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The Tipton advertiser. [volume] (Tipton, Cedar Co., Iowa) 1856-1962, September 27, 1856, Image 2

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(Tipton ^irbfrtisrr.
tw9t a to ma nor.''
FOB Pssei»a'«T,
Of California.
JPsr Vic* President
Of New Jeraay.
Vwr Prutolfiial EUriorv.
Hale at lares JDAN1KL MILLSB.
1st dMrtot, W« M. STONE,
ui Then.
V* «M r*«rf 8««««m »t 4*
mi (At
IBs* akhMbr Mir rafars»*«.
PiHOIiCT U It tl
Wife I^aAwr.
"Tbe t's»* V r\oti «i
to At Mif
Mtt'r **7 :*M Iktrl IIMIa
Bui Haag *aj a aW a««a*sarr*' ihai S. to mm mm*
plaa s4as*a4 fc»
U—*h»«r-»n t»*«*
Nit osa ruru u nnaui aun »r «m
it CA»
aa.Ua by
N*l ifllTUa ItBT I.K-lt»L4'IVC TH'«IT'.
•Brat as
wabtixo -«umini
"TWIh (WTmliter/ t«d«-t »r u e»M, Wfttin ta
Mal'dMlM«,itoiUF«- i«o, ifc.ra .Sail fca *HWr
ml mm bw»»T wDM tkaa .• punk
MM w "—laHno.
Alt mb mn tan fn nl T«c «L. a»4 ifcwt
(WaMl *4lk rartala 'lkw, *ma« lh ar»
1 lU rcxcit of urfiian —Taosas
*U lit wltm of p«fc!"c at
WVaMIW1 tkl* ha4 i»m« n i»
hHMaW Ifea Anail««a r«*l« Ulaf.
"fMikhmoM irntmmtMm Mako-k Svl*| af
MB.V I k» t« avert I«. lw» w.« Lara
Mfla ••mwi Vtuiui riaaea.
"I am* vitk rca n4Uii la r» ri|W f-»
U»ai| I ha»a af nmWwal n kV.
mWIj m4
aalulral y. ai I •b«at4 y
kaMa x%-aa
*a rU a«r t'ala* of a Th»' on
IMtl TW mtffi aa n«maw ib*
XMlaa «r hWamaMrr *arv ia4a w Hx.k-WMKrra torrl
1 ka»a fkall ta»- a aoa/*4«:a«T of fraa a«ai«a Waah
k#ka la Lrikraoa. 1TT7.
14a ah to—a It nngBlwl t» 'ka naaatlmiioa af
VaMa4 of iMrtM. TH*t TRSaB 1*5 BE
a III BBS. Bailaaa Is '^a CcM IMm
IHWal Oaa««at*a.
Thai altor Uw faat IS* rf ika Ofcftattaa an Ikri afeal
llMHa al| i a aar ta«alaaiarf »ai alaala la aaj af ik«
MS Saa^a a)W«1aa tkaa la Ha naMkaaal tor alaa
akaaaafika many kaB kava kaaa aaa*tet*4 la kan kaaa
lanaaii!? nSr J—— 0«4^aaaa. IT**.
••a atl aa Ika aaa»a af Ika daaaikaHaa la a
liar la
Mi w «iamif| aUk mraa.'' —BmJ Ftul^a'a Miaartal
Oaiiai a.
kii«M«T JlitmiNi Ml* »n aki if|
«lk lr aaaao laaam tta b« w. a a a
IKW aaak rrttrtaa aval ka Hat ar fat fat Ika aaaKaa
fkarr ar tka «aa k aili ali
Lmtmm. m.-Bkimm k«
•Tka fiaall1tttiia« pa aaala 4arMaaatba ^aa
ittaaaulitf af lava, b' kaa 1. nM tkat tka aad. af Eaa
am aafaaalHatiaaa1
tnraaaa Laarvia
"Tfca »latf»-» «m t«aa'1* aioltr1' In rvftraatra Ika 41a
larWaraa lr raialloe k -k« 9-rraa*/ Kai.a« It 4ct» 4
•ttuaoaa waa la N. aa4 *k«t r^a^raaaa k iIm
haa aa*H ka pal a a a
"Han)alMl that ika '"aaraalVa kr a ui.ao'ruaaa itw,
ha4 a|% aia4 af tka r-«a4 tka lav aa m-4 akal' p.'armii
4Mi«aaa. llaraja'it* 'tai ka1) at*«.tard a«arrr—Br.
Baattaaaa.—with ao mxh wtmtxm aol narra aa ta aafcfrt a
•m ab4 aa4rt4a4airatian af iWi U*a A. pott
i£torai.*rixr a»d *a*caa wknii*K xrakoiar »ua |raa
a' 1 «h#n mrh aa Biiwr
Ha wi b*v» if 'ce wk*«s la »twrt. N AR
OUT'oHI'T Wr'-^ .T.T.'UFTU
—rmmD v in New Ttarfc
m4 Hmum \u or |C»a »Vn» -|i«f !Wk
"Ta r»*B ftft n 4 Uf«s4 to Ma»«ry akt^rai^a, 01
^•1 wbirt l«n**«Tsra »1 vT-A'rm oc *1**99? «xi«&au>u
M4 'ba aim* u at w.itj w:.c amu t-ap«ali it
~ey «v
i«f sj .Ms
ats'Wr Af *a«»
.»m 1
la tb«
1 j«t a iihfl* Wab*cr%i\m th« aoevb
wai: Uav« ih«
tbeir light ow«. U, •m—9 ftht'lticB lBp«IIUt
ftNl (4« I pQkale. *-5 i 1*7 tk«k.
drand Mass Kepublican Meeting jleft 7oa yet~1
At Marion, Iown.on Tuesday, Sept!
90th. The Committee have invited, and
it is czpected will be present,
Hon. David Wilmot, of Pa.
C. Delano, of Ohio.
Jos. Kaoz, of 11L
Henry S. Lane, of Ind.
Gov. Gnrr.es. cf Iowa,
Henry O'Connor, Esq., and raanv n r.u
Olker diaiinguisb^d orators of the nation i
u» !«««.
eacipaign, as foiiow*
At Cedar Blutfs, Saturday, Oct 4
0a*. Monday, #.
Mechanicsvdle, Satarday, 11.
Onion, Mouday, 13.
Maaailon, Tuesday, 14.
Harwell, Wcir^eaday, 16.
Tainbridge, Tiiarsday, 16.
Rosetto, Friday, 17.
In and, Saturday. 18.
Su. Creek, Monday, 20.
Lacton, Tuesday, 21.
Farmington, Wednesdsy, 22.
Jennings, Thersdaf, 23.
Hebron, Friday. 24.
Rochester, SatuMaf. 2'.
Pedee, (MaxsonsJ Monday. 27.
S. H. near Larues, Tues." 2S.
Spriugdale, Wednesday, 29.
Thursday, 30.
Honey Grove, Friday, 31.
Cedar Bluffs, Saturday, Nov. 1.
iFVella Spicer, J. W. Cattell, and other
^rpub^icsns will b« present. Ths Deiu-
yrjt lie says that reuiont
Tbe XMetan,
Ofl Monday evening last, Henry
O'Cooner iddientd i meeting it tbf
I Court House. Tb« room was well filled
Bad all listened with attention tod in
terest to the speech. It waa fraught «wb
truth and argument and was irrefutable.
On Tuesday eveniag the Hon. Judge
Grax.t addressed the meeting in his usual
forcible style. Tue Judge is a good
speaker, but bis side of the question was
Dot aucb an one as would diaw forth the
eloquence of such a man as Judge Grsnt.
lie cams our fairly and square!y on the
platform o! hi* party, and led off in the
path of his party discipline.
At is usual with tbe », be spoke of the
Constitution as a '•Pro-Slavery Jtstru
men/,' and of the Declaration of lode*
peo'leace as
and favored
tbe introduction of slaves into new terri
tory Irotn Virgiaia on the ground of
•gratitude,' and from other States on tbe
score of 'sympathy* or 'pity,' and that
generally it woald be wrong and
stitutional to oppose tbe making of new
Slave States. Such doctrines as these
may be swallowed by the old fogies of
tbe party, but the mass of the people and
tbe more latelligett of tbe party will not
endorse them. Such speeches as these
make Fremont votes by tbe dozen, and
nothing will beip with more certainty the
election of the Pathfinder of Empire to
tbe Presidential chair.
Ditcussio*.—We call attention la tbe
list of appointments made for the discus*
sion oi the issue now before the Ameri
can people, and to be determined at tbe
November Election. Tbe 'Democracy,'
or rather slavorricy, have promised they
would have men on baad to defend their
party—we expect they will. If so, rich
times may expected at these meetings.
Let tbe people turn out snd bear both
sides, and jjdge for themselves.
Again let the Republicans be on band
at tbe County Convention, and if tbey
wiah for a rich treat go to Marion on the
30th, and bear ibe speakers who will be
STtsee fkt saeoad iuvaaioo
«i»* *gn of Ihikt part/ waa to/%mtak tbat ex^oat—
to prodnee that very renu'.L
That baraiag indifaatioo in the people ot
aoarl waa
FT4TE .n raraaaia. aa arurx.'* i ihe ruffians ask for The abuse of the
rv n**ro~* I. FROtI^-TKL)-»y V.,e OHHTl rr
1Tarr^vmta* itf! rarMi bm dls'^'Wd
'fLI rfik«TIBHnoilT LCr *y
mm4 9 'f ar? af h« a^o'd
•»e W?|IT« MS9V and maka PKaP**TT their
Mwr L,« w V PKuTHTIO b* the Vm
tfimt ha T«rnivC«S UB4*T lie
their aoprovokad r» eemaeneawviit of airoeiuea
afaiaat pcaeaable settlan fnm MUaoati. when
aU was quiet, driviog them flrooi tbeir bomw,
•arderiof, borainf and pluodariaf wb«rtver
tbey went, tl|m v« aa eieuc lor tbe ex)»edi
tioo raind ia Iftasari wllb the determination
of 'alsaoiac out' or n rtaiwlBailng that bratal,
cowtiily orew of aiaoreaata, Ike hired aoldier/
of the Repodlkctn ptrtj. And the direct dt
booeat aai a geoerooa iapulae.
9*rUngton Gat.
Such is the way in which the 'Democ
racy' of Iowa endorse the Ruffianism of
Kansat. The Gazdte is the Dodge or-
Iowa, and thus pronouncea tbe
7 1
'indignaticn' of ike Missouri Ruffians an
S '^onett
WM tka a'Mna laatblc prarla«n aad a«|.baaa ks
tmm. Ik na Baaar.itaaaaBrm Ua* ^raa' pHnrtplaa a-at.
aflSa Caa»tltkt aai yu*raalaaa nt Slararr miM k-li aa«ar
MBk ltt^al'p aad Fumlcal Rlakta.
tl—la iana« ika 4tc'rtaa A *aaa*a»t Ba»ara»aty a ra»aJia I 1 ,_J ____
«a by'be Fteilkrte ef tka lN«ae«r»tie felr —Blekaaie4 Ka mOfe aUDStantial and pOSltlie Support CBn
gtmrous impulse.' What
Republicans in tbe above, comes as a
matter of course, and the falsehood con
tained in tbe extract, about tbe invasion
ot Lane,' is off from the one piece of
falsehood from which the whole party re*
ceive their arguments.
W»!!*Spicer haa to! hia iotereat In tha T'p'oa
Idvtriittr. Wei la tin m»i.' a good editor, aud
aiAta.y a*'^t w, w« hope tbe .iiwrd tr will oot suffer bj Iki
I change. Fallty Tim*,
Not quite so fast, friends. I hava not
balf of
The citizens of Marion will giv« the elavocratic sheets inIowa.com*
Wit* Dinner on tbe occasion. plains of the inactivity and stupor of its
Come one and all. party since tbe lata elections.
A Klaa^CanreBtioa i ''le"""
Poi Mi, Coamy o:ll be t*M at tka
Court House, it T^tan, on Saturday the Jlbe
«ag ii» priccip:.-,
°°'y «ld out the
my intesest in tbe proprietorship
Mnrtuer, and entirely disposed
of thi publication of it, but will suit re
tain a position on tha tripod as a 'quill
'driver' for iu colomna, at least until
Jacaary neat.
Disheartened.—Tha Cedar Rapids
0M of the
,,oce ,l,e
l&h ot October, ISjfc, for the purpose of they give up tbe contest as lost to tbem.
nominating a candidate for Delegate to Bnl hear the doleful strains of tbe Demo*
tha Statu Constitutional Convention. \erai-
Distinguished speakers will be present I
aw' address tt^e f.'onvffttrpp, 1 "TbeShwapars DeaocnS4eooi Aspiay
Coma o»e and ail
\*vmiw Ltu
are ready to 'eat*,' that
I MVS it *11 their own way.*'
The Cedar Rapids Democrat
notices the fact that one W. J. Gilbert
Esq President oi a Johnson Co. Dem.
Club, was robbed on (he 10th, at a clob
meeting, ol his pocket book. Not a safe
place those club meetings— tbe society is
not good. In ibis case, however, (as it
is all in tbe famiiy—of party tbey pro
pose to compromise by letting the tbief
keep tbe money, and return to tbe owner
the papers. This of course, will keep
harmony in the party.
The Democrat, in another article, cen*
sures Judge Grant for not taking tbe
I stump for Buchanan. We opine that it
the editors bad beard his speech at the
0011,1 on
no* urE#
aerats premise to have speakers on band. all made to the Republicaaa.
(Jorne snd hear and judge for your-1
,l|^e, Caught Him. At tbe session of tbe
Gives it up.—Hon. Lewis C. Lsvih, Cwurt of tins county, just cloaad,
laie K. N, Mew.ber of Congrees, of Phil- Mr. David Applegate, who was indicted
adelphia, gives up tbe state of Pennsyl- for selling intotica'.mg liquor contrsry to
iat ia. and admits that Fremont will car- ].Wf
in tuat _„„„
h"tat* veiy much like (., n Jackson, a .H
^:n fortber, as hia converts are
as lound guilty by the jary on
of lhe
tfcat the vutUis'sttn i^iia\r af Fryraont j•'**® and coats, and standeommtttad un*
id »kaj|lr4. *1 f«td.
'fidicn ents and fined
Clerisas Im
PtMutftmnim safe for Frememt ami ©ay-! Ball
fan—Unum litkd farmed JT. York
1 and Pennsylvania
Tbe late Easier* exchanges bring at
His moot encouraging news of the pro*
greas of Republicanism ia Pennsylvania^
Tbe most influential and best informed
i Buchansn and Fillmore men now frank-
caster Tail to get
sued meeting. At Pittsburg, at tbe late
Tbe evidence* are too plain to be mis*
taken in Pennsylvania. Tbe enthusiasm
On Wedoeaday evening, J.S.Rich-
mond delivered a speech in laver of ^ht
Fillmore. It wu ia the woeMtbiq tod i imaginary horrors oi Ler
He adverted to tbe convention of 'Old
Line Whigs' recently held at Baltimore,
with much relish. Tbe consistency of
said 'Old Line Whigs,' be thought, was
commendable, and labored hard to make
his bearers believe that tbe Whig party
Such speeches encourage the Republi
cans by shuuing the despondency of the:r
of Shylock. Tbe 'pound of flesh' was
Jail they could allude to, and seemed to
Ibe ardent advocates of Shylock's cause.
with addition of asking for their South
ern rulers not only the 'flesh.' but tbe
wool, gizzard-feet, ebo-ahins, bones,
blood, soui and all.
on Saturday last.
®oM »«»uperoua of
to uiauifeat in thia portea-
\na» ~ont** 1 ii.**- mbfjta w« know to be truo,
Pohtieal Swtfcfi »rt)o are derr^rta 'rom conrictloo list
Will be held lot the rurpose of discus- '**'lT
Tbera ia u
will be a naeral
Those desiring to
toe will, of oourse be oa Land wuh tbeir
Safe." 0
Crimmaliff—At tte Tail ferm of the1
ly acknowledge tat Fremont will carry S District Court, tbe amount of criminal
i that State by a sweeping majority—they natter on docket was rather more tbaa form of toetdj is. ia gtmrml,
makes both of these States doubly svre ioany other lesser otTences.
for freedom.
Immense Republican meetings are
being held in both of these States, while
the pro-slavery party entirely fail to *et
up a respectabls gathering. In all parta
of Pennsylt snia, at every county seat,
Dnflss at Jacksonville— Tha
Wife of one of hit Victims.
Jvcksovtillk, 111., Sept.
To tbe Editors of tbe Dem. Press:
Saturday last and addressed a mass
Demonsutioo, 100,000 Republicans were Philiips was only abr-t a mile disUnt To teach suedoctrines we must have
I assembled. I from tbe speaker's stand, aa inmate of Southern teachers and Southern school*
I the Insane Hospiul of this Stave. Her bco\s. It is from the school that public
sofr.'wnat more than a year ago.
At flr,t ber
,, ,t rapidly improving, and now talks cbeer
were well cheered by tie crowd, neariy
FiUinore men caine out ^decidedly flat-'
as audi casee tbe Booemmmu were si­
was not defunct, aa reported on tbe list i
of mortality. Tbe Whig Convention be
said had determined to maintain tbeir
purity, but he did not tell why they nom
inated for Vice President Mr. A. J.
Donelson, who ever was an old line
Democrat until he became a K. N., and
has ever abhorred the Whig party. The
fact is, said Convention was but another
trick to aid Buchanan, and the tranapa-. y,on*
rency of tbe deception of claiming to be
line Whigs and supporting old line
Democrats was so palpable that his honor
was forced to observe it.
and the desperate stratagems them States, are acting in concert with
resorted to Iy them to deceive the peop'e. supporters ol Buchanan, and will
Both Grant and Richmond frequently g"" «^ir undivided vote lor hun.
1 Inert is uo reason wiiy those who sre
quoted small passages from Sbakspenre,, {0 slavery etiausiou should not
but what is singular about it is that al) I act with the same degree of wisdom by
of their quotations were from the words I gi*ing their votes for Fremont.—Dem.
Pi est.
We learn from Judge Grant that'
Douglas and kiekmrdum at Jackson
ville.—We lesm from a gentleman who
as present, tnat the Buchanan meeting
at Jack* Jnviile, tnc other day, was a dul!
affair. Tbe folks present kept yawning
and gsping all through Douglas' tirade
of abuse, wh"h iell like lead oo tbe au«
», o i i i ble, and has been reluted so ofien thai
r»C°Un* t^e people don't believe a word of it.
ty, died of delirium tremens at Duiam, g.C|,anj.oa
Who are the Duvnumitts. Hen. John
M. Bottf, in his Rtchtrood speech of last
week, took occasion to say 'that tbe mau
was insane who contemplated disunion apeak at Peoria but be
as a result of Fremont's election.'—! tel«gr«pbed from Chicago tiiat he 'was
Whereupon the Richmond Enquirer, the confined to his room,* and couid not go.
spec.al organ of Douglas and Buchanan I Grange, isn it
at the South, calls upon the Attorney
lieceral of Virginia
commence action
Fremont men everywhere express them- ,an infidel—that be waa an abolitionist—'
gar Leander N. Ott. Esq., of Cam-|lor
den, N. J., who was a delegate to the „r
Convention which nominated Fillmore lor
the Presidency, has declared, in very de-1
cided terrua, for tbe Republican candi*
datea, a nd ia aiready vigorously at work
in their behalf.
In regard to the expected saajor
('cording to present appearances everybody
intend* to vote for him
George Lenden, George L. Bigler, of
selves entirely willing to abide the re- that he was a slave holder and a slave faithfully to suppoit and uphold the So»a
sult of the election, whatever it may be.' seller—that he was the son of a French ibern cause in Kansas.' Press.
IV ho are tbe disunionisU ?—Democratic dancing matter—that he never had any ~C" V,"
Press. I father and now tbey are following the!,.
lead of Buchanan's bo^om friend, Sena -1
R) |er are
lUt he
e to echo
place it at forty thousand but we don't tiiat i' is the invariable practice el mat
Entfhseiatiit Fremont Mmtimf .-Monu this, aud yef is foolish enoogh to state
tose. Pa., Sept. 22—At least 15,0001 that tne Governrsent knowing Col. Fre
Fr«f»or.t men aaaembled here Satnrday. I mont to owe it §100 0(X», paid to him
Wing the largest and moat enthusiastic 1190,000 without deducting the fLril
bald in Northern Penn-
gai.lerrng aver
ay Kama.
Tbe Meeting *r«s addressed by Hon.
William Jeseup, Hon G. A. Grore, Rev.
w. w StT'1
the Temperance Howe aestj Se*»ooli and lleare in tbe
Temperance Howe next, "rrra
School) and liege
s.otmd."—'/ie com mom, ne/urW ri^hptil uad nor-
give up tbe contest. Iu both New Vork Qu,te a aumt-r ofliquor ca»,s or Ufeduni. There are polled for a Convenuon, Thuty-two
a s e s s u u a s e s e o u o u n a i n o u s Thovtand Seven tbuUrod end JVtite/y
aad Pennsylvania, a Union has been
{or bearing, and md^ cunents(
P.t a, I#
formed ty tbe Republicans and North against one John Funk f°r!^adtqu^e""o"supj^n"a larger (amily 'tm T\ousmd 0* aud Sucty- i
Americans, by which both parties will murder of bis wife, and several m-jthan husband, wile and children—such votes, being a majority in favor of a £j£L.
Senator Doug:a« was in our village on in tbe latter. r.ce, .Vtgm tla-,
I even at Lancaster, tbe home of Old But* i meeting of his party sa his usual strain trry. amendment of the Constitution of this
tbe Republicans bare held meetings, at-1 of misrepresentation snd islsifi^uon of! But our schools should ilso teach that State," approved January 4th, 18-55.
by thousands and tana of thou-! facts. At tbe same ume that he was the slaves should of a different race or }n Tettimony Whereof, I have
i sands, while tbe opposition even in Lan-1 •Un,iDg
^fore assembled mult
.u ., tude, siandering and denouncing with
Kansas, tbe wife of the murdered tj assert hi* frttdon *»d equality.
i reason bad lost its balance under the cp &ion proceeds, aad the schools should
feeble health, combined w.th be set right.
ot tbe Republicans is beyotri all bounds, the agua ir»s and alarms of Border Ruf- No teacher should be employed in a
and tbeir auecess certain. {fian invasions, with thstr atter.Jaat rib- private faiiily or public school at tbe
The 'JVotiw' question bas been settled. Series, mobbings and murders. Your South who is not ready to teacii these
Fremont is to be our next President and re»den will recall tbe facts connected dectr nes. Parents, trustees end visitors
ii i ~t «... brutal mobbing af her husband i should look to this thing.
will receive tbe vote of every free State. _.
a u n e w i i a e s o i i n a n k i l- e e u i a n a s s e e i n i s a t-
the same quality of arguments as thoee fancy. She was placed by her husband i schusetts. The country is alive with en
used by Judge Grant, and designed to in the Insane Hospital near this place a thusissm. They poured in with banners
aid tbe Pie purpose. His remarks!
ful'y and hopefully of soon going to ber
all ef the noise being made by tbe loco* husband—William, as she familiarly
loco portion of the audience and when calls hire.
any remarks were made not favorable to Alas sbe knows not that ber William ern Pennsylvania. Able addresses were
Buchanan, the applause attempted by the I
lence. Who shall bear to her the kill
ing tidings of ber bereavement, and send
ber back again to the double gloom of
madness ar.d despair Perhaps Mr.
Douglas will consent to become the ten
der snd sympatMzing messenger.
Douglas. Pieice, Richardson—I write
these names with unutterable ioatning.
'O. my soul, come Dot mou into their se
i cret uato their atsembly, mine honor,
nounced his intention to support Fremont
tassumes that there s but a single issue
now before the country, ana that
nen'.s of slavery extrusion
throw away their votes, however widely
by U:0
Wxihdravn from the Canvass.—Got.
Johnson, of Pennsylvania, who wss
nominated for the Vice Presidency by
the Know Nothing Convention held in
New York last summer, has formerly
withdrawn from the canrass, and an-
should not
they may diffYr on other questions. To jieB
Notl,:na" both the Southern and Nor- ,iotli
spoke about live minutes.
when he was seised wiin a 'sudden sick
ness,' and had to stop. ,,
Strang, how '..ck* these Buchanan
orators are, all over,. Tbe other
Ba Reasonable.
agamat Mr. Botts, under tne statute af
tbe .Vale, for uttering treasonable lan- 'along a great deal better, and advance' io time, in order that
gvage The Buchanan men in tbe, their own interests far more rapidly, if hand at the polls on
Seutb and tbeir friends in the North, they would ooiy be somewhat reasonable1 month, when the election take* place.—
must agree with them in the sentn-ent, in their attacks upon Col. Fremont, and learn from the Mobile Register that
oictrwise tbey would cease to co-operate m-t make themselves ridiculous, as they
p^ches of iind are TOtes
'KV"" •—••7 ism
support Fremont and Dayton. This dictments for horse stealmr, larceoy, and ^s Lapland, Sweden. Norway, Switi- Convention of EigkUen Tkoutami Six uii,»i. i£T£f ihiw. i* V...
Arabia—such also as Hcndrui and Tunnty-tight votes. And !.«•»« ti «i«'mhii
k.'..... V. __ .1
i t*
y found to bttkt best form of Sfe- ..
nat 0Q
bruuiny the Free State settlers tfu
disordered brain waaj Wasrca
It 19
ajdr^d by
bcwiidered Gor. Fo -, of Ob:j, aati Phelps oi Mass-
since. Of late sbe has en A*C» music by the thousand.
Ho5K5d*lb, Pa rues., Sept. 16.
The Republican mass meeting held
here yesterday was the largest political
gatheriug ever couvened ia North-eakt-
»ltcady passed 'that bourne from delivered by Hon. G. A. Grow and cth-
by the mnrdercus hands oi rumau vio-1 tendance. Au immense torch-light pro-
cession was formed in the evening.
Pennsylvania is sar? for Fremont.
Pa., Sept. 17th.
There was a great Fremont
meeting in this city to-day, and it was
most Hiipoaing in numbers and appear
ance. Business was almost entirely sus
pended. The procession was very long.
Tee streets were decorated with fla a,bak
ers, and presented a noiray appearance.
Tbe streets tnrougii which the procession
movod were crowded witn ladies. Great
enthusiasm everywhere was man-ieated.,
Several disturbed strangers are here, mtn
among tnem Uoo. Ca^ius M. Cjay. Hon
P. Banks, and Governors Roberta and
The procession wa« nearly three hoars
in passing the corner of Smitbfieli and
8t5-i where
Gov. Johnson rightfully }lf .b^utThc"iVte*^ three
oppo-1 piocusion iroui sevei. to nine rnilis long,' **rri
ny. Fcur stands were erected, atd speak
ing was
was no
that luly one hundred thousand people'
been shade, or the ueatuer bad been less
oppressive, tbe crowds would bavo been
Take it all in all our Convention was
a great success. It hus cheered the
hearts of the friends of Freedom, and
earned dismay inti the rat^s of u e pro- ..
slavery party. The procession gave
out the slan-
Corernmeut t0 the aniouot 0
Tfae Nonh
cha We agk
that pap-r if it believes that the Secr^ tary
af tbe Treasury, knowing Col. Fremo,.|
to be a defaulter to the amount o flOO,-
ity of Fremont in Maine next November, 000, would pay to him $180 000 Does i
tbe Portland JdverttUr says Many
the editor of the Norm West know
aaoant.—Dubuque Rep.
insiakeatjie evidence that !r e working 'thir?
men, mechanics and farmers, and the
of wee:5
with tbem—bold it to be treasonable to have dune for tbe laat two mouths, by the waited for us equipment to start for Kan*
express tbe belief that the Union will not, absurdity sod self-contradiction of their! sas. It n computed of sixty mec, all
be dissolved should a majority of the peo- calumnies against that gentleman. They Alabamians. Each recruit, before en
ip'e of tbe United States prefer Fremont bave charged that he was a Know Notb-' was required to produce proper i
{for the Presidency to Buchanan. Tbe ing tbat he was a Catholic—that he was' certificates of his birthplace and standing!
4 Cor ven
Southerners for Kansas. Efforts are
being made in Mobile to raise and equip I Herald
Buck Nigger papers would get company for Kansas, and start them off!
-~A *1-- they may be on
the 6th of neit1
company is already formed, and only i
community, and to take an oath
TJ.° v Sa"
1 ranc,,c0
lo lhe Genrra
West of this cuy is green
Frr,ntJDl C'uL'
Wkeroes. At tbe general eleetian in
the State of Iowa, held on the first Mon
Odt id—when there should teich that Sat* Society is day of Augoft last, there was a poll open-
ed 1D
mo ibTliirbt fantastic 9f tocktj. Any doctrine short for ,he purpose of taking a vote of tbe
of this contains abolition in the germ: people, for or against a convention, to re*
for, i( u not the ngbuul and uatural
each townabip and election precinct,
t4 or
lorm oi society i» cannot last, and we State,"' of which election due returns
should prepare for Us gradual but been made and the votes canvassed,
mate abohuoo. Thertfbrt, I, JAMES W
n«y thoMoJio hack tAmt o ornta, GRIMES, Governor of said State, do
il. jk asA a a I 1. a
amend tbe present Constitution of
declsre sod make known, that *er*
land, ann parts of
New Engla td, and Eastern Kew York, do furthermore declare, that an election
tand Eastern Pennsylvania, whtcb,
thcugh admirably atlspted for commerce
manufactures sod fishing, are little day in November neit, tbe election to be
fitted jt farming or grazing. Freemen conducted and the returns made sccord*
are required in tbe fonnsr pcsuits ,0g
again,t a Convention, Fat-
irom the masters and the wider rfc.s.] hereunto set my hand and caused
J.atinctioa me better, as in tveh case the creat seal of State to be affix-
u Uti aft to fid decided, ar
Pa., Tuea., Sept. 16.
»r*.-i-.l ,,,1,^,1. lile, the education, the asso lations. tl e
kept up at ail of them. Tuere *ntec*df?l'°f Fremont, all belong to the
shade, and tbe dust and heat!Soulb", He lias a a word of honor pre
were dreadful. Notwithstaudiug these jQ to hun by Soutn Caroliua bot a
drawbacks, it is not exaggemt.^ to say. '*w
*or™9°»ltnt of
R«P»W.can ConvenMon will
convene at Sacraiueuto ot. tbe 27-h mst.
lh" CV
CIuU- Aroonb'
«l»« 'B^ar
Clubs. Among thsin
Club,'the'Jessie Mub,' and the 'Lillis
owing to the Government from tbe re-!
cij.!"nt of tbe .neyf He must know I _?«•» °f »»»en spoke
A Grate Charge Refitted.--Th* ctrsrje
that Fremont is a Catholic, based upon
the statement that be crosses his sucprn-
Kansas, Stewait, of Binghamtoo, and ders, bas boon tritmrpaanily refuted. It
joiners. san estabHsbed ktt that he wears noi 10,000 Uai'ed Stales troops, and 50,000
I Aa
iosoh ligbt pioeession^raapad^rs—qiaaegiag to keao up his voluuaers from Uie rfortk, if i—im*r.
affm tha arvaiag- Iwatchsa withavr that ttual m.
l'\e ,,a'V' Co,°*
Lid lie will make a splwnded pictora for
east room, if the prom we of her
early cbilbood is fnl/illed. recollect
making a passage with her from San'a
»»»iuk sbe must ha v. been about
witta wqu^l facility,
and was a perfect pet with passengers,
from her great beauty and reinarkab !e
What Governor Geary Means to Do.—
A Larwence correspondeu of the St.
Louis Democrat aays that Gev. Garsy
proyiniaes to drive every marauder Irom
Kanaas who is not an actual resident,
and declairs that he will call to his aid
to acaamplisb the object.
ft __ ..
delegates to aatd Convention will be
Tuesday after the first Mon-
provisions of the Code rcgulat*
gt.acrai elections, aud an act entitled
providang for the revision and
Done at Iowa Cuy, tka JKnUl dms
»f September, AD, 1950.
By the Governor:
JAMES W. GUtttfl.
Gao. W. McClsabt, Sec y of State.
March of tie Ruffians u n Lavretu*—
Two or th'te Sstrmishes—Rtids Fortxs
Disbanded ty the Goveranr.
P«sw Yobb, Sept. 23.—The lim'i
eOrtair.s the following dispatches:
Ltwatuci. K. T. Sept. 1»5.— Twenty
eight hungered men,mostly Missouriana,
reached Franklin yesterday, destined to
sttack Lawrence.
0»tn£ 10 our reliance upon Gorernor
Geary for ^protection, our forces are
mostly in the country. Abount 60©
night lot.
Tms morning, the Govenor in person
disbanded the Missourions under Reid,
member elect of the neat Missoui.
would have blood iu spite o ihetiovernur.
Our citizens have enrolled as his Miiiita.
A colision is feared.
j,..ur Ibis wonld make the
„, „k?n
stood .he wbole
think is very near the reality. *s
Xhere were over
this view of the subject all sincere men hides of ail kinds. i ^l,?e «cept South Carolina, where the
aie rapidly coming. Pn-slavery Know I 7^ „roundl ,e't
wt re
while retiming.
'«r Widety Thar. ..r. electoral ticket n ugtn.a, ar.! one in
^Te^teen hundred hor-
abou, lJjr ftUuure*i
Commons, Alleghe* I
I Southern Fremont Movements.—The
genersl movesient which we indicated

electoral ticket in every South-
?01nJ ahead. Already he
e'PCtora' l|Cket
in Kentucky, an
wagons and ve-! Maryiaud and why not iu every other
lake« th«
P!»ce of the electo*
#ay Thc
'etrs a«°

__ now that he was then, eicept
risited the grounds during the aiternocn. p1*' be^is opposed to the Democratic
sud the stands were always surrounded
fy as many as ould hear. If there i.ad
18 a
I P^easio.. contained only afteea hundred
persons, wuri a few banners and bags,but
no exhibition of trades, or manifestation
masses were interested iu tueir
that the
Pu rre-Buchanan po!try of making Kan
saj a sia'e i?tate by force c: arma, mtir-1
der, arson, confiscation and robbery. In i
every other reapect the people of the
South, with the people of ih« Noith, may as
safe'/ unite upon F:emon:—it
uuivc up«jn 1 .•erooi:'.— it is oiklyja^*a
s opposition to the horrible Democratic nV
ruffian policy of mikuig Kansas a Slave
Stnie tnat renders Col. Fremont less a
thing else he is a better outhern
July 2d, 1U56, 29,6w. tow a-
X_a u e
At tb^i
MiufMU Linker Yard
Corner of I^ws and Fourth Streets,
(p ir»ne thaMN*w fVrinoyWania iiouae."
Joist ani sf-anthn^uf nil liiuiei smns, clar
stvilf ami boarrls eveiy quality fn ui
twenty-tour feet ions, beat qualny
tha vnt nine sh.uple* SotJ.ClO be»t ijuaJiti pine
laths also 2ti,Ul Nn. I pirket* 15,(*H No.
Picke'» al»o coiislarttly on l.m.'l a lull assort
ment of iyiih aiui i.lated Windows.
The parin'ulsr nitrntion "f Imi'ders and par
cha«eis of lumber ia invited to examine OUi
stuck whicli will be sold at
Pi ices thai Cannot /aU to suit Purchasers
l)ont for jet the place, coruer Iowa and
F' nrth street*.
N. B. Pur'-tiasers from the cnnntry atop
pii.f at the New Peniuylvsma Hons* will a^s
I ha advantage of selecting ami iuading then
tanber, wMnt «Aiaf tMr lewes frota tha
IKnaeati&e Markat.
SMni vm r*L....
rut* n ii *..
"%»a Null.
RitM hi*.
UktjM, MM
Drang ort Market
(MM, Sl'«l ttaur.
aa»i "«. ...
I («t» ....
1 ra.
I ih*
PialH* Hijr, at,'
OhioafO Kuk»t
Ttn.: .. \ji j"
Rail Bond Tuae Table
Tu takt E£*ct Stpitmktr UK,
ooiltu BAST.
la«MaIavaCly at S kl r. B. I'Im7*41
•a «a» at I 14 a^
JatKii*'. «t i 'C e ar
Ikirtnti S aS a
Da?«p»t I O rn 10 Si*
a«ac*il»a at I U "7 |7
coma wsjft,
KtyiMlaaaaaT*»».i.^ail allUf i.
Diraii ai |S
Baara' laa al S IS iki
JaiiAiiua al I 41 '3*
tr.ln raw ikr a«k rark way aar 4ay a
Tj«a K*ptaa- tiaii a a»M aa at I ant. Tka Hal
-u P"il »a. Tra aa aov pa* a« tka a.
Ndtire.—L«st till.
Thox tr.ownip thewwiven udeb«l ta
Baglev A
Co hy Note
vr Book
account, tnuft call ami aettle th« s:u ie iTimed
ately, at tbe aa:d Notes and «ec»unit will ba
!ef( with a Jaitice ot thr 1'cacc, for eeilestion,
after the firat day ot October next
37tf. T.AOi.EY, fc Ca,
Life of Fremont
\\7 E for pale, laia tSic*, n cunibSTo
tf pi»- of
E !!«f
Blgelow'a IAf* of Freiacr.t
Price $! ,00
This acknowledge.! ,* :u- N-rt *«rk pah*
»UaJ. *od Is an exit i«at back K**rj fecpab
Ueu R'iou!(t have ua
Cai! r.*J purrh i*f. tilt.
•. bibblbt,
remain, preparing to fight in our fortifi
Our advance guards came in solMsiori
last n'gbt and three ot the enemy's m«-n T'RK I »dei sint«f luting entered mt» a on
ar WM. Nou. ot .ur. a«ZSZSgSSS,
injured. and old edar, ui generai, with ill kind*
Jest then orders came from the Gov* Lumber,
ernor, forbiding the approsch ef the pro*
slaveiy forces. They then fell baek and
camped st Frsnklin.
In Tipteii.
Four hunOred troepi arrived here last'" Which (hrv are determUacd to p*l as e -eapaa
OI. protection
Col. Harney's regiment fought at
i Hartford and won. killing three and
woundl mBny Five
Wfr e
Many of them swore tbey wu present.
flmlBg ileir lambrr, Sidia* Im B**#
ing, Shingles, tit.
ef all kind* and ia large quaatilisa, kap^Mi
sUntly oo baod.
P'^chaaed anjrwlwfe ta the country tar
c.iih Our am!'., tm
•d a at all Ha-ua*v"
country wii! b*
Our aiotii
a l(ulrk taiaa I
Any order from tl
iv attfr. l«Ki to, aa much §o a* if th« pnrefc
I'E r'S A Tftut
^0{ Harney'.iW.re yarcbanag el«wW and v^
is whole force rtf. niREr.f'v a LATHAM
Farm For Sal#.
I'Dt»rov»d Tarm of 1(S0hi« tnr
A aal«, adj"i!.u th» town plat af
Rocbeatar. A barnin ui*y be hadYf aaliiof
on C. C. Ooooa, at Iioch«tar, or
Wif. ». Ig VVEL. ^tou.
TirTOM Ah» OlltUl
L**D AGKffT.
WtlX amarf jron-piiy to »11 bntdi
P.lYiM' f)F J'AXTS
loyinf and Stllinfr on Lomtnistim,
it* •*&»«!
r• ia»4» a *«•»'?, a Pit
—i—/d «Mtlasi ca. ft ch*tra NUt k IMS h*
tng ftl
FOR HUI -l-et» 4 lad I KM tl )a lt«
e\*m\m whir aka ft MlMsy# wi
rfiui Jiiati mmu. flUJftU* IU®*
Nortnern man
better Union man. than BucLanan. He
laborers are with us. Only one week ..
ago, the Buchauin men, alter the labor I *ound and clear of barnacles, fresh
of wee'is he id a Convention, snd f'om the people, and free Irom the ?lti»chk
es of spoiliuien, old backs, old logieS|
'secessionists and abo!itiomsts. It is the
cohser ativt Nerthern masses of Union
men that are carrying him on and why
i i i o w
then should he not run as well among the ia
Union men ol the kouth I Give inm a
trial and
FHESff A !t! V" A I. UF
K. KULLKH woiiM ranpectfully
arinmif tbe citisens of Davenport and
aiirrnuiidiiig c-untry *bat be has reccatly open
ed aa sate
u e a
corner of ltwaa-d Kourtli street*, directlyop
posue New Pennsylvania wh(re he hat
n«w on hand a 'arcs and well selected stock
•f Lumbar, consifting in part uf
Fiooriug, superior quality Fencing, fu
inch hic« Sidmg, full half inch
thick Ceiling, Sheeting,
•*hs»» fhl»
bt®a« S feat. w«M
•»r ,». to 1't'i
and a
n i
a M4
i ac i
mn I
w saw
ao a«r
JB a i»
I. ia.
m, wy«w
I an
hi ivm
i-»j s«a
im ,i#
w a
«i a w a
al A'.w,
A v II *mm ta Tm
t4 9 it »i ktmr
Irlia, aa Ika Mai la
aj a«1 Ikr".
I f.:ir -U ka Ut.taa a a fn.ia
(B a. -f fr.1, aU at ar .r
r*vo«, «al«r. A »k fv rsmmi
*»«r ••ih r-v#: s ip+*y
•:««. :»j Aital t-.rWi«
5 I
fa»uiiaslMO uti
i)rru:« at Kati»l»tl, mh a A wfiri
fc.\ki Ei. uewux.
(Vetera) !*ci AgeM at Ti^a.
Farms i'or
ItTTLlll »T
i.m i ci
a ga*d
will support hiu.—A. Y.
W hich, u vrtU tril by holttalt or ftetaU
Alao—a lifar block ol taio-.tritH, rruVii.t/aa,
Wtfixlf'i! ind .in*, yue nsware,
ilit4iware. Nana, i'aiiiU, Oil*.
Turptniiae, ^c.: toga-ih«r with h'^i u!irr
ariioicii ia uar line, too Huiuuruua Ui D»«atiio
^11 u' *hu.b will t.t tuM a: u amall a iv«nc« on
-i Wll.tv k ilUX'LH,
(iu second Street, oppoaita La CUire Ifo*, b«
twrea Maui »ad bra t/ st. Uavanpurt,
Of SO acres, in Iowa township,
for tales
it a hon^e. and a^ii« lu acres brtka anri ttider
fenr», IS ioMf Tlmtxr.
BTT aaa af at, Iwa ra^ia:* Ml. Htaal*
'i 9, u.h «.f
hn •. t»
RM wf «.
svasi' cs'infiv wr
a |»l
BTarit. H*,«I a aka
.,rcc F4.SB.
IM «. if .iki'I '.a«4 fai «a
f.~ "t it,.
la M-m hllliia .4 Uan rikMKI, «ai
ka troar Sa«u il ll'
an- IX .~i». a I.1KS. 1
(ia »'.aa» i-«aa'»i#
•si* jiwil/ ef tr»rij »ud ia* »t
Knqu.rs of W\.M^S F-rK'SR.
SherifTs Sal«.
a! I: a tr,mt dtrao
Cie:a'» "'V *e -j»f
rtrtu? r.f a
ed iaanivl ou tle
'.rict O-urt,
io anfl for
of t^ propertv
(Wtt couat*
in f*v
the Hki
tbe vuu'y 'l: »a*
iowa. io favar *re»«ot»*f U-s
and aa*in«t Pitten^er a '.Vb w Ua?« »o*arf
the folloirin^
Fatate. lylnf
*od lelnr in tii« town of Tipton, Cadar Co.,
Iowa, to wit:
i (S) io
(24) in
twentj foar
aforesaid town of Tipton and alsu
heretofore attached oa (h-
5th day ofXneemtier, ISM, la
a eerta'o writ
issoed out
!h- Dtricl OOttrt
Carpenter Us a
Iowa. te«tel N^.etaU'r 4ih. 1UA
pUiut.iVa, an-t
SifaihKt i'lttenyer A Wheele« tidfendaatt a \l
i shall jfTjr ths aasM for aale at pti lie oatorv,
oo Hatdrday. the 11th day of October, A. 1
1h56, at tbe Court IIooss door ia Cedar county.
Iiwa, between tte hoosa of I o'cloek A. I., aod
4 o'rlook P. M. of thsaaid day. tesalWy
said exewitioo
the ooets taat
awy assrua
Tipton, Iowa, Sept. Kith. 1M6.
tT 4w. Cedai C«., ItVSa
ia hereby given thai lattera of Ad
minlatralioB Wave beeo duly bailed to BMk«
the Couoiy Court of Cedar oounty^dowa, opw»
h* esiiiteof lle'iry W,iee.t(»c^ae«l. All i^rsae*
indt'btid to said estate will m*k* p*ywat at
once te the auheariher, aud tl»eea havlog elrfas
acait«t said eaUte will pteaeat then for setUa
me:it. duly atUbeotioaMo- Sotbia
lippse^i »»TVt v^a
Wfnw i
'H. J.
4w.ptl. Admiaiatralrli
twe KKTkAV MoaeiC8.-T»k.ii a» a* U»fa» la»»
kaltat, I „t Jala. Itse.oaaaI»•••*?*•

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