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The Tipton advertiser. [volume] (Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa) 1856-1962, August 30, 1856, Image 2

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Ci^ijorii Jbbcrtisfr.
Miss SEBA SPICER, Assistant Editor.
BKGwir: TR
PfUocratic Republican Ticket.
Of CaUforou.
For V 'ire Presi-hnt,
Of ie* Jer.-.»7.
For Prttidf.x'inl EUctort,
Stale at targn DvSiEL F. MILLER.
14. JktrtM,
m. .STOVE.
Kcw and Th«n
•«»!»*. «»«j n»x»€r*i—w.« do l.i ta'ta a*4
-wou'.ii cytcai lh»M »o aH«ei a«
iu kit {i o«lij f(w«n.
u IT w*- I C».. '»'y»aT ih«l
v «i! -n w
u- a «*B urncirsiT
m»- .i»i»4 *b »i»- in***«i.e ib*». H»,
v-a- »ii i i vf it—-"«»• v—s l
S.M »T
w«JE«L it
»*i» r~ u i- ar *tri"i 'ir»
«fV Wi ,100 rB U
Kirs-', ts ar«3fT su
TIM i- Tc r' to It rSt»«.«
V'lll *n»R ltol !irr«h*. twIiW
*^»#,y (fir-1 in.' »-r»haa U«Q 111 paBitk
n.*- f. c.lia- •«.
'AS». *'"—'ft**
'(tit »ra tj thr'
C-»«V»r vj-1! r»rt* !.i*b i l.i. rt
um. UlsETT Bi tb* rCMSIT .f iiirrt.'.M —ItM'l
»B h» ct i«r^« »f f-b'c p'aton «l -h 4»y Mrasd
in l'« I* ti p.uin awl (t. MB i i in th«
*f!« ., t»-» "S!» ••*arT*^ wh'«,l i...
r«ui'** haej «b a n.iiBf to *.•'* e.—« A l0CbW(.
T1 i. i' .uf« n» rt i k Jlr'.n m. Scit
Ura, if n«T* f«'r 19 -r i w .u p.» 4 Ii. Lift
t* M.I: -J
ftiTar-iact u it n i« T*t Jloara Ml r*Bpthl»
U Ir .'It'lMMr Ifl'IMl l»r
Kl«b*r .*-h »r»tch«» ir
tUo Oii «J' S'J:
•T%S Ulb »—fi
in 4ei*le ee 'k I! a-
t'lif U«i 11* h** 4 ltd iLII ifti ud. i*f K«a
I*» *I
aia la
It r-'» to tha «I*
whaacti i- ifV.Min'« Ii m. uiy jl Kans«. ti «ei «i
i^i'. Iraun ^a^uh-d. u4 I.. r*:i'4«ri ••'lir
»»l t. ..l 4r,»..
II* »c*o ta* OQv^it.'rtg -j* aaai: tot** rrl* i
lia-« -4^ .wl"f fift -rt i&..t t»w tu i i.-.ri »i«it «»i
HfnJ»rt.4 ih». kai n«nd«ri M.,
'kaBir,—« a .ci
*td iwn
a ra ana diu (i au cf '.bi* litu OOCG
fa-Ink -«*t»»'»T»*«fn»i!T *sath »t*.»
iMrt *. *cr
Ouo• tl .u.
*o r.
-i i ,».c4i. m.iHil Mtaal)i rao
iiuiiua n -Jut Kuiut
ivb n
ib a#
•i p.iuc p:« a
tr^nffl ta
•Vn y
W»-t» e »t
ftOII it. t£,a T-r.l
-V^ta^t 1 I,
1 tr»-i U t
lilt.Q*i R]«&U. In s-^tieillv €l»«r Hf
u*» »i» "C o* Sov«r« it repa U
t--«i b* i PlatfwH f.f \y Kk
•WW#r«r fT\TR rrof 4* proper*j w S#.
i« PH 'Tmikditiu »KiniTr.
ud ck r.M fej
bf Tr
TOhV ro- S.
*Mt r. -v« r.auiier if an
WHlTf M%S an! p-Mir'-cnr Y -b- tV
pr i^r.v
1. (fea L'^.
m* »f tht*t V the larTiv«
I i i
TH» ti«* i ha« wftan aorh KA rn *a 4utnn*r
a#4 wi I Sirlr» thacu. in th,z\. AR
»1a1T -'T A*!' U t* *'.i r*Mj \vtk
Srw krar.»
—f^ay ho»k.
\%'%k -mi- i/wan ••n' Uttrr fi'«nv«ii
ia»4 il*' i» r.an'1 #l»«i it:. whv a**una* to kjxs»|i it
u» i a« t' «*r» fu i: u \kt»
1^4 n 14 ii 'toa c.
,,n»are' a n it ft s i»^l .!» aoCrat la lii# D"»rt»| o pos to
ta «ra«ju
a rv' a^ aa v
?m 4k* *iK
I h» a w *haJ
Lnf-w i? i f* cit ir:.
I 4) n W J.* CcmttHotfc*
i-a In U
K-Tt HKS -Ma:tawfi
kif^K the *'«!ley of Vankee Run uear it* juuvtioe
with the V)at Hipini,^ i,
IB »»'JU if Hi' Jli.ci MCI.II W csiW I i I .LA A
a d-t.vcn.jw.i-- tb*» uiti .p k.-o c«" on.,*,' manic lortune, the Army Appropriation
ad by h#tr ilgL' Mfots., I -»»p tb* »b, iika u,K*sor, I .»
tu -.H-.a -rd o: ,! .r »h U1 eVu
1 3
•o-i a
i1»a »i.»ha on
i rdiWi..f« wh pmr.ifct* u«tl
erwt»»4* «f» -n- Warth .was*r»» t4*rii
.w ulit A g: -R«ftc*
rac u
n M'.v .4i
art* ti.
ta.i-. 1 t^a-.«ivia:
Sb*X %^iar ^a y+* U r*»* Cbr atlaft ara tWra aba'I
m*rt Hrnn
ia tta M'' kn.iii i«a
tr« *I i f* to it»» »rn« the 0»«ii«'lr ta i.
ltd om r-^'i'i rj «f i*(« t*r-? VaJ fr. atlta'. —r'
•a va«
State Agricultural Fair.
Tn? 31 Aaiitial air of t: e Iowa State Agrl
eu)tar*1 Foe: tj v: he held In Mu^oitiue 00
tb- b, 5 h, and lOih d-tys of Oc*.ber.
The pr^rtafd'icns beinor mad-? w 1! ?qial ant
hi 'fcs U ol-.-n. Fitrmtn sire ea-secly solicited
to attend.
at this C-fTi.'e.
ear The Cedar Ccunty Agricultural
1-air w:'i f«helt! ti Tp:oa on the 1st and
-'ays of October.
Eaii Boais-The Criafaa
tuoiiot say to our readers as much
this week ott this fu^ji-ct as we dt
t-ul will say that the crisis of our
in the Ccun'y Las arrived.
otuidves aa a community, to their ut-
To jj.ve our read r«» as correct a view
as pofcsibie, we wth first call their alien-
of the Cuic'f E.igmeer. Mr. ^uuth) pub
luhed in full in the Chicago
Pr ss
Au^. 21st:
Sinj* mv r«r rt uf .T.tne 7-h. 'h» ttae hs* Veti
rv.T«"i frtn 0 Vtm toi.dvr liaind-i. vl i«
n.w r«jA'l/ lora da*! lo ation, an i, a« ind-cit-o
i ttm previa .• -p
ti. l.nf Is very faviir
a* to dr'ctni c' ch •-ir^i'-'s aii'i jtea't«s. Ta- li
raw da-' west on I) A itt
.f Clear Cie-k in* north westei ly direction
t*i«« run« dTntiv in s tang rf tbirt-en
tir !-, •it-tr t1-! Wab.*i|':tif -»-j Pi«era-.d atri
Again, the
rtinsi a n.irth
westerly direction MlIn? the rail.-" ot Y*a
Ii an ft »bot,t twelve miS,-p to the summit
I tbeu runs aear!y •k-u,,1 ibout Ha urlcs
pam-iog about oae-half a mi If south of ofcat.
locville it then bear* a little north of L'sbon
wnl Mount Vernon, s'r kin* the valley of Abtie
Creek, aid follow* tti v«ilev 'or about t-fni
milt* th v iliejr o! C- dar River it th n tbl
lows^the valley Hi elar ytr alaioteigbt
to Ct ir Rapids- making the total di«taiic
frota CI utiiii on tbu Mn-sirwippi river to Cedar
Rtpids. eighty one ar.d hull in ilea.
Dtm. Press
i 8a editorial,
of Chicago, in
same date, says
In ur olnmrtp. thin in«»rni will be fotr
the advertlsero-ut »f th.- E i^meer rf 1
I r. ml. B'kinK f.ir propoeals tor (blading a
jsrirj of tin' second iivi».oi of «aid a I. Tie
fi"St division fXte"ds from Ctl tot). Io*a. to
iit, a dUtano-of twenty 111 les. Thin dv i.n
i* in suc(i ii st, t- of .rwardiiess th*t It may ea
mIj b'_- mjjl-tid tiiis season A shmt tiok
nee »e announced the purchase 1 0 0 itc
of ircn 'or t: is m*J. oi the 13 iust. tbe
rectors bought, in New Yoik 7.V0 t»ns more.—
ie have p'l-cha*. iit. gethtr up to tbia
'ear twi
thousand ions, euHiitb
to rea
iit, mm e thau .If *hich is sa.pped
(_ uu
tou, ja'i ihe balance to come weekly till alt is
it-iivered. A locomotive ie boagbi and will be
Uu the ground u-n day*, when UM track lay
era will aciite'y comni^iic^.
The learn* of the i'ei,*,"il division of tbi* road
(from De Witt to ir Rapids mil incur in
l)rt.her aud Hie work will go on promptly an ]ibr,n*
From this it wiil pppear that wsttrr
a'ready aiuong the lost tribes,' but still
there is hop*. The engineer eavs: 'the
lioe surveyed is now ready for final loca
ton,' bpt nut yetloiaicd. In new of this
ft meeting was called at the Court Huu$e,
Ust Tuesday
Mr. J. W. Ca'tell was called to the
chair, and S. W. Young elected Secrtta
Upon motion, Mr. Jno. CoJbariaon,
Joseph K. Snyder, S
L'pou the return and report of this
committee we will advise our readers
further in tbe matter, bat at present ail is
in tlie dark, further than we have herein
War! War! War!
It ia no longer a matter of speculation.
Civil war is
V-.'li.d .'^"1^"
V f'w jA!r-.h»-t rfremlaei M«U ean be Attain whose heart is hard and black enough
may execute the penalty at his own will,
and that the U. S. Armies wul sh eid
and defeud lnm. Under the Democratic
rule in California aud Kansas, the pc
arms to dt-feod lhe„ hre., ,beir f,.01!,e.
We have made many struggles for a conventions as.d its ic'.iona cootroileu by ,!
mlmd-lw. lod l^lia .... e,er«J
lud mea
ml a
mest, and have lived in -pesof even-i Buliy ooks. Herbert the murderer,
tually having railroad facilities equal t] Mm. Waid the murderer, and other such
any place iu I nva but now the crista hai!
jously and confidently for this, and now'
km right,''
which was well
1 V
Bill is not passed—th- House still re*
,USM 10
bl11 10
W "tSe ruffiiOS
for their services while butchering the
pcacealle inhabitants of Kansa*, and re
fuses to pa) ihw regular &rmy while e,.-
TJff r*iiTR»t,lUt'J.,5*»,V 1 fjrci ig the abonrnable laws ol Kansas
Bib U«li)M.s(«ti CM
auu tor Uiis tne
mak^s a de«-
ff a*' perate charge upon the RepuMiL-nus.
hideous spectacle the sham dem-
ocrattc party now presents Its execu
tion bending a.i its energies to ciush out
Freedom iu the ter
lory—declaring that
the bogus laws of Kansas, which contain
five flagrant vio'ationa of the constitution
must Ie enforced!—declaring that free
specch is a cri lie which shall be punish
1 ed with death, arid that any v.gabend
pie have been compelled to resort ta
a, T„omt» (,,. rUMi«i„.hM.l,
Atchiaou. Mrmgfeilow, Douglas,
oi*d chnracters lot leaders, while the
determine whether we ever aoall whole power of the party is directed te
fcive any or not. extend Mavery aud put down Freedom,
It has h-en ihe hope of tbia place -an even w»tn fire and sword
KbiJirijj :i"pe, that t'le road etHin^
present ou the Mississippi, near Lyons
or CitiVoij, would be continued westwa
tbrou !, Tiptin. W. k... mted «.. .nd ,CCO,J.um"wiil.ThV.r I ««""*l» la «kl (Uww of
r,g*ns, while the rutfiaa party ha,
find that our day of grace is about past ururped power and sought to crush »h-,ia, ..
the roau about to locate eight miles north by butchery and other kinds ol ouuaijes ridtcoluu* aidpinii ^ar^um n
of ... aai I. :k-li MUMwr ntiak. uwUU l... civil th. r«ul.. Ntl,':'.!,').
We pubiub to day much news of inte-
tif»n to the advert scment in another col-! ft»at from Kansas. It will be seen that1
timn. heaueu Notice to Contractors. the designs of the ruffians upon Kansas I wi
Tiien to let them know about where this w»H soon be readv lor uractical reauii* I ',X i" duress, wh.ie .*a,
l. pr^uicat "suits.
line is to run. we quo*e fro-n the report Ihe plan is to drive out by fire and *ep«i. ^te®
»lnait three miles to the stnniu.i li-vcl hetwie-i their SUtiDottera evi-n in thn ,.r'.i_
rdvtr k and the W*b-ipiui-on ver, i
outrages# Yea, they will and In short the
eVen ,Q
The Democtau
Wa do ot»t late^tl ix.t j. nli that wn iu
Dtmo rmI.
It cootaina fci mauy httlu do
nul«, re. k!eaa a»-e'-tti(oa aud u. 'mnicl 'd ojia
lo.ia, *bic!i th«i "v.*» and inu llij?«" o of toe
people ill acorn with .oat-mpt The ia tr^ut
cootain* many of them, a few of which need a
pa*mn|( not e.
Th* Ltmoerwt
I- niftb to our article in det-Qce the clergy.
It evincs tu ich piety, yet at ihe a*0K time, re
rila the prea^txr Mhodarea ap«ak hia miol
uJ o,tpo»'» tbe t'Xteniuiin of slavery, or the
uinr i rbutcb-riea bo.'iN! buruiox* aud robl«
ii--» of tbe Birder Knffians. But it' tbe preach
*ih be a t.mi 1 »y phant and paaa unnotiwl
tb -se outrage* to aeci ra thd support ot slavocrata
-be au mjchot kmuru oowwd aa to tear
o alavery xtmia w i.*at he be oall
tu aroliU~Kti»t, aad tiki on* ot tbe w^ulil
tM' eacber* not far ir cuOld Ceiiar, wbo,
bile aepiriog to be a follower of Cbriat and a
te-trh^r of tirothtrly i ive, decUrt^l they
wbPti be beard of the brutal outrafv*
tipou Mr. Pardee Butler, lata of Una oouuty
Sn a preaober they will oall sour, m4 make
a fre u saint of.
Yea, to oppose Buffi tnism, Harder and Sla
very. i* to oppoae the democratic party, and will
efii.'ietnly. TSc irrule is so reuinrkably easj who Uo«a it the ire of ali slavocracy, while tbe
that no doubt i eutertair.ed that it aill tie coin
•. ta1 aud in operation Cedar tpuls. eigbty
ne tr.iles *i'»t of Clinton,) iu t-vtlre inontba
f-'oia the letting of the road.
timeserving, bread and buttter-seeking man
wboobtaius the sacred desk, and
U& htt breth-
rt* t*j lotf w awlhtr iiwi dwtU tog'tktr t'»
attty," and counteannccs th* murderers Mat.
Ward and Herbert m* fallow dennocr«U, and ap
ppivi«the black law^ of the bottle Legislatnre
of Kansas and the murders of the U. 8. Officers
Jofvea, Coleman aitd Fain la Kansas, and ap
orovea th» taniag and feathering of Pardee
Bti'ler. Such a pure anl holy mn is Sued tu
bccome a saiut. aa augtl -yes,
Crew Geo.
Scbmuker and Jno. H. Bireley, were ap
pointed o cotntiiit'ee to g* to Clinton and
wait upon the Board of Directors of the
Company, and enter ioto negotiauons, il
any can be made, to secure the location
oi this road through Tipton.
'aw was the
to pay therujiant
raging in Kansas wi'h
all its fury. The accounts we have thus
far are prit cipally all through Pro-Sia
very channels, but conclusively show
tl.at peace and quiet is not to be found in
Kansas, but that civil war with all its
horrers, is now raging in that doomed
territory. The Democrat can no longer
blind its readers to these facta. Civil war
exists. The Free State peop.e are now
driven to the last resort of fighting for
their lives and tneir homes, or be butch
ered or driven from the territory by the
hordes of ruffians equipped with U. S.
arms and promised U. S. pay. But
trier to blame
tbe Rc^jbl.caos because the laws of Kansas were
not re,'ml'l by C^m^ets The bill urtr *h ch jor',y
their names enroiled before the 4h of August
the Democrats refused to strike out this clause
aud of course, the whole bill bad to toted on
tell its readers that this
Dtmocrattt imbtti
k'rse Kansas Bill* Will the
th* law* of Kaiuat,
mte for the
l*motnt t«li km
readers that every 0«mjcrat in ttw 6eo*t«
in Ktnsas for tbeir service*
and tbat every Ueiuocrat voted against the ad
aii«»ion cf Kitue^sas a Free State, and that ev
ery Democrat voted against the ameadmeot to
the Army Appropmtion Bill,
which a—u.'led
and tbat tv^ry K itU au
*oppjrieJ tbe Me in asures? Will tbe Lemocrat
teii t/iese thiiigf N •, b-«auw it is truto, ana
sach truth as would destroy slavocracy.
The rfm-terat makes another twaddle to
shield its meu trom backing out aud now
siys: Mr. Shetland wilt ®aki aflSl»vit.''—
Wa will bave th at afS lavit made as auou a*
Swetland re'urus from Bostoe and aa soun ae
Jourt is o er we will test tbe pluck of your va
in ts.
The 'mocrat makes a
fjrfna'ioa, but
K' N'
Ui3 old
Dtm craft
tbe dark lantern.
Nut h. let him
it *0 ariK-i fr tb.- 'JUie-wo
8Ueelf of,
doomed Tetri'ory. »,i,ryfr
f«ci thai wbifky can be b.id at the Count
Dtig^ery.'' Li all ^uol and true meuntl^:
jpou the
article on t!.u *ji -ct, .no
taiuk what a r«- ••pecwiole »he-t th
I tmorrat
U Tbe Conaty (gery is uot the oat
rixiiztd ny th. che aii 1 brav tso! lAVuemcy,
as tl anl app.at hj tLt .u -jxc tas for wiia-^sv
mi Cart.
pui i* t.f the K n«at otwrag-a all of ahich of
w conipell-d to do, teit
ui:awhoreil tb'Jo rual «f he dty will ste
tbat ali th'iee attempts of the Democrats are
O't'y baie and igaofd" servlUnce to aevrrupi
party asekiag to destroy tbe eoostitutiou and
•n-a.lve the Uaion the sake of slavery and
their beloved negro assoeiatioos.
Kv w NoTHiV'ii**.—We Isaru from the I
that a call *i(r'i*»1 by JOO name 'er as follows
taut alio p*i,an tbe un it,a
ereu the 'ciiief l2noiau.uses" of the old
K. N. party here know noi nri? about it.
Tr.e Rt ptrter man must have taken a
few 'dips' t:'• mysteries more than
any body in thi* vicinity, as be appears
better posted then any of them. Eten!
-U run
it is »h Wii that tw-f-n'ise the haul ui of fr e
blacxs i:i toe Kr -e star-.* -»r ciuaw m^ki'ig
up tlif popalation and apportioning reprea«uta
anil proper thti
sitoid the ree biate population, and the I Of course they should defend tbeir
day set to begin the massacre is soou ai( negro represen'aiion, because 11 is their
hand. The slavery party have their forts only hope iu this campaign. South Car
au^ armies through .he whole territory,, olina is the foundat'on. the summit and
and are concentrating their strength lor 'substance of the 'Fuck Pyramid,' aud
the attack. Will the Free State people has Six votes to Iowa's two, while Iowa
in tlie Free States submit to such buich-, has a greater white population, but the
j-*' ":u "r p«.mHki„,.J«UUii,v.,.k,Upi„,iL
a *fine pI a*i n o* shoild hape
w|loaiti| 1(l|ii||lhllib
niggtr vote
,be ,M,n
ol the &ttth ia
"*Y "f
*®sn to it! Kansas is a Their hopes mrs all black sod tbeir party
D.xon (Tl«^ Items-
The last isaut* of the Dixoh Tra*tt'ifl
douse puflTfor-tbe Cti&xrai•f thia sir et
as follows:
iri' a.l th« l).-jj.x5raoy ?f" Iwv
U' W a!iet:..:l
a thorn in tbe 8. ot the K i ft N 'p
Wooly h«ad, Aboiitiou editor of(fe«
the head of every preacher
And in anotner place says, that Ha-m,
in Clraton county, is elected by 200 ma*
makes so much parade, bas been This is published about llTO weeks af*
io ig ajro fully exposed, as it proposed to repeal ter the election and only about 40 miles
tbe laws, in one clau«e, while the whole bill was
,he j,ne
gotten up to admit Kansas as a Sta'e. and leave
it i'j the hands of the rufflm* to do it All of
'hearsay ot Bu ford, and all M!«suuriana who
bave becu tber^ and all othi.Tsotitherners could beat Haun 350 in Clinton, and Iowa has
return and
together with a.l whoahould get gone all Republican by 800 majority,
wiio this correspondent is n« b«».!y Lnosrs.
and where u.h H,. .dn!e .a pub-
Finally, we arght meatioa as*oy other thibgs
—vbt 'D'-Uiioa ol an luli i-l sheet i,
I Philadelphia in sup^o-t of O.d Bi'k. wti^ch
openly deuuutioet every bina ious and sncr
oause it co flxts with democracy. 'lh att-mpi
to take off the DirkJ bn^n amalgassatioo 01
tfcs ^la^ocrac/wbicn is th-. grett luce it.ve ot an unqualified support of slavery and
t'i« piriy. aud ro .lish attempts to i.:r..dtt e the villainies (f the ruffians in possession-
The news from this unhappy territory
Freedom or tree thought iu Kansas, is
a crime, and punched with death end
confiscation »i all the criminal's projerty,
which mandates are eulorced at t|«
points of e U S. bayonets and paid
out oi the U S Treasary.
A correspondent of the Chicago
I* pubi shed for a m^t.n^ o: K S 'a in Mua Siace writing the a^ve I have N*n to tbe
ttne. Johu J.o-/k, oie ot tbe K N. RlecUKs. ,iria.«er*' cam^, ai.d iu
is to *i ir.-«a ie m« tiag. The ReporUr »Uh,
•ays Ujat K. M. Meeting* are calUj at Uitve.,- (,• -Smttb Ii- is pr.iUbfy
A V E I E 11
that pla* e
A thorn in the flesh"—oh, wofuland
classical uo, isn't it. Tbe negro bugg
ing black wool worshipper of the
will take notice that his eboshin
brother ol the
jldvei titer
ie just about a
powerful a thorn in tbe flesh" to the
as the
is to the
from their black-
wool idols.
Thus, while tbe
ling down to a
ie dwind­
and on the
point of 'drying up altogether, the
sends forth neat extra cam­
paigner, called
44 The Frtmonler"
become a si
vocratic angel, with horns, tails and claws, aud
lives on sulpbur.
which cau-
ses it to groan like an eruption of a vol- party—the negro party.
cano,— it agitates its
Meanwhile, the
triee to
keep up its sinking spirits, which, like
the boy's calf, have at out gin eout," by
items like the following
returns from Iowa show tha*
Halt, dt-micrat, baa beeo "leeted in tbe first dta
ti ict to Congress, aad the other district is in
iiHt. The state ticket Is lost by less thaa
wiU| a raj|roac| com.
muoicaiioii, when the (acts are, it was
known about two weeks ago that Toll i'
Are the
'g»ther thus, in fact, tnaktu^ Kausas ^lave been dreadluily beaten.
•?tate by act of Cong'ess.
W:ll the
democrats so ignorant as to be
I never oarned one jtiiur ia human flesh, and
*rt»t!e rea on nolds its s*ay in my braiu, nevet
i- «iit tb«i tif' oust tail wiib lit'ro#a h4o^i» rih
er tha i n*n tbe Brat dollar in human flaati.—J
BS** "rJ^at a.T«tion
aluch is the hnguage of the 'Pathfinder
«f Empire—Young Rocky Mountains
while his assailants are chargiuj
him with being a slaveholder. No relia
ble man dare come out and say he is a
slaveholder, but that a paper published in
a H.llsdale. Csoniewheie—(not iu Mich.) 1
has a correspondent who passed through
mrJh«kaa^ da* Jo
*nrf '-W»Co papers
of i'lion having just enough
importa-ice to them to make exam
ples of to ahow people the h'deousness ol
their designs to destroy tbe Union, rath*
er than be
itiry la lte uf
St. Louis, and wrote to said H.llsdale uomst tney could find 1 was set down by
paper' that Fremont owned slave* fcut
nr ij 'I hope we wiil get to Kansas before
iisiieO, or whe e iiiasslaie is 110U iv
1 the 4tn, said the Laptaiu ol the ^outuerit
knows only the Miu-ahin aU^icriiu do Com|aoy.
kuow from the above facts that F'euioet
i? a slaveholder yet at the same time Fre
mont has sent fortb the above deciaia
iious aud challenged a responsible de*
i(jv tii
Untjf Wafit 1M UM'ir i-Litorcefnuok,
6 ml the St Louis
who were present the i t-rm o. t. urju iz-?
1heKa-«a. *»Uftc
rr-ervt'/letit oi Uie v. i t,ic»n. /rf
Ortalootn Herald.
Mfor Kamtat—
tbemselv. -tb-ir bm-s -must prej^rp t«,
in-et to" i-it-iny face to face We bate it in
our power to settli for erer the
have only to become re 1deut» of the territory
If any bo ly wants to see a spMtnsen o *elor.- tb- 1st of August to get the right aud
vole on t&e l*t of Muve l*-r.
I^t every true man mak" read* for a sacrifiv
triflin/ f'-.r a o.«u*" so viul T.o«* W.s
tun tmwit-iiip will meet at the Newman f« iry
white* ot those tates theivT re it is township wiM furnish th- ui *0 tnen' Is toer.
"bowed ij* ban tu »hn.b he pj a«d large amount in tuai enterprise, and tu* march.
W Tti-'e^cJ^ntJof ftt'b.Tl'^-1?U*iey
S-tturda^ the 12th inst.. u earol their n .-nes
.(id til ike arrauifem-'iu. tubir Uiw.nrfnp^ we
to meet o i the *»m day »t p{».MW vV»,a
on- who will n it gn* In the mean time Tatuish
your a«/n*-a to ibe cotomtttee.
B. If.
Z ASritil'ttW.
Wes'on, Jaij, 8 ir-,6
Pnuted at the Piattee Arga« fXBee.
8uch are the preparat.ons being made
in Missouri to have the elections 111 Kau
saa s-'tled by the actual residents.''
This ia the natural result of the
Toombs Bill. It leaves tlie ruffians mas
ters of Kansas, w th no obstacles the
way of the Missourians.
Kansas it des.ined to beceew a slave
Siatf-unhss the Noitn studt the assist
nce is put down sod drive oat the raf
A\* otT
J..! f*» i-, for la'» paper" Irom
Tom «eit to C*!.f tj »y nims-lf, tiav-lt'd
over the Wtiole 0S ^lep'nJt hi^
blanket off. and satinde 1 wttb hU si IT
years, he returns t- his old on la C«Hl.
Shall tin D-in«cafc pitrty fear tM-1*
sae f.ppo* the e*t
The N. V.
«»i slaveiy. N»
a ii«'H»aaod «••*«. a tn'll't»' '»«e. N»
ing ebo-snin Democratic paper in New
York City, and such is the position it
gives for its party to follow. Who of
them new can longer aay that the D«ni
ocra'.tc patty is not in favor of slavery?—
Day Book
gottra up sr.d well edited, and is a "thorn
in the side" of the
is taken by them in Tip­
ton, and endorsed as a leading paper in
this party, and of course they will endorse
the above—truly they are
Letter cm Kaasaa
Trip Mp (ke .Mi-sour 1—.1 Meeting with
Jiuford— 1 tans of the RuJJijns-Sou ft-
ern Immt^ro-Is ami the luombk ih/t-
More I rc ubtis
.tf n.
tcipated—P. ospi-1
perity of Laxrrenct.
S««l»t Cjrr*woadit
e- *f tki Cfclsse*TilkSaa.
LaWBiycc, Aug. 10, 1S96'.
Tbe Journey up tin river was lull o!
interest to me, as doutJe:» it is to every
Northern ciiizou who emigrates 'farther
west.' The gieat variety of humao na
ture which bucu a journey bring* us 111
contact with—the different views taken
by them of tbe great questions of the day
ali centering where humtn nature wnI
always huve them center :M self— can
not tail to interest and instruct even t. e
least observant of travelers. Abo ltiou
sis and Souiiiern uuiiifiers, pro-slavery
«en aud auti-extcnsoiusis in politics
Roman Catholics and Mormons, and a
variety 01 shades of Prr.estaiita. in re
ligion, all be'ieving in the soundness ol
their laith, and willing, if required, to
giv? the reasons upou which such faun is
louti Jed. fcucti is the world ot a Mis
souri steamboat—and in such a world
did i make trie trip (rota St. L.uta to
Leavenwurth City.
On board the bont was a small compa
ny oi Alabamans and Geori? ta% lu'o
wtiose toiety I lui^atiu'td n. s i 1, and
by degrees and »iUt aotne ca'U OUsness.,
extracted irom tiiem their h.atory, loten
iiot.s and piOJJH*cts o! success, 'i'iits was
not so easy a task a* I at first s ,ppos
it would oe, as i a'ways doJge i inv re
ciprocity ol confidence, and I saw, to my
regret, tuai my account ol uiyaelt was
veiy unsatifhictory Ho.ve"er, by ex-
hiL'itmg a dou t-careitiredisposition wht 11
ttie first Al-oli-
i.armless, mud they ta kedfcfttofi-
en.i. i* mmis.
Tne Fourth a* I in astor iahm-nt,
'why 11,is is August and the Fourth is
ov a mouth ago.'
'You're laikng about the fourth o(
July 1 am titikmg about the lourth of
August, because imee mouths fr«tu that
time, that is, next 4'ti of November, is
to deciJe whether Kansis is to be a iree
or a siate Mate, and acconhrg to the
ia important. Robberiea and murJeis provisions ot the I ooinbs bill, we must
are of daily occurrence. There is no l*e the'e before th- 4tii oi August, in or
security erber for life or property, except
'(Jit! that's it. eh Pot ?ou wou'1
get there teforethe 4tnol August. It
is 400 miles to Kansas, aud uow to-day
is the 2nd in the evening
•Well, uo mailer,' was the rej ly
'there are ninety Si utherners aboard ti.e
ai.J 4J0
ud l'ert I
?1ulil,^Win(LI(w*Kfj'2y ao^ Fair t^r*. a- I leiwu-ti that the pro-al a very a ia ranee At length lie said
wrung from Kansas, closes his let-
on tue river at dif­
ferent poi is in atnail companies, woo
will be Kansas in tiini' to
oie or figni
whichever may become necessary.—
The South has iuade up her mind ti.at
fbis Toooibs' bill is tne last resort, aud
ahe u.tendi to make the tin Si ot it.'
1 know you thiuk because the Aboli-j &00 of Lane's men.
Sow -hat Congress has de ",,
au, to deprive inleftigtM
frSmt.rica0 c.uzeus of tliur ...al.e,i»i,l,-
I$tb !l ii h|r J»« i"turnedtr. ,ifhts. he mesi employ other m^ans than
-Wa* lUr^who h»M r-t..r«»' to dtMt With.' v
To »»hioh remark tol. Buiold gravely
T!lERE IN N A -JINiil.E JEMuC iA IN Atclnaon.'
Tllf *H 'I.R OK THK MiR-tt I'PO KO
i'O 'H EX TE VSI'i IF H'T'I KRN' O i
or e uled EX E»SlO\ UF '8l.
v"ERV,"a th y o itv wait to n»ve be iri
#(•4-11 oat, and tbi itrs called ty their n*ut
itiin«', to «t#,-ep aiohfo 'tnpost ire ti in
sh- public, a id t-» bury its bwiii i khs
he proft«in'tei4 rie^th* -the l-iw^t p.*«ihlt
dapth iu th" p'ib'to cout- mp*
!f V Duy Bio'\.
Day Book
is now the lead­
Sou#th«ru Cities
eJ«ied is head.
It wafon tiii-a occasion, in further eon*
versatioii, that Bulord let out the follew*
ing sentiment not at all original with
hun 1 give tia exact word?
'If there is a lloaodrel on f00*a
In answer to a question of mine as to
when he was gain? bark, he taid that he
had gov througii wiin Kansas, but would
go mere belore riavigation clsed, and
»e tie his business and return- I learn*
ed from nSouihemer a Hoard the tioat
mat Ins object in Washington waa to get
the appointment ot Governor of Kansas.
1 mtei red from bis remark above about
Atchison, that 'Davy' didn't endorse
raa 10m or rat raora
Notwithstanding tbe m*ny difficulties
the people have had to contend with,
Laurence still prospers. New build nga
are fiomg up w.tn a rapidity quite aur-'
prising to any but VVeste.n men.
1 he ch.vairy are coventrating now at
Ossawa'tutnie, and it is leareu that a
regular field fight will be the result of
their prowling, for 'hey live on the plun
der which ti.ey take from settlers. I here
i- also another gang of the encamped on
tVas..!n9'ion Creek, and anotoer at
Franklin, which it is about tune for Pres
ident Pierce to diSju.rse. Col. Sumner
11 nut in the territoty, aud Gen. -^uitib is
a Mnct constructiomat, and a believer in
fie t-o2Us t.ivil taw.
i Uiider.-tartd one CUI. Tituk ln cal'ed
UjKiri the uiiiitia ot Keusai to assemble.
I liave nut seen tne proclamation, but
a ill get it. It is countersigned by Don
aldson. I fear there wiii be more blood
t'JV i'l®"'re^j ii.n House ignores it, u won't pais but) The U. States troops having Brown,
said l.e, rising hud Robinson, aud the other pai-son^rs in i '*r,rr *na
rioualy, 'that but will
I subsequently learned from the same
l,ul Uu urd u
3 Were
unaattslaa ry totiie South
uieut vagabouds. 1 hat many of thesu
ie *tioi!
IC u
The Free Mitr YictorlMs*
Tks&lfdeii 8aU||H|.
One caniion. a large amount of arms,
nmuninoti and pronsi in* were taken.
On the 15 h. an ther colony in Doug
las Co., (block house a^ain) was ear
ried There were 400 Free Slate u:eu
uiounivd and well ontod. It is feared
that the most of Teadwell's a a have
1 he United States troops were etiled
upon I-»r aid, but they relxsed to act.
The Fiee State men are uriving ali
the Pr.-Slavery iuen out.»( DouglsbCj.,
a zing their arms, atnuuinon, &c.—
'But this To -nibs' bill,' 1 interposed, [Fudge
'in my opinion will never pass.' A fi^ht
Here the Captain burst into a laugh, panties which resu.teH in 14 mea"be*ii
and looked at me as il paying my iguu- killed ai 6 wouuded
loitl at a hoiei iu Alto ., while on my J°n*s is also in the hands of his assail
way here. A gentleman Irom K10 snts, who threaten to hang him.
aas—Air. Segate-—recogmzed him, house of Gen. Clark, Indian
and reminded nun, of tbe fact ol Agent, hits been burned. Himself and
Uieir haviug mel before. Tu y talked a l^nii'y escaped to Leavenworth.
lew minuies about Kansas matters,
wnereupu Bnloid saw tit tu dodge nu
identity by winking at Mr. Segal**, and
aaku tuat ^outieinaii what lie tijoug.it
ol Maj.r Buord. Imi UoJ^e woiWetl
well, cause a pad ol toe people iu
room were becoming interesud in the
«ouVtiaaiion. Iu auaweiiog tne ques
tion, Mr. Mega s did t: e M^jor binple
justice denounced tue rotoeiy, inuidei
aud rajitne, and other crimes committed
by his coiupauy, as UlSgraoeful to oivili
zatica and lw humauiiy
10 Chriitisu*
It is worthy of remark that Col. Bu
loid a
See nte 1 to every tinug that was
raid ahuui Major Bulord and ins army.
1 I* collect one ing Mr. Segate said to
uiiii, which toeir allies tne doughiaces ol
tiie North, would do well 10 r«member in
•When Major Baford. er toy ether
greater thaa the rest, it is David H.
The people here expect tbat Congress
will do something for them before il ad
journs. at least a declaration ant uiling
me Border RulS ui laws. Tiny also ex*
peel that the brave men chained wit
and imprisoned tor Hign I reason vtill
be discharged. This is about ail they
due to hope during the present wicke
a lininisiratinn. They depend upo the
administration of Fremont lor justice
ence eveiy Free Sta'e man iu the T» r
niory is in favor of his election, and ear
e t'y hopes for that event. In any
event we exject compensation for tie
pi .uder of the L. S. mobs the puni'h
me.it of n.arJerera, big- way robb*ra,
hjuse-buri era, horse-thieves and otters
guilty of ciin.*, wuo n vv walk througn
tins territory un .vhipt of Jet ice, seme ot
them sus'atned by appointments oi the
Government in snort, the admission of
Kansas as a Free State, wan the consti
tutton already endorsed by more than
three-'OUrtbs of her eople. Still. I fii.d
that n cieit maay people hpre are lay
ing the flattering unction to t!eir souls,'
that we will be admitted as a Free State
before Congress adjourns.
Leiompton was takea oaths l«th. ky
that bill will ch trge. surreu
bvl W UiatMe
a gun. in the absence of tie com:tandi r.
The editor of tne Southern
p"rut:oos in Kau- ?ani !tnj ondt-r Alrh.aou and Strtr.gfel
c»il-d at i.qr I iai the Soutu nad been bled lo a very Other reports ot fights, and of forces
by him on
I.OCIS, Aug. 21.
btartnvorth City Kansas Journal
e 17.h, contains let.gthy accounts ol
ano'her Imttle in Kan«as.
Ihe Georgia and Cari!ina Colony (a
block hous. near Osav\at.imie, was at
tacked ou tlie 13 h. by 300 Free .Vtate
ttx-n the block louse tarried, and the
Georg ans and Carolinians driven iuto
'I heir louses were burned, and their
property of every kmc aeizei mouey.
goods. Sic. Some uwn lost SltKM)—
other* doming, outers liousej.
and Mr. £tebm, were wounded.
Large bodies of Under men are or-
Weston, and help cal ed for.
Louis June
Letters to the
irtU) Sut^ i neaiutoHl Jaacltngs, in rutn-hule*. auii 17th, lSih ar^ I 19th. adj very
'e lo information received yesterday
did juat as they pleased. retary Woodaon has been taken prisio
By tbe w^y, 1 happened* to meet Bu-!
(.owners are riding 'hrough the river
am* Ijorder counties enlisting forces and
raiaine forc«^ eveiy where. Speedy
preparations are being made for war. A
blody (o ifl rt ts nntii .pa ed.
Gen. Hichnrdxiin I.as g'^ne to Fort
Leavenworth to aacertam if Geo. Smith
acts by iiutiioriiy ol Government. Il
ot be (Richardson) will call bis milita
ry into the field at once.
Ti.e steamer Polar Star down last
night, rep.ips six companies of volunteers
ready (or the fi^ld, three of whic.1, are
cavalry and one of artillery. They were
to have left Lervenworth Cr.y oa the
9th iost.
Sympathy for t',« Ruffims in A«ic Or
leans New Orleans, Aug. 23. —A call
has been si^ued by editors and principal
firms of our business men of the city to
the number of 100 for a meeting i0 aid
the itMratfavraen Kao?»s.
WasHijioToit, Aug. ?.
The times an pregnant with sipnifl.
c»nt eventa. I he Admu.istrat.cn cilJMi
withstand the pressure ol uhlw cphuon
Il s giving way belore the scoru .tad
contempt oi an tid4gnt it •"•opie.
Ftral^Squatter Sovereignty ja aban
doned aecond, the Admimsuauoa ea*
nuls the infamous territorial laws of Ka*
aaa (bird,
i a
Preaidvat removes Sbaa»
fourth, he appoints Col. Geary, rf
I'a-, *Ao ti
rtcommtndtd by
Goo. ftrrafa
fifth, Toombs volea against confirming
h^ni rxih, iu reply fo a question by
Wilson, why cftmnnoo was removed, an
Administration Senator is reported lo* i«.
ply: Wr
Aon fm,n4 htm, sir, to fc
than you prted him last Ftbruary.
Ht it a scoundrel, sir a d—d MceunJrJ}
A corresr ondent of the N. Y
Evening FbM1
say* Mrw Hampshire is good for 5,OUO
for Fremont and Dayton.
Pre-tvn s. Brooks his been franklef dooa»
Bents to cl'Tgyniea iu Vermont. A lett. fniet
as leton, t. ssya. We need 00 a ^ri tail mo
h»re the Admiui Iratio:. is makin Ri publicaaa
to' us fisier than auy other agency could.''
Boots &. Shoos,
Second Street, ^lusralin^ hwa.
One Prl e Cash %*tetn U strictly arihgy
cil iHt'in.ern «i e rexpectfullv iuvitM
ca.l smt cxam.ne the Stuck.
A l-heial di«coiiit made to the Trade. ltfp
"V -rl-niai
uaOeiIfln».i aie urw pre(»ared to FIR
ui-»h me at the lowf«t pric# fh*y
Aieo \r^pamd to deliver it at any tlace to i«lt
h'. purchaser. Oir lime can't be beat and U is
ilwiyson hin«l a tbe kiln. 4 it'I-* we*r of
r.pton, near Dwiggaue' Mill. Kwoir a
19 if
WILL attaad promptly u ell Lmsiaeae rtoa:.
iBR sr sgent sucb HI
and -vtiling on Commission,
.n IB.I r* p*l ,h„ ym
g"ii am.
®r saa b» t.
Sr TTllloek II la O. »»r ,ft.
eha* wklrkt. ...M- 'J^T-"«•
alia, Lm a Blwfc », la Ika .«• a I «M?
aaacn D»«uu,
1 1 s
i ai »r
»rr« ft*
i*i v w
r«) jr
u w..« a
IS «i a W K1
ii si i __
«I air^aat -ri*. ji.
Iff Ili to.*
.v:r **-i •r"-
k urn of frttr-* Uid If (I if

Warn Kaaiaaaca. *rc trr
bAMl EL uKWtLI..
General Land A^eot at Tipton. Iowa.
House FLixshing.
subscriber having lacated himsslf in
loe tu*n ef J'.pton i* prtf irerf to f*
ering of all kmds and colors and out»ide vi ork,
R'Mfh ca.t i.mia'eJ into brick, itone or tnar
'«nf.V aitd or: ujnental work, pU*t«r of
paru intuiting*, c»rni»h, cen'ars. a per
han^irigs, ftc. I am deternuned tj tf'vs satis
far'.ion to all who nay favor mc With tlitir
pa rot ate. or fitither Infortnatioti a,-rlv oi
or a.irtress J. LEABH AKI
Tiptun. Feb. 15,'M. g7-6 n.
Farms for Sale,
Of SO acras, in w« township, for self ttietV
i»a hoa-e. and n,t in actesbtoae and ut.dsr
li-nre, 15 acru
Tin her.
icarr I M. dmta
•a* tnaa
a Frsaua
22—1 P. M.
bring da'es
and &ec-
®nd Ins house burned. SheriflT
k »f Omm tun. ni.4 to t*4
HIT 'f
*Ml Tia*r*,
«Wk Ml 1 I
tifc «nra( i.iL. n kM
f, i\p.,
Ai»o—A tiULAT
A ...I
lf(»d lai fo al».
MM f»."v 'lh* -Nl»- '«B» JVlfl
r«.f Tiaasa. a«T
•ad IJ! *c:«a .f NOIT 1 i.u Tt. lit.
•NK IHM uf wtm-i w at k-A
Enquire of WKI.I^ SIM( Kit.
W. fv-nt? ha* .. ,en*d a Select
the young laOiea uf I ij t«n, ia tbe Meth-
'»li»t Cbateh. Teittiafor tuitioa oftUn-e months
t^rilmarj- bruin be* OS
DY Virtue
A ,o«i, pi.ee tin- two E, cr!
Higher do «.*
No «tat!»non ^xcepi in cam* »f
if IJR»» In "..-If
Sheriff's Salo.
aj.tl Mite
KIM ition, to ae direeta|^
lowa._in lavor of Fin 'ey A.
jrUe, arid against John live- I bate levied
ti on Ihe following rpal e« n,
rtli Ea«t i|iikitt of the South West quarter
of section 20, tuwns-in So, ra gel, west,
a .d the North WeM iarter .t Ihe S uth West
q-iarter and tbe ~out i hast quarter of ti e North
,rge. surrenlered them mtlmut firm- ^'own.h„.(aj.
l_ r.i i
qnarternf t'e N
'larter of the Soatlk
t**"' pacer of sert|i»,i I? ii.v»n.,(iip 81, raage
1, wet, al) wmcn iana nr« uetla Ci'irity,
Iowa, iad rhall oiler t'ie-tme fnr sale at ptio
lie outery, al tiie o, ..fth-C.iu-t House il»
the town of Tipton, in T'edar Countv, I iwatosi
Saturday, Ihe JffJth Say of bepteBiber. A. D.
|M* (J, between Ihe h»itr» of 4o'clock A. K a»d
1 o'clock P. M., of tbe said day, (o »atist v the
said execution and the 1-0*1* that a» accrue,
llieia.ti. JOHN 11. I'lItELtV^.
She rid of Cedar c., IoiSa»
Iowa, Aug. U h. lH'-ti. :3.4wi.
John e«. Isaac H. *Whet.tr.
Isasr W eeler
,J lit—You are n^reby notified,that there ia
now on file, in tte office of theCletkof
lie Dis'rirt (N.iirt of t'ed^r 'o ntv, and S'aSe
of I wa.a pe'ition of »hn l{ Mnffit, clsin.ing
you the sum of three hui dred and iv^e djr
five dollar*, as money justly d'te him from you,,
for t,r,e thr»hin^ nuct.r e srn: hone tmwtr,
pii chased by you «.f said J..hu k. Mo nit, and
that your pioneriy has been attached t» satis/v
so claim, by virtue of a writ of attachment,
i^S'i' by tne Clerk of said urt, and th the
S'lvrifTof said County h«B made a muni tc saitf
Court upon »he original notice in said suit that
)ot| are not foun t. N tw, ttn'essyotj "ppesr.anfl
answer thereto on or hefme the first
any of
next terra of said ourI, to e b- run ai li'ild
eo 1 n the Z-'d day of Septeoiber, ISjti. udgownl
w ill he rendered ugai. st y«u for the whole
amount, with interest and ros's, and yettr pro
pert v sold to sstisiy the same.
»3 4w. 8. W. YOUNG.
Bisst.1.1 a Sricra. Clerk of Di-trict Cof|t
A't'v* lor Pl'ff. of Cc.ta co.
MTKAV Ht'Kr I,-Tikwi *|I llniii Mmh*I. ia
I ar* teviMh 9 OS bi IkO. Ian. tsi4. u mmn kjjMk
fo itiMa I .wii I I*k wlik a kiw. wi Ik* kirb. lift kind Ml
ui-il m..r Ir. iz- fi.'-«ii.l «k|ii.tMtl Ut lei Sflasa
'tiariold in-i »piirii»*i ii forty d't l*r». itirt oit* liir **l*,
nf»»*n h*i htgk, with M)B»d» w«il*a mi tlie rt^hi 1^4 iM*s
1 up to a v«»a
ol* ar«i apyri^aaU Mvcbij
la i -f .rt a riu.t 11 Q.uaa,
AS|. 1
8trayed frm tbe si,beer.her, two horses: a
wbiU) mare about or ye»rs old and a dark
eorrel borse,,s»Hh whit'i star in hm l»C" aad
abite feet, about 12or 11 veare old, on« noetrlt
a Utile hurt. Both were shod all louad.
Ten dollars reward v. il I be given to asj pef*
arm rettirtiini tV" in to fiiwer's Kerry,
n 03 Tasa.

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