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The Tipton advertiser. [volume] (Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa) 1856-1962, May 17, 1856, Image 1

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Jtnl Tgftr. 7*h^ ft
.*) ars
i.uf no
/"(it KM ,,
ft- o r.rn*-.- 7
-SitM wan ?.•
1 1 yyswp
it* A
tvrm idvkrtisbl
Baterday Morning, it
IfptMi Ce4M C#Iowa.
7" OOimTHGU«E(
n 0m MM olia* with tbe County Jhflga.)
Copy 1 ykar, paid in advance, |1 50
do. p*i! Within Stx months, 2 00
£. paul at e«d of the year. 2 5o
titrtldeductions mud* U club* «t ftre or
MBT* to eae address.
1 JMr,
i I*. 6
•IftoKuun 1 jrnr,
U. A months,
de. 3 months,
barter dwn 1 yesr,
do. mouthy
do. 3montl|fc
waif£ (rtit
f..n oo
30 (10
90 00
30 00
15 00
19 CO
8 00
LE UJL jro rirgi
ga* addi'tonal iasert'n, psroqnaro, ot
square 3 laonths, 4 00
1 ilv. months. 6 00
do. c*r, WOO
t*4o. 3(io
9k do, »onth£ 8 00
W On# aqnare u 12 line* Rimer.
Having purchased a good aad aufficieat ae
lee'ioa of material, th« Publisher u daw pn
pared to do nearly every description of
i» 1J A I wr
I'* a Nhsi^ctvrjr iniMr and can urn nil ai
'IwH noiiee,
iwrnt, ...
1af I'UM,
e»*«v «r *fiu
fI*ITI.NC ('\»»«,
a A LI. riKEr«,
LAW rr V*K»,
*r.r eipr».
MAMA Nrrti,
Bond «,
o j*i*n
mt »wtf hind executed *rib i.ea'iiMS and d«s-
jfTi)! ORrii rtUNTIKH
done to order on thor! lio«i
Attorney at Law
And ftoliritor in fhancery,
«-T .q U ihU Mii ||lv«
4 IHVrjTAMf '•Ml
«i r-»
fmmi riri.r ,KP, P\.)
Atteraej tad r«an*i«llor «i Law
lljj ,•• l» (fni otinl)
ST* mA t- ej^i a u'.« liUla
•rflir im ih« riii—# Avniw
1"»C PKACKa.vl VotaryPHfc-
li». Vipf "n. »wa. nl
OTAKY tt«lir. It'chv*trr. inwa.
in «(.• Po#4 v3nl-|jr
Mrflvfttcc «f tn* Peare,
I. A W Vft 'f at t:« randanec wr Tipton
#r&ar Courty, Iowa.
J1«M W. lGLfii.
AtTllA*tt If uw,
Tirtf^r Tow*.
KV*').Tim witk (b« Cwinty Jtidce in the
ffeatt N^OM. [S3"]
n(lTOG (iiiIiBCB8
a el Valors iu in»
'•iln On« I'aiat', 1 Sii'.'N Cunf'tn mi
i.-. Tjpt"!l, i»»».
wtrI'KA/.KK i\ Hums 4. kuzmcisRs.
l'l* I'.iinU., Oilr. t.i
itmmdm*, Tojs, Hardware aiid ?.'.ivy Notim«.—
r|.t ..k nl
AND itiiEON, Offieo a
tk* Drug ore cf ChainSor* Ik Son, 1
JAMlr«(. Tt WIfEB,
Y I 1 A A Xl Ml U li E O N.
W"W pr«rU i« Tiptun anH ti. initr. t»tfce, No
t, k« ^atlity row, touth of tUc Court Uiutae. nl
FflYH!'1'.* y N!»
Mta at ttte Iowa Hoti»e( Od»r
Canty, Iowa.
iwt. SriwtisR!*,
AND SUUGKor Rochester
Odar county, kwa. nl
in Diy Uouds, Cro-
c« iM, Crockery, Ac. Cedar Blulfi, C«
4»r county, Iowa. ul
|H. W. §. (MOTT,
Teadera hi* prof'*su-iial services to tbepm
pteo( Tipton and vicinity. Special attention-
te eaar cf loiif^ tUmling. Office at tbe
Ufi» rft t«of Or. A* Ha!L
ftmstatK.—Tie f^.e'Hy of JffTeraon
Medical college Philadelphia Htarlm^ Medt-
Medical college Phil
I Ohio Petiiuylvt'IM Ho«
Dr. Huff Wheeling.
tl ««l eellarecrKunh is i
fMel fCtaM^hia I
AtT«MU AMI' C"l •»'*I.U»R Law.
llf If.!, Purchase an 5 «H' R»«l Katate. locate
If I.nj.i Wvranti, attend to the Payment of
Taxe» lav*0 :'Uioii of litlea,conveyancing, Ac.
Parvicilvir t» n"toii Riv-n toCOlleotUM'1. All
Iwiei.i-aa nitiUKtci! to htH r,»re, wHl be attended
*a wit'i Proaiptae«and Fidelity.
'OiHce .u tlir (!qurt House wtth the Re*
TlfMott, iowa.
7oir« at i. s
ClBe iir or -aat of Uie Post Office.
i l«Uk BoolLfk, ot all kiiulM keptconstant
k iy on haH'i. I''.,mlie^ sutiiilied with *11
hia4* «f Slat'ks Aecorda and ethri lM."'ks for
SaeMy ofltcea, at phurl neJiee.
ulered Hie above hvaiBm, Tp
loa, .. n iw jirejir ctl to ^''vply '.natomer»
with breai!, an'.' a'i artiil** in ui.v line of
f'aV"* m:i1 jm«trr -f e»erv klii'lfur
uUhai. te fatn .ea, oi ft iiarttejt, on it short no
tlee. Havlaj arijja^e'' the tivrvf ts of one of the
he»t tiakers ti the w t, I t.-el cnniMent of giving
•alel*eti.,a i di' awtoiiiei*. t«0 W. W.\Tli
T5:I^:I(anci: HOI SKT
TlfTO*. towa.
». «. W4TWU Jt CAKIt*»DtH.
Wtotqeip qi)d Compilers qj late,
CfcnorAl Land Agents,
Mfualuif, fotra.
#u» •wr Burnett's Book-Start,
Second Street.
Seconi! s(., near tlio Aiaerican TTfel,
WATCHIS,C!ork-,Jewelry 4ic., rcj aire and
warrented. A (tock of fashionable lewelry,
watches, clocki, etc.. oti hand. Terms as low
a* the lowest. A share of patronago is re.
ipectfullv solicited. [r o. ti»]
Wish t» to make tliis plare my future home
1 e teai«r my i«.'rvi':c i tu th« ritizena
of Town *i iuity, in all the i»ram hes of
tUe ««i n. 1 vi i.l practice Pin* .c Sirgtry*
Supplying Ikfictencie* aitd Rtmedifiiu! Deftrtt.
iie*r the Temi mncc Hot* l.
Tipton. Jan I, lrt'iC. l.ly.
Cerxr of Dnhn .:* an i Jefferson Street!.
I mm leva.
CUU'KH liOt'Sh,
W» n DOWMIKO, proprietor.
fftmr of Walnut and Sffonti Stffeli.
M». 11/w
#f Ibf npirn Nnru.il, \V«»h fto* «ud n»ka
i a u A^J,L Jin ^Le Bos't trv*
of cUA'g
Hood titmMtmjfr
Ot tiNw mm te »B4 U .UATLU U«Nt8 tM M|
Pr»« of
ConMr of Ha/, .V:,..-.' jrut Itma u*p
oppordf thr Ritilroa! Depot Mv»~ativt. fair a.
(UEOKC.t: LOW. Proprietor.
pttK KToit. lu» rer»-ntl ti»«
1 •.*« |i,i ular Ho'.i l, anil re! •:rii »ln il it in
••n •Ur*1- a i 'Af.titi' MlHntfr i« |»r-p»r- V» ncrMn
»4a i#» tr eAiHw t«every ya ik-iUr
H'rstcm H(«n« ('«M|«SIIr«
thl» v it Ivi ibi« Hvu^e Thr-Pr»yia'-n b*-J"**
r^r» K« e fc*or»%nV ela^lis *h i}.c
It v®-*
•a-«v|*i***| |rr|Mml
fufu'^h morub
U a vbo tnAjr i«a*r«U.A*( t«*i la* 4tf
Thio I!etel !s a w H«nw which mm ft*t
otn ui'il for tlic re. eption ef t'i-tt* on tii« 1st of
Jl^v, !*'•. It i« !arr* ami con»moJiun», and it
iirotiiltMl with entire new furni'uit« No cK|en!»e
nan tieea i|'artl wii'. i
i»«ii t-i the comfort
er coavi iiieiu of ti.» t:*-. puliiic.
Jehu U. Uirclef, Prop'r
I N u n i v E
HAKTroas, eo*".
hcorpormttd J. D. 1819—Cath Capital
rt^HB CftAerai/ii' 1 havinp
1 Af
ham appolateu
Ageat for this oi.l an roliattle 0om|:tii), U
•repared to issue policies on favorable term*.
Cilice in t! e C. urt House. Tiptwi, Iowa.
IN'IFH, tow A.
UOML »M.'.Vn Y uow prepare*
t»k« rh'Wi' u 2 .-j.ler diw s oi property
oo the
4M OA lite rath. plan, a rath }rent(utn
fiites r'j-mo.i »olc u 'boec of auy Ki liatile
1 h" under-igncd has been appointt il agent. «-t
this Company, for Cedar County, and i* pre
p*red to lame Pol trie on favorable terma.
5tf WKI.IJ« rirtt'KR. Agent.
House Finishing.
aubaenlu-r having located hiaaeV in
ijir town ff Apton prep:i v««i to do ptas
terii all kindt ai»«i ool'Ts an '. otit.-i work.
R'ni^h cast imitated nito brick, stone or mar
bie. fancy and ornamental work, plaster ot
paris. iniii.iiis, Othisii, centers, paper:
hair^i.itts I am determined to (jive
faction to all who iti.tv favor me witn the.r
pa'roii.i e. For further Information apply oj
or a idr»-ss J.. t, LEABHAkT.
rigtott, Feb. 15,'6A ""-6m
T* the Lftdiw.
Taa anderalgned are now prepared to do all
ktndaof Dre* and Mar.Un making.
Cutting, Fittiup aud Making Drewea will be
doie U tbi satisttu'ti'in ot those, favoring them
with pttrouage. LaWet olyiea aud i aabiOa* at
Ways ri^eiredl
IJ.j un* over ^Vr. Elliott a Olothwg Store.
».ntf Mine M. K. llKATH.
Ezohange Offioe!!
OI*HT DRAFTS on New York can be had
kj of the Subscriber in sums to s it purchasers
Ortilii-aies Deposit, and Drafts i the
EaMvrn Cities cashrd.
American Gold famished at a small premium.
OMce over S#etlant and SnydrrU torr
Tipton, January I, 'Mi
Drtmng ami Coloring dons is J\p 2%p
YO« want a MIAVS—
Mo*1 a •va.T»" *».v
flt I oi me rrajr Mloftti
li mini »t nitfkt. ft l«i«urs
St auv umti whou ou **r\
IT dav
riA« ilcfucHt AK. Knight of Baaoif.
jjj* U-. h.i^AH
Wm Ross, D.
Kleetie Vb» al t»i. irt
llV/o'i Musrnhn, Co., Itwa.
WW practice, oil the Electa System, at Wil
ton and viannty. n-1® Y
a n k e s
corner of CUuton and W i-hinftoa DtfM
n8v3 iy loun City, /woe.ts,
iiiid»r!U»rned offers for sale iwo eouifort
able dwillir.t houses situated in lip'on
One Ma house ol good sue, ami tlw olh« i a
comfortable hou*e -r a «mall family. »otb
with good lots. X3fltf 1 JNO. ll.SfAK.
(Oppoeile the Aldricb House, Tipton. Iowa.)
11EKF can be had le^ahiily t-vcry moral UK
SUU1.,. ..'.rfj- IMR.1S,
WW fwnty TOM, fcrso*
4,t' JAMB* (JO.
lioctri) & Misccllani)
Twenty Years Ago.
th« Tom. l'r« Ml bMMth tbl IIM,
Pro* th» lioal hoa^pUy rmad.sbUh h*lUr ran aad
«re(b«r«togrc«t tue.Tom ajiJ f«w war* toft to ko*
Bat iu
*ttb iu iipoa lu*
frtio, Bom. twwity je%rt n(3.
Tbt CTM It Ml u grtm, Tom: btn-totud boy at ^lay,
Wtn JoMu dMIh*, vltk rpiriu jnn gay
Tin Maaiii alxap. aiMB Ihtlilll wbkh, ouAMd •'•r Wttk
Afford «4 It. a t'idlDc-BlM*. act ivwty jtart age.
Tfce old achMl bo»M laalMrtd MM, th« Iwncbc* art repUral
Bj new QUI, rtrj Ilka lb. OI,M onr kui'M icrxaC
Bat tha ui old briekf an In tha wall—tha Wtl «wln*« to an
II* iawc'1 )«at ihoaa—, imt Tom, 'twas Iwaatx a«*
Tk« h»Y« wer* PHJLNC *OBM OM |HK Mtath that MUM old
I do fjryet tbt atrao Jwm bow, you'va^layad IbaaaM wMh m*
°B -lw* pkajW with kaina bj tbrowlac
•ftd io
Tha laadcr had a task to to than, I
want yean ago.
Tha aprlnc thai habMad 'a«a*h tha hill cloaa by tha T—1'1|
I'wy l#w— iw*s miMHO hifh thai we eoild almost v»*eb
Aa4 knwlinff Uown te g*t a drink dear Tom, I startsd so,
howraavb that I had ehaays-f, fines 1 wsn'.y jraart aje.
Vka il*«r'a rannlac ^ut II attll tb* willow's anita Ma
Aro Ikrgar tbao thay wara, Taa tb* atraan appaars IM* wMa
Sat tha mpc Ttoa *wla( I* rmtaad saw, whara aoaa wa piayti
*ad ttnai oar w^U4.aatU—fra ty (trl'-l««t tw oty yaan
*ra» tb* apriuc, apaa an alai, yaw kaaw I rat year aaata.
Tear tvaat haart'Jual fecwad it, Tctu, and yea dM talaa tha
flaa*hrnrtl«w wreleh ha4 peeled i he bark—'Iwaa dytag mra
uu i'.vr,
Ja« MthM ona wlkaM nasi* jew cat, died twaaty year*
at IMa ha«ata*taaa*r,1M« tuttlainnas fa ay
thaughtof h»r 1 ',&Tod eu well—thao* early brok a tie
I Ttaind ibfl eU elntcVyird, and took eetae tow«ra to it raw
I'pea tbt grave* of Ibcea we I. a d,' we tweaty yea:* age.
tie ti the ehurab y»nl I 1!—line tleap braeath theasa.
Bat few left of ^Mroldclte oxeept yoaandnie.
Aad whan ear time (ball com', Ton aad we are failed te go,
I hepe ttwy'll ley n «-hre we ay«l yaaltw -ntT year* ag»
From thf I) iveitjurt T*iuparanua Org.»u.
Something new* to as under the Sua
At tin request of tl.« author ol tlie fol
lowing, we publish it, stating at the
s&ine time that it is entirely new to us.
It, however, the miisiou of the order
is to drive tlie dratu-shops from our
country, we wish it ibumiaut success.
To take the ground that a n.ttn who is
not theoretu ally aud practically a so
ber man, should not be placed in o^u-r,
vvns consJdt red not lot since rather a
hazardous bu siuess. Bat it is going no
furtlit-r tiiau Tiiomas Jefferson bin self
went, aud i! he could make sobriety a
a test for office nnd retain bis Democra
cy, we presume the same tiling might be
doo«i iu these last dayi,
Tke question jasi occurs to us, in th»
connection, w hut would Jcfi'erson have
done with such a man as S. A. Dou
glas We think histery author zes us
to say, ke would have scorned aud des
pised iuin, lur he u nol only a vciy in
temperate man, but he is doing all in his
power to ur.ite whiskey and Democracy.
independent Order of Ancient Knights
Tiie institution r.t»5 brou.'ht into exis
tence us au adjunct of iht. Otdur oi "bou^
tf Itinpeia i.ce,' under tbe tittle of
'Knights of Temperance.'
Aft workup liius a short lime, tliu
centieciing links were severed, and it
became the I O. A. K. The Temper
ance meu at tiie East are making efforts
to unite the various Temperance Orders
The Knighthood, bo.iever, will ataud
aboveand distinct.
This Ordci is far in advance of all
other secret -mperance organizations,
lis pledge being as loiinws: 1st We
will not make, buy, sell give, or use, as
ting iquors oi any name or Rind what
2d. We will not vote for any person
or any office, the duties of which are in
any way connected with the enactment,
«r entorceinem, of a law prohibiting the
sale ot intoxicating liquors as a bever
age uniess^suclnpersous is known to be in
favor of the enure suppressiou ol such
traliic And we wiil use all other honor
able means in oar power to procure the
the enastuient ot such a law, and mistaiu
and enforce it it enacted.
beverage, any •pirtUOUo or in
liquors of any name or kind
other act inconsistent with the profession
of a true friend ol Temperance and Pro
hibition, or which iniglit render aid or
comfort to the I juor ualiic.
4th. We will not use opium in anj
form except for medical purposes
For the purpose of operating more ef
fective against umscllers and wire pul-'
ling partisans, the membership of this
order is to some extent, a secret, bigna
grips, &c., have been adopted so that
members may recognize tac'i other,
wherever, and whenever they may meet.
A firm belief in a Supreme Being, the
Creator, Preserver, auu Governor of the
Universe, and accountability to linn,and
freedom from all immoral habits, are
perquisite conditions to membership. Its
members are governed by the great law
of Knighthood, (anoih name for Broth
erhood,} and will see no brother,his wid
ow or urphans, suffer from want.
By reason of its peculiar features, this
institution cannot clash with other refor
matory or benevolent assuyations. To
them does it look for a great number of
The I. O. A. K. was conceived in the
spirit of chivalry, and its degrees will
comprise most of the ancient orders of
Knighthood. Friends ot hui unity,what
think you of this ancient and sublime In
stitution? Ho! ya «Kble spirits of the
East, on whose rock-bound coast are
heard the surging of the wild Atluntic,
cqia*wi0t iw *Qd 7' **Q* qfth«
tVesl, whose domain Mretch«s ,ar away
to the crndle bed the Pacific sleeper,
and yv firm hearted Northerners and ye,
too, the chivalrotn children ai" the far
sunny South, all, all, come with us. Oar
banner is proudly floating in the breez*.
The wild, warlilie notes of our clarion
are heard. We invite the pure, the
brave, the humane, 'o unite in the great
crusade against the blood-stained rum
traffic. The blood ef onr fellow men,
shed by the demon, criee from he (. round
foi vengeance. The wild waila ot the
widow nnd fatherless children, made so
by the infernal traffic, nre heard al! ovtr
our fair land. Chivalrous spirits, to the
rescue! Friends would vru sustain the
present Prohibitory Liquor Law in our
State, and would you continue t» be on
ihe alert, sleeping on your arms in tlie
battlefield, ready at any moment »o ride
in combat, should the monster attempt
again to rats* his head? Then rally ar
ound Knighthood's standard. Come
with us, and with ceremonies beautiful
from their chivalry and mystery,you will
become a knight.
This Institution it »t work in 8 States
of the Union.
Further information can lt? obtained
by addressing Dr. J. C. Batdorf, Walnut
Fork, Jones County, Iowa, D, P. of I.
O. A. K. for the State of Iowa.
Papers friendly to our cause will please
Great iialtU in Nicaragua.—~Gtn.
Walker Triumphant.—Loss only MU men
—CHAaI.asTON, April 29th.—Tlie stea
mer Isabel rr rived here from Havana to
day. She brings Nicaragua papers of
April 14, received by the Philadelphia at
It is reported Walker had won a great
battle at Rivas, on Apnl 7th, when that
place was captured with a loss of only 30
men on his |art, Tlie Costa Iticans are
f&id to have had 600 killed.
Our Minister, Wheeler, has addressed
a letter to l'resinent Mora, relative to
sl.ootiaj American citizens, and protest
ing against his order for expelling Amer
ican citizens from Central America.
iN i 'i^ui^ai.t disaster* at Key West.
Aprii 29—9, r. m.
T.o tranter Orizaba arrived liere a
bout 7 p. with dates from San Juan
to the Slat.
The uefeat of Gen. Schlessiugor at
Santa Kosa is confirmed. About SO of
his men are misainr. Before his trial
he went over to the Costa Sieans, having
a Id riinsou Wiore the battle on the 7th.
The Co-sia iliwins look possession of Ri
vas on the 11th, with iiOOO men. Wal
ker, wi li 000 men attacked them nnd af
ter a battle ef 11 1-2 homs, was obliged
to abandon the city for tyant of ammuni
tion. The Costa llicans had 100 killed,
and Walker between 50 and 60 killed
and 90 wounded and missing. Among
the wounded aie Lieut. Morgan, Wal
ker's Aid-de-oamp: Captains Huston,
Clinton, Harrall Lieutenants Gillis,
Stalls, Gay, Doyle, and others. La Nic
arairum, VValker'o organ, claims it as a
glorious ficiorv*
It is taid the Costa Kicana on taking
possession ol Virgiu Buy,fired indiscrim
inately and killed eight or ten Americans
iu the employ of the Transit Company.
Lieut. Greene, with 15 men, had an
encounter with 300 Coata Ricans, above
the mouth of the Seraiigna, killing 27 of
them and dispersing the rest. Ameri
can IOKM 1 killed and 2 wounded.
It is reported Geucrai Walker intend*
ed to attack the Costa Ricans at Virgin
Kay, having at huest dates 1,000 Amer
icans and 300 Natives under his com
mand, with the exception of a few prom
inent meu iu the former legitimate party.
The Ntcaraguiini acted with Walker
njucii to the disappmulment ol ihe Costa
Ricans. Honduras, San Salvador and
Guatemala are said to be in favor of
peace and will not invade Nicaragua.
He received Comrn.isioners from Nic
aragua in a friendly spint. and
disbanded some of their new leaders.and
intercepted correspondence between the
British Government and Costa Rica, in
which the former agreed to contribute
3d. We will not furnish, sell, or give ,2,000 stands of arms, and the latter had
away, by "wuiselves or ngeats, directly, caused great excitement among the Am
or indirectly, any materials, or produce, i ericans.
for the purpsse of being manufactured number of tninie rifles were taken
into intoxicating liquors, to be used as a i (rem the Costa Ricans, and several Eng-
Nor will we perform any i hshinen and Frenchmen were observed
in their army.
The British frigate Eurydire was the
only vessel in San Juan, and her boats
were constantly on duty watching the
movements of the American passengers
who ca .ie down the river, and ware pro
hibited by them from going ashore.
Before the departure of Walker's army
pioclainalion was issued by President
ed. Appended to that was a lis', of 17
of Schlessenger's army who were taken|lw0
such conduct but also against lhe ti.reat1
il ,A
uniess explained and atoned, decided
measures on tae part of the United Slates
Government would be taken.
The Orizaba ton.hed al Key West ou
b«r return ftssajje.
A Newspaper Mobbed in Indiana.
The office u: the Trut Flag at Salem,
Indiana, was destroyed by a inob on
Friday night last The ladies of the
place, after the manner of those of aeve
raL other towna ui Indiana, had for some
time been contemplating a descent on the
li.juor establishments, and in his paper of
Wednesday last, tlie editor mentioned
ttie fact, and aaid that the ladies would
be endorsed by the citizens of the place.
On Friduy, the ladies, fifty ttrong,pitch
ed into the liquor h««us«s, and that night
the free liquor men pitched into ihe news*
paper- Tlie New Albany Trxhune has
the following letter:— Chi. Trib.
&i/e of th* Crystal Palace—Kans%t
veittgaiion The Immigration.
IOWA—SATURDAY, MAY 17 1856. NO. 20.
Saint, April 2ti, 185&
M. CtBtfo &. Sows Gentlemen: The
office of the Jlmrrican True Flag, ol
proprietor, was broken into and demol
ished by a drunken, infuriated inob, on
the night of the 25th inst. All the type
in the office vrilh the exception of some
job type, was thrown on the lloor, in a
heterogenous mass of 'pi.' The stands
and cases were nearly all smashed to
pieces. Some of the type were scattered
all over the yard of the office, and in the
It all originated from the fact that the
ladies of our place turned out, and callcd
on the retailers of liquor, and requested
them to desist, whichsowe of them prom
ised to do but one, Wanier, refused to
do so, when the ladies'pitched in'and
ddiiicliaheu ftv-c or six barrels of liquor,
bottles, &c, This so enraged the lovers
of Iree whisky that they despatched a
messenger, post haste, into a notorious
neighborhood of drunkards !ox assistance
At the dead hour of night,when all were
in their be Is, the mob proceeded to tfce
hue Flag office, move ui the windows
aid doars with stones, and then went in
and commenced the work of destruction.
The prras was not harmed, nor the books
destroyed. After doing ail this, they
proceeded to the house in which Mr. Coe
lives, and stove in the windows by fling
ing stones. One of the stones cauie
within a few inches of falling upon a
child of Mr. Coe's, that was lying a few
feet frotn the window, in a trundle bed.
The mob also went to the dweiiings of
some of hdies who were in the proces
sion, and demolished their window.-) in
the same manner. The drunken rabble
threaten all friends of temperance and
Kiiow-Nothingism iu the place. The end
is not yet. La w AHD Oaosa.
April B9.
The Freuch Minister, M. Sarteges,
will shortly return to his diplomatic func
tions in this city, the rumored change iu
the French Legation being unfounded.
The Crystal l'alace is advertised for
aalo at auction on the 22nd ol May.
A letter 'rom Kansas City of April
I arrived here on Sunday evening
last, at the same time with Messrs. How
ard and Sherman, of the Congress Inves
tigating Committee, who are still here
waning for .\lr. Oliver. Tnatgentleman
lssti!! defining his present position to his
constituents. They will leave to-day for
Lawrence, where the commission will
have its headquarters instead uf Leaven
A party of Georgians, about 39 in
number, arrived here yesterday /»C per
sons arrived lrom Rhode Island, and 151)
from Ohio. Emigration from the East
averages about 100 daily, and alx'tit that
number coine weekly from Southern
Gov. Keeder has been visiting Lea
venworth, and leaves here to-day for
A dispatch from Washington says Mr.
Gladstone's statement in the British
House of Commons, that Mr. Beli's par
ticular instructions for the settlement of
X!- .u State, it may be re*traintd or proh lnfe.1
orn Nic- the Central American questicn was nol .....
had dis- justified by lads. Tho Adm.nisiration
continued the enlistment ef troops and reserves any decision in the arb.uation cc'iutuiiity alone, any more tlua gt.u
proposition until the enlistment matter bling, yet the right ol the i. jrn r.H it to
seize and destroy the implements of a
gambler has not been qu stioncd, but
shall be Fettled. Consequently, no in
structions were sent eut, and none are
contemplated now.
Mr. Dallas writes that the opposition
in Parliameni was to make a demonstra
tion in the Ministry lhe week alter his
letter, and both parties were preparing
for the contest involving the continuance I
the sentiment ol Englishmen is grow mr
Mora and posted on the outpssts of that
It declared that all filibusters taken
with arms in their hands would be put to
death, and all filibusters who had not
used their arms against the Republic and
would give themselves up to officers ol constructed on arches sixty feet above
the Costa Rican army would be pardon- "'B'1
No correspondence had taken place
concerning the enl.stments.and no not,
and shot. They were mostly Irish and ^1,n0J'nuce preme Court have sustained that law, and
Germans, only 2 were Americans.
A report iu respect to the indiscrimi
nate si.lighter of peaceful American cit
laens at Virgin Bay, aud the destruction
of the property of the Transit Co.,having
been made to Minister Wheeler, he ad
dressed a strong protest to President
Mora, who was in immediate command
of the troops at the time,not only agmust
delay now experienced by persons ap-
proo.dnng or leaning St. Louis. The
delay now at the Mississippi is oue-third
likely to be almost a nullity in ih« South-
i i produced in 1S51 nearly 7,000,000 bush-
y"y y m.k..s«.,ii»M no'b.. .ut.
of a crop this year.
gS®"Spiritua! rappir.gs have extended
to Turkey, and there are said to bo quite
K«unb«f of mediums at Qoa*t&i*iuopl«.
For the Tipum Ad*ertt»er
ftfl. K»!*OR Permit inc through
your paper to address my fellow citizens
of Cedar County, upou sustaining the
present Prohibitory Liquor La w. And
to commence, 1 will admit that the law is
not porfect, neither can we expect to pro
cure a period law from an imperfect
source, no more than we can anticipate of
procuring sweet water trout a bitter foun
tain. Therefore, wo caonot iok fur per
fection froiu fide law makers but the
great difficulty, iu this case, ia the en*
forcemenl of our pretest prohibitory law.
Every neighborhood, arid almost every
liou«ehold,iuniiihcs mcl in-holly evi lence
which paper Howard Co* was editor and that the liquoi tralic is slili, a eotisider- l"vtw'u
able exieni(amoug us, like a scyt e armed
Angel ol destruction doing its des
olating work. While the traflc has
been impeded to a good degreju, yet lhe
great aud good, the pure aud lovely, ha e
lallen arouud us like harvest flowers
"Rachel weeps for her children and will
not be comforted, because they are not.'
Every where,and under all circum stances,
he liquor tjafic is attended with the same
teriftc resells. As it flourishes in any
locality every other interest is prostrated,
its prosperity is built upm a throne uf
hui«».n akeleto.is it eru*h«s W.»iie tth ita
mighty tread, hearts o! iheusunds while
shrieks tnd groans of murdered innocence
s the music of its march. Those who
resist the effort* now being ma le to put
the temperance law of Iowa iu fjree,
ur^o, as a reason for tlieir course, that
he whoke question is a moral one, and'
however desirable it nuy be to rid th'
Innd ot the evil, it cannot be doue by leg
islation but inusl I* wrought out by up
pealing to the understanding, atid heart,
of those engaged tu malting aud telling
liquor and when appealed to in that man
ner we fiud those persons heartless, soul
less, and devoid of all manly principles
and this result we might anticipito, for
their calling destroys ail those principles
that constitute what should tn tke the man,
n the strict seme of tint term. The
friends of temperance anl legil prohibi
tion uot invoke the aid of government
iu the prosecution of a moral reform, they
only itsk that the civil government altould
cariy out tue great d'.sigtt an! object of
its establishment' It is b)tb the right
and duty of government to protect all in
the enjoyment of life and liberty, in ac
quu.ng and possessing property, pur
suing and obtaining happiness and safety.
There is, however, ono
aUoi,{htT' d«-1

iUOX ,e
sufficiently wide for four sccomphah the woik that Las claimed ouf
tracks, two wagon tracks aud attention for years, we now have a Pro­
This bridge hould avoid jhibitory Liquor Law, iu Iowa. The S«.
1 ..
without giving an equivalent- -so does the ^*'r
liquor seller. The vender of unsound
nwata iinpaiM lhe Ualthi sa doc lh#
o Lord 1 aimerston in power he says jj sellers The vender of lo'terv
1 ne
favorable to the side of the U. a. in our tickets, or obswnts bouks and pictures )1
n a o e e n i v e n o i n e n i o n o a n s w e
the demand of our government. character and deslioys reputation, dis«
—_ turba the public peace, encourages idle-
Bridere at St. Louit. A Washington i
correspondent of the St. Louis Republi
ran writes ns follows:
"I understand that Mr. Kennett cen
templates urging upon Congress tbe pro
priety and aciual necessity for a bridge
over the Mississippi St. Louis, to be
controversies. corrupt the morals—so does tke liquor £ttUn'l'e' ywu
e auger lhe
111 13 lefl for llifc aud
a at v
em States the coming sea on. The seed 'force the law, and drive those who dare
has been destroyed by the intensely cold violate the law with impunity, to their ap.
rheSute of Georgia alone i pcin ,eti
m, our
TERMS, $1 f»0 in ADV/KOT.
each citizen must comply with bufore he
can ask protection, aud which must be
performed before government can pr jper
ly grant it via: Abstain from injuring
and respect tlie rights of his fellows.
The principle has been affir ned by the
Supreme Court of lhe United States ami
its soundness will not be questioned.
That "no person lt*i a right to intro
duce into any neighborhood, anything
that will endanger health or iife, peril the
property, coir up'. tliQ VUXTJIIS or disiur'j
the peaco." If such an element of mi*
chiuf is introduced iln agent becomes a
trespasser it is not a mere question of
morals bat one of civil liberty.
Hence Chiel Justice Tan«?y declared
that if the internal Irtffi in intoxicating
liqnor is injurious to t'u ci izeus of a
ness and proinotea igu^rance, his entire
work is a work ol death let those who
assert (lit docuiuc dure maintain it.
And now, fellow citizens, the axe is
the root of the tree anu it only n mains
for you and I, and all of us, to use it to
force and
of the time .-equired to reach this city." known throughout the length and breadth
for ufiice thai is in lav
of of ll.e viwlalit-**
of our laws. And by their fruit# ye m»j
know them.
More anon. W. B.
For th«» A Iver i-wr^y t" t'»^"
a»ei E»lToa: Havw been p««sein
al the trial, in whit It tlw Piol.vbi'oiy
quor Law uas oulkrd iu queet'ftu, Oti i t«*
7th inst. the courae of pvwcetUiuije elwi
ted in me a deep internet, It
determined otm of Wie rummies io yu'.
dowti luw, principle ana tn !i. It was
the deep,convened plan to irnirple Under
their lVi*t the aarred pnllndiuoi of our
rights the La.v, tbc cnl/ sttf«*gi»a.d
fireaides, Mtdflwr
They eagerly paft.pered ths HO-
sated appetites of the gapii pr«wd in
in which disorder, confusion, and bord*r
ruffianism prevailed. The proud, de®«
ant, scornful attorneys of 'ruin' arrayed
Uiemselvts a ajjirio in mgbty opp«w.
rion constitutional law that no- le pro
le is
ion which they have sought i«c«#
wealth, reputation and honor, but wht*Ii
they undte defame by heaping npm A
opprobnum, insuk ami dishonor.
On the part of the tempe-ance pea, a
Manly effort was made to en'or. etha
law, which would hn*« been done, had
not adverse cirfcum*tmres rendered it
impossible. Still in this failure »fe«y
took courage, and are determined now
by diligence to diivo from ous town this
hellish scourgo. Decision and energy
are required n( this crisis. At the vory
tinv when the rum piuty are lejuicing
in their victory utnnly hearts I eat in iho
bosoms ol ihe temperance hosts,aud they
are eneoi'rage I to look foi\wi for a
BaI tricinph 8i,»lir the bi tier of t.Uii to
secure whirli.tUy w»ll atlvccale a rigid
adhnence to the law as new enisling
upon our s'uKma. Tbe provisions of tfais
kw are ample to drive every liquor-deal.
from t«ur midst. Some gentleMtea
•re as deaif.M a of gaining a'^vnteel
living* w'thou1 wnk, that they will sell
young b"js 'an aiticle of coiumerue*
whic'.t will engender in ilit ui faUe and
unnatural nppeti'e? and *l.lch will ulti
mately end in blaated reputation and
death. This lusting after the soulraC
human te ngs. This cn'pablo t*nei«j
not in Uie flesh) but iu the spirits o
vmg men this treding iu tlie imt-.ioi i1
fey pain eiing the ta«tei ol tiie nmrail
this trampl.ug upon latv and subrertiiig
the best m'erf sts of &< ciciy is an outrage
u ton our race aud an insult to Cod.—
When, oh when v» iU the people arise
from their lethnrgy aud sl ake off, w.lh
ui liguaut horror, the dtvilish luteins cf
this ieul in. aster? It is not n qu« aiion of
time. Procra^ti alion would c«fnai%
inevitable (eat. NUIM tnust be ihe unit,
teat. Now n ust eome uj »f war.'
Now we must battle for the unJisputed
freedom uf soul as well as tody. Now
we must advocate the enjoyi: at of intel
lectual libeity. ow we KIUM enforce
law, pul down rum, and iplan! up. u the
blood staii^ed citadi I of honor, liie flag of
temperance, fluttering uublush'ttg iu the
breeze. Now we nu*t u.ik U the
cause of right and uproot tlie »!.o .ghwl Is.
of enor Notv we must aim ur deadly
battery at the opposing i t«.y of rum,
drunkenness and vise and victory is
ours a* sure as tiuth is th wauU* ordlw
right, viitue and humanity.
Lei all u tiipeii-ni e men uwake. Now
you must tvoik by picep', Iy rxample,
by energetic «c iou 'J he tal s must be
tinned. Tnt^y can and VMII be turned.—
rej*eaied'y ntfirmed. The gambler, the ^ru,1'4e"Jlr!5S 'ts conse|uent vices
thief, and the highwayman take money
Wl" n"1 lon-
a,d our
t0 be
abiding vvul eu*
„, Then,* anl 'not till Uen,!
and spurious mass, Uie shape of human or $60 000. There w is i4i) ,,
beings. Milwaukie, in co«, quence, iu the morn
Fasten lhe lawty«ur bauuocsamiun»!,n?4
aUwtkalne**. V«t* te.a* •»i
here. The
village, our community,
«t stake. And ifc»
must be protveu at all ha«rds. This
taa» w*
Adtoeates of iuin, take ap thu
ller. The liquor seller does more, he !tu 'isl* at«ka-»»»d insciibed
of uluocenctJ(
WA* will fi^ht you
y'asU|"I'^n our b,inner «s victory. Oppos.ium
is our food- It invigorate^ us to nobla
deeds. It incite* us to action. It insuros
your defeat, inevitable as it is jun. You
may ply your hammer with the vigor of
Vulcan it will fuii harmless and inefTeC*
tive. You must now sing ywr last pa
on to Bacchus and ytu u.u«t play yoar
last riju,. ii, opiiu the iloor }.ots ol
Hon. N. W. IsbeM has ^res'gued tha
post of one oi ihe judges of the S
.^ "i"1^ '"wa"
etfect, and let it be i
61... b.
TI of Iowa, tnat 'Old Cedar is iu the bill Valim
tl*& The crop ol sweet potatoes is
rat/eg limes.
'«•*»«. Judjr Isl^-I)
nn able
8 Ul,il
IIU"«h U'[*a,ou
His resigua-
""'"t u men
..... can nil with e ual credit or u#» iuln^ss^—
Ftre t* vVi/iT'iuiii
u ....
Burned.— I he engine iioese ot the Lake
Millwauk.-e, was cou-
jumed ty fir.' on Mondsv morning
j„„.,yrd.5 .". iiow
iUU lroin
a! 7
reaced Clncago

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