matter of pride to every lowkn
hat to-day our State stands unsurpassed
is the best cheese and butter producing
date in the Union. Several cheese fac
ories have won a high reputation, and oui
owa butter was awarded not only th<
Irst premium at Philadelphia, but bore of
he same at the Internationa
)niry Fair at New York. No county it
he State oilers a liner chance for dairy
msiness than Mahaska. We have her<
he finest pasture lands, where the best o
amc grasses grow readily, and our farms
ire nearly all supplied with running watei
md timber enough for protection to stock
rhere is a fine opening here for a numbci
if cheese factories anil creameries, wide!
ould be run l>y men who understand th<
msiness with far more profit than those
>f New York State or the Western Re
ervo of Ohio.
The county is divided into sixteen
I'ownships each six miles square. Tht
ounty-seat, Oskaloosa, is situated in tht
cuter of the county east and west, and s
ittle south of the center north and south
t is one of the most beautiful cities in tht
Hate. It has won the name of the City
if Trees from the large number of shadt
.lid fruit trees that are the great oma
acDt of its streets and private grounds,
t iSjbeautlfUUy situated on the divide be
yeen the Lies Moines and Skunk rivers,
*d is steadily and growing and not at all
i advance of the country as is apt to be
le case with many western towns. It
as a population of about 6,000 and is
tpidly increasing in population and
realth. During the past season there
as been a good many dwelling houses
uilt and several large brick business
locks. Some of the finest stores anc
trgest stocks in the west are found here
We have about a half dozen dry good?
tores, fifteen groceries, three hardwart
ud stove stores, four or five jewelry
tores, wholesale grocery store, restau
ants, bakeries, etc., without numbty
even drug stores, four banks, sever!
nillinery stores, and other branches o
msiness as fully represented, four found
ics, woolen mills, and two planing mills
* city is lighted by gas and has all tin
a| v a !">ges necessary to make It desirnbl
tl° pecking a pleasant home.
1 thing into consideratioi
we '•hoik \ - j us tificd in the assertioi
that lowa to-day rttfers j nd „ C e
• neDt t ‘i? * who wish t.
invest capital in at. rntcrDriso
greater inducements to t£ n^ r P^ sC ’ a
who arc seeking homes in *
healthy, locality; greater iudu£?"PV ou
laboring men or mechanics; greatei ai * t
ments in fact to all than any State in
Union, and further more Mahaska conn
is not surpassed, if, indeed, it is eqaale
by any county in the State in the mar
advantages that it offers to setler*-
There are many good payi og mvesi
ments that could constantly be made 1
real estate incur county- i,ie *’ e Mi
probably uever be a time again when »<
manv good farms can be bought at as Io?
prices as at the present. We hand yoi
herewith a list of a few of ihn farms foi
ittle and exchange amt ask your conikl
ration and solicit correspondence whirl
iall hnVe prompt attention.
Herald Supplement.
U&AXYIUJt m\" I /
"N. IRAIRIE IN UNION * j ■agricola
RICHLAND V* T I \ .*-/
«. o o/ pleasant
t \Crcek \
ixjosa \P v Rose iiat,
r rR n
mikock pmbmb
imi i him
'Ye do the leading Real Estate bus
iness in southern lowa.
Money Loaned
At the lowest rate of interest.
County and Municipal Ronds Negotiated
Collections made, taxes paid for non* residents, money invest**
for capitalists on the best improved farm security.
Bankers and Merchants of Oskaloosa
We make a specialty of exchanging lowa Lands and Tow
Property for
Kansas and Nebraska
■f you wish to go west come and see us. We can procure yoi
•educed fare on the R. It., and should you desire to lmy o
rade for any of the many pieces of land on our books, the tart
ivill be refunded in full for every 1(50 acres purchased, and pro
povtionwA axuAmuts fov HmaiUcx picees. No charges for om set
rices or for advertising unless we make a sale or trade for you
If you self or trade for yourself or through other agents we make no charge. I
ou have any property to'sell or trade, give us a description of it. We have to<
irge a list to give more than a general idea of some of the rare bargains ; many o
ur pieces are for exchange; some, being encumbered, must be sold at once. { Soim
if the parties wish to trade farms for town property, others wish to trade town prop
rty for farms; some want “boot,” while others wish to trade for larger and inor<
aluable places, putting in the difference in cash. To parties wishing to buy land oi
lesiring information of our county every courtesy Mill be shown. Full description o
►ur state and county and oar complete list of property (revised monthly) furnishet
,n application.
Furnished to any piece ofJand or town prop
erty in Ifwa.
We would call the attention of the public to th* fact that we represent none but
Hu* very best companies, and will guarantee the best protection for the least money.
No Two-thirds or Three-fourths Clause Co.
In our ai/enev ao wo ask of auy permit is to call and e* raino thc comparative
stindinsTor me different companies*, our rate*, and then i* his pleasure. Is it as
luYyou to do business wit* *>me traveling stranger as men who are perma
nently established and wb** 1 ® well known to you Wc arc fa, ~n i v firm in the
county that insures against damage by
318 Suburban fulfil of 31 ucics, 4 mile
from Oskaloosa, lowa, id! under cultiva
ion, well improved and well set in fruit
it all kinds; good It story house, S rooms,
-char, cistern, well, burn, etc , and a very
iesiruble place, to bo had ut a bargain,
"’ill take part pay in wild land.
acres in Madison county, Iowa;
Y,’t„ i ,V' ullivation - "'dl watered, in
\UI improve secl j on NVi]] t . j f
v n | P T‘r \l° ] ‘arm worth *•*,:,<in
ool—l wo good so aero fa mi«
10 miles from Oskaloo.. turciarnts,
luildings. Price !jd* iier acre^'iiif ol^'1 * 0
.his strike you? -w docs
865—247 acres in Powcshoik county,
[owa; well improved and good buildings;
s one of the very host farms in the Union
ind offered at a very low figure.
366 Powcshoik county again A nice
100 acre well unproved farm with good
mildings; offered at S2O per acre. Cheap.
308—Splendid farm of 120 acres in
3rundy county, 24 miles from railroad
own of Holland; all under plow; huild
ngs comfortable. Only S2O per acre.
367 Marion county, lowa. We have
iu 80 acre farm ad joining the town of <U
ey,Marion county; well improved,fenced,
mildings good, line land underlaid with a
l foot vein of coal. For sale cheap if
mid soon.
EG2 —A farm of 310 acres in the east
; art of this county, 1 mile from Rose Ilill;
JO acres timber, balance mostly under
cultivation except some bottom pasture
ani; fenced into five fields, log house,
•tables, granary, corn cribs, two good
wells, small orchard. Very cheap, must
be sold.
351 —A very desirable farm of 158 acres,
!4 miles front Oskaloosa, Iowa; highly
cultivated, large hearing orchard, abund
ance of small fruit and berries; large
house and barn, smoke house and all
other necessary improvements; a bargain,
considering location and improvements.
Will trade for a smaller farm for first pay
ntent, balance on time.
357—75 acres in Pleasant Grove town
ship, 8 miles from New Sharon; 45 acres
under cultivation, 12 acres timber; house
and stable not of much value. Price
SIOOO. A bargain is offered for cash.
Trade for wild land or stock.
383 —A splendid farm of 640 acres iu
Lee county, lowa, four miles from
Keokuk; all under feuce;3oo acres in
line blue grass pasture; balance in cul
tivation; a very line grain or stock farm :
a fine house and three tenant houses; can
be had for less than half its value.
359—190 acres in Washington county,
Kansas; 10 miles from county seat, 72
acres in cultivation, 10 acres timber, well
watered, house 14 story, cellar, well, sta
ble, etc., young orchard. Price S3OOO
- for stock of goods or other good
383—For exchange; Farm 125 acres
on Big Stranger creek, twelve miles south
west of Leavenworth, Kansas. Small
three room house, good well; good con:
crib; farm is all under - good worm rai
fence; 100 acres under cultivation, enongl:
timber for luel; fine land and lays well.
Price S2OOO. Want to exchange foi
farm in Labette comity, Kansas, or good
property In Parsons. Would pay small
cash boot or assume some encumbrance.
387 — The best farm in Labette county,
ICO acres, l’4 miles from Parsons; frame
dwelling cost $1000; frame barn, cost
$1500; two good wells : 150 acres under
a new hog tight fence; 300 acres under
cultivation; 34 acres timber, some fruit
trees. Price SIO,OOO. Payments easy.
388— For exchange; splendid farm; ICO
ttcres, miles from Parsons; all enclosed
with three year old hedge fence; 65 acres
antler high state of cultivation; two good
wells of water; 250 fine budded peach
trees, bearing; 50 apples, 13 cherry, and
5 plum trees, all choice fruit, small dwell
ng three rooms. All cultivatablc land
ind lays beautifully in handsome view of
lie city. Price $3200; S7OO cash, balance
11 ten years with ten per cent interest, or
fill exchange forgood farm in Southern
ndlana or Northern Kentucky.
360—160 acres 11 miles from Washing
>n county, Kansas; 16 acres under eulti
ition, no buildings. Price SI,OOO. For
384—For sale. Farm 160 acres 9 miles
om Parsons and four miles from rail
ed station; all under good fence and
•oss fenced, 80 acres under cultivation,
10 fine apple trees, 150 bearing; 500
?acli bearing trees, 100 cherry and a
.rge variety of small fruits, permanent
ock water, two good wells. First class
,nd and lays well. Small dwelling,
ranary, smoke house. Price S2OOO cash,
fill trade for lowa farm.
384—For sale or exchange. 6921 acres
no farming lands in Island county,
Washington Territory, price $6 per acre.
Would exchange for good land or city
roperty in Kansas, Missouri or adjoin
lg states east or north. Perfect title
uaranteed. Some very line farms open
-1 in said Island county, and near these
We have farms for exchange and sale in
11 parts of Kansas and other parts of the
rest. For further Information call at
nr office.
56—A good farm of 100 acres iu north
cast part ol county, all in cultivation; or
chard of 100 trees; 2 wells and aspring;
a 1 story house, 3 rooms and cellar. Will
trade for Kansas or Nebraska land.
•' hum ol 120 acres in south-west
part oi county. House 16x24, 1A story •
good cellar, well at house and ham; 70 or
apple and other trees; stable etc
-Splendid farm Will trade for Kansas
Nebraska land.
mile' I r or,v :, ‘‘! vs in Dallas county five
mill s fioni Waukce, on D. M. & Ft
.o. ge railrciadjsinailhous,. of 3 rooms'
\VI.-.ir : T OO ' 1 laml ' veM matured
'' 111 * ,a dc for farm near Oskaloosa.
• ’*'! ~ Hi acres near town; well improved
and, small house and stable, a splendid
grove with running water; a number one
place for a dairy farm. For trade - a liar
gain for cash.
60—A farm of 80 acres, west of Fre
nnZr™»- a '!? r < ’ l "-MG fine farm all
nndei cultivation.
nl l6(t acres near Bussey, Marion coun*
|y. well improved, good buildings; will
trade for city property.
<>2-4o acre farm 5 miles north of Oska
loosa, well improved, will sell at a bar
umiii or trade for western lowa land.
63—House and lot in west Oskaloosa
to trade for vacant lots or better proper•
t\ and pay difference. This property is
worth SSOO. ii.-
303 —House and lot one hiock from
public square, 6 rooms, well finished,
cellar, good stable, some small fruit, good
location. Property worth $2,500. Win
trade at a bargain for farm in Mahaska
33.) -House an»l lot in the west part of
town near Oskaloosa college; just the
place for parties wishing to educate their
chi.dren. Worth s7o(t ; will trade for a
small farm.
330—House and two lots in New Sharon,
lowa, 14 story, 5 rooms, l block from
business portion of town. Worth S7OO,
will trade for Oskaloosa property or farm.
370—Now here is your chance for a
splendid home in the edge of town with
ten acres of ground; good orchard, small
fruit in abundance, very good house with
cellar, cistern, well, Ac., barn and every
thing needed to make you happy, it is
for sale cheap for cash or might he traded
for wild land in good locality worth $5 -
500. T ’
320—A nice suburban residence, 13
acres, well fruited, good new house, 14
story and basement., 7 rooms, stable and
out-buildings. Price $2,600 A fine place.
343—House of 5 rooms in the east par
of town, desirable location, cornirlot.
Price $660. Will trade for faim land.
375—A good two story frame house, six
rooms, one block from public square. Lot
30x120. House alone cost SI4OO. This
property can now be bought for $900;
must he sold soon
376—A good residence in the cast part
of town; house II story, 6 moms, cellar,
cistern, Ac.; good lot and in a first-rate
location. Price $1,200.
373—House and two good lots in the
cast part of town, 14 story, rt rooms, well.
«frc. Price S9OO, on long time; monthly
payments if desired.
326—1 story frame house, •> moms, 1
lot; located in west part of town. I rice
S6OO, on long time, easy payments; month
ly payments if desired.
58 —A farm of 160 acres, 6 miles north
east of Central City, county seat of Mer
rick county, Neb.; 120 acres broken;
frame house 18x27, 2 pumps, 3 acres in
timber, good orchard, etc. Will he traded
at a sacrifice for lowa land.
53—Timber culture entry in Howard
county, Neb., 6 miles from county scat,
23 acres broken and 10 acres set in timber
4x4 feet apart, for trade.
51—160 acres 3 miles west of Clarks
ville, Merrick county, Neb., on U. P .11.
IC, 90 acres broken, frame house 18x26,
well, stabling, etc.; grove of 5 acres tim
her and some small fruit. Will trade tor
Mahaska county land.
55 160 acres 6 miles north of Central
City, Merrick county, Neb.; 20 prrtly
broken. Will trade for eood place in
Eastern lowa

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