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SA rCRD^Y, ATTG. 30, 1856.
O.mpa gn Paper.
Wa will send the JtdperHser to new subscri
bn, an til Uu»clo««»t the premnt Presi4*ali«1
CampaigO, f-t the small Burn of Fif.y cento.
This wlfl c!-.«e the Sd Vol. of our paper. We
tope the Wea l# of the principle wi advocse
«U1 aalst to increase our clrou
Hjries Stolen.
A gala we hear of the loss of haraiM. Hot*
thieve* are about. Mews. Stoat & Mhearer
lost a span of good m»re*, on Thursday oight
of this week. C($her bors* hare been sVlen, an
sort will be Ultra. There is a jr iog of ttw»se
gantry In th!i •m&.U/ sad people must look welt
to their horses
Music. —To oar masical tri^n l* w* wW say.
I'they wish for anj kind ofnmd-al Im rwnent.
firea a p?MO d"wn In a tanilxiiir!r» for a .y
kind of musical or slngtoir boot, th* great
Masical Depot ol H'ggius fc Bro's ia Ciicago,
tbe pi*06 to order thetn 'roia, and to go fi, them.
All the modem improvements in Instrument*
particularly the Piano, aud all the publication
of maMc can be had bet* on Ibe beu term and
highest prioea. See advcrti&emeat.
Ktoni! Help! Help
The following is a copy of a letter just
received by the National Kansas Com
mittee, signed by several of the principal
men of Kansas, and is followed by an
appeal from 'bat Committee, which we
hope will be immediately responded to:
Aug. 13, 1856.
To the National Kansas Committes
emigrant train
which left Iowa a few woekfc since, has
we underbill, arrived nt saiety at I o
peka- The presence of so large a body
cf tueu, and the prospect of still more
following in their footsteps, is biguly en
couraging to our people. In other re
spects, oar cause ju the Slates and Well
ington seems to brightea. We would
gladly await the compiele otganiiat o,i
and operation of your scheme ai Hi
rare operation of other causes tor mr
preservation, but a pressing eiu-tg-u-V
compels us to an'icijate Hum, and we
oppea! by a special messenger to you fo.
more proinp: aiivi efficient aul in men.
arm!*, a munition and provision*
The contest is upoa us, and inttant he
alone cau save our people from ties tue
lion. It may seem to you a pr in. tuie
movement, tut we are iorced to it. Ti.e
details Aiil have to be explained to you
by the bearer,— Esq., who is fully
acquainted with all the facts, aud upon
wkose statements you tnny fully rely.
The leautM^f fucts of the ca*e we w I
briefly »ta:e. We have three at diem n s
upoa the most reliable authority, aud o..
io heresay it-ports.
Since tne atiark upon Liwrence of
May 21st last, wuh tbts esieptiou of u
few skirmisues. matters in the Teirt or.
hive remained in cummiauve quiet.—
The prcs« iu e of th»* Go erutn^ni tn op.
wjich it sec to iaaem,* se a ct.e-k up n
the deigns ot our tijt-nuts li'ia scrviu
Iticrn an oppoitucny e ma e mor
extensive prt-paiuiiOits. i'lovi&jons, aune
both gutu a ..! c.iiinou and at.unuio.i
have t«»rto severally n'roi'iced into aud
•tore iu
1 of tiie U-rriioiy
b.indi of ii 50 o 200 sneu eaon roui
Missouri a»d Utm South are fortifyuu'
theiri-«* *es iii a cotiUnwus l»r-e threugri
the s fej portions u! 'r e IVrruorv, n
lea.'»?,i-3ii for a s»imiilaotous deaceni Ly
n-.gh! upMi our scattered aud delenceles.-'
fully sonified that this extreme dan
tim tended over us as we aj»peal"d to
ie military to afford us pi election by ti e
4.speision ef t. ese armed bauds. Tt.i
fua teen r«'!u.«ed us the case of a nd
of upMnrds ot one liur.dred men encamp
«1 about six miles from this place o..
Washington Creek. We ist have im
mediate help. The hoards from is
•outi and oilier pans ot t'.e Souta will Dc
in upon u«. We ahall aiand by qui
homes to the laet.
To ::.e .le.ghl oriu^ Fu'p Slnles and
to the National CosrmiMee we iook lor
relief. Shall we not hav* it? 1
tie bat
as you are already "ware, is not lor
a us
as alone, but for freedom of tl»e,eu
tire north. Suffer ua un then, we en
treat you, to be overnhelmed for w«int ol
timely aid. We will do our duty. Ii
liie reports our friends bring to us be
true, the North i alive t) its danger and
4uty, and will stanU by us.
Commending our cause to your im
mediate attention and to the Almiginy,
we remain Yours, &c.,
The above letter cemes to us fra.Ti the
^iost reliable source We have for some
time been aware of the steady and de-
preparations ol th" South lor a
ecisive such as is indicated above.
The opening of the content has happened
•*nor than it was planned by the »outh,
|ut we are convinced it will be a evere
fce. In the border to ns of Missouri,
»rge Companies are preparing to cuter
Kaosis under Atciiison, Stringlellow,
•"d Buford, for the purpose of whipping
•ut the entire Free Stale force. Tlere
•®a be no doubt the same will be the case
«om other parts of the South. Kansas
w now in a state of open war. It is not
war in which the interests of Kansas
•Ion* are at stake, but the cause ol lre»»
•oriMu tbe whole country. Shall Slavery
•r freedom rule our beloved country
8hal| those wbo have emigrated to that
Territory from the North with their fam
ilies be driven out or assassinated be
#use they are opposed to extending the
llfirse of slavery over that beautif ul coun
ty are queetions which are now forced
Ijpon us. The country mu-t answer them
action ltntuediate actioa by mouey
•nd by men Let every i.ian who cun

Kansas, go immedia'tly, and let
f^ery neighborhood tout can scud one,
Jo Or more men, send them now. Lei
teem come with innins sufficient i carry
tte.n into the Territory, aud such anus
•i can bu procured. Kmigran's will
•red thtin l,jr their owu proiefnon.—
wihat neighbor tuat has a gun will no'
wia it for toe cause ol Litierty I But let
/to to Kb
torhirt tut peaceable ci'itea*. we *en
me jnut^^m.jui uU(, ,|^
tri'l i^
ngUs «nu r,
tC gOj
«^t we ask is theorem, ,, V
to dt lend ii rif
Wla %t nobtfe
•bo-e nnes are i., V-L W» 'am
.• who love L,^
ud WJI|
60C g0 ,0
••arn. stly ent.-eal all Com-
fumls 10 us
«d put forth .very effort
tu raise
tributioni. If the North .f ever to do
any thin for the rauvj of Freedoa mm
•ipect ,t to he
By order of the Committee.
Hcao, ec'y Kansas Com.
Down the Missouri.
Lights Seen Thtrt—Jhckito i and .S/fmp.
jtllux- What Occured -Jl Ulwdu
irt it
«. Aug. ia
Mksbu. Editors
:—I arrived here
tiiis tnommg, and hasten to give you my
txpenence on a trip down the Missouri.
,,ln F,,da
y afternoon)
on the 15th. Very l.nle was ko-an
there of the difficulty at Franklin. The
Pro-Mavery men supposed that the Abo
litionists nad b«en routed, and wt re con*
At Kansas City the case was differ
ent. Some of the 'runaways' had told
the tiuth. A large meeui sf was called
on Friday afternoon, (the 15th), and the
citizens agreed to send their otn o
2,000 men to overcome Kantas At
chison ai Stnuglelluw were on ti,e boat.
1 hey got ofl tne Loot at Kansas City,
Next altcruoon, (tne 16tlj), we reached
Lexington. There, too, it.e news of the
defeat of the Ruffians at Fiankliu was
full and accurate. On the 10th a large
iKeetmg was h"!d, smI the citizens ol
Lexinfjteti resolved to send their quoiu
ol uie.j to suulue the Freeman of Kan
From St. Joseph to Jefferson City
meetings were held and men rais d.
No secret is made of the uetign by
the Ruffians. I In*y say they are ready,
hwe men and money enogii,-and will
sweep Kansas with fire and sword. They
do not lalk ol any thing but blood. They
•wear ihat they will kill the damned Ab
sts or diive them out ©f the Ter
'oiy, and are prepaie-J do so.—
Look out, then, for a wild murdeious
loray. God be With the right!
The Kuffiui s cry, war i the knife.—
I quote one puiagranh of the Leaven
worth Journal to snow their spirit:
"Let us bt up and doing—let no qutr.
terbegiven, but waio the extkrmi
The Clearfield Raftsman says t,..
Buck and e k ot tuat rousjii neld a
ro .S.nii nieetiiiij on vJ.iiiJv tug it itut.—
I lie enormous number i| wt'ii!y-lour wi
present and the countenance ol ti.e lead
ers betrayed the t-caim y of U.eir fetl
mcs at such an im'nei ce gatherinj .—
Ihe elated leelinifs weie, liovvever. det
uned to rece.ve a check, liomeuiatt- y
alter being cal.etl to older. Sit. J. I,.
ines a V iCe» President of the Club,
rose and announced thai he had well
oo.isi'iered tne position occupied by Mr
Bucnaimn. and biding it was one ol
wh i h^ coul rot approve, resigned i,is
^osiii 'ti as one ot the officers, and re
quested that his name be eiflsed.— Lki.
The Extra of Coag^m,-—The
President appears to have been panic
striken at the fa.lure of the Army Appro
j/-i ition biil, and hence his call of an ex
tra session. He at once called the
Judges ol the Supreme Couit together,
sad aHeiwa! comeued a special Cab
iutt t'ouncil to delilerate u^on the sub
ject. Ttie teeieiary of War (Jeff Da
vis) declared that he cmld noi keep he
amy toneiLer without tne appropriations.
An agry discusion tcok jslace in the
Cabinet CouujiI, and it is tun! lh«t
!i. jims, Cushi.iti and CampU ii ca.ne near
a^ing a personal ollis oa. A disp-iru
states tiiat the President is universally
ienounced bv ttie JeinouaU tor hit want
ol uerve. C'Atc. Prtss.
"Hark from the Tozmbt -Sena to:
Toombs lias written a ietter from Wash
ington, dated tne 8m, vvhum coucluies
••Our danger is not from abroad, it is
at h»»ne. Tne election of Fremont w.-uld
be tue end 1 tne Union, and onjyht to be.
The object of Fremont is the conqtu-st
of the South. 1 am co-iteut that mey
snail ow n us when ti.e. conquer us, but
no*, before. Respectfully yours,
R. Ioomxs.
From ihe tote of this letter we thmk
he Jespairs of "bein^ able to call the
roll ol his slaves on Bunker Hill should
Fremont succeed.
tjtiST n it remembered thit James
Buciittiian, in 1S36, voted that every
Fosttnnsier, who should put into the moil
i .»ys any doiutuenls relating to the alio
inioa ot slavery, shall be dtfttissei
from office!
jffajFVA. Buchanan meeting was held a
few davsaince at Fryhurg. Venango Co
An inventoiy ol luterestmg items taken
by our reporter resulted as follows:
2(1 boys,
6 men,
4 gauons old Rye,
and 2 fights.- Fen Citizen-
A great internalionl Fair is in con
templation in riufFnlo, N. V., early iu
is proposed." says the
Bulfaio R-public, "to off-T prizes ic the
amount letween $15 000 and Sf'20.000,
for wh ch all the c.tiZens of tiie tiie foi
led Mates aud Canada* will be allowed
to C' aifiete, in all tne varied and eltei
tensive dt paitments of Agriculture and
Mechan ral Industry.
The liici noud Erqutrer gives notice
1'iat a pariy is loruiiu^ loi Kan®®®! which
ivi11 leave Ftlersburgh ia tlie cnuise el It
The marriage of Prince Fredrick Wil
liam ol Piussia, with the Princess yai
ol Knghuid, it is now stated. vmH 'akr
place ou the first ol September 1S57.
C^ ieeti Victora and Pnnce Alherv are
eipecljd to visit H-rlin the 'alter pan
oi tl»H com ng September, topartiapate
exiri-pt RS a bona i the marriage cercmonies ol ruuc.ss pi 8 ,—.— thM
il. i the aJvantage of selecting and loading tbeii
-giant. We hir- u'o man togoj Louise ar.d the Prince Regent UK-
Ade,stam ti.at ihe .mwba wine
manuiacturers coftiemplate advancing the
price o| |ins bf rerage,# in'eense^uence of,
the failure of the vintage.
kail Hoad lime labia
eoi^o Cast.
Kap»w»tr*»*» ''I I Y a.
M» com S r#
Juwtu at I 11
n »7
s a
I»r*, i
i*vi*k n»T- npy( t5
uu r. a
111 1ft
l»ut-n! 6 n» it
1.1- »t 7 1 SB
•lane ion ut |o 0 i*
ir in ta hrmjh McU wek Stf
'I Ifnae w
Jtcto 3lbbevlis mcnt5.
^•"0,00 REWARD.
Stolen— job bpan of Horse*.
L^'M the stu')leif I 'ii ibsci iber mi Ti 'on,
i. on M.f n'^l.t of the \!81 Ii in^t. Oi.e mil
htir*eb mn a lark mare,wi n a hole in the lHt
e»'t tier tierk, be:utr a car from a kickj of
i» large sue, and four years o'ti.
1 l.e o^hei a ba mart*, four ye«rs old. »ilh a
lump an live g, canspl fioin beitis corktj.—
Hotli o. said horits are fast walkers and have
Fifty 1 ars Reward will be paid for the
return of the hartes a'xl convictwn of the t' ief
aud any p«ioti giving af-.matii. of the same.
Will be iiheraily regarded
Tipton, Aug. '56. SIOU *. SHEARER
S-le Apent* for th- -»!p ef th» f'.|tnw
in^' inv'-uabp Musical Works, published
'•y Nathan Kic' .irJsoi.,of H.istoii.and are pte
p^ie.l to furnijih them at
H'holts »le H( Rttail at Pubh&her'g Prices.
Th Modern School for the Piano. T»
most celebrated Instruction Book ever publish
ed. Price $:V(0
The Modern S'-hool for the Piano Forte has
no* #r before the public a snffiei nt length
time uii.ft fully test i*« value as fhe best
pilule to correct knowh-dge of Piano Playing,
and itie fac' th»t i» is c«T-«tant'v i cie»s:ue in
-a e. and wmni f, lavor a aloptionh the
u o.t popular teacli»rs, is a sure guaiautee of
its uliima'ely becoming adopted.
V* I .I«l'».. K r. By i»
i trraiti H-Iki l« tirwm nt1, Pnet 7tt
rk. 'i Mxriufti .1 iwo and tb r. U4b H« a Amt
boot ft te« ben Krlcc A et,
k-r'* F*P Hi on .111 rutioo #fth« V.. e* Th» trn
ItwrbiBf W ti"*.*. Till- wyk ll«r
SnlMv P. c
n cf I fa*
of posUfv we rte*i»
Orl4 S niflag Book ByHaHonTi*
tk« w b« MB' any
h» finn'Xfel
5, K.
lrh tor«e
y s i i a n s S u e o n
Prrtnaitenily Located.
Tipton, Anp 23. '."6. 34 I
WholesnU and ihtnd [ha'.tr n
For i:n, DMnmlc. «mi! & Dried
Fruifs. „Yuf,s. Coufetiionnry, ISc.
omer Front St, 131aily sts., raver peit, 1 wa
IOi Bbls. Green Apples just tecc.ved and for
sale at $ per barrel.
Oarsspo't, Iowa, Aug. 11. 33,1m
I *.
A verti emeats.
Su am ry Works
E W I i f- n i i n o e I n
dies fi|'lon Mia we itave established
at 123 .So.in Clirkstnet. bet.veen Alad.son
a. \Vashmgtoii st's.
imiry llytiii* k ranring EsUUishnicat.
Kveiv description of Silk-1, -'.i'in-, and Wool
en !Sh. wis an drei-ses are dyed, I aned and
res ti red to then original pcrf-ctioti. rape
shawls dyed lo an, shelr also, l-ice Curtains
rhane-l. '-ieached, and Warranted to look like
new. Oid*rs from the cimnti v promntlv at
tended to." COK lilUJ Hl.i.'s.
34,3m. 132 Sanih i'!aik st. Chicago.
P. Is. YOB dJOO,
(Lute (jurrttz Jj- Yo*,)
bniortn /». J, 'irrs
Saddl ry Hardware, Saddles,
Carriage. Tmnmings, Leather, Shoe
Findings, Lenthtr beUivg, be.
n-tlul y i..vi e onr t.iliui to the
uilSfretit deinirlnieutx nl unr business, and
fi «tn loin Ajici iencu and Pupai lor I'.icmtiep,
.cuM.vv C4U e\e« U* i rders iu tiie most sjii.-f u
tory caatoer. and ou the mnHt f»vorabie leims.
Oar sasiirtiiK U', -J »e« i»i plftfd
liiiaii. ^k uons'st of every artide in the li'ie,
and are now in.iioriing all oar Kn^Wi
IC*•«- dint.!, are preputed to o'.t-i w in ,H e
in aU to yr s i mers. «»ur k of «utpl«
Saddle nn Hirust Hard art
Is uaMrpa«M*ii tiy ,:n\ li»',-.t: in the i and «'e
feel oni.i i lI tuat tne an well nt s:n ti piii c* us
cauaott.lt -M V •«•. f... «rt1:-f e«ion.
Carriage Triinni ings.
Our h»f- ini.il I. uIi and con.
pkle. -»«tInjt of blue. Iw.,wu, Or-ih an-f clsrvt
i/reiiifloihis-. i-otiou, union, and worsted dam
asks, broc it lie, parawettaa coach lamps curtain
:i.,hu- overj artivle iu the line
PrttiB! .Hid Elian.tiled Leather, of all colors,
NV li a lloare's Cwauli Vaniisli.an extra
aiticle. Sunth'o Sttcl Couvertud Asle», all sizes.
We csiil the attention of Carriage Makeii to
tbehe supe' or Asle». We t.ell them at msaulac-,
t'irer's j.ri e*. an't are the onli Agents.
e a e e i n
We have the oni A^eaty tor Hfte 4* Hoyt'*
sapil.ot I'.iVeut Miett iieil sutl lifteletl Loutlier
liehltig. Also, (loodyear's I'atcat superior Kub
iht lif'nfif snd Paeklnit.
l.»:«iat.T. nit' i* f»r sa'e in this depart
ment, sk snd I'emlm K tinned Hai iic^, Brlnte.
and Co!Ur l*-th«i. Hog .^-in Seating, skirting
and Pud Sk'.ns, Jipanisti snd Slaughter Hole Lea
ther, Freneb. Hhiiauelphia, and V\'.-strrn tanned
Calf «nd Kip Miiii", e»nk and Hemlock Cjjper
heather. Lace Leather, Morocco, limdiop, and
Lining "'kins, with a full and gent-ral a**ortm%na
of $h* Fuiaiuft.
A O E i O O
We a»k pmicuiar rttention'to our staek *»f
Tools. T-iey .re inauuim'iuredespi'eMtl for our
Hou«e, and ufuquaiitt and tinisb unequalled,aud
w e w u a n n e u i O u i e s a e a a n a
common aria le i* unally «old for. From deal
e.-H and manufacturer* thruughout the country
we ask a call, aud Hatter ourselves that our pri- ,,
ea iTui teim are aiich us 'bill command their tectly well for a single moment
favorable consideratn.n. 33,« m. on of these truths I ann* i ru-rie
£j u "to x*
At IQ'_-
Minnesota Lumber ¥ar4
Corner of Iowa and Fourth Streets,
C»p Perin-vUanilt Houe,"
|»A1 r«fF HT, ||W4.
announce to the crueiu ol Davenport in
Mirrounding c-untry 'hat he ius recently p-n
ed an extensive
Luusber V a i
corner of 1 w.« a Fourth streeti. direct' op
posite New P.'iinsyiva to
a II u«e, where he has
n 'W on baud a l»r*e and well selected sto*k
LaniH-r. consisting in part of
FiuOfinu'. superior quu.uy Fencing, fu
iocn 'hies hiding, lull nail inch
thick Ceiling, Sheeting,
toi 't 'Hid s'-antl i .' of all ili'i.en.i. lis. clear
Ftutf a boa-is ol ev.-ry quality l.orn e.g'.t to
twenty I 'Ut feet long, 5oV"" le* quaMy
Shaved psne shirg'e-jaoti.iiot* best quabtr pine
laths: also 20.1HW No. 1 eke lo.Ots. No. 2
picke sjatsi c-.nstantiv on n i a .all assort
ment of S
'th anl H'nn/ou i
Ihe pui cul..r
a'tenliiu of
bui'ders*nd pur
chasers of Inmbei is invited to examine out
which will be soid at
Pi ires I hat Cannot fail to suit Purchasers
D. nt forpet the place, corner Iowa and
Fi urtb streets.
N. H. —Purchasers from the conntry atop
ii the N w Penn lv ui
House will have
without taking tlieir bones fr^m the
(I E I O N V -K I I If
FDrmer's Nlort* 1.18^^ vX
Flnrenee, \t lira«ka.
4 u n .Hiesl. J.M Casb'r.
FSpKc I'FriJ.Y Mil s iheatientiim of cit
liens a\ 1' rm» ti t. ttie ct Ihst he ha
opifiiwl the irst S'ore. a-d will keep constantly
rn hand a full su jr ef
Dry GtQijr. Groceries, Hardware, Cloth
tng, HahSf Cops, Boots St Sh'ts,
in fact, *very 'he usually found in a country
store. Give hi tn a rail and examine his Goods
before piirchaMn^ elsewhere.
Tlie Out riff yu,m is stitctly adhered to.
P. S.—W. O. Having perinvnently loca
ted i" Durant. ard deijja waking it the p'are
ot bis future re idence. and stnce-ly topes, by
fair prices, (to ^o ds, just repretema:io»i!,
undcli se personal attention, *o merit a shaie ol
'be atronape and coohdenee of the public.—
Pa«i tavor- gi atefully acUnow le.'ge.l and acoti
tinu-nce s^liciiad. WM. O UIDl.OW,
Purar.t, LeUar Co., Iowa, Aug 6
We eel I the attention cf all i want of
Carpels, Oil Cloths^ Utirtun
Materi,us. Sheetings,
JJanunk- Linens,
Conniei yaws. Towel ings,
Window Shades, I'iano aud Table Covers,
Satin Delaine Cur.ain Oa^asks, oers
ted Dim i k«. 1 ace Curtails,
Tassels. KamN.G xpa,
P.llow Casings,
Quilts if e\ei de
scription. C.neice brands
of Family Muslins. Napkins,
"Gold lit ier Window shades,
Green Cuttaoi Oil Cloth, new article,
2 1-i! yards wi.Je -h^e inu*. .sbirtmg Lin
en*. extra mas.i Table l«.|i. ail sizes
In "'it
u pel Deparliu«ulj
wi i
he to i: 1 tie of .he
Larger Mocks iu tlir Wtrt,
Comprising some Ten 'thousand Dollars
Wo'tH of Vttvtt.
Imperial 3 ply Ingram,
tfper Super do.,
cuperliM de.,
iriinaa it TmMu
A S 1
Flocr Oil Cloth*, jrom the Best Manu
facturers, Embt acing every IVuUk
Jrom 3 'o 1S feet wide. llso%
The above ars a portion of the Goods to br
found at Swim's Variety Stork Pavenpon,
and for .^alc as heap thoy ure sold «_'hic*t.t
or s! y jitace 'he We»t.
A i-. »5 33.4w HtNRY If SMITH.
uuder-igiied liken this nn liuxl toinfiNR
1. tb« clt sau: ©t' "1 ipiyu, and surmunOiiit
enantry'ih it he has 'u^titout tLe old r.uij o
Wiu.i .-M At w« v, aud ha« now ou baud, *&>
CoUf-tarjlly iv ug
Furniture of All Kind*.
Bareau*. l"-. Bt-d*tea''«, tjba^r*, Sasli,Matt«
&rc 4r-- F.ir abicb h« «ill sell for Cai-b as loa
as ai any (1 icc ia Uie Wiast.
a a n S e e o Y o u s e
Tipton. July 10, 28lf. N HAWLEV.
7 JV-.//
u( liaitfjni, ioniti
Tht'ty-StvfRih Jltmual Statement.
As presentf.l tot'ie stockholders at the Abaual
laeetiag held in the City of Hert
ford, u e 5, 1S56.
15 CO ME.
Premiums f».r the yur, l,ii!4,S0ft 32
Lvs» Heturn Press's, Sl.lctt 09
Pr*iuiuius the prior year
were, 1,384.140 k:
fncom on luvestmsats
and Intereat,
Less loss
e« de.
50.7n.'» 5«
3,014 38
47,691 10
tl,641,Ml 41
Losses CM^ed, f84 844 04
'isi!in»*iuaa a exycussa, III,.'.'-. TO
Taxes, 14 94
Divideada, HU,000
served to pay
all etrtstsad
iug claims ou June 1,1S5S,
But due, 101,855 5$
The follow it ,, gentlemen w-rt unaniruously re
elected Lireet »rs for the ensuing year
Thomas i\. Braic.
This is tnoie than can be said et Qnimnt, Ar
senic, or any tonic in istence, as their use is
ruJioi.s to e institution and bungs »ji ucmk
agc( which uever allows a person io fe. I ji r
is iliustra
rie extractn from
a tetl-r just receiveil froui a Physician:
Gi.0Hijf.T0WN, i'loo, March 17, 1$54$.
Ja's A. KIM ot.3, E Uear Siir, Vour. of
2d i. st. is at li no. ne Cuie arnved late la.t
year, ana the difiicu ty n g. any one io tiy
it *sas greatly incraje»!
ID^ 11
H. Fl'LIsKr would respeetfu ly
ne.i. n s» i
'pH® I'filers ened. Pieprietor* o t'e Bakk
1. nrFioa»»(« \ehim«ks, a e_ bv th pro
vi^ittri* i( it* Charter. iuJ vid ally re^P' n.-ible
Tor all its inues, aid will ledeein il-e Notes 'f
.said Institution'in C-in. a» its om e« in the
ity of Flo ence and at i'h«r of Uietr Bank
ing Hooies. in Kasiern t,xciia p» at 1 p?r
cent, or iu |ecie at ame ratis as other cur
Cook 4r Sarpent, Tareipart, Iowa,
"••ok. Sargent & Downev. Iowa City, Iowa.
Cwik. Sargent, ft. Cook. Ft l)es Motn*«,
Cook. Sa gent ft. P*rk^r, Fl ireace, Nebraska.
Dave' port. Iowa, July Is', 183®. 31 3er
Ufa Saved at Midnighit,
By hrreorirs luntant lurr of TuiS.
The nu utt ut it i* used interraMy.it darts
tbioimh iti" ^•ti m. u'Ikjs pain* instm'ly. In
font minims it hne d'tTjStd ihtou^h the lytn
phAii.- ys:em and.ld xd its tf !liiijj power, and
liik'y t"in ed itf way through i rery ttverisl
or diwased uerve. \elu or filand di^^ Iring ol»
-trnctioria. releving intliMnatiou. (ever* and
"psftm i«ic paios, has cured uervous hrtala» be in
.0 miuuetr-e, ,(ig rb' uma'imt mag cally, it
not :t ,s the *f no ti ot uiodicine.
tr Ju»t tiy one HottU. Price 2Sjts"R5.
old By A. GiuiihT. A pent.
\lco by 11*1.1. Ch^mhkks. n 10 ly
Dr. J. Dennis,
lO\l ^uscHline takes tnis me'hod to in
form the citizens of Tipton, tnat he U now
the Airmen Hor«-,wheie he will remain
i few days to attend to the duties ot his profes
Heinjs th ronirhl/ acquainted with his pro
teesioi, relying en irely on his repu'ation as a
l)enti-i for success, he solicits t'ie pa'ronage of
the puhlie. Ai.i.ornAri i« iva«ihm-d
Keferenc-'S may be had from the billowing
iieiitl- men:
Hon. W. H. 1'ithiH Tij^onj Hon. J. P.
Cook, I)aenport i Hon. A. K Cott n, I.yont
A. Holtslan ler, Esq ,Tipton A Dar.iels.Fsq.
Nlai n n S S. h.vuels, Esq., lipton K.
Tailor, Muscatine. H2 tf.
MITJ K. tti- ,,f the flrtn of Av ry,
Upham& U-r (i,H«i irdl«dve«l from
i:»t coecemou 1-" "t :i-h U«t).h
irun the new fit of Miller if hound*, o 78
S tith W itcr Htreet. I 'luc*g", 1 having tieen s
•Ttunale as tn receive ibeir Sptioii hIiioH
rocerie», iu advstipe ot any other houi-e In tbei'
in. ind u es tt)"in t.o offer their utock for neii
tab, a' lower pncea thaa cau be touud siii)
her ho« e in the city.
Th'lr st.a-k tf large, and entirely new, and
•i •.fftn in p»t11:
ltOil c'i-«t T'tt. boxo" Glass,
Aoo •^^g^ i tl'eo, l.i' 0 ItetfK Nailf,
S' U bhilii S igar. 5' 0boxes basins.
SiUIobis MolasseS, 100
ZcO S/iup. 60 Tijrcen Hake,
n uplemHd assortment nf Wooden Wan
nd Yankee Notions. Miii.kb a Rhiimm.
24 tf Chic ikio May 21 18 ®.
1»E\T1L Sllt(.i:KT.
M, j,
1,541.031 41
The Company has cash a-set» of 1.000. i 31 60.
The Tota, I -paid by tlii Company hi thirty
seven yeurs- (n.iiug lii* n -i ut time:
In 1 ire I'tpsii tuicu^ 59
Inland do. CUT,027 31
9,429,014 90
e s y $ 9 o e n s e s i s o e y a n e e n
th" means of equaliztngto the public benefit.
For iLurtv-seveii^e.iM this Company bus puid
an earued dividend averaging anumtlly 7 jx-i
oent. on the i ajiit.il Htoefe. Tiie in.-ioed, howev
er, hive bad pitkl Hi ro t?l 3-4 |er cent, of th
grOM it uiinins i.*.-b in th-: rhape of I nws, arn
the remain.njt 1-* pvr cent, of receipts havi
IteeU .pportii ued to agents, expetisca, tAXua, sup
port of lire companies and divid'-nds.
Mia# K. Tuttle,
E. «. Hipley,
j'ravton ilil'ver,
Ward W .odl-ridge,
(•unta.iis K. Davia,
K. A. Bnlkley,
Walter Kemy,
Austin Lmaham,
Itobert linell.
Kol .ud Mather,
iiiiii'l Tr.iiur,
S tniiK I 5- Wiir-t,
.'ox.ph Church.
Ei/euc/er Flower,
lle-ry 'L. Pratt,
Tito's A.
tact tl,.
bad be JU He rod
ng ii r.-vor with the j. .IjIk.. i.eu.g be Ur
tnan using Qti nine,—le nuuwi g,l pujuiiu
thai Hi i«e»eo tiity use to tsc..p.' y.uu.ne,
conl.in ed th- ns o i1 tLr
'lln len.eiiy ^koow.. as Smith's Tonic,")
won nvana »y aatAK au ai ue,but it ditf not
roar, l, as wou.d fien return wi n renewed
vigor. ItH- on' ciicumsiance 1 i.eemed in youi
lavor. it I CiiUid lustituiea le»t comparison be
tw en it a .d your ccme. Ihe following is tue I
resu t:
T.nfce persons took your "Cure," all of which i
were eases of "Quotidian Intermittent Fever,"
o! many weeks standing. Ihey had tried Qui
nine, and utucr »euiedie.i, occasionally un sing
a chill, bui it w s, (a» in a 1 uc/i casesj slow
ty wearing them out, nu laying tue tounua
tfon of other and severer maladies 1 did suc
ceed etfectn-g a raoical cure of all throe ot
tl»e»* cases with your remedy lu these cases
he i Siiiitn's lotuc had neeii used,and *ould
brisk :he dull, but it would return gam.
I think tnere wnl be no diflicu ty now in giv
ing you. "Luie ihe vantagegr und of any
other medy now in u-e l.eie. Li cknkk
HilOlth'S Kt-VLK it AGLt. cl'»iL, oi
isiio ts. to MA'.AhiA, he on hai uili ss rem
edj in existence, is eouatlv certain us a ea*
vkntivk, or a -cpax."
«he chids coming on, and vou wil never Lave
a sing e one. A'S A. HODhh,
Propuetoi, Providence, R. I.
Wholesale Agen.i, St. Lcms, H. Blaksi-xv
Chtcsro, Basclat B»os.# add fsr sale by
A. G'l Tip,*n
KF.RShis services to the
citizens of uscatm e ami
vicinity. His long nu ample
X|i,-,,niit enables hi n to gi*« a more than
ordinary chance iu all the vat ions operations
n his profession. He would call special at
ention to the Con!imiuu.t Gum'7 Mounting,
an improvement of great supet iordv. All Work
v» a:ianledt« giveen.ire satisfai tion.
Office on'Jd St. oppntite Go-don't (Mart
Dr. H. wnl professioi ally visit Tipton three
'rfouriitn sp^r year—at which times lie tnsy
'.e found at the BiSEtrv lloi'SE," n3,tf,
PRAIE1C! PRrlE'r! flilRIK! Kil ALE!
A" t-tock fwrm, con
»w i,r. s« 21, ip S2
1 w se qr n« ir s. 24 7l* r4» w htne qr
-ec !8. S-, 3 w': n* qr see it Si 'i w ••'••o.
iinber ot Tilln^e |nt«, which ar" »be eheapett.
nd among tlie moel de-iral-le in ll e vii *^*.
For further par^ienlar* itq ire of the under
signed, at bis office iti the Cuiiri House
nolh] PIATT.
A I S tl'Sf quality. "No.
ii lain In? 3'iO aere«-
LM OF 1000 fFoW ERg'Jusrrecf i ved
at the Broadway Store.
31. A Gil BERT, Agent.
I UST reeelred at tbe Hruadvav Drug At Vmi
il ety StntM, it n*v -I'H k i I'llrmn, Medi
cine*, Painter's Articles, ro«:e
"es, HiidTare, hakea, lioi-s, Ac. Kv.v f*o
lions and Toys 19 A. (Mhert.
TUO'S K. UltACE, Pres't
E. U. KIl'LKY, Vice Pres't.
Tiio's A. At.ESAfnKK, Sec'y.
Appliv'ati ins promptly attended to by
31.1 i. WELLS SFlCEtt. Ag't.
Tonics Wont lo.
HEVdwl niorethiiii give temporary relief
and 'hey nevei w.II. It is hocauie fhey
dont I -uch ibe t. of the di»iasc I'.ir canv
ot all «t ue and biiiions Jim a»e» is tiie atmo
spheric p.'ison called Miasma or iaria. Neu
tra lie thi- poison by it- katliwi. aniiootk,
and ail dieases caused ty it disappear a once
Rhode's Fever and Ague Cure is t,ii= Astnlole
to Malaria and moreover it is a perfectly ba-in
less medicine. The c»itifica'« of tne ceiejra
ted chemist, J, R. CI lton, 1 Nr* York, to ti is
eject i» a tacin.d to eveiy Loille, loeieuii* U
ii does no ifood it cau do i.o iiarm
Mute. Raisins. Fig«, Prunes, C.tron
Crangee, Lemons aad Apple* tor sale by
A. lbert
\T FITIXCr Paper, Letter, Note, u:,d F»ols
cap, awing. Tirftit and Colored papirs.
Envelop.*, enmm u aad fatiey P*nis «nJ Ink
lor *%le hf A. iJ'lo tr.
(Ablle, quid kemge, Flake White Car
mine, Toilet Powders, and l*t 1f v by
A. Gilliert.
ROf'Htr N-edl s and CVtton, Perforated
Board and kVornt-sl. «od by A .CilNtrt.
Knives, forty kinds for sale by
A. Gilbert.
ORTE Moinales, Wall"t«. Rill Flead*, Blank
«ks. a great variety, fo *ale by A G.
Knk-iilaiib 3brrrti(?cmfnt9.
T. B. CA*E. K. K. STHOl.G, JU
CASF & FTROWG, Agents.
LfBllier. Shoe I iudiii *, kt.
We solicit the attention of Merchants
Shoe Dealers lo our Ktock and Pric....
N. B.—fias.li paid for VCi rjf Hid
Rock Islanri. III.. Jnne 27, 'JMI.
THO'o a II IT". i. .M'I SAKOK
O U I i S
Als«. Impoi leis. and W n-bsale alets in F©f
eign hnci n.e-tn- Liquor, U :nes i^ars and
Tobacco, NordeJI'f fl: ck, I ll-noit M.
ash paid lor Cum, »heat, Oats, G/ass
Seeds, fee*
i' 8-!y Rock Island. III.
and Wall Papers. Met
iiarts a^d Tenehtrs supplied at Whole
sa'e. Musical lastnuMuts, Ariaee's Superior
Always on Band at Factory Prices!
Those wishing instiuments are in vilsd to cal
We warrant them.
ounty a. Public office Records and all
kinds of Blank Books constantly oa band.
Any kind furnished te er4sr at short not ce.
fur Books ate
\ol Excelled West of New fori!
Pnriter's comple'e outfits, as we have
The Northwestern Type Jfgency,
type and material on hand also only agentsfo
Hoe's Printing Presse* in this region. Pt-rsob
purchs«ing from us will have iheirgood deli*
I ai* it whe you leel I eted in Davenport, if desired. When you come
31 3m.
to Ike river don't forget to call over,
»1,1r- Rockhland
Mae's I'ressf St WWM» T^p« Aeesiey
11 c' :ji o it 0 iu 16 .h uU.
trnx.'V r-rvHTtCfc
Forward nt mid umtnmitvn
riow una do*r fraiois, wiudow aaslt ef aH kiad
and [4-tf.
18&6. 186€.
ilull, IHen & Co,
(l.ati- Li ill A l'..rif.h
Produce Foru&rdin? & C^m nisiicm,
E A N s
Aifnts f',r
U N I K S A E S i S S
tnrnr«d Y^tfWf Ami I
Andft'ftfe* Mil* «f
ar#r- A- ilk* m*1 1 w Jt»v
nr vtiTuiifoa Kirn e AT H%
i K i 0 0
i a v
,\o. II, l.ft l.AIII. III OI Ik,
which tbfcy offer to the trade at Wtiul"»*le CX
clu-ively. To Retail Mer hants, llot--lkeepe s.
and others of the interior ot the t?tHie and Nen
rakka, who purrh.t»e at wholesale, we give the
I'surauce that will till tt.eir oraersand mem.
uiand-i at h:ci) o aud it. Louis prices trans
portsti. n abb d.
Merc!* tnts. Grocers and Hotelkeepem, doing
ih- tine or near
PAirrs 0»r.%
& st n,
[hi, i trti
l.ninijor of all .«eriptton*. t.avh*. -hinj?Te», *it
tl. marlfS
I 00 00i
^noMir'i riiitt
»n Pin on i»W«
,» U ll
K V.
Goed Goods,fair dealing snd low prices have tween Maiu snd UraJv »L
In cotisequenee of the ereat rush to car es
tablishment, wv have secured mora room over
our dtoro, and have opened out a
WhohnaU boom!!
Which fnrnize And quantity ol ^oods contains^
therein will con pare most favor hly with any
thing ot the kind in Davenport. anJ we are now
prepared and will con'inue to keep So. by
week'v arrivals of New Goodt! to snow our
customers, and a'l o'Uers who may give us a
rail, owe of tbe laigewt ami beyond ail doubt the
heapest Shuk of (Joois
'111 has ever bc^n ottered in |lave:.|xirt.
We sre enabled by purch »»n our i iKd» from
Pii 1 Hands, and many them fr-m tne
rw Wrk urlioii ouini
To sell goods from ten t(. twenty-five per
cent lees than tho«e who parchasc in Ihe u-ual
way. ant v»e .»re d^'ermined at all hazards 1"
maintain Ihe reputa'n n we have already ac
quired of beit 'lie Ch-apest More iu liaven
port lteiiiember ihat we continue to
practice what so many lately sre professing
and do se'l all our goods on the Onb Pb.ce
C*sh SvsTt.m. [nl3-lv
Storc^ije, Eofto?}fOii)t] A: t'ett)li)I??iol)
It this branch of the trade, we are prepared
'o do i large amount of tiisina. Merchants
u il others making consign
in en ts to our bou*e.
miy rest aliened of ihe utmost fidelity on our
iart to their interest*, anil tbat th :ir coneign
meuts Khali receive prompt atteution in sales and
N. B. Satisfactory relereei es given ia all
use*, snd with pie. s ire. Ryan McCart
number 19 till torbid.
A Large a n o e S o k o
rRcsii rtR«T-CHOP
I U E s 1 K
huv" now on baud, and arc-
daily reoeiviug from tbe Bast and iSotitb, at
JS'o. 5 FRO XT ST., A
(Harrow'* New Block) Davenport. Iowa,
a large, well St-lected and lull stxk ot tre«h,
Prime Grnce»ies, Nails, (ilasi, Salt,
IVvodenware, Proiinons dec.
line (he
is.s'ppi Sl M's-ouri lUiiroad, Iowa Cuy.orlar
ther Wi it, will tlnd
Ui tin !r iuta ie»t to make
'heir puirhasc* of us, and try shipping
(joixls tiy t' e M. 4 RfHroad eave
the moat
54 miles
hauling by teame from any other point on tb
river. Our facilities are of the first claw, snd
confidence, that if yon
will give us a call, l^ek through our dock, ai.4
b-aru our rices and teim* we phall rrwive
liU'ral (.hare of your pu'ronage which it shall
be our aim, by fjri.itiing Hrst rate goods
lavontlde prices, aud fair dealing, to merit au4
rtuuis tw imi 11
Dalxetl's Block, he-.ond s ie"t. above I erry,
Darfn|)ort 3ot»a
Ihe nU-til'-a
IMci tiants aud Pnllitri
iO the ind i'-. n euli rtli.cn tn.i i
I largf *t rk lioi i d*-' rices as lew as
ciiic iiso on sr. LOL'is!
and tins sitn rates tjj an in",vp ri. ii'v-d buyer
as to the uldost mercLs it. We v« e hy tar tbe
larg st stock ever bjoaght to tbis rnaiktt, com
piii i i lull Hoy of
All ll"- t.esi tn- L. s ol punt- i
for ih s
market, 1 vr.i y die*.- (."nd'. giiigtm:ns, alpaccn..
lawns, aid a very l..:ge asrui iment tf the bss
Olekes of
Pantaloon Stufl&,
ms. iii ills 1/iey -i ens. sesiiug--, ete.
We buT ui hai a tin" s ockol notion*, to w .ieb
we ate addtn/evi ry aeuk. M-r-bants e i-ijig
t'! i i i i tV A u i'. n trf. CalL
W» e a Ii II •!..»»':i-' ll O I'arneole.
wl 'i we wi'l s the Inv^s p-.--I rates.
NSeUli aO-kt-U CO.ialS, -n v. lie, 'I east'Ttl
price". »-s'i or short tune toy ts, with sails
Shtt-i ry referei c* will tl ie it 'n ih' ir inter lo
all on |u xvi il All McO\ k «PP
T« iheni/.piH of cliiral Una.
rotes & Uhi ics'
Davriiioit, lotta.
Invite 'he sttention of Farmers, Builders, Me
chanic*. -nd consumers of Lumber tenerallv,
to tbeir extensive and unet|ua.iea selected stock
Sidin?, B.rn Honrdmg,
Mliingles, kc.
Onr purchases
ave teeentiy
been rcsde or
tireeu Bay. Lake Hunn, a id Ui.e''iiiani.
and I'lougbt bv vessel «c, Chicago, and thence
the Chicago au-l Bock Island Railroad to
Davenpoit. 7"ho wants of a large emigratinn
i into Iowa have heeir anticipated iu oui selec
tions snd purchases.
TW lL llriM. lilil»B«,
)Wocdwirth's celebrated Patent,} are now
rum ing in our .Mill, and our facility lor man
uiactur ng
Are unequalled ih he West We are also en
tensiVe'y •'nijaiied in the Manufacture of
We can di. be'ter by our customers than ev
er before, aud wiil do our b» st to suit them.
Bradl y B.oc«rett,
»od Retal! rieal»r» In
Dvtn, Httndt, irt.
i A Z w i O O
so1# rib- r- v n e y u-d uff*r to
•!.« n i rn) •i.rr'wiGd nj
c,Miii»r« th'' oio t" imp'* to a»«oit nent of Paiata,
.. O' ow, s»»h, Blmds xn i Djors- rrftr -ught
c**?., *«ort*-d •**«,
0 Ml ii .*«•* VV 1. low i.iiiVW, aMortud slsw,
D'.r. a 1 M-»or:oj. it.
til:- ,,f VVifldo* CliaiS tTSr
broiik.hi i.» tlii* ma' k *.
I. a -i- li »f White Lead, fee'red.
(•laced Window**
A e hare for *ak at .Va.
10,000, corner Itrvly acd 4th street*, a larga
Vs.seoKT, loWA i of ilnl Wtmloas •rn^rte'l
ie froi,L.4 fitted op With ut'le thirkripp*
Prei Ti ite, c, min- n IMttsfcttr^^i snd N'*«»
s !y.
Yo»k Gla-« Ulapin re vipoij abort no l»
and satisfactory term1.
Orders promptl» atu-nded to.
2 5 N 1 0 1 1 a v
1 I E 2 1 2 I I S S S i i
Wh ch ut uiil ttll Ay holt'alt W Retail
Also—-a i.tw Stoi ic or «Ir«• en»a, l'i ivisious,
Woa icn nn I Willow \V*re. (J n-miwiro,
ilit*svare. Naiiis I'amts, Oi.*,
Turpentine 4* together with a host of other
article* in our hue, too i.itmerniM to mention
a.'l ut which will be sold at u small advance uu
OS'. :»t WILEY A Ml \«'BP.
Oa S«rond Ktreet, opposli* Le Claire Itte, Le-
July »d, 1-
Noursc, Viole 1
Cvnttr ij Hvii- iiuiiiu atid /Wtf .V.'r.rf/,
Dsveiipoft, Iowa.
Offer for sale at VTholesae- vnd Reta Clorer,
Timothy, Hlue Gra»« and Millet scede, Garden
and F!ow"t ^ei-ds in great variety.
Jlg-ieullural A* Ilortirnlturnl piemen ft
of the iuoni approved manufbM.tiv.
Retpert tthd .Mowers,
Noerse, Vede V Co. ive msde arr ineww*
by wh :ch tliev tiave the exclorive sale in this
section, ot Minr.y C"e.el fated irst Preroiam
Woi Id's Fao ii* ap»T Hi.d Mo Aer. A'si Manny's
awl Paten: R- ap«T« ar Mowers. At
Ketrhnw'* od»-tiratid Mrwer Mc ortnick'a
»i .im'i's. Rut sell's, Wright's and Atkia's lur
Uahtd to trd.
All persons d-sit iug
Uraprva aub llloiDtrs
shJtdl ordet thi enrly, tut thedemttd grsat
t'mn the supply. R'' --eis at Mowers are :d
at jVnir/ tittrrr'a Trir,- •. with only freight ai
wurehou-e ri ar/ Idi d.
Hoiie-Poweri and Threshers,
We are sole A cents in ttii eect'on for theealo
of ihe jua'ly oeb-brMUd lilt's Machine tor
Tbri shiug a'd cleaning grain at one operations
*hii-n untwiihiktanuiug ii is the lln-t machine of
tbe kind ever invr-ht.it, and put into su- cessfnl
operation, it mw n ands, a* it nlwaye ha^ stood
tbe best machine ir tbre»hlnc a id cleaning
grain in esistence. Al#, i'itt doiihle i iuirai
or 10 horse power. lvneryV Railroud rurilia
ihain II irse powers peaseV E\i-.^lsi.r II' rwM
Power,with thri^hers, «eperati.r», cleaners, clwver
hulleep, circular and eroas cut saw nulls, com
abiI ii- iff,., and all
O'htr Imp tmeats ada/ded io Power.
To Uni'.m WiiuutActur- r-'. Nourse. Y.ele ii.
Co a. th .- lovsa Agricultural Depot. o r.-r •..
Sale Cumrti 1 i'i p*t»-it Pr xirn C-.m Plait.rs, to
th'r with all Machireis u*e1 in Hi f«m Uaau
•acture. Also, hti-.k- hr"om winding sn
lag twiue. of the lir-' .aliiv,
PhW I'OH* "inLfaX.
The host hora.* po'v. Corn Sheller ia use Is
Reading's Pa't Shifter
TIi'k via tone fs capi!t»|i» of fthelNwrattdcfasa
i'ig I ftOo Buthelt of Cor* pt' 1 sty. I'.ery
Farmer bavu.g a ini ^e quail.i of corn to ehell
should inchuM one oi these Sbvll.-rs. 2ltf
J300 K!S7S AT
Sub-CMb't* having r- -arranged their
*t«ck utter the confusion occanii ued by fire
ifct ntly, are piepsred *o ii:vi«e the attention of
r»r*!ne in want, ti our large and generalaseorv
meut of
Uibli's, Hymn and Prayer Boil^
•S'hold and Cbildr'-n'e
Mi^e. ll:vn^rus anu (*ift.
Pay Books, |jel/eri, vas Books, ^e,
\V Hting Ph|»t. Luve|o|ie*,
luge, tiluids, (ii.id aud Sice I Pens,
^ealni, W »*. Watf rw. Ac.,
u.i, ami iT\i\ r^eias, aoBDXfs,
Fire hoard Pattern*.
Maih?!.V»», NKVTSI aPtas, Ac., t)t».,
AH of which we supply at Last trn Pel OSS.
Wholesale or Retail to ("aeh Buyers, it
The -IOWA R()»K" ROOMJ."
i. 3ti Hrady ne%r tbe Po«t Office.
Davenport, Iowa. l.Mf KLI Al»A V O.
AS UPt\ FltlD ASD fi.il"fUr
WKt ww ie i#a *m
AT /iOl'SEL s. .v., a. t.K o 1.4 IKE MOW
HAVKjnst retnrned from New York with the
i«:«t lUn k of line watches ami jvw
elr ev i la-fore offt .| in this ruaiket. I
gold wHtchex from $'jn to Sfher do fioin
$5 to Sutl. (iold chains foom $7 to $wj. UtQg«
from 'lit centN to $00. Breast pins from SI to $^0-
I would call purtieula- attention tn my stock of
Ladies' wat 'lies, whii i tTr«ces a full variety of
dain, hunt.he und enamelled cases, and I think
I .'ail hUil the ii.Oht faatidiuUS-
In short, rav vv'itiie »t')' k'of rloclt.', watches,
jewelry, silver and olatr-i wure is full snd com
plete, and much larger than bus ever been orougat
to this market and I will sell wholeaaW or rt
tail at price* tbat wit! defy alt competUlo:-.
Ren*iria done as usual on sbott notice.
I'e tit Ii. livM. v^nl-if
Hcrse Rekes.
s'tlisct. rs .. I s'lpt.t-.* Partaan and
IXalers w th rs aud hard rakes of best
tmiiier aud voikmHt sbip, at the lowest c«*b
pr eea. NorrtsK, Vin k Co.
24 tt N. W. cor ot l»1ard -irtfi Fr^stsi*.
111 ii3ra!ine rtiscnifPt-J.
Suece-sor lo Ii IC .%
lo^ Second st., MliSt'A'I'lJii
Wo are now offeritig for sale ut te
duced in ires, our large &. Varied stcck of ,iew
etrv. Give us a call tiefore purcti s ng ei e
wli re. R'iiiember the place «.t Eraia's old
stau t, 152 Second sheet, Muii jtsne. In a.
Watci.es, CWcks and wdiy earefuHy re
paired. £ti
s. Ti7& P. STKINT.
Nos. 130 V 191. .Main-sf. .MuftritHne,
niture in .ts various viit ieiii-s. Constant
ly on h. nd a full assoitment acapted to tt e
Tr de or Retail Pa t.eular attention is invi
to our I'm B-.n Work, which is man
uPartui to Our O 'der, in the Eastern Cities
r. tso,
Very ftaperior Article «»l Spring
». .1, Bed la)Hii||M, iVc.
Thankful tor tlie very liberal tionage 'rom
the I zeris of Tipton and Old r.'idat, in gere
r»l,by s'tict a'tepiien to lea-4 •, and ie int«
ble prices, we shall en leavor to meut a coiiti
uanceof the name, a resptcifuily
Inv tie an E*
urn In at ou of Cur Stock.
Miisca'inc, June IKMJ 26 tf.
OLOKtn naPii iiorss is ckmximu. iowa-
TASI.lt.Hfct' 1
VI .11.- ,ii,0.
o k i i i i
Wholrsuie aiitl ta
I' /Jn {f.»,
D*r»nportj Town, Oct. ?*L
Sir rf, Mi.xca.
EEl'S constaa Iv f,.r na.e cheap for rath or
approved credit, a large aud well aaaotWu
itjca nl L/ruifs. Veuicincs, CqcuiIchIs, Paltitss
its, Dyes, Wladow Glass, (Hons Wan. Age
for all ia* pupuiur family nsedlcines of the day
Jaanirv- '. l,tr-

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