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The weekly Oskaloosa herald. [volume] (Oskaloosa, Iowa) 1855-1885, April 16, 1885, Image 2

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CirraUtlM Raarly Tkr*» Tfcwl
THLK»n.Vv.~ ~ APRIL I*. 1885.
Plmuul Oiar*.
r Be lirwrr> are u*>« ai»u*»*l dona analog '•*11
(raw. Fraeuw hrtiiuwi garden i***t»r.
He ts im>« the order of the dag.
March passed of like a land and April has
presented itself very mikt nh«- so Easter rauia
and went without ram
A part at ««ur artwvol* begin to day wiUi Nt-<*
Uu Lroberts la chance a! Sand Ewer. Mi" l»nm
Heap* at Ihr Fisher srfcooi aod Mr*'t l*rm Bean*
at the Senft* sekueJ Tl.al the* nut* he mk»'v
rut is the wi*A >4 owe w» *» ixnaUn wtt» irtriim
aod their work
Klaood Hatcher ha* a ban. wr* W. with
V lout post*. *!reads fn»rw-*l ud Is una repair
iuc ht« dsrelUHs. with new not new window*
etc John hattog is the bos? workman
K. O t'ouats. front M asbtactoa. Kansas mads
a firing tMi m thrwr parts * short nar **>«.
i>atW again returned U» Ws home
Jas, Bradford is putting at addition to ill'
i.aim whtek will be an MfWMmL
■kiae wr-!» are almost daily ndtiei itw-*e
t*mes and they are well quite annoying
The peipaitke for the cxwirt house U> •' a
fair ooe. and etvntsdt Mi eawaMer the
matter and give it a lift
stock nue rally ts in a flourishing eowditwat.
and af»?>ear' to be eager to try the greet) grass
’has IS Shswls coming -<a
Aar*! It fKI AST
Tuesday was i Brtr Wm DtwsaMwr s blrth
ias and hr was very hmswitl) surprises! by
*u* child ecu. crandchihirra amt retain * gaih
-rlng »i hi* house They -rought presents »*4h
rsefui and oraameulal A p«d time is r*-|«>rl -
si May be live to *e» maay toore *urh ami
i ersane* <4 hr* birth
Miss Emma Akennau iisited last week with
relatives id Kekuk fwißlt.
Mrs Phil Ehrenbart ha- been juitr skt.lwit
i* impen iug
Mr aod Mr* Bam-»ei IHnsmorr. of Marini'
t.urg. aid Mr and Mrs J ft kmut. nt Hedrick
sttrtnlest the ! ►;ti'tsess rvumou last week
hm. Nadi returned lad Wednesday. fr-wo
Muwouth. lIK. where be attended the fum rais
4 Mrs N»'li and her daughter, hi* sister -in -
aw and niece who were murdered by Krtwaru
Nash, an insane young man fhi* is a very -ad
case ol insanity
i hariie \ agini is twiilding an addition t>- his
J A Guuu i» tr-atlng his tense to a tx-w s«i
•! paint
S R Canon ha' the 'pouting on his house,
utd ha* tit* ristern ataawl completed
We are to have a w alk from Main drve* l lu
’be Narrow Gauge de|«*t Tht* IS a much
lee-led imjirov-euM-nt
S. V fkatOttie. of tVila visiled here !a*t
Canon a Guuu will ship an *tb-r car-load -4
p-*lat«*e* this week
M W Byram L*> t Rnr 4'vnlnetil H wal>
caper of beautiful design*.
G. B Me pat) Jr -d your city atteiofed court
here lad week
Mrs K P Sheet* visited siear Kirkviile iad
A child id A. Temuii- likiihl Ihe coocewtraled
’ye can aod spilled -•me of the content' in hi*
moulh and eyes. It is Thought that the rye
'lgttt l» D-d ißjurvd.
• anon A l>tw* have * new *ale in ’heir *iwre
.t*«rst ft Tlttxi
WV 'bouid hare made mention * week or *■«
vgo that Swrreywe *t«ddard wsv* with u* a day
•W *o
Mrs. I*r iHilev of Kuotvilb- Junction. wa»
vidting here, the gue*t of her parents. Mr and
Mrs. A Hunt
Mr Pordtke who tires near your city. «<•
•hrougti this township selling a medical l«*-k.
Mi" Silrers. id Lynnrille. ga*e our l*unr a
• easaiit surprise ad week
AL Stmth stu|>ped twenty two hundred u n~
d wgg'-
Aunt Jane Timbrel i' .utte sick
there is imer small grain being *..« ii than
erer before ui thi* iveight»orh-«>d
’ r C««rge Ahorsfey has not end hi* cattle hut
Ed. has Ule chill*
Eider IrywuMs j»reached a g>«»t sermon at
the Christian t h*p» U Annday
sun Me*' «*»ld a young staßtow m Ih-Brown.
M Black t*ak for two hundred and serenty dve
Mr* L. 1> Arm strong .4 this town, received
a check the iKher dav tor upward' td *lx {ijp
fred dollars, from a dy ug friend
The court house lav will d<» a huaines*
here next time
A lot id Indian* are m -amp below this burg,
wi the river
4j<e» H Ki< Hi *> »K
Aeedlng n~arly ml! dotie. a little m-«re wheal
iad not jUlte so m e h owts sown a* usual
The grveißd is m fine conditbm
At-ick r* kxkiM well with plenty of fee-1 left.
Our *rh*s»!s wfl* be taught by ihe following
teacher* No 1 Reed Brown, tth term. No. t.
• harie\ Heflmtre jrf term; N-c i. Ct>ra Brx>wn,
No. 4. Immi Busby. _xl ter in No. 5. Maud Ki
**<r No. a ted known. N<v T. Mi- Trance.
Wage* jer m.4ith <*ur t-«rn«hin voted a
tax id six hundred d*dlar« to hutbf ».ie>(!>*r
nouse is No T
No* ib regard to our *p*liuig maab. (bur
tiris' ar* n-«t s.ai*hed with the rrpiHrt mad*
by and vai you * ili have to Ira
brloro *«>u that ■ * *ur
*> flr*i proposed wer* ait *.-(»• «>! H'botan. when
two day- Worr the maloti <*r Iwiiid he nmM
tud go and *• *ub*ttluted Ida Bots-rts. owe -«f
>ur stus—ssful tearber» l*ut *t»e tiad no tine
f«>r preparation. tb*«irb f»ru you will admit *b*
did bersetf im> discredit And a* loth* (Hher*
ttwy make r*.> *|es-iait) of spelling. neither ndr
1 as a bobby but are equally g»«si m '.besr oib*»
WHI, »»• mH an t oHiimrntwl <« !bi
♦Mb ,*aar«- at 2«■ clock. 'o Jx-tt straight al-mg
without tint down w the u<lr .n
Fa*’ l**-» Moon— next M -nro*. t>e\i two on
Raat llr. Motors. Ite-n the word eer was pro
noimrcd and Chilton >|i>lW it «• r. I** - *ring out
'br ajvstr>|ib«' Ltl»rorr>-cte«J H Hinrlaimni
• h*-r~ aa* n»> rut* to *uppt» the A|s**lropt.-e «r
pass**! amt fair another trial Attn Batin**
Sot »*» prooouneed ao<l Anna uuderstissl and
-j*-l-rd (Voff !b*> insisted *n-1 she went down
liar*. K*iilfi*M. a bow w>»le altmtiiiii «A
given .a try nut to throw ttoegtrts off their guard
got cantht ou hur J-w h*-a -to rat That lett
•hi lion on otar >hl* Lrna Laddir and l.lta <mi
*br other sf>ei|e-d on to thr sad page. a tiro
Lua amt down >*o twepwrot i-ai. then *h» to lb*
27th I>*b» bv a slip said bartyr for barter then
>othr t»Ui. atam wroth *a» peooonocod Chii
uwi sjrllat aratr l.ntdi* l<»*A it from k:r*. M
r»* claimed h» nwtrrdwd arath ar>-l spelled at
:bat iu*d a« Ana* bad dor**- on ieoff
it aa« pcwtouored v*fj d stmotly. H»-r* ar
lain thr xiebwv . h» stew Jd have gone d-*wn a»
tuua did. or »h* *l»>iiW bav* daid u|> a- b* did
Final!). a;*bout (trial up '.hr p**it*t th*) wmt
«n t«* lb* abbreviate<tix. t tult*« refused to try
•hem <a> tbrt* p»s***j !<• th* last caar- >d jaw
rrab*-r- and HaiUM th* l»«* at « »'(Mt.
making *> hour* spelling H*«th -•*rl>**
..rofxw*! to qoM and rail it a ti*. and *lni>
noor-artl! agreed to report and giv* credit t**
both '*(s<*' Mr vlin.i you bawl <■«**- tto.nl *pril
*r. »* had ibrr* Mat »« good. and d.* n.*t
acknowledge any defeat. I nrr* should bav*
■"**n a judfr >|i|>miln] to dr-idf disy*ut*s. a:nl
a.«uid ba»* b**rti but tbrr* »*> no on* ywr*nit
ahrn thr *|* Mint r»*tumrnr*>d. Noa I barr
-nad* this »tat*-m*nt to satisfy thr <in> and am
aii’fwK to submit thr -tursiroti A* M !.||> p««>r
wtU tiaa aroirti aii titr f***rtr> th* ra-w ail %nan<l
1 won't try t thiub his »* pod If his nyad
lad town r-*rrm tht« w**utd m« havr apt‘*'arr-d
.t|r»< W M M
Bariiw City.
a *r*a» main d >mr tarm*rs »r* dna* '*>« iu<
'man «ralti
Mr Kra* ■* has hnishrd M«mt m llarn*.
City Hr isg rna t*. but* I»i» saw m>!| to M »wi
A Gitywry ba- br*r *oubn**i t* th* Ikhis*
altb bl* ryr* thr |.*<t wrrk
K!la Pra»! r*ttini*-d h-anr I aal saturslay (r.*«n
.•hit rttj
L Kobrrt* ind wyfr w-*r usitini hi- jarmu
•st Hundai
H IMbi and wit* w*r* visit nc hi* imr*iii»
Hr. Miltrr hiirit hi* a|d»Htiimri»i at Karo**
i :tv last !tamiai
H. iiruh* is riyainiw hi* !*•«**. th* w-*rh
'■*tn* don* t»y Mr<« and M a Likens.
April U PULASMirr
Mr* Carr ha* rr-t urncd from \ irmuw mit re
;*>rt» a *pl«*ridHl nul *«•«( (4d fn*-t»d« and
rriaUrw She hrm»jth» her fn»tl»**r a itli h«*r
Mr* CoUia* ha* returned Irow Virginia atwl
with few cam' Mi** Baker. a hamtvmr roaas;
ad) th* «><rr nf Mr* lleury Harris. xihl it i*
'iHiidbl nor Irmd Ham* will not b** alilr to
rant a garden for tkr naiarma* pain* at>
bit htiw fr**m ati <iirrrtK«*
A ripple of excitement ran through (tie holloa
a* 4») !**l *<*-k hut warn «u (coded It i% a
wonder u> yuur correwpondeat why wiher. oofs
nartljr eowl - headed men will allow a little t>*u«u*r
tad palaver on the |>art <<f a fra rtir>m< crumb:
•*rt to hliad tana to tbnr own airrrti In aa>
-owrminll) or ant bmarti »hm Ihe tnlmto
•4 naat arc at slake. thr idittW* nf thr fra
nun hr wbuHmaM to th- (mml Mnd It |«
wrtaial) to thr jural good >4 all thr minor*
aad no* to the Coal t omuant alone that riran
marketable «ol thou Id hr award, aad hr that
•tori hot drairr tbit to hr dnar r* rrrtaiali on
*»:n«h to **) the Irma.
•it * iwrurj thr wife of w Rental lrv-nd
I war. beat* thr cow*tator la *rr* u«* a ant <4
ejectment Comma hor «mr da) tec Inoad a
tramp hi pamrootoe Mr nertiwr aereamrd nor
fataSed » a Ur fnatatar rantom la <mrfa
■atrimtin. hat atiring thr hatchet *h* aadnt
lato that tramp Mr dan*d hjr thr lapttoaMi
4 tha hurt 4»4 aot oa the order >4 hi*
gntog, ha* hrat a prmpKato raCrrat. arrrlrraird
M sea real vtgnrow* appßcntian* <4 thr tad r*
*hor Wr awte a ««Ar of than** to Mr*
Itowney tor her mmaiary aethd <4 deal lag
«tb thr tramp aaieaarr aad ain«- <ar dbt
ladtr« to lmterte her etumle
Made Peter Reeve* ha* hara ta Nebrmk* a
BM etraagrr hm tabra ap hi* ibdr at hi*
■ to «av
Mr* Tam Catmada* to •io*U- *ick
Schauta a Weal Mart, fiord hat Friday,
due a *m wnwolui am.a <4 aror a moatha
horn to fir. aad Nn U. V Itoaran -at thr
M bat a boy. It oatjr fired a tew hoar*. TV
parrato have thr rymmathy «4 a beat <4 hit a da.
Chat, teagletaa aad IwaSy. ». iram. will re
mnv* to MwwaWa UM« week
AJptomw Mealt left thla moraine lor Mtwra-
Thr M t baht) whol waa reorganized oa
thr ftth teat, maker faroraMa emtdiUoo* J H
RstoSa. awaenaleadeat Win Prar»-r, town*
tan. Mr* ary a aide. Tmaam.
wr terra thr efcadac rial rraar that nmrd a
**•♦*•«& • Ira roll ago ta whaling somewhat
Tha M. * ladioa win give a heUral <a thr
JUth teal, a* thr M B. eh arch
(hr haw i a m«k are expecting a atataee
team the Baa* Uw waeh Rev Carter Gian to
war mt hto maflag. m ham oar eharl aopmtet
aaer whaa hr war too before aa a vtofit, rr
thtafe him a tor Hkrtattaa gratlama ami a
, ftof aitetodee do Tat waa
Mprh M
ruTATW. .... m
ArrxJOt wlaw . .. .... return
corn— < i w
m ' ?
iMoitd ,". ...".W.,tm
hr do Ml till
«■Tr. i n
IH<K* ha.. .4a .. T
Cwcaaa. April Uk I**
mtins&s »
Lira mum.
ftßLfeaSr »ar
i’R' x ekuih«> or the Board or Ur-
Auditor a Office. Monday. April 8,
Board met at 1 o’clock P. M. Metn-
ail preaent.
The Treasurer is hereby directed to
cancel of cancel of record the school
fund mortgage given by Francis A.
Porter February 23d. 184 a. the same
having been wild but never cancelled
on Treasurer s record.
The rest of the day wan spent in ex
amining claims.
Adjourned to meet at Si a. m , Tues
day. April 7th.
Tuesday, April 7th. 1885
Board me; Members ail present.
W. K. Nugent’s and Beecnler Bros.’
applications for permits to sell intoxi
cating liquors were considered, and by
unanimous action of the Board lioth of
said applications wer rejected
B->ard adjourned.
Hoard met. Menil«ers all uresent
The afternoon was consumed in the
’-xaiutnation of claims.
Bimril adjourned to meet at V o’clock
a. April Bth.
Wednesday. April Bth, 1885
Board met. Members all present.
The examination of transcripts and
claims was continued.
The following claims were referred
to P. W. iliilhps for examination:
Wut. Wilstin of Pleasant Grove Tp..
<78.1 X*
Kmory ltee<i of Pleasant Grove Tp„
jtpam '
I toad case No. 572. petitioiiexl for by
c ’. A. Oorreil et al, came on for dual
hearing, and after hearing ail the evi
dence in the case the Itoard orders that
the road l«e and is hereby established;
provided, all damages and costa are
l»aid on or i«efore the 25th day of Mav.
188 i
/hruurti -i/ /V* Jfuire* TuWH»hip.
At the January meeting of theßxbinl
of ?vuf»ervisors of Mahaska county, a
|iet it ion largely signed by the electors
of West l*es Moines township,praying
for a division of said township was
presented, ami the Board ordered the
same laid over until the next regular
meeting in April, that the public might
have due notice thereof. Said jietition
leads as follows:
“To the Honorable Hoard of Su|N*r
visors of Mahaska IVmuty. We, the
undersigned citizens of |»es Moines
township, ask your honorable body to
divide lb>s Moines township and make
two permanent organizations of the
same, the Ikes Moines river to make
the dividing line tielween the two
townshiiw. All that part now Ivina
west of said river tola*known as West
Ikes Monies township; and all that
part now lying east of said river to lie
known aft east Ikes Moines township.”
Signed by E. W Mynck. J. P. McCrea.
and aliout sixty others
Whereupon this cause came on for
hearing upon said petition, and there
having Iwen no object ions tiled, and the
Hoard having examined said petition
and heard the arguments of E. W. My
nck. et al. for said petition, after due
consideration of the premises, grants
the prayer of said petithmers. and
hereby establishes said division as
prayed for in said petition, hy a unan
imous vote of said Hoard. Said order
to l»e of full force and effect on ami af
ter .1 une Ist. I*W5.
Thu petition of soldiers asking the
Hoard U* instruct the county clerk to
make out pension papers free is hereby
granted, and the auditor is hereby in
structed to notify the clerk
I’Kition of Win. Mickel Askins for
rt*-9urTPy of county n»dd In*ween sec
tions tive ami six tn Pleafuin* Grove
townshtp not granted.
Consent nwd petstione»l for by Er
win Bilker et al. is granted and hereby
established as prayed for.
for the quarter ending April Ist, Ihßs.
Tilth* H“norahle hard u/ SvirtTirio'd Ml -
twAn • miy
Haianrr ou hand a* |w*r law! report ♦ 71 75
Kitrnrd m deed* «2 T 5
ftemvrd <m ta* sai* r*sl*midi-*iis t.j yp
Kerri v.-d <« oflk-lal bind* < VO
Kf*ei*«l on olr of law* o
im uo
Kv am>Hint tuvtd <swmty lr*a*ur*r Tl TS
K»JaiH*r <>n hand f <i Si
Hespertf uUy subtuitted.
E. STAbumn. Auditor.
ornriAL Bo?n»fi.
The following official blinds were ip
4. B. Clay worth, justice of the j>eace,
spring Creek township
N. Taylor, constable. Spring Creek
T. A. Coleman, constable. Harrison
W IV Carter, constable. Kicbland
<» .1 turner, county physician. <Mka
li 11
.1 .»«**. /hwrrqdem w
Artvs. Blarkuiar A t>». book*
and stationery .. $ 11* >■> i 11* <v>
ArauUWWK H A. rw'ummjt poll
iw« As -. 2 00 m>
A lieu lies* n ne-diorl server* umi
Ailender A. tncdre service* t js « *,
Abralisni A M. (««ls f.w p<s*r ~Q «> in tn
A*ber A ffcrwni. dh-ttnc jury
and bailiff l»«i IS MO
Bass A J. special constable 5 «> s tw
Br»»wu J H. special constab'r j is ; ts
Haver K W twtdice matenai is JP 19 J»
Kiidas! Bros, malt true for court
nvw 17 ou 17 <j»
H*rry.l H. trustee Kirhlaod Tp. I w 4>e
Kmkati James, conveyime pan
l*r in pa*r I arm i «n 4 uo
Beacon t owl i.to. cvial lor pan
per* . j w
Butler J C. csd sl<»ve f<w po*»r
lartn jo 00 at up
By ram 1 ' li. <»ftter r vpeiis* „f .« ! «i
Karrtuiter J O. <-*»r«>n*-r'* in
uiiest cases . <e IS M IS
Beuuett M K. c.Histahle State
raw 12 hU 12 «
Karr Mar-yui*. sheriff services W« 7S -.VS 75
Barr Mariui* conveyiuit insane
to kagdul ti 10 23 10
< <drin an T A r»«i stable An*
isindon Mefivtllr, watching
with Van Mouton u w 13 »
i ivwin fieo W. bndg* material IS uo id w
• luckf M.reuimiu* t»> ■< t«A*. 2W 2«w
I tiord (wo, wolf scalp 5 On
1 ai lag ban A O. Code U>r sur
rejror. i« w 10 on
Camai SlLretiirtuttg poll bwadts. 2 on too
( arr J M' .*s«i*tablr Stale cases, n 35 2 36
t orreiK' A. two woif scalps 10 ou m w
< ajnenai James, txaarvllug pan
per* 34 on 34 on
( aklweil A N.committer work. « is * *.
Crandall K H. cwnstabh- State
car* 21 eft 21 *5
iCincau W A. room rent *pectal
fltoWtaa. . .. 4 ut> « or
I * )*.*».rmm /. C. c.Mi*Ut»lr lews. 291 m JO! ju
Ittkoß <i K. I>n«tj£f matonal . 37 0“ 37 w
la* J a. daortuß *r»»f* fur
’ paupm 4a* ion
. Iterkeo MM. rontoabtr Inn tvs iy.
’ K»riaud Hrorjr. brldjfr work 1.% ift 75
! Kitiert. Kid lair A c*.. hooka
* aad *t*t lottery 74 50 7f 50
Kt-kari IK. **Ur> for Jaauao. to on tow
Kontrr t W.tatfj* lor poor farm, p w p w
Finley J W, fruntre *rrvicro 11 no II m
1 Frank*-, Harh A Co. Cottrt
‘ lluur rial>n i.*w &
Fhiaere A Huamer*. Roods for
tuMiprr* I .» i 35
FuwXia Mt. iru*in- terrier*. aw « a
Fraud* A K Imardißß pauper At W
1 t.Uebrtsf M D. uhw rxprliw II w II m
'.U'Ufuo A. cuardiuß lasaa*-
imoe ta w to »
<iborer A HtUrr. work for poor
farm * .45 a 35
tirahaa* Isaiah, anarostug Neotl
ip - ip a ip a
tlinr*lry J W. Justice lees staff
oaaaa . aw sa »»
Haskefl W W. launr rottuni*
stawer am a w
Kadtry J T. saian for Jauuary
Frbruar). aad flarrb .... no W no au
Hrary TV** K. bay few poor
term 40 w «e w
Howard H A Son. euai for pau
pees s aa 54 ta
Huatsmaa fl < . lnsaae comnits
tew am** aawwfe ** * w •
turner 21 w 21 tJtr
llriMum JR. cool lor pau|wr*. 041 met
Markrsr tool distrv i room
mil for etrettous I w 4 no
Hull BC, rrUtfatap poli books. tm t m>
Harnsoa East abrnt-bowr for
etrrtiaa . S W 3m
Weary A h. thrrshtag for poor
iwm »hr a V
Herald Frtattrg <«. printing
t<e count) . . mat aa at
Hull L L. good* tor poor larm. 1.5 to* itg
llliixs* Tnutlag Co. hooks tor
Omaty lit w tear
Jordaa C W. dtruag prhpwrrs. 474 » 1743 a
Johanna A Shock W-y Bmiprlat
tag for eouat* g aa a to
Jonas J M. mania for pauper is ia a g
J« •bason J b. trustee ■nrvtons a or aw
Jones A. returning poll bnafes f ■ 2 m
Jours l. wolf scalp ... ' m 5 4*
Jack Oak <4 hrou tor fombtag
pwßpm . M7l
Joars Bd. lust toe* few* Stair
cama «* *•
Ke«worthy J C. mmalaWr tens
Watrcasns m» lift m
Br«wo»thy W A. aHrrwy raw
<4 M Sophrr hh ha
k'-stotg r I eatery ter Fehru
ary sad March to es tom
Leaner I sppmurr of poor
form .......... Ik 3 aa
Biro dm H h, trustor aorrirrs ta fa u to
Emir M 1.. irt»ue snrrbrns... I to 1 to
Bremer AHammnnd. poods tor
. ptoprrs >to tj nr rt
J : .T **
Tp . aaa 5 «
Laat M W, retamtag pad hook I to 2 to
Itokwsoif M W.work «a brtdgi 1 7 to : m
Laady BHm. work aa krtogen a ts a IS
■ahtera Jaha.>mttaraten .. to » ta »
Mnere IS to IS aa
---. »M M IS
BSrJVJBrs. m *
,Ji«h.. . * •• Mas
Mefnrgy J Bl Irasbee esremne a» • a
hmformnaty ....... fl to ato
ItflMMlfitMi IvHl of
pauper $ to a St
Marti* w ». npto-mnr ai pane
term ...... ... -• f • fto
ESS'fSWS.n, -
- -
m• m•
cW' MtiiiiUm"' ’ *** • mm
KUh ' Ihaaiik feiSs *** tm
N«rrta JP. bridge material ... T 4 7* 74 7«
Netaoo W B. aUwroev Wale
cam » t» atM»
O Hai a KB* Ck good* for
poor IM « uvt 4<
Okwsndle Pred.trustee wrotn
gad returning poll book* if w> set
Orr H L. good* harutabed |«ii
Iter* 74 si 74 *1
OVain J W, work on bridges sk *«
< hkaloou (in light Co. gas for
county (dßem ..... ti«» if* *•
Porter & Neyenesch. printing
hr«pEr 17 m> ts eu
Proudlt J A assessing Oska
tooaa eHf 150 uo tin oo
PnUrfr Tp tnmtees. laedmil
treattneuffur paupers . ... is ou
Out I leu A J, constable few* 7 as 7 «5
Reynolds J P. trustee service.
WMtaUnk ... son *• oo
Rn-hardsiHi W H. salary for
February mud March iou «> lao w
Klee M M. office expense 3 m> 75
Reed Kmory.hoarding paupers. ian uo laMfover I
Row Sam or-! returning poll
books. i oo 2 w i
Rowley Carotiue.ranng for pan
per jo oo 25 uu
Stanley Clta-s B. returning poll
Iwoks t w 2 UP
Stock well Hit Son. goods for
paupers 4! 63 4t 63
Snyder H A Sou, goods for
paupers. 14 3o 14 JO
Slade 8 T A Oa, gv**!* for pan
pers a< on m> w
Slade S T A Co, goods for pan
pers 4 on laid over
St:ifiord K salary and office ex
pense Z Ti *■ 271' 9«
Smith .1 P. bridge material 29 w-
Smith A Cook, blank bonks 29 uo 29 uo
Spencer J L. sheep killed bx
dogs tor no lo uu
Stoddard I J. making plat 4 ur> 4 no
Steward Bros, goods f*-r pau
pers *22 on 22 ou
spates K P. returning poll
books 2 au 2 TO
Slatten A Brandy, medicine for
pauper 1 TO 1 TO
Shaw A B>ring. goods for pan
pers 134 40 134 40
Taylor Samuel, trustee service
and returning poll book* .. * uo * TO
Timbrel J T. assessing Prairie
township 116 00 n». 110
Timbrel C A. assessing Rich
land township 116 (ii 116 uo
Thomas Davis, bouse rent tor
pauper 16 TO 16 TO
True H G. good* for pauper* TO w TO TO
TlxHtipsiMi John, reluming poll
books 2 00 2 00
Tharp P J. work on bridge 3 uo .{ 00
Tharp T J returning poll bonk* 2uo *2 00
I rotter J W. constable fees 9 »r> 9 9fi
Vilier* A J.in'imng cvvunty (ail jo to jd to
\ i*»rhees W’ l>. returning p»>ll
book* * 00 t oa
W’hltaker A Sbriver, stationerx
for county 3! 97 ti 97
W’lsnell G. wolf scalp 5 00 s 00
Waring E H. transcript 127 *29 127 *29
Wa|w*H<> County, costs State v*
■rlata w 75 laid over
William* .1 C. bridge material 12 ou ISf to
Wyosore A J. returning isi 1
books . . 3 00 2 uo
W barton J S. justices fees « 21 6 2S
Weaver H P. salary for .iauu
ary. February and March ITO to ito uw
White tieo W.asse- sing Adam*
U’WllstUp 120 TO 1211 TO
Williams Bros, goods for poor 16 w 16 TO
Wi-ek*Alsi* for poor TO 25 TO 25
W« ieh P l>. trustee services * «. * to
Weldon I>. bridge work 6 75 6 75
William' W T. commissioner
insanity w uu w to
Warren. K B. cleaning off
bridge . 2 to 2 to
Young A Co, good* for pauper 7 TO 7 to
Attest: P W. Phillips.
K Stafford. Chairman
Aitio.n or OnrsciL 01 Scxdbt Maitrkw
i'laiiis Allowbd— Kkad Whit Y<*ch
Cwsrcn. Hah Km Oonm.
At Ihr rn;iiiar meeting of the Council. April
13, llirrr were present The Mayor. Solicitor.
Clerk. Councilmen Abraham. Coltiu, llrlnkb*.
Krankei. McNeill. Turner. Stumps and Vernon.
The minutes «*f previous meetings were read
and approved.
The petition of the city merchants asking that
Win Harney be appointed night watch was
read and «n motion allowed Tn* raotiou that
Wm Harney be sworn in as special police and
receive same (re as Marshal for making arrest*
where conviction follows a a* earned.
The prtltton of thr Power House Co. for a hy
drant near the power bouse was read and re
ferred te water committee.
The petition of W L Crowder, et al . for side
walk grant on north side High street, from P«*r
est to Cedar streets, was read and referred to
sidewalk committer
The claim* committee reported tu favor of the
following claims:
K I> McNeilan. derk fees .. 27 53
Ja* A Klee, solicitor fee* is 5u
M fHnid, t\ days street labor to date I 12
Kd Fitzgerald. J» days street coamilssnm
er mu iw
Jacob Wrint/, 29 day* marshal t.’ uu
C B Blown. * days marshal to March IT « wi
J w McMulliu A Co. th days teaming S S>
iHkaloitsa lJvery A Transfer Co. s day*
teaming I Sm
M PlligmU. I.»H days street labor At 25
.1 W Ivauirls. 1 month salary deputy mar
*hal at, m
Albert Noel. » days sidewalk ialsir 1* iju
Jacob Wrintz, fee* to date 4 6
T R Beaman, transcript 1 l T A T Co vs
CltT. | SO
J M ( ape!, mil to Marcn 22 .ts ■«
Herald Printing Co, pnuting to date » 3
C W Jordan. Isiarding prts«»uersto date 11 i.y
K B lYeston. fire dr|>artment supplies ;t 75
C Woodruff. ch.Vf of Pirr In-partmmt to
April 1 -s ou
C Woodruff, eipre-v* charges pant mo
M M Rice, fee* * .ate and city ca*e* n '«
Ira McNair. *ervina notice* 1 '«
«Vi3i'»wa «»a* 1 ignt Co. - leaning globe*.
March. s m
* Kkabsvsa Ira* Light Co. gas uiavor s office
Mareh s 72
'*shal«osa fia* Light Co, electric light*.
March lo to
<»«kalo<v*a 4 7a* Light Co. 7u city po*ts.
March ls»7 *«0
b»wa Cuion lei A T Co. in*t rent Sept t.
1 set to Sept t, |4s> 2f. no
lowa Cukni Tel A T 4 0. -* r*-ntbell* Jan
15. to June 15,15 T. 375
Tbev recommended that the claim of M i»er
imslv for plumbing, eu-.. t-v ;o and (Kkaloo*a
iia* Light C**.. repairs, (>r laid over f<*r
Cmiociiman Coffin moved report b* adopted,
and Clerk directed to issue onler* for claims al
Tbr claim for retund of water taxes. A.
Bn*yets, was referred to water committee.
The contract with T. K Mendenhall for place
to ceposit night soil, manure and gart>age was
on motion ratifleil, ; «id ( lerk directed to issu«-
oriie* for fits to I F Mendenhall, payable m
m> -tillis after date.
• tV official fs*t»d* >4 B !► Mc»ilaii I 'll y
Clerk. Jacob Wrtnt/, M<*r*hal. J. W Mauiris.
> Ibjuity Marshal and Kd Fit/grrald. Strict
1 C<»innii**iot»rr. read and t-arh approve*).
Coi.ucilman FrmnkH moved the adoption of
• Ihe following resolution
) “Be it resolved by the City Council >4 lt*ka
l hs**a. lowa. That whenever any Judgment* or
1 par)* of judgment* are paid by the city tbev
shall Is- paid in the following manner; The Ctty
• Coaacil *hall authorize the City Clerk U« draw
» ui order f<*t thr amount to l*r applied on any
judgment. *atd order to be drawn to order of
> the 4 Jerk of Court for use of party holding a
judgment against the city, and it shall Im* the
> duty of the City Clerk to see to it that the proper
rredtt Is entered by the Clerk of Court on the
1 docket, and it shall be ibe duty of tip* City Clerk
> to immediately notify party or parties in whose
lavor said ludgment is due and request him to
■ at once rail upon Clerk <4 Courts and receive
• Agent K Harnuin presented the matter of
■ iron fence for ajuare referred to committee on
public improvement
1 Adjourned t» April .a. la*.
K l» 4< Neila.v,
City Clerk
A called meeting was held Apti: If. )MKS
Freseut Mayor, Hoitcitor. Clerk, and Oniiicil
men Abraham. Coffin. Dnukle. Fraokel. Mc-
Neill. Turner .Stumps and Vermm ordlnauceNo.
Mb. entitled, "and ordinance repealing ord. No.
71 (4 the ordinanees >4 the etty of Oskal<peia. id
relation to auctloners, trausient merchants, and
peddlers, and ordaining a substitute therefor.''
was presence i and read first time, and rule*
suspended for second and third reading and
Anal Passage b* vine >4 all present.
Ordinance No. lie. entitled, "an ordinance
iicenesing and taxing Itinerant doctors, sur
geons and physicians, ‘ w aMprescnted and read,
and rules suspended fi»r first and second read
ing and final passage, all vidlng aye except Coun
cilman Turner, nay. and ordinance declared
On motion adjourned
H 11 Mt NRI LAS.
City Clark
M« I MF.HA!)N^ELLlS^MajrriedTviirtU.T**.
at the residence of the bride's parents, near Os
kaloosa. Mahaska county, lowa. Mr. C. L
M< pHkiLsog. and Miss CAI.I.IR A. Kci.is. Rev.
Thomas Ballinger officiating
The above was one of those pleasant, country
weddings where all present seemed to be happy,
waiting until 9 r. U. before some of the invited
guests arrived. but as soon as the chill from the
coot night air was off. ail parties gathered lu the
parlor to wilaes* the ceremonies that united the
young couple in the sacred relation of husband
and wife. The next thing on the program was
au invitation to a splendid supper, that Mrs
Kilts aad her daughters know juat how to get
up; amt. as all uartie* had been waiting for two
or three hours for the arrival of friend*. It made
supper a little tele and all appetites better, and
a more enjoyable time has seldom occurred. It
will now be in order to mention some nice pres
ents by various friend* <4 the respective fain -
dies of the bride and gruotn Miss Emma Zear
parlor lamp. Mrs. Job. fruit dish. Miss JJussie
Elds, water pitcher. Mr and Mrs Krowneller.
glam water set; Mr. A. B. Comstock, carving
set and pair of towels; Emma Abraham, table
cloth, Mattie Nelson, cake stand; Hermoo
Hoover, paper weight. Mrs. Mary Abraham *t
of table and teaspoon*. Miss Mary CoHu..'.
three pain <4 towels: Mr. Joe Colville, brunt
and date pau. Mr James T Comstock, pair of
vases; Harry, a dust brush, Mrs. Lou Graff,
silver butter knife and pair <4 Mneo towels: Mr.
and Mrs. F. W McCall, photograph album; Mr.
and Mrs. I. Pranket. patrol silver napkin rings;
Miss Lizzie Fauquier, one dozen napkins; Hr.
and Mrs. J. Nelson, fruit dish. Mrs. Rudora Nel
son and Elmer Glass, set of fruit and desert
dishes; Mr aad Mrs. W. A. Hoover, stiver pickle
caster. Mr. and Mrs. James Netson, glims set:
Alice. Dickie dish: Mr George Ashler table
*c*rf Marta Comstock, glass pitcher.
HfNCKLST. Died ta tbr city of Oskaloes*,
low*, at ike rwifwo of her von and daughter
in-tew. March 27. IM, Mr*. Kt uitu Hurrcunr.
aged *evcatv three rear*.
Mr* Hinckley waa kvru ia Provlocetown.
Mam.. Mwv. u, mix. was married to Franklin
Hinckley m tan. bad taro rMterra by mid av
rtege. a «oa and daughter Mr. H dying at sea
wktle the children were very *«aafl. Mr*. H. re
matned a widow tti: bar detok. The soa. at
whom borne she died, serrtvea her; bat the
daughter Mim Gertie, died several year* ago.
al Milwaukee, Ws. The writer of thte was per
mitted to examine the anttees of the Milwau
kee paper* umrh t*g the death aad faaenJ of
Mtaa Hinckley, from which he gathered the M
tewfag facta-. "She had a fine edactolon. waa
noted for being a amat excellent atefpar, leader
la the ctoetr >4 the Kim CnngnupHlnwal church
at MUwaasee. aad her patrtotfsm daring tt
civil war fgmjrM by bar seaws tha Wtemaata
volaateer anldtor* to aohte dmila. Belag a good
•dagar created a grew demand for her patnatte
wage, aad bar eoergtoe were fully taxed in that
dire. tp*i to the clowe of the war " ta Itotetea
Sri H. wan infipiadsat. tovtag tea society >4
tha good <4 nfi dcaowlaWlmu. aad ever willing
to cant the laaatle <4 i-harffy near the erring aad
wayward, aad by kladnees set them aa exam- <
ate worthy of I—it art She raw to Uaka
maaa to ttvw wMh bar ehildrea Into fail, or.
rather, kiarlag <tee was atok. her ana went aad
hreiaht her la Mtotr kerne. Mtogrew aeare foe-
Me lay after day, metoaal aid aad klad atten
ttea Mewed alike aaavaUteg. aad alaaort laaper-
Ntawy However, a
ska reaaad aa. aad to aa aadfhte valee eaSfiZ
“We shall afl ha right whaa we afl grt hose#.”
Ttete i’wstMaaw aweeaaa, a straagst ta
at the tomes «4 her aady aeaaMpitoMr, >aj
toe wttoar to tote atoi z*ry rewd SSTSamm
> •* t *zei outer imiiTui wTrliiri jfi riThni
seemed t* demefS* j*** *&jjimfw*** toß*
ar* aii »ur*l| moving.
Etrtokgd v - *'
Rev. and Mrs Hiram Lewis, ou Monday even
ing. to whx-b f n.iiiiber of the fneons were in
vited. namely It- v. T. J. Marshall. Miss Mina
Johnson. Mrs. Tiffin. Lads Clark. Mrs. Mary
Clark. J D Rush. Mr* N H D. Bush. Mtas
Mollle Smith and James Tiffin A bountiful ro
p&st wa» served in grand style after which the
party whited away the moments in pleasant
eon versa t ion until a late hour, when the guests
returned to their respective homes, and we only
bop* that the life of Mr. Taylor and his esti
mable bride may be one of unbroken prosperity
and cunttnued bapfdness. j. d a.
SPRAGUE Died, March 24. lMßft. at Pine
Lake. Minnesota, Mrs. MAticda Sxa vi.ua, at
the ripe old age of W 2 years.
Mrs Sprague was aunt to Mrs Tobias Leigh
ton of this city ana Mrs M L. Leighton, of
Ottumwa, and was remarkably well preserved
for ooe of her age. At ninety and ninety-one
she was quite active and busied herself with
household duties, knitting, etc., and only a
month before her death penned a letter lo her
nieces, every word of which was legible. In
which she spoke of death being near and for
which she calmly and gladly awaited as a re
lease front a life already long extended beyond
the average term.
Advertisements under this bead at 5 cents per
line. No insertion for less than 25 cents.
h'OK SALK A good dwelling bouse Rnqulre
Of H W. Gleason nSW
not afraid of ears and good driver. Call at
thi* office.
F'OR RENT. The whole or part of Mrs. E. B.
Carter** residence, nine blocks northeast of
Square. Inquire of (fttf) J. P. Hiatt.
ti OK HALE.- (.hie first rlaas new top buggy,
1 horse and harness; one flue grade cow;
one fine grade heifer
34 Hinri Pru k
Uf ANTED.—A girl w ho'is aide to co»*k uid
wash, were a housemaid is kept. Situa
flou jiemtanent Apply to Mrs. Charles Hutch
UOOMS AND BOARDING.-1 have arcom
modations for a nnnitier. with room* and
iMtard. either uj« stairs or down, at my residence.
3i*2pd J. C. Kkk< hi.kk
EMIR SALK .Special bargain A farm of 240
v acne-. 11l Monroe township, all in cultiva
tion. first-class land, with lair improvements
Price mill *2l 25 pet acre
34* i M K Brnskt-i
L'AKM FOR SALK. The northwest 136 acres
P of section I in Scott township. Mahaska
county, lowa. For terms inquire of 11. C. Moore
;in<( W. It laxcev. administrators of estate of W.
U. Ncexlham. 31 if
FiR SALE —A good house and lot in East Os
kaloO'a. at a derided bargain. If taken a
mice. Thi* i* a good property, in a desirable
location and worth more than we ask for it.
rnf Stkw ari» Brow.
Fine Farm lor Sale.
The undersigned has a line farm of 190 acres
for Ml*, sitiiaitsl in M haska county. 5 rail**
southeast of Hose Hill Good bouae of seven
roman tiurn, gvsiiary and other out building*;
Ito lieartng apple trees; two good well* and
I’e-ng waser on the place Enquire at farm for
p.x.iieuUra. 3utni(>d Jam as To woks
For Sale.
Sixty vres of good coal land. 1 mile east of
Oskaiooaa; good dwelling, atablea and out
hou sol all kinds. Also a good rendering
house with a capacity for rendering 9. uoo pounds
fur day. machinery and tanks all new. Reason
for *ei»ng la. 1 wish to return to Germany. In
quire of Geoeee Gegner. at the plane, or addresa
P. U box 7>e ■ -skalooaa. lowa. tlmhlp
I x K S. COX.
I* Siwcialist in (Juicers,
and Chronic Ihsease*. Osk.vlooaa. lowa office
al r>—i-lence. on North atroei. one and one-half
blocks east of (. eotral Railway. 34m6
Canoers Cured!
DrlCoi, Oskaloosa. lowa,
bavnx had over twenty years’ experience in
the treatment of < am-em flitters himaetf that
he understand* hm business, also that be can
Cf UK alloaae* that are CURABLE, with but
little pain, and no occasion for using the knlie
< *«<>• .»n North street, one and one-half blocks
ea« of t entral Railway. 14m3
The Stenograph.
A Practical Shorthand Machine. The only
untf-.r.n *y-tern of Shorthand. Mechanically
exact readily ‘earned, easily used, nolaeles* in
operation *peed as great a- any other. Now
in use for al! kind* of Shorthand work
Tbr >teoo«-raph 1* the short cut for business
men to a speedy and systematic attention to
their correspondence. A man cun dictate FI V R
etters while he writes ONE. Thr machine for
Shorthand is the stenograph.
First It can be learned to one-half to two
itasrdsof the time the pencil system*require.
seorvod. All ds work is uniform and roechan
icaliy accurate.
Thiol. Its use is p'easant and iloes not strain
the eye*, hands, or mind.
As a result of these great advantages, an op
erator’* work oan be read by any one who un
-terstaod* the alphabet. Its writing ts pecul
iarly unvarying and legible at whatever speed
the machine is operated, and the work can he
performed with little fatigue. There is no pen
paralysis possible, and the eyesight is free to
follow the *|>eaker’s motions.
The Stenographer recognizes in the ti «eao>
*raph ft relief from 'n-iag* of hand and eye
to t>en<-il and paje-r: the bDriness man an accu
rate. uniform, more perfect instrument for bla
important use*
•he Stenograph is being introduced in 4>aka
kxisa by
Miss M. £. Loughridge,
who give* instruction upon it, at the residence
»f Mrs. E J. 4'orrell, near Rock Island depot.
Price of stenograph and Manual. *P> In
struction extra. I4mipd
( NANCE NO. ton
An onlinatK* reiieali'ig ordinance No. 72 of the
ordinance* ..f th c*ry of OskaU<*>*a tn relation
ui auettnoeers. trat- J tent merchants and ped
dlers, and ordaining a substitute therefor
ile it ordained by the City Council of iHkaloo
*a. lowa
9r< Ti(v> l That ordinance seventy-two i72i
of the ordinance* of the city ts hereby repealed
Sm -• That in lieu of said ordinance the
following is hereby sut>stUuted Transient mer
chants. sell'Mg «>r offering for sale anv goods,
wares *i»d merchandise within the city in any
manner, eub»r al auction or public outcry or
private sale, shall pay a license of fifty dotlars
per day; said license shall be issued by the
Mayor 11 ism the pavment of the required amount
to .V City Treasurer, and the presentation of
said Treasurer s receip' and the payment of one
dollar to the Mayor for issuing the same
Sm 3 Any person or fiersoiiA, firm or part
nership. violating any of t*e provisions of this
onlinaiM-e. may be fined it tny sum not less
than fifty dollars or more than one hundred dol
lar* and costs of prosecution, and In default of
payment may be committed to jail until fine
.uid costs are paid
Nw 4 All ordinances or parts of ordinances
in conflict with this ordinatu* are hereby re
•lb 5 This ordiauce shall he in force after
publication In the 4>skaJoi>sa Mfk alp. as pro
vided by law
I*a***st April 14, tsti
K 14 Mt NriLAji. M M Rii k,
C4ty Clerk Mayor
NO. 1 HA
An «ini 1 nance Lice »ing and Taxing Itlnereot
fkictor*. SurgontM and Physician*.
Be It ordained by the Ctty Council of Oka
loosa lowa
Sec ins 1. That ail itinereot or traveling
(Il'Clo. 1. surgeons and physicians who adver
tise their business as specialists or otherwise,
ami travel from place to place at intervals, are
required «o take oot a license, paving therefor
the sum of Twenty-five Dollars per day. Prn
rbled this ordinance does not spplv to physic
ians or surgeons called in for con* u I tali on. Be
fore any license shall be Issued the amount
shall f»e paid to the city treasurer, who shall is
sue a receipt for said sum. which upon presen
tation and the payment of One Dollar to the
Mayor shall entitle the applicant to a license as
herein provided.
9nr. i That any person or persona violating
this ordinance shall pay a fine of not leaa than
Twenty-live Dollars or more than One Hundred
I*>llarw and costs ol prosecottoo. and In default
of payment may be committed to Jail until fine
and <* wta are paid.
N*c. *. This ordinance shall be In force after
publication in The On* a Lens a Hkkald aa pro
vided by law.
Paused April It. UMk
R- D. HcNtiua, M. M. Kick,
City Clerk. Mayor.
Something New
The above is an INSTRUMENT
for determining the correct focus re
quired for ANY IMPERFECTION ia
the eye-let it be Myopia, or New
Sight, or Dun Mgs from old age, or soy
other cause. All other instruments
heretofore in use* make this important
point sn uncertainty. With this—ench
eye is taken separately, sod the defect
fixed -then by revolving s number of
Lensm within, the one sad sometimes
two or more ere brought to view, and
« perfect vision is thus obtained. It Is
neDtowertiy an expensive Instrument,
*m% tashe it so to my ingtoiwiwrs.
My object is twhsve the people fcuuw
*m 1 tm mO7 ttmlr wants CeU
mm ■ Cf— W»«—W«w.Ww>jte.
rifrOßU. II DrugMM D«l«i.
mi ( i; ,iiai.iMivn la*— iw-irAi.
Red Star
FV«. /Vrat Ojrtata*. Emrtica and P*i+nn*
Out tar C*«eh«. nhwr Tiurt m<
Ui| iftHlwn
BtarrCnm i lorru. at Pii wm*n> !>■*’. ol
MwilUß A.IMIUI <©.. »»Hl«iri.l»Tl«>ftXi-
Homes! Homes!
Lands! Lands!
NOW i» the time t«> aecure a good home or
rattier a place for a good home, in a boontl
fnl. healthful, rich country, for a Tory
uull price *d<l little outlay of oamh. We
have for sale 150.000 sens of Choice Land
in Kkiikv. at from 93 to 99 per acre, and Tory
easy toraaa. The surface of these land* is
remarkably beautiful, the «oil a rich,
black loam; ao aaad. swamp, or gra
tol; well watered, building alone in abund
auor In fact, it in the universal verdict of
<ili who have been over these lands that they
ate unsurpassed eaywkere. These land
ar>- situated In Gove and Sheridan counties,
A mono many others we have a letter from
Frank 8 Sharp, who say?- under date of Feb.
6. 1WB: “I have lived in Gove county, Kansu*,
lor 9 year* . 1 came here a poor man; to-day I
have Cft) acre* of as good land as the Lord ever
made, lota of stock, and out of debt, La*t year
1 raised enough rye, sorghum, and millet to
winter l.Ooti head of cattle. I have 1% miles of
usage Fence. 2 years old. that will average 4
feet high. There is plenty of number one lime
for plastering on my claim, and a quarry of the
finest limestone in the world.”
C ertainty now is the time to invest in cheap
lands. No investment can be safer or more
certai-i of a larger per cent profit. Call on us
for circulars and maps, and call soon, for these
land* are being rapidly taken. NOW is the
time to get that which Is CHOICE.
Persons desiring cheap lands for settlement
or investment must procure them now or
never. Excursion rates over all the principal
roads for little more than one fare for the trip
out and return will be given to parties desiring
to view these lands.
We also have several thousand acres of good
land tor sale in Custer, Dawson, Frontier and
Cheyenne counties. Nebraska, at M to 94 per
acre. Call and get fill! descriptions.
Alans tine lot of farms for sate in Mahaska
county: some good bargains. Also small
trai t* of land, from 1 to *■ acres, near the city
of Oskalooaa, cheap and May terms. In
fact, we can accommodate most any one with
sni kind of property they desire on easy terms.
••No trouble to show goods"—on the msp.
Searle & Scott,
Real Estate and Loan Agents,
»ti Oskaloosa, lowa.
n w> £ a
wic O =. cm* \J
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=ls cr ? .
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a 4l 8If»S gl
- c—' ; Q
ii s 5 y=o ; w
n~ a s' i * EH ; 3D
I-? Jr 1 x - 00
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Given Away
May 1, ’BS.
Look below at the Grantl Ar
ray of Presents to t>e distribated
ainontr onr customers. Our
Spring Stock of
art* now being opened and iu
transit. Iff a!way* have made
you close prices, and are now pre
pared ami trill make lower prices
than ever before known in this
city. Buying onr stock direct
from the factories, and in solid
case lots, we get them at Job
bers’ Prices.
Tlis One Profit fi fill
Giro Yoo All.
All the Newest Styles.
All of the Best of Goods.
All of you should get our Prices.
All of you will see u We Lead
and Never Follow
To Be Given Away
May 1, ’BS.
18 yards Black Silk.
30 yards Brussels Carpet.
1 China Tea Set, 56 pieces.
1 Fine Easy Chair.
1 Silver Cake Basket
1 Silver Butter Dish.
1 Silver and Cot Glass Berry
1 Eight Day Gong Bell Alarm
1 Map of Mahaska County.
1 pair Ladies’ Best French Kid
We give ONE TICKET with
every Dollar's worth of goods
J. M. Jones
A Co.
South Side Boot and Shoo
ABRAHAM to the Front!
With the largest, best, and cheapest stock of
ever offered in Oskaloosa. Everything new, cheap, and good.
Dress Goods, Dress Goods,
in every style, from a beautiful Brocade at 5 cents per yard to the finest Silks
to be found in the city. Every yard of Silk sold by me warranted to wear and
not cut or the money refunded. Remember this when you want to buy a Silk
Dress, as many Silks sold will not last six months. A large and elegant line of
White Goods very cheap. A full line of Embroideries in new and handsome
designs. Table Linen, Napkins. Doilies. Towels. Notions, Gloves, Mitts, Laces,
Ribbons, Flannels, Jeans, Muslins, bleached and unbleached. Pillow Casing,
Sheeting. Ivies’ and Men’s Underwear, Hooped Skirts, Bustles, Hats. Caps, and
Clothing, at lower prices than ever before. A big stock of
Lace Curtains & Window Shades
in New and Rich Designs. Sole Agent for the
Roller Skating Rink
Iron Sides Corsets,
the two Best Corsets in the World, and they cannot be bought of any other
house. Remember, the place to trade is at
A. M. Abraham’s
No. 5, Union Block, North Side Square.
I am Making the Best and Largest lotpd
Buggies, Phaetons | Spring Wagons
of all styles ever shown in Central lowa, and will sell them for less money than
the same quality of work can lie bought for anywhere else.
I also do ail kinds of
Carriage Repairing and Repainting,
and keep a full corps of Skilled Workmen in the different departments of my
shop. I carry a large stock of CARRIAGE GOODS, such as Wheels,
Bodies. Springs, Axles. Bolts. Dashes, Etc. In fact,
can sell you anything that enters
into a Buggy.
Remember the place, one block west of The Herald Office.
„ Joseph Jones.
Morris L. Levi
Has come home from the East and has to sav IT’S GOME. It’s
a Big Thing and We’ve Got It.
Men’s, Youths’, Boys’ and Children’s
Furnishing Goods,
Every Want Supplied,
Every Taste Gratified,
So come one, come all, and see this Immense Big Thing
Men’s Suits,
Youths’ Suits,
Boys’ Suits,
and also the fine line of Gents’ Furnishing
Goods, Hats and Caps, of which I have the
n est line ever shown in the city.
Custom Department.
I have as good a line of Piece Goods as
was ever brought to the town, in all the
latest styles of American and Foreigu
Worsteds and Cassimeres,which I will make
up in the best possible manner and will war-!
rant a tit in every case. Do not tail to call
on me beforo purchasing, as you will save
new spring stock oi
and Hats and Caps.
Every Buyer Delighted.
in the way of
Children’s Suits,
An immense
We are We are
C:e Price Clothing Hon.
300 Men’s Stiff Hats at 8 .50 worth $1.50
300 Men’s Soft Hats. .50 worth 1.25
300 Men’s Fine Fur Stiff' Hats at 1.00 wortli 2.00
400 Men’s and Youths’ Latest Style Fine
Fur a *- 2.00 worth 3.50
300 Boys’ Soft Hats at .50 worth 1.00
300 Children’s Soft Hats at .50 worth 1.00
100 dozen Heavy Cotton Knit Hose at .10 a pair.
The Greatest Slaughter in
Men’s Underwear
Ever Known in This County.
Men’s Red, White, and Blue Knit Underwear
for 25c. worth $ .75
Men’s Ked All Wool Underwear for. 50e. worth 1.00
Men’s Red All Wool Underwear for. OOe. worth 1.25
Men’s Ked All Wool Underwear for. 75e. worth 1.50
Regardless of value we an* offering our entire stoek of
Men’s and Youth’s
at lcs- ‘’tan 50 Cents on the Hollar to make room for the int
uit ...se stock of Spring (ioods we are receiving. Now is your
tilin'! to save money to buy what
you may need. Our exceedingly low prices is what does our
business, and the facilities we have in Buving All Goods Strictly
For Cash and in larger quantities than any other houses in our
line, enables us to offer Cash Bargains unapproachable. All
G«hmls Marked in Plaiti Figures. fine Brice to All. Money re
funded if goods are not satisfactory.
And the Public Generally.
Dress Goods Department.
Of JElegaat Fail .‘Designs and Fattei is,
Clothing Department.
War on Clothing Continues
Hat and Cap Department
Merchant Tailoring Department
Fit You in the Latest Fall Fashion.
Boyer & Barnes.
A AU *'** t Bml ** S‘M«aster
*** «te. Mapoteoe. *m imported from
rraaoa la lift. r A &oo». Napoleoa
*•»*•*•■ ftest Premium at the Keokuk Coua
“s 8 « Pietßiuai at tbe l« *a State
Fair, in lfltt. He wefebe \.m pounds
. Paeppta. Imported ttfß.
I KSi a-;“- »•
I.^.STasfJSU - * ~ -
| Owe *Ui be take* to prevent aocidesta, but!
| tetti not be responsible should ut ocear-
I Moeer tee whan mare la known in be with fuel
(er pa.-ted with.
r Tilpxau Sangkxiuui,
t| !*§ o«
l I *-"Jo »
ifs S«.-; rS
Mg I n
■ Is !»3§2. * PI S
■ I S 0 ° = m *=*=>
* L l > *m* ~ 2 h m r<>
?ag.sr - h SS
s 2 ► _a#*® r
2 3 5 r m °
s 8 3 ■& < S tra
J2ff * 'Os o -
S - r ® ® 2 *
? I ~i ■ H
Mrs. E. M. Thomas
Desire* t<» thank her many friend* and patron a
for their liberal patronage In the past, and
to solicit s nhare of their orders in
the future; also to announce
that ahe its* on
band sample*
ot all
liported and Domestic
Dress Goods,
From which to Make Selections.
All the New and Leading Styles.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Price* are much lewer this year than ever txv
Mrs. E. M. Thomas ,
Bast Main street. First Door Fast of Masonic
M Opera House.
Adjusted Instantly. No Screws or Nuta. No
alteration ef the Shot Gun. Mruple, accurate aud
reliable. Furnished in tlic followine calibres: 3t,
31, 41 W. I'. F 4U-WI Marlin, W inchester and
Sharp 32, 3lMGDullard 45 government tl
Rltu Kile for tialiery Practice. Warranted and sent
subject to approval and t; ti.l. 8< i;d for circular.
Price, - - ()0
In ordering, s*t-ile p uce nvd lenpih of t*bot pun
barrel, al-or caHbre < r rife wanted. Man! 'd by
Fur sale by all £uu dealers.
rhey Stand at the Head
*br Gentlemen’ t imir, in tu World, for the mone |
are male by
Atk your dealer for the S4MCJ, HAMM 6 o*. Bh#e.
These good* ar* and* of thebwt French and Do
neati# stock. Kangaroo top*, in hand and machint
ewed. in CONIJRRBB, Bl TTOM and LACE, anc
raarantaod everyon# that w-xir* the Stacy. Adams A
-o. 6 ho*. Sold eery whs rs by first-alas* daalera.
For sale by
J. M. Jones <fc Co-,
i.dTwt Oakalixxui, l>>wa
Nolle* 1* hereby given to ail i>enionx inter
cxle-1. that on the ?S1 .lay of Mar- b. A D. 188 ft.
the under-igned was appoiuced by the Circuit
Cotirl of Maliaeka inuntv lowa. Adininistra
tru ol the entate of Peter Siller. 'lecea»ed. late
ot -aid Mahasga county. Iu w it. All persona in
debted to said estate will make payment to the
undersigned, and those having claims against
the same will present them legally authenti
cated to said Court for allowance.
Amanda Sitlah, Administratrix.
F. K. SMUH. Clerk.
Dated O-tkalooaa, la. April 7. Ihss. 3w9
Notice is hereby given to all persona Inter
ested. that on the 34th day or March. A. D.
1985. the undersigned was appointed ny tbe
Circuit Court of Muhaaka county. lowa. Ad
ministrators of the estate of B. U Lyoo. de
ceased. late of said Mahaaka i-ountv, lowa. All
person* indebted to said estate will make pay
ment to the undersigned, and tboee having
claims against the -ante will present them
legall. authenticated to said court for allow
ance. Matilda Ltow. i . .
ii W. Ltom, i com rs.
F. K Smitb, Clerk.
Dated Oskuloosa- la.. April 4. !SK‘*. '«wt
Notice t» hereby given to ail persona interesa
ed. ihat ou the 24th day of March. A. D.. I9HA
the undersigned *:»» appointed by the Circuit
Court of Mahaska County, low*.' Administra
tor of the estate of Jenkin K. Price, decease.l,
lateofse'd Maltanka County, lowa All |gr
sons indebted to sal t estate will make payment
to the undersigned, and those having claims,
agam-t tbe same will present them legally
authenticated to aaid Court forailowauoe.
Jbnki* R. PuiCk, Admintstrator.
F. E. Smith. clerk.
Dated Oskaloosa. la-, April 8,18x6.
Nettie Robertson
Norman Robertson.
In the District Court of tbe state of lowa, in
and for Mahaska County, May
Term. A. D . 19«.
To Normau Robertson:
You are hereby notified lha: on or before tbe
13th day of A pn1,1986. a petition of Nettle Rob
ertson will be filed in the office of the Clerk of
the District Court of the State of lowa in and
for Mahaska •'ounty. claiming of you a divorce
on the grounds of adultery, and asking for ali
mony and tbe care aod custody of their minor
chibl born Issue of said marriage Bva Robert
son. and tnat unless you appear thereto and de
fend t»efore noon of the second Day of the May
Term, A. D., lUfcd, of said court, which will com
mence on tbe 4th Monday of May. I*B6, default
wi II be entered against you and judgment and
decree rendered thereon a* prayed for tn said
petition. Bolton A McCov.
Nwt Attorney* for Plaintiff.
Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of
special execution, to me directed by tbe Oerk
of the Circuit Court of Mahaaka county. lowa,
agaiunt the 11 taxis, chattels. Lands. Tenements.
Ac., of Jacob Wolfe, Administrator of tbe
estate of N. M. Lee. deceased, defeutteot, id
f-vor of David Reck. Plain tiff. I will o|.
fi rat pub'ic sale, to the highest and beat HWer,
for cash, at the door of the Court House in the
town of Oskaloosa. County of Mahaaka. and
State of lowa, on the 16th day of May, me®,
between the hours of II o’clock a. a.. and 4
o’cl *ck p m., on said day, all of said Jacob
Wolfe. Administrator's right, title and interest
in and to the following described real estate,
•ituated in Maha-ka county, to-wit;
Com men ciog at the Northeast corner of the
Northwest quarter of the Northeast quarter
(Ik) of Section No. thirty-four i>4). Township 74.
Range 14 West; thence West fifty-three is-dn;
theme "outh one hundred and forty-six and
three-fourth rod*; thence eest fifty-three
rods; thence north one hnndred and forty-*lx
*nd three-fonrth rods to place of beginning,
containing forty acre*.
Sale to commence at the hour of t u nlock e.
oi said day Witness my haod this lfith dag
of April. 1986. Mabqvib Baku,
Ww9 Sher if of Mahaska County, lowa.
Action or tuk Board on Court
House Matters.
Auditor's Ornca. M outlay. March 30. 1M8.
The Hoard of Supervisors met pursuant to ad
journment. Member* all preseut.
The object <4 the inertia* was to consider a
proposition for tbe reeubnusaion of the
to (he people of voting a tax for tbe completion
of tbe Court House.
Whereupon tbe following resolution vnm mb
mltted and adopted bv the Board. Yeew Phil
lips, Caldwell and Bacon. Nays none.
Hewdred. That tbe following tie submitted lor
adoption or rejection to tbe legal voters of Ma
haska county. lowa, at a special election, to be
held ou Tuesday. tbe Bth day of Hay. A U.. into,
which special election is hereby filled to be held
In all of the voting precinct, in said Mahaska
county where general eleettatw are usually held,
for tbe purpose of voting upon tbe following
proposittotis. vtz:
Shall tbe Beard of Bupervtaers of
county be authorised to oumwiele tbs Mahaakb
county Court House In accordance with tbe orig
inal pliuia and specification* heretofore adopted
by the Board of Supervisors?
And shall tbe Board of Supervisor* be author
tr j appropriate and *>tpeod the svn> of fifty
to osand dollars for tbe one pletioo of the Court
House "
And far said purpoae shall the Board of Buier
viaurswl Mahaska count be authorized to key
a tax, nut to exceed three nulls on the dollar, la
September. A. 0.. t«W, and to levy a tax, not to
exceed three nittlsoa "he dolls'-. m ■septemh.ir
A. D„ l«»; and to levy a tax. not to exceed two
mills ou the dollar, In Beptombor. A (X, tlgr
<w all she taxable properly of mid county, ter
tbe purpose of raising the val d seas of fifty > hou»
yd compete and finish aaM Court
**** tw ***** * mil levy baa
'for Court House approprtauea and tax.”*
And all those voting sgaiwrt said propoetttem
shall have written ur printed «u their hnlleto
Sgßneict ss;
lievehy JWuewfnd JudW*
to-wit ■ K*ad Harresut, West Harr Me,
* Vwm,i«ui ol Um hTT.

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