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Ac CO.,
OFFICE, 11 MltUairs KLOCKj ?the way to Danville, Ky.
.Corner Illinois nnd Market Stm
KuUrad m second-class matter at tha Postoffice
at Indianapolis, Ind.
Singt Copy I jear...
" months
m 4 j months..
1 month...,
Glaba of six 1 ysar, ach copy...
ton, 1 year, each copy...
mrjIO d 1 DPD my found on m
1 HIÖ lArrJlVGo. P. Rowell & Co.'i
Newspaper Advertising Bureau (10 Spruce St ) whnrei
advertising contract may be made lor It In
Hntyscrlb for ttie Leader.
Let overv colored man who favors the
elevation cf his race subscribe for the Lead
er: and let every white man who believe?
.. . - A 1 !i
inar. slavery was a croie against nurasniij
and that it is the duty of the ruling race to
aid the Negro in his struggle for moral, social!
and intellectual elevation do likewise.
President Garfield left no will
His estate is not worth over 825,000.
part in
J." 31? Längstem will
the Virginia and Ohio
The fund for President Garfield's
familv is raDidlv lncrcasinsr. and is
now above $L'00,000.
The sorrow manifested at thd
death of President Garfield is bound
ed only by the extent of the civilized
proven him a man of integrity andv
sOT.no imAdilnaca rwl in VllQ ftf? Vl fIT-
i muab unci uiuvco, c w v ' - -. - .
I L Ii l if i-tence to the itenuDiican parry no mis
?always been firm, resolute and
ner. He is truly a self-made
. a r ii t gA a. !
Mraan. worn in MecKienoerg county,
jVirginia, in 1816 lie was sent while.
Shut a youth, out West with his
jmother, and travelled afoot nearly all
When he
land his mother reached Danille, he
found that his father and master had
lied, and in consequenoo they were
Seized and sold as parts of his proper
ty. Young .Robert was purchased
by Hon. James Harlan, ot Danville,j
a r . t .
and his mother sold fconth. It was
indeed fortunate for Kobert that h
fell into the hands of the Hon. James'
Harlan, as ho was a noble man andj
proved a benefactor to llobert, by
placing him in the same college with
his sons until he was betrayed to the
teachers. Notwithstanding this, Mr.
Harlan had his sons teach Kobert of
evenings, and thus was the bnit ot
his cducation laid. Soon afterward
the Hon. James. Harlan was elected
to Congress, and Robert, who ha-
made considerable money by gun
nine and fUMlinn ooonskms. wont to
o o " : f
Louisville, learned the barber's trade,?
and started a shop in Harrodsbur i
While on a visit tc Lexington. Col
Harlan met one of Kentucky's beau-1
ties and married her, theu he sold out!
his barbershop and opened a grocery?
i Lexinjrton. .About this. time the!
Black Indians," similar to the Klu
Klux of later days, begaD
to idtimidate and mal
treat those colored men whom they
Life's Fitful Fever is
;paralized operators. No more than the
'simple announcement of the death could
if be sent off, as the liovernniant at once took the
exclusive use or the teiegrapn oruce at tioeron.
t.',So personal dispatches were sent. ' Warren Young
Fseut the first official announcement off W wash-
rSington and to Mentor. The President had beeri
fcdead half au hour, when at 11:10 Windora, Hunt,
pjand James arrived from the West End. They wem
iintothe hotel office and were met by MacVeagh,
ßwho led them away to the cottage. At 11:55 the
learned what could be be' found out about?seashore on his deathbed from a wound Inflicted
the-' particulars. Flags " which have-. by the miserable wretch Guiteau. For this man
been on buildings in honor of the soldier's re t iGul'.eau. I ask no soldier, no citizen, to feel one
union, were placed at half mast, and the work oft "pi
lrapingin black bss been begun, hvery
feeling of profound gloom is manifested
will be tolled all night, r?and citizen to remember that we profess
S 'particle of svmnathv. On the contrary, could
where amake my will the law, shooting or hanging wouldiijroi
I. Bel is be too good for him. But I do ask every soidier?by
T 'and citizen to remember that we profess to be the! th
o'clock In the afternoon. A fewninutes befoK
10 o'clock, 1 left Colonel Rockwell, with whom 1
i had been talking for some minutes In the lower
Irl hall, and proceeded upstairs to the ITesMent s
fiTroom. On enterine I louitd Mrs. Garfield hiltir.K
his bedside. There were no other persons !:
the room. 'I said to her.llow is ( verythinjr goingr
II AT tWmbers of the Cabinet arrived at the Francklyr
And the Siirit of tlie Na
tion's Chief :
nnttairt and pnenL'ftl in consultation. A local crowd
3 waits outside for further particulars, and the ex
1 'Icitement Is Intense. The President's words when
Jhe felt the death pang attack him were: vl am
El Elberos, N. J., Sept. 20. The Cabinet, at 1 a.
rim.. Is still in sessioil at the Francklyu cottage. .
Mrs. Garfield.
Has Gone to the God Who
Gave It.
' LOMISVIIXE. SeDt. 19 The 'anxietv of the ieo rtmott loval nation on earth tn the sacred oromisesHshe replied: He is fcleepini? nicely.'
pie has beeu intense all day. The bulletin boardsvof the law. There is no merit In obeying agreea ! i then said: I think you had belter gt
nove been surrounded by a quiet but excited; bie laws, but there is elory and heroisms
struggle for
ng gracefully to oppressive ones. Ouri
V ..... j . . X X.A....l I- V ,
ior a ie ta urana jury, ana "in an criminal prosecuuone jana see wnai isw ve given unu me mpui. ou
re ievc.tne accused shall enjoy the right to speryandf üben taid 'lnere is reel tea aowu siairs.
s of hi.r public trial by an impartial Jury of the State audi fwent into the doctors room. I found Dr. IIJU"
lire bells';' r district wherein the crime shall be committed."! ithere and asked him what ws to be given during
I think 1
The lone
exerted a . deeper feeling than did the Constitution reads that "o persou shall be held
first announcement of the attack on the Presi-r . to answer for a canital or otherwise infamous!
Jdeut. The news of the afternoon made the people; crime unless on the presentment or indictment of
icei mat. me rresiuuni ungut linger
clays at least, ana there we
persons in the streets when the new
death reached here. At niidnhrht the
are tolling, and the people know that the end has tThis is a solemn contract of the Government' the nizhu
come. ; u'.oiijuiug in an. cnuuiu our rresiueu aie, mei
' LITTLE KOC K. fr I luuiueicr is cuiincu vu a ii mi oy j urj r, auu
Little Rock. Ark.. Sept. 19.-The news cf thu'vi OI!e J1
PraJHant'a Haoth althmivh nrvt nnlAntod.fnr
j --... .u c .1 . l ..e.vi t pi
waa reveiveu wiiu iceiiUK oi me iuum uruiuuuui?,.!.; -u . j: , .... vui,.
Dr. Bliss was tbe flitlt ll2111?,.a?d kot8 ol TOTOfuL"ia Jfifitrict of Ctlumbbt. All thVcircumstances of th
.i...-- ....,;.. !ihe hotels and newspaper ofnees to discuss the: ...i.. i v. i n
fiiT I't VS.:, ci impress me so strongly that I would be ashamed
any nour to-mui row iu ia.c acuuu t . - nt ,v, i.K utr
VUCJ UllUK'vVi W aa iiuv
tnougnt of vengeance
saith the Lord." 1 trust
to bed and rest. I asked her what had been pre
scribed for him to take during the nhiht. he re
plied she didn't know; that she had given him
milk punch at 8 o'clock. 1 then said. If you wiK
wait a moment I will go into the doctors' room
lie answered.
had better fix
Expressions of the Le&dingv:
Newspapers Throughout
the Country.
1 a. m Previous to his death, the only words
-poken by the President were that he had a se
vere pain in the head. It is supposed by the sur-
fk.eous luai UCOIU nno muwiuucu ujr a VlOk Ol wioou
forming iu the. heart. Dr. HI
inie liotitiea oi tne iresiaeui's ext
ioin sml iu.nn pnfprinn thf room hp at rvon ciu
Vha &ni irou naar fmriri tt tha lijmilv
jfimmediately summoued to the bedside. All ar t
8i ived, and perfect quiet prevailed. Mrs. Garfleld-
boie the trying oraeai witn great iortituae, andg
exhibited unprecedented courage. She gaves
1 . e J a & . -t
way to no paroxysuia ui griei. auu nuer ueam ue l . ru ,rpäth'hM
k äme evident she quietly withdrew to her ownCiOI.u5 ? e5 "r.J ?.
she i
will have justice done. But it
office or yours, or of anybody.
the regular Courts of this District
news at tne
sad event.
held at an earl
ind express the spmpathyof the people of th
icity in the great Düreavement to tue ;auo
t ' impress me so strong. y in
his0' my nntrymen if th
' feeings of grief any
3 1" Vengeance is mine, sa
HS5 til?eL "HJthe pSbllc press will order its powerful influence
from all parts
the State where
sat, a
very quietly at about
ht. His ueain va.-s3iiooded lrom
On account of the death of Presi
dent Garfield, the appointments for
Senater Bruce and other speakers in
Ohio have been withdrawn.
ip i resilient aieu
10:30 o'clock Monday
larue extent, it came
rx the rrcsulent's wife and the atte
surgeons. Vice President Arthur wuj
v notified of the sad event, aud ad-
vised by Secretary MacVeagh to
1 widow full of erief. but with too much
'.,hlWt it In thrksA ahuuit hfr Shp vl-ab 1 jKr.Hno?'
under a terrible strain, and. despite her efforts.!
ji tears flooded her eyes, and her lips be-S
Ksacn with which she naa been amictea. missy
tr mninfaiti rnrA jrsiior an1 1tVknim whirh hRVP
1C:'1 f i wA t A11 T.-.1 O IwQI 1
received expressing sym-?lu,r,a1"11 Blutc tu "T,' V ua B'- ?li
heart-strickt uHW' "T "rU."" . "'a '"VSJ W. T. Shermak
. o r Ithavnnrrv
ea lrom lue cnuu b c?, uuiwiui
u Men. and although anticipated t oe caort to lonow me example oi nerp
with fearlul Mirpnse The death scene was one
-iv PlT.iiii
;nur heard
j After death had been
Chicago, Sept. 19. The fire alarm
rlhTf .h de.V,h f PÄnt GhirMThereeutiarl, Sad and Impressive Death
ow and solemn tomnur-.TS neu cene 1'reparations ior ills uemovaii
ands uiHn thousands tji'&t The Autouv.
icoi'iC oui on ine sirwis. iue masses oi iiuuiau-r-
litv tvi:?i1f nil hntf hv tmliMc mid nrivuti'-i
never Uj las forgotten. feconvej'ance and on- foot to reach some poiiit'ha.s the following: 'The death-bed scone of the
an aeuuieu mioriuatiou vanMjti President was a peculiarly sad and Impressive
auu iu a ic iiiiuiiu'si.
rMollie was greatly affected, and bursts of grief2:u l immediately the si
.-mimiii&v-joi m oeiis caiieu luoua
notified all:.V
New Ykk, SepL '20. The Herald's postscript
scene wasuc ui.-cr iw lorguiit'ii. conveyance an
t prevailed, and there was not a mur-j Jwhere reliable
while the President was sinking jr be obtained.
pronouncca tne bouy was
l)rs. A enew aud Boynton
imierly arranged by Drs. Aguew and Boynton. Si were full of ieop.e. struggling to get a glimpse of'onger any nope, the members ot the family as
lelegrams were im in ea lately sent to tne rresi -Jthe fatal words which, for a lull hall hour, wereembled. Dr
the streets where the bulletins were exhibited
lone. As soon as the doctors felt there was nol
k.. i.wi..H f .. u.i with his hand on
a-u i';av a a r . 4
Bliss stood at the head of the bed
the pulse of the patient, and
lowed at an early hour Tuesday morning cr
ludi? liradv. of the unreine Bench of rsewJ 1., charge of the remains. Eugene Britton
1" i, iiia.MCoroner of Monmouth County, will hold an in
xork, uuiuiiiisteriiii,' tue uu. LS,.uest over th hndr of the late President. He as
4 ! J ? . l. Ai t.-vn fill lllln Vs I 4ft . - . I 1 . . .... . rrntn rt i a (Via n.. t- :
paiCllrS lUUlCiVie lllab IIIC lUUUimui wuiu'c-syni lias IUtiUU UU nuaucuicuio lui iuc luucai,
' -,m a . . v . t nn f.. nn aa Vwi ounurraiuod Via Has n rt- riAoti
shock-Ä:constiltcd iu low whispers with Dr. Agnew. The! 1
. ,.-.. . . . . .. ........ s
The watermelons and swoet pota
toes are splendid this year. Now, if
the possum crop turns out well, then
we will be a happy people.
The President s remains were re
moved from Elbercn to Washington
Wednesday, where they lay in state
- -
at the Capitol. They will reach
Cleveland to-day, and will lie in statej
Sunday and Monday, after which
thev will be interred at Lak.-View
takerJSient's mother, in Ohio, aud to the sons, Ilarryrlthe only news received. The
the c.uth iaiinediately. which advice he lui-rjiso i Vice President Arthur aud other promi V;dailv for over three weeks, the
nn pnrlv hour Tuesdav inornins Liuen public men. e 'seemed, nevertneiess, areaaiui wnen it ten
- ri M- M.irrij thu nilflertater or tne VlllflC. Wll atho npw fPTitPr ilil iiPiv
J '. . f.. 1 . . . C 11,1, ..in, 1 n If nfrnna UFltti.ii K M . n . .i.vht . u . rt.,i,iv vi, 11 1 . -
D1511. ivy m 011 U115 men v-v 4.
. aoiuiut a nil ulmnst tpnrr.il
while women wept outright, and
, , ... i.i 1 . 1 HWaua. as lar as cau oe asceriaiueu, ne nas not oeeu jks lr
imsucu .jun-j ..vi.0uu. j, t3uotitied of the President's oeatn. I domestic or person
received With tolling Dells ana otneit l ew York, feept. 1. i-rom ine iriDUue s ingtught word was spttken, and lor om eand waited there. What conversation
? ...,v.. ,V at Ihn fatal mAmnnl thno rl. SiK.iktV. Via Dlmntg Thu tjlo-inn . an in, 4" ftb lOIIUUtlUl ill WUlSUCn.
Scribes the scene to a Tribune reporter: "There? fpressive and peculiarly solemn feature of the-occasionally went iato the comers of
I iwere present, wheu the President awoke, onlyniiht.
raGeneral Swaim and Colonel Kockwell, but aiU
the attendants were speedily summoned. Mrs.s
I Iviartield, Drs. Bliss, Hamilton and Boy n ton and
sCi'.rid Colonel Kockwell and Private Secretary
lk 1 i .V. A . ... t I . A A1V .A .-VV A1 CI m-
.. -I". ..1 -1 co, rt.in tha hmlC llO hA H niT hOl I'u utn.-...i vu.vi. .. .uv iiuivio u.V. -juiu., ,i uv uvi 111IU11VU wi nv vuv.
Sup a litt, and will bilr.g it into you very soon. i
Ithen went back into the surgetjiis' mom and ha.
'some litUe con versatioti with Mrs. Uartield. fche
'felt the President's hand, aud laid her banc:
on his forehead and said, 'Hesterns to be in gtot
l.ndition.' and passed out of tne room. I imme
diately felt his hands and feet and knees. I
thought that his knees seemed a little cold, and
Jgot a flannel cloth heated at the fire and laid it
over his limbs. I also heated another cl-.th and
jlaid it over his right hand and then sat down in a
(chair be&ide hia lied. 1 was hardly seated w hen
Ur. Boynton came in and felt the President's
dful when it fell. AboutjjprjYale secretary stood on the opposite side of the
jug meicxpSnVtne-l14 w1tU Mrs Garfield at the bedside, sheattlmes
t tearful sorrow.lcauins; on hi3 arm. Mrs. Lulu Rockwell and ills.-
tright, and the most Nf nil O-rfipId Mm Into thrirnnm t lhAtimethe
int and hardened, passed -Uh bowed tpresl,3eßt lost c. afterward they wen,
tic or personal trouble. Not a'r-iinto the hall, the door of which remained open.
of grief and sorrow.
was hed
Those about the bed
the roorr
The solemnity of the
President Garfield Dead.
It is finished. The struggle
over, and the fitful, deceptive flame
J - A
of life which has so long been trem
bling in the balance, now burning
brightly and luring millions ot sym
pathetic hearts on to a baseless hope
then, like the will-o -the-wisp. re
ceding into the darkness and gloom
of 'hopo forever gone," has at last
the lone
ceased to give forth its
- m r m
light, and our Uhieltam lies deau in
tho halls ot that Capitol where oncei
- 4
his eloquent voice was wont to ex
pound the law in its true mterpreta
tion to an admiring Congress and a
thankful corstituency. That voice
will be heard no more; to-day it is
hushed and still in death. The work
of the cowardly assassin is complete'
and the civilized world mourns the
loss of a man whom we all delighted
to love and reverence.
Monday at 10:35 p. m
Garfield, worn out with
struggle he had been making against
the terrible wound made by the foul
and filthy assassin, aggravated by
blood poisoning, breathed his last
His was a life full to the end of good
brave and patriotic deeds, worthy
the emulation of future generations to
the end of time. From tne very be
ginning of his eareer he was always
a steadfast friend of the downtrodden
and oppressed. Bom and reared
under the tutelage ot such men as
Joshua H. Giddings, ho could not bt
other than a champion of universal
liberty. Thus we see him at the be
ginning of his political career in the
Ohio Legislature in 1859, taking rii&ä
nläoft amoncr the few abolitionists in
r o
that body, and preaching tho doc
trine which was carried to its logical
conclusion by such men as John
Brown, Garrison, Sumner, Phillips,
Chase and Lincoln. And ever after
ward, whether on tho field of battle
or in the halls of Congress, ho was
always to be depended upon as a
Wdr hv those who were foremost!
in the fight for equal and exact jus
ticeto all men. Stricken down in
the full bloom of a life resplendent
. with glorious and brilliant actions,
by an infamous and filthy murderer,
his memory shall ever be cherished
a loving and reverent Nation, as
worthy of enrollment with
"Washington, Lcvejoy, Brown, Lin
coin and Sumner.
met berk
sixteen" I
termed "sassy niggers," because ol
htheir success in business, farming, or
. . - i i
n getting an education, ana uoioneij
Harlan deeming discretion better
than valor, left Laxington for Louis
ville, where he began to trade in
horses. Several years afterward
while on a visit to the Hou. Jamcr
IIarlan, ho was shown a letter writ
ten by his mother fourteen years be
fore from Point Coupee, La., and the
Colonel at once determined to search
for his mother. Arriving at Point
Coupee he discovered that his mother
had Deen sold back on the Attakapas.
and going thence
after a separation of over
mi it y i
rears. xne uoionei
mother's freedom and would have
brought her North, but she preferred
to stay with her husband In 184
Colonel Harlan was seized with the,
gold fever and went West, where he
was successful in amassing a snug
ittle fortune. He then came to Cin
tinnati and the fond hopes of his lifej
were at last reanzea. xven in ui
boyhood Cincinnati had been aj
... . . m a
promised land to him, ana when in
trouble he always threatened to run
off to Cincinnati. Up to this time he
was still owned by the Hon. James
Harlan, and the Colonel, being fully
. a a r
tble to purchaso himsclt, visited ins
owner and said- -'Some folks think 1
am free, but you may die and I may
have trouble. Come, go with me and
make out my free papers. Here arc
free man, Colonel
Cincinnati and be-
citizens. Comfort
besan to interest
The President Dies at 10:35 From Exhaus j
ton The Death Scene Intense ; Uxcite
nieut. Elbe Ron, N. J., Sept. U).-The President died at
10:35. From what can be ascertained his death
vvas from 6heer exhaustion. Mr. Waruer Young,
wisiut to Private Secretary Brown, brought the
iew from the cottage at ten minutes before ll.
rhe tirst indication that anything serious had oc
.Mirr.i ws tri aimearance of a messenger at tho
Kirrf-ni, i Hotel, who obtained a carriage and
drove raoidlv off. It Is supposed ne naa gone
summon the meraers ot tne eauinei. wno
ripro ,ii.iit 9:30 to-nitrhU Attorney General
Veairli has notified Vice President Arthur ot the
President's demise. S
idiDt. L-innd t-ooke to each other.
A.S11 li.lc.. 1 5i-irwi;lii!i fnll.- liirtT-ocuorl !li4lf liru-bli tViam Thpr
Nashville. Teun., Sept. l'J. The news of tlie'Wac r,.i ,no 0..,v .in. f.vofi
President s death was received here with unusudl , , , , ,
regret. Bells were tolled, and crowd gathered tttof lhe sufferer, whose changing color gave Indica
egtions oi tne near approach ot tne end. Alter m
rcuomc uuiuiut mc ,.., ,- .. v . i .. . v .. n . . .. -nt.-.
Winand of her dying husband. Dr. Hamilton .toodfi P?. "'X?had repeated: 'It hurts,' he passed into astate on
mora worn crrrui tn'.i " j - - ... , j-
opposite siue, ana oiners were groupe - thrh r bnrninsr ii
unconscious, even-; ,-, i.r .
ace or com -unconsciousness, breathing heavily at times, and
Geneial Garüeld parsed throuvh .;thcu gi ing slieht indication hat the breath wa.-
i,l-il.!i ri.i, .i.n JC
1C 'UUIlt IVWiUl a,. ;.. V . ll.. Tk vn1r atmorv .V.O t. o.I
V , .1 . .1.. . . . - , ..I.. '..ll .'. .!' Myjjt 1 AUVv "l'lj r C MUVU K . " ,
mal a ies coiim-huisij uimn-cin r n icss ui-s j . . . . . . , r . j
enious man would have avoided: a record '3?" en mm was nypoaermic mjecuonsoi uranuj
Men demanded a searching liivetigatioi.ikSbv Dr. Agnew. assisted by Dr. Boynton. Occa
sioiially they spoke with Dr. Bliss in quiet whis
a left!
..il The docurs w hisiered to
S'Sriinfe und njilde from
New York, Sep,
At the President
emaciateu nana
Ainruiah unutterable
life, sat the faithful
.losinir hours of the President s career
aim were otner weepiug ineuus, auu
.ians lamenting their iiowerlessness
.MIC. of the darK aneel of death
the last the mind of the sufferer
lered. He was once more back
jtviIiI ihip ppiipü whore ttlfl
T 11 1,1 IV. .l.u " - - ,
3 ... .,. . 1 I r... . ... I k .I.V.W
ot nis me were spent, nc eat iu mc
,i1rl hnmpstead airain. with loved
him the aged mother, so proud ot ner big boy,
thfi fulrhfiil wife aud beloved children. It was a
niiavifnl rlrPMm that robbed death of its terrors.c
and rendered the dying man for a moment uncon-J
clous of the cruel reuding of hU once vigorotut
frame, that was constantly going on. ine moaur
of the restless ocean mingled with the sobs of tin !
loved ones as the lamp of life flickered and wenu
out forever. Nearly every one arouua Hie rresi
dent clune to hope to the last, and refused, u
creait the approach of death until the shaaow
deepened, ana tne destroyer s presence cuuiu;
be no longer unfelt. Hags hang atfj
nan mast from every nouse on uceu avenue.g
on tne
HUUUl U1C ITtMUf Ub nuu woo lauvvum. suo, i v v n . " t
.1" k Lr U1v, "r nrlStho usual ordeal. Intensified
Im the room. Mrs. (Colonel Rockwell, withl
Iher daughter and Miss MoUie Garfield, sat uiKn!
iiuv.vii .ov .u." -- i rHorl from winch his own
II.'.! tin I, I tv AAttaaA U'DI-n irr.1I I Tll'll nillKlllM 111 I III- 1 . . . . - -
1'iaiit.aiiu wimftv ..v.v p. v - . . j, frinnds horl rtmvi.il l!l. UWw , -3
'.m., "h ?L"?t inferences: The scrutiny was right' and pro ,r. SPer.
rcailllllü llv.-Ull im Ql- luuuuwu iuKi.ia..:1,, i.,.i.ai ,w ,.a,,,o nirll Dint llilifh ujl,rj Thi. Prirlan cnlTi tin Tioin ftof V... tin,,
:n otner two or tnree . , -rr t :
this not a wordn"uiy upon his heart. He passed
vas spoken Two or three : sighs and some buj-W jd Jhe politic! asperities of the ver almost quietly. The line between life and
icj-fcu suuuiut, o - - e'"i-"'i5,i ,n thAmnoh amiuttii Ihnt virr!1i't U AU-iilcn'h mrt,1 In rnnhixiiiül arrilMtfnn nnr
ere nothing. 5, , . . . .
hborsof hi-i ; smiervais oetween tne gaspwgs occame longer.
yf-aand tresemly there was no sound. Everyone
ruient wuifh'--ii,r,own..t i-mm noii. vmA iniMn .n4
. V.'S . ii v. it ui.Aiii uavi wine v lliv.a.1 J auu nnu
general qualities and good impulses.roul i,Äln- neu it became eviaent mat ne wa'
broad. National sympattiies of the Jdead, Mrs. Rockwell placed her arm around Mrs
assination added but little to thatVf:rfini.i har.,ioiir cv,.
. . ii T i i , j -.fc - m, v aava uva uutvui itviu ut awua wa
. . f. i i4ttl tf avail -v Au1a lltA r V A aivAAtatAM I At'
oiu.iiiiumus i ...v . i.r. " iWout the more strongly wnai exisiea ana raatu3u'"-' w ikhuh -i ,
ujrl?.i?5.e,e?; respect for man. lnthe scone, the doctors o
i i-kiii r oil tna rocT urara u our
.inoPeaYy.VTOWiHVLrB..Vr"B" of man the appearances w
. 19.-The Telegram's extra ays:Mior aDoui n leeu miuuie, a u":'u: ..V"," Ml e rose from the confidence of neis
's bedside, holding ills poor.j-ciousness ai.i uui reiuru. icaiu "V4" J KJohdrict of his SUte to the confidence
in her own. and watching, vitn""n'?ss. nnn au ""fcäand of the Nation. Such Is the judi
. the fast vanish. ng tands oicn. lutetiy wunarew 10 u room. w.ii.muv. .t4nama nnt corrW nn;rT n t,.u
. devoted wile daring intviuoouieu uie icaiurcu oi ueuu i iniuim, ...uj ln hif.
:r. Arouuofi! ne oiaer unysiciaus auu utuuauu o.iiibiiicuv.-vi,,.,.
. , r Jv.,. ll..v. . . . ß ..1 rA a Vvi-.,, t V nt n til 1 11V
IU0 pnySl I JlilS lllilOS. jurs.vimucwiciuiuc awuh nan '2 .-s
IQ in? pres fcCjiiyur i&ttu auu m. oiicimj upuu usumuc, l"-aufjBf
Tn.....i''?Miiin n t tn Lirmm nvpp hpr pnpptH nor rfr '
tck in Mentor.M-elf-control in the supreme hour of her grief.
ofthr:flo 01 Arthur Received the N,
ones arouiiGtv
political pouu oi view u uas orouaui iuepwM?roon(i and the wulu0W8 were closed.
; 3 pie Ol 111C iiuiiu auu ouuiu j a naiuini v.uiao. iviua-
only remaining in tb
Those Present.
ifore, yet which is to be observed every day in the
b. . . r . 1 rf 4J 1 II. 1
at thdoor informea tne reportcrrst event which has called forth from the women 5 when tne Resident breathed his
ew oäk. Sept. 20. The Times' Long Branc
'special says the following
Piersons were presei:
last: ' Drs. Bll
mdthegayety of this favorite watering place is jarid his eyes
followed by the deepest gloom. The struggle hj lhe back roc
jver, and death is victor." Moamel J. Ko;
? InpKs f nnitv and harmonv. It has. too. a rt-t
N'kw York. ScdL 19. From the Sun: At 11:301 narV-ohlo fupr. .htrh lm tint Wn mpntlnnc)
a sun reporter assea to see uenerai Artnur..f(1
There was nothing unusual about the house f f.jCorth that General Garneld's assast-ination is the
fhe servant at the door informea the reporter,jfirst ev
mat General Arthur had received nothing iaterM0f the South a wide and profound
. .. i ii i! i l rr l I J . I V c . . .
man tne evening DUiieun. "ine rresiueui lsjurhta is a sisn ot restoration wor
leaa. saia tne rtwrier. a iuia uiuuicui vic:i-piresi. ana it is aiu a iuci uibhij treuiianii-i
eral Arthur appeared in the hall. "The Presldentr1t0 a man who could Inspire Southern feminine
iauv.au, iuc piniKuu.Himui, f jiustinct louK ucau iu ucni ui mi iiaucuai uuuu fc Jtarv Wairen Youne H L. Atchison John Rick ei
Oh n If ,w,t Ka trim If an nnt Ka Til (. il. ... crnn.Jhiii..l..irH Kl. cnhlJl.nrJ 4V aireu 1 OI1I1K, 11. 1. AlCniSOU, JOI1U lUtlCJ,
vu, uu, n ..j uw. " l-T,v"i,luc uBU' oj i"in. vi.i, v,..-,iv. v.v.1, rtJm Lancaster and Daniel Sprlggs, attendants th.
have heard nothing. ' . F'Ja feeling. He has gone to his reward, leaving n? iltts. llHmpd Pniorpd. Mrs. Garfield sat on a chai
Mina iname which will be bright when that of the mans j ...i.i.
, ... . irnaKiiiK convulsively, aim wiiu tears poun :
and compass of the creation oi ftr'., w v. hn .,ttrnr nriAfi-
no preceueu mm wnaii iiac iäüuqc ch. .-.o .nH tHno- Kli humuaH
Aro and 1 o mlwlioH Kit er. nc t iaiiulV. . . . .. ..
tttu oiim F'yJhnnd'g o mi L-mAAtha1 ft en1 lAnrn U1itfl
Willi III IH M III! IIIMII lllllk l'lfl f'.lll.l' MIHI IMIIHC P.'i . . . - . . - . .
The dispatch has inst been received at the
jßice," said the reporter.
'I hone, mv God. I do hone it is a mistake.'
General Arthur's voice broke at the last wor-
filled with tears. He then retired to
LfyI?nal?wy'and Agnew. Mrs. Garfield and her daughter Mo
aU. iHVslie. Colonel Rockwell. C. O. Rockwell. Genera
iswalm, Dr. Boynton, Private Secretary J. Stanle
v 1 1 ...... f . . ri i r j .n ti ii i .1 o .
wiuwnii, .ur. auu iuiss nucuweu, txa-uuve oecic
p jiiame win
r lof arms a
I alarms w
Being now a
Harlan came to
came one oi us
ably settled, he
himself in the welfare and advance
Harlan and Greene.
Thft Cincinnati Commercial and
Cleveland Leader contain the follow
ing complimentary allusions to Col
Robert L. Harlan, of Cincinnati, and
John P. Green, of Cleveland, the
nominees of their respective ccunties
monf of hia rnrp Wimn n. t.nmtpft ot
the colored schools, and was the one?
who negotiated with Nicholas Lon
worth, Esq., for the building of the
Eastern District echoolhouse.
Colonel llarlaii has taken a prom
inent Dartin local. State and Nation-
al politics, and has held various re-5
sponsible positions under the bov
ernment with frreat credit. As anf
example of his political foresight, we
mention that when our wounded
President was serenaded in Wash-
inrrton because ot his election to the?
Senate, Colonel Harlan was master
of Ceremonies, and in his speech said:
And we will elect you President.''
Colonel Harlan has the respect and
regard of the colored people of the
county, and thoy to a man aro unan
imously in favor of his election to
the Legislature, and in their opinion
Colonel Harlan is tho rieht man for
the place. Cincinnati Commercial
"John P. Grecn,Esq., is an able and
honored member of the Cleveland
bar, and has filled the office of Justice
of the . Peace for several successive
terms, with credit to himself and to
the satisfaction of those having busi
ness wih him. The life cf Mr
Green is an open book to the people
of Cleveland, and typifies in an ad-
r a,
rairable degree the elevation to which
one of a down-trodden raco may rise
when he adds to natural abilities tin
thorough earnestness and pluck that
have carried Mr. Green through the
difficulties along his path. Thonom-j
i nation of Saturday was but another
. . . . 1 . .
step in that upward road; the next to
eomo will be his election to thef
General Assembly of the State. Mr.
Green is able, discreet and honest,and
will prove that above all things in the
world he possesses the true patriot
.. . - . r 11
b.i3fn mat maKes one "an Auinrwauu
The Cabinet.
Elberos, N. J., Sept. 19., U-13 p. ra.-The Cabi
net has Just arrived and gone in a body to the
Francklyu cottage. All are here except Blaiiu
nnd Lincoln. Attorney General MacVeagh 1
tplf?rä!icd them of the President's death. Ureal
excitement prevails here, and the particulars can
nnt m obtained, lhe Euard around tne coiiagt s
Has beeu doubled, aud no one is allowed to ap
proach it. The Government has taken possession
f the only telegragh wire whicn is connected at
u-Hir,.., it will h4 almost lmrxwisinie to cet
further details to-nieht. as we are shut off from?
all communications with the cottage and its iu
The State Dispatch.
At 10 o'clock to-night the following was sen
Minister Lowell bv Attorney General MacVeagh
The President had auotner cniu oi coasiaera
i vfritv this morninc. which followed so soon
After the chill of last evening that it left hiu
very weak indeed. His pulse became more ire
,niint and feeble than at.any time since he rt
Icovered from the immediate shock ol the wound.
and his general condition was more alarming aui
ing the day. His system has reacted to some exten
,n,i hai.jmi thunftiirnnon and evet ine com
miu .y K- V . r
fortably. At inis nour neis resting titueuj, nuu
no disturbance is expected during the night
There has been, however, no gain whatever in
strpneth. and there is therefore no decrease oi
MacVeagh Statement.
Attorney vtenemi ;ci(u mw um .v.... .
Elberon Hotel from the Trancklvn Cottage, ana:
1 . 1 r. II .' . . 1 . ah. .,-. til r- rr m If Hil
maue me ioiiowiug siaiemcui. cut uij uu-
oatch to Mr. Lowell at 10 p. m. Shortly Deior
that Dr.Bliss had seen the Presidentand fouud hi-,
mi lsn at KM heats ner minute, and all condition.-
were then promising of a quiet night. The Poo 5
Jtor asked the President if he was feeling uncora I
fortable In any way. ine rresiuent ajiswereu.j
Not at all,' and shortly aiterwaras ieu asieep.
and Dr. Bliss returned to his room across the hali
irom that occupied by the President. Lioueir
-viiii in and Rockwell remained with the Prei
lent. About 10:lö o'clock tho Presldöut awak-
eued. and remarked to Colonel bwaim lie
was Kurn-rine treat tain, and placed nis nana ove:
his heart. Pr. Bliss was summoned, and when ht J
entered the room he found the President utx
itantially without pulse and the action oi im t,
heart was almost indistinguishable. He said at!
once the President was dying, aud directed
Uarnpld be Called. also thcC
toctors. The President remained iu a dylnii
Rollins were awaiting him
"Thev sav he is dead." said General Arthur.
"A dispatch has been received at theSun office."
A deep slleuce ensued. A moment afterward a
telegram was received. General Arthur Droke it
i.oen slowly. After reading it, he burled his head
m his nauüi aua remained in mis position ior
i lout; while. Meau while the dispatch was hand
d slowlv around. It was the message from the
Cabinet informing the Vice President of the deaih
f the Prebideut. By vi o'clock tne souna oi caus.
rolling up in front of the bouse, filled the street
A few momeuts after receiving the news
if the President's death General Arthur's son
ihasieued un the steps. He remained a few mo
. . 1.. .1. . ...llV. V.n K... l,A Inllrt,
illL-UU iu Liic room mini uia laiuci, uuv wc lanui
was too much ariected by the news to
sicak. It was 12:30 when General
Arthur received formal notification of the Presi
! leut's death, signed by the Cabinet. He had not
Ithen decided what steps to take. He was acaii
I t completely unnerved, and again burled his face
111 IA1S UAUU9. v
lion fiii, .11 i ujv i.vc .iicliij..!
oi seciionai armeu auu ru
he other side of the bed. and sobbed as if he.
..... 1 .1 1 . . 1 1 V. fl 1 . TUU1U UICO&, TV1 I UWUI CIOC TV 3 RvllU.
attended by the .iivv. if -1
rmnuthv nf 6fl hh"uu3 .i imuuiSu. i.119. uaiuciu woaasacui
J " "che wonld
Milwaukee, Sept. 19.
first dispatch of sympathy received came
uerai Arthur. , . .
condition until 10:35, when he was pronouucedjfj"01'.
von to t&te tne oam oi ouice
Prnsident of the United States without delay. If;
it concurs with your Judgment we will be very
lad if you will come here on the earliest train
to-morrow morning.
'Wm. wisdom, Secretary oi treasury;
W. H. Hünt. Secretary of Navy;
'Thomas L. James, Postmaster General;
Wayne MacVeagh. Attorney General;
'9. J. Kirkwood, Secretary of Interior."
Arthnr Take the Oath.
New York. Sept. 19. In accordance with the
dispatch received from the Cabinet in regard to
taking the oath of office, messengers were sent to
'he different Judges of the supreme Court.
The first to put in an appearance
was Judge John R- Brady, who was closely fol
lowed by Justice Pouohue. ' The party, consist
ing of tbe Vice President and the Judges named,
iiesides Pistrict Attorney Rollins, Elihu
Hoot aud the eldest son of
the row President Arthur, assembled
in the front parlor of 123 Lexington avenue. Gen
eral Arthur's residence, where the oath of office
was administered and he became President of the'
United States. The Fretddent has not signinea
his intention as to when ho would visit the cari
3;al, and declined to be interviewed as to his fu
ture course, .
The Assassin Gniteau.
Washington, Sept. 19 Pistrict Attorney Cork
hill drove out to the Jail this morning, but found
I . a ninr j-1 5 u 1 1 lu.r1 1 xt TlV t Via t raH a di fVlCi
clllllC vjuicif umiitii vciA uuij m; mv wvuu-i v v
ÄMilitarv Guards as they paced the paved waits
At this hour, 2:15, the streets are-very quiet
nearly everybody having retired to their homes.
The news of the President's death did not reach
the Jail in which Gulteau Is confined until abom
midnight. At that hour everything was tranquil
a'iuiteau was resting in his ceil, and . there
n i i ; i 1 .1 t ii. .
was no excitement in tue ueiirnuornoou oi uit
Jail, nor was any trouble apprehended. General
Sherman said in conversation to-night that he did
expect any attempt would; be
uewed sectional strife. He goes
....aI'.a,.. 4 1 ...... Kam,,. n A r-1 ,
U..U..VV.-V.' .v . v, v.... t j n -nn Id lito tn havo onvthlncr Unne an
countrymen. riwhether she desired to hare the body taken t
at Milwaukee. Washington, she replied she could not decidt
The news of the Pre8i-aH""LAhebS?im?. more composed. --Attorae-
denfs death was received in Milwaukee at lu:M'iN'T. i.L Z.1 '".V
i'clwk. and spread through the city almost ir.-riZ , ! "5!. t"' "Vf.'r
tnntlv through thf medium of tfleohone Thfta1" occi "ww " ;
staniiy tnrou0n me mtuiuiu oi iciepmme. inttj" tt t v tf in ukif kl..
nnmilation centered at npwsnanpr ot!icis mn SJV" . 'r1' l" 1 '" ' "i "."".i, u, u .
telegraph centers and seemed horror striken?
when the news was conlirmed, although!.!
the worst had been feared all day. There wereS.3 uriii t c..-
no demonstrations, but eoual erief has never beeni3 ' ""'""-o-".
Sfeltin this citv. Tho indications to night arcfH rLoso Branch, bept. 20. Attorney Genera
that business will be entirely suspended for thefc-5-iac eagn, wno nas cnarge or tne arrangement
ppmalnrtpr nf th wpplr. Th( th atprs hR-p oi.f jfor removing the remains from Lone Branch I
fit eady announced that they will close, aud a mim-h Washington, says the Pennsylvania Road wL'
ber of public ceremonies have been at once post '4" lour coacnes nere to De used on tne occasior
poned. . f IThe train will be made up as follows: First cat
from general rast. r'ggage; secoua car, remains of the Presldec
. v- i o . in n u , vl i, ud escort; third car. Mrs. Garfield and fan?
ELBERON, N, J.. faept 19. The following dk.lijy: fourth car. members of the Cabinet and
to mob the
prisoner, and expressed
; - i.i. t... to :. sine none auu oeiiei mai
poseu to ne uenraisia, ouimi v.uuic .in.lA-n h. ni.iriM nniit nr.n .nitthat thov
ÄÄuWort disturbance prejudicial to good order,
tKa r.,Kb.f, t.rkur at 11 -Ji nrp In rnnKlllTAtlon.
Arthur Ottlcially Notified.
i.ui tv. m. aivoiuvj .aw k
i net crtn t tho fnllnwir.ir to Vice President Arthur:
It becomes our painiui amy to miorm your
f the .loath oi I'resioent itarneiu. auu to auie
lead, ueaieuoi somu vrouuicui iu0iica.u ouFi . . ... h.-h . nf thf
The Last Tiulletln.
Sept. 20. 1:1a a.
the Nation Itowed in Grief, Bells Tolling,
Flas at Half Mast and Sorrow Keigns
Throughout the Land.
New York, Sept. 19, 11:15 p. m. Bells of thb
city and neighboring cities are being tolled.
M Albany, N. Y., Sept. 19. On the announce-
Snent of the death pf the President, bell of tbi-
dty were tolled. Great sorrow is expressed by
-'tue people, numbers of whom were on the street
. until a late hour. Arrangements are being made
, jto drape the public buildings, and flags are at
half mast. - ,
Ki. heron. Sent. 20. 1:15 a. m. The following ni
)fticial bulletin has lint been issued: 14 Richmond, Va. Sept. 19. Immediately upon the
Elberon, Sept. 19, 11:30 a. m. The Presldentr-ireeetM ol tne news or the rresldeut's death, the
lied at 10:3. After the bulletin was issued atf public bells commenced tolling. The mournful
i::iu. the President continued in much the samerisouuds conveyed the sad intelligence throughoui
condition as during the afternoon, the pulset itbe city, and creating, considering the lateness oij
ran King from 102 to 106, with rather an increased? jthe nour, considerable stir and excitement.
force and volume. After taking nourishment bell . at ot fyft Axn
fell into a quiet bleep. About thirty flvemiuutej- T "EJZ"
before his death, and wniie asieep, nis puise rose r, i ttivtL.!, ocpi. iv.mv ue ui im
co 120 and was somewhat more feeble. At 10:10 j'leath of President Garfield was received at 10:3i
he awoke, complaining of Bevere pain over thef .o'clock to-night. Though not unexpected, it
region of the heart, and almost immediately be-f,!si.road like wild fire and created the profoundest
:atne unconscious, and ceased to breathe at 10 :W.r-i' nation of sorrow here in his native County.
4f i.. Fmiu r fs IPs loss is universally regarded as an almost per
"I Fear the End I jfear. Msonal afiUction. Crowds flocked to the newa-
New York, Sept. 19. From the Times LongF. . and telegraph offices to learn
Branch dUpatch: The President died at 10:aj.Jtruj particulars, and the manifests tions
t thp evpniiiif dresslne hiscoudition waslhouiihtiC.of ' erief were nronounced. Manv
to be a trifle more comfortabie. There was a feel iffcoping, as if lost a brother. The bells tolleo
mg of congratulation on an siaes mi' s, uu nauvas il spontaneously, uixpatcnes lrom ail parts ot
uiAiuubii--.()rinern unio siaie tne t,nurcn anu nre Deas art
for the Ohio Legislature: 1 '
Colonel Harlan's public career hasjfcitizen." Cleveland Leader,
j k ..xii iuci u viiiu owxic iuo vuuiui anu uiu ucitn mt
" .ltolling, and great excitement prevails everywhere
escaped another rinor, which had beeu
reared since tne emu oi wie morniuK.
Ur. Bovnton during the early evening talked' rhu deerEt sympathy is expressed for the strick
'even a little hopefully, and the people about thef 5(.n mother and family. The Trustees of the Lake
hotel prepared to retire at the usual hur, having s'iew Cemetery, the beautiful city of the dead, iusl
almost no fear of any serious change before mom Sjuuside of thelimiti of Cleveland, overlooking
ing. At 10 o'clock Secretary brown's cottag-i was- Lake Erie, have authorized their President, Hon.
dark and deserted. A few of tne more vigilant.! h. ade, to telt grapn the widow xjöering. . her
newspaper men sat UlkiDg on the Elberon piazza. ( !irr- lot in the cemetery sbe may chtose for ' tht
Dr. Boyutou was among them. At 10:2o a colored r-rjml resting place of the President's remains. . In
messeuger called for Dr. Boynton in the dark andi'ithj amo cemetery repose the bodies of the Presi
whispered to him excitedly. The Poctor turnedaderit's uncle. Thomas, killed by the train a fort
back to the group of reporters, "the President is; uilrrit before the assassination, and the cousin who
sinking rapidly," he said, and disappeared In thei fj! a few years ago. A meeting of prominet
i;loom across the lawn toward the President's cot KcUzens was held late to-night at the Mayor's
tage. In a few minutes tne scene naa cnangea.r. tfeetotake appropriate action. Buildings are
There was a hurling about thejvjba tig drapped iu deep mourning. Bells will be
house and the word was quicklytoBed all night and to-morrow, aud guns will be
sent that the President was great; j inrwieverv hour from daylight.
worse. At 10:30 Captain Ingalls came across from? mirrvai-
the cottage slowly, as if nothing was wrong, and ' ' r wt-uMut.
when questioned, answered very quickly: was2 Colvmbcs, O., Sept. 19. The news of the Presi
just sent for by the officer of the guard to sendiedait's death causes the most profound grief in
one oi my men to the camp oi tne surgeon ioriD city, ana ine news are oeing toiiea. 'ip ne
mustard for application to the President's body."(yf piiillcan State Executive (' maiittee at once
The renortPra wptit nut on the lawn as far as the? wkhdtew all appointments for thin wpkI; anrl
guard lines to wait for the tidings. The report that4 wnl take such action In regard to future appoint-
tne mustard had been sent, pointed to tne occur-fnitnis as circumstances may require,
rence of another rigor.' A voice was heard saying k. .
It is all over; the President is dead." ItwasT
Warren Young, one of the Secretaries., who spoke. M Cincinnati, bept. 13. I he uieaningof the toll
In an Instant the little telegraph offlco In Elberon. ipg of the bells was quickly understood, aud the
ifotpl was mirrniniftt and there waa a shower of k. People all over the city were awakened. Manv
r I . . . II l.a A U a -. Aal ä A 1 . 1
iwoi;soi;kuv u! cvivvw auu uuier uy teiepnone
I IbullgUn
thrown upon
patch was received from General Grant:
.new 10KK, sept. 2u. rjrouie as mat taken wnen tne President wa
t a
tending surgeons. Tbe train will take the sam
route as that
removed from Washington,
'Wayne MacVeagh, Long Branch: F !m," ? er r?. J,a8ningPn- stops win b
"P .oio nniiTM- tn t 1 lmavi fum Ir nf hi '-; lm"ut "vcyi i n ki dmuuiii., auu uu ucwtuitut
PrPshlPnt mv heartfelt svmnathv Rtn'r- V1 rwiw iueuui win ue permuieu ou tne train, it
. . - ' . "J tJio thft Hnoi Iii. .a k. .Ul :
sorrow lor them in their deepest "u """r." ou.a" w iuueiuen
Affliction. A nation will mourn with them foiu:""! '"V1 .v e rresiQen tP1" i,01" OD8C;
the loss of a Chief Magistrate m recently called tut4'"'l" "Vfl v u i T, . Ü fT" l,VTs
(" ire i w ii Diunij, auu nil luiuugu kiaiUB Will 1
1 .1 1 ,1 rfti 9 tP 4ttViWnnM flPU.. . 1 . . 1 1
(Liamuiu lui itivint, i preseutiiiienuou
J that the train shall leave ht re about 10 a. m. to
morrow, and arrive in ashing ton between 4 an
J - a r. M . a . t . . . . . .
preside over its destiny. I will return to Long
ttrarch m the morning to tender my services, it 1 1
can be made useful. U. S. Grant.
j p. m. After lying In state 'n the rotunda of thi
Capitol Thursday and Priday, the remains wil
again be taken in charge by the Pennylvani
Railroad and conveyed directly to Pittsbuig
thence to Cleveland. :
New York. Sept. 19. The lateness of the hourS
at which the news of the President' death wat
received preventedjt being generally known ex-fc
cept in the principal hotels, clubs, and others
places where men are aecnstomee
to gather until late at niKUt
Many wnt nearu vue news in lue Mrcei iiurntfu iuk
the telegraph stations and newspaper offices for a
!(Xnfirmation of it. About the Fifth Avenmg.
unit:, fniij i Li ine vrciiiii i.iivuuvi mjinr.-,-
icmnlpd hv the balmv air. walked int!
streets. The interest centerc
banner on the roof of the bui
oi nroauway anu riiiu nvnuc. aiic- uuiicuii'.,tt Kiav tM.m.ini.in v,.,U. u." .
given there were quite favorable at 10. At thai iMäataWwlüTth
hour the streets were thronged, and the c.rri -&j fSoT be re If inanll
iu the event of the conclusion that the President'
oi me camera was turned on. aua inecrowii0,i, . v. v
dowly dispersed. Thelast bulletin shown wa.-.N" ÄUSfttSÄ
Withiu ten minutes after the President died Mr i'
Complications. , n : ;
The members of the Cabinet, with the excep
tion of Blame and Lincoln, arrived at Elberon a
10:45. and went Immediately to Attorney Genera
Mac eagh's cottage. In response to an inquiry.
-ecreiary v inoom Faid nothing yet - nas betl
J 1 . . . .
d .n the iilurainated.-j,lr ,Klw.moi fVvA t. n"w "
1,1 1 1, ,r n t IKAlimnlin. C "u v mumo v WD 1 ICUUCUk 11C UCUCICI
ldlllg at the JUnCtlOI k flthoriHpB non nnw lk.ncr ,,n tho 1q, ntw,,
vjuw.urngiiiK. iiie cruwurew i-maucr au.i i-ma.i r .5 phis nnestlon 1 Ptvatlni mnMn.h1 urninv...
and annoyance, inasmuch as if the law is i
forced ln accordance, the idea that the remain
will be necessarily delayed here until Gulteau
anivsL . .,
I ix ewark. N. J., Sept. 20. United States Pistric
Attorney Keasbey has been summoned to Lorn-
. 1 i J V. a. , t . 1 .na.
meui t eu ue oi nuw paucr auu ihm- 5afckcd to bring with
eneu it 10 tne waii wiin tue worus 111 ?j,D,,0. nt ..
pencil, "The President died at 10:35.'
In five minutes more men began to crowd around
Carr, Chief Clerk, got the news through the tele f 1
phone. A little later a telegram came contirmiapl
the intelligence, and the clerk to.d a group of five"
r six men about the desk. That was at 11 o'clock.
At 11:20 not. twenty me;i were aroundS
hen a group of reporters rushed in. One o; M 'k l,?'" "u,"liV"
d fast-iT.,., i.A " : " ;
Lhe slip of paper. Many of them dc?ubted itsS
word, and ran to the clerk's desk to be convinced.!
Lafayette, Sept. 19. The announcement of
him a copy of th Revise
Statutes of New Jersey, it is supposed in refereno
to the inquest, and also probably as to the tri:
of Gulteau.
Never a Mnrmnr. i
Pr. Bliss appeared early this morning, quiti
oroken down in appearance. He had n t uu
1 ... ..II ..TT. 1 . .
ire.:eu ai an. ne was tne greatest man as
tne oeatn oi tne rresiaent Dy special, f inatipnt." said hp. whom t hav vor uwn x
lollowed by official, filled the streets with anxious? murmur. 'Certainly.l f it is necessary. was h)
innnirers. lour minutes after the iipukV !inn..i.u. onc. -i,;n .. 1.'
.--7- . V , r uiu Tiucu uu iu euuunjuuy ui
was received a memorial meeting was held at the! Jpieasant or painful treatment. Ah I but he is v.
Opera House, which was rllledAvith citizens de-changed now ln his appearance. He issothit,
smog to near irom tne last moments oi ine 1 res .iana the light Of his eye, which was always a flue
4 11 1,a1 If in h, .1 I a vv t,.IHnn D I TIln... ' - .... . . . ..
lunula All ITClia All 111C Lllf QIC livJllllJK. AJ LlllVlUkl
ire draped everywhere.
expression. lie has that thin and cadaverou
look that is so painiui."
Attorney General McVeagh thinks the body wii
ha talran nlrrwtlv tn W'n uViinrt-iTi hv n Trr1 a 1 rul..
Jto-morrow morning. He says Mrs. Garfield i
Ibearing up bravely and doing well. Private Set
"Vengeance Is Mine, Saith the Lord
Washington, Sept. 19-The following letterLVu J !mw!i T
1 - , ; . . . ., v -jMrs. Garheld exhibited gieat calmness and forti
from General bhernian, In the interest of law auaj tUde.
order in dealing with the assassin, Gulteau, will J The preparations for the removal ot the effect
appear in to-morrow morning's fcepublican: f V1 Q Presidential party are winning. The af
3 ,1 on n a n tu an1 u-nrbmon ara Anirarrcut In n..),
trunks at the cottage of Private Secretary Browi
IThe extreme emaciation of the President was
,.s surprise to the undertaker and embalmer. it I -
ii possible to clasp the leg above the knee with on
Washington, P..C, Sept., 19. 1881, 3 p. in.
Hon. George C. Gorham, National Republican: -
My Pear Sib You and I have been comrade;
in civil broils and strife In California when the
There are some doubts whether If th.
nt MM in Ktatp at Wavhino
ileemed wise to show the remains.
(Jetting the Manaion ln Readiness.
wills; 1 w asiungton, Sept. 20. At the Executive Mar
vieuance uommiiwes umi'i ruie, ana wet Jirn Mnt Hm in tat at Wmh nirtnn ittHii tv.
3.11V1T. J L UllU. IT V ftUVn. IlVH K. V1V ! 1 .1 . HUllt .V ' 1,
I - - -
people have done some acts 01 violence under aiii'
I nouest conviction that they were doing right, andfc
we believe that the great 1'Hys.CMu
eure all things If patient. b havt.3ioii this morning. Assistant Private Secretar
occasionally and recently heard come iirgumenL-i; jfoudeu was fouud arranging in a conveniei.
on the street?, some scraps of wisdom enunciated, Mpace all the private papers of the deceased Presi
and now at this dreadful hour, when our noble.Mdent A dispatch from Private Secretary Brow:
brave President is lying lu the very agonies oijjtated the party composing the President's bous
death at Long Branch, and the cowardly, miser t. J hold would leave Long Branch for Washingto
able wretch, Gulteau, is cowering in his cellar 'to-morrow morning. It is not definitely knowi
the public Jail. It occurs to me that you and itjwhether the remaius will be brought to the Exe
should, in our respective spheres, make profitable t Jutive Mansion or taken directly from the depot u
use of our past experience. No m.ui on eartbf.lthe Capitol. The annual summer house clean if
holds lu higher esteem the noblo dualities otihas been in progress for someUmeat the Mai
James A. Garfield than myself. I was ou the! 4-.iou, and furniture, carpets and chandeliers, etc
point of starting to Chattanooga to-night todof thave nearly all been removed for renovatlnr
nonora to the heroes of Chicamauga, of which hcl.lstrcnuous efforts are now being madetorestoi
was one of the most prominent. t:?the apartments in fit condition to receive tli;
but was stayed by the un fa vorablt F jtnembers of the household to-morrow,
report from his bedside at noon, and lk lie Made No Mill,
shall remain here at my post of duty until thetJ ct on t i. .t-- .v .
last moment of hope. At Chickamauga, clghteeiiU , "'Äi"?" "'S1 ihaJ
vearsaifo. Garfield was the Chief of KtalTto Gen Maent Garfield left no will, and that durins hi
Jtral Rosecraus. whose right wing was bnikenKi V ne ". ne. a.ld V0.1'.0 makeoM-
Ibackbythe vehement charges of Bra:g'sJorces,ntllat he was lliSÄ.V? Ve UkT.u of lhl
Jandwua carried alone with the broken Whsp.J Joountry to make equiUble division of hispropei-
Jalmost into Chattanooga, when he beeped for th. iT flmt)11S Uie memoen oi his family. The value
Iprlvilege of returning to join General Georce ILfT1 h P?J r- i 2a2 lnding : hi-
Jrhomai. whose guns told biin that that herou I üousa la Clt'' wnlcn u mortgaged,
mau still stood fast with his left wing. Geueralt The lresident Last lloar on Earth, i
Rosecrans gave him leave, and ho did return. LoNQ Branch, Sent. 2a-Jndge Advocate Gen
running the gauntlet, Joining General Thoma. . eral gwaim. who has been with President Gar
aud serving close to bU persou till night enabled! neii continually since he was shot, and who wa
ie?tt,L, Mll-q.hafki- la g('d or,aer toi tbe only one with the President when he com
Äln i flPt" r.WaS v,Gt;ne.r riUrnencecf sinking last night, makes tha followln
fields last fiht, ln which he felt Jfitatement:
I especial pride, and I know he intended to be atrS -uwa. nr nliht to witnh iih th vwM.ni
1 1 Chattanooga next Wednesday to celebrate. But t had beeQ wltn Mm a eood deal of the .
i i
ylt is ordered otherwise, for he now lies by the
pulse. I asked him howtt seemed to him. He
replied, 'It is not as strong as it was this after
noon, but very good, l sain, lie seems to ue
loing well.' 1 cs.' he ans ered, and passed out.
He was in the room more than two minutes,
shortly after this the Precident awoke. As he
turned his head on awakening I arose and took
hold of his hand. I was ou the left hand side of
the bed as he lay. I remarked, You have had a
nice, comfortable sleep." lie then said: -on,
waim!thisis terrible pain:" placing nis ngnt -
hand on his breast about over the region of the
heart. I asked him if I could do anything for
him. He said some water. I went to the other
-ide of the ro. ra ard poured snie Poland w ater
into a glas and gave it to him to drink. He
the glass in his band. I raising his head as usual.
aud drank the water very naturally. 1 then
handed the glass to the colored man Laniel, who
came in during the time I was getting the water.
Afterward I took a napkin and wiped his fore
head, as he usually perspired. On awakening he
then said: 'Oh, Swaim! this terrible pain. Preta
you hand on lt. i laid my nanu
on his chest. He then threw both
hands up to the side and about on a line Ith the
head, and exclaimed: "Oh, Swaim, can t you stop
his?' and again: 'Oh, Swaim!' 1 then taw him
ookinn at me with a staring expression. I asked
him if he was suffering muc h pain, ltt-eeivliig no
Answer. I repeated the question with uae result.
I then concluded he wai either dung or having a
severe spasm, called to Daniel, who was at the
ioor. to tell Pr. Bli-s and Mrs. Garhtld to come in
immediately, and glanced at the small alock
tiangitig on the chandelier nearly over the foot of
!iis bed and saw that it was ten minutes past 10
o'clock. lr BlL-s came in within two or three
minutes. I told aniel to bring the
jlight. a lighted candle which habitually sat
i)ehind the screen near the door. When the
light shone lull on his lace l saw mat new as
lying. When Dr. Bliss came in a moment after,
I said, 'Poctor, have you any Kimulants? he
seem to be dying ' lie toot hold ot nis wnst, as
if feeling for his nule, and said, yes, he is dying.
I then said to Daniel, run and aronse the house.
Colo el Rockwell came in, when Dr. Blis said.
Let us rub his limbs.' which we did. lu a very
few moments jars. Garfield came in and said.
What does this mean? and a moment after ex
claimed, 'Oh why am 1 made to suffer this cruel
wrone.' At 10:vi p. m. the sacrifice was com
pleted. He breathed bis last calmly and peace
The manager here of the Equitable Insurance
Com psuy of New York says President Garfield
nad S25.000 life insurance in that Company and
considerable more in other Companies. The dip
lomatic representatives her." have all telegraphed
condolence to the President's family.
Preparation iu Washington.
Washington, Sept. 23. The President's re
maius, accompanied by the family. Cabinet,
friends, escort and others, will reach here to-morrow
morning. The details are not accurately
known vet here, but it is supposed the body will
Le laid in state at the Capitol. The rotunda of
t do Capitol has been draped in mourning, and a
catafalque is being constructed also, as it is
iot known precisely what will be done.
The White House is also being prepared
Ifor the reception of the retrains The chandeliers
have been removed from the East room and the
(iiRtafalnue is being erected in there, so that if it's
I uteri a d to lay the remain iu state at the White
House everything will te ready, ine ijiiaro oi
Honor will cousist of nine general officers cf the
Ann y.'f line officers of tl.e Navy, nii.e below rank
of Chaplain and twentv-nine picket men of the
Army. From tbe porch of the White House a
canopy of black will be erected extending to the
East room.
It was in accordance with telegraphic instruc
tions from Private Secretary Brown received this
afternoon, that the private effects of the late Presi-
leiit are oeing collected anu pat tea at ine niie
House for shipment to Ohio.
. OrTerinjj: Hartal Ground.
The following telegram was sent to-day forth-'
Trustees of Lake View Cemetery as foreshadow ed
in lastnight's report:
"Mrs. Garfield. Elberon, Long Branch:
"In behalf of the Trustees Me tender you
ground In Lake View Cemetery, for the burial f
our lamented President such as you or your
friends may select.
JosF-i-H Perkins.
J. H. Wade.
Ii. B. Hayne.
- Sfxod Chanberlain,
P. II. Babcock.
William Bingham
Executive Committee.
This was supplemented by the following:
"Mrs. James A. Garfield, Long Branch, N. J.:
"The tieonle of this citv. who hare born curb
llove and honor to your husband, most sincerely
and earnestly desire his grave mav be made
here among us. Ailowt me. dear Madame, to add
to this publicly expressed desire of our citizens,
my own personal and official concurrence.
R. R. Herrick, Mayor."
. . . The Poat Mortem.
Elberon,' Sept. 20. The autopsy has been hi
progress for more than an hour. One of tne first
discovering made was a large clot of blood in the
heart, which corroborates the opinion of the at
tending surgeons regarding the immediate cause
ol death. .
The autopsy of the President's body com
menced about 5 o'clock, and was not concluded
until nearly 8. A large crowd of persons assem
bled at the Elberon Hotel to hear tne results. Dr.
Bliss stated the autopsy had been a very tedious
one, and that the time occupied in searching
for the ball alone was three quarters of an hour.
The Poctor faid Mrs. Garfield was not much re
lieved since the autopsy, iuasmnch as it resulted
in the establishment ol the fact that the patient s
death was inevitable. The Poctor stated
that - the farther- point of the ball
was in , a . somewhat blunt or battered
condition, caused by the force with w hich it
truck the rib, while in other respects its original
hape was not altered. Pr. BIlss took charge of
the bullet, and sealed it for preservation until
the Courts should reouire its production. The
State of New Jersey has issued a permit for the
removal of the body.
Official Tteport.
Elberon. n. J.. Sept. 20. The following offi
cial bulletin was prepared at 11 o'clock to-night
by the surgeons who have been in attendance
upon the late President: .
"By previous arraugement. tbe post mor
tem examination, of theibodv of Presi
dent Garfield was made this p. m..
ln the presence and with- the assistance of
Doctors Hamilton. Agnew, Bli.-s, Barnes, Wood
ward. Reyburn, Andrew H. Smith, of Elbercn,
and acting assistant sureeon p. P. Umb of the
army Medical Museum, Washington. The opera
tion was performed by Pr. Lamb. It was found
that the ball, after fracturing the right eleventh
rib had passed through the spinal column, tbe
front of the spinal canal, fracturii g the body of
tbe first lumbar vertebra, driving a nurnter of
mall fragments of bone into the adjacedt soft
parts and lodging , just.-below - the pa icreas.
..bo;.t two inches and a halt to the left of
E'he spine and behind the peretouiuin. where it
ihad blcome completely encjBted. The imroedi
.ite cause of death was secondary hemorrhage
Jfrom one of the mesentric arteries adjoining the
track of the ball, . the blood rupturing
Jthe peritonium and neatlv escap
ing into the abdominal cavity. This
hemorrhage is believed to have been the cause
jot the severe pain in the lower part of the chest,
complained of lust before death. An abscess
pi uiintrn V) luur iu uiuitru.uii,
was found in the vicinity . of the gall,
bladder between the liver-and The transverse
colon. It did not involve the substance of the
liver, and no communication was found between
it and. ., the wound. A lot 15 eupDU
rating chaunel extended from the ex
ternal wound between the loin muncles
anft rttrht 1-1 d nur almnwi tri Ihn itrrKt irtvntn TMh
..... m.v..v.(. , w . u V i-. 1 - , uvv 1 11, 1 11111, J 1. .1.
"channel is now known to lw duo tn tha hnrmir.
tlnflf sf line frnm tha vt m, i .H Kl.K ... u . . ii w
. . p . ' . .'van . t v ' . u i v n m ui,,, , T U 1 U . u r ,, J .
posed, during life, to have been the track of
the ball. On the cxamiuatitn of the organs
of the cheht, evidences nf severe bronchitis
were found ou both sids. . with brui.cho
I pnenmonia of the low er portions of the right lung
jana tnougn to a much less extent ot the leu.
jThe lungs contained no tbscsses and the heart
'no clots. The liver was eularccd and fatty, but
I free from absesscs. Nor were any
found In one other organ, except th left kidney.
!which contained near its surface a fuiall abscess
about one-third of an inch in diameter. In re
viewing the history of the case in connection with
the autopsy, it is quite evident that the different
'snTiniiratlllCr tllrf Ji.iic a nt acnn,i.i!Ti Ihn frar-t II rwl
1 r ...f, i. itivi n ii vi v .-tnrv iniij v ii v. . v v v. . x.v
spongy .tissue of the vertebra f urnlvh sufficient,
explanation of the septic condition which ex
isted." . . . . ;
D.W. Buss.
J.K. Barns.
j. k. w coward,
Robert Keybcrn.
Frank H. Hamilton,
-. . 1 P. Hayes AgneW.
Andrew II. smith.
. P. S. Lamb.
. The Ball Fouud Hack of the Heart
Elberon, N. J., Sept. 20. The autopsy is pretty
nearly completed. It is s;,id the bullet was found
immediately back of the heart.
The anuouncemeci that the ball ' w as found in
the region of the heart has been verified. nd it is
6tated on authority that the developments of the
autopsy prove that death was inevitable, and the
President's life was only sustained by most excel
lent nourishing and constant care.
Where the President's Remains AVill lo
Laid to liest.
Cleveland, 0., SepL 20. Lake View Cemetery,

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