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Ciptmt Jbbcrtistr.
8AIUHDAY, AUG. 3, 1846.
Ouapaifn Paper.
w» iHU wad Ue MwertUtr to new subecri
tan, «B«U the clow ot the present Presidential
Caspa^", for the mall ram of Fifty csutsu
This will cIom the 3d Vol. of oar paper. We
bepe the friend* of the principles we advocate
will Mitt to increase oar circulation.
A Printer Wanted.
A Practical Printer can And od emidey.aent
0| this offle Apply »oon.
foi«g Ahtad.— Tkt improvtmmU i% Tipton
--Ieily the stops takea for the better are notice
able. The buihllugs I .dug erected this* year arc
of a more substantial mi 1 creditable character
than erer before Brick store houses, large
dwelling house*, etc.
Tlntou is now one of the bent locations in cen
tral Iowa, and is thriving cqaial to any town in
the State. The healthy reputation of the town
will nerer desjrt it.
We now have two good size! newspaper®. find
both will live and do well We have nil kinds
of states and mercantile home*, and more pom
in( on daily. tShopa ot all trades and all kiada
of business.
Our public school, if completed this fall, will
tqaal any similar institution in the Stat».
One prcat charm Tipton can boa" and
that is, erery one who has onee been hen* comes
fcaek again, if tb y dare to. It t* entichg
Dtntal finrgtrf.-Dr. J. Hammun, Dentist.
«f Muscatine, will v's't Tipton, on Monday, the
tltb day of August, and will f. one wiek
•hereafter be found at the Bireley Hou
Thoae wishing his serrioes will do well to give
kin a call.
er W« call particular attention to the notice
«fMr. Mahati. of Wire Feruleg wNcb bejf(V.ri«
Ibeaale. They aie ol gie.it benefit in Western
fOBntrea, and cau be fjruiahed at the bw price
one dollar par rod. Enrnwrs onirht tt aiain
Ins them. See adTertl^raeut (.a lib
Jfitbrtuk*.— N Hir# the card ol the "Bank
^flFl rooca." Tula initiation is owned by par.
Uas »ho* rciponil)ilitj i» w»*li known in 1 *a
aad their ownership of iha u.k will rvador alt
bill holders bvy ci a doubt.
•#?#ToUtionary —Mr o. W. Sm tb ploced in
e# hands, last weik, th« lire and fncllent* of
oas John PrtKtnr. who, from hi« bi Rrapljy, a?
paars to bava b«*en a half half aili^Uor
klod o( a m*o. "bar hunts" #nli
•ryfiing ever acbinv-d hy the inimitable Crmk
•I. H« jttva th*! tondi'ii abi.ut t'ie oS-«* u
Washinirtoii *omi r«1 hits. His book for
eaie at Wm Knott'a 0»kftore price 2S eta
Cocwtt -W» giv» conmilerabie rli
ear space this w«ek to the pablicaliou of the
Jadgt a Keport. W# do *o because lit* i* ihe
Auditor and the offii er ia wLomj offielal
dativs the people of ih* county are mara direct
ly intoreatad than any othar. The rej ort ahows
wall for OIJ Ce lar ^te it atiii oil h«*r "tips,"
with head up and pisui/ of tin "apoadulicka
ia h«r ranlt—cuongn to enable as to do cocsid
arable towards tii# coufietlnu u( lha jail this
CsIL Uarrah for 014 Oadar—her baak Isaol
Tirron raAKt —W» bnvo urglectad to aotics
tha changes iu Uaicaati'e boutas .Lis place
Mag macit.
Mr. 51. J. Ilawley it ta.'eeaaor to Williami it,
Oaaway, and carriaa ea the Furnltnra lusiaaaa
attSM o»d staau u virgin mock
frown 4 Saaaaa hava opaaad alMW Cabinet
Mr. A. Pursocs his razored bis Saddla aad
Harnasa Shop to a aaw room iu the brick build
tag Ml
'h of iba Court U mac.
Frsdilok U.atr«id has b^.It him a new brick
baaaa and opcuad a aaw Boot 4 iboe btore aoath
tha Coart lloase.
MUlhoaaa 4 Neyman bara bo i It the anew
haasa, aad takan th 'ir ilarucsa 4 Saddle Stora
oathsaou'ij aida of the public aquure.
Tha Poat OSlce la removal to the west aad of
'the Culbertso* Itlock, where Mr. Long ban quits
a Stock of books' fane/ goods, eto.
Mr. & S. Free" aa has filled up a neat Store
•a the corner below the Al lrich House, where
ha has a stnra wall A!l« with Boots 4 Shoes,
and will iu*ke to order, ia the beat style, any
thing in liia line,
Wrigli A Carl are succaaaors to W- Rath, and
u« erecting a new brick honae next to SwoUmU
4 Sn\ drr.
Mr. C. Childa is pattiag up a new brick Stor#
haaae oa the north aide of publia squire, aad
will eon have a uew Store iu fui! blast.
Bireley LaiUaia have on hand lumber of all
hiada- TUi« ia a new wrinkle ia town—the flist
lasiber thid iu tlie place. Saeceaa to them.
*ai-1 Kn»'t'. ia sacceeeor U Ciark Knott' ia
tils Bo.k trads, etc.
Mr. Johnson does t'je Barhuiag a»a
Chambers 4 Son's Drag Store.
Mr. J. W. Uagley ia erecting a large brtek
building on the corner above the Bircly House,
when he will soon open a Book 4 Stationary
JiMpk K.Hnydtrmd W ItamM^L-l& u i
Whwr" Cn™i re'
jportoom* from, can auy one tell Again, where
4M the idea of making "reprisals" come from
Th« Democrat, of this place, speaking
ol the Calhoun democratic platform of!
Cincinnati, says:
'Q.U.lte,cl'(rfreLit "deed, it it from the
one adopted by the Repubhcan partv, or
mon, p^ y
speakfng) by
northern abolition factum, every liM of
which breathes forth disunion.'
•Breathes lojrth disunion.* What a
monsUous idea. Brother Democrat, did
you ever read the Republican platform
After euch a 'rhetorical flourish' as the
above, we don't believe you have—bet
ter read it, and not make such a ——__
display of yourself.
Which line of that platform is it that
'breathes disunion?' Is it the following
Resolved, fhat the maintenance oi the
principles promulgated in the Deciara
lion of Independence and embodied in
the federal Constitution is essential to
the presetvution ol our Republican insti
tutions that the Federal Constitution, the
rights of the S'ates. and the r^o* or
the States shall be preserved.
What do you think ot that, Mr. Dem
oora»? It j», t"l0 fiu resolution of the
Republican platform and each following
one is in the same spirit—and does that
spirit 'breath disunion
As a man ol truth and veracity—a
man of honor and an honorable journal
ist, do you not feel ashamed of yourself
lor making suck a bare-laced assertion
right in the face of truth—so palpable and
uadeniable—ain't you blushingf -jf you
ain't vv« ought to.
But read ont
'That as our republican fathers,when they
had abolished s'avery in our national ter
ritory, urdained that no person should be
deprived of life, liberty or property with
out due process of law, it becomes our
duty to maiutain this provis.on of the
Constiu'iou against all attempts to io
late it for U:» purpose of establishing sla
very in the United States by positive leg
islation, aud prohibit its extension there
Is that disunion' It is the policy pur
sued by Washington and Jefferson, and
Jefferson incorporated it in'o the ordi
nance of 1787, which was signed by
Washington, which forms a art of the
Constitution of th« Union. Is that dis
union? Again:
'Resolved, That Kansas shall be ad
mitted as a State of th. Union with her
present free constitution, as at once the
most effectual way of securing to her cit
izens the enjoyment of the rights aui
privileges to which they are entitled, and
of ending the civil atrife now raging in
her territory.'
Is that disuuioa?— do you object to
Kansas being a frea State? —do you—if
not, why do yr-n say it is 'disunion' for
the free people of this nat on to desire
Kansas to become a free Sta'e again:
solved, Thstthe highwayman's plea
that mifft.t makes right, embodied iu the
Oaten circular, vas in every lespect un
worthy of American diplomacy, aud
would bring shame upon any govern
ment «r people that gave at their as no
Is that 'disuniou.' Is it seeking to
diasolte the Union by seeking to perpet
uate freedom and extend free institutions
—is that disunion, Is it disunion to con
demn Rurtianism, BloVshed and mur
jr—to condemn a merciless crusade ep
oo a helpless people —is this disunion,
and, finally, is it disunion to oppose the
principle that 'might makes right.' Is it
disunion to oppose the tyranny and op
pression of the mighty over the weak.—
Is it disunion for the honest laborer to ask
more than ten cents a day for his wages.
Tnese are Republican principles, and
where,in thein is the 'line which breathes
forth disunion.' You had better turn to
auoiiter column, Mr. Democrat, and read
the Republican platform—it will do you
good—it may convert you over to the
cause of truth and justice—of Freedom
and Fremont*
If you want le know what breathes
forth disunion, Mr. Democrat, you will
find it in the boasting speech of Bully
Brooks, who was protected in his mur*
derous assault
article in the Chfar Dftn^c af, of last weeli
©verthe above signatures, It li said li hr^
been currently reported through town, and oorae
M» the ears of Mr. Joseph Crawford, that the Dew
Drops Intended to overturn the house ia wbirb
He lived Now if such a report had become
camat, who made it so? Tire Uew Drop*, both
^Mlviduaily nod colleotlyefy, in the Lodge room
Pftt that they b»d never made, beard or eveu
kougbf of su£h a thing and hence, if there
was euch a report it must have been circular!
PT the ram drops or others, and not by the Iew
the aU
most unanimous vote of the democratic
patty in Congress he said he was willing
to lei the Union slide, -'ate, si. to aid
You will find it in the present democra
tic platform of Georgia, viz:
That the Delegates to the Democratic
National Convention, *re hertvu express'
I,/ instructed insist on: I. The recog
nition aud approval ol ihe primiplt* of
non-intervention, by Congress, up.m the
»«asM iuur wiifiri, mail ou( vj iuc w# uuri-iuu*i vtruiiuu, uy
Prope, or it must have beon the promptings ol a subject of slavery in the Territories. 2.
Tb'it no restriction or prohibition ofsta-
and If th« Dew D.-.tp* should vi-date law by made in nny act of Congress, «i. That
overturning hou.-ee, II*. wby n appeal to law
JO puniN. tbem. as tb-v are re,omroe«d«d t«. because of the existence of
appeal to law incise it's vi-lited Waichhas f. .i f„i
come nearest threatening mob violence, Dew slavery therein. 4. 1 he fai h^
Drop*. *ho n'nei' t'lou^ht of sucb a tbiug, or tiqn ant| maintenance of the fugitive slave
those who talk of r*p -i.-*:ils
Tilers is timh in the *a}ing, that, there are
persons in to#a w"io would 'el I kattaokin^
the Daw f»ro|H4 In their head qe-arters'' This
has beeu th 'en by oue attuck already in i !•?. arid
there are, no doubt, tfione whj would like to
••*e some pretext for another. Bit tlieD-^
Urope ku*w how nd their own business full
•s well tho rum drop*. In conclusion, we
would just Buy to the people of the town and
aeniity, that hereafter, when tliey h^ar auch
enrrant report* abjii* the few n.-opi beiua
about to uke the law into their own hamK you
ia may aet it down as the labricatiou ot sjine
which measures thu ltw abiding laiitiof
•f the /. ew Drop i hy their own, and that too.
Moat likely, wbeu cuder tho stimulus ol U(e op
posite of /Jew /Jrops.
Mart rum the Steamer A"ostium Jndi•
-£»ETaoiT, July 18.—The propeler
Republic arrived here and brought up
Jjom the Northern Indiana, Frank For
Mi any territory shall hzreajter be
State shall be refused admission into
That if said National Convention shall
refuse to adopt the propositions embiaced
iu the preceding resolution,our delegates
to said Convention are hertby positively
instructed to withdraw therrjroin.'
Vou will find it in th speech of Jeff.
Davis, the present Secjetary of War,who
said disunion was an alternative, which,
in 'certain contingencvu ill tww witting
to meet.'
And further, Mr. Demosrat, you will
find 'disunion breathed' in the following
extract from tho speech of Mr.McMullin,
of Va., in Congress, vi*
«Ouc of the greatest misfortunes 0! the I
Jjom ihe Northern Indiana, Frank For-j country, Mr. Clei», is ti-0 fact that our
'•r, first engineer, W. H. Wetmure,first Norlhern bietliren mistake the chara''tf*r
WMlta, second irate, -waiter, and an en*! of the South. They suppose that the
gioeer belonging to he propleler Ohio, Southern disunionis's are confined to the
•nd two possengei *, names unknown.— Calhoun wing of the Democratic party.
Tha hull of tlu* Northern Indiana wa» That, sir, in.the greatest error that the
fowed by the Republic up !o the beach. 1 n.Tn of llit JJforth have ever fallen in-1
mi»i *l»ll. ptobtby wwltlcu. [w. Aid 1 wft yam I
country to know it—1 want the gentle
men from the free States, our Republi
cans, our Seward Republicans, cur A^o
litionisis, or whatever else .you may be
called, to knw it— dial ifyoa restore the
Missouri Compromise* or repeal the fu
gitive slave law, (Ai* V^ion wUl be dis
Y6u will find disunion breathed forth
in the Squalter Sovereign, the BgchaqaB
organ in Kansas, which says:
That Kansat must be a slave State,
oa this CMOS will be dissolved.''
Here is where you find disunion.—
Among the Democrats, but not among
the Republicans. The Republicans are
liberty loving, constitutional, Union lov
ing freemen who follow the teachings
and principles of Washingt jn and Jeffer
son. While the present negro-worship
ping supporters ol old Buck and his Cal
houn notions, aie so much enamored with
wool—so much bftu ctddltd after the ebo*
shin, that, unless they can have the dar
ky their families, aud in the fields,and
in their business, can have him (and her i
more particularly) wherever they are,
then they cry dissolution, dissolution.
There is vvh'-re you find dissolution—
Dick Johnson would have dissolved the
Union rather than have been deprived of
hi"? darli.jg house slate, and that same
policy n0vv pervades every channel of the
present Calhoun.Buchanan party—if they
cannot jiaVe the nigger wherever they are
then comeft
Aint you ashamed, Mr. Demociat, to
•ay/in the face ot sj much rcoord, that
the Republicans are disumonists.
You aro 'ike the thief, who, when de
lected and pursued, ran crying aloud,
'stop thief, stop thief.' So Mr. Demo
crat cries 'disunion, disunion.'
AU the disunion that they are afraid of,
is that the Hcpubhcans will dissolve the
unio:, between them and their dearly be
hoved niggers.
Inconsistency, We are requesiel to aak of the
democrat, the quesfiou: If they arc in favor ol
the repeal of the Miaeouri Compromise, why do
they oppose the extension of slavery ia their
-tr -'f parleys and fence corner electioneering
And wh'm th»?y tbiw oppose the extension of sla
very en the tbj. why do they fiu.. to bo. ily op
paae it in the pla»frui ard conventions?
An answer is respectfully solicited.
J6kF A son »f Erin, lately arrived at
Baltimore, was employed to drive a cart
Not being an adept in the art and myste
ry of haul'ng dirt, was wofully perplex
ed when he wished to empty the cart.and
after as much maneuvering to get it into a
proper position as would have sufficed to
move n 71, he matched up to the horse's
head, seized the bridle with a po.verful
grasp, and sang out with a hearty good
will, 'rare up! rare up!' calculating the
horse would elevate himself lar enough
to empty the cart.
Hail Ko.i'i i tr.f I?.ble
•ap»iSi I1**.' .t •. H«il»1**»A.
Mi' r. «r n 5 87
Jr. at 5 It S
I,., „t CM II' t.*
r» jlh* mi i-'h- 'i ar'i earti daj
imxt .. i. v .. ,•
Bito lUbcrtismmits.
ALM OF UKKi FLOWERS Just received
ai the Broadway Store.
3f. A. it'll.PHUT, Agent.
under^ignefl t^kes this method to inform
the cit sens ot 'iiptoii, aud surrouudinj
country' tha' he has b.ugtit out the o'd lirm
Wn.i'a n wyy, and bas low cn hand, and
oonfU&ily r'ti^iviug
Furniture of All Kinds.
Bureaus, Tables, Bfdsteads. Chairs, Sai-h, Matts,
Sfi-'.. 4"0- ir whicti e will sell for Caeh as low
as at any pi .ce in the West.
a 1 1 a n S e o Y o u s e I
Tipton, July ]0, JPtf, N.J. HAWLEY.
The Indiad Healing um Pills
Prepared cmlinc to Recipe Obtained
of the St. Croix Tribe of Indians.
rT,HK -E 1'ILL.s are prepared wholly of Heal-
JL ing iiUtLs. and are very p.Th ions in cu
ring lulntonm) and scrofuluu* diseases, and
all kinj- .f ItlUuua ll«eMa» ».
1 licy are b.i eoirSineii last thoy can be taken
in every stage ot with saf«ty by simply
Tsrving tbe Nos. end dose according to ihe i
«trtngt!i of the patient, and the Mtate of the stom
ach. case of cstivene^s, use So. 1, ami
in eases of relax u*e No. i. Aii'l 1^ rnc«t enses
botii sh«ui.i Ut '.st ult-rna?ely: No. 1 ia wie
morninfr, ami No 2 in the evening, for a num
ber of days in suee.eesion.^fa There is neither
.Mineral, Herb, Bark, nor Root
in these 1'fils nor anything nauseating to the
lease jrivn them s fair trial, and they will
prove thciaRelvcs to ie a very ctlc tuai medi
ciBn in he.iling and rnnovir.g diseases.
These 1'ilUi are warranted as an Antidote
•gainst Fever and Apne, if tak^n iB Mason.
pared and sold by the sul'scrit.er, at his
Study, uii the North cad of Loup Ktoi k, Locust
Street, in Tipton aud In other plares by h-s
Agents. K. I'- KOLJ.INri.
j'. S.—British Oil, Pain Kxtraet r, Cholera
Powders, and Toothache l'aste, alto for sale I y
the snbeuriber. L. B. R.
Tipton, Iowa, Jaly 1% 1#M. »tf.
Xj xx xxiber
At th.-
Minnesota Lumber Yard
Corner i 1 nn.l Fourth Streets,
Op^isiu tiic'-New Penn-vivai.ij House,"
B. FULLF.H would respectfully
anno'inre to 'he it /ens of Davenport and
surrounding cuntry that he has recently
ed an ex'eii.-ive
u e Y a
corner of iowaai.d Fourtli s'l-eeU, direcllyop
posite New Pfimsylvania use. where he ha»
now on huuJ a large arid well selected stock
of Lumber, consisting in part of
Flooring, superior quality Fenciag, fu
inch thick Siding, full half inch 1
tli 11.k, Ceiiing, biiee'.mi
rtiAKra: as TIMBHR.
Jcist ale! fci-antiiugof all diuiersi as, r|pa
stutf and hoards of every quality from eipht to
twenty-lour feet long, Doc,000 bett qinility
shave.1 pine shmslefj :hio.000 best qualitr pine
laths also 20,(Hx) So. 1 pick*t« 15,000" No.
Pickets also constantly en hand a lull assort
ment of Sish and Itlazei M'tmtowt.
The particular attei.tion of builders aud pur
cheers of 1 irnlirr is invited to examine out
stock which will be sold at
Pf ices that Cannot fail to suit Purchasers
Du.it forest the place, corner Iowa and
«rth streets.
S. B.—Purchasers from the conntry stop
ping at the New Poensy Ivania H01.se will have
the aJvanU»c of sel«-..ting and loaJing thr:i
lumtT, without takini then h'naes from the
Florence, Nebraska.
tn. B.SArcKNT, Prrs't. pabkcr, Cash'r.
Undersigned, Proprietors ef the Baxk
or FLo*E*tK, Nebraska, are hy the pro
visions of its Chnrter, individually responsible
for aTt it* ismes. at.d will rrdoem the Notes of
aid Institution in Coin, at it* roun er in the
t. itjr of Fiot ence. and nt ithsr of their Bank
ing Houses, iu Eastern Exchai ga at 1 per
eent, or ia Specie at same rates as other ear
Cook 4 Sargent, Piivenperi, Iowa.
Cook, Sar^ant Hi Downev. Iowa City, Iowa.
Cook. Serpent,*, Ooo|c. Ft. Pen 'loin^s.
Ss erfnt & Parker. Kl.reace, Nebraska,
t. Iowa, Juiy t, lKH'i. 41 im.
received a.supply of Dr. Fitch's Mxd
Icikxs, a! thv Uroiiowiy Drug St re.
A. U1LBEKT, Ag't for Cedar co.
Uf© Sived at Mldnighlt,
ly Gre«nrirs Instani lurr of I'liii.
Thu motnciit it ip nsel intt rn \lly. it darta
through the systtm. allay? pains instantly. In
four minuter it ha* diffused throuph tht* lym- i
phatic system and blood its thrilling p^wer. and
quickly torced its way tbriinah every frverish i
or dis- ased nerve, vein or gland disimlving: ob
struciions. relieving ioflamation, fevers ami
spasni'itic pain?, has enrwl n»rvor.s head^he in
•'SO minuHcs. curii(t rhelunatiem mac cally. It
fact it is the sine qua not of uudicine.
ant try one Bottle. I'rioe 25ita."^3^
fcold By A. Gilhkrt, Agent.
AIfk, by Hall a Cha viskkm. a JO ly.
Nolio' i» hereby eiren that the s itisci'bnr Is
now r»-ady to do Wtn'l Cn'iinoi i* mill, on
Ui*k t'reck, three miles Fouth cf Tipton, (for
merly known ae Fov'f Mill) bis ma/'hiii»" is ol
tLj bent quality, and lately brought liotn the
east, the bosineso receives his
Personal Mention,
And from a long experienoe in Manufactonrtnp?
he feels safe in assuring the public perfect satis
21 3m May 20th 185#.
S. MlIiLKK. late ol tho firm of Avery.
I'pl'am .V Miller (havntif dissolved from
Mi it concern on the l*t of Mirch last), has
formed the new Arm of Miller tir Runvdt, No. 79
S .ath Water street. Chicago, and having been so
ortunate ae to I'-c ive their Spring clock ot
Groceries, il nd^arce c! any other house in their
line, induces tbem to ntfer their stock for nett
each, a' lower pries thanf can be found at any
0ll"'r hull-' fl I lie eity.
Their stock is large, aad entirely new, and
consinis. in part:
]iiiOch.'sis T. a.
•V'O hrigH
5( 0 hhds
3 U bblrt Mo!asSS%
Pa an S SB S J7
I) irtiinprt Qft S IA
Huaravn* at 4 Sq 7 SO
Kxpr»«|«**.n.Tiipott at ft l» r.
M. KattatSAoA
li.r.oi a. fi JS 10 28
i *1 V "I
2W boxes Class,
I.V'O kegs Nails,
$00 boson Kaiftns,
KM) (Jod(ii4j,
.' 0 Tierces llake.
I 0 S?rup,
Al*o. n spl'jiid Msortmeiit of Wooden Ware
and Yankee Nouona. Mii i xa a R-.im'H,
tf Chicago, May 41 MM.
ru FI R,
Dentin*, Cni tr Ha/tid*. iouoa.
Have the pleaenre of annnut.cing to the eftl
Kens of Tipton sn 1 vicinity, th»t they have made
arrangements that on tf th^ni will le iu Tip
ton on th" Srst Monday in each month, and spend
one week in the pinctiee of ih"ir profession.
A 1 opfratlons entrusted to thetn shall be exe
cuted in the most woikmanlike manner.
iffioe at the Temperance Ho lse ly
THK undir.-i^ue'i aie new s»ropai.d to fur
nish Lim- ut the lowest prices. '1 b-y are
also i jMtvd to deliver it at my place to suit
the purchaser. O :r lime can't be beat and it is
always on ti-md at th« kilo, 4 uiiks wee'of
Tipton, near Pwiggnns' Mill. K.voit a Cai.viv.
ia u'
V first (j-islity, "Vo. A'" stock farm, con
taining 3.10 acres, also, sw qr, sec 21, tp 82
1 w se qr n* qr S"c 24, 79, 4 w w hfse qr
sec IS, .H2, 3 w. nw qr sec 9 81 i w. also, a
number of vi)l»^, lot* which are the cheapest,
snd among the most sirable in the villein.
or further p-irUcula a, li.tj ,ii« uf thu uuder
signM. at bis office in the Court House
nol8] H. 0. PIATT.
U^T received at the Hroatlwiv !)rup V^ri
ety St."-p, a new nock of Drugs, 'Medi
cines, Painter** Articles, Groce
ries, Hardware, Rakoa, lioea, &c., Fancy No
tions and Toys. 19 A. f,'i!l)«rt
Nuts, Ralfcine. I i^s, Piunes, Citron
Oranges, Leutons aud Apples for sale by
A. Gilbert.
II.Y White, L'qnid Rouge. Flake White.Car
i mine, Toilet I'oaders, and Puff x» s by
A. Gilbert
Needles and Cotton, Perforated
Board and Worsted, sold by A X'ilbert.
Knives, forty kinds for s&le by
A. Gilbert.
ORTE Monna'os, Wallets, Pill Heads, Blank
a great variety, for sale by A. G.
Uoclt-Jslanb ^bcfrtisfinfiits.
T. a. CAFE. N. K. srsonc, JK.
OASF. & STRONG, Agent*.
Willi. E? ALE 1CALI RS I*
leslher, Shoe Findiius, ht.
We solicit the attention of Merchants 4
Shoe Dealers tn i.ur Stork and Prices
N. B.—Cash paid for Woo. «t..v u ry Hid e
Rock Island, III., June 27,55.
Piio n i t: ni:ni A
Also iiiipi .'.-rs, and Wholesale L'calers in For
eign ar.il Domestic Liquors, Wines, Cigars and
Tobacco, Nordeli's Bloek, Illirioip St.
Cash paid lor torn, a'heat, Oats, Grass
Seeds, itc.
n 8-ly Rock Island, 11!.
stationary and Wall Papers. Mer
chants and Teaeti»rs supplied at Whole
sale. Musical Instruments, Prin« e's Superior
Always on Hani it Fietary Prim 1
Tliose wishing instiuments are invited to Ai
We warrant them.
County and Public office Records and all
kinds of Blank Books constantly on hand.
Any k ind furribhjed to order at short notice.
Otir Books are
Not Excelled West of New fork!
^rintfcr's complete outfit*, as ve have
W# Northwestern Type J/gency,
type and material on hand al$o only agents fo
Hoe's Printing Presses in this region. Person
purchasing from us will have their good deliv.
ered in Davenport, il desired. When you come
to the river dou't forget to cail over.
fttfl/, RocklAl*ft4
te's Pres«s 4. White's Tfpi Agsacy
Carport ^liiucitiaciucBU,
I'urwaitlma au.l fiiiiimiksnm McrcUauU*
BAZAX aciLiiNo.4 rjii KIT LAKUIWO,
l,unu*r of all d«script!on*. I^aths, Shingles, wia
dow and door frames, window «esh of all klad
aiiii .''.toe, [4-tf.
1856! 1868.
Uull, Allen A Ct.«
(Late Hull .• I'ari.'th.)
Produce Forwarding ft Com it
Lam, ... DaVKKroav, Iowa
Azert* for
Andf^rthr ml Y.-sn* A"
Pon«M» Mill f.n k Mm* nt «na .fcs. A
,,, W'
b« 8utv It W A, ft.' Ji'HX UlCh ft ATKPt
li Kcr«l «*AT
IhTlltlH^S A"ft PiMicM
i! IMS Mii1 BaaS U trt- .por*
»r Ort •?.
li b»v ud I in
No. lis Lfit ARI. Itl.OrK,
Good Goods, fair dealing and low prices bava
In consequence of Ihe great rush t® eur es
tablishment, wi have secured more room over
oui store, and have opened out a
WkoUsale Foom.'f
Which forsir.e and quantity of poods contained
therein, will compare most fin oratdy with anj
Ihing the kind in Davenport, and we are now
prepared, and will con'iHue to keeu «o. bv
weekly arrivals of Ncic (iooh! tu siij,» cut
cuotomers, and all others w ho may give us a
tall, uue of the largest and beyond a'l uo tbl the
heapa&t S'ock of (iooii
Thit has ever l.eeri otl'ered in f)av njort.
We are enabled hv purchasii s: our goods from
First Hands, and many I them from tbe
Mw iork Auttioii i'uoiiu
To sell goods from ten to twen'f-fiva par
eent. less than tho$o who purchase in the usual
wav. and we are determined it all Innards to
maintain tbe repnta'ion we have already ac
quired of belt s 'lie Cne«pev| Store in j) uen
port. 'iifuKeineinbt that we continue t.
practice what so many lately are professing
and do sell all our goods on the One i'mik
Cash Svstkm. [nU ly
StoircQtje, i:oiPtof)lrSiii(j & Cclnhilwjab
In this branch or tbe trade, we are prepared
to do a large amount of business. Merchants
aud others making consignments to our boose,
may rent assured of the uuno«t ii'ieiiijr «u our
psrt to their int«*rests, and that their consign
ments shall receive prompt attention msaksaud
N. It. Satisfactory relerences given in all
Caace, and with pleasure. Kvan McCart
number 19 till torb'.d.
A a e a n o e e S o k o
IVoodenwars, Provisions 4fe.
which th-y offer to tbe t:ade at Wholesale ei
e'niively. To Retail Hersbants. llottdkeepers.
aud ouiera of the iuterlor of the State and Neb
.jka, who purchase at wholesale, we give the
assurance that we will All their orders and mera
o.anda at v hicago and St. Louts prices trans
portation addttl.
Merchants. Grfjcers and Ilotelkeepers, doing
business on tbe line or near the line of the Miss
issippi ft Missouii Riilread. Iowa (-ity. or far
ther West, will tlnd it to their interest to make
heir pnicbass of us, and by shipping their
Goo-ls by the M. 4 M. Railroad savo 54 miles
hauling hy team' from any other point on the
river. 'ur tacilitics are of the first claes, and
we feel the most positive confidence, that if you
will give us a call, look through cur stock, and
learn our prices and terms, we shall receive a
liberal share of your patronage which it shall
be our aim. by furnishing first-rate good* at
favorable prices, and fair dealing, to merit sal
i)iiv (jooiw
li!' •. Se n-. t, nli.
Davenport, 3owa,
invite the a»t. i.'i. n cf
itlcrchaniH and Pedlars
'o the inducements which they offer-
A large xl ck' Cord ds-Prim nalowas io
i e -O O S i i i S
and the sam i rates to an inevp1 ri»uc.ed buyer
ss to the oldest merchant. We have Uy far the
larg st stock ever brought to this market, com
pris.t.n a full lin'i of
All the host makes of prints suitable for this
market, fancy 'ress god», tr'nghatn?, alpaccas,
lawns, and a very largo assortment .! the best
tnakua of
Pantaloon StufB?,
Denim*, diills. Pley linens, ve: tiogf, Ste.
We b..v onhar.d a fine s'o k of notion*, to vviicb
we aie sduinp eveiy week. .v rcha^ts wi^l'ing
to replenish tl" ir stock", will lo wi-li to calL
We h.t- e a l" u. il nshorM»n Parasols,
which we will s^dl tt th" 'owe le rates.
£1 MBH01
Keedle-v. "r.v i odluM. s, t, at eastern
prices. I shu or short time buyers, with oa'U
actcry reference, will find it lo ilifir inter* st to
all on [n wiii] AD f.' \PP.
To thel ilizi lis oi t'entral Sowa.
t'ot'J* Ilat ici'
.iTvlv IO
f.uBHtn »i vm«:-'N and I'i-ihi it ra i ktS
llnvr,i|mil, Iiihk.
Invite the attention of Fanners. Builders, Me
chanic*, and consumers of Lumber generally,
to their cK'ensive jod un»'qua!le.i selected stock
Sjdicc. Bam Boarding,
SlttiiKleK, &C.
Our purchases iiave recently been made or
Green Bay, Lake iron, and Lake Ontario
and brought by vessel to Chief.^o. an." tfience
by the Chicago aud Rock Island Railroad to
Davenport. Tho wants of a large emigration
}i.to Iowa huve been
in "ir selec­
tions an i purchases.
)Woodwortii's relebraled Piitpnt._) are now
i tiliiiinir in our Mill, and our facilities lor mat}
Are unequalled in h- West. We are also en
tensively engaged in flie MaaufacUire of
We can do better bv tur customers thai, ev
er before, aud will do our best Jo suit tneus
Davenpert, Iowa, Oct. 23,
Bradley A Brodtett.
Wholesale and Retail dealers la
Paints Oii^, Window Glass,
Sash, Doors, Blinds. Set
OtiZED Vl X»«W«.
snt«eriNrsa-e now
p.eparrd U off'-r to
tha eitir.'ns of Dtv»nirt .ml rurnniid'tttf i
Country ti-»a most ftompb-te a^^'it-n r.t Pain'-".
Oils, tiiiss, SA.-b, Ulmds and 1) orsev\!r bnugbt
this market
1 00 (s^o wtts Pa»b, aborted s s"*
5 0'0 IV *cs Window Glass, assorted sties,
I) •om. a Urge asoortment,
iilind'. tt)»
ben lot of TMm BllaissTcrj
bought to I hi* m.*i k
l,»nl, a fr»«h lot of White Lead, jas* r^'ted,
(alazod *'ill(ltiw«,
W« have for sale at No.
10.OM, o^ner Itrady and 4th str«»t*. a larp»
SU k ct ti'.izel Wliido**. as-HM-ted s'.' •«.
Store tfonts Cited up with double ihVfcn»»ss
French Plate, or c« inavn Pittsburgh ar.d Xom
Vork iiU«. Glar'ng done upoa Aort noUee
and siiiistictory terin^.
Orders proivotlv Hlt'nd»*i to
June 28, 2ft tf.
lO.UK) Hradv A Fourth.
UAitA u iii iiy it tutUsui,- «f Itotu..
Alsa—-a new
..r' Pri*bnom«,
n and Willow Ware, yueensaare,
tiiasfcware, Sails, Paints, (Ml»,
tiiine, $?.: tnjfothsr vi ith a host of other
artii'l' In our line, too u'.imerttu* t«» as«'nti«»:
a o tslm-h w i be so'.l .»t a »!.-..ill o u
cost, at WlLliV A Ml N.ibtt,
On Second Street,opposite Le Claire Mo*, be-1fwH.
twi tu mi »nd Hi» at. Pavanp.-rt,
July 2d, ISSrt, S-»cw. loa a.
Nourse, Vialo & Co.,
Ctfrmr A'e.* I out &.r,
PavenpTt, l!«a.
OTer for sale at Wholesaleand Retail.Clover,
Timothy, Bios Grass aad .M.llot Seeds, Garden
and Flower Seeds in gr»\t variety.
Agricultural & llorhculturnt Impttmmh
ef the nv«t ap|roved manufacture.
e a a n o u e i S
N. BW, Ve i« V Oo. have made atran^WMB a
by wliicla th -v havt* the exil'isive i»ai- iu la
secii. n,
n O E S .7 E
Tbe subscribers bare now ou hand, and are
daily receiving from tbe East and South, at
JS'o. 5 h'RUX ST., A.YD LEVEE,
(Barrow's New Hiock) Davenport, Iowa,
a large, well selected and full stock oi ireeh.
Prime (Irorcries, Nails, Glass, Salt,
.U,IUHU'm Oieta'atcd First Prerriura
Woild's Fair Ueaper and UoWrr. Ale Mttnnit'i
a*d Hvkk'* Patent Reapers and Mowers. Aid
A."f./iw»'i'» ct lebratt i Mower o-mick'al
llusw i •, Ion-sell's, Wright and AtkUt't U.r
n'-thed to rd r.
All persons slntig
Hcapfv^ nub iHotofra I
sh-mM onfer th.m early,as the dem vt is ^te*t»r
than tbe supply. Ilet«p s and Mj*-:rs ar" sold
at Al'inuf ,ctu*ri 't Ft i ej, with only freight ai.d
warehouse ari*. addnl.
Eor«e-Power§ n^d Threshers,
We are sole At' nt*ii tlii« "ec.tioii lor the ^ale
the justly celebrated Fill's
rpHE Pab^crilsrs having re-arraigoi
Mai hlne
notaithstaru'in^ i' is the tirst reiuli n of
Ihe kind ever invented, and put ln*n su'e.*Ht.il
now s ant1 .as it alway- lias stiv d,
the best machine fr threshing and cleaning
gralu in existence. Also, Pitt's double pinion
or 10 horse jsjwer. Kiaery's Railroad endbs
chain Horse-powers
l'eas.»'s F.iceloi. 11 ir**
Power,with breshers,seperatur-.cletners,clover
hullees, circular and cross cut saw mills, ooro
ah tilers. A,-, aud ail
Other imp iaenis adapted to Power.
To Broom Manufacturers. Notirse, Vle &
Co.. at the l.iwa Ajtri^'iIturnl
sain Camheiu'f putent
with all
otW ter
Broom "orn Pi» iler«, lo
Mn.'bines us*?i in Hrooni liaatt-
I act u re. Also. Shaker broom winding an I sew
ing twine,of the lir-t totality.
py\Vi mui i IP.l LFES.
The lw*t horse power Corn Shelter in use is
Hci /tiiii i S!a iU r.
This Machin" is capable of Shellinor and clean
ing 1.S00 HutheU of Cvrv Jay. Every
Farmer having a large quantity of oorn to shell
should piire.hase i ne ol these Shellers. 2i tf
the it
.1. stock after tbe canfusI'Mi (ecafclorid
1 S i n
recently, are prepared to invae the attention of
persons in want, to our large and general assort
ment of
Bibles, llymn and i'rayer Boeita,
School and Children's
Miscellaneous end (lift
Day Book*, Ledgers, l',ois P.ooks, ^c,
Writing Paper. Muvelopns,
Ink", Fluids, Gold atrl SieelPens,
Sealiuif W ax. Wafers, &c.,
W*i i. am. uiiTiiv lAi eaa, aoasars.
F'ire Board PatU rns,
.Ma().»/.'\»s, Nkwsrsreus. flr
AU ot which we supply at Kiett-ru Ffkts,
Wholesale or itetail, to Cish Buyers, at
No. 31 Brady
St., ne«r the Post Offloe.
Davenport. Iowa. 12tf KLI ADAM8 if CO.
i» OPES FIELD AJill Flit PU1
-If rn it ijj TMa
AT iforsr.r s. No. 2, li: CLAIHEROW
HAVEJu*! returned from New V^rk with uor
»nl be.- «toek .f fane isstehes and jew
elrv ev«T before offered in tilts mat kot. 1 have
gold wsuUes from $V0 to $2-. Silver do from
f."» to .0. Cob' "b:iln* fooin S7 t" JWI. Hoiirs
from ceiiN to 'O. IJreast jiins from 1 to $ 0
I would e ,t! j.irt«''ulnr attention to v stut'k
La-lie -'wat.'hes. whieli emtno-es a full variety ,»f
hunting sni ennmelled cases, and 1 tliiiik
can inot-t fastidiooa
In short, my whole «»v k of clocks, watches,
jew dry, silver »nd plated ware is full and com
pteic, snot in ii-li larger than has ever been brought
to this market and I will sell wli'-lesala re
tail at prices that n I d»fy ail (.on j» titioa.
Repairing done as usual on shori nettee.
Dec 9th. 1
-tat. vlnl-tf
Hcrse Rakes.
sul.-'xiliera cjii supply Farmers and
D»alers with horse and hand rake« of U»t
timber and workmar»hip, at the lowest *si
prices i V |. v:
21-tf N. W. err. ot i: I-isi .1 m-.-i I'r. nt Ms
XUu3catinc 3
i) ucitisemcnt«r.
Successor to la It .1 'A
132 Second MTS(^A I INI*.
Wv» are no w offering forsnle nt re
duced piices, our larw & v u ied s'ock of jew
elry. Give u* a call before ptirehss nc el-e
where. R«-ur-u.ber th |l-,"e at Kr.i. /s old
ftau 1,152 Second street, Musratire, !*».
Watches, Clocks and J- We'ry carefully re
paired. stf
S. tl. & P. STKLN.
Xos. 1-S'J S' 191, .Miai'it. Jit:*ealine
niture in it- various varieties. Constant
ly on hand a full assortment adapted to tic
Trsde or Retail. Ilartieular sUention is invt
t»d to our Li-ii iSTf.RKn Work, whicit is Hian
ulactured to Car Qrdir, in the F.a t^rn Citis
also, a
Very Superior 4riiclc of fprini
bed, H«-«t l«ini(« s, OK,
Thankful for the very h'oral p.lton gu
the zens ot iiptc i :u,.d Old t\daif gene
ral, y strict att^ulioTi io plea.is, and ie.i*ona
ble prices, we thai! en feavor V meiit a o.n'.i
uance .f the same, aid respectlully
Ine ite an Ktaminai on ef Cur Stock.
tisca'ine, June ItoC.. ft If.
U & & Z 3 3 1
i .tt'u.iy »I I UI.'II
aac EriciiAivp
fc 4! E Il III S K 4 ,M 0 A 8 E
Hater £(., Muscatine, hum
Cash atNanee* made on prnduce start
new imps va
»».«» va*itt3Ei •.
IIf Ol. Ll) re»p- !/u iy anneo-ire
»f rd.t'.'nsof I i|»tnn and r.oin'ry fair
ly. lit it tl.cy have established a L«iml»er
In Mi scATic« Sccund St.. onp«iits tbe
ver House, here they con-tsntly k* on n
sget(«rA! a*»orUn nt of
Equare Timbet,
Lath, b.c.,tk
.' tfcey are determine! to sell as ch- ap
"ii p't'chss"d anywhere itt the li'y,,
cash. Out motto is
"Quick Salc.i ngd small ProQt| i
Ar-y order n -im :Iji «H,i,try will b- pr«al
ly attended to as much s» as if the pi
chaaer was present.
Mr. Iloch havte.y been engaged in th* 1M
ber hu'-mess for ihe U»t six y.-.*rs in hi*
datter-* himself th»" he w.ll be able to i^
complete satisfac:ien to customers. Give
V.'f.ec '-ii eh^f'n? eNewhei".
*'H"ii anvil. i'vtr» is
.ill kh.t* of Uit/u r, Hides,
Shoe Findings. Saddlery, H:u^
ware, Collara and
Afaht Stiff, ,r //,/.. In' :',
lu%itr-». ». tn^'NAiviirits
A irciM v. M»Urflr« *«4 w«il MM^t(*a »|sck t)l
Boots & Shoe*, i
i?4, Seem, Street,
)ne Ptiee Cash System is Btrn tly ad k»
1 ed to C"»t'^-rs are respectfully iarft!
to call ami examine the Sioek.
Al'beral discount made to the Trad*. 1,1
miu i
I'kW AN'
.1 cleaniutr irrain at otic pp- r.ttii.n'
r". 1
\a-, i vi.
i »i. as. atiiusfeiM
•V'tlwHs1 i-«»s.f»w ^4t«iii'i
i'«as#vfi»Me «4ay i«* m, a v
Collection ut' Living Animals
#v»r (Sw c«niMt» I tn 7.*. *,'-»i
.«• 4*mm iM
MtUMlf wav,
n«*t t^i ih« wi •lywtmuH
European & American Stars!
Mtl'lle ZAMK80U,
t.» ttent acsit rnasmiysir%lt fmwt tVwn of ik« 1
nna|t|1 M.! «pj hv sin* of
I Wt HS« lenU. SMM
v .-,e »«.*'• Mad W'Us wbkh
T&Z G?.ASi5,
fw- a.V«. -4l«a» ff t» U'*
.« I •'tsls-'l t0 *R A i WMC#
'r*i" iri ml
p.* MO. I I K $ i 4
»M. 4t' if.
loti SOMKUSl i' MAN!'
s' miiM*1«. M* ««.«•
*¥l%m i.n. i.. .! to .ute A i, v«tl)»d
a-t i *r\*pr at
•'!*, wu. ea«:» t» tlr Sbvi.-..-.
!*r u -iysit, iwr W. ,«?««*», «*eli ft HS
of J*»•*»#*•• 4^*w»fs, «.»»' irj is e^nss *4 dr«
ft v,*. .1 wit I t.i'fj xtf I
-fw. v ,»i li.- fv|*
\\s* a^ -*1l»
4 «t fca y«4 isr aMc«
l«it '.I.*-**.•, AiMsitv,«.«»»! r*frfv •ah v- t-
TI 3BTT K.0339S,
csa iitnj 4 «,i th»
I...-'., i r».»,s i.
wi ti*.. ,e si t* '•'vU.tt
'&Vfl f. IV1 If 0
i u i
*-|vJ V''.* -.-v 't"*"'''K"®
iv iv
5 I '." a.» nf til*
ft Nt.'l ,.*•«» 'il., }.s*
The I'lliriUN II WMflAl.'
V y V- C'
sr* 4ji
wIli, #:vil'BU- al Tiptot) oa Tt:fc
August, tl i.'th.
IloiKs op? n si .1 7 o'clock, i'.
A dirndl. cticlf., Chiklmt %,'
.b i Tit -j eta. No halt j^ige to i'it.

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