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The Tipton advertiser. [volume] (Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa) 1856-1962, April 05, 1856, Image 1

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aar,i»fcir»( .=-*•
-innrinn ,i
pabliahod ersry ^aturil.iy Morning, in
TiptMi Cedar €#., Iowa*
Ifclirt CHRce with the Cmtmlj trips
&H>y I yes[r, paid in advance, $1 W3
tio. w jkicI within e:K m-nth*, 2 (Hi
do. ps id *i en*.! i'f I lie year, '2 5
Liberal flwtactions tnad« to clubs «f U «tM
m*f t« Mldrrs«. 'M1
1 coinmn 1 year,
do. A«Knlu«rt ,•*
4*. -J 9 woAfli*! .r*
Mat# coi*i»n 1 year,
do. 6 months,
do. 3 months,
Quarter column yt-ar,
^o, A months,
•l». 3 month a,
*..0 00
30 0
20 (JO
so n
20 00
15 00
10 0
n w
8 00
aqaart I insertion,
(Each additional insei t'n, Mfiwirt, oO
1 square 3 month", v 4 00
1 rfn. ft weiiths, 6 00
1 do. 1 year, \. )0 00
2 4o. 1 (r. n 1 h«, S 0*1
*4», months, -8 00
1 rffc. I y«ir, 12 00
Oue *.|itare i* 1- lines Brcvh r. £Sk
ifiyTne p'!ioh,i« a g.od ad «nfti-ie it se
lection of mnteii.il (lie P.thiisher I* n^w pre
pared t® do (tuarlv every description i*f
JF* i~t JSl.
i irtlWJIWfi!
1m A-WttsIactpey maimer and can furnisb at
•short notice,
•r»iTt?r« CA«a»,
Attn* ti» order on jh"rt inline.
Attorney at Law
ill Solicitor lit thauctrti
Wli |W«rlk* In H« a v«r*1 A
rr«myl lioi tlny
mI lint Till*** a! a
JWO. I.. Ff LJF,
(ma^r.Hii ow t*.)
4t(ornrT aud C'oiiiiHcIior at Law
Iflar oanl), itmH,
HiR riQiiif at
i *m* n i a*'«4 hi* to
aft-1 *4) Ihf
ih« .« thf ••P
t*4 -*v» v
IPiTICF. OF THK Pi: ACE and Notary
l»c. Tipton, lo\r». nl
OTARV PuMic, RftclMMter, Uvi. Oftca
1" in the Poat i iifice. v2n|-ly
lll LT.
W Vihcc at hn r-u i.'iii-c near Tipton
Con dy, Iowa.
ATT1t\*r.\ XT liiW,
a»4lattice »f tite Peace,
Tipl.1, Ion 1.
H^•Offi'-e with t!ie Cii-m'y Jttdre :u U»«
Court ll*u=e.
•p DRUGGIST, aid Dealer, in Gro-
~ri-Oil* i'.dni*. P»c Stotf Coafctint#*
'llnrilivnrc, Ac. Tipton, IJW*.
DF.M.F.K /.V Mt-f.-S 4. MFDK tmM,
l)« Staffn, i'mtt'.a, itl-n, -u:ei«»,
•m.liee. Tora, iiartwarr aud I'stirj Not!wax—
ipton, I v.vn. Ill
Offce at the Iowa House, Roc heater,
tQwity. Iowa.
OK. K.
lII. W. li. MO TT, parej
DrttPis Store of Dt. A- Hall.
Rtrt catwcK.—The f. eulty of JelTerson
Medical college Philadelphia Starliiijf MKII
eal college iiimhuj Ohio |Vm*vlvania Hos
ipital Philadelphia Dr. Hu !'Wheetiri'4.
H. t'. PI ATI",
a SI. Ct.CN.SH.!..i» a LAW.
ILL Piireltaae and fr-ll Real Estate, locate
Ijind Warrants, attend to tho Payment of
"Tanes, Inveatigation of titles, convey ancing, &c.
1'articular attention (riven to collections. All
iMtatfMM intrusted to hia care, will We attended
to with Proatptaeos and Fidelity.
'Dffire iii the Court 11 juie with the Re-
Ti|toii, Iowa.
Iowa ity
One door ean of (he Po«t Office.
aMIaiik •••kt, Of all kin'U kept constant
ly ou hand. Cuunties supplied with all
kinds of Blank* Reconta and other books for
"County offices, at t'twrt nntice.
7 li E Y 7
entered ihe ai«ve linslneaa, In Tip
t®*,I prepared tn nitpplv customer*
with frp*ti liread, aad all articles in my line ot
onsiufoa. Cakes aad paltry of every kiiulfn.
atalied t« fam'!i'«, t«r tor jnirti'*-. on a ^hort n.i-
Having engaged the aerviccs of one ot tha
•est tiakeri in the »•»*(, I ftad confident of giving
seti*factii» all cn»toncr*. 1(1 W. VVATK.
PoNiej}? t|i)d Cotwclioir*
Goneral Land Agents,
Mv teat in v.
9Ptr Burnett" 9 Book-Store,
Seciiud street. 1 if
€. K KA\Z.
Second st., n?au «Jte American Hotel,
WA.TMIC.1, Ck Je .v^l.y rppaire.l ar|
#anented. A -.i-hi i«»wfli
%a1che. clocks, etc., oa.ianl. Terms a* low
a* the lowest. A alt
are »t patrona£ o is r»
sj»pctf illy aolititcd. [f o. tn]
W. p. OW IX.
Wish ta to mike tUis pU. 'j my future borne
1 therefore tea'ler my aerviccs to the »itixoiMt
of the Tvwa aud vicinity, iu all the Uran.*U«H of
the Iwi prai'ijti P/.r«'.r Surgtrfb
fuHiIytntf Oeficirnaet and Remtdytng Ikftrt*.
Ofti'-e near the Teinperanots Hot.''.
Tiptiu. Jan. !, ix.Vi, l,1y.
A K O U S i
farter il Dfbi^r.: KRI jeftersoa itneti.
t'f.'Wf-.'i HonsR,
F. I- DOUMM'i proprietor.
Coriitr of Wiilti.il ami stc uui Sirtetju
it* 1* 4* ..
n, «»t Onk«
**4 from iM («w
f.y-r'T'- tb* i
1 ••.(»*• A.
»r «!.i.
Saiilhl 1 ran 1 iii.4 ir. fti tlii U-J »1IS hottt
frm 9 i h*rn\
outLTfr. iwiw:.
Cvu.1 II'-/,!)• i'.r c' it'll. h*n ,mp
ft, little:.! .V'f itinr
(a:OR(a low. Psoj»ric'.iir.
i(H PKor^iKTon. ha^ re-x-iitly t«*fe»4 '.ho
a'-uvd piijiular Hotel, asi 1 rtfurnlshfld it in
*n .[.*«:,! air!
«J ?F I I A*L* LANK S,
of every kind executed wiis neatness and des
rm.nnm rirvrivit
in «»»r im tn.f ,r.rt
ill tf, -h »r CJ-.II. •«.»«-uU.
oflW -f ih«
U'rtliTH Company,
h.thl..' (•!.• Pr.-J. ».* J'
frf a jfr i. »n'o t* »V »ta 1* to a »aV«to#we tt\r
S'i "»\v u .r?it, i\e t?'»'
N e THO I) S E.
ThU H*tel i* a Ni-* House w%5 was jiM
pea«d for tite rc. -pti.in of pniH« on the l#t i»f
May. I® i.l. It is lurge and .•..inm.t'li.jas, and it
|ii'i« ided witii entire new i'lraiturf. Xo exi»eii
ha* Wetn v. Uic'u »ilt a»t«l t« Ui« COkttfoft
ur coBVtinien. tf th- traveliBif tniMi.-.
John II. Ilirelcy, Pr«fr
j. i. MC( ii .'ir m. u.
RMpectf|iv it'ii'lc,» his professional service*
t' i U/.i'i!« nt 'l'i]'*o!i and vicinity.
i»y Ah«, m« attenfion to th»» rmaration
of teeth will e paid.
Office one dw»r east the ripton i(ou«e.
Factlfy1 JF: R. I SMI M-d f'ol., Philadelphia.
Cip#. tl Pumkaburt, M. U-, Pa.
S. P.Hul hen, M. U., Wiu-cling Vircinia.
H?1. .an, Arnnirh, Pa [5^"^y
S U II 1 CS!
iuarroao, co^
InccrforiUti A. D. IS19-
rpHE u '-r isned li
1. A*»ot M»r t"
prepared to Uai- p"'
•Ccuk Capital
i o w a I i n s U A
'^•dar county, low*.
I Uke risks oa the Sifer
__ ffk'it'Uand the putiite gtitt oliv tli.it«ha is pre-
Tenders his profesiin nrd sen ices to thep!0- ou sth irtcs notice. Ordeia lr
if Tipton and vicinity. Special atteation tt-uded to proui|itIy,
^iv«n to case* cf lonj »nding. Office at the
tmeit. IOWA.
p^r»l t'»
fit th" rn»-'» fJ'* 1
n KiJ n li 1 I. It 11 I' rat^* -if r^'fo'eiid'1 as 'hue.' ot atiy K,eiia'we .©
&DE.tlAtxn*t%S I Th. :i'd r^^rd h*s »-n ,pv...ut, agent ot r»t was concerned, was tint repro fu.
Sl^« st*'®., I'aitita, Mils, *iia* ir««»tHMli tl».:« i*«s»p«ty. '. Ur pre-1 But we i.aunot "'Uinlaia »ii bund
ptnd »o issa-* PoffV* 01 »rnttMp tiTms.^^ or ob'.USencfS tufSC UttiUspeCting
i, .-ns,i.lie.« we remember that the Com*
1'. L. tlliHIIKiU, Exchange Office!! iimu mne.l, Finance Committee and all,
AN .u,(.,KlN, OiUce a !)H \FT!S .»» .Ww Yo-'k can be had
Hi* Drug Stor^o* '-r ,!i Son, *1 hitou O S*it»scrr.»er iu sains to h\\1 purchasers
-it. Son. "I Ipton
JANCtf C. Tt:I11
tf s I i A K II s I i: r.'i X.
WgJiwaoica ta Ti)tiii an i Ti'Mnity. llfl
», la«|Mlity row, South i.f tite Court H«wse. nl
jo every description oi iinihitury vt orW
.. 4., UWF Co r.g't that the Treasurer, so far a* i iteg-
wcnj iU
Upton. J-n iary I.1W
Htir ami 'hmr Hp Toil
If y^x
Ud-)d i
U*il u mi« u.y
At m-'tQ "t nigh*, -or
Ai %»'jr whfi. yo« v*n
iu D. Goods,
eerie*, Crockery, ac. Cedar Bluflb, U
aiar eomtty, Iowa. nl
KA«OK» ltuT.i*.
Mra Vaa Uo'itoit wout i
inform the
the country ..t
uni't, aud dree*
v „i»n Arc kept constuntlv on hitiiil. It1 -i let) -At at
Mr. Starrs North-we* of*,
it Steam Ml i
nST tf
1 5 A N K K K S
DEAhKhs E A A N Cr K
Wxict of t'iintuo and VV»ehingt'»n Stres
n 8vb ly tmea Cilj. lou-aM,
PROIH K 1*1 IK II A *Ti,
Al» Itn|..i'.«is. anc VV i-"•
rrfii nun l)otnfc*Uc Liquor*. W ine^ ijjur* and
Tobacco, Nordell'a HlocU, UmoU St.
aah paid lor torn,
Seeds, to.
u 8-ly
House Finishing.
fJIHE sttbscriher havins loc-.ttc 1, himself in
teri.^ ouu'ki!.ds'a^'cJ^nd'^^ide work.!
Rough cact iuiiiato.1 mti» hrick. stone oi mar-
ble, fanev t"d oniamental work,
pari#, moitlntngs, conasii, centers. P"R*r
!tai,ffiiu s, Ac I ain det?rmin¥d to give satis
faction to all who tr HV favor ine with thi.
jjatronaRe. or faaluv- inf.u^M^ iK P'v »i
or address J. t. L®AMHAl
3-iptou, Feb. 15,'SC
tr*m the Tbiagra^h.
aGTtiunrc IH HIC.
We are aioviug art ay—we are nwtiif—
The Engine itaa aurle4 at laat
Mlie kaa'vti that 'riglit home" am ^oiug—
And thWs wDy she's iCing k» fa«t.
t'ue apeed of a bird 1 woull kastca,
Mv mother's bi nn waiting we long, ,,
And th« ho|« of Lut meeting will chaalea
tlio spirit of this—my rough s»ag.
The »nn has ariaea iu splcaor
To brighteu and giid the fair aeaaai
Knchaak'l, I gaaed from aij wiadow
"d euteli every view I eaa glean.
i'et tho't stays not hen- to on'.i\Fea
Tin1 bua.ity UIAI iiutun. I estow»
6he aatf-n tbe home 01 the ived oaei
Aud tii jithiiu awake from repoaf.
To welcome with jubilant greatiag
The wandarer for full half a year
Nor sadd n tiio pleasure of mcettag
Hy "droppiug" a sigh or a tear,
I'nliM it be one of pure gladu-n*
That I, for a aeaaon have come—
Ami thr.i-.v off the fir^t look of sadm ss,
Kxcfidwlng—"Oh! Ann ha» oome home!"
lut'n' tsri. Ki.^'H.
K. »IU tlie I ".i'
favorable terms.
-ff ca in the f"mrt ittse.
i, Mii li :i.
Tu% Tfcii'it.y De&icaiioa.
Flight of Col. tf 'in. II. (in land, iht Dt
favtiing Treasurer.
Nothing could exceed the astonish
ment of Mia eaay going, bell-ve-every
tlting antM^-nothing portion of the Citi
xensofNciV Ot le-tua, yesterday mo' n
nig, on reading tne astounding develop
mci.t made o.i loe previous night in the
Common Couacii, of e defalcation of
r. (iarland the genlleuiau uii»,ior
Uie last eigi.t years, has, u a fiicmcial
point of view, controlled thj destii.ies ci
the tity of N«w Orleans. At many a
breakfast table the question was fuliy dis
cuss«»d, aud before twelve u'c! jcktnauy a
street-earner group was et.gaged in spec
ulating on the siitguljr.'.y ol lite Treasu
rer s conduct ati ev«nt!»i pulpit, we un
ders'and, was not free !rc:n the exciting
topic o! ike day. Many had the Itatd.
hi-od to say thrtt they hud long expected
'some such deelopment*, and amontr
these many' we rec gniEod not a few oi
tite late Treasurer's best friends.
Tnev had all along bee* surprised that
a itt should grow so rich in so short a
spa^e of tune, on the paltry salary of $3*
•5u0 jer aiuiunt that he should «e ah'e to
spend so much money at i lection times
speculate so extensively in laudi aad
railroads buy t»wn sites iiavettie entire
Council and all the wealthy and lisdaen
ttal men of the city at his beck and nod
start a savings bank live a hie of luxu
ry, &c. They were really astonished at
ihis arid yet ihere was, in every group,
many au uubehcviug Tiiouias. "How
coo11 f-Ach a fine spoken geuileuian as
Mr. Gm.l vod do this? The very th*ogu
#1 it was »ss -us ti.ey woul I not b^
tieve u t:l ue^y had s en mir-.* Tttey
had rea 1 th ne vspap« rs in New Q. leans
durir.g .« last twelve mouths ti. y had
ufvva!' them repeated warnings 10 be-,
ware oi the Treasury '«part»neut they
had rial, aal were pirfec ly lamil t.
with the act'ou of the Council in regard
to tite trust funds, and knew that an or
der ef the Court had been found neces
sary to forcf hnn to surrender a port'o.
ef these Faciei f'J»id3 to the Cilizeus'
lUuk. Vet they beli.ired that a!t was
.cesfrfully hoad#mk. aud failed
to act tor tke pri lection Oi the city a i:
Certificates of Deposit, and Draitsou the (Cre»(8,until the alleged defaulting Trea
Eastern Cities cashed.
American Gold irr.nhed at a small premium.
his escape, which, we are credibly infer
rotd, he did at o'clock last Saturday
iuiuir.. on boat i his own schoo.ier.'thu
Elizabeth Jane, while in secret session
the Common Councd was dehberatingon
the propriety of having nim arrested
and choosing a successor from their own
delectable body to take charge of the
email remains oi the treasury.
Col. Garland's defalcations, we under
stand iront go authority, will not fall
abort ol SloO,000 but it is thought by
many that thu city has suffered duri u?
his adnimiitniiion, Uinancially.evecuiive
ly and legislatively,' to the extent of at
least $1,000,000
Vheat, Oats, Grass ]|he evening, while with -closed doors tho
Coencil were discussing the propriety of
Rock Wand, 111. ".lan'-icr, ac.compa-
lln n
eL lQ a tcw
of l!ie river wj,|1
M7.i¥'WARKr*r. i
ItEKF can i I repu'.ii l. every ntorain*
Suadiya e*v"pi«-'l. at the I
ttiough tiie people have a pretty goo
idea, what has occurred iu that Treasu
rer's office during ihe but etght years,
that has never and perhaps never will
It is said that soon after the books and
ap is wire taken possession oi by tite
craft he is owner, fitted up in hot haste
and cleated at the Castom-hcuse for Sa
bine in Texas, or Arkansas Pa:s. Iu
response, 'the wire* are down!' Of course
cnianr they were —lite police might have known]
f.s t-V
Col. Wen. H. GrttUnd the dulauhin?
Treasurer, w'to tied the o*y» schoon
er E'izabeia Jane, on i»atu.«iay u ght hist
has Leeit arrested, and la now iu the Pa
riah Prison,a waiting the action ot the au
thorities in his vase.
nowu of the arrest till the arrival of the
distinguisi.ed prisoner this morning ou
the Anglo-Norman.
Second Great Triumph!— The House
Freedom! Knnt is rands io kt Li
tndignttd. The -.s \dt,, ,,. .,
WASHI jtexoif, March IFTL-OUT fr?Hids
clsewh--re can hardly reutise ho.v mat
is the triump won for Frw Kansas to
day. It is the fruit of two weeks' ear
nest, n1 lt», and searching dtecussion.
Mr. Hickman, of Penn closed the de
bate in a speech ef command.ng power,
full of the spirit of light and liberty. In
clearness ©t statement and felicity of lan
guage, it fras not Keen surpassed thisse.-»
rtton. Then the House proceeded to rote
under the previous question, and succes
sively decided not to re-commit with in
structions against going behind th-* acts
of the prete'.ided Legisla'ure of Kansas,
not to sustain Mr. Orr's substuuto pro
viding for sending a Commission of iwc
Southern lawyer# to Kansas, not lay oa
the table, not to hold ou to the Commit
tee's original proposition, but io substitute
.Mr. ftuwt's therefor and finally passed
this snUtituted proposition by o je hua
dred aal one to ninety-two.
Mr. Hickman in his speech, and Israel
VVtuhburo afterward, W asked the
lr.ends of Kansas lo sustain Mr. Dunn's
proposition, and themselves aad all their
associates iu the majority of the Election
Committee voted accordingly wiub those
who would e iji ive Kansas voted the oth
er way.
The Committee would have reported a
proposition like Mr. Dunn's* but dare not
ask so much power.
The majority of all the *ote« taken to
day comprised all the Banks members
no»v iu Washington, with Messrs. Duuit
and S-CJU, of Indiana M»AC aud Scott
Harrison, of Ohio Barclay, Hickman and
Mill ward, of Pennsylvania, and Biyard
Clarke, Haven, and Ed var is, of New
York Messrs. Yolk aud Whitney voted
our side one each Mr. Buome and John
WlieeSer never.
Messrs. Winter Davis, Morrison Har
ris, Hiimpiuey Marshall, ZollieofFer,
Kenneth, and p«rh ps one or two more,
voted on out side ou oue or two prelimin
aries, bit not on the decisive vote. Fi.
for God only kuows, with a passenger who also came up the
i,,. schooner, and at ten o'clock the F.li*- i this port to day. tne ttussiad Pens,
Youag South Carolina*
li. Iu litis tiile.atna, reoistirse washai to The N. Y» Tribune, article coca
•he Coinmou Council, and that body at inenlirtg nn tk« late rourckroaa riots ut
iue piaced the meana at the disposal of the Columbia (S. C.) students, by which
the Chief of Police to charter a steamboat three of the students and four of the po
to go in pursuit of the fugacious" Treasa. iiee were killed, g.es on to say.
rer but we tear to no purpose, tor by tea Hut aiier all, we do not think the boys
oMock yesterday morniug. tit« Eiizabath ®re
Jane was out to sea, and. with a fair i Tl.oir educati a began a long while be
reeze, far oa her way to parts unknown,! fore they cts ne up lo colembia to finish it
titiiy,' [stael Washburn clutched the nail,
by moving a rec »nsideiatioul and having
that motion laid on the table, and then the
closed a glorious day a work by
Speculation is rife as to the three mem
bers io go out as investigators to Kansas,
I am very suie the Speaker has not se
lected li.etn, and if ho had, would not dis
close their '.'antes. I look for their an
nouncement on Friday. It seems to be
surer had an opjKirtuuity to make good ihemate prevalent opinion that Mr. Dunn
will be one of them. H. Q.
South Cjrdmiuas on tkt way to
sas.—The Si. Louts Dtmocrat oi Mon
day, bays
The steamer Europt, which reached
our wharf oa Friday afternoon, from the
Ohio-Ktver, landed upou our shores
twenty young men, all nailing fro.n the
city oi Chui lesion, South Carolina, aad
bound for Kansas.
,iv.r W tl» Europ., we ieuu U«rii^|P-««n« ',1 wii-hange. «i all im.iu.
of ,i,» C..rolm,«a, l,aJ d,cUt^ Ibw
Ho ,ce fa« llTougaC 'Poke »h «rt. off Up. Ck-»r,
Taw I'«»y. wo ».c iuformoil.w.li fear. C»»ri«. froy
out city to day for Kansas. The tiuui
tody wilt s e along in a few weeks. The
advanced guard will, we presume, pro-
Finance Committee, on Saturday, atid ceed to unginver and lay oft the wnote of. LATEST IT TCLCAAARN.
the ollice closed, Col. Garland made has-1 the Territory, and then, when pined by The Pans .Umihur of Mare* (i cow
tv preparations to leave for parts un- the main body,proceed to idth u9Wi% ami taius the following Imperial decree ca!l
kuown and to tins end had the last-sail- i fee wy /uu/. ing into active service 110,000 young
iu,T schooner Elizabeth Jane, of which In addition to the above, we learn that soldiers of the cla's of 1S5-3.
a large body oi Tennewean*. tn route Two couries passeu throug.i Berlin nu
for Kansas, arrived our 'y yesterday i Sunday, en route lor Paris, luving ftesl^
by the Sallie West, iro a tne Cuutb r- iusiractions to the Kussian Plempoten
land Riv«r. About ftliy ot the party, naius.
having rifles in their possession, and also Hamburgh, Mirjh 6.—Admiral Was
about twenty or twenty-five negroes,took JJ.JH sailed Iroin Kiel. He i.aa ordered
by a s»ugle"fi »ettd and ins weii-pack-1 passage iinmediateiy on the Marsha Jew- the lleel io assmble uff Moor IsUud to
eT trunk, the Colonel repaired on board i ett, a Missouri River boat, aud will leave commence the renewal of lite blockade ot
weighed anchor, and, attach- Tins emigration fro* the South is ihe Great Britain.-Additional u-urauw
.boat, went 'staving' down first we have observed, aad, while Irom has been effected on the racihts» at Liver
[u.r precieut cargo, the de- the military character of the outfit ef the pool, at «0 per cent.
iauluug Treasurer of New Orleans. Carolinians and Tennesseeaas, we are The Coveat Gardeu Theatre \vns burn
In the morning, when this tact was inclined lo the belief that their mtei.tioas ed on the morning «d' the fifth at au early
made known, the officers of the police jaie more warlike than pacific,as a squat- hour, and just at tho close ot a ma«qu«
re patted to the Balize telegraphic station
iu order to telegiapa the officers at south-
most la blame iu tius matter.
01 a miLU-cU aud the policemen together. Evervlvdy
remembers Jefferson's famous opinion as!
to tiie effect of Slavery in forming the
rharaeter of tiie young. Disregard to ud into the streets, and but that U»e cir
the rights of others, habits nt tyranny, an cum*:anee ol their sudden appJAranee
entire lack of telf-control.nre the natural
almost the necessary cnsepiences of
growing up surrounded by helpless slaves.
The moil pampered and cockered brat oi
not.hern upertendom soon learna that
there are limits within which he mustkrep
J.is passions and his caprices. The
It appears tho telegraph wires w« re
not, as was supposed, cut, but the line
does not work ou Sunday. Capt. Moy
nan made every effort to get a despatch French bonne, the Germun nurse, the
through, and finally, at 7 o'clock last Irish maid, and the Yankee help, will
night, succeeded in finding an operator, submit but to a certain extent to muster a
The fact of Mr. Garland's flight wai tel- i tantrums. All around him he sees p#o
egraphed to the ton -boat Auglo-Nonnan i pie, if belovr him in serial condition,
iyiug at the Balize. To this despatch no (which none is so quick to diaern as n
niuwer was received, hence nothing was (child,) who must be treated with a certain
consideration and respect. And thus a
most important part of education is car
ried rward long before the college or
even the sohool steps in with its artificial
disciples. Perhaps the twig u bent more
irrevocably dun:i^ ihe.fif-st six years ot
lit*, than by all llstrfeat of youth put to
gether. ,'j
In a S!* vo noun'ry, all these infflicuces
are as opposite as they can be to what we
hive juti described. Fjom the »m*nt
tkat intelligence begins to light up ttie
eyes of the Southern infant they look upon
dark laces that hare but one expression
of submission- The whims, capricw* aud
passions of the human breast have their
full sving, instead of being restrained by
tha coasant control of independent, if ig
norant human beings. The chti 1 slave
holder finds himself surrounded by child
slaves, who have no resistance to offer
and no upveal lo make against his petty
tyrannies. As he advances towards man
hood he finds no obstacles in the way of
the gratiiiiatio.t of ah in» vicious propen
sities. Thus growing up, familiarized to
cruelty, to the sight, and the whip, to the
science if not to the practice of the slave
hunt, accustomed to disregard the rights
aud thu wishes o! others, and to loster Ins
aeltiihness into a pafsion, what wouder
that he cannot command himself among
wl ite men when they come ui his way.
The duei, lite sticet tight, tiie murderous
brawls and bloody riots, like this at Co
lumbia, are the necessary, the inevitable
e nsequerices of Slavery. It is among the
most deplorable of all its fatal const
qiien **s, and this is the i}out!iern System
ol Education, and that these are and
laoit be its fruits.
Latest Foreign Kewa
.irrisil of the Steamer Pirtla.—Ao
vVt'ttS of th* Pacific.—Decline in
N*w YoaK, The etoamer
Persit from Liverpool has arrived.
Tiie Peace Conference is progressing
It had been repotted that the represen
tatives at the conference were signing
piciiiniuanes ol peace but really the ap
pending of their signatnree of the pre
lnnitnry formalities.
No uews ol the Pacific.
Breadstuffs considerably lowt :.
The Emperor Napoleon had recently
made a speech in which he said he said
he hoped for peace, but France he said
must bi prep»red e.ther for peace or war.
The Persia brings ivthinj to add to
the above except the genrral rnmor that
negotiations were proceeding steadily.
The fifth meeting wa3 held on Thursday
tl e 6th, but secret as usual.
France. —Orders have been leceived at
Marseilles for the conveyance of 10,000
mfai.try and battery artillery to the Cri
mea, to replace tite troops returned home.
Baltic.—Tiie Russians are sending
troops in conwideiab'e numbers to Fin
land als) concentrating a large forco
around St. Petersburg and strengthening
barn rs near Cronstadt.
The object of ibis emigration we can
not fuliy gather, as the party pretends to tbroughont tiie day at 6 per
Warned •ai.K.y w'4i'»«« .BJ|««««*'» tr.DKu.-non. Krip i
,urv yuh. Ilowmer, la I»»» l»»
London. Fr day Evening.—Funds
were heavy to-day, owing, to continued
pressure for money. Advances on Gov­|in
ernment securities were in active demand
cent. Set-
leaiers. Continued advices fav^r a
ter siuuld not be yet we hail the move ball uader the management ut Prof,
as en indication of a better spir.t in the Anderson, tite wizard. Nearly all the
west Pass but th Colonel had not work- South—a spirit to compete wttUtUa North party htd left, «nJ but few persons were
ed the wires so many years to no put-j for the possession ot Kauiftt, itt fail lujureJ. The dca'iuetioael the huilding
poi e, a'td the police were met with tiie' and legitimate way.
From the San Franc' «J HjralJ.
i ike in Sun Fr i u i fcc— Inti-
Ei !*a
were sveu thrown from then" da, so vt
o'ent was the shook. Many persons rash-
was of thit character to produce seusa
tions of terror rather than ntei i iment.tt e
scene would have besn most lodicroua.
The large hotels w'-« dep-jjxilated tn
and in the general rush articles timber, the
of furuituro were ihrowu down,occasion-1
ing n ises which addud ujuaiderahly to
th»clatter and e nfusioa canted by the
In the u,iper stories of the large t*ick
buildings tiie violent motion pro :uMed a
general commotion among crockery ware
Vessels con taming liquids were eirned
over, either by the shock or in' the hurry *-c
ol the inmates to escape. Every disuir- 1
uuamiit us impr
co was about to share tie fate o! Jeddo.
T.io howling of iiog«,nnd learlul beliow
ing oi caule in the suburbs, produced a
lilting accompaniment o dh« scene.—
Even the pigs broke from their p*ns and
ran away gruntingwith Iright. The hor
ses tied in stalls fairly shrieked with ter
ror, aud tried to break their halters. It
deed, mt'iyihing animate nud inanimate
was mre or le?v affected by the shock.
We ar of some very reinarkab!e in
cidents of birds seeking refuge from the
impending danger by night through open
window. From night-watchmen and
athers,whose duties kept them front shep
we learn that there were several slight
shocks previous to the heavy shock.
TilH Inst sho^k was preceded by a
tound as of a heavy gust of wind passing
through the cordage of a vessel, and ihe
motion wus accompanied by tt rumbling
noise like that winch is ptudur^d by a
nearily freighted vehicle pusvug rapidly
over a wo den bridge. lite shock oc
curred at twenty-lour minutes pa«
o'clock, apparently raaging fromsnitu
weal to northeast, and lasted about liit^en
seconds. The motion was horizontal and
undulating. Some persons describe the
motion as of a whirling nature, but this
could not have been tiie case Without oc
casioning much greater daintge lo ihe
tnanry efthe 'trick and stone iiuildings.
It is evident that the violence oi the
shock was diHViently experienced in va
rious parts of the city- In so us locali
ties in t.ie suburbs its degree ol violent
was much greater than in others. Iu
several in stances the vibration» were so
ijteat as to overturn hea.y pieces ol* lur
n.ture. Again, the notion is compared
to that proJueed on ahipboard when the
aide oi the vessel is struck by a heavy sea
—a sudden shock Without vibration. Ve
ry .ew parsons escaped being rnvisel by
the shock, but some mere are oi whom it
is s-aid they sh pt Oil undisturbed through
the whole.
ad pfupeimu ti ootupleU
The ship James Burn? arrived at ver
pool, front Melbourne, wtih upwai CL
y000 ounces ol gold.
March l«S —"Tl e steam
ship EJinburg, from Glasgow, will i
of Fe' ruary 25ih, is coming up me oay.
The Baltic sa 1. at no n o-day with
•59 passengers and t5*i7,.'l'i in specie.
Mr. Greeley telegraphs to the Tri
bune that the Government has received
fresh affidavits which it is believed will
e t.iblish the ctnpli(»iy oi Mr. Stanley,
ol the British Consulate in New Yoik in
ihe recruiting business. Mr. li.it lay's
participation aad •oversight no s.s real
but haidly so tangible. It is probable
ha' tin ae depjsaion will be laid before
Coagress by the Presileut.
1 he Courier a id iinquta i da A.M.
say a: We La:. by |ci i.u-two.
toy privjie l.tti'ii.gciiCe, received linougt)
|a mercantile house HI this city, tail a
combined movement ot Guaicnmla, Sun
Salvador and »*u Rica lor the purpo e
of expelling VYa'kcr a id his American
followers by force from Nicarigu t.
Guatemala has already raised 3000
meu for that purpose n tli^y am now
it clung urder.
Saa Salvador has en.'a ed to i tise two
thousand an 1 tat i Hica one tiiuusaud
five hundred. It is also stilted tne
iame authority that great hos.tfry s'.s
aupag the native population ol Nicara
gua to.vards Walker, and thai a gcteiai
popular using against htm inevi'a'de
us soon as active *uppo,rt i.:. e 'iy
11(:e negh'o jriug Slate.*.
The frteauicr tieorge Lawariuei i.e:
litis morning irom A.-pniwail, witu Cal
ifornia mails l^ Feb. ii')t:i, and o'Ji pa-•
seugers. She brings upw i i
of $1
,-00,000 ia It i suiv.
She connected at tne 1st.:M
S'.*nor.t an! le.i Aspiuwai. ...
and Havana the lOih.
lue aieamer Joha Socv 1
troops and passengers a
Vork in la-' iilinois.'lirf fk...
c-s Fel ruary 2'Kl lo 1
All wJl.
Datt. s ftoat Valj arais i
ma .he lOih, a: e received i,. ...
Nu'iiia^ nnportaitt al Ya
political diaturtanec at l'eru.
Gov. liurttow
KCC, Marci 1 1 o u s
nioruiug sent a message recig:- u.
office of Governor. Grent t't.v.
pre vu iis.
In ihe Supreme Court
proten that liiisht rd's tn.ijor.ty is l.'f
Lieut. Gov. Me Arthur is .acting 'UvOi
uor. The ccu&ltl. Uoaal quwaltoa an
whether he 18 not eatilledti beli tui
during the remaiudei of thsteriu.
TERMS. $1 50 in ADVANCE.
dents .Aect.imt*, fl[V.—The severest shock V^kr-' ....
of earthquake over experienced .r. th,s Morehouit, ta.l^l
vicinity since the acHtleuient ot Cultfoutia f-r J^an touvhed a HonoU «iN J.
by Americans, occurred cn Friday mutr*
iug at just 2-1 minutes pail 5 o'clock. I., the 10th fur lUu-,1adi. enter, .. IM
litis city and vicinity every building shook t«r port on the
to its foundation, and in SOHM quarters|the»ice JJl»- ,UJ. ^r^d a
the houses we.e sw,yed a,d rolled a.j, thr l%kv
nm*l. in he.vy .oa, 1'i^ .» »-»Hf ,"f '""'''JT f11 ,?.3
every bvu« «i'
NO. 14
Ffcnatha Alta r^i'ornis*.
J,/o Dt$fr«ytJ few an Eafflt
The fhaotier we. Captain
l, »-,J ar„iuS^ ll.c i'J.U *ma U..jrf,
nnd'biew a hurricane fro: i \f. at
6 o' lock P. M., -rtth. I'age W«»
hoarded by a tremeiiduw* *»e, whish
attack aft and S UM her deck*, I N ryiug
wuh it the. cabin #*1,Swa)' and lHuua^ke»
gal'.«y, store »iin. {wvip, lt »'•», boat
».,d bulwarks. AM "the otttside irawe
lork which WAS fastened i« the iraooom
q't^rter post a.i'l irat^r-way
on the hwboai'J qaaiter, Wtw ei ttre^y
broken off, und iho deck alt raised UMM
(our inches, Tl stern acar the wfcwtr
I ite was all ojen, and loo't in water fei
fast that ii wfotu.d necc.-^ai y to throw
overbold the cargo Irwoi lUe after haW
tok eplrom sin it.g. Ah« du:h«rg*
a: several tons of suj^r, r.«.*r, teai.s,
cable and elraps «tfre hshed
wroaifi the stem, iu wh ch contlitiuu she
liar pu tips nave Ix'oii
bau^e was credited io the «art!.qaake, eD-ered this port .,i.
however, and it appeared lobe an almost Kept constantly wo^
ess.on that San F.aneis- ou ^ud .trdes pur hour atnee tlw
tvr A
The captain, wb b*d labtrge
whvel at tiirt time, was turning, and it
was believed Wis lot« He was after
wards found insenaiMe, lym benerUh the
jib sheet traveler, with a fri^lftliil tat on
Ins chin, and atherwise eererely i tjured.
e men w'oo composed ilu- waioii were
i a ried forward one lodged in the chain
I ox and the other caught in the rigging.
On the lith of N-Avmtvr, at 10 o'cPk
P. M., a violent rarthqujlt* ac urred at
Jeido, which destroyed o.ie hundred
thousand dwellings, hiiy-iiour U"itp!es,
and thirty thousand inhabitant*.
A fire broke out at the sa e tira* itt
thirty different parts ol the env the-earth
opened aud closed ovir thousands ot
buildings, with tlteir occupant*.
Tho shock w-u severe at Suneit«
E'lrfkyuxkr in Jtdd Ai\j'h*r Ac
cowJii.—On the lit ol November, *t 10
o'clock, P. M:,a violeut etrihquaU oc
curred at Jeddo, which destroyed eue
huu'r-d tbous itid dwellinge. fil y-foUr
temples, and thirty t!ioo. tul iuhibitanti.
Fire bro'*- out at the same time in thir
ty different parts ol the city. I ne earth
opened and clo ed ovai thousands of buil
dings, with their inhabitants. The shix k
was severe at Smioda, Although the
distaucu ft out Jeddo t'« Siucoda is but
sixty miles, il M^xtar* ilial no otlicial
oount of'he carthijuake had bocti recei
ved at the latter place at the time ol iho
sailing of the s^Hooner Pug ', Dec. 10.—
Tne tiewe was oUoin through the
Dutch interpreter. The Japanese seem
ed to Uaih bat little imporluuco lo the
ctitu strophe. The inhabitants of the pji
tiou of lite- city destroyed we»e for* tru
ed td the disaster, and many of tin cr
caped. T. e buiidinars of Jeddo are
ci.islly of one ttory. and con iru.ted of
very light uia.ertui. I lie tempi -s of
worship, how ver, art lo ty, a ad .in some
instance arc con "r- of heavy aia
A fan-itir among -fsWfif
Ar cJ of /rf. tfa.'t Mi*.— Sailing mf
e I i i e
Nc-.v Yoaa, Mnrch 23. 1
ntell ge.'.«a
from the West Indies s'ates tiiat the ne
gruesoi Guana, i:»i-* :t I ly Orr, Ui wa
i.s lite Angel Ga!.i.il. hal o.itn nicd
a'l t:ie Porlu/uese aud Coa-
1 if. Gov. Woo.ii oa
se.it On ti jail,
bnt the :11i 1.iD• y unler i. s co.n na i wen
uuable to cope with the maldensJ tiv
groes, and his ex' el!e:i i »*pttcl»e4
couriers to the i ind ri' Is fo" troops
to aid in quelling the iuau. ir-u jn cauitd
bv fanatic appr-ils bruit' insolence.
The tf ini !, Herman at nooa
,or So it! unpt. u ft id emen wet- 5S
pai-^e-i j-'iN an
•!iip Sl.OOUil
Petuamhu o i
*.r J.'OO in 11
tar bruit's
I'he cho'e v
alarming extent
I with a'l bujitie?*.
{among tiie blac:.
small ii'i.ii i
among tin.
rl'.'es .uia
*21'h ull.
to su di an
i. i
'en a
I: ft!
that H..bi
Vork fin a
but a Ger
North Ca
ui that,
papers ft
.: t»e bra i
i d, an
r. note 1
1 e ar Fb'i-i a* e,
i, Wi!o.a ^!o:i,
ii I. r- Coi.iinercial
i,a*lal dy remved
y u ch su'e posi-
Rest'gna on
V\ »«., a
r'iioi nt in a .... vj
mofiiiag atat
...ei.. I the rettg'.ia
I A*, he fc'
divid into
i L'uittd
!. ,.uiilil
1'^. to
i a vie a
nt r«
oute dc
I 4 M
U'-t Si GoVftiK.T UUt
ie term.
March -2.- A U-iu«
here from Mr. Bmshaa
h.s intenliou ic :v tf

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