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gas $cqu$ (Knzcftc.
Saturday, March 30, 1878.
Term of fcutmcrlpf Ion
( mpy of Tint ft AETTK. onr year, :I fK)
" " (.a (i m-kta " " -.!
Knqlish mi' Spnnlnh 1 01
" " " I lie ÜAXKTTi:, : month ..I 7".
" " " I. a I A. K i A ' " 1 -
' Í1 " 1'wjHnh and Spanish , -1
rottArjr prepaid. Í.'?, A'o subscription revriret! jo
frnt than fix month.
Fvli squnri", llrst Insertion ÍJ.00
Kfich Mii:irn, eicli oulneqiu'lii in icrliiiii l.í.u
Yearly mlrnrtiscmcntii nseried at rmixnnnliln
rutes, tvhieli will In; tiirnislvsl (in iiiilir:t!in.
Mali ArraiijjpmeiilM Tlio PoU-OHic" will
hfi oK!iiH itnily, uxrept SunMiivs, Irrim 7 : :if A.
M., iinlil fi p. m. Siiiicliijs, (miú hour nller tin:
rrtvnl ot't'-i.-li niuil.
Kaiffrn Mall. Lcuvp I,ns Vigils, ilnily, lit
S:SU P. M,, iirrivPH lit 7 A. M.
Western Mall -I,vi vo l,:i.- Yes; 'Lillv, at
8 A. M.jlinivcs lit .') I', m.
Pmi Mail. I.fiiv.'-. r,n Vc;!i, Mnnriiiy,
Wurtno.nliiys nml Kriiliiys, ut H a m., arrive.-,
Tiie-duy, TIihi'mIiu s iind Mitin diivs ut sa. m.
Fort liiiHC'Oiu Wall. I.PaviM Lis Vegas,
Monday, at 7 a. ji., airh.s 'lluirsdnvs at 7
r. si.
Mara ?Iifl. '.cave I.'H Vc;rns Fridays nt
A. M . , arrives Sului-ilny nt Ij r. M.
XK. No mniH'v oiil -r-i issued or paid, nor lct
for rosi-nti-cl tiforr 4 p. t.
i. W . .MKiintN's, I'lvlni-.i-ti'r.
rtHlPlI U l.(ilx n. '; A. I'. A A .M.
J meets on tlic tliinl .Saturday of each innt!i
t thu Masonic. Hall, t.'entiiif Shim", lionvci.-ii
Smith 'id and M -trei'U. diarios llkdd, See' v.
Ono of our religious journals, the
litvkta Evangélica, says a poition
of the press of New Mexico h.u its
linn J over its mouth. That may be
good, or bal, according to circum
stances. When a peion hasn't anything
to say, it is generally considered
the proper thin to keep his mouth
fchut. It is hIho good to keep with
in the bounds oí' truth and reason,
nnd not give vedou to unfounded
cíiare?, or revel in bitter, ficrco
and unchristian like denunciation cf
r.n opponent. Possibly, this sys
tPtn of warfare, however, is put up'
on the grounds of '-righteous indig
nation," and partakes of the spirit,
of Divine wrath. It is the saino
spirit which Hob Irgersoll, in a re
cent lecture, ascribed to the presby
tery of Chicho. In speaking of
the burnirg of Servctus, by Johu
C!vin, he said:
"Hud such men a9 Robert Oliv
er nnd John Sinrt Mill bo en pte
cent at the burning of S.-rvetus,.
they waul i Inva extinguished the
iimes with tears. Had the pres
bytery ot Chicago been there, they
would have ipjiiiiy turned their
backs, Rolemr.Iy divide their coat I
t nit ami warmed thc-mso! vi s."
A malignant disposition may bo
Entirely proper in religious journal-;
but secular papers sboul 1 keen their
J.aids over their in mths. They!
thould cultivate (haritv. What- I
ver individual views secular writers
may hold, they shoijl 1 carefully
guard their pens from f itler inueif
loe?, or bold axK'ithii.', a'r.ius
ilia cherished Mid m. red fault of
others. They chould practice pa-
tuTiCe and trust to time and an ad
vancing civilization to correct at;.'. !
i-radicate tho-H matters ot' I.eiiW !
whieli t!i.'V u ay dvcn errontous. !
Tht Jiivh i f tht) eriiKadcs are past, j
and nligion is no longer pn pngn
tdl by the sword or the spirit f.f
wrath and ititoleiancp, which made!
it fin instrument for M.h-ation. A i
fpirit of peane, of charity and moro I
elevated christian sentiment is pre-I
vadmg the wc.i! 1. j
It is thirrfore j rc rie r that the '
Neeular press thould keep iloif
from bitter religious controversies,
leaving (such contest to the religious
elasH of journals. The tone and
onduct of secular pi-pus thioii:.'!.
out the United States is steadily
improving. The best papera a.o no
longer the ino-t subservient to par
ties mid the vehicles for vindictive
ibme. Tliey mo not bhnd fioui
prejudice. They recDgnize much
i.'ood in all parties urn all reli ';on.
'l'lnv etand independent ground
Htt-I alvocitte tthat they know to be
r'ght, and denounce what they
fl'jarly set is wrong, regardless of
the base imputations of piiju dice.
It is ii ehurming accomplishment
to lio ablü to govrrn onc'ii tongue,
or pen. Hal tin, Hcv. Sheldon
Jifkíon dono so, nt Ft. JJooii', he
would not now be retracting. H.tI
lie studied m hard to tell the truth,
a to bo firnsilionul, hit humilia
lion would not Ic so great.
A Lrllrr from Mora
Mora, New Mxiio, 1
Murh loth, 1878.
Editor Laa Veyas Gazeitk:
Court opened Monday, with Sam
uel C Parks presiding judge, in
time to complete the organization
of both gran and petit juries. Jo
seph 15. Watrous is foreman of the
giand jury: Daniel Martinez, in
terpreter; present T. 1. Catron,
William Breeden, Jose D. Sena, ami
AYilliain T. Thornton, E.-q., attor
neys from Santa Fe; F. Springer
and M. W. Mills, attorneys from
Cimarron; Louis Sulzbacher and
Judge S. A. Ilubbell, attorneys
from Las Vrgas. Among the dis
tinguished citizens present, I no
tice Hon. Rafael Romero, La Cue
va, Pedro Valles, F. Nolan,
Frampton and George Grgü.
There is considerable criminal busi
ness pending. In lictments for
tr.urder, bigam;,, larceny, etc., some
of which must likely go over to the
next term, for want of time. Mon
day afternoon a rain storm set in
which continued steadily until Tues
day noon. Sr ow fell in the sur
rounding mountains to great dssth;
report says six feet. An extensive
acrengo of wheat is being planted
in this county, under such favor
able circumstances, that an abun
dant horvot is hoped for. The
mountains and va'leys of this re
gion form a most beautiful land
scape. The mountains, white with
snow, li.ok cool imd bril iunt at
noon tide, while the valleva fire
teeming with agricultural life, and
the nnuieroua bro' k'ets fo med from
the co.-;l springs kmI melting snows
at the nioun'aiii's biiir, jmss rip
ling along their roiky beds, cr
f o t mil g and rdi. king through rents:
in tho rotky cÜfl'-, supplying the
thirsty iifcds of men, animals and
pi i r. t3 nl. he. and reif-tabling threads
of siiver in th d.' tortuo is course.
They i. re sometióles bri fly turned
asid, to speed the wheel of an uc
biiioi. mill, then escaping restraint
again mingle with mother brcokiet,
babble! and fio'h of the wondrous
thirgs th:y have m n while moving
in na'k and solemn silence through
the 11 j in e of plank, mil then dash
ing suddenly upon the old mill
wheel and into sunlight ami b:ook
let li.if piness. Ii i v u r. 1:1 .
A -sti rot! .
The fjMire of Las Vcafi is about
as nearly assured as anj thing in iVs
world can be, ixcrptdtath The
policy tf the Att hi,- on, Topi ka
Santa Fe con.iai y has been to build
up t"ie towns already established and I
not project i. w on s rear enough
to rival the old. This being lh ir
dechired policy end this town being
their principal objective point in
New Mexico, we can with much
certainty predict that it will be tiie
w b( lesaleir.g poi' t of all New Mex
ico, Arizona, Western Texas and a
large j oi thin of Northern Mcx'eo.
Her will be centered the vast cat
tle tiaile i f Western TfX-is. It will
be the outfitting point for aii sout.li
vvestf rn emigi ation, nnJ here will
be csiii'ili.-hed the daughter iolscs
to supply the cast with fresh meat.
Th" gco 1 time is coming and our
i-nthiuhistii! anticipation will not
t-ijiul the reality.
lloro (iniilors.
Wu aro inforiJicd that Carlisle,
Orinan i Co., who have the con
tract for grading tho Alamosi
brunch of the D. II. G railroad,
have entered into a contract with
tho A. T. & S F. company, to com
tnrnce giading for thctn, ag soon as
their present job is finished. It
vill take about '20 days to complete
the Alamosa extension.
Tho Free-Tliinkers of Chicago
proposo to buy Moody's "Taber
nacle'' and turn it into a "Temple
of Raliona'ism," un 1 open it with a
campaign by iuch rvangi lists us
Colonel Robert G. Ingcrsoll, Dr.
LeMoyne nnd Ren Pitman.
Tlio l.lnrnlii I ouiity VI nr.
As in nut of the parties thereto
have been killed, crippled or run
off, there is not much chance fe r
turre troupe.
A Ti ni Ja 1 curcspon u i.t to the
Denver Tribune, of March 27th,
says: ''Tho question of railroad
or no railroad to Trinidad is settled
at last, so fur as our people are
It is a fact patent that so toon is
the managers of the Atchison, To
pfka k Sitifa Fe railrojid male
their gallant charge up:ii the strong
holds of tho Raton Pass, a propo
sition was mar'e by the managers cf
the Denver k Rio Grande to those
of the A. T. k S. F., to give them
a large tract of laod contiguous to
El Moro, for the erection cf a de
pot, loutui houses and other pur
poses, as will in a large interest in
their coal mines, if they would unite
with the narrow gauge, and make
LI Moro their central location for
this, part of Colorado. The offer
was so liberal as to induce ihe com
pany to accept the proposition, pro
vidi (1 Trinidad di 1 nothing.
Tho A. T k B. F. men immedi
ately reported this fact, to tin fad
ing men of Trinidad, i.i.d in the
mean titos set figure;-, ukag with
their teims, for tur businessmen
to woik to, to wit: Tiiy were to
furnish the road . r t v u res of suit
able hud on which to erect depots,
roundhouses, machine shop, etc.,
free right i.f way, and, ik: u!d the
tax'-tiwii of idle ral an o 'in 5 to ten
tlii.usand .Irl .rs. a ye..r in L is Ani
u.as toui.ty. tJ:oy are r (j tired to
ruj one i.ali of tbfit sum hntmailv
for fiv-.-yeiu-; if lv. th n 'I0,CC;O,
only 0'ie-l,iil!'. or it' it ixcecds $10,
000, only iV,00G pft hniur Yes
lerd.iy n uiíetír g wis i alie.', presi
de! over by E. J. l.rr. E-p, to
take the nvitter int-r ronsi i n aticn,
and a r o:i;ir.Í!t' o v,;n !.pn.i ,ted to
üscertain whciher the t.u-ii. .'ss men
wt ro wi lii:o to m:1'.-i i! e fur and
obligate thfti'i .. 1 v; a t o the nvinent
ti..eS s aiaresaii'..
iwe.ry tri.it i were readily fo;nd to
,iu Scribe fr-'2ii0 ear.!:, and in order
to lighten the burden of tho origin
al bigucn, bc-vcral per-os of more
limited meaos vtibriteei'cd to take
part of the
c i ij ?;'!!.
r: rr
i. o w::s readily
it a spot on tl.e i onh of
lie t'.wn, (ii the fioptrty of Mrs.
Dolores I.:ca and Don Rafael
A hnt was til o made I y son:" of
the managers i.f ihe road that a
snia 1 snp of coal ltioi wo ill be a
further inducement i i the company,
at w hi. h ''2) aere oí tiie best conl
land (f the country w is pr fiWoil
then as free gift. Ail these con
siderations were made sobjet t to the
movetiier t cf ihe it ad. If the com
pany kept its romised faith the ob
ligations fif our perple were tobe
made bini,ri os u inaltir f.T recitrd,
but if il fj it'll Was Hot kept, thou
their (ibligations wore i u 1 nod vonl.
j in; coniiiiion,. upon which trie com-
r Tf , . ' ' . - - r
ív''- f-'" --:"" -,.-.v --
tUti i i'.?' .''&' .l' ' '
Y5T' -í;.',-- , 1
I í'Srt' e '. i ' '
i I.Ti, '
'ii'. . i.'0..: .. ' '
fViv-ivVJU'! '''' 'A 'ix
V'-'- .y;"'J - V"
- - - - - - -
IT! n srawt-iq ra
Oar nrtv Crrjr.ti, c.-;;ii'csr-:;,-
C!:r.pc!.', cíe
a-'O o,.v: i , to.
- - , , ,., t . ...... .y r ...
pure h;i:dn:T MV
pany re ju;red these obligations, are
that the road is to pues upon the
opposite fide of the Purgatoire from
El Moro, crossing the nsrrow
gauge at right angles on its coal
switch, come right on to Trinidad,
and build a substantial depot, etc.,
immediately upon their arrival, and
not make a monopoly of the coal
trade, to the detriment of our citb
zens owning mines.
The officers cf the A. T. & P. F.
profess to fjo well satisfied with the
shape things have taken, and, ae
they made the terms themsclvos,
which were so readily accepted by
cur citizens, avow their intention to
immediately carry their part of the
contract into execution. .
Mr, Morley will commence Mon
day morning to set tho gradiig
stakes in the direction of La Junta,
and it is expected thaf the road will
be completed to 'i'riniiial by the
first of September."
The ííi-sioimr.y's .Si.iiKlrr.
"ho Rev. Sheldon J.ickfOti, a
Presbyterian missionary, who re
sides in Denver, and is quite Well
kr.owr. lure, is credited with spy
ing in ii lecture oelivered in St.
Lo'iis. that "in Arizona and Now
Mexico such a thing as cliasiit.y in a
female over twelve years of tgo and
upwards i not known."
tt is io be . pro-omrd, cfcot!vcc,
that if the reverend gentian n. who
has travelled r xunsv y in the Tnr
lilorns tiamed. made the above
sweeping as'-i. i ti' o., he knew what
ho was ta'.kit-g a'-oot. i.nd as we
knew of only o n.- way i y which he
tou'd g.iiri tb::t k.owl.dge, it must
i e pre-nn.ed th it tli.j R v. Sheldon
has let linns: if out io a !arg. txtont.
ubi:e olí his. pera ml uiatn-ns. Now,
if ti:e pfi.p'e cf New Mxico and
Arizona, were to say that thei :'res
b;, termn people thrci:g!ior.t the
United I-t.'.tc.w v, .
1. oo's, basing tío ir ju
..: o! oair.p
mei.t on the
only representative they have met
the i eve-rend above m; ntio:.eii ihv)
would have as nm-ih rc-as.in fur the
f.o'-nrtion a he has for hi-'; for un
doubtedly he foims his opinion f:om
actual obscrvulion and participation,
and so wool I th'-y. Dot wet will
venture the assermn that in New
Mi.xico a ;nl Ariz-ma t ! i are fe
males "over twelve years at d un
wu'ii.'','' w o tut a- cii-tst'i and pure
as any t'.i it the iv.-v. i-htbion Jack
son his ever associate I with, au't
will inidude ih naiiv..' popu'atioa.
It is tho popular i !e.i. we know,
that purity is tiie ix-opti'in among
a class of tho Mexican population,
and this ir.ny bothecasi; but that
the charge can b:i Hustai ned against
the whole people, or ny .ortion
thereof, is si mi thiii"' more than ore
man shoul 1 undertake. It is pro
hable that wlrn next the Rev. Shel
don Jackson, mb'sionary, etc.. goes
t'nrt iieh New Mi.xieo and Arizona,
be will be cttlled to !"!'. un t fr bi
s'ande r. L'7!krj,rie y- Chronicle
Mips A Ml
':': ';
' - - ' " ' tie
i.'.'-f'.wWV r ';'''r -i-i :r' t-3
íK':, 'j.er
- o v. - ' ,tM ''vlJ'i
t::'.4 - : '.'t.;;
r. isr o pa?
:c:'j-j::ccl fe? i.'ttr.clr.y CcooIm,
I ;.';r.;;f Ivo Caalo;;i:o before
A (rzt'lavliouhKl,
l'ncito de l.uii.i
TP Vf J? 1)
Keep constantly on hand a complete assortment ij'
Groceries, staple and fancy. Canned Fruit, Fish and Via'. I'me Whis
ky. Wine and Drandy. Toba?co in full variety, Olotlnny. Km t.i.- Ii .
ing Goods, Dry Goads, Boots and Simes, Ila's and Ctn.
. Notions, Ammunition and Cartridges of all Stuiar
Arms, Cutlery, am) in fact everything oíT'Mx! for na!
in similar establishments Country Mercbanis
are reouexted to call and f x iniine our t"i k
of Rocits mid Simes, Hats, Clothing,
Furnishing Goods and Notion be
fore buying elsjwhere, as we
feel fopfiden" tlmtwe can
do thc:;i g-nnd.
..i .wl rí ti
! 8 I 1) I
Si ire -it the Hed Sign, Soath Siüñ oí' tin- Pulil.e Sii.ini.'.
L33 Vrgf!1? N 'W Mexico
lias j'l.st received, nnd is eon-tattl'v n-eei vit a 1;. (-.: rind a?M.ri-d s'ock !(
Dry Goods, Cli'hiny, Lfquo G rocen'?, f o.v.-o'c nv, 11 trd'O iv.7i?.
Which will be sold nt nricm Ihat w ill . t.tor.-l,i).-lv. ! cr - n t 'y up-ui ree fir
ing mare uoo-ls. 0 i ini.-i'-v 1 . -A sfvli..;t. . -w h: n c i.
v r j. c i í r t-i -y
Jjjíj U1.-. iJ.V, (W
lie tier in General tfcr'a-iwi-c.
Main Store Ni.rtli Siue of Pal. lie Srju. r',
'5' ' l'(r 'V ñ: (
KJkJ " ' - tíí'VJ
In General Jcr. .;. ZVf. Traüe.:i i f.V.'V. .'. ';). i:'.7 L'i-t'.-x, .--tr
ten and all kind of Ci.n:ii-y I V '., r t i On' .'. ','.,
Hfiwrrvl'iV? ?!-' .' ' ' I '"'' ' eie '.'ejd-n.
J Á V I A b
Are ion' j-rv ".! 7 t.f t.iT-'r t'te'e
cíttíii.H I" .',. ; ' ,''' !.a IV
).). x ) or ' a v
-( ('' Oil 1-1 .' ,! .."', I
k-ii.re i soil! o; '."'"' '' '.'"''!'''') ''''' "
- ...
'T Tff " ' )' 'i v ',:': 'i "r Y t-,r,t
. ' ' ' . - , i ,
ii. i-iii.i.'s :.bv rtFiLD::;:.,
La Vega, '.;. 'i:.i,o.
A Hi'ie '. ' ' if' i '! .''.!. i'te ni, air t ,;n
In, V.;:s, N. M ,
A Celebra-:! Ii ;..rí f-r I :, -.-:'! .m l'l',,:i c .; i: vs
'.V. Seo' I Mnnr? lit. (I v.-ir.'. re ntly . ' !l.-,iv r, 'N.'i.jt .-in. hi . n ni i '""if i a-r i :
ni en is wi; Ii tin i r . ro-i or. i i . I r m!; !. i ;nn n n. h:i v.- us.ii h,... i i , mi. v. iii- . ;
till! 1 1 ilcl llll ! Ii il hill;! I ' 'j . V llleill 1 i.l 1 1- S Vt'Ii If IIU W II Sli i 1 I I '.: I ! . II" '.1
g!.' t.i. (tre-iti- , r ... I : 'lfiri"'i t-i ii.n t-utf.-ta i i, rn .' ni : I i.
1 1 ilion nf ! e v ti i ' in ! I ' , e .1 i S - l.r-s, I h.' tv ii.fr- i ! ' .' -i fin.
hull in Milu: i mi hi rt'" i i in' r i.-" nl icie, sn'oliur nnd otln-r m , m.-i -.i I k. .u -t
ti'iiiji'Tntiiri! ol Pió d . ;-i e. s, w.-.i'.di i!i.. -r tin-in justly eeh-!ir . !cd im u ..
ft!piit lor nil eltriitiie diiM-"-, n- rh-viiati"!. h.toI.iI.i. .iiir.."iri.il !l"etion. euni.i
nnim iliM'iisfs, (I"riiiiL'efiii-Mi ! l!u) l;i dtli'V. hhi Ider, liv'-r, r!r;. 'I'IOj r.-iort i IiwhIp'!
Ü itiil"S norll) of l.iin Veens, ul mi i. ! 1 1 ' ii d e of ulioiit C, :i:i( fiet, v.iiii hciiunful hikI r
iniiiitie Niirroundins ami un"qtia!e.l ciirimtio .vair.i.g.-.-.
itiaithiiJ t mo
Excellent JJier m iiinfacluied, s.l 1 and ilclivrrcl, Mtht-r at iho Drew
cry or to nv p:irt of (ho Territory, by the Parrel, Keg -' in Ri tiU
Address Ffrik Wsbbcr, I'ort Union i jst Office, ií. M..
Kit'liiiril Duiiii.
I ,- . :.
V.-Í V w i
H T V, 11 N.
EhllHlM I U M.
'f 'i'f '! i ' "' ' "P
)u'f'iii' G-'d r? . .-'.
.as V. ;-ns, tri.nc'ii Sli.iv ut 1 n Jui 'i., X. M
'l"r i ! V?:
vv H ij
a vy IJ t'i U S.
r-í!, 1 ;.'-, 1.- -f (i a?r I i ?.'
td.''l-di't i . tho ? t-r c
-.i':in- d t i .";'', ' (',(.'. )
' ' , 7 i.'' ( .i
i i A h h t A a a f,?
rf'i i:y the. mtirkel ii'..--'.. .u
r, rtti
,) . i .). ..(.' i-;. i . Ion :,'.(' 1 til'
'.ih i v; ' '(... i i i ;
C.'i. - . .i f. . L i i'. ;.., -:o-.
ñmmá má:m

r l . -i n í
J'rnriU'd r:!h the le-t f ''
' i . í,
üya fiXlf.fni M-''1! the. r'v, i,;-.--' i .;' .)
ll.i'l.., ij.it l vire. i'-. ((
fi. b á t'j l.l ' i..

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