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The Tipton advertiser. [volume] (Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa) 1856-1962, March 22, 1856, Image 2

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-I'iIT IMaam
Cipion !pkrtiscf.
a rc.tw nor.
•fcs.SKBA 8PICER Assistant tditor. I Those Sil
Sail Bead Item*
lit ion o the rail toid prnjcctfc through
that CuvMity.
'Fiic Dim. Pr**$ of Chicago, having
given the C-ma-fo, Iowa and N«-t»ras'a
Bail road a regiiar puT, the Mirror of
Lv o.'is, takes occasion to shonr up th«»
antecedent of that Company, as follows:
rto-ne three j«an ago tb« Ljoai
fta! Kailroad organ'te1. w.thll
V. Aiim- n IVsi !i» it ai 1
aai o.aainented with *&».Jtree*: »b« euf.»et
Hi* *»»iHl itM|j»ve ma? CiTiton wwiM be tf
f»/«t city nn tt--' Miasivippi. Dinng tbe
•aaxner th*j lept a d"sea or laare see grading
•tr»et« aod the 11.: t,i Uc raJroad. 1*bi.
wilitrr i4«rd urrn »t 01 rn Je. a-Kl
lie above shows up pretty p'amly the
Chicago, I aud Ne
bigrtr p-rC'lit if. -i j,
Th o- p--i. i... n« i v
ri4«i is nu:-.ti-1 y-.e!' a df*tauc«
.. 1ml. .W« «l. em. I
The Dai'y Oarette.
,..UV„I uti.i'i u i«e. I, prints!
«ii.««. a. I «. Mu't,
cens.derab'e i.umber of these statu quo
.fogies toi stand aloof, aud finally fill in
NATL HL)AY, MARCH 'J*J l^j'i same looting with the A^if/iiirrtralion,
a(Kj ,JU Republican expects Of lesires to
1 bare ibetn act with thera.
an editor publishes is not believed by Iim
rrad«*ra, tbe editor af course ought la va­
cate the tripod and let aomebody eke
take it who will be believed.
A turf* Pr^si I*-it ail h"*l e"n*rcu»r
Ifr i^rt into iiie »'el* a'n llion ii. ll .1« iit ireor The pt-ople at Jacktoft Cosnty
*—, ot ouat.tf Ikjo-JU, au i o li'-r c/caiUMso: U)»i .1 1. u n 1 n .• ..
recent'y held a Hail Road meeting at the
jtq»r. [.1 lli it tiiu-! ii-- »xpf i '»r--r twi.b ia
«lr..-l thfunud in iirivlfr ft on Mc flue
art.Xl Mun»rj» in ut"
•itdroi'l. y *,»».. tbe rvi.wi'.iu,
Court House
did «c ..mnt »r it. T.e may V» t* .• »mmii (ion of a roa I throtiffh fowa'wfh BeR«- 11.~
•OH mifh fr*iH, will do a »"in wh^«i na
VlKWn.ty it aff r*irl. (f course ihuf m)
WW. I. •oil what C'xafMUty u. im'.m
Wtui-r i Jl'.alittf un (Juii-i'iuj w«»f»^-ii'tiJ
1M0.) t!»" niim 1 th.: 1 11 ooe, null oao »r t*o
ca»ri/f« in h'.- officer". ?tu.| II f*. A«li i. not
pa|Mi:lir acku jwlwljt'-d if i'reaitleot :voWac
mt. I'i privately to. 1.uit :1m b*w er
K*ii? iU.mi cjtBo»euc-i wjrW 011 th-j eii litit.
jMf'l.«tii.ig through pif^-j it a distance fr»3i
their "(K-tnti'dn that 7 wef itj:
road i (jo-i-f eirne*i thit i^?y hd Ot.- buii
dret i.m .• |.j)e l, ob iu~J he^i a
4mr n or Ue:tt fir*. iim -u la.'ul la oi »rs
the teruiiuaii.»u i.l 1U. i1 i «i uj .4
'vu tbe rlv r. wh^n it *a* difCvennl tlmi a
w» n!w of men t-. i 1 of oTi Of
IN*t roa-1 i w th oi« iuat hu.
HSTvl.^i ful&ticbt Uikl ahert tfw iua.J vi/^uuic ~t u„il
tariun t-. I'jf a c.ty iui I had or^a.i /.^ 1 th 'M* rO"*
#!v«*ii:ru a f.aiid i.'-jmpaay u thin* rr nal:i!ng Fvr j/fltfney (ientfal.
fWil.- rr.-et the of(r«u!* tn«o fnit to f*ib:i-h »t»-
Itep'ibllcais Ticket.
For tecriUary of SltU.
KLIJAll M'.LLS, ol Masca fca
For ,fuIrfor nf Shift.
JOll*' PATTKK.* of Brainer.
For Tte %urtr of Olut&.
-.... urr-t*
aftirt'-n u' :n.iT(n-»uuo. Ta»y sini^i rttv^rj, 01 MaliSski.
twu '0* ti'. i\i l-.u. ft'-aiotjiwkt.-. 4e rt n
cfearteiMti t»!» t.j ip,- t' a'-•.«.•!• 1 a fcr 1 -l tj-.t Ma. r.oiToa :—Pleaa anno«NKis tba
b'cie ajid ur m'! :i »h' oc-.-..ro»i nnme of Kobbrt M. Lawv as a ran li
•trn-i. mrrr laid wf. and ptw!»H f-be gratis! i (ur
tht o/RC(. 0f
,1 I
»(•.«» 1.1 M-tKK)l ho i.^i ami eliuicuH* were Ud town-hip, a* the Aprti election.
aad one o tltu i.rg^l a.t-1* prj .-UrJ to
boil'. lite a nau'ku lotii were ii*pa*ed o
at tiii tune on T.»r"H term ain'Mi^* ^*e re»t
We l».il the We- to
a Hurn»er a a co'taideraiiou tor puti «!.^i.
g*aut«'ir and ^nbtiin iv th' (c» .r. i» .i ,11
ltd I mi»«t m*^ir'w.(jt*otlv and trji t#
body, or get destroyed hrusrif—te either
case gaining the glory he seeks.
The young man then gets well inspir-
itftiory of the Company, aad gives the led with 'blood aud thunder', consults his
Gosttft a rather a left-handed eooiph* dictionary and gets famiiliar with a mul-
inert. titude of high seundinj, jalimg words—
It niHtofbe e-fpertrd a railroad will look about lor hi» victim, and his eye
fee bailt from iwiy pin», then, unt.l a new i resting first on us, levels his {op gun and
and more reliable Company, limn any sends us the 'salt and pepper' ol his lucu- persuasion of such wise men as tho editor
now in exitencv, will t*i formed,and one bratory pasqunade.
which ahali hare, either, capita! or good These reviliujs of the Jbgititr are
credit to work upon. .headed *7A« Grandson IItdrom of Knno
.Ytjtkinism carrying waiir both thoul
f^r The VdUy Timet, speaking oi 1 dert.'
the Chicago, Iowa, and Nebraska RaH This heading g^res os more credit than
roed, ray.s:
%,v can
elfy accep',
leadera that aaothe important arrangvm -nt has I Vj
toen jota i'.itH in Uv of tL« itntHMt^it work.
it of ib* higher than to
ro"J, learn that a r«eoiunKi hui t»c—i adopt
ed i.y wi!ch I" j*/ «a,' ii p*ji tj ih.h
lor a'l the gto' nrmri^'of ail freight THK RlCISTia.
a.idpw*fip-ra tak-u by th^'n to th- r^-vd l«,,l _t
ingeaat of CSbi'oa ":ty. the offence auedglia, which oroagh
2J mil'* of the Giim* r.»d t» u«. lam win down all this animadversion upon our
bavt, the miff icUoa of announcing to our
(.JUI mv
ot l!.« Of «•. »,
WlK„ V »,„» n,s„. an no. i'-i-
lairing tUis roiJ, were proinismy to can
i road d)r*'C. tro'd l^y tt* to I vi City,
Wa havu aiieady exjieiiencoitiio/act
«aall. coliiuia ebeet o .r e rcuUi-i in i
rtkvt. W cotLer^d a tr!
weekly Into adailv: since that t.t ie we \e a
ew-asM.if. we mmn lukrp'tl to a six ooluiu.i, but Americans with us is not paramount I
(iiltMyed to a aevi'ii ool.ira
i inir.id.iced a steiru jireae iirxi our ofliaa, I
tfcetirst in tbe ute aad me ou.y oae on thei Presidential electors will not
•|.p. Miseiseippi river, of Cb'c-ift". N-.w
sect embraeling light colunand to u past nn.i
tih*t we kly Gasrf'c ofninecoltnnns. truetin/that
not wily i,i (licit :,4uus, bit in typojjrjiphieai
and geu.-ral appjarance. it u not excelled by
any new .pip.-r ia e great sal growing Weft.
with the pro-slavery pnrty (lis ererybo
dy xjx'tts they will) why then in the
coining election they will bo able to cast
a respectabl: scattering vote.
^fo,n Cl.ntoB oountf pa-j Batf Jfeighborr. —Wifl Tefftltfm' facta are that after the Araer-: iierTitudtf. except for i!w puui.hm«ot of
^r. i:,.i conr.D.,on H'-og on u,
u yn
cotnplaios that the citizens of that place
are trying to destroy his reputation Tor
m*4rml hmtsfy and veracity.
Bad neighbors he has. If ererytbing
s u lar^e atten^uce auJ, as appears ,viiI
viCu as its eastern termtnu«.
lijtf"* ANp FUZK UUCUsSJ S
9th of March.
J,«ticeof the Peaco
„. i
An JSbnliitioii.
An occ«rrene« seldom equalled, and
uevar excelled in the history rf the Linn
Coui ly R$~. u/er, liauspired last week.
ic-ur-cncc lou, reinc nit
il Wj'1» waacoitMUeRd th«»r«rt-iu tcrmi art» l« siiould appear in tiiat aheet.
W, were amasad at it, and coouoenced
N-^ra-ke O- lar it .p:!»1- th? on»y -u me. i trith ourselves to discover the c&uso ofi^*11
•ttbUiv "in 't Rtnm^u* .*#!rt«' that «b'o *ue', *n eluihtion coming from that quar-
faun taut aecttoj .ecu red even U.i^. It is icr. Our condueions were that there has
todo wTth1 thfc^id "one.C ftUin»/ bTtbat toey
tw True, th/y h^ve
OiOi -m i.f 3 line ui-a tD-.t h4f" 1 r.Ru"[ir»• Thsy
bar- acl*
-"U-il th. u» !r in pirt* w^lfly .c ittert-ii.
without h. lUUou. a». «?.• -.ni* ieeB with
wilt their couaeut (~ij the way Uie Uirenj»or
Umic'it w riut a ward t.j mj* je* ot
g*3')-.Hit or the death -fth» Kai.rovl Con
|mwj b. it pr»pbe4*d w»u'd pr^du je eucJl
yre.ti rt mitts.)
have noihing todo with it* affair*. »neh a#|*)f- (jtpartment of said paper, and that the I
J!a Hnp^iy aUo'^iieTew"1n!h!« 1
k »v editor, beine a new inub of the law. I
'Woue,CV0i a/bvt
io mt«l witti them from
editor, being a new inub of the law,
Cc| t.gH,
.i..„ i.u ,l ,i __
g0 JD(0 aootjj€|.
ai we never have
rmik anJ gtall0B am011g
the K.
jld in the State Council
A S**t alowg srna or tiik Earroa or
ura^K i: jvi*» ,»i ». vsy v!o^k I'i'the coaatry head, is that we utended the Republican Nolhiagisaa is not the incubus which 8°'lers, and Temperance men withdiew
tie's' k !h
that in one of our articles iheie was vice in
a rruaimaticul error.
of i'4t nit a.. jL
Here we will remark that we were at isfe?' chafes and ioams because of iu slim
fins i« the s« i lane was
j. ay,-,I ,l„ a.,.
'•""Ton »»4 m) of
.'tmntion 'fhnt hr
i»e ii, A.fr'.,*.*-. I rravtd lb* tkkrf tml tdutfvrm then before I
•».»y tin* difference, that th«*n *t:Kn
il Porl' f.i i. i Am. a»id alaa llat we said tre ft id sue k
fli'oM wis aovon* of fhe cj jdstioas.
... _|»tonoti
MUl. ta. wi .At.
•l.,t»».-L^,.h.l, 0.. ul«.a.«, ha l^fofm pif.y with thai lof lit je(j
ru.Jy [a|iU ebr lk
sti n came up, aui at the time \e oc-
This juju-r we r?ie-rn tho U«t daily theft- there, neither the ticket.
1^- It ins reetm-ly Wen eQlarg-d ',,0T J***""* were ma4a, hut the {TJw*
to an ri^ht-roiomn pn per, and itiMKih in*. wa* waking for the return ot thei
CoftaniltCPi to wiiicli the, Ud bna
.. .. A. „»Jy, .1 »u»°u'' "l-P0" U- *«. ticket MdKrr*••
i i Oixttk speaUiu- of st» i "iml! U-faund upon the platform (ca ....
U-kU*-r a.i«lf« th. ptiocifd. ad'I *«a»r*»Cww*e»W4tfwtk.
w th. a**,.« .m «.« er"j"P'—. ««"'.
politiMl »c-
t: .U .«,..,in i. rtl .bo i«i. of Dm HuitUi v li^n. But .. for PrMul«ul w. aliall wail i pr.iprietjf.b. ..ked, lor what
ri weekly til., I of r'ejtt "lebir. 18 .T
,l camiidai« ,i^« u
1# CanUMlale# ,re ,B
a,re i. we p-esi nt o-:r reu.l«:r» with trie daily C. i .1,, r!,.,.,,ir. .l
"liM.i(Mn Tha Pratiii.. i..i i i indicated by tiie platforms of the Repuh-
us, it is the Presidest, aud not
Sectors, we shall hare id riew
easting our volet.
We did^Uind #, American Conven
tion and opposed «d rsement of the
papers throughout tfe Stat# arc choek- tea* in I on Such the ra about i ««»». some careptions mtde.
irtg ov»r ft-meeting ofsoiiicStlv»r g$ay '-l.ejms.tiQii \vtt cccui v—and wa will fur- on 'hat subj-et, an- ihu* violated *n! aanu!Ied.. New compare the position oP*he Ad
.... ... 'W i W 1 Mrtn (kt4M to I
tvrjber with that ot ftc Gtrnian pflp^r*-
MmmWCttdHr e.li?TuM a-l&fcS nUT"
It is their last hope. If they con git any neither AnUT,trr!,s or Republicans can ^o*t therefore. In co operation with all those jn
bind us to fotfow the fate of any party or ^m=, ,a(JMnrw-
aojf set 0} DQluiciani auy fwluta UiftU we
tar i-j
«ry grays arfeplft* thei fi|, on JfoiretHbef l#st, at which tirie ^tie iiwii'lTtiori^^Uv
tire Cdorention- we slioold erer oppose *"4 title of '"TV Rffmbttran .li*ciatte* of
the spread of slavery, and the same thing a'uU w^'aWt the following as oar political
we proclaimed in the K. N. State C-un- Platform, to wi
a call for a convention, at a time which
wou4d 'head ofP the Americana aod did
take the 'wind out of their nils' and 'steal
their tbuoder' as they (the Americans)
were already right on the slavery ques*
k did seam to as that the Repub-
ikaos vy«r« too avavicious fot rotas, as
they ignored the temperance plaok, as we
believed, to secwre tbe German' vote.—
WeMuvieu, at which there ijut far u the State ticket coocenad w*
HUrfat hun.lr*' tbutmud '1 illmia wete 1 Ml iuiu te reitort of the iroceeii,n£r«. much _i._ .1... i ... li r._ I k. aI txt all laMa n/K!«W allAot iha Sn. i
«#fat huii.In-1 tbuonud utmis wm* I vyh. Uu,u tfi« re^rt of the proceedings, much
ur3C who U|e
I twr..- i wh«iie, or no«. In",!p„« I 2f
Wc were much displeased at th: coMtiuuiooal me*n*. the c*iHen^e ^fStavwy in
.11 rt-. 1 an/oi the Tertii^ritn of the l.'uitjd Stat*.
L«nventi -n by the maneuvers of one it* 2.
as would work to his notions to Secure the B"li"vin? bat the pnaent National Ad-
send another bombstteii of tlieir calibre,.
dedicated to the Editor of the Tipton Jid~ helped lo nominate few daye lelotr! j, i *'thout rtierr mrt-know Nothing platiii
twfj'aer, the merits of which make k aa I there another K. N. theet, that will thus] beisg put in, and the Americans, Free
I stulliiy jtseit. in the Statu?"'
rvvl, m«ii
t0 c,OM
r# u
aQCe» (^3
ven l0n 8I
|ia9 aK wore the wire jt0
»d says we had be
edge off, aud not Hariiig distinguished t^at they 'can afford to be beaten- in a
bunseif, as yet, by a light with anybody, cause with our garments dean, but
concludes to 'pitch in' and demolish some-
dragged through the gutter aad
houses, is disreputable and base
The closing of their article is sublime,
gradiloqueni and rocklo'tical, hot we
would inform the Register we have no
desire to gj over to the whiskey democ
racy, that we went to the Repuhiicaa con
vention to ase our influence in favor cf
temperance plank, and that through the
tnptMf»nt work ^S-—having been elected ly them such truckling silver grey whigs as con- |*he ranks.
Uol the dicuons of the Rtpitler,vrbo unless If the Germans cf the State and natiorr
prospects yt peij^Hiii aggraudismuj^.
Tha RtguUr says we stated in the i
tu) mjf
t:ui*« opposed to the cxwd-
.j.. lea.., thiult
aod act. You seem
usaus there did not act
wu!« others there who
the Convention called? Waa it not
the field, I ... ,,
ai a
nenaM: so, the princ.ple auti t»o!icy to be adopted
tacpuuliMans, lieuce Wfc shall support
ool.imn i»ap«r. l«et the one whom to us seems lo be the b«i»t-
"^Pu^''5*n Convention? If
HUanca 8
licans of ether slates and places.
Take first the platform of the Repub
licans tif Washington Cay, wfeicli is as
ted in framing' the platform then pat tmi tha', oat*i J» af ^tate mriaCictien. tbe coo-
winch wns iii sul^'ance the same as
The facta are that after the Araer-
.ci. pl.lf.ro. cf No.. Oh «.t p^Uilrd,1 Mm, in inj ol Ui« Itoiiorh. of .k. U.M
and a caltisaoed for aeoavention on the
BMUination 01 W. ii. Seward,an aiiould |Mt^.Kn aod that tW) ooutiniiance ia power i.« 1 ,ny
Seward b« nominated we will probably 'di-otiied with th^progrsaa ol' u»« slave power to
ffeeir xplo'ions are perfectly harmless^iIo*a
Whiskey Democracy at onee and
pfstinr, *hffti on Motion Uoloa. the Territories of Kmmh aad NebraAa j_ thu VfNlblicanf yet there might,- it
,..KL. a-.u ,u. hare been 0P.30H to the iutfodaot.^^.ve^ mtU.
.. throughout the 'ani who oppose aad other i ,.
wbu.. w.,|.era vo
the spirit oi the oa*tnut:un. aad hiob art
think the) are right. We did Slate in
defdeii'd extend and perpetuate Slavery, we
a^^ate oiraelres together, under tbe natns
The Republican* got up political power asd all officers i^iaald, as far a*
ara^tMAble, bs shesua bj a direct vote of the
4. Gaadldatas for poiitioal ofilces thoald be
mca of eodoubted integrity aod •oUicty, and
pledged to sopport the prineipiei of this plat
turn Of all lawful aod ooaattuiiiooal aumu-
What does this kidieate, other thaa
what was adopted at Iowa City!
Or taka tha platform- of tba National
Convention, held, on the same day with
ears, and convened by a similar ca&
It adopted the following issue:
jt coriially.bat it depends j. Tnat we demand and shall att*pt to se-1
Republicans nominate lot the repeal of all law. which allow tbe in- ...
ad the election of inch delegation t%.the I *®'*ht of our poli^icaf powe.- in h»vor of the
t:iJ i:iacpea.lvIll Sl4t,,
dl«wd. tt u a leading purpose vroarar ,'
anti-Know Nothing plank. But each
and all were left oat and, though some
lew threatened lo leave, if their favorite
principle was not incorporated, yet the
meeting pursued the even tenor of its
way -and did just the work it waa called
lo do, aeither more nor lesa,
The Republican Party, like all others,
wants all the voles it caa get, for therein
of the Register, who foresees the fact that ^lies the strength in a gt^od measure,
by abandoning we could unite the enure the Convention was not willing to
German rote for Republicans, and bein^i incorporate any other than toe one great
more in favor of one principle incorporat-!,wo* ^,e ^*y» f°T the saite either oi
ed therein, aay and all othera are indue- jetting" votes, or pleasing any particular
ed to forsake it. Il is not those who have portion of the advocates of the prohibi-
left the democratic pary, for principle]'011 of the extension of slavery. Nor
Bake, that are going back to it, but it is '*t lo thereby drive aay of them from
their '14 riaas ssavici th« pas- proper to support the enemies, inpre
•»»,* be rewarded by office or preferments, ference to the friends, of Republicanism,
mil go orer to the whiskey democracy, as because those friends have not done all
many of their ilk are doing. Know I w»«hed and the Americans, Free
Convention, and also the American Cun- haunts iheir visiono, for we have seen the ^or tbe like reason, it will be suicide to
fNa» /Krrfnt iu •s-'ar. ih- lowest rention, and do not promise to support the Megisur represented ia queer places, but tbe party, and the 3.50,000 slaveholders
djpi.e* *. n u •. Uiat it wii»pa aisjcb wu^h acti ia of both Conven»iauf, a«d it ie a consciousness that'14 years tor- i
par'y' wiM never be taken as continue lo govern this nation oi 2o,000,
a lest of R.-pubr»ai.is:ii, hunce the Reg,- people, until the iioemen of the
country can be induced, or driven by
For the advert^ftsi.
Ma. Enitoa!— It was hoj^d by ma
ny that the Convention at Iwa City on
j23ud of February, was, as you say, a
their serviles ani hangtrs-on will
continued iu3uits, to do as the propagan-
nati have, many of them, of Ute, coacliN
t0 oct
with the R^pttblicui#.
VMtl u mg
That Cong-ess poss*.ei bo power orer ,'
try in the **eral Sutej belt.
i u i o n a o w o e K K a 1 o e n n i e n
.If.r c.,i
I f00u:u DC exertfl'V
i/ijat adopted by the Republicans on the 1 "ir iMtss, to *!1 a
asm and therefore,
be neither «Hwrjr aoriorol
5. The People are U*e rightful source of ail
at" lihprtv i. °?PoJ' aad overthrow it 'roiu ti'.e enemy hut not so weu prepar-
1 a
9a,, ,t"1.
a mans tbrusurtg himself into a Conven i»»ne- and it did so llaw then floaU it
»ior.,«r.h Ilia mo«h Ml of
as tne
il!air°rm- .,
w u
for the purpose ot controlling the action
of tliat Cenvention, and then, alter secur- ^'ie they were there and
int all tae i.euiiMit"ws [Kiaaible, for ins acted with, and took part ia the Conven
own clique, turu around ten da/a and I tion, should liave bsen prepared to accejit
gyov jutjon for the eapress
Iu tutfir issue ol Maren lain is aolutnr. purpose of defeating the candidate* he "V P®° *hc
tl,eiB#elve« unon'the one isaue
SuiIsra, Abol,t.0ai«U. De.nocraU and
the articla they Whigs, with the same w.lltngaess to
compliment by forego, for the present at least, their dia-
*l American Conven- tmeti»a policies for the parpose of arres-
^)'twenty were in attend-j ting the aggressions of slavery and none
the trua numl*er)'aai yoii weio consistent in acting with the Can,
jvdg* of tktir caiibrt whtn we tell veution, who-he Id, aod were going to act
fj«en a chan«a in the editorial Spictr was at a howU- out the idea, that the ntn-eitensson of
Me Coa
»"d says we had belter go over
slavery ie of minor importance, or subor
dinate to any ether political question.—
There were so-i.e who wanted a Tempe
rance, and some who wanted an anti-
Temperance plank inserted some who
wanted" a Know Nothing, and some an
Aa fwtM balana* ticket w««a»
go it all, O'Cojaaer iucludtttl* but il the
Inaliis r# w41 6e perftctly
nen,jt.nf fes
timer have
to secure i.irt. uum v aad melied by no (ary)rarty-
you pledge yctir vote tor McCle(try.
shoukl he he* tfnow Nothngj, bat aht-or
the platform he is On.
Now what is die diflarcDca in the terfci
indejviuittUy when used by the' Ed. af
Jld vtrtiser, and rfvhen used by the
i Eds, of the G«raaan papers? for in that
is all tha choice between the position of
the several Editors, if they all waw mem­
bers of the Convention.
With regard to making Tsorafnations
at tha* time, it was argued that, there
war the most general representation of
the state ever haJ and that if the Con
reniion adjourned without nominating,
rfnilOll ttiilOUrucvr wiuiuui uvirtiiiaviu^,
n K*asiw, in their cou»utat:onal
1 1 1 a n a u y e e i e n e o e u n a o i y u o s e a a n y a o e e e u
rresiueiituu matter* to his liking secur- of their lawless iv*d»r» and will riee the all i {r.i-d t,u countv conventions and with
ii n.r i k L- meeting that mifht be called foi tht HSrlUOj t.e* «t rs:d »-.wi.*Lp.
I3enry Morrow, who engineered Uie
These views were entertained by the
vention with the desire and determination
to do all we could to get tie temperance
plank endorsed, but was persuaded out of
it to please the German representation.
We have not tune this week to attend to
ail the shots we got, but hope ia the end
to 'keep cur tad up.'
tfto street, at Buffalo, a Few Jays since,
one end of it striking a shop window,
breakifig the glass in fragments. The
other end after knocking down several
boys, struck a horse, which frightened turn
into a runaway. The lady has beeu laid
up or repairs.
Wliich we commend to the German tl
voters of oar Suue, anijaak w i ll they
rote and act with a party which issuing
tbe work of extending slavery, end in
creasing the power of despotism id our
midec, or will they take the opposite
couse? This is the question for thvm lu
Upon seeing tha declaration oi tha
German Editors, at published hy you,
some of us, so far from 'feeling small
enough to crawl into a goose quill withj
perfect ease,' fait large enough to act
honorably, and in good faith to the issue
made, sird to-Still stand up for the right,
though some foreigners *houlJ desert,
Whereas,by the
the act for t&e adinSlon of Miwoari into the i' believed to be the feeling of very near-
of tbe eighth aeetion of
and eren go orejr lo tho enemy. Such
10, after speaking of vo
h.. contrary ting for Morrif, or his executor, you saj
come on befoi*
bability was that there' would not be so
ij^neral a representation at any future
tainiftration Iih iowa iteelf to be weak and entire convention, 80 Tar as thtre WUB ...... ifef 12 For a Rr«!ce aor*w» Hflek Riin *h«ethe
«f «K. P,tri,Ur a Mtpremacy, with the exclusion free in po.itic.il questions we art always ance of a 'i rtal order mad- br ih«- (.'• uiit\ TVeuty live dcn«».|i»l! Wle^ncHb. as alt*
jot. ior ine «tittors ot tne Ktguttr, one from the Territories, and with i. creastnn prenart for ouv and all kiuds of thrusts 'of Cedar co»mty. at the t.raiar -Mwh 1». h* a iiiidpe «rea» Yankee Rua on
for President aud tbe o her lor Yrice, 11
rottenness of such a proceediug, unless it moots? You say it was the expectation jvvl" protest against being pressuu along, ji^oe-nyji pm i-a dows. aid the Wlapct i« 4f U-i'**b'-e*rr Forty doSlar* ahsll be sale
be its s'.apitiuv and iiouHnce. Think of i the Convantion would unite oa the one
principle of slavery prohibition to bearu 1
is limt the friends of freedom conlinae
te labor, keeping a steady course, aud in
the end all will be well, and the un'on of
the states be preserved with the tr.umph
of right, justice and liberty. J. W. C.
Our Remarks.—It will be »ren thai
our remarks do not pleasj every body,
hence we get 'hauled over the coals' for
them. To explain one thing, we will
say that so far as seeking to conciliate
tier man votes is concerned, we referred
only to ourself, as we went to said Con­
Wer® 1L^UfUUC* bl
I n 'i E"' adffnt kled for foreign votes &c. Wtiil if you Tlie T,rt ard llmise will be ao to Trart-rf Po W ais4«r -11 toasfhlfn cr
but to give a sairpJe of the Registers}. w*omuna.momgfi jam tae
e 3
Cas-otiade we quote isaua whtch il was called to put forth? nave a mind to aall yourseif, it is yeur jlithe ilea** is arld ir,'.'lv 14 tor a i:ndga scenes Pngar Cr»tk whue
i and if to. wherein di-l k Yield to allure- own business. Bat some of as must,and {»t wiU bt with a et.».dit on w r..-»o%« it il:t: thcrued f»tai v'te H? to i'oeun'a lim«
"Nounng can equal Use treachery and ,BUU
'n the deed until thera is a better show» j00*'.v,*r *ilh iu |.ji-tiL!».t-r.it
tn? of some kind of a eonaeiH Or agree- jooanty Iowa.
n VVf
inent. on ur part, what yu are pleas­
ed to make the contract.
It is very evident, that there is at tins
lime, quite a lar^e proportion of the peo
ple of hese States, who have taken the
The foregoing iteaaof aem lei
of the danger of wearing hoops.
We hare been looking anxiously far
some of the 'fashionable!* of Tipton to
display the very latest.'
We have a Base Drum. Tenor Diem
a Fiddle, an Arcordeon, Flate, ami
Jewsharp. Also printers, apprentices,
oer/uer office, and wili promise any lady
who wishes to promenade with the hoops
thnt we will lurn out the above 'Baud of
Music* and escort her up and down the
principal avenues of our city fgr one
whole day. ireo 04 wai.
dists have done, make all othtr «|ees-|i,,M4 contains a noticd to Contraciors f«,r
tions minor and subservient to the great i
one, is Liberty^or Slarery to be the
great motive power, the soul of this Re
The GerMans oi Phuburg aud Gmcin-
A Coll*r«.~The Jasper coanty Er-
building of a College, to be called
VVilliuuiabuig Collage, 4 miles aaafe «f
^|»dciqi ^Cbe 'mm[fo
mm 1 mmOm •,» I 1
^fr' ttinfifguad would r^-(Se'i^t!/ In^rm
th-.-inbahiiante of Tipton ai'.l ricioity that ae
which have now been autlioivatlv tefi.'d to ontl-
them to the confidence rae roWlie All
enrted of tb» fj/«t -j9„rje will
warranted to give Mttisfacl-ou.
Give a* a sail before cioaiag your cootnMi
with ethers. ll-3m VVxTit'in a Ci •.i-i-ritu
T. WHITK. k. wair*. w. a. wium.
r. WHITE «L ItltOTH i:
CW UoutU, Trurdtt, 1
'nines, ttr,
XO._m bOCTH WATKg bTJtfKl, (lj, Pt,iir%
fr StU I wo rt-
able dw^llin? ho.i.-es n iUte'l liPj'
One in a hen? *itf |V' n'lh
Sold Otit.
Alt Itnow^e* themw'TM ln4eWe
Ph»w. negU) fir o.. by H'--k _" '"'itor
wUe will pie**? call and settle the
Americans put forth a third ticket, then'diatcly orcwtw.il enni'. Ibej will find us at,
i e o u y u e s O
we will consider the matter, and select
the best men. or r^te for such as suit us.
n 11 tf Fhaw, Ftnf.rr. Oft
been tram-
And then
AMr-voiaa, ^ouogta, c.aBum,
(Mi IMeoer.
mn ,• 1 /i 11 1 1 1 1 ioini 'ii*t- fc i .f KL»ct»a to the Uuiea an the expedition of making nomsnfrtiout. .. i to h- I 1 iti»•' mi R.-nd at a poiiit (o
Rational Convention (himself insluded)
a 10 ly tVn.11 v** i GoxwtT. towwhip.
i W i i s e a e i n s u V a a e i e i e i o v e e o a n e s W A i A i i 5 a o n e o o k o i a a w a i k e i u s a i 1 i e
Va u*h
t'J1 On»er oi the CVtuity t-urt
i i i ». MT Ot ct fjr
tiiat the number is rapidly increasing
and ail 1'iat ia necessary for their success
com.W will be 1, ft fee la4 ii et
•y b«l af.d ttoard, withoit any j-ni ,.f
ptov.jca: O'", th If Li BOt!fy :i« (.,•»# :-f «,||«t,n.
ever tb-it wili r.ct p'j »r.j *.
ftvinif nf T!.,at 1 -»n th
ty Ac. Lill,#: 4t.lt ,UMJ *cU«, u.
lee*»wi» cf l«ini«e«i,|v
o' ij ,S
Accident —A lady's hoop burst ia
x. w. oi
part S- E.
n. i x. r.
\V. „f K w.
.IS, S2,
k. w.
y 50
V'.J PlTof« R.30
w. i h.iV.
with a saj.p^y i town lots in the townof Tipton
Ar.to--A farm of 4-0 acres
proven fur tjiwnh.
'2- It Sa D. McCalut, F.i'r.
nut ice.
To Uie lieirs of
Court, and at the fellowlag placet and apoa t|
following conditions!
1st For a bridge wh.ro tb»! 2fu»e i1m« nud
Jlarion road crown Susrar C. ek, «t Jno Lehlni
tu U BpjTcprialH wLene\er !5U are ob'
taintdliy individual subKriptiotia.
2d For a r'dge across Siifjar Oreek n (be
road frtm Dirrnport to Iowa City, $400 ahea
rvrr !f*f) sr- i ibed as abT'.
•U-. lor a iM.d|co a hers tha Maaeatio«.aod
Manoit ror.1 c»0's-s TV— rr^k.Four Hundred
Jars, ahcaever Oa# UfidreA: po^ars shall
I,.? nV»crtU' r*«
1 I-1 n i Ur vh're fie road from Ttcnnd
(ircve lo Tiptru, en a r* Srt)r»r #"mk. at I,t1pr
Uridpp. (Me Ilnrdrrd Fifty 1). 1, tr-. e+.on
vrr Fifty Di llsr* 14 M.Wnbfd a^ iA,)Vo
5. Fcr Ilridf c. strf«4 Srpar lD^ Jtheri
the nitd k ated tn the
Styles aai laaBties af i Jalia IktdemmV ferni, r. haMni dolar^
trrH wh-i-v. Tweaty fta. doIlkrafhaU be«ibrcrib«'d!
Ceatl* Tables, an« every t^rrgjji tbr FprMfttre
n A I o a i E o i i e k o n I i e i e
V'™ 1 road on the twusbip line. ("Widlcg t» wnship^
MMT-~fiofaa Loboks. braids. Heslliil
jM Yl\0 Oj? 7'A\/Uf pn6hiwaeee wf ibiir uMitrtahita: Uu
Hl' oU-»ct
0 s e a e a o o a s i i Um odg» of »,.id ««H*uiy
bl» ('iAf| if with eel!»r and well. tract* Medial r^r
JKock ff. few n of by MUsfm
o w n n e
I of ]7, jl, 1. w.
4 rat.
--t n
flff cl«1 th^tf
r.«, wttb a oomfortable how, yoni or.-j.*ri Witn'
devtls, and other assistants about the Ad- loA
'one mile south, all ,Jf any «.f which may Utad Cedar Cenaty, Iowa,
by applying 10 tAMtir.l. lil.W' LL
Gerier,»t_I,%nd Agent at Tipton, lew a.
MM A4 UI 8
choiod land, near Tip' »n, for sale.
:V(Py JdeTi.
Kteculor Police,
jp Gopfrkh dtceaged
"f^'T 'or thu nale of
of tbe U-Mi liktiu., iM-longint to sa!d ost*i«.
may be tie. ^*iy
t0 puy
MVir.U,a!e Oruitrt w
Lime For Sale.
TK# ti ndfcrsitrned is now ready for dtffvery
a ffcwb kiln of ?ood Line, at hi* Kiln.tin f. dftr
tUver. tw aod a baif Utiles above Koehoeter.
*1 tf 1). CASk.M!Kf.
JJURF.AUS.—2 dot. Bureau* of ditleren
palteraa. re:e»*«d «»d fur tale
oil tit oluiu* against i
Mia est tale, and that ««..! petilou het lw«r
in on th- st-co'id 'Iu -duy in April next
S. 8. Uamki aJbtV,
Whereas, n larp^ n if-itwr t.f the cil.'aens r/
eetr Ofinty |1Hv« ^.i.Uwi »hat a iifc..-hion
be^anit*!, to the
M.e county T,
ra.de a t»* tf crt:A»i fo milj |j„.
*u awy
'i'h.-r.-!ore, u ordered
0Pt.l,H4j, Ht tilti
tow^-viiiy, vi»
Ttat for' the rirpcso of
•Hi in flf«. rf 0,
I .!
P'lfpijH'- U ^uli »K» iJf'ii*
'^trivvillriary e-pemlit.,r^
ia atliiiMon to th" ordin try n-v.-nnc ol the emni
ty. a1 tax of rne mill oo th« dollar bo bmH „.i
ootha valnatiwi cf th» awte^menir. ot ,tnrt
ibe uiom-y collect.:.! to I...
out aDi'
penned e^der the supeivieiou
townfhtp fcne, difidirp:
Un tit
Lip eighty and eipl.ty-oi..-, ctur-s sai,|
Furilitllie and Chair Ware Rooia,iayc rrt^ek,Three hundred doflurs, whenevtr l^gfctw
at.l lor sale a cboioeetlectH»af! doHars sHall be»al rlli^. !»i »V"
It. 1 r.n iBiM?.- ci^h roe f..m Wo««ow Uy
•rjjr'' "ni
I Marlin I{vh«ft.'r. ft l.ere tie aarae Ciwaee-
li i\ HiA L/ k5^ fiU nx«k«-d Cr+ k. One hundn^ dlar*. whnn«m
v i n e a e i e U a a o v e
Fir I rigd. "hire if road frum Tiptriy
Of e*^r«0»a and psIKM, and II differed ,(1
HVi rr,rr, gar Crk,
Breakfast and JT .•» fl^(. ,Kpar: shsll be rnNcr^.1. as shove.
M"1 'J. For a Uridge nrroea |'t*ten'« ffreek, in
Ektutbioa T«bl«fe "j Range nwwif' of ttc 5 in, 'Mni! fy Bt»» dol
lurs, «h nrvirl rentj tire liar* «Uall be aub
^cr i' 1 a-above: (fee .«•• n»e to be appropriatcV
,S*iieot Fatten*. huLdrtd dollsrr »h»r.i tir Kif'y l» llai» thall lie
h„n( irrd do'Kie. Wb.neyat Wxtv-
U the ctN.»tr«cuon of »li. ufre over said Cr« W
at tcice jo'ir to lit »!tii in..[. I by tbe roBrui
reut agrct-m'-nt o the iru"'ecs of Inland a&d>
Spthv?«-Id tc»n.-h ps. or a ni^o:ity their.
10. F-r a Trdge scr.fS tie folks of the
W4|wino! o iu Kjirii!g.1a!e Tr.vnahlp. Two
subecrit^d as above, the »i.ae to be cppropriatel
I'er luildinjr raid iliidg. at Mn pofnte otv
imeued !y the True-
r-crtt.. QUrr cr Mtid 6reri*
1 o i e o i i o n i v -r o I o w a o i y
llundri-d I •'.Ur? wh't»r»-»r Tarpty Kit
Dollar* »hall be »et-wrtbed atmve, th» a-, me
d, tern.e:.U l.,4 tU 1,u.'eH f«a»ipkint,
The Old Jatl for sale. rt'»d iiom kufcut^ie t» Marion er t*»s»aW Knr.
Pu'-lx Notice ie l,es«:by givi-a th.*t. in rorsu i» 1-uti.Gn v. tv# t'ollurp vUi.etef
te#at 1W«:. I will dli-r for sale, at Pubtie Dutcre. roads feeding froat Tipicn to Wilibais Fei»7.
ij!ton. on the s-rentb day Sefei.ty fve .J.iHars. ah Rev Twer.'r I've dol-
!day -the old tail imildi: f.n1 I.ot Oar, (l to be Lui'! -,t «. v.* po'ai Run be de-
*rther or ^»ch '^""elv to Miit the c, uv. «!f t. .• u*-.** .• «f tl- it.
|tot in one bobM. fr^ia'L. time of e k. Tskm* erri-r* fj« utci, h.e himdrcd and tweuty
I flv
__ tfi! f.a ft»
!f*ir« Extraer: dtflrj.
Tite nfxtT-i^nel havinir er.J.l out Iba «tine
and Tiu Store to amn-1 Tcmlinior, *1,
'I ii^r^lor.-, M11 )«*rK:K ki.oMi:£ .I titea
indeed to me ihIi osll^l sM*k«:« Z
firrr. U re i».e tirst of Apr-! |fk56 u, ,«W
la* 1
ofnjt ont
V fl jld
Stovi s f.-r less th .u thn do a- Moaeat.i 1 D»r
etiport, ahii was a losing irame, and wist **,
Mract.-U i.t
her afu-r this date. i.Ui.a.
Tipton. Harrh. «-h p. ,-,.
"nnt/or ai Tijil^t? anil f.^nfrai l.i'nrf cctni! t—
Vt'!!.!. atknj pr-iLptlj't..
Buying and fdUuj,
r,'inf,injr i*i«
act iV-i ntfi'
15 I i» e Hf*,!e/arr«»e Wfll 're. k hi IMk
i •f.ar.sb" at a potnt to U- i.*:ir :i. y the
I Trow -e «-«lo irv 'tPt 'p. fty dollars when
fy-n it' i.- •f'.aH hi Fot^.^ibfdaaaboia.
M. I a itri'f aorweisMina rrek ia
Man I-.- I-o'• i'ij!:il to !.• dat^riuiiied I)/
vi«e lieM» -e .» U'l «oi 4, FiHt dollar*
1,1 of
d-K. r,t.Miery eetlon ol
r,... (f i»» .1 a»d af roved Ity th»
1? "?cU
#U..S", T.-uii'"-"'! .V «•?», ,1,..^ I twre'M «t Ue net api-naieU l-y reaeim
did f.y a good deal, ur 1 ^lltw
lac fear td hutltairsai^baa nit Itia *'n"'*-,n
a lutf ity r»aMw»offt»e e.maly ,.r nay be
--1—• triau i.j mtly couit Tor the beaofll of
AorfKa IWl.Tp... I*
'IT'"! "aUon
l'*rt «^«ca-
i'.ridgr» «r n«d» the foonly.
The ^W(f« herein to he hnilt, ebaVi I* let l.y
I., ibe lneni m**i L«et bidder If lh«»
C'li,.' C'iWlt Ijf inid Oiity «*.n SS the pri
v.it- fser'. ti« str*e cotidiimrt aie
C' iiij»o i«t #r «a J.. "I v hlch jpti«.n«
"f ail uc ii.aov to ih J.iu^eof »a.d cmly. It
Hi" ^*1)*jwae of reetii i» tie sperifirt Itridges
and may t»* tn-de payable i:i l»!w at one doll*'
day if Ku iiour*. or tbe current w a
fee if
hi •*. o' i aid in iraiTiats at the f-nrrer
1 pri^s. *h:ck ibacriptiona sbal', f* aeeipi n! lo
'coutra*u. Ali rontract* to be iDade iu writiug
and y'V»n I the eetifraet.,r» f«r the
lo ur* of mnr try apf( liated un
i tii fc.'t #ut.*c. i^iioue »e 1«. iu eOi.d n«ad eie
I COOlpIft. (].
Te cor.»l
Tbe Cflr.^rieffea cf raid Uit*».es sttd the ear-
Bb^k ll,lowTS of 1 ryil»|f out «jf .hi# ink, |. l»: uiider l!ie W!l«r»t
jV J* .*1. aod to I* rrawn and pa'Joot varrar ta
i! W. i™ '»eu^d y IL JuJg# of eaki eonaty under h:e
J. *t "W. 5? i»d aod -ea»
2 VV. #0
tw: iS
a Uta
'.fill, de: |ertorDed Ui ibe
hu\ i'!|f?. id tbe TiusteteoT
tf.* toars.hip fc-e.fi mch ridge is located
The rnonij iu 4«riia ttt be 00!lifted by th»
trfasTi ofTajii fotrjMr. as rt* pro»!d*d ly
'aw ffir tv'e c'lertion of tbe rerera) count/tax
|»d aiid
An' if a n»j rity of the 1 lectors of ?aid coun
ty vo*^ io fHvor of- "ift. pTop/-«itlon, tbe rnm
shall i n»!d'-nd e.»i ailrpt.d ar.d will sntbor
'te the Jedgu of mi I cooaty to levy a tax in
aceordanc®, arl to can*® sach bridges to le
constructed fn arcordai.ce tber^witli.
It further ordTcd that the mode of r^Uoff
on «jch p.«iti».ii«. «h'U I* as follows
Tbnae vo'icj 1 JWvir dial! deposit a baliot
"a *.h.,ci:
prinud. Tor tbe Brfdjr*
auo 'I \x a4 Ur#* agaiuai "Against the
Ttridg.» and Tas'
Ii l« irther ordered that tHe pn poaitiooa be
publiahtei.for f.nr wet*ks In sncceeeioo in th.«
lipton Adverrfeer, aud posted at
1 "P»n A Jveraeer, aud posted at the Couil
tewashlp on tba day
my band and anal cf Office this «0th
I.T T.knu a» A J.
tf coar'r |i«», *m Hi.
BfT.:** H.i.k rol.T-T.
PI.ir.»r-«eip •-i«f coar'
Marf* !-«, 1 l«] .««
.i »r,d »utp •. «JI, I«,e «M).. n lUfc. eld u4 ui.raK
li&lf, 4^ifan, i^fora t.. Heward &mi on
uitb biatli B»an. «'.Ita
1 Mail*, eld aa4i
J. iiTTUJ. lf dark.
Wt* a V OOW -Takan tp kr M^a-a V. Ralla, !n Hf ra»
d«l« tnan.ltlp on it,. ]].. 4«y rf |,„ ung,
r— m^
ali.U 'r OiafMa, wHh lo, .Mn, hmaa, aboot
•l- -aJ .i p-.'H at (fe u*"" TU.n.« Wl„n Haa Oaa. iSttt
ti a ui 1
np Ky'1 W 4WI, in
IO,#"' J-. ». 4ti 1a* I.f Jst i»r» II h*-iarf om M«*r )rris
1 °5Xi 'V1'A
M' w^,l# ,,vV*
mhi't fraa, Co r.
rk *r i» •VM-' i th* ito,with a ttH® is«*«
o %i 9 y t-af-rr
lith. MM.
Ui# #«*, y»4 tbf\ «r?«apBtaM
•if K»| II inir
J. W, Cifriii. Oa«t.«f i hrh.
n \b« 25th 4-y i IW a ro\ tiMf, iliraa
yrara o 4 p«%t *fT of bl. )ohmr. fri# b*«
*r We fig lit fgr* Sag, t, ith a tail.
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'•i »yi, vr,,r« Jahn"i»." w»ik« »M.
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