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{ipten Hbaettisft.
fa AJrcrllwri.—All tran»t*nt ar.1 Mp««lal
gH No!lew., itnd transient Advertisement*,
j0A »«r In »!vMK»lo»«-ir»- inaerilon.
ftdllorlal Notice* «r Ad
ver: Yemenis In -f|
(ggniii will be charged ti rent* per Una.
fur !1H l»p«r kept on file In the omce of I .»,
Jvu.iml Kantem Asent, Chicago
and Nortlt
Wentrr Hallway, 411 Broadway, New Yore fit*.
Our IMeutlv when In New York. are cordially la
u I'i'l 'II and rwd II at any time. They mill
ilw«-i be ««k-oiue.
Railroad Tine Ale.
ArrlTjl and departure of trnlna at Tipton
the Tipton an4 Stan wood railroad:
Afrlve Vi A. M. Leave A.
r. M. lo 1:10 p.
40 7:4.5 P. M. do «:S0 p.
Horning train* connect with train*
Mpt and weal on the Chicago and North
«*«t«rn road. Evening trains connect only
With train going weat, except Saturday eve
•tail, when they wait for theexpreaa going
Tiptoa P»«l OOc®—-Arrival and
Departare of Halls.
On the Northwestern Railroad.
#4'cloek a. m.,and 7^ I Mai la cloaeaatS
m.. except Hatnr-1 o'clock p. m.
ay night I
Wilton 12 m. I^eare 2^ p. m.
Davenport Overland via. Inland.
t*e»dny and Friday* I Monday a and Ttiura
o'clock p. m. I day 6 o'clock a. la.
Wat UHloe open on Hundaya rrom 7 to 1
o'eloek a. m.
In all the new nhmh at
Very Low Prices.
Having' closed
out my entire
stock of Furs
last season. 1
•in able to oiler
a full line of
Ladies' $ Chil
dren's Furs, at
prices 25 per
cent, lower than
the same goods
have ever been
sold in Tipton.
I havr a few pieces of rztm heart/ nl!
wool (shrunk) Shirting Finn is i 40
9t*.\ same good* last.'/ "t/1 wfi• Jit*.
A full line of wh:te and
colored Blankcs. Cotio i
Flannels from 10 to '-iSj.
Indies and Gents Under
wear. Children's Union
suits. Ladies and Chil
dren's Fancy Hose in
great variety. Hats,Caps,
and Gloves. Novelties
in Silk Handkerohiefs
aad Furs.
AXOTHKK invoise of new goods at
City Hall Shoe Store. Call aad i
The reason the City Hall Shoe Store
wells goods so cheap, is because they
sell BO many of them that the* can
afford It.
We mean business
Should all Mine It V AS'S.
I take pleasure in announcing to the
ftublio that tnv facilities for conducting
this branch of mv business have h®*n
freatly increased this season, ana to
Seep pace with the times my
Prices for Hats & Bonnets
full Thirty per cent.
•n last season. Therefore all who need
foW in this line will save both won
*y and time by giving VAN. a call.
All goods warranted as represented
vr money refunded.
Bast goods for least money, at
this Ml aad
man's drees is never complete
unless he has a pair of nice boots or
8IHWH. City Hall Hhoe Kton* hA.** a new
style liox-toe boot which will just
suit. 1 hey are the nicewt and bewt boot
that ever came to Tipton and will be
sold for the least nionev.
THEY are now ready at the City Hall
Shoe 8
to re to take all the fat poultry
that can be brought to them and will
pay the highest price in cash for them.
JCST arrived, at City Ball 8hoe Store,
the tost French kip boot that ever came
to Tipton.
You can get 20 cts. per ft la cash for
your butter at City Hall Shoe Ktore.
WHAT is more disagreeable than a
boot or »hoe when they do not fit.
Come in our store and we will give
you as neat a fit as can be made. We
nave goods made on all the different
width lasts and if we cannot fit you,
you cannot be fit.
ONE PEBSOX can buy as cheap
another from us. We try
to treat all alike. Send your child
ren in, they can buy as cheap as you
can and we will give them goods that
ill suit vou as well as them. He
who buys at our store is bound to
get the bottom prices ou ail he wants.
Try us on.
IN ORDKR to eustaiu the reputation
that we have worked for. it was nec
essary for us to buy very heavy this
fall, fur we were satisfied if we offer
ed the brat goods fur the least monev
that there is nothing to prevent us
from doing the largest business in
he o tinty which will be to the ad
vtn ag«* of our customers as well as
to ourselves. Our stock is not only
argcr but selcct a: the only way
you can form anv idea of what we are
lliuir and what we have to sell is to
all and see for yourself. VVe are
going to sell more goods this fall
than we ever so'd, and the way
we are going to do it is by selling
better goods cheaper. We know if
we se'l good g«.(is cheap, tlint we
can get the pstronHge of the people,
and if they will call and see us we
will do what we sny. Come on, you
will always find us ready and willing
to *ait on yon, it is nothing but a
pleasure to show you goods, especial
ly such goods as we have. We like
for you to ask our prices for we know
we can name them lower than any
style men's and women's
rubber over allocs at City Hall Shoe
Store. The best thing out.
WE still have the lead in the boot Md
shoe business In this section of the
country, and as we have it wc are going
keep it. We are bound to sell our
(roods, and have marked them down so
low that they are within the reach of
all. The people mu?t have boots and
shoes, and they know that II. L. Dean
•ells them cheaper than any one—for
that reason they get them at the City
Hall Bhoe Mtore. It is without any
doubt the cheapest place in Tiptoa to
get boots and shoes.
This is the year when people want
cheap goods. What we mean by
cheap goods are those that will wear
well and give satisfaction for a small
sum of money. The Citv Hall Hhoe
Htore is prepared to furnish you with
all you want. They will make you
satisfied with the prices you pay and
will guarantee satisfaction on all the
goods you buy from them. Their eus
tomcrx always go out pleased with what
they get and are sure to come buck when
they want anything else in the boot
and shoe line.
1 he most extsasire dealer ia boots
and shoes, in Tipt.ia is II. L. Dean of
City Ilall shoe store, who also deals in
Huttcr and Eggs. Mr. Dean's trade is
constantly increasing which is brought
ahoat by strict attention to business
promptness in waiting on his custom
ers, low prices, fair dealings and
giving his own labor and personal
attention to the business. We cordially
invite all our customers wanting any
thing in his line to five him a call,
guarantying that they will buy cheap
er and as good quality *of goods than
at any other place in the town.
Now ws have them! That Is, the
ft not lot of ladies' flue shoes that ever
WHS made, just opened out at City Hall
Shoe Store and ready lor inspection.—
City Hall Shoe Store is always ahead of
everything 111 the boot and shoe line
If you don't believe it look around, then
come see our stock, you will pronouuee
it the finest and best you have ever seen
And the best part is bottom prices.
Citv Hall Shoe Store now has the
best long leg waterproof boot* ever
brought to the Western country.
There is one thing that no family
oivht to tlo without, that ia Brown s
Dressing for lwM)ts and shoes.
City llall shoe store has just received
a large lot which they are selling for
lOoents per bottle.
CALL at City Ilall Shoe Store and get
yourselves and boys a pair of cable wire
boots, the best thiug out will never rip:
everv pair warranted. You will find
the cable wire boot the most com
fortablc, and by far superior to any boot
Us great mass of people who are
tillers orthe soil In «omC part or other
and require covering for their feet
want that, that not only shall protect
them Iroin the weather, but
poseases that other most valuble quail
ty, durability. H. L. Dean at City
llall shoo store is without doubt better
prepared than any furnish goods
of this kind and is selling them so chcsp
tbst thsy arc in the reach of all.
Buy yoer hoots and shoes at City
n»n shoe store aad save 10 por coat,
We want a car load of Butt** "d
1000 do* sfga a day at City Hall Bhoe
Rtore. Brleg them aloag we will take
cue of them aad Wfr**
eash price W
—Give thasksf
—Hicks' Bazar.
—Iistrict Court.
—Toysat Fields',.,
—Try Hicks' Bnaar.
—Town full of people.
—Potatoes are valuable.
—Winter does not delay.
—Grand Jury in session.
—Herb. Elliott is in toww.
—Iowa carries the banner.
—Thermometer below rere.
—New goods at Staininger's.
—Beaver cloth at Perrien Dean's.
—Cheapest millinery at Hicks' Ba
—All kinds of toys at Fields' gro
—Services at the M. K. church this
Shawls, scarfr and nubias at Per
rien Deau's.
—The Grand Jury seems likely to be
full of busiuees.
Alex. McCormick is still Itt busi
ness at the old stand.
Will Humphrey, of Nevada, Story
Co., is visiting in town.
—The fat porker now starta for the
knife and scalding vat.
Has any Iwwiy heard anything
about the election lately
The county Supervisors do Dot
meet agaiu until next year.
iloves, mittens, scarfs, and winter
caps at Casad & (Jilniore's.
—District Attorney M. P. Smith ar
rived last Saturday evening.
Temperance lecture to-morrow
evening at the M. E. church.
-Judge Shane arrived on Monday
ami court was opened on time.
Fine shirts—the Quaker City ia
the lead—at Casad A Uilmore's.
—"Sheep clodiugs" at auction no
longer inhabit the Virgin Jtlock.
—If any one aHks you who is elected
President, shoot him on the spot.
—Three dollars spent for flannels is
better than fli'ty dollars for drugs.
The complimentary benefit dance
last week was not largely attended.
With hogs up and corn rising,
hard times" should soften a little.
The jail will probably not be so
thickly populated in two weeks fr«m
The Sheriff has served alxitit four
bushels of subpoenas in the past two
The cheapest hats and bonnets in
edar county will be found at Hicks'
—Many are the poor turkeys offered
up to-day on the altar of "thanks
S. D. Casad is preparing to furnish
Illinois coal hy the car or ton at a very
low figure.
—A new house has just been en
closed on the corner opposite Sam'l
A girl who wears ait eighty-bone
corset can hardly Je said to be of a
ielding nature.
Be temperate in your diet—our
first parents ate themselves out of
house and home.
Persons wishing coal fbr school
districts and churches will do well to
call on S. D. Casad.
Hon. H. Price adds f-500 to the
$12(10 previously offered for the appre
hension of the shell throwers.
The Cedar county St. Andrews
Society has one of its pleasant festivals
at the Fleming House this evening.
A whole amiy of toys of all kinds,
from a tine sleigh to a 5 cent "Jump
ing Jack," for sale at Fields' grocery.
Mr. W. H. Allien is putting up a
ery neat two-story cottage dwelling
on lots jast west of his former resi
dence in this place.
And now they talk about domestic
iolence in Iowa because a number of
base deceivers are hung every night—
over the hacks of chairs.
—Theart icleent it led "Sound Sense,"
on the first page of this paper, is the
soundest kind of sense and is from a
Democratic source at that.
—Don't let your children look in at
Fields' grocery unless you wish to
shell out," for they are sure to see
something they must have.
—Rev. Wm. Lee's barn, too heavily
weighted with corn in the upper story,
caved in on a good top buggy the other
day and flattened it out very badly.
The "need of a change," so much
harped upon by ]Mliticians, does not
begin with the necessity for small
liange ill most western communities.
T. C. Prescott, Clerk of the Courts
elect, is familiarizing himself with
some of the details of his future work
'•y occupying the desk with Clerk
,'an Ness at this term.
—Ed. Cook, Esq., of Davenport, is
in attendance at District Court here
this term. Mr. Cook used to come up
juite regularly, but this is his firet ap
pearance for several terms.
McCormick & Jamison, the shoe
makers, having dissolved partnership,
an Immediate settlement of accounts
tlue the firm will be necessary. All
interested will please call at the old
The nicest and cheapest way
man can get his fat hog, or hogs, into
good shnje for the pan or oven, is to
send them to B. Lang, who is better
than ever prepared to take care of
Having recently set up a new
Mr am
sausage chopper, B. Lang is
readj" to cut from one to a thousand
pounds of sausage for any one at the
same old nominal price, and guarantee
—('asad & Gilmore have more of
those warm overcoats for sale.
—Every reader—Democrats especi
remember that it is the
Chicago Timet, even the rampant
Times, whose language is quoted in a
short article on an outside page enti
tied, "Grant and the Time*."
Lots of nice dress goods at Perrien
Messrs. T. and B. Mink and J. J,
Wright, now of Fond du Lac, Wis.
arc here attending court. We ain't
sure that we could hold court without
the Mink boys. It would be like the
play of Hamlet with Hamlet left out.
Large reduction in price of mil
linery during December at Hicks' Ba
—The Mr. McLaughlin who speak
at the M. E. church to-morrow even
ing is the gentleman who a paragraph
In a late
FOCHD—At the City Bakery,
oyster six by three inches. Call
prove property.
doubt inad
vertently clipped from some exchange
—located at Des Moines, and described
as a celebrated temperance lecturer
"fallen from grace." Mr. McL. was
never in Des Moines in his life, and
certainly is not the man who fell from
tem perate'grace, there, or elsewhere.
Ladies' silk handkerchief*andJIes
at Perrien Dean's.
—No place like Casad A Gilniore's
for a suit of clothes on small money.
WANTED.—One thousand hides, for
i,which the highest market price will
be paid, at Stewart's shoe store. tf
The trial of the "JohiiKO tm"
commenced Tuesday.
Oil cloth rugs four, five and six
quarters square at Perrien Dean's.
CHRISTMAS is coming but the toys
have arrived at the City Bakery, and
the little angels are watching over
Another lot of ladies' cloaks just
received at Perrien Deen's.
Indies' and children's merino un
derwear at Hicks' Bazar.
To PrBLmnas.—We have from 150
to 300 poandi of bourgeois type, of
which thii is a speclmsa, for sale at
twsnty cents per fi.
—Ladies' buckskin underwear at
Hicks' Bazar.
—Warm meels and oyster stews,
twenty-five cents each at City Bakery.
LARGEST stock of horse blankets in
the city, which we are selling at bot
tom prices.
—For the best Lackawana, range
and nut coal call at the A. M. Ex.
office, S. D. Casad, agt.
full-blooded Light Brahma fowl for
sale by the undersigned at reasonable
«w45 WM. H. TrTHirx.
—Just arrived—buffalo robes, lap
robes and sleigh bells at A. L. Dayton
FA KM FORSAI.E.—I have an l(W-aerc
Western farm, 100 acres inproved,
which will lie sold low and on easy
terms. 42tf WM. DEAN.
DKNTAI. NOTICE. All persons
knowing themselves indebted to Gar
ber Bro's, Dentists, by look account,
or notes past dur, are requested to call
and settle without further delay.
CI'STOMWOKK.—F. S. Lowe, having
opened a Boot and Shoe shop in the
South (tart of tiie Wirick building,
opposite the Virgin Block, will do all
kinds of custom work in the very best
manner. 12w4tf
THREE apples, raised and brought to
this office by Mr. David McCrosUey,
weighed an aggregate of only two
ounces less than three pounds. They
ere handsome specimens of Iowa
centennial fruit.
I'NTII, farther notice we SIMU sell
best No. 1 oak tanned team harness,
bright trimmed, at t32.00 black, at
$31.00 per set. Everything complete
and all work warranted. Remember
the place—A. L. Dayton A Son's.
TJIK Musical Convention now in
progress, and nearly concluded, is
small in numbers but makes it all up,
no doubt, in harmony and enthusiasm,
'ertainly the Conductor, Mr. Fox, has
labored very assiduously to tiiat end.
TOYS.—Almost the whole toy world
represented at Fields'. Drums,
trumpets, organs, sleighs, dishes, cars,
wagons, horses, houses, blocks, boxes,
whips and whistles—there's no use
trying to tell them over but at Fields'
is the place to buy.
THEATICAI-.—We notice that an
amateur theatical Company has been
giving a series of entertainments at
Mechanicsville which have been quite
warmly commented. While they
have everything ready why could
they not give Tipton a visit?
—What you can't And at Rowell's
in the shaje of fancy ware and goods
for holiday presents, you never
thought of and you can And many
beautiful things that you never did
think of.
WE shall have iu stock NEXT week
a large invoice of trunks, big trunks,
little trunks, valises, traveling bags,
Ac., to which we invite the attention
of every one wanting anything in that
line. Prices low as the lowest. Give
us a call before buying.
Dtssm.TTTON—Notice is hereby giv
en that the partnership heretofore ex
isting bet wet n the undersigned is thii
day dissolved by mutual consent,
the .'-i ll"*-- to be continued by Mr.
McCWmi.*k, with whom settlement
may be made.
Tipton, Nov. 27, '70.
FESTIVAL.—There will IH- a Festi
val at the Presbyterian parsonage in
Red Oad, on Friday evening, Dec. 1st,
for the benefit of the Presbyterian
church. Supper, $1.50 per couple
oysters extra. A cordial invitation
is extended to all. COM.
G. McLaughlin, well known in many
parts of this State as an interesting
and efficient worker on the cause of
Temperance, will address the Tipton
public in that behalf at the Methodist
church Friday (to-morrow) evening
commencing at half pas» seven o'clock
It is hoped that a good attendance
may be secured.
W. J. KNEPPER, e Pennslyvania
boy thirteen years of age, wrote his
father, now visiting in Tipton, a let
ter, from which the following extract
is taken. It indicates a pretty lively
and enthusiastic politician for a boy
just turning into his teens:
"You should have been here to see
the political tight we had on election
day. Col. Camplell (Rep.) is elected
to Congress Maj. Yartz (Rep.) for
Senator Assemblymen and Judges
also Rep. as for the big fight between
Hayes and Tilden—it is just as you
turn your hand. We have gained ten
Congressmen in Pennsylvania and
the Democrats one. Hip, Hip, Hur
rah! for the good old Republican par
WANTED, two dozen trapped prairie
chickens, for which cash will be paid
at Reiehert
Choice Michigan apples and cider
for sale by Geo. D. Evens A DM.
FOI ND, a gent's Kold ring. Call on
E. Brown, at the city grocery,
prove property and pay for this notice.
STAINIXGRR has just returned from
the East with a large stock of new and
nice jewelry, silverware, ote. Cell on
—Those little darling surprise begs
of pop corn are found at the City Ba
Now is the time for ladies to pur
chase milliner}- goods, an Mrs. Starrett
will positively clone
her store on Janu­
1st, 1877.
—"Plow City," "Our Stulw," "Hap
py Hours" and a great many other
brands of cigars at the City Bakery.
A FEW CORDS of dry wood for sale.
Call at the express office. Will also do
any kind of hauling and delivering.
Leave order with S. D. Casad, Agt. A.
—Hosiery and gloves the cheapest at
Hicks' Bazar.
See advertisement showing plan
and advantages of the Iowa Life In
surance Co.
HIIES.—B. Lang has a contract for
two thousand hides and will pay the
very top of the market for them.—
Don't gell till you see him. 16-W4-5
You should not fail to see the new
goods at Staininger's. Selected with
great care and good taste, they make a
tempting show. Now is the time to
buy them cheap.
A GRAND Srenss.—The Charter
Oak Stove in our kitchen is a grand
success, the best stove we have ever
used, and we cheerfully recommend it
with a clear conscience, knowing we
do our friends aud neighbors a favor
ho are looking for a first-class stove.
A list of letters advertised at the
Post Office, Tipton, Iowa, for the week
ending Nov. 27th, l*7rt:
Wm. Anderaon. Henry Beahrent. (2)
Ot*e Mtcfcaer. Miss Ellen Smith.
Frank Strong.
TIIK union Thanksgiving meeting,
for so long the order of the day in
Tipton, occurs this year at the Metho
dist church and, Mr. Hlooiu, whose
turn it is too preach, being absent, we
understand that arrangements have
been made for a number of short
speeches interspersed with music.
OPERETTA.—We have had some in
timation that Mr. Fox, the Conductor
of the Musical Convention now iu
ptogrena here, has colled tulo requisi
tion a chorus of school girls, and with
the aid of a few of the best lady singers
n town will produce at the City Hall
on Saturday evening the sparkling
operetta entitled Genevieve. Should
this prove correct, no doubt it will be
duly announced by the usual
Using medium.
wish all |ersons who are indebted to
them to call and settle the same by
by eash or note without unnecessary
delay. 3w4G
LCCTI'REH.—Some enthusiasts have
been talking up the plan of having
Tipton aud Mechanicsville join in a
ourse of Lectures, half of
them to be given at each place and
excursion trains be provided for which
should not increase the cost of attend
ance. Figures show that such a train
could be hired out of the increased in
come from such a union and still
leave a surplus above the receipts of a
course iu a single town.
TiiEhogshipping item we published
last week was only made
louder hy the
addition of shipments Friday aud
Saturday. Nine loads went out on the
last day named, making a total of
loads for the five consecutive
days. The sixteen hundred, or more,
hogs thus contributed must have
brought into this vicinity in the neigh
borhood of $25,000. Hogs are a good
thing to have Cedar is a good place to
raise 'em and Tipton is the lcst place
to sell 'em.
A GOOD PAPER.—Every body knows
the Independent, of New York, as the
leading, most enterprising, and, ali
agree, most readable ami instructive
of our numerous religious papers. It
is now slow to recognize the fact that
the popular passion for Chromos has
died out, and it makes the remarkable
offer of any one volume of Dicken's
Works, a handsomely illustrated and
bound duodecimo, to anybody who
will subscribe antl send the regulur
Three Dollars subscription. This is
equivalent to offering the paper for a
dollar and a half. Everybody wants
some volume of Dickens, and every
body ought to want the Independent.
AN elopement sensation comes from
quiet neighborhood near Stanwood.
A young man named Davis, It appears,
obtained the consent of a young lady,
but not that of her parents. He urged
her to fly with him and she agreed to
flew. Accordingly last week Monday,
after that mantle of darkness of which
the novelists tell had "done descend
ed he drew near the residence of the
ladye fay
re, armed no doubt with the
traditional roiie ladder and close car
riage. At all events, the lady skipped
out, unbeknown to the family, and the
wain skipped over to Stan wood,
called into requisition the services of
a divine and were duly made one.
Then the newly made wife was re
turned to the parental roof as quietly
she had left it, and the young hus
band went to his home, deeply im
iressed, no doubt, with the beauties of
wedlock. But for all that, he does not
seem to have been wholly satisfied, as
he put in an appearance next morning
before his father-in-law, ami claimed
and carried away his bride.
DISTRICT Cot-RT convened for the
Decent Iter term in Cedar county, on
Monday last at one o'clock—Judge
Shane on the bench and all the offi
cers of court present.
Quite a number of attorneys from
abroad are in attendance—among
them Judge Riehman of Muscatine,
Ed. Cook of Daveniort, I. M. Preston
of Marion, S. H. Fairall of Iowa City,
and Mr. Jameson of Olln. The Cedar
county bar is fully represented by the
entire Tipton delegation, and four
members from Clarence and two or
three from Mechanicsville.
A number of eriminal cases are on
docket for trial, with the chance for
the grand jury to increase them
definitely. The county jail is chock
full of prisoners, some eight or ten of
whom, as yet not Indicted, were ar
raigned in a body Monday and given
opportunity to challenge the grant
jury, which they did not accept. The
case from Jones County wherein
multitude of witnesses come forward
at the last term to prove either that
one Robt. Johnson did or did not steal
calves, is to be tried over—the former
jury having agreed to disagree,
number of other important and more
or less lengthy cases have been import
ed from other counties and, alto
gether, at least two weeks of busy
work are on hand—ooncerning
which, of course, the renders of th$
ADVERTISER will ho kept posted.
—We huve just received this new
hook, by Jules Verne, the famous
author of "Around the World in
Eighty days," etc. It is a most in
teresting, indeed exciting, story of a
remarkable attempt to hurl a huge
hollow projectile containing three
person*, viz: Barbicane, Nicholl and
to the moon.'
This projectile
discharged from an enormous
caunon, built at a cost of $2,.»00,iM)0,
and the wonderful voyage began.
The earth is far below them, the moon
is only 3')1 miles away—a passing
comet nearly dashes thent to pieces.
dke all of Verne's works, its pages
are charming reading, and its profuse
aud striking illustration, by 2S fine
ngravings, greatly increases the
picture of its perusal. Although the
ordinary price of this ltok is $2.00,
The Liikenide I.ihrari/
Jo., Chicago.
now before us Is sold for only 10 etii.,
complete aud unabridged! For sale
by all newsdealers, or sent post|mid
by the publishers, Donnelley, Loyd
Robin Hood and Another Hood,"
quite the proper reading for adven
turous boys. There arc three fine il
lustrate. i poems, "Carrier Pigeons,"
A Turkish Wedding," and "A rare
Exotic," give entertaining informa
tion. Madge Elliot has a capital
story of some street children, entitled
Cinders," and "What Happen#! to
Kathie and Lu," a funny story by
Miss Farman, is worthy the attention
of big folks as well as little. The
Serials, "Natl,'1and "Good for Noth
ing Polly," are deeply interesting,
although Isith arc home stories, with
no pernicious tendencies. The "Behav
ing Paper," UJKUI having at a party,
will be a blessing tt many a bashful
girl antl awkward boy. The small
people get their share in the large
print pages, "Learning to Couut,"
antl "The Little Pigs that went to
The latter pages of the Magarlne
provide generously for the home
amusements of the children. Besides
the "Doll's Fair" for which all the
girls are dressing dolls, antl all the
hoys are manufacturing toys, there
are a dozen Puzzles to solve, for each
of which a prize is offered, and there
isa Christmas Pantomime by Geo. B.
ltartlett to practice for Christmas eve,
and a pretty marching game set to
Only $2.01 p«r annum, |ostpnid.
Ella Farman, editor. IV Lsthrop A
Co., publishers, Boston, Mas.
THE ADVERTISER received, only
four days before election, a copy of n
paper published at Greenville, South
'aroliua, which contained a general
and strong denial of all charges that
iolence had been done in that State
from political motives. It declared
that the Democratic rille-clults were
as peaceful as any northern political
organizations, and that no colored
man had suffered injury or intimida
tion at their hands. This declaration
was signed by a nuniherof persons wlm
called themselves "Northern men
among them by Mr. Frank Hammond,
of Tipton, Iowa, who sent the paper
to us antl requested the publication
here of the article in question. As
any notice of the matter before elec
tion was impossible, we probably
should not have referred to it at all
had It not been for a letter from South
'arollna to the New York
which is published on the first paire
of this paper under caption of "No
oree." The letter, coming well
authenticated, as have many others of
similar .tenor, explains fully
men who live in some orderly village
ity may not know —especially if
they do not wish to believe—anything
of the terrors of midnight visits to
lonely cabins. To the native South
erner, the simple statement that i
'nigger" was "impudent" quite jus
tifies any punishment that might be
inflicted on him ami when these peo
pie certify to their own good behav
ior they are always careful to say that
no violence lias been done for
reasons- a provision contained in
the Greenville certificate. While wc
freely admit that Mr. Hammond
would sign nothing which lie did not
believe to be true, the abundant evi
dence—from Hamburg antl Cainhoy
forward—is such that we arc forced tt
the conclusion that either he believes
nothing which he has not seen,
else that lie has adopted the Southern
idea about "making the nigger
keep his place," antl considers all dis
turhanees to hai*fe arisen I'roiu this
necessary effort, instead of from politi
al causes.
SOCIETY.—The society will hold its
seventh annual meeting at West
Branch, December 5th, 6th, and 7th
mmencenir at 1 o'clock p. M. Among
the many lecturers antl pap. rs at the
sessions will be the following
Botany in Relation to Horticulture
Dr. John E, Ennls, Clinton, Iowa.
Geology and Soils —Professor Parvin
Iowa City.
Entomology -F. W. Hollingworth
Muscatine. Iowa.
Experimental Horticulture—J.
Build, Shellsburg, Iowa.
Forestry—Professor 1^ I{. MeA®*e
Ames, Iowa.
Nomenclature—fc. ftAuttlMaAf f&
City, Iowa.
Evergreens-—E. M.Ouffln, lowaCity
E. Bonsall, West Branch.
Pears—Suel Foster, Muscatine G.
Wood, Kpringdale.
Small Fruits ami Gardening—1). K
Pilsbury, Iowa City Win. O. Thomp
son, Let irand.
Floriculture—Dr. John E. Ennis
Clinton: Samuel Bowers, Cedar Ka|tids
A. Bathers, Clinton.
Hedges for he South- Henry Strohm
Iowa City.
Hedges for the North—C. W. Gurncy
Mont icello.
Orchard Culture ami Management—
M. Goodspeed, Lexington: T. Bundy
Viola, Linn county.
Cherry and Plunt—A. E. Patten
Clinton A. Giddings, Sabula.
Utilizing Fruits—Suel Foster, Musca
Ornamental Planting—-V. S. Welch
President Iowa Agricultural College.
Fruit Canning—T. II. Lestlics
Ipava, III.
Fruit ami flower premiums will he
awarded as follows:
Best and largest collection of apples..| 2 00
ad tie»t and largest collection of apples
Ten varieties winter apple*
Bast seedling 1
Best collection plants it
Best single plaut 1
Best floral ornament 1
Best dinlay cut flowers 1
Reduced fare will lie secured on tlo
Burlington, ('edar Rapids
On Ttiarsday, NUT. Jfwt, IV.tt, AT the home
of the bride, by ReT. I). 8. Fouse, Mr. James
Rhoniles, of Saxton, Bedford Co,, 1**., to
Anna Kaaaer, ot SitiloU, C«4ar
fa Tipton, Tharsdsr, SOT. 93d, t»y Jan. 8.
Tuthlll, Esq Mr, TVmiim M. Baker aad
MU» Macicio Di. k*.. hoth "f Cedar Co.
Kditnr Adrertite,-:
THE December Wide Awake opous
with an amusing story of some young
outlaws by Kate W Hamilton, entitled
Re it known
that one of the most generout hearted
people this sitle of the Pacific coast
are located on what is known as York
Prarie, six miles easl of your city.—
Ever since the organization of M. E.
Church among them they have been
constant in their deed* of kindness to
their pastors, making them feel in
the midst of duty and responsibility,
that kind hands were ready to ad
minister to their wants. And now,
just us w inter is approaching antl the
snow is fast falling, they come to the
parsonage ami present to pastor and
wife a beautiful sewing machine, ^a
hint to be ready for Jack Fnmt who is
t»n the march,), of course we wanted
to make a speech but something got
into our throat and we took it out in
feeling. "Truly the lines have fnllen
unto us in pleasant places, yea we
have a goodly heritage."
Hold on, Mr. E iitor! here comes
the yt»uug ladies of 1 nland {all alone
try a beau, hurrah for leap yean
with their hands full of gimtl tilings,
and a nice set of ^lass ware for the
parsonage table.
Kindest regards for the doners.
.1. p. A I s. IT,» I m.
Bryant &

The Largest in the West.
The laive number of young men
who have no time or money to s|Mnd
poii studies that urv not to hoof pnie
ical financial value to them must,
from their necessities, enter at once
upon the the short way to successful
ami useful business life. Business
'olleges have become a national ne
ivssity. The best men of the country
ignite their useful mission antl
patroni/e them. The student should
select the Is-st institution, and the best
is the one that presents the best course
instruction, has the best corps of
eacheis and the liest arranged rtMtnis
cla.'-siiiciitioii. The Daven|iort
Rusincss 'olle^fc presents the fallowing
The very large attendance and
profitable business of the 'oilego en
ables the proprietors to secure the best
talent for teachers. They |«y the
largest salaries of any Business Col
lege in the Wei-t, and employ only
those teachers that command a high
place everywhere and are worthy of it.
The College rooms arc fitted up in
substantial aud elegant style with all
the modem improvements expressly
for this 'ollege, and arc probably the
•est arranged rooms for Business Col
lege purjHtses in the Went- and are not
surpassed anywhere.
The Boarding Club is in successful
operation and furnishes the student
with excellent board at prime cost.
The Uitchen, dining room ami table
furniture complete is furnished by the
dlege free of charge, a etok employed,
groceries ami provisions an* bought at
wholesale, each student paying his
proportion of actual cost, in this way
good board and rooms, furnished antl
taken care of, is obtained at a cost of
about ^L'.oti to M.50 per week.
Superiority of Penmanship I)e|iart
ment. This department furnishes first
lass fii'-iiitles for preparing young
men to become good business penman
ir for acquiring a thorough sclentilb
ind practical knowledge of penman
hip, business ami ornamental, or to
teach penmanship. Hot la of the pro
prietors of the College are classed
the Spcncerian publication* us adepts
in the SpeiieeriHi), w liieh Is the only
system that uniformly produces good
writers, nnd is the standard system.
Our students are in demand as teach
ers of penmanship ill other schools
and frequently get situations as sueli
before completing the course.
railroad aud on others as far as pt»ssi
The citizens of Wost Branch offer
a cordial welcome to all in attendant
at the meeting.
A. BRAOSON, Pres't.
W. fcATiwor,
Every department has a professor iu
charge as instructor, who is selected
with special reference to eminence al
ready achieved in that department.
We are confident that all these
vantages, combined, arc jwissosst -d i y
no other school. They are cousidei a
lions which unite to influence the si II
dent to choose theDa veil |xrt Busines
College as the place for him to obtain
a practical Business Education.
Six huudred students during the
past year.
For further information apply at the
College Office or addrys*
47-l-w I ii\ en port, Iowa.
KlitUY'S cortili I5A I.SAM
very palatable enmpuiiiid for the va
rioiis atlections of the throat ami lungs
I'setl with great success in ca.-ees o
Asthma and Bronchitis. It is pre
scribed by the physicians and entloi's
eti by the people. Warranted to give
entire satisfaction or money refunded
the instant cure of severe and acute
LO/E\(iES. fiire, safe and eflectual
KIISHY'S Condition Powders, for
eptrnifiti/,i/ndlihi nnd jturifj/,
are supe­
rior to any powder lor stock man ufae
KIBBZ'.- Camphor Ice, ibr chapped
hands or sunburn.
For-ale by .1. W. Tl Til 1 LI., Drug
gi^t, Tipton, I.i\\ a.
Tiptoa Xurkel.
TIPTOH, Koveinber, SWH, 1ST0,
Corn, thdled..
New Oats
Premiums paid on frtilt bythePresi
dent in nursery stock, and flowers bv
Ennis & Patten from their green house,
Timothy seed 25(81 50
Flour, at retail, per lack .....t 00
Corn meal, 36
Batter 20
Kiii» 13
Potatoes.... 50
Cuttle (34 CM)
HOKI **Hf65 25
81i»ep^ 2
Hide*, green
1 no
1 HO
Ciilcugo Market.
Cnouo, NoTember 39th, 1876.
Wheat, Mo. a 112,'
tttet eo:.ip«iiT»d*T?n»*f'*f 1mm bark*, «»d
It tn U»uv*iv. It
i fiooi HI!)' rSf tii«» lri«DO«f
tahiynr am! iMmjfthltif. It «cttdifKdfy npou the
It qtuet* ibe ncrvou* tye'tin. It
tt oiffh*. ft a lof
iced fottwt *nd ft*r ifc n
*4*iiof* ttieir nnd th'm
prova-d In mtoy
i ft to Mir Purit^r. It
i ftomhtnt rrmr«l«r o :r MUi*-n. Itft*#l»»
*1 ul t-jrt'il tfi«ii*A vi*. It i*
'k» *ry 4'Mid Itki it. It
«M^gin»nng from
tk? VKGCT1TC. Give Ki Mr Ml for
th«n ?«i wfl! My toyonr irtatd,
XhA ftjid
it it has cur?d 81
i«*d t**' from Dir.
Y. Wnlltrr, f-irnwrlv {Nfttfor of lk««'do:n Sjufttt
•tirvh, nul at pr*«rii! •rt^ »i u, I'rovuiefcc©
I.. m!*f \r fWnml No MM
•boaid to ottterve tU*l tiu* tMUBUNBi*! 1ft Jji
r*»n!t of tw.t t*ftr* e In u*# of V|Q»
Kl IN'K in th* Mr. UraHr, «he HMT
PK'»VII»EN r. U. I., 164 Tr»n«it Street
I f**«i houu.t to *ith m? tlM
value 1 j.Hn v,*» vonr VRdRTiNK.
hftrc ni"d ir tor th« iaftt two r*. In orrvM9
lnhty it in wivV.,,rtli*, ami I n «'nimwni ft o all
bo irui? ti«*d an iii%igv»ratin2, rpitmM t:g touvc,
O. T. W Al.KKK,
Forawrt) Pftftlur ot Bowdota **qaitrvCbarcU,Bo«tMl
The Best Evidence.
Tin- (iilkming Wtl*r faun fc-v. K, S. |V*r, PatftML
Mi.- M. K. »nr. h. Nalifk. Ma»„ w-l!t»r«ai|
Kit mtrrrat liv manr I'livtirtattn n*S»
tnim tlie Vami' dl-M* an t'-.- mi
Fti'V. K. B- .V p*r».«a can doatit tbi* tM
tlm my. aa th#re no doubt about tlw caratm so*.
Nitm, Ma«a, Jan. 1st, 1«7J,
•*r S-r
havr vrv.| M«OO foe fajanfl^
I t. K !1 K a nifli nr of the greatest lataM.
j.-ci awuriil Uiat it ha* !l?e mon.a of
IU T« IIOW rrara of a*,.- for
III* ly, mil-ill
riiliiiiius iillx '-nn, sml \«*. atl
fit riiluml thu tn' irlv ail «h" tlw htm thrmjjht hla
•I V 1111111— •. Ai i.Mii. il nf olile IH.vi-l. l»U»
i{ive u» lm« the l-imti-t In ot fc'.« i-ver r:«By
Itig two ot tiie MIUIIK dvrKniix 'but H" »AN OP-
Hie rra.'h of liinnun fmo'i.'-.. Ih«t
putati.in r»tiM nut »aw liim, aa h- hail not ligtar
until to .Mill:.!, tho i'ion. Ihrll rmn
-i« I'll Jilvitst* iiii VKtiKTINK milt from thai tlwr
lh«- prv«Mit In' ha» IHTII I'OIIIM I.i.I.ly mi|r"\ins.
lua lati'lv ipi.nm.il stinln, thrown auar Hla
rut. Inn aUli
W.ilkn ilWMil CliCi I
.1 plume.
Tho'.ijli Ihorf In »t!H nmrwilln hai%'« trom the
r-.intlilrnrr that in a litlie tinia lie will ha parfeci
11.- Ins laki'n aliout tliw down bottle* of VB®.
I INK. hut Ulrlv urea but litlk', a« In' iiii larea h*
(BP vWI to be taking mr-ln ini*.
Uctuettfi.iW tnara,
s. t'KST.
Maa. I. C.F. HOT.
Prfparrd k)T
All Druggists and Dealers
Best Bargains
We have used
great care in
selecting our
goods and have
bought them in
the markets
where cash w'd
buy them the
a n o e a e
direct from the man
ufactory, and are of
fering extra induce
ments to consumers
to deal with us.
Take due notice and
govern yourselves ae

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