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jurf Of
Airs. Hayes,
-aterí until after 0
was oto of the most brill
iant of the mnny entertainments of
. this kind given during the eig'at
years administration - of Preeidont
Grant. It was a happy and approp
riate introduction of the President
elect and his wifo to the official hos
pitalities peculiar to Washington
life - '
The toilets of the ladies surpassed
those displayed on previous similar
oocasions, and were very rich and
elegant; though generally subduod
in color and stylo.
The dress of Mrs. Hayes, the wife
cf the President-elect, was a beau
tiful white gros grain silk, cut de
colette, with long sleeves, Her
hair was dressed a la Madtnna, and
was without ornament. She wore
no jewels.
The dress of Mrs. Grant was an
elegant white silk, trimmed with
point laco, embroidered in Margue
rites, and cut decolette. She woie
diamonds and pearls. This dress
was made in Paris. ,
Mrs. Sanator Sherman wore a
pearl-colored satin, trimmed with
white satin.
The President elect and Mrs
Hayes, in company with Senator
and Mrs, Sherman, withdrew about
10 o'clock. After their departure
the conversation nlfturally turned
upon the impression produced by
Mrs. Hayes. Mrs. Grant remarked,
and all the ladies present echoed
her opinion, that Mrs. Hayes was
a'most agreeable lady in both man
ners end conversation. What Mrs.
Grant most admired was her simpli
city and evident domestic disposi
Tbe Old Lender to the Trout.
President Hayes did not make his
nominations of a cabinet a success
Tho old party leaders did not pre
Bume to stand by and see their fav
orite schemes overthrown by the
man whom they claim to have made.
Heneo there wis serious difficulty
ln the Senate over confirming tho
nominations. Tho President sent
the following names to the Senate:
' Wm. Evarts, of New York, Sec
retary of State.
John Sherman, of Ohio, Secre
tary of Treasury.'
Goo. W. McCrary, of lows, Sec
retary of War,
FkhardW. Thompson, of Indiana,
Secretary of the Navy.
" Charles Devine, of Massachusetts,
Attorney General.
Daniel M. Key, of Tennessee,
Postmaster General.,
" Carl Shurz, of Missouri, Secre
tary vl Ihe Interior.
' The last C )ngre adjourned with
out passing the. Army Appropriation
Bill. Tho fiscal Tear expires in
Jane and it will necessitate an extra
ssion of Cohgres", h order to
make the nccossary appropriations
' for the support of the Army. The
House refused to pais the billk lt
cause tho Senate would not agree to
a clau?e forbidding the uso of the
Army in Louisiana. '
The Las Animas Leider reports
' that a Boulder man is prepared io
utilize grasshoppers this season in
the manufacture of lubricating oil.
It is said the beasts yield splendid
quality of oil, when treated in bulk,
though, of course, ,an individual
'hopper wouldn't be worth skinning.
t. . ni
' A man who had shot himself was
found lying in a San Francisco
street. He was asked his motive for
the act. ' 'None cf your business;
and yeu're no gentUman if you in
quire into the private business of a
stranger," wei the reply.
... ta&e
.i the item:
.vssrs. Cartels had a flock
4 sixteen hundred improved sheep
at the '' ranche ' hi ..'charge' of Mr,
White. On the eveuing named the
sheep were placed in the corral, as
usual, and Mr. White went home,
his houae being located about half a
mile from the corral. In the morn
ing ho discovered that from seven
to eight hundred of the animals had
been killed during the night, some
of 'them by poison, . while others
were beaten to death with clubs,
their throats cut and mutilated in
other ways. A numbor were found
alive with their leg broken, horns
knocked off, etc. A portion of the
sheep were driven from tho corral
down to the river, where some sixty
or scvonty head were found dead
and others still alive, though very
far gone. Some bran, supposed, to
have been cixed with strychnine,
was found in the corral and also
some salt. rrom tne iootprints
found in the neighborhood it is sup
posed that four men aad a boy were
enrrased m the woik. All wore
overshoes. Thoy were trailed dvwn
to tho river, but their, footprints
were obliterate! by tho feet of the
sheep still alive,
The bss ttvBarte's Broa, is about
ffiljijUU. aeveial rewards ore otter
A. m .-i ' i ' nr
ed for the apprehension and convic
tion of the guilty parties, amount
iig in all to $3,500.
IMhx N worn In a President.
Telegraphic dispatches from the
city of .Vexico, up the 25th of Fob
ruary give ua the following items of
interest of our Sister Republic:
Pending the counting of tho vote
in the Presidential elections which
have just talon" place in that Re
ic, Gen. Dm has been sworn
in as President ad interim. - The
ceremony,' which took place in the
national palace, was attended with
marked pomp; beyond vhut is usua
ally witnessed there. Presidents
electors for Diaz have been chosen,
and (.s far as is known he has re
ccived an' immenso majority of the
votes, alt over the country. Don
Josa .Ji ta, wbo before 1HO-J was
Aexican Afinister to. íFashingtortT
has been appointed Secretary of the
Goneral Servando Canale", Gover
nor of tho State of Camargo, hag
entered Jatamores on the 25th ot
Fobruary with about. 1,000 men.
It now turns out that Gen. Cortina
was arrested on the 24th by General
Blanco, by tho express order of Ca
nales, ostensibly because Cortina
had not obeved orders from the
General Government to go to the
City oi Mexico. General Canales,
on his way to JJstamcres took from
Cortina's ranche about 300 beeves
and several hundred horses, and it
is the general impression that the
entile propertj of Cortina will be
confiscated. Hiere has been a long
standing rivalry between Cortina
and Canales as to the onlroi of that
State, hnd it is believed that Cana.
1;? will strip Cortina of his wealth
att d remove all bis friends from of
Gcial poritioris On his frontier, and
thereby dispose of what has hereto
fore been a puwerful impediment.
Gen. Cortina was arrested and
placed in the military prison. It is
behevfld that ho will be court-mar
tilled and shot, for not obeying the
orders cf President DJaz to present
himself at the City of Mtxico, to
answer for his conduct on the iron
tier for the past ten' months. ' The
pártízins of Cjrtína ftfé Hying to
the Texas side J, the Rio Grande
The authorities express themselves
as thoroughly prepared to maintain
order and exceute the liw, in case
of any attempt at disorder.
Harried niter Twenty Yearn,
p'rom the St. Eouia Iicpulilican J
Mm. Belle Mack, widow of tue
late Thomas McLaughlin, an J Mr
J. Howard McCullough were marri
cd In t'js reci lor.co of th bride, last
evening. . The couple were tngiged
to be married in 185G, in Carthage,
Illinois, but ike bride accptd ihe
hand and heart of another. Mr.
McCullough immediately enlieted as
latter dibd, on February
1875, tha former, came to East
St.' Louis on a furlough at Christ
mass. He' wooed and won again-,
and went bck to join hi3 regiment
to obtain a discharge, if j.03sible.
Last fall h6 arrived fre'e from any
tics to bind him to Upele Sam, and
preparations were made for tha com.
ng nuptials, iwhich took place, as
stated above, last night.
Some curious desaita are given by
a Japanese newspaper, as to tae
manner in which some ot the 'aris
tocrats of the old school," in that
country, who were condemned to
death tor the pars they took in the
late insurrection, but who preferred
hari kari to decapitation, rpent the
last few hours ot their lives, rour
Samourai insurgents of Koauianote,
who escaped on the night of the 21th
of October, assembled at the hotis'e
of one by name Yonemara, for the
purpose ot ending their existence by
the "nappy despatch" in his hispit
able, dwelling. Before, however',
giving themselves .over to death
they gave themselves over to a re
gular jolifioation drinking, dancing
and singing as though on a festive
occasion. , t Their t hostess, without
any wish unnecessarily to r curtail
tlreir enjoyment with much tact and
good feeling advised them nut to
keep up this revelry too long, as
the police could hardly fail to hear
the , disturbance . caused by . their
songs and dances. They turned a
deaf ear, howevor, to her kindly
warning, and continued to drink and
amuse themselves for the whole dy,
saying that if the "fhizohu" arriv Id
they were prepared to fight them
The hours thus passed pleasantly
away until sunset, when tho party
arrayed themselves in the robes
which, according to old Japanese
fashion, tre appropriate for the ce
remony thpy wore about to perform
and, having offered up their pray
ers to the gdá, ''happily, despatch
ed" thcnvelve' without delay. "'
Southern Items. : . ;
From the Grnf County 'Jlerall,
we glean. Tho report that Louis
LeRij, Ignncio Relies and five
others ware killed by Indians, near
Bavispaonpraj is "confirmed by a
gentleman just in from Casas Gran
des. A rumor that' some Mexican
orango wagons, ei route from Mex
ico, were taken in by Indians, lacks
confirmation :-Mrs. Davis ha3 re
covered from her attack of fcraal!
pox. Mrs. Wm. Irwin i convales
cent tnd it is thought that Mrs.
Davis has an attack of either small
pox or varioloid. A brother .in-Lw
of Wtr. Irwin has had a severe at
tack of email pox. He has received
help from strangers only. Col. Ca
mano, having elbowed Trias into a
subordinato , position, is now the
military factotum of the State of
Chihnahua. Govprnor Samaniego
being too pure a patriot to bent the
subtla knee to tho revolutionists,
cut and run and is now in El F.iso.
Tho revolutionists haying expressed
an anxious de?i:o to nip cxGov.
Terrazas thread of life, he, like a
prudent man, fi led from right and
has gone no one knows whither.
Judge Bustamante is also anxiously
sought for, for the purpose of being
idiot, for the criroe of recognizing
Gen. Donato Guerra in his disguise,
which ui.fortunatc circunstante led
to the General's body being pcrfjr
uted like a culen ler, rendering it
food for worms. Pepe Mudos his
been appointed Goveruoi of -the
Stato of Chihuahua.
Speculation has exhausted itself
in the attempt to discover how the
Earl of BeacousfielJ, in his seventy,
second year, cranage 1 for so long a
time to hold uprignt and steady the
massive Cword of State, which he
bore-on tho opening cf Parliament.
A yoanger mm iniiht litre been
pardoned for trembling; Bat Loid
Beaconsfield minado 1 to keep 1
FtraighV between hii oje. The
truth 1 ih.t to mis u ote Longfellow-'
le velvet acibbjrJ held no kwurd of slcel,
an I tlMt. had he untortuiutely been
bildto. Uitti lif.U etrik'j for hi
Queen and country, he would are
ctrucj: with a lath. . The iworJ
waj only a dumaiy.
inte Committees. '
, uding and eelpcA commit-
the United States Senate,
,n session,' ire al follows
Privileges and elections Morton,
chairman. Mitchell, Wlleigh, Cam.
eron (Wis.) McMillan, Hoar. Sauls-
V - . - -,
bliry, Merrimon and Hill. .
- ju.- .i- .
' ForeisRA'ftOnS Cameron (Pa),
i "K-'g" niwo w iv.w v jy
hirmnnk Morton Hamlin Howe,
vnairman, iuuriuu, uuiuuu, iiunc,
Hnnlflinir McCr eerV ' IflL'V EatOn
VjOnKling, iucyiecrj, Aiuy ioiuu
Fi nance-Merrill, eh alftrlan, Dawes,
Ferry, Jones (Nay..), AllisonvIIowe?
Bayard Kern an. and Willace. -'
'Appropriations Vindham, chair
man, Sargent, Alison,, Dorsoy,
Blaine, Davis (WrVa.); Withers,
Tintnn and Tioiik.
, , , ,. , ' . '
Jommeree uonKiin, cnairman,
CueilCCr, JJUIUSlif, luuuttiiau, i i
F ' -
terson. Gordon, Dennis, , Ransom
' 1
ana Kanaoipn. -
Manufactures Booth, chairman,
Bruce, Robins, Johnson and Mc
pherson. .Tndifdary Edmunds, cluirman.
! J . ' i
ntlln. TTftW. Cbristiancr. DaVIS
(111.), Thurman and McDonald,
' rostofficas and post roads Ham
-J ' t,
lin, chairman, Feríy,' Jones (N37.),
Paddock, : Conover, Kirkwood,"
Saulsbury, Maxey anrt Biiley.
Publio lands Og,lesbyt chairman,
Paddock, Booth, Chaffee, Plumb,
McDonaH: Jones (Fia.) Grover
and Garland. ' " '
Privato land claims Thurnian,
chairman, Bayard," Bogy, Edmunds
and Christiancj", . . v . , ,
T 1: it '. n:... .t,..:
inuian auaira-vniswn, tuan uiun, r
Ugleany, ingaiis, oaunaers, uoar,
. . t 11 r, 1 TT
McCreery ami Cooper.
Pensions ingiUs, chairman.
BriiJe, Teller,. Kirkwood, ' Davis
(ill.), Withers a-.nJ.BiU.ey.
Ilevolucionary claims Johnson,
chairman, Jones (Fia ), Hill, Dawes
ana tucwiuan
Claimi - Jlc.lillan, tk virm 1
Cameron (VV is ). T '11er. II nr, Cc
rell, Hereford, IlarrN and Mrrr
District... uf CjIumbU. Dorsey,
chairman. Spencer, Iocrall!, Rol-
lin?, Saunders, ilerriman and Bar
num.- ...
Patent WaoMcigh, clnirman,
Booth, Chsffee, Kernan and ilor-
gan. ,. ., .7'"."
' Publft buildings nnl grounds
Dawes clnirman, orril, C:imer"on
(Pa.), Saulibury and 'Jones (FiL).
.- Territories-.Pttcr8on,ehairraan,
ChrUtiirtev,' ' 'Ch iflfei, Saundors,
Garland, Grover and Hereford.
.' Railroaijj.T-; 3rtcficü, chairman,
Howe, Dawes, Dorsey, Tellpr, Fer
ry, Jiorton, Ransom, Bogy, Bar
num and Lamar. m
Mine3 und mining hafo". chair
man,-ChalTdH, " Kirk woo. i, Plumb,
Hereford, Cook and Hill. i.
Revision of láwa Christiny,
chairman, Infills, Davis (111),
Wallace and Kernan.
chairm?n, Patterson, Morrill, Bruce,
Sharon; .'Gordon, Masey, Bailey.
and Lainir.
Civil service and retre.icliment-
Blaine, chairman, Olesby, Patter
son,' Booth McCreary, IFhytO and
r , - .
To audit and control the (ontin
pent expense's of the Senate Jor,cg
(Nov.). chairman Kowina ana Ucn
ll9. ,
Printing Anthony, chairman,
garment and iKhvte.
Librnry Howe, chairman, Ham
lin and iVernman.
Engrossed bills Bayard chair
man. Ihrhein and Anthony. ,
kr.rollix) hill flnnnvpr. chair.
man. Paddok arid Grover.
I.pvca f tlm ,1isdissinrii rirpr
Brucp, chairman, Blair.p, Conover,
Coekercll and Harris.
To examine the fcverat" branches
of the civil service Chiffoe, chair.
man, Conkling, IFinlom, Jlern
man and Eaton.
.. Tranportaticu roufei to the Bca
biard Ca.oeron, ( ii is.V chair-
man, IFindom, Conover, Barnside,
Saunder, Davi(IF. Va ), HirriJ,
Lamar and JkfkV "
The contra'itdrs on the D?nr?r k
R'o Grande R. R., Mmm. Carlisle,
Orinan arid Mesercai, nave at prra
ent two hundred men and twenty
teams at'work. They will aortln
crease the force and thive the'erad
inff'riiht through o T- Tt Garland,
reaching (hat place by hc fifst of
next June. Pel Aorte Jt'ro'pcctor.
The different editions of The Su tlurtnir the
next vear will be tliewmmi during the ye.tr Just
ta8U. The dally eilitiou wilt on weuk day be
sheet of lour psftei, and on Sun.l yi slit-el
ofeilit pflff.i, or 5ti lro.i.i columns) while the
wttk y etfiwiT win urn m mxl4i riu v
the same tMwentioa ami cliactor tlit are al-
ready familiar t0 our friends v v
the sus will conilnne to Jsh m ítrcntiíns a,
oa of reform and rctie..elime..t. and of the
aubstitiition of at leiiiansUip,. w.dii ami in-
lenity 'for hollow prewn-e, Imlwci jly, und
ffiud i Iho administration of publ ic ulla irs. It
will contend lor the government of the people
th, punnafor tt ,,en,!e, a opposed to
K'cmmcnt by frauds in the ballot-box and In
ooauiinir Af vote,- enfflveed by . military
violnnee. It Will '
.;.;i.nna It win a idfuiTor to aimiiHr it reuucxi
a body noT not tar from a million of oiil.s
With the niOM r.UreUU, cuill)ni:i, puu Him-
worthy accounU of current event, and will
fully BOlccteil stall of reporter and correspoml
ent. Jt reports rrara WaehinKton, C3cially,
doubtleM eoxitiJitie to deserve aíinJoy the luil-Jl
n ill (in I.J ..lU'MIAite. HllCl K'Jl'H'.l": HUU U Will
red of tluiso who iiirivc ny piiinutring: m
Trcnaiirv or by tuurpinif wn:it :no law uwy nm
give them, while it will endeavour to merit inu
of the people against thoeacroaolinituttof nnjiw-i-
ttncii power;
mouth or 6A a rear, let paid, ur wilh the
Hie ine.e oí iw unv oí .' m v.i.
.. ' Hii . nt. n llh till)
8unrtareciiti a7.7 aye.. , . t v .
ajear, i ram. . .
helTiEKLíM, eiítht pajees of 58 broad
mnne. win bo furnished durmis is7 a. the
nfl iitMr. nosl u:ild.
ti, i,iilt'nf ihii larirArediintion from the pre
vious rate for Inn WeeklT can he enjoyed by
mskini nil clubs. At thum. lime, it any ot
wiiv Mnnl Miihar.ri ícra w i noil tne necessity 01
our lriends choose to aid In extending our circu
latkuu we shall bo ftmtehil fo them, and ejery
such person who.bendsus I n or iiinreaubcriu
r frhm one nlace will be entitled to one eapy ol
.1... ,.... i;.r b 1 m.l t' wilhnut eharre. At one
. ...JB .:A .v.i.nu.1 nl'
pincr and prhitiiiB nre UiMy.yapaidj and, con
siderinp the aire ol the shecDand the una' iryf
donar jear, piwiptcn m-i ,
Pr and prhiUng are tare
consider Tub VEKt,Y.biT the eheafwav
Its coiueni., w are eiuiiiunr i, -vyty
Give? the choicest sfandtrd and new piei-es fur
professional and iiinnlcur ívaueia anil
speakers, school exhibition, and . .
lulcrcsting articles on up- -,
propii.ilo siihjects. i
'u " '".vr.v.Tf .V'.rwi' 7.77
mini, Auuaítw. iia.hi
1,11 v..j.,i ti.m.t Vim V f,vt
, --.
lil Moro,' Colorado.
Pueblo, Colorado.
IgfQsjIfl 6rOC3?S,"
r rwanUng and Commission Merchant
. 4
- 1
iilizciH, tlinmchout Nev Mexico ami Aruon
Mmt tli.-V ha c-tal.lWif.l tlu-ir. irife an.l
leave lo inform thotr nn'merona friend and
liiai un- """- - ', r. tL.., If,.ue
immoilHius roi waruiiiü ami vuiu.k.. --"
Ono hundred Hilos farth
I i
.i . í .
ax y
(.',l J'KUMllS
Where t.icr nvR fully prepared In a'lend jiroptny
tO all COIH'l.M'U.-HIS Cliuiuna,
to them.
The only line Trom T.a Animn to-Denver
and all poinl in the States. It la prnmpl
and ufe wilh tire connectiopa in Union
Depots at Kansas City and L envenwortb
Pullmnn curs on nIl,tTiD8jtpjwd from Kit
I Pnronn. Tt oivia von Throuch 1 lckets end
-"' ..,...,--- -
hapgnge checks to all principal poinls in the
land. Always travel ry oar Pioneer Lin,
nnd you will :ae time and money. Mr.
T. F. Oakes is' CanernI Superintendent
ai d Mr. D. E.CohKEM. Ao't. General Pas
ser.eer A cent. Villi ofrTcci nl Karsaa Cilf.
We would again remark, wl.eit you goauy
wl ere take ihe Kansaa Tacific Hailway.
lino.)!- i
Denver aiidv 5io Grande
Completed to
TflWUGIf rAlrKtEntT3EIffIlT
By Phn.ptnp frelgbt l th! point Care Ahkk,
Uma A l o. r Jtrr.i. War. 4 Co. t
' t l'lv U aed nt le:. l-íf I ' ''
' - lu so' eot ver luí i.und -. S '
In cajh.
For Informal ioa and R fc. A' treat. '
i . IKelXlfi." t
Gen. Ft. Taaa At
Pen T. Colorable
titper pub shed In tne worm, unu we irutsrj .. j - .......-....,,,,. .,
niienfikavcrriiest- . ' ' KRAI' HrvoiiKD i'.MiHAVlxr.a. Tbousnnfls of
Adi its THii SC.V, Kew ybrifilty, X. Y;; volamctare iii-esevved l.irhindiua and reference.
Aduitss, ou-' t-n.,lby mail, Im-liiding poataft!.. PH ,,
T: i ,t :. i r i J count lo Clubs. Special circulars., givinjt Club
nor Hi a 1 " '1 Itlttn lVV tl n 1 fin 'rates, sent free. Sinmilat- copies rnsilcd-ei re-
1 w ers.
AVHAT pays?: g
ITPAtSevni.liarttifaettirei'. HeliH
Mechante. Inventor, Fanner, or
l'rcfcttiilunal man, to Ittt'p inioimea on an -j
tlie improvenienrt and diseovei ics ortbc . I
Instructive, ote that lostern a Insielar Invesli-
aiatiuu, and prmnnlca thowitht and tteuuragua
discuasiou uniong tke meiubera. .
Tlfej Scientific. Amériean"
whieh tas hwlryibllslied wecU.vfor the last
thirty-one vcar4 docs tills, to an extend lt-
rond that of any, oilier pii1ilicllon; In fact It U
!ioiily wwklr "jiaper puMUhed In the Unwed '
Stitlw.-. devoted to Slanntaeturear Meeliaii- a
te, lavrntlant and ew Iiavverlea id
Uie Arta and cierre. i
Kvery iiiimi.er jUprofu'aly illustrated and l'
contenta embrncc'fiic latest and nioat hm-reslinai j
in format ion pcrtainiiiR to the Imlu-trie. Me-,
chauieal, and Soientilic Prhiriew of the Worldly
Descriptions, with IVnmtit'al Kiirravinau of New
InvenlKina, New Implements, iiew trorf't 'C
and Improved Industries "I all kinds, t.aefiir '
Nntee, Itwipcs, SnRKWtfrina Adteea-y
Vraelioal Writers, fot AV.irknian and Kmii'0- '" '
er, in nil Ihe various 'avfcformtuír a cumpleW
repertory of New IinijUuus ami üi?roverí w
conlainiiiR a weekly rccoril, not ouly of Ihcpr"
cress of Ihe Iinlvj-tvinl-Art in out own rnttíi'Üf .
hut also of all New Ol.enwries and Invention
in every hranah of Engineering, 3Icc.hauic,-.i1.d
Science atironfl. '
; '1I1K NrifcXTItlC? AMFltirAtt,ba
'aien the fnicfriost of"nll Industrial publlcatinin
'ir the )it thirly-one yW. IMi the oldel,
inrgoNt, enenpeat, ana tne west icffni- - .
luslraled-: paper develcd fo KiiKtiieering,-!-
cluiii ios, 'C'licmiitiy NíW ' Inventiwna, iíMPTfca '
and Industrial Pro(rres, piitilUhed iir the wwltls
Thj(imrJieAl jteuipes' arc well worth ten Unjes .
the sitl)iiji.tiiin prieef 'ind lov the ho) tul .
house wUl save ninny times the test ef stibscrlp-
tion. . V '
,MrefcantS, Fnrmers, Mrebnnlea.Eli''
triiie'eia, inventor, Maimfneturer.
UemlHtK. I overa of Science, and
Peonlc of nil l'rofetlona. will find, the '
sciBNTiitc) American 11-cflil to them, l.tthuiild. .
have a. 'frine in every Funnily, Library, SUid
ifficé aii.C'ountii Ituoin; in- every Kcndii
Jiponi, tlleiro and Solinnl. A new volui
ConimeniVd .Tanuarylst, H77. '
Library, Uty,
volume ,
May- be,)i
In connccrlon with the fielen
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Nelentilie Amerlonw of nil Iventiona.Pal
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Tominn hv nch notice.' A Pamphlet, eontain
InK full directions fot "olitnintnir Paten's sent
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enee Hook, a volnme-liouml in cloth and Kill,
contiiinim; llio l'nlen I.nwa, enana of
the V. ., and 111 KniffHi-ln of, nie
ehnnical moveinenls., Prlee 85 '.
Addres fur the Paper.,' or conecrnin IVenN,
Ml'JIX "' . S7 I'nrk Row, New York,
ttrnneh OflleP.Tor.- V-A-SOl. UitU,
Waahliijito. I. C.
.. . .ATlftnNKVS-AT VKXt.l ;
Sueeeaanri to t'hliMiHii.TToamar A Co.
G2Q E. títreen Washington, D. C.
P'itciN procured In all countries. Xo rtr. it
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encc Cases before tint Patent ODIce, Kxtenaimw
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stales, and all liliiratiou. nipertainini to linen
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ITiilled Slaie., Coiirta of tlaiiiu), Coiirta of Coin
ini.mioiieivt of Alahoniii Claiiun. Southern C'laiina
(Joinmis.ilgu, nnd all claa.! of war claims ha-
loin the Hvevulive Department. - .
AIIHFAltX nrrAY ani iiorsTT.
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All ofllccri. aoliUois and aallors wounded,
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I'.v reiiton of eiritis or friiuds linny atlnrreri
furahhed Wilh full' informution on applicati.u
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lor return postalto ahoula hcaenVit,
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Andrea, I.IL I' t'Ki. i u.
P. 6. Bot U , ' J a"' l'S' . D C-
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, tVantXWW,l. C, Ifcrtv.ler 14, JlT.
I tet e plaMiie lu cjci'irydi t y entile ruli
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la the ttrnnd Old
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IlOTTlKCOsllNO f-e.. .Vicor UA
Gentennial Reduction
; in Aavortiaing i 'i
$3.250.4 "
Vfortn ofEW.srrV.fc ArVFltTRiN(j (Um
- : For $700: i V. '
. avmrt from AdvertiMWOf rrfwiniliiiitj.
' ;V WISTE!) LIST, x
Clrlnc X.me, :hraetrr, Actual Jlailr ral
. Weekly fireiilation. aad SchO'.uic ljite4 tl
AJ-crtisttif , fnt free any addrrsi.
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