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Hi i'
^Thanksgiving day!
2L "~f' r«ad JftCJt V**
^Monday. ,*f .. ...
*2 —WWrr cfps and "#c'«rfs lit Cefead
J4 GiljnoreY
t$ —lt %l hair fwitchcs and carlto at,
•jllirlrt' BftJMr.
•tp —To-«l v t%wa i« Htourping U the
•.«§ bratae, of Mr. Ue* ".
5 —Gloves an3 mittfink
Caaad & Gilmore's.
—Ho* th »ft1i in goM sfyld 4n^ at
gl«3i U ivs at eler's.
*j 1— F»trs, «T1 *t ylrtt afci priori at
Young s.
--filnv-s, 'teis ami* nchtfk—
1n% lit Imiq.
&** turn & Y inijf
jj B. ing nlr»ng yoiir old arid fitted
tiir«s and have a fine Photo made
of them, at Towns'*.
—Call ou Hetry Thomas, at Oc.
SU&qtfft old 5!amj, for atiythwff* in
tl.* li'ic of inlMCco ind i^ars.
-A l*^r«' of ladies' and
'lilftrmf's v fvptliat* in all the de
^riral ilfi winter shades at 35 eents, at
.Hicks' Hjuar.
i Ifesd 'wjnter weather ^makss
n'lMprn peculiarly palatable. They
v i stv thf»m un for fon in a'iy
will preiic'. a' t'i" Lu lieran chunh
%Hn^i»! .SaHhatb Vsven
Mt the udual In-or*
—T»e ri xt regular meeting of the
Od^O*.' Fair ASwwifitfan will he
WM Mflrdny,Dan. *41 a?. who© O®cere
Hereto elect«d lor 1875. i!
—T!i"n»r Ro'iinugfon sewing ma
•*iluiw, the nieejt thing out, o*J be
Me it at thn-li.»njj3 store is W liton.
ii qiMf® of ti. «/. /hanibers. 2w48
OifrtW*Jar« still till'-ad
It-the. frust. f»j»iehe?
a'i\yr^.' tii' -e mrnir»g«, call in and
I Ja'j'-J
it' stw^eirfe.
!«•«, I .iiritun & V«IIW^ pillini*
cnisetreiT'iif) n keeping the b^st of
ervtliitttt*—jo'iiU th^t anrvioe will
ro»« to he i«w« as r»!pre«ente*l.
AitUmi «»mt na«* to h^U the best
iiKlity ul Kerosei.g at
crtl*B. per
aUo./. A *f cliiiuneyi .ud
nrii(»r* i» a'otit, at lowMt prieea. tf
Tb} iiidi vidual who
•tiok*!h* tiHnket from I) ry Vest's
ff ^erehv
1 •mod th i« lv rotui nmjf it at onoe
wiw trouble artl cortu1
—1'fip nnbli^ ThunUsgivinjf aer
v\A h»hffihx (M Metho
Jpwt i l»ur*-tt at 10^ o'cliMk: A.
3?ev. Charles Axtell of the lVe«by
fl^rian church, delivering, the sermon.
—Notrr^Hmtfinflinff the'htige trale
ilone last Saturday#! Pean, Tnpmat
Youiur'a. tUay Jm»t« vet enough
nds to supply the wants of their
Jn. aj^moat any
w^iieaacs "jt^ "Uiukey
fflilceV' Mt. Vetnon an
J^edir finpi'ts, wef" before the Gran 1
Jury Tiwjsd v. Mii kev luiua If ar
*ivi«l. last w»-*k •diW'H in Fi
—{JritHiar(!'gteam ran awav from
^lie dei»ot wt'h a carriage Monday
fvenui^^. Tjity took it 6lrai|fht to
the ttal4e, wtiUoti' .tjij»injr at the
hot#) prfse^geft Or%#aking
a stW:k "f str*p:
—Ti. T.:titff m-'.ys i'ihI ll'b no u.-e for
hiui t^rciain^i pf "plefthat Jie is pre
pared to k ll and ue for hogs or
cattt* 'fit •ry notrtist raaniniK—
fver\ one knows it so well »iow that
reforenee to tho'fact is a in re waste
pr*»^e«*M rapM-
1v. Few 'H8*s of jrenera! interest
»elTor 'i'ra', wrd th-.«(• movly on
?h»mfo vo.nne from some other
count v* AH attiers tfwild not occupy
ihiys. R-'d !h«-kitunjr wi^l proiiably
(N)u«kul«- tluB Wttvk as it is.
—i-They trv pi f*sten a jok«
one of ?!i' Viovs" by tell-.!^ that ho^
'other ovi^iine*
vehemently claiminir apainst the
indjc luep's. whiiih lifld
•i» on liini" for this term oi
foim, vyii.'ii. the tVt was the
noxiww# pap*** wiire only »u!|^ip4s.
—T^ls is-the jlatest iasci ipt'wMi on
bjjund i inirrant .wsi
^wni^litei wi«tv. :i fe««
(J'I.IJ tiv. Kun»%»
H4d JW.U *li.-a ail
Tbiny I'mixnite to h—ti
Bat aevar back to jail
.—Every one should remember Wat
lift, .lumm y 1- 1«74, all
Bent o,itsid• th^ rouiity wliere printed
iQirat prepi,T their own postage _tti
It U an -e and thai lhetefore subscrib
ers will luvo no po« age to pav on
Kuril papfers'And n«'|d not bl sur
prised should the first cost, inert***
^(,-eu or twenty ootVa o*er- fbrat««
:-l£,«Br jC«a»3' "J»is .biagfct 'wV
NViin:iht tHe" O.
iJi .wn ha« taken the business in
fliarjre nhfl w:.ll promptly deliver All
yotxU, eithi'r to or from the depot,
wherever and whenever desired.
A so will atitind to miscellaneoi^.
ulling—"tioal. Sit. LMMa
id«r* at Xauiara 4 Cjuad'* More
oc witii
o i i
—-The very tiew««t at»d
thitig mit in the flne of a cook stove
*arf sow seen at Il»-ioh«rt A
Cobb's. It is called the ••Favorite,'
wlien known. It has many nnveliiei
—all of therti cteAkid ifatj#ov» ments
—whiofc pe dfrnlr WPn"^
(appreciated, ft baa no we hai tbi
meeat wood oven, Mok oven, laking
leeat woou oven,
K^a^te.feisrwhite,"^ rents per
gallon, at Aldtp'g. 48tf
*i •. K„
M^IUCY to ktan «n first class farms
^*4W»JIW«JF u» «dw%9id on
terms to suit, from #5,000 down to
$1,000. Titlua to be perfect tad
ftws of tietas.
CMHTI ft B*00*HAtt_
ifiMMtiae, Iowa, a i 46wl4
—7 »H"I fjjiig
—Gil oake meal in ur quantity
for sale at Westoott's drug store
Tn* largeai number «f hoga ever
in Tipten, at one tirna, was rtti last
Thosdar. The enclosures were so
Crowded that Vest and Reeder were
obliged to watch all night with the
•even or eight hundred they bad out
iii ths snow to keep them from smoth
iug each other.
Employment will be given far a
year or more, to a reliable housekep
er, by 48tf W. H. AIJ)K.V,
ftKAt»iV«.—Next week we will
give a Hst of publications which may
be obtained clubbed with the AD­
togethqr with the price for
both—iu all iustamen considerably
less than regular rates. The list will
include many of the best magazines
and weeklies of the oouotry, and may
receive additions from time to
is the future.
—Toadies' merino underwear very
cheap at Hicks' liaiar.
Til* following deserved compli
ment Is from the Journal qf Eduaa
turn, edited by Prof. Crosby, Super
intendent of Da vet) port schools:
"Some of the towns in the State
are working up to a good High
School course. Tipton is one, and
J. M. Scott is Principal."
Call at Towne's and get* (6e
Uhramo for a Christmas present.
Tii grave and reverend seignior of
the Wheatland Nmet has found 'em,
and this ta the way he teds about it:
A family supposed to be the Ben
der family, passed through town last
Saturday. The man waa bending
with the weight of two full jugs, one
carried in each hand. The old lady
bending with the weight of years fol
lowed close after. A young woman,
supposed to be Kate, with a bend in
her back caused by an enormous pa
per biMftlt*. brought up the rear. All
were bending toward the depot."
Fine lot of Ofcromee at Tewne's,
olieap for cash.
SIWK.— George F.
Burroughs recently drove in 5W hogs
Mid 20 head of steers from the Cedar
connty Poor Farm. Ttie hogs aver
aged 300 pounds. #id the steers 1.
435 pounds each, which speaks well
for th laatagement of one of Cedar
county's institutions. Sheldon and
Hatilin paid a groa* sum of t054.9!
for tbe bogs, an i J. W. Reeder paid
a gross sum of 91,3'^5 50 for the cat
tle. We are promised a full state
ment of help's an disbursements of
thi Poor Farm for th** current year,a
piece of information the tax-payers
will no doubt be glad to get.
AH parties getting five dollars
worth of pictures of me before the
first of January, will get an Album
p- B-To***
standard religious newspaper is not
feeble becauae it ia old. On the con
trary it in full of life and vigor, and
ia offering espeeiat inducements to
subscribers for 1875. Although a
paper devote! primarily to the cause
of chris'ianity, it does not fail to take
note of all secular imtters of impor
tance and its news iter^s, editorials
and able corps of correspondents will
not leaye the careful reader behind
the times in any respeot. The terma
for l$o are I3-L*» or to two ma
subscribers, iM—iu all cases ist
(«ai(L Atklross J. Prime (3».,
J? Pwk How f*Jew York.
The above frtirti last week's Wil
ton paper i* all right—and particular
ly the !Iit sentence—except that we
strhnglv suspect the nkqie jihoyki je
Blair, instead of Blain. ...
Cobb took the premium at
the last covinty Fair lot the b^ft
th»' k Qf nominon sheep §bo for best
five litraba, Font the Ulter be
longed to twto of the loriner, *nd the
two ewes have now four inqjre
lamHs n'it oui'e two months *'d.
hiiyltt )aiylM trout two ewea withiw
eight months i* an ifltrofise whieh^we
sliojjld think it would, burry
COKE Soon if you wish to get one
thoee nioe new aleigha which
Jerome Sveiabart ia just turning out
He has both aquare boxes and the
•More al«sgant and luxariaat sort—wood
work made on honor by Hepne
ironed in best and strongest manner
by Mahaay and painted to Ike laat
degree by Jerooae himanlf. "Hiay're
elippeis look in at them.
tieeds dtmcriptiou or praise, it is to
well known Ijy the reading public
However, f^r any desired infanta
tion we refer to the prospectus for
1S?5 pub|ilb«tM4*Mller BQIUIUII.
—Oystera by the can
the City Bakery.
inch** Ion*,
•is inches wide and three inebea thick
in tbe middle. Its circumference one
way ia twenty-three inebea and the
other sixteen^uid its weight is twelve
and one half pounds. What manner
of man do you suppose waa wont to
wield that delicate little inatrument,
and to what purpose?
MILLINERT.—As is well known, P.
J. Van Slyck makes a specialty of
keeping a large and fine stock of B(il
linery goods, and of being thorouglily
fisparad to atake them mp to orAer
a manner which cannot fail to
please. To assure tbe latter, he has
just succeeded in aecuring the aer
vieea of Miss Jennie Hatch,of Chicago,
who will bring to ber aid in taking
charge of this department, not only a
long experience, but a natural taate
and aptitude for the business, and a
disposition to be courteous and accom
modating, whioh customers always
appreciate. Ladies in want of any
thing in this line wiH do well to oaB
at,Van Slyck's before making their
OR COURSE, none bat the bad and
vicious use the nasty Virginia weed
in any of ita many shapea but if
those wicked usors (of whom there
are still several left in the commun
ity) will persist in turning a deaf ear
to our roars for reform, why we wish
to say to them one and all that the
very best place to get good chewing
or smoking tobacco, choioe cigars,
pipes, holders, oases, or any of the
paraphernalia of vioe, is at the new
tobacco store just opened by Henry
Thomas, on Cedar SL, opposite the
City Hotel. Henry will keep noth
ng but tbia line of goods, and in
thfts starting a new enterprise pro
poses to have always on hand an
maoi iuieui of the quality ot goods,
snd at prices which will nuke it an
object to eall on him.
PinofU.—Wm. Werta, of Eaar*
ence, Kan., is visiting friends and re
latives here.
Yesterday brought us a very pleas
ant call from Mr. Rich, of the Vinton
ninq. p'^iock last, Tuesday morning
when a young lady, unmiatakably
in the depths df'woe, knocked timid
ly at the door of thia ofSoe. She had
out—not her'heart, it was much
Wtfrse than thst—she had lost her
back hiir and Visited the publication
of a notice requesting any one who
should haye bu^i) s^, unlucky as to
stumble over or three bushels of
hirsute adornment "between Mr.
Sp-aikl-so'a aud the post-uffice," to
at onoo deliver the a»me at tbe plaoe
sawed end preeetrt WU fQr dray
Haftfly-hwd tlie dainty foMkltv of
the he reft and disconsolate dttnsel
died on the ear when In came a
young man' with an evident sense of
great responsibility, and declared his
desire to advertise for the owRir of
an ^valauche *f btir Ifjuod by. has
the evening previoua. Of ojnrse,
the,situation was ruinous to the ad
rrytiaii^f tmwinesa, anl a brinf ex
pki«akm put tbe young My *^e
ajrtjf ap«idy %WJ#i*f
He camo to Tipton at the ini
stance of a aubprna.
John Wampler, whose fine clerioal
abilities have kept him for eight
consecutive years in Wadsworth's
mmenae Dry Goods house at Daven
port, has taken a situation in tbe store
of Perrien Dean'a.
Among the attorneys from other
places in attendenoe at District Court,
notioe District Attorney Thomp
son and Col. Preston, of Marion
Meesrs. Pierce of Anamoaa, Leffing
well, of Lyons, Rtchman, of Daven
port, Hanna, of Muscatine, McLaugh
lin and McLeod, of Clarence, St. Clair
aud Salisbury, of Vinton, Oakley and
Benton, of Mechanicsvilte, and Rw
ing and Jackson, of Iowa Citv.
,e 1
•'VltRTRRnAT Mr. W. Blain, who
lives neat- Inland,Cedar county. Iowa,
l»ron?ht to town and sold to Mr. M.
C. tt, a drove of ninety Berkshire
hoga, that wiH average 350 pounds
each, for which he received $1,800.—
They were uniform in size and color,
and were altogether the fineat lot. of
hogs ever brought to Wilton. We
are unacquainted with Mr. Blain, but
iiffe are willing to bet our amall
change that he is an enterprising
farmer,and has other property around
hint that does credit to himsels and
the eounty. Cedar county ia noted
for such men."
we publish the valuation of Cedar
county, together with the per cent of
afation for the different oounty
fibula, the amoOnt of tax- levied for
ea and the total tag raised in ihe
cofnty. The rate of taxation for
Teachers', School House, Contingent
and Corporation funds, of oourae va
ries in the different taxation districts
and could not be given in a summary
like the one referred to. We should
have liktfd to have laid a foil state
ment of tbe matter before ear read
era, but a reference to tbe abstract
which signed by tbe Treaanser, ia as
a rreelpif i the Auditor for tfc tax
bo k's situtrd ns of the impractica
bility of such a project. The docu
ment referred to was a most formid
able oue. With tbe present organi
z it ion fj/t Independent School Districts
there are, in the county, fifty four
eejltr^te «iid dwtinot Districts for
purposes of taxn ou. This abstract
ia fu'! tabular st* ement of the "Hi
raised for enoh fir in each District,
snd consequently embraces twenty
one columns of figures (five and six
figures in column) fifty-four fines
long, beside the footings. As an in-,
stance of the labor called for by di
vision into Independent Districts,take
the ease of school money. Under tbe
old policy a certain township in the
county had one Treasurer fur school
purposes and with him tbe County
Treasurer kept three locounta—tor
Teachers', School House and Coo tin
gent^ funds reapectively. Now—by
division into Independent Districts,
each of which much hsve a Treas-
very same amount of mon­
ey is handled by ten different men
with whoss Uiirty-distingt =neeoua||
fniist be kept.
The only changes in our levies for
1874 from those for last year, are re
dactions, State and county are this
same as before. Bridge and oounty
school house* are eauh oae-hslf spill
less, and the extra school house top
ni\Kh lighter (ban usual.
Brnur.—In an itea thrre *ccks
ago, 1 deaoribed the wrong eoh. The
one which ia estray is a large yearling
horse oolt, sorrel with no white about
him, unless a amall mark on one hin|
foot. Information to tne, qr at.
Shaw & Bagley's. in Tipton, will be
KbeiaUy rewarded. y
Tipton. Iwwa.
A Huos Rai.u'.—Speaking a few
weeks ago of the atone hatchet found
by Mr. Friend, brought forth Maj
Geu'l Lovell B. Culver, with what we
verily believe to be thelargeat spec
imen of the kind ever found in the
State, if not in the whole country. It
was found by him near Sugar Creek
aotne nineteen yeara ago, and is of
the aatne material that ever ap
pears in these relics of a long gone
race—resembling very nearly, if it is
no* precisely identical with the prairie
boulder. The ax ia tapered for poll
and bit with the utmost accuracy,and
tbe same care ahown in the huge fur
row which was worn out to fasten it
to a h»nd!e.
-i.Ar as
Everybody knows that under the
impulse of a strong upward tendency
in prices, the shipment of stock from
this county, in common with other
plaoea, was wonderfully stimulated.
But while this is true, we fancy theie
are comparatively few who realize
the magnitude of stock exportation
from Cedar oounty under audi
pressure, or the immense amount of
money which by it has been placed
in tbe pockets of our farmers within
a comparatively few days.
As we know nothing spiectfic altout
other towna in and adjacent to the
oounty, we can only give au idea of
this matter by presenting tbe actual
figurea of tbe stock business trans
acted at our owu town of Tipton.
We will gu b*ck no farth-r is aaj
case than Monday of last week, Kith
inat., from which time up to Thurs
dav evening—four days—Reeder
Bros, bought 501 hogs averaging
238$, Vest ft Stanton 786 averaging
248J and Sheldon one car-load. In
ddition to this Reeders bought over
100 Friday and Saturday and some
parties shipped for themselves, so
that there were twenty-two ear loads
of hogs shipped from here last week.
On Monday and Tuesday of this
week the Reeders and Vest & Stan
ton each shipped three cars of hogs,
Stanwood ft Co., of Stanwood, ship
ped two and other parties two more
staking ten loads of hogs be»ide-4wn
loads of cattle shipped by W. W.
Aldrich, and quite a number of hogs
left over in the yards and bought but
not delivered. Running this over in
your mind, and taking into considera
tion Mechanicsville, Stanwood,
Clarence, Loudon, Wilton, Du
rant, Downey, West Branch,
Olin, and other places from
whioh Cedar oounty stock has been
shipped, you will readily conclude
that it ia a moderate eetimate to say
that within the ten days immediately
preceding the issue of this paper
Cedar county farms have furnished
the market with more than one hun
dred car loads of hoga. Estimate the
probable value of these at the priees
that have been paid and make due
allowance for valun of cattle shipped
during the same time, and you will
at once admit that one hundred
thousand dollar» is rather under than
over the amount of cash brought In
to this county by sale of stock alone
for the brief time named.
A little study on the problem thus
imperfectly presented, with the furth
er reflection that the hog crop has
ouly fklrty begun to move and that
fat and fatting cattle are untouched,
will lead almost any one, we think,to
the conclusion that there should not
be any very "hard times" in "old Ce
dar,'' but that on the contrary money
should circulate pretty freely and
debts be paid pretty promptly. So
mote it be! 'J
port of the Tipton Kchoola for
(walk ending Nov. Itth, Ilfl.
I !O
Nambar «n
At. dally attend
Ho. mln. tardy
Per cent, o' attend.
Foreign acholara.....
Visit* from
i\ i i
77 70
».5l *5 w!
1300 247 SK
(W.a 77.7 :85.7
17 8. 21
50 44
44 (0.~
S72 1A6
I 'I
Si I a!
dumber en rolled icS
Averan dally attendance wri
No. mlantoe loat by tardiness a:(Kr
Peroentage of attendance K7.M
No. foreign
No. visits from Board .„„. 6
."o. other visits
Htgh School. Alice Shearer,
Nellie Campbell, Nellie Hirschfieldt,
Minnie Gay, Amelia Springer, Lena
Seitainger, Allie Pritchard, Dolly
Sheldon, Willie Alden, Reed Hepner,
Emma Miller.
Grammar.—Estella Bagley, Mary
Diger, Elmer Dowd, Samuel Hoon,
Emma Mahanay, Alexander McCunc,
Amanda Ocheltree, Mary Shearer,
Annie Wampler, Sarah Young.
Intermediate.—Charlie Horn, Stan
ley Elliott, Maggie Walters, Mamie
Reiohert, Lillie Reichert, Anna
Dean, Ella Shearer, Eva Elliott,
Addie Cristnan, Ida Hoon, Willie
McNamara, Willie Piatt, Georgie
Chambers, Tommy Doyle, Sherman
Yates, Willie Sharp, Georgie Young,
Addie Sheldon, Emma Neiman.
Secondary.—Frank Brown, John
Cook, Eddie Filson, Willie Geller,
Addie Burroughs, Carrie Bolton,
Carrie Bossert, Nellie Biscoe, Mattie
CouttH, Allie Childs, Jennie Clark,
Gail Campbell, Julia Doyle, Maggie
Mayea, Hattie Filson, Ida Kennedy,
Lizzie Leffers, Alioe Murray, EiU
Linaley, May Mulford, Minnie
Pritchard, Euphemia Shearer, ('lara
Sheldon, Maggie Shearer, Lillie
Shearer, Minnie Thompson, Mary
Rodebush, Hattie Weaver.
'id Primary. Eddie Deardorff,
Harry McNamara, Anna Lang, Ortie
Reichert, Belle Millhouse.
Ili'jh School.—Mattie Swartzlan
der, !K) Mary Neiman, 45 Sidie
Sanford, 90 Carrie Harris, 70 Lou
Criswell, 45 Eddie Clapp, 60 Lottie
Linaley, 1115 and others.
Grammar.—Lota Adatna, 55 Ed-
»r Miller, 35 Charlie Vest, 25
Whan, 35 Anna Wertz, 25
and others.
Intermediate.—Carrie Evans, 33
Willie B*gley, 35: Jennie Williams.
32 John Deal, 35 Harry Beach, 40
Theodore Burket, 30 Major Vest,
52 James Jacobs, 35 and others.
Secondary.—Eva Alden, 11 Jim
mie Evana, 2fi Eddie .Jfiwana, 26}
Louie Snyder, 10.
DONK.—A week ago laat Friday the
village Ol Tama (,'i^—a town about
the si/.e of Tip o i and only three
cotmUss we?t of here—had a grand
•eelebrntkm in honor of her
new waterworks. Addrewes were
made by distiti^uisibed speakers, and
a grand barbecue and dinner was
paftakrn u£ at the Fair Ground*,clo*
ing with a hall and banquet at night.
As these
'•'waterworks" consti­
tute an enterprise not only quite nov
el hut also of considerable magnitude
and of very great importance to the
town in question, it may be that the
following brief deacription of them,
copied from an exchange. Hill not
be unintereating:
The water works are constructed
by datumitisr the Iowa river, at "the
narrows," 3J miles above the city,
aud cutting a canal. Some enter
prising citizens conceived the plan
and a aul»aeription was iasued, com
pany organized, the sum of eighty
thousand dollars pl'dged, and the
work com me
need! A race was build
ed running east w»rd along the line
of railroad uv'es. making heavy
levees along oach side, and when
near Tama Citv surrounding a large
tract of land, making a reservoir con
Utiuilg lirai't euty £C«Cd ut »uif«t.t\
and a depth of water averaging
aloiit fifteen feet, thus creating a
beautiful inland lake adjacent to the
city ami with appliances to take the
water from its east side and use it
for manufacturing purposes. We
have it demonstrated that at the low
est atage of wa'er there will be at
least ti.Vfliorso jxtwer and at a medi
um stage of the river, not leas than
2,000 horse-power. One mile west
of Tama City they have constructed
an acqueduct over Deer Creek, about
four hundred feet long, to enable the
waters of that creek to enter the riv
er without hindrance, and with no
danger to the works which have
been construeted. The city has pur
chased of the company a thirty horse
power for its own use in case of fire
or any other
they may see
fit to use it fw. Tliere has also been
sold sufficient power for a furnace
and foundry, snd upon the opening
spring it will be rushed forward to
final completion. Parties are also
negotiating f«»r power for a large
merchant flouring mill, and there ia a
fair prospect of the manufacturing in
terests of Tama Citv looking upward.
The following ta the valuation, per
cent of tax levy and amount of mocey
raised thereby In Cedar connty,for 1874:
Value Of lands
$4,0 !5,16ft 00
44:i.151 00
91I3 05H00
898,273 00
Town property
Personal property
RaUread property
valuation $«,M»,
State tax, 3 mills $11,739.22
County tax, 1J» mills 3,f*04 3?
Insane hospital taa, atiU 2.944 69
Bridge tax, 1 mills 8,804 87
Connty school tax, 1 mill 3,869.58
Teachers' tax, per cent varies
in different tp anJ riis. 33,844 43
School house tax, per cent var
ies in different tp and (lis. 7,764 41
Contingent tax, per cent varies
in difierent tp and dia 10,463.08
Corporation tax, per cent var
ies 1,688.11
Extra school house tax,per cant
varies 687 88
Knaa tax,delinquent 2,899 81
foils 1,879.50
Total tax $96,734 37
At Muscatine. Iowa, Nov. 18th, 1874,
by Tiev. John He1ten»tone, C. Jensen, of
Tipton, to Miss Klla Hilton,of Rochester.
In Mt. Vernon, Iowa, Nov. 19th 1874,
fby Rev. E. Brown, Mr. Wm. Rankin
)and Miss Cynthia A. Marshall
On Thursday, Nov. lftth. at the real
idenee of. and liy Rev .!. VV Kyneit, Mr.
Melvin Ridenon and Miss Elizabeth
Barclay, both of ('enter township, Cedar
county, Iowa.
In Frnmont townahlp. at the realdenee
of Mr John Wade, on the 9!«t fwat, by
Rev J. a Dickey. Mr. John 8afl«y, Jr.,
of Red Oak, to Mi*a Jennie Lain v. of
SMI fi
Mr. I. N. McGee, of thia place, for
merally of Tipton,met with a sad sccident
this morning. Mr. M. is troubled more
or less with hit diseased limb, and for
relief is In the habit of taking equal
parts of powdered opluin and camphor
this moraine he, however, was tn great
pain and to lessen the pain took an ex
tra large dose, unintentionally. Dr.
Coates was summoned and hy the
prompt use ot emetics, electricty and
bcladona, they succeeded in counteract
b| th« effects of tbe poison. He had a
very narrow escape, but at the present is
out of dangur.
A tight occured on oer aireets last
Saturday, which caused quite an excite
ment amongst the Germans. We would
have given the particulars If we could
talk Dutch.
Saturday afternoon Noah Rudy's team
ran away which did but little damage,
only to scatter a sled load ol corn by
the way-side. The corn, however, was
not shelled. The team was stopped by
running over Grim's butcher shop.
oldest, lar
gest, safest and beat accident insurance
company ia the Travelers' Insurance
Company, of Hartford. Conn. It hat
cash aatsts of over $3,000,000, has wift
tea «vef SW.OOO aeeidaat pollalsfi dtt
baa paid over $31,000 claims. It kl
paM ovar $2,000,000 ta dtrset beoeflts
its polity holders. I
for December,
s before us, vindicating ita claim to be
'the best and cheapest." U has two
steel plates, a mammoth colored fashion
plate, and a Berlin pattern In colors. It
contains, every year, 14 steel plates, 12
double size colored fashion plates, 12
Berlin «»*tterns, 24 pagea of lumic, $00
wood engravinga, and more thau 100
original stories and all this for enly
o dollars a year, the postage pre-paid
by the publisher. To clubs: three cop
let tor $4 .80, with a superb mezzotint
31 inches by 86)—"Washington's First
Interview with His Wife"—to the per
son gutting up tbe club or five copies
for $7.50, and both an extra copy and
the premium engraving to the person
getting up tbe clab. For large clubs the
prices are even lower. Specimens of the
Magazine are sent gratis, if written for,
to got up clubs with. On all subscrip
tions for 1875 the p-.hllshers pre-pays
the postage. Address Charles J. Peter
ton, 306 Chestnet Street, Philadelphia,
To THK Prnwc.—I propose publishing
an Atlas of the State ot Iowa.contaluing
a map of every county in the State show
ing sections, timber, prairie, roads, rail
roads, streams, school houses, churches,
etc., ect. Fine maps, 24x18 inches, of
the State of Iowa, United States and ter
ritories, and of both Hemispheres.—
Plans, with the history of the cities,
towns, villages and counties of tbe State
Biographies of a Urge number of ertrly
settlers and prominent men in the State.
Also a condensed political history of the
State, giving votes, etc. Six uiaps of
Iowa, so colored as to show the Geolog
ical and-Ciiuiatological condition of tbe
State, with alee the congressional, sana
toria! and representative dittrlcta. Six.
teen map* "f the United Sift?«*«t 1
In five line grades, to »how the aaioimt
af wheat, hay, corn, rutton and fo'iae.••
raised in proportion to aeres dtWira'i
Also to show death* hy eon•*motion nd
other diseases, prop. riim to h#
deaths by all diseases, »u to -tiiow Uen
sity of popuUiiou, mi.l (importion of
oolored, and v^riou* foreiijn uatloualii-e
In the United Stair-.
An tmineuse amount nf very u- fu|
statistical Information, earring iu
Hftv sqnare feet of closely printed
ia every alias. To the patron oi thl
w.irk i* published his name, reuniteoe,'
business, native poat ofti.-i. address, and
wbeu he caiuu to the State, be«iiles l.i, t
Ing name and reaidonce Irs Hn Tfir
whole work will be illustrated by tun
lithojjrapiilc view. ot hi nereis oi *p.4i
lie building and private residences ia
both cown and centiy, and (MMtrarts of
prominent men.
A largo force of experienced wen will
commence immediately an experiment*!
can Taut, anil il sufficient encouragement
it received. 1 hope to complete the work
temetime during 1873.
Yours truly,
A. T. A annaM. Pub., flh«eag«,'III.
(•range \ol»rr.
To the presunt acting M»sters of tbe
Sabordinate Urangea el' Codar-tennty,
uud I'lUt Masters and their wivea Who
•tre Matrons
Tliere will be i m-etbig at Tiptoe on
the Hist Tiie«d-iV of Heccniher, 1^4,
commencing at one oYlootr P. |.r
the porpoM* ol •electing derogates Wl. at.
tend the Stale tirange meeting at Des
Moiues commencing on the 2d T\ie»4ay
ot t»ecemtier, ^?4.
LA. Moil's
Patrene «r Hua(Mndry~C)ouiMy
An adjourned meeting of tho County
Council ol Patrons of Husbandry of *-'e
dar county, wiil be held on Saturday.!lie
28tb of November. 1874. All delegatus
are requested to be presunt, as business
of importance contined from last unit
ing will come before the next.
The Trustees ot the Connetl, viz Quo.
Diltz, Joel Clark, J. (Jeiger, John Holing
aud Geo. B. Lamhnrn, are requested to
attend to malt* arrangements with re
gard to the Uuuiuus.s purUiuiug to llieif
Largest Stock and Low
est Prices, at VAN'S.,
Black & white, only 75c.
od StovePin'the market, uT
sy enough to make a pill but to niakt
a giHd pill, ah! that's tbe dilllcult.v!
Thfre ara cheap, ttarsh, drastic
that are of even less bene til than
do«e ..f -alt» tnu a gK»d uic«iicine, likt
Dr. Mott's Liver l'MIc, which pen#-*
tratsa to the seat of dlsea.^e, ts a dc-|
deratuiu iutieel. Will positively cuss
It diseasea of tlie liver. Sold every
where. John F. Henry, Curran A
'o., Propriteors, K ami College I'lare,
New York.
Happy relief #ar Vonnir» men Iroei*
the etlect" of errors ami alius, s iu e«M
Iv life. Manhood re*ioret. liapel|-|
menu to uiarriacv ivuiovetl. .\«s
ineitiod .if treatment. New anJ re
markable remedies It and eireu^
lars *ent free, in senl^d envelope^
Addrestt. I low ird Assneiat ion, No J,
rtoutli Nuitti St i'tiilndeiplna. Pa.—
au lnstitutiin iiaviiig a bigii reputa
tion for honorable conduct and pro
fessional skill 46yl
Read the advertisement o l)r. ta
AtTee the celebrated specialist, in tide
petwr. wlio i»fters to pav nne hundred'
dot lara forfeit for any case he under-,
takee and doea not uure. Hm.'il.
SutiLts ScCv. 47w2
•:i.- 1
We have just received
and opened the largest
and most complete stock
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ed in this market.
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In Ladies' Cloaklr.gs,
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Broadcloths, Bcar
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jnmiXBHnrtt «OOM9
Bought for Net Cash,
UWET H1I nicc.
Worth oft'onrt Square,
Tiion, .... lews.
f- .*•
Haviriff N the Yard AND Offire formerl occupied by HAIIT HATOV,
Ve shall put iu a
Dry Lumber of All Kinds,
have tM,
wh'*li will he told at tlie
VTR. 1. PAGE HATCH will be ta eharge of tbe Yard, who win take pis*.
Sure in waiting upun .iu,tninera
Hew Drug Store!
i CNi t«er wsrtlk a* 'Oar Oemer.' Hea jait epeaei aatf ht eflhiinc tor
+a1e an vitreij
Qriigs and IfftdiciBftg,
Taints, Oils dnd Varnishes,
New Grocery Store
z O &
'.-'itrccissoRs TO HOLTBLAHDEBI* awmfois,
will k« ressd s Ml ll«e
and Fancy Articlss,
Physicians' Prescriptions careftillr Prepared at
all hours of Day or Nignt.
ni« tr a o n e
and all other articles tumwy
kept in a First Class Grocery House, at
Bottom Prices for Cask#
Came md See us, Hartli af Ccort House, TJi*oa.

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