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f --v - - - a
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'.ni r
1 A
ta;1v; . . -I; - ., . .
pusiyens c$.r.-JTTORXrs.
Attornéy.nt Law,,
fwM rym -Hew Mexico,
Will practice In 11 the courts of law anil equity
in the Tcrritorj Eajjccml attention Riven to tlia
rollectiotj nf rliiim anilremltraiice (nroniptiy
lnade. , V: S. CommitHonne Kttr) Bubht.
Attorney Counselor I.swt' ;
Sn r ... .... ...... Km. Mexico .
Will practice in all the courts oí trteTorrlujry,
rr Prompt attention given to nil business in
thftiué of his yrolfcwiou In all the .ourts of
Attorney A Comíselo r at tw, , ,.,
Cimarrtn, , ..... v Mald,
Will pMctlrftílnírtHjr eorirts of rne írsrjitilir-.ial
district or New Mexl-.j, and will KJve Stnetslf
tention, and mko prompt returns, of any Midi
nesn'tntruiteu to nis care.
- - r .
Attorney at lAvt,
... , . , . . , . . , .
ni rt, . ' ':. .. . . i ... '.-.,
Will orscticn In all the courts ol T.nw and Eqnitv
in t.-..i. ' vuniMi.ii fjtrpnrtnn fffven to the
enllection of claims and remittances promptly
F.COWaT, i
. Santa K.
Jso. r. Bisqit.,
Silver City.
Attorneys at Law, .
Unta Fe ant Silver City ....Hem Mexico,
romnt aWenftm (riven to all nitalncM in the line
orthuir proiiiíSion ni mi u' -w..
Attorney at Law,
ImVegnt, .......
. ..'..S'ew Stacict),
Counselor a Law,
s . .............. .?. . .r.r.ycu.Vix.'co,
rniPtiocs In 11 the ProhiitP nnd .Tnstire ot the
IVnrc courrs. ' Collcclinns m:ide and relied mn.
Kpinittxni'OH V"'''l'"Y mide Officí: At the
MoreorChns. Ilftdd, I'nblic Sipinre.
Lis ryii, .
.,....Yflt' M'rico,
TJinVinfr, In all its branches. liefer to
Koinr.K Bnos.. New York.
J M.,tU.MN"GIIM, M.D.,
lloiaeopitthie rhyalcian dt Snrjeon,
. j .
Xu lji
Vru' Tfi Ire,
VrlpTat1lel airtlie nortlicrti
icrn eounticl of tlifl
J ii. sin nx.
DrntUt A- Ortillat,
Ú&-tt IIOMKOI'ATinC rilYál-
V reotitry and Omlary a Rpecinlity.
InfntJ cm cxiicct (-killful trnitnient at our
hbjid'i. ytliQC ip new ImiMing S"iith So-iind -SI.
New York Dreittt Hiiitr.
Would inform the ladies of I,ns Ve?ni, Fori
Union and anrroiindinjf country thai slio is pre
pnreil tp do all kinds of Urcns MaUin';, Cnttina;
and r lttins. She his had twenty yeaiexiierioncc
In the lmine and will aiurunte'e satisfaction or
ele lake tho sroodn and pay for them. Rooms on
North side of V I asa , two' door Üuotof Ilfcld.i,
I.M Veja,. X. a. i
Dress) Maker,
Beis leave to Inform the Toadies of Las Vejras
and Tlcinstr. that sbe is prepared to dn all kinds
nf Dress Making. CiUtins; aad Fitlioir. Her
irices are not exnrhitant. but will suit the llm-a.
Boom at the Rich m;o Hotel, frontín on South
fcacoad ítree.t i Vcas, 'enr AIokíci.
Dealer In General MereSiautttae,
Putrtt it Ln,.
AVi .V.iica,
CJ. Country produce and cattle rcrclrcd In
p ajmcnt.
Dealer tn General MerrhanoW, -
ru. it LnM, AVw Mexico,
Wool, n:d, Tcliryand all klnl of Country
1'rodiirc taken In exctiane f it Ooods.
J K. Livrz ACO.,
Drnlfrftlsi IVeel,
rv'iic:ivixii a;kxts ron .merchants,
vt.Tar Thirit ttrft, . Huh, Vo.
Wkaleeale A Retail MerebaaU,
Vie Mexico,
Mpfchsnfs hfMir'wiit the Torrlt'trr w'll flnd
I their avlv-intace tn nil n tkin Kmnorium
bfire ntní Yi. their gi.uisar aurwjlr
a-l-nite ! tl fh nsf ket.
'Asb' '""RéLiable 'House,
i 'i
Korth-wot sido of tho riasa, Xa Vegas. X. M.,
0 0
Un on hund and for sale t the lowest
choice lot of
Ladies' and (rent' hosiery, ladies' and gents'
gloves, fui-mshiiiK goods, children' toys,
lauies hntH, meii'B and boj' liats,,
boots and shoes, dry goods, ,
. !. ' . clothing, mirrors, saddles, 1 .,
bridles, groceries, . .
.'. ete.v." .;
( ()
luurw, . , . í
bacon, teas and
canned fi'iut, JvlíiesK.. ,
riuecnswaix', woniienware,
paints and oils, nails, nil kinds,
hoioe & mulo shoes, glass, cmekurr,
tal.lp and nockct cutlmy. powdor, load,
caps, tinware ia iuot everything iieitaing to
re I
Le Alamijs, X. M.,v
In dryood (rrocerics, liquorí, cigurs, lobacco.
unís, cup, ooiiis nnu snocs,
Country Produce,'
' ' wool '
hklos and r.cll
tnkrn niehunue fur vnnda
fatronaze of the piUilic nMtully aollcited. 93
r 1 X I . ihlii il
4 I
Taussig Bro'rs it Co.,
.Si. I.euia Mo., iUpiy;ihe?iighest.
Woel, ihcie., ; pHt,' t.
prices lor
v kl i
I J. II. liftOGLF.R, rditor. '
IV. :
I ' ' : Stock Haisiko. ,
, vt t. rr-; ; - . -Tukiuz
into consideration tie átefafee
leyalióri of tdis Territory,' many '"of 'eor
ea4lsrn.ne'guor 6nU fornthé errpneous
opinion thai fii'e cad mora thousand feet
above (be level of the sea would inuke New
Meitico u countvy loo cold nltbgetber for
etockraisin. But tHa very same altitude
when connected with tie genercl !ayi;f the
couatry, sloping gontly towards the South(
Interrupts .the prevailing winds from the
North, It admits also the warm Winds from
the South and this, Vriib 'the' nJar moistura
in tho'tnountain ; bIojibS, covered 'as they
are nimbe universally with a heavy growth
of Í timber, .crpduces nutritious , grasses.
Anothf r future, favorable for the raising
of stock, is the tfure' and évéti ' temperntare
bf.the etmoiilhcré here, irt New Mexico.
The metn of thermometer during 1hc winter
tnonthg may be jiut down at about 25, and
during the summer at pbout 88,Jmnliing a
yearly mean of not 'more than 60. We
believe onrsalves justified in announcing;
that only un a very le v iustanccs was there
ever noticed a lemperatyre below zero, and
hardly ever ono above 00. " This, then,
makes it nine ' anil coo! r all kinds of
animals during the Warm" season mid the
rocky ridges and deep cations of ;he eleyat
ed plains furnish puflicien shelter, acainst
the cold spells of winter. Stock raiseis'tri
New Mexico are not. in the fiabit of gather
ing in large crops for feeding their animáis.
The foothills of the mountain supply all
the required food in warm weather, and the
Southern Plains are the hay stacks, barns
and shelter ufter December. There M no
nece'siiy in bar Territory for large barns or
cattle sheds; except, for dairy purposes.
No'jody feeds grain to animals, unless em
ployed daily. No need to build houses or
enclosures for herders' and the stock under
üieir rate. The : fctur' spangled conopy of
nature is the rod' of ;the shepherd, and in
cold weather, a lew creen cows laid in a
circle, are the only requirements, iiiore in
fact, tí denote where the kitchen is than to
keep it warm." Tn this the herdsman and
shepherd of New Mexico have the advant
age over those of our eastern neighbors in
the States. , As soon , as the rainy season
i8 over, in July huí 'August, the warm sun
ami dry atmosphere 'ripen quickly the abnn
dant supply of nutritious grasses, whicli
we designate here njcsquite or grama crass,
and the large and boundless plains c (' Uncle
Sam's dominion arc lli winter barn 'yard
Is there, then, another portion of the worhl
which can riv.il our facilities foj sti'ckrais
ng? ; ...
These are the grnerut features of New
Mexico, now let us tee the special advant
ngfi,' taking first ' 1
. i.. .... .
e MtREr nilStlTO. ' i ,
' Oh í"cou't of its prominence. To give
ourreuders, (tucciully -those .who. are iu
tending tó ceme bcrc.,. for the purpose e
locali.ig nn J carrying on ll.is kind (Í huiin
e?sa thort sketch of bxvV wo' do it here
let us exti'ain: ' ' ' -i ! .
Sr y it man íuy? 1 .COO native ccs. costing
mi an .ivcr.ie $2 per bead, and about fif-
tern or twenty . first , class merino bucks,
deliver d here at $30 each, Lis cutlay will
be, to commence business with, $2,000
To "herd these he wants the services of a
mayordomo, at $33 per month, and two
boys, s ir at $19 a month, a.kin? an ex
pense of f GOO a year, Their keeping during
the whole year will not pass the-sum o
$2i0; 'so altogether, original cost of herding
wages and boarding of shepherds will at the
end of the first twelve mouths come tj an
aggiegate of $3,4 jOI
Now to income: ' Every twe h the flick
over one year old will within that year drop
a lom j. - A good many bavo twins and it is
safe to say (hat these twins will make tip
for the loss of others, keeping the increase
of that peiiod at'I.OCOtead," and the herd
wiU then c'odiist of tbout 100 ewes and
500 whether!, the original flick if 1,020
will areraga 2,200 lbs. of wocl; that of the
ews at ftesenf jrjees 11 etc per pound,
or $28); tU twenty rams say 200 fbs St 10
cts., S2 or altogether $3l2. Five hundred
yearling wethers to be sold at $t.C0 realize
$750. This covers the expense of herders
leaves a surplus of $'212, enough almott to
pay the board bill of the owner and an in
crease of one Lundred per cent in the capi
tal stock. At the end of three years only
the flock will consist of tetween three and
four thousand ewes, after selling nearly two
thousand wclhers.'expenscs all paid and an
independent fortune. ,
In this connection we , will ,e allowed to
advance at least one advice and it is this:
ej fc'liose who de.ire to gj "lutothis
business ...
immeriiktely Koyi( tüeiv w
land grants inthe, market., raiigi..,
thousand to millions of acreJ,whic
nought at'Tioiii 23 to0 ts. an nere.
" At nteHelil vse ate i'.í'bo11'. ame
foíitioiviuXwJiiclu Calilorni:i was about
: '- Si.'.. 1 . .'I t-i.
twon;y years tiso, ueiora anotner aecaue
passes; railroads will traverse our Teriitory
from Sast to West and from North to. South
and 'hen.) the same as in California now
What formerly could be bought of the Go
vernment and private parties, at $1, then
ill rent yeafiy at that prica. ' " J...
Homestead will encroach! on the pasture
lane's, and lucky he indeed who owns his own
ratlche far the gracing of bis proper stock.
. 8 we have strung out tliis theme a little
moreVhan we Iritehd'ed ' we ' will leave the
other braTlches'of Stork ' Raisirtg1: for next
wsck.:.-5 -,. í i, 'i .( .
"' Civil service reform, r
' President's Message.! ,
I ask the attention of the public to the
paramount 'necessity of reform in our civil
service; a leform'nol merely ns to certain
abusesand pructicesTof? so-railed official
patronage, which,, l uve come to have, ;the,
sanction of usage in the several departments
of our government, but a change in the sys
tem of appointment itself a" reform that
shall be'ihorout:)i. ! radical nnd complete a
return to jhe linojijiles and practices of the
founders of the government. They neither
expected nor desired from public office:
any partisan service.' 1 hey meant ' tnit
public officers. ishould owe their whole
service to tho goverfcmentk.. and the people.
'1 hey me n n 6 Umt the oflicer . should be
secure a his tenure as long as his personal
character remained untarnished, and tne
performance of his dutie3 'satisfactory.
They held '.hat appointments tó office were
notto bei made nor expected merely as
rewards fjr partisan service, nor merely on
the nominatiin of members of Congress, as
being entitled to any respect. '1'be fact
lhat both political parties of tho cenntry, in
declaring their principles prior to the elec
tion, gavo prominent placo , to the subject
of reform of our civil service, recognizing
and strongly urging its' necessity in terms
almost idet.licnl in their specific import wish .
those I have here employed, must be rc
cepted as a constructive aiguraenl it' behalf
of tl cse measure.'. It must he rr-garded as
an expression of the united voice and will
of tho whole country. ' '
The I'r-sident of the Unit 3 J Statu, of
necessity, owe his e ltciii n to flieelo the
sWragfl and zealous labors of a politiza'
parly, the members of which' chcrl-.li With
ardor áñd rejatd, ns of essential importance;
the )f inciters ofiheir. party organization,
hut he tdioulii slrjve to , be always min JfuJ
ot the fact that he serves his party best ho
serve3 the country best.
x ' ' -1 ' '
i Ktipccaw of ii Re onmlrcl.
riradl'inl, 1'., March 5. Twelve years
ligo K. C. M i. rt i n of í'alt'nrTorií came to the
IVnnsy'vaiiia ml' regions" with ?'.!). C0(Mo
buy' conl Iniid fur parties in Philadelphia,
lie went to fiihnie City.,. Instead of invest'
irg the mom y 1 li . t .had been intrusted to
;him, he run away with ft blonde named
f.sietla' Warren. She' was'- the3 wife Xt a
barkeeper. Marti'i 'h it a wife and six
childreti iniUaltimpre. No 4ra e of the
runaways could be found. The men whose
money Martin stole were tlirei in number,
composing the firm' hi f nnd Y, Hat per ft
Co Only one cf 'ther.it William Harper,
survives. lie was forced into bankruptcy
in 1873, and moved, to Forest county. A
few weeks ngn he receive J a letter forward
ed to lit ril from Philadelphia, addressed to
A. and W, Harper & Uo. It w,i lAm the
faithless agent, Martin. He was then in
San Francisco, where the letter was dated
He was ready and anxious to it fund lite
.money he hal Elolen, with interés', on con
diti.in that no legal measures were taken
against bun. Mr. Harper started at once
for Ran Francisco. He found Martin in
m.s' luxurious quarters. The compa
nion In h's Cight was still with him, and mtt
Mr. Ilarper resplendent in d,iiir.or,ds.
Martin sate limy bad leea in 1 vru ever
sines they decamped. Ilvbad engaged in
opening and developing mines on royalty in
that coimtry. and was worth $2,000,000.
He paid Mr. ITarper (SC.ÜtÚ.' II aays he
has provided fur his family, end bis wif
and children are now in England, that being
ilrs. Martin's nal ive country. Martin and
Lis mistreti intend n return to Pero,
. Since the inventioo f the lele; lor,, and
the transniission pf soui.ds over a telegraph
wire, we might have a feries r-l lectures from
distinguished men at a distance, without
grent cost.. Lfi'd a wire into Hys hall,
connect it with a battery and have Henry
.Ward Drciber. or some other eminent man
sit i.t Lis room in New YorkCiiand lecture
to an addirnce in Las Vegit. There is do
great disadvantage in being without a rail.
read. -.'.,
SÚl íórilje lor the Uiirrra. '.
which it is no
Mrs.' General Ii.-
Fred. F. Whitehead, u. .
missary of the District aná ' Major - n
T.'iHarlz 15 Inf., and their .lovely bride; I
Major Simon C Yedder U.. S. A.; Superin-.
tendant of the military telegraph line, and
his estimable Lady. Cnpt. Jd. C Uent-.g.
C;h U. S. Cavalry and'DrV T. S.-:McClaii,
U.S.A., were the : rcclptents of (friendly
hospitality and ovations from their fi'ieuda
during lhcr sojourn, at this post., The late
visit of Mrs. General Halch was tho occa
sion of special gayety. The officers of the
Post having exhausled their resources ta
render the visit of (he amiable lady, of our
District Qommunuer an agreeable one, the
Fort Union L. F, Dramatic Association
gtve two complimentary performances, iu
her honor, in which,' "Turning the Tble"
kpdAunt Charlotte's Maid,1'. (Feb. 27, h)
and "Anything for a chauga" and "Iiough
Diamond" (March tilh) were playtd wiih
gi eat success. 'Among ihe amateur actors.
Mrs. Conrad nnd Lieutenants Sherman mid
Taylor distinguished tbenisq'.vcs or the ex
cellent rend lien of their parts nnd their
artistic lalenis. On the 7 1 h i:st , ' our
wonliy nnl universally esteemed PoslCotñ
inanduut General N. A. M. Dudley, U.S.
A, was tbe'i tcijiicnt, of a Very Haltering
ovojion from i he officers of. his . coniiiand,
oa his return früm Fort Cruig., cn Gcnerul
Court Martial duty, A squadron of CBvaU
ry eséorted him to the P.fat from La Juiilu,
0 miles distant which espeeiul, honor was
supplemented bj the fact that nil the ofli
ccriofthe Post, Arsenal and Dt'put "and
téveraí pVoniiiient citizens, nmomg'whutii
was to be seen. Col. J. C. D?:.!. brother-.
in-law of the Fx-iireidept, accompanied it.
The General reciprocated this well de.er
ved compliment' By iuvitirg the cllioerj and
th-ir families to n bountiful collation.
Major Jaiies F. Wade 9:1 Cay , our lute
Pott Commander, and bis fasciuuting wife
are shortly expected, and will be warmly
received by their hosts ol admirers.' '
' " ' Ve.utasv
Our corrorpan lent encloses the pro.
grammes oí ( the: Dramatic entertainuienia
mentioned ahovn, from which we copy the
Cast ol 'Characters of the si-vcrul plays.
Jack Humphries,
Jeremiiih Dumps,
Edgar Do Courcy,
1 homton,
Miss Kmbba,5, .
Mr3.-4juro;vhnt:8, '
Lieut Kin.it-.
. Lieu'.. Taylor.
, L eut. Valois.
' Mr. lluoker.
Lieut. Sherman,
i Min lircnt.
Mrs. Shjrmiin ,
Mi s Jlewit.
Iioralin Thomas Sparkins, Lieut. .Sherman?
Mojjr Volly,' Lieut. Taylor:
PlVOt, M .! , ;; ( Lieut. Vulo'lS.
Mrs. Puddifoot, Mrs. Sherman.
Fanny Volly, . MissIIewil.
Matilda Jones, ' "Mrs. Conrad,
Mr. Honey bal! . .. . . Lieut. Tay lor.
Mr. Swojipington,
Mr. Census,
Mrs. Iloneyball,
Lieut. Sherman.
Mr. Hooker.
Mis Sherman.
Miss Hewit.
Sir Wm, Evergreen. , Lieut. Sherman
Capt. liienncim, l.lcut. Vbhds.
Lord Plate-, Mr. Hooker,
Cousin Jue, ! . Lieut Kiizie.
Lady Plato, Mifs Brent,
Marjory, Mrs. Conrad.
In spite of ' every precauiiyn. Engliah
pickpocket who much- do congregate at
Paris, contiived to get into the Elvsce at
the first of M me, MucMahon s great fetes,
They plied (heir craft with great activity,
and mde M. Fe'ii Voisin, Prefect of Tolica
one of their victims, a cireaaisUnce which
recalls an incident in the life of Louis the
Fillee.ith's famous Police Minister. d'Ar
genson. At Cartouche s execution he felt
fur bis Si.uÜ'uoí, and exclaimed, half aloud,
'Bother if, I've forgotten my box." Tre
semly from sheer ; furce of habit Le sgain
put bis hand into his pocket, and finding
something boxlike there, pulled it out and
found a common brisa tnuflf box. Within
was a psper, on which he real, iu pencil
'No, Mr. Lienter.ant, yon did rot forget
your kluH box. The best proof ol :Lali
that I have it in my pocket. Cut l aving
noticed how yon miss it; I save replaced i
by my own, having cart fully emptied your
snaff into it."
Don Cameron of Pennsylvania la making
a strong tight to maintain Ins otiuoa as
Secretary of War. Several delegations of
Penasylvauians have called upon President
Hayes o arg4 his claims.
1x3,92 t.G8 at.-..
In trior to the
Supreme Court
of Colorado. No.
73. . r
Kmíuatios OflfiNt
DJts, J,-. Whftre Congress confirms a
MeXfin grant by reference to the ieComen
datioiof the Surveyor General, the confir1
niatiij includes all the lauds embtacd '
withlllhe bblitidaries named by him, al-'
tlir,ujin excess of eleven leagues.
n.J: iv. v . ,
xtuiun aiurineu n un viiMa .. . ..
, . , .
; Kayc.ior the Sen .tc. 1 1
ChiiVi, March fiih -:The. rn'ottiie rayi
the refusidjif the Senate to prompily cod-"
firm tie canpt appointments of Hayes was
! a depírtiireXHm the tradiliouul . usnge,
iich.is a;couti;(j for on the supposition
hat severul of Usenators took this method '
ef manfsting resytmeiits to the presideht s
isregari of their. refnective wishes and
claims inthe íeleci'oñ of his cabinet, and
determnntion to f,m liis own adminis
tration, it is not bellied (hal this rcanilts; ;
ta'ion of ite will de',ut the cotifirmaliou
of the cabinet selections, but if such should
bi the tenper of the senate, President
Hayes wotld ttifi be able to have .his chosen '
ad ."sets inipiteot the opposiimn of the
nate, by limply giving notice that bo has
no further t.tismess with that body and thus
piitling tin nd to the extra session. ''
The 7ii( editKitnlly ays Hayes mtist
let iho counirv know whether be is to be Ihe
i i
passive tool of the evil characters that have
i'therlQ; led he aeministratioo pariy or' the' "
posi ive and Unflinching leader cf a.-'re1'"'
adminlstra'tith poiicyi which Ihe more líber '
al of his supporters have.' claimed that lie
would be. whether be has the co'irnge 1) ,
h'áht snd the atrerg'h to overthrow Ihe .
Glatne'Mortoi gang or not, he must do lo or
lis administration will sorely faff '"l "
from this nltcmetiva he cm find no cfcape. .
, ,..'
The Colorida papers Rre consoling them-
selves with the belief that after three Jtars
of grasshoppers they will not visit them on
the fourth. They propot to plant aid sow .
with conG Junco... During all these veara: of ,
the failure of crop's in Col rsilo and. lt was'
from tho ravnges of pras-hoj j crs tfWy hite
never done but little damngs in New Mexico i
They have rvdtd around in lutal :ks dcirg
to ne ii'jnty but the main : army lias never
udvanc94 -ttPP?'- nor cc9asioi:ed anything
like a lota,! foiiure of crops." Why ' we are
t'ms exempt, an 1 o'orndo and Kansas (.re
yearly sc'out-ferl, 'we caa not toll unlets it is
due to a diftVrei.re i climafe, Some peeple
weul l say that it ii owing lo the wickedness
ot the people cf those states; but then
we doii' l believe that. We know they have
bad me:i amons them" nnd bad . wonen too
for the niat'.er of that, - lnt then the peopl
generally are not so much worse than we
are as to bring the grasshoppers dówn on
them in that manner, Some writers would
perhaps assert it, but thou we doa't beligv
a; '.......
The Mormons ar seeking a ner Und of
promise. It is said lliat lírigha loung,
r. is organizing in Salt Lake City a con. pa"
ay, of UiiO Mormon families, abii'u wilt
colonize in Sonora, Mexico.' The Mexican
authorities have premised ' perfect rcliylmrs
toleration; and large grants of land. A
randezvons of the colonists will be establikh-
ed at St. George, Utah, and (he march to
the new land will be taken Bp on tho 10th
of April. ?
A clerk in the Russian Ordnance Office
at Afex.indrnpol has just been enndemosd
to penal servitude fur life for selling a plan
of the fortress there to the Turks for the
sum oí C00 rubles. The Itussian Military
police arrested the cleik in question- on
Turkish territory before he had time to part
with the plan. - .
- flKf
. A poultry picker In rrg'and has been lint
ti jtil for three mentis for plucking a live
fol. . ,
Wor.der what thoe judges of England
wou'd d'j if tbey came out West, where
every tittle while a man cao bear of cooking
anothir's gooe alive. - '
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. The Louisiana Kelurning Board was
releaaed from prison where" 'they f ad been
e-)na:gned by the House, before Ccngrera
adjourned. Th font t!iilinun'itd mf.sber
c.lltfl to pay.tboir repects to the new
President, as soon as free.
' flUK '
.Mtny sheep will be brought through from
Ca'ifwrnia, sir,re they fan be trarspnrud
acroas the Calií itu'a, desert by the Southern
PafiSe railroad. ...
ra at la"
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