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The Tipton advertiser. [volume] (Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa) 1856-1962, January 26, 1856, Image 1

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Pabliih- every Saturday Morning, in
Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa*
4 ii y
(In ium Oftce with the County Judge.)
1 Copy I year, pmid in advance, $1 50
1 lo. psi.l wuhin si* »ath», 2 00
1 do.
paid at ••mi of the year, 2 5
liberal dedu ctiona tuada i» clubs of tive or
to sne address.
1 column 1 year,
do. 6 inuntln,
do. I months,
Half column I year,
do. months,
do. 3 months.
Quarter column 1 year,
do. months,
do. 3 months,
*50 00
30 0
10 00
Having ir.-li i*». a o i ami
l- ci ioa material, the PubU«^
I v11.1 (I i tiea'lr w*er» deserit
r» ij a I i
ID 00
ftu cm
tf) oo
18 0
li 00
8 00
1 square insertion,
Kach additional inaert'n,
1 -.fi'inre 3 months,
1 do. 0 months,
do. 1 car,
2 do. 3 month «,
2 do, A month-*,
I !(.. I year,
fly* Oue squsue
SI ®0
,e. ftO
I 00
10 oo
5 00
S '00
1 i 00
os Hir»i
lit "»..ii*f .rtorv »aat»n«
*lrrt nt»M«v\
s a:»
1 can ,t iii*h at
Mirr.tn. r. ••!•.
II o Rll !.«. \i-I
i nr v
[.A(I, iVIT*ri»N Till
nsi'lllBW, '111 K IT",
NCKRT mt j, ,W BU««,
HLAJIK. KfiTPt-, r.n r*
Oerat, losih.
I V !. .! .V
r*tj 4ci
i n i I E i
i»\u.y Co%(ii t* Dcax*'!
With tK
to ll**
Duly Couh t" WIITO*
Curi eelii jj with tin* rtr* ir Mo
an4 IS ufh. md £"r Iowa
the iVest.
-il Hack r.» In.-, v
\ii. Il\ca to i
hi. II «ck ft Lyo"?- Wi W'y
ML? !.'«( to iH.lfl" •*. ai'il
i i.t. Iji-b a* Mt.
1 Wt rv" V
i Knvt-i nr ii'isr.— 'i.ijr u ii
i! i/ aiu i' lac (tli M'Oj.l.iy in Apr
•M'lf.e'UiHir t'-fiii on* toe 4:1»
1 la'.M'r.
ill.C-i S.'lCKIt,
t' ttuty Jmlg« an i
n o o a
jOuutli, ev.'-ej.'. ill April at
Tae»i':r fnl'.i»wii«i? aue
Court MU on any of U»o
rnunty Court ».t. OU the Mou.iaj
J. W. CATn-il.l-,
^.'lerk of th« li-. rict C*»ur'. aad
II. C. i'l ATT,
Liquorn, at Tiptoa.
i-t. i» t- u Ol til
Recorder, Tre i 'i
US, l'i
11. BUCK I.Y, anei ii,
OEOIWK IIrUKR, Depot, ..
JAMF'S HFFF, Coroner.
OE'tliiih: WH 1I.KU, Surveyor.
JOilN K 11' ITU UL, sealer of Weighta and M«a
furea, and lu-pector of LutnUer and Shinglea.
F. A. HACLKV, Agent for Sale of Intorfcatiag
Populati n of the County, 8,0,(0
Tipt.m, 1,0 0
KK'hitrfer, fiOo
Humber of Votert' in the County 1,700
Civil Township", i'J
Square Mile.i, *i7ti
Tipton. Kocti-stor, Ce«lar Bluff', Il irant,Cam
bridge, Ma^ilo:). tyarlix'.o, and VIi-eha-vexYill".
I'gs' ()!!i :••.«, 1^ Tiptiio. K i :b« «I*T, I'et di-e.
8prin-"'it!rt. llio ny Giove, West IJr vi h. I'l. o
aant Hill, Lacoii, Inland, lltrwell, M1
Cedar, )a on (ir.it •, I'iom tied O.ik. tiovver
Ffrry, Woodbridge. (on" hi Tb ryers
Ferrii i, S. Goarer'n Feny. at Cedar lihiffi:
Welch's Ferry, at Rochester Willi,iia.FirrT.ut
i'lioro^i ti m, R' aiv» Tli- Cedar V .lley
Branch o! the Mii.-ia-ippi and \Fs mri Htii It nd
ftvm main trunk it ad via. Tipton, iu a Noith
Westerly direction to Ciilar li iptdM.
Miwi.-«sppi and Iowa Central Rati Kdad. IV
Lyons v a. 1 ip'.in to Iowa City.
Situ vied In thi Uwgrap'ncai centre of tb
Numb *r of St re«,21 Dy t"0-?s and Country
Stores, wUh s'ock of g"uei tl af^e-'-jient 8
Groceries, etc.. 3 I««»:« am! di-iw*. 3
Stovr's and Haulm*!", 3 Cloihiu^ .i en,
Boo i and .ho •«. '2 Watohe* and Jewelrj 1 ll«
Ce^e1, V Fur.iiture, I II «tT«. 4 Tulnriog
Sbopi«,2 Boot and f'him trhops, 2j Tin an.) .•love
ops, I'ri'itin^ OSl r», 1 liliirUf-mi^vihoyi".
4 \V n n and Carriago sb«|v« 2 i',i r»iPboo» 2
Men* Markets. 1 Lhery -•laolfj'. 1 'I nujf*uml
Saddle J^hop '2 Sten n Fl uri«-iz Ift lla. I.
Doctors, fr, 1. twyew. 4.
Chuhchks. Pre*hyteri,in, IJriwk Mtho4ist
Epiacopul. Wood Congregationftli-t, Wood.
es Srkvk•!•:§.—At thn Methodist fipls
copal church, iu Tipton, regularly each Sabbuth,
at linll pn't 10 o'clock A.
At tbo Court Iiou*?. in Tipton, oa th® first
Sabbath in each mou'h, at lntli'ptut 10 o'clock
A M.. hy the Ri'x Sbelton /d-y.
At tliM 'V»njr«'-.-*tiorial rt church, regnlarly
t-.eli fcabt&Ui, at it o'clock A. M,, mid in the
eveaiiu ui 8 o'clock.
fa tint Pre-byt-rian cburcb, evwv other Sab
bath. »i haii p.iM 10 o'clock A. M,, by Jev
George Porter.
At the Court House, upon appointment, by
rtcv. 11. S Marble. Unlversaliat
Cbdak Lodok. N, 11,
of F. 4. A. Mason?,
meet at their If «!l. in hjturitay eve., on or be
far* the full of the moon.
Mukit i Loimjk, No 8,1. O of O. F., met.t at
their Hall. 'i Thursday eve of each week.
ic,w Drop Lohok No. 77,1 O.of met
»t their Hall, on Tuesday eve. ot escb week.
/fWK OF IrilAR' K Co.vsh.i,*tiov of the A. Ii
lOt'ct. at tue Maeo'iiu 11*11, oa the evening ot
the tlrs-t Monday in each ui nth.
Cm,k C'ooty LKorHHTt Kr. meet on Friday
veniiig of each wit k, at tire Court House.
Situated r,n the E^t t^nk of C« (!ar Wiver.
Number of rttores, 7 Dry ^od* and (r-!neral
t.vor!iiteiit, 4 D.-us* at4 HwHeinej!, 2: Groee
etc I. Slio»«. If) and Sj»I le, I
'o.»t atid Jrho-', I: »:i..'tnr. 1 IJ a k tui h, 3
trrlig'! ttad W »go:i. I: Ooojpt, i Cabin-t bd
Fur.iiture, 1 Guii» m.'h Hoitdi", 1
and M.to«ioa ii u i Ityi'kut.
I bsueh », I.
8ocict ie*.
/isi Ckoab I.oimik N 2 of & A i
w e a .- a n i a y e r- i
li- fill of the mo »:i.
H»i» C: n\a i.oimt
-i' I
vt at tlicir llia.il. *.•
i -Aaruic
1. lldlll. 01
ew ot e:v n in iH^.
(Jkiiih LOM.K, NO.
iheli il .'I. ua fuua:a
Cidar Cou
witli Mti catii.e.
9, of I.
and 31
rout. *i.
5 TICK OF Tin: PBACKai.d V *..n
O'l'ARV Publir, Rochester. Iowa,
ir. the Pc.-t Office. v'-'nl-ly
A.''AU' Vif
.e|, I M......
ti'-r.i'ioe auJ the Jviuth, and
i i if-aa errand tt Wui.
I» tly tjo.eii t.. tViii.tn— ins w-h the
eaiHir Oavc-ipo
the U**t. and
T. :.W.«-k y Coach to ,\luf atme.
I'i •t.iii-'CiOiiieetins wit i
ci:ii-hi'« for Mtriioi an 1 C-i!«r Kapi lf.
,ily Co- C'i for t«w* »ty.
o I E Y
\rroi»\'K* AT I.AU
n 1 the I'eace,
with the County j'i in thei
Court ll" !.e. S'-'-S]
iii^m: cu itu»i :ts & sok.|
DKUGGbT, aod Dealers in («i
4 i i i i i u v i S u U o n e
if ir a.v inivas ,v Mi:iif iNEs,
l'jinu. rtiU, «iIUi' ieriea,
.•. .ware ami F.uioy Notion*,—•
... ... Ill
I.. (WinRRIM,
AND SUUcr.ON. Office a
the Urug Store ot' Chatn!er« 4t Son. Tipton
JAni V I'l U.\UR,
1' II V SIC 1 A N A N' I) K V
Will pta-tlr* Tipton and i -iji.'v. Oflir,
i.i i. ,.i. i-n. .ith of tin, toart i ..i-,
J. sniTH.
I'llVS1CIAS AN1» SI ill RON*.
icc at tl.e Iowa Hou»e, Rochester, Cedar
v. Iowa.
pilVSilCIAN AM) M'ltliKOV,
co'ii 'y. low.
In u tiie Diauiet i s?«v^ti tn e tse of loti^ ^landing. Office at the
day«, then t!« Drufis store of Dr. A- Hall.
I I Ri rrr airinc.—The
irk thre
Wiih oai
I S i N V. S A S
JNO. L. PtASf,
(i !:\n ki i nn H!, ca
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
Cellar li-.vr.i.
.• n»*4 ».»•!
(t i'
il HUS# Wl' .v
residenee near Tipton
BK. W. S. WOTf,
11'Uilert Hi* p'i fesst.'iiai set v ieef-fe t^epiKi
ple of Tipton anil viciint\'. Spccial attention
ci'ty rf Jefferson
Medieal college Philadelphia Starling Mfdi
cal relieve ti I'lmbu-Ohio lVniHyivanta Hos
pital I'lnlade'phia Dr. Hull" Wheeling,
J. D. McCLURE, M. D.
lUspectfullv tenders his professional service*
to the citizens ot Tipton and vicinity.
ear Also, nine attention to the reparation
of teeth will be paid.
Office one «r east of the lipton House,
Faculty .feiTersnn Med Col., Philadelphia.
Keo. B. f'undenburg, M. D., S. tn'Tset, Pa.
8. P. Hu('-lien, M. 1) Wheeling Virginia.
Rel. s. .an, Armagh, Pa
Oil\K1 A .\ II (Ot.\sr,LOB!
Purchase and ^eM Real Estate, locate
Land Warrants, altend to the Payment of
Taxes. Investigation of titles, conveyancing, &c.
Particular attention given to
I'riMitptneMi and Fidelity.
(KjgTi Hh-e in Court IIou«e with (lie Re
eemtr. 'lipt
GI.I IN i ilF,II.
.a f).v Goods, Gro
ceiies, CiotJji i Cr«lar ce
dar county, Iowa. nl
BOOi£ Ii riSTDBIl,
i'i\tu 1 i!t.
One i or .tat of the Post Office.
ill Ilk Books, of all kinds kept constant
on hand.
Ci.unties supplied with all kinds of Blatika
"Reco ds aad olnerbooks for County offices, at
short notice.
This tiotel is a New lloute which vc.ru just:
opened for the reception of ft'ieas on tha l*t of I i
May, l»55. It ia large and coinuiodious, aud it the young
provided with eutire iiew furaiture. No expense I
ha* tiei'ii apared wi-.ic't will add to the comfort
or convenient of the travciin': I'Uhiie,
Jolia H. Birclef! Prap
into 11
33ffXSPXOmDlliaT ZNAZjZj
Corner of Dubns: tod
Intra City, lott
V L, IJOWXI\ts. Proprietor.
Corner of Walnut and Second Straett.
T-fr- Office of the Tipton, Marios, Washington
atnl i-tk.ilonH Stage l.ineg.
£-0fT5aKgage taken vo and from thcBoa3? free
of cit:irn.
T! ou ba»tdon« well jxtrtiapt
To lift the Ixiglit di*fn'-(
Ami !uy the bitter truth
liefi.ra our sluiuking ayes
Wiiea evil erawU below
Waat ««•ms so j»tire sad fair,
i 'line eye* are keen and trn.
To firjJ tbs jout thei.
i jet—I turu aw:iy.
Thy tasi.
i ie e i i a
On ears'.
.i •.
*in »!ol
j»- 1« ai
II ^reat aau nible bear!.'
tin i'- in.i ttr '-*fif thttn.
Ii ive ni'.l Bfiae e.t tli!y e
A m^aucr spirit ci tiiu
'I'l yet—alih »ri .fit thy t•
la well and fairly d«n,
'think" i!..•
Tbere it- i ti
^hadoWn th«rc am, «h»i:
Anions yt, yet apart,
(, af t' til" nlain) of J(i
Or ki: 0 an hear
ce* of i. i I beat :i
Cai!, tin tii-y tura a.v. •.
And LoVv', t'trougii *u li
C.i*r see no lu^io of tlu*
aiim yet—our ryes are di n,
And thin*-arc keener fur
'I nen ga/c until tlio i set
Tij.t. n, loe. i. Hi
The O.
i »e b'.ack stream
Whose waters '.ve .,
•'.tow us. re.l' eti'ig ilier
out« fra of u.t
Xeath taagle»i th«fns as
ilhe t\*k I: 11'. f« the
ek for the It'll
Wi are b!ii
1 ten will 1 thy ji
A cr iwii a:i! i.:.ti ii^
Angela I'ijU t'ni/:ou niji
Aud !'id sees UOo 1 In
ite, .V 'I'lit'in, I II la fn HABU 10 DIE.
ii Y MAS. K.
Now, doctor,' s.id
sweet faced girl,
baking with confidence into the kind lace
that had beut over her so often tell me
if there is any certainty that 1 shall ever
recover? 1 think no' so \ou see 1 nm
preened for »Si tida gs, and I mil ci ,,iiti
ually toriui nung u.\ sell with the ques
tion. V\ ill you not bj cuudid with me,
my dear Dr. EUisf
'While there t» 1 tamwtt.ivd the
doctor, but the fra.i youiig creature in
terrnpied hun, saying
•No, no, doctor, that won't do I must
nave your professional opinion and when
i say that my happiness, lor the
remnant of t'os hie, will be atlected by
your decision, surely y.,u will grant me
tbe request.'
'But could \ou bear
'Anything, docki, but this suspense.
I am wid.ng to be id the exact itate of
my case: lor you see, some days I feel
so leally well that tny hope is unduly ex
ited and terrible pains come, death
takes an awful shape, and frightens me
out ot repose. But if
was certain'-
sl.e spoke with solemnity '1 would teach
my mind to dwell upon it in such a way
that my foolish tears would leave ine.'
My sweet girl, said the doctor, taking
oecuis. Your lila may be protia t.
at the larthest, so it seems to me.
foe pak* ciitek giew a shade paler,
you, doctor, was uer _reply,
I haiik you, doctor/ was iier
'thank y»u for your trust aud confidence
iu me. Vou shall see 1 will not abuse
shrinktng, shuddeiing fear. I he iuiprt s-
return wit., new loice.' An as she thus
halt whispered to hei self, a lovely matron
entered, ai'J hurrying O her side, kissed
Ihe lair brow.
'You are better to-day, child, 'she stid
iu tones of forced calmness nay,dou't
sliak your head so mournfully indeed,
it you knew how much imp'oved you
and she drew
i$ somftiiiug i wnai ynu to tlo for me.'
'What is it, darling? You know I
would lay down my iifV for you
'For an instant the pale lips quivered
but commanding herself, the young girl
said g. nt!y.
Seven months had pass-d, and still
geude Amy lived. The fatal crimson
burnt its deatii lire into her cheek,
and her eyes gleamed with tire fitful
flashes of disease but about her sweet
hps hovered a con.tant smile she had
cenquered ti.e fear cf the king of terrors,
and dwelt upon her departure w th almost
exulting joy, 'i knew that through Christ
i was iep.ued to go," she .-^ni to her
pasior: 'I know theie were glories in the
bngni world above the imagination can
not conceive of yet I have shuddered
from my infaucy at ath. The thought
of dissolution, with ua icy chilis aud quiv
erifig breath, incde rue cold at my heart,
aud 1 strive to forget it but cannot. Yes,
since you, sine* my mother, Since all
who knew mr have made it a h"n«eho|il
word —clothed it in beautiiul iinaces a
•s become K-.-s terrible, still 1 can hold
ii y ha :d to hiui who uu ocks the spirit,
a id say, 'Death wt«* is thy sting?'
As Hio :?poKe lhf«*. a ray from the set
t.- 5 «un iumft uwi of glory upon
i, fair brow. Jter mother aud lriends
at that in n.ent en'ered.
'. u*h!' said the pastor, with uplifted
hands and they tlood transfixed. With
that last holy sun'c he had markeJ an in
i-tanlanecus change and, as he beut for
ward, through the lips, so beautifully
wreathed, ti.ere come no breath.
•Well phi she t-xclaim,'Deuth where
thy s itijj•' said the pastor turning with
tcar-liiled eyes, 'never, satv I the king of
tenors in so lo civ a g*rb. How sweet
ly she sle ps!'
Aye! sweetly st.il, in a grave yard
upon the hill s.de and on the white shaft
tbr.t be^rs her name, some loving hand
f.a. .pled,
IT I# o i i u: i i.i k.'
Fiom the Christmas Woik n ibeSulUn.
Appsarance and Education of the S altan
He is of middle stature, with j*t black
hair, beard, moustache, the latter closely
trimmed it is said the natural color is
red. His complexion is very pale, and
he wears an aspect of the deepest melan
ch ly. There is much kindness of ex
pression iti his large dark, aud vet sor
rowful eye, and his voice is singularly
pleasing and musical. If the moralist
wished b» sh.iw how httle the possession
of despotic power could do to secure hap
piness, he i eed look no further than the
countenance of this Und$hearted and
most interesting prince. His education
has bsen limited tor when his lutner, de
sirous to secure him those advantages of
I winch he so keenly felt the want himself,
had arranged with a Frencu gentleman
regard it
would fade away uud my n ind be drawn
more wholly to the bttter lat.d. It may
te a sacrifice to you, my mother, but 1
shall am to look forward te my death
bed with calmness which 1 strive in vain
to do now. Will you try to do this, mo
ther? Will you talk of u often? Will
you repeat the sweet words that dying
saints have spoken? Will you speak ol
the smiles that leposed upon their faces,
until i can think cheeiluliy, and talk
without reserve, thut change, even as 1
would lie down, and rut my garments by,
ready to attire myself when
awake in the fair morning? Will you
do this my mother?'
The matron promised, and retired to
ber chamber, to shed tears of anguish
bom of this request. She, too, had Ion
felt that her child must die, but had put
alur otf the 'evi! day.' And in ti.e
strength ofliod, she performed hei duty.
ability aud great scientific attainment,
her wasted hand, 1 wnl tnen giant this 110 became a tutor to the young heir, the "Five year* a^o to-night Oa. 1
request. Vou cannot certainly recover,
unless some extiaordinary prov iut nti ,ulted, contrived to quasu the plan. Mah-
,.d Mufti, who was necessarily con-
|II0lhl 1)ttd sllJ1ulattd
some months jet, but yet not over a jcar |,x entirely with his royal pupil, and lo
Wt.|| as oi li3 s udie
Wi 0.e ..nil, I.Jed not «. ill. e«-..lW|c.,rm.,l AbJ» Mt 'jiij woul.l in *11 i», it dti.tfn rni-l l„ ,o
I probability, have njoyed_ a
cretin to instructor by his progress,
learning. When the rand Multi was
•The beautiful consumptive sal alone »lled lor his opinion, he issue'l a fetva.l .,
in her_ large easy chair aoma^ momenta ju
auer the doctor had gone. She gaxed
about her on luxuries winch wealth uu- was destined one day to ascend the throne
bounded had procured for her pleasure,
and her large, untroubled eye* grew dun.
,]lt. caliphs, couid not lawfully be edu-
lhen 1 must die! she laid to herself, however, had that sort of education which
and oh, this iear, not of ati hert alter,' fits men for tiie work or life more nobly
but of that d-ead passing through'he vab I u,*,, Uie routine of the schools—self ed
ley which siiadows my hour ot fullering? ucation. His mother, too, though a slavp,
Lveu my religion does not dissipate that
low seat towards
in her
by a giaour. I he yt ung prince,
s a woman of capacity and ti e re-
sui( 0f
ti .us of my chiUthood will nil away, hut t}u\t as soon as lie ast filed the throne oi
eyes i Heart is a
Boy Love.
Out' ol lite queerest, and Iihmksi
tilings to think of in after life, is 'Bey
lov«.' No sooner does a loyaoquiraa
tolerable staiure, thau lie logins to im-
•I want you to talk to iu« of death—of) "g'»e bin. fell'a man and u ape manish
my own death, which is certain soon.* «*}'». He ensts sideling glances at tali
My Amy!' was all the mother couW gir'« lie may meet, becomes a regular at-
articulate her voice seemed frozen by
'Yes, mother for, lintes a moment, it
will make your poor child still more wit
lling to leave earth, snd find heaven. If
you will talk daily and cheerfully of my
passing away, il Jou will sunouud the
thought with cheerfulness, and make the
last telruggle seem pleasant to me, this
strange horror v id. which
tendant at church, or met rig aud struts
a little in his walk. Presently, and how
very soon, he falls in love yea, fnll is
the proper word because it best indicates
ins happy, delirious, self abasement. He
lives now in a fairy region, somewhere
collateral to the wothl, am! yet, some
how, blended inextricably with it. He
perfuii.es his hair with fra rant oils, scat
ters essence over his handkerchief, and
desperately ai ave«, and unoints for a
beard. He quot-. s poetry in which love'
and 'dove,' and 'heart,' peculiarly pre
dominate aud. as he plunges deeper into
the delicious labyrinth, fancies himself
filled with the divine alHatus, ami sudden
ly breaks into a scarlet rash—of rhyme.
He feeds upon the looks of his loved
is raised to the seventh heaven if she
speaks a pleasant word is betrayed into
the .nest astonishing extacies by a smile:
and is plumlged into the gloomieat re
gion of mis-a ihropy by a frown.
He believes himself ti.e rrost devoted
luver iu the world. Thers never was audi
another. 1
here never will be. He is
the one greut idolater! He is the very
type of icagnaiiimity, ami self abnega
tion. Wealth! he despises the groveling
thought, rovoity, wi'li the adorable be
loved, he rapturously apoatropii tt s as the
first of till earthly blessings and 'Love
in a Cottage with water and a crust,' is
the beau ideal paradise of dainty delights.
He declares to himself, with the moat
Solemn emphasis, that he would go thro'
fire and water: undertake a pilgrimage
lo Cmua or Kamschatka sw im storm
toised oceuis scale impassable moun
lace Irgio is ot bayonet. but
for one sweet smile froin her dear lips.
He ih ats, Uj'on a flower she hascast away,
lie cherishes her glove a little worn in
the fingers—t ext h.a heart. He sighs
like a locomotive kiting off steam Ho
crawli her dear name over quires of
fo lc.ip—fitting medium for hi* insanity.
He scornfully deprecates the aiteiuions of
other boys of his own age cuts Perry
TilHueis, dead because he sa 1 that the
ft l'.vifilli. Ao^el nn had carroty haii
passes Harry lie il contemptuously, for
dating to compare 'that gawky Mary
Jauv,'wi4h his incomparable Angelina.
Happy! happy! foolish Boy-love with
its hopes, and its fears its joys and sor
rows, its jealousies, its delight" its rap
tu.es and its tortures its ecstatic fervors,
and teinlle heariburnit.gs its solemn Ju
diciousness, ami its intensely prosiac ter
minal so t.
Bose Leaf-Bo. 2.
Gay assemblage had gathered ia the
gorgeous hall Col. Alton, and his
daught Coia, the beautiful aud gifted
entertainer, drew forlh a card table, and
called a merry group aiound her.
'D iy on, don you play?'she said to
one wi.o s vmeJ to be no carelebs ob
serve ol her.
A hesitation of indecision was visi It
for an in tan', and then e an»w red
*\Veli, play just once. I assure yo
the amnseir.eut is perlectlf innocent.'
And bow could he doubt the assurance
of one who was, in his eyr, faultless
She threw a little golden circlet on the
table, exclaiming, Who wins the ring?'
Ho seated himseli, end ere long bis daik
eye was glowing with excitement. The
game was ended he had won-and, a
jgam and again he plumi'd into ti.e in
toxicating whirlpool, and sunny
curls and smiles,
Five years have f1u\n. Tbe scene
tells ot poverty. Upon a bed all stained
with lite'a red current, is that form again.
Besi i .nm knceli a woman striving to
sunn- the vital stream.
^'Tnere, tha' will do, Cora.
kiad!(iiRl yoU lliay
HOt a
peill cl my v
it at the tutor ould
he was pleased to observe that "Do
a prince of the prophet's blood, and whoj j,
tiaiuing of the hareut was,
ihe prephet, he hastened to surround him
self w itii men of learning, and took to
founding school-, hospitals, and m.i'.u
The LeiUr //.—Four of the sweetest
words in the English language begiu
with 11, which is only in a breath. ll»art that one woman can pull harder tha
Home Happiness aud Heav n. yoke of oxen'
place, and that man sadly mistaketh, who i thu' One Lewis. A. Revotle was
h'line-place, and houi
with the holy love oi maternity. place, and that man sadly mistaketli, who thit' One Lew is A. Kevotie was /e
'Mother,' said the consumptive as she would exchange the happiness of home cently held fur trial in New Orleans, for iiu^utoid ii-Kooent tie- »in,d w:tn ih
toak the matron's hand in iter own, 'there
feel bet­
ter now—but still I feet I must die. Let
me take your hand, so priceless, yet so
do the same v, tub-
Uje companion of Ins relaxations as
iU (|J Uml
and hati this been „,nttiis wis eiven aud
state ol health
from that in which he has
new the rniMortune to be, and have done
|1|Ur(Je to Suici je
to join
amusemeut. I play-
j_i „.t ._| gained your hand —but,
0ij in jt bt. hat il!m 0 mv
and when my money and my
credjt Wtfre a jd Wu
lj(Jl e
_but Oh' u io
to the "oung.'
His ha it
I ie a
anything less ti an Heaveo. selling his grandmother's tomb. of pi a- .i ,.n i pr..flfai l».-ui.
Punch's Teeto al Toa Book.
Though there is nothing very jovial in
the idea ol total abstinence, and it is dif
ficult to get much jollity out ol a pump.:
we do not see why the teetotallers should
A light heaf. and a heavy water-jug.
May ewers ahvays be mine, and ours
be ewers.
May the pump alwmv* give us its suc
May t! e pitchet of sin t!i never
want for the water ol pur.'v
The noblest works of um t. w iter
The pump -the ou!y true sotu e i t
guimnie liquid.
sorrow find
The best of u i-s t:.- tie! j'-uif
Waiei' an i e I' ent feilow i!i the
May e 'itii-lein t- hreaV ttiC o'e.
and Iru ndship tlrink the water.
.May the tear of sorrow from the i is
tern ol the heart be purified by the filter
of allliction, and jo n the waters of obliv
The prudent housewife, who keeps a
full washing tub, and is never without hi
floating capital.
May the sarkbut always the sack,
and all other butts but th« wa er-butt.
The brightest diamonds, are those of
"tha purest v ater.
May the hand o! fiiemlshipte extend
ed to every pump that n^eds it.
Her 's to htm that is always his
ft How creatures a good I rt -the turn
Confusion to the prido i'.n- would keep
its head above watt
Gtms of Th'iitghl. Tl.eie .6 liulh.lrg
on earth so eautiful as the household on
which Christiiu love forever smiles, and
i an 1 e,here n ligion walks a counselor and
friend. No cloud can duiken it, lor its
(twin stars are centred in the soul. No
I storms can make it tremble, for it has a
heavenly support and a heavenly anchor.
The home circle surrounded with &uch
influences, lias an ante-past of the joys of
a heavenly home.
He is hut hall pn pared for the journey
of life who takes not with him that friend
who will forsake l. 111 in no emergency,
who will div ide his sorrows, increase his
joys, lift the veil from his heart, and
throw suns5 in around the darkest
sci nes.
II you Ion o is, they
Spasms and Brandy.—The following
anecdote is told of a very clever fello w,
who had recently joined the Sons ofTem
After V.-eromin^ a 'Son,' he went to
Moh.l "i I .- .^ ss, and was taken ill
A phyai inn was called and on exam
ining him, pronounced him iu a very
dangerous condition, and prescribed
brandy. T. e sick man told him thai In
could n «t take it. The doctor m-isted
that it tvna it prorw-r remedy but the pa
... ai iii- would .. lake
tie lit I
1 tin tig
tinyly I
myself to his
likewise die
li.:.t n
a'o -i i
i--y laas-p, an
One Woman S.fO'ige' ihan I ire Yokr
of Oxen. —Miss Caulkins' History of
Norwich states that the R-'V. Ephrairu
.fudson, of Woodbury, Ct, was called
preach in the paush of Cht Ssra. so i e
time in the last century. In one of i.issti
inons, on the excuses made by his gues.a
wiio were invre* 'o the wedd.og least,
he observed that one had bron:"ht five
yoke of oxen and civilly eiil-eaud to bt?
excused but the one who had married a
wife replied absolutely ha could not
come. Hence learn, said tne preacher,
a v e
pom ii
I w id
not adopt the practice of giving 'senti
ments' when they diink.and tl.ua reali*'
tiie popular combination of toastand wa
ter. VVe subjoin a tew specimens, which
will le found suitably to these aqueous
a s s o i a i o n s w o s e e e s s e e
it ok upon the garden engine as the on!\
really moral engine, and the wat'ei-cait
as the only vehicle of progress.
watery t*rne.
A fig for my Ii nd and a p. nd i'or
my pitcher.
Confusion to tuu donkey who stops u,i,
(by getting his foot into) the plag-hole.
full water battle, and nobody to par
take of it.
May the l-o-kI ship Hnttania diaw
plenty of wain.
My friend ani filter.
May every pipe be put n e the
wvter pipe
-",who were
Kaiteru Society relate
•g Rtuiiau t.
l-eeu i setited.
At first I played fot i, i ..
aild liieii t0
keep you from
less, then.' said the son of temper-
will try a couple of spasm* fiist.'
rp R(/'/•/.— Rev. Win. Arthur of
Mas^achusi its, at a recent meeting of an .r
i ,i s by the only a i which is le-t theui
latea the story ot a
jut re miih of tbe word, but
.t could begot in it* purity by I «jt
to iiittss msitead of reading a book i friend
could not be understood. Michae
at tst suauiioned to i is aid Ins Irish wit
!. peeu
,r.» e..is 0
fit tlnriK to
ays n the little vexatious of life ut
hcait, but shakes them from his bosom
as th* lion ooes the rain drops fiom his
fMf s iroul newejiap i* 1-ke a si'..h' aad
i true Lei'V.ii irn L.il, whiwe appt ar tiie.e ou one
pioin a
t»j^pwippwM!Jiit i i ppiw IIP#,
TERMS, 91 &0 in ADVANCE.
Prov. Pott.
lo*e you
If you sj-ea't kindly to thein, ti ey will
speak kindly lo vou. Love is repaid ly
love, and ha red with hatred. Would
you hear a sweet and pleasant ho,
speak sweetly aud pleasantly yourself.
NO. 4
youug lady tiiua d»
I a a not ilh I am :i
,.U-« her
feehng'. and couits sympathy
My »art Is tick, my h'*t t«
.t ol»! the c»i*e I rf
I ua) i. it gi eve i .-*'11 a A
aot aymlf—
I am -iadeed I k m"v not
I'm changed in all e\eo,t th^
t.», wh-n »hali I be cbar.£#
SioryeJ Duma*..-—Ah iuq i
ei^ner wl.o had been iti!iotl»»ttii to A iei*
ander Dumas, cottm ein'd questioning
him or his ottgm. 'You ste a ^undroon,
Monsieur Dumas?' becan the u.rjuteite.i.
*1 am, sir,' rtplnd Dumas, quietly, whi
never makes any attempt to a I his
pedigree. 'And your Uti ui sued
the mqu.ring friend. -Was ilatto,1
resp nded Monte Cl.risto. I your
gran lla'hei?"
a re rejl ed
Dumas, beginning 'o lose I i tience.
•Aii! an«i may littqui,. great
grandfather wasf At s,p!oiie».
Dumas, with a fierce gi »i«i made
his tormenh'T recoil 'an a, i ~niy
pedigree commences w! are i lends!'
w# Pioientmt Ptg. A I uomatt
tn Uristol, a few day ed hei
pig, and after il ligent inquny \rned
that it was in pr sst stion ol a highly re
spectable cituen of the town. Mt.' an night
way called upon hun, when formed
her that th» pig had broke toug't a
window in the Episcopal chureo, where
his pigship was fou.itl, and if sh»- would
jia) five dolla'S damages, she could have
ti.e pig. Mie replied, 'the and tue
church may go to the J.rii. I'll pay m?
five dollars for biin if he is a Prot« •iiant!'
Li Weft jfVic.-An i »*h iiao hrm?
on a long journey uta part of the country
wht re Mr. M' Ar'a-u's useful talent ha I
never been exercised, at leng came to
a mile of excellent road. (J«er tins lie
kept trotting his horse back wa ids and for
wards till some spectators, a little sur
prised at this singular mode of traveling,
inquired the reason of it. 'Indeed,' saal
he, anJ I like to let well alone, and
from what I have S"en of the road, I
doubt whether I will fill a h. i bit of
ground all the way.'
tii'iwatha in Lon Ion. T.:e London
Ltndcr is in raptures with 'Hiawatha,* the
new poem by Longfellow. Ii concludes
a long notice iu this warm .-tta n
America has now her ep c. The intel
lectual greatness ol America, whichever,
di«pa», n.'to eyamu*t see v ill one 1 .y U
commensurati with her terr 'i.rialg eat
nes?, (anil o! which, even'h w ther r
unniisiahal le signs iu tiie oi i^iualtty oi
several writers,) may and piobably will
produce epics grander in sub tace Iran
th sof Hiawatha but llie gloiy of having
given his country her firs', national poem,
worthy to be placed beside the national
poems of other lands, w 1 alwaya belong
to Longfellow.
A GoLhn IVr lJing.—The fiftieth an
nivetsa.y uf the .vedding of iea. Thos
Wiiiiaius, of Vernon, Oneida County,
N. Y., was celebrated at the house where
the aged couple have resided for haii a
century since their ma^ria^e, on Christ
mas. Representatives of five general ions
vveie assembled on the occasion numbi r
ing thirty perso'is. Tue entire fifth gen
eration w is comprised in one little curiy
hraded fellow who laid on a lei asleep.
This boy had living, a short line since,
three great-grandfathers, thre great
a n o e i s w o a n -f a e s a n w o
a n o e s e a e e n W i
liams wasone of the famo s Tea Party,'
at Boston, in 1773.
The Coliin* and Cun../' i :.u. s —A
comparison of the perforin m/e of tbe
Collins and Cunard lines o: K'Jropean
Steamers for ihe past year s'.o.vs V at the
former have beaten the lat'.tn on the eas
tern passages one dav seven hours and
twenty minutes. 'This,' says a New
print, 'is better sailing, on the puit
of the Cunaul steamer*, than was si own
the previous year.'
The l-ioni i
vuui.g Rtunan Catholic to whom a Bible I We ow* ra# y '*a* tti«,».y
His {i est eud a
uatic hun to give it up. AI
raiment the priei was coax
adoi *sioii that tne Bible con
speak of a spectacle at once 'ouchm^ au
singular. Kight one handed ZojaVi i
froin the Crimea have been sovn walkiii^
the street by two*, keep'nj I -gether
O a i n 1 r-Or a ,.| p-t -t
e i ti
b- a eu«.
•, I i ILe Oilier vV't- i
tio-1 by .ii to *1
it tra'j» Inn »t
ta papj»
ii ia
slat.' ii.
I i i( a yoai
who 1. *i -ui" in
ioopid ihv aud pifCols .:n bl fit"
I orwh',fn U read. I ft ktra b4 mv
Kie% ol 111v ti' i»'jf l. I nl ^U KiH
a uin tho r« tuM-d s sl'i 2 in but »»u '.t-d 1-9 y
n a .t'j. i I ui nml v t. ui tn h'».
,1 to the oi liV •. n .d nt 'tri
d, Ca ie
(1'U L»
Wil i
tf I tii*| liUb ilo tliU.fl. I..
r* may ari-e, and with the
bu' ern- a few In urs
A n
.I'tne rejo.ee
jrfr-Th following i
iii :ted I .' el o i t't- ill
»s in Buff do, V
t:m 1
it i,i
way we met w:'l» a tluap
•. nnd rebuke, or uu unkiiid
hi.ig more serious pains our i
a nia
At n.ght, who can look back up*
,. a en ha was pel S*ctly free
i u i I sorrow? 'Ihe man is not
in is bom to trouble as the
!v upward, ihat happy is lie who
it t. —A fTe^i.oi
mad tive att in,»
I'r .""nry
i i i tb-y i
Tir "h oa 'ray
1 ec t.: u': ih I
oc^, a "I thi
N •""'•c
i. .1
a k.
$3r »i- i
«tn 'U'h -I if'
I 'mt of th^m ti I i.
I hot tier.

I n
lv draon
tl *. 4.*. .U

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