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I i
M» tOMOUV. j. Editor.
't ^S?5«!I.T«WA.
THURSDAY. APRIL 29th, 1875
Tlw o*ee of Iuutc Brandt, on trial
k*w«k Mid this at Dea Moines up
•Oft til indictment for having embez
•tedjMlMic foads while Deputy un
4m ala« IVaaaurar Rankin, has been
i«ad it attracting ooinidtnb!« atleu
llon. At this writing the conclusion
the trial is not known, but the tes
timony for the Slate makes things
took pretty dark for Brandt. Seren
MmAt city bankers testify to hav
paid Brant bonus or interest for
AM StilC noney amounting in the
ijwngete to $40,(XX). This was doue
Suiting drafts from the banks and
dairying tne drafts in the State
is adduced, they seeming to sub
admit the sllegations and
to depend upon "law points" for their
aalvation. All we have to say is
at the law permits this sort of
is high time for our law
«|aken to do a little more tinkering.
Senator Gordon, of Georgia hss
dipt into trouble because he sometime
So pledged himself to preserve the
dtVil and political equality of the
blacks. Whereupon an Atlantic
editor "^oes for him'' thuslv: "The
truth has got to come, and the soon
er it comes, the better. The posi
tion the negro now occupies in our
mi'ist ig a shame and a disgrace to
American freedom. It is a damns
ble outrage upon the pure blood that
eourses its wsy through the veins of
tfce high-minded Teuton. It is an
i«famy as blsck as hell itself. It is s
baneful curse that should never be
Solemnly sanctioned by a freeborn
Anglo-Saxon race. And when Gen
eva] Gordon pretends to represent
the true Southern sentiment by
proclaiming a willingness to pledge
nimself to maintain negro
says the Governor
wught to be a Northern man and we
tiiink each and every nomination
tfiould be given to the
man, ir
•Npective of locality—in which case
Judge James H. Rothreck of Cedar,
will be the Republican candidate for
Supreme Judge.
The greatest weather seer of St
Itouis, Prof. Tice, has given his opin
fen about the recent cold snap. He
Hffirms that "the frigoriiic wind" of
Hie past weeks was not a polar wave
hut a "discharge from an immense
atmospheric cylinder with a barrel
#00 or 600 miles in diameter down
Which flows an serial mrlstrom from
(lie surface of the atmosphere." He
1» willing to swear to this.
The question of recognising the
city government ef Chicago under the
general Incorporation act, which was
submitted to popular vote last Fri
4ay, was decided affirmatively by a
•ajority of about 1,310. On account
Of alleged election fraud*, however,
4fn injunction has been granted re
jMnuning the authorities from official
ly announcing the result of the vote
The Supreme Court of Wisconsin
ires us s new idea of bribery. It
just decided that "a promise by
candidate to the voters at large to
perform the duties of the office to
which he aspires for less than the
salary fixed by law, amounts to
bribery, and all votes obtained there
by must be rejected."
The New York
goes back
on its late friends: "Impartial ob
servers of the course of the Demo
cratic party during the last winter,
•Specially in the western states, are
Wot overwhelmingly impressed with
the conviction that the good of the
country demands a restoration of
the Democracy to power."
Mr. Samuel Williiton, of East
Hampton, Massachusetts, who died
few months since, left by his will
thirty thousand dollars to endow the
president's chair at Iowa College
Kit estate is in course of settlement
•nd the College has already received
$10,000 of the legacy. The rema
der will be received before long.
The Democrats of Louisiana have
broken their pledge already, and 1
compromise by which the troubles
there were to be settled is probably
S thing of the past. The Indians'
expression,"white man is mighty
eartin" applies to the Democracy
Louisana and elswhere, with unmis
skable aptness.
Near twenty-six thousand head of
eattle have been received at the Stock
Yards in Chicago during last week
tteing the latest number ever recei
«ri during one week. The prices in
die meantime were well maintained
Judge Love has ordered the adju
dication of B. F. Allen's estate as a
bankrupt, and directed the Sheriff to
tska possession. The creditors will
b* celled together soon. No assignee
hss as yet been appointed.
The Republican State Convention
has been rallied for Friday, June 30.
•t Dee Moines. A Governor, Lieu
tenant Governor, Judge of Supreme
Court and Superintendent of Public
The Mieeiasippi river ia now open
to navigation from St. Paul to New
tit? as cash while the bankers had
Ike aaeofthe currency, for whict
thty pud at the rat* of six per cent
Wbatterer the drafts were not prrseu
Md for payment any consider
able time after drawn. According
to the testimony of these same
beakers, there was in most
OMM nospeeifio arrangement with
Brandt. It seem to have been by a
kind of tacit understanding between
||m parties—the bankers knowing
fiMtinetirely what was expected of
den end therefore quietly "handing
to Mr Bracdt surcs^varying from l!
to 92,500, which that gentleman
jtetee quietly received. As the books
of the office show no account what
ever of thia money, and as the bank
#s all testify that the transactions
were "irregular," the conclusion as to
What became of it is pretty obvious.
§40,000 in six years amounts to the
•eat yearly income of $6,660 $550
jper month or $18 per day.
For the defence but little testimo-
Three steamers burned to the w|»
ter'e edge at the New Orleans Vhan
last Friaay, resulting in the horrible
death of some fifty person* chiefly
women end children. 33
A Spruce-gum famine is threaten
ed in Massachusets, the Winter hav
ing destroyed the spruce blossoms.
Manv voting women will be either
thrown out of employment of forced
to turn to shoemakes' was.
The cross-examination of Mr.
Beecher by lawyer Fuller too did
not "pan out" so terribly for the
Plymouth pastor as his enemies pred
icted. On the contrsry it is the law
yer that geta sick and has to adjourn
the Court ov«r for three or four days
to gain strength and recuperate his
exhausted brain.
The census of Muscatine has just
been completed, showing a total
population of T,5?7. The population
as shown by the census of 16^3,
was 6,939, showing a gain of 083 in
two years. The number of dogs is
639, the greater part of which, the
assessor says are lap, poodle and rat
terrier dogs.
A Wilton man writes to the Daven
in defenae of the ladies
who perpretrated the ouiiagr, and
denies that tar and feathers were
used. The
however, says
that the girl went to Davenport nnd
had her head cleaned in a barber
shop. She had a wealih of hair,which
fell nesrlv to her waist. It was^ so
matted with Ur—genuine North Car
olius tsr—that the barber cut it close
to her head. He picked feathers from
the hair that remained and spent over
an hour in getting the tar out of it.
in this land, be is sadly mistsken.v
According to the reports now com
flg in, the fruit, berry and grain crops
have been ssdly damaged and almost
wholly destroyed throughout the
8outh and Wast, but the Chicago
Journal predicts that when the pick
ing-time for fruit and the harvest-time
'fer grain shall have come, plenty will
dieer both the fortunate producer
and the gratified consumer. These
••first reports" about crops, at this
time of year, are an old story, which
Vie have long aince learned to rcceive
With great caution.
The Delhi
says the Su­
preme Judgship has been conceded
to Northern Iowa, and the Cedar
adds: The conduct of
the girl's assailants is utterly inde
fensible. If they were Christian wo
m?n it was their duty tn try to re
form this motherless gir! of seventeen
years—and to tar and feather the
hu»bauds of two or three of the as
sailants who visited her, and those
schoolboy" snsofiheir« who cull
ed ou her. Tar and feathers are not
recognized Christian means of purifi
cation of communities, or of reform
of girls of seventeen.
"Tar and Feather Morality" is the
caption ef an article in the State
very caustically criticising the
action of the Wilton ladies. It con
"This girl at Wilton has gone off
into the world an outcast, a social
leper, and a wanderer on that way
whose end is hell. The pitch and
feathers of the indignant female vir
tue of Wilton have done their perfect
work on her: The four lords of crea
tion who were having the frolic with
her—there's no telling what will be
come of them. It is safe to say it
will be nothing bad. For them the
storm will soon blow over. Then
they will become, first, objects of
curiosity, next "demnition shrewd
fellows,*' who made a merry time of
it sowing their wild oats, then, "good
husbands" for pure girls, and, finally
pets'of society and ornaments of the
church—while the tarred and feather
ed girl will, perhaps, be reaping in
the hell of utter woe and the utterest
human degradation and shame the
harvest of the wild oats which these
model husbands and church members
in their merrv youth bad with her
and at her eternal expense, so madly
sowed. It miy be, they will be run
for office. In some Districts they like
this kind of men for Congressmen
best. The fellow who hadn't the
pluck to defend the girl when she
was attacked by a mob in bis com
pany, but who did have the pluck to
go afterwards to his home and knock
down and beat his mother, wanta to
look out, and keep out of some local
ities, or they will make a social mar
tvr of him, and elect him to some
high office, just to vindicate hint, be
fore he knows it."
Cereal grain all sowed. Railroad in
torest grows "fine by degrees and beantl
fully less," notwithstanding that other
Inland correspondent to the contrsry
As for Mr. Nye's located establish
ment, it is rather a nomadic one and as
for brashes, if we mistake not, Hal him
self has oae situated immediately below
kis finely chiseled olfactories, and it it
isn't a paint brush, we wouldn't like to
assert isat dyed. Talking sbout sich
reminds us that certain of our promising
youths lacking this charming(*) hirsute
physiognomical embellishment have on
made to order which they pass around
each wearing it as occasion requires
and which causes the noses or the fair
young Hawkeyes to attain a skyward
Where's that dev—, or whatever you
eall him, who made such sad havoc
with eur last communication? If he
wants to chaw paper tell him not to
confiscate a page of my script next time
before it is set up, as it spoils a subject
to leave part out right in the middle.
We suspect that page was dropped and
the one who picked it up didn't know
what it was, because the clnrograpby
was terrible we «nppo«e.
And so our subs have changed base.
There is tc be a summer school at Cen
ter school house and Willow Shade after
all. Mr. Bert Willett, sub-director, is
repairing the house and school w ill com
mence as soon as it is finished. Inland
school has been in session for two or
three weeks, ably conducted by Mis.
George Willey oi this place.
When shall we strike hands with our
brother Hal, quill driver?
lit liT L£( LAIH.
nion M( »en.
year there has been so much drunken
ness and debauchery in our midst, mak
ing day and night hideous with their
riot and dissipation, that lovers of good
order believing that forbearance had
ceased to be a virtue, concluded that
something ought to be done to check
this overflow of vice. Accordingly an
indignation mectiug was called to get an
expression of our citiicns as to the best
course to adopt. The audience was
large and very enthusiastic, consisting
not pnly of practical but theoretical
temperance men. It was resolved at
that meeting that our laws, both State
and municipal, ou?ht to be entorced,
and that we pledge oarselves to sus
tain our officers in doicg their duty
This resolution was signed by nearly
every one present. The man who was
afterward elected Marshal was there
and witnessed the expression of the peo
pie, and has to the best of his ability
discharged his duty. Several arrests
have been made for drunkenness and
disorderly conduct and several lines im
posed. Why, just last Saturday a man
—no, that's a mistake, a thing I mean
was arrested for uttering obscene lan
guage on the street and lined the enor
mous sum of two dollars and costs! I
think that w ill effectually put a stop to
such conduct another was ariehlod for
drunkenness but dischurged ou the plea
of no cause, Oh! then its no crime for
a man to get drunk and threaten to'xLu
open" an officer If he dares to anest
him. Verily the ways of the law are
dark and mysterious! And now these
desperadoes threaten that unless we al
low them to do as they pled get drunk
and pollute the very atmosphere with
their profane asd Obscene language,
that ttey will take their trade to other
towns. This weeld bo a good riddance
to ur town. buMo the way, not mac*
«f compliment Hwour neighboring townr
Home of our own citizens who were »o
anxious to have the law enforced are
beginning to "craw fish" ami tbeir plea
for doing so is that "we will lose the
trade" of these rowdies. I admit this
to be a noble argument, one that wrings
a man's very heart strings, that is if ne
carries that organ down in his pockets.
But sit, we believe that the heart oi
true manhood lies higher than that
Are we to get gain at the sacrifice of
law and decency? Jio! If a man can
not come hen and trade without getting
drunk and carousing on our streets, lei
hiiu slay away the sooner he carries
his carcass and trade elsewhere the Let
ter It lias been said that if it had not
been lor the Godly ones there would be
no trouble here. This thought is as
true as it is old. I believe that virtue
and vice have always been at war with
each other, and we (ear that some have
sold their throretical temperance princi
ples lor a very slim mess of pottage.
And now Mr. Marshal, a word to you:
Go on in discharge of duty and we will
stand by you. And as we are all falli
ble creatures, if yon should unwittingly
err, we will overlook it and take the in
tention for the (iset.
April 23d,
•WttrtHartin departed for San Francis
co last Monday evening.'
Will G. Wright is taklsg an Eastern
Go to Neely & Co's for the latest
styled neck ties, and Iow«st prices.
If yon want to save money go to Neely
& Co's. tor millinery and fsncy goods.
Mr. Pnnesn Ferjoson, of the Arm of
nimons,Hatia & Ferguson, hss sold out
bis interna to Messrs. t*. snd H., and we
under*taud is to take the branch store at
Oxford Junction, which he has purchas
ed or the said tirm. He has aiso sold his
residence asd will remorc his family to
that place. Thus we lose another good
citizen. Messrs. S. and hare refitted
their old cellar and added to the improve
meut an out side stairway. They have
rented the appartmeot to Thompson &
Bailey, in which to carry on the butter
anl eiti! business.
Dr. S'.nrdevant, our dentist, is fixing
bis office up in good style, new carpet",
fresh paint, etc. It seems the dentists
and the "M. P'«." are all that are mak
ing money now da^s.
ltev. J. Helseil is a member of the
Trustees of Carthage College, Carthage,
Illinois. He is now in that place atteud
ng the duties alloted him, and will re
turn the last of the week accompanied
by his son Francis and Miss Netta Wads
worth, all of this place
Win Lovett's team ran awsy last Sat
urday, with a load of hay. It broke the
wagon tongue, pulled Dr. Coat's 'fence'
off the 'gate,' and scared Wick Church
Mr. Ilunry Wilkersen, while walking
through his garden, one night last week,
was halted and knocked senseless by
some scattering shot from the gun of
some good worker engaged in killing off
the d"t *. Two shot glanced his hand
slightly cutting his fingers, another
glanced his head, above the left ear,
which tut rather deep. It was a narrow
escape, and will be a lesson for the
sportsman, who ever it was. It is at
present not known who discharged the
Mr. Crosby cet his trap one evening
last week lor a rat, and behold in the
moraine he had, clutched in the strong
spring, the foot of one of those peculiar
little kitties" that roam the prairies.—
He has perfumery to sell cheap now,and
declares that he don't believe it pays to
trap rats anyhow.
Chris Peterson visited a lady friend at
Mr. Urim's the other evening and th
boys, supposing him to be married, gave
him a charivari. They knew he was old
enough to be married any way but Gr!m
knowing it wasn't Chris that was mar
ried, took the music of the boys
compliment to himself and spent a whol
niekle treating 'em,and has now advanc
ed the price ot beefsteak one cent on
pound, for he says that nickle's got to
be made up.
\'olife ofDissolatlpm*
B. Simmons i
W. B. Hanna
D. Fergnton S
April 28d, 1875.
We wonld take this oceasioc of thank
ing the many friends that have stood
by ns lor so many years, giving us their
confidence and patronage, and we shall
try in the tuture by fair dealing, ciose
attention to business, and low prices, to
merit a continuance of the same.
Shuttle Machine is to-day the simplest
tnoi,t perfect, most easy to be operated
best made, most durable, and in every
wav, most valuable sewing machine in
existence, and it is sold fifteen dollars
-s than all other first-class machines
Machines will be delivered at any
Hailrwad Station in this county, free of
'transportation charges, if ordered
through the Company's Branch House
at 1ST State street, Chicago, Illinois.
They send an elegant catalogue an.l
chromo circular free on application.
This Company want a few more good
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
will core a congh in one half the time
necessary to cure it with any other
medicine, and it does it, not by drying
it up, but by removing the cause— sub
duing the irritation and healing the at
fected parts. For all cases of Laryngitis,
Hoarseness, Suppression or I^oss of
Voice, Bronchitis, Severe Chronic or
Lingerins Coughs, it will be found to
surpass any medicine that has ever be
fore been oflcrcd to the puplic U is
sold by nil dealers in medicines.
well-known that it is only ncce*«ery
to caution agiaust imitations. It re
fill in-* a (-.'ireful admixture of the car
bolic acid with other ingredients to pro
duce a salve that may he relied upon.
The genuine only guarranteed. See
that it bear* the signature and private
proprietary stamp of JOHN F. HENRY,
Cl'Rkan & Co., Proprietors, 8 and 9
College plMe», New York. 2nd
Because one man is a swindler, does
it follow that all are swindlers? Be
cause one medicine is a humbug, that
all are humbugs? Because nothing ha*
helped you so far that nothing can help
you? Wallace's Tonic Bitters have
stood the test for twelve years, and
thousands testify to their healing qasli
ties. Try them and be cured. Sold on
ly liv druggists. $1.00 per bottle.
Farmers and stock raisers have fre
quently told us that tlfey have seen good
results from giving Slieridans Cayalry
Condition Powders to cows and swine
before and after they drop their young
The powders put them in good condi
tion, and give them strength to care
provide tor the sucklings.
Charles Lamb, Eisayist, denounced all
spirituous liquors as "Wet Damnation."
Poor fellow he knew whereof he spake,
by s:t experience, and if living, would
apply the same to alcoholic excitants,
advertised as cure-alls. But there is one
tunic and alterative in existence—the
best the world has ever known—which
contains no alcohol. It is Dr. Walker's
m.fsMei MaeM««e,
The season is rapidly approaching
When OUT farmers will

arrangements to secure Threshing Ma
chines Seapers, Mowers, and other mi
niements which in this day of progress,
have Meome indispeuslble to sueeess
W»f have'
frequently heard the subject
of Agricultural Implements discussed by
farmers at their grange meetings and
elsewhere, and find a general expression
that the very best Implements made,
are in the end much the cheapest.
The demand for machinery that will
do its work Wtell. and at the same time
expeditiously, is growing throughout
the Agricultural districts ol »be West
ern States and Territories With a view
of becoming somewhat acquainted
the number and magnitude of establish
ments engaged in the manufacture ot
Implements of this eharacter, we visited
a few of the leading and most noted
manufactures, during the past months
From statistics that were plaoed «n our
hands, we find that in 1874. ninety^ight
different and distinct establishments in
the United States, were engaged in the
manutacture of Reapers and Mowers
alone, who made daring that year 100.
000 out of this large number, 25,000
was manufactured by three firms, viz
Aultman & Co, of Canton, Ohio
A oilman, Miller & Jo., of Akron, Ohio,
and Adriance, Piatt & Co., of Pough
keepsie, New ^ork.
These firms manufacuture the justly
celebrated "Buck Eye" Reaper snd
Mower, which has a national reputation
lor their superiority, in every 8tate and
Territorv- Over 200,000 now in use in
this country.
We shall not attempt a description of
these machines, which are so fiuniliar te
every intelligent farmer, but will refer
to w hat we regard as the simplest aud
most complete Self Rake attachment we
have ever seen.
We allude to what is known as "The
Miller Table Rake," belonging to, and
attached only to the -Buckeye.*'
Among the many points of excellence
of this simple, beautiful and popular
machine, are the following, viz: The
ease and quickness with which it can be
handled by the driver, whilst at work,
adapting ftse'.f any coniit'.on of grain,
making the sheaves of any desired size,
delivering them in a compact and evenly
laid bundle for the binders. In this ar
ticlc we will confine ourselves to The
Works of Aultman, Miller & Co., and
Aultman & Co and speak of others we
visited at a tuture time
Tn order that our readers may form
a conception ot *he magnitude of these
'.wo establishments, and the immense
capital invested in, and necessary to
keep them iu operation, we will give a
very brief description of them
The Buckeye v orss of Aultman,Miller
& Co., at Akron, Ohio, cover about thir
teen acre? of ground, and give constant
employment to tr tu four hundred and
fifty to five hundred workmen They
employ a capital of over one million of
This is much the largest »ingle estab
lishmeiit in the United States engaged iu
the manufacture of reapers and mowers
The yearly enlarge i facilities and
creased production of these work will,ii
a short time, make tbem the marvel of
the couutry, as they now are the pride
of the Weit,
The works of C. Aultman & Co
Canton, Ohio, are well known as the old
parent Buckeye works, which were es
tablished twenty three years ago
Eighteen years ago, the celebrated
Buckeye Reaper and Mower had its birth
which has advanced to the front so lap
idiy in popularity that it has outstripped
all its competitors
We sometimes wonder whether the
fine mechanical principles t'lereiu con
tamed and simultaneously produced
were the result of meditative genius,
in part, creatures of accident. But
what moment is this to the farmer, who
cares not whence comes, or who makes
the machiue, so it is up to the fu'i lueas
ure of his wants.
It is about as unnecessary to attempt
The co-partnership heretofore existin
under the firm name of Simmons, Han
na & Ferguson, is this clay disolved bj
mutual consent. The business at Clar
ence will be continued by Simmons
Hanna, to whom all payments must be
made. Tlie business at Oxtord Junction
will be continued by D. Ferguson, tc
whom all accounts made at that placc
must be paid.
description of the Sweepstakes Thresk
er, as it would the Buckeye Mower,
every farmer in the West is quite, if not
altogether as familiar with it as we are
and yet. we must admit that there
something about this old Reliable l'hresh
er. that always commands our attention
every time we see it, on accoiiDt of its
beautiful finish it is a strong and well
built machine, and like a first class rail
way engine, "looks like a thing of pow
er," and is indispensible to the age In
which we live.
We can conceive of nothing more ir
rltating to the farmer, who after expend
ing his time,labor and mouey in plowing
harrowing, seeding and harvesting
have a large per cent of his crop wasted
and lost in the threshing, with a poor
It is a duty we owe the farmer, upon
whom we mu«t all depend for our pros
perity as a people, to ascertain the be*t
appliances that will lighten their labor,
in pointing out where the host unple
ments can be Lad.
From our observations and examina
tions during the past month, we have no
hesitancy in saying that the old reliable
Sweepstakes is the par excellence thresh
er for thoroughly hulling the wheat
without injuring the kernel, and sepa
rating it from the chaff and straw with
out wastage ot loss. It jg our intention
to write a series of articles upon agri
cultural implements, that we trust may
be of benefit to the farmers everywhere
—Leavenworth Daily Commercial.
These machines are sold in Cedsr
county by Messrs Reicbert & Cobb, and
all can examine them by calliflg on this
firm at their extensive warerooms in
this place.
e e
Agua Jlirncoloeo!
This Exquisite Spanish "ToJtette
l'rebaration," for beautilying and pre
serving the complexion and skin, has
for years been exclusively prepared by
Don Manuel Acosta, an emminent cbem
of Seville, Spain, and by him sold in
large quantities to the elite of that cit/,
Madrid, Havana and elsewhere, as an in
comparable beautitier and preservative
of the complexion and certain preventa
tive of Wrinkle*, Freckles, Pimples,
Sunburn, Tan, and all blemishes of the
the Skin. While making a voyage to
Cuba some years apo on one of the Brit
ish Royal Mail Steamships, Don Manuel
was overtaken by severe sickness, and
his life for days despaired of, but uiti
mately, he rallied and recovered, and ua
an acknowledgment of his appreciation
of Dr. Campbell's services, (Dr. C. being
at that time Medical oftleer on board the
steamship), he presented the Doctor
with the formula from which he prepar
ed his famous "Agua Miracoloso," (Mi
raculous Water. So uiany ladv patient*
for whom Dr. C. has prepared an occa
sional bottle, having expressed them
selves most enthusiastically in regard to
its merits, he has determined for the fu
ture to prepare it as a "Standard Toilette
Predaration.' Iu use imparts to the
skin, a dazzling brilliancy, healthy
freshness, transparent clearness, velvety
smoothness and exquisite softness. A
few applications will convert the rough
est skin into one of Alabaster delicacy.
It is not a "Paint" on "Kaamei," but "a
Deliriously Fragrsnt Medicated Water
for the skin, of marvellous efficacy
W arrantcd harmless as puremiik. Price
One dollar per bottle. Six bottles for
Five dollars. Expressed to any address
Prepared only by James P. Campbell,
M. 1)., Cheiui*t, 00 Fultou St New
York. Beware of dangerous aud xocUk
less imitations.
For sale at Ferguson's Pharaafey.
MOXKV to loan on improved farm* ju
Cedar county, tiist mortgage. Will alat
buy go kI mortgages orpiomisory notes
C. Aultman & Co., though the parent
Buckeye house, is not only engaged in
the manufacture of reapers and mowers
but the great feature of their producti
is the old reliable and popular "Sweep
stakes Thresher," of which they make
annually, about one thousand two iiun
dred. The buildings of this concern
cover some fifteen acres of ground,w hich
average three stories in height. They
give employment to five hundred work
men, and employ a capital of one and
half million of dollars
Mi&TaiK of
All Walnut Chamber Suites, Hureaus, IledsNjart
Cabs. Center Tables, hromos, hai'-
Sold at Ferjn son's Pharmacy. 12yl
By virtu* of a upwf*! Exeeution to me
iljrect»U, Ismif from the office of the I'lerk
of the Di-trlPt Court, In and for the -ounty
oi lYihtr and htale of Iowa, In favor of
Hheart A
and a^aiual Mary K. Wll
llama, li)»rdi*n, et at., have |pvl»-.l up
on Itie following property a»tt)e properly
of thf xaiil Mary £. Wililama, liuardian, et
Hi., to-wlt:
Thenortu tialfiU oflb northwMit uuar
ter of tti» nonhw«»t 'j'larter j1,' of the
«oaiti»-»si quarter of lur numtv-r twen
tj--*iiiit .3" toirimiiip uuibIkt elahly tSSj
ranee nuinber two went of the »lh p.
coiuuaca' iiig at tti* uoi thwwit corner of the
southnMsi juarter ['i of nai'l sec. aumtf-r
twenty-tfiutH [2S], Ihana* noulb forty
ro.is, ih«oj.-e caul twenty
L*Uj rol»,
north forty W, rod*, thenre weat twenty [ifl
nil* MUw of beginning,
five aor-«. more or leaa, situated la Cedar
oaunty, Iowa.
A ad Rhal! ofT-r the lane for aala at the
Ooort Hotue loor tn the town of Tipton, In
aald Ooanty, on Saturday the nth day of
May A, 1*7.5, at one o'clock, p. m„
of aald day, to natlafy aald Execution
Manufactured at Tipton, by
Sole agent* for Cedar County.
fcxamine these mills before purchasing.—
They have advantage* over any other taill
In th* rasrket. snd will not cost yea much
ni"r» th*n half the money.
Manufactory opposite Murry's blacksmith
shep, in the old Barley Wagon shop. 17tf
Imported French
borne bought In I'erch, Franco, and
rtt-d by M. I*.Covlll,of 1'elaware, Oh]
I" a dapple grey, Ave ynara old, aland* l4
hatiH high, weighs I.TjOponds. Hehaagod
mtlea an hoar will
sUind the neason ol rfoat the Hlable of
Jamc* ncCeakle, Onion Grave,
Ct*rt*r county, Iowa. InMiranr" t2V. nteapea
and accidents at rlalc of ownera of mare. A
few icanon* why fanneiH should uae him,
1st. HIM ability i.o earry a greater load at a
more rapid rate of »p*ed. 3d. Ill* early ma
mritv, belli* ready ir work or market at
from iwi to three
years old—about two yean
yoniiuer than the ordinary horae and
brlUKiriK an much again, andalway* mark
etable on account, of thei*
alae, style and *n
lloii. :^l. Hilt Kat endurance on sinail
notjiit of fe«dand freedom from hlemlabea
apavius. i.og*. detects of itocks,Joiuts and
weak which are alAuet unknown iu
trange Judd, of the Arnerlean Agricul
oralis', says: The Percheron horae, no
too hi, atuida Brat among the draft breeds
of the world. Ills value hss beon thorough
ly te«te.l in II.is country, combining as be
a •••tain aitraciiveiteaa of style, very
fret acting, considerable speed, with as
tounding strength for his wetsilt.
^almost dmil if
of*, new
3 X. BYE Ss 004
Dry Goods and Notions,
Prugs and Glassware, Paints anil
Patent and Proprietary Medicines,
lens' and Boys' Beady Me Clotls,
Boots, Shoes, Jewelry, Clocks, Cutlery, etc.
We are inst reerirlng snd opening, from Philadelphia and other Eastern markets, the
Mat and best selected spring stock of Dry Goods and Notions ever brought before
the people of Sprinsr Dale, wUi.-h h*ve been purchased at very low prices, sad are
offered at great bargsins that all will appreelate. Come every body »ud aee
onr stock, and buy the most and best for your money Our (.oods
arc all marked iu plain tteure#, and to all al we MB( price*.
We pay the highest market pricts for country produce
Store in the Post OFFI E
NEW YORK, Deoember24,18tC
Jas. P. Campbell.M.D .66 Fulton st,N.Y.
DEAR SIR —For many years my wife
has had serious Organic and, of course,
Fuoctional Disease of the Heart, and fre
quently has "seizures" of the most terri
ble description, menacing her with in
stant death. I have tried many prominent
Heart Ilemedies "without avail.but in Dr
Campbell's "Heart Regulator," I am free
to confess, we have toand the "Sapreme
Palliative," if not the "Radical Care."
Your prepration. Doctor, always re
lieves her instantly and perfectly, while
the -'seizure*" are much less frequent
and severe. I have also prescribed
your remedy in my practice with uni
form, excellent and happy results. As
i physician of thirty years practice, I
caB, and do, most conscientiously com
mend its use to all suffering from Organ
ganic or Functional Cardiac Derange
ments. Very truly yours,
Late Collegiate Professor of Anatomy,
104 Sixth avenue.
Price $2 per bottle. Expressed toasy
Sold at Ferguson's Tharmacy. 12yl
A treatise on Heart Diaease, Catarrh,
Ac., with other valuable
infomation, sent to any address, by tor
warding Stamp to
Jas. P. Campbell, M. D. 66 Fulton St.
New York.
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Rheumatism, and
Nervousness, annihilated and eradicated
by Dr. Jas. P. Campbell's "Radical
Cure" for Neuralgia. Never fails. Refer
ences: Prof Losey, Knox College, Gales
burg. 111. Chas.C.Colgate.Esq of Colgate
frCe.,M and 55 John St. N. Y.: Cel. Mil
ler,231 Broadway N.Y.and 117 Henry St
Brooklyn John Balmore, Esq. Harlem
Gas Light Co., A. G. Buell, Esq., 243
Broadway, N. Y. and hundreds of oth
ers. Pricc (two preparations $1.00 and
$2.00. Expressed to any address.
JAR. P. CAMPBKLI., M. D., 06 Fultom St.
New York.
a general stodk
up Mini
incase Bureaus,Elegant
wy ^rticlelrTstoclThas beenpriced with a view to sale ra.iurthanto
ar« assured that the lowest pr.ee obtam.Me w.H be o*
Exclaves made all classes of Goods on reasonable toruS,
iimira Farms!
Tho*e of vou who are in need of-
Films nnami
Fortte-wominK ^.'.son should not
exujuiif the
W orld Renowned
xiiui mmm
It ba* come oet victorious in all field trials.
Drove the Law. Adams. French nnd the
£l»ard from the held last year ia
ear county. Don't buy an nn
iu* tried Mat hine. but bay one
L«. that lias been in use some
aixteen years, and not
found wanting.
ItiiYsmilri U Vsrfc ii all kisfc qji (esiitiw «l
Tims being wltkta the reach at every one.
Call tally and leaflc yooc
Ifery Respectfully. 15tf
W.M. LO&IXKMtaiiwood, la
Agent for Cedar A Jones counties
ms urn
The suhseritier will stand his horses for
be season of 1875, commencing Monday
.prtl l'.Hh, as follows:
olor, bright hay, weiirhs 1,0*0 ponmls, will
tand Mondays snd Tuesdays at Andrew
liner's in sec. 2.Fremont tuwusbip,Wedaea
ajs at Stauwood, aud the r.-st of the
hi* owa stable.
Color, dappled
eoata that may aocrne thereoa.
Dated thU 8th day of April A. D. JOT.
17wS Sheriff of Cedar Oooaty
Imted at Tipton. Iowa, Ibis 1Mb day of
February, A. I), is"'..
17W2 JA«. WHARTON, Jr., Adm'r.
it*» hfT liffiVfn
The Best & the Cheapest.
weight l,4oO pounds
will stftn'l at the staMe of John Hecht, Jr.,
eight miles southeast of i.'Urence, Thursday
and Friday of each week, and the rest of the
week at his owe (table
Scottish Champion,
Color, ftlack, welch* 1,M0 pounds,
will staad
•a Saturday at Stan wood, and the balance
of UM UM at hi* owa stable,
Administrator's tale.
Notice la hereby given that the undersign
ed ban tUia day o appointed by tne uir
eait Court et i l»r .-oaty, Iow.»,administra
tor of the estate el Isaac Kelly, deceaat d:anc]
all person* having against aald es
tate are hereby notified to Hie them wltti
me Clerk of said I 'ourt. c.-arly stated and
duly sworn tn.and parsons owing «ald estate
ure notified to inake Immediate payment
the und«rs!gnt!.
am* mtte
Will for mares thie season, Mon
days at his own stablr, one mile fr«nn t'lar
ea'i-: Tuesdays at Jo l.ittle's, Ri-d Oak
Wednesdays and Thursdays, till noon, at
Jeha Forjcuoii's, Red Oak Thursdays, p.
and Fridays at
I)ariJ,onin Fre­
mont tp Saturdays at Stauwood. To in
Irn ii.
TER.M8—To insure, Ncthtrby, ^IH Soy
.•r«ii£". Scottinh Cliiinj.ion, (Hi, j) nat»l
1st of K^hrnury, lT«. Marcn leaving the
outity before that time will tn- (.lijirged as
season wares. All accident* at owner risk.
Pedigrees of the abore horses can ba seen
at tor residence.
ta^kf-n frm tbe in burgh nx-
••w, for
Vou win ohnervathat tbe 'irtfuct refer* to
thf report ot Oencrat d»- t.:im..riclMre snec
iitJly appoMitcfl hy the Krcricii uovcriimont
nivaatiKMK' trio merit* nf tJ»e liftt-rent
r-«-da of draft horxeit. Ueneral a J, iiuorl
ere, ntat»,s as follows:
Notwltl.Kiundlnii the broad difference Hint
ecffiaarly cxlnts hctwccn t|l(. hi
|ire«d »nl lior»i'« u«-l f.,r (niriioN.-s nl lux
rv, tlje tngiiHb, «bi know Ih to mould
•"ore according to their natural wants,
h'dvad tiie problem and we lat»ly wit
csKt-il mi the rii»»tlni of th( AifriciiiturnI
Institute, at Versailles,working In Die UJIC
fleid, with ploughs exactly nlmliar aud un
-r Mentlcal f'onrlitioiiM, from teams com
ee«l a* follow*:
1. Two Clydesdale marea.
2. Three Suffolk mares.
t. J'lire. r.-rciieoti mMtav.
I. Tlirfte I'.onloKnesemArea.
Tbe twr I 'lyiteadale inareK f.erf.riii( ttie
anie task as tbe oilier three teams, a-id did
i» niocb quicker, on j.olntof time trie teams
nlslied their work 111 the order indicated
aboee. Tliutsuifolamart*Ilul-heJ mach he
re tbe Percherons, and between the latter
nd the lioulognese there was c»reely aiiv
The above point* clearly before tbr (nitiltc,
the merits of the difr rent breed* of draft
r*es, coiiMlilered From a Kreneli »tn#d
oint.and shows clearly that tbef'lyijeadtile
re more tl.nn one thiid mu
••nch r»reed*. am mlerttsiid (i»:!.sonally
the (. lyde*da'e, hut 1 have ouoted till*ar
ticle to show that I don't wish people to
tidge them from what I say, or any other
import, r. but let thein judge them from the
"i»n point oivlew Theonlr Mlvaniaife
admit HiHt the French and Belgian breed*
a»e Ic that they can he bought cheaper in
tbe first iiiNtar/te, but 1 tiav« y to leain
ny oth»:r.
CRE4P, Pr^iVtflf^
Omrene^, April, li70
Important to Horse
The Celebrated Eafllsli llonte
Will stand for .Haras tkc tidaias Neaaoa
Of IK76. at lfae«tatre3 Hie -«W*cr. two aiijt.
a ball mthM *ouh, and onelotfe ,, .t W
J*# SE*"iw'' *"*y ^itu immense
i»^e#awi iiiuaeie, aitfai r.im a
tor uet-lon.etaxd
fntf bs ril* hull we'Ii
»rid Is considered liv *o
iMroii* (it til,- ft Ticst illalt
berse breedefv V,
horras tn
swoepetanta at
l*7, and Kis all
WH« Oil eNhlhil],
prlw wherever
TKItM i f,
Insure }|8. lor tl» awiaoiLliJ.
JAH N. ANIlKRHUM, frop r.
So met i tigXew.
WM. H. 1VKM use* the new tight method
McNamara & Casad,
Opposite the art Ilonse. In HALL'S BUILDING, wlU ssake a speciality of all kh*
Agricultural Implements.
Osage Fleunts, E3to.
«M lake elders for AI-1. KINLtS "F REPAIR8 FOB MACBINJCBT, froiu a hand eoni iw
ler to a threshing machine. Will trade Agricultural laplMKiti for old Reapers tad
Ma vera or
tgritaKml laptemeot*,
Champion Reaper and Mower,
The best ic the world,
Champion Light Mower, Mareh Harvester, Deere't
Plow, Deer**«
Walking and Riding Cultivators,
THE MOLINE«'*« tfu
We have now in stoelf and to arrive,
one of the
Laraest Ms of Hartvvt.
ever found in thaeowtry.
Ottr line of Cook Stores is fuU
Among which may he found the Charter Oak, Grtai
Union, Vanguard and other favorites.
Watch Maker, Jeweller,
And Dealer in
Watches, Clocks, Jewelr#,
SPECTACUEK, PLATKD WARE, and POCKET CUTLAKT. Ha* permanentlr located in
Tipton, and i* now prepared to do all kinds af JOB WORK proaipUy a»4 la a
skillful manner.
ALLWOKK WABBANT'.D. West side Court Honse Hqaare, Is Weeteott'e Di^pfltem.
or all Wa|em,alwaji
•moag oar Implements may be fnnnd the
Marsh Harvester, Buckeye Reaper & Mower
and Woods' Self Raker,
and other first elaaa Marhlaea. We also aril the
Keystone Corn Planter, Blackhawk Garden City
Cultivator. Our New Seeder
a ftrosd CM, wnaw theory, and glvea good aattafacUe|^ ,s
Tlie Improved II'LKET MA KB, where the Hone dees all llM
work, »e aew flMUare,
twiM tell lo plcaae.
We kwf a larceeteeK ef Ctetern, Stock and hasp Well Pumps. We kaep a Tinner eia
olciyeil, ant will takeeontraeta for Hpoatlng Kooflng.vtn. Ja fact we deal in aveo-thiog
From a aml.rlc Neodte to a Hteam Knglne, and we make
NEW EarrriERMtiisss
Tipton, Iowa.
.COR.STATf & f/ 0
y one n«edliiK anytlilng I
Ir*... .b
ii i *t
Reichert & Culbertson's
Coal and Lum"ber
twee fen would eea^eetfaiiy announce totk* HM*IMih6ftNWVfNV*'("n
a o w a w a
Hooh a*
A nd iucludi ail k
1 wu of required for thts market, whieh «U1 be s^d at
Af flllr he Brm is a *B^"HAIIIo, they know jaat what ta wanWI
Howl JVo|lee~5to. 1T4.
)1 whotn It ottifi#rit'
The nho^e tiorsi look
:d»r Caml*' Fair the tall of
I e.,!ts took pri/,c* thnt
•II. lie I a* alw,o
'*tril»tt* fi.
htKhway e'lnnaiiiiclng Jjj, the'norih
^unly. runmnii thenne s„f.ii, ... "i
,mh mtli"®«2e!
a. «td t.wp an!fwT .'*:: rt See.
to innl te.rmliia.' In i. ,l"i""i* west
inarter »f
^tJdUor's on
,Po. Aad'r.
leased t"
Warranted 20p yard*
"ork W any

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